Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY July aa, i*iT. THE WEKILY STAR. Read " The Owl Finder,'' in our weekly. *l?o The Surgeon's Revenge,''4i A Lost Inher itance." ?? Mistakes of a Short-Sighted Man, ' ? Traveling for health reviewed medically," *nd the poetical articled, 41 Dad is growingaold, John." "New Mown Hay," "The Sabbath Day, and " Somebody." In the editorial and local column* will be found a full description of the reception of the Western visitors here and in Baltimore. The elaborate editorial article upon tbe Overland Mail is worthy of special attention In tbe other columns will be found a great quantity of interesting newj and other natter. Price, for single numbers. 3 cents ; or $1 2o per annum STIR I T Of THE MORNING PRESS. The Intrllisenctr, in making some ((notations from Senator Hunter's address before thecadet* of tbe Virginia Military Institute, pays a grace ful compliment to that gentleman, and says of the address : '?Like all that proceeds from Mr. Will V* found marked by trait" of sound and so ber thought, embodied in sedate yet felicitous language, thus composing that rare union of ne ver? logic and chastened rhetoric which are alike exempt from prurience of style on the one hand and arid dullness on the other." Tlie Union has an article demonstrating that there aro really but two parties in the country, <he democratic and their adversaries; and these two parties are always found arrayed npon the opposite sides of every political ques tion coming up for action DrrAKTi-BE or thk Westirt Visitor*.?The excursionists from the West having returned to Baltimore from their agreeable trip to Portsmouth and Norfolk, proceeded to their hotels, and after gathering their baggage and bidding good bye to their friend* of the city, manv of them started for the North, whilst other* took the Wheeling train of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, intending to proceed directly home. They left in the 8)$ train yesterday about *25, and in the train which ?left in the afternoon about 3U, besides Menter's Band of Cincinnati. At Norfolk and Portsmouth, the visitors were made much of during their short *tay. The fine military companies of Norfolk and Portsmouth turned out to receive them, and after a parade and * visit to the many objects of interest, there was ?oiue cracking of champagne bottles, etc., etc.. al ?he Macon House in Portsmouth, and at Johnson s Hfil in Norfolk. In Portsmouth, the building* of the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad Company Were tastefully decorated with banners. From one of the win dows was suspended a flag bearing the inscrip tion ?' Welcome, Western Guests!>? A string of various national ensigns was also suspended from the northwest to southeast corner of High street, under which the procession passed. In Norfolk, too, flags were suspended from various buildings. The Editorial Stbbet Affray at Locts villr The fracas at Louisville some days since between Prenticeof the Journal, and Durrett ol th?: Courier, grew out of the former charging Mr. Kiliott, a candidate for Congress, with drunk enness. whereupon the Courier made a similar charge against Prentice. By the correspondence published in the Louisville papers it would seem 'hat Prentice demanded a retractiou of the article and an avowal of its authorship, which was not ?onceded. where *pon Prentice invited Durrett to a street tight by letter, which letter the latter did not receive previous to the attack coiumr nc.J ? friends was in wait for Durrett. A number oj pistol shots passed between the parties without particular execution on either side, Mr. Prentice being slightly wounded in the leg. After the af. iray Durrett sent a challenge to Prentice, which he declined, as he is opposed to dueling. Fearinu that Durrett might do some violence to Prentice" the friends of the latter took some legal steps to prevent it, and the parties were both held to bail to keep the peace for twelve months. Mosqcitoes m Fi.orida. ? The Key \Ve>t correspondent of .he Charleston Mercury, in his letter of the loth inst., speaking of mosquitoes, which, since the late heavy rains, have bccome Very troublesome on the Key. says: 'u'he every lades these pests of Southern life are frightfully abundant. At Fort Dallas they are ?o plentiful that both officers and men rave* Jilf ^ " P'OVWfd with a mOMUitQ v tl, or rather bag, thrown over the head ami hji f,??, ,h,r,c. by a boo?.SSJSSiK? <Jnd KMOtletwl ylovr.. protect tb?- liml* and i?'dy from their murderous attacks Persons ?t ualTvTled !hat hor>e* a,ld cattle ?Itl ! ,to death in a single nh?hl-and o be to that soldier or seaman who by means nl liquor loses command of himself ?nd fa IK fnthl ground, helpless ami unprotcc^- hcS niatia jVampyres will fasten the.r fan--" umn h n,' s&tejfr "? [COMMI'H ICATCD. Religious Items. r 1Kb ?o<l ,mk pa,', gb,? t?r1,OGK< of Columbius. Ohio. pastor ol * re>hyteriai, church, preached hi? l^-e^eii sermon on the -^ii, ?i, .nl, u M-ewell nearly fifty years ' ***' **"* wt,W J)0U?"M W|1' 'C01' have a monnment erect Sd,ed'^::Tr?,^wb,irvpwr' ^ h.CVJndVr *?%*??:i? Chicago, has ~ivPn Tm !?EribKjn jkojj JJH \ 4 p., CncRcn, who proposed to me#.i ? u'V > on the 27tb of August next ?*bington SJy. ?.r. , b-^S1"S."2J? Manx minister* in the s *??.. nlo?d' Va of forming anther ,,0,in favor convention and its ' ' A~?ttjer? favor the ber. are for going to the Old s^h' *i tf.e n,ln,_ wish to remain fn their ??? ^hool, and others and Synods, believing the to be e.-%ential to n.eir Assembly not Presbyterians One reason whi^h"^^0"8 *" exist among the Southern ininiJte^ d> fences H'SS Of Humbert nf fhl- ? 1* i hp %mntl. are only in this cunnwi, ? Texas, there Presbyteries, one hundred^r^^"0^!' U*VeM i?U,r.. and twelve tlZ ?nd ^'V-e.gU m,n twentv seven emmunicaits ?"?>tdred and Prcmbvteryofth,?D.srrh^li lt.,^"a,d ,hat and that the \ Vsh?n1t?o,7 ' '<;t ^ r'Pr?'"e,l, iTiotuly i? favor of act ii?' as I? P ? uninl" from slavery agitat on* ami _ 'i^hytery?free r..,?n ..f ,w S ill "*1' ?.l "" l??nd. and others We .r?> ,,i, i J^jaware. Mary New School ministers in this DlstricTwm have anything to do with pol,tir* " not gr^K<:"|" |_1S,aWar:;CoU^ conferred the de dlle'^b JD ?'^n'lVaf Harra^i T I Walter of i! 2 e*rn?? "f J'3 ? ^ L D on Western R^,Vt. Coiiil-J I Fn*r' ?{f,'? Thomas Kwing i... k** ff- ?" Hon. Ken yon College?1>' n jimore Conference. Ob,u. iua h4 W K Mcbol. and L L D on Prof n?i, \ 1 endleton, of Va ? la,ny Storer, of Ohio ,,olr?'?h( ?f Va . :?ul Bel-' Ttan Voi'xg \|?x u>b I'T^-a*1 still |,a?e theiV lu,iLT*T and Islands, have taken the first astro''??