Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB is PUBLISHED EVERT AFTKBIfOO^ IE ICS FT SUNDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS Cera?? af Ptnntylrmmf MOM, and 111* ttrttt, Br W. D. WALLACE, and ia served to subscribers by earner* at ?IX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to he Agents; papers Mrred in paokacea at 37H cents ?er month. To maj! subscribers thesuhsonption prioe'a THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year tit advanct, TWO DOLLARS for aix months. and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for leea than three months at tha rata of U3i oanta a weak. C7 SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. UNION CONTENTION. At the I nion Convention for Montgomery county, hold at Rockrille, Md., on Saturday. Col. Benjamin Shreeve was elected President, and Benj. Fawcett and Geo T. Pope Secre taries Tho convention then ananimosly nominated Gen. Wm L Gaither for the Senate; Dr Wash ington Duvall and Nicholas Worthington for the House of Delegates; and, also, Samuel Rigg* ^ .John VV. Shaw. Robert T Dade. ?- Oflbtt, and M m. 11. Spencer for Com missioners of Taxes; James Anderson for Sur veyor. and Richard Groome for Sheriff. ^J* Irwin, ot this city, (formerly ol Kentneky.) being cailed out, spoke as follows: Gentlemen If I were to consult my modesty, for which 1 think I have a very fair reputation, I should decline to address you upon this occa sion. but the dattering manner with which you have greeted me, and the hearty weleome ex tended to me by friends in Kockvillc. will ex cuse me for occupying yuur time, which, I promise in the beginning. shajl only be for a tew minute*. I am grwttflcd at the uhnnfmity with which tae Democrats ot' Montgomery have been able to select their standard bearers in the corain^ contest, and although I have no persona! ac^ quaintance either with those who have been selected, or with those who havo failed to se cure nominations, yet I am convinced that now the selections have been made, that the Demo crats of the eouuty of Montgomery will present an unbroken front, which is all that is waatinr to secure a triumphant victory. Gentlemen, we live in a most eventful period in the history of the country; nothing which has been written in reference to the condition of mankind in any age. or in any country, would seem sufficient to furnish rules for our govern ment and our wants, hooce it becomes us to watch with the most jealous solicitude all the issues and all the antagonisms which would seem to militate agaimst individual happiness. the rights of the States, and the glorious union of t< alMthe a 1uest'on 'n my opinion paramount Within the past few years questions of vast importance have arisen, threatening the integ rity ?i the Union itself, and I might state that in mmifs localities, both North and South, they have not been discussed with that calmness which a due consideration of their importance would seem to demand, nor with that accuracy wnich the American people are apt to bestoW upon political questions, so vitally affrctfng tbe r interest and their happiness. These questions grow out of the views enter tained by the hepublican party in the North in reference to the power of Congress ovor the ques tion of slavery in tho Territories of the United ; certain opinions of the American party the know Nothing*?upon the extension of the naturalization laws, operating covcrtly XS?- r,rcjadioes of country ii ii? exclusion of Catholics Irom the right otf suf ^ have been able to understand the Kno.v orator3' tho Paramount object for which diey have contended, and from which in calculable blessings was to result to the Amer ican people, it was the extension of the Nature'? ^awt3 fro? fiv? to twenty-one years, S! ? 7 a fo.reifncr ??P<>n the samu foot mgaa a child born in Aineriea. Now. gentlemen, I contend that no such con seouenee eould result trom the passage or such a law, and that any attempt to induce the American people to adopt mioh a principle with !? an UpoQ th?ir intelligence, TjptfTf. "? iuI'^ ? ???? tor inCoagrcss were to V? ? law extend ing the time ot naturaliiation from five to twentj-oneycara.. or to forty year? if you choose no" TheriSf rj?ht,,f/uflraSe?certainly not. me right of suffrage is regulated bv the organic laws of the sever?U States of the Con afeSrLS V 001 dirCCt1^ UmJcr ,he eontro? F?,r \nn*r: ^ ?n the State <4 Ken ! r}/' . aLdec!arat'on of intention to be come a citixen has been filed, a residence in the ! at* for two years, and residence inthecounty ri*hET v r entitlCfv tUc icJividual to the right,to \ove for members of the <General A? m?0. & the Feder*t Constitution declares that those (*ersons entitled to vote for members ot' the ^cncral A?emMy in the several States shall be en titled to vote for members of CoOgn*< A^in M^aehusctts and Connecticut they have passed lawj inhibiting persons?citircn^?fr<jm voting, unless thev can read and write Will a^y person contend that the^e proscribed indi ituals can vote for members <?f Conirr^ss r ^?l Clearly demonstrating th>it the right ot suBra^ and the time of naturalisation tJJL t ? thing*, an l are not de ^ndant throne upon the duration of the time ot the other. Now 1 would ask, gentlemen, il C-mgre** were ?*!? * 4SW th,4thM rerunsb..rn in the United ? 5^7 Tr fweary-ono years old. should bo en m to vote f-r members of Congress uid Massa-'husett- having prohibited i^r^ns this c.rtss from v?>:ing because they could not read f r iJl' J ,y excluainK ihem from votin? f ?r members the "awl numerous branch * their General Assembly, could inhibits! ment. Certainly not. it would be a palpable violation of the toderal constitution, and the Congresslonul enactment would be a nullitv >.^"wfK^ntheia,'n " 1 h lve been ab,e todemon strate tha the of the Know Nothings has been br,>kon and scattered to the wind-? ><r,'p0-,,,ou w a 'mpofibiTftv? i Sit? JLn?iill? ko??ty to abandon a party wth, claimed their supi^,rt and tl.eir seemed at one time U, bo a leading feature in ho American--n'atform," I thank (Tod it ZZ ,1' . : th,;rB >" aay right more dear than iKh*r* to American citizen* if ?? ? ? . worship his God as may uLt * ?.,,n(V. ??i ,? ? -T 1 u,t "is own con ? .ience^ and it i* our glorious privilege not to l<.r??n.te?jilJr" SdlliouTiuU^S,^ #utw tbc human breast it l r ani ?i ubLr ji; aangumity; it h:M shdl th* bl.^-i ,J ? cent; it has clothed a naSon n*, h- mn?; tru-t ia ,hv my\ "J1??*..1 But gentlemen,6*it*L*,U.ul I,ii.i? . to preaca his funeral scriao? Mat I f \ ^' Juded followers have cursed the day he'cler w;w born; and I have no doubt tb?? ,?u? "bo ewore they loved him ever dearly ' a"rJ u jw ready to sing? ^ 44 no Ml "ever m>.-ation bim, H;i name n n?