Newspaper of Evening Star, August 5, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 5, 1857 Page 3
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L 0 CAL INTELLIGENCE. ClIMlUlL COU1T.?Tkr Ei*rt\n? RtSl*.?The examination for the defence was continued yes terday, after our report closed. J fir k * oh Edmonson, sworn ?I* * citizen of Washington; votes in the flr*t precinct of the Third \Vara ; wai in the first precinct of the Fourth Ward on the morning of the election; went there about half past 7 o'clock ; did not re main there lone; went to the Third Ward. first precinct; ww sick and went home: started to go Lomi' al>ojt W o'clock; came down Seventftstreet to go a* he came down the street he m\v a crowd in the midille of Seventh street, opposite the Fourth Ward polls: saw a jwroel of boys and men hurrahing for the different candidates; Cap tain Godd.trd and other officers were in their midst; he was commanding them to keep the peace or he would arrest them; has seen more noise at the polls on election day* frequent! v, or as miwH; did not consider that ther?* was any iih"*' disturbance than is usual on election day*; thty were hurrahing for Dixon aud the wilier candidates; about five minuted after witness cam : up tho disturl>ance commenced; the first thin); witness saw was everylody running from the noils; witness saw stones thrown and gt< out of the way as soon as he could; heard a single pistol shot fired ; there was no pistol fired until alter the stones had l?een thrown ; does not know ?who fired the first pistol; btaid several shots after that; don't know who fired them; stood on the eurbstone on the west side of the streel; went Vark to the corner of .Massachusetts avenue and Herenth street, where Ihere was a crowd standing; *f?c?n after that wi'ness left aud went home; when the outbreak eommcnc-d was standing in the middle of the street; was there a dozen tunes du ring the dav ; the polls were closed as soon a* the attack was made: after going home witness came back to the Third Ward; it was 11 o'clock when witness went again to the Fourth Ward; it w">s all quiet; nw the Murines roine; saw some boys with a cannou on Seventh street l?efore he heard that the marines had come; when witn? ss saw the cannon ti'st it was at the intersection of Massachusetts avenue and S<*veiith street; went over to the crowd; saw the cannon with one wheel broken off; some 15 or :M? persons were about the cannou at the time; witness asked them what tLey were going to do with it; th*v said that they were going to use it in self-defence If attacked bv the marines; witness then left them; after witness voted he went down Seventh street on the west side and passed the cannon at the market house; the mari-ies were in line opposite the polls; they remained Ihere a few minutes and then went up the street towards the market house; there was no disturbance at the polls at that time; witness stood on the comer of Seventh and ! streets?first on one corner and then on the other; the polls were quiet as they could be; witness re mained on Ihe corner of I and Seventh streets till ail the fuss was over; from the time of the firstaf frav till the murine came it was as quiet ascouid be with one exception, that of a:i Irishman being ruiied out of the polls and l>-aten; he was pulled from the outside of the polls; everybody was ex cited at seeing the marines at the polls; witness was very much excited; didn't sfcr the Mavor during tbe whole dav; saw Mr. Watson when the Mff ray commenced in the morning; has seen greater disturbances suppressed by the police; ouly saw one of the police at that tint*; saw members of the auxiliary guard there also; heard no shots till af te.r the affray commenced; everybody left as soon as the affray commenced; witness was one of the few that remained, witness was not concerned in the riots at all; ?aw no one there that he knew; no one was taking any part in the riots saw no riots at all wheu the marines were opposite the polls; didn't see a Plug Ugly there; saw the marines fire upon Aliston's corner; could not have seen pistols fi:ed from Aliston's comer; beard no firing from that corner prior to the firing of the marines, heard 2 or 3 shots first, don't know who it was from, before the volley was fired from the marines, thinks those J or 3 shots were muskets shots Cross-ex* minol?Don't know who made the rush on the pavement; don't know what broke up the line of voters; saw no on* pursuing the voters; persons in the street werethrowing stones and firing pistols; was not there when the polls were reopened, saw a man on the platform over the polls; could not hear him sav anything; don't know what was the condition of the |h?11* at that time; a man said to witness at the time of the nflrav in the morning, "why don't you wad-: in;" witness said that he never waded in; the Plugs all wore red plush caps. William Dowgtrns. sworn ?Lives in this city; is assessor ot tbe Fourth Ward; was at the elec tion in that ward on the first of June; was there liefore s?-ven o'clock in the morning: remained there all day; early in the morning witness saw Capt. Goddard in the street with a good many boys around him; saw him take hold of a boy, and let him go again; was at the Collector's office ne-^r the polls; heard no pistols ffrcd previous to the sff-ay; witness saw men shot, and ran out aud told them to stop, that they were killing tl.eir friend*; they ceased directly after that; the tirst shot came from the middle of tbe street; it was after the fight begun that this pistol was fiied: heard no cries of -wade in"; the affray did h-?l last more thin ten or fiT'een minutes; the p<dls were re-opened in about thirty minates; dfcf not see Middl'-tiui Rirkhend engaged in the affray: d:d not see the Mayor till the marines came; was inside the polls during the whole of the time till the marines came up; could have seen any dis turbance which might have taken place; saw a <nau dragged away from the polls while his le pers were being examined; he was an Irishman, -and he was treated very roughly; this was all the disturbance witness saw till the marines came on the groar.d; was in the room with the judges when the word came that the marines were coin ing; when the marine* came and the Mayor with them, witness got on the platform over the |m>11s; saw no violence previous to that time; the voting was goiny on quietly: when the Mayor came up to t > i?- polls there w;is a great crowd "there; many <>* thriii uinr when tin* ui<iri!:t h raui* ; wau* on the olatfoim when the Mayor came up and ranped on the window; witness said to the Mavor that toe polls were closed; that they would lie op-tied again when the marines went away; he began to speak: there was great confusion;' he spofe but f? w words; when the marines were broii"ht up S-vnth street to the polls, George Wibwn was on the pl?rfo-m with witness; witness was very much e*. I ' d; so was Wilson; who said that the |>olls should not be opened till the marines went away witness told him to be quiet; he instantly desisted, and said no more; the marines were brought up to the |V)lls. aud soon afier they were m ? rehed up to the Market-house; bad Aliston's corner in full vi-w all the time; saw no one run out fom the corner and throw stones or shoot a PWol befo-e the marines flred; saw Allston and Dairy in pie fall; Allston was a spectator, he fell in front <>f h;s own door; he had no connection with the rioters; Dilrymple was not assor-ia'cd with ihe node's, neither was Dims w:,?. ,,f the rioters; Hughes Was shot close to the market; he was a peaceable man, he had worked for the witness some weeks pre/iousJy. d.?There wis a hnge crowd on the pavement and in the street, while th?