Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1857 Page 3
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L 0 f AL INTELLIGENCE. Os * t. atk visit to the n-ighborhood of the (anal Mwrfii 12th an<l llth streets. ?t were fl^li^hl'd to witness the activity and enterprise exhibited in that locality It would scarcely he believed by some of our citizens (many "f whom recolle? t thin place only a* a marsh and fishing ground) that it is now < overed with workshop*, mill* manufactories, Ac.; ami where, we f>e lie?r, there is more laltor mid productive capital employed than in any other pait of the District, of tbe same area To give an idea of the improve ments. in part, wr note, first: Coyle A Brother lias an extensive lumber yard, connected with which l? a large Planing, tonguiiig. and grooving machine (Beardsley's patent) driven by a thirty five horse-power steam engine; next, we have the old-established firm of Ager A McLaln.en M(NI in the same business, with a thirty-live norse steam engine The*e gentlemen were among the pioneers of this neigh1>orhood, having built their factory for makiiij; sa>h, floors. A.c., upon a pile foundation. Adjoining, we have the s?e.?m engine and machine establishment of F.11I* A Brother?connected with which is done all kinds of castings, some of which we observed at the door ; and the character of which, we under stand. will compare with any done in this coun try In looking through this bee-hive of iridns t-v. we noticed an extension of their casting shop ? o double the sue of it* former dimensions. Fur ther on, at a distance of fifty yards, we come to tl.e beautiful and capacious flour and grain mill of Coltman A Duncanson. This mill is driven by an elghtf-hor?e power steam engine, runs six pair of burrs, and is doing an excellent business. I'o give a full d'-ftcuption of this alone, would occupy a much longer time than we have to-day. Adjoining this mill Is the new concern of Tru- i man A Draper. driven by a beautiful engine, the one. we believe, that kept in motion the machine- I iy at the late .Mechanics Institute Fair. Here is, indeed, a most complete shop for making mould ings. doors, sash, and all kinds of sawing, plan ing, and fine ornamental work, used for build ings?done !n a most incredible short space of Ume by machinery. .Next, we have the carpen ter shop of Ham t. driven by steam, as we are informed. While, to add still more to the fac'il ? ties of the place, we have our old friend, Com missioner Wise, with his steam-dredging ina i hine. raising a wagon load of inud from the bed of the canal every minute, and depositing it U|K>n scows built for the purpose?to witness the per Ject operation of which was worth our stroll. In f.* t, nothing lias given us more pleasure, as a cit izen of Washington, than to liehold these unmis r <kable evidences of the steady advance of our city. * Yocxg Men's Christian Association ?The regular monthly meeting was held on Monday evening at the rooms. The following report of thr receipts and expenditures since the 1st of Jan uary was presented: | Rr ftipts ?Annual dues, SV2; donations, s?t?S. 1*2; 11fe memberships, :*IUO; collections In churches. ~11K, proc eeds of concert, ?15; net profits from ladies' festival. s?!M Total, *1.35:1.75. Est* urit'urt*.? Kent. .*150; fuel, 93.25; post age, *11 JR: assistant, "Ml 23: periodicals. S"v7 >; advertising, >15 :<l): gas. ?19.9S; loans paid. SI50; printing. <Jli .VI; insurance. )W; collecting. ?5; incidentals. W 33. Total. '^Iti.'J.JU. Leaving a J ?a la lice on hand of ?-tm.l5. It was stated by The president that not a dollar of ?he funds of the assoc iation bad ever been paid f> defray traveling or other expenses of delegates to i onveiitions. The list of members was read and corrected preparatory to publication in the annual report for l-.'rfi. which had not l?een printed l?eforc for j ant of funds. The report of the committee on periodicals was | adopted. It was decided to *iit>scrit>e for the ! New York Observer, to be sent to the Kdinburgh | Vonug Men's Association. In exchange for a val- j '?aide r?:ij>er published there c alled 4*News of the ? "hnrcnes Several new paj?ers were added to th" list of those now taken at the reading room, and the d? termination was expressed to make this feature of the association more attractive than ever. Mr Langdon then addressed the meeting, giv ing an exceedingly interesting account of his visit to ?he V<?nng Men's Christian Associations in <jr*?at Britain and Ireland. Fiance, Prussia. Bel gium Holland, Switzerland. Ac Kverywhere he iMd i>een received with the greatest attention ^?id kiiidness, and had derived much valuable information respecting their o|>erations. The Hoard of Managers met after the adjourn meiit of the A-?coe lation. and elected several new members, and also elected It T Morsell, Ksq , recording secretary, in place of Mr. Ott, who ft ^.gned on account of other engagements. The River.?Since the completion of the re pairs on the Long-bridge, the travel over it has bten immense. The farmers, along the adjacent i "unties of Virginia, are pressing forward with their plentiful c rops for the market; and the con s- iiieuce, it is hoped, will be a corresponding fall in the prices of vegetables. Arrived at Stone A Mayruder's wharf?schr f?eor?e Franklin, Tyler, from Port Deposit,with T5.<?)feet of 1 iinht r to Sam'l Normcut. The Kxcurs:on of the Good Will Club catne ofi to-day. The party was large. They go to the White II ousc. and .?re ae coiuj>aiiied by Withers' I Brass and Str ng Band. The Powhatan arrived up the river this morn 'tig at eight o'clock, with the National Guards ex> 'irsionists; they had a delightful time. The P. paw d last night, at anchor oil Hope's Creek, the ship Zephyr. She was in charge of the steam-tug t?uy. Owing to her immense draught she will oe compelled to come up the ri ver by daylight, and her progress will necessa illv '?e slow. The Powhatan also passed a large barque oQ' K?tMe Bottom Shoals, bound up the river. The combined Excursion of the K street Bap tist Sunday School and the Island Missiou went to Fort Washington on board the barge . P. Custis, towed down by the tug Wide Aw-ne. ? Hold Yor r Hoa'c !"'?Some of our ofiicers, we learn, do not always choose to enforce the laws relative to harks and hackmen because, in their opinion !he provisions are unnecessarily se vere. This, we should think, wasa point for the law-makers to dec ide and not for the enforcers The 7th Sect ion of the law of IrPJ requires that the di.ver ??shall sit ou his seat, or stand near there to. with the reins in his hands." The violations of this law are persistent and are seldom noticed. Yesterday, a colored man, T. Bush, was arrested for such violation, and was fined si and costs. The otfl< er making the arrest was averse to doin? ' but the complaint was made and he had no aH ter native. Another driver. John Duniap, colored was ar rested by the same officer lor using profane and indecent language in the street. Justice Cod dard. in this case, awarded the full penalty of the law, MP and costs I*he CiT\ Cor.NciL- ?Cotril oj Al'it?>/u??lir consequence of the absence of the messenger yes teiday. the Board was compelled to come to order in the pa???