Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Criminal CortT ? The Election After our report cloned on Saturday, the jury who bad had a recess, were palled into Court and d?tn?*?ed by his honor until thl* morning at ten o'clock, a* there was no poaaibility, froiu the lengthy debate of the counsel upon the instruction* offered by the District Attorney, of coining to the arguments in The rase during that day. Mr. Bradley went on and concluded his re marks* showing why he objected to the lnutruc tions proffered by the counsel for the prosecution. Mr Key replied, contending in the course of his remarks that the act of tbe flavor was just and legal; and that the act of the President in acceding to his application for the marines, fortified by an affidavit which was ?wr?rn to by a respectable citizen of Washington, and granting him diacre tionary^>ower to use them according to the eal geacjes of the case, was a proof of the confidence repoee* In hits by tbe President to do and aet as the danger and peril of tbe citizens tint* disturbed might in the ease seem to warrant. He said that U was contended by the other side that the riot had Teased when the Mayor first went to the polls; what did tbe Mayor find to be tbe case when be arrived there ? he found the barric ade* broken and tbe rtolis cloned. All was quiet, said the counsel for the defence, but it was the quiet that prevails on the battle field after tbe fight is over, and no victim is left to make resistence. Was it not manifestly the mayor's duty, under these circumstances, to em ploy such force as bad been placed in his hands ancl a: his command ? He dirt employ that force, and legally, too: be used those means for the maintenance of tbe public peace and good order in the community, which peace hail been fla grantly violated. Was It not remarkable tbat the judges of election had taken the unwarrantable responsibility of closing the polls In violation of all law at a time when, according to tbe testi mony which had l>een given on tbe part of the defence, all Was quiet, and the voting was pro ceeding peaceably ' And upon what plea, then, did they do this f It was upon the vapory excuse springing out of a sickly and absurd sentimental ity that they w?ild not roceive votes with the flashing bayonets of the marines directed towards their breasts What right had they to refuse compliance with the express provisions of tbe iaw, when ail was peace and quietness around them * The marines were a square off; they could not have been afraid of them at the time the polls were closed. He contended that the conduct of tha judges ought to be held up to uni versal opprobiuin, and they consigned to ever lasting shame. Mr. Key quoted from the act of Congress of 1814. contained in the statutes at Large, to show " that the Mayor shall see thai the laws of the Corporation shall be duly executed, and that he snail punish any disobedience of those laws on tbe part of it* officers.'* Mr. Key cited many other authorities to sustain the action of the Mayor and in support of his in ductions He contended that the commissioners had violated the laws by closing the polls, and that it was but proper, under the existence of all these facts, to a*k the Court to instruct tbe jury that their act was illegal He submitted to the Court that tkti/ were to all intents and purposes guilty of a riot; and he asked the Court to instruct tbe jury that tbe marines were on tbe ground le gally and lor the exercise of a legal purpose Mr Ellis arose and said that Mr. Key had re ferred to the Constitution of the United Stat** to show tbe authority of the President to call out the marine* and interfere in tbe case now before the Court The argument was. that tbis portion of the Constitution gave the President the power. He contends that it gave no such authority to the President At this present time the President is not the United States?not quite His power then, is not here, but in the legislation of Con gress on the Constitution. Mr. Ellis quoted from the law to show in what cases the President may call out the military He contended that there were but three cases in which the President may call out the military ? they were only in case of an insurrection, an in vTision, and when necessary to tbe sustaining nf the law. He contended that the authorities cited by the District Attorney were not applicable to tbe matter now pending, that the law did not au thorize the Mayor to do what tbe District Attor ney contended it authorized him to do ?On closing his remarks, and Mr Key not reply ing. the Court adjourned till Monday morning TWKLP7U DAT. The trial of the election rioters was resumed this morning. , In consequence of the somewhat hurried aid indistinct manner in which the instruct,on*?<skel by tbe District Attorney were read in Court on .Saturday, tbe reporters for tbe city papers, the Star Included, failed to catch them with exact ness We accordingly give them to-day In a corrected form: If the jury believe, from the evidence, that the Mayor of the eity of Washington made an appii eatfon to the President of tbe United Mates and the Secretary of tbe Navy to order out the United State* marines to assist hint in preserving the public peace, and the said marines were accord ingly so ordered by the Secretary of the Navy and were marched by the direction of the Mayor to the place Of disturbance, to wit: to the first precinct of the Fourth Ward, then the said Mayor and the said marines were there legally. If tbe jury believe, from the evidence, that the commissioners of the election at the said tirst precinct of the Fourth Ward closed the polls of said precinct for no other reason than the one given, that is, the presence of the said marines then the act of saidcommissioners in closing sait^ polls was an Illegal act; and the said Mayor, bv I' virtue of his office, and in the execution thereof 'possessed full power and authority to order the said polls to be opened ; and all prisons, who, in wvtolent and turbulent manner, acting together either by previous concert, or by concert sprii# lug up at tbe time, opposed the efforts of the said Mayor, either to have the said polls opened, or to preserve the public peace, are guilty of a riot This morning, Judge Crawford gave his an swer to these instructions, as follows ; With reference tot he fir>.t instruction, the Court sa:d that much argument had been expeuded in relation to the President's power to order out the military. The fifteenth clause of the eighth sec tion of article of the Constitution of the United States which confers upon Congress the power to provide for the calling forth of the militia to ext cute the laws of the United States, to suppre-s insurrection, and repel invasion, has been referr.d to. as well as the act of February i?, 1?U5, in the first volume of the statutes at Large page v.