* witness was on the platform over the {NI|U- when ,he mat ines cuarged on the cannon, those in posse*, s on of it ran ; witness did not hear any vocifer ous clamor, for the |k>11s ? hised on the arrival of the marines; Geortr* Wilson but once before Mi- marine* arrived; Wilson dhi nt haranguetbe ? iov d. he did n?* swear by bis tiod and his Ma ke- that the polls should be kept closed till the marines went away; the Mayor attempted to ad dress the c.owd, but was prevented by the inob the crowd was very much excited; as soon as the Mayor lett th- poll*. the marines were brought up tbere, (i e to the poils;) | saw no man with a weapon on that day, except the marines; when the rush was matle in the morning on the polls the witness was outside the barricade; no Irish were intimidated; the witness never saw an elec tion i arried on more quietly than that of that day up to the time of the arrival of the marines; after the affray m tbe morning as many foreigners vot?d as natives. *? Jokn D'trtt. sworn ? Is a citizen of Wa?hln-' ton; wj? formerly chief of police; w as at the elec tion on the first of June last; saw Capt. Goddad tbere; be was in Ihe midst of a crowd of boys who we e hurra',ing for th* several candidates ' ?M r Bradley here a?k>-d Ihe witness if be spoke with captain Goddard on that occasiou, and if mi to relate the conversation which passed between the witness and Captain Goddard. Mr Key objected to the question as not bearing en the issue in question. Mr Bradley thought he had a right to hear that conversation relate,f ?, M,t| tlia* rvideIlc* ^ !:r." ti.LV7,-V0 .Ul- p*rt the Init-d States to nes h . me ? 11 x nught to havr in opportunity to explain to ihe iury the reason why he hod refund to give bis assistance; bethought that that ought to be done in justice lo the witness Mr. Key iontena?-d thai the witness could not sav in evidence what conversation took place be tween htm aud other nartl-s; that what be saw and did himself would be proper, but that the conversation between hlni and any om wi. Ir revelant to the case now pending. Mr. Suit here took up th- argument for the de fen' ?*. and \irnt ou at some length to urge that the evidence so gtit to l?? elicited a material point t > jirovf IhB pomti<i:i tak< n hf IheMncc of illegality on Ihe part of the executive ill the transactions of that bloody day. Mr. S went over s/ain the giound whit It had been assttined by Cue d* fence at the o|ieuing of the case, with reference to the calling for the military at the hands of the President aud tbe Secretary of the N^vy on the part of the Mayor. He adduced sev eral case* in point by which be endeavored to show that thecivil power had not been**xtiausted. that the marines wcie the rioters, and that there was no ^iot at all on the pait of the so-called '? Plug I ;ilies " All these ;w>int< the learned couns* 1 for the drfence argued with great force and at considerable length Tt?e Court held finally that the conversation between the witness and any person did not?uti les* directly l?eirlng on the guilt or iunot ence of any >f tLj act us?*?l ? !<? ar I'jmn the ta*.e, aud was th?* efore rul^d out. Mi Ho.diey tt?.; d an cxccpliou to the ruling. The witness stau J lhat he would like to have an opjioituiiity lo expla n to the jury the f-osition in which be had been placed that day; he did not wish It to be understood that be bad refuted to sustain the law* in any form The Court told the witness that he miwt not go on any further in respect to the question which had just been overruled by the Court The witne^* went on to say that he went to the polls at 8 o'clock In the morning; staid there abont an hour on the first occasion; during that time there was no more disturbdbce, norm much, as Is usual on election occasions, not enough to justify an arrest; witness went away, and during that tune the ditticulty arose at the polls; had not been gone more than 15 minutes when the dis turbance commenced; there was some cursing and swearing; saw Capt. Goddard there; he was talking with other nersons; becameupand spoke to witness, he spoke to witoess only on this oc casion; the line of voters was composed of 150 or am person*; there was no disturbance when wit ness returned to the polls; they had l>een re opened; did not see the Mayor and Goddard there then; saw them a short time before going there at that time there was no disturbance; remained there at that time about one hour; was talking to Mr. Watson when Cant. Goddard spoke to him. Crosa-rxamiued.?There was no arrest made while witness was there, don't know if the polls were reopened when he went back to the poll, or uoL but think* they were. e*anB'natio" ?f this witness closed here, and the Court adjourned. EIGHTH DAT. iVlLd" lhe 0I*n,n? of the Court> to-day, Mr. Key H'nry Burns, Kworn?Was in the charging par ty who took the gnn; when shot was between the brick market-house and the shed. Kimtod Gnrrrtsmt, sworn ?Lives in the first precinct of the Third Ward; in the morniii" went to the Third Ward to vote; could not vote for the crowd; went down to the Fourth Ward polls- it was near nine o'clock walked along on the pave ment near the Tax clerk's window; many .?ersoos were in the street; there was a great deal of push ing; saw two men in the crowd whom he knew tl.ey were pushing the wiluess crossPti the street up to the corner of Massachusetts ave rHki1. trt"Vrnth,"tre,Pt at A,,*t<>n* corner; ^ talking there a friend, and in a moment the crowd began to run; the doors of the store were instantly closed; witness went out of the north r^ii". T1'1 n U|' to Third Ward polls; the voted ?fft by ,hal ti,ne; witness voted and Ment home where he staved till one o clock. went back then to the Third Ward polls there were two persons In the barricade; witness walked down to the Fourth Ward polls; there lookinv .-ifW Peri0'u ther?"; witness stood there 1?* king about, some one said that the marines were coming up; did not see a cannon; saw the marines coining un near Dorsev's Hotel, saw them come ,,p a..d &rm in line on 1 street oppo M e Mclntyrc ? sU>re; after remaining some tune, w w i i"P pPP?,tle lhe P?"?i Previous to that it was very m?et al>oiit the polfs there was no disturbance, if there had been witness would not have staved there; the Mayor came up the pave r a',d "'7* to "?y something; he soon went ?,VT.\i *'tnes? saw no more of him for some, tnue. the marines then marched up to Massachu w tn/Y1 f "n h?Urd near ,he niarket-house; ?" ,be of the st.eet, they halted, and witness then heard of a hiWen. ?VCr a"d Saw thecanhon surrounded ??y men and boys; was not more than ten feet from the cannon; there was a charge of marines tbe ?rAwH'\^ ?'l?MJU,nped aside> stood n?