Newspaper of Evening Star, August 12, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 12, 1857 Page 4
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? THE OLD, OLD STORY.*' Stunmer moonbeams softly playinf, Liabt ths woodaof Castle Km| : . Ap?l there 1 see * roiden straying, W'nere the darkest shadow* ore?p. NMu listening?meek y, purely, To the wooer at her side; 'Tis tli? ~old.?ld story," surely, Runainf on like time ami tide. Maiden ftur, oh! have a care; Vows are maay?trut k la rare. He w epurtly, she is simple ; Lordly dcuot let speaks kia lot; 5>he ta wearing hood and wimple? Hia the caatle. her* lh? oot. far abe define hia whisper Than the night bird's dulcet thrill; She i? smiling?he beguiling? Tis the "old, old atory" still. Maiden fair, oh ' haves care; " '"*a are many?truth 11 rare. The autumn aua is quickly roing Behind the woods of Castle Keep ; The air 1a chiil, the mght wind blowing. And there 1 see a maiden weep. ar* "kite?her brow la ftohing? _The ?* old. old atory" sad mm I brief: Ol heart betrayed.ami left, nun breaking, la mute despair and lonely grief. Maiden's fair, oh! have a care; Vovra are many?truth is rare T*b IltrrocaATic Oath.? The Biographic TJniveraelle. publiahed In Paris In 1817. contains the following veralon of the Ilippocratic which Dr. IThl will refer in his defence before the Aoademy of Medicine: " I awear," Hippocrates made hia student say, Mby Apollo, by Esculaplua. by Hygeia, and the other gods and goddesses of medicine, to keep re ligiously the solemn promise to which I bind my self I shall look upon that man as my own father who shall have Instructed ine in the art of heal ing. I shall briny all my knowledge to bear in aiding his necessities in every reape* t. I shall conaidcr hia children mine, and shall teach them medicine gratuitously. If they desire to embrace that profeaaion. I shall act in the same way to warda those who shall be bound by the oath which 1 rake Never will 1 sulT-r mvself to be In lured to administer a poisonous medicament or to pro duce an abortion. # ? ? My only aim will he to comfort and heal the sick, to keep Inviolate their confidence, and to avoid even the suspicion of having abused it. especially iu the case of wo men In whatever position I may find myself. 1 will preserve silence with regard to things which I judge ought to be kept secret. May 11# a re ligious observer of my oath, receive the fruit of my labors, and lead a'happy life, constantly at tended by the public favor. May the contrary l?e my fate it I become perjured." A siw motive fowbb.?Sr. Carbia, of Cuba, has invented a new system of propelling vessels, so we learn from the Diarlo de la Marina. His plan proposes the building of windmills on the decks ofthe ships, with great wings,from which the motion Is communicated to side-wheels, sim ilar to those of steamships. The models have been successfully worked; and it only remains to be *?en whether the farce of the wind will be sufficient, when thus applied, to give vessels the velocity of ordinary sailing vessels. If this prob lem is satisfactorily solved the Diario says it is evident that a Wind will ship will be able to sail Just as well with a cont.ary as with a fair wind, bccauM it being perfectly easy tn alter the posi tion of the wings. they may be always opposed to the wind, whatever direction H'may blow from. The inventor ha? asked for the protection of a patent from the Cuban government, and as soon as it ia granted, he will commence to make bis experiments upon a large scale. ACflgn Approachixa both to tui Earth to tbv Scn.?A circular from the editor of the Astronomical Journal announces the Uiscove ry by Dr. Peters, of the Dudley Observatory. Al bany. of a faint comet in the constellation of Cam elopurdalus. which has neither nucleus no: uil, and Is without any well-defined outline. From his observations of July 5li, 2l?, and 27, Dr. Peters baa computed para?