**_'e out?ide the door of the Aldermen's i handier. Piesent .Messrs 1'earson and Clark. Mr. Claik moved that in the absence of Mr Bayly, Mr. Pearson lie appointed President pro ft ; carried and Mr Pearson took the chair and a mount ed that the board was readv to proceed to the consideration cf business. Mr Clark arose, and having taken a compre hensive survey of the entire passage to satisfy h iii"?elf tha' there was not a ipiorum present, moved an adjournment until | o'clock, to-day. whi? h was carried. In tit. Common an adjournment to the suiie hour was made. through want c?f a quorum Some of tlie missing member* of the Councils were .u Baltimore, and others at the funeral of Mr. Fariihani. Ths Most .mejit Bciaiu held a meeting at the City llall yesterday afleinoon As rcj>orters were not admitted we are uninformed as to what trans pired. but hear it Intimated that it was held as a p.eliimnary to making some public defence of their lannagemrut of monument affairs?a step rendered niif>erati ve tnconsequent eoftbe damag ing ex peso- of the late Secretary of the Board. Mr., and the uncomplimentary notices of the Board. eli? ited fioiu the pies* of the c ountry in ? on-equemr of that expose It is to be ho|?d that ?hey will make a satisfactory show for the.m >.rlv>-s. and demonstrate, above all things, that the Monument Is about to lie ? ompletcd The Season for evening excursions is fast ap proa? haig We hear that a down river excursion by the silver light of the tunon.'' is about to lie g.veu by tirade Church, Island Their late ex ? 'irs.oti tor the Ijenc flt of the S?ibhath s<. hool. was a satisfactory one; and sue h. we dou)>t not. will ?>e the ( ase with the coming one. get up for M.e >ienefi' of the church, which is n<?w making stteiiiiotis exertions to clear Itse lf entirely from tlte dei>t lucuired in their ueat and com modious house of worship. Boat:** ?Why don't our young men of scden * try halnt* get up nome Boat Clubs ? We agree with the Al>>any K*t'k'.rbo<-k'T that rowing is one e*f the l?est exeri ise^ iu the world, especially when med.itied by a pair of blue eyes, two flutes, ?*.iid a streak of moonlight For curiug the dys pepsia there is nothing like it. The Pvn.ic Schools.?At three (o'clock this . fiemoou the examination of (he select class of five bovs from each of tfie District Schools will take place at the Smithsonian Institution, and on to-morrowa similar class of female pupil* will pass an examinal.on Mr. Kdit?iR Permit m- to suggest to the j >? avenger of the First Ward that after l*i o'clock ( I inid-night) would be a much more suitable t-me f??r his business than between nine and ten. J. At LkabT five thousand persous should l>e on hand to participate in the Columbia Lodge ex ? uniion to come off Tuesday, the 4th of August. Ante-mortem Examination.?Some time *S?> if will be remembered, a singular case ram* up In the Richmond. Va , Courts, in which a youn/ man named Lipscomb sued another young man named Thos. Linton, for breach of promise. Linton, it seems, wan of such remarkably fem inine appearance that his friend* easily persuaded Lipscomb that h? w*? a female in disguise, and so enamored did he become of Linton as to ask and receive a promise of marriage, which, of course, the latter was unable to fulfil. But on attempting to explain why he could not "come to time th** fond "lovyer'' wouldn't believe a word of it. and full in the belief that bis enamorata was a woman, and nothing short, he sued for breach of promise. The case cieatcd no little excite ment in Richmond. An examination by five experienced physicians was ordered by the court, so that there should be no possibility of mistake, and they reported that Linton was undoubtedly a man; so Lipscomb lost both his ladye-love and bis lawsuit. Linton has recently arrived iu this city, and snch was his womanish appearance that suspi cion was created as to his Hex. and the Guards were about to arrest him, and would have done so but for the interference of a person who knew the young man Last night Linton again got into trouble, through falling into the hands of a party of young men who believed him to be sailing under false colors, and were al>out to have an ex amination to test the matter. A gentleman cog nizant of the history of Linton happened to be present, and upon his representation Lintou was set free. Feminine lieanty would seem to be anything but a desirable gift for a man. Improvement at the Arsenal ?Major Bell has just had completed in the Arsenal Grounds a great improvement in the way of a mammoth cistern, capable of ront.ilning some 30.000 gallons of w.ifer. Its site is in the centre of the Ground*, and at their highest elevation. The cistern is constructed in the most substantial manner, the bottom being composed of two layers of flag stones, each of six inches thickness, making one foot of solid stone masonry On this foundation is laid, in cement, two tiers of brick. The foun dation thus constructed can never give way. The sides are built up with care, and are coated over both inside aud outside with several coats of im perishable composite, making the structure im pregnable against all attacks of frost or other de structive agents. The water which supplies this cistern comes from the slate roof of the main arsenal building, and is conveyed to the cistern by means of two water pipes attached to the drop snout of the roof. The amount of water obtain able from the above roof in one year amounts to Ilr.OOl) gallons, or almost four times the amount necessary to till it. It is arranged with an escape valve, which, when the water rises above the re quired height in the cistern. Is forced open and throws oil' the superabundant supply without detriment to the cistern. The water in the cistern is kept pure and cool by a running stream around its base, and protected from the admission of all impurities by the capital arrangement of its top elevation ; is adapteu to every use about the quar ters of the officers and soldiers, and far superior to the stale pump water which comes from the low. marshy wells about the place Cextrk Market ?The supply morning this morning was ample and of good quality. The vegetable depart ment attracted particular atten tion oil account of the large and excellent supply and the rapid decline of the prices: Beef, per lb 10al5c| Eggs, per doz.... 'JOn'.':? Pork. ........... l'2al.i|Roti butter *25 Mutton 12al5i Phil'a print :J7 Lamb.prqr 7,">al (mlloney. per lb.... 25 Sausage, pr lb.... Itijj jCynillngs, per do* fialo Lard ............. IK I Green corn lfa:JI Veal 1 ill.} Egg plants tial'J Beef tongues 75a$l Onions, bunch.... Calves head*,each 251 Tomatoes, pk .... *25 " " Snap Beans, pk .. 12 Lemons, per doz l'2a25 |Cabbage. pr head. 3alO Green peas, pr pk. 2U Baron 15a)t> Shoulders IJall Breast pieces.... Halt? Dried beef ITaltr, ,? r.. Chickens, pr pair. jUntS Gooseberries in Turtles, each... 12a91 25 Currants in Coined salmon... 15 Blackberries Herring, per doz.. 20a3l Terrapin*, each... 37a>-7 Irish potatoes, pk 25a37 Com, pr bush ?'orn. ear. pr bu-?h. f>u Beans, pr bush ... **2 Rye. pr bush M Oats.............. ?0a<*> Meal 9&a*l Raspberries 1?> Whortleberries... in Apples, pk :j7a5<> Pine Apples, each l"2al~ Beets, per bunch. 