*rby; the t.rrtwd left the cannon; the marines took the cannon and retired to the line; they raised their guns to the shoulders, and witness fan over to the ' ?'"cr-*Vid a; a" he got to the corner they tired, did not see m what direction they fired; b^n ?ri.Hmk "VP l? tha' ,imp no Patois had t> n nrea, heard no coiumand given to lire- a R .was flrf;d ;,fter the marines fired, this was u V Plsi.? Wl,ue^s saw that day; didn't know Middleman before that day. it was not him who ?red; witness went to see him after he was shot; ?,ed l>^,t,lve?lhat he was not the man who 1 the pistol; it was a younger man; in the morning atl,ay witness did not hear a pistol until after*fh '? km ".More and 8hUt the doors; shots tt^ed there' LC L,,ard SOn,e teu Crots-eramimtd -Didn't see the cannon until the marines got to the market-house; the Mayor 2^?Lwlhe Mls UntiI ;,ft"r the '"arines left I crowdh? ",an. ?" a ?ilntf,,rn> haranguing the crowd, heard no clamor from the crowd; saw no one o? any elevated place; the marines ShSToJk the cannon retned back before they tired- witness Ib nk, >hry uwk.L- whe "5S in , / ^taking the cannon; witness made no loud exclamations; heard no person say the polls b^okei, ut be?PenWl; didn l ~ the 1 ineof voters NVWr D I.irnrr, sworn ?Lives in the Third monr-.T**/! ' r?',rth/Vard PolN twice the, ?-? iore and after the no's; was tlieie thf" dar: m ^ere ten m hi .hi,!,? t ! t%' w? ,n Tenth street when he.e SJ*?? yrhen witness left there, vvlri i disturbance; came to the Third a after that. Captain Mills was at the Third \\ aid polls where he created a disturbance; he did not remain at the Third Ward polls very long In the evening, witness went l.aci fo the f'o./rth wird to see what damage had been done by th# ma rines witness was i? the Third Ward preciSS and had a full view of the marines as they came up; a dense? rowd came on the ground with them saw the cannon there; when it came up then- was no disturbance m the Fourth Ward in conse quence of its arrival. conse cl^' r.'TV: ~SaW the marines make the h 'st after .i f ,^'n; ,he>' lir,'d ou the crowd alter that pintoln were fired* uw a v#4,,n,f man fall l?efore a pistol w.ts tired; a great many persons were in tL market house to * ke shefte under which witness was standing, and he left as fast as he could. Jnmes J. Randolph, nw?*n Liven In the flrst P .cmct of the Fourth Ward; ,?wsed by the tlT^h^lZk U, tir rrnin^ r^torned to ne? iriv? r , V"e 0,^,>rk to v?te; when wit ness arrivtd at the p<?ll* the line of voters -ii>. p?-artd to number al>ont PJ5 persons; remained there a short time; saw ten or fifteen half vrown bo.s in the street, and around them a crowds here were orcas'onal cries of -flght! saw r'nM Hl ? r''C0Kniz"<l of the police but Capt Godrlard he woufd take hold oV the Kys,aSd ?a> to them ' vou inu.-t besj.derly," he would then let them j?o; suddenly there was a di turl a?re on the north of the line of yob rs ' there was a ruslj fr?>m those in the street to the >iK.n after' a DisSl"'in> Wcre thrown, and wa" 1 s sever aft! i?? 7** flr,d' '".mediately after warus several pistols were ti.ed in rapid succes sioM, the first pirttoi came from the street- witne-s thought II time to leave; walked otf and here V* IS a Stampede In all direction; a brickbat struck Ij.lh.- p.,II,; ll'cy SLSV'InaVS'miS tliev were reopened; it was then veryqu" t^r fej.'tl >."<>; didn't M-ethe Mayor at efl; w?? tKre euJTof0 the*1 vlltew* ^ "UW f,,rther disturb ance oi ine voters, saw no particular class nf vote's excluded; was theic wnen a cannon came u]. the street, it passed up Seventh Mreet and crowd* of people came with it; when it got'near up ul ?mu WilS lar^; w'tne?s then went , ..L y r * corner, and the cannon Paw.d up tu the iiiarket-houi?e; went home to hi? house on Massachusetts avenge, nearby; L"a d that the marines were coining up went on the porch and saw them pass up ^^1, hey ar rived there they faced the market-house 10 or 1*2 ,bv r'oh' of the 1 ine and marched ri t ?i^ *? ,f',lloa In an instant witness saw hca d the cr*f k<iy)tured li. another instant nca.u the era. k of several muskets, and this wis f >1 lowed by small arms; they |n an oblione direction; heard but two or'three pistol shdt* m^hivote and "o?awa?.t0 ^ "" that U" j!.i'L?rUH*,7*Z not crnSK rxamined. w , HiUyk. sworn?Live, in the Third eWht ovKkiJ/?"" ?.f ,hP Four,h Ward at J?ht o c l?x k in the morning; was there till din "di, a 1"*" ask**d a Voter if he had his natu not1?, t?h,^r,r:,Ww,lh h<" "ald that he i,?d not, but had a brick in his o<m ket; a cry of fi-ht then raised, and a fight ensued; the crow.l tvur> rl on the >o ith si?Te of the volers. th d wlVIhe" til'st p.s ol w,uirss heard; he tired over fhVcrowd ! d"U walked ?f he turl!: we ii Uwai ? 11 #.?i i a,"^ ,lr,d 3 second P'*tol as he toward ,,ir^ f ?m the west ? -i !? * ?' the street and toward the ITadU b^t'e.r'th-'?n 1l'?V ?n/*vil,*f a brick was h? afd a iMrii u' Y la"t,'d *0,ne five minutes; "???I ? i c:,"P ne<s heard the iiiar'liiJi ^^"1 VtT.a f>ody; wit to diunei; came In, w ?"re ro,l,1,,K upand went site the market wdJ. 1 "*W ,Le,,, "' line oppo the cannon, and renuestrd i!'1 ,U ,lie Part|cs about said they would Zl^l*>?/? they not; witness left the,,, then saiTtl ,Wo,dd do 11 ,,r the cannon; the otti<-er who i marines take ,.lat?N?, told them to take ,^.r!innr^,?cJ^ the a d took it back with them near the ? were then thrown, and muskets Jefe ibis pistols were tired in ail direction- ' Ltosi-'jnmmtd ? The first.1..' marines was f'om Ijehind the market iZZ* &t thc as they were leaving with the ca,mo 1^ ,J""1 ?r> "'K to touch oU the cannon-he w? ?o?l it Navy \ ard-and Daniel Stuart was assTstinTid,^ he had a match in his hand; not-loth was over i??h breech of th- cannon at that time; that was w|. n rVi'tf /" * W,*rP ?'andinf in position on the side ?i the street; witness saw a smoke and thouuht w^nwm^t'r'iT0^ lhe Navr Vard mln, said thl. ,!ld ?ini n?t to tire the cannon tu*t he ^rould see; witness thought that if 5^ sweeped Seventh street, and have killed many innocent persons. Th? Rain.?For many years our city and the country around have not been visited by such heavy showers as during yesterday and last night. The sewers and drains overflowed, and in many places the water upon the streets was twelve to fourteen Inchesdeen. All kinds of out-door busi ness was suspended during the afternoon, and in nriany parts of the city people were very anxions about the safety of their house* and furniture. During the evening, the body of water rushing through the sewers and giftters caused consider able damage to cellars, bridges, walls, aud ex posed tenement*. ' The iron bridge over the Tiber, near Brown's garden, was rendered useless. Many of the flue willow trees which the proprietor of the garden planted there, were torn up; and some brick constructed along his premises at considerable expense, is seriously injured. Large quantities of building materials were carried off by the flood resid*'nt? along the Til>er deemed their dwellings unsafe, and made arrangements to lodge elsewhere last night Some alarm was caused at the Lnion Hotel, near the Railroad de iK>t, and a rumor started that great damage had been done there, but upon inquiry we learned this morning that the reitorts were much exag gerated. s Merchants on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue were busily engaged in removing