Newspaper of Evening Star, August 4, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 4, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TI'ESDAY A??ust \**7. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union contends that David Wilrnot, the Republican party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, has crawled through slime to his present notoriety, and seeks to get office through the same avenue. We also find in the Union to-day able and interesting letters from Messrs. Cass. Toucey, Brown, (A. V.,) and Thompson, (Jacob) in response to invitations to attend the ?? Dudley Mann Convention," at Old Point Comfort. In the course of his letter, the Post master General says: 44 So Important is It to furnish ev?ry facility 01 Interchange of productions that most governments have given every incidental aid to commercial enterpi ises like yours which they were able to give. It was for this purpose that our govern ment instituted the Collins, the Bremen, and Havre lines, paying a considerable bonn* or extra compensation for carrying tbe mails of the I nited State*. On the expiration of the two latter con tracts a new policy has. however, lieen inaugu rated. of paying them only th> postages (sea and inland) for conveying our mails to France and 4ieriu?ny. Whatever patronage shall be given by Congress, in its future legislation, to any of the ocean steam lines, should, of course, be ex tended to tbe contemplated one between Norfolk and Milford Haven, and indeed to all other simi lar projects, whether North or South. If your line should be started in advance of such legis lation, the greatest amount of patronage allowed by existing law shall be freely bestowed upon It." In the course of his letter, the {secretary of the Interior takes occasion to say? "England and Francs, under the guidance of a mistaken philanthropy, abolished the system of slave laU>r iu their West Indian possessions, by which acts, as is no apparent to the world, they have inflicted ami entailed numlierless evils upon the slave, and sunk all their most fertile and beautiful islands of the Antilles beneath the wave of barrenness and barbarism, and to-day they are considering with favor, and proposing with earn estness, plans for the renewal of the African la bor system, in order to recover the pearl they have thrown away in a moment of misdirected and infatuated benevolence; and in order to avoid the penalty of piracy, and yet secure the benefits of African labor?for which no substitute of equal efficiency for the production of the staples most needed by the civilized world can be found?it Ik proposed to introduce the African upon their cot ton plantations and sugar and cotf^e estates, un der the nutderaiid less unpopular name of appren tice. He is to be indentured or sold for a term of years, to be worked until he becomes incapable of lat?or, and therefore worthless?with no claim upon his master beyond the time for which he is bound, and subject to lie driven off when over work and cruel usage shall have enfeebled his constitution and rendered him unfit for labor, and unable to obtain a livelihood?a system more bar barous and inhuman than any ever before devised by tbe cupidity of man. Since, then, bur rights are secure, and since our products can only be raised in sufficient Quanti ties in our climate, and by oar system of labor may we not hope to have our own line of steam ers established, and thus secure the advantage of direct trade with the European nations ?*' The Inteiliftnetr republishes from the Prov. iden\*e Journal. an able article against the prac tice of frequently changing the diplomatic rep resentatives of this Government, and takes occasion to endorse its positiuu?, holding that ?? they are incompatible with their functions, which can be derived only from long experience in the pursuit of any profession and alio that they imply that our diplomatists are " unable to resist tbe seductions of monarchical power or to escape the influence of despotic habitudes '* Elsewhere the Imtllietuctr says : 44 Since Congress has given its full sanction to the construction of the Potomac Aqueduct, by granting successive appropriation for it, the Sec retary or War. we understand, is zealously en gaged in carrying out t'ne intentions of Congress bv vigorously prosecuting the great work. With this view he'has, very judiciously we think. aj? provedtbe plan of the able superintending officer, of letting out to separate and reliable contractors the ditfcrent descriptions of work required on the aqueduct." We also find in the same journal a brief note from the filibuster Walker, contradicting some of tho statements in the letter from General Wool, not long since published in that journal. We extract the material points of W.'s rejoin der. as follows: - "Ibe/ leave to say to vou that one afternoon, as Gen Wool was leaving San Francisco for Benicla?when lie was on the wharf, and about going aboard the steamer?I distinctly stated to him the nature of my grant from Castilion, and he as distinctly wished me all success in my en terprise ?? As for what the General says about4 filibus tering schemes' and the formation of ? an inde pendent slave confederaev,' I blush that such phrases have been published over the signature of a Major General in the army of the L'nited States.'* \J~r~ Theodou L. Tompkixs, a young man 23 years of age, was so badly beaten in a brothel in Mulberry street, New York, on Saturday night, that he died the next morning. * The six negroes who attempted to murder their overseer. Mr. Dodd, in Henrico county, Va., were to be tried iu Ru hmoud yesteiday. PERSONAL. .... C. T. Heaningsen, N. Y., is at Browns'. ....Capt Heath. L". S. A . and Capt. Gardner, V. 9. N., are at Willards'. Mrs. Stowe is writing another novel; *o is Mrs. Pike, ?1 Maine. the author of 44 Ida May." .... Dr. Johnson made short work with the tough Question of Fr,-e Will. " Sir," he said to Bos well, ?? we know our will is free and there's and end ou *t." John l<each. the immortal caricaturist of London Punch, and who in bis peculiar field, surpasses rvrn Cruitkshank orGavami,is about to visit the United States. .. . Tue first French translation of Mrs. Heech er Stowe's l)r*d app>-a ed in the beginning of the present month, as did also a translation of her reminiscences of travel in Kurope. ....The quaint looking house occupied by the late James G. Percival, of New Haven, Ct..was sold at auction on Wednesday last for 31,7UU, to satisfy a mortgage. .... Prestlce, of tbe Ixmlsville Journal, wants to know if tbe Ktw and Crow