<| ? but the terms of the law itself show 'that it ap plies to the States, and to a difierent class of coy . ,/tiugencies than tbe one that is alleged to exist in tbisca?e. The act of lrV7 La? also ln?en cited' -*>ut the Court was of opinion that this provision' in the Constitution and the laws pasued under it have no application to the inquiry submitted to the Jury. 1 here was another clause in the second ae. iton of article two of tbe Constitution which ^ake* the President commander-in-chief of the ?rmy and navy of the United States, and section three of the same article makes It his duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed It was under these two last-named sections of the constitution tbat his Honor apprehended the power to call out the military forces in aid of the civil authorities would be found. The fifteenth clause of section eight of article one of the con stitution. under the appropriate head of what Congress shall have power to do. bestows lei?i? lative power; and section two of article two im rfv duty. The Chief Magis trate of the I mted States, acting for this District possesses the power which was exercised in this instance: and being the head of the proper De partment. the act of the Secretary of the Navy . '2??nU 8nd P'^po***, the act of the President The authority, tjjeo, according to the evidence which the jury bad heard, was a neces aary application of the power granted by Con gress. and was properly and lawfully exercised by the Executive upon thla occasion The Pres ident could not m.tke himself personally cogni zant of all the circumstances whenever he was called upon to act The representations made to him were such ?> not only to justify, hut to re quire the Exe. ulive of the United Mates to d.> all that he did do. 1 he marines and the officers who commanded them were legally at tbe polls of the first precinct cf the Fourth Ward for they were there in obtdience to order*. i-T'u k?4 the to ,JC tUer^ ?!*> in his official character as Mayor, either to uuell tbe riot or to see that the laws of ti^city Cre drily executed. Although the act of the _ tive ill this case Was authorized by law and re quired by duty, the Mayor was using a discre t.onary power when h. applied to the ? ercta^y of tbe .Navy for the assistance of the marines for the simnlc fact that he. and h-as e'Ve" f? ofrfcer similarly s.tiiatrd. decide when the proper time has arrived lo ,?ake ?lril "t." plication, shows that it lie* at his discrel ion stfn an inferior offieer must in the first instauce r'es? to tbe evil power, and it may be mater^m know whether he has done so; but if the civil power is too weak to suppress the riot, or If the riot or disturbance be so great and so dangerous that It must be apparent that any attempt tooueil ?t by the civil officers must be absurd?that such an attempt must necessarily be unsuccessful, and would only be followed by the acofflng at and derision of tboae who should attempt it, and by an increased tumult?the Court was of the opin , 'bat resort might be had to other means, with out further recourse to tbe civil power. If the jury believe, from the evidence, that tie r'.d Chat^!* t ?f"1 ftUaeJl UP?H lh* rlotera, and whatever of violence and turbulent conduct and acts proceeded from tbe defendants, or frou any otbe;. connected with them, were resorted tola reaiating such attack, then it would be their fuilty of a riot at that particular time and hour to, tb. duu^rW, oX' iX' ahape. except so far as it was the around,, which the military were brougbt^ut But If *houl<1 believe from the evidence in the caJ that the marine., after their arrival at the p?fu - wbere they were then legally, without any ojfc,, or violence upon their part were first a*sait~d in a violent and turbulent manner, according to u e. vlous eoocert. whether remote or immediate on ?W??d?Ml vr ?ny Qt tfcfpa. Fl'h or without connection with other? who ?rf not now upon trial, Dor the purpose of driving oft tbe marines in spite of all opposition, then the defendants or so many of tbein as thus assailed marines would be guilty of * riot. With regard to the se< ona instruction asked by the District Attorney, the Court remarked that tbe conduct of the elections In the city of Wash, iugton Is couflded by law to their Commission ers, to be ?ppoinied as tbe law prescribe*. Their duties are expressly pointed out by the law, and among this It is specified that they shall keep the polls open from seven o'clock in tb* morning until seven o'clock In the evening. The Coin, missioners cannot lawfully close the polls be tween those hours; and nothing short of some overruling necessity which makes it impracti cable for tbein to receive the votes offered, or to continue the election, will excuse the closing of the polls. If the jury ?>ellrve, from the evidence, that the polls were closed in the first precinct ol the Fourth Ward. In tbte language of the prayer, for no other reason than the presence of the ma rines, then tbe act of closing them was Illegal. The Mayor of the City of Washington has no powers other than those which are given him bythe acts of Congress and the laws of the Corporate authorities, fussed in pursuance and by virtue of the powers conferred upon Ihem by Congress Among the duties of the Mayor, it is enjoined upon hint by the act of Congress of 181*2 to see tliat the law* of the Corporation be duly execu ted. That provision was not repealed, as had been asserted here. The act of May 13, 1*?0, Sec tion one. repeals only so much of the law of 1812, as Is inconsistent with the provisions of said art of 1*20; and tbe law of May 1?, 1848, section one, continues the set of 1820 in full force for twenty years with the repeal of acts In conflict with its own provisions. The Court remarked as to the recited duty of the Mayor as had been asserted: the Mayor had the authority to request or demand that tbe polls should be opened, but he could not enforce that d ma rid, for there was no specific power conferred upon him for that purpose. If he demanded of the commissioners to open the polls when closed and did not take any further steps that such de mand should be carried into effect, It was no mo o than his duty required. And lastly. If the jury believe that the defendants with or without the conjunction of others not named in the Indict ment, numbering at least three persons, with a determination to assist one another against those who should oppose them, acted together for the purpose of thwarting the efforts of the Mayor to nave the polls opened, and to oppose his exer tions to preserve tbe public peace, then the de fendants, or so many of them as thus acted, would be guilty of a riot. Mr. Key then entered upon his address to the jury, which was quite universally conceded to be one of remarkable power, and induced some of his auditory to insinuate that the District Attor ney had been 44 playing posfum'1 In claiming to be in ill health, as no sick man could make a two hours' speech of such sustained vigor. Mr. Key was followed by Mr. Carrington, who Is speaking in behalf of Charles Spencer as this report closes. Police Reports.?'The reports of tbe late Chief of Police, J. W. Baggott, Esq., for the twelve months ending June 30, 1H57, show the aggregate of judgmeuts obtained to be 89.792 04. Amount of money deposited to tbe credit of tbe Corpora tlon, ?I.9PI 32, as follows : Judgments Amounts ana costs, deposited. July, 1656 *623 81 S38S t>l August, 44 1,075 71 432 39 September, *4 835 90 4?8 (17 October, 4' bl5 69 482 !lfc November, 44 715 19 421 43 December, 4* fc*?7 93 170 40 January, 1857 750 75 4*9 33 February, 44 918 91 500 25 March, 44 W0 60 474 April, 14 t>|0 47 260 60 May, 44 729 til 52 June, ?? 918 U7 316 27 99,792 61 St,991 32 The River.?At Gait A Young's wharf, schr. Jas. A SJftart, from Havre de (irace, with 90 tons coal for S. II Young, and lumber for Coyle At Riley's wharf, schr Mary L. Johnston, from Port Walthall, with 8J tons of coal for the Ga< Company. Tbe steamer Columbia arrived last nig lit from Baltimore, with a large cargo of merchandize, va riously consigned. At Stone A Magruder's wharf, schr. Csiltoti Jane, Capt Tyler, from New ^ork, with l,0U0 bbls. cement, consigned to Ji. French. Tbe Second Baptist Church choir (Navy Yard) goes down to-day on board the steamer Washing ton, to Glyiuont and Fort Washington. Tub Rair.?Some little curiosity having been expressed to know about what amount of water fell during the eighteen hours rain of Tuesday and Wednesday in this elty. We give tbe fol lowing as about the quantity: The area of the city of Washington is 7,I.'W acres. The w.ttcr was 6 1-10 inches on a level. The number of cubic feet. I57,96tj.102; number of gallons. 