such articles from their cellar* an nnWit be damaged by the water rushing in from the canal I he drops to the sewer* were choked, causing the accumulation of water on the streets. Much new work under the charge of Commis sioners of Improvements, will require to be re paired, the expense falling upon the cltv. It is impossible to estimate the loss that has been sus tained. One of the supporting columns of the iron bridge at Tenth street was knocked away by a scow, which got loose from its moorings; and damage was done to the Seventh-street bridge likewise. The cellars throughout the city were probably more generally flooded than on any pre vious occasion. Tit* Columbia Louue Excursionists yester day had rather a damp time of it in the pouring rain, and wc are sure none but Odd Fellows would have undertaken to make head against such a deluge. Yet some four or Ave hundred were 011 board at the hour W starting, and after giving ten minutes grace to delinquents, pushed off for the White House. r Soon after the Washington left her wharf others of the excursionists arrived and also the band, (Withers',) which, for once, was "behind time.'' The managers of the excursion promptly char tered the Collyer to take down the left-behind party, and thus earned for themselves the ever ting gratitude of those thus accommodated Once at the White House, it didn't make much difference whether it rained or not, and the exer cise taken in the dancing saloon and bowl hi" al ley, got everybody in condition for a good dumer set out by S? had. Afterwards there was more exercise of the hands and feet, and some little Ashing wasdone l>etween showers, but to the ??est of our knowledge and belief, the swings and arbors were not much pat ronized, and there was precious little promenad ing up and down the dim (damp) aisles of the forest. At 10 p. m., the Washington started on her re turn trip, and all hands were on the look-out for that promised full moon, but Luna, with the co quettishnessof her sex, refused"to show," though a general brightness behind the clouds gave evi dence that she was "thar!" The party reached the city safe and sound about Iftf o'clock p. m , satisfied that they had enjoyed a grand good time, weather or no. Per fect order was maintained throughout the day, as indeed we were certain would be the case, arid at the same time there was a general hilarity and spirit of enjoyment manifested which showed that "liquor" is not inevitably requisite to keep the tone of such an entertainment tip to concert pitch, as some seem to suppose. Those who were prevented from going yester day will not, we are sure, let the managers off without the promise ol a repetition of the excur sion. Not less than twelve hundred people would have gone down yesterday had the day been pleasant. The Killixo ok Moork in George town ? Editor Stnr : V our Georgetown corres pondent in remarks concerning the death of young Moore and the proceedings at the inquest, has trodden upon ground which sympathy for an af flicted family should have prohibited. He infers a censure on the parents of the deceased, fop a course which necessity alone dictated. He would have been well-informed concerning it had he seen tit to institute inquiries instead of denouncing the motives of a bereaved father or mother Thus he says: "After the adjournment of the coroner's in quest on Friday afternoon, from some cause un known to us, the family of young Moore changed their minds and refused to allow a post-mortem examination of the body to be made. This refusal, we think, was decidedly wrong, as it was the only means by which the jury could arrive at a correct conclusion in regard to the real cause of his death, and may tend to defeat the ends of pub lic justice." Y our correspondent could have known, if he had such a desire, why the refusal was given. The attending physician foul,I not postpone the ex amination until the following day. A brother of the deceased could not arrive to be present at the funeral until Sunday, and the body could not be preserved twenty-four hours after a j>ost morUm examination. If, then, a postmodern examination had taken place on Saturday, the brother must have been deprived of the mournful gratification of witnessing the burial. Theie was, thon.bnt two alternatives, either the physician must give way, oranost mortem examination l>e omitted 1 leave it for the public to judge which would be the most proper; especially as the evidence, ac cording to the verdict, was emphatic. If rejwrtcrs were more backward in pionounc ing judgment, when they are ignorant, many pan;,s would lie spared. I'nitkd States Casks ?Yesterday, the fol lowing cases were disced of by Justice Donn : Milly Kvans. colored, arrested by jxilice officer M< Henry for stealing a lot of clothing. 4c , from Mrs. J. T. Reynolds. As other jwrties are impli cated in this robbery the prisoner was held to se curity for a further hearing. Win. Dodd, arrested by Officer Kimball, for wickedly and maliciously breaking the doorsand windows of the dwelling of Elizabeth Sparks: committed to jail. Daniel Cragin and James M? r,div, small boys, arrested after a long race, by Officer King. fo. breaking into the house of Patrick Riley and stealing a pair of silver spectacles and other arti cles; sent to jail for a further hearing. Chas. McDonald, for purchasing the aforesaid silver spectacle* for three cents, knowing them to l>e stolen ; security for further hearing. Visiting Firemen ?This morning, the United Fire Company, No. 5, of Richmond, Ya., arrived in this city, accompanied by a band of ten musi cians, and took lodgings at the Washington House, comer of Third street and Pennsylvania Avenue. They were received at the wharf by delegations from the several fire companies of the city and escorted to their quarters The officer? of the company are?J H Shook president; W. H Kasby, captain; Benj. Mosbv' 1st assistant; Tlios. W. Pairo, 2d assistant. The company here consists of twentv-flve ineml>er? and they bring with them their engine To-day they will visit the various places of in terest in the city, and beconducted by the mem bers of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Com pany and delegations from the companies of the fire department. ?? The River?The heavy rains of yesterday and last night have raised the river to a conside rable height above the ordinary level. Some ten inches of water is said to have fallen. The su' faceof the river is black with floating drift wood It is rumored that the fifth dam of the Cumber land canal has been again carried away. There is, however, no authentic information of this fact There are no arrivals at the wharves The Right One Caught.?John Thompson, colored, was arrested for stealing a lot of cloth ing from Dr. O. Munson, and taken before Justice Smith, who committed hiin to jail for court. This fellow caused the arrest, yesterday, of Mr! H. Mela, and made him occupy a very unpleasant Rosition ; but the examination proves that Mr [ela knew nothing of the good* being stolen and It was by his efforts that the real thief was captured. A Colored Man has called upon us to express his gratitude through our columns to a generous hearted youth, named Norman Landon King, son of Mr. V. M P. King, who kindly aided him to recover h sum of lost money, and would accent no reward therefor. 