* Sandwich at Yale College These th^^^^al nrizes bam. of the class of |?vi \\' ?> JJ,ra'ii Biiii/. 1-^5, and D D Baldwin, of i^7 A,r?ander, of declined an InvitatioV to b^5W^2uI^ork; h* Protestant Kpiscopal Church iu TeSj P lbc * V Z U/" A lad v in Whits county, III., ha* had six teen children in seven birth*?twins three times, biplets three timrs, and one the last time. IET The St Paul (Minnesota^ papers of the lltti contain the fill details of the capture and death of the son of the Indian outlaw. Ink-pa-da taii. Foo Bili. ?The new fog In-II at tiloucester, tolled its warnings to mariners through out the whole of last Friday night, and was heard quite distinctly five oritx miles distant from U. WASHINGTON NEWS APtD GOSSIP. The Apprentice Strtbw ?-We beg tha Star's readers not to beoome weary of this sub ject. as, in common with all others wbose inter ests are bound up with the general prosperity of the country, they are directly interested to ward off the consequence? of it? mtcceu up< n the general interests of all. We oaf* not whero the reader may be located, or what may be his employment or condition in life, if his interest is to be affected disastrously by the general de cay of our national prosperity that must grow out of successful rivalry to our Southern States in the production (by other nations) of cotton, rice and tobacco, he is immediately and deeply interested in the defeat of the triunpfe ef this scheme. Yesterday, we urged that England seeks to induce the planters of Cuba to beooroe advo cates for the change. We had no space at com mand, then, in which further to illustrate that faet, evident not only in the arguments used in the London Times, but in the columns of the journals published on the Island of Cuba, over all of which British influence is well nigh as paramount as the stringent law of the mother country regulating what shall and what shall not be published in them. We have private advices of a very late date from Havana, saying that the authorities of the inland, as well as the home government, arc prepared to accede to England's purposes in this matter, and are now Bccretly striving to prepare the planters to give np cheerfully the system of slavery as at present regulated there by law. and adopt the new one. To our mind this combination between England and Spain, backed as it is by Francc, baa also the purpose in view of rendering the island of Cuba unde sirable to the United States ; and thus lessen ing the chanccs that Spain will, in the end, be , compelled by the force of circumstances to dis pose of it to us. Such a consideration alono could induce Spain, proverbially slow to change, ' to consent to barter her Cuban bird in the hand, for one in the bush. We submit that the com bination, no less than its purpose, clearly em brace a contingency laid down in the "Ostend Manifesto,as affording sufficient ground for prompt and positive repulsion on the part of this Government of their policy. Or. in other words, for decided measures on the part of the United States to repel ovtskle Europeau inter ference in the domestic affairs of Cuba, which, under the received theory concerning its future held by ninety m every hundred Americans, cannot be permitted to changc its political status ? i* any way, unless to become our<. We need i> net rehearse the doctrines laid down in that r Unpoftaat paper?the Ostend Manifesto?for all are aware that it affirmed the duty and right of the United States to protect themselves from the consequences of any political changc of the status of the island of Cuba adverse to our in , tereats. None in the United States failed to ! endorse the soundness of this position; which was not one of those of the memorable mani festo that met witb opposition in this country. If it was sound doctrine tbeu, of which wc en r tertain no doubt whatever, it is ns sound now that the moment rapidly approaches when it will become the duty of the United States, them selves. to vindicate its supremacy at ail hazards ! and any cost. 1 The Star's readers know that we have for years steadily defended the rights of Spain in connection with Cuba with earnestness and zeal, and will credit us therefore for being neither a 5!tekPbrre^te^Lnor an ?nem^ ofSPain'3 f well that there must be substantial groundfiPfor t our act in thus raising a warning cry against i the purposes of the three governments that are in this disgraceful and (to our future) dangerous | conspiracy. We have taken pains to explain the other reasons, in previous articles upon this ; subject, and now ask whether it can be possible [ that the American people will fail to demand of their government that it shall promptly prevent Cuba from being transferred practically to Eng. land's jurisdiction, by and through the proposed modification of its institution, which modifica tion cannot fail to have as the basis of its suc cess some stipulation according to England the right and duty of regulating the police?the do mestic affairs of the island, far more effectually than she docs at present, though all thoroughly i posted concerning the island's affairs must be aware that she has for the last quarter of a [ century been gradually coming to regulate the i relative rights, duties and status of master and | slavo throughout Cuba. Ever since she abol 1 ished slavery in her own West India Islands [ such has been her steady aim, and gradually she has been acquiring more practical power so to do. Her consols and commissioners on the island arc now almost all-powerful in deter mining the judgment of its courts and the action of iu authorities on all slavery questions; and if the projosed apprentice system be carried ( out, th? authority of her functionaries there upon t>uch points or subjects will bo as strong as ever written law could make it. Inder such circumstances, we regard the cur rent efforts to change the slavery system of the Island?to compass the abolishment of the pres ent system and the r'ubstitution of another em bracing most reprehensible features, as a virtual transfer of jurisdiction over the island to Eng . land, in order that she may, at her leisure, re alize her schemes to cripple the prosperity of the United States, which purpose has been at the bottom of all she has done in the matter of slavery since abolishing slavery in her own West India possessions Thk Threatened War between Spain and Mexico?We are no believer that this oxpea ed rupture can possibly ocCur, notwithstanding the probable pledges of England and France that they will regard and treat ail efforts of the latter to land forces on the Island of