Newspaper of Evening Star, August 6, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 6, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CaiMnr?L CnriT BUttio* Xio?i.-Tn terday, after oar report closed? Wtlltam Lord wan sworn for defence.?Is a cit izen of Washington; lives in the first precinct of the Fourth Ward; got to the polls quarter after ? In the morning, stared there till the Judges l*f!; returned home, ana came beck when the polls were reopened; was Minding near the tax clerk's window; saw a crowd of fiflv boys in the street; they were hallooing; saw no fighting; two men In the crowd witness recognizee!, one i>f them Was Sibley; he was drunk, made a great noise; the other was Vanloman Johnson; heard Sibley say he could whip any man who was not a Tom Don ohoman; Capt. Goddard was there; Johnson took Sibley away dowa the street; this was five to ten minutes beifore the affray; Sibley returned and spoke to witness, and witness asked him to keep quiet; when the fight began, witness dodged be hind the breastwork, and remained there until It was over; saw the Mayor there; he was standing up in his carriage, talking with some one at the carriage; It was then very quiet; no naturalized rltizens were kept from tne polls; no one was dragged from the polls; saw a weapon stuck up In the barricade; it was a blacksmith's cold chisel; the man who had it witness did not know; this was after the affray; after sticking it up, he sat down and did not say a word; be sat five minutes, :?nd pulled it out and went away; witness saw no more of hiiu; be did not interfere with any per son; it was all quiet then; some three persons were with him; saw Captain .Mills there a short time aftf+ward; beard some one say the marines were coming; looked out and saw them coming up; the commissioners said, "if they are coming, we will close the polls;*' they closed the polls be I fore the marine* arrived on the ground. ?The |k>IK were closed before the marines got past Shreve's stable; the Mayor was there while the voting was going on, and be fore the marines arrived. RtcknrJ Wallntky sworn ?Saw the transac tions altont the cannon on the day in question; got to the cannon before the marines; lew per sons were about the cannon except those iu charge of it; it was south of the main door of the mar ket; it was pointe?l due south; the crowd was noisy; witness a?k?*d the crowd what they were going to do with it; witness }*>rsuaded them to permit it to be turned with the muzzle up the street; it was soon turned liack, and again turned up street; just before the Mayor came witness had apjiealed to them to take the cannon away in vain; Mr. Wilson came up to witness and said he would stand l?y hiin; just then the Mayor came up; wit ness told him that he would assist him in what ever he thought proper to do; he made no answer; Mr. Carlnde was there; the marines were then about to charge on the gun, and witness told Mr. Carlisle to come away: just then a pistol was tired from the corner of the market-house; then the marines tired eight or nine Irregular shots at the market-house; witness ran away and went over towards Alston's corner; witness saw noth ing rammed Into the cannon; saw no effort made to discharge it; witness was between the marines and the cannon; Mr. Merrill offered to go for the Mayor, and went for him alone; has known Mr. Wilson many years; never knew of anything against him; was only on the ground while the marines were there. Crots-tramiiHd.?Expostulated with the crowd in vain; witness and Mr. Merrill turned the can non up the street; the marines must have been marching up the street when the Mayor got to the gun; paving stones might have been rammed into the gun without witness having seen the thing done; witness was trying to have the eun taken away; if the Mayor spoke to the crowd witness did not hear him; Mr. Carlisle expostulated with the crowd in vain; the marines were nearly in line when they tired; the firing was confined to the extreme right of the line; they tired before they took the pun; when they fired first witness was standing by the gun; the marines fired north of the cannon; saw no man stack with a bayonet; witness was running down Seventh street when the left of the line of marines fired. Jam* s ffoakrs, sworn. Was at the market bruise, in the Fourth Ward, on last election day; the first thing witness saw was the crowd com ing up with a cannon; they brought it to the south corner of the square, near Massachusetts avenue, and halted there; it remained there ten minutes; the marines were then coming up Seventh street; the cannon was then moved up to the market house; witness went over and told them to take the gun away; a small man told witness to take bis marines away, and they would take the can non away; they took hold of the gun and dragged it up higher; while the marines were on 1 street, the men loaded the cannon; witness begged them not to fire the cannon; they were some of them drunk, and made a great noise; they asserted that they were going to defend themselves against the marines; witness was there and responded to Mr. Wallarh's request to know If no one was there to assist him; the Mayor walked up to the gun; a man walked up to him and said, " Take your marines away, take your marines away;" Capt. Goddard was there; witness said to the Mayor to ask Capt. Tyler to take the marines away, and they would assist in getting the gun away; the marines marched up opposite the gun; the Mayor went out to meet them, witness heard a voice say, " Charge, and take that gun;" they instantly chargcd on the gun; then witness saw two stones strike the bayonets of the marines; this was the moment the gun was taken; a pistol was fired, and a voice said, " Why don't you fire'" then the marines fired a general broadside upon the crowd; witness then ran across the foot way towards the corner; saw no pistol fired from the corner, nor stones thrown from Alston's cor ner; was there a moment before the marines di rected their muskets towards the point; saw two of them whom he knew take deliberate aim at him; he could see down into the muzzles of their guns; they fin d a volley; saw three men fall dead; up to that time no pistol had been fired from that corner, so help him God; witness ran west, and tried to get In an alley; it was barred up; could not get into it; the gun was loaded before the Mayor came up to it; he did not attempt to ad dress the crowd; knows i?on Birkhead by sight; he did not assist in loading the gun; It was loadeti by two small men. Crots-eramwtJ ?Some one said, when the mayor arrived, there is the mayor, hear him; saw tue gun loaded; was very near it: they put nails and stones in the gun, also bullets, buck shot and small pistol trails ; they put in powder at first; one man held his hand 011 the breech, and another man loaded it - does not know either of the parties that loaded the gun; there was a large crowd about the market house. S. H WUir?, sworn ?Was at Allston's corner when the mariues fired upon It; saw the marines fire upon that corner; heard no shot from that corner or saw no stones thrown before the marines fired; saw Jour or five persons shot on that corner; Mr Deems was one of them. Cros?-fj-nm<n"l.?There was a dense crowd ?