1 An Improveent ? Wall A Co., are preparing to put up, on the site of the present store, on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, a fine business place, arranged with all the modern improvements. The Yagers, it will be seen by their adver tisement, have postponed their excursion until pleasanter weather. The Cirtu* is coming to town?will be here to-morrow, and will open to-morrow night. It has been threatening to rain all the s?a. son, and yesterday It rained ! Watch Returns?Last night, the only case missed waa *^ary Co01"1*1 f?r vagrancy: dis J I*?. h??P question, like most others, has course l? M* *he la4ie* uk* the.?iui<,of GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrttf9mdf.nct ?/ Tkt Star. Geobqktows, Angust 5, 1?57. We regret exceedingly to be compelled to an nounce another suspension of navigation upon our canal. About eight o'clock yesterday even ing two breaks occurred, one opposite the Little Falls and the other near the stoptock some dis tance this side. Both of them are represented as being very considerable, so much so that it will require at least a week or more to repair them Up to the present time nothing has l?een heard from any or the upper portions Strong fears are entertained, however, that we have not heard tlie worst, if the fall of rain west of us was as heavy as it was here. Everything along the canal wharves this morn ing presents a perfect contrast to what they did yesterday morning. Then all was busy life and activity: now everything wears the most distress ing appearance imaginable. On many of the wharves there are large quantities of Hour that were unloaded from the boats, and the rain pre venting its timely removal it has i?een exposed to the whole of it. Boats are lying upon tue mud in every direction, some loaded and others only partly so. Scores of laborers and others who, yesterday morning, found plenty of employment, are standing about idle ; while inany of the boat men are giving vent to their dissatisfac tion in pretty strong terms on account of what they con sider as neglect, on the part of those liaving charge of the canal, in not raising the waste gates or safety paddles in time. On the other

hand, the parties accused of neglect declare that all was done that could l>e to save tbe canal. iu Kock Creek, also, the rise of water has lieen very great?more so than has been 1 nown since the destructive freshet of l^P). Opposite to our city the water was from five to six feet above its usual liel"ht. All tbe wharves at Godey A Co.'s lime kniis. were submerged some three or four feet deep; and at the planing mill of Mr. Joseph I.. Hi mines the water passed entirely over the mall, and would have donccon sideruble damage, but for the vigilance of Mr. Simmesand the hands employed about the mill; as it was, however, the only injury done was the washing out the earth about the foundation of the mill, and the dejiositiiig among the machinery on the ground-floor, large quantitiw* of mud, Ac., and some slight damage to piles of coal belong ing to Dickson, Gordon A Co., and Barron A Stover. Considerable quantities of very heavy log* were brought down the creek by the force of the current, which leads us to fear that tbe farms lying along its banks have seriously suffered. Tbe Potomac, this morning, is also quite full and iniuldy. and be^ius to show some signs of a freshet. Upon the whole, the rain of yesterday may be set down in the calendar of the weather a* the great rain. We have no recollection of ever see ing a greater amount of water fall in the same length of time. For some ten to twelve hours it literally proured down In torrents, completely deluging our streets and alleys, many of which looked more like small canals than high ways for vehicles and jiedestrians.. During tbe heavy rain of yesterday, the gable end of a two and a half story brick bouse, situated on J' ffeison street mar Water, and occupied by a family of Irish people, fell out with a terrible crash. Fortunately for the inmates, at the time the accident occurred, all of them, except one fe male, was out. Consequently no one was injured, and but little damage done to the furniture. The Jiouse, however, is a complete wreck. ^ Another warning to parents against leaving small children in charge of improper nurses, oc curred a few days since near Tenallytown The family of Mr. James Paxton havinu occasion to g j f om home, left a small sick child in charge of a colored woman. While they were gone, the woman, supposing she was going to render the Infant a service, made a quantity of horse mint tea, and gave it to thechild to drink, which killed it In a few hours. Spect atok . Madame Mount has prepared by special request, a Salve for the cure of Cancers, which never waa known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea. and Summer Complaint, which acts as a per fect charm to arrest all of those diseases. Als??,a Salve for the Piles, (an extract froin a flower, >a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may be relied on. She offers no article but what haa been tested. To l>e hail at No. 33? G street, between lllh and i2th. A to at Nairn A Palmer's Drug Store, corner 9th etroet and Peun. avenue, 1). S. Dyson's Drue Store, crner of Penn. avenue and 12th street, and J. P. Mi I burn's Drug Store. Willards' Hotel. Also at C. Stott's, corner of7th street and Peun. avenue. Relerencs can lie made to Kev. John Robb. Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. Jamos Hanson, and Mr. Mana han. The Consumption Destroyer a!^o can l>e found in Alexandra, at Mr. Castleman's Store. ?<n King street, rny sole agent for that place. In (ieorgetowu at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Br.dge street. je '.7 DIED* On the 4th instant, OWEN Ml'RRAY, in ih^ 47th > far of his age. a native of the County Down* Ireland, and for the last 24 >oars a resident of this city. Ill* friends and acquaintances are respeetfu!l> in vited to attend his funeral at 4 p. in., on To-morrow Afternoon, from his late residence, corner of K and 2Wh strocts west. AUCTIOH SALES. T Bv C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers.' IIVK STOCK AT AUCTION.?On S\TUR -J DAY MORNING, at 12 o'clock, we shall sell, to the highest bidder for cash, 35 head of Hogs, at C. Warnera, Lsq., Lot. Iietween Missouri avenue ?nd tne Canal. The Hag will designate the plaoe of sale. Sale positive. This is an opportunity seldom offered to the deal ers. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., au 5 Auctioneers. By C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneer. RADK SALE CROCKKRY.-On THURS DAY MORNING, at loo'clock. we shall offer tor sale, to close consignment, at our Auction Store, comer of Peun. avenue and Ctli streets, No. ?'W7, the following oods: 2 ? dozen Plates, assorted 5 do Soup Tureens 40 do Cups and Saucers A lot 4'ups and Saucers A lot of l'lates n dozen Bowles 8 do Molasses Cans, 20 d"Z. Goblets 31 do Tumblers, In doz. Wine Glasses 10 do Nappa off Foot 5 do Salts, and other goods too numerous to mention, which the"'rad? i? invited toattend, as the goods are to be sold without r serve. Terms: All sums under ?25, cash; over that amount, notes at 30 and fin days, with approved pa per. I?earing interest from day of sale. Sale to continue from day tili all is closed C. R. 1.. CROWN A CO., auStf Auctioneers. II By C. W. BOTKI.KR, Auctioneer. OUSK AND LOT ON F STREET at Arc tion.