Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1857 Page 3
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. hocAL INTELLIGENCE. t RiniKit Cot?t.?Trial ?/ rtb* EUtti*?? Jl< ?When our report flowed yesterday,M*yor M grader was upoo the stand,'-to testify in foia ? ;on tothe affidavit upon'which the marine* were ? ailed out. Witness did not remember ?be precise time when the information rame to hi* office thatthere w a a riot in the 7th ward; witness received in formation l?efore the marines came up that the : iott-rs had gone over to the Tib Ward from the 4 th ward polls; recelvnl this information from seve ral person*: witness himself saw the rioter* jjoinjy down th?- avenue at the time; witness wasfrolng up to deliver the application; d'd not know then where they were tofng; received Information of ? h*1 riots in the Tth ward after The application wa* made at the Department for the marines; Doctor Miller was in witness' office at the time: this lo f?iluation came aL-o l?y Mr. I^cuox; they did not reqq?*t him to send an extra-police force to the Tth ward; gave them appointments a* special po lice; their appointment* were not made giving them power to make arrests; their instructions were gtven verbally, and were In relation to di.4 tarbanfces in the 2d ward; the instructions were confidential The witness protested against being questioned as to the nature of his instructions, lie was not there uu trial. The witness refused to an-wcr as to what those instructions were. Mr Key objected to the continuance of this *vs t m of examination, and the court sustained {he oojectibtt. Witness resuming: at the time the appoint ments were given to Dr. Miller and to M r. Lenox, witness had completed his application to the President for the marines; it had Y**n written When they called on him; thins* he had given the appointment* before the application was made to the President; witness toot the applica tion there himself; don't remember who were ap plied to, to act as special police; witness gave Central instruction* to the captain of police to find person* to act a* special police and report to witness; they had reported to him before the ap plication was made. A ropy of the affidavit of Capt. Goddard was here Landed to witness, who said he believed it was a correct copy. Toe Marshal of the District was at the office befrve witness went with the application to the President'* house. Mr. Bradley asked the witness if he applied to, the Marshal to call out the pa?ie eomitatu.? ' Mr. Key objected to the qnestion as lieing sim i!ar to those whi^h had been ruled out by the t ?>urt already in the caif. Mr liradlev did not urge the point The court, however, after discussion, dec ided that tine question might be put. The witness then replitd that he did not catl upon the Marshal to assist him. the Maishal said iiotfciabout It to witness There was no con versation between them as to that point. Mr Linton asked the witness if the Marshal had bis poi$e with him at that time * Mr. Kev said that he never heard of the Mar walking about wi'h his posse with him. When witness thst saw the cannon, it was in front of the east end of the maiket house proper; witness saw Birkliead running something into the yun; witness did not see tbe gun taken awav: it was pointed directly at the uinriiK**; didn't see <i?-ner;ti Hei. lerson with his kneeagain*t thegnn; didn't see him at the gun at all; went to Captain Tyler and told him to take the gun; he had, wit ii?.ss thinks, given the order already, the mariues weir west of the east gutter of Seventh street; the murine* charged direcily across the street, wttn*?s followed tuem when they charged; the nitrifies Birtl after the change was made; the rest of tl: marines remained in line; don t renieinl>er to have a?v?ied with Jas. A. Gordon at the City hail, as lo \* hat he told the crowd lie would do, if they did not disperse; witness did not say thai lie would order the marines to tire, if they did not disperse; *aid he might have to order the marines to Arc; there was no application made by witness for volunteer military rorce until after marines had been applied for; sometime after Peter Bacon came to the witness, and volunteered to obtain military force: witness asked hini to whom he should ap ply Mr. Bacon said that if witness would give ruin a law book, he would tell him; witness thought the d.*uger was too great to the city to slop to study law; Mr. Bacon then looked at the law. and it did not seem to be very clear to him about it. and he said to witness that either General Jones or Colonel Hiekey could order them out; w tness asked Mr. Bacon where General Jones w;s to be found, and was told that he was proba hl> ir. Bladensburg, and Colonel Hie kev might or mi' ht net be at the capital; witness thought it was too late t? go on such information; the order had probably passed for the marines; Mr. Bacon said something about having two hundred men under arm* in two hours: witness did not lieiieve that it could be done; did not say that Hughes was a member of the American party; he acted with that party; don't know that he was a member of the I'nion engine company; the hall where the Ameri can party met was draped in mourning; the im pression in the neighborhood was that the hall was put in mourning by the American party, at<d not by the I'nion Fire Company. Mr. Kliisasked the witness what was the power of the Marshal as a civil officer. Mr. Key objected to the question. It was debated by Mr. Ellis. who wished to show by it that the civil authority of the execu tive had not been exhausted before applying fir the marines. The question was ruled out by the Court aud the cross-examination of the mayor was closed here. Gen. lltndtnon, recalled ?The cro?!S-exami nation was again taken up by the defence. Mr. Lliis stated to him tliat he wished to un dersta*d a point in reference to his evidence yes terday, in relation 10 the wounded man, Biddle nian. whom he took to the mayor. Witness said, in explanation, that he pitied the mail, aud oh-red hi:n no abuse; did not say to him '-you lie, you young whelp, 1 saw you do it." alluding to the iring of a pistol by the pris oner. i'hill'p S. Ptle*, sworn?Was at the riots; s.iw Rol;ert Slat ford there; witness was going to wards the {m>I1s, doMii Massachusetts avenue; got between the corner of tiftii anil Sixth streets (it was when the riot 1 rstcommenced) saw lrish iir n running by; saw Rolie.t Slut ford and anoth er man running after tbem: the other man fired a pistol after them; saw Slatford pointing a pistnl at tli' in; witii-iis asked him what he wasulMuit; Slatford said that the d?d Irishmen were rioting; Siatfoid came on the pave men l to load his pStol; th - man who #as with him tired; did not s?e Slatford any more that day; witness then went to the foils; when Witness got to the polls it was ?jui-t there. frfm-r . ? Don't know that Stafford's )? st??l was tired; the other man tirtd; he might have fired it ; witness saw >la!fo:d loading his pi*to| aft?r the men weie tired at. Ttfirr, sworn.?Wis ordered on tbe l*t day of J un*' to take the mat lues to the Mayor and report for order-,; did so; the Mayor soon after wa-ds sn^-evtrd to witness to goto tin first pre cinct fourth Ward, where witness understood htm mete whs a riot, luarrhed there with hiui and drew up the marines in front of the polls; this movement of th" marines had tbe effect to clear th<? polls; the Mayor went tin to the poll* and Juki the people; witness did not notice what he said; lust the i two men >.ume up from I he direction of the ? annon aud said (one of them was named Riley witness afterwa:ds learned) to witness that they were a committee from those in charge of the cannon, and tnat they were in structed to ?ay to witness that if he did not im mediately aband in his position in front of the polls ttaev would fire the cannon on the marines, wilnenst replied to them ?