Cuba, com posed in part of American volunteers in her service, as filibustering?piratical?expedition?. Spain knows that, under the provisions of in ternational law, such expeditions so composed would be perfectly legitimate; and, further, that in a month after her declaration of war against Mexico may be known in this country, fifty thousand Americans will volunteer to take up arms in Mexioo's defence, if but for the Uqal opportunity for an invasion of Cuba it will afford them. She knows, too, that, per ceiving the drift of her (Spain's) intrigues with England and Francc relative to the proposed Apprentice System, the United States will in sist that those two European Governments shall remain perfectly neutral in the contest?the penalty being our formal participation in it on Mexico's side; it being the interest of thi8 Government to secure to Mexioo all her rights in such a contest, under the laws of war as now recognised by all civilized nations, among which is the right to accept the serv ces of any individuals she pleases, and with them in her armies to invade any of the dominions of her adversary she may choose to invade. Spain, though in her late temper she has as sembled at Havana a considerable naval arma ment and quite an army to that end, will, on reflection, decline to risk, at this time, the dan gerous experiment of a war with Mexico. i.x their own Trap ?The public are doubtless aware that Simeon Draper, Esq., t e only man of entire capacity and high char acter among the Republican members of the . tw \ork Metropolitan police commission, rc signe< a few days *ii?ce, because his colleagues insiste on appointing notorious thieves and bruisers to be polioemen? it is said. Hia resig. BMwn deprive tie Republic 0f their ma jority to the Board. which can alone All the v?. cancj. Beaides the three remaining Republi cans. tha Beard consists of Mayor Wood, of Powell, of Brooklyn, and Mr rholwoD, an American party man. former ly a Hard Shall Democrat, all of whom, up to the resignation of Draper, had declined attend ing its session.* When that event took place, however, Mayor Wood immediately arranged With thoee two gentlemen, that the three ?he?ld hereafter attfend the meetings of the Board; where, being able "to tie" their colleague?! they will sorely destroy it, by retnsing to fill the vacancy and to continue the operation of its machinery, set np, as they eontend, for a Republican party end, and over the rights and against the interests of the city of New York. From present appearances, the resignation of Mr. Draper has afforded Mayor Wood an op portunity to gain a victory over the Republican party scheme for the invasion of the right of of New 1 ork to regulate her own municipal concerns, which he will, doubtless, use to its entire defeat. The Minot Lepge Light-Hopse.?In the Bon ton Jinirtial of July 21, we find a communi cation from Capt. B. S. Alexander of the Engi neer corps, contradictory of the statement which appeared originally in that paper in regard to the estimated cost of the new Minot Ledge Light-house, and which statement was copied widely throughout the press of the country. Capt. Alexander says " the probable cost will not be " $1,000,(MM)." Half that sum will com plete it; probably much less than half." Also, that ? the great difficulty,"?that of preparing the foundation for the superstructure?is now four-fifths completed, and is being overcome as rapidly as possible. Naval Courts or Inquiry.?In Court No. 1. Commander Thorburn's defenco was read. The case of ex-Lieut. Dulany was then taken up, and Commander McBlair was examined The Court then closed its doors to decide upon Commander Thorburn's case. Court No. 2 was not in session, having ad journed over to Monday. In Court No. 3, Dr. Charles Hunter and Pur ser Cutter were examined, and depositions taken from Commodore Gregory, F. Watts, and D. N. Mahon, all in behalf of Com Long. Promotion and Appointments?E. II. Cum mins has been promoted to a second classclerk ship in the Third Auditor's office, vice B. F. Niles, removed. J. W. Nixon, of Louisiana, has l?cen ap pointed to a first elass clerkship in the Third Auditor s office, vice Cummins promoted. Robert A. Matthews, ol Georgia, has been appointed to a first class clerkship in the Secre tary s office, vice W. R. Blount resigned. Gone to the Springs?Nearly everybody belonging in Washington who can get away, have gone off to the country, or to some sea shore or mountain region watering place. So all is dullness?twice dull here just now. By the by, a friend at the Mountain House (Capon Springs) writes us in high praise of that estab lishment, which, according to hisjudgment?and he is emphatically a connoisseur in such mat ters?is one of the best kept establishments in the United States. Tns Public Health. ?As proverbially healthy as Washington city h.xs been of late years, we question whether, when the extent of its population (increased) is taken into consid eration, it was ever before so healthy at this ffuTyVUt1PmaPAeroFv\^rouSjrJm^L,hli[ ordinances of the Corporation for the preserva tion of the public health, our fellow citizens may fairly expect a continuation of this so de sirable state of things. Not otherwise. Important Mail Improvement.?The Post master General has ordered a contract with the Pacific Mail Steamship Company for four years from tho 1st of October next, for regular semi monthly mail service from San Francisco to Mympia, \\ ashington Territory, which secures to the Territories of Oregon and Washington as regular mail service as now exists between New lork and San Francisco. Cul. i- w* SoLDIERS' ,,ONE continues to be a de lightful sojourning place for President Bucha nan, we hear. And, further, that the few office seekers still hanging on here have taken the ' ta/s b,nt> nn,l decline visiting his place of retirement to ? pester" him with such matters. Excursion TniroF the Water Wit.-h ?The members of the Cabinet, with their families, took a trip to Mount Vernon to-day on the U S. steamer Water Witch. Removed.?We hear on tho Avenue to-day that Mr B. F- Niles. a second class clerk in the Bureau of the Third Auditor of the Treas ury, has been removed. The Weather.?The following report of the weathor for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: July S3, 1857. New York. N. Y clear, warm. Philadelphia. Pa .... cloudy, warm. Baltimore, Md doudv, warm. Washington, D. C cloudy, pleasant. Richmond, Va cloudy, pleasant. Petersburg, Va cool, raining Wilmington, N. C........cold, raining. Columbia, S. C raining. Charleston, S. C cloudy. Augusta, Ga wet. cloudy. Savannah, Ga clear, warm. Macon. Ga cloudy, pleasant Columbus, Ga cloudy Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Lower Peaoh Tree, Ala...cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, hot. Gainesville, Miss cloudy, warm. New Orleans, La cloudy. From tub West. The following report* have been furnished by the National Ttlegraph line : Frederick, Md cloudy, pleasant. Cumberland, Md clear, cool. Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant. Harper's Ferry clear, warm. Winchester clear, warm. Martinsburg clear, warin. Wheeling, Va clear, mild. Grafton, va clear, pleasant. At Washington, yesterday at 9 p. m . the barom eter was 30/200; thermometer 7*2.5'. This morn ing at 7 o'clock the .barometer was 30/J64; ther mometer 72.5?. PERSONAL. .... Kx-President Pierce paid a visit, on Thurs day, to Dr. Loring, in Salem. .... Dr. Jules I<c Revirend, lady and siste', Havana, and John A Washington, Mount Ver non, Va., arc at Willards'. ? .... Rachel ha* definitely sent in her resigna tion to the Paris Theatre F rancais. We are told that the voice of this jflfted artiste is seriously affected by her late indisposition, to the extent that she has now no longer an y command over Rowdy NomkkcL4tckf, Etc.?Baltimoreh. d a "desperate riot" on Monuay night last, between rival rowdy factions, rejoicing in the sowbriqvtts of "Rough Skins" and ''Double Pumps." One man had his ear rut otl, another lost his nose; brickbats flew like hailstones, and pistol shots were exchanged with freedom. The "Double Pumps" came off second best, but nobody was killed. The rowdy nomenclature of the principal cities may now be classified as follows : New York?The "Dead Rabbitts," "Bowery Boys." "Forty Thieves," "Skinners," "Robin 11 wd Club." Philadelphia?The "Killers," "Schuylkill Anfl nihilators, ' "Moyamenslng Hounds,1 '?North ern Liberty Skivers." aud the "Peep-of-Day Boys. Baltimore?"Plug Ugltea," "Rough Skins," and "Double Pomps." (?7"" The following toast was drunk atXvnct - bu'g, Va., by the "Hyena " Club on the 4th of July : " and tke Equator.?Crlno-Zinc and the Equinoctial line?God bless 'em! The one en circles the earth and the other the heavens!" GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. C?rrttp0ttd4ne$ ?/ Tki Star. Giomitow*. July 25, 1867. The Aldermen were without a quorum last Bight, aad coMMfuently trannaaM no buttiacn. In the Council a meseage was received from the Mayor returning the two resolutions repealing parts of ordinances in relation to upper road lead ing to the Littlf Falls bridge, and giving at length his reasons for withholding his signature to the same On the question. "Shall the resolution* pass notwithstanding the objertions of the Mavor*'' the vote was taken and resulted as follows: Yeas? Messrs. Fenrson, Cropley. White. Pickrell, and English?5. Nays?Messrs. Jones,Seymour. Oys ter, and Thomas?I. Two-tliirds not voting in the affirmative, the veto was sustained. Also, a message was received informing the Councils that Capt. Woodruff had been detailed to survey the Georgetown channel of the Poto mac ; and in relation to the appointment of dele gates to attend the Sonthern Convention. A letter was read from A Hyde, Esq., In rela tion to the Corcoran charity fund Also, one from 9. A. Wnite and others notify ing of the time and place of the meeting of the Sonthern Convention Also, one from James Collins, complaining of a line which had been imposed upon him for selling liquor without license One from Bernard Magee, asking to be released from the payment of a tine imposed on him for selling liquor on Sunday. Ana the memorial of Thos. Hunter and others asking the Corporation to cause to be abated a nuisance caused by the stopping up of a sewer on the east side of the market house. All of which were referred to appropriate committees. Mr. White reported from the streets' committee resolutions in favor of Wm. H. Fletcher, Wm. Calhoun, authorising the opening of Valley street from West to Roa<l. Resolution appropriating $2l>0 for the repair of gravel streets; ana a reso lution authorising the establishment of the grade of Fayette street, from Fourth to High, in ac cordance with the profile furnished by the Sur veyor; all of which were passed. Mr. Thomas reported from claims'committee a resolution in favor of W. II. Moore, for print ing, which passed. Mr. White offered a resolution, which passed, authorizing a flag footway across Dumbarton street at the line of Hyde. Mr. Cropley asked that thecommittee on pumps be discharged from the further consideration of the message of the Mayor in relation to pump at the toal dock of A. Ray; granted The same gentleman repotted from committee on harbor and channel, a resolution appropriating S100, payable to the order of A II. Dodge, to meet the expense of surveying of the channel, which was passed. Mr. Pickrell offered a resolution declaring the veto of the Mayor out of time, and therefore of no eff-ct, the charter of the town requiring that all such papers shall be communicated to the Cor poration within twenty-four hours after the bill intended to be vetoed shall have been placed in his possession. I pon tliiis r?*solut;on quite a spicy debate arose, which was indulged in by the entire Council. It was finally disposed off by referring it to a spe cial committee, consisting of Messrs. l'ickrell, Cropley and Thomas. The board then adjourned. In the chapel of the Georgetown College, on Thursday last, the sub-deaconship, oil Friday the deaconship. and on Saturday (to-day) the or der of priesthood were conferred upon the fol lowing gentlemen of the Society of Jesus, by the Most Rev. Archbishop Kenrick. of Baltimore : RolK'it Bridy, Robert Fulton. Joseph O. Cala han. Francis McC. Atee, Anthony Vanden Hsn vrl, and Edwin Young. These are all promising young men, and will, doubtless, render much good service to the church of their choice. We lave l>eeii requested by a relative of young Moore to say that we were misinformed in regard to his being one of the party who forcibly took a pistol from another individual on the iiigntbefore lie was stabl>ed. The offering of Beef cattle at Drovers Rest yes terday amounted to 650 head, all of which was purchased by District butchers and speculators at $3.50al.50 on the hoof, equal to ST.0Oa!?.UU net. Sheep and Lambs &>.50a3 50 per head. Arrivals, barque William Chase, Dorry, from Porto Rico, with a cargo of sugar and molasses to F. A A. H. Dodge; schooner. Butterfly. Hub bard. from Port Dei?osit. with SO.OUI feet of tiin l?er and lumber to E. Pickrell A Co. Also a num ber of Bay and River crafts, with wood to our various dealers. Our market this morning was liberally crowded with tine vegetables, which were selling at prices rather more moderate than we have seen for some time. Sl'KCTATOK. Catching a Tartar ?A man and wife up in Michigan seein to ui^iw ti.? following cards in the Kalamazoo Telegraph ex press their sentiments: " Whereas, my wife, Margaret A., having left my l?ed and board without just cause or provoca tion, I hereby give notice that no person shall harl>or or trust her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date. '? II. F. Flktcher. " Lagrange, Cass Co., June 11, 1S57."' '?The above is false I have not left his l?ed, nor will I ever?but he has mine?and I am deter mined he shall board me ho long aswetmth live; Reineml>er that' Marcarkt Ann Flktchir." Margaret Ann is a trump. No matter who '? leaves her," she is a dear creature that can take care of herself?that's certain. 