Indians, about which we bear so much just now. are one tribe, as their names would seem to indicate. The celebrated Siamese twins have enter ed into an engagement wilh Col. Wood toexbibit themselves foi five years in the L'mted States, Cuba, and Pern A portion of the families of each will accompany them. Mr M< Flratb, the business man of the New \ ork Tribune, aud who was supposed to lie worth a quarter of a million has failed, and has resigned the Presidency of the Nassau Hank. It is understood that his emlmrrassments do not af fect either the Bank or the proprietors of the Tri bune. .... The Baltimore Sua of this morning in an nouneing the retirement of Judge Mason from the post of Commissioner of Patents, says that "Samuel T Thugert," the . hief clerk, will act until a soceesaer is ap|>ojuted It mnst have lieen a li-ping compositor who set up the item. Shu ftri is the name .... A personal collision recently occurred at Gallatin. Mo . between the candidates for Governor?Stt wait. Democrat,and Rollins, Amer ican. I he former, on the s and. had made soioe offensive remaks concerning the latter, when Rol lins immediately struck hi in twice. Before Siew art could reply both l'entlernen were secured, aud the fight prevented by their friends. .... Mr. Brownson?Orestes A. Brownson?the editor of Brown son's (Quarterly Review, it is s^lrt. Is getting again erratic in his course, and m, i t not, profo-.bly. he encouraged In the expres sion of some of his recent views. He is a man of cousiderable learning. *nd an able writer?but ?eeuis to h.?ve an unstable and vacillating mind? nr. if not so, * propensity to ruu counter to the opinions even of those with whom he propose* to .... In relation to the on/lit going the rounds of ?{} .?lw*lan Slinister "running with tne maj hlne. years in this city, the Albany Ar".IS IS told by?clii??,, of Washing ton, that Mx.Hur. kl was almost always on hand at a ?re, enjoy m" the e*citen.e,? ,m?,ensely and the engines and aiding la subduing the flame, lr th? ? , heueu to be extinguished before he could rS the scene, he appeared disappointed aud indii/ nant. ?? .... Connt .Montho|on. Consul General, has Ukcu rooms for Lauself and family, at the Pil more House, Newjiort. They had a grand hop there Friday Light, under the management of Ho? R McLane. Baltimore, W.Peli.N Y W Chadwick. Col Van Buren. N Y., Mr. Ander '">n> Mr-ll'?tchjB*, Baltimore, Mr. Parker and Marsh, N Y. fhe .\ewp??rt News says that a very fair nutfilier of person* in full dress were Mwn '*? l? tbe morning, though ??hop* serins out of favwr with the la dies. Music was by Germain* Band Among tb#- new dances was the " l^nrers tf.iadrllle,'' a fine and modest, but somewhat complicated dance, reminding one of the good, old-fihioned meas ST 'ht'd our 8 *uw Me kaown lo WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP A* INTERESTING PE*BIO*-LAW QCESTIO*.? A correspondent, whose interests are involved in the solution of the question, writes us as fol lows concerning a Pension-law imbroglio which is just now agitating, not ft little, tho*e in W ashington who practice as attorneys before the Pension Bureau: a " Ever since lttM, it has been the Pension Office to pay arrears of pensions to children wniforinly. a n 5* lh* greater portion of the time to ^rend-ch ldren (11 ) l^st year, for the flrst time, the Secretary of the Interior doubted the legality of this practice, and referred the question to the Attorney General,who, after five months" delay. dcc1d?i that payments to children should continue, (2 ) At its lant ses sion the Supreme Court declared grand-children as well as children to be within the equity of these acts, (3,) and upon this, payments to l?oth children and grand-children are suspended by the S*ecretary. who has a<rain consulted the At torney General, and now for some three month* the question has been held up, to the great detri ment of all who have claims or this character,'"(4.) Concerning this matter, we have to express regret that in the exercise of the caution neces- i sary in the discharge of the functions of his office, the Secretary of the Interior should cause any one to linger on hope deferred. Yet we know well that questions such as those Involved in the case stated above require time for their correct solution. The Attorney General, of course, in almost all instances disposes of cases in their turn. They come to him from every division of the Executive branch of the public service, not a few of them requiring weeks of careful investigation ere they can be properly disposed of. To take this case up out of its order would be to d'. lay the disposition of many other cases, the parties to which are equally meritorious and necessitous as these. Our cor respondent will, therefore, seo that if blame should fall anywhere for the delay of which he complains, it should be on Congress ; for fail ing to establish the law department of the Gov ernment?to increase the facilities of the Attor ney General's office for disposing of the so rapidly increasing business that is being show ered upon it on all sides. The late Attorney General, if we remember correctly, in an able report set forth the pressing necessity for the change of tlie organization of the office (Attor ney General s) to which we refer. More com petent legal assistants, who should be well paid. (as the present assistant of the Attorney General is not.) are required to hunt up author ities, investigate the law. arrange the cases for the final decision of the Chief of the Depart ment. Ac. Until Congress shall act favorably upon the recommendation mentioned above, much of the business of the office must be de layed or hurriedly disposed of. notwithstanding the intensity of the labors of its chief aud his assistants, who work now as few other meu could without breaking down from sheer exhaustion. But there are points in our correspondent s communication which require some explanation at our hand. 1st. lie is probably mistaken in the belief thnt there is settled precedent for the payment of arrearages to grand-childrcn. Such is not the underiHanding of the Pension Bureau. 