3 Turnips, perb'ch la Cucumber*. doz.. l-2al Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Perch, pei bunch. 25a37 _ | | " Shorts 5*1 Clams, per 100 ... 50 ShipstuHs 10a!t0; The New Armory ?The improvements in the New Armory Park are progressing. I'nder the superintendence of the Commissioner of Pub lic Buildings the grounds are now bein;; laid oil ami graded; the grade will be an inclined plane from the surrounding streets toward the line of the canal, with flag runs at proper distances to carry oil' the water. The whole Armory Square is to be surveyed and planted with beautiful sil ver maple shade trees this Fall. The grading will be completed by the first of Octot>er; and the space contained within the grounds will l>e suffi ciently large for Light Artillery practice. The improvements which are being made are calcu lated to beautify and adorn that portion of our city, which has always ticen too much neglected. The new Armory building Is undergoing a fin ishing process, under the active superintendence of Major Bell. The exterior portion is now re ceiving a toat of paint, at the hands of Messrs. O'Brien A Scott, while the inside work is being rapidly closed up; the carpenters' work Is nearly all done, aud the workmen expect to have the building completed, inside and outside, by the first day of Octolier next The new building has three principal floors, and is arranged so as to furnish the very best accommodations for our volunteer military. The Weather.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, July 1G. to this morning: Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? e2J 7tf5 Friday 7'2~ W 7?> Saturday 72 "*} 7t? Sunday 7t> H> Monday...... 72 t?l 70 Tuesday 74 KJ 7f? Wednesday 70 "0 71 Thursday (is ? ? Average height of the thermometer In the morn ings. from July 17 toStd. inclusive, 7*2 . Full moon, U'eduesday, August 3. a little after 1 p. iu. Ktwfiri.t.?July Ititli. cloudy and showery; 17, heavy log in the morning, day ending warm and fine; Isth, hazy atmosphere, day warm, light thunder gusts with rain, tine to end; 19th, line, very warm throughout. l>ctweeii 0 and 7 rain, wind, lightning froiuNW.; 20th, tine,- lighlly cloudy throughout, vei y warm, thunder gust with rain between 2 and :S p. m ; 21st, tine, warmer, fine throughout. lightning at night from S.; 22d. cooler, lightly cloudy throughout. little spit of rain, airy with lightning to close; ",'3d. lightly cloudy, cooler. River clearer. B. Georgetown, Iuly23. l.->57. A Private Military School.?The Institu tion for the education of boys, situated in Cul pepper county, Va . within half a mile of the county seat?of which Mr. Lightfoot is the prin cipal?enjoys, deservedly, a very high reputation throughout the Piedmont region. The military system of diill and discipline is resorted to in it sufficiently to train the pupils in habits of system and oider. Mr. Lighifoot is a distinguished graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, and has'ailed to his aid as thorough and coui|* tent iustrui tors as are to >?e found anywhere, in all the branches for the proper education of American youth ; Hie location of the school and boarding establishment Is healthy and picturesque, and the a< couimodations of the first class in all respect*. The terms are very moderate, as will be perceived from the adveitisement iu the Star Parents or guardians in this vicinity desiring further information on the subject, may obtain it by calling on W D Wallach. Shooting in the Street.?Yesterday a boy fired a large pistol, loaded with bi:d shot, iu Eighth street, part of the load striking a door where a small child was sitting. A portion of the shot was taken to the office of Justice Smith, aud complaint made against the offender. Accipext ?Yesteiday a colored woman, named Mary Taylor, was severely injured by the acci dental upsetting of a hack iu which she was re turning from the funeral of the late Rolwrt Farn ham. Her foot was > aught lielween the coach and the ground, ami she was diagged some dis tance iu that position. To-mohkow, the Sablmth School connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church South have their excursion to and pic nic at Fort Washing ton, the steamer George Washington leaving the whaif at 7^ o'clock a. 111. 1 mtroter CosorcT ? Yesterday afternoon a colored woman and while man were ariested by offirer Barrett for improper conduct in the streets of the Fifth Ward. Thev were taken before Jus tice McKenney and sent to the work-house. The Private Watchmax at Wllhirds Hotel this morning caught a sharper entering the rooms on a plundering expedition. The fellow was made to disgorge, and was then dismissed with a benediction, he promising to leave the citb forth with. ?? Ex-Mayor Tower< ? We regitt to learn that our esteemed friend. Ex-Mayor Towers, Is lying very ill at the residence of a relative in the coun try, of an afl'ection of the bladder. Hallo!?We exchanged hats at Carusi's sa loon on Wednesday night with some St. Louis excursionist. If he is satisfied we we. The Funeral of the late Robert Farn h * m whs a'teudtd yesterday by a large concourse of citizens. Rev Mr Hall, Rector of Epiphany Church, conducted the religious services, assisted by Rev Mr. Harrold. City Missionary Some in teresting remarks were made hy Rev Mr Samson of the E Street Baptist Church, in respect to the life and character of the deceased. dwelling upon his peculiaiiy liln-ral and catholic spirit, and in this -onnection alluded to the fact that ministers were present belonging to some half dozen difl'e; - ent denominations. I'pon the conclusion of the services at the house a long procession followed the remains to lilen wood Cemetery, where the closing services at the grave weie perfouncd by Dr Hall and Rev Mr. Harrold. Among the congregated friends and mourners of the deceased were the booksellers and station ers of the city, who had closed their stores at 3 o'clock, and now, in a body united to pay the last tribute of respect to one who. by his life and char, aoter. had reflected bo much credit upon their calling. The President. Faculty and Trustees of Colum bian College, of which deceased was a trustee, were also in attendance. Monthly Report of Deaths in thm City for June. 1-57.?Accident, I; apoplexy. I;brain, congestion of. 1; brain, inflammation of. 1; burn. 2; childbed. 1; cholera infantum, 10; consumption, HI; decline. I diarrhcea, I; dropsy. 1; drowned. I; dysentery, inflammation of heart. 1; inflam mation of bowels, 1; fever, billious, 1; gunshot wounds, S; heart, disease of. 1; water on the brain, 2; Intemperance, 1; jaundice, acute, 1; ma nia-a-potu, 2; measles, 1; meningitis, 1; old age. 1; paralysis, 1; peritonitis, 1; whooping cough, 1; ph'iiro-pneumonia, 1; pneumonia. 3; scrofula. 1; stillborn 3; trismus nascenticum, 1; varioloid, 1; not reported, 1. Of this number there were of the age of?5 years and under, 2fi; from 5 to 10 years, 3; from 10 to *20. 4; from 20 to 40, 10; from 40tof>0,5: from 00 to SO, 7; over t?0 years, 5; age not reported. 3; still born. 3. Whole number of deaths from all causes. 