-then I '11 take your can non, " witness immediately placed his men in file f'om th* right flank, and marched in quirk time ui? to the market-house, on the east side of Seventh stieet; the cannon was trailed on the marines: they kept the cannou trailed upon wit ness particularly when tbe right of the line wa* nearly oppos te the cannon the men were halted: the men weie changed to a front face, and the ? barge was mailt- with the first platoon of the fl'st company; they took the cannon with fixed l*avonet?, these rioter* all retreated instatitly in every direction, and fired from thirty to fifty shots in rapid succession as they repeated; th'* platoon letuno-d that fire without orders; the rioters con tinned t?. fire upon the marines from about the woodwoik of the market-house; witness then told the men to fire in the direction of the pistol shots, they tired after that at the orders of wit ness; ? man was wounded in the leg at that time; this piatoon fired at least forty shots at those n?pn liehind ' he w<M<d*bed* at the market; twenty-five linn were in the platoon, about that time a fie took place f <>in the second companv; witness l-?a d the rejiort of arms and instantly faced n ouod and *aw some peigons fall f'oin the orjio ?it? cfoner of ttic street; witness then ran aloiii the line and ordered the in?-n to cease firing, they c-.?*-d immediately; witness then went up ana a ked whv they had lired; Capt Maddox made ,in*wer that it wa* liecuise a man had been wound'd in the face by a shot from that corner Wituess o.dered those who had tired to lehnid their ^iius. which they did ami shouldered aru.s; witin s? then went to the right, when he met the Mayor and informed htm that the riot was ovtr in his opinion ?D?ui'; know how many men were in the crowd at>out the cannon; the cannon ?a*** d the marin?s as they came up to the City lali; it passed them In coming down Capitol Hill; no attempt to surround the maiket i.oo?c; d;d not examine the cannon after it was taken; thought they were trying to fire off the cunncu. und'-rstocd it belong* d to the Xavy Vard; th? re mi^bt have been men sitting on tbe benches j ale lit the iiia. ket-house; witness thought if the I u> i tie's had all fired at she men al>oiit the cannon ' v ld have killtd them all; there were a ' " '.-\*d ?.f w:i>'jns uUitl A'lston's coiner, on I Sevflh street; mr kiimi tuluuj down on the paveine ;t cf ,-evt nth ?tr?^t. cu?t of Allstoa's cor lir be compaay h >d not chunked thi i.* position; wu.14 N* a d not see uuv police about there; Capt | M.?id<>x stated to witness that pistol shot* were fired a nd si ??lies thrown from Allstoa's corner a? the uia me*, which led to th^ fire from thein upon j that corne ; w.tues. considered himself under I orriers t., It P Mayor- received no order fioni the | Ma .>r to fl e; Capt Maddox would have deserved ? to have beeu cashiered if he had not have fired I when his men were falling; witness was acting io self-defence when be fired upon tbe mob; the I Player might hnve heeh ibere or not: dbi not see ini; didn l ?eeRlftmrd Wallach nor Mr. C faini; didn I kf R^mrd Wallaeh nor Mr. Car lisle about the cannon; did pot see Gen. Hender son about there when the cannon wa* taken: there wa? nr crowd between tba marine* and the can ron; witne** ret el W a tw*4>le message from the P*(Ua* about the can nuru.aad after that waa act ing in eelf-defenoe; the charge was made di recti? ncros?" the street; the can was taken at charged ?>ayonet?; the marines fn charging went as hard as tb*y cou.'d run; witness was in front of the chargiug platoon at the chargc; did not soe a boy use his baronet; never examined the cannon; no pistols wnre ?red till the charging party reached the cannon; as many a* thirty pistols were fired lie/ore the marin-s retaliated; thinks the marines Ured forty shots; there was no volley; the mob tired scattering skptsj then witness gave the order to tiro in the direction of the pistol shot*; the spectators all left as soon as the firing com menced; caorwtt say how many shots had been tired by the1nartrtes;jwtien the line drew up on I street the Mayor asked witness if he had not bet ter tako ibt cannon; witness replied, " I can take tint at anytime;' witness wanted to clear the polls first; the cannon could liave been taken if the Mayor had been there to order him to take it while tt was passtn? np the street to the polls; the people with the cannon had plenty of re. volvers; 30 or 10 persons were with the cannon then, didn't see the cannon committee after they made the threat: did uot arrest them then because the cannon would have been ILed upon the men, who were then in the range of the gun; it would have ben child'splav forwitness to havearrested them; be leaves such'business as that for the con stalUes and lawyers to look after; would have ar rested the man had the Mayor told hiin to do so; the Mayor did not order witness to take the can non; he might have done so without witness hav ing heard him; received the order to march at 12 o'clock; was not in uniform at that time; witness learned from Mr. Lenox about five minutes pre viously^kat there was an order coming; witness supuoftedlhat the mob intended to fire the cannon on the marines; did not act on expectation; was at the polls by authority, and the taking of the can non was mi consequence of the threat of the can non committee. The examination of this witness closed here, and the Court adjourned. FIFTH DAT. On the opening of the Court this morning. Mr. Key announced tbat the United states would close the case for their sidrwithont any farther exami nation of witnesses. Mr Radcliffe said that, by courtesy of the coun sel for the prosecution, he had been permitted to make a single remark in relation to his client. He was aware that, in appearing in behalf of the I young mar. whom he now represented, lie had occupied* a dHicate position, and one which might compromise him with his political friends | and associates; but he felt that it was his duty, as I a professional man, to disregard ail consluera j tiaiis of that sort. He appeared in behalf of Chas. ! Hurdle, who, he bad no doubt, had been a wild, reckless youth; bi>t, in the circumstances that had been brought out with regard "to his action on the day ?f the riot, there was hope for him?he had ??aved the life of one who was a friend to the speaker?who was an American citizen?anil i^ion that issue lie was here to defend him, with out fee or reward. But, in so doing, he was not d--fending the riots; his position in regard to that 1 matter was well known to the community and to th?? world, having been declared repeatedly and publicly. He was a Democrat?had always been one, and always expected to be one. He had f.