>ofic elements which show that the couiet is approaching both to theea t and to the sun, and has a chance to become of splendid appearance near the perihelion, at the and of August or beginning or September. By comparing these elements with those computed for the orbits of other comets, and recorded in the catalogues. Dr. Peters infers that this comet is not identical with any of thoseexpected to return duriag or about this year, as D'ATreat's, DeVico' or Charles \ 's, or his own thirteen-years comet LLr A professional brother of Boston has for waded to the Jersey City "retired physician whose sands of life nave nearly run," a cask of Hue beach sand to supply the vacuum. LLr An exchange, in speaking of a celebrated singer, says: ?ller voice is delicious?pure as the moonlight and aa tender aa a three shilling shirt.'' lLr A Western paper offers to write *4Mi." before, or after the names of such of its subscribers, in directing their papers to them, as will pay twenty-live cents extra, or add l?oth of said "handles' for fifty cents extra. At the York assizes, Kngland. Ann F.d mowUon pleaded guilty on an indictment for in fanticide. but the jury gave a verdict of not guil ty, knowing better than the girl heis-lf, of course. lL/~ A magnificently sublime thought Is thede termination that the llrst telegraphic message across the ocean, .a case of success, should be the following: ?? Glory to God In the highest, and, on earth, Peace?good will toward men.'' Tobacco is Vibgibia.?The Richmond South reports a falling off in the supply of tobacco com ing to that market at this tune, which Ntate of things is likely to continue for several months to come. Tobacco is at a stand In price if any changes take place It will certainly be au ad vance. C7" The jail ol St Mary s county, Maryland, wa? broken open on the night of Thursday last, and six prisoners made their escape therefrom. The parties took with thetu a yawl boat from the schooner belonging to Captain George Panl, at Leonardtown. and it la supposed made their way to the Virginia side of tne Potomac The jail building at that point is stated by the Bencon to be absolutely worthless. ITT" A merchant at New Orleans while laud ing from a steamer, accidentally drooped his watch, valued at SG22 in J2 feet deep water. Bor rowing a pig of uon and line from the mate, he tied the pig to the line, and sunk it beneath the wheel-house, as nearly as possible where the wstch was sunk ; and tying the upper end of the line to a slick of wood, dropned tne stick in the water and left it to float. Early next morning he came on board, and diving, brought the watch up. "the first thing." * ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL -D Shivers. NJ, Missies Shivers and Cowperthwail, do; J >1 Trott Va Mis. R M; G F fcesbitt. NY; C pow' era. Mas?; \\ \\ Woods. Pa; G Roles. NY- J B ^muh. Pa; Missies Shepherd, NC; K C Gard der. Tenn; J B Hite do; T \V Evans, do; \Y M llallam. Ml as, AA Park, do; Mrs S Nobles. IV x Mm Laufile.d, Ky; BG Caulield. Ill; \V Tho ; ?r.Hc^*rd *nd fa,n,,y- p?; t r Mu/. ran. Ia O A Flenrot. do: P D*an Jean, do; B Levy, do: H ?? Guthrie and son, Va; J Ball NY' T Ala; J Handoff, La; A Lewis, do'; C MMoCraw. Ky; R G Stone, NY; D R Shep. herd, La; II Thompson, pa, T Harriniftou, J l> Gardner. 1- U, t M Hail and fatuity, Md. Dr M Hammond: Del; A B Hammond. Pa, G C How ard, do, 1 D Spindle and lady, Tenn; Mrs Johu son, Ark; Mrs Julia Johnson, do; A M Johnson, do; J T; C R John-on. do; \.'r^ J WM" A Johns.