*Ter hearii." " CT? >n 10 thruw tbo charitable l^ilf OTer thc cr^? ?r our lec^-i^od friends, so we may charitably hoi?e ?f hi, ,?rl4,e ' f-i , V,,*it,Ul" agitated by our Republican f.iends upon the subjectoi *l?Tery is altcgether a different affair, gentlemen. It is supported nL *? rwPeeUbl? ^ too numerous not to demand at our hands a fair and candid consideration of ita merits, as well as a patient examination of the grievances of whU the* C'-iapUm ; .uj I a?,, Wi.v.llurt^I 1?| .0* .0 rt., p.rt of ^|, Nurtl: .o l a ?ill eventually lead to u?e settlement of thii * pr?K'r suarin,? .lis r. ncibw th. ~w.r i, .Ublbh ' Ihi', Z?*' ?? the lln.lSfSl'i that they ar0 the cotnmon property of the oe.J ???? u*! 1 'eenred I y the treaiiirj 1? h ,*>el:>n^54 ^ I?^?ple. or won by the valor an 1 blood of the sol liers of the country both North an-! S ,?tb; and that to PS?IawI'whJch VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, AUGUST II, iar>7. NO. 1,423 would operate upon the emigrants who might wish to settle in such Territories from any *rc tmn of the I nion, would be invidious and wrung : that emigration should he untrameled; that when a sufficient number of persons shall have settled in such Territory as would entitle them to admission in tho Union, thnt the citi zens in such Territory alone have the right to determine for themselves whether slavery is to be tolerated or not. without control from any quarter. "Hands off," gentlemen; let legitimate emigration and settlement decide tho question. Could anything l*> more fair?could anything 1)0 proposed that would seem more consistent and proper? I must confess that I have feared Mint this contest in reference to the question of slavery in the Territories was only a -masked battery behind which our Republican friends meditated an attack upon one of the compromises of the Constitution. I mean that portion of it which, in making up the ratio of our Federal Repre sentatives. allows three-fifths of the slave pop ulation to be counted to make up the number It ever our Northern friends shall undertake and carry such a proposition as would strike out this constitutional right from the Southern ^tn tcs. no human power could prevent a disso lution of the I nion. No man South. who had the slightest rognrd for the rights of the State*, or of constitutional obligations, would for a mo ment remain in tho Union when the majority had set aside her constitutional rights, and when numbers had over-ridden the most solemn obligations. T am tho more inclined to this opinion from the union which has taken place in Pennsylva nia between the Know Nothings and tho Re publicans, and which must result in a contest between the North ami South?a sectional issue that has for its settlement this question, and this question alone. Let me read you a letter, written by John D. Clyde, 1 resident of Pennsylvania State Council. .Hear it. Americans of Maryland, those of you that feci the Republicans of the North arc play ing a game at war with your dearest interest, and let me ask you are willing to give " aid and comfort'' to a party which has been shown to be abolitionists throughout the entire North. Hear it, Democrats of Montgomery, and charge home upon your adversaries that every vote that is given in Maryland to the Know Nothing ticket is in effect voting to sustain tho Northern Re publicans. and at war with the institutions of Marylaoul; "TAxER,CASS ?A fcw ?t*aiiiht mln. ..J Cin"' rt'saPProv'"2 Of the union mov. resulted In the nomination of David ililYi fb'0?v*??r, have issued a rail for an American State Convention at Lancaster on the Jo or June. There has been no response to the ElViSS* ,n ?"e or two counties the mass of deprecating the movement as one d^.t?ned o distract and divide the opposition, and give aid and comfort to the Democratic anti v "i!"Can Pro-slavwy party. The Americans of i.? /hi Were fuil>' and ^*'r'V represented in ^he ^tate Convention; their deleer-ates went there in good faith, prepared to abide the result whatever it mi<?ht be; and, casting aside all per sonal preferences, the Americans of the State gen erally, cordially endorsed the action of the Con v<-nf;.>n. and will ylve a hearty suppo-t to the ,T,^e Valence of this may Ih- found In "*e Council, and most of the V?,!nrilS- Man>' honest Americans were misled last year, and made to piny 'second Pnmu>!0me Dci"?rratlc party and their foreign ^ wiI' '** caref"1 not to mab HmJ n hl"1.1 this year. The tone and st?,Lt tcaa press throughout the tatc indicate that union movement is complete ln ai!,U" Part,< and the Ameri cans and Republicans, occupying the same plat s':?. and rallying under the same banner. will Eili3 soi5fron4 ?? Romish and slavery b ttalions, and autre h onward to certain victory The? rsjfht^spirit is abroad, and all attempts todii tive divide the opposition will prove abur " Presldeat of the lVnn^ylvanfa'state^Council. It is evident, from this letter, that th6 union ot Know-Nothings and Republicans in Penn sylvania is complete; ami I ask you. Maryland Amencnn*, will you not come over to the Dem ocrats. to Maryland, and the Union, and, by your devotion to your own institutions, ennhl* us to present an unbroken front in favor of the Constitution and its compromises. Gentlemen, Lord Baltimore received hischar ter fur Maryland about23.) years ago. At that tame the red man roamed at will over your beautiful forests. All this country was an un motivated waste. In 23.) years your territory has extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific from the St Lawrence to the Rio Grande ; your population has increased from a few thousands to thirty millions ; your commerce from nothin" has reached 300,000.(HW per annum : yoar ?hii" ping whitens every ocean; while your enterprise and your ingenuity are felt over the civilised World, and yet. with nil this presentaldlitv and with such a glorinu* future before us nll'is U> be jeopardized, aud lor what?beause the obligations of the Constitution have become '?di??s to the North.?new and untried princia pies are to be substituted for constitutional ami tried results, and sure success sacrificed for an imaginary evil, which the progress of the a^e and enlightened philanthropy will at the proper time act upon, without disturbing constitutional obligation* or individual rights (?entlemen, I shall hope that our glorious constitution, the sun of the t' nion may be able to keep tho States revolving around it, each within its proper sphere, while to be out of its' influence a .state may l?e regarded as a '? fullen *fr' ?'a " wandering planet,' whose eccon tricrtles has been its own de?tructi?n, but who-o wanderings may not be able to derange th" tren wal harmony of the system A Jest Wortu tub Tklli*g._ It is well known to our readers that'thero appeared in the >unday fnues some two months since a verv full report of (ien. Walker's speech delivered the previous evening on the Neutral (iround The editor of a journal that shall bo nameless, not having Printers in hi* pay suflioient to set up material to fill his paper, called upon us n