Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR IS PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SIC KPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDING*. Corntr if ?*????, mnd IK* ttritl, Br W. D. WALLACH, and ia aerred to iiteanbtnbrflvniri at SIX AflD A QUARTER CENTS, payable weakly to ka AcOQta; pa pars served in paokacea at S7% oents per month. To nail sabaenbera t he ?uheenption pnoe'a THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a yaar ia advmnet, TWO DOLLARS for aix months, aad ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leas than threo months at the rate of 12* cents a wa*k. ET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. (Storting ? v VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 1857. NO. 1,420. THE WEEKLY STAR." Thia exoeiiect Family and New? JoaraaJ?ooa* tajmn* a rreater ranotr of intareatin* readint tkaa oaa be found in any other?;a published oa Saturday tratec. MBM. tl ? Single oopt. par acrum. _ to ctraa. Fira oopiaa - , Tan Copiea . * ?> ? en 'enty oopiee.. IH^Ca?h, isvabubly is advakcb. Br aubeeribmg .n elube nuaed among neighbors without tha intervention of a mail agent. aa will ba peroeired. tven'y far oent. or tha Wuublt Stab will ba aavwt. It inrariahly onutomaih* M\Vaah inctnn Newt " that baa made tha Daily Stab circu late bo geaerally thr??ig hout tha country. IC^S^ngle oopiee < in wrappera i oan be procured at the oounier. immediately arier the isaueol the Taper. Prioe?Thrbr Csxts. I'o.otm a?tkr? who act aa agents will he a..owed a TEA TABLE DRINKS. Then* are three aromatic beverages?tea. cof fee, and coco*?which are generally used in all parts of civilised Europe, Asia, and America In the countries of China. Thibet, Russia. Hol land. England, and the various States and pro vinces of North Amcrica, having an aggregate pipula ion of five hundred million human be ing". an estimated quantity of two thousand mil lion pounds of tea?four pounds to each individ ual, is annually used Coffee, which is preferred bv many people to tea. and which is indeed the staple minor luxury of Mahomedan life, is yearly becoming more and more generally used. It is estimated that six hundred million pounds of the coff<#e bean are consumed every year by one hundred and twenty millions of men. Cocoa, the least popular ef these drinks, is still a favo rite beverage in Central America, Italy and Spain, and is probably consumed to the extent of one hundred millions pounds a year among a population of fifty million. An article in the April number of the Edin burgh Review gives some interesting facts in relation to the chemical properties of these three tea table drink-", which are common upon every table in our land, and explains at length the reasons why they are always so refreshing to the weary and so apparently nourishing to the hun gry. It says that the tea. coffee and cocoa all contain in "the roasted state in which they are used, aromatic oils, in minute proportion, to which the peculiar ar6ina of each is due. They contain also a proportion of an astringent sub stance resembling the tannin of gall-nuts or oak l ark. In the tea and coffee is found a variable quantity of a white crystalline body called theiue, and in c<?eoa a substance ot nearly a sim ilar character known by name of theobromine. Of these three constituent parts, twooi them, the volatile oil and the theine arc known to cxcrcise peculiar influence upon the system The oil possesses nareoctic properties, intoxicates, oc casions headache and giddiness, and sometimes paralysis in those who. as tea tasters, are much exposed to its influence. New tea contains this oil in largor quantities than old The small proportion of it which exists in tea as we get it from China it harmless. The theine which is found in coffee and tea and the theobromine in cocoa, are Bitter, strengthen ing substances, distinguished particularly by the peculiar property of retarding the natural waste of the animal body. The faster the waste the larger the quautity of food which must daily be consumed to make up for the loss which it occasions. The theine. or theobromine, there fore. by lessening the waste. lessens also the amount of food necessary to be eaten within a given time. The volatile oil produces a similar I eflect in a somewhat less degree, and when old age comes on and the powers of digestion di minish. the infusion tea. which contains both these ingredients, by lessoning the waste, aids the digestive powers to maintain the strength and bulk of the weakening frame. Pr. Johnson, the author of a work upon ? the chemistry of common life,' says in connection with these im portant properties of the theine and volatile oil, that? ? It is no longer wonderful, therefore, that tea and coffce should be favorites?on the one hand with the poor, whose supplies of food are scanty, and on the other hand with the aged and infirm, especially the feebler sex. whose power* of digestion and whose b-wiily substance have to gether begun to fail Nor is it surprising that the aged female whoss earnings are barely ?ufli'Ment to buy the common necessaries of life, i should yet st>are a portion of her small gains In procuring tnis grjteful indulgence. She can .-ustain her strength as well with less common food when she takes her tea along with it; while she feci? lighter at the same time, in spirits, more cheerful and fitter tor the dull work of life, because of this little indulgence lioHon Journal. HOW A CALIFORNIA* GOT INTO A RE LIGIOl'S BOOKSTORE. A short time since a returned Californian came on to this city frou New York, in the night line, with six thousand dollar* in gold He was up bright and early on the follow ing morning, and clutching his treasure tightly, he strode up Chestnut street to the mint He arrived there about two hours before the opening of that institution, and sat himself down upon the steps, muttering something about the la ziuess of Uncle sam's servants. Costing his eyes across the street, he 9aw a large sign, with the words ??' Presbyterian House He rushed over, and went up into the second story, where, findingoneof the office"open, he took possession, and locked the door. Flinging his bag down on the table, he proceeded to take an account of his st<ick While thus busily engaged, one ! of the gentlemen belonging to the building ha l oocusioQ to go into the room. He was much surprised to find the door fastened, as be had left it open a few minute" before. Peeping through the key-hole, he espied our '? unkempt and uncombed" California friend seated at the table, inuring out the dust lrotu the small bags iuto a larger one. He at oncc mistook him for an escaped lu natic. particularly as he had a large bowi? knife and revolver lying along side of him. Hastily l summoning assistance, he knocked at the door, taking care to keep out of the range