117" Canniemi, the murderer of Policeman Anderson, now occupies D'Orsav's cell in the Tombs, where he was yestcrdiy moved with pre caution to prevent his Win<r lynched by the ex cited people.?iVew York Mirror. We are informed by special officer Bray ton. says the Albany Transcript, that in conversa tion with m gentleman from Utica, he learned that some four or five f- male patientsaremissing from the Lunatic Asylum since the tire. We have, be fore heard similar intimations, but the press of Utica contradicted them ry-3=?NOTlCE.?Ths Rev. W. A. Harris will prcacli in the Church of the Ascension, on H street.between 9th and intli, TO-MORROW <Sun dny) MORNING. Service to commence at It a. m. It* AN A DJOUR N ED Si EETI NO OF T11E 11. < Catholic Beneficial Total Abstinence Sooiety wilfb" held at St. Patrick's Parish School House immediately alter vesncrs, on TO MORROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON. It* JAME8N.CALLAN.See. I TAKE GREAT PLEASURE IN REC l 3 ommendinK the Farmers and Mechanics' In surance Compm>, office corner of Pennsj Ivenia iivenue and I7tli street, to the business community for t heir prompt and hotiorahie settlement of my loss b> the recent lire, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Kth street. HENRY KING. It* r?*THE SEVENTH STREET PRESBY !L5 terian Church. < Island.) which _ h? hffij c'osed for repairs, will l>e re-opened TO- MOR ROW MORNING at 11 o'clock, and a discourse appropri ate to the occasion be delivered by the Pastor. Ser NOTICE.?The members of the Northern I <>crtie? Association are requested to meet at the Encme House, THIS AFTERNOON, at 7^ o'clock, as business of importance ? ill be brought for their consideration. By order of the It* PRESIDENT. NOTICE.?'The members of Hel>er Tent. I 7 No. 29H, 1. O. of R., will meet at their Hall. onMONDAV EVENING next, atto'clock. Be punctual, as business of importance will l>e trans acted. Election of officers takes place at this meet ine. J. H. GRUM WELL, 25 2t Rec. Secretary. rv-^s=? A BAPTIST CHURCH WILL HE I ? organised at Island Hall.on SUNDAY AF TER NOON. Dr. Binney, Rev. Mr. Greer. G. W. Samson, and others are expected to take part in this exerciesa. Mcmliers of the Church wishing to unite with the new interest, are requested to meet with us at 3 o'clock. The public generally are minted to l>e pres ent at 4 o'clock. It* rrp-A SUPPER WILL BE GIVEN AT ST. L 3 Dominick's Church, on THURSDAY, July yMh,at7 o'clock, for the lienefit of the schools at tached to t he Church. The members of the congre gation, and friends generall*.are respectf ully invited to lie present. A Band of Music will lw attendance. Tickets can he had at the Pastor's rcsidenoe, and of the Lady managers. Adults25 oents ; Children 10 cents. jy25-3t* COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. City Hal~f July l.S. 1H57.J [Y-5^NOTICETOTAX PAYERS.?/J F. fiUC ?Lj? TTON FOR PROMPT PAYMENT-So tice i* hereby given that the Taxes for the year 1K57 are now due. and payable at this office, ami that a deduction of 10 per cent, is allowed liy law for the ourrent year paid on or before the 15th day of Sep tember next. J AS. F. HA LI DAY. jy 25-?otf Collector. A SPECIAL COMMUNICATION OF H < the M. W. Grand l<odge of Free and Accept ed Masons of the District of Columbia, will he held at Masonic Hall, corner of D and 9th streets, on TUESDAY EVENING next, the 2*th mat., at*. J, o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested. By order of M. W. Grand Master: G. A. SCHWAR7.MAN. jy t'-1t Grand Secretary, fMISSIONARY?'The seoond aaaiversary of 'I < the Juvenile Missionary Society of Sixth Presbyterian Church, (eorner of Maryland avenue and Sixth streets. Island,) will l>e celebrated on S\BBATH AFTERNOON.27th inst..at4o'clock. The address will be delivered by Rev. Dr. Haknei, of Rnltimore. This gentleman is oonoeded to be one of the most eloquent, persuasive, and powerful min isters of the gospel in the United States. A oordial invitation i? extended to the people of Washington, to come and listen and participate in the exercises. Jy 23-* rr3=?HALTlMORKICE CREAM DEPOT, No. 'L* SWffth street, between G and H streets, the very best ICE CREAM at #IJn per gallon, deliver ed to any parts of the city. Furnishes Parties, Weddings, and Excursions. jjrl 2w* JOSEPH SCHAFFIEI.D. y-==?CENTR Al. ICK CREAM SALOON.-At i < the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of 12th and F streets, the best in the city,at lOoenta

Ioe Cream delivered to fhmiliea at #1 JO per gallon, je 90-la* I 1ST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE Lj Poet OflM, Washington. D C.. July ?. 1SST. [Ordefwd toW iMBBrt ed to tbs Ensure Stab, it Hems theD*wtp*p?r WincU? largest circulatiooot any daily paper pubhaKiift in Washington 1 "??J w?iif J r V1 ru v>< W U< UMK*'Ll?r. the following IBTltBD. S&' 0 S Brwwn. Mr* a K HaH*'. Ju? Hinckley, Uric Barf, Ann M Brndertck. MiuC Rtrhr. gUsabe h Barclay *? rat Clark, Miee B Chaas Bra M S Carr. R zana CMIds. Mr* B V Clark, Fanny K Chi 14a. Hra Tboa Campbell, Ada H Carter, Ad B Croa can, Mary A ra?iin?M Mrs F It Co ban, Hra Kmll Cowan, Sarali Mr* 0 F ?IF, Mary W Foster, Mr* K Ftmall, Mra IF > ragman. Mra F rnaa. Barrtet ?l a I folia, Ma garet Gadabr. balllc N Mall, M.ry l ?? ' *>ary Maury, Add Hart art, Mary C H?rrlaoa. Mia S A Banalgan, Jaaa Hachlaon, Psrah Jonaa, Joy, 8o?aa Klrp, Mra B UwK *n< B I.ynaa. Mrtf ? '*eejl?j. Marst Latimer, Cecelia C Math*** Matte J Mortoa. Jaaa ? rf>**ll. i(M MrDnwall, l.ibby F McDow II. laal all 3 MrKwIa, Bather N- wtoa, Mra *? 8 K agent, Ab'iral! ? tto. Mlaa A agnate F. ?