Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE LIGHT OF HOME. BT SARAH JOSErHA HALE. Mv hov, thou wilt dream the world is fair. And thy spirit will fixh to roam. And tbou nmKt in, but never when tlicro Forget the hunt ol home. Though pleasure may smile with a ray more bright. It dazzles to lead astray ; Like the meteor's liash it will doepen the night. When thou treat'. ?it the lonely way. But th? hearth of home has a constant flame, And pure as the vestal hre; ?Twill burn, 'twill burn, forever the same. k "naturefeeds the pyre. B^Li'n ?,??. ?"->i,v:,'.radd"io" Then look to the light o. And there, like a star through ?.** JMdniclit cloud. Thou shait see the beaoon bright For never, till shining on thy shroud. Can be quenched its holy light. The sun of fame, 'twill gild the name. But the heart ne'er feels its ray ; And fashion's smiles that rich ones claim. And like beams of a wintry day. And how cold and dim those lieams would l>e. Should life's wretched wanderer come : But mv boy. when the world is dark to thee. Then turn to the light of home. Health or Employment.?The following ta ble. recently prepared by order of the Legislature of Massachusetts, is very instructive?showing, as it .Toes, the comparative healthfulness of vari ous employments, by a statistical statement of the average ages whlclt those that follow tliein attain to: Agricultures 03 *1 Manufacturers 43.23 Bankers ...........43.15 Masons..??*##.?...47.7^ Bank Officers .tW.75 Mechanics... 45 Blacksmiths 51.14 Merchants v.51.7! Butchers 50.UO Musicians -3f>56 Calico Printers 51.33 Operatives 35.90 Carpenters 49 39 Painters 42 4t Clerks 34.32 Physicians 51.91 Clergymen 56.72 Printers 38.01 Coopers 50.37i Public officers J6.Si Editors 4tt.lli Rop? makers 51.30 Gentlemen 5S.19 Shipwriybts 55.27 Batters 51.17 j Shoemakers 43.12 Jewelers |4 .ori, Tailors 14 .:?5 JudyesA Juslices.05 l?>'Teachers 31 1t> I awvers .54.431 Traders 40 35 Machinists :J0.4l| It appears thai editors and printer* aie aumup the low fl^urea. there being but live occupations less wearing upon the health. irr We witness.d a singular phenomenon while coming from Milwaukic to this place, last week on a steam tug, which may or may not lie new to sailors; but it was something we never saw l?efore. When off Bailey's Harbor, 3 iniIrs from shore the compass b-ijan to oscillate from point to point, without remaining a moment at any one plate, until finally it acquired a rotary motion, and spun around with great rapidity We stopped it several t'rs** but it woulif again commence veering backward ??(l forward, and very soon began whirling again" This continued for several miles. We are informed by Cant. Crook*, of the White Cloud, who was on board at the tiirs*"^at from local attraction, or some other cause, flie needle never can be depended upon in that vicinity ; though in this instance it was more than usual I v a flee ted The weather was fine at the time, and we had fine weather before us ; had there been rou^h weather and a dark night, we should have some anxiety for our little ''pocket steamboat.''? 'i w* Soy A'l^o'nt*. Bkrcpisd Fish i> Maixe. We understand that Mr. I'pham Treat, formerly of Frankfort,has been busily engaged since earlv In the Spring to the p.esent time in buying up alewives, shad, bass, and salmon, and depositing them in tn? k'? Lake and one or two others adjacent to if, to spawu He has secured the right of way from ?be lakes to the sea, and has cleared out the stream so that his fish can pass without interrup tion )>etwceii the lakes ami the sea. lie does not e*pect day reJurrrs fron* his speculation for three years, when, if they will multiply and do well, he will reap a rich harvest every year thereafter. Mr. Trent has expended upward of two thousand dollars in the operation, and it is to be hoped that he will realize his most sanguine expectations, for It must be a great lienefli to thin region. The project has been tried in France successfully, and we no reason why it should not succeed equally well in this country.?Calais Adv. A Jewish Sii-rrstition.? a brother of Isaac Jackson, the man who was murdered by Charles E Jones, at Russell, was peddling in the wagou that Isaac drove, when shot, a few weeks since, and stopped at a village in this vicinity. In the course of showing his wares he discovered upon a piece of goods a single drop of blood Over come by his feelings the poor lellow cried for a fpw K.on?ents like a child, then he folded up the cloth and said that he must go immediately to Hartford, take up the body of the murdered man, and bury the blood-besprinkled article with him; that by Jewish forms all bloody garments or other cloths must be interred with a murdered man, and that all they bad previously no'iccJ had been?Springfir, IJ Hf/'ulliran. To make Postage Stamis Stick.?Tlie rea son that postage stamps are liable to come off is this, when the paper is moistened on one side it swells on that side, and of course curls up to wards the other. \\ hen. tbejefore, the stamp is laid on the corners the edges are apt to rise up and the skimp is loosened. To remedy this, af ter moistening the gummed side of the stamp and laving it on the envelope. moi?ten the other side, which will cause that side of the stain to swell and curl down again. Press the guminmed side of the stamp lightly on the tongue, lay it on the envelope, and then press the tongue on th? upi?er side of the stamp, and pre-.* it down evenly with the ball of the thumb. The j?aper will tear soon er than it will come off, unless it should acci nentally be wetted. Bible Revision?The question of a new re vision of the Sacred Scriptures is now excitiii" great attention in England. That an authorized revision must come eve ntually appears to lie the opinion on all sides. \ recent writer say* ? Even the ^laiit names ef King James's transla tors are insufficient to avert this. It may lie en tered upon without any disparagement to their honesty, their emyloyiuentof' all the means of ob taining a pure text, and accurately interpreting it which existed in their day. And, if there are expressions in the Authorized Version.whb'h aie at present obscure, o.- not a. coiding to our view con-.iM. nt with refinement, we may 1k? certain that as these w?-re not intended to 1*. sU, h it f?7" This year Fourth of July came on Satur day. and it appears that for the remainder of the present century It will occur on that day but six times more?Hi:}, l^r, 1-71, l-v, 1-91, and in I iOO U7- The Cooperstown Journal tells of a man who*e sister informed him he had not long to l;ve. and su^cented that he iin^ht not feel cniiic lv pi?*paied for tha' event. 