of the re volver. ?? Who's thar'" demanded the Californian in a stentorian voice. ??Open the door'" replied the gentleman in the white neck-cloth. "No' I'm ble*s'd if I do,"' returned the Californian: - I've beam too much about gar roters and Peter Funks. I know wlia*. you are after?you want to rob me. " ?k No my g *od friend, we do not?we only want you to open the door." meekly and timid ly replied white neck-cloth. "Now, look ee hear, strangers?I'm an hon est man?but cuss me if I'm going to let any such varmints as you get a sight at my pile." Finding expostulation in vain, white neck cloth invoked the aid of the police. They soon brought the unruly Californian to terms, and he opened thed??or As the party runhed into the room, the Californian stared wildly around, and seemed to think that things were not ex actly all right ?? My dear friend?come, like a gr*?d man. and go out with these gentlemen?tl?ey will n>t harm yon.' oaxingly said white ne k cl dh, keeping a watchful eye on the implements of , war which were lying on the table. "Thunder and firelocks?where am I."* demanded the Californian. grasping with a firm hand his bag of dust ?? Why you are in the Prc?bytcrian House?a religious hook store "* ?4 Oh ho' ha ' ha ' ha roared out the Cal ifornian -daylight just beginning to creep through his *haggy head. '? Why. what an old jackass I have been making of myself. Bla-'t my buttons, strangers, if I didn't think when I came in. that th?, I'reibqtfrian Home wi* raliker ft <ancti fir*l M'tmt for a Hole/"' A roar of laughter followed the explanation of the mi?take. and our Californian friend bundle 1 up his dust and shot over to the mint Transcript . A Good Hob*e?Toe New York Spirit of tb?* Tun#-* gives the following characteristic* of a good hor*?*: 1 Hi" evfi. even when seen in the stable. are perfectly cleaf aud transparent. and the pnpils or apple" of the eye* are alike in color and ?ire. * On h#*ino nipjw-d In the gullet, he will ntter a sound Ilk* th*t fr??ii a brllowi. If, on the <on t ary. he should give vent to a dry husky, short c ju^h, beware of him. His wind it thin proven unsound. 3. Hit leg* are Mnooth and '?clean.'' If you fl'id bunches or puffs, or a difference in tiie, al though he may not be laiue, still disease lurks there I. If broad and full between the eye*, he is quit* *u*cept?ble of oeiu? trained to almoet any thing 5 If some? white or parti-colored, he is docile and gentle. IET Home one wittily say* no fort ever suffered m much from a tingle battle a* the piano forte ? rw/n the Battle of Prague ** Louis has dihiiand^d Its voluntary fire ?lfpirtuifiit and aub?titiit?*d the p?y system THE PRIZE FIGHT IN CANADA. The prize fight between Dominiek Bradley and S. 8. Rankin, of Philadelphia, for $1,000 a side, came off at Point Albino. Canada West, on Saturday last. This was the " mill'' which has agitated the " sporting circles'* in all the freat Northern cities for some months paft. iradlcy having achieved ouite a notoriety for braggadocia conduct in challenging Tom Hyer. which offer that gentleman refused, declining to mix any further in priie ring contests. The challenge and refusal drew towards it* origi nator the attention of other "fighting men/' and after much "chaffing," as they say in the sporting world, a match was made with Ran kin. who, like his challenger, was a restaurant keeper in Philadelphia. Bradley reduced himself from 204) pounds to 186?his "fighting weight,''?and Rankin is said to have weighed 174 pounds just previous to the fight. '' Con" Fitzgerald, of Albany, and a man named Phil lips acted as seconds for Bradley, and Thomas Davis, with another, seconded Rankin. The manly (') contest was arranged to come off in the forenoon, but the men did not enter the ring until half-past three o'clock They fought 156 rounds in 2 hours and 46 minutes. Ibe Albany Times says : From a person who visited the fight, we learn that both men appeared in excellent condition, but that it was evident, soon after they com menced that both were deficient in '-scicnce." He says that neither Bradley or Rankin showed anything like good training, but that they threw their hands and arms about wildly as street fighters do. and quite unlike men of '?scientific" pretensions. Rankin did not stand up square to his work, but kept continually falling down, or " going down." as it is called, after the peculiar style of Yankee Sullivan. During the 156 rounds there was but one clinch, and in that Bradley threw Rankin, fall ing up??n him with great force. Both men ex hibited great endurance, it they lacked science, for the friends of Rankin desired him to he taken from the rsng an hour before theeontcst ended, but R. refused to go. Rankin was most terribly punished. His nose is said to be broken, and both of his lips cut through and through. Besides this, both of his eyes are closed, and his face so badly beaten that it is swollen even with the "tin of his nose." Our informant says that he withstood a most terrible punishment, infinitely worse than that given to Morrisey by Sullivan at Boston Cor ners, somo years since. Indeed it was reported when the II o'clock train left Buffalo, that Ran kin was so badly beaten it was questionable whether he would be able to go home under a fortnight. Tom Davis, one of Rankin's scconds. immedi ately after the close of the fight, challenged Bradley to a contest for $2,000 a side, but we do not hear that the proportion has been accepted. Davis' weight is but 156. He has. however, the reputation of being "science."' There was an immense gathering of the fancy at Point Albino, and yesterday quite a large delegation of them were in this city on their re turn to New York and Philadelphia. Among tho number was the "Chief of the Philadelphia Killers."' It is stated that Bradley will arrive this morning in the early train. Bradley is a man of wealth, being estimated at $.">0,000, enough, we should suppose to enable him to live without resorting to such despicable business as prize fighting. THALBERG OS THE BANJO. The Courrier des Eiats Unis tells the follow ing good story of the great piano-forte king which we believe is true At any rate, we have ?een an advertisement of Thalberg's teacher on this classical instrument announcing the fact, accompanied by a recommendation from the pianist?not of the instrument, indeed, but of the professor. 44 fhalberg, returned to New York from his triumphant tour in the interior, is reposing gracefully and quietly on his laurels. At the present, he dreams only of a far in rule season at the sea-side, and if. from the force of habit, he must indulge in ?iine musical recreation, it is not with the piano-forte. 