*, do; Miss W M WortkinKton. do: Misa T Wortnington. \V orthiafcton. do- J peak. A'k; V F Ward do Mrs Ogden^a; J K Ogden. do; V\' M W Cocb K'w'h Mr" Ilogen *2-' ) if i^'* w a* i ,KelJt' Aik ; R S< ott, ** H Owing and mius, N ax' a 1 C W Cord|- Ala, Miss Cor w v;1^"101 A r Johnaou; Va; H W Chandler, NY; t LlchtenWrg. do- V Rain ZLioi 81\ ;Nr- ?in~>K K A'isJcTj u l*herniau and lady, N \ ? R H Whitehead. Miss; Nash. Tenu , T J Jackson and ladv Va do; A Jackson, Mo; A I Msber. do; G A Roberts ai d lady, Ala; Thomas Whitney, Mich ; J B.gler, N V ; J M Nagloe Peon. 15 ' WILLARDfC HOTEL.?C C Bo'as iv Kv W L Ja? kson, H, Mas*, J W ebber, lr, Ca' 1) Pngalea, TSA; R M Ogden. La, J N W'ataor' J L D Morrison, 111; Mr Gilpin,servt. Pa. MrJohn aton. do; B F Youn^, son. Miaa. Mias Young, do. W f lieat, do; C Emaes. i>l; M aa Ilolden, do; h! JI Malleu, NY; Mr Gorin, Md; J P Higgina. Pa, A lMvti, 111; ft p Salsbury. R N Ogden. jr. La, J J Seibeiv Ma, J C Rnssell, Ga; G VV Harrin ? ton, rho* Qulnn; M Odell. N\ ; J Roae, 111; \V W p? 1 . W Cathrun, Ct: F fch.U-n dtn, do; Mr s.uion, do. sJSInll^r,HJU SE?B F Brutonand lad?/, ihe. ir \r. vv r C ^"T?t"u. La. A Win J", 'V'i ^ do, Miss TfaeJin. do; L T m'? T- <lo> A K rrnlih, Cal: i sr.? MOTBMEUTS O>' OCeJx~^T?~aM?HS~ FBO* TBB URITBDSTA*TBa 8umm4ri, l.fTt. yQT. Euro pa Boston Liverpool... A ui/io ?al^le New York..Liverpool...Au^ \r, New ^ ork.... ..New York. Glasgow ....Ah<? ^ Fu..o? New ^ ork..Havre..... Aug.2^ . Pbom Ecbopr. Pn,,^r? Havre New York. .July City Baitxikore..Liverpool...New York. July 2V Boru^ala Haiu^rg,..New York..Aug. I Llv?rp?>ol...New York..Aug 5 ?? w1*.*; Glasgow....New York..Aug ? t.My W a?h ton..Liverpool.. New Ar**0-- "*vie \tM/ Voik..Aug tii **?*""" New V??lr ?n the 9tk -r>4 ?Hk of ^ b ,?onlk. and the pobUo may ISror him. Ordfrs oan be laRM No. 484. oorner 6th and C sts., or at Ridenoor ? Coo fcotionery Store. No. 3^4 Pennsy lvaniaavenns (??*?? ?ids)between ?h and 10th streets. Those who m intrust work to him may rely on 11 s be jng exeousea with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest ratM. Jett 2m Humphries a junniman, Ob Fourth street east.hetwean fc and F, Cafitol Hili.. Ian fitted up their p.aoe, whiokwui be open daily to ?laitora. and every Mooda* afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrille* or Geromn Wallace, will ind an opportunity to do so thare. WaW'i Band has been engaged for tha tea ?on. and will be ui attendance. Tbe> have on hand and constantly making the purest iJLrttr to be obtained in the ?itv. ja l")-3m OTICE.-C. R. L. CRUVVN k' CO. are ra oeiving daily some of the finest FURNI-#7\ TlrRK ever offered in this market, which w?VL invite the attention of those in want, aa we IV1 assure them they oan save at least 10 per cent, f 4 * Namely? Handsome oarved marble-top Bureaus and Tablea Rosewood and walnut Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Mat treses. hair, corn-top, and husk; Comfort*. 'Blankets, Bedsteads, hun and low-poet. Rocking Chairs, cane and wood-seats. Cushions for Chairs. Settees, Clocks of ail kioda. Extension Tables, Sideboards, What-nat. Glasses of all kinds, soms extra fine Carp eta. Cottage Sots, Rugs, Waiters. Glass Ware, Crockery Ware of all kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. A nd Other Goods too numerous to mention to whioh we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, as we are determined to sell for oash or to punctual oustoiuera. C. R. L. CROWN & CO., oor. of 6th street and Penn. ava. * P. S.?We shall still oontmue our regular sales on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, both morning and evening, in front ot oi/r store. Consignments soli cited, and in all oases advanoes made when required. C. R. L. C. A CO., ap2S-tf (Intel) Auctioneers. I NTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York cannot fail to be interesting. I n referring to, the receipts of Teas in this oountry for one! B?r up to 3>th ultimo, it ss>s they will be 12,-1 ? ,<?o pounds short of the imports of tiie year end ing June 3h, 18SS,end that ?' The advanoe in black teas. Oolongs, since last December, has been fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of low ami medium grades, have experienced an advance of one hundred per cent, over last season's closing prices. "It wiil tn iin he seen that tha strong and rapid advance in the tea market has been the result of t. short supply and active