44 Whv should I lie afraid to die *" he asked. *' I never voted a W bij; ticket in my life \rr A cheap and handy remedy for diarrhea is simply to take a tumbler of cold wafer. thi? ken if with wheat flour to Ibe consistency of cream,and drink it This i? to lie repeated several tunes during Ibe day. or as often m you are thtrsly; and it is not vciv lik'-ly you will ne< il it on the seuuid day AKKIWAIA AT THE HOTELS FROWNS' HOTEL -G M Howard. Va; J no D Bowling, Md, Lloyd Tevi* and lady, Cal; M M K Metbot, Can, Geo Met hot, do; R i)milop A and lady, Va; S Donald and son. Mo; W F Lyt tle and lady, Tenn, W S Pope. Ill; A Pope, do; .1 Leslie, do, J Beiliamont, SC; W F Randolph. Miss, C A War field and lady. La; T H Holmes, NC; Miss C W Heilman, Pa; J C Pollard, SC; J W Ni< holl*, Tonn: A II do; Geo Lw, do; W Daniel and lady, NC: Miss Rouutree, do; D L Purcell and lady. Va, Mi?s Bettie Duvall, Va; Mi?s Mary Duval, do; J 11 Soulhworth, Pa; C A Mi Kirov, Va; F Marbury, Md; PA Witiner. do; H II Robinson, <?; Mr Plummer and lady. Md; J G Lills, NY; A F Brown, Miss: W F Rupley, Pa. Jno M Williams and lady, Md; R II Chovin and lady, SC; J Miller, Va; Geo Hutchinson, N C, Jno M Fog Pa; S J Thompson. Ct; Martin Sauer. DC; Jas May. Iowa; J Bufiuiii; NY; C P R Edwards, do; H Miller, do; S Halstrad, do, A S Pitts, Va; P A Dabney, Va. WILLARDS HOTEL?WW M<Kaig, Md: J Toag. NV; G Wells, O; H Robinson, fy. L?; Dr Lnckeit. fv. do; J C French, do; J A Washing ton, fy. Va; L C Hubbell, fy, Ala; Dr l.e Reviren, fy, Havana. St D De Alducete, do; E M Marsh, ly, Cal, C D Delmold, NV; J Center. Md: G Dul ler, Mass; J Gray. Miss; T J Wheeler. NY; E J Goode. ly. Mass; H H Walker, I SA; C Hunter, Rl; W E Curd, ly, Kv; Misa Cnrd, ly, do; G K Ryan. NY: H llapf, Va; J W l.akiu, Va; J E I>o?ard, NY; Com W Taylor, I SN: TG Janies, Tenn: D Moadley, N Y; A G Center, do; II G San fo/d, Conn. KIRKW(?OD HOI SF. _M Norton. Va; C Casswill. Md; Dr McClelland. I'SN; EF Fagan, Mo; J H Bowman, Miss; W 11 Park. Va; Dr W J Barge, NY; P C Rust, Cal; A C Godwin, do; G R Gray. I'SN; C Oldham. Va; c Cooper, do; I Ames, NY; W S Youn*, Pa; W P Webb, Md; W R Arnelstead. Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE ? Wm B Smith. Wm J Howell. Tenu; Jos D Lawrence, Ct; p M Ty?oo, Me; Jno M Peterson. NC; F Hertz, Ga; J B Fenwick. Fla; E Hammond, III; J Freeman, Ala; J P Hurdle, MHs. MOVKMEMTS OF OCEAN STEAMEKf. Fro* the I'.sited Stats*. JMmhmt j. low. For. Dm ft. Arago New York..Havre ......July 25 Piom Kriopt. Asia Liverpool....Yew York..July II W??btuKfi>i'""?*<>utba'ptoa.N?w York..July 15 The California Mali Steamers leave New York ob the ith and iUth of each mentis XitcelHmeoiif. WM. H. HEYL, HOUSE PAINTER AND GLAZIER. Will thankfully receive and promptly ?pd neatly ex eertJB a?y orders in his line with wnich hi? fne** and tHe public may favor him. Orders can be lett m. No. 4T^ oorner 6th and C ata., or at Ridenour'a Cow fectiooery Stor?, No.304 Pennsylvania avenue (nestfc side) between 5?h and 10th streets. Thoao who may intrust work to twin may rely on ita being Mtcma with neatiietrsaatfdiapatek, and at the lowest rose*. je & 2m Humphries a junniman. .., ? On Fourth street east, between b and F, Capiiol H'lii ... . have fitted up their p<soe, which wdl be open daily ? to visitors, and every Monday for}ho*? who wishro encase in the English Oaadnlles i* German Waltzes, will And an opportunity lo do so there. Welwr's Band has lieen engaged fur the sea son. and will be r?attendance. They have on hassd and oonstartly makiog the pnrest Farcer to be o.Vamcd in the citv. je P-.lw 1VIOTICE.?C. R. I'. CWOWN fc CO. are re IN oeiving daily aome of the inest FTJKNI gV TURE ever offered in thia mnshet, which wwv^^ invite the attention of thoae i? want, as we VVB assure them they oan save at leaat M par cent. F ^ I Namely? Handsome carved marble-top Bureaas andTabta* ||*eewoed and walnut Tcte-a-Tetea, Sefaa \ys*+rohest Chaira of ail kinda. Ch^*?* and poplar Tables. Mattrewe, hair, oorn-top. and huak; Comfort*. Hlankete.-Bc^ateada, high and low-poat. Rocking C?tr*e. cane and wood-seat a. Cushions fof Chairs, Settees, Clocka of all kiada* Extension Tf^?'*s, Sideboards, What-not. Glasses of all krtdH sojwe *xtra fine Carpet*. Cottage Sets, RugSv Wv?*ns. Glass Ware, Crocte^r Ware of all kinda. Feather and Fancy Ge^dhof all kinds. And other tiooda too niwrmm to mention to whKfc we invite the attention 01 Ifevieefeeepers and others, as we are determined to seil Jor sash or to punctual customers. c R l. CROWN ft CO., oor. of 6th street and Penn. eve. P. 9.?We shall still continue our ravatar sales oa Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,hothmorning and evening, in front of our atore. Consigrments soii oiled, and in all eases advances made wnoir reauired. C.R. L. C. A CO., ap2>-t.f (Intel) Auctioneers. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. T^e following extract from a New York oaanM fhil to l?e interesting. In referring to the recasts of Teas in thts country for one year up f*ueth ultimo, it says thev will l>e 12, poifV^ short or the imports of the year end ing JunoS'. IV*i,and that "Theadvanee in Mack teas. Oolongs, cine,o last December. has '-pen fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hvaon T^t". of low and medium grades, have experienced 4tt advaneo of one hundred per cent, over IikI season's clo^mg prices. "It will thus lw seen nlat the strong and rapid advance in tlie tea mark?t has been the result of r* ?.hort supply and active demand ; but when it tacoii sidered that we mm hear nf anv moment of the en tire suspension o| shipment** at Shanghai. and. in fact, that, as soon as a sufficient for;e from England arrives al the seat of war, all hre porta of entry in China, will probably lie placed ande? strict blockade, ii would not l>e surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these facta, we hold out Tery great in ducements for familiea lo lay in I lien supplies of Tea Mtttr. KING ft BURCHELL. iell-tf Corner Vermont nve.and I.VH alrect. EW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORK. The subscriber l<egs to inform his friends and the public, that he has optned a NEW STORE, comer of l^th street and Louisiana avenue, where he m InniU to Ifftna ? 1 1 ? 1 ? , t^..viiur>o, rtriui'ivicpi, ??r?rn, Marrett ft l'o? 1'inet A Co., and Col. Chahard'a Bmndies in eases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja ma."*. Rum. Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de iwriptions. St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margavx in <vi?es. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edi#*T*nri? A*e. Annisette, Maraschino, Cnracoa. AbsTMlte. Champagne, and a largo and varied de script ina or Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Aguo Bitters. Perter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited fo call and exam ine the stock fccfWn purchasing elsewhere. Mem l?ers of <Ji>nere?s are also informed that their ?rdr ra will l?o prompt if atfen<fe<l to, and delivered at their residences at the Hlortcst nohce. A general assortment of hno Havana Cigars, im ported dircct by the eul< wholesale and re tai . Canal Bon'a supplied o? reasonable terms, nnd produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on band,of 194<>. Country orders punctually attended to, nnd coun try produce of all descriptions receiverfon consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, jeft-tf No.&M Twelfth street. PRING AND SUM MER GOODS.?JOHN II. S.moot, No. in Bridge street, Georgetown. D. C.. has received from New York and Philadelphia, and now offering at very low prices, to cash and prompt customers, a large and general assortment of Stapi.e and Fasi y Goods?comprising in part as follows, viz: New style Silk Robes and fancy Silks Best make black Silks, high lustred Black Challies, Lustras and Mous Delaine* Rich printed lali wool) Mous Deiaines CtalliCTonU n?r?*. 1)oifiines. in great variety Rich Organdie, Barege,ann .iaoom>i Bright colors and mode plain Bareges and De laines I'lain French Brilliants and Percales 'iaiu oolors Cravellas and Spring-style Poplins Ducal*, a light seasonable fabric lies' French printed Jaconets and Brilliant* White Brilliants, from to 31 % cents Best makes new styles Ginghams 1)ehages,Cham!