2d. The question referred by Secretary McClclland, was as to the legality of the pay ment of arrearages to children?not grand-chil dren. Attorney General Cushing, after as thor ough investigation as was ever bestowed upon a law point referred to an Attorney General^ very distinctly and emphatically reported that there was no law for the practice, lie. how ever, virtually sanelkmod its continuance, as the precedent had been followed for a length of time sufficient to give it the force of law. 3d. Our correspondent's understanding of the effect of the decision of the Supreme Court to which he refers, differs from ours. It was in a ease where money had bt*n obtained from the Government; not one in which the question was?shall the Government pay money. Hav ing been obtained, and being beyond the reach of Government reclamation by law, the ques tion to be decided by tho Supreme Court was? should it be divided between the children and grand-children, or only the former? Such only were the parties to the suit?not the Govern ment; whose rights or interests were not in volved in it directly or indirectly, if we are not mistaken. 4th. We are very sure that Secretary Thomp son. in calling on the Attorney General for his opinion upon the rights of children and grand children to arrearages of revolutionary pensions^ is simply discharging his duty conscientiously. The decision of the questions involved will af fect the interests ot a large number of persons, as well as materially affect the Treasury. The public will, therefore, award him credit lor acting with his proverbial caution in the mat ter, rather than blame him for not at once act ing against- his convictions of duty, to avoid delay. But it is sinccrely to be hoped that at its next session Congress will so legislate as that the payment of arrearages to children may no loi-gor rest wholly on precedent. The question of right is too important to be left longer in that condition. To extend the operation of tho law to grand-children, will be to authorize drafts on the Treasury such as the country little dreams of, or the Pension bureau is vastly mis taken in the probable operation of such a law or such construction of existing law. A Kev to Them.?The newspaper reports that it has been determined to displace the present Engineer-in-Chief of the Navy, strike us as being, to say the least of them, prema ture. Strenuous efforts to bring about his dis placement are certainly being made. Some of them come from quarters that render us suspi cious ol their propriety. Since the commence ment of the use of steam in the naval service of the United States, the Department has been beset by different parties of holders of patent rights bearing on ocean steam navigation, to bring about the use of their improvements in the sen ice. at round rates. Some of their pro |>osed changes are doubtless valuable, while most of them would involve the Government in jKjsitive loss. In our time we have known many such effort? essayed here, usually without suc cess TLe opinion of the Engineer-in-Chief, of course, has much weight in determining the fate of such efforts; and where he proves firm in re fusing to counsel such proposed changes, he gives eternal offence to those urging them. There is a little controversy about coal, in ii*f just now, which strikes us as superinducing some of thecurrent efforts on which we are com menting. It has been found, we hear, that Cumberland coal when sent abroad and left ex posed to the weather, a* is often necessary in coaling American government steamers on for eign stations, disintegrates, or rather crumbles; and if laying on a beach becomes so mixed with ( sand as toinjure the grates on which it ia burned. However, when so ex]>osed it is not deemed as valuable for naval purposes as anthracite coal, which preserves its consistency much better under all the changes of climate, weather orcir outnstances it may undergo. These facts of course superinduce an unfavorable opinion on the part of tho Engineer-in-Chief as to the uso Cumberland coal in the navy, abroad. Wo shall not be surprised if the expression of that unfa vorable opinion has not, in turn, superinduced efforts on the part of some of the Cumberland coal men to bring al>out the displacement of Engineer-in-Chief Mrrtin. However, if he shall be ordered to other duty. It will surely be lor reasons other th*n those to which we refer above. Parties, such as those mentioned above make all the noise in the newspapers ainst publio officers, though rarely succeeding in carrying oat their schemes, la this case we will guar antee that whoever may hold the position under I the present Administration, will be as unman ageable bj them as the present incumbent. It may be bettet for the public interest that the ! incumbents tp such offices should be changed j now and then, as there are many gentlemen in the Government's arrice thoroughly qualified to All them. We have no idea, however, that any future appointees to such places will "go in" for the gratification of the patent-rights men generally, or for the use abroad of any other eoal in the Qovernment service, than that which experience may have made plain to be the best for the required purpose. Thk Right to Enter Public Lands.?The Acting Commissioner of the General Land Of fico has recently had occasion (in replying to inquiries from newly-appointed Land Offioers) to explain their duties and the rights of parties applying to enter land, as follows. Viz : " It is the duty of the Register and Receiver to receive application* for the purchase or location of any lands in the district subject to entry at pri vate sale in the exact order of the filing of appli cations and tender of the consideration without restriction as to ranges, taking care not to allow a monopoly of purchase in favor of any one person, I and not permitting each to ntircUase at any one time more than the extent of an ordinary entry. I Where greater quantities are desired by any one applicant, the party must take his turn according to the principle here laid down, until from time to time he may l>e accommodated with proper regard to the equal privileges and rights which others may have to make purchases. Under the above regulations, the practice of offering lauds in the manner proposed (by ranges) cannot ue sanctioned. ! Where the number of entries consummated du- I ring any particular period are so great as to ren- I der it necessary to close the office a portion of the day, you will be governed by the regulation in the Circular of the '24th January, 1W50. as follows: J 41 It is, therefore, hereby directed, that in fu- I ture when the press of business at any one land office shall mate such proceeding necessary, the hours for business will be limited from 8 a. m., I to 12 in., at which last hour the offices twill be cloNed for the day, and the afternoon devoted to bringing up the morning work; and whenever it shall be necessary to restrict the hours as above, the fact will be immediately reported to this Of fice, and the probable time such limited working hours continued, also communicated. So soon as the press of business is overcome, the hours will be extended throughout the day; and in no case whatever will the unauthorized closing of land offices be tolerated.