44' Not the piano-forte! do you ask. : And what. then, may it be ?? We give you ten. yes. a hundred guesses, but we counsel you. as vou value your comfort, to :give up' at once, know that Thalberg. the great Thalberg, reposes from his royal sov ereignty in cultivating?the banjo ! We have written it?the banjo ' ' Here are the fact?. Entering his apart ments the other day at the St. Nicholas, in place of the magnificent Lrard we were accus tomed to find there, there appeared a suspicious box of somewhat musical form, and bearing the significant address : .V ThaWter*, New York . " ? In the naaie of St. Cecilia, is it not a banjo caae V '?'It is nothing el->e,* replied Thalberg. in his usual quiet and modest tones. " ? And,' we continued, ' l'ou play on this odd instrument V 44:1 have taken ten lessons.' responded, must humbly, the celebrated man; and encouraged, doubtless, by the admiration plainly depicted in onr countenancc, he added: ?? And I will acknowledge that I have made considerable progress already.' '?' Pray let us Lave the special favor of judg ing for ourselves! All the world has heard Thalberg upon the piano-forte. Let us have tlic privilege of hearing him on the banjo !' '?With nis uniform kindness, he at once opened the case. It was empty Thalbey with the enthusiasm of all young students, had attacked with too much warmth the melody? ?' ? O, Susannah ' ?ton*t you cry for ine, I cwiif from Alabama, with my banjo on my <?> and. ala-:' the instrument was now gone to the shop for repair. '?Thus we have not yet heard Thalberg on the banjo* When we have that honor, the world shall surely know It. Oh! that we could be in Paris when, on the artiste's return, this new accomplishment is mode known to the pub lic of that city ! Nothing of the like has been dreamed of there, and all tho little eccentrici ties of Yivicr will be entirely eclipsed Kvery man will be button-holed in the streets, not lor the salutation, ' How do you do ?' but with the query. ' Have you heard Thalberg's banjo f' " The banjo! What in the name of Saxe is that " '? ? A primary affair?the national instrument of America, (tho back part of it, at least)?a guitar finger-board attached to a gourd drum.' ?? For a week. Paris will think of nothing else. Government may, if it pleases, make a new roitft d'rtHt . no ono will pay the slightest at tention to it. for the greit affair of the hour will he to hear Thalberg's banjo!" Tmk Boy makes thk.Ma> ?His Honor, Mayor Jt.Hluiaii. accompanied by ltev Mr. Richardsand other gentleman, paid a visit to the Kighth Bap tint Sabbath Hchooi, on Sunday evening. when they delivered addresnes to the children, who seemed particularly delighted with thefxercises Attoagother thin^H, Mayor Bodman related In his peculiarly yracefiu manner the history of a small boy, who, quite a number of years Mince,was sit ting one Sabbath morning upon adoor wtep,friend less, and not knowing whither to go, while the other boy* passed along, *nugly dressed, to the Sunday School A gentleman stopped and asked the little boy ^>n the steps to go to Sunday School with him; but u?*t wishing to go uutil he was washed and looking smart. he consented to be there on the next Sibt?ath He was; became in terested. finally chose the better part, sought and Obtained the pearl of great price, grew in the esteem of thofte who knew him, we add thi*, and Is now the Mayor of Providence. This slm f?le, yet touching little story was highly interest ng to the little folks, who seemed not a little surprised at the dtnewment.? Proridtnct Tri bune. Ujr "Do you think you are fit to die?'' asked a mother of her neglected child. "I don't know." said the littlegirl, taking hold of her dirty dress with her dirty fingers, and In specting It carefully; "I guess so, if 1 ain't too dirty!?' ID" The Glasgow Chronicle mentions a report that a man who was, sis years ago, hung for murder in that city, has turned out not to have ! been guilty FOB KENT A5D SALE. FOR SALE.?A very comfortable three-story BRICK DWELLING, situated on the weet side of 6th street west, lietween G and H north. Prion 82 000: half in oash, balance in 6, 12.and 18 month*: or if nil should lie paid in oash, a deduction will he made m the price. A pply at No. 512< 2d story) 7th street. jy 23 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. I^ORSALE.?A Building LOT in the First Ward r (near the Circle) can be purchased without & oash payment and on alone credit. Apply to H. N. LANSDALE, jy 3-1 m 5&1 M St., or through the Post Office. FOR SAI.E.-A valuaWe TlUILDINO LOT, No. 13. in Square No. 81. containing 9.2U2 square feet, situated on south side F street north, I?etweeu21st and 22d streets west. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No. 512 7th street. jy 16^tf FARM FOR SALK.-A pieceof fine LANUon Rock Creek, in Montgomery oountv, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrcr, and Hawkins, 112,Sacres. A l?eautifu| loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich creek tsittom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can l>e divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. j?4-tf if OR SAI.E.-My R ESI I)ENCE on the oorner or a New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol H ill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 9)6 feet 11 inohes.aud containing nearly 3t,mu square feet,. may 8-tf W.F.PHILLIPS. rally excellent, and ma? economically and easily be improved. ?o that it will produce an fine crops as are grown any where in the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached by mean* of tho railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings are all on a lull, and, with small repairs, may be made comfortable for the residence o( n family The place is well wntered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in tiie West, and is determined to sell will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase mav inquire for fur therparticulars to W. D. WALLACH, editor of the Star. Washington City, who knows the prem ises. JvR-tf fj^OR RENT.?A modern built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of 'he public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the citv, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out : water and bath room. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4'K 1 street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 21-tf tTVlX A VAN HOOK, Real Kstatk Agents. 490^ Seventh street, helow E street, have for sale a number of Building Lots 24 feet front by 13f> feet deep, at tho very low price of from .?75 to $125 each?payable iu small monthly instalments of $3 per month. These Lots are "itnated at Union Town, on the>| south side of tlie Anarostia river, adjoining tho Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable tor persons wishiru a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion lor a dwelling. l/<>t-holders in arrears ftre reonested to oompleta their purchase, and get their deeds; the title* to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3tn ^PLENDID Hon-.I. LOT FOR the city of Washington, D.C.,and (routing on Penn sy Ivania avenue. The Lot is al??iitone hundred and seventy feet by one hundred and *oxty fe?t, lining the ground partly occupied bv the Union newspaper printing oih?t;.ai)<l partly by the ruins of the lare National Theatre. There i* no place iu the country where a first-class hotel is more imperatively required, nor wheresueh a one would so surely prove profitable. The terms will l-e mid?