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mrs. Mary E. Barney ami others,dated on the 29th day of N oveinlKjr, iHou, and recorded in the Land Records of Washington county. District of Columbia, in Lil>er J. A. S., No. 130. folio 5 to 1!?, ami for the pur poses of said trust, will Ite sold at public auction on the premises, on E street north, on TUESDAY", the 4th day of August. 1K57, at 5 o'clock !>. m., all that part of the Lot. of Ground numbered fi, lit Square in Washington city, beginning for the same at a point on the north side of E street n<?rth <me hun tired and forty feet and nine niches froin the south west corner of said square, and running t hence north seventy-one feet and six inches with the western line of a portion of said lot numl>er six which was conveyed by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weigntman, to the use of Mary S. Scott: thence east 2 feet 6 inches ; thenoe north 16 feet 7h inches; thence west 22 feet 111 and one-third inohes; thenoe south 88 feet 1 inch and a half; thence east 20 feet 4 inches and ouo third of au inch to the place of lie ginning. The improvements consist of a good three-story brick dwelling and t>ascment, with a large two-story hack building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and ofnoe. Terms of sale: ?2,000 in cash, and the residue for notes in euual sums pe.yahlein six, twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A deed will lie given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving five days* notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within five days after the sale. The premises are now under lease for .*6*0 per annum, the lease to expire on the 1st dav of October, 1858. HENRY M. MORFIT, Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. ID" THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their acoounts and vouchers at theofhoeof the Trustee, on 4>a street. july U-eodAda JET" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain until THURSDAY, the 6th instant, to take place upon the premises, at 5 o'clock p.m. su(Vd V Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ERY VALUABLE AND ELHilBLY-I.O - cated RuiLDisr. Lots at Public Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 4th, at six o'clock, on the premises, I shall offer for sale the following valuable Building Lots: Lot No. 23, in subdivisionol square No. 3f?, front ing 24 feet 2 inches ou Tenth street west, t>etween Land M streets north, running hack 138 feet 9 inches to a ao-fret alley. Lot No. 3H. in subdivision of same square, fronting 25 feet on Ninth street west, between L and M streets north, running l?ck 138 feet 9 inches to a 30 feet alley. Lots Jt and 29, in subdivision of same square, front ing each 22 feet 11 inches on North M street, between Ninth and Tenth streets west, running back 120 feet to a 10 feet alley. Also, immediately after Subdivision A, iu square 448, fronting 52 feet 6 in dies on north M street, at the corner of 6 street west, running tmck 143 feet to a 15 feet alley: this has been divided into two building lots of 26 feet 3 inches frout each. These lots are situated in the most desirable part of the city for a private rosidenoe, are paved in front, well drained, and very desirable a* building loca tions. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue m 6,12, and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. JAS. C. McGUIRE, jy 29-eoAds Auctioneer. ID" the ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in consequence of the rain uutil FRIDAY AFTER NOON, August 7th, same hour and place. ang5-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. C NEW PIANOS RECEIVED THIS WEEK ?9 at our Warerooms, betweeu 9th and 10th sts., sou Penn. avenue, jy ? JOHN F. ELLIS. APCT10J 8AIB8. TO-DAY $ TO-MOKROW MORNING. By A. ORKEN. Anctionwr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALl ABLE REAL Estate.?By virtue of a decrae of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia approved by the Circuit Court of said District, sittinc in Chancery. 1 will on WEDNESDAY, the Mhof August 6 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, proceed to ?el! fyota of Gronnd numbered seventeen (17) *r.d eighteen (13) in Square niiml>ered five hundred and three (tt) situate in the City of Washington. The aliuve-described property is located on Sixth street west, between N and O streets south, and within a lew yards of the new (6th street] steamU*t wharf. . Terms of sale: One-third, cash; and the residue in two equal payments, at r. and 12 months, with in teiest, the deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchaser*, satisfactorily endorsed. . I'pon the full payment of the purchase money and iuterest, and the ratification of the sale by the Court, the trustee will convey said lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his or thoir [tf*e purchaser)oostsand expense. ff the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the ngnt to resell said lots or either or any portion of them, upon ten Hays' previous notice, at the risk and uosts of the defaulting purchaser. K B. I.ASK KY. Trustee if 21 -eo.Vds A. ORE EN. Auctioneer. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. WINES, LIQUORS, CIG ARS. AND TOBAC co at ArcTios.?On Tilt RSDAY MORN ING, the 6th instant, at 1" o'clock, in front of our Auction Rooms, we will sella large stock of Win?s. Liquors, Cigars. Tobacco. and such go<ids, together with the Store Fixtures. Measures. & c.. I>eing the stock of R. D. Tweedy, Esq. We name in part? Fineold Bourbon and Mononcahela Whiskey, in Iwrrels and demijohn* Pine Claret. Maderia, and other Wines, in casks and liottles Fine old dark and pale Brandies 2" M. Cigars, superior brand* Cffewing Tobacco Also, Store Fixtures, .Measures, Dennjohns. Ac. Also, will be added 10 quarter-casks Branuy, for sale on account of whom it may concern. Terms cash. au 4-ts WALIijk HAIINAR D, Auots. By J AS. C. MaOVIKB Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE Building Lot at thk corner of north M STREET AND 1"TH STREET WEST.?On THURS DAY AFTERNOON. August fith, at6o'clock.on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 8, in square No.311, fronting 25 feet on north M street, at the corner of l?Mh turret west, tunning liaek 110 feet to a l<? f<-et alley, and containing 2,7.j0 square feet of ground. This lot m beaut fully located in the most desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale offers great ii.ancements, as the property will be sold to the highest bidder. Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in6,12, and 13 months, with interest securcd by deed of trust on the premises. jy 31- JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Bv J.C.MoGl'IRE, Auctioneer, rp RUST EE'S SALE OF THREE FRAME I IlonsM an" Lot< on the Island, on G street south between7thand Kth streets west. Bv virtue of t wo deed* of triis' dul\ executed and recorded, the subscriber will sell on MON DAY, the l?th dav of August, IK57, at 6 o'clock p. ni., on the premises, parts of Lots No*. 