day or two afterwards, and asked us a favor to loan Mm any of our undistributed matter that v*oald occupy his untenanted columns. We readily acceded to his request, and furnished huu with (.en. Walker a speech and the 1 <artio,e?n the Ktficacy of Prayer, which he had been kind enough to send us from ban Francisco. Uy some strange accident the political speech and the prayer became weddod together in the 1 ages of our eotemi-orary, so that tho readers wre led to infer thaUJen Walker, in the midst I . . liery bcoamo suddenly pious, and h?ld <?rtb in prayerful tones worthy of the Rev. Dr. Scott. Thy one was so beautifully dovetailed into the other, that an ordinary per fcon might be easily deceived. Yesterday morning we received, among our exchanges, a religious paper of great authority with a oertam religious sect, which copies tho speech with the interpolated prayer, and sup plies its readers with au editorial on the sub i**1' tJ- eJit<)r avows his convorsion to Wal thL doctr|ncs. as he gathers from t? fPccch unmistakable evidence that tSe C?n? . * ^cu.llti' missiou is to Protcstan tSTt m?n K ?nCa Thl8 Dot thc flrst tiiuc shot "he T boen supposed to sow with grape Tt J, CCJS 0f the O. sLJay hi!L^lfVliving seatc.l what a little anuivd 1,Pard Uc.u, toek a professional view of n M door called oot to thc driver aud modest concealments of his thought/ g?? on, thcrtf'a two of the swell mot, in' her " ?^1.1 coach wiiied. till at length a ?X old man rose and stepped out saving ."5 ^o, *;I ve too much money to ride with pick^k eta |? ? moment more a spruce youni al said as hedet amped, -1 11follow tha" old-^ " tleiuon ? lead.*' " tio on, now," said the dew!, lve policeman, 14 the swell have got out!" hJfinJiZLJ*?*' lbe ?urv*?yor of iiavaau, has been robbed of nearly ??,(*?> iu ,,0ld aad dia " "f"' iv a b,red *?fvant, a free ne^ro, in whom his es!rn'lt"reatr0n,ldenrP TLP thirf fB;*dcgood _ FOR EEHT AND SALE. FUI,L 1YR ^""fort.ANp three-story side of A\M'1N.0? aituated on the west Price rT4"81, (i *nd II north. mn^l>.' n? f ?n fk /7,l,h? '^'anee in 6, 12. and IH wiM t'li-uU m ih " he1Pa,<1 Jn cash, a deduction 7tji street! PP yat No' 8tory' JL2. I'OI.F.ARI) WKHIL Agent. BUILDING LOT, No. ? V i*<luar? No, 81, containing 9,3i2 square feet, andlj,,ul}l !S ? street north, between 2tet \o Tn?f h Tfsf' Apr'y to Po''i'AK L> \VKHB, ."mo. si27th street. jy jg-tf r^'Voek rvI^?rSA,'\t"~A pioce ?r Kne LAND oil 1 ?!?c* * reelt, in Mont,n ornery county. Ai\! mt land* nr'Stn? JlPl^f8 o! a< (joining the A i ' Messrs. | erry. \\ <mh(, liestor. Nowles trori'^nn^Hnl' 1U ',?^rlcr(,R' A !k>'uitiln| I oca nrZ?.L-F ,,y "Vpr"vr'J.; new house; 13 acres rich nl?, 1^, I !Jn'in"r f,H* yHlow-pine timber. It ses th.-eVwh?,i J1"0'1- Cflil ftlHl 800 l,'? prowii se>tmne whouesireto purchase. jo4 tf r' JItturU^ \ ,{, ,S 1 Nc'? on 'ho Corner ol 1V1I! y *>enue;"'d <- ?'reef south. CnmfoS /?J 'r?Vl ?,h Vl'lo?e""e J? leet 1 mchcR. ami on ^ ""ufi^'ra feet. niches, ami oontainmg new!, -,nnT iH 1 W. F. I?lf ILLI HS. A tV,iAl'^^IF1AHM POK ^ A LM, - l or r*-.^n'e A I- AKMo(ii3 aires, in Cntpeper Conn 2L ""Si"11'"?? 'mle /roin Mitchell'*-Station on f|,( raiu^nnan,d ('?nee Kiti!rt<a4!? Tu? *"?? '* ?"<" tn> excellent, nn<l iiihv economically agd easily fce improved, so that it will produce as line crops a." are grown anywhere m tho (Jnit**l States : I acres in heavy timber. iimoh o| it suitable lor slop timber. for which there are markets to !** reache.l |,y means ??" *"? railroad: also, a large quant.ty oi cord winhI th t may he 8oid to the Knilroad Company at remu ILe,i ive P.r,c<*8* ',ie hnildtnpi are all on a hill, and, with1 sinsil repairs, may l>? made oomfortaMe for the resi?Jenoe of afami.y The |>lace is well watered, ^l!?^lhra?08 ever>' desiralde convenience. As on# of" the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the "ff^JUl18 detftrm,n?l to Kelt 1t.1t Willi*, sold a r?, i narKBin.oii very accommodating terms. I ersons dispt.aod to purchase may iuumre for fur tr^'u^r I?f WV.R- ALLACH, editor of ilao' Washington City, who knows the prem I8M. jy 8-tf otiNT,"*A nUH,ei71HOIJSK, contain n,i .'."?iin,?n,':eon,5,rta,>,> funi'fhed.madelwht lul.and airy location, fronting one.of the public res ervations. and commandine an cxtensivoview of the citr, the river, and Georgetown. If has eaa t h rough rPMf'J^uKl andhath-room. To a oarrruT tenant the r^ -21Mr '"'"tfrate. Inquire at 4?41 street, sec ?^uddoorfrom 12th street. jw24-tf PV<W^<X?i?kII,a0IC,|R|KAL AftJTT*. a 43".? Seventh street, khw R street, hav? lirr ?le a numl-er of liuilding Lots 24 feet front I,y 13n feet deep, at the very <iw price of from earh payable in small monthly instalments of g3 per iii* ini 11 ? .2hhS.?Hs,fre,'ituatf(1 at I",1'on T"wn. "" the n.'.'i the Anaeostia river, adioming the Na vy-yffTd Brifljce, and are 111 every vny dcsir&hift (or timi for ad wening.C^ieap' pleCsnnl'and be?!?* Lot-holders in arrears sre requested to compile their Durchase, and get their deed*; the title to these Lot* i? guaranteed Iree and clear from cv?r? possible incumbrance. niay 25-3m rV?nt-t?k dksikabTjc a MhMDhNCfc on the e<?m?r of h and 2ist sts., together wi'h the (/rounda surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has cas throughout, and furnace. The jtaJ?ie will bo sola or rcntea with lie house ifdesircd. The lot the house standi on s by 136 feet, but the purchaser can h ive more land if desired. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUM>onthe corner of F and 19th streeis.and LOTS on rtthjiear * Apply to CHl'?6 BROTHKR9. HP 8-tf rPHK FAl'tlf'IRR W II I T K SULPHUR .FKPBREtf'Kii^OTlVI-ppBMC , IN LOTS. i ins property has been held under an act of ineor porntion since liffi. The cbarterfHl prc>pertv then consisted of 1.183* acies of I,a?d. i,[ Fan<iuir county, including the improvements thereon, end was divided into 2Jfcki shares, est 1 mated in thn char ters! *yKKiesch. The sulmcritter havuig sulweuitenUv reacquired the property, sold a part, anj there now remain ?u!l> eleven hundred acres, to fefher with the huiMtriPR eriffir^p.1 an'l erwitly fm* proved, 1 he more ea?i!v t?? s?*l! such a prr>perfv, and to increase its vnlu-, he has Inidoff tlie farmer portion o| the land into about llmlding Lots with convenient streets, of ?io (?<?f width, running' north ami south, east and west, with a view to the Formation of a village or City, to ).e <nlfAd 4* War renton Springs." These lots'j turi</!tnd the reserved sixt\-five acres which raefodetbe s*o;phur ._ prinirs arid all thecont urnohs IiuiMid^h and 1 inprove" menfs. Tiiese t6 acreh, aiao, *r? oHercd for snie, 111 io'IJI.iK?** 'P ^,nnex,.,4tt with the lots; ?he whole , [nf* and shares being esti mated at $10 eaoli, nnl^'hlfj? cf5,k0? l>e PiytlU?"'