>etween witness and the marines; they were all along the curbstone. The Court here took a recess ; and on resump tion of the business of the trial Mr. Key stated to the Court that he proposed to recall the last witness, (Mr. White) /or the pur pose of asking him a question as to what he saw from the point at wh ch he was standing, of the affairs which were going on at the market house Mr. Bradley objected that the examination in chief had not been directed to that point, and the prosecution had no right to put interrogatories as to anything which was not brought out by the examination in chief. Mr Kev explained that what hewished toelieit was in relation to the subjeet matter of the exam ination in chief; he contended that he had a right to ask the witness what he saw done at the rWht of the line of marines. 0 The Court held that thecross-examination must l?e confined to the corner where witness was stand ing; he must conform in tlie cross-examination to the examination inchief: such had Iwen the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States. Alexmndtr Aldnrk, sworn.?Was at Alston's corner at the time the mariues were in line oppo site the market; was wounded while standing there; was not concerned in the riots, nor wa*anv one who stood there with witness; was moving about from the corner to two doors below on r*venth street; had a good view of the marines: saw no stones or pistols fired from that corner be fore the marines fired upon it; was suflrientiv near to have seen such thing had it bappened was wounded in the ankle after Mr. Alston was killed by the fire of the marines. t ros\'*samtmtJ ?There was quite a crowd about the corner; after the marines arrived oppo site the cannon witness d.d not change bis posi tion at the corner; heard no pbtol shots from AU ston s corner. Dr Blood. sworn?Wa* on the spot where the riots occurred when the marines came op; was at the corner of Massa hustttts avenue and Seventh street when the marines caine up; opposite the Market-house; *t?vrd with his face towards the marines; had a full view of the line; saw them tre upon Alston s corner; saw no disturbance at that corner; heard no pistol fired till after the ma rines fired; saw no stcnes thrown. Jfr J u ?sworn ?Lives lathe Fourth Ward; voted at the late election; got to the polls about seven o'clock: returned hoinv to breakfast and went again to the polls; all was quiet about the polls; witness then went to his oflb e; at one o clock, witness heard that the marines had gone up, and weul to the place and stopped at Alston a '-otuer; witness stood near the lamp post on tl>e corner; was there till after the firing was over; the marines fired upon that corner; there was no disturbance where the witness stood; saw no men go from the corner towards the marines, and are a pistol or throw stones; had a full view of everything about the place; saw the marines dis j.nctly, witness is positive that no stones were t u. own ?r pistols fired before the firing of the ma rines; the corner was not crowded, though many ^ stood around there, there was no loud language, no vociferous language used by any Ward- "Wort>?Lives in the Fourth war?, wan at Alutnn ? corner while th* marine were in line opposite the market house h^-fr.! no pivtols In that imfn?dut<* neighborhood* in the morning w.tness was |? the c<rner; previous to the affray fonr Irishmen were coming up Massachusetts avenue ? wimJLTTt-i to a friend that they looked as if they'faad In 'heir packets; at half pas, ntWfTt^i^? Ing there was about I,MM people about the^,11^. at that time the aght commeu. td, Ibey all ?* in * row. Witness the doors, and then k^rd pistols; previous lo tbe atfray RA plslols Wert fired; soiik twenty or thirty shots must bare been fired during the affray, which continued some minute or minute and a half; after that everything was quiet until the marines came; after a while a cannon wax brought on the ground, and som one came to witness to purchase powder-witness then went up stair* orer the store; did not go down stairs till the firing was all orer ; the flret ?hots witness heard were musket shots. Here the Court adjourned. kikth DAT. As soon as the Court met, to-day, Mr. Bradley called for the defence? George T. Longion, sworn ? Lives in Wash ington; knows Dan'l Stewart and Isaiah Stewart; saw Daniel Stewart pursue some Irishmen down the street with a gun in his hand; saw some man follow and call bim; the roan who followed him was not Isaiah Stewart; witness heard the man tell Daniel Stewart that he was near enough to shoot. . Cross-ermtninetl.?The man who told Daniel Stewart to shoot was John McDowell; he was not a lame man. F. L B irk head was recalled by Mr. Bradley.? Saw Isaiah !<tewirt 011 that day; witness was standing at the Fourth Ward polls, and Isaiah came to him and advised him not to interfere with the mob froin Baltimore, for they all had pistols and knives, and would kill hiin if be did. John G. Freer, recalled by Mr. Bradley.?Isaiah Stewart, after the rush on the polls, came to wit ness and said it was a good thing that Deggesdid not attempt to arrest any one, as a man was right behind him with a pistol at his back and would have shot him if he had; has known Isaiah some ten years. Israel Cro**. sworn?Lives in the Sixth Ward; the cannun was spiked by witness one week be fore the election; witness spiked it with a wire which he was trying to bend to open a lork In the door of acloset in the Anacosta engine-house; witness tried to get the wire out, but could not do It; the piece must have been 4 inches long, and witness in endeavoring to get It out clenched it in the inside. Cross-eramintd ?It might have been fired off with that in, but thinks it could not have been done; can't say the touch-hole was so obstructed as to prevent its l*?ing tired; in loading the gun the wire could not have been forced bark; steel wire don't bend; the wire in the touch-hole was steel; only believes that the wire was bent; the wire was not as large as the touch-hole. William Mill*, sworn?Lives in the Sixth Ward; went In the engine-house to clean the en gine; the primer was ta|>ering, and was broken off in trying to straighten it out after landing it to open the closet door; could not get it out of the touch-hole and drove it in; could not say that it was mashed on the inside; one end was as likely to mash as the other; it did not entirely stop up the hole. Cross-eraviined ?Was not near the gun when it was loaded; was eating his dinner when the gun was taken out of the engine-house. James Forrest, sworn ?Was in the engine house when the gun was spiked; the wire was bent in the touch-hole; it stuck in the touch-hole when broken off; never tried afterwards to take it out. Cross-examined?Can't say he saw the gun loaded on the day it was at the polls; was at the market-house when it was loaded; did not see it loaded; did not come np with the gun. Israel Cross, recalled by Mr. Key.?Was not near the gun when it was at the market-house; dul not see it loaded; was not there at all. ( has. Everett, sworn?Was in Washington on 1st June last; hearing the marines had gone up went up and saw the marines halting on I street; observed that the men were very unsteady; some one said a gun was pointed towards them, which accounted for their being so irregular in their ap pearance; previous to that two men came and spoke to the officer on the left of the marines; he appeared to refer them to another on the right; they went to the right and addressed the officer there, (Capt Tyler;) heard Capt. Tyler say, "then we'll take the gun;" he immediately put men in motion by richt fiank, and went up the stieet op