2,3. and i, in Square No. 437, the whole fronting so feet 4 inches on G street south, between 7th and ?th streets west by a* feet 2 inches deep, with the improvements, which consist of three well and substantially built two - story Frame Dwelling-house*. The above property is eligibly situated and rapidly enhancing in value. The several houses with the ground appertaining to each will be sold separately, and ofTer a rare opportunity to persons desiring a residence, or to invest. Terms: One-third,cash : and the balance in six ami twelvemonths for notes l?earing interest secured upon the property; and if not complied wrh in six davs alter the safe the trustee reserves flie right to resell at the risk and expense of the purc haser, upon one week's notice. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. jy !B-3tawAds J. C. McGI'l R E. Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP ERTY on the Island at Auction.?On WED NESDAY, the 12th day of August, 1857, I shall seil at auction, in front of the premises, at half past six o'clock p. m., by virtue of a deed of trust from Ed win E. True to the snbscrilier. bearing date the 12th day of J uly. 1855. and recorded in Liber J. A. S.,No. ion. folio* .3? to 223. one of the land records for the Count? of Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property lying and l>eing in the city of Washington, Dfstnct aforesaid, to wit: Lot numt>ered fourteen. (U)in Square numliered five hundred and eighty-four, (584) together with the improvements thereon. This property is at the cor ner of 7d street west and E street south. Terms en*h. All conveyance at cost of purchaser. If the terms are not complied with in five days the property wi II l>e resold at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising such resale 3 times in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee, jy 13-eodAds A. GK KEN, Auctioneer. FOR REST AND SALE. For other " For Kent anil Sal'" nottre.? s*t lit patt, L^OR RKNT-A conveniently arranged BRICK a HOUSE, with ten Rooms and Basement, on L street, bet ween 7th and 8th east. Rent per an num. ELIZABETH ST1LLINGS. au 5-eofit I^O LET.?A three-story BRICK, situated l?e tween fith and 9th streets, on M street. Inquire next door. au 4-3j I^OR SALE CHEAP?A comfortable BRICK a D\\ ELI.ING, situated on the northeast corner of 4th and N streets north. Price $1,150; huf in cash, fnlance in six and twelve months, or if all paid ?n 7>sh less will l>e taken. Apply to.POLI.ARD W EBB, No. 512 7th street. auS-tf IJ?OR RENT.?A new BRICK HOUSE, oontain ing six rooms neatly fin is tied, with a large lot or ground, situated on 13th street. Itetween II and C streets. Island. To a punctual tenant the terms will be moderate. Apply at Mrs. SHEA'S, No. 5?'13th street, between B and^C streets. Island. au 3 3t I^OR SAI.E.?A gentleman having determined to discontinue house-keepihg. oilers for sale his splendid four-story BRICK DU ELLINGHOUSE situated l>etween the City Hall and Pennsylvania avenue. The House la nearly new, containing 16 rooms, with Gas Fixtures, War in. Cold, and Shower Baths. A Pump of excellent water in the yard and kitchen. Also, a Brick Stable and Carriage House upon the premines. Apply to POLLARD W EBB, No, 512 7th street. au 3-tf fUlE BEAUTIFUL AND ELIGIBLY SITU ? ATED FARM OF THK LATE WILLIAM V<>SS FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR IM PROVED CITV PROPERTY.?This FARM is situated in Alexandria connty, Virginia, a few min utes walk from the Georgetown Aqueduct.adjoining the countr> residence of the late Andrew Hoover, on the river road leading to Bali's Cross Roads. and Fairfax Court House, containing thirty three acres; commanding a linn view of Georgetown. Washing ton, and the Potomac River. Al*?ut one half of this firm is under a huh state of cultivation, the fnlance in limber. The cultivated portion of which is laid out in a valuable orchard, consisting of the i>est im ported Apricot, Pear, Plumb, Peach. Apple.and oth er choice Fruit Trees: also, a great variety ofGrape, a large Strnwf>erry Patch, A c.. Ac. On the farm is a Spring of never failing \\ a'er.a Coi !age bnilt-h use, anew Barn,and Outbuildings. This farm will be sold on advantageous terms or exchanged for im proved citv property. Inquire of Mrs. L. J. VOSS, or H. H. VOSS. n 3l-e<*t REAL ESTATE.?Persons desiring to invest in . Real Estate or Real Estate Securities, can l>e accommodated on application to JOS. C. G. KEN NEDY, corner 10th street ami Penu. avenue. Real Estate sold and rented on commission Rents guaranteed ami collected, l^ots in every Ward for sale and for rent. an l-eo?w |?OR RENT?The two comfortable and conveni ng ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re pair, and will !*? for rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KI DWELL. High street, Georgetown. jy 27 ? . ~T~! A CARD. HE I ndersigned takes pi cam re in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising _Jr3 physicians in particular, that he will open iu?m9 the course of next month his DRUG-STORE \1f AND PRESCRIPTION STAND, AND/* CHEMICAL LABORATOR ?.atMiNiuthstreet, l?etween Penn. av and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Lntin, English or French languages, will most care fully ??e compounded, and no receipe trusted to the hands of an apprentice or other employee not fully competent. The thorough chemical education, and the long practice of the uudersigned as pharmaceutist, hi both the Old World and the United States, will serve as a guarantee for the purity of drugs and pre paration* kept by him. Every chemical ooinpound is tested before made use of, and no poisons sold ex cept on receipt from known and responsible parties. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS.?(Qualitative and quantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, Ac., is performed at moderate rates; and gentlemen and masters desirous of l?eing introduced into the theory and practice of Chemistr* ami Pharmacy, will have an opportunity offered to that end by applying next fall. Kefermrt*.? Prof. J. D. B. De Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Florence. F. H. Saok, Esq., Sklmar Sikbert, Esq., Charles II. Wisher. Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GROSS, ? Late a pupil of Prof. Liebig, jy 29-1 m graduate of a Pharmaceutical College. AS FIXTURES. Mc VV.?.received a good assortment of n ^ ! A! ? L,uchas Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, Globe*, Ac. introduced in Stores, Dwellings and I ublic Buildings by competeiit workmen, at low rates. Please give us a call. ?, nio? MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No. 243 I a, av., bet. 12th and 13th ats., south ?ide. jy 11-lm VIAGNOLIA HAMS. 1*1 9*1 CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. W e are just opening, and we guarantee them un ecnialled by any Hams in tins citv. 1 hey were cured in Mary land expressly for our ?ale. $?7"No authorized agents. KING A BURCHELL, jy 25 Corner Vermont avenue and 15th street. pROFERTY. LANDTLOTS, HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK. Real PRorERTY Aotar, has for sale on terms to suit purchasers, Vacant Lots indifferent parts of the city. He Buys, Sells, and Exchanges all kinds of Real Property on mode rate terms. ? ... General Agent. Notary Public, and Jnstioe of Peaoe. No. 525 12th street, Washington City, D. C. p 17-Un ~4 NOTICE. /5L COACH will leavo Sixth strict on Monday and Thursday, instead of every day as hcie ..J.Lfc tofore mentioned, for the CONGRES SIONAL BURYING GROUND, at JCfc= 5 o clock p. u?.t returning at o'clock. i. ??1? gTva.vderwerken, ?30"lw Proprietor, T, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ONE WEEK LATER fROM EUROPE. Arrival ?