*' This new (for such it is) explanatory regula tion is a capital one to secure the proper and fair transaction of the business of the laJid of ficer, and should be republished by every news paper where the public are immediately inter ested in the management of these important branches of the public service. The Vert Latest Dodge?How to Obtain Promotion.?Whenever, reader, you find some body holding a little clerkship in one of the Departments, or some other little place under Government, being puffed in many newspapers, i intellectually, politically, oratorically, infiuen- I tially, Ac.,?write him down in your own mind j as a seeker after promotion, so far as '? de mon ish" is concerned. In one of the Departments, to-day, we saw a clerk as busily engaged in clipping from newspapers as though he was the items man on a daily, ile was cutting out puffs of the remarkable political services of a clerk praying for promotion, which he had filed j as testimonials of his merits and "claims.' We know enough of the manner in which such " first rate notices" are obtained from editors, to be well aware that in nine cases out of ten they are accorded either as the shortest way to get rid of a bore, or to gratify some third party Were we the appointing |?owcr, we wouldn't ac cord to such " notices" the weight of a feather, against a reputation for blatherskiting, Ac., which usually attaches to every person in such positions who seeks thus to be blown into some notoriety, if not importance, through the edito- I rial goose quill A Ntw Naval Board.?In the Inst act making appropriations for the naval service of the United States there is- the following clause. Vi*: '?Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the I Secretary of the Navy be and he is hereby di rected to have prepared, and to report to Congress at its next session for its approval, a code of regulations for the government of the Navy, which shall embrace such general orders and I forms for the performance of all the neces- I sarv duties incurnlx*nt on the officers thereof both ashore and afioat, including rules for the government of CourLs Martial and Courts of In- I quiry,as well as to establish the rank and-frece aence of each grade of officers in the line of pro- I motion, and th* relative rank and precedence I ashore and afloat, between them and non-com?>a tantH, and between officers and petty officers of all grade* not in the line of promotion.'* i Under this requirement of law, the Secretary of the Navy ha* directed a board of naval offi cers to assemble in this city on the 10th of this I month to prepare a code of regulations for the future government of the service. The follow ing officers are to compose the board. Viz: Commodore Wm. B. Shubrick, Commander Jas. L. Lardner, Lieut. Wm. L. Maury. Sur geon Chas. I>. Maxwell, Purser Jno. De Bree, | Lt. Colonel John Harris (Marine Corps.) From TnK Sioux.?The Indian Bureau this morning received letters from its special agent not long since despatched from this city to lojk after the Indian affairs in Minnesota He writes from St. Paul, under date of the 2Sth ul timo, and states that a body of 200 Sioux have gone out after Ink-Pah-du-tah's band, now numbering not more than seventeen warriors. I There were about thirty engaged with him in perpetrating the Spirit Lake massacres. thir teen of whom were not of his band, and are not supposed to be with him. i The agent does not write what is the opinion of well-informed persons there as to the proba bility that the pursuing Sioux will succeed in bringing in the murderers. Naval Courts or Inquiry.?Before Court No. 1, the case of Lt. Marine is still on trial. I Dr. J. M. Minb#,; formerly of the Navy, was cx- I a mined this morning on his behalf. A medical survey as to his physical capacity was then or dered, and Drs. C. D. Maxwell, P. Lansdale and EDgles, all of the service, were directod to make it. Before Court No. 2, to-day, the case of Lieut. M. C. Perry, Jr., being still on trial, Capt. Tatnall, Commodore Mayo, and Lt. Win. Gib son were examined for the appellant, who then rested bis case. Capt. Gardiner was then ex amined on behalf of the Government. Before Court No. 3, tho case of Commander Oreen was continued, to a conclusion. No wit nesses wero examined in it to-day. His defencc is to be read to-morrow, we presume. A Duel Brewing.?In their discussion of the present phase of the Kansas question, the Richmond "Enquirer and South have gradually lapsed into a war of personalities. In its issuo of Friday last, the former journal accused the editor of the latter journal of disingenuous ness. malignity, and the practice of other such anti-christian virtues; to which the South re plies in its issue of yesterday with " tho lie direct." Those who Jtnow the history of edi torial life in that region will, of oonree, cxpcct to hear of an immediate duel between these parties, or to read "can]*" announcing the terms of tho settlement of their imbroglio. An Error.?Some one has imposed on the Washington corresiiondont of the Courier and Enquirer and others here connected with tho^ distant press, in inducing them to write for publication that Mr. Porter Brawley, of Penn sylvania, has been appointed to the Sixth Au ditorship of the Treosury. Mr. Wm. F. Phil lips, of Virginia, continue! to hold that office, for which, we have every reason to believe, Mr. Brawley is not and has not been an appli cant. ? Minister Dodgb.?It is currently reported that the Hon. A. C. Podge bM tendered fcii % ? ? ' * .? resignation of his position as United States Min ister to Spain, and the report finds credence in each quarters, in Washington society, that we are inclined to receive it as being true. The understanding is that it arrived by the last mails received in Washington from Kuropa. A* Army Officer Resigned.?Tha resig nation of 1st Lieut. Orlando B Willoox. 4th artillery, hat been accepted by the President of the United States. T?* Wbathkr.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, The time of observation if about 7 o'clock a. m.: August 4, 1857. New York, N. Y clear, warm. Philadelphia, Pa clear, warm. Baltimore, Md clear, cool. Washington, D. C cloudy, warm. Richmond, Va cloudy, damp. Petersburg, Va raining. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, pleasant, Wilmington, N. C cloudy, warm. Columbia, 8. C...... raining. Charleston. S. C clear, warm. Augusta, Ga... reining. Savannah, Ga... ...raining. Macon. Ga raining. Columbus, Ga raining. Montgomery, Ala raining. Lower Teach Tree |Ala...cloudy. Mobile, Ala ..............cloudy. Gainesville, Miss cloudy. New Orleans, La cloud v. At Washington, yesterday. at 9 p. m , the bar ometer was 30.160, thermometer 755. This morn ing. at 7 o'clock, the barometer was 30.1UR. ther mometer 70?. Shocking Tragedy?Gambling and Us Cease quences, Ate. On Saturday morning, at about a quarter past five o'clock, a shocking tragedv occurred at the **ea View House, Nevasink, N. J. Albert 8. Mosw. at thr time designated temporary bar keeper, was heard crying murder, as ne was run ning in his night clothes from the hall of the third floor of the main building; and on the ap proach of those attracted by the cry, be retreated to his room aud his bed, some twenty feet from the stairwav. He was found in his l>ed with his throat cut and bleeding profusely. The matting on the passage floor was literally covered with blood to the stairway Upon inquiry, the dying man said that James P. Donnelly, the book-keeper of the house, bad killed him; that during the night they had been gambling, that deceased had won some fifty-five dollars of Donnelly, and that the assassination was the result of a desperate resolution on the part of Donnelly to recover the money. I'pon the strength of the testimony before Cor oner Connery, an examination was 'made of the water closets of the back yard, and a lot of bank bills, torn in pieces, were fi->hed up from the sink. The money consisted of a one hundred dollar bill and a number of small bills, the whole amounting, we understand, to about one hundred and *ixty dollars. The key of the safe in the morninir could not be found Donnelly could give no account of it; and the dirk knife of which he was known to be possessor, and with which it is believed he committed the murder, was probably thrown into the river.

Donnelly apnears to be som^ 25 or 29 years of age. is a small man, very pale, and manifestly very excitable and impulsive. Yet he bore him self very well under the trying circumstances of his situation?he was neither stolidly indifferent, nor abject or weakly confused, but seemed to feel at once a becoming regret for the catastrophe and the necessity of keeping awake all his faculties in his own defence. In his evidence before the coroner's jury, Donnelly testifi-d that he belonged to Washington city. Moses appears to have l?een nearly the same iige, and has led a rambling and irregular life, though not regarded as a belliger ent or quarrelsome character. The prisoner, when about being sent to jail, desired to send a telegraphic message to a lady in Washington, to whom he says he is engaged to married. His counsel advised him not to *end the message, as it would get the young la dy's name into the papers. The prisoner there upon desisted. The purport of the message was to tell the young lady that he was innocent of the crime with which he ischarged. Donnelly is a graduated physician; he entered college at Georgetown, an?l graduated at Mt Pt. Mary's College, Md. Among his effects is an of fice sign. He spent several years of his life in Montreal: was bnrn in No. 33 Mercer street. New York. His father is a man of quite moderate means in Brooklyn, ;\nd does now. or did a short time ago, keep a tailor shop there. His mother is dead. He lias three sisters, two of whom are married. He is the only son. He appears to have kept a large quantity of spurious money about him. and made use of it when he had an opportunity of doing so. On Friday he gave a spurious )?1 bill to Mis. Smith, the landlady. On being questioned about the spurious money by the coroner's court he said that it was usual for all persons in his position in a hotel to have a quantity of such money [Y-p? RELIGIOUS NOTICK.-Th- Disciple. !1 meeting will continued in the East Room o?'Temperance Hall THIS EVENING, at 7S o oik. P'eaohmg l?y Prof. Mur.nell, of New \ork. The public are cordially invited. u rr: NOTICK.?All persons are ferewarned from crediting my wile, Kniilv Pickrell, on in> ac count she having left my bed arid Itoard without provocation or cause on my part, as I will not be re sponsible lor their so doing. It* BENJAM1M PICKRELL. ATTENTION,K RANK LI N FIR E COM PAN\ ou are hereby ordered to meet at %our Engine House, on WKDM'.SUAV AFTER NOON, 5th lost., at I o'clock, in full lummer equip ments, to join in the esoort to Engine Company No. 5, of Richmond, Va. ROBT. E. DOYLE, President. GEO. R. CROSSFIELD. See. It (I'uionAIntcl) fY^j^ NOTICE.?The President and Directors of k ? Georgetown College hereby warn all persons not to trespass on any of the College walks or grounds, on pain of being dealt with according to law. B? order of the Pres-Kent: au 4 lm J AMES CLA RK, Treasurer. Y7s=* N OT ICE.-PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?The 'I.? regular monthly meeting of the Hoard of Trustees will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 5th instant, at 5 o'clock p. m. au4 S. A. H. McKlM. See. 0=?THE CATHOLIC BENEFICIAL To tal Abstinence Societv of Washington will have a PIC NIC in the Georgetown College Grounds on .MONDAY, August lltli. Particulars in a future advertisement. au3-2t COMMITTEE. MONTGOMERY GUARDS ATTEN k.? TION'.?^ ou are hcrebv notified to attend a regular monthly meeting on WEDNESDAY EVE NING, the 3th met. Punctual attendance is called for. as business of ltnportaoo will l?e transacted. The final arrangement for the Excursion to l>e given on the I7ih inst., wil! Me completed at this meeting. By order of Capt. Kfy: au3-3t THOMAS MnENERV.Sec. A F EST1V A L.?'The members and friends of LJ? the Methodist Episoopal Church South pro pose holding a FESTIVAL in Thorn's new build ing, two doors below Odd Fellows' Hall. on 7th St., commencing on next WEDNESDAY EVENING, 5th of August, at 8 o'clock, for the benefit of the Sabbath School connected with that church. In order to make tne occasion interesting and at tractive, a choir of singers have been engfMCed to in terest and enchant the visitors with hue music throughout the Festival. The citizens generally are cordially invited to attend. au S-'tt* fY"5*CAlTTION.?I hereby forewarn the public against trusting my wife. Mary Ann Jarboe. on my account, She has left my l?ed and t>oard witli Sut provocation, and I am determined not to pay any eht of her contracting. au I St* BENIDICT JARBOE. rr^=? BALTIMORE ICECREAM DEPOT IL3 AND CONFECTIONERY, S8n6th street, between G and II.?The very best ICE CREAM and WATER ICESat fl^n per gailon, delivered to any part of the city. Also.on hand 68 different kinds of Cakes, and finest in the city, which I will sell 8 for 5 cent8. Come one, come all and give me a call. Furnishes Parties, Weddings, Excursions. Ac. JOSEPH SHAFFI ELD, Late Foreman at Weaver s. jy 27-lin* Opposite Browns' Hotel. WASHINGTON ASYLUM?FOR SALE. 10,onoCELERY PLANTS, by the Gardener, on the premises. J. R. QUEEN, an 4-3t* Intendant. RUSKIN'S ELEMENTS OF DRAWING.? The Eleineuts of Drawing, in three letters to beginners, by John Ruskin, M. A., with illustrations drawn l>y the author; English edition. Price ? 