posite the market house; witness went with them till they halted; they came to a front face; wituess concluded it was not safe to stand in front of the marines, knowing if they were pelted or insulted they would not stand It; witness went to Alston's corncr and took a position on the flag stone on Seventh street by the corner, was standing in the frout with a clear view; saw the first platoon cross the street with fixed bayonets; the charge was ir regular, not as a body of trained men would go; did not see the gun; saw the rush forward, and then heard a pistol fired from the crowd, and saw a stone pass over the heads of the charging ma rines; they brought their pieces down and fired in several directions; people began to run, and scat tering shots were fired by the marines after them; then the second platoon of the first company, brought their muskets down and were simulta neously turned to the left, which directed thttn to Alston's corner; they fired irregularly, nc^is regular troops would fire; witness thought it was no time to run. and stood with the balls whist ling all around him; when the firing had ceased, witness looked around and saw that he was the only man standing on the corner; five men were lying dead around him; witness saw a marine bring down his piece and point it at himand fire, he did not hit witness; after that witness walked out and turned over the body of Mr. Deems to see if he was alive; and went up to identify the marine who had fired at witness; could not iden tify him; could see the whole crowd; they were perfectly peaceable; if a pistol had been fired from Alston's corner up tp tne time when the men were killed on that corner, witness must have seen it; after that there were a good many pistol shots from all sides; saw no stones thrown; the fiistol fired at the marines first appeared to come rom the centre of the front of the market-house; does not know Charles Spencer; did not see bim throw stones or fire a pistol; witness soon turned and went to his office, and sketched off a plan of the scene with memorandums of the events of the day; this was half an hour after the occurrence was over. Cross-eramined.?There were two companies of marines on the spot, of two platoons eacu; the firing on Alston's corner came from the right of the marines who were in the line; it was confined to the right of the liue; thinks twenty-five or thirty muskets were fired, or about one platoon: 1 he firing might have extended to the first platoon of the second company, but thinks the principal firing on Alston's corner came from the second platoon of the first company, 011 the right of the line; heard no pistols fired from Alston's corner at all. A. S. II White, recalled?by Mr. Key?The tire 011 Alston's cornercaiue from the second com pany of the marines; it all came from the first platoon of the second company. Robert M. Paird, sworn.?Knows Isaiah Stew art; saw him on the corner of Seventh street and New York avenue while the marines were at the market-house; he was at the Third Wa d poi s after that and until the marines went awuy. Cross-examined ?Witness was standing on the north corner of Seventh street and New York avenue, and Isaiah was on the opposite corner at the tavern; this was when the martna* first fired; while the marines were firing Isaiah walked up to the Third Ward polls and remained there till the marines went away. tl'nry l.yle, sworn ?Knows Isaiah Stewart; When the marines came up, voting was stopped at the Third Ward polls; was collector at the Third Ward polls all day; did not go to Fourth Ward polls at all; after the marines went away, the voters collected around the polls and a little disturltance arose, and witness heard the voices of Isaiah Stewart and Dan'l Stewart; Jos. Hodg son run out from the window and had Isaiah around the body; this was twenty minutes after the marines left. Cro*s-*ramin?,d?Did not see Isaiah Stewart and Koliert Baird come up to the Third Ward polls; was looking directly down the street; would have seen them if tbey had come while the marines were firing. Charles Lent in on. sworn ?Lives in the Third Ward; was not at the market house when the ma rines charged on the gun; was below the market: was within a)>out 2U0 feet of the marines, and about HO feet IWow Allston's corner, where the charge was made; saw the cannon In the middle of the street; witness crossed over to speak to Mr. Wallacb, who was standing near the cannon; just then he started off, and witness followed him to Alston's corner; the first thing witness heard was what be took to be the explosion of a musket cap: then three discharges of muskets; then several pistol shots; then a general discbarge from both sides. C tons-examined?When he heard the cap ex plode was eighty feet below Alston's corner, or about one hundred yards below the market house. Jame* H. Kiltyi sworn ?When tbe marines were in front of tbe polls, witness and others went to Capt. Tyler, and said to him, 44 1 bave been appointed as one on a committee of citizens of Washington to request you to bave the marines removed from the ground, or else they will be firtd upon by the swivel in possession of the riot ers;" be did not reply, but said,44 Left fiank, left fare, forward marcli," was sent or requested to go to Capt. Tyler, by Ross, policeman, and by other citizens of Washington who were standing about the gun, and who were peaceably disposal; went to Capt. Tyler for the purpose of having the ma rines removed, so that tbey might not be injured, if possible to prevent it; no threats were used to wards Capt. Tyler by the committee. *Cross-ernnn*ed ?Witness never bad seen the man who weut with him to Capt. Tyler; he vol unteered to go with witness; never saw biin be fore nor since: did not know who else besides Ross requested him to go to Capt. Tyler; heard the mayor request tbe rioters to disperse just be fore be was requested to go to Capt. Tyler; don't think his companion was a Ping Ugly; if Capt Tvler bad said "then I'll take your cannon,' witness would certainly have beard him. The Hjcumosd Firimkx were conducted through tbe city yesterday by delegations of the Washington companies; after which they were taken to tbe truck-house of the Metropolitan Com pany. where a collation had been prepared for them To-day they are visiting various places of interest about tbe city, and to-night they will partake of a supper provided for thein at tbe Washington House by order of the Metropolitan Compauy. The visiting company will probably rt?rt homeward on to-lttwroW. ?? ????? The Public ftcnools.?The regular meeting of the Board of Trustee* of Public School* took place yesterday afternoon at the usual place. Present toeaides the President, (8. Y. AtLee,) Messrs. Wilson, Polk, Harkness, ftfagruder, Da vis, McKlra, Pendleton and Pearson. nA rea<* 'roin tb* Secretary of the f Public Schools of Georgetown, Invltln* \ ^ton Hoard to reciprocate the visits ?f their trusters to the Washington schools at tUe beginalng of the ensuing scholastic year. Also, a letter from the Corporation Attorney sustaining the action of the Board on a question which was lately submitted to him by them with regard to the account of a late teacher in the pub lic schools. r On motion of Mr. AtLee, resolutions of thanks were unanimously adopted to Messrs. Z. Rich ards, O. C Wight, J. G. Abbott and others, for their unremitting and useful assistance In the late examinations. Also, to Professor Jos. Henry for