( the Persia. New York, Aug 5 ?The British royal Mil steamship Persia, with Liverpool date* of a July, arrived last night. The North Stir aril red out on the 2M. Kite LAUD?In Parliament. the Government bad intimated that no active operations would be un dertaken in Chin*, except the destruction of the war junk*, until the result of Lord Elgin's mis - *ion to Pekin should be known If unsatisfactory, hostilities would be confined to Canton. Lord John Russell had obtained leave to bring in a new bill for the admission of Jrwi Roths child had resigned his seat, but had been renomi nated, and will probably be re-elected without opposition. The frigate Susquehanna had arrived at Liver, pool. The Agamemnon bad sailed for Cork with a division of the Atlantic cable The plan for submerging It bad been changed It isnowcon templatcd to commence on the Irisfe coast instead of mid-f?cean. Frasce ? In France the public attention is centred on the development of the recent Italian plot. Spai* accepts the mediation of England and France in a .settlement of her difBcuItie* with Mexico. Tm Latkst. The I.ondon Times of Saturday morning, in its city article, says : The conviction that up to Friday evening no'news had been received from India, and consequently that all the recent re ports have thus far lieen totally unfounded, was followed by an diminution in stocks. Tito Hank of France had lowered its rates on advance* on sto< ks to5j{ percent. The Clipper Golden Fleece and the Lady Joce lyn have been ordered to be ready at.i'ortsmouth for the transportation of troop* to India The India mans would probablv reach Malta yesterday, and should the steamer frotn Calcutta have reached Sue* in season a telegraph dispatch maybe hourly exp?Tted The Markets. Liverpool?Cotton closed steady: sales of the week. <5,(100 bales, including 12.<f?0 to specu lators. and 4.500 to exporters. All qualities had advanced ? Fair. Middling. Orleans Mobile b % Fplands H Estimated sales ou Friday. 10.0lif?bales. Includ ing I.?*} to speculators, and f,000 to exporters Sto< k of Ametican in port, 423,(KIU (tales. Breadstuff*?Flour was heavy st a decline of l?. Kic haul son, r^pence 4 Co.. quote Western Canal at 3ii*ao(M ; Ohio 32s ; Philadelphia and Baltimore 31s. Wheat had declined 2d ; red "Jf a9 ; white ?>*an. Corn had advanced; mix*d and yellow JP'aS'-s M ; white 42*a44s Provisions were quiet. Pork steady. Beef closed buoyant at an advance of 5al0d Lard was heavy at a decline of Is ; sales at fiftafiT lfs. Ba con null Tallow, all qualities, bad slightly ad vanced . Suj^ar was steady. Coflee stead. Tea slow of sale,out prices we unchanged Rosin steadv Spirits turfientine was dull Tar closed drooping Rice was h?-avy Loxnon Markets?Messrs. Barings quot? breadstuff* as drooping Wheat had declined 5d. Cottee dull Tea active, closing quiet. Tur pentine dull. Rice heavy and quiet Monev was slightly easier Consols for mofiey 91*a9l*. Bullion had Increased ?21^.000 American securities were generally unchanged Bell k Co., report a better di-mand for State and first class railroad bonds Manchester advices were favorable. The Kentucky Election. LocttvtLLE, August 3?A State election for Congressmen and other officers was held to-day In this city the majorities for Hon Humphrey Marshall. American, for representative to Con gress from the seventh district, over Thomas H Holt, Democrat, and of Thomas D Jones for State treasurer, over James W. Garrard, Demo crat, are estimated at about eleven hundred vote* The election here was proceeded with quietly The majority for Fillmore iu the city last fall was about 1.WJ0. ?? Missouri Election. St. Lons, Aug. 4.?Scattering returns from the election in this city and county indicate that Rollins, the American candidate for Governor, has a majority in the city of from 1.200 to 1,500 Mayor Wy men's majority last spring was 1.700. The vote is very much reduced, and Rollins falls behind Fillmore's vote. The complexion of the vote in this county indicate that Col Stewart, the anti-Benton Democratic nominee for Governor has carried the Slate by about 5,000 majority Dissolution of the Tehnuntepec Company. New Orleass. August 5 ?The Tehuantepec Company publishes a ca:d this morning, announ cing Its dissolution, stating as its cause*, it* ina bility to arrange with the owners of the Garay Grant, the impossibility of netting the mail con tra* t. and the discovery of the fact that the Sloo titledoes not rest in tnis company. The presi dent and others went to Mexico in the last steam er to make new arrangements. Railroad Accident. Petersburg, Va., August 4 ?The 3 o'clock train of cars going south, on the Wilmington road, was thrown into a swamp nine miles be low Goldsboro' to-day, and some eight or ten persons were w? unded?a brakesman and negro woman seriously. The wounded were taken hack to Goldsboro'. The whole train is a total wreck. Reported .Murder of Surveying Parties. St Louts, Aug. 4 ?The Kansas City Enter prise of the 1st announces the reception of letter* at j.ecompton. stating that five of Captain Cald well's. four of Capt. Berry's, and tike whole of another surveying party have been murdered by the Pawnee Indians. Murder in Steuhenville. Stetbejiville, Ohio, Aug. 3.?An unprovoked murder was committed here at ten o'clock Satur day night. on the person of an Irishman nauted Martin Hollorand. a bos* on the Pittsburg and Steubenvllle Railroad. The murderers have not been arrcst?*d. Moop-of-war Germantown. Norfolk. Aug. 4.?The United States sloop, of-war Gentian town sailed hence to-day for Chi na, via Madeira and other ports. Destructive Fire. PAIXSTII.LE, August 4 ?A large part of the business portion of this village was burnt to-day. I.ossest!mated at *75,00". The lawn Election. Chicago, Au*. 4.?The election in Iowa. terday. passed ofl'quietly at Dubuque The vot? of that city stands about 1,200_ for the> and lot* for the Republicans. The Rain in Baltimore. Baltimore, Aug. 5.?The heavy rum of yes terday still continue*. It is now falling in tor rents, and some of the streets are deluged Rain in the South. Mobile Aug. 4.?We have had twelve day* of continuous rain, doing great injury to the crops in the neighborhood, and it is feared that the in jury above is still greater. Later from Kansas. St. Loots, Aug. 4.?The Democrat's Kansas correspondent says that Gov Walker is still en camped at Lawrence, with an increased force Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. Aug. 5.?Flour is dull, at a partial decline; sales ofHoward street at t<.50, City Mills 57, Ohio nominally 87.50. Wheat has declined 5c., but pricas are too ir regular to give correct quotations. Corn is firm, white s6u92c; yellow f^ia^c Whisky is drooping City 2?)f, Ohio 3(lc. 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