1, list .306.4*22. This would make a body of water 540 feet snuare by 510 hi?>h?a1*?nt 40 feet higher than the Washington Monument, If i? were fin ished . The Crave Deserve the Fair?On Satur day night, a pitched battle came off near Twelfth street and the canal between two middle-aged white men. all about the question which of the two was entitled to the favors of a female in their company. They peeled for the combat, and their Dulcina seated herself on a log, and, maintaining the strictest impartiality, waited for the result; and, on the conclusion of the com lint, walked oft with the victor. Tbe defeated one, who, by tbe way. was the bigger man of the two, sneaked off, looking unutterable thing*. A D?tH;B?Two darkies entered the shoe store of Mr. McDonald, on I. street near Tenth, the other day. and while one was pretending to get measured for a pair of shoes, the other, under [iretext of getting cigars, walked out. taking with iitn a pair of shoes ready measured and made. Mr. McDonald ran after him but had an unsuc cessful chase, and when he returned darky No. 1 had sloped too. ? Pistols ir tub Hards of Boys.?A corres pondent complains to us that boys are In the habit of firing pistols from the windows of the 4* United States Hotel" (that was) at pigeons In Jackson Hall alley, to the danger of the passers by and of the numerous children congregated In that thickly settled locality Betwber riiree ard focR HCRDP.ed persons, members of the Catholic Beneficial Total Absti nence Society, marched through our streets to day, preceded by Ksputa's Band, being on their way to Georgetown College Grounds, wnere they are to hold their pic rue. The members were designated by badges of green and white. The Festival or the Mbthodist F.. Church South continues open to night and to-morrow night at Thorn's naw Building Seventh street A friend who visited the Festival on Saturday night, speaks in animated terms of the excellen<-e of the refreshments, the beauty of the ladies, and the exceeding cheapness and desirableness of the various articles on sale. Tns Last Corgress made an appropriation of $17,00*1 to fit up a room In the Smithsonian Insti tution for the reception of the collection of natural and other curiosities heretofore on exhibition In tbe United States Patent Otflce, and the removal of tbe museum has been entered upon. Fioht ? Last night, a serious disturbance oc curred in the First Ward, and a woman had her liead cut with a stone; all proceeding from whls ky-drlnkiiig yesterday. The police are In search of the principals in the affair, and doubtless all concerned will be arrested. The Averts.?Workmen are engaged to-day in repairing the carriage way of Pennsylvania avenue at various points, where tbe pavement is sunk, leaving dangerous boles. The John Goodrich whose name appeared in the watch house report of Friday Is not John Goodrich printer, of the Second Ward. Or Thcrsdat next the veteran Union Fire Co. makes Its third annual excursion to tbe White House. - To-morrow the excursion of the Union Guards to the W bite House, comes off. Watch Returns.?Western lock-up George Frederick, drunk In the street; workhouse 30days. Central guard house : George Hynson, drunk and dismissed. Jno Briscoe, colored, safe keeping ; delivered to his master. F/dward Mead, complaint of Mrs Mead and others ; dismissed. Wm. Dun bar, colored, do James O'Neal, vagrant; work house 60 days. Lueinda Bailey, drunk and dis orderly; workhouse 3D days. Madame Mourt Las prepared by special request, a Salvo for the ours ol Cancers, whioh never was known to Qui. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, urlucii acta as a per fect charm to arrest all ol those diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles, (aa extract lroiu a flower,)a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may be relied on. She oflers no aruol# but what has been tested. To lie had at No. 3W O street. Iietween Uth and l*b. Also at Nairn A. Palmer'a Dru* store, corner Sth street and Penn. avenue, D. N. D) son a Drui Store, sorner of I'enn. avenue and 13th street,and J. p. Milburn's Dm* Stois. Wtl lards' Hotel. Also at C. Stott's, corner of 7th street and Penn. avenue. Relsrenoes oen be madeto Re*. John Robtk Rev. Mr. Ref ister, Rev. James Hanson, and Mr. Maqa The Consumption Destroyer also eau be found in Alexandria, at Mr. Caatleman'a Store, on King street, my sole acent for that plaoe. In Georgetown at Mr. T. A. Newtnan't, 0B Bridie ?tft9L |tI* A Cash. Dri. Hantfr k Williams* Phfuciamt/m Z)i?"i?'j of tk' >2Si North Charles street, Baltimore. 1>rs. Hintkx or Willixm* visits Washington on the lift li and 29th of each month. The next vmt will be OB Wednesday. the 12th mutant. Olhce. No. w? PetinsyIvama avenue, ovir Mra. Voss's Jewelry Store. au ic-2t Dl KD. Onthe Wh instant. MARY KI.1ZABF.TH. Wifc of Wm. K. Steauart. snd e deet daughter of Joshua Hanks,aged 22 Tears. Funeral to tare plaeo from her father's residence, corner of 5th and H streets, on To-morrow Morn ing atH? o'elock. The friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend. ( Baltimore, Annapolis, and St. Louis papers please copy.) ? Ou the 9th instant,at to o'clock, MARGARET GERTRUDE, youngest daughter of Martha and Jurden Snowden. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the luneral To-morrow Afternoon at ? o clock, from the residence of her father, on K at.. No. 2J2. ? On the 1st instant,at 9^ o'clook p. m., GEORGE GA R DN KR. oldest son of Peter and Manr K. Hep bum. in the 7th yearof his ace. The flower that was in life so-fsir, Must moulder in the toml>. And all its beauties fade away. - No inore on earth to bloom. * At Platten Rock. Mo . on the 17th July, MAR GARET FRANCES l.KK, in the2f>th vear of her age, youngest daughter of Dr. Edward W.Clark, of thi* city, and wife of Dr. J. W. Lee, of the former place. At Hercolineum, Mo., the residenoe of her tincle. Dr. \Vm, K. Clark.on the 3 th July, ELIZABHTH BACON, infant daughter of Margaret Francis and Dr. J. W. Lee,axed 22 days. ? On the9th inatant.CATH ARlNE W. GARNER, in the Mth year of her age. At Alexandria, on 6th instant, ROBERT W.,son of Francis L. and Sarah G. Smith, a<ed 9 months and 4 days. LOST ATO FOUHD. REWARD.?Strayed away on Tuesday, Ao gust 4th, a Red and White COW.grfnJi with white fore feet, white spot on herxpa^" shoulders, and a white spot on her rumpMMSH near her tail, with half her tail white, and a white star in her faoe. The above reward will be paid for her delivery to the subscriber on Rth street east, be tween A and B streets north. Capitol Hill, or for any information of her whereabouts. au 10 LAURENCECALLAN. REWARD.?Strayed away on the 15th of July, a small light brmdle COW.w^rg-to al out four years old, with a white stripeonR her :>roa*t, and a white spot on each flank. ?i*l 1 ? '* .... ... v?n., u.iu i. i, ?? ? ,0 a|mi I'll we'll linns. Has the top of her horns sawed off. She is expected to have, or has had a calf. The above re ward will be paid for her delivery to No. 131 I street, between 21st and 32d streets, or lor any information which may lead to her recovery, au 8-3t* MARY HOWIE. TAKEN UP ASTRAY.?A medium sixed COW, roan color, with red head and neck, long wide and sharp horns. The owner will please oome forward, prove property, payJbsMM charges, and take her awa\. Mrs. CATHARINE SIMMONS, au B-3t* near Navy Yard Bridge. Ij^STR AY.?Two HORSES, one a dark hay horse J with black mane and tail, and near hind fry foot a little white. The other alight iron grey, with wlntc inane and tail, white nosn.