> very favorable.and. if needed,facilities will b"? afforded hi the erectioq o( a suitable hotel. Apply, in Washing ton. to c. H WINDER: or, in Philadelphia, to W. H. WIN DER, No. 7Walnut street. And, if not go'd, the Union Building'! will lie for rent,and possession given ou the 1st of Septeinl>er. 1R"i7. j\ 27-Jaw2m Desirable property for sale.?The SUMMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Bibb, alxmt two hours' ride from the District of Columbia. This Farm contains atiout 4??? acres, and lies beau tifully for division. The owner will sell the wholeor a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a hne new house nearly fin ished, besides the faintly residence, a great deal of excellent fruit, and some fine horses and cattle. The place is proverbial for its healthfulness and de lightful water. For further particulars inquire at his residenoe, corner of Fayette and Second streets, Georgetown, D. C.. or through the post Hfioe of the same place. je 24-w3m _ GEO. M. BIBB. DRUG STORE FOR SALE?In an excellent location, doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Terms moderate. Ad dress I)R UGG IS r_at_this office. it 14 2awr|' I/OH RENT.?A three story BRICK HOUSE, with largo Lot attached, containing fruit trees and shrubbery of every description, situated on D street, between 21st and 22d. To a g(nwl tenant the rent .will be rwtsouable. Apply on the premises. Possession given on the 1st of September. nu I eo2w OR SALE OR RENT.?THE DESIRABLE R ESi DKNCE on the corner of F and 2lst ste.. together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contain* sixteen rooms, has if as throughout, and furnaoe. The stable will l?e sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 50 by 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Ai.?o, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUNDonthe oorner of F and l?th streets, and LOTS on ttth.near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. an R-tf Watches, Jewelry,_&c. W D. U1CHLER, iVo.SEVEXTH STREET, between D and E streets west side, PR AC- Jfcs TIC-AI. WATCHM AKER, keeps consfintly ?5%} ?... \\r a Tr'UL'J ?-lAIac hFrP* on hand a fire assortment ol W ATCH ES and JEWKLRV. ap to \X in WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. I have just reoeived a new supply of FINE WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS, and a large assort ment of RICH JEWKLRV of every description, which makes iny stock at the present time one ol the most complete in the city. I have just finished ion the premises t a very large assortment of PURE SILVER WARE, among which may be found a SOLI DSILV ER TEA K KT TLE superior to an) thing l>efore exhibited in this city.?the weight of which is 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both oitizcna and strangers are invited to oall and examine, H. O. HOOD, ie 23- 33ft Pa Jive., near <)t.h street. ATCHKS. CLOCKS, JEWELRY, AND FANCY ARTICLES, I have on hand a good stock of OOLDl nd SILVER WATCHKS of the Iwstl vi'zs makers m Europe. GOLD CHAINS! ii great variety; J F. W ELR V. in sets and sin-[ gle pieoes; FANCY ARTICLES. PER-1 FUMKRY. KXTRACTS.Ac. CLOCKS in every shape and price; also, CLOCK MATERIAL*?, Hands. Balis, Keys. Cords, Wires, Oils, Ac. Call and examine at the Sign of the Large Gilt Watch. J. ROBINSON, St9, opposite Browns' hotel. N. B.?Having stopped ttie auction business since last winter, my Good* arc selected expressly for the best retail trade, and the prices shall suit the times, jy It-lm J. R. j^EW JEWELRV AN!) WATCHES, II. O. HOOD has just returned from the North, and has brought on a fine lot of Fashionable Cameo, Coral, Mosaic, Brilliants, and Plain GOLD JEW ELR V. Also, a good assortments of fine GOLD and SILVKR WATCHKS. some very superior tune keepers for laities and gentlemen* use. He has also on hand a great variety ofSTAN D ARI) SlLvKRWARE of his own make, warran ted the best quality and will tie sold very low. Please call anil examine goods and prices at No. U3R Penn. Av., sign of the Large Spread F.agle. jy lit REECH LOADING RIFLES. B A Board of Army Officers will he assembled at West Point. New Yor*. lor the purpose of making trials of Kreech-loading Bides, with a view to as certain winch arm, of this description, is best suited to the militaryservice. Tho trials will commence on the 17th of August, IR57. All persons intending to offer anus fortnal will please notify the Colonel of Ordnance, giving a general description of tho arm each mav intend to present, and specifying the cali bre. weight, and length of twrrel, Cartridges or oth er ammunitionsuitalileforthearm should lie brought with it. H.A.CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnance. Ordisasce Office, Washington. July 23,1R57. To be published daily till 17th August in the Penn sylvanian, Philadelphia; National Democrat and Irish News. New York; Morning Post, Boston. Each of which papf rs will send their bills and a copy ofthe paper containing the advertisement tothe Ord nanoe Office. jv27-dt!7Aug I FRENCH BOOKS. Callet Tables de Logarithmes, I vol., Rvo. DeBrett's (Kuvres Militairea de Napoleon IU, 1 vol., Rvo. Soril?e?Comedica Vaudevilles, 1 vol., 12m. Bossuet? Discours stir L'liistoire Universe!!?, I vol.t12mo. Theatre de P. ft T. Corneille,2vols.,12mo. Maximesde la Rochefoucauld, I vol., l2mo. L'Art de lever lea plus. 1 vol., folio colored plates, jy 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. I^ALTIMORECITY MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR SALE.?'The undersigned having reoently purchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of Weat Falls avenue and Block street, wouhI announoe to his friends and the public, that he in full operation, with a lar*e supply of malt for sale on liberal terms. wre Sin FRANCIS DENMKAD. EDUCATIONAL. Y Ol Mr; 1.ADIKS INSTITLTK, E MULISH AMD FRFXrH No. <**1 K Street, Washington. D. C. The subcriber has taken charge of this Institution, lately under the oare of the Rev. 8. H. Mirickrthe course of instruction will be thorough, and will not ditf?r from that pursued by tb? lornaer Principal. The Scholastio year will begin on the second Mon day of Septeml>er, and close on the last Friday of June in each year. A limited number of pupils will he received into the family of the Principal, and everr effort will lie made to render them oom for table and happy. Circulars can be wbtained at the principal lionfc.