^ly expressed his opinion in regard to the con duct "of the President, that, when called upon, he had come with the promptness of a Jackson to tlm relief of the citizens, ami witli the modesty of an Aristides had declined the honor that was due to hiin, and was cheerfully tendered. The Court requested Mr. Radcliffe to leave pol | itics out of hi* rem3fks as much as possible. Mr. R said that such remarks had been made in this trial by the counstl, and the bloodiest stump speeches be had ever beard had been made in renounce to the course of the Executive. He wished the reporters to put this fact down. His (lient had exhibited the mildest deportment; he trad saved a man's life on that day who was his bitterest foe, if politics were the standard by which he was to judge. Circumstances make strange bed-fellows. He was with the defence in so far as his client was concerned; but aside from that he wished it to be known to all the world that he was opposed to their course. Mr. Radcline closed by thanking the jury and the Court for their kindness iu listening to him. Mr. Bradlay stated that two of the defendants ;Garner \ Jones) had not been named by any of the witnesses in the examination of the prosecr tion. in connection with the late riots; and he I asked for a verdict of the jury,in relation to them, as well as to Charles Hurdle, against whom he claimed that there had been no evidence given. The court refused to grant such verdict, for the reason that evidence might still come out in the examination for the defence, which might im plicate them in the riots. Mr. Radcliffe announced that he was done with his client, and washed his hands of all matters concerning the trial. He had defended his client from pure motives, and would now retire from the trial. Mr. Scott asked that the Court should ad journ over until Monday morning, to give the counsel for the defence an opportunity to confer together and prepare their case. The business of the Court could really lie expedited by the course ha urged, as, if they went on now they would be obliged to call their witnesses pretty much at hazard, at an unnecessary consumption of time. They had summoned a large number of witnes ses for the defence, but by conferring they would probably be able to dispense with the examina tion of many of them. I Mr. Key opposed the motion to adjourn, re minding the other side that this was the fourth day of the trial, and the defence ought certainly, by this time, to know what the majority of their witnesses could prove. Mr Bradley said that it was impossible in this case for the defence to tell what course the pros ecution would pursue. Upwards of tifty witnes ses had been summoned by Government, not much more than one quarter of whom had been examined Tin* defence had thus been taken by surprise and were; not prepared to goon. Sub p?i iia< h ul hern sent out. he said, for upwards of sixty witnesses for tne def-ncc, and it was requi site that they should have time to produce these witnesses atid to ascertain how many of them they would need. Mr. Kllis, on the same side, said he hail been retained at a late period on the case, and it had been uitcrly impossible for him to have any con sultation with his associate counsel; such as was necessary to arrange for the defence; and he Thought it not unreasonable to ask an adjourn ment until Monday. Judge Crawford replied, that, whether the counsel had consulted or not, was an ail'air of their own, which the court could not take into consideration; but that it was certainly reasonable that the defence ohould have an opportunity to get their witness' s. The further consideration of the case wa? accordingly postponed until Mon day morning at 10 o'clock The couit then adjourned. Tut River.?At the Long Bridge, yesterday, business was lively with the draw-keepers?a large number of wood, sand and lumber boats passing up to the mouth of the canal The preparation* for putting the Washington and Alexandria Railroad in active operation again are going forward. Arrived?at Harvey's wharf, schooner Wm. 8. Teasdale. Philadelphia, coal to John T. Given; at Mag ruder ft Stone's wharf, schnr Friendship, Tiader, Western Shore, with sand for the Capitol extension. The Maryland arrived yesterday at 3 o'clock, p. m . with passengers and considerable freight, after a safe and rapid trip. Che brought no news of importance to our reaaers The proprietors of the whaif at tiicfootof Cixth street are making active preparations to extend the sea wall at that place, down towaid^ the sea wall of the government The steamer Mount Vernon iias been put in ex cellent trim at her ways at Alexandria. Che is now In every respect a staunch and substantial boat. She is new timbered; has had entire new deck planking laid, and looks like a new boat. She will be lai n. hed from the ways to day at high tide. This morning a number of men with a strong seine, endeavored tocaptnre a shark that was seen early in the morning playing about in the eastern branch below the arsepal. Ck*trf. Mabkkt.?This morning, the ma ket was well supplied in all its departments. The country dealers wore quite mimerous, bringing with them large quantities of provisions. Pur chasers were numerous, and the prices about as follows: B?*ef, per lb......l0al5CjShipstntls 40af>0 Pork 12alS Mutton 12a 15 <l<amb. prqr 73a 1.00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12^ Lard lb Kggs, per doz.... tdaJt) Roll butter 25 Phil'a print 3? Honey, per lb.... 85 Cyinllngs. per doz 6alo Onions, bunch.... 2 Veal 12al5 Green corn 1*2% Beef tongues ?5a?l>Kgg plants 6al2 Calm heads,each 95 " ? 1 L " Bacon 15al6 Shoulders rial! Breast pieces .... Halt? Dried beef I?ali? Touiato?*s. pk .... *20 Snap Beiiis, pk .. I'l l .rmonn. per doz . I2a*i5 Cabbage, prhead. 5al0 Chickens, pr pair 50a?5 Green peas, pr pk. A' Turtles,each... 12a*l 'r> Blacklierrir* 6 Corned salmon... 151 Whoitleberrie*... in Herring, pv. doz.. 20u3l Apples, pk 25a5o Terrapins. ea? h .. 37o>71 flue Apples,each 12alh Irish potatoes, pk 25a; n | H.-vts, per bunch. 3 Corn, pr bush !<OaSI [Turnip*, ji Coin,ear,p. bush. 6?? u a:i- pr bush.... 9-' Kyesprbush Oats *Ui?6 ^1 eal ^1 perb'ch. 4afa W atermelons..... lHa.10 Canteloupes l2u2o Cucumbers, doz.. 0 Sturgeon cots.,... 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25a37 Shorts ?>|Crabs, per doz ... 25 The Natiosal Glkk Clce give their pic-nic at Humphreys A Jueneiuanu's place, Capitol Hill, on Tuesday. A moredelighful locality for a mu ? > al pic-nic would be hard to tind in the country, and Meuii. Humphreys ft J ueneiiunn are just the men to aee that thing* go off faindaowly. 8*ctmo.i o? Colcxma Lodge.?'The moonlight of lan night waa noticed by our read ers, we dare say. w perfectly delkiooa, and evwy one who could. wM ?ut tn the open air foenjoV f .il ,?^Ke!'day ni*ht tb* nj??n will be at its eicnr. ?n ,'e*r" of <?^Col.imWa I,odge In. t S) . Z?*1 J"djnnent In select Reni^h^?y?i ^ dav of thelrdown-river trip, are a rSu . T"e*W. Auuust 4th. We overh~jIrii.<7^ . J*r in &***% the dale from Brouno ?ty' * discussion amongst a kloXvor Tnir^ y Pr<\?Jr*m?, wheihir it wt* thev ?.T,?H .v an(, t?'*qn'i'rtr. whether wl e ti"le*? get their new dress#* !!,vAl^TMOn ft " Tuesday, and they will t,Cj (i? thea. Auguit 4th, curslnu' ii L . -?-r tb.C Columbia Lodge ex ' tf U" ?rtl?""t programme of enjov IiTJm h? i , Wa,er *?* 81 ,h* yVhjfo limine, by '1 "^nl'ght. going and returning, and all around and al?out! Then will )?e moru f,1l4^-tflerrtK>I!,^aU' I*0*"*!**, and all need, fulomnfbin facilities. Withers' Band will-tie alone; also an experienced caterer, and "otbar liVnirf 1 G?od ord,,r win ** nia,n harp guarantee of that the committee hare taken the judicious course of prohibiting the sale of spir ituous liquors, both at the pavilion and on the Tax Porire ?This morning, the newly ap pointed Chief of Police. F. A Klopfer, Esq., en tered upon the discharge of his duties. At ten o clock he wa* busily engaged in preparing for L^H?Cn,~menV>f hi",vork- *nd K^??y * ? V y lfIS Pre??^es?or, J. W. Bagpott. Esq in the rfi>Ph Caf>t; ^loPfer wil1 have no trouble d.ucba'?e ?r the important duties of his of ?ce, but we know that under any circumstances he is competent to perforin them properly P' ^*5?" ret'Pe" with the respect of every exeH hfnt???!i P?HIe force- who regard him as a,', whf, , iv rran<l2gPnt,, man- "ls business which take* him to Kentucky, will occupy SOme he will ill ."Jm11'. After il has been Hushed ue will retorn to this city. The nolle# force at present is as follows : Chief of Police?P A. Klopfer First Ward J. T Ma an? Wm Daw WiSUJll Vni "? Faanl,?a,ul i!