the use of the Smithsonian hails; also, to the newspaper press |>f this city for the ample space so generously al lotted to the proceedings, and particularly to the accurate and indefatigable reporters of the jour nals of this city- J On inotiou of Mr. Magruder, the secretary was instructed to request the City Councils to confirm proceedings heretofore had by the Beard in re gard to renting a building for school purposes in the Second district; also for an additional assist ant teacher for the male primary school in the Second district. A committee of three was appointed to audit the accounts of the treasurer, viz : Messrs. Pear son, Wilson and Harkness. A committee was also appointed to prepare, in conjunction with the secretary, the annual report to be submitted to the Councils. vi2: Messrs. Mag ruder, Pendleton, Pearson and Morgan. On motion of Mr., the rule restricting the privileges of the public schools to two chil dren in any one family was rescinded. The Board then proceeded to the election of teachers for the ensuing scholastic year. They are as follows: First District. District School, 8. John Thompson. Female Department, Miss Mary P. Middleton. Male Primary, M. E. Kodier, principal; Mary J. Mills, assistant. ' 1 1 Primary No. 1, Miss M. J Richie. Primary No. 2, Miss A. II. Lowe; Miss F. K. Hoover, assistant. Primary No. principal postponed tonextadj d meeting; Henrietta Slater, assistant. Primary No. 4, Miss M. A. Adams. SeroHil District. District School, Thomas M. Wilson, principal; F.iuily Myers, assistant. Female Department, Miss Susan P. Randolph. Male Primary, Mrs. R. M. Ogden. Primary No. 1, Miss J. F. Acton. Primary No. 2, Miss Lucy II. Randolph, prin cipal; L A. Reed, assistant. Primaiy No. 3, Miss Kate McCarthy. Primary No. 4, Emily Billing; E. Hawkins, sifiitistiiif Primary No. 5, Miss E. T. Ward. Third District. District School, W. W. McCatheran, princi pal; Lizzie Parsons, assistant. Female Department. Miss M. A. Mlrick. Male Primary postponed. Primary No. 1, Miss Elvans principal and Miss Re>>eccaSt. Johns tirst assistant; second assistant postponed. Primary No.'2, Miss Lucy E. Moore, princi pal; assistant postpo ied. Primary No. 3, Mrs E. W Clarke. Primary No 4, Miss J. G. Moss. Primary No. 5, Miss Laura Hilton, principal; MissM. Simons, assistant. Primary No. fi, Mrs M. Freeman. Fourth District. District School, John K. Thompson principal. Female Department, Miss M. A. Mifburn. Male Primary, Mr. Augustas Edson. Primary No. 1, postponed. Primary No. 2, Miss M. A Lee. Prima.y No. 3, Miss L. E. Ashdown. Primary No. 4, postponed. Sub-assistants, 1st district, Emily E. Tucker: I'd district postponed; 3d district, Kate Sander son; 1th district, Miss A. Hall. The committee to examine candidates meets on Friday at City Hall. The Board adjourned to the 19th inst. The River ?Several longboats, heavily laden, passed up to the mouth of the canal yesterday. The heavy wagons of Eldridge's Menagerie and Circus passed over the Long-bridge this morning; so the boys of Washington can begin to save up their twcnty-flve-cent pieces for the show. Arrived at Gait & Young's wharf?schr John R. Trice, Cant. Ale, from Philadelphia, with 1U0 tons of coal for F L. Moore; schr Northumber land, Capt. Ksome, from Havre-de Grace, with 30* tons of coal for C M. Keys. At Riley's wharf?schr Merwin, from New ^ ork, with 1S30 bbls. of cement for Capt. Meigs; canal-boat Kate Bruce, Capt. Derry. from Cum berland, with 118 tons of coal for the tas com pany. We are happy to state that there is no founda tion for the rumor that the Fifth-dam had t>een again carried away; a portion of the tow-path on Georgetown level, of about two hundred and fifty yards in extent, however, was washed away; which will. It is thought, put a stop to the busi ness of the canal for about six days. There is a rumor that a part of the tow-path on the Five mile level at Harper's Ferry was carried away. The Kate Bruce ha? been loaded ever since'the 15th of last June?this being her first trip down this Summer. Captain Derry reports the crops, along the line of the canal, as looking better than he has known for many years previous. The rorn prospect was never better; the wheat fields were not generally damaged by the late hail storm, though some field* were en11 rely dest royed. The repairs on the Mount Vernon are nearly completed; Maj. Riley, chief engineer of the line, contemplates having her ready for service on or IWore the2tst inst. She is to take the place of the Powhatan on the river. The steamer George Page on her second trip up Iroin Alexandria this morning, brought up GOO bushels of wheat, four horse loads of pressed brick lrom Tucker's manufactory, several two horse loads of crackers from Jamison's factory, several large teams of horses and drays, and a larsje ntiml>er of passenger*. The arrivals of wheat and green groceries at the Alexandria markets are growing daily larger, and of more and greater importance. Alexandria .night be made one of the largest grain markets in this part or the country, with proper enterprise on the part of the merchants of that town ; the fa cilities for transporting thecrops from the various farming districts of Virginia to that place are as great now as those of any other city in the South. Certre Market.?The demand lor provisions this morning was not sufficient to occasion a ma terial change of prices. The .supply was ample, and the quality of the articles oilVred excellent. The lower market is improving, and purchasers begin to add it to their market routes. Prices are as follows: Beef, per lb Iua15r jShlpstutts. Pork . 12a 15 Mutton 12a 15 Lamb, prqr ?5a1.00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12)$ Lard 10 Veal 12al5 Beef tongues 75a* I Calves heads ,eoch 25 Bacon 15a 10 Shoulders 12ali Breast pieces .... 14a 16 Dried beef.. 17al8 Chickens, pr pair. 50 Turtles, each... 12a# 1 .25 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. 20a3l Terrapins, each... 3?af>7 Irish potatoes, pk. 25 Com, pr bush.... 90a$l Corn, ear, pr bush Go Beans, pr bush.... &2 Rye, pr bush xl Oats G5 Meal D5a*l Shorts .?..?? ..... 35 Kggs, per doz.... 16 Roll butter 25 Phil'a print37 Honey, per lb.... 25 Cyinlings, per doz GalO Green corn 12 X Kgg plants ti Onions, bunch.... 2 Tomatoes, pk .... 12 Snap Beans, pk... 12 Lemons, per doz . 12a25 Cabbage, pr head. tj Green peas, pr pk. '^0 Blackberries 12)$ Whoitleberries... It) Apples, pk 25 Pine Apples,each 12alS Bevts, per bunch. 3 Turnips, per b'ch. laS Watermelons 12a37 Canteloupes 3al2 Cucumbers, doz.. 6 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Crabs, per doz,... 25 Island Improvements ? Square 4ft* in the Seventh Ward, it will be remembered, is in chancery, one of the parties to the suit being the Government of the United States. The square is situated between Four-and a-half and Sixth, and H and I streets. It is proposed, we understand, by Government, to place upon the square an armory for the Flying Artillery, and to use it likewise as a parade ground It is proposed also to take those old buildings, for merly occupied by Com Rodgers, fronting on the new Arsenal Ground-purchase as barracks for the Flying Artillery. Should the city build the sea-wall from O street to P street, as proposed by the bill which passed the lower Board on Monday night, the Govern ment will, it is supposed, extend the sea-wall along the newly-purchased ground to meet it. The Seventh Warders are now taking measures to have a pavement Uid on the north side of N street south, from Sixth street to New Jersey avenue. On Saturday next the steamer Maryland, CajQ tain Wiu. Mitchell, will start upon a pleasure excursion to Old Point, Portsmouth and Norfolk* We feel a particular pleasure In noticing any en terprise in which Captain Mitchell is concerned, knowing him to be an excellent officer and a thor ough gentleman; but aside from this we feel it a duty to commend this pleasure trip to our read ers as just the thlpg to aflord them a pleasant and health-promoting relaxation from wearing busi ness pursuits. The Maryland leaves here at 9 o'clock a. m., on Saturday, and returning, leaves Norfolk at 4 p. in. of Monday. See advertisement. The Canal.?Our Georgetown correspondent, whose letter is received too late for to-day's paper, states that no damage has been done to the canal went of the poiats mentioned In yesterday's letter.