71. Real Estate.?Yesterday, A. Green, Auction eer, sold a lot in square 1**5, with a brick house, fronting on Garrison street, Sixth Ward, for SI, 250. Mr. D. Rawlings, purchaser. Wall & Barnard, yesterday afternoon, sold a frame house and lot on New York avenue, be tween Sixth and Seventh streets, for ?932.50, to George Fisher, purchaser. Trustees of the Public Schools.?An ad journed meeting of the Board was held at the City Hall yesterday afternoon, to take up some important deferred business. Present, Mr. AtLee, President of the Board A motion to adjourn was declared in order, and carried. Sale of Property.?The house and lots, next door east of Iron Ilall,and nowoccupied by Wall A Stephens, has been sold by Michael Shanks to William Wall for the sum of tvventv-flve thou sand dollars. Two Fellows helped themselves to a **2.50 Panama hat in Metzerott's music store this morn ing. It was recovered in an hour or two from the head of a confederate, who claimed to have pur chased it for 75 cents. Melzerott took the hat and let him slide. ?? - Watch Returns.?This morning there were no cases docketed for trial at the Centra 1 guard house. VlLTKE A D'UNGER's Met) opolitrtn Concert Snloon, (Next to Star office.) Immense attractions tins week. First appearance of flie Washington favorite Jig Dancer ami Ktliio l\-i: ?? ? - * Admission in cents, for winch refreshment i* given. It Vlt.TKK A. D'Unger, Proprietors. A Card. Drs. Iluliter V Williams. Phyiiritiits fnr of the Lhh+<, 32>a North diaries street, Baltimore. The practice of the above named physician^ is de voted exclusively to treating Diseases of the Tin oat and lames l>v .Medicated Inhalation. The success which has attended their mode of treatment sinoe its ml redact ion into the I "it i ted States, has been gratifying in the extreme. It has demonstrated, that not only can Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Granular Sore Throat, lie permanent!) cured by this means, hnt that. Consumption in oil its stages, is per fectly amenable to treatment. By Inhalation the remedies are brought indirect contact with the diseased organ, and the stomach (always over taxed in these diseases* is spared th? infliction of Ihmiik drugged, without any earthly benefit arising from such useless practice. This mode of treatment is so rational, so simple, so sci entific. anil at the prime tune, so efficacious, that the day cannot l?e far distant, when it u ill l>e universally adopted by the Medical Profession,as ilie only an chor of safety in a ciassof maladies which have hith erto set ai nought human means. That the old practice does nothing for Consump tion, is well known. Tins has been proved by its universal failure: and, while its advocates cannot point to a single t ase of recovery under its inf - enc,e,every town, ever, viliago, where tiiepnict.ce of Inhalation has been used. Iiears testimony to its inestimable value in restoring the most desperate cases to perfect health. Nor is there any thins sur prising in this. Why should Consumption be nn in curahle disease when tiio natural tendency ol tuber cle is towards health? The simple leason is, that heretofore there has been no method devised of reaching the seat of the disease; but tins difficulty is now overcome, and Consumption becomes no more fatal than other serious maladies. Parties unable t?> visit the city mav lie treated by correspondence. For such, a form of questions has been prepared?winch will be forwarded on applica tion. After receiving a full statement of a patient's case, tne necessary instruments, inedicincs. Ac., can be forwarded by F.xpress. Dr.. Williams visits Washington on the 12th and 29th of each month, where he may be consulted at 2tin Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store. jy23 2jdc<M MadaVk Mount lias prepared b> special request, a Salve for the euro of Cancers, which never was known to fail. Aiso. a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, which acts as a per lect charm to arrest all of these diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles, (an extract from a flower,>a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like tier Con sumption Destroyer, they may be relied on. She offers no article but what has lieen tested. To be had at No. 339 G street. Iietween lltli and 12th. Also at Nairn A Palmer's Drug Store, corner 9th street and Penu. avenue. 1). S. Dyson's Drug Store, corner of Penn. avenue and 12th street,and J. P. MilbtHii's Drug Store. Willnrds' Hotel. References can be made to Kev. John Robb, Rev. Mr. Register, ltcv. Jmnes Hanson, *ud Rev. Mr. Manahan. The Consumption Destroyer also can t>e found in Alexandria, at Mr. Castleinan's Store, on King street, iny sole agent for that place. In Georgetown at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. te 17 MARRIED, On the I3ih instant, bv the Rev. W. Deal!, .IAS. II. BIRCH to Miss JANE C. CORNWALL, both of this city. DIED, On the 22d instant, Mrs. JANE GOLDSBO ROL'G II, aged W >ears. Her luners 1 will lake place on Friday , the 21th, at a. in., from the residence ol her son-m law, A lioddard. No. >13 north L. between 7th and Hth sts., to which her friends and the friends of her family are respectfully invited to attend. * On the 2>st instant, LURENA WOOD, aged til years. Her friends and the friends of the family arc in vited to attend lie r funeral on Thursday .the Akl lust., at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her son, corner of hth and N streets west. At Culpeper Court House, Va.. on the g7th inst.. SUE LKWIS, only child of R ichard B. and Anna Norinent, aved t mouths and days. On the 22*1 instant, MARY R KBF.CC A. daughter of I'redeiick and Ann Rebecca Stoncr, a&ed two mouths. On the 20tli instant. .1 L'DSON MITCHELL, only son of D. F. and Brcada E. Mockahee, a^e?l three mouths. b resh roses'in thy hand, Budsontiiy pillow laid. ?..?? "?i iii j :niu? G<h1 choose to take thee from this land Where flowers so quickly fade Shall love with weak embrace Thy heavenly lliilit detain ; No, Angel, seek thy place Amid yon cherub train. * On the 22d instant, ADA FR ANCES,aged five months and six day 8. infant daughter of George and Mary K. Seitz. The friends anil acquaintances of the family are particularly invited to attend the funeral This (Thursday 1 Afternoon, at o'clock. Weep not for little Ada, Her gentle spirits fled? fsne sweetly sleeps with Je^us, Amongst the silent dead. Shed not one tear of sorrow. Around her infant tomb ; Think what a lovely fl< wer We have in heaven tu bloom. * WASH IN G TON A N I) A LF. X A N DR I A, AND MOUNT VERNON, Change of Hours.?The Steamers GEORlifc. WASHINGTON or THOMAS COLLYER will depart at the fol!ow-^^^K^K?? UK hours, on ami after J>th July inst.:^?"6***?*? Leave Alexandria, at 8, 'J>?, and 11 a- in., 1254, 4'a, and 6JW p. ill. Leave Washington, at8X, in\,and ll*-i a. in., 3^, 5i?, and 7 p. in. The publio may confidently rely on the Boat start ing at the tune advertised. One of the Boats will inakeatnp to MOUNT VERNON on TctsnAV and Fridat of each week, leaving Washington at 9o'clo?k a. m, JOB CORDON, I SAMUEL BARER, \ Captaini, Either Boat may be chartered for Kxeursions at any tune, oil application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President of the Company, at his office, 3?? Penn. avenue, or to the Captains on board. jy ll-tf F I S II ! FISH!! FISH jnobbla. A No. 1 Alewivesno* landing perschooner Allen, from Boston. Also, in store? 150 bbla. No. 1 Gibbed HERRING, of superior W0bb??. plo.'l Round HERRING,dry suited. 50 do No. 1 do do packed. All of which will lie sold low, and are warranted. HARTLEY A BROTHER, |y 2"-lw ioi Water street, Georgetown. AUCTION 8ALES. LTTha?r -VALl AHLK KILL. AWOH|>r. T H eN A V A L" A.'v ,'W "p ^ Hl TL DA Y~tfce'firirn*0'^TI'IkS the premise,, t h e I m tP{?\ V h?rf and'L ?"* h" I he terms of wiM^he onp-iiA>r .._ *? .ss.'Vo's ??,?; srta? ?"?" '??""> ?? ???& ffiresJs Smff th. ,1 L p!!"IM,!lls to ne forfeited if the The Uo'wr ~i ct ,T?K S'hi ?, mm, s,T^"'on ca<* ""? teiorv5."ihADul?5