>raysand plain Lustre* English Prints of new styles, in great variety, at \ibi cents Rich Chintz colors best French Organdie* White Goons, in great variety. Swiss. Nansook nnd Jaconet Musliu* Plaid and striped Muslins Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins P.a id and striped Jaconet, Nansook and Swiss Muslins White Tarletons. Illusions, and Wash Net* Irish Linens I of the best makes)very cheap Linen Cambric, Linen and Bikhop Lawns Super English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladieb* use New York, Bates. Atwood,and other good makes Shirtings hito Cambrics (of Jnnas's celebrated make) White Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collars. Embroipkkiks, French worked Muslin Collars and Set* Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and Lace Sleeves and Sets Honiton and Maltese l.aee Collars Swiss Cambric and I>? kiity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Hdkf*. A'*o, new st\ les I>aco and Silk Mantilla* Stella and White Crape Shawls Plain and rich hsurcd Bonnet and Sash Rtb!>ons Steel spring, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Skirts Spring assortment of Bajou's Kid Gloves Taf!eta Silk, black lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies and children Genu best English Half hose, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread and fancy cotton do. A good assortment rf Silk Cravats and Tie* Suspenders, Silk and Linen Cambric lldkfs Gossamer and Lode-thread Shirts and Drawers New style Parasols. Also, Gentlemen and Boys' wear of every descrip tion, with every variety of House-furiushing Dry Good*. Domestic Good* for servants wear of the heaviest makes. Purchasers may rely upon getting desirable good* At low prioes. apR tr JOHN II. SMOOT. C^HINA, GLAi-S AND OI EENSWMl I v R. H. MILLER. SON ft CO., Importers direct fioin Liverpool to A!e**ii dria. I>eg ,eavetonail Ihesltentionof dealers. JKV hotel keepers, andotherr.ol Washington ana Georgetown, to their stocks ?if G O O I) S . W which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with ar.v establishment in the Ear'em citiss. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I uited Sta'es for upwaidsof thufy years, has given him advantages in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspect ion of gixMlsand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases oan be in?le of thein upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt ami decorated French China Dinner t?and and plain white French China Vases. Pifehers, Toilet Sets, A c. French China Tea Sels.Cupsand Sauoois.and othor articles ?if Teawaro And Dinner Ware, separate from set* India Cnina Dinner S?ts,aud separateartiole* always on hand White liranite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separnte from sets, as may l>o desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Pressed, Plain, and Moulded Glass Ware from the l?-st establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will bo sold by the package or other wixe. n;t cents eacn way. A quar ter of a dollar thus sftont may save many dollars dee I _ RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of West Fall* avenue and Block street, Baltimore. Md. may 6 1y SHILLING TON HAS RECEIVED PUT nam's Magazine for July. Graham's Magazine for July. Ladies' National Magar.ine for July. Ballou's Dollar Monthly for July. New York Journal for July. The great Pictorial Brother Jonathan for the 4th of July, full of illustrations. All the Newspapers. Magazines.and everything in the Stationery line kept constantly on hand, and for sale at JOS. SIIILLINGTOVS, Bookstore, Odeon Building, je 17 oorner 4}* street and Penn. avenue. WINDOW GLASS.?WHioxc* in by IS French Window Glass, will l>e sold at one dollar and seventy-five per U>x for cash, in lots of 14 t oxes. Also, a full supply of large size French Glass, 1st. 2d,and 3d qualities,4 hv 8 Glass for hot houses,8 by 10,8 by 12, 9 by 12, and 10 by 12 cheap. R. II. MILLER, SON St CO. Alezandria. Va. ie '22 I PON'T'SGl'NPOWDER. I am all times supplied withall the various kind* of Dl' PONT'S Gil VPOWDER, ami ain prepared to suppiy the same many quantity to parties wanting, ou the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KINO, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 35 High street, may 12-tf (Intel.AStates) Georgetown. D. CJ. The largest stock of pianos in the city always on hand, at No.Stfl Penn. ave nue. between ?Hh and loth streets. iv '? JOHN. F. ELLIS. NEW ANDFRKHII PERFUMERY, just re oeivsd at No.?, between 8th and 9th streets. H. j. Mclaughlin a co. Intnrnnee, fte. p ROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE. THE PERILS OFTHE SEA. AND INLAND TRANSPORTATION. FARMERS AND MECHANICS* INSURANCE COMPANY. OK PHILADELPHIA. Fire, Marine, and Inland Insurance. Authorized Capital? 91,&n,noo!!! Office, Northwest corner o? Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th Street, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Florence, Charles Dingee, i George II. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield. i Charles A. Rubicam, Edwafid R. Helml<ola? ; George Helinbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall. Isaac Leech, Jr. I THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President, i EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 397 D street, opposite City Hall. John M. Thornton, oorner 1st street and Virginia avenue. Island. James Williams, No. 22 4>i street. John Riggles, No. 501 13th street, below Penniyl varna avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. I*. Levy, No. Jb7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT, John Thomason. Authorized Capital and Assets 91,473,057 07 ^Mlf! ?? 3M3,fHS7IW Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibits the business and condition of the Company to Noveml>er 1,1856: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No vcmber 1,1856....... 8214,684 6ft Fire premium... .. .. 176.796 61 Interest on loan ? 8,704 47 Total receipts 9400,185 68 Paid marine losses _. 9*4,427 04 Paid lire losses 3*,737 39 Expenses, salaries,and commis sions - 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charts. 27.474 68 -9177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company. 9223.057 07 Th* Assets of the Company ore as follows : J Philadelphia city and county Uuids 91H.R48 18 " Railroad bond*. .. ....... Il.onn 00 First mortgages, real estate I43,.rf*> 00 Stocks, collaterals, on call 32,Vft>> 00 Girard and consolidation Iwnk stock 6,125 00 Den osited with Duucan, Sherman A, Co., New S'ork 30.00000 Deferred payment on stock not yet due 97,7no 00 Notes for marine premiums 1??,'W0 50 Due from agents, secured by Ixuids 35,376 18 Premiums on policies recently issued, and debts ?1 ne the company .. 26.470 38 Balanoe 111 bank ? ?. 16,4i6 74 9523.iV,7 "7 W The business of this Company will compare favor ably with Hip most successful similar institutions in the I'nileil States. From I ho 1st day of August. 