>!?. Ha* B Fblllpa. I/a* a Be d. Kaaaa 0 Bliley. Mary Blddick. Mary F B*ndl* I'lea emlUi, Catharine Reott, Acaata Mn, B<<a* 8 Carlton, Leoanra T Little, Mary Jana Corban, Mra E l-arner, Mra L A Deals, Mra I.acy A Moo'#, Mr* Hanry Devlin, Oatliatiae Murray, Jana E Deffer, I'lui eih Maitlo. Mary J Dougbety. Vtrllnda Murray, Mf?? B Deroto, Carolina Stadtgan, Mary Dowall. leahei M C Mali o*y. Mra Doherly, Mary C Miner, Myrtella Ellla, Mary B M ? ! 1 h ? . Mlaa ? fteeley. Mary H Hlmue. Mlra I. Rewelt, Mr* Mai Sawyar, OirlaUaaa > t?44art, Mra C Travara. Mary A Taylor, Ellaa Vaabraakla, Llidt Mlllaon, Caibarlaa W?rd, Mary Weila. Aaaatatla * till awe, Bertie Wyatt, Barak Jana GKNTl.gBE.V8 LIST. Armstrong. Wm M Allawortb, Wm Ames, M E Arthur, J A 1 A r(fan11a, Jos Allen. B B Aaatiti, A O Boswell, Wm Mrowa, W M B anchard. W Burna.t, 9 A Heekman. N D Bar* II, Burns Bnah a!L K W ? reera, B T Barry. B Bravmsn, M Barnard, M Brl.lge, j K Bait, Jamee Banks, Jun 3 Brown, Jaa] Bailey, J It Bun-, n id, j frown, J 8 Baliovli, Jamea bal ey, J E Blithe, Joa Brewster. H P Bradley, H Ball. Geo F Barnard, F 8 Barber, K Bote, David Brad.ey, C d Blair, A U Bal tie. A Bai bur, A M Baldwin. Dr A 81 Brown. A Chapman, W W Cant ?a, W W Ctieiuhe. a, W A Carut .era, t am Camming*. K Conall, Fatrl k Cochran, M Cumailbg, MSA Clark M Crateu. Llmt Cumuilng., J N Oowau, Jn<> Crowe, J F Crawford, J B Crown. J a C oae. Jai T Crawford, JTI Clougb, J M 1 i ady, H<- ry Clifton, G Coy, Geo F Cyrus. F Cunningham. F B Cli*ni)x>ii, Elileuua Caton, R Croeby. Dr B F Ct one, B J Corrldon, J Carrier, Albert (ViiiKlaa, Wm A Dodaou, * in Dobldx.Tarm'iiACo ??rapper A -ir^ui ua De Uraff, Mr Dallaa, J C Doyle, Jno T Da la Wuerra, J?*a Doiati, Jno Downey, Jno 1 I nrhani (I O Duval , C H Doaglaa, A T 3 Da via, John C Evens, Mr Elplner, J Kduiond, Jno D Kdmuaaoa. II M Mm ndann, (j Kakrldge. D Ki'nii, B U Karat. Tboa Flet-her M B Fowke, Mb ni'l ? arrally, Juo W Fergeiaon, J n Fori ea, Pr J A Fuller, Jno FmVU.l. a W rya, F N July ti Farrel, Dennla Wowlard. I. Feat r, C T * Baylor, V A Jno Oleody, Ca|*t W M 3 Oppacbelmer, M Gorman, Patrick Ulila, Mark L Gambia, Oo! Jaa 3 Otllhn, Jao GallaUer. B L Galnea, it W Guaa, Geo Gilbert. E E Goillefl, N G K. A W Grern, Alfred Helakrll, W B Harvey. VT H Harrla n, Wm Herb-11, Dr W J Hendricks, Sam'l Ha clier, B A 3 Haxard, B Uap lea, re er Morton. M?J Henderson, Jno Mlta bcock. J W Handy, Ja* Hari iawD, J F Humpiiary. J Hieakell, J t. Howard J B Harris, Heury Harrl on, H N Hut hlncan. G W Harrover. Geo H Howard, G T H.tinea, E M Hu .eon, E T * Oo Haaaler, B H Heeknll, B K Hay*., AUsx Jeaanp. T W Jone?. X Johna??nt Jamea Jaaa a. ti Hne? Johns ii, BenJ Jones, A J I. Klllag*n, T'ln tby Eel ey, MaiUU K ? mil. J M Kally, Jchn K?a Ing, Jsbt Elle, James W Kitty. A H, Wm Lawrence, Wm Lai ner, TUaa D 3 Le , 8 G Llddla, Mr I aruer, M B l<ator. L Law,J E Laaia, Jo'eph Lee, Geo Uiiifilon, Geo T Lealry, David L cer, C H I^nserb^hn, A A Muse, W T Malouey, W nne:i, Ti oa a O Bne . W O H*w, Jamaa O'Brj an, H D Ferry, Oapt B > t a reel l. T A Oo Pllaon, Samael F*tera, Job a B Fret tis. Job a Fatra, Job a M F?rter, Dt J J Flaasaat, J F Parker. J H Fatton, J T Forter, D D Frentice, D W Flereon, B M KtebaMa. W? Boll'.ns, W B Klley, W T Kali! *y Wm ? K. bl si n, Bldcey Bay. K C F Felilngburg, R F Rrynolda, N than Kowe. M 8 Higgles, Jaa B Reld, Jno Klley. J B- b'. inaon, H H Blvas. F Bonay. Chae Kbodea, A Baaleae, Capt W Mate, Wa Bow t r, Tiuiotby Nmil\T K Sinlllle, T W bba'den, T D Bhlnklea, Then Spalding, S C Bay*r, H T Hmllli, S M.ler, R D 3 button, Bol't S bradt, Peter Bull van, Pat Ick Malik li W Bkltaer, DDF bt >n?, oa Bicltli J>maa B 3 Hherherd. Isaac M Mr ? H B Shefl*rt Frad bt"iie, Daniel Bnoadei, Cli a A Nt C.slr, C C Btewart, C B Bt wart, J B M!th,C pt C hiitnui n, B Mi*k<*'l, B H B epard, B Beuirae*, A A 13 Myers.Jor.eaA Pratt Thomaa, W Moon, Patrick MsKUlre, Thoa Maughl n. T Martin, Mr Morilson, J L D Mason, John W Mann, H Mannav, G Miller, E H Montgomery, E 8 Mnl'er, Cbaa Morris. Cbaa M Mills, A F Mann, John N Mi-Galre, Wm Met onnelI. W H McCrsy. 8 H McKnUbt. 8 M McLean, U Mcl.ead, Peter 3 Mr Dad, L H Mel e <t, Jno B Mrliugin, J< a McKall, Ja* McGlaiie?a, G 3 Mor-an. V. II McLaughlin, Danl Mcharter. C F Kichols, W A Ne*iu., u ,Lt JAR. Te ry. ?I Thompson, T W 1 ay lor. J K Thorp, Jno W Tayloe. E T Tabliort, Capt Thomaa, Chas V.m lawk ark, W V -ililes, A M W h i*. W B William*. W H Wal*l>arn, Peter Wheeler, Truman Wilson, Ihoa Welsh, Jobn*o? Wheeler, Too J Wila n. Jno L Wlleon. Juo Williams Jno Whit-, Geo Worcester. F B Woodruff, E W Wuofler, D F 3 W inde '. Dan WlillamsAOrawfei J Wietael, (Vinred Wri lit, Cbaa Walker, A W 3 Wlleon, A 8 O. CKRBET. F M. SALE?A Miperior swoet toned Chickenruc r Fl AN(?,fiH octave. l'rice?lj". Inquire of "J. R^. C.."at tin;* office'. jy 25 Si* ICK PITCHERS.-\Ve have just rcoeivt^l an other invoice of those very auperioi ICE1 PITCHERS, which we ahail continue toj sell at ttie former low rates. > M. \V. GALT A BRO. Jewellers. v jy 25-3t 3ii Pa. ave., bet. 9th and Kith el a * iiv i avi< uct it i r< vj ?i.*\t?t,r<?,t C Tlic alwive are fitted up wish tite f?eat uiiality pel> lites; alao, with hngliah ami French ulaasee, of every focus M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, jy 2S 3t 32? Pa. ave., bet.9th and 1?nh sts. our Magmoi.ia h^ms. auu CHOICE magnolia hams. We are just opening, and we guarantee thvm tin equalled hy any tlaina in this ciiv. I'hejr were cured lit Mar> lanJ expressly for ante. irrNo authorized agent*. KING A BI RCHKM., jy is Corner V'erniont avenue and Idth atreet. RANKING HOUSE OF PAIRO A NOl'RSE. Keokuk Ci(? 8 per cent. K<>n<l?. Ke<>kiik City I" per cent, bonds -short. iJavenport, !<?*??. M' percent. Bond*. St. Louis County 7 per cent. Bond* ? short. Lee County. Iowa, II per cent. Bonds. City of Evaiiaviilo7 per cent. Bonds?short. Th?- almve and oth?*r Bunds for sale at such lates as will pay the purchaser at least H> or 12 per cent, per annum interest. All kinds of State. City. Railroad, and other Stocks and Bonds bought or sold. Also, No'ea secured by Real Kstate, negotiated orpurehtaed. PAIKO A NOl'RSE. ITT" Interest allowed on deposit* at the rate of ?ix per cent, per aunuro wheu left for thirty days or longer. jy 25 mh FOE REHT AJTD 8ALE. For nihtr" For RtHt nml Sale" notiers te' lufpigg. tj^OR RENT.?Four t?r five ROOMS, iu good onler, nnd convcniei t for house keeping for a small btmily. Apply at tlio corner of llthand F.any time after So'clock. jy 25-nt* TO LF.T.?A three-story BRICK, situated l>e twe?n 8th and 9th streets, on M street. Enquire next door. ?y <M-3t 14*OR SALE.?Will be sold a Bargain?Three n?w and well arraniced three-aiorv BI ILDINGS. situated on th? corner of 'Jth and M streeta. Terms: One hfth, cash; th t residue payable in quarterly instalments ranging from three mouth* to three yeatr. Inquire of A. G LA HMON.on the premises, jy 24 4t tM)R SALK.?A ver> comfortaf?le three-story BRICK DWKLLlN'G, situated on the weat aide of tit h atreet weat, l>etween G and H north. Price $2.