To be nnhl>si>a I Agent, Philadelphia. ?i.I i?? .1 ? . oncCa week '''I 1st ^ptember. in Ha., me ton; Enquirer, Richmond. ' * jy 23? ltprtsepl V'V;LAFkLK KKAJ' estate"FOR 8ALE. RMl \v? !?T"er ?>lier? for sale ail that valuable Forest o/ l'ri,,r.??ri1 as , l-?rgo," situated tn the ^ACRkso^LAxX68 ??Un,>'Md- ?">^ning J,Hi %n?.l^?8lv*lnab,e es",t"s "? this cminry. it in eA?y of cultivation, and ha* a\\ tii#? it .1 ater. an<l is also heavily Timl>ered It adorns the estates of |)r. David Craulurd'l.eo Le?Md otrh?? aS^lri?h Be\r?.- ?r-.Dr. Benjamin uee ami others, and lavs on the road leading from from UDDerVl2rl^PPr tyarlh7"oueh*aho,lt five miles inztrinfftl-rLirl *, ami twflve from Wash inf between wian,? '5?aL"??,hne Meiad!?w. contsin llniTh!. k i ^ e'*h.ty ncrcs ?f very prime ufuallv Imwn ,?P,rl UCM luxuriantly ail the crops wi L?. Kro,rn ,n thls region of country, such as ^ l k rje' oa,s? tobacco, Ac. There is about mfhe'trac^1"" Pr'me wh,teoak Timber Land 11.L'^8..W'8h.'to P,,rchase will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises whownl "rhfT?1 rns,,re ?"'"w.nj'f to an Sueh " Wi'' ?nto J?? "???f ,l,le. division, and will he 1 r !h, J? w luts t:\s,l,t Purchasers, if desired. Til l K^ i?nv \!*?ni" ?S*??1 V Pr,ynt<* *ale on or More ?? , "J' ?the8nth day of July next. if will !>e otlered on dav at public sa'e. at the subserilier's ni'?e D ar.' *? tl,e ^?>der. There will to a plat exhibited on the day of sale. I frnis (if wle; One thud of the purchase mnnev ^Vii>e ^?t,<<Ulre,','.1 oash ?>n the day of 6ale: nnd the jmlance in one and two years. With Bpprov^ sceiiri ty, bearing interest from the day of sale ? or a mrt K!,ieei?iLorf land',f preferred l?y the piirchaser. je ib-eotf Z. B. BEALL. itn Stone' opposite Dr. Craufnrd's house. ?J> ^ f'' Z. H. BKA1.I.. .. ? C. McUUIRK, Auctioneer. p!a<??-??,? ?SKW<MIP C,I'CK KRINO ^vVh \V* ?vTfc'^lTER,,,R Ct,n,NET PriMTOEB. . 1LVER * J ARt, (.AKHIA..K il<iR<P<. HaR-Ks* Ac Mo\ ,,A V M(?R\I juL 10 K?i(H>i?i*P?l,ere"^idence of the late Andrew H<K>ver. I Slmil Mil ?Vl"rIHV?,,ue; 'wtweeii I9ih and 2>?tl? sts.. imipr.smg- """lure and Household Ktlects. Elegant rosewood Clackering seven-octave Piano t hVee monVh's^mce reCl Cll,ckor,?K abo?? S?uite of handsome rarved Parior Furniture, fin ished in rich criiitson brooatelie, and consisting i'f m^lal'mn l.ack Soft pH,r of Arm Chairs. Fa,lc> J hairs, nnd six Parlor Chairs Pairol handsome gilt frame I'ler Classes Superior carve<l marble-top Centre Table 11*'',' hs> p,lan "uarble-topSda Tables Halnut Etasere. Klerant Chitia Vases Excellent Brii^sels, Three-PI* and other Carpets r"" Rugs"-STats' A c"" Smir CarPc,ll,?K' O'ttioth, Superior solid mahogany high fost Bedstead and spring Mattress Handsome walnut .lennv Bedsteads llaudspine walnut, and iiiaho?;anv marble-top Dres sing Bureaus Mahogany and walnut marble-ton Wastelands .?"perior walnut ?n<l uiaho^aiiv Wardrobes I-me b eat her Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows J huitx Chamlier Ciirtmns. Window Shades '01 let Sets, l,ook 1 ng i;:asi,es. Stoves alnut carved Extension Dining Table superior walnut marble-top Sidelioanl < urled map'fi cane seat Arm Dining Chairs Alaiiogain Secretary and B?N>k<ase. W ritmc t ables English Hall Ci,?.k< \fah..ganv Hat Tree Mal.ogativ hair spung >.at Lounge. Sola. Divau*. an?l Lhairs Handsome Oil Paintings and Engravings. 111 gilt I Tn 1 ue 8 Silver '|Va Set, Table. Dessert, and Tea Spoons. r orks, Ladies. K <?. 1 ' r rench China Dinner. Tea. and Dessert Service (.lassware. Ta'deCutlerv. Fire Irons J ookuig. Radiator, and other Stoves losej'tr^wuh a large quantity oi llouschuld Arli Aiso. at j o clock- in front <>f the premise'? "p?M,Lslip,7,or ?ir"y Carriage Horses, which , wi,, t>e sold separately ; e?i<^,'.',?"t Carriage, double and single Carryall, Robes. Covers, and Staole ! t. ? aL*o? ! ol"a"' lwcil,v l?" >eaie old, slave One Boy^, sixteen >ears old. who La* two j cms to ?/irr.,nr:.$t". fU"1 over that sum 1 note's, V>ear?ii'g ,11 t'erest1.8' '"r '.factor, 1> endorsed <>, . A. P, HOOVER, Administrator. - ? ?*?" C. Mc<? 11 K K. Auct. Dv J.C.McUl IRE, Auctioneer. I i ?STI:,: s ?ALE THREE FRAME 1 1KS asii Lots on tlie Island, ou (i street south Ivtwt'en 7th and ith streets west. r J%iir#tu.? two deeds of trust dulv executed and 1 !!e ' J-'T fuhscrilwr will sell on MO\ DA V, the tli day of August. I;<37. at b o'clock p. m.. on the premises pu ts O/ L ?s %os. 2.3. anifs, in square >>o.4J7,tne who.e fronting V foet 4 iiiclics on (i street south, between 7 th and Bth streets west bv s>. leet i indies deep, with the improvements, which consist of three well and substantially bun* two story Frame Dwelling-houses. y Ul wo ??f i,Lal'uvc 9r"Perty is eligibly situated and rapidly enhancing in value. I he several houses with the ground appertaining to each will l?e sold separately and oiler a rare opportunity to persons desiring a residence, or to invest. s ? ?.i,7lJ..''JL'1 rr'*criV11"1 ",e >??ix an I twelve nionths for notes l^ariug interest secured ?lVK?ff^rl,^l,pe^^v:n,n', .,f not c,,,nPl'*d with in Six r^Kwii -If A BLl,e I trl,8tee reserves the right to one week's notice! ex,,e'",e "f ,he P?rcnaser. upon .. ,u ' ',CI?AS. S WAI.LACH. Trustee. iy ?? JtawAcds J. C. Mcfil lRK. Auct. Hy A. GRE6N. Auctionee r. TRIVI'KE'S SALE OF VALFABLE Rr.\f. i virtue of a decree of the Orphans' J ourt of the District of Columbia approved f?y the irilVi n ivPiVvl'w!?Vv 1 r,cf' Chancery. , XL ? LD.N ESDA\ , the jthfd August, l!iti 1 . I?' J"jJ ,n ln,'n' ",c Premises, proceed to sen i,ots ol i.round nuiiu<ered seventeen (17) and eighteen! 13) 111 Square numliered live hundred and three t yO) situate 111 the Citv <d Washington. 1 he al>ove-described property is located on Sixth street west, between \ and O streets south.and within a lew \urds of the new Ibtii street I steaml?oat W llHl I. Terms of sale: One-third, cash; and the residue in two equal payments, at rt and 12 months, with in terest, the deferred payments to bo secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers. sat,slacton!\ eniioraeo. ' I pon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the ratihcationofthe sale bv the Court. t lie trustee will convey shi<I lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his or their I the purchaser | com gaud expense. II the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the rigr.t to resell said lots or either or any poition of iliem, upon ten days previous the risk and costs of t he delau ting purchaser. ? ? . , R If. LASK EY. Trustee n a. (iREEN. Auctioneer. V Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. EOETABLE STANDS IN THE NEW V Markkt Hodsk at Auction,?On THL'RS DA V. the 3*1 h instant. I shall sell, commencing at 12 o'clock in.,all the Stands 111 the new Market-house, in the citv ?