demand ; but when it iacon sidered that we may hear at any moment of the en tire suspension ot shipmenta at Shanghai, and. in faot, that, as soon as a sufficient force from England arrives at the seat of war, all five ports of entry iu China, will probably be placed under strict blockadc, it would not he surpriaing to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of thcae facta, we hold out very great in ducements for families to lay in tli?ir supplies of Tea *o?e. KING k BURCHELL, iel 1 -tf Corner Vermont ave. and 15th street. \hW GROCER V, WINE, AND nl LIQUOR STORE. The subscriber begs to inform his friends ant! the public, tliat he has openod a NEW STORE, oorner of 12th ?treet and Louisiana avenue, where he in tend* lo keep constantly on hand a luce and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fine Teas. Sc^ar, Coffee, Flour, Snap, Olives. Raisins, Firs. Sardines, Anchovies. Otard, Marrett & Co., Pmet Sc Co., and CoU'Cnahard's Brandies in cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de scriptions. St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in cases. Champagne Cider, Brandy Frnita, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Aumsette, Maraschino, Curaooa. Absynthe. Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Hivana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale, and Cider. Families are particularly mvited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress n re a I wo informed that their orders will b? promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of tine Havana Cigars, im parted direot by the subscriber, at wholesale and re Car,il Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and proouoe taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of wnn. Country ontera punctually attended to, and coun try produce of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je B-tf No. 5o4 Twelfth street. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS.?JOHN H. S*oot, No. 119 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C., has received from New York and Philadelphia, and now offering at very low prices, to cash and Srompt customers, a large and general assortment of taplk and Fajicy Goods?comprising in part as followa. viz: New st* ie Silk Robes and fancy Silks Best make black Silks, high lustred Black Challies, Lustra* and Mom Delaine* Rich printed (all wool) Mons Delaines Challies and Barege Delaines, in *rear variety Rich Organdie, Barece.and Jaconet Robes Bright oolors and mode plain Bareges and De laines Plain French Hrill ants and Perflate* Pl-tin colors Cravelins nnd Spricg-s'.yle Poplins 8ueals, a light seasonable fabric est French ported Jaooneta and Brilliants White Brilliants, from 1?'H t>>Si\ cents Best makes new styles Ginghama pebnges, Cham brays and plain Lustres Enriifh Prints of new styles, m great variety, at 1 cents Rich Chintz oo'ors best French Organdies Wbitk Goods, in great variety. Plain Swips, Nmsot/k and Jaconet Muslins laid and striped Muslins Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Mualins Plaid and striped Jaoonet, Nanaook and Swiss Muslins White Tarletons, Illusions, and Wsah Nets Irish Linens (of tne lieat makes) very cheap Linen Cambno, Linen and Bishop Uvns caper English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladies' use New York, Betas, Atwood, and other good makes Shirtings White Cambrics (of Jonas's celebrated make) White Hniliantu and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collara. KxsaoiDRaiKs. French worked Mualin Collara and Sata Swiss Cambria Collars and Seta Swiss and Lace Sleeves and Sets Honiton and Maltese I.aoe Collars fwiss Cambrioand Dimity Bands Imbroidered Linen Carnhno Ildkfs. Also. new styles Lace and Silk MaaUli&f Stella and White Crape Shawls Plain and rich figured Bonnet and Sash Ribbons Steel-apnr.g, Neapolitan, and othor Skeietot Skirts Spring assortment of Bajou's Kid Gloves Taffeta Silk, black lace and