(WW; half in cash, balance in 6, 12. and in months. Apply at No.512(2d story 17th atreet. | jy 23 POLLARD WEBB, A?ent. VERY DESIRABLE BRICK DWELLING AT PRIVATE SALE.?Ilouae No. 418. situateil on 8th street. Iietween G and H streets, immediately in the rear of the Patent Office Building, will be sold on reasonable terms. The house is a well built three story brick, containing twelve rooms, has a tine cis tern in the yard, and vaulta under the pavement, and is altogether a very desirable residence. For terms. Ac., apply to J.C. McGUIRE, Auc tioneer and Commission Merchant. jy 21?6t FOR SALE.?A new three-story FRAME HOUSE, containing 9 rooms and side porch. Also, a two-story slaMe and wood house on the rear of the lot, situated on O street, hetwe?n nth and 9th street, opposite the fane residence of Tb<>. Lewis, Kaq. It will be aold low and on accommodating terms, if applied for aoon.atthe Real Lutate Office, 49t'X 7th street, below E street. je l8-6t FOX A VAN HOOK. Ij^OR SALK.?A valuable BI'ILDING LOT, No. 13. in Square No. 81. continuing 9^>2 square feet, situated t>n south side F street north, Iietween 21st and 2SAf streets west. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No. 5127th street. jy 16-tf FOR SALE.?A Building LOT in the First Ward (near the Circle) can be ? ?/ v?u purchased without a Ash pa> meat and on a long credit. Apply to ; a i . H* LANjf&ALE. jy a"lm S6* M it., or through the Post Office. A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.?For aale A FARM of M3 acres, in Culpeper Coac ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandriaaud Orange Railmad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and mat economically and easily l>e unproved, so that it will produce as fine crops aa are growu anywhere in the United Statea ; ll5acrea in heavy timlier, much of it auitaMe for ship timfier, for which there are marketa to tie reached by means of the railroad ; also a large quantity of oord wood that may be aold to tne Railroad Company ai remu nerative prices. The buildings are all on a hill, and, with small repairs, may fie made oomfortahle for the reaidence of a family The plaoe is wall watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As oae of the joint owners of tins Farm now reaides in the West, and is determined to sell will be aokl a great hargaui.on very aooomrnodatiag terma. Persons disposed to purchase mat ir^uire for fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLACH, editor of the Star. Washington City, who knows the prem ises. 1T*-H FOR RENT.-A Bwdwwbmit HOUSR, contain ing 12 rooms. eomftirtaWy furnished, in a deltght ru I and airy location, fronting one of ihe puMie res ervmionn, aiid o??fnmnndinf an eitAnnveviev of the wlv, the nver, and Georgetown. 11 itaa gaa Utroujh nut ? water and Uatii room. To b careful tenant tha rent will be moderate. Inquire Bt 1 atreet, sec ?n4 door from 12th it M-tf EXCURSIONS *c. Gi. o. o r RAND EXCURSION AN 1) PIC NIC or Colombia Lodge, Ho. 10, I. 0. 0. F , TO THE WHITE HOUSE Pjr/L/OA\ On T( ESDAY. Aucust 41 h. 1*57. Having chart?red ths Steamer GroMI W*mii*r? lox, and msdo ever* arranrenient JT- ^ ?MftMn for the comflwt and f? j" ure ?>f all ?k<> may participate in t enjoyment* of the trip, the Committee of ATunc ment* nwpwtfally Mwum* to lh? frwirft ?W llr order and the snWie. that the Excursion and pie. 1 Nic of Columbia l,odgewill take place aa above. The Steamer will ran**- two trip* to the Pavib ion?leaving her w naif at 1H "'clock a. m.. pwiwlj, and at 2H p. *n. Retnming. the first Koat will leave at V,. and the second at in o'clock p. m. The latter affording a delightful trip up by the " silver) light .if the morm." _ . _ VVMtMM' BrAM and Striae Band ?m heen en C*ll>intier and Soppcr will he furnished In M?r rienocd caterer; and Refreshments, at city price*, hf a confectioner. ... .. No Lienor of any kind will l?e allowed to he so.rt either on the B<*t or at the Phvilaon : oonse^nently the liest of deoiTnm will he preserved. Ticket < (INK l)OLI. A R; admitting a Gentleman and ladies. and children undor !?m ars of age-to he had of airy of the Omimittee. or at the 1 mat on the day of the Excursion. Omnibuses will leave the corner of Seventh snri I. streets, (Northern Liberties. I Twentieth and Penn. avenue.< First Ward, land appowte Odd Fellows' Rail. (N'avr Yard.) at 7 a m. nnd 2 p. m . conuecting with the |>oat; also, at the wharf on th ? return of eaeh trip, to convey passengers to th# place of starting. Commtttf* of Arrant' ment*. W. R. McLean. S. J. Thompson. J. R. Williamson. Siiir'l Wise. I.. H. Hear*. *i. Miller, (i. W Calvert, R. W. Barker, R. R. J. Mane urn. Chan. Kinae,, J. A. Mouldcn, S.C. Mills. W. 0. Stewart. W. II.Nally, J .T Mcintosh. David FowWe. F. Piaster. J. Wim?r. H. 5. Bowen. J. P. Hendley, Win. H??d. P. J. Collison, C.C.Martin. \\ . II. Sioeefl. G. \V. Swain. jy 5-ea?U M AI PLEASURE PARTY ANI>~PIC NIC. nader the auapioea of the Youn* Catho >fT><s^ ^ ^ lie's Friend Society of Wnshinetmi will Im held within the limits ot Wwv? Georgetown Cnll't* fironndi. the use o| which t-as l?een kindly granted for the occasion, on M(l \ IIA \ . August 3d. 18.V7. (or. shonW the w?athcr prove in element, the firat (air day thereafter.) commencing at R o'clock a. m. and closing at sun down. Card* of admiSMon, 25 c?nts; Children oodei U , vear> of *?<?, in cents. Mr. Vanderwerken. with his usnal lilierality. ??*!? agreed to convey patenter-during the entire day :< and from the College Gate at the usual fare of * ? cents. For the convenience ol those residing in the North ern pert of theci'y a C?mch will .eave the Northern Lilwrty Market every hour lifter 8 o'clock direct for the College Ground*. Water Ices. Ic? Cream. Confectienery. awl Rf frcshinenis will l?8 furnished by Mr. Potential, ant servc<lat cit* pri?