>? Washington, elected south of the old Centre Afarket. Persons from the country and dealers in produce ar" respectfully invited to the sale. Terms cash. Bv order of the Mayor. A. GREEN, jy ll-d Auctioneer. FH)R BOSTON'.?FIRST VESSEL.?The su perior fast sailing clipper schooner S'y'-'^ra. vaitus Allen, Sears, Master, has arrived, ftnd^gy* will have ouick dispatch for the alwive port.-<*" For freiglit or passage apply to HARTLEY A: BROTHER. 101 Water street. Ucorgetown, D. C. jy 20 1w I NTERESTINti MILITARY HOOKS. 1 Aldcrshot and all als>n? it,75cents. Experience of a Civilian in Eastern Military Hos pitals, with observations on the F.nglish, French,and other medical departments, and the organization of military medical schools and hospitals: by Peter Pincoils. M. D. Lugd. .fl..y>. The. Militiaman at Home and Abroad ; U*ing the History of a Milif.a Regiment, from its fir?t train ing to its disemlNxliment : with Sketches of the Ionian Islands, Malta, and Gibraltar. Bv Emeritus. Illustrated by Leach ; ?3 Just imported by TAYLOR A MAURY, iv 17 flt Bookstore, nesrfllh st. | JAMS,SIDES,SHOFLDERS, AND LARD. Just reeeived, Hains, Sides, and Shoulders, and Lard and fresh Butter; extra sur*>fine Flour: brown and white Sugars : Collee. R ice. Soap. an<l Candles, and Syrup; and a general assortment of Family Groceries, \Viues. and Liquors, bv JONAS P. LEVY, iy 20-tf No. .1*4 12th street, corner of B street. K HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE~FOL lowing tioods which we are prepare*} to sell al a small advance of cost for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bro?. celebrated Liquors,viz: Turner's (iinger Wuic, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blacklierrv Brandy, a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret, Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Uiuger, and Cherrr Bran dies. all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Curaooa. Absinthe, Essenoe of Pepperment Extract of Sarsapanlla, Stoughtoii Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on hand, a snpply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a spiendtd article. In addition to the above, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, l>eing the only Liquors of the kind in the District,and which cannot fail m giving satisfaction to all who use thein : Philadelphia X \, Burton and XXX Pale Ale.Philad^plua Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a hue article of Imager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Wsler, Cider, &e., on hand. ' ARNYASHIN*. je 8 57 G reen street. 0 eorc etown. I APCTIOM SAT.WS TO-DAY' \ TO MORROW MVKNIXG By ^ ALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers (CARRIAGE AND Bt'tJGY AUCTION ?On y THURSDAY AFTKRNOON. July a," a, ? 0 clock. *c will sell. <m account of whom it may conoern. in front of our Auction Rooms? 1 excellent square Family Carriage, near!* new 2 new Buggies. line.1 with ename.led leather and triinine?l in best manner. Terms: One-third cash; IxUance in thirty and sixty days. >T?l-ta WALL A BARXARD. Aucts. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. UA N DSOM E BUILDING LOTS ON 3d Wt?T, ItTWtKS SOL'TH M AND N *T?. r . r RsDAY, the -3<l instant, I shall sell in L? ? tf>r Pre"'?ses,at ??o'clock p.m..eleven liand some hui.ding Lots in square VK. having a Iront each street ofthirty feet, running through the square *xerRee Jjf P"' of lio feet .and fronting on Deia bftw^" *?"?!? M an?f N street a. Also. ? J''n*8 kuhdi vision of square 5tS, hav ? mH M etric ?n street. between south M ??,ktm a.w,d* ???e alley, and running ti"e d;Cv'K'rn?h5- f?r interesTfrom A deed given and a deed ol trust taken All conveyance at the ???t of tl?e purchaser. ^?_y RKK.V, Auct loueer. V B* J? t? Mctil IRK, Auctioneer. ALl ABLE LOT ON MTil STK EET. NE \R Canai Bridge.?On THI RSDAV aV 1 ERNOON. July Al. at BJ-j o'clock, on the premi !?*? '/It*11 ?*" L>ot No. square No. 250. front in* 69 feet 2!s inches on 14th street west. Iietween Canal and nortfi C street, running beck feet in inches. Terms: Oue-tlurd cash; the residue in band 12 months, for bat islactonly secured notes, bearing in terest. jy * J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Br WALL & BARNARD. Auctioneers. VrALTA BLE BUI?.DING LOT AT AUCTION On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the J4th inst.. we shall sell, on the premises, at 6^ o'clock,a desi mi le Building Lot, liemg part of Lot 4. in Square 520 21 feet front on I street north, between tth and Sth streets, and running lock 142 feet 7 inches to a 3" feet alley. Persons desirous of purchasing a valuable Build ing Lot. in n rapidly improving part of the city, are invited to this sale. Terms: One-fourth cash; Ialancein0,Ifl.24.and 9" months,with notes tearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. iy 21-ts WALLA BARNARD. Auct*. By JAMES C. MctiLIRE. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPER TV AT TICK CORNER OF N'ORTII AND 22Nl> "RIKTS west.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. July -Wth, at fiH o'clock, on the premises, | shall sell I*ot No. 1, in square No.SB, fronting 53 feet 2* inch es on North G street, at the corner of 22d street, running Iwck a2 feet on 22d street, with the improve ments, consisting of a two story frame dwelling house, with brick hack building, ?tables, Ac. The grounds ar? l>e&utifully laid out with c1k>icc fruit trees, rare flowers, shrubbery, & c? forming a ver> delightful private residence. Terms very libera!, and made known at sale, jy 21?d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE Bl'ILDISIO I?oT* AT THE CORNER OF NofiTH L tT^E,tT WKST.-On FRIDAY AF TERNOON, July 24th,at bo clock, on the prem ises, I shall seil eight very desirable Building l?ot*. being Hon. C. Cushiug's sulidivision ot original Lots 2,3, and I, in Square No. 341. as follow* ; Four lots having a front of ^5 feet en oh on north L street, at the Corner ol llth street west, and running lark 121 leet each toa 16 f*et allev, and <*mtaiutuz square leet each. Also, four lots fronting 21 feet 6 inches on llth street west.Itetwren 1.and M street*notth.imi ning Imck 9K lectio an alley, and containing si^uare leet each. These are proliably the most eligible end Itenutifnl iHiiltling locations lor sale in that desiraHe pai? of the city. I he I. street lots front ou a IxJuitiful re servation formed In the intersection of .Massachu* s??tt j, avenue, and have l>ecn improved by haiKisome sliacle trees. A platof the suMivision wi!!t>e exhibited at the sale. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6.12, and IS mouths, with interest, secured bv doed of tiust on the premises. 2" d JAS.C. McGUIRE. Auct. By WALLA: B A R N A R D. Auctioneers. ARGE SALE OF flORSF.S. COWS. WAG H "Ns Hw. Farming I tknmi.*, Pvrmti kk. Ac., at Pi blk Afi tio\.-Ou U KDNKSD.W. the 2!'th instant, at l?t o'clock n. in., at the ferni of the ate Andrew Hoover, I'.sq.. deceased, in Alexandria county, \'a.. near the Aquduct. we will sell i he en lire perHonsI estate thereon. We name in part ? I pwards of |i*> tons prime new Hay Five Farm Wagons. Carls, Drays Three g?H>?