1.25. Just imported by TAYLOR A MAURY, nil 4-3t Bookstore near 9th street. I^MERSON INSTITUTE. J H street, between 12th and 1S/A. Sei.kct Classical asid Mathematical School for Bots. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. The number of pupils is limited. For further particulars address au 4-iin CHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. JVTOTICE.?Was taken from .lames Wilson, who 11 was tried and convicted at the March term,185?, of tlie|Crnninal Court, of larceny, a DIAMOND RING, supposed to be stolen. The owner can havf the smiihIiv producing proper evidence that it be longs to him, and by paying fortius advertisement. J. D. HOOVER, au 4-at __ Marshal. LACK DIAMONDCOAL ON THE WAY. B A cargo of the altove COAL of Nut, Egg, and Stove sixes to be unloaded this week. The best Anthracite, lor general use, ever brought to this city. ?5cts. per ton deducted if taken from vessel. Order at once, of . SAMUEL H. YOUNG. East side 9th stroct, between D aud E. x si. 4-eo.1t (Intel) Old JUand. ^ E W 1 N G MA C H INK., Our Agent, Mr, JOHN PORTER, viMtsiheCity of Washington, for the purpose of exhibiting to the Ladies of this vicinity, the justly oelebrated Watrok's .tin Family Skwina Machine. , and also make sale for Territorial right for the Dis trict of Columbia. Machine will be on exhibition at McGregor's Store, 580 7th street, where be would 10 T&TbinbTco? Avcnotara. ? (S? first r?t* for otkor " Auction Suits."] Hy WALL A BA&NABD. Auotioneera. WINES. LIQUOR*. CIGARS. AND TOBAC ,1^ co AT A?ttio*.-L>b THURSDAY MORN ING, th? 6th instant, at ifp'aioek, in front of onr Auction ftooflM. w? will larva stock ofWiwn, fH toodi. together 2 riXtdTSS. Measure*. Ac . being the ?f'ck olR. D. T*e?l?, Esq. Wa nam<* m part Fine old Huvbnn and Monotigabsis Whiakey. in ?*#*?'* Md demijofcna Fine Claret. Mad aria, and other Winee, tn oaaka and bottle* Fine old dark and pale Brandies * r oi**?.-.auperior branda Chewing Tobacco Also, Store ^ ixturea, Meaaures, Demijohna, Ae. Alao, wi 1 he added W quarter-caska Branuy, for aala on account of whom it ma> oonoern. Terma caah. 4 U WALL A BAB NA R D. Auota. T* A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IVELVE HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS MIT? ?JrsoxTiso on Nsw JsRasr in III"" NORTH. !fKXT S<jl*ARR TO THK ?aTwa?a tmi Capitol ako AT. Armo!*.-On MONDAY. iilir ?* ?,n ^romt ?f th* premiaea, at halTpnat five o clock p. m., twelre handsome Build ing LQt"? pome of which front D atreet, oppoaite the Railroad Depot, and on New Jeraey avenue, near the depot, and the remainder on E atraat north in the same aquare. The above mentioned[property la now oonaidered aa deairable aa any in Waahington. aa it la in lha moat rapidly improving part of the citv. Terina: One-fourth caah ; balanoe in aix. twelre and eighteen months, for notea liearing interest fr< >rri the day of aala. A deed riven and dead of truat taken. Title indiaputable. an 4-eoAds A. GREEN, Aoct. GR BXCURSIOBB, Ac. AND CIVIC A MILITARY EXCURSION or TH* Washington Yagen, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, WEDNESDAY. August 5th. 1357. The Committee of Arrangements respeotfully ber leave to inform their friends and the nw public that the EXCURSION will^^W-A take place aa above stated. lVi!*A The fineateamerGjuiRGB Wabhtngtoji, under the oommnud of Capt. Coraon, having been chartered for theocoaaion, will leave her wharf ae follows, inakinx two trips each way : at 8 a-and 2 p. m. Returning at 6 p. m. and p. m. The 8 a. m. boat will atop at the Navy 1 art wharf. lf.her*' Brnsa and String Band has tiean anrace<! i i fDOLLAR lor a gentleman aiid {Miea, to be had or any of the committea and at tha Commit let of Arrnmn mmt*. Lieut. N. Hopp. Corp. J. Wahl, Hergt. J. Schulz, Corp. J. 8tinzmfv ? ^LorJ'' F? Geyer, J. Kilian. jy ?'-6t |JO! FOR THE EMMETT CLUB! FIRST GRAND ANNUAL EXCURSION or thw Emmett Club, Ho. 1, TO FORT WA SHI KG TO X * WHITE HO USE Members of ,h# Emmxtt Clcb take thia method of informing their frierda and m ? . the public in general, that they will ''f.? ?:h;ir FIRSTANNI'AL Ei b*v?K?.S ?h.rav' "? TH0*? rile committee pledge themaelves that no peine or expense will be sparetfto make this one of the moat p easnnt Excursions of the season for all who wish fulYM macT ple*s>Dre on tba **nka of the beauti - Wither*' Brass and String Band haa been enrared for the occasion. Shadd. the experienced caterer,haa charge of the Refrebhin^nt Department. ?.?h?r ?*e"?er George WasHtxerox will leave her wh?irf foot of llth 8 o'clock a. m . Narv 1 ard 8K, and Alexandria at 9. The Second Boat will leave 11th street wharf at 2 o'clock?N'ivy Y^Im V Alexandria 3 p. in. Returninr at 6 and in p. m. A line of Stagea will leave the corner of 4th atreat aim Massachuaetts avenue at "?H a. m. and Iji d m Ticket. ONE DOLLAR ; admittingTrentPe\?'? medmlireof thichil? ?f My ?f th* cwram'ltM <>' By order; COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. 4-41 Pleasure excursion TO OLD POINT. PORTSMOUTH, A NORFOLK. The afeamer Martlaxd will leave Waahinrton upon an Excursion to the aOove places ii n on SATURDAY, the 8th A JusTa! Jo clock a. m.. arriving at Norfo!k*K**H?d9a ff,rl> n-xt morninn.and leave again at lOo'clock for Oid loint. where aha will remain until 6o'oJock p. m.^iffordiug ainple tnne to viait Hampton,Forire?? Monroe, the Ilygcia Hotef. to enjoy the Sea Breeze, to !? ish and Bathe The next day nan be aereeably spent in Twitiag Norfolk and Portaniouth, the Navy n u i Dock. Naval Hospital, Ac. ActuriuuK. the Maryla .d will leave Norfolk for Washington Monday atternoon at 4 o'clock. * The table will be abundantly supplied with all the dehoacieKoi the \N aaainrtou and Norfolk market a Goo I Music will be in attendanoe. Passage, including meals, lor the round trip, #6* for a rentlenian and lady *10. p' * WM. MITCHELL. 14'STORY OF THE HOUSE OF REPRE 80u DVeo?^1 ^Th,rt J fourth Congresa, 185S 121.t*T P? P* C' Tr'P1?"