The repairs will it is thought, be completed by I the last of the ensuing week. 1 ? ? ? ? ?1 . N?ws Bots at Loggerheads ?Tne times mtm to be so entirely out *f Joint that even oar well-behaved Washington newsboys are getting Into a muse, and are squabbling like so many common street rowdies. The bigger ones, it seems have undertaken to prevent some of the junior purveyors of street literature from selling at par ticular localities. On Saturday night, a little fellow with a considerable quantity of si* cent mnslin protruding from his well ventilated panta loons, complained at the guard house that a party of boys known as " the Mice,"' who prowl about "Shirt-tail Alley,'' had robbed him of his pa? Grs and money. This morning another boy ob ined a warrant against a party of rivals in trade who attacked him at the Northern market and Erevented him from selling his papers. A few nes laid on the offenders will doubtless serve to set things right. The freedom of the press must be maintained ! Thk Weather.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, July 3d, to this morning : Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday 750 74J Fridajf T*-> 7U Samrgny 75 SuntMy 7i 7*2 Monttay Us Hi 7G Tuesday..... 70 -0 71 Wednesday 70 75 7?? Thursday... 70 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the morn ings, from July 31st to Aug. 6tb, inclusive, 7<K Remarks.?July3utb,cloudy with rain; 31st, tine and pleasant; Aug. 1st, early morning thunder with rain, rest of the day fine and cooler 2d, line and pleasant; 3d, pleasant, hot afternoon, cooler to end; 4th, heavy rain throughout, with air close; 5th, cloudy with rain, with thunder in the after noon, finished fine; <>th, a little cloudy. Kiver tolerably clear. New moon, Wednesday, August 1!?, between 11 and 12 a. til. 11. Georgetown, Aug. 6,1957. Important Cask.?M. Kautl"mati was charged by S. Odenwald with stealing a lot of old pewter from him. The accused appears! before Justice Goddard, yesterday, for trial. The plaintiff, with a lawyer to prosecute, met him there. The property said to be stolen \l*as produced, and turned out to be two old pewtrr teapots, mashed up as if to be melted for solder, and weighing probably two or three pounds. The case was stated; plaintiff said he bought them in Alexan dria, a witness said he bought them there, and defendant also said he l>ought them there. The magistrate saw nothing upon which he could hold the accused, dismissed him, and sothis im portant case, in which counsel was employed, ended. The Metuodist Episcopal Church South is holding a fine Festival in Thorn's new build ing on Seventh street, for the benefit of the Sab School connected with the Church. The room is finely set out, and amply furnished with supper, ice-cream, and water-melon tables, Ac. Last night the Richmond Fire Company visit ed the Festival, and the members of the company and others, favored the assemblage with some fine vocal music. A very pleasant hour can be spent at this Fes tival. Drowned.?The freshet of Tuesday, amongst other damages, carricd away the stone bridge and arch at north Capitol street over the branch of the Tiber, leaving a pool of considerable size, and some ten or twelve feet in depth. Last evening a number of boys went in there to bathe, and one of them named John Fennell, aged about fourteen years, was seized with cramp, and befor* aid could reach him sunk to rise no more. His body was not recovered until nearly midnight. Disorderly Conduct.?Last night, when the Northern Liberties' apparatus reached the Sec ond Ward, an evident Intention was apparent among a number of persons to create a riot. Ral lying cries were used, and some stones were thrown at persons 011 the sidewalks. Officer Fanning came upon a young man named Good rich, who was among the crowd, and had a brickbat in his hand. He was taken to the guard house, and this morning fined ?5 for the offence. Assault and Battery. ? Yesterday as the Firemen's procession was passing along Penn sylvania avenue, a boy, named Maurice Dorain, hurled a rouirh white-pine stick at a colored boy, which struck him endwise upon his head,knock ing hitn senseless, and in which condition he remained a considerable time. Dorain was ar rested by police otficer Suit, and taken liefore Justice Smith, who committed him to Jail for a further hearing. Last night he was released on bail. ?? Watch Returns. ? Michael Kelly, beating his wife, security for further hearing; L. Hub bard, vagrant, workhouse 30 days; John Good rich, riot, fine and costs, S7 58; Frank Woods, slave, safe keeping, delivered to officer Coxe. Madams Mount has prepared l>jr special request, a Salve for the cure of Cancers, which never was known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, which acts a* a per fect charm to arrest all ol those diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles, <an extract from allower,)a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may he relied on. She otters no article hut what lias tiecn tested. To lie had at No. 339 G street, tietween IIfh and 12th. Also at Nairn Palmer's Drug Store, corner Oth street and l'enn. avenue, D. S. Dyson's Dm * Store, corner of I'enn. avenua mid 12th street, and J. P. .Mi Union's Drug Store. Willards' Hotel. Also at C. Stott's, corner of7tli street and Penn. avenue. References can l?e made to Rev. John Robb. Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James llansuu, and Mr. Mana han. The Consumption DeFtroyer also can l>e found in Alexandria, at Mr. Castleman's Store, on time Btreet, my sole agent for that placo. In Georgetown at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. je 17 MAKKIKU, On the 4th instant, hy the Rev. T.C. Teas?laie .Mr. It. ?i. F.oklotf,of tin Miss JOSH PHI NK SIMMS.ol Stanardsville, Greeneoiiaty. 11 LACK DIAMOND COAL ON T1IK WAV. A cargo oi the aU?ve COAL ol Nuf, K?tr. and Stove sizes to !>e unloaded this week. The Itest Anthracite, lor general use, ever brought to this city. 2'icts. pei ton deducted .1 taken Iroui vessel. Order at once, oi SAML'KL H. YOUNG. East side (?tli street, between D and K, ai. 4 (Intel) Old Staud. rjUANO.UI'ANO FOR SALE. Having tliea^eney for KKTTLKWKLI.'S MAN IPULATKD G I"A NO, which is ?qunl, il not supe rior, to any fertilizer that is now used, I l?eg leave to call attention of farmers and others that usea fer tilizer ol any kind to examine it. A supply constant ly on hand, fry the l?g or ton. Price, No. 1, ^48?expenses added, nil, >, ?13 do do. For sale by RICH A K I) R VON, jy 28 eo1in corner 9th and I) sts. rpR AVKLING DUSTFIRS, MANTILLAS, AND MARSKILLKS CAPKS Traveling Cloaks, |3, Manti las, ?2. Traveling Cloaks. ,f3, Mantillas, 93. Traveling Cloaks, (ft. Mantillas, .?