| work Horses, three prune Colte.two Mules Corn and Cob Crusher, Corn Shelter. Cutting Boxes I .ougliK. Harrows Cultivator*. lloe?, \c. Ten Milch Cow?, one Bull.oi.e lleifer Poultrv. Com Ice in tiie ice house. Harness, with all such imp e ments \ elnele^ and tool* found onalirst rate farm not herein mentioned. At>H Tiic entire Household Furniture, Mahogany and Marble-tor, Centre. Side, and Dming Tables Sofas. Lounge?. Parlor and otliCi Chair* Sidelioard. Refrigerator. Safe Parlor, Hall, arid Chamber Carpets Matting. Curtains. Mats and Rug? Nlahoxanv Dressing and ol her Bureaus Hardrobes, liedsteads, Wa^hstands Feather Beds. Mattresses, Bedding Looking-(?lasses. Toilet Sets Crockery and Glassware, Knives and l-'orks, Wai ters Cooking and other Stoves, Ki'cheu Ware. Ac. ALSO? At twelve o'clock in., we will seil a servant woman, with her hve children, slaves for life. Tney will beso;dasa family. without aeparaiion. I ertns. (except for the slaves, who will be sold for cash;* All sums of and under cash: over that amount a credit of Hi* and 9m days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, and I ?caring interest. A. P. HOOVER. Administrator. IV 21-d WALL A. BARNARD. Aucts. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. House and lot on f street at acc Ttox.?I)y virtue of a deed of fust from Mrs. Mary E. Barney and others.Hated on the J^th day t?l Noveml?er, 1X56,and recorded in the Land Record* of \\ ashiugton county. District of Columbia, in |jik?er J. A. S.. No. I3u. C??iiu 5 to 19, and fur the pur poses of said trust, will be sold at public auction on the premises, on Estrect n?Tta. on TIESD.W .the ttli day ol August, 1^5?, Ht 5 o'clock n. in., all tuat part ol the Lot o| 4>round unui!>ere<f o, in Square 45u. hi Washington city, !?eginniiig for the same at a point on the north snle c?f K street north one huu dred ami lorty leet and nine ii dies from tue south west corner of said square, and running thence north seventy-oue leet and six inches witn the western line uf a uortion of said lot numl>er six which was conveycl by David Saundeis and u ife to Roger C. Weuhtnnn, to the u?e of Mary S. Scot'; theme east i feet 6 inches ; thence mirth 16 leet 7>4 inches; tnencc west ii fe?t 10 and on.j-third inches: thence south M feet I inch and a half, thence east 2<i feet 4 inches and one third of au inch to the place of l>e ginmng. The nn,>rovemeiils consist of a ^ootl three story brick dwelling and Iciseirient. with a large two-story !>ack building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and othce. Terms of sale: $2.'W?iin cash, and the ;es.duM for notes in eaual sums payable in six. twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A dee<l will l?e given and a deed of trust taken t?> secure the deferred p:iy ments. The expenses of the deeds to lie at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to huu.-e.L at Ins option, to re sell the property . at the risk and cost oT the purchaser, by giving h'.e days'notice of the time nnd terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within live days after the s.ile. The premises are now under lease lor #n"'per annum, the lease to expire on Hie 1st day ol Octol?er. I8M. HENRY M. MOR FIT, Trustee. C. \\ . BOTELER. Auctioneer. , ID" THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barnev provided for in ??aid deed are requested to leave their accounts and voucher* at the cihce of the Trustee. on4j, street. july 11-eodArts IBy A. (iRKEN, Auctioneer. 1RI STEE'S S\LE OF IMPROVED PROP ert> ns tiie Island a r Ait rioN.?On WLD NESDAY . the 12th day of A must. 1837, I shall seil at auction, in liont ol the premises, at half-past six o clock p. m., by virtue of a deed of trust from Ed win F. 'True to the nubscrilier, bearing date the 12th day of .1 uly. 1^53,and recorded in Lilier J. A. S., No. HO, folios g20 to 223. one of the land records lor the County ol Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property Uiug and t?eing in the city of Washington. Distnct aforesaid, to wit: Lot numl>ered fourteen. (14) m Square numbered hve hundred and eighty-four,( *U>together with the improvements thereon. This property is at the cor ner ol ?d street west and E strrct south. Terms cash. All conveyance at cost of purchaser. H the t?rins are not complied with m live days the property will l?e resold at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising sueh resale 3 tunes in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee. iy 18-etnlA:ds A. <?H EKN. Auctioneer. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. IGHLY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROP erty on Seventh street at Public Acc tion.?On MONDAY AFTER NOON. July 27th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell, with the consent of all partie# interested, parts of Lots Nos. 7 and 8, in Square No. 454, trontinc ?!l feet on 7t|i street, near G street, running l*?ck 1?'2 feet to au alley running out to G street, with the improve ment, consistiug of a two story and attic Brick Dwelling house, containing nine rooms, with two good oellars and kitchen. This property is situated in a good business part of the city, nearly opposite the Patent Office, awl alsnit equidistant lietween the two markets. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6. !2.1?. ami 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. jy ia-eoAds JAS. C. McGI IRE, Auctioneer. ~~ By E. S. WRIGHT: Georgetown. ON FRIDAY,THE 24TH DAY OK JC'LY.on the premises, at 5 o'clock r, m.. I will sell to the highest bidder, that very desirable Dwelling and Business Stand situated ou llish street, one d'?or north of Prospect streel. Georgetown, L>. C.. twine the same property for manv > ears occup.ed by Jaines Hicks. This Lot fronts ?t feet ou High street.rumoiig l*ck loo feet to a ten feet alley; attached, and front mg on Prospect street, is a lot 44 feet front, running'*ck 2" feet and binding on the west a 10 feet alley. The im provements oonaist ol a sulwianliai and eoimiiodiomi Dwelling House and Store BihmH. fronting on Huh street the width of the lot, and conceded to be one of the liest business stands ?-n tiie street. I- ronting on Pronpeot street ?> feet, is a sutnitantia! and well built 3-story Dwelling, slate roof. , The attention of persons wishing to make i?nh| investment is oalled to tins property, as it will l?e sold without reserve. The property is now under an annual rent of Terms very easy and made known at the sale. I will aleo offer at the same tune, the adjoining Lot fronting on Prospect street, and running hack 100 ft., lying west of and binding on the same alley. By order the Trustee. jy 15-dta E. $. WRIGHT, Auct. H' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. J-ROM THE ASSOCIATED TKESS three day* later FROM El Ron. Arrival of ihr Stranrr * irmssian. r?vJ??n<I.,!N* V ? July*?.?The rtniwi Cir Iur<ijv*iI*!i* ^ here with Live.poo! italM the lltl?.' I,,b inM Asia -.led o? AtTantir Hlr-VaJa*?"i8.* lnlei"??'ru' ** ,h" ?U I be -tnh of July " wnl l* shipped i?y ?h?? IWjJi'i! oTawi'l'i;^ '?"""^ th?nl^.,htaj'T''"I?, a?. nu, r?..r~r\pu!} ?" '???. *-=i? *"k,e w"u' -srs s|?k Bi"k ?f F,ante rtlur? ?'tow a lot* Of Mr*ix.?Further distnrhancrt have ?e. cur red m Spain Nanle* wa* tranquil at last accounts A ?liv<v n?