<'d by lot; Ahimo ?et tin^ the ^5,*> s.iares will constliuie tljd e<>ri>orai ion urwler tho amended charter of Febrino 2, l?5t. known as the Fauquier Wlu'e Sulphur Spnn?? ? ompany : ami those getting the respective lots wdl receive their deeds In.m Mr. H??.rfudginfa gei.Tl"1 jniii of the hulic^t chancterartd business qualilica iions. to whoiii, as tuistue for the purpose, tne entire property has been conveyed. The valuation of tins property l?v the sworn oflicer ot tna ( (MMnouwetltb shows tlmt the bnildimrs alone if'* worth ?*i,imi ; I he assessment pei acreis put at T"?. >ueti property requires more liiieral cxp?*nili tiires lor the public accommodation than indmdiri are able or willing to and Uir tai-4 that so mam wi l l<e interested 111 Uie success of the Springs, and ? ? blinding around them, will pro!?ably double, 1111 media!el) after the company is formed, tlie present estimate. A snbecrilier will, in the worst event, /et a lof (of the almost universal <liinAnsioiiM in Nt-w > ork ) lor liie suiri oj ten^oMnrs. fie n lot oti Which he can the very louiitaiu of health: lie niay reside 011 it |or the siiuimer season only, or lor the year. I he indiKvments to build will l?c n 1 esini 1 tut?; and ihw (act ol such buildings Iteinp erect eil will immeasurably enhance the value ol the >;?ri!un nn?l o| tjirt luis. i'uere is no reason vh> a city o| magnitude ahoii d n,.i up ami llotirixh at this piace. The Hspptthaimock river is navigable to tnoapot. A n?-ry iitftle energy won Id always keep the locks in repair. The Alexnmlriaand f.yiiohburg railroad crosses the riveraUuit ?or 1 miles Itelow this JtiMl. i oal, ??f a cheap rate, may Is? unloaded fmm he cars into the ls>ats. I ndefi nite stemi power may thns t?e commanded at will ; ai d the facility ol trans portation etves the same advantages which Lowell lias for imilimited business. The railroad, alfwldv Withinfi unlea, wdl soon extend to New Orleans, whose inhabitants may then reach iliese Springs 1 tl hreedayb. An liealthv a spot a.s any 11; Vnvima?is c,!'?a.;i"i .nf ren'on-with All these Incilitie.s wh> should not a c?ty thrive anil prosper ht>re: At lu'i around these health giving waters, already so extensively and Ijeautifinly improved, all.the high aviJ rtjp low, rich runl ilie p?M#r, have now an op portunity o| sojourning for the sumun'r season, or jongor, on terms grrulualeil by their means; and the tteingnaiitdesign oT the Mwislature in grantidk the chaiter may lie realized to tlie fullest extent This property is tendered to the public at alsnit. tho value on winch the taxe? are paid to the State, and icreatly below the original ontlay. The ansess iiient was made bv an intelligent public officer no way interested. Almort ifsleliiiite pr.dits may bo railed on il the jdan <?r sale Ite carried out. If it be not, no one will ls> injured ; even tho small mm of Ttl'i is not required to be paid until tho subscription I??completed, and the partition bliall lie made b> the trustee, a*?i?ted by two justices of the peact;. lu the mean time checka 111 favor of the trusteevor ottier satislactory arrangement for the subscription !j?iy J" made, not to be used till the dxy of partition. IIlie trustee will apply the money nllnr paxUtion, 111 tlie first p'ace, to tin? extiUKiushment of all liens on the property, so as to give assurance of ^ood title?a title reported in 1:^18, b> able attorneys, as then en t'rejy satisfactory, and which has been doubly cou hnnea lar W yonrsol quiet, undisturbed posseseion fcincft ttiiii tiipe. The plan of estimating lots and shares in the Springs Company, as of equivalent value in the par^ tition, will savo trouMe in the division : and after t his partition the interests of the lot-holders and Sprinss stockholders will be 111 law entirely distinct, while the success of one party must jcreatly eubanco the other. Any one may subscribe for one or more shares in this purchase, and his interest wrll bem proportion. THOMAS liRKKN. , All the street^ nre fti reet wide,and run north and soutu, east and west. II. Laoh sqnara in the plan fronts 2V> f.iet on streets running cast and west, and 2Z> feet oa streets run mnx north and south, ajid (with its portion ol the * o Is an'J a"c''' contains al?oul two acres. 3. No payment of eVen the Sin 1* required till it is ascertaineil, by the nuinlicr of subscril>erK, that a city is to be built; 111 which event tho value must greatly exceed the cost. 4. In the partition the IO,rt?fi lots will be represented 'Y tokeriH, with the nmnU?r of square and (tf lot on These tokens will be nut in tho same vessel with 2ryxi similar ones, marked "I share ol slosh." Ill another vessel subscribers names will be put. (each name repeated sceonitiig to the number of ?nares he may have taken,)and in the drawing, asm uie aivmnn of targe estates among numerous heirs, e-jwh will thus havenn equal chance with any other vafued lot * biur0 Btook,or the inoro highly lS?2rin0who get the shares of stock will, for tho aggregate sum of oinr *et the&5 acres, m -L ^n'P'lOjSprinB, the buildings,(assessed at i?HM,nnn,) and the furniture. Those win. get suitable building lotst for large ho tels duty lie still more successful, while those least fortunate will get building lotsof JSby UK)feet, that ?must be worth, as the population inoreeses, much m?rethanthe cost. 5. Subscription lists and lithogra^HW plans of the proposed eitjr ar? left at most of the bookstores and other public ptatses in this otty. The agents having them can lasdmie tho represent*!iVes of t he respec tive subscribers,and in surrendering the lists can get assurance of ttia deeds. The patrdents and tho drawinitB are desired to beat the same time, or the subscription may be deposited in any solvent Itank, tot>6 pant to Robert Huugin on the nay of partition. Letters to thesubscnlier in this city will receive attention from TIIO.MA* GRKLN. an 3 ?t Oiiiskcond-hand mkTodeon~vKRY reii^,mTi.i? ti*0' hvo "cw ones, fir salo or rent upon au h ?? JOHN F. KLI/IS. ... . ??? l*enn.avo., lict.tHhand l"th sts. C JnfLrisKA1,ON ?TfK3KS FOR SALR BY "* f#ij" .CUUBBDKOfHKKS EDUCATIONAL. SELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOH YOUNG LADIES, ENGLISH AM) FRENCH, JVo. Fxtreft, WniktHKton, D. C. PnneiMlI. DONALD MACI.OED, A. M.. Univer sityr of Gtagow, formerly Head Masterof Kavens ?r kM.oi I Sc,l"ol? sn,l Prolesmir ? kj,e.tor,CR'>d Helles Lett res m tlie Columbia institute. This School will be opened on I lie second Monday ol >epteinl?er next, lor the reception of a limited U<yuding Pupils and Day Scholars, who will be treated. mnl! respect*. as inembe? of the I rincipa! 8 family. The design is to offer to yoDng m.hes irom j? distance all that is included iniheuame J'?11' and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home influence. '!!. s.eRKI"n? W'1' IjJ/in on the seoond Morula* ol > eptt>inber and ftrRt Mondny of Febmartr, in each >uar. rite vicai ions wili extend through the months 01 July ami August. Circulars containing full information mnv l>e ob 'jiuedat the lM.oltsn.rek. and will he for warded t?y infill, to any address, rtn application. Hll U-tl M I^E.M ALF, F.NG lIlHfl AND FMUNCII c7>l *? LLGIATE IN ST ITU'TK. U,*. ~ r. *Va*1I!XGTo\. I). C. HISa* ( oh<on. Principal, III charge of English ,sslcai Departments. M \jk. r. Hnutjt Corson, Teacher of French Sp*nMrii,amJ Gennaii, Drawing and Painting. vZllfJ- ICoLLls, Assistant I eareher of !? rench. ? he duties of thus Institution wiil bo resumed oh !*Iomfay, the 7th of September, 1X77 Circulars can lie obtained at the Look and the Music Stores. jy 31-lin* I^AIERSON INSTITUTE, H Mrtei, hence, n Uth and 13ih. S*tprr Classical Axn Mathematical School ? FOR IIOVS. <l\*L,jLeT.C]?CB2! U,!S l?"tituLe will be resumed . nptHmber 1st. The number of pupils is limited r or lurtfivr particulars address R" 4-?m Cll AS. K. YODNG, Principal. I^.E0?CKTCWN CLASSICAL AND MATH