1856, in fifteen months, up to the Int. day of Noveiulier, 1856, the premiuiiiH ami interest received amounted to the large sum of four hundred thwusand one hundred and eighty-live dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of losses and expenses of one hundred and sevent y - seven thousand one hundred and twenty eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these evidences of success and good man arcment, the Directors feci ,iustihe?l in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the security i offered is ample, and that all fair claims will be ad justed more according to equity than legal technical ities. The Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by lire on DWELLINGS, FURNITURE, MILLS, MAN UFACTORIES. WA R EHO USES, All descriptions of III."11.1)1 NGS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported l?y Vessels,Stkamcoats,Canal Boats,Railroads, and the umal conveyances to or Irorri any portion 01 , EUROPE AM) AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAM BOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low as of h*?r com panies, and in lixing them every improvement 111 construction and arrangement will bo taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, north west corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may al%o b? effected at the Home Office, northwfM corner Walnut and Second stretts, Philadelphia, ; And mother principal cities of the Unitod States j by authorized officers of the Company. ap 3 ASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS. Capital 5200,000!!! This Company ir now prepared to receive applica tions lor INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE. Ac.,at the usual City rales, without any charge for I'oIjtv. at tiioir Office, corner o| ?emu Mreet and Pennsylvania a venue, u,c? th? W ashiugton City Savings Bank. l)l B K( TOR C Wm. F.Bavly, Samuel Bacon, Rol>erf FarnhaiR, James F. Hahday, Wm.Orme. Hudson Taylor, tranciA Mohun, M. W. (ialt. Benj. Beall. . JAMES C. McCiUIRE, President. Grafton D. Hanson, Secretary. ap 11-ly Banking house of CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposit?.?Deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaUiard cities received on Deposit at pur, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to depositors without ch.-irge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia ami I ntprrent Monet. Deposits in \ irginiaaud other I'ncurront Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in samefuiids, orin specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Di'rocNTs.-Notes, Drafts,and Bills of Exchange will bediscouiiteo,and Loans made on Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters or Credit.?Letters of Credit will ho furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the 1 nited States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, ana interest allowed if Money is" deposited, ami chargcu if Collaterals,on suoli terms as may be agreed u^on. Traveling Bills or Exchange.?Travelers will be iUrnished with drafts m such sums as may bo de sired negotiable 111 the different Cities of the Union. Bills and LettersofC-kkpitonKngland.Ire land and Eorope.?Bills of Exchange and Letters ol Credit 011 England, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the maiket. r;ite for Exchange, 111 sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.? Bonds, blocks, and Seeuri ties pay iiik from 6 to 12pr. cent., alwavs for sale, or bought 111 the different Cities at a comm^sion of a pr. cent. W here Stocks aie bought upon orderr, wo reserve tho right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cpnt on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and State Bonds.?Railroad. City, and folate Bonds can be placcd in our hands lor negotiation, either in flu a country or Europe, Rail road Iron purchased far cash >>t with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warianls sold by usaie nunran tted 111 eveiy respect. I^and Wai rants located on comtni?r.ion. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. WarrantB will be forwarded fo Western Houses on order?, or sent for salo on commission to responsible parties. J5Ek\l.^5TA,IE Insurance*.- Roal Estate nought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on United States, Cor rt or Claims, Conorers.?Claims on the United Stater., beforethe Court ol Claims or Congress, intrusted to ur. will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. . CHUBB BROTHERS, jh" Opposite the Treasury, JNTLREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITED. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECU R1TIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, OpposiU the Ttt,asuyy. THE HOUSE OF CllUBB BROTHERS, Washington, is composed of CHAS. St. J. C1IUHK, JOHN D. BARROW, TUX HOVSK Of H1-NRV ,IOI'MI:S' CHLIIB BROTHER. HARROW 4 CO.. Da ventort, Iowa, is composed of CHAS. St. J. CHUBB. i?? ?>? .r ALF.X R H. BARRO\V, Jan 71 tf WIT II. DOUG A L. f 1 < {ME- M A D E C A R RI AG ES. R.X >\ e have on hand, of our own manufacture, a hne assortment o! all kinds of CARR1 AGES of the vorj best, latest, and niostC&ffSreT approved styles,and warranter! m point of ^?/.k?",h|PJ'^lJ>?leria|,to1? equal to any made in the city of Washington or any other city iu the j' ?*?? ^ e respeotlully solicit a call from ^ I1" m "Jexamine onr work ; as o^r.e r "!"e lct "one surpass us cither in quality of work or in low prices. ie do 9 v'ri k.,l,d ?' * EPA IRING in a work inan li ke manner, and at reasonable pi ices. Old Carriages takeu in part payment for new and ma?l2 eili0?' SIMON FLYNN A CO. Mfl PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE near corner 0/13/* Street. 236 _ B. H. STINEMETZ having made arrangement^ with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the m<>st pooular styles of MOLESKIN AN1) BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis oouut of 12H per cent upon the aetaal market price, making tnellat sold for SMand not unfreqnently for 9^) fort e low price of 93.50, a slight vana tion in quality 9S, and for 92.50a su - perior quality lor the money. To make this system effectual, he will keep no hooks, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Delivery, whioh cannot fail beuiK advantageous to the agroitaaer, thereby enabling him to huy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting With no losses by lind debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS. and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persons are invited to anil and examine our stock. Call at 238 Pennsylvania Avenue, near eorner of 13th Street. ap ll-tf 07A UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. OI II Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer READY-MADE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37<i Browns' Hotel, next to private entranoe. im? *> I Intel A Stains) PULPIT ELOQUENCE OF THE NINE terntli Century, containing tho liest discourses ol the most eminent living Ministers in Europe and America, with BiographioniSketohes, by Rev. Hen ry C. Fish. Complete m one volume, large octavo. Medicine*. The greatest MEDICAL- , THE AGE. U v? i? i>.i a ajic a ME D I cJ^L_.DJSCO VERY Mr. Krnnwdt. of Roxtmrr, has discovered in <me of our oownon pasture weeds a remedy Uut cures KVKET USD or UCMoK, froin The worst Scrofula down to a common Pimple. He has tried it in over eleven hundred eases, and never failed except in two cues, both Thunder Hu mor. He bu now iu Ins possession over one hundred certificates of its value,all within twenty utiles of Boston. Two bottle* are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Knee. Twoor three bottles will clear the system of Biles.

Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotohes among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cure oorrupt and running Ulcers. Ono bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Twoor three bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Twoor three bottles are warranted to cure the most most desperate case of RlieumatiHin. Three to four bottles are warranted to oure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottle* will cure the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit ir always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improliable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicnics of the day, as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure every humor in the system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you nave a humor, it has to start. There are no 1 Fs nor AN DS, hums nor ha's about it suiting some oases, butlnot yours. 1 peddled over a thousand Uittles of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it iu every ease. It uas already done some of the greatest curcs ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year oid. to oid peopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy -looking children, whose flesh was sort and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health by one bottle. To those who are subject to a sick headache, one bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had been costive for years, and have been regulated l?y it. Where the lx>dy is Bound it m-orks quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will cause very singular filings, but you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a bad re suit from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant encomium* o? it that ever man listened t?. In my own practice I always kept it strict!* for hu mors?but since its introduction as a genernl family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease which was always considered incurable, have l?een cured by a few l*>tfles. O, what a mcrcy if it will prove effec tual mall cases of that awful inalady? there are hut few who have seen more of it than I have. I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged reople cured Ijy it. For the various discuses of tho liver. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia. Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of i he Kidneys, Ac., the discovery has done more good than any uie<flcino ever known. No chnnro of diet ever neoessary?oat the l<est you can get and enough of it. I)irrrtionx for Use.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert spoonful? children from five to eight, years, tea spoonful. As no directions can l>e applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the l?owels twice o day. MANl'FAf TrFKP BY DONA l,D K E N N EDY. No. 12? fVarrt* Street. Rorbury. Massachusetts. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Oilman, Kidwcll A. Lawrence, J. B. Oardncr, ISurry A Co., I). Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. I*. Stone, Martin Kmc, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co.. O Hoswell, Daniel B. Clark. J. P. Milburn, Dunf>ar Dyson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.? R. S. Cissell, O M Lent ham, J. L. Kidwell. mv .5-ly PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON THE PHISIOLOdlCAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. II. La CROIX, M. D., Allnny, N. Y. 2"0 pages and 13n fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and I'lates. ID-PRICE ONLY25CENTS..OI JET" Sent free of postage to all parts of Ike Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of 25"paeesand I8u plates. Price 25 cents a copy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties and casualties ol single and married life?happy and fruitful allian ces, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infer tile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous de bility, its causes and euro, by a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure ib impossible ?rules for daily management?an essay on Sperma torrhoea, with practical observations on asnterand more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice: to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old aee?each case graphical ly illustrated by lieautiful plates. It "points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unlortunateiy prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to tie married, and those contemplating imrriace. Its perusal is partic n'ariy recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their ph>sical condition, and who are con scious of having hazarded the health, Imppiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Price -Scents per copy, or five copies for $ I. mail ed free of postage to any part of the Fnited States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Albany. New y ork, enclosing 25 cents. ^.n'; .VirThose who may consult Doctor fl.A CKOIX.upon any of the diseases upon which Ins book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cines often cure in the shortspnee of six days, and completely ami entirely eradicate all traces of those disorders which cupaiva and cubebs have so long tieen thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " French Secret" is the great con tineut*! remedy for class of disorders which un lortunateiy, Physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's cons? it u tion. and which all the sarsaparilia in the world can not cure. Office No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. eo 14? ly w _ ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. JOHN TOBIAS, PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, wishes to call "the attention of all that^?J ^ J* suffer with defective sight, caused by ago, sick ness, and particularly from glasses mmdiciously se lected, to Ins superior J?PEl,TAC I.ESand G LASS ES carefully ground by himself to a true sphemal accuracy, and brilliant trans patency, suited precise 1> and l>ounficialiy to the wearer, according to the concavity or convexity of tho eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the comm?>cement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optomt tf.r; and t lie practice of many years enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely required will lie furnish ed with precision and satislaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very lil?oral cticouiagemcnt already obtained, and fuithei solicits the patronage of those who have not yet availed themselves of Ins aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending the glasses in use, and stale how many inches they can read this print with their spectacles, can l>e sup plied with such as will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and referen oes given to many who have derived tho greatest ease aud comfort from his glasses. Circulars to l>e had gratis, at his office. No. M2 Seventh stroet, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up staiis. ?? Norfolk, September 7, I8.S4. Sir: The Speofe.cJes you made for me bint very well, and seem to have improved mj sight moie than any other I have lately tried. ? LITT. W.TAZEWELL. I have fried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias. and find them of i;reat assistance to my right, and cortesp-'iidiPg wiMi Ins description of the focus. I recommend him as a skilful optician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his classes, I was furnished by linn with a pair slightly colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My eight, originally very goo I, was injured by writ nig and reading at mgiit. frequently to a very late hour; hut with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late im ever, and that too without the pain I have previously suflered. JOHN WILSON, I Ate Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. Dec. 11. 1855. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in saying that 1 am much pleased with tliein. 1 have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBURGll. May 5th, lfT?i. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skil ful optician ; and as I have eyes of remarkable pecu liarity, I was gratihed to find tliat Mr. Tobias seem ed to comprehend them by inspection ami some slight measurement, aud he luis made me a pair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER, July 11, IMS. Wilminstox. N. C., Jan. 17,1854. Mr. J. Tobias. Dear Sir: I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last'week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dufanee. It affords me pleasnrefo state the aid of your optometer, this difficulty has f>een happi ly obviated, so that f he glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I have over yet used. Very respectfully,yours, R. B. DRANK, Rector of St. James's Parish. Department of Interior, May 8, IRift. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have l>een compelled to use glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without (ditaiiung glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months tinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs espeoinlly Tor me, which I havo found to serve me perfeotly. Hv the use of his optometer fie is enabled to adapt (I uses most minutely to the eye. I most oheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to ail having occasion to use glasses, and bear my testimony as to his skill as an nptician. HENRY E. BALDWIN. Ass't Sec'y to sign Land Warrant*. P.S. OPERA GLASSES of great vanetv.TEL F.SCOl'ESand MICROSCOPES, WATCH-MA KER G LASSES, and many other articles in thi* line at very low price* constantly on hand. jy 18-?It Cl'BA HONEY. The sulwcnl>er has iust reoeived.and for sale, ten tierces of chilled Cl'IJA HONEY, at his Gro cery and Provision Store, No. 554 12th stroet and Louisiana avenue. je IK tf JONAS P. I.F.VY. MY SfOCROF BOOTS AND SHOES l*ing about the largest in this oity at thiSj?sfca? ime, and having been purchased I>efore the, 'ise in Leather, can l<e sold at alsiut 1.5 to 2nl >er cent, less than goods purchased at this ime. Call and examine for yourselves, at 8. P. HOOVER'S. Jell Iron H*ll, Pa, av?.bet.9thand loth *u. m Trareler?' Directory. w AttHlNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at ? a. m.. ennoMtini at R'tar with trains for th? West, and at with th<x,o for Philadelphia ud New York; at a. m.. for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia. and New ?<>rk ; at 3 p. ni. for Baltimore and Norfolk, ar*|! *tJiSi*T wan Frederick train. EXPRESS at p. tn. at Relay for the Wett. and lor Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia, and New \ urk. On Sunday at 7 a. in., and p. m. i.?rw5.g.ALT,Mo*K for WASHINGTON at 4.15 a ltd 9.15 a. m., 3 and 5.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. in. ami 515 p. m. _j? t?-Cf T. II. PARSONS, Agent. QRANGEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily, (Sundav nights excepted.) bet! WASHINGTON CITY and the SOUTH, via ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE andRICH MOND Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'clock p m. Fare from Washington to Kictmond. 85 9*. For LYNCHBURG and the SOUTH WEST. I.tave Washington at ?> o'clock a.'m.. arrive in LYNCH Bl? RG next morning at 4 a. in., connecting with the trains on the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Rosd for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char lottcsville to Lvnohbnrg a distance offiO miles. Fare from Washington to Lynchburg, |7.7V " " " Memphis, The most expeditions route to the Virginia Springs?only six hours'stage travel to the Green brier White Sulphur. ... Leave Washington at 6a. m., arrive at \\ HITE SULPHUR the same night. Fare from Alexandria to White Sulphur, 912JA. The steamer GEORGE PAGE. foot of Seventh street, lieuig owned l? the Kail road Company, runs in connection with the trains. Tickets for Richmondand Lynchburg pr?>cured on the Boat. JfT^Omnibusesand Raggage Wagons will beat the Depot ol the Washington Railroad, to convey pas sengers and lAggage to the Stoamlxiat. for Alexan dria, a distance of six miles, allowing ample tune for meals. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, inly. MSt. |f Mf pot OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the Rth of llly.MMHMI running regularly to the above places, leaving Washington &*' (Eleventh-at. wharf) every WED N ESDAY awl SATUR DA Y at So'ctock a m. Re turning, wiU leave Norfolk every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 4 o'clock p. m. She will touch, goinz and returning, at OLD POINT. PINKY POINT, BLACK (STONE'S ISLA N1), and the usual landings on the Potomac. Passage, including meals, to Old Point and Nor folk, FIVE DOLLARS. je3'-tf WM. MITCIIKLL. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. ONLY REfTuLAR LINE AND WITHOUT FatLCHE FOR FIGHT VFA Ss, FOR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rftulnr Sailing Day*..MA fWk of rath month. Catttox.?So many fraud* awl impofi tionsof various kiwis have t>eeii laielt tXk ferpetnied on travellers IxtundtoCALl "ORNIA.that the subsrrilwr. the only authorized Acent for passage bv th? U. S. Mail Line, via Pana ina. in the city o| New York, feels it hi." dutv to caution r.ll persons seeking passage to California, that, to Avoin imposition. they must lie oarcful to find the true office of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, as w> other office in New York is authorized to engage pannage. The Companies have only one office in New York, which is at 177 West street, corner of Warren street, fronting on the North the head of tiie Coin panv's Wharf. JL/" Observe my sign over the door. I. W. RAYMOND. Agent, je 19- New \ qA. 'HE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS 1 TAe Skips composing this Lint are: The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldridge, The BALTIC Capt. Joseph Com stock The ADRIATIC Capt. James West, These ships having been builf by contract expressly for the Government serv ce.everv cr?rc hasl*een takes in their construction, as- also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their aceommodati<>nt for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and com fort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, in second do., f75 ; exclusive useol extra size state rooms, ?3i>. From Liverpool to Now York, 3' and 20 guineas. An experienced Sur geon attached to each ship. No berths can I >e secured until paid lor. The ship* of this liue have improved water-tight liulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. FROM M:\v YORK. I FROM LIVFRTOOL. Saturday, June 1857 Wednesday, Tune 24 IP57 Saturday, July 4 1R57I Wednesday, July ft.. 1KT7 Saturday, July 18 l<'o7| Wednesday, July 22 1857 Saturday, Aug. 1 1857! Wednesday, Aug. 5 1857 Saturday. Aug.15 1857 Wednesday, Aug. 1!? 1R97 rsaturday, Sept. 12 . ..laVJi Wednesday, Sept. 2 1R57 Saturday, Sept. 26 1857j Wednesday, Sept. 3".IR57 Saturday, Oct. 10 1R37 Wednesday, Oct. It .IK57 Saturday, Oct.24 1RY7 Wednesday, Oct. 28 .1857 Saturday, Nov. 7 1857 \ Wad needaj, Nov. 11.1897 Saturday, Nov. 21 IR57i Wednesday, Nov. 25.1-157 Saturday, Dec.5 1857 Wednesday, I>ec. 9 13Y7 i Wcduesday, Dec. 23.1857 For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. 56, Wall etreet. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A TO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. 71, Austin Friars, London. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Pana. The owners of these ships will not Se acoountab.f for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preciouc stoned or metals, unless bills of lading aro signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. je 15 STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. HO V R S O F I) E f? .4 /,' TV R E. Leave Alexandria at 4^a, 7'*, 9,1"\J l*S, 3, tHi. Leave Washington at f. 8, T\, lt)tf. IW. 4. 5)s. 7. ap je d ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain. nAILY LINE FOR EDWARDS* FERRN AND LF.ESBI'RG. Va.. via Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?The Pa. ket lioata AR ?*? . a GO and M.C. M ElGS, will coiiim?iio?-?^^Btb^*4 making dailj trips to the aUive points on Monday. March 23, leaving the wluirf of W. H. and H. G. Ritter, Georgetown. I). C. every morning at 7 o'clock, Simdats excepted; through in eight hours; leaving Georgetown attseveu o'clock hi the morning, the floats will arrive at the Great Falls.or Washington Aqueduct, at l? a. in., Seneca at 12m.. Edwards' Kerry at 3 p. in., wheio a stage will (>e in readiness to cw?nve\ passengers to Leesbuig, Va. Keturning. leave Edwards' Uetry every day at nine o'clock hi the morning, and arriving in Georgetowr at sunset. Through Tickets. #1.75. Intermediate points ai follows: Great Falls or centm; Seneca, 75 cents; Edwards' Ferry, J?1.I2: Leesburg, Virginia, inclii-ling coach. .$1.75. Meals served on the Bonts at moderate prices. mar 25 W. H. A 11. G. RITTER. J^KW KOLTL TO TIUL SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS * CHARLESTON RAILROAD COMPLETED?CONNECTING CHalinfoogn, T*nn.: Chirlfstna, S. C.; Savnn nth, tin., nn-i all tke Not then Hem cttits, wttk Mr mpki*, Tenn. The last connecting link of Railroad ween N EW YORK ANDTHE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. Tli's road is now completcil and opened for the teg ular transportation of Passengers and Fieight, and wiMatlord more Expedition and less Expense than anvother route !>etween the Northeast and South west. Passengers and Shippers will lake due notice thereof, aud govern themselves acoordingW. Passenger i'rains leavo Stevenson daily at o'clock, a. in..(after the arrival of tke trams from Chattanooga and Nashville,landarriveat Memphis samedav at 7 p. m., connecting with First CHass Steam Packets to New Orleans, and all other impor tant poiuta upon the Western Rivers.* Goods con signed to Railroad Agents at Charleston or Savan nah, will !>e forwarded to Memphis and other points, by Express Freight Trains. Freight in oharge of the Adams Express Coir* pan> is enrned over tlua mute daily by the psssen ger trains. F. C. ARMSf General Superintendent. IIl'NTSVJLLE, (Ala.) April 1st, 1857. ?Through Ticketa to Memphis. Ao., eold at Wil mington, N. C,; Charleston, S. C.; Augusta. Savan nah, Macon. Atlanta, and Columbus. Ga; Montgom ery, Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tenn. To connect with the Western Trains on this road, passengers will take theaicAf trains from Wliming ton. N. C.; Augusta, Ga.;Chvttanoogaand Nashvilie. Temi.; and the Hny trains from Charleston and Kuigsville, S. C.: and Atlanta. Ga. ap 7-tf 10 SECOND HAND PIANOS, RANGING IN III price from %l* to $125. jnst received, from Baltimore. They are venr good. Also, 15 beautiful new PI A N OS in ston recently reoeived from Boston. Highest price given for old Pianos id exchange for new. Remember our numlttr is 3W. near loth street, be twecn "Hh and 10th. JOHN. F. ELLIS, je C 14UHI COPIES OF ROSALIE, THE PRA IA l\IU rie I"lower, tlie ir.ost lieautiful song ever published. Also, Darling Nells Gray, Music in the Air. and all the new music of the diiv just reoeived at our Piano ar.d Music Store. **. between *nh and loth streets. JOHN F. ELLIS. jT 10 French books. Cail?t Tables de l.ogaritlimes. I vol., 8vo. DeBrett's (Kuvres Militaires de Napoieou Hi, I vol., Uvo. .. Scribe?Coinetliea Vaudevilles, 1 vol., 12m. Bossuet?Diacours su?- L'Histoire Universelle, 1 vol., i2mo. Theat re de P. A T. Corneille, 2 vols., llmo. Maximesde la Rochefoucauld,' vol.. limo L'Art de lover lea plana. 1 vol.. folio gplored platw. jy 16 FRANCK TAMXJR. FANS '-FANS ! nffwr KANS very low II. J. McLAUHGLlN A jy u Pa. a\v.het. 8th awl "?th sta. l?OR SUMMER USE.?W*? have fresh stoek of r Uav Rum.Cologna, Tioiet Uater, ?? kiwu - f Soap, Shaving Apparatus, Brushes. Combs, I ow ders. Sewing, Birds, Fane.Ac., at our ^reat Fancy 8Sm b""m "" T5M23aeHua *. eo. Travelers' Directory. jS?,w"A>D*IIIP()|lTAyr 9CMDU1.C. POM ALL PARTSOF THE WEST. BALTIMORE ASD OHIO RAILROAD. The recent ex tension and improvement of its lead ing connecting line* at the We?l ha* rt^iuiH an ??? tire rf* imnfl of ttoerunning arrangement* ?dthis If wluch liichl* important advantages to ihe irav eler are secured. On and alier MONDAY. Jut a IS, I&57. THREE DAILY I KAINS will U "y" in l?>Ui directions for through , Firat-The ACCOMMODATION TRAINsUuts from Camden Station. Baltimore,at 7AM ,i?(?ri Sunday.> stat way slattons and amv .?? at Cum bertand at 4 P. M. Second-The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted) at 8 ?> A. M.. ami am vea at V\ heeling at 4 . * A. M , connectn.g at Beuwood with Central . trams for Coiutnhus. Cincinnati. Indianap< U?, |.ot; isville. Chicago.St. Ix>"ts. Ac.. and at same r * * with train* for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. Ac . t? Cleveland Koad. and also at Parkershnrg with Ma rieita Road. T^Tj-tL^T. ".Oi ls and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5JVS P. M.. 01, nectingat Benwood at 9 A. M with express tran.s fnnn Bellaire to Cincinnati, {tritknm: rknnt* , r Cmr.t at Cat*w??i,| and reaching there in hut hours from Baltimore and .*> hour* from Washing ton. It also connects directs, in U?th direct *????. at Grafton with cars t>? Parker?l*irg and Manet'-, roads for Chillicothc. I incumati, ete. These trai> oonnect at \ema for Indianapolis. Chicago and Si. Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohm and Mississippi Express for Louisville Cairo and Lokir through to St. Louis in leas than 42h'?nrefrom Baltimore. Bt this train t he iim? to all the rent r and southern places in the West is much lees, wh i the <Ustunrt is from 4>i to lm? miles shorter than l>y the shortest of other routes. From the West these oonneotu?ns are equally close and satisfactory, ai nx ineat Baltimore at ?.?? A. M. JU/^Ba^rage cheeked through to all points. TIlRtH i?ll TICKETS Mold at loweat rates at Csmden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington iw? V9ftr tkf 'Mftre TOfitf by rinufirkt, I* tnkuic m<?rn ins tranis, and lying over at Cuml>erlaud or Oak land. and resuming next morning In- W heeling Ae comnewtation train, leaving Cuml>erland at h trd Oakland at l?An. _ , pr>R WAY PASSESGERS. the Cumlieriand Aecomtnodaiiou 'I'rair at 7 A.M., will stop at all Stat ions east o| Cumberland. and tins Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations l?eyond Cuml?erland reuig West. Eastward*, the Man Train leaves W heeltrr at a.V A. M.and Aciemwo dation lea vea Cuinl<?rland at 9, reaching Baltimore at S3n p. M. . ON THE NORTH WESTERN VIRGINIA BR ANCM, l>etween ? ? raftoti and Paikcrslmrg. was passengers will take the Express wcstwardly and the Mail essts-ordlr. The FR EDERH'K TR \IN start* at ? P. M , ?lopniog at wav stati??iiM. Le-ivcs Frederick at ".IS A. M-. arrivinc at Ha'tunore 12 noon. The ELLIOTTS MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.1% A. M? and .s.l.> P. M. leaves Eilicott's Mills at 7 A. M.and7 P. M.. except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AMI THE SOI Til. Lea re Baltimore for Washington at 4 1. and 0.1% A. M..3and S.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and S.I.S P. M.only. I?eave Washington for Baltimore at ? and ?.?