< Adam Uray. of Nc w Orleans liad been captured at Pierre Leone XAiiiri 7*./y 10 -Cotton?Sales of the ?nrk r,'w*> bales, intiudiajr 7,500 bales for export Thf advices per steamer G.tnada caused an advance ?[r"y Market bimvant Kali mated sales for Friday I WO hales. Fair Orleans >?%; Mid i'K 'V?f t'planda ?\; Middling - stork ol American cotton I85.0HH bales coVf."^S',KrjU!S? re t?*?bte. All article, d??iTne!rtUvv: ~Klour ls and price, have ff 2? 1 a,,al ?l0h -*r?i . Ohio Corn^lr?.M 3lsa32s Wheat is steady ntU veUowTs'?d*""ee of l? W . mixed weithjrT.. il M ? wWleina. Cd alls The " * Las ?>fen iin^ttlc(l Jf^SSSMi TKlM-ffl is heavy and prices lower. ' ^ ifwy Market.?The nuirke* 1* Klurhtiv eniof Consols for money tttfaWk; for amount KV XKNtW?* ?""knjjed Bullion has incieased Lomdon MarLrtt.?Iron?Welsh bars and rail, closed Arm. with an Improved demand, at 4?a X.on for >>oth Rreadstutt's are dull Muitar is ^V*1? decline of U. Coffee is Ariu. Rice Is Auteruau securities are unchanged A Whale i emmuuity Poisoned. Ci*ci**ati, June -J3d ?Twenty children on i Vu 7 street, a densely populated German neighborhood, were |?>isott*^i last evening by eat injc lonenges, scattered along the street by a man and two boys unknown Two of the children ar? dead, and many others are not expected to live 1 he man offered small packages of the lozeiiceit to iieraon* in the street, butt bey, *u*p**|iic mm. tiling wrong, refused lo accept them These Iozengm contained arsenic, mi^ar and Hour II >? cause for perpetrating this ti.nd-like act is not known No persons have been arrested Killed hy Lightning. xx Al.rot-K, N. II . July SI ? Hollis Gates, of Giisuin. was instantly killed yesterday by light nin?. and his brother was at the same time Crl onsly paralyzed A youns lady was also strut k doxx-n by it temporal ilv ThethunderandllnhU iiing were let rifle. Pkov.dkxck, K I .July 21-The house of t.tta ran, in I Xbridge, wasM.uck by Ibrbtniun ? iv' >imI daughter, l!? years old. killed Mr Taft was st-nousiy injured, but it was thou 'ht he would recover. >exx- York Police < oinmissioiirrs. Nlvv ^ OKI. J ;ly ? -Mayor Wood met with the polite commissioner* to day. Tht board now stands Three Republic ans, two Democrats, aud one Know Nothing, who is l? lieved to be in the interest of the- Mayor Trouble is apprehended ir? Ailing the vacancy. The t inc innntl Murder. ? Tyci>scaTi. July Si ?Kohler. the murderer of llortou, and who cut his own throat after the act still lives, hut there are pi I y faint hopes of his recovery He assign* as a reason for the murder. Lis l?eitef in the eiulence of a criminal coiuie. . nection ??etweeii his xyjfe and Honon Balloon Aaren.lon on Horsebac k. I'm i. \ titLru r*, July?>-M'. ?;odard made ? ? ?a.loon ascension hev this afternoon, mounted on a live pony Afer ascending some distance he clamliered into the )>asket car, leaving the. pony dangling tielow I ire at the New York Exchange, Nfcvv Yoks. July 'J-J ?Someexc.itern* tit was o. . c-tsioued U*-night l?v a Are breaking out in the lix chaiige Fortunately it was eatinguisbed tiefore any senous ddiuage was done. Indian Troubles. Chicago, July -?t?'The removal of the troops t out 1 ort Ripley has emboldened the CIiiimhw Indians, and they have di iveu theeutine mission ary stafl from :he mission at Leech I^ake. Break in the Erie (anal. ALRaMv, July ?_?! ?TLere is a b'cak in th? Krie Canal, abont three-fourths of a m:le west of Albion. - Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. July 'SI ?Flour is dull Ilownd street 97JM. Wheat isflrmet Red tl.TWa^l To; white *1 T * a"*l ^5 Corn is unchangeable white -7a-:*, yellow -i iM" Whisky is dull; City?>, Ohio ")<ic Sew Yark Mnrketa. Nkw \'ok*. July it?Hour is b?oyant: sales ?f -.tutu l?l?|s. ?sfale Jtotti 13: t>Lio*'i jtM** 3-3, Southern *7 lt(a*7.?u Wheat is heavy, vales of t.nttti bushels; Chicn* ?:o spring I.If Corn is heavy ; sales of 13 bushels; mixed ?7c. I'ork is drooping; mess VJI 13 Reef and Lard are unchanged Whisky is at ri.'e for Ohio. Financial. wnw Yom. Inly tt. Rnli nn dull xh caKOand R'Xk Island 9111. Central Railroad 1-3: 111inoi*Ceritrai Colitisg; Mu hi^au >oiiiL ?? New York Central -i. Reading Bill rand .1. Pennsylvania Coal Co ?>?; Cantons *J?i' Vi: g ma 6*s !m?, Kxchange is Armcr. ( jJR AND GIFT HOOK >TORL. nvsma % jVcic or**** mt Stort .Vo. 3o P-mn. tfimmt r^p. *'f B>0"-h\' Hotel, t?ic* of U- fl Fine.) 623.'"*' cd NEW UOtiK^to l>e il:sp<.?ed cd at rul>!i?liers price*, witli a GifMo earii Book.of Jew elrv frotn A cents to a ?i"*>Gold l^ver Watch. Hv whicli :n larueiuenl ever* perMMi uiil receive th" worth oi their wonev a itn a cuaiice of a splendxl prize. Rrancii ol New York Book C<Knjaii?._j> 17 lw Edwin gkebsc. cab IXFT MAKEK, At Ins l^rce KstrdNiskmcMil, No.!<:?? I'ennsyivsnia aveiiue, lietween I7tli au l IJ*tli streets. Iisk i | wnt s ->11 lisncl a 'arze stock <?l e\ fry iIcm t p' nm" of CABINET Fl RNITI RE. ClIAlRS. ?n<l MATRFSEM, wtuch tie is seiluiK &i :he owest prices. Repairing, L phoisieriug. ami Varnishinc promptiv executed. .Maiiocany suitable for Hand rail for sale. iv 15 ?w 1 Intel!.aisl I nion.| ^OAL! COAL!! COAL"* We?nrc now prepared to deliver all sindf cd Whito and Rtc! Ash Coals. A deduction in price will !? inade a lien delivered from the vessel. Now landing a very superior artic.e of Lettish Coal. We have, also, a l.nceand well-selected stock of Wood?ail ?d whtah we promise to ?el: at tne market prn-e. We. therefore, solicit a call from all who Ini> !>?r cash and pay promptty. OtTn-es luirner of I ?nd *Ut street. Waskinstoii, Green street, Georgetown. iv 8-d<fw RAR RON A STOVKR /'AS FIXTURES. \A We have iust received a coo*! assortmrnt <?! liAS FIXTI'R K5 sucti a> Chandelieis. Hraeket?, Pe.idcnts. G ioliCk. A e. tiA^ TUBIN'ti Iiitndnoed m Store-. Bwellints ajid l'uhlio HuilditiKs by competent v>ikinen. at low rates. Please civ* u?ac?ll. MILLI-rR A CI NNING If AM. No. .'(3 Pa. av., bet. l^th and 13tli st?.. south side. jv II -^w P O R C A r K M A V . Wa?hisgton Bhwh RK.-rniLAWa rma, Wit nisoroNA.M) BAtti5?"*t RAiLaoAD. 1'aesencors /or this celebrated PL'MMKR RK M)RT are iiil??rniecl, rtiat ads.i* Une wii. I>e iui< (except Sunday' 'cav in: \\ aslunKlon at ti a. in., ai^l tfotuieetinc *? New t"a*t!e with th? sp'einbd steatn ert?f.Nta*t. Mrlb?XALU on Tnes'la^?. Thnr?l?i?. and J4jUi'rds\s. and <?n ail aMerirtte dars with Mi* eiegsnt and swilt New \'c>rk stemner* runtime twee* PiiiiMdelphia and New Vork v ik Newcastle. Ticket" .9>.50. includ.iu carriage hi re on tlis 1? and. CUi.dren < under 12* ears and Servants ?t V. TH. II. PARSONS, jy 17-?w ? I nte:* States) As*n? pROPKRTV. LAND. LOTS. HOl'SLS. JOHN D. CLARK. Rtxt. Paortary Akknt, lias for sa> on term* to suit purc;i**er?. xacant Lots uidilloieiil p*rts o| tue ??iy. H?Hw>s, Sells, and F.xclnnscs all kinds of Rea Property ou mode rata terms. ... . . General Acent, No tar* Publw. and Justice cd reaoe. No. 12th atrect. Washmstoa Citjr, l>, C. jy 17-!m NOTICi: IS HKRKBV GIVEN, THAT AF ter mi* weeks puN;cationol this uotioe.applicm tion Will be mad* to the Commissioner of l'i nsions for the issue ol a duplioate of LAN D WARRANT No. ISJ283 for I?? acres, aot 3d Marcn, IRU. issued to Bonjamul Grimes, private Capt. Joues Company, (ieor*ia Vols., Creek War; the sains baviairtieeri lost. C. W. BENNETT, je 13 lav6v Attorney.