- Pr,oe 15 ?*nta. For if,^i T^VtOR 4 MAURY'S *,,K ,"3t Bookstore^near 9th atreet. H'r?'< t\'/V KX 1'k^T1ID?TWO CARGOES of i.Ti i^l - I .,i*twve s,r,d *'xe' W hlt<' Ash; whirh 1 ?' , ?7!" *f taken immediately from the vessels tha? alter wards. Persons in want will do well to will at either of our Wood and Coal Yards, corner of I atreet and \ erinont avenue. Waahinc* ton. and eoruerof \\ ater and (Jreen streets, George k Z1', DICKSON, GORDON A CO. anr l-3t (Statea copy.) I D. LA KENAN, * Km mi p ? MERCHANT TAILOR. i?o. 281 Pennsylvania artnue, south side, m . . 'totittcm 1<?A and 11/4 xlretls. ~..L? *.lh? ??f inlorming hia friends and the puhiic. that he has commenced the above a* named business on his own aooount. Having purchasetl a carefully selected aa- WK aortment of the latest and most faaluoitaUe Rnd 'ifrman"?**" Ol,OT?8. CASSIMERES. an.I VESTINGS 1a Having acquired hia knowledge of the buainess 1'!,. '???. ??taWiahment in Waahmgtoo. and ia\ inr had louS experience aa cutter ax,. 1 forenwn ,s :r, ?"j "?">?. ? ii:15"' ?OOUSu,?,, f^AS FIXTURES^ " ^SFiVtiVkV I!?E1I#dA"2?d, a**?rtra?nt of r? 1 be, such as Chandeliera Hrtnt Pendants, Globes, Ac. ^"~? ra, GAS Tt'BING introduced in Stores nvMltin*. Si.1 ? p'i^S wort'n""' ?? N?.? P.. "A",.. i?JMiii_ AGNOLIA HAMS. A W B O O K S. U hartou's American Criminal Law: fourth edition. " \|. ir. . VHOicifc MAGNOLIA HAMS. T.' Ti1,u#t ?P,e"ln?- a"d we ruarantee them un equalled by any Hams in this city. I key were curod in AIai>land cxpreaaly for our " I ?? No authorized agenta. n xr * BURCHKLL, -J- .r* . Corner Vermont avenue and 15th atreet. pROPERTY. LAND, LOTS, HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK, Real Protertt Aoext, i ? orl ,ermB to ??it purchaaera. Vacant Lota in different parts of the city. He Buys, Selia wd Exchangos a.l kind# of Real Property on mode rate terma. General Agent. Notary Public, and Jnatice of Peace. No.52S 12th atreet, Waahinrton City, D. C. jy i7*i m L Pritchard'a Admiralty Digeat. Addison on Contracta; new edition. ST.cew^ck on ?'?d Conatitutional Law. Hill on Trustees ? navedition. Chitty on the Ijiw of Carriers. _?H*J FRANCE TAYLOR (^LINTON'S PATENT ALCOHOL COOK-A (]<??irab?e article for summer u?^?are (nr ka;h >t 3 :tt LAMMON O S.7?:, a.raet. WKIRT REEOS. ELASTIC BELTS, WORK ^5 inr Cotton, Flourishing Thread, & c., at *u LaVm ON 7t h atreet._ RENTAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Or. R. FINLE\ HUNT haa resumed fullv the practice of DENTISTRY, at hi. and residenoe, No.3'0 north aide of Penn sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth^inr 8trw,t8, _ au S-2w* DESIRABLE GOODS FOR THE HOT WEATHER-SELLING OFF. 10dozen I-adiea. Misars, and Children'a hoop and rrass Skirta y Plaiil Percale, Linen, and De Baige Traveltag Duatera ? 20 uiecea white, green, blue, pink, and yellow .Mosquito Net Ladiei. silk and gingham Umbrellas hite gauze Flannel Palm-leal Fans; btaek ailk Mitta. 12^ cents ?? bite, pink, blue, ami yellow Tarleton Brass Hoops, 25 cents a set Whaleltoue, reeds, and wire-cords for Skirts Great bargains in French worked Col'ara ard Embroideries A few more left of those deairaMe silk, harere Lawn Robes, and Parasola to close out. anr i i?? GEORGE F. ALLEN, ? | RUI 3 * Paaa. avaaua next to lath at. PURE JUICE PORT WINES OF THE folio wine variety, vis: Gjuirre Sandeman'a BURGUNDY. Offley'a and Chamiaso'a OPORTO. dinimFrn^'yL,?^ ^ P^rt'eu'arly auited for n?e l*!l "a*"r?dand fruita. and la I* AtJ. ti. ie,t ^ ort Wine on sale in thia city. BRatJdv er "uppljr 01 Cincunaati CATAWBA ^y JAMES H. SHEKELL, _JJL3nJw TT9 F atreet. tw>rs?r of 13th. ANOTlCK COACH will leave Sixth atreet on Monday and l nursdar. instoad of evtry dav as here n^ntm.ied. for the CONGRES SIONAL BURYING GROUND, at 5o clock p. m.. returning at o'elock. G. VANDERWERKEN, ?y 30-lw Proprietor. 5 NEW PIANOS RECEIVED THIS WEEK at our Wareruomsi between 9th and 10th eta., 9U6 Peon, avenue, h*> f JOHN F.ELLIS. GN. ELD* FD'I ~ ?? ? GREAT SOUTHERN RHOW the msawfrMpawffl''??? CIRCl'S. MKNABPIJ^^r) hippookomk Making in all on* of the moat Magnificent Com ptnifi now traveling. __ WiH Exhibit in Wtaliia^to* City Oa THURSDAYI- RI DA V AND SATIR DAY Aninit (, 7, and 1,1MV. On 9ft??tli street. dmr CiMi Bride*. Doors open \t | and 7; Performance to rommotint at ? and V, before w o'clock. )v si -1? Vl'LTEE A DTTNGRR*S ~~ MSTkOPoLlTjy C<>\CERT SALOON (Next door to the Star 0?ce. I Triumphant iucmn of the Star Company headed t* DICK WATKIMJS the r?nuw?Ml Couue Sinfr. THIS EVENING, end every Eveuing during the Week. will appear MISS AMELIA FISIfFR, the pleasing end fascinating Danseas*- and Vocalist, The charming Songstress mid Terp?ichorear Artist MAD'LLE LOI'ISE BIRGKR. assisted by the accomplished LA PETITE ELTZA. BOB CONNOLLY. in his nan veiled Jig. J. F. THOMAS. the mtieh admired Ballad Singer. Prof. ROESNER will prceide at the Piano. WAHT8. WANTED?A COOK, end elan, a JH'RSR. The brat recommendations ea to character and qualification required. No. 34* I atreet. between 13th end Mth. ________ uI wK A LAD al??ut 18 yeare ?f ui, wiabos a Sttua<io? to drive a Carriage, attend to a Stable.and make hiraaelf generally useful. Would prefer coin; in the country. Appl) at No. 557, corner of Msss. avenue and *d streets. It* nTANTKD?Bye respectable V<n*f Woman, a Situation aa Chambermaid in a respectable family. Speaks l?oth German and English- Appl* at 419 6th street, between E and G atreeta. west aide. It A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL wishes a Situation aa Chambermaid and to do piain Hew init, or to Cook. Waah. and Iron for a email family. Ha# no obieotion to travelling. Good references fiver. Apply at No. 260 D street, between 13th and I&H street*. It* \IrANTED.-A gealleinan and hia wife, or two " single gentlemen ran be accommodated with nioe ROOMS and BOARD, near the Department*. b> a private family. where m> children or ogfcer boarders are. Apply for address at the Star Offioc. an ? cost * WANTED?A BOY.?One uaed to horaea pre ferred. Inquire at C.O. WALL'S Furniture Store, opposite the Intelligencer Office. en 1-.** \\T ANTE D-A HORSE SHOER.-Constart " employment and rood wages wiil tie given. Apply to JOYCE A LENMAN, oon?er of 14th and E streets, ? en 3 3t* JOYCE ft LKNMAN._ WANTED-?A Situation as Housekeeper, by a LAD? wbo has had long experience. Sneun deratands pastrv, is accustomed to the nmnagemen* of children, an excellent a* amstresa, arxl baa oo ot> jecfionto connect eiWier of these with the above mentioned charge. Address A. B .at this office, or oalI at let h street. aw S-eog* WANTED -A COOK. WASHER.and IRON I* ER. Family not large- Apply at No. HP corner t2d and F streets. If properly recommended good wagee will he given. au 1 -Si \IrANTED?At the Government Hospital for the " Insane?One good COOK, to whom a desira ble situation and good wares will be given. au l-lw ~ PI RCHASE-A neat COT ^0 HOT'SE. f<?r a ima I ? ??