> A. M. and 3and ?.5? P. M. < ?n Sundavs at 7 A. M.. and 4'^" P. M. nulf. The first and fourth traina from |tA'tinH>re,an<l the second and lourth traniH front Washington, will Is express mni traina. stonpuig onl> ai Wa*tiingi< u Junction and Annapolis Jua<tion. The i.i ?and .S.I.S trains from Bn|ltm<>re and t he h '?? and 4 jn trains from Washington connect with the trains from Annapolis. . F?f tickets, information, fare. Ac., apply toJ.T. r.Ntil.ANI.), Agent,a' the Ticket office. Cannleit Station. WM. S. W<K?|?S||?E, jy IS-tf Master of Transportation. Ballin?<?*? rjiO U KSTI.K\^TH WELKRS. NORTHERN CeS^^k'umn^^ TWO DAILY TRAIXS Tft /?/ TTS B V li'i ASH THE WEST. OX AMI) AFTER JII.V 1st. ls.>7. TWO I>\| L\ I R AI NS will leave t;?lvert Station for Pitts ourg ami all Western and Soulli <n Northwestern cities. THE MORNING MAIL TRAIN Leaves Baltimore dailv <Sunda\ excepted) at M , A.M., connecting with the Mail Trainover the great I'cnnsj Ivanui Railro-ut. and arriving in ?'inciunatt at P- M. the following da?; at Chicago m 34 hours, and at St. Louis in 41 hours. THE AFTERNOON EXPRESS TRAIN Leaves Baltimore daily (Sunday excepted) at 3 I*. M. for Ilarrisluirg. THE NIGHT EXPRESS TRAIN I .eaves Baltimore EVERY NIGHT at in P M . connecting with l.tghlning Express over the Perm aylvaata Railroad f<?r Pittslwrg. arriving at I P. M. The 8.1; A. M. and in P. M. trains connect doseiv at | ittshurg with trains over the Piti%'/*rg, port W'lytK ii*4 chirnto Rmlronri and its Northern. Southern and Western connections. (IT" Passengers for Chicago, Rock Island. Bur ington, Iowa City, Milwaukee, I)ul>ti(|tic St. Pan', Madi?on. and other leading cities m the Northwest, will save nnt h wnrltfrl trii-r I and fn * in tune with four Ust changes of cars,l?y liking this route. Ipf Passengers for Cleveland. Smduskv, Tole i a id Detroit go |>y this route, and the tune is une qualled. I<eing miles shorter than ariv oth^r route. !L/" Passengers for St. Louis. Inditnap.'its. Ter re Haute. Cairo, and all points on the 'ower and I pper Mississippi, make less changes of cars and arrive in a/I vance of any other route: and to Cincin nati. CoUiiiiI>uh. Itayton. Lonis\ ille and other proin inent cities, as quick as It* an? oth?-r route. All Western Bagtage CHECKED THROl'GH auu ummitlfd trtfA r?r/. _ FO R THE XORTM. Tlie g.15 A. M. and It I'. M. Trains connect closely with Express trains over the |>aiiphin r->ad for \S n lirmsport.Elmira, R?chester. Buffalo, Niagara Fa1 ? and Cana<la, thus forming the moet direct rai wav route to North western Petmaslvanta and Western New \ ork. Passengers will fintl tins the iknrtwt, cheapest and most cxpedious route t?? N i.tgara Falls and Canada. Through tickets rre issued to Philadelphia via CoIiiiiiI ih and l^tncaster. I>v all the trams, at ?3 each, each train having snre connections. I'ssseo gers hy this route avoid trestied l*ridges and all thn inconvemence of ferrv across the Susquehanna river. ^Passengers lor Hanover. Manchester, Geltrsburg Euiiiiittsliurg. Carlisle and t'hsml>ersUirg go !?? tho trains at H.IS A.M. and P. M. Passengers for BEI>F? ?R P SPRINGS leave in trains at a.15 A.M. or l? P.V..connecting with innim over the Peunst Ivatua Railroad to lluntl|)g?l<?n, and 1'V Broht Tnp Rntlmo'l to ||opcwe||-?4h?*nce t? .first r'ut ronrfi. < to Bedford, over a r? ad utisur passed t?v any in the country. Fare V*. I'assenzers for \*?RK SPRING**. FPURAT\ " CALEDONIA " WA R M DO! BEING <; M"* and P A PER TOW %. leave l.? trams at ?.IS A. M .,3 P. M or l? P. >|. WESTMINSTI R KRVM H. The Cars on this road make !<ut one trip per ?fi? , connecting with the j P. M. tram. F??r TilROI'GII TICK F.I'S au?l further infor ?nation appU a' the Ti< ket IHfcna. I'-i v.ri Stat*n??, N. E. corner of Calvert and Franklui streets, Haiti more. B?nka''|e l-'unds otilv received for l>re. |\ |t rpilE ORGAN17. \ TloN AND MANI'VRI ? 1 of Steam Fleets. I?y I'apiaiu M'hhsoti, R( \ il Navy ; I vol., London. IR39. The Marine Sieam Engine. t>? Nam A Brown- <1 e?lition. enlarged. I vol.. I?oudon, |R?V. Q ucst lows on the Marine Steam Engine, and Exami nation Papers,l>y Naiu A Blown, I vol.. Lot.don. IR.V7. Boiir'ie'a Catechism of Steam Engine, new editcu, ?nlarge/l, Lorslon. I?'i7. Murrsv on Marine Engines. Steam Vessels, and the Sciew. I vol.. LsMsa. Armstrong on Steam Biolers. I vol.. |^>ndon. Sewell on Sieam aisl l?o< oiiiotion. I vol., Lond??n. Bourne on the Screw Propeller. 1 vol., L'?rvlon. Boiler Fn?trieertng l?y Aruisttong and K<mine.l v?> , London. The Steam Engine for Practical Mm. la Hann a .?( <?ener. I vol.. l/>wk?. The IndiOH'orand D> naiiiometer. I?> Nam A Browtt. I vol., |,oudon. The Marine Steam Engine. I ? Lieut. Gordon.RotaJ Navv. 1 vol.. Loislon. Rhwsouoii the Screw l*n>peller.t v?d.. London. Le Mecanicieii a Vapuer, par E. Paris. Capiiame de Vaisscau, 1 vol.. Parn~. Diet toe na t re de Marine, a Y'apeur. ra> Rotmefoux et Paris.Capilauiesde Vais?eau. I vol.. Pari*. Tmitedes Maclnties a Y'apeur. p.-ir Messrs. Bataille et .lelien. 'J vols, and atlas. Paris. Burn's Steam Engine, illustrated : Hot<J> it's Manna1 of the Sleam Engine ; Russell on Steam mid Steam Navigation : PnuiliourV Theory of the Steam Engine: Reid on the Ste;i.n Eugm? . Woodcrofl s Progress of Steam Navigation . Port wine on the Steam Engine : Stuart's A tree dotes of the Steam Engine.2 vols.: and man* others. FRANCK TAY LOR jf 9 ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, > Washixmtok. July ???, IRS7. On the petition of James San ford, of R<-ddmg. Conn., praving for the extension o| a patent granted to hun on the 12th of Oetolter, IK43. f?>r an improve ment in "straw cutters," for seven vears froiu the expiration of said patent, which takes plaoe on the l^tn day of Octolicr. 1RS7 : It is ordered, that the said petition he heard at tfee Patent Olhee on Mondav, the 2Rtli of September n? 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if anv they have, why said pet ition ought not to he granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to Me in the Patent Office their olyectione. eeecial'y set forth in writing, at least twenty da?s liefore the dav of hearing: all testimony filed t?v either parly to |<e used at the said hearing must l>e taken and transmit tal in accordance witu t lie rules uf the oAce. winch will he furniKhe<l on application. The test nnonv mth"easewiinie closed on the l?t h of Septeml>er; depositions and other papers relKd upon s testimon* must l>e tiled in the t 'flice on ? r Udore the tiHimmc of thst ?lay; thearguments.if ai:?. within ten davs thereafter. Or?lere(l.iti>?? t!iat this not toe he published in tie t'nion. National Intelligencer, and <?ar, Washirt ton, D. C.: Repuhlicnn. Baltimore, Md.; peimaylva man, Philadelphia; Daily News. New York; aid Post, Buaton; once a week for three sncoeaane weeks, previous to the ?<tii of Septeml?r next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of patents. P. S.?Editornof thealiove papers will please c<-py, ami send tueir Ulls to the Patent Office, with a paper ooptaining this notice. jy Il-lnw3w |0 GOOD SECOND-HAND PIANOS IN I? store, for sale or rent upou reaaoaatse te'ins. at our great Piano YVarerooiu*. 3V, lietweeu 'Jth and KHh streets. jy M JOHN F. FI.IJS The largest stock of pianos, me lodeons. Music, Musical Instrumeuta.and Mil sieaj Merchandise in general m Washington City. is ?*. JOHN F. El.LIP'S. ie l< \n Ps. aventte liel. #tk?s>l leth st? SEDGEWICK ON STATCTORY AMICON STI'ri TlONAL LAW. I vol..*vo., nisi cul - lisned. <jy II) FR AN< K TA\LOR. FAiJ ?*" lUSCftKn- to.