i , ' MATICAL ACADEMY. Sept^rnh^rTgt ? 1 Institution wili be resumed )V 7-??wtf ' p. A. |{<>WKN^Pn nci pal^ M oV4u vKVJ*?H,<HM' .POK vo^N6 la -ii3?* 11 ,tre?L between 13th and 14th Bt' w,,lr?-?Pen on MONDAY. Septem "erz'"t- jy 8-law.luw" fcPHPKR PEMALK SEMINARY. ,v/?. . : ClLPaPKa CotRT HoUSK, Va., iiuer tnre Instruction and Superintendence of tne MISSES FURNKBKT. I his School will bo re opened on the 1st ol Sep ?} a r? fortbe reception of Harrier* aid a l*w ,* Scholars. The object in view is to extend to nil w'io appH-and are admitted, a thorough and useful education. No pains with* withheld from giving .{!? y"',uK Ladies soch instructions as will adapt them for every duty and emergency of life. WhiTe the ornamental branches will not be neglected. the jsolijand fundamental prmciples of heart and head eiiucation will bftj^ip special oUjecfs of asidaous at rentioo. has new tnKpn sucii a hrm hold - ^.SVi ll?'? * "hat, to proclaim its advantages, >t ' to portray a degree of ignorance not com patible with modern improveuicut. The elrvatmc innuence of female education is felt and acknowl eil?ed by every admirer of female excellenos ; hee thentno lonper, to l.esfow on yr.ur daushters those advantages that arn iHdispensible to their ad vancement and success through hfe. As the School increases, the nUinber of Teachers will oe a>afi inorea?e<l: thereby securing averr anx I riry to the rapid advancement of the Studeut. ljvery ellort will lie pitt fbrtlr to maintain the hiirh tone and character of the School. . A ppropriate honrs wi!! be set apart for study and ?aiij exercise. The diseipline will bo mild and per suasive, liiit very lirm? Two Saturdavs areappoint e<l erery month for the rirls to visit rind mak?- pur chases. The (iospe! is preached from lour ditferent (ulpitK.flljcirtlini! to each the privilege of attending the Church of choice. No influence will be ex ?rtivt to control the reluioiis prejudices of the pu pils. >Vr>iro praerical Christianity will form the fcwi* of their mstrnction. the sel-ction of Churches an t SabhathSc'ioyls will beeiibinittedto thedecision ol parents ilod ftupiei?the variety of relieions priv i|eees h. re, will not fail W??tler satisfaction to all. No Scholar will i>e.taken fur a shorter term than nvem<MiMt? afltm^sioh wilt beobtainfTTany timednr iUK.the s?>sioii, 4ini oharjed rtuly from the time of "all tiie tuition and boardine fee must !>? pnid in a-lvance, hi order to cover the expenses of the School. Tphms For Tkn Months, cneludiii* lire and Jiahts; S12D 00 p.nrnsn tiraneheri |oradvaneeTl 5c!iolars 3T> no Kj.'KIuiIi bmnolies for small Scholars. 25 on II usie on Piano on Use ol instrument ? torn French in (N) nashiiiK... ,,????. extra. i No deduction inade but in case of protracted sick ness. R rrpnrycr*; R*. Rev. flishnp Jo4ms, Alexandria, Ya. Kev. Thomas Leavell, Mrulison county, Va. Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange c*?nnty, Va. Kev. John \V. Ccorsp.Culpeper, Va. ? Rev. Jo.h. Carsiltl* " *? Kev. John (We, " ? - *? Dr. Alex. Payne, 4* t'lias. E. Lirhtfoot, Esq., ". Thomas s. Aloocke, Esq., ?? " Re|field t'.ave, Ew|., Madison coi^nt), Va. '('nomas A. Koinnson, Esq., Orange county, Va, Dr. Ed win Taliaferro, *? ?? Hon. John S. ?'endleton,)Ciilpener e*nmtv. Va. Ind^e H. II. Field, '? '? ?? |)r. C. W.Ashbv, '? " ?? Dr. Alfred Taliftieiro, ?? ?? ?? Edward l{. lltli, Ksq . ?' ?? ?* I.. I'. Neison, r.s.i., ?? ('ol. John If I'aliiwin, Stfiiinton, Va I!i''ructions on the (iintar, m Drawing siid faint ing will (?? icircn by a competent Teacher, slum hi a (H.'isk sufficiently iar<e l>e lormed. an ii In V 'Ol \t, LADIES INSTITUTE. r:x<;i.rsn ax it FiiRxrii No. 4^1 E Sthkkt, Washington. D.C. The siiltcnlier has lake?i charge of this Institution. I.Velv under the enre of tne Hev. S. H. iMirjck: the course of instruction will l?e thorough, and will not <lplL?r from that pursued by'flie former Principal. The Scholastic \ ear will lh??in on t h? second Mon d>\ of Septeinlier. and cluso on the j;isl Praia) <d Jtine in eac'i > ear. A liui'ted nnmner ?1 p.ij tis wiii i?e received iut?. Ifcc laini'y of the Principal, >'in<1 every ellort will I>e irta<le to render them comfortable and li-ippy. ICirnnlars crtn l>e obtained at the principal !?nok rfores, and at resilience of the principal. CHARLES II. NOKTON, A.M. The subscriber takes srent pleasure m recommend nig to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. C. H. Nor'on.asa gentleman amply qualihed t.j tnkeoliar-e of tiie \ ouuc Ladies Institute. f" H-volni S. II. MIRICK. CmilpepIhr military institute. Near Ccli>kpf.r Ct.tRT florsE, Va. The second session of this school wiil commence op the 1st day of September, luw. A graduate of the University of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued m that institution, will have efcaixe of the departments of Ancient and Modern Iimeuage* ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable wxperience in teaching, _wiil give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower English branches. The course of studies wiil lie us follows: Preparatory Class, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. *?eo|rTa_ pby. Grammar, History, Algebra, Larm Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third.Class. Mathematics. English Grammar, Arithmetic. His tory, Latin, Graek, Fronch. Secoxi; Class, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek, French, Spaiusu. First Class. Spanish, Every Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then I<e assigned to that class to wnioli his proficiency entitles him; nnd no one will be allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. Tlio discipline will be neoesxarily rigid, but the comfort and convenience of each memlier of the school will be duly respected- There will be daily military exercises, but care will lie taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Hoard. Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months. ^IHe. faynientlf setm annually in advanoe. F or recomracnuaUoim and furtner particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. L1GHTFOOT, V.M, L, Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Soiences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Ulstrtictor in Ancient and Modern Languages. Rhskrences. Wo have the privilege of referring to the following: r acuity of Virginia Military Institute. Richardson, Richmond City, ?rof. Mnupiu, University of Virginia, 'rof. Harrison, do 'rof. Gildersleeve, do ?rof. Scheie le Vere, do 'rof. MoGufl'y, ? do ?rof. Liioiau Minor, Wiliiarnand Mary College. Rev, John Beradus, Charlottesville. >lr. John Hart. A. M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa county. >ol. John Woolfolk, <Jrange county, h?: w2: L^?,n"0,L ' lamas Barbour, Esq., Culpeper. ? WW? Tkal?6rro (ilo^nter. tnk Xu'A- York. K. S. Voi?t Ksq,, Kappk. oounty, Capt. James Stark, do I he Citizens of Culpeper. jy 15-eotf Summer Retreats, &c. Hygeia hotel, OLD POINT COMVOKT. V*. This most delightful Summer resort?the " bright particular locality ol all thecunny South"? 18 n<>w the Role property of I lie under signed, an<l Will l>e opened on the Ut of, June next,anil each successive June following, engage to make it to the seekers for hea'th, recrca lion, gaiety ami good living, supreme!* attractive. For health, no mountain can We safer at any *f (nan of tk' y?ar. It is as exempt froin diseasein August and September and October as m April. May or June, Indeed fho first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The went her is milder, the sea l.reeae Igvlinier, and tiie luxuries of the salt wat*r are to I* had of finer quality and in greater profusiou. There is no more inviting spoi on me whole Atiantic It is fctrictly true ol it wliat t he poet halh said : " Oil' if there i* an Klyaiam on earth, it is this, it ia this Drs. Archer. JV-vis, ?nd other arm? surgeons at the post, Hon. L)r. Fraucis Maliory, Drs. Seinpie, Simiins, Sheild. Hope, and Vaughan.and imleed the whole medicel Faculty resident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all certify that they " Aor> *-r.r kvoinnm rant of b*llio** or ae*' ami f*rtr to art %inntr thtrt, and that at alt season* it t* the *pot on th* fnrt of th* forth. (S*?p their certificates in l?e How's Keview, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.! mav 21 di'.w* I iw^'ui ,H >S. SEG A H. Proprietor. ? >LAKISTONE'S PAVILION. if This lavorite plaoeof resort will un the 1st o| July for the accommodation of visitors. . The proprietor ha* engaged a fine Cotillonl Hand for the season, and with his splendid Bail1 Room offers great imlncettient* m the lovers of the dmioe, while those of wore uoiet liutnn^w* find dllTerenf amusements at the Howling Alley or in F|<-hing, A#. .. The Luxuries of the Potomac and good Liquors will l>e constantly on hand. This is known to toe .me ol the healthiest places on the river, near Blakistone's Island. . There will he a ee!el>ration ?wt the Fwurth of July, and Hall at night. Cotillon on the 23d ol July, 13th and 27th of August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday and Saturday *. und returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, ard Frnmys. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at 8 o'clock every Monday evenings, and returnsou W ednesday mornings. Post Office? Milestown. St. Mary's county, Md. Board?? 1.25 per day for a week or longer: ftLSO for shorter time, GEO. \V. BLAKlsTONK. je 34-2in* Proprietor, Watches, Jewelry, &c. KKT, w W.U- E1CHL%.?SErB.vr? STKBKT. between Hand K streets, west 6ide, PRAC TICAL W A TC H M AK E P. .keens const a u 11 y on hand a tine assortment of A ATCHhp<!^ JKWF.I.B V ap WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. I have just received a new supply of FINK WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS, and a larsrcassort inentof RICH JEWELRY ofeverr description, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete in the city. I have just finished (on the premises la very large assortment of Pl'RE SILVER WARE, among which may l?efoiiodaSOLIDSILVER TEA KKT TI.E superior to any thing before exhibited in this city.?the weight of which it 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. , . ^ Both citizens and strangers are invited toca ! And examine. II. O. HOOD. je 23- SW Pa.ave.. n??ar 9th street. ATCHES, CLOCKS. JEWELRY. AND ^ANCY ARTICLES. I have on hand a rood stock <d tiOLDi ..nd SILVER WATCHES of the best makers in Europe. HOLD CHAINS nt great variety: IE WKLR Y. in sets and siu I tie pieces; FANCY ARTICLES. PER Fl'MKRY. EXTR ACTS. Ac. CLOCKS in every shape and price; also, CLOCK MATERIALS, Hands, Hairs, Keys, Cords, Wires, Oils, Ae. Call and examine at the Sign of the LarjeGUt Watch. J. ROBINSON, S49. ft^Tosite Browns hote'. N. B.?Having atopped thranetion bu?ine>-< since Inst Winter, my UooJs are selected express * lor the liest retail trade, and the prices shail suit the runes. Jy 18-lin ItfBW JEWELRY AND WATCHBk II. O. HOOD has just returne?l from U?e North, and has hrouaht on a line lot of Fashionable C?meo, Coral, Mosaic, Brilliants, and Plain GOLD JEWELRY. Also,a good as-ort mer;t< of tine HOLD and SILVER WATCHES, some very superior time keepers for ladiesand cenllemene use. He ha.s also on hand a great variety ofSTAND ARI? SILVERWARE of ins own make, warran te<l theliest <|uality and will licsoid very low. Please call and examine eoo<ls arsl prices at No. SW Penn. Av., sign of the Large Spread Engfe. jy 1? OROGRESS IN THK FINE ARTS. I PAINTIXU AND PH??TtK,KAPHV CoMBtMKr. PHOT O (i K A l> H I C I' O UT H A IT S, In Oil Cniurs, on Canvas, MixiAT?fte on size of i.trx. S. WALK!.ICS HO h Th AIT AX U H/CTUHE UAl.Lk.UY. Odeou Hall,corner4i? sr.and t'enusyInmaaveuie. S. WALKER has fitted up the aU?ve spacious apartments at a very ureat outlay of capital, r hereby rendering !u? establishment one ol the most com plete and handsome m the whole country , lie Ins :i large liailery lor hrt *skitiitiom of upwartl ol 21*' UtieiMl Paiutiui's, !?> some o| the besi ancient and .u.hI.tu masters, to which he in'emls to add fr^sli id portal ions. S. haaahio fitted upa coui plcre suit ol rooms, with private robing apartments for l.vlies, and purchase,! the liue>i possible insirn tneiits. and a lusl class op-ralive aitisft?? assist him in the department for takmg a!' kinds of IMlOlUliKAPIIU'.AAIItliO l"? I'l. AM) l?A Gl 'ERHEtm I'E PO R TK A ITS, Ironi ti.e %tnnf'rit nitniatvr* tosizr nf I if". S. W at.Kvn. b> ciiubiuiiig Hie Photographic Pn? i^ess Witli fiie art ol l*r?:nt!ng. o| which he has In t 2j years' experience '?imI wnose sper;meii? ol ife si*e portraits may lie seen in some ??f the firs' laini lies of the cltv, as well as ihose exhibited in his Oalleiy.bewill l>e able, by the comi.iavion ol the two, to produce portraits ihat have never l?een ex e*ile<l for their fidelity ami life like expression. Can vis and lM?rds prepared by liimsell expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting o| P..r tn'.it.s. Miniature or lile size, from ^uiall pictures ??l tltrta srd frt*M'fs. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at then own residences, ?.u immediate no 12CC? Committees and classes taken m any number in croups,andnn% quantity ol eopieslrom tnesaiifes??ld at rea&unable ciiargtf*. ? Likenesses paintetl on Copper lor I omb Stones. VKlunWe Oil Paintings, and Old Faint'y Portraits, careful y l?ck lined and restored to their original freshness. Laiiifs ?nd gentlemen are respeellui'y so'ictted to cail at the tialtery, over Shillington's t?ook store? entranced street, two doors from Pennsylvania avemis. J> '' w" 1VJOW IS THE TI ME TO DRINK M A'l.T ia LIQIIORS.?A HNV A SHINN are the only ones in the District who have stock PORTER ami ALE,and always liave a supply on hau l; so give tiiematrial. Leave yourorders with the drivers, nttheir Cmon Bottling Depot, No.57 Green street, Georgetown. B.^.^ jv 3 COOING OFF AT COST.?As the season has ?d ? va' ced we wul scd yur rcnniiiiuig sti-ck of REFRMJEKATOirSat cost. Onr stock ol FT R NITERE ami HOI'S!"| KEEPING irOODS is very large, audi prices lower than ever. . ... McGREGftR A CO.. jy 9 eo6w No. 5?) 7tli street. AT A CIRC! IT COI RT HELD FOR CI I PEPER COITNTV, Va.. at the Conrt-Hou*e thereof, on Monday, the 8th day ol June, 1K.S7: Ambrose P. Hill, hi his own right and as adminis trator of F ranees Field, tiutnttV. acninst Diana Field, John P. KeUy. and Mary,his w:l.; William H. Field, John Field.Henr> H.I i-<i. Thouias Hill.jr., trustee ol Eliza J. Rolertsanu Thus. O. FIuit, guardmnO'tlibltwui of? Field, infant child of Albert Field. D-f? finals. I'pon consideration of the Conrt, it was ordered that this cause be referred to one of the Commis sioners of this Court, to report to the Court wlnt has been dune by Ambrose P. Hill in execution o| a former order of this Court, appointing him Com missioner to sell certain slaves, mentioned in tn?? bdl referred to u said order, nnd also to asoeitain if the said slaves liave 1-ce? sold by the said A. 1'. Ilxl!. whether or so^to^has received the purchase inoue% . and, if he has, what J^position lie lias made of i? with the vouchers fot^pch disposition, all of which shall lie report?1 to the Court. NOTICE.?The parties interested in the alove report, ordered to be made to the Court, will take notice I have afpotn toil WEDNESDAY, the 2d day of Septeniber7i*57,at my office, in this place, at ten o'clock a. m., to state and report to the Conrt the accounts referred to in the aiiove order. Tliey will please attend wUii their papers sud witnesses. GF.O. T. THOMAS Commissioner of JheCircuit Court of Culpeper oouatr. Culpeper Court-house, Va., August 1,1(137. su*3-law4t Frenchbooks. ^ , , e Callet Tables de I^ogarittauws, 1 voUfivo. DeBrett's ffiuvres Mtlitatres de Napoleon III, Soribe?Comedies Vaudevilles, I vol., 12m. Doss set? Dweou rs nr L Histoire I niversede, T h eatre Cqrneille.2 vols., 12mo. Maxisiss Ue la Riwhsfouoanld.? vol., 12rno. L'pgi.v'M u. P" FAFfOS FOR RENf. ' \ 2 at 81.? per month. 2 at $2-5" nor tnonUi, ? , Other fine PI AN<?S at various pheet. au 7- JOHN F. ELLIS, JUft Pa.ave. \| ORMONisM.its Leaders and l>e?igns,b> John i?l Hyde, Jr.. formerly a Mormon Elder and Rest ? dent of Salt City, 1 vol.. with portraits, ftl.25. au 5 FRANCKTAYLOR. THE WEEKLY STAB. This excellent Family and Newt Joeraa' tataioc a treat *r ranety of latereatwi readme the? om ba found is any othsr?u paKiafcad oa Saturday nwminc . TWtWf. _ SiBci* oopy, per annum ? ?#l * _ *0 CLTM. _ Fir* wnp.M .. .. 5 m 'I an C.opi?s SCO Twenty oopiee - IS 00 IL^CaSII, UCTA*tA*aLT IK ADTANCX. By rahecnUnc >a eiuha ranted smong neighbor* Without the intervention of a mail arei.t, as will he perceived, twenty per cent. of the WKMLY Stab will be anv?il. It invariably contains tM " Wash ington NVwk that has marie the Daily Star circu late so generally throughout the countrj. IJ^Singie oopies (in wrappers: can be procured at the counter, immediately after the issue uf the Paper. Prioe?Tnea* rm*. Postmastkus who act as acenta will bea..owada commission of twenty per cent. Pianos, 6c. ( ^OLD Mhi)AL PREMIUM I PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK. (Senior partner n. tiio late lirm o( Knabf, (?AFHI.1t A Co., Continues the manvfeeture and sue of grand and sauarc IMA No FOR'I ES, uuicrhic nnme?- ?? or \\ illtani K?mIk* A Co., at the oid stand. fESHBB Nos. |, .i, S ami 7 NorU KiiUw street op *" ? posite liitf Eutnw House, Baltimore. The* bare also just opened a new Sales Room at \'?> 3<7 Baltimore street. between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly ocenpsed by Mr Henry McCafTery a* a music store, w lie re they will keep m?i?tai,tl% on hand a lir?e assortment of p.aio anil iiuiii) Liushtd ^mikluiJ square Piano Fortea; tNo, .M.'lodeons, from tlie lie?' makers, from 4 to 5 octave. mmr with doable key loards, doutile reads, &n I stops to suit small churches, llet?< extensive!* enrared in the man n fact are of l*iau<?, wo will sell ur hoies-ne ami retail,on the moat lilterai terms. Our I'mnos were r.warded the highest premium (g<> <1 inr.Ui!;at the Fairs oi the Mai)land Institute two ?nree?*?re ?ears? I Irtntier. lsv., and 1R1T?in op posnion to louiteei: ainl eighteen pianos from apme of the l<e*t maker it Irom New \ ork, Boston and Hai rimore. We w re nlwoftwarde.f the fir si premnim-at the Industrial I.xhilNiion lulil m Kicinrtond, Vir ginia, I"Y? and I TV. They have also Iieen awarded the highest premium (niver medali at tlie Metro politan MeeiiaQics* fair for ltt.37. In addition lo this we are in possession r>f testimo nsals from it.* most iti?i .ntuislH-l pr<>l??sora and amateurs in lite country, winch can I* seen at our waremoins. sp-aki'.g for themselves and others of tiieliu'li appreci-iitMii ui wtiicb oar instruments are every where he'd. AM instruments are rnamrteed for fire yeara, and a privilege of exenange is granted within the It rat six in ?nthx from 'he Jay of sate if the mstrumentado not givo mitint satiklaction. Wholesale deniers will bnd it to thtir adv&ntata to rive us a call l?elore purchasirg. 1'iaiioit exchau*eJ, hucd. aed tuned. mnrlfi-ty W\f. KNABK ft CO. 1 MIltKK BKAl'TIFL'L PIANOS reoeived thi day from Hoston. A !so. three very s?H*?tMl-h"?nd 1'iaiios. I nil litti? used. ae\IBSK3 octave?,roNewo??t oases, a-ili l>os?>l<lat ureal'" *" i<argaiiiN,at our Piano Forte. Melodeon. at.{J Must? Warerooios, Letureei. HtU and loth streets. No. 96. Jet JOHN' F. Kl.MS. plANO TORTK INSTKI CTION. Mr. \V. H. PALMEH ooutinnes to add new men ? Iters to his cesses. App'v to Mr. PA I. t MKK, at his Koorns over Farnbara'sl Ho^ikstore, Tncwlay, Wednesday, Fri-* dar, and Sotnnlay. Iietween 2 and 6 p. m. Terms $5 per quarter. as 25-tf flHKKK NhW AND HK.AI'TIPI'L PIANOS 1 AT C&KAT HAKUAINS.