^^ZX ami roretop cut short; Itoth barefooted. The a1>ovc described horses were taken up August 2d, 1R77, trespassing on the promises of Geo. Thomas, i-ear Rock Creek Church. The owners arc requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take their away. Information may t>e had t<v inquiring of John H. McChesnov, Grocer, corncrof 7th and NT streets, Washington Citr. D C. auR-*t*__ TAKEN UP on the 28th day ol July,astray COW and CALF. The Cow is red and * hite,^*?-*i|ft with the ends of her horns sawed off, and about five or six years old. The owner have her l>y calling at my house on 1st, l>etween M end N streets sonth, proving property and paying for this advertisement. auj^ar R<>BERT. A M'LSTEA I). tfr " R EW A R I). ? Strayed on the ?r?th instant, a larxe RED COW. with white mnrk down her lack, white face and red rinpTiCa^" round her eyes. The a1?ove reward will l>ei si J - 1 - ** ' ? ' r', ?'?"??mMr irw.llll Wlii given on the delivery of th? same at No. ?1 F st" Wll 7-.JI KKWARD.-Ranaway from the sulwcri iU*J ber. living near Upper Marllmrongh. t'riuce George's county. Md., on the 2?th of April, NKuRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about 27 years of age,5 feet, H Inches high?a dark mulatto?has a large bushy head, with,^^ whiskers round his face, medium size and down look, lie may lure himscll 111 the District, where he has relatives, or make Ins way to some free State, as he left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the State?Jinn if taken in the District, or any other part of Mary land, and 550 if taken iu this county, In either case he must be secured so that I ret him. jei-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. __ WAHTS. * Wanted.--a chambermaid and boy. >Iave preferred. None need apply without using well recommended. Corner of Penn. avenue and lbth street. an 1"-3t* WANTED?A Situation, by a re* pec table GIRL, to Look, Wash, and Iron, or attend to general Housework. Inquire at No. 278 2d street, between Uand \ irginiaavenue.Island. It* WANTEO.?In an Auction Store, a YOUNG .M AN 17or '8 y ears-ol age. One well acquainted with books ami accounts, and is a good'penmxn. Address C. B.. Star Olhee. nn in WANTED.?A GIRL, about 12 years of age. to play with a young child, and toattend the door. I none who will make herscll useful good wages will bo given. Apply at No. lit? I street. Gadstjy's Row. near 21s' street. au lo-2t* WANTED?A NURSE to Travel, colored pre ferred. Apply immediate)) at No. 410 9th st., near H. _au8-2t* WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN. from 16 to 2" years of age, to do light Work upon a Farm. He must understand the care of horsea. No prefer ence as to color. Apply to HUGH B.SWEENEY, No. 352 Penn. avenue. au 8 at WANTED.?A Cook. Washer, and Ironer.?T?> one who is fully competent liberal wages will be given. Apply at No. 25<? G street, near the War Department. au7-3t* WANTED.?The advertiser wishes either to hire or purchase a middle aged COLORED WOMAN, who isagood Cook, Washer.and Ironer, andean come well reoomtnended for honesty and sobriety. Apply at 42?, corner of H and llth sts. au 7-4t* WANTED TO PURCHASE?A neat COT TAGE or DWELLING HOL'SE, for a small family,or a large BUILDING LOT in the city or suburbs of Washington city.- A site or Dwelling in the suburbs, or within a mile or two of the city, would be preferred. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No. 512 (2d story)71 h street. jy 28 WANTED?In the family of a gentleman residing two miles from the city, a good plain COOK. One who can bring recommendations for skill, hon esty, and cleanliness will hud a good situatioaand regular wages. Apply to J. P. CkI'TCHETT, cor ner of 6th and 1) streets. jy 15-tf WANTED?Between 15th and 7th streets, north of K street, a small neatly furnished COT TAGE or HOUSE, with yard and shade trees, or part of a House with use of Kitchen. Reference given. Address Box 184 City Post Oftioe stating terms and location. je 29-tf WANTKD-At Clermont,ahout three miles from ** Alexandria. Va., a Di.MNG-KOOM SKK VA.NT, who can attend to a House. He must bring testimonials as to capability, honesty .and sobriety. Also, a WOMAN, who is a first-rate Dairy Maid, and can Wash and Iron for a small family or Cook. A Scotchman and his wife would be preferred. For further particulars inquire at this office, au 6-eo3t WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT.-Wanted on the Washington Aqueduct?1 ,tmo MEN. To steady Workmen, laborers. Drillers, Blasters, and Masons, good wages and steady employment will be given by the United States,and by Contractors. The works now going 011 embrace tunnelling, masonry in stone and brick, excavation and ein hank menf. Apply on the line or at the Office in Georgetown, D. C. M C. MEIGS, jy 31-eolin Captain of Engineers in charge. T FURNACES. 11R attention of tne community generally,and ol house builders particularly, is invited to the KEY STON E llEATER, lately patented by J. D. Green of Philadelphia. All persons interested are solicited to call at our store and satisfy themselves of the superiority of this Heater over alt others in use. So successfully have the principles of oombustion been applied m its construction, that although it presents a radiating surfneeof one hundred amljijty square /eet, it re quires thirty prrctnt. Us* roal than any furnace heretofore manufactured. Every improvement tlint an experience of thirty vears in the furnace business could suggest, has been applied 111 the production of the Keystone Heater, and its proprietors feci assured that for effi ciency and eoonoiny of use. it is unsurpassed. SIBLEY A Gl Y, No. 82n Pa. aw, bet. 10th and II sts.. Exclusive Agency for the sale of the au l-I\tS2m Keyston Heater. (Intel, MAW2m;Union,TA Tli2m) Jjp-FEINOUR HEATERS..O) ust Received, a full supply of those universally admired FE I NO U R HEATERS, for heating the room in winch it is set and the rooms above, consuming no more fuel than a Radiator Stove, ami ax easily managed, thereby saving the cost and trouble of two or more fires to effeot the same purpose. Tlio?e of my customers who were unavoidably disappointed last seasoi o 1 account ofthe very press* tug demand for them, winch made it impossiltle for the manufacturer to supply, are most earnestly re quested to send 111 their orders before the Fall, there by saving trouble aud delay, and their work will be more seasoned for Winter's use. All work put up by ferst-class workmen. JAS. SKIRVING, Washington Stove, Grate, Range, and Hot-Air Furnace Manufactory, No.267Pa.av,,S.E. corner llth st., Washington, D. C. au3-eo1m GAS FIXTURES. We have just received a good assortment of GAS FIXTURES, suck as Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, Globes, Slo. GAS TUBING introduced in Stores, Dwellings and Public Buildings by ooiupetent workmen, at low rates. Please give us a rail. MILLER 4 CUNNINGHAM, No. 243 Pa, av? bet. 12th and 13th sts., south side, iy U-lin ONE PIANO AT f2St 1 at $37; 2at ?50; 1 at ^ A 2 at fl5n. All good AUCTIOW BALIS. A t'CTlON.?We will sell THIS /*. 6o?l<?ek. in front of onr store, Bo* l.uml>fr. *?- WALL A STEPHENS. " Wo.TO Penn ave. Hv WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers PCJMITIVK SALE !)??' FRAME HOUSE AND X Lot at avctiox, on 7th strkkt. bktwekn L asd M ?trkets, *a?t side.?On TUESDAY AF TERNOON, Aiifuit 4,At 6}? o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises. I.ot No. 11, tn Square 449, fronting 28 feet on 7th street, between L ami M. ran ninr hack 116 feet ton wide alley. The improve ments are a two-story Frame House, containing hve rooms. This property is in a desirable location, end in a rapidly improving part of the city, nnd is worthy the attention of purchasers. The above property will he sold without reserve. Terms: One-fourth casli; the balance In three coital payments of 12, 18, and 24 months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser.