stores, and at the residence of the principal. CHARLES H. NORTON, A.M. The subscriber takes great pleasure in recommend ing to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. C. H. Nortor,a3 a gentleman amply qualified to take charge of the Young Ladies Institute. au 1-goltn S. [1. Ml RICK. Female English and frknch COL LEGIATE INSTITUTE. WiRHIXSTOS. D. C. Hiram Corson. Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments MJuk. C. Rollin Corson. Teacher of French, Spanish,and German, Drawing and Painting. M*i.le Mathii-de Kmilie, Assistant Teacher of French. The duties of this Institution will 1k> resumed on Monday, the ?th of September, I&57. Circulars can be obtained at the Book and the MssicStores. jySI-lm* I^MERSON INSTITI'TK. A H street, betWff.H Wilt nnd 1S/A. Sei.ect Classical and Mathematical School for Boys. The Exercises ol this institute will be resumed Sevtember 1st. The number of pupils is limited. For further particulars address au 4-lm OHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. /GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH EMATICAL ACADEMY. The dnties of this Institution will l>e resumed September 1st. lv 7-^wrf P. A. BQWEN. Principal. RS. BI RR S SCHOOL FOR YOI NG LA DIES.?No.3f?l H street, between loth Mid Uth ^ n ? ? " ? ? ? IV! - ?#>'? ?? OlICCI, IICIWWII lot IJ ill ill 14(11 streets west, will re-opeu on MONDAY, Septem ber 21st. jy ft-taw.lftw* f^l'LPEPER FEMALE SEMINARY. t . Culpbprr Court IIotsE, Va.. I uder the Instruction and Superintendence of the MISSES FORNERET. This School wili lie re opened on the 1st of Sep tcmlier, 1857, for the reception of Bi-ardersand a lew day Scholars. The object in view is to extend to all who apply and are admitted, a thorough and useful education. No pains will lie withheld from giving tne young Indies such instructions as will adapt them for everv duty and emergency of life. While the ornamental branches will not f>e neglected, the solid and fundamental principles of heart and head education will be the special objects of asid'ious at tention. Female education has now taken such a brm hold >?n public attention, that, to proclaim its advantages, would l>e to portray a degree of ign-'rance not com patible with modern improvement. The elevating influence of female education is felt and aeknowl edged by every admirer of female excellence; hes I'ate then, no longer, to bestow on your daughters those advantage)* that are indtspensible to their ad vancement and success through life. A * the School increases, the number of Tcachcrs will be also increased : therein securing everv aux iliarv to the rapid advancement ol the Student. Every effort wilI he put forth to maintain the high tone and character of the School. Appropriate fiours wil! beset apart for study and dail> exercise. The discipline will lv* mil l and per suasive, but very linn. Two Salurdavs are appoint ed every month for the girls to visit aud make pur chases. The Gospel is preached from lour diHeient pulpits,affording to each the privilege of attending the Church of her choice. No influence will be ex erted to control the religious prejudices of the pit nils. Whiie practical Christianity wiil form the I ?"sis of their i ?*t ruction. Hie selection ofCliurches nn 1 S^l ba h >*cho l? w.ll be si b rutted to t ie decision o| parents and pupils?the vanet> of religious priv ileges here, will not fail to offar satisfaction to n|t. No Scholar w'1 lie tak?" fora?hor"*r term ti-sn five months ' dim <eio . wil be;>ttiii d any iimedur ? n< the fi.-aaiou, nn>l chained on.? from the tout? of entrance. Half ilie tuition ar<d Itoarding fee must be paid in advance, in order to cover tne expenses of the School. Tktm? For Ten Month*, Board, (including lire and lights) %l.2* English branches for advanced Scholars 3a no English branches for small Scholars xS on Music on Piano flM*i I'se of instrument . in nn French |ii(n Washing extra. No deduction made hut in case of protracted sick ness. References. Rf. Re\. Bishop Johns. Alexandria, Vs. Rev. Thomas Leavell, Madisou count*, Va. Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange county. Vs. Rev. John W. George,Cu!peper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carson, " '* Rev. John Cole. " '? Dr. Alex. Pay lie. ** " Chas. E. Light foot, Esq., '* Thomas S. Aloocke, Esq., " " Belfield Cave, Esq., Madison count*, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Esq., Orange county, Va. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro. " ?? Hon. John S. Pendleton, Culpeper countv. Va. Judge R. H. Field, Dr.C. W. Ashby. Dr. Alfred Taliaferro, " " " Edward B. Hill, Esq , " " " L. P. Neison, Esu.. " " Col. John B Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, hi Drawing and Paint ing will be given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large lie formed. au *? (TLPEPER MILITARY INSTITI'TE, Near Cclpkfkr Court Hov?e, Va. The second session of this school will commence on ttie 1st day of September, 1857. A graduaseofthe Fniversity of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and Moderu Languages ; while a graduate >f the V. M. Institute, who lias had considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy , Chemistry, and lower English branches. The course of studies will lie as follows : Preparatory Cla*s. Spelling. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Geogra phy. Grammar, History, Algebra, Latin Grammar. Greek Grammar. Third Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek. French. Second Class. Mathematics. Natural Philosophy. Chemistry. History. Latin, Greek, French, Spanish. First Class. Mathematics. Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry .Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Lngic, Infantry and Artillery Tactics, Geography, History, Latin, Greek, French. Spanish. Every Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then )>e unsigned to that class to wnich his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will be allowed to pass toa higher class tin less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will lie necessarily rigid, but the comfort and convenience of each memltcr of the school will be duly respected There will be daily military exerciscs, but care will be taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Board, Tntion. Washing, Fuel. Lights, for ten mouths, #!&?>. Payments semi-annually in advance. For recommendations and farther particulars, see Ci r c ii Iftf h, CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT, V. M. L, Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. J. \V. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Ancicnt and Modern Languages. Reference11. Wc have the privilege o| referring to the following: Faculty of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Richardson. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin. University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. MoGufly, do Prof. Lucian Minor, William and Mary College. Rev. John Beradus, Charlottesville. Mr. John Hartt A. M.. do Wlohn Hunter, Esq., Louisa county. 'ol. John Woolfolk, Orange county. Rev. Win. S. White, D. D., Lexington. Rev. Wm. N. Pendleton. do James Barbour, Esq., Culpeper. Col. Win. B. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . D Wallach. Esq., Washington City. Gen. Geo.Cooke, do A.Bell, Esq., <to Maj. Henry Hill, U. S. A., New York. R. S. Voss, Esq., Rappk. county. Capt. James Stark, do The Citiaens of Culpeper. jy 15-eoff OEWING MACHINE. ^ Our Agent, Mr. JOHN PORTER, visits theCity of Washington, for the purpose of exhibiting to the Ladies of this vicinity, the justly oelebrated Watson's 910 Family Sewing Machine, and also make sale for Territorial right for the Dis trict of Coltfinbia. Machine will be on exhibition at McGregor's Store, 590 7th street, where he would invite all persons interested to witness its operation, au 4-lw* ROBBINSA CO. MORMON ISM, its Leaders ami Designs, by John Hjde. Jr., formerly a Mormon Elder ana Resi> dent of Salt Lake City, 1 vol., with portraits, *1.25. am5 FRANCK TAVMIR. QAA ADDITIONAL COPIES OF "ROSALIE 9>Uvf the Prarie Flower," just received. This is the most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free of postage on reoeipt ct twenty-five cesits m lej JOHN F. F.I.LIS. 14 R ESH TOILET UOOD? JI'STOPKNfWGat r jy? Mclaughlin a. co. s, Summer Retreat*, ftc. YCEIA HOTEL, ^ l.l.(kffD, r?,NT COMVORT.VA. rnit most <l?liKhtf!il Summer resort?the " tvriK>?t Particular locality of all the sunny South"?A . . A ^ ? P">P?rty of the under-Vt^l# signed, and will l?e opened on the i?t oflfcjBT June next, and each successive June foll.TTTuJrn engage to make it to the seekers for Health, reexea tion, gaiety and rood living, supremely attractive. ror health, no mountain retreat can be ulcrm any seasonof /Ae year. It is as exempt from disease m August and Septamlier and October as in April. Ma, or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the IV-"LP ,lh* The weather is milder, the sea breeze lotlmier, and the luxuries of the *a!t water are to be had of liner quality and in greater prolusion. There is no inure inviting spot on the ?antl5 s?*tl,CTrJ. It is strictly true or what the poet hath said: ??Oh!i|f therebeanEiy.1?nlon? is this, D". Archer. Jarvig, and other arm* surgeons at the post, Hon. Dr. ^ rancis Mallory, L)rs. sentpl Simkins, Sheild. Hope, and Vaughan.and indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of rort Monroe, all certify that they "have ntv known a rase of billion* or attre and fer*r to on Kinnt' tk*T?% nnd that at all season* it t* Ik? htalthtftt *pot on the fare of the 'orth.ft <See 06,1 i?^tes Bow's Review, Southern riinfer, ami American Farmer.) mm a-d*wA?aw.rm JlKSKtiAR. Proprietor. DINKY POINT PA VII,ION M. Is now open for the accommodation of the put lie. In consequence of the loss ofw rooms b> nre last winter, the proprietor cannot accoinmo date more titan 6<? or 711 persons. ? ? s f' R N 'SH K 0 CM)TT AG E for rent sit nated about hye hundred yards from the Pavil,.,n ftuuable lor a famiiy who wiah t(? enjoy during the season the ad vantages of the Sea breeze and ami at 10 sports, having al. the conveniences for cooking, etc l;rms : ?5n for the season of 3 months. .1. !?*tcnmers Col?"?hia and Mart land touch at the Point every trip. \\'. \v. DIX, jy 8-eo4w < Alex.Gax, I ntelA States' ropr,etor* |? L A K IS TONE'S PAVILION. This favorite nlace of resort will I* opened on the Istol July for the accommodation ol visitors, ihe proprietor has encaged a hne Cotillon!?":; Hand lor the season, and with his spicndid Wall?* Room oilers great inducements to the lovers <.f the .??????: ?'i U,?8? of ?ia> find different amuseineats at the Bowling Alley or in r 1*uiup, dec. The Luxuries of the Potomac and good Liquors will lie constantly on hand. This is known to lw? one of the healthiest nlaeea on the river, near Blak.stone's Island. r ? 1 here will be a celebration on the Fourth of lul> and Ball at night. Cotillon on the2*d >TJul*. I3?h arm J7tli o| August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves nas -jengerB on every Uednesdar and Saturday's. and rr ^r1','^?neVrr.>UadHy- Tueadajr, nnd Fridays. ?L5a,??r Kent leavci Baltimore at a o'clock ever? Monday evenin**, and return* on Wednesday mornings. ,|r.*NTn? S?' M*r>'s county, Md. Hoard?91.25 per day fora woi'k or ionger:*l Vt for 'h1^rJ"re- GK? W. blakistonk. Proprietor. AT A CIRCI IT CnrRT IIIII.I) FrilTcri. i 1, N l\, \a., ai t tie ('ourt -1 loij >e uieroof. on Mond.n. thetth dn ..f .fj^-,- . Amt>n>Ne P Hill, m his >>wn nglr mm as adminis trator nl [ ranees Field. Pln,mt,n against i,ia?J. ?.'cid, lolin P Keilv. and Ma;-), his u ijf. }\?'"tain II. I leld, John Field. IIenr\ H. Fie'd. ["'I'Rs Hi'l.jr., trustee<>| Kliza J. kot?ertsa>i<1 I lios. i >, | Uui.Kiiardian nrf Itbtiuin of ? f 'ie| i mlnnt eh 1 hi of Albert Field. ft't* ' I pon eonaidemtinn ol the Court. M was ordered that this cause l?e referrctl to one of the Coinim* sioiiers of tin? Court, to report ro the Court wh*f lias l>een done hj Ambrose p. Hill in execution <.1 a former order ol this Court, appointing him Com inissi<Hier to rpj; certain slaves, m.'n'ioned in the bnl relerreii to in s^jd order, and also to ascertain if the said slaves havo l?eei, sold b\ the said A. P. Hi!! whether or not he has receiver! the purchase morievi Mid. il he lias, wlist disposition |i>* hns mmle ot 1' with the vouchers for sneh disposition, all of which shall !>e reported to the Court. NOTICE.?The parties interested ,n The above report, ordered to lie m?d? o the Court, will take (J'.t.ce I ftave appointed W I'.DN KSOA V, the Al day of September. at my otfice. m * Ins pae?. ar ten o clock a. 111.. to state nnd report to the (N.urf the accounts referred to 111 the alsive order. Tiie\ will please aUend ?ith their papers and witnesses. !?. THOMAS,CouimtsMouei cf the Circuit Court orCulpepereouutv. Culpeper Cwurt-house, Va.. August I. IH7?. aug 3-law4t pROGRKSS IN THE FINE ARTS. *? I AINTIXG AND PlIOTi^.ltAI'HV CoHIIXEp, PHOT o r, HAP l7T(' PORTRAIT S. In Oil Colors, on Canvas, MiMAirr.K or Size of I.iff. S. U'A LKER'S PORTRAIT ASD PICTV R E G ALL E RY. Ddeon Hall, corner 4S stand Pennsylvania avenue, S. WALKER has fitted up the alsive spacious lpartments at a verv great outlay id'capital, thereby rendering his estabhshiueut one ol the most com pleteand handsome in the whole country. Il'" hss ? large tiallery lor/r?f ? yh >bt 1 ton of upw ard of J1"1 tine Oi! PamtiiiKs, by some of the tK?8t a^iceut and motern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations, s. Wai.kf.r hasalso hited upa com pletesuitol rooms, with prnate rolnng apHrtments lor ladies, and purchased the finest possitile mstru iiients. and engaged a first class operative artist to in the department for taking all kinds ,.f ^"'{TOiiRAPHIC. AMUIIOTN PE AND J?