*es. Wither's superior Band has Itecn engaged for the occasion. The strictest order will he preserved. and as tie entire profit* of the day. including the amount r? Mred at the refreshment inMes. will c<> to the charity fund of ourSocietv. now mneh depressed, we earne*I t^Bppeal to the laterality of the public. Tickets can he procured from any memlier of the Committee, and at the entrance of the College Grounds. Commiti*' of Arr?nt'nt?nt*. C.S. Jones, W. A. Kennedy, R Mahornev, Ric'd.H.Clarke. F. McNerhany, Geo. Ifarve*. ino. C. Brent, J. Chapman, H.A.Clarke, J.C.Fitspatnck, Geo. Kavace, M. Renahan, P. Gallant, P. J.MeHenr>, E J.tJneea. John F. King, N. IMielan, Hugh Dotiolioo. jy 25-eo4t CMRST GRAND EXCURSION r or THK Jolly Rover Club. TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. On MONDAV. July 27th. 1*57. The Jolly Rover Club having made all necessary arrangements, take great pleasure in announcing to their friend* and the I pultlic in general, that their first An ? nual EXCURSION AND PIC NIC will come ? H as alw?ve. The Committee pledge themselves that no ef.?rt will l>e spared to make this the Exeuisiou of th< MM, Wilson's Rrassnnd String Band ha* l?ccn engaged for the occasion. An experienced caterer has l?een enraged, and wi,| furnish meals and refreshments at the usual city j prices. The steamer George Washington will leave Iit wliarf. at the loot of llth street, at M, o'clock: Na\ ? \ ard at 9,and Alexandria at The second Biwt will leave the City Wharf at. 2 o'clock. Navv Vari at2>a,and Alexaudria at 3 p. in. Returning at 6 and I0S.. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a Gentle man and Lady?to he had of any of the Coiuiu.ttre or Memlicrs of the Clnh. Committee of Arrnntf II. Mwldleton, Wm.O.Drew. H. G. l.oreh. Win. Lunsford. Robt.Squih. 23 3*." TH1. t'MdN GI ARDS TAKE PLEAS! KE in announcing to their friend* and patrons, that, at the solicitation! of a number of ladies an<! gent iein?T.? who accompanied us ononr last Ex<-uiion. tliat we have c?iiie to the cimcliiMiiu In give another on Tl FSDAY, August llth, to The White House !'a vi 111 on. Particulars in futnre advertisement, jy 21 eo>?f L08TAXDFOUND! Cjlik REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from tho ^ I" " snhiscrilwr on the .'1st instant, twi? ?-v HAY HoRSF".S.oneal?oiit Ifi hniHl? lucii.and r ? tlie other shout 15 : no mark* recollected nn^*7^ them, except a white spot in the forcliead of Ihe smallest, and the other has white hind f?et. J"he alioverewrd wil. I>e paid tor,iiT person Orincmt; tttem to me. at No. fin Centre Market, or at my re^Klene# oorncrof 4th and 1. streets. Navy Vard. jy 25-jr Jos. L. IIEISF. STR AYED AWAY.onthe Sthof July,a Whitish Colored COW. w th a lesther fcir. p^y-. around h?-r ne<-k, w ith a !>e!! attached. ? Ti-^^ gives milk fr in oi, % t lir? e icr.'s. A mi .tab rewurd will lie paid l<>r her return I" Mrs, FLANI (? AN. F street. I>etween Mh and 1'itli streets, oppo site St. Patrick's Church. jy id?it* WANTS. CITttJiTIOIf WANTED- Bv a re.r^cisl ? Woman, "ither as Chaml^nnaid or N u?se. Good referencei> siven Apply at Mis. Campbell's. No. "?2 t>? sticet, above Penn.aveawe. Il? WANTED?By a mprctab e VI'tlllAK.taat at ion as Chaml?erm?id. |* willing t?* h ? 1 p l?r C<x?k. Wash, or Iron. (iw*l refere?:ces can lie giv en. Applvat the corner of 121 h and M sts. It* W A N T E D - A CO I.(i R E D W(?M AN t. ? c.?.?.. " Wash.and Iron for four persons. I'.ione who can come w?*ll recoinmetidcd I he hichest wacc? til lie given. Apply to F. L. MtKIRE, Wood and Yar?l. nth street. Iietwccn D iml E. n . . ?? ANYGENTLKMANah. nt karMH tin ?'it? i ? the a-ason. who owns a *o<?| saddle HORSE, anl would save his liverv. m?v have hmi well kept try a gentleman in ?ifli<-e, w ho des res to Niard for thai tunc smite two miles out o| town. Isaecu> tometl |?? horse*,and will treit one well. Canfue good references. Address A. 1?. H.,Citv Post '?t ficc. iv 25 rw* WANTED Til HK.Nf I < >K A TI.RM Ol v ? Y EA RS ? A F A R M cnntaiiung from jaiol ? acres, with linproveinents suitable lor a dam Fanu. nia<l situated within I toSnnl"* of WastotiKton rit?. One with the privilege of |?iiti?g it will I* ptefn red ApplT to POLLARD W EBB. Agent. No.^:9 7tn street. 11 J5-I? * WANTS TO EXCH A N(J E- Improved t i l ?? PROPERTY for a FARM witain U mil-s < f this City. The Faim must be improved. Add e-s A. G.. Cilv Post (?Hcf. jy 24 4t tJ^IFTKKN OR TWENTY (itMiD HANDS \>'anted to Work < n a r?'leisr?ph Line. I ? r further information inquire of G. W. DI'RIT*. Magnetic Telegraph Otfice. c<?rner of Mh street I Penn. avenue. i? 24 it Apartments wanted.-warned, derm* the next session of Congress, a SI I I L *>? Ff'RNISHED ROOMS, hi a genteel n?icliU>r hood, not far from Pennsylvania a\*enue.and snf eientlv near to a good restaurant, from which menls could lie pnicured. Tlie r???iius to consul of a Par h?r, two ciuiml>ers, and a ^ervant'8 ro?>m?for a ?eii tlenian, his wife, cluld. and servant. Persons desir ing to rent such room* next Winter, w ill please Ml dress ls<x IS Staroffiee, stating location himi iiuii. - that ilic advertiser iruiy call iu<d hee them durm*. present visit to Washington. jy 2" it 1^Wt? DRY'"GOODS S XI.I.MKN, Aiul UN TED WITH THE DISTRICT 1x1 A l)L. WANTF.D.? Permanent situations and lil^rai pav will lie offered to competent young men. Audr< >s A. Z., City Post Ofhoe. ? jt tf r..> llTANTKD-ln the family of a gentleman resnliM " two miles from the city. ag<Hidplain cihiK One Who ean liring recommendation* lor skill. h?n esty. and cleanliness will hud ag<Mwf situatio>>iMl regular wages. Applr to J. P. CRI*TCHETT.Ior ner of fith and D streets. it 15XI Rl'G STORE FOR SALE?la an exoelleiTt location, doing a g'Mtd kannrw. Snti?fa<-iorjr I) 1'Lvea f??r selling. Terms smhriar. Ad dress DRLGUIST at this cAoe. jy 14 iawtf ANTED?Between 1.5th and 7th streets, north JJ' of K street, a amsll nmtiy farnisl*ed C<lT TAGE or IIOL'SE. witk yanl and shade trers, or part of a House with i-se of Kitchen. Refererce given. Address Box 1M City Post Ofice statin* terms and lornttoo. i*9-tf BOARDING. BOAKDING.? Mrs, BA TES, at tlie corne- of Pennsylvania avenue and nth street, having had her house entirely renovated and its anoomnn** tions greatly increased, is now prepared to accom modate a larger namlirr of permanent and tmnsient Imarders. Her lueation is the most oeutral in the city,and. as rearranged and improved, ber hou?e is now second to noothsr bs?rding-lionse in Washing ton. Boarders by the month, week, or day. raiy rely on reoeiviag every attention. Terns saudcrai e. Table Isswders also taken. >e 23 tf ?OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! Just received (in addition lo a large anantitv <1 RED. WHITE ASH.and Fl'R N ACE ??superior article of COOK ING COAL, mitaUe fur sun>> use. Abo. Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD, ai- <?! which will lie dispneed of on the mo*t aennmmodat ing terms. GK(>. L. SHKRIFF. jy 9-Mfit Yard weat sids4fe st.,at Caial Hndge. TWO PIAKfiH AND TWO MEI.ODEO* S at #Asach, to make room for oths<* ??w at ths Music Depot of W. G. METZEROTT.nTV'l jy & Corner Peon, avenue and luh atreet