*">. Traveling Cloaks, #Ttoa. Mantillas.if S to $31. AL?Ot ID* MARSKILLKS CAPKS, for Misses and Children, from $1 to $4. MAXWKLL A BRO., jy 31 32K Penn. avenue. Academy of mlsic, Cot. of 11(4 St. ami Pa. ave., over Farnham's Bookstore. Mr. F. Nicholi.s Crouch, composer of upward of 2,nun songs, author of "Kathleen Mavourneen." and musical editor ofGodey's Lady's Hook Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and Classes, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at the above Institution. Memtars enrolled every <iay, as no vacations oc cur during tiie Summer months?THIS SEASON, being the proper time, for Vooalists to study. Apply to Mr. C?oucH,at the Academy of Music, every morning from 8 to 10 o'clock. Musical Lecturcs delivered every Thursday even ing?illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. j? 1 -eo3m S SEALED PROPOSALS. t U.S. Penitentiary D.C. i Washington, August 1,1B57.\ Separate proposals will l>e received at this ofhco until noon of the 17th day of August, 1857, for furn ishing this prison with? 125 cords of half-seasoned good Oak Wood, of me dium size, and free of lop wood. 25 cords good Pine Wood. 70 tons white ash Anthracite Coal. The Wood to be delivered upon the Penitentiary grounds, at such plaoe as the Warden may desig nate, and the Coal in the prison yard. THOMAS THORNLEY, Warden. Lot of lood Oakum for sale. au 5-3t AS FIXTURES. We haveJust received a good assortment of GAS FIXTURES, such as Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, Globes, Ac. GAS TUBING introduced in Stores, Dwellings and Publio Buildings by oompetcnt workmen, at low rate*. Please give us a call. MILLER A CUNNINGHAM. No. MS Pa, a v., bet. 12th and 13th sis., south side. jy 11-lm I70R SALE.?A fine young HORSE, well broke V BUGGY ami HARNESS. Will be sold separately on aooommodating terms. In- J_? quire of J. W. SIMMS. M street, between-^^V, 9th and 10th. iv 31-8t* JEWING MACHINE. Our Agent, Mr. JOHN PORTER, visits the City of Washington, for the purpose of exhibiting to the Ladies of this vicinity, the justly celebrated VVatson's 9)0 Family Sewing Machine. and also make sale for Territorial right for the Dis trict of Columbia. Machine will be on exhibition at Mobregor s Store, MO 7th street, where he would invite all persons interested to witness its operation. au 4-lw* BOBBINS A CO. A NOTICE. ,-/*? COACH will leave Sixth street on Monday and Thursday, instead of every day as here tofore mentioned, for the CONGRES SIONAL BURYING GROUNDS at' 5 o clock p. m., returning at 6>S o'elook. . ^ . G. VANDERWKRKEN, ? Proprietor. Atiwwmr ?tr? TO DAY + TO-MORROW MORNING. By JA9. C. MoGUIRE Auctioneer. T>OSITIVE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE A Bpildik? I/OT at rat uornfr o? north M *T*rrr and 1?th ?tr*kt we*t.?On THl'RS DAY AFTERNOON. August 6th. at 6 o'cioek. on the premises, I shall sell port of I.ot No. ?, in square No. Ml, fronting ? feet on north M street, at the corner of loth street vest, running bask ll? feet to a 10 feet alley, ami containing 2,73? squat e feet of "Slot is beautifully looate?l in the most desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale offers f rent inducements, as the property will he sold to the highest bidder. Title indisputable. .. , Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in K, 12. and Is months, with interest secured hy deed ol trust on the premises. iT H- J AS. C. McGl l R K. Aoct._ Br C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneer. Trade sale crockerv.-on Thurs day MORNING, at loo'clock, we shall offer (or sale, to close consignment, at our Auction Store, oorner of Penn. avenue and fith streets, No. ?57, the following ood* ? 3*<ndozen Plate*, assorted 5 do Soup Tureens 1'i do Cups and Saucers A lot Cups and Saucers A lot of l'lates In dozen Bowles a do Molasses Cans, 2m doz. Goblets . do Tumblers, in J.?z. Wine Glasses lit do Nappa oil Foot 5 do Salts, and other goods too numerous to mention, which the trade is invited to attend, as the goods are to be sold without reserve. Terms: All sums under 325, cash; over that amount, notes at So and (JO days, with approved pa per, Itearing interest from day ol sale. The sale will t?econtinued on FRIDAY and SAT URDAY mornings at same hour and place. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., au 5-3t ____ Auctioneers. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. House and lot on e street at auc tion.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mtb. Mary E. Barney ami others,dated on the2?th day of November, 1856,and recorded m the Mod Records of Washington county. District of Columbia, in Liber J. A. S., No. 13>. folio 5 to 19, and for the pur poses of said trust, will be sold at puMic auction on the premises, on E street north, on TUESDAY, the 4th day of August. IW, at 5 o'clock p. m., all that part of the l<ot of Grouud numbered o, in Square 43b, in Washington city, l?eginning for the same at a point on the nortfc side of E street north one hun dredand forty feet ami nine incites from the south west oorner of snni square, and running thence north seventy-one feet aoil six inches with the western line of a portion of said lot numlier six which was conveyed by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weightman, to the use of Mary S. Scott: thence east 2 feet 6 inches ; thence north 16 feet 7* inches; thenoewest22 feet 10 and one-third inches; thence sooth 88 feet I inch and a half; thence east 2? feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of be ginning. The improvements consist of a good three-story brick dwelling and basement, with a large two-story heck building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and office. Terms of sale: 92,000 in cash, and the residue for notes in eoual sums payable in six, twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to beat the aost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving five days' notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within five days after the sale. The premises are now under lease for $6to per annum, the lease to expire on the 1stdav of Octol>er, 1858. HENRY M. MORFIT, Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. fU" THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed arc requested to leave their acoounts and vouchers at theothoeof the Trustee, on 4>? street. july 11-eodAds ID"" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain until THURSDAY, the 6th instant, to take place upon the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m. aug 5 d By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY-LO catkd Building Lots at Publk: Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 4th, at six o'clock,on the premises. I shall offer for sale the following valuable Building Lots: Lot No. 23, in subdivision o< Hqeare No. 330, front ing 24 feet 2 inches on Tenth street west, l>etWAen L and M streets north, running back 1J8 feet 9 inches to a 30 feet alley. Lot No. 3H. in ttnlidiviMunof&am* square, fronting 25 feet on Ninth street west, between L and M stroets north, running lack k* feet 3 inchcs lo a J> feet alley. Lots 2a and 29, in euUlmsion of same square, front ing caoh 22 foet II inchesou North M street. Iietween N inth and Tenth streets west, running back 1?