>hir^y."dr"Ja'' H Suit and W. L Ross and Edward* M cl len ry W*t'?n' HeBr* ,a"?CVi R S Sflkielii?Vard~Tlit>5 11 Robinson and Francis Seventh Ward?J M. Lloyd and Jos A. Hill I.JU1 "El1-1*! "l?* ?PP?'n'in?i?tK two tnenit.ers have been taken f-om the Auxiliary Guard Messrs ^ eatman and GiW* Their places on the Guard have been filled with Messrs. J. G. Hem pier and Woi. Bird. Thk ^ ofsg Cathot.ics' Friend Society Pic Nic in Georgetown College grounds, on Monday, promises to largely attended Persons goiii" to the Pic Nlc can take any of the Union Line o^f omnibuses, and they will be conveyed to the Col I#k? grounds without extra charge; so that every rtve minutes in the day an opportunity is afforded of going directly to the spot. Also, for tht Vtter accommodation of persons and parties in the Northern Liberties, who desire to attend, an om nibus will leave the northern market every twenty or twenty-five minutes during the day. instead of every hour, as stated in the advertisement. The Market Pavements ?By Tuesday next th? benches, shed*, boxes, etc., used by persons during market hours, on the Avenue from Seventh to Ninth street, will be removed, and the side walks once more freed from obstruction. Such is the order to the proper officers The pavements Inside the new sheds are to be reserved for country dealers, except sufficient gangways between Clirb a'?(1 tJsh^ I*1'** .,7? benches or other encumbrance will I** permitted to remain upon them. Ebexezer M. E. Church.?The laying of the comer stone of the Ebenezer M. E Church, Navy Yard, was performed by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the District of Colum bia, assisted by Naval Lodge. No. 4, on yesterday afternoon, at half past 6 o clock. The process!oh formed at Naval Lodge and marched to the spot n the pr?>grauime of services, Kev. J jj i),-aie' 5rV.?8-r?odwn,? K"V.- B N" "r"wn, #nd Hev' \X II Chapman, participated. The articles of stonTs WerC ?^,a"y Plac<tl ?? corner Assaplt and Battert.?Yesterday, George Springunn was arrested by officer Kimball, for an assault and battery on Christopher Schuck He was taken before Justice Goddard. who held !he c,?rpcar,nc' a' In this a Hair Schuck had his collar bone broken tVeatrnentWat C 1"Mrn'ary undergoing surgical Salk of Cortobation Stock ?Yesterday, J. C. McGuire, auctioneer, sold of Corporation stock 9900 at si , and *110 at 91.|Q y. very -r^d indication of the credit of the Corporation. ? Fourth District School ?The name of W II. H. Hazard was accidentally omitted in the list of premiums awarded in this school, published yesterday. ' ' On Wednesday xkxt the veteran Washington Yeagers give their grand civic and military ex cursion to the White House, on the Washington More hereafter. ? W atch Returns ?The only case for trial at the Central Guard house this morning, was A Thompson, arrested under an United State* war rant for improper behavior. He was held to se curity to keep the peace six months. Madame Mount iias prep-ired hy special request, a Salve for the cure of Cancers, winch never was known to fnil. AIso. a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, winch actsasa per fect charm to arrest allot those diseases. Also,3 Salve for the Piles, (an extract from a fl?>wer,)a sov ereign remedy. Givo them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may lw relied on. She otters no artlele hut what has been tested. To be had at No. 330 G street, lietwcen ilthand l??th. Also at Nairn A Palmer's Dmi? Store, corner 0th street and Penn.avenue, D. S. Dyson's Drue Store, corner of Pcnn. avenue and 12th street, and J. P. Milburn's Drug Store. Willarda' Hotel. Also at C. Stott's, corner of7th street anil Penn. avenue. References can be made to Rev. John Robb, Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James Hanson, and Mr. Mima hnn. The Consumption Destroyer also can be found in Alexandria, at Mr. Cattleman's Store, on King street, my sole acent for that place. In Georgetown at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. je 17 DIED, On the 31st ultimo, LOUISA SMITH, infant, daughter of George T.and Elizabeth Dealing, a^ed 4 months and 26days. The friends of the larmly are invited to attend tho fuiiera! from til'' resifleiiec of its parents, on 3th street, between H and 1, To-morrow iSunday) Eve ning. at 4 o'clock. (Baltimore papers please copy.) * On the 1st instant, in the H7th year of pis age, JOHN MOUNTZ. Esq,, one of the oldest and piobt highly esteemed citizens of Georgetown. His funeral will lake piae? from hi* late residence on Bridge street, To-inorrew,(Sunday,) at 4 o'clock p. in. ( ^AS FIXTURE?. J We have just received a good assortment of GAS FIXTUR U.S. such as Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, Globes. &c. GAS TUBING inirodnoed in Stores, Dwellings and Public Buildings bv competent workmeu, at low rales. Please give us a call. MILLER & CUNNINGHAM. No. 2t3 Pa, av., bet. 12th and 15th sts., south side. jy 11-lin \IAUNOLIA ."A.MS. if I ?? CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. We are just opening, and we guarantee thein un e inalled by any llsins in this city. f'hey were cured iu Maryland expressly for our sale. fr7*No authorized agents. KING A BURCHELL, j> 25 Corner Vermont avenue and 15th street. pROPERTY, LAND. LOTS, HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK, Rkat. Protertt Ac.ent, has for saie on terms to suit purchasers. Vacant l.ots indifferent parts of the city. He Buys, Sells, and Exchanges all kinds of Real Property on mode rate terms. General Agent. Notary Public, and Justice of Pcaoo. No. 5C3 12tli street, Washington City, D. C. jy 17-lm A NOTICE. COACH will leav? Sixth street on Monday and Thursday, instead of everyday as here .|.HW tofore mentioned, for the CON'tiKES- "rK m?r SI ON A L BURYING GROUND, 'P '?o'clock p. in., returning at 6J? o'cl??ek. G. VANDKRWERKEN, iy 30-1 w Proprietor. PURE JUICE PORT WINES OF THE JL following variety, vix : George Sandeman's BURGUNDY. t>ffley's and Chamisso's OP0RT<). Chainisso's WINE is particularly suited for me dicinal use, l>emg huh flavored and fruits, and is l>e livod to be the finest Port Wine on sale in this citv. Also, another supply of Cincinnati CATAWBA BRANDY. For sale by JAMES II. SIIEKELL, jy lw 'JT.i F street, corner of 13th. ^AKE NOTICE. REMOVAL. GIBBS'S Wl(?, HAI.F WIG, BRAID AND CURL MANUFACTORY removed to 2*2 Penn sylvania avenue. between 12th and 13th streets, near ttautier's. Hmr Work Repaired, or taken in ex change. Fine Toilet Articles, Com!*, Brushes, Ac. jy S-ltn IT EM ALE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COL T LEG I ATE INSTITUTE. WilBIICIOI, D. C. Hiram Cokios, Principal, hi charge o/ English ami Cla??ioa. Departments. M'me. C. Holmn Cokson. Teacher of French, Spanish, and German, Drawiuc and Painting. Matuildk E.milie Rollix, Assistant Teacher of Freneli. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on MoiKlny, the 7th of September, 1R57. Circulars can be obtained at the Book awl the Munc Stores. Jy31-lm* i 1 THE . 1R57. Stab, it L'ST OF LETTKR9 REMAINING IN Post CWftehinrtonTDTC.. August 1, lOPfisred to be insert A in the F.vxsixs St b*ih*fheu?war?1 any dnilvjjapOT , >M ?? oeuuisxon J fTT" Pen*?rt* fcp>iru-'g tor letters in the followm* h?t, will p.ease sat rhey are advertised. LADIES' LIST. Adam*, KiatBia ^l el. Ja?? Allan, Elisabeth Allen, Miea a K Ailains. lira A OriMHte'l. Wary Abu J HoSlt, Martta A Hargravc, Kr* O Reei, A 4a A J RUer, Ellxabetb Smith. Ann k. SmtUi. Hurtle! <?.???