- ~JNG LOT tn thocitvor aubortie of Waahington city. A site or Dwelling in the subarbe.or within a mile or two of the nit*, would be preferred. Apply tol'OLLAR D WE KB, No. 5l*<2d story > 7th street. jy 21 Wanted TO RENT FOR A TERM OF ? ? YEARS.?A FARM containing from 9t? to l.W acres, with improvements suitable foradairv Fans, and situated within 1 U> 5 miles of Washtngt'ja city. One with the privilege of t>u? ing it will b<s p -efer red Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent. No.MS 7th street. jy ?-*w* \\~ ANTED?In the family of a gentleman residing ?v two mt;es from the city. a good plain COOK. One who can brtsg rs^oiasiendatnios lor skill, hon est). and oieauliaeaa Will find a good situation and regular wages. Appl) to J. P. CRL'TCHETT. cor ner of 6th and D streeta. jy 15-tf WANTED to p? rchaj TAGE or DWJCLLI N<G I family.ornlarre BPILDING WANTED?Between 15th and 7th atreeta, north or K atreet, a amaU ncntly fumietied COT TAGE or HOl'SK, with yard and shade trees, or part of a House with uae of Kitchen. Reference given. Addreta Box 1 oi City Poat Office stating terma and loontion. JeS*-?f FOR BMT AHP SALE. For other"Far Rtnland Snl*"s?H>? *** l?? Mi'< TO LET.?A three atory BRICK, aituated l?e tween 8th and 9th streets, on M atreet. Inquire next door. au 4-31 FOR SALE CHEAP?a comfortable BRICK liWF.l7l.ING. situated m the aortheast corner of 4th and N streets north. Priee ifl.lj"; half in cash. Imlauee in six and twelve months, or il an paid in cash less will be taken. Apply to.POLLARD W KBR. No. 5127thjtreel. xu 3 tf FOR RENT.-A new BRICK HOl'SE, oontanT ing six nx>ms neatly finished, with a large lot of ground, situated on 13th street, between B and < ? streets, li-taid. Toapunetuai tenant the term* wnl he moderate. Apply at Mrs. SHF.A'S. No. 59> 13th atreet. hctween B and C streets. Island. an 3 3t FOR SALE.?A gciitleiuan having determined to discontinue honse-keepihe, offers for aa!e his splendid four-story BHICK DWELLING HOCSK situated between the City Hall and PenneyIvaeia avenue. The liouae ia nearly new. containing rooms, with tias Futures. Warm.Cold, and Shower liath?. A I'unip of excellent water in the yard am! kitchen. Also, a Brick Stable and Carnage House upon the promines. App>y to POLLARD W EBB. No. 5 S fth street. au 3-tf MRS. NOLAND has several very pleaaart PARLORS and CHAMBERS, with gsa throurhout. in one of the most p*ee?a!it locations in the city, a'hich she will let reaeonab'e to permanent tenants, upon immediate application to No. 215 F street, between llth and 15th. au 1 -St * F^OR R ENT?The two comfortable ind ooti\ ei,. ent BKICK HOUSES on Fajclle street, ad joining the Convent,nre now undergoing complete re pair, and will Ik* lor rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desiralde, particularly to parents hav:..g children to educate. Appl) to JOHN L. KlDWELL. High street. Georgetown. jt *7 L08T AWD FOUJD. LOST?A biaek and tan DO<i-PL*P, two inouths old. A suitable reward will be paid f>r< its return to Simpson House, soutfcwe.-'j corner of loth street aud Pcnrsy 1 vama ave nue. C; ^ REWAR D.?Stra)ed aaa* on Thuredaj last. a RED COW.with white i.ind flaukt., ~ and large t?z, wit!? five teats. Has the end sawed otl ol her left horn. The nlsive re-t ward will be given for her deltverv to J AS. HAKRINOTON. No. S4 2d straet, between F and << streets, fau 4-3t* Eng'ish Hi'l. R EWAR D.?St raved awav on the llthof Jul). a large BAY HORSL.witk 'aek _ ark mane and tail;carries his tail on one side. The above reward will be paid tl left at *" FELIX HORNIG'S, Butolier, Bu/xard's Point. au 3-3t * C? " B E NV A R D.?St raved awav on Friday last. dark red COW- having no white up.-n( her exoept at the end ?f iter tail, which i* very long, slim horns, rather long "|?? '? ? ^ ? The above reward will be paid for her delivery at ,\o. 341 12th street, tietween M and N. aii3-0t? S. W BAR TON. ?; \ RE VYAR D?Strayed away on the 2Sth of Jul). a large. d*rk brimlle COW. mixed. with white. She is very thin in flesh, has a long fa . tipped with white,and at? ?.!? two inches cut oil of her horns. The aliove rewaril will Ite paid il brought to tne on G street norik. (<e t ween U and 4th streets cai>t. near l<t, Peter's Burr i ng Ground, and opposite I lie Railioad, or secured so that I can get her. au 3-3t* CATHERINE C. SHKCKEI.I.S. REWARD.?I will give the above r<_ ward for the apprehension and de livery to me, or for tt?* securu this city of my SERVaT named F.I.I.EN. who calk Pavis, if taken out of the Dirt net of Coin in - bia. or ?U?i if taken in the District. Said woman is dark ooinpiexion. thick lips, stout beilt.aod of me dium height; she lias twen living with M r l.indsley. on 7th street I' auk Koad.aod has lieen al?ent since the 27th of Jul). CHARLES L8TTART, ail 1 St* o?rner of E and ieth st?. REWARD.?Ranawa* from the subeeri ?reheusion am) de- Jfc uriruc in the jail of iSi \ N T \N ON A N. "fl lis herself Ellen A* District of Colum---" *? dOAA REWARD.?Ranawa* from'hesu V?vr\r ber, living near t'pper Marlborough. 1 riuee George's county, >ld.. ou the ith <>I April, NEtiRO MAN, DAVY GREEN. I i dowi; dark nmtl??r*? *<?.5feet. ?> inches higl^3 Whnkiri r |UL * i*'** h?*d- WlM'. iTm.L u? r"niK' ?"? fsce. medium sue and lr i 1,,r? himself in the District, where he baa relatives, or make his way to some fr*i stat, al b? lefl without any pr,Hri>oation. I will give Two Hundred ]>ollars. if taken out of the State? fine ,f taken in the Disti.ot. or any other pert of Ma* land ??la and $y> if taken in thisoount;, la either cae? ha must be secured so that I get inm. iea-tf WTLLIAM J. BERRY. BOASDUTO. BOARDING.?Mrs. BATES, at the oornar of Pennsylvania avenue aud 9th street, having had her house entirely renovate<l and ita aooommoda Hons greatly increased, is now prepared to aceom modale a larger numl>er of permanent and transient boarders. Her looatiou ia tue most ceutral in tha city, rearranged and unproved, ber house ia now aooood to no other hoarding-house in Washing ton. Buarders by the month, week, or day. mmf relv on receiving every attention. Terms moderate. Ta)4* tioardera also taken. je M-tf T nr.Aiwi, mi.uh, riiATrUam? also, sp' variety of carved and MARBLE MANTELS, which he at a low prioe. JOHN RCTI