\ li I EK K E<ITVPE PORTRAITS, fnm? the ithai/e-f m in tat ur* tn size of Itf*. S. W'alkkk. by com billing the Pliotograpiiic Pro jess with the art or Painting. "I which he has had n years experience, and whose specimens of hie uze portraits ma> t?e seen m some of the first faun les of the city, as well a* those exhibited in his liallery, lie will In* ahie, l?% the combination of t!??? :wo, to produce portraits that have never tieeu ex jelled for theirhde.ity and life-likeexpiession. Can i-as and txiards prepared tij himsell cxpres> v lor the purpose. Particular attention paid to the paintinz of Por traits, Miniature or life-size, from small p ctures <>f i'cas'tt frt'H'ts. Photographs taken from corpses, or tuck persons n at tiieir own residences, on immediate no ?106 Committees and classes taken in any number in {roups, and any quantity o| copiesfrom the same sold it reasonable cliarges. Likenesses painted on Copner for Tomti S:.>nes. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Kami \ Portraits, jarefully liack lined and restored to their origins: ireshnes8. Ladies and gentlemen are rcspectlully solicited to call at the liallery. over Shillinstou's Ux.k store entrance street, two d<?ors from Pennst U-ama iveiiu*. Jx i 1 ITNITED STATES' SALE OF VAI.I'AHLK VVIIAKF TRortUTY AND LOTS OX THK ScHt'\L KIl.L, AIUOIN'NG THE NAVAL AsVLfJI, PH!t.\nitI - J"''1 l?e st?ld at public auction, on Tl KS l>A\ , the hrst day of Sepfemlier next at in a 111 the premises, the I nited States Wharfand ioing the Naval Asy lum; aiso. those lietwcen Ship pen and South streets. numt>ered from I to io inclu sive, according to the plan, which aai^lie seen at the Jltice o| the Navy Agent, and at the Asylum. The terms of aale will be, one half cash, one lourth in six mouths, aud the other fourth in twelve mouths from the date of sale. Receipts will be given for payments, but no deeds will be executed until the final payments sha i lie made; and all the payments to be forfeited il 'lie terms of the sale shall not be complied with. The Government reserves the right to hx a mini mum value on each lot. below which a sale will not ^?e made. WW. BAIXiER, Navy Agent. Philadelphia. To lie piibiishe<l once a week till 1st ?*epfcntl>er. in the Portland Argus, Boston Post. Itoston Herald. Journal o| Commerce and Daily News. New Yoik Pennstlvamaii and Evening Arsus. I'hilailelphia: Republican. Baltimore: Intelligencer. 1 nion. Star. Washington: Enquirer, Richmond. jy 23?lawtsepl COMBS. BrT'SHES. PFRFI'MKRV. Ac .at McI.AK.HI.IN A CO.'S. (i'' TO McLAUGHLIN'S, Penn. avenue. Mt. vl 9th and 10th sts., lor Notions. jv 29 I CLOTHING. I iA DIES AND GENTLEMEN having anv to dispoae of can receiva a fair cash Price lor the same, by sendiug or addressing H. MELA. No at Louisana avenue, bet ween 9t h and l?t h streets, west eml Centre Market. N-J?- 1Bu?mess suspended on Saturday. jy ar?-2m* H. MFI.A. NOW 18 THE TIME TO DRINK MAI T 'f Jk ARN V SHINN are the only ones in the District who have stock PORTER and thi'.n havp a supply ??n hand; so give tiieina ti ia.. I?eave your orders with the drivers, or at their I nion Bottling Depot, No. v; Green street. Georgetown, D. C- jy 22 f^JOING OFF AT COST.?As the season has ad ofVAFRd|Sf:SATOR?tXtS,""* y L-L'm'vk 1 R K and HOUSE KEEPINtt GOODS is very large, and pricet lower than ever. , , McGREGOR A CO., jj 9 eo6w No. Mn 7th street. O ?*m TUi\KS TO THOSE OF Ol'R CUS " ^%dTo?l.hr7?l? TDd^n^Vl^requesraH ^ ikuJ1"? of a collector for sett e COL, KY A SEARS, jy ?7-eo?t 5237th ?L.Sdoora north Pa. are. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS.-The under /vlfp fi?*hn?i hand a large lot of BROWN HfKAnM SI 1 WINDOW a'so, sple'nJid vanet j of carved and^aTnVtAl' IJ^lf MAkbLE MANTEIA wffeSTha wiTl dis?i,5 at a low prioe. J oa N R I THKKrnfti) jya-lin" 3d door from comer oIut^aoi/K st?, Pianos, &c. /M)i.D MEDAL I'KKM l(M PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNAKK. (Senior partner 10 the late hrm of Knask. Giimm k. Co., Continues the manufacture and saie of grand and square PIANO FORTES, under Mie name of William Kimbe A Co., at the old stand. KXC* N<?*. I, 3. 5 and 7 North Kutaw street op-si I %? ' I>o?ite th* Kuraw House. Baltimore. They nave a *o just opened a new Sales Room at No Baltimore sireet. between Charles and Light streets. on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCaflery ne. a music store. where they w, I keep constantly on tend a large assortment of plain and highly -finished grand and square Piano Fortes alao. Mebidcoii*. from the liest makers. from 4 to V oetave. a?>ive with double ker-l*>arus, doable reeds, an i atops to suit small churches. Hems extensively engaged in the manufacture of Pianos, we wul m? wholesale and ratail.on the m<ui libera! terms. Oar Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal* at the Fiura el the Maryland Institute two successive years?Octoiter. 1K56, and lttSfi?in op position to Axirteer. and eighteen pianos from some ol toe beat makers Iroiu New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were alsoawarded the hrat preuuk at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. I?? and IftSS. The* have also *teen awarded the inchest premium (ailver medal I at the Metro poiitan Mechanics' Fair for lx.r>7. In addition to this we are iti possession of testimo uiala from the moat distinguished professors and r.matcurs in the oonntry. which can he seea at ?mr warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. Ail matruments are guaranteed for five years, ard a privilege ??f exchange is granted within the hrat six moiiths from i he da; ol sale if the instruments du n< I give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thair ad vac tag# to rive us a call l>efore purchasing. Piano* exchanged, hired, ami tuned. row 16-ly WM. KNAUK A CO. T1 HREE BKAI TIKI I. PIANOS received thi day from Boston. Also, three very 1. > ? second hand Pianos. I>ut little used. sever|B9BBB octaves.roscwood ease*. will be sold at great'* ? " " our Piano l-orte. Melodeon, and Nln^o Ware rooms, between 9th and loth streets. No.??;. jet JOHN P.KU4& piANO POSTSIMTKVGTKUi. Mr. W. H. PAf.MKK eontmues to add new mem Iters to his c,asses. App y to Mr. PAL a MKR. at his Rooms over Farnham'ie Bookstore. Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri-* day, and Satur<Uy, l<etwccn ?ai?dt p. in. Terms $ > per quarter. ac 2S-tf 1MIREE NKW A\l> BEAUTIFUL PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS.-Theae, Pianos nave ?.