* fcot to a 10-feet ailey. Also, immediately after Subdivision A, in square 4|R. fronting 52 feet 6 in ches on north M street, at the corner of 6 street west, running back 143 feot to a 15 feet alley: this has lieen divided into two building lots of 2b feet 3 inches front each. These lots are situated in the most desirable part of the city for a private residence, are pnved in front, well drained, and very desirable as building loca tions. Terms: One-fourth cash: the residue in 6,12, and 18 months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the promises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, jy29-eoAds Auctioneer. lO* THE ABO VE SALE IS POSTPONED in consequence of'.he rain until FRIDAY AFTER NOON, August Vth, same hour and place. *ug5-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Bv C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. Live stock at auction.?on s\tur DAY MORNING, at 12 o'clock, we shail se l, to the highest bidder for oash, S5 head of Hogs, at C. Warner *, Esq., Lot. between Missouri avenue and the Canr,|. The itag will designate the place of sale. Sale positive. This is an opportunity seldom offered to the deal ers. c. R. L.CROWN A CO., nu S Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Twelve handsome building lots in square rc??, fronting on New Jersey ave W'JK AND E ?TREET NORTH, NEXT SQUARE To THE R.ailroad Dfpot, bftwffn the Capitot ami ?Itjdue Douglas'*, at Auction.?On MONDAY. 17th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at .half past hve o'clock p. in., twelve handsome Build ing Lots, some of which front I) street, opposite the Railroad Depot, ami on New Jersey avenue, near the depot, and the remainder no E street north, 111 the same square. Thealtftve mentioned property is n-.w considered as ilesiraMe as any in Washington, a* it is in tue most rapidl) improving part of the city. Terms: One fourth c-ish : balance 111 six. twelve, amt eighteen months, for notes l*?ai 111? interest from the d:iv of sale. A deed given ami deed of trust taken. Title itidisput.iiijf. an 4 eo.vds A. GREEN. Auot. Itv A. G K KEN. Auctmuecr. 'lMIUSTKE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PRO I PFRTY ON THE I?1aNH at Auction.?On I'RI - DAY, the 21st day of August, law, I shall sell at ?Miction. 111 front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., I>> virtue ol a deed of trust from William S. Fort, to the suhccrilter, l>enrin* date the seventeenth dn> of July .eighteen hundred ami fifty-five, and record ed in Lil>er J A.S., No. I04, folios 71 to 76inclusive, one of the Land Records for the County of Wash ington, in the District o| Columbia, the follownu named property, to wit: Part of Lot uuml*ered two (2) in Square iniiit?>ered four bund red and thirty-sev en (417) lying and l?eitie in the City o| Washington. District .aforesaid, together With the improvements thereon, winch consist of two two story Frame Houses. This property fronts feet on south G street, with a depth offc feet 2 inches between 7th and Htli streets west. Terms: One-third,cash; insix and twelve months, the purchaser to give no'es lor the deferred payments, bearing interest from dav of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Ali conveyance at the cost ol the purchaser. If the purchaser snouid fail to comply with the terms in hve days, the trus tee reserves the rignt to resell the property at the risk and expenss of tlie de muuent, by advertising such resale three times in the star. M. THOMPSON. Trustee. . A net. A CARD. HE Undersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to tne practising physicians m particular, that he will open in' the course of next mouth his DR UG-STOR E AND PRESCRIPTION STAND, AND CHEMICAL LABOR ATOR . .at 5?i Niuth street, between Penn. av. and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Latin, English or French languages, will most care fully be compounded, and no receipe trusted to the lianas of an apprentice or other employee not fully oompetent. The thorough chemical education, and the long Rractice of the uudersigned as pharmaceutist, in oth the Old World and the United States, wi.l serve as a guarantee for the purity of drugs and pre parations kept by him. Every chemical compound is tested before made use of, and no poisons sold ex cept on receipt from known ami responsiMe parties. CHEMICAL AN AL VSIS.-HJualitative and quantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, Ao., is performed at moderate rates; and gentlemen and masters desirous of being introduced into the theory and practice of Chemistry and Pharroacr, will have an opportunity oflered to that end by applying next fall. Kf/ir??c<J.-Prof. J. D. B. De Bow. Hon. Thomas B. Florence. F. H. Sags. Esq., Sklmar Siebkrt, Esq., Charles H. Winder, Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GROSS, Late a pupil of Prof. Liebig, jy 29-lm graduate of a Pharmaceutical College, AN KING HOUSE OF PA1RO A NOl'RSE. uncins B C Keokuk City 8 per cent. Bonds. Keokuk City 10 per cent. Bonds?short. Davenport, Iowa. 10 per oent. Bonds. St. Louis County 7per oent. Bonds?short. Lee County, Iowa, I per cent. Bonds.. City of Evaaeville 7 per cent. Bonds?short. The abovo and other Bonds for sale at such rates as will pay the purchaser at least 10 or 12 per cent, per annum interest. All kinds of State. City, Railroad, and other Stocks and Bonds bought or sold. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. PAIRO A NOl'RSE. ID-Interest allowed on deposits at the rate of six r oent. per annum when left for thirty days or onger. jy^-Sm A NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INTERESTED.?We have now on tend a sup ply of our celebrated Burton and XXX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the ?onthern trad^aad which, we will guarantee to keep any length of time, even in the warmest oTweather. All lovers of good Ale oui be aooommodated with the above at our Depot, SI 6^ town.D.C. ARNYASHINN. JzA qaa ADDITIONALCOPIESOF' ROSALIE t)UU the Prarie Flower," just reoeived. This is the most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free of postage oa receipt of twenty-five cents in '*//? JOHN F. ELLIS. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. mont THE ASSOCIATED JPKESS. Advaarrnifil of At-RAxr, August* ?The American Association for the advancement of education met at tbe capi tal to-day. In tlie absence of the President of tbe Associa tion, Chancellor Trip nan. tbe chair w?? taken by n2?* ^ ' of the Iowa University. The afternoon s??ion was occupied in the read - ??