* m zrm?, i AI*san<1er,Misa *?? Hauon, RrMcet Smlili. J*n? . Bridget Hauauii. Anu Iretng, Htm M K ?Jon**, JBitn r J (Art, WenrtMU Jonea I.rah W Joliuetue. Mary K^ach. Muritna* King, Loniee K'.Jjr. Mary Lartd, AgtMt? T.t violator.. Mis* l.aurenre, Fanny Lola, Mary Lighter, Mary ?. a ?. IlluUth Ma<t*Ioa, Oarah IluiTejr, Bit:??! Melti er, Ltnora Miller, Susan MeCerou, Aun McDonnell, Kate Poor, Charlotte Feck, Mary Petnyllar, A ;itl Parks, Adl? ltroake, Marti Bell, Rilzabeth B I<*i. tl'J* B Hlrrh, Mim M A real I, Mis* K B r??rn, Mra J tot'l, >1:4 J K kihte*. Maria fer*>wn, Eliza Heals, Miss F Pr>>a*, Jnlte Carter. Curl* Croalean, Mary Carey, I ? Cr.ver, Kel.-roa Ouiuoily. Clara I> irsey, Mr* E C inertia, Mlaa I. E l>aley. Wary E Drake, Mra A K l>elano. Mra K l?av**Ao, Mn M L Frrbe*. S! .r<t Fster, Mr* J t.reeo, Mary E ?,roo*e*, Mra W Glasgow, }|r? I Avery, K 3 Adsuu, Phillip Ashliy, Mart:n Applet'*!!, Juo Vf All j ne. Harvey S A<M?ma, A Barber, Walter Butte, Col Wm Ha'leo, W J Kaker, H burns, W B*b.o<k. V M Bal ey, K U B ekman, 8 D Browu, S P Barclay, tlr Robt Bui kley, Patrick Bess, L bums. J aires U Ballkl, J 11 1 Bell. Jno / Biuwu, J F Ustaon j no Hrr.ece, 11 U C Hull, tiro I Brvwu, Geo Burgtas, Enoch M It I a lie a: an, O W Burgas*. C n Hretz, Christian Ba. kin use. K beuie, lie i B Br >dy, Audiew Heinbanl, A Cm\*4?.k, W 0?i sw-il, Or W A Cleaver, W L Oalbjy, W r.rr. Prof W II Chnmbers, MsJ X7 A I-liatu, K H Sniltli, Jane, Hannah Hi eahen, Mary Hegar, Kate Fnyde.-. Laurana Rl.apbeM, Ann J*nBlam. Florence 8t-t?-n, j a-| Mne biewart. 6a?an A Tyler, Amelia i aj.^an. M ra U T.vla. Julia A 1 To^nley. Malta L Taylor, *!.-? I T'fira*, khzal*eth Travere, Mary A Talhert. Mai y Verm* yer. Mr* G Wrf?Ut. Mary U

Wbile. Mrs H War-1. Ellen Wise. Mr* E W WIIIIh?*, Mra F Woodward MaryS WilliatT!*, Rhoda 1 WaAblnfton.Mr* J F Walaon. Mrs M b Warner, Jenuy GFNTLIKKN'B LIST. Fiauasan, Thoe McOonoley, Win Fone, Jn * A Fanntz, Geo Fostei, C F Groer*, Dr W A Gip*on, W J Grice, MaJ W N Gibbous, W A Orimarr. W H Gregory, Capt T 8 Glbbs, L H Graft, lew!* Gr.y, L W Gamble. James 3 God lar 1, Jam*e Goreuch, Jno T Gat'aher, H L Gibson. M Graae, Geo Green, Frank Gramli?*tl*nl, D Hellene*, W 2 Harrison, l?r W D Niclaeb, ti- i W H Nuezer. Jfly My burg. 8 N<;ye?, Jrhn L Kei'zey, Ge-> Neal, f raurla A 0<i?twaM, 8 O Brine, IIIrLeel D Osgood, Jno Uuatraii'ler, Uan'l Ferkiua, W W Tarry, vv 11 H Fort-r, S It Terry. C?pt B 3 Ti/i?e, II J Ts*v uwtkl, L 1 Tatten, John D Terry, John H The ps, J T Proctor, Geo Poor, T W a Poe, Francis T ? " a. a w, r ? till IS? I Humphreys, Wm P ParringUm, E Hitnri, Walter Pet^rsofl, H Ilerr, P?ml Pearson, Bird M i U.iwkin?, CaptS S 3 Peck, G?" W lii'W*ll. Piles Eeybnrn, Pr W P Hu*iey, I* H K"l*ei i?. W K Hitoil, Kellla Robert*on. W B Hyde, Jno, jr Heney, Tho* S Uayuta, Jno Kichard<on, T 8 Uolin< a, J L Koss. M Hamnierely. Geo H Kt?l, Mr Hod^Lii.s, Geo W K?nl. Jno Hebi>e, llr G C Kei i, Ja* II H.itciilns. G Yf lUiley, J-mea llu'lwn, E P A Co tie) nobis, E Havener, Aifreu Cal \ ert, '1 li ?* ro*lll*, St' t'ii~?! Copeland, Klr.,ard 'Toi roran, I'att Campbell, Juu K Crai^. Juo li Ua ?iu, Jai I, Olllnca, J J ?'lark, J i??ie? F CUne, J W Omnel, Jullen Coii/m, Mu,h Mi ie, O Ideu, Jr a S J**n?, K*il t 0 Jnnea, M T Ja*'ks.m, Mr Jubnaon, J^mea J'*ln.*??!?, Geo Je *kli.? Cb ?? J* bnson. a C Klrg, J M Kiroitieiw, Mr Key, Jno K Crocaeii, renry J 3 Kemlit;. II 1. Cautature, Glu batu IrfirJ, Ca|it Wm (Jallan, Gci tVilllns. Go Co* k, Geo T ? , Connolly. Fraocia L<*?-ne, Hi* li*t*l C ala, li 1) Linton, P H Cone, Cba*i A Lane, N B Coudet, Cnat Lewis, Cal J S Caniiigton.Chas33 Lo.ig, Kcv J r* b. <*i. ** - Ray, II li Reynolds, Caj>t * W lei .r. J.iin**- K 2 ^h-cl-ll, W P N>mi;?lei l.t W A 1.1. Wm M Sai dfonl. Thad's i Hi cpheril, Tin < M S tng'tvn. TliJ ^iniih, Tli a Klim-n. I, D Sel'.tck, J B Mm mo s, J a Ur J W Knu? I?r Ford Stein, Frederick Cooke. Cli-uip G C?*k?. Beveny IHeoll, W m Hiiuulng, W 8 Helton, Win Hex tue, Tlioa Delane, T It Donnelly, Robert Downing, Rolhil Donegal!, O Dickinson, Capt N Decbard, I. P Havia, Ca|*t J M D**uaby, Jere Dick, jno Donley. Ja* Dlzon, J W, Jr H-ihei ty, lliiah I> iugU?, *" Uapre, Cyprian I) ib .li. t; I, * Diroam, C< Inmi u* M- oie, J B D..well, It F Dainty, A K.i tuner, J Kailer. J::w Karrell, Wm Fielding, Dr Wni !? vim, '1 hi>a ??'rencb, 5 it Fen toe, Michel Franklin, U AntnM 1 1,1 vine ton, T C A Co hbetman. C T telKaw. T J Mu:tb, (.be* T L'i'iriil*", Col S A 8U*ue, Capt C P " " * - HiClair.CC 8yamnoekianVl, A Tbinsou, Wru Taylor, C. u, W II Tayior, R 1" Ttiosn.i*. S S 3 Taylor, D;< k Twom-y, M Tb mas, Mr Th?.WF*"ui J** 1 Turuhorke, J t Turner, J b Tin uipscu, J C Tryli', J-iu'-m Tliotna*, Juo M Turner, H W T id, David Towcra, Cbaibaiu Taylor. Cbea Tallcott. Capt A Walter, Lt W M Woo.fjrk, W W Weav?-r, W ni W beeler, Tiioa J W bite, Michael Weias. Jog Watts, Jro S William*, Ja* M WedsMrojth, Ji.o W Wlngate. Honry West, Geo W Lai kin, James F Lolt, J u*lge I/?wls, Jas L :mai tine, Geo H Lackey, F G Larktt, F B L*ne, K G Lynch, Lt D Ludlail. Capt A R Llife. F Lindsay. Alfred ilarsliall, W;u Menu, W A Moore, Thoe M)tra, T J Mnooa, W G Moody, R Mason, Mann* 1 Malone, MaliiuW Wltrtnil I. D Mi.flat. John 2 Mathitcn, J P Morln, J H li. ore, John F BSoore, H Montgomery, Geo C w*ij, (jet, w u. . I Mi *;eiit*. A J MrCrabb. A P 3 McLaughlin, D Mv Vary, II'igh M< Cormlck J Art Worcee er. F E V. abl roll. K E WalDca, D H Wilson, C J 2 Wlliiaa**. C D 4?. IIKKHKT. P. M. AUCTION SALES. I See first j<nge for other " Attetien Sale*."] IIjr A. URl'.KN, Auctioneer. I OOKIMi <>LASSES, TAIJI.E CUTLERY. I a Okxamkxtal China Uooug, Silver-I'latkd Korku arb 8po????( Pkrfcmkkt.8oaf??Bbi'iihi ?, Co.MB-t. I'nRT .M??>naif.s, Hall Lamps, oi..\^ Camdv J ar??, and h largn ?i??<?rtiiienf of other Knn cv litiiKln at Auction.?On WEUN KSI>A^'. the5tli mat., .at l<i o'clock a. m.. I shrill Nell at tlie* Fano ao<1 FurMsiiiMf Storo, No.SaS, Seveutli, lietwi*?*ii | Hint K striM ts north, near the Northern Market, a large nxHorliiient of ihealxive-mcntioncd goiKis, winch wo Ur^m uniipcossarj to further particularize. Terms cash. aug l-3t A. GR KEN, Auctioneer. Hy WALLA HA RNAR l>. Auctioneers. UNREDEEMED SALE OF EIGHT GOl D U Lever Watches, Gux, Ac., Soda Water Fodstais.?We shall sell, Ht our store, corner < f 9tJ? street and I'cnn. avenue, on Tl'ESDAN", the itn 9 o'clock,eight unredeemed Gold Watches ami Chains. One Ladies 18 karat Gold Watcli and Chain, No. One Silver t'aped Lever, J honson,maker, No. 1<W4 tine GoldiHunting, Skeleton Railway Time-keeper, No. 5iU!HI One Gold Hunting Enrhsh Lever, 5 pa extra jewels N'*. 7??7, Jos. Joohiison. maker One Gold Hunting Fate at liever, full jewel?. No. 47jrn f):io lb karat GoM llori^ontsl h.sivipcnicint, W7Z duo Fine Duplex Lever. No. li>7. A I.St >? One Fine English Twist Doul>Ie-l*trrel Gun with all the hmitiiiK implements, and <>ne Soda Foui.taiu in koihI order. WALLA BARNARD, ?U l-^t Auctioneer*. Hy JAMES C. M?G( IRE, Auctioneer. I7RAME IIOFSF, AND LOT AT AI'CTION. r On FRIDAY AFTERNOON,July aist.ati;.'* o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of ',ot .No. I. in Square No. front inc. about tfi fret on .Til street west, running l>ack alsiut <Ci (eet lo New Jer sey avenue, with the improvements, consisting of a neat two story Frame Dwelling House, with l?aek k lichen. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in Rand 12 months, with interest, secured I*) a deed oftiust on the premises. jt ?? d JA8.C. McGFlRE. Auet. in-THE AMOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until MON DAY AFTERN'OON, August 3d, same hour and p'a:o. an l-2t JAS. C. McGFlRE. Anet'r. FOR RENT AND SALE. For oth'r " For Rent and Sale" notices sec 1st pate. 1V1RS. NOLAND lias several very pleasant 1*1 PARLORS and CHAMBERS, with rps thioughout, in one of the most pleasant locations in the city, which she will let reasonable to permanent tenants, upon immediate application to No. F street, between Hth and 15th. au f St* r()H RENT.?A three stonr BRICK HtM'SE, r with laree Lot attached, containing fruit trees and shrubliery of every description, situate?lon l> street, I?etween21st and aJd. Tos(Wh1 tenant the rent .will be reasonable. Apply on the premises. Possession given on the 1st of September. nu l-eo2w l^OR RENT?The two comfortable and conveni r eut BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complet* re pair, and will l)? for rent on the tth of August. 'I ne Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply lo JOHN L. KIDW ELL, High street, Georgetown. j> 27 DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.-Tlie SI MMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Bibb, alsiut two hours' ride from the Dist rict of Columbia. This Farm contains about 4TO acres, and lie* beau tifully for division. The owner will sell the whole or a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a fino new house nearly fin ished, besides the family resulenoe, a great deal vf excellent fruit, and some fine horses and cattle. The place is proverbial for its healthfulncss and de lightful water. For furthor particulars inouireat his residence, comer of Fayette and Second streets, Georgetown, D. C., or through the post <'lhce of the same place, je 24-w3m GEO. M. HlBH. DRUG STORE FOR SALE?!? an excellent location, doing a good bu?iness. Satisfactory reasons riven for selling. Terms inodera'e. Ad dress DRUGGISTat this often. jy U 2awlf T A CARD. HE Fiblersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising physiciaus in particular, that he will open in4 the course of next month his DRI'G-STORE AND PRESCRIPTION STAND, AM'*.* CHEMICAL LABORATOR i, at 9w Ninth sti eet, between Penn. av and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Latin, English or French languaijes, will most care fully be ootnpounded, and no receipe trusted to Die hands of an apprentice or other emplojee not fully comperent. The horoueh chemical education, and the long riractiei of the uudemptied as pharmaceutist, in with the Old World and the United States, will serve as a guarantee for the p?iritv of drtr/s ard pre parations kept l<y him. Every cnepucal couipoiiiMl is tested before mad?? use of, and no poisons sold ex cept on receipt Iroin known and responsible parties. CHEMICAL ANALVSIS.?qualitative and quantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, Ac., is performed at moderate rates ; r.nd gentlemen and masters desirous of l>eing introduced into the theory and practice of Chemistry mid PharinsCT. will have ?>* opportunity oflared to that end by applying next fall. K'terrnret.? Prof. J. p, R, Dk Bow. Hon. Thom as B. Florkmck, F. H.Sahk. Esq., Selmab Sikb^ki , Esq., Charlks II. W ini>Eit, Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GRl#SS, I Ate a pupil of Prof. Liebig, jy W-lm graduate of a Pharmaceutical College. >Ail'?R BALLOONS at ? MoLAUGJtLIN A CO'S. APCTIOH BALMS. TO-DA Y ? TOMORROW MORN IMP. t Bf WALL k BARNARD, Auotwo??re. Books, bookjs at auction.-w? *a*ii f?ll THIS fciVENINl?,?nd Mfr? ?mun? until e.oss>d. at ?for" N?.3? Pennsylvania areaue. oppo site Brown's Hotel, a sp.endid luammMl of stand ard Poetieel. Historical. and Miscellaneous Books. AmoM which are the works of Addison. GokUuntk. Hunt, Dtckins. levers. Scott. Mo wer, H?run. Bnrns, Suakspeare, Milton, and many other popular S".\lso.*a lot of fine Familr Bibles. Gold Per. s.Jew- I elry. Port Monnate*. and Fane? Goods. To tie sold without reserve wuhin a tew Tfriri cRsh \\ ALL& BARNARD, iv V-4t Auctioneer*. By J. C. McGUIR K. Anctmneer. M.I. FK \MF. HOT ST. AND LOT IN THE F:e*t U'auuat Aitt'o*.?1On Saturday After noon, August 1 Ft. at 6 o'clock. I shall Mil Lot No. ?\ in Square No. 51, fronting 52 feet 2 inches on 3d street west, liet* een north I. and M street*. ruii d our beck IZ2 l?et inches to a 3'feet alley, witfc the improvements, consisting of a two-story Frame I'weflms House, 'fen /erins: One-half cash; the residue in one and tw<. rears, with interest, secured t>v a deed of trust oa t tie premises. Jr n-d J. C. McGUIR E. A net. By WALL ft HA R NA R D, Auctioneers. F'X TFNSIVK STOCK OF FINF V MBROJP 4 FRTD CoLt^AKs, HASPlKKClMrrs, SETTS, St eeves, fto., AT Acctjox.?On MONDAY. th? nd ins:aut,w< shall sell, at store No.33? Pennsylvania avenne.hetwccn tithanl7th streets.oppoKite Browns* Hotel, commencing at 10 o'clock, a largo and hand som" Assortment of Embroideries, consisting of? tV> Fine Embroidered Swtss Setts 2"n do do Cambric Setts 150 do French Muslin HI Passa Setts I'** Rio-h Embroidered Cambric Collars Swiss and Scotch assorted liw Fine Mourning Svttg 25 dozen Fineilemsticlied Linen Handkerchiefs fiO do Grass l<aron Hard kerchiefs 20 do do do ^.'iihod Embroidered do 25 do Assorted Handkerchiefs, embroidered aw p?irs Sleeves Swiss ana Cambric, assorted With a large assortment of other Goods. The attention ofths ladies is ca-led to thenbove sale as the owner is compelled to return to New York, and desired us to sell Ins eutire stock regard - less of cost. Terms cash. j? 30 WALL ft BARNARD. Anot. By J.C. McGl'IRE, Anetioneer. FEXCELLENT FFRNITI RE AND HOUSE a holu Kffktsai Public Sale.?On TIll'RS DAY MORNING. JnN in o'clock, at the residence ol J. H. Drury, Hs>q.. at the corner of north 1. street ard Vermont avenue-1 shall sell his Furniture and Household Etiects, consisting in part of, as l'oliows: Superior-toned r?ancforte, with Music-Stool and Stand Mahogany Spring-seat Lounges, Ottomans, and Parlor CliMrs Mahogany. Card, Centre.and Sofa Tables Brussels. Three-piv, and Ingram Carpets Matting, Oilcloth, Rusts Mahogany Side!* ard, superior Psyche Glass Several line Oi\ Paintings and other *orksofart, among which is * very hue life size east of Canova's Venus. Mantel Ornaments Mahogam French and other Bedsteads Do Dressing Bureaus. Waslistaud* Do W aritioitcs. Toilet Sei.> Superior Feather Beds I lair and liii&s Mattresses Blankets. Counterpanes, Holsters,and Pillows China, tilass. and Crocker? Ware ('ooking. Parlor, and Chautl?er Moves 'logether with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms: $25 ard under, cash; ??ver that sum a credit of 6" and !>>? day s, for satisiactorily eudursed notes, l>earing interest. jy 2T-d JAS. C. McCUIRE. Auctioneer. ITT" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in consequence of the rain until M< ?NDA V. Augio?t r?l, tansi place and hour. jy H?-d JAS. C. MoGFIRE, Anetioneer. PFBLIC SALE.?By virtue of anauthority vest ed in the undersigned, wo will expose at public sale, on tiie premifccs, on MON DAY, the 3d day of Aliens; next, at 12 o'clock in., if fair, if not, on the neat fair day thereafter, at the same hour ai.d p<*c\ all therifekt,title, interest, and estate ()f Rol.eri W. Ilrooke in right of his deceased wife. Mary A. E. Brooke, iu and to the real estate of her deceased father, Elislia B?rrv,and wlncJi said right and title was duly purchased at SheriU "s Sain on the 24th day of March. 1813. by a certain Otis Spear, and aller waids duly convm ed to him by the then Sliei it! t John R. RmUb.) The Property now offarNl is a tn^nri iij thoourtesy of the said Ro!<ert \V. Brooke in lot No. ?