<eii used brt a short time by 5 careful persons, we wi 1 warrant them.' take old Pianos in exchange. Ac. Two of litem are fu seven octaves, fineiy finished rosewood cases,and of exquisite tone and touch,one i* only a six octave. The*e Pianos, purchasers may safely rely npon as being truly great l>argMiiiK. and they wil' do well ?o call and sec them, at our extensive piano Ware rooma. No. between '"It and loth. jel? JOHN F. El.I.IS. ICE. | J. MIDDLETON, I /. ICR It FALER, Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F and 12th Streets. W'ashmtton. ap II-tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respectful ly inform Ins Iriends audthe pnbhcgenerally, that he is now prepared to furnish families and others) through tne ae**on> with the hest quality of ICF, dcuvered in *ny part of \\ ashinctou ami George town, and gunrantee* to sive entire satisfaction. Orders to Ik1 left With KlDVVKLL A IjAl KFNrK oorneri-itli *t>eet arid I'ennsy iv ania avenue: Geo. F. Kipwki.l A Co.. Itth street; J. II. Moork, Drug gist. I'entta. avenue. Ite'wern I'M li arid Joth streets : CiFOB6RSibtz? New ^'ork wet ue, liet ween bnh and Uth afreets: Robt. A. Pav??k, l>ruegiat, oorrer tthand Mass. avenue; and with the culiecnber. No. 3 First street, iseoricetowu, where Ice can be had at all tunes. ap 7-tf T. N. KIDWF.I.L. Dentistry, &c. OKNTISTR Y. DR. STKI'IIKN BAI1.Y, Ornrs No. J?8 PexNsTLvaMa Avcao, Tkrtt doort from UfA Strtet. Dr. B A11. Y begs leave to inform the pnhhethat he oan l>e seen at ell liners, r; li:.? otti. e. Iooiue,t as above. He feei* assured that au experience of fifteen years* piactice. with the rtrne nun^herof patient?.andgrear variety of d.flieuit mses that he has treated sucoea* lull), will enatiia him to ?<irriiount aio d.tficu.'}, icientihc or otherwise, roiniitiv to the Teeth. H is ?wn experience cmhniiin; the opinion of manv men eiiiinetit in the profession, arwt espectaii) Dm. Harris ind J. and K. Paring. has .ed b ni. long strive, todis card all mercurial prepsrat ions for hllnig Teeth.also ill KnameU. tiutt.t Perclta, India HuMier, and Ce ments lor ti.e omslructHHi ol CoiUitiuous ?>win Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on tiold Plate, is the only reliable substance limt csi. I<e worn in th? mouth. as was most otmc.ustvely shown !>> the American Dental Convention. Althonch he flatters himself from his long resi lience and prt<tice in Washington, he is favorably known t<> ins numerous frier.d.- :?ud pa'rons, he leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rrctorof the Church of Kpiphany r f this city Dr. Stephen Baili: Dca rSir?I desire to ex press in> es'oeik lor you porsoua ?.ai?d i.ty couhdeuee in itiu as a superior dentist, flie opeiatioi,* execut?>l [or me Iih\ e t>een highly satisfactory. I hope that?<iu ma* receive the patronage from my friends and the p,t. tc that your skill so wcli de?er\ es. Yours ven trnlv. Washington, Aug, 36,1456. J. \V. FRKNCH. From one of theo'dest firms iu Baltimore, Messrs. Bogcs, Cot man k Co. Having em ployed Dr. Stephen Daily. Surgeon Den tis?,of Washington city, to execute" lor me Rn in portiuit aitd difficult pieoe of work, which he did to in? entire satisfaction, and in vi?-w of tiie fact tliaL niie of the most distinguished meiutiersol the Denta. L'?'!leje of Baltimore, tailed, alter repeated trials, to perform the same woik rives n.e pleasure To express mv entire >'onfideuoeand iiitfh est imation of Iiin professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, lw. II ARM ANN BOOCS. Kxtract fronaa note received from the late Hon. John M. Clay t<m. F. S. StJiATK, Aug. I?, 165f-. The teeth ton made lor me work admirahi) ; noth ing oould be)>et!er. Vert gratefnlls, John m ci.ayton. To those that se^k relief from the ma'adies of the teeth. 1 can dieerfully recommend Dr. S. Raiiy as a superior Dentist: lie made a set ol porceiian teeth roroneof tn> faninv.and plugge?l several teeth lor rmself. and the work ha* ah stood we for more man ten * ears. ROBERT T. MXO.N. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April \9. IM*. We, the undersigned,having had occeslon toavai! rmrselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Bai y, Surseon Dentist of this city, or jiav nig l>een d?tnir int of his operation* on our lain.iicsor friends, take picasure in expfessing our admiration of his artistic *ki!:. as we!! as of the uniform!) sat isfictory manne* in which he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfudy re 9->iiimend to the confidence ami patronage of i he public, of which we oonsider loin eminently worthy. Thomas I". Wai.tkr, Architect L'.K Capito1. Tiioma? MiLtKR,M.D.,ol Washington. D C. f>. S. Boiirkk. M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. I.iw-oli, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. BFAm.RT.of Washington, D. C. (iKoRfer Walton. Kx bweruot of Florida. Wai.tkr Lenox, Kx My or of Washiugl< D. IIknkt Baldwin, I . S. Patent Office. t>.C. W*!6HT, Principal R it teahouse Academy. feb 20 tf OR. VILLARD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI Caso, would respect luily inhtrin the cit izens of the District and v cmity. that lisv | ing located himself in \\ asluiigton. he is now prepared to perform aH operations in his profes sion, in the most approved sty le. Office, No. PeiiU. avenue, adjoining Oautier s. yan 2" 1? rpHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS. ths inventor and patentee *.1 "fwnrtit' Mtnrrtrf Pint? having^ success!u!iv introduced Ins improvement ii various citie*. has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for SetsofTeeth consistschiel I* in making a set of but one p.eoe of material, and that indestructiMe mineral.. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free frort galvanic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to become hlied with moisture or particle* o| food, hence they are rntt nn<i rltam. They are lighter, stronger, leas einoisv. far iiH>re durable. *???) natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One thousand Douars to any one wno will produce a similar work of art to eanal mine in purity, tioauty. durahility, artistic exceltenoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 276 Penna. avenue, between 11th and 12th street*. apl?-lT DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SURGEON It KST1ST. and B'ANrFArrrnER or Aariru iai. Taxm.?d is oomplete arrangements enabling him ti present the fol>??wirr reaaonable erioes: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold. ...^_ yap to ,v? Do do do on Silver 12 to ?*s One or more, on Gold ?? ?.. ?_ 2 to Do on Silver. 1 to Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operations executed in such a manner as to give every satisfac tion. Office eorner 8th street and avenue. a# 9 CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging, l?si ions Cumberland CoaL CASTLEMAN A BRO, jy 27 oorner 6th aad 6 sts., opp. National hotel.