* >n in,er,*,|ntJ letter from tne Hon. Horace Mann, on the education of juvenile delinquent*. This evening Chancellor Tappan. President of the Association, delivers the annual address. Kentucky Election. LortsviLLIt, August S-FJucr ,/ tkt Stnr: Our victory in this State is complete Tbe L?e islature is certainly ours (Democratic ?Hp.) bv a fair working majority. Have secured eight Member* of Congress past all contingencies, with a chance for another The Democratic candidate s majority for State Treasurer rannot lie leas than n;ne thousand, nnd may be over eleven Henceforth Kentucky i* surely a Democratic >tafe. I he revolution is now a tlting aecon. pUshed. Great Loss oi Life. Boston, Aug. 5 ?A most disastrous gale oc curred on the eastern coast* on the SM of July, causing a creat loss or life nmor\g the fishermen on the north shore of the province of St John's; 00 boats are supposed to have lieen lout. Fifty dead bodies had lieen pu ked up It is calculated that 200 boats were out fishing and many more dis asters are feared One hundred and thirty Amer can fishermen put into the |>ort of Prince Ed ward Island for shelter. A number of fishing boats had tto.iteu ashore. Election*. Kmicciv ? Locisvilli. August C ? Mes.r*. Marshall and I nderwood have been re-elected lo Congress; and tbe Democrats claim the election of Burnett, Peyton, Jewert, Elliott. and Steven son as certain, and Talbot as probable. Missocnr? St. Lor is, August 6?Rollins'* majority in Boone county is V2I, in l.afavette 500 l^In Howard county. Stewart has a majority ol Atrocities in Kansas? Murderers Hang* St. Locis, Ang 5.?Accounts from l?eaven worth announce an intense excitement in Kansas growing out of the robliery and murder of Ste vens on !? riday. and the subsequent discovery of an organized band of murderer* Two men named Barnes and Canaries, have been hung' Barnes made a confession implicating several re * pec table citizens as confederates of the band. Revival of the Opera in New York. New \oKn,Aug.6.?Mr. I'll man, the operatic agent, returned from Europe in the steamer Per sia. He has secured a large company of astixtes for operatic performances next season in Phila delphia and New York. In addition to Madaino Frezrotine. he has engagtd Mon*. Roger, the first tenor singer in France, and Viextemps, tho celebrated violinist. Alabama Election. Augusta, August 5.?The returns received from the Alabama election held on Mooday, *bow that Mr. Dowdel. Democrat, has been re-elected to Congress by about 100 majority,and A. B Moore has been elected Governor without opposition. Death of Ex-Secretary Dobbin. Richmond, August 5?Intelligence has been received here that the Hon. James C Dobbin. Se cretary of the Navy during General Pierce's ad ministration, dkd at bis residence, near Faycttc viiie, N. C., yes.crday. Naval. New York, August 6.?The storeship Relief, from Aspinwall for Boston, was spoken on th? 25th of July, in latitude 21 dig. 17 min , longi tude 01 deg. 47 min. She had several cases of sickness on board, and medicine was supplied. Steamboat Sunk. Montreal, Aug. 5 ?A collision oc cured yes terday on Lake St Peter, between the steamers Quebec, and Montgomery. The latter, which was loaded with Hour, sunk. No lives lost Ohio Nomination*. Dayton, Aug. <5 ?The American State Con vention, which was held here yesterday, nomina ted Col Van Trump for Governor Ohio River. WutKLiSG, Va., August 0.?The river here is falling slowly. New Orleans Markets, fee. Niw Obli4Si, August 5th?Cotton is firm Sales to-day 35?> bales; prices are unchanged Mixed corn 75 cents: bacon shoulders 11 k cts : sides 13*c. The Northern mail has failed for throe days in succession. The Clyde's advices were published exclusive ly by the Associated Pre** this morning. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Aug. 6.?Flour is declining; City Mill* 96.61 j^; Howard street nominal at $/. Wheat is dull and prices are rather lower. Corn is firm; white *7aSTJc; yellow s?a^7c Whisky is lower; City it!, Ohio 30c. New York Markets. New York, August 0?Flour i* firm; sales of 7,500 bbls; state $6 25a$0.45; Ohio $0 tXia$7.4i1 Southern ?7.45a$7.75. Wheat closed buoyant at an advance of about Jo.; sales of IS,WW bushels. Corn is depressed: sales of 21.000 bushels; mixed ^t?c. Provisions are firm; mess pork $2425a24 35. Chicago repacked beef $10 S5a?l? 5n Lard is quiet. Whisky is drooping; OhioSlc. Financial* Nfw York, Aiii <. ?Stork, are<1,ill. llluiois Central shares 121;$; do bonds Michigan Soiitlie-n W'.?; Now York CentralPennsyl vania Coal Company Heading Railroad 77 k'; Virginia 0's ?.*i j . Sterling exchange is steady at llity. M AG NOM A IIAMS. ^ CHOK'K MA<iNO|.I A HAMS. Weare just opemnt, and we guarantee tliein ur. euiialled l.\ nn> Hams in tin* eity. The> were cured Hi Mar> lain! caress!* for our sn le. ID**""" '"??'tiTv. * Ul KCIIK.I.I.. 2-j Corner Vermont avenue and ?stn stiect. PK Ol'LRTY. LANli, LOTS, HOUSES. JoHN l>. CI.AKK. Ken. Property AtaEXr, lias for H*ie on terms to Hint purchasers, Vacant l.ots inditferent parts of tlie citj. He lluys, Sells, and Ex chances all k.nds of Keai Property on mode rate terms. . . . General A sent. Notriiy I'uWlie. and Justice <1 Pence. No. 525 !2th street, Washington City, D. C. jy 17-lm KI SKIN'S ELEMENTS OF OKAVV1NO. The Elements of Drawing, iu three letters to ite<inners, l>y Johu Kuskin. M. A., with illustration* ilrawnliy the author; English edition. Price# 1.2V Just imported i> TAYLOR Jt MAI RY. an 4-3t ll?*?kstore near t*th street |\IOTICK.?Wan taken from James Wilson, wi.o is was tried and convicted at the March term. UP, <d thefCrimina! Court, of :arceny, a DIAMOND KING, supposed to be stolen. The owner can have the sameImf producing proper evidence that it be longs to him, awl l?v pa*inc forthis advertisement. J. D. HOOVKR, an 4-3t Marsha!. rpiIREK CARGOES OF COAL TO ARKIVi; a IN A FEW DAYS.?A deduction ?f tweutv hve cents per ton will l?e in-t?ie on all Coal taken Irom a vessel upon its arrival. Also, one cargo GREEN WOOD COAL, the su ?erioriiy of which is well knowu, lo arrive witluu a week; 2,240 lbn. to the ton. F. L. MOORK. au 3 ft<>3t 9th bet. D and E8t*..n-e*t sine. QO PARTNE Rl4 hT P . 11. H. Voss. O. \V. MABfH. iYo. 285 S. I^est cor. T> ntk ftrtet anil P?. ar?. The undersiened. liavinc formed a n the Grocery trade, respectfully inform the< 'iMmi of Wash n^ton and pitr<>n? off :hc ** Old Estaltlishment" that tl'oy ar? now* I'^fwod to stirpU all *-i?h the choic?i kind uf* TEAS. Sl'GARS, COFEES. snd. in la^ with every article in the uroery hue, as cheap, d lot cheaper, than any other establishment in tho Mty. they having purchased a iarce and ch<>ioess lortinenl of the l*est Groceries exclusively for <*sli. We have also lareely added to our *!??<>k of LI ^UORS.CIGAKS. and TOBACCO some of the test brands in the market, to which we invite the attention of our customers. Good articles, fair dealing, quick sales, and snail ?rohts is our motto. ... ? .. HERMANN H. VOSS. OTIS W. MARSH. JT7" Havinc entered into copartnership with ??. Wr. Marsh, those who are indebted to me are re ipectfully requested to settle their accounts, either >y cash or notes, at short dates, as it is nsoriuvrv hat the outstandinc dct>ts of the old establish nent should be settled immediately. *uj-c<?t H. H. VQ8S. r FURNACES. HE attention ol tne community fcnerally.aud of louse builders particularly, is invited t-? the EEY STOM EH EATER, lately patented by J. D. Green if Philadelphia. All persons int vested arc solicited to call at our tore and satisfy t leinselves ol the supcriontjr of his Heater over ad others in use. So suooessfullv iave the principles ol combustion been applied in its instruction, that although it presents a radiatin^ urfsce of o*t kundrtd asJA/'r suunrt /tel. it re [Uires rAirty prr c?st. ln\ coai than any furnace leretofore manufactured. Every improvement that an expenenoe of thirty ears in the furnaoe business oosid suFcest, has >oen applied in the production of the Ki^stone feater, and its proprietors feel assured that for eft nency and eoonomy of use. i? ? uwirwawwd. SIBLLi a. GlY, No. 9S0 Pa. av., bet. oth and 11 ats.. Exclusive Agency for tho sale the au lFAS2m ^ Keys ton Hsater. _ (lntel.M4W2m;Lnion,TATh2m) MTASHINGTON ASYl.l'M.-FOR SALK. Vf |n,n?i CELERY PI. A NTS, l?y the Gardener, n the premises. J. R. (Jl'EKN. an 4-it* lnleanan'.