> of said retl estate. The iiaid lot OOdtlMMi acres, it is well wooded, and the soil is of exoelleut quality?is situated a! K?ut five mile* from \\ alding ton, and is now in a good *:at?t?f cultivation. Terms of sale : One-third casliontiio dny of sale, and the residue in euua! instalments ??f s;x and twelve months, on bonds of the purchaser. .^Titli ?e cuntics to l*c approved Lv the undersigned,and l?ar ing interest from the uay of sale. I" p ?ti the pay ment of the r?rc;,ase mor.ev, the nndersigned will convey to the purchaser the interest ot the s:ud Brooke a::d Spear in aud to the said premises. d.c. J)Ig?;f.s, S. If. BERRY, jy IK-Jaw Aeent for the Owner. By WALL ft BAR NAR D. Auctioneers. IARGE STOCK OF FANCY GOODS. PORT J MONAIKS. Tovs C.\NES,CiLOVrs.ftc..THE-TO? 1 OK A KAlin KrtllISC PT?iM>s. AT P|M Aici iox.?( m TITESDA \ MORNING, Auzun i. we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms, without reserve.a tar^e stock of Fancy Goods, Ac. \\ o r-aine in part Port niotiaies. iaree assortment Toys. S tud Boxes, Cane*. Whalebones r. mbs. Gloves, Needles. Socks Iiair Oils. Pomades, Ink Stands l ltriSroideries, C??llars, Sleeves IlandkercRicfs, Socks, .Mits, Shirts .lewe'r*. Rings, Breastpins Bracelets, Studs, Goldstone Sets.fte. With tnany of tier artioies m the line, oil of which wdi l?e s. Jd without reserve. Terms cash. jy 31 ts WALL ft BARN ARD. Aucts. By JAS. C. MoGUIRE Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE ButLDlXG l.OT AT THE ttlRNKR OF MOBTU M STKKKT AMI b'TIt STREET WEST.?Ou THl'RS DA\ AFTER NOON . August 5th. at Go'clock,on tt-e premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 8, in square NotSU, frooUactf fsel wi north M -trcet. at ine comer of i?=t h street wes , rtmning task 110 foet t,?a l<? b-et alley, and conla.nius 2,?jo square feet of ground. Tins lot is bca"t fully located in the most desirable part of the rpv for a private residence, and the sa'e offers great inducements, as the property w:!! be sold to the lushest bidder. Title indisputable. Terms: One fourth rash; the residne in R, 1?,and IR mouths, w ah interest secured by deed of trust on the premises. IX :?i- J\S. C. MeGFIRE. Auct. By JAMES C. MrGI IRE, Auctioneer. 1/FRNlTt RK, BAR FIXTURES, Ac., *T 1 ArrnoN.-On TI FSDAY MORNING, Au gust 4th, at l(io'< l?wk. at the Macnoln House, nn north D street, tie!ween 10th and 1 th streets wist. I shall sell r-ll the Furniture and Effects, compris i ii?? .\lartile-top Bar Counter and Oyster Box Hecantcrs. Tuiiil lcrs. Wine ti'issca \umt>erof F.nnraviies. Oilclo h I'oeoa Mattin-r. Arm Chans Tables, Tin S:>|e, Kitciien I 'ensila. fte. Stoves, Bedsteads, Mattresaes, Bolsters arid Pil lows, ftc, Terms: .?2n and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 3^ da>s, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, breriHg interest. jy 31 d J AS. C. McCUIRE, At*. By WALL ft BARNARD. Km POSITIVE SALE O*"' FR AME H<>l SK AND Lot at A u-TioN, o\ Ttii stk^kt. w^tweex L a\D M strfets, east side.?On TIESDAY AF 'PER NOON, August 4, at o*cb?ek, we will te!', in front of the premises, '.ot No. 12, i i Square 44", fronting '2B f^et on 71 Ii st r? et. brt ween I. an?i M. run uing beck llii feet to a wide alley. The improve ments are a two-story Kram< House, containing hve rooms. This property is in a desirable location, and in a rapidiv improving part of the city, and is worthy the attention of purchasers. The alsjve property will 1* sold without reserve. Terms: One fourth cash: tjie ha lance 'in three equal payments of 12, IH, ai d 21 months. A deel given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the expanse of the purchaser. Title indisputable. is ai-ts WAI.L ft BARNA R D. Aurt?. By WALL ft BERNARD, Auctioneer*. VPALPABLE BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. th?2?th mst.. we shall sell, on tho premises, at o'clock.a desi rable Buiiding Lot, lieing part <d Lot 4. in Square 2"> feet front on I street north. I?etween 4th and 5th streets, and ruaninK back 142 feet 7 inches to a 3" feet ailey. Persons desirous of purchasing a valuable Build ing Lot. in a rapidly pari of the city, arc invitetl to this sale. Terms: One-fourth cash; lialnnce in 9,18. 24. an<! 30 months.with notes l>earin? interest. A deed given and a deed of trust t.akeu. Title indisputable. j*2l-ts WALL ft BARNARD. Anets. JO* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain unti MONDAY AFTER NOON, August 3. at same I our. jy .y-lfs WALL ft BARNARD. Anets. By A. GREFN Auctioneer. fEXECUTOR'S SALE OF FRAME HOUSE J and Lot at A rem x.-On MONDAY, the 5d day o( August, we shall st II. in front of tho premi ses. at 6 o'clock p. m., a good two-story and cellar Frame llous* and Lt)t, be ong:ng to the estate of the late Christian II. Webtr. deceased, being the west half of Lot No. 4. in square !fi7,fronting 2jfeet oil the north side of south G, between nth and 7th streets east, next to the residence of the Rev. S. A. II. Marks, running Imck 2f2 feet 4)i inches ton aide ailey, with the improvements, which are a good two story house, attic and cellar, with passage, cellar, and hack buiiding. Terms: One-third cash; in C ami 12 months: the purchaser to give note* for the defer red payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. jy 2fl-d .ktoMA'PONTS, (Trustees. PHILLIP Bt A. GREEN. Auctioneer. House and lot on rrn street, be twekn Nkw York avkxie and.xoMH i< stkkkt, AT Aft-Tio*.?On Tl ESDA\ . the 4th August. I shati fio'clock p ui.. in Iront oT the premises, part of Lot No. 8, in . 1 rooting oil 7th Street Arest. between New l ork ?};fnne and 1. street north, with the improvements, consisting of a good two story House, ftc. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12. and 1ft months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest from day of sa'e\ . , A deed given and a deed of trust takeu. jy 29 d ORKKNi A net. oan AiJDITION A L COP1ES OF "ROSA LIE f>ilU the Prarie Flower," just received. This is tiie mrst popular song ever published. Sent by mad free of postage on icceipt of rventj-hve oents is letter stamps, iy s JOHN F. SLU6. < TftLEfSXAl'Aig NEWS. # JROtf TUB ASSOCfATKb FHB9& Mirinr Diu?lrr Omt L*? 01 LU?, Irf. St Jou'l(N. F.?> Aug l -TyN aw *? "VO. f'om the city at Gothenburg. Ssrrden. ?ud bound for NVw York. ?m w reeked irv Rutn, N F . <>n the ?|st of lulr Fiftv Swedish pa. sen^ei* wwr lort. The < rew and nil paseeagem on'r w?*re saved. The wires to this point ??r In admirable orrtr'-. and alimrr aimcwir mniRg thr arrival of 'bf N airarm, with It.* western rtid of thr s n lunar .m cable, at Trinity bay. Sailing of the Tratr??ff. Nrw Yeas, Jmiv 31 ?The steamer Timnwn ?a. led In-nee last night for San Juan, having f-BfWljf chartered by thr Co*u Ku an govern ment to bring home the remainder ot thr fllibus ttri. i Selrnrr of thr Strnmrr Admiral. Beeves. July :*? ?The steamer Admiral wii seized vc?t*rday afternoon under a warrant of Jud^e Sprague, for illegally having on l?>ard quantities of liquor. Bail will be given, and (tie steamer will as usual ni.?k?- h? r tri|?s to St John, N B. Uf.rrr? t ?afrrr?d. New Htm, Co** . July 31 ?Thr faculty of Vale College yesterday ronfrrred the (l^iif of A M., on Re* Charles'Thomas, of Texas. D H. Puffl"!d. of Detroit; and L L- D , on Lieut Go*, ernor Seiden. of Nrw York. Raltimere .Markets. BtiTianKi. Aug 1 ?Flout U dull; Howard street ftr 7.?; Ohio $7 50 City Mills 9~ 45 Wheat i? utrrdv; white fl.tiUal.6S Corn is firmer; yellow Whisky is steady. City 20, Ohio &%c. New York Markets. New Yob*. Aug. 1?Flour isbuoyant, sales of 6,500 bbl?; S'ate *r, lo*f6 45; Ohio' ?ti iSai? ??; r-oiithern ?? :*?af 7 T? Wheat ia improving; sales of 7 ..V*i bushels, white ft '.tt Corn it h<-?tyt sales of 17,000 bush els; white fl; vellow *5r. Fork I* dull;' me*s (fl a Beef is firm; Chi ia^ repacked fl? Lard 15 kr Whisky i* improving at 32c. for Ohio. Flsucisl. N*w York, Aug I?Sto> k? are dull. Chkago an<* Rot k Ulaud t>. Illiujis Central bund* Mi. lii^an Southern .VI ^ . New York Central |Vnn>vivunia Coal Company '?'4, Reading Rail oai;.;. V irgn.i.t6 a ttl Exchange is dull GEORGETOWN ifflUn i'ottt.