Title indisputable. js3r? ts WALL 4 BARNARD. Aucts. 1H" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain until WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON* August 12, same hour and place. an in WALL A BARNARD. Aucfm. ~~~~ FOR RENT AHD 8ALE. For oth'r" For Rent and Silt" notice* tee 1 st rue. I j* OR SALE.?Several valuable BUILDING LOTS, si lusted east of the Capitol, which the owner wishes to dispose of on easy terms. For par ticulars apply to G. L. BALDWIN, corner of loth and east Capitol streets. au 7 >? ? House FOR rent AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?The House is pleasantly sitita ted, withm four squares north of the Patent Office, containing ten well arranged rooms, and is provided with modern conveniences. The Furniture is com plete, of fine quality, and nearly new. ft is specially adapted to the House, and will be aold a bargain. Address Bo* No. 2fi9, City Post Offioe. au 7 6t FOR sale CHEAP?A comfortable BRICK DWELLING, situated on the northeast corner of 4th and N streets north. Pnoe ?1.150; half in cash, balance in six and twelve months^or it all paid in cash less will Iw taken. Apply to.PoLl.ARD WEBB. No.5127th street. au S-tf FOR SA LE.?A gentleman having determined to discontinue house-keepihg, otters for sale his splendid four-story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE situated between the City Hall and Pennsylvania avenue. The House is nearly new. containing 16 rooms, with <i*s Fixtures, Warm.Cold, and Shower Baths. A Pump of excellent water inthe>ard and kitchen. Also, a Brick Stable and Carnage House upon the prcmines. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No^5I2 7th street. ' au3-tf A VIRGINIA FARM FOR SALE.-I will oiler to the highest bidder, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the2r>th day of this month, my Farm near Culpeper C. H., cmitaining MO acres, l?o of which are fine Mountain Run Bottoms, well act in grass, timber ample, two dwellings houses, ena bling the Farm to l>e divided if desired, high-laud all arable, in good heart and well watered, and a mill in sight. Hewnitifnl scenery and first-rate society. Terms accommodating, and made known on the day of sale. JOS. T. SEDWICK. au 7-eots Beautiful villa sites, containing from 10 to 50 acres, near the Military Asylum and Rock Creek Church, for sale. Also, a comfortable two-story BRICK HOUSE and HACK BUILDING,a few sqnares west of the Circle, with large garden. Terms very accommo dating. Apply over Washington City Savings Bank, to GRAFTON D. HANSON. au fi-eo3t* L'OR RKNT?A conveniently arranged BRICK I HOUSE, with ten Booms nnd Basement, on L street, lietween 7th and 8th east. Rent .aano per an num. ELIZABETH STILLINGS. au l-eotff The beautiful and eligibly situ ATED FARM OF TIIE LATE WILLIAM VOSS FOR SALE. OK EXCHANGE FOR IM PROVED CITY PROPERTY.?This FARM is situated hi Alexandria county, Virginia, a few min utes walk from the Georgetown Aqueduct.adjoining the country residence of the late Andrew Hoover, ou the river r?*d leading to Ball's Cross Roads, and Fairfax Court House, containing thirty three acres; coiumnnding a fine view of Georgetown, Washing ton, and the Potomac River. About one half ofthis farm is under n high state of cultivation, the tmlauce in timber. The cultivated portion of which is laid out in a valuable orchard, consisting of the best i in - ported Apricot. Pear, Pliiiul>, Peach, Apple,and oth er choice Fruit Trees; also, a great variety ofGrape, alarge Strawl>erry Patch, Ac., Ac. On the farm is a Spring of never failing Watcr,a Cottage built house, anew Barn, and Outbuildings. This farm will l>e sold on advantageous terms or exchanged for un proved property. Inquire of Mrs. L. J. VOSS, or II. II. VOSS. jy 31-eottt I \ESIR ABLE PR<>PERTV FOB SALE.-The \f SUMMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Biblu about two hours' ride from the District of Columbia. This Farm contains alxnit ?*) acres, and lies l?eau 11fully for division. The owner will sell the wholeor a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a fine new house nearly fin ished, besides the family residence, a treat deal of excellent fruit, and some fine horses ami cattle. The place is proverbial for its heaithfulness and de lightful water. For further particulars inquire at his residence, corner of Fayette and Second streets. Georgetown, D. C., or thiough the post offioe of the same place, je 24-w3m GEO. M. BIBB. SPLENDID HOTEL l-OT FOE SALE, inthe citT of Washington, D.C..and fronting on Peun sj Ivama avenue. The Lot is hundred and seventy feet by one hundred and sixty feet, l?eing the ground partly occupied by the Union newspaper printing office .and partly liy the ruins of the late National Theatre. There is no place in the country where a first-class hotel is more imperatively required, nor where such a one would so surely prove profitable. The terms will t>e made very favorable.and, if needed, facilities will b? afforded in the erection ol a suitable hotel. Apply, in Washington, to C. H WINDER: or, in Philadelphia, to W. 11. WINDKR,No.7ii!i Walnut street. And, if not sold, the Union Buildings will he for rent,and possession given on the 1st of September, 1&57._ iy ?7-2aw2m I/OR K ENT?The two comfortable and oonveni ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re rair, and will lie for rent on the 4th of August. The louses are very desirable, particularly to Darente having children to educate. Apply to JOIIN L. K1 DWELL. High street. Georgetown. jy 27 [fOR RENT.-A three story BRICK HOUSE, with large I.ot attached, containing fruit trees and shrubbery of every description, situated on D street, between 21st and 22d. To a good tenant the rent .will l?e reasonable. Apply on the premises. Possession given on the 1st of September, au 1 eo2w BOARDING. 13 OARl) IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.?A Gen t leman and Lady. or three single ? ieutlemen can beaocoinmodated with pleasant ROOMS,furnished, with or without Board. Apply at 363 E street, be tween inthaud llth streets. au to 3t' ERSON8~WISHING BOARD are requested to call at Miss G WYNN'S, Smith's Row, No. 33 First street, Georgetown. au 6-4t* BOARDING.?Mrs. BATHS, at the oorner ol Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, having had her house entirely renovated and its accommoda tion* greatly increased, is now prepared to accom modate a lan;er nuiiil>er ol permanent and transient boarders. Her location is the most central in the city, and, as rearranged and improved, her house is now second to no other boarding-house in Washing ton. Boarders by the month, week, or day. may rely on receiving every attention. Terms moderate. Table lioarders also taken. je 23-tf FFORTIFICATION, FIELD AND PERMA Capt. Leudy, I vol.; London, 18o7. Blue Books for the People; Army Education, Lon don, 1857. Major General Airey'* Addresses, Reports, and Memoranda to the Board of General Otfaoers, I vol.: London, 1867. Tolhausen s Patent Laws ol various Countries; London, 1857 Ilardwicke's Shilling Knightage, for 1857. Tooke's Diversions of l'urley,new edition, London, 1857. Whewell's History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vols.; London. 1857. Memoirs of the Dulte of Saint Simon, 2 volt.; Lon don, 1857. The Kingdom and People of Siam, by Sir John Bow ring, 2 vols.: London, 1857. Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer, I vol.; London, 1857. Commercial Code of Signals for all nations, by Fors ter, Master, Royal Navy. 1 vol.: London, 1857. Pincolt's Eastern Military Hospitals, I vol.; London, aufi1857' FRANCK TAYLOR. 1 ^O CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. BALDWIN BROTHERS have at their Factory the best lot of mouldings ever offered for sale in the District, consisting ofiii, 3,3?*, and 4 inch Band Mouldings : 4'tt Vj. and 7 lueh Crown Mould lugs, to which they invite the attention of those who desire them. 5U r F I N E EXCELLENT SECOND-HAND ?1 PIANOS just received, ami for rent or sale very low at our great Piano Warehouse. JOHN F. ELLIS, jy 30ft Penn. ave. Iiet. 9th ami H'th sts' Magnolia hams. ? .. ano CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. We are just opening, and we guarantee them un equalled by any Hams in this oity. I'key were cured in Mary land expressly for our lie. (C7*No authorized BURCHELL, jy 25 Corner Vermont avenue^n?H.^h street.^ A NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INTERESTED.?We have now on hand asup ply of our celebrated Burton and XXX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the southern trade' and which, we will guarautee to keep aiiy length of time, even in the warmest of weather All lovers of good Ale can be accommodated with the above at our Depot, 5T Green street, George town, D.C, ARNYASHINN. jy? DRUG STORE FOR SALE?In au excellent location, doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Terms moderate. Ad dress DRUGGIST at this office. jy 14 2awtf jriO TO mclaughlin'S, Penn. avenue, bet 9th and loth sts., for Notionft. jy 29 PAPER BALLOONS at _ . jy 29 Mclaughlin a co's. LOTHING, CLOTHING.?On aud after Mot day, the loth instant, the entrance of our store will be on D street, between 9th and 10th streets, where we are still offering our large and desirable stock of Summer and Fall Clothing for Men and Boys at oost prices. an u-3t WALL A. STEPHENS. MARTlNi SCHAT'ip'S GUITARS AT THE OTTo.?. $?,? Jfl^^ROTT. APCTIOR li't. to-day ? :to morrow MOKffrim. By J.O.MoGl'IRK. Aoctmnm. TRUSTER'S SALE OF THREE FRAME 1 Hoc*R* A*t> Lot* on the Island, on G street south lietween 7th and Bth streets west. Bjr virtn* ol two deeds of truat duly executed and recorded, the ?nbscriber will sell on MONDAY, the 10th day of August, IR57, at 6 o*ck?ck p. in., on the premises. parts of l,ot* Nos. 2. 5. and 5, in Square No. 4J7,thc whole fronting 50 feet 4 inches <? i? street south, between 7th and 8th streets west by ? feet ? incites deap. with the improvements, which oonsist of three well and snlwtantially built l*o story Frame Dwelling-houses. The above property la eligibly situated and rapidly enhancing in value. The several houses with the ground appertaining to each will l>e soid separately, msl iifera rare opportunity to persona desiring a residence, or to invent. Terms : One-tliird. cash : and tha hnlance in six and twelve months for notes itearing interest secured upon the property; and if not complied with hi mi da>? after the sale the trustee reserves the ntht r? resell at the risk and expense of the purchaser, up- n ona week s notice. CUA8. 8. W A LLACH, Trustee. Sf IS Staw&ds J. c. Mdil'lRK. Auct. T B REECH LOADING R1FLKS. By A. GR KEN, Auctioneer. Tw o FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS Front I Nr. on 3d street wkst. bxtwrkm Datukct o? Wr Vt*"c Auct.on. On rill RSDAY, the IJth instant. I shali aeil. m front of the premiaesjit 6 o'cl'k half of |.ot ko 9\in square &fi, agreeablj to McWilliaina' suhdi vision of said square, with the improvements which are two good two-stor\ Frame Houses, con taining (our rooms each. This property is Imnd ?omely located on Third street west. Iwtween south 1) street ami V irgima avenue. Terms: One-third oash; balance in6and 12month*. ,lor notes bearing interest from dav of sale. A daed given and a deed o| truat taken. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. ?? 8 d A. GREEN. Auct. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. House and lot on e street at ai-c tiox.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mra. Mary E. Barney and others, dated oil the 251th day of No vera tier, 1856, and recorded in the Lam! Record* of Waahington county. District of Columbia, in Liber J. A. S.f No. 1U6. folio 5 to 19, ami for th*? pur poses of said truat, will be sold at puNic auction on the premises, on E street north, on Tl'ESDA Y, the 4th day of August. 1857, at 5 o'clock p. m.. all that part of the l<ot of Ground numbered 6, in Square 456. in V\ ashmgton city, lieginning for the aanif at a point on the north aide of E street north one huu dred and forty feet and nine inches froin the south west corner of said square, and running theuce north seventy-one feet and six inches with the western line of a portion of said lot nuinl>er six which was conveyed by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weightman, to the use of Mary S. Scott; thence east 2 feet 6 inches ; thence north 16 feet 7* inches; thence west 22 feet 10 and one-third inches; thence south 88 feet 1 inch and a haJf: thence east 2H feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of l?e ginning. The improvements consist of a good three-story brick dwelling and basement, withn large two-story liack building, and the whole weil arranged for a res idence and oftioe. Terms of sale: S2,i**?in cash, and the residue for notes in eaual sums payable in six, twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A deed will lie given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payment*. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost o| the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his i option, to re sell the property, at the risk and post ; of the purchaser, by giving hve dat s' notice of the ; tune and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not oouiplied with by the pur chaser within live days after the Kale. The premises sre now under lease for j5'6*(> per annum, tlie lease to expire on the 1st day of (K tober. last. H EN R V M. M O R FIT, Trust ee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. fO" THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY K. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at the office of the 'I rustee. on 4S street. july U-eodAds JET" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED onacconntof the rain until THURSDAY, the6th instant, to take place upon the premises, at 5 o"cl<* k p.m. aujfSd ..ID* THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POSTPONED until THURSDAY,tlie27th ..! Au gust. to take place on the premises at 5 o*clk p. mi. su 7-eo By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP KKTY ON THE 1st. yNt> AT A lT C T I O X . C >l| FRIDAY, the 2tst da> of August. 1&57. I slutll sell, in front of the premises. at 7 o'clock p. in., at I'liMie auction, b> virtue of a deed of tru-t from William S. Fort to the subscrilier. Iiearing iUt?tli( IKtli day of August. 18.?5, and recorded hi l,ii>er J. A. S , No. I'M, folios 113 to 117, one of the !;.sid records for tlie Countv of Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property !>>:is ami iieuig in the C4tv ol Washington, Di*tiict aforesaid, to wit: L<?t numbered sixteen (16) in Square ntnuliered live hnndred and eighth four, together withthe improve ments thereon. Hits property tronts 31 feet 2in ctics on Virginia avenue. Iietwcen 1st and 2d st reefs west, running t*ek to an average depth of als>u? K7 feet. Terms: One-third cash; the Iwiance in six and twelve mouths, the pnrehaser to give notes for the d?f<?rred payments, I tearing interest from The d*> of saie. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms not tie complied with in live davs the property will b* resold at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, by advertising sueh resale 3 time* m the Star. M. THOMPSON. Trustee. jy 18 2nw&da A. GREEN. Auct. B> A. GREEN. Auctioneer. RUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP _ FRTT ON THE l-t.\Nn AT Act TION.?On WEI) N ESDA\ . the 12th day of August, IP?)7, I shall seil at auction, in front of the premises, at half pasr kix o clock p in., by virtue o| a deed of trust from Ed win E. True to the subscriticr. bearing date the t^rh day of July. 1855. and recor?led in Lil?r J. A.S., No. J'", folios to 223, tme of the land iec>r'ls l?>r tlie < ount* of Wa*lnngton in the District of Columbia, the following named property 1> mg and l?eing in the city of \\ ashmgton. District aforewiid. to wit: Lot uumlierei! fourteen. 041m Squaie numbered hve hundred and eigh y-four,ijK4) together with the improvements thereo' This property is at the cor ner of 2d street west d E street south. Terms cash. Alice pyauce at oost of purchaser. II the farms are noi e lphcif with in five days the property will be res. i at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising such resals 3 times in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee. jy It e"il&di A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. By A. GR EEN. Auctioneer. rPWELVE HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS I :x s^cabeOUi. iiontisg os New Jek*e\ wk NCR A?tt) E STRhET NORTH, NEXT S^t AKK To THE RaILRoaU UkPOT, BETWEEN THE CaIMTOL yNH JusiE DorsLAs's. AT ActTioN.?On MONDAY. 17th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premise*, at half past hve o'clock p. m.. twelve handsome Huilit mg Lots, some of which front D street, opposite the Railroad Depot, and on New Jersey avenue, near the depot, and the remainder on E street north, in the same square. The above-mentioned property is now oonsidercd as desirable as any in Washington, as it is in tlie most rapidly improving part of the city. Terms : One-fourth cash ; l*lanoe in six. twelve, and eighteen month*, for notes l*ai ing intercut from the day of sale. A deed given ami deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. au 4-eoAds A. GREEN. Auct. By A.GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM proved Property on the Island.?Hy virtue of a deed ol trust lieariug date on the 13th da\ of December. iRW, ami recorded in Lil?er J, A. S.. No. 125, folio 158 et *cq. ainoui; the L;u.d Records ol Washington county, in the District of Columbia, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder on THURSDA\ . the 13th d.a\ of August, IC57, at 6 o'clock p. m.. on the oreiiiises, a certain Lot of Ground, in the City ol Washington, known as Lot No. 16 in Square No. 2K7. which Tot i* now divided in two parts, and unproved by two frame dwellings. Terms, cash. Unless the term* are complied with in live days from the sale, the trustee reserves the right to rose II at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser or purchasers. All conveyances at the oost of the purchaser or purchasers. RICHARD H. CLARKE. Trustee. A. GREEN, Auctioneer. jy 13 lawlwAil* A Board of Army Officers will be assembled at West Point, New Yors, for the purpose of making trials of Breech-loading Rifles, with a view to as certain which arm, of this description, is best suited to the military service. The trials will commence on tho 17th ol August, 1857. All persons intending to tiller arms for trial will please notify the Colonel of Ordnance, giving ageneml description of the arm each may intend to present,and specifying ttiecali bre, weight, and lengtliof liarrel. Cartridgesor oth er simnunitiou suitable for the arm should be brought with it. H.A.CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnance. Okpinance Officr, Washington, July 23,1857. To be puHished daily till 17th August in the Penn aylvaman, Philadelphia ; National Democrat and Irish News. New York; Morning Post, Boston. Each of which papers will send their bills and a copy of the paper containing the advertisement to the Ord nance Onioe. jy/7-dtl7Aug pROPERTY. LAND, LOTS. HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK, Rral Property Agent, has for sale on terms to suit purchasers. Vacant Lota indifferent parts of the city. He Buys, Selis, and Exchanges all kinds of Real Property on mode rate term*. General Agent. Notary Public, and Justice of Peaoe. No.525 12th street, Washington City, D. C. jy 17-lm T? .. ^ A CARD. HE I ndersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the publio at large, and to the practising Rhysioians in particular, that he wnl open it/ ie course of next month his DRUG-STORE AND PRESCRIPTION STAND. AND CHEMICAL LABOR ATOR ?.at juuNinth street, between Penn. av. and D street., east side. I resoriptions of physiotans, written in either the Latin, English or French languages, will moat care fully be oompouuded, and no receipe trusted to the hands ol an apprentice or other employee not fully competent. The thorough chemical education, and the long praotioe of the uudarsignexl as pharmaceutist, in lioth the Old World aisl the United States, will serve as a guarantee for the purity of drugs and pre paratioui kept bf him. Every chemical compound is tested before made use ol, and no poisons sold ex cept on receipt from known and responsible parties. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS.-bualititive and Iuantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, :e., is performed at moderate rates; and gentlemen and masters desirous of being introduced into the thaory and praotioe ol Chemistrr and I'harmao, will have an opportunity oflercd to that and by applying next fall. Hf/trtmett.-Prof. J. D. B. Dr Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Fi orr^cr, F. H. Sagr. Esq., Srlmar {SSS" JrS-lm irvlujts oU pKTOcVui'iil'c'HH,. ft TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOC/A TED PRESS KOI R DAYS LATER FROM LIROPL. Arrival ?( Ihr Indian. <4 v Rater. Aug f??Tliesteamer Indian with Liv erC??1 'l*1'** ?o the **b alt ha* arrimi The "teani?r Niagara arrived out on the frith MGL4XB?The yacht Charter Oak arrived ai l.ivrrpool from New York with only two men on board R0""* *"*1 other* indignantly denounce the charge of the Moniteurfhat t hev were engaged in the recent conspiracy. ^Jh" ffom T.ic*te. inaoticf. nation of the overland Mail, inrhM London oa i . ?'tU .T'j da,,M' ' r*l<"tta are to I .? . of Juiir. Madnt? to the ?<?h. and Bomtay to tlie 1st of July The mutiny was then innal* ? ng among the troop* in the Bengal army. The ex-Kin-^ Oude had leeii arrested and juinnsoned f >r complicity in the rcwlt Baron Rothschild ha* l*tn r? turned to Partia limit lor London without opposition A spicy debate In the House of Common?. ori ? mated by Dlvaili. rcsul'ed in an addr<-*? to the Queen, promising every support to the Govern ment in the Indian ditli<ulties J F P Gustiman.a Greek merchant in |/on dou. has suspended, with liabilities amounting to over a quarter of a million alerting. The steamers Niagara and Susquehanna left Liverpool on the 27th for Cork. prepai?to-y to the laying of the telegraphic cable I vni?.?l?ater a< counts from India bring infor tuation tiiat the matin? in the Rental army had iacreaaed. Tlie insu'gent* still held Delhi. Sev eral sorties had 1k**?h repulsed by them, and the British were awaiting reinforcements G -it Rernaide had repulsed several sortieslrom Delhi, with heavy losses to the iusnrgents ||e was wailing reinforcements to storm the city I'rom Madras It was positively stated' that Delhi had liecn captured. bnt the intelligence was regarded as premature, not be ing con tinned from Bengal. I he native troops at Calc utta and Ratiar kfour had liecn quietly di<aimed. The armies at Madra? and Bengal remained flrtn. ? Cmv* -The accounts from China are that the Chinese tt?