-Ti.us_, Pianos hnv" b si n aaed l?ut a sii< ? r: time NtI careful persons, we wi.l warrant tlieni,* lake old Pianos it: ??xcitan;#, ic. ' Twoofthemare u I seven octaves, finely finished rosea <mm! o.w?, mi l oi ex<| lon? and touch,one is <>n!y a six octave. Those Pianos, purchasers may safely relv upon aa Item* truly great uargams, aud they wiil do well to ami ?e? them, at our e*ien?ive Piauo Warc rnom?, ISiiK between i*b and 1M h. jeio JOHN F. F.LLIS. ICE. I J. M1DDLETON, -J. TCF DFALFH, Ortice and Depot?South went corner of F and 12th Strci'ts. Washinrton. ap lj-tf ICK: ICfc.'! ICE!!!?The undersigneil respectful ? ly inform Ins fnejids and tiie puiilicgeneralir. that he is now prepared to furnish families and otiierat through the reason) with tbe K>?i <4ua.1t* of 1CF-, ielivered in any part of Waslunjton ami George town, ai:d gunrsntees to give entire satisfaction. Orders fo he left with KibwtXL A I.alaaMCK Fimer 14th street and Pennsylvania avenue ? Geo. . Kipwki.L A Co., 14th street: J. H. Mooks. Drug gist. Pcnna. avenue, between 19tli and 2?th streets ; OEoRR*S;*Tr.New Yorkarenue. between lWh and llth streets.; Koet. A. Pavne. Druggist, corner 4tn and Mas*.avenue; and v.tii the sunscriber. No. 3 Firsr street, rgetown, where ioe can l?e had at all times. apt tf T.N.KIDWFLL, Dentiitry, &c. nK.NTlSTRV. DK.STKPHFN BAII.V, OFFM F No. I'?3 Pjt*.\*YLl*AaiA Avi'HPI, Three doors from 14/A Street. Dr. HA|LV I-ess leave to inform the public that he mn l>e ?>een ?tah hisoffi-e. lor^te<! asat>ove. He fee.s a.^: 11 red ilia: ne expeneuceol blteon *ears' practice, with ihe ;arre nuintierr.f patients.nnd great *wrietv ?>f dilfien't cases that he has treated ?uooess fhlly. * ill enalhS >11 in to surmount anv dithcuity, sTieiitilieor otherm-,?e, relating to the Teeth. Hia own experience contirining the opinion ol many men eiioreiiT 111 the profession, and especial!* Drs. Flarr.u raid J. ami K. Pariniy, has icd b tn, lone s nee. todis rti'ifall mercurial preiiantionu for b ane Teeth.a so all Kiwwfli. (Jn'ta Hercha. India Kubtier. and Ce ta^ats lor tf^e countluetion of Continuous (Jum feeth, and tliai I'orce iar., mouuieii on <?o?d Plate, is tlie only reiialile Kiileitnnee Thai can t>e worn in th? ?a<Hiiii, nt> was most conclusively saowu by the iaet American ItfRtn' Convention. Aithoutli ne flatters himself from his lone re?U druee an?l |irac:ico in Washington, ne is favoraiMp kt own to his numerous frieiuls and patrons, be l<et? eave to refer them to liie lit!lowing TESTIMONIALS: l*rr.?n the !*?e Kectorol thefburch ol Fpipfduiy ol thlt cmv Dr. StnriiFN lUtLV- Dear!?tr?I deiiretoexpreae in? esteem for yon personal:v. and my confitienee in vou as a superior dentist, f ie operaf ukis executed fi?i me liave oet-u bo bly satisfactory . 1 hope tliat yttu may roewve the paiio??a?e !rowi my friends and the piiolic that your 1 kill so u e t deserves. Vosrt ver> truly, \V a>hir tt"n, Aur. X. 14*.. J. \\ . FH KNCH, From one of theolder.t firms :n Italt,more, Messrs. liougs. Cotman A Co. Havin- employed Dt.Stephen linn).Surgeon Den tist, of Wasli 1 ncton eity, to execute li^- tne an im ponaut aiHldidicoll pitx-e ol Woik. Which be did to no entire watisfneiion, and in view or the fact that one of the niosr (|is> m ? i,i-he,f ineml>ersof flic Dertai l^tde^e of li'iltiinore, l.ti*ed. aner repeated trials, to perforin the same woik ;<a'i!?lactorily, it gives me ereat p ensure to exprw in\ entire confidence and nitrti e?timaiioi) of bis prolessioisi, skni. Bal'ttnore, Jan. 12, IS.^7, IIAKMANN HOGGS. Kx tract lr-man tercce.ved from the late Hon. Jonn M. Clayton. I". S. ?>F?i AT*. Aur. 19,18S5. The teetis sou mrwle f.?r me work luiniirably ; noth ing could i?eW'ter. Very gratefully, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To th??Re seek renef from the ira adies of the te<tli. I en ctieerl | ree>Hiimend Dr. >. Haiiy as a superior Dentist; lie nia?lc a set of'porcelian teeth foroncof iny familv.and plueeed several teeth lor m>seli. and t lie work has ft.! stood w*ll for more tnac ten years. KOHKRTT. NIXON, of t:*e Va. Conl. ol tiie M. L. Churou South, Apri '19. lar.. V\ e. the undersigned, having ital occasion toara;! oarseiveu of tue pn J?!s>'ofiai skill of Dr. S. Btuly, Surgeon Dentist <T tins city, or jiaving l>eeii ertguis ac* of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of bis artist 10 skitLa* well as of the uniform v satisfactory manner in winch be performs the mout delicate and difficult operation* tu Dentin Surgerv.and we respecilubv re commend film to the onnhd-vice and patronage of the palilic,oi Wmeii wo consider hini eminently wortliy. Tuouas I*. V.'aLTKR. Arcn.tect l . S. Cap.toL Thomas Mit.T.FH, M. D..of Washington, D.C. H. S. Hoiikkk, M. D. of iteorgetowi, D, C. N. S. Ltveoi-v. M. D.. ??f Washington, D. C, Jos. H. HaaM.CT.of Washington, D. C. tiKuRGK Walton, Kx-tioveiuur of Florida, Waltkh Laaox, Kx-Mav?tr of Wwhiiifluii, Hfxky IIai i>u i>, U.S. Patent tifhoe. O.C. Wight, Principal Rittcnbouse Academy, feb*' tf OR. VILLARD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CAGO, would respectfully li.lorm 1 ieoit i??hk of the District and vicinity, that hav-| lag located himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perform ail operations in bis prolas Slon, in the most approved sty le. t >tfiee. No. Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a jan >' 1 ? rjUlK IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH, DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "' Minrrc.i flail Ttetk,'' having. ?1 inn rfi 'lj introduced Ins improvement in) varMtus 01 ties, has >. >w peruiancntly estah Iis'teii himseif in WasuiiiKton. This improvement for Sets ??fTeetli consists chief ly in making a set ?f hut one piece of material, and that indestructible ntnierai. No ineuil is used in their const motion, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalie taste. There are no joints to become tilled with inoisturft or particles of f.std, hence the> are pure ?*./ f/m*. Tb^y are lighter, stronger, less clumay. lar more durable. aii?t natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of Ons Thousand Dollars to nay one who wiU produce a similar work of art to euuai iniue iu purity, tiesuty, durain.ity, artistic exoellenee or any other requisite quality, _ All work responsibly warranted. Penna. ave: ue, t?et ween lltii and 12th stieeta. ap 13-1 y DR. C.S.GOODMAN. , ^ SURGEON DENTISTand MA\r?Acrr*FR of AErmrut. Tkktu.-^?j^^ His oomplete arramements enal. in* hiss present fhe following reasonable Pjices: ^ r Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold fan to 50 Do do do on Silver It to I One or more, on Gold - 2 to Do on Silver.. 1 to Filling, Fxtrac'ing. Removing Tarter; aleo. Re ?airing at the same reasonable rates. AH operationa executed iu suoii a manner a? to give every aatisliso tien. office eorner Sth street and avenue. ap > CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now dischargmf. 1<? tons Cumberland Coal. CASTLF.MAN A BRO., jy 27 cornet 6th and It sts., opp. National hota!.