\po*-h?r? ?/ Tkt Star. GCon?*TOWIt. August 1, 1857 The City Council* met last night. IntheCouu ? II a message recei\ed fmin the Mayor ex plaining llie giounds of hi* veto, und arguing at MMuc length th" provlaioe* of the town charter in its suppoit; also one coveiing the account* of John MrDaniel and B Burrows, and two lettera, one from Mr NanNbyin relation to canal bridges, ...nd the other from M. A. Hyde; all of which were lead and p ferred. The b-tter of Mr Maul?by. President of the Canal Company, Inform* the Corporation of the inability 'if tbe Company to construct the bridge ??n the west side of the market, and request* the Corporation to do *o and bold the Canal Company responsible f'?r the out*. A communication wan read from Thos JewtJI iu relation to the ac? ounta of iiu. father with 'be Corporation, and aaking that certain amount* which had ht^ii erroneouslv charged ayainnt him might lie remitted; referred to ways and means committee. A letter wan re*d from the Corporation Clerk informinu the Councils that the Mayor had sig nified t<? him his intention to veto the nwlatiMf 111 relation to thr upj>er roads thr morning after tlirir i>asfa^e: al*o a communication shewing the amonnt of the indebtedness of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company to t lie Corporal ion for tbe construction and repair of canal bridge*; re ferred to ways and m-ans committee. Mr. r*eyiiiour asked that the grievance rommit tee Ite discharged f:otn tbe further consideration uf tba petitions of John lle*s. B M ?ger, and James Collins ; which was granted. Mr. Feaitoii a?k dthat the police committee be discharged from tbe further consideration of the communication of citizens living on market s|M?r, complaining of a nuisance, be disc harged f-oni :ts further consideration, tuat the saaue Lad been alia:* d : grant? d Mr. Fickrell of th* select committee to whom wa* referred the vet?i nie^sa ?r of thr Mayor, rmd ijuite .1 lengthy report in opp???iiion to the view* i.f the Mayor. r.n<i arcomp.ini?-d tiv a resolution d r. cting theclerk to enter the resolutions vetoed uji-in tbe journal, with the f.u is in connect on with it. forfuture refftrm*. which was adopted by yras and nav*. as fo!iow? Ye??M'-*si * Crop ley, liarron.' White. KnglUh. Fiekrell and Fearson. \ays? Memis. Thomas. Jones, Oyster and **ey uiour. Mr Thomas, of thr same committer, made a minority report, accompanied by a resolution sus taining the course of the Mayor. Mr. Thomas presented ttie account of Henry Reaver, 17 M, for ;ees as police magistrate; re fertrd. Mr. White presented the account of Joneph Reynolds. 2S for hire of horse and cart; re ferred. Mr. Thomas reported from the claims commit tee a resolution iu favor of Henry Reaver, which was recommitted for further investigation. A resolution passed both Boards in relation to the sinking fund, directiug the commissioners to substitute all the old due bills, issued prior to March, In>7, by new ones. Also, a resolution requesting the Mayor to direct the attention of the Su|?erintcndeut of the Canal to the anisaner on the tow-path? under the Mar k^t-houM-. and ask Lun to have the same effectu ally abai.-d. The A bier men passed all the Council bills of ilie previous meeting, eicept the one providing for n flag f00;way arr.?*s Dmnliarton street near High Both Boards then adjourned until ntxt Friday evening. Young Moore, who wa? stabbed by Nicholson several days'sinee. as noticed iu the Star, died veste'dav at the residence of his father on Con _'res< street. Coroner Woodward summoned a jury composed of the following yentlrrnen to h?.'d 111 inquest over the t>.>dv: Henry Heaver. Joseph Marii. R. A linlftn, John Fax ton, Henry IV-aii. John S Blackford. Jessr Kitchen. J Clark Ja? Martin, W. H. Teany, F. Cropiey. and John Wilson. Dr. McCall, the attending phy?ician of youn*; M-<ore, testified that th^ wounds had laeslcd <ip. j ai d thai, from ail external appearances, his death was the lesult of inftammatiou of tbe bovrrls; ImH 1 could not sav whether or not the inflammation re sulted from the wound without a post moitem examination. Police otfioer Gross te?'.lib d to arresting Xi<h olsou on the uicht of the stabbing, and to find;uk; up.?n his i?er*on a large knife, covered with bi'sid. Mr. S V.uisiev-r testifi'd oyoung Moore b ing intoxicate 1 ?n the i-i^ht iu question and to a scuttle occurring between Moo:e aud Nicholson, a pistol. The jury, after hearing all the evidence that could be bad. adjourned until o'clock this af ternoon, i'or thr purpose of giving time to Di McCall to perform the post mortem rxaminat.on Since our l?ft report si* boats, bravily ladrn with coal, have arrived fi?>m Cu:nl?eilaud I bry repoit quite a fleet 011 their way down The re Crt ht ought in by some of the boa'uien of another ik or break ii|>on the canal is untrue The en I tire line is reported by boatmen from Cumber laud. to be in excellent order, and th? re*rnt work of rejiair to be done in a strong and substan - tial in inner. Our esteemed old fellow-townsman. Mr John Moontz. is no more ; he expired at his residence, on B. idgr street, at e o'clock tins morning But few men in our country, doubtless, have iive?i a more consistent aud upright lile than he ha#, and his death will ?>e mourned by quite a larije circle of warm, admiring friends, Kith In the District and elsewhere. Mr. M was tiuly one of the noblest woiks of God. "an honest man ' lie will lie buried to-morrow afternoon, at I o'clock, by the Masonic fraternity The offerings of beef t attle at Drovn . R-st and Fosset's, yesterday, amounted to Lead, all of which were purchased by District botchers and speculators at 5uaS5.2.?on the hoof, equal to *9;i?10 50 nett. f beep and lambs *'?!?* ? I*1 head?supply heavy. UriCTtTM. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, " 9rs Street, sertn JoortJrem Ptnu. arenu*. FinkSh rts at Persons wisliinc a food article at tins pnee w;l! do well to ieavs their orders without delav. Hh. ins employed an experienced cotter and fitter, (tail* r,i those having clothes of anj description to he nivle up aan be served at priors much less than those usually paid. All work warranted as to nearness and durability. Whether wishing to purchase or not, parties are invited to call and examine the work. jy 9> 3t * JJANKING HOLSK^)F PA1RO A NOt'RSK. Keokuk City a per cent. Bonds. Keokuk Citv Ji> per cei.t. Bond*?short. Davenport. Iowa. 10 per cent. Bonds. St. 1 ?**u 1 s County 7 per ecnt. Bonds?short. County, Iowa, c per cent. Burnt*. Cil) of Kx susviib 7 per cent. Bonds?short. The atxivfe and other B<>nds for sale at such rales as will pay the purchaser at least 10 or l? por oeot. perauniiin interest. A I! kinds >'f Stale. City, Railroad, and other Stocks and Boi?ls bouiikt or sola. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, ue<ol>ated or purchased. PAIKO A NOl'RSE. 5D-1 ntere.t allowed on dep?>MU at the rale of six ??r oe?t. per ennum when left for thirty datsor lonzer. jy 25-*m A NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARK INTERESTED.?We have now on handasup p!y ofonreelebiated Burton and XXX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the southern trade'and which, ws will sua ran lee to keep anr leneth of time, even in the warmest of weather. All lovers of Rood Ale can be accommodated with the above at our Depot, in Gre?n street. George tows, D. C. ^ AJINY A 8H1NN i T?