-t of war junks had I wen destroyed at Canton aft#?r two severf Teas had advanced at Loo-Chtjound Shanghai Thr Markets Liverpool, July :? ? Cottou.?Hale* during the past three days *Jt> OtKi bales, including i.jdi bales to speculators and 2,StN? I tales for export The newspapers report the ni.vk-t as generally unchanged nnd steady. Bread-tuffs are steady. Richardson A: Sp? nc? quote White Corn advanced Is Western Canal I- lour :w* aTkjs lid.; Philadelphia and Baltimore 31s.; Ohio -fcN , Red Wheat -s. 3d *!?*.; White 9s. 3d. a IK. 9d.; Mixed and Yellow Coru tid a ^ tva49s. Another circular reports? V\ heat i- qui?-f, with a declining tendency Flour is in Iletter d'-mvid a? former price* Corn is quiet. Provisions are steady. .Naval Stores ?Rosin is steady Produce.?Peariashes are quiet Sugar generally closed buoyant at full prices Mo**t/ MnrLft?Consols quoted at 90\aid for money, and !?la!?lfor account. The dec line was caused by adverse rumors from India, a Imu that an attempt had been inadeon the life of Vt |K>leoii. and forced sale* on account of the suspen sion of a Greek tlnr Money was in more active demand. The Bank was daily losing specie. l.ondon Markets.?Sugar s fiit:i and ail quail ties slightly advanced T >a tir?, Rice quiet, Metals? Pig iron 73? Tallow s|0\v of s^le. but prices unaltered evacuation oi Lawrence by Got. Walker and I. >i. Troops. nt Lot t?, l?g. * _Advices from Kansas stat<* that tlov Walker evacuated l.awreuce on the 3d instant, with all the troops except forty Th^* ostensible cause was that the Indian^ had attacked 1 o. i Riley , but ills regaidfd here ;? ruse to get 'b" 11oops away The vote in Lawrence on the T<ip*ka constitu tion srood ?;:< to ?* against. ThcS.ate wascWted. Rotlv Found. 1U vue-Dk-Gb\Co. August ?The b-sly of a well dressed a ltd ?pnar? ntly voting mail was found on <be Cecil sideof the <*u?qi7ehaniia this morning I roin p<i|?r? found ii|ioii his person, it is inferred that his name is H Thomas, of .New \ ork tin his person was also found a ? heck for Iwggage to New \ ork?ticket jo nl for Jainar's train, dat?d \ugu?t liiii lie evideutly fell off the st--amer Mar\land oa Thnrsd i uiifhi The Atlantic Telegraph. Sr.Joitx*. \ F.Aug w?Tlie superintendent of tlie Ne\v\'o'k and Newfound land telegraph line is aliout to open an < fliee at Trinity Bay. the point wlieie the Atlantic ? *blc is to tie brought ashore. This will enable us to communicate the result to New Yoik the l us taut the telegraph Beet comes in si^iii The steamer* are exi** ted to reach Tiiuity Bay bet wee u the 'Jotli anu iith in stants . Baltimore .Market?, B*ltiwoer, Aug. io ?Flo'jr is dull; sales of lt?i bills of City Mills at s?> 7> and Howard street h? Id at *7 5?? VVheat has advancid; white I lual ??-. red I M? a? .V Com is dull; white yejjow %'iasfc. cents. Whisky City t. Oliio .)0r?. Vw York Market*. New \ oki, Aug. in?Plour is firm: sale* oi Mmi hhls; St^te *ri hjaCC tW: Ohio fio^^7.*K?; fouthern ?7 i.?.i?7 Wheat is depressetl. sales of 'JU.taKi bushels; Uhite ?1 SSaM -V; r?-d *1 :? Corn is depressed. %a!e??of 31I.IMH biiMbels; mixed -IhShv Provisions are quiet Mess po k s-?| nua-JI |0 Chicago repacked beef am .>i-,*|7 St* Lard is li'iii at 15 ^abt^c. Whisky is s|< ady; tlhloTic Financial. N'rw York. Aug In?Stock* are dull: Michi gan South?-rn ll?Vi; New Yoik Central-e: |?en:: ;vlv?nia Coal Company -3: Reading Railroad 7b, \ irginiatt s !M >terlnig exciiange is dull. "^O PART N f. R S II I P. ( H. II. Vos<. tt. W. Marsh. Ao. S. Il'tif f?r. T'dli ?*(/ Pu.?rr. TLe uiiderMpned. Iiavinx loniwd a copartnership a the Groc?*r> t^ade. resj?e<-tlu'.l> inf- rm tlie 2it!zens of vVuk nxtnn niid patron* of^?^ the ?? i)W Kstahhsliiiieiit'* that thev are r-'-Da'fsl t.> snnpi) a.i >? >?h the cii"iest kind of*^ HM rtAS. SU GARS, COFKF.S. cd, a lact w111? every ariicle iu the procry line,a? cueap. it not cheaper, thau any other estaMiahnient in the sity.the> havinx pureha?e<i a lar^e and choioeas ?ortmentof the l**t (limv>rie?eiclaiiivif l?.r ? .et>. We have also larzely ad led to <>ur st>>ck of LI HI <?RS,CIGARS, nnd TOBACCO ?. ineofthe !>-?t Itrands in the market, to which we invite the attention of our customers. 0<m*1 articles, lair Icahnn, quick sales, and smnil prohis i* our motto. IIFR MANN II. VOSS. OTIS W. MARSH. JI7" llaviuR entered into copartnership with O. W.Maumi. those who are indebted to me are re spectfully requei-ted to settle thair acc >uui?. eiMiei hV cash or notes, a; short dale*. a? it is nooe?sar\ tfiat the ontFtaiMliiK dehtu of the old establish inent shouKl he settled iiuniediatcK. aul-eo6t H. H. VOSS. AHCADFMV <iF MUBIC. Car. oj lira st. nm'l Pi. <tr*., tir-tr Fnmkatn'i Ro*k*ior?. Mr. F. Nicholls Chi-ith. o?irposer of upwiwd of ii.(W soncs. author of " Kathleen Mavoumoon,'* uid musicai editor of Oodey's H<?>k? Coutuiues divine Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday. Thursday, a.ul Friday . at the a!*ove Institution. Meinl>ers mrolltd trrry day. a* no vacations oc rur duruiR the Summer months?TH Is 81 l?einc the proper time, for Vocalists to study. Apply to Mr. Croh the Academy of Music, every inorninR fnnn K to to o'clock. Musical Lccturcs delivered e\ er* Thursday even ire?i ii ii st rated l*y tlie Pupils of the Institution. je I eolni 1 O A I. ! COALS ?'OAL No. Hi No. 4J2 ?:h st , between li A II. Tti. st.. iM-twecn G A II. We are imw receivine oui supply ??1 COAL direc' Trom tirst hands, nnd can lurmsh our cusTomc-s at<<i Iiie puhiic a ith the liest quality of Coal at a reduc [ion m price if ordered so tiiat we can deliver fn?tn the vessels as t hc? arriv e. A select stock o| Hickory. Oak, nnd Pine WtH?U .hi iiand. We invite the attention o| consnineis. and solicit then oplers. b eliuc sssnn^l thnt ti?e\ * ill lie pl?a?cl with our prioe^. quality of stock. A c. I ok SaLK, a line draft IIORSK. Fou Rust ok Lkasb. on favorable terms, a largo Tour story BRICK HOI SF. with staliieandgitrdMi* in the First Ward, comer of K and ^ist streets. F<u iuformati'41 inquire of auft-ooiw CH A PI N A BRO. ^ O ANd.lil ANO FOR SALt. Havinxtheaceucy for KFTTLFWF.LL'SMAN 1 PLLATKDGI AN?i. which is equal, ii not supe rior. to am fertiliser tnat i? now used, I lie* leave to ?all attention ?>( farmers and others that uie a fer tilizer of an? kits! to examine it. A supplv c<<ijM ,t ly on hand, by the Isu or ton. Price. No. I. 44R?expenses added. No. 2, %?S do do. Foraaieby RICHARD R\ON, jy jg-oolni aoc?r9th ami D sta. (^ARD.?Returning my amoere thanks to my ' friemls and the puNic, f??r their very literal pat roiiAce, I will take this opportunity to inform all.that From the 1st day of August. l&iT. I liave cio.-ed my tssiks entirely . a?id nothinR more can he charred un ler auy oircuuwlanoeo ; my oUect in mi doing is to suable me to sell at smaller profcts. and oMer greater inducements to purchasers. I would most respeetful'y solicit a eai. from a . aa I nan confidently assert, from t^e rect i* targe pur :ita*e? 1 have made, my stock is deoidojli* larger, sbeaper. and tMtter than it has evei lieen before; and t?y selling for cash aione. I believe I ean mske it a ?v,?, >?.ll to ?v. m. . ^'ir'M'vf.Rl'DF:*: Boot and Shoo Store, No.Wonr. 7th and I sts. au6-2av2v ONK SKCONI) HANO MF.LODEON VKKY ? low. Aloo, h%-e new ones for .sale or rent upon reasonable terms. JOHN F. KLLIS, so H 3UC Pear , ave., tiet ;?h and l?h sis ^_ QOIfOSATiQa