Lisle thread do. C<?ttou Hosiery of every kind for ladies and children Gents bent English Half-hose, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread and lanoy cotton do. . good assortment of Silk Cravats and Tiea iuspendors. Si'k and Linen Cambric Hdkf* Gossamer and Lis^e-thrend Shirta and Drawers New style Parasols. Also, Geutlemen and Boys' wear of ?very descrip tion, with every variety of House-furnishing Dry Goods. Domestic Gooda for servants wear of tha heaviest makes. Purchasers may rely upon getting desirable goods at low prices. ap8-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of life have nearly rnn out, disoovered while in the / /East Indies, a certain oure for Consumption, f Asthma, Bronchitis, Cougns, Colda. and General ff Debility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given up to I die. Ho had heard muoh of the wonderful restor ativc and healing qualities of preparations made from the East India Hemp, and the thought occurred to hiRi that he might make a remedy for his child.? ft* studied hard and sucoeeHed in realizing his wish cs. His child was cured, and is now alive and well. He has siuoe administered the wonderful remedy to thousands o! sutferore in all parta of the worid. and he has never failed in inakinir them rompleti ly heal th* and happy. \\ isiung to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to aucn of hia afflicted fellow-be ing a as request it. this recipe, with full and explio-.t direotious for makin< it up, and suocessfully using it. He resmree eeon applicant to enclose him one shilling? tnr?e oents to be returned as postage on the reaipe.and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand stract, I Jereey City, N.J. I . pr. II. James has neither offioe nor sgen s r York as soms have pretended and adver m The recipe is aent from noplaoe but N ?/ mI street, Jersey City, New Jersey. J ? ?'ton f r*HlNA, GLASS AND QUEENSWARE. R. H. AIILLER. SON A CO., Importers direct from Liverpool to Alexan dria, l>e; .eavetocali theattergionof dealers. JA/ hotel-keepers, aud others of Washington and Georgetown, to their at?>cka of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any eatablishment in the Eastern citiea. The oonuexion of their aenior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards <4 thirty years, has given hun advantages is the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house ip the trade. An inspection of goods and prices will satisfy a!! parties that purchases oan be mtde of them upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt and deoorated French China I>inn?r Sets, gold l?nda?}d plain white French China Vnaee, Pitohera, Toilet Sets, ko. French China 1 ^a Sets,Cupaand Sauoera,andothar articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India Ctuna Dinner Sets, and separateartiolM always on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Bta0 Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, Whits and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cot, Pressed, Plain,and Moulded Glass Ware from the best estabhshmenta in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by tha package or other ^Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by Mean be transported by any modswithontDreaknice. I^are by the ateamlioata from Washington to Alex andria almost hourly, 12X cents eacn way. A quar ter of a dollar thus sffcnt may save many dollars dec 1 WINDOW GLA8S.-3nP boxes in by ISFrenHi Window Glass, will he sold at one dollar and Alexandria. Va. ?" (e 22 OYE A> tl CITY jvenae asw iPrVu RVV-rvNMs^W,'A:.Y MALT, for s^le at the Iofunnoe, 4bo. PWllM?15 r" mam* FARMERS AND MECHANICS' lNIURANt'E COMPART, OP PHILADELPHIA. Fl??, MaUKS, AMD ill LA Ml) 1 NSC R A NCI. Authoristd Capital ?1,250^00!!! Omcii Noitswmt cpim or Prnnstltahia Ayinus and 17th Btrrit, Washinston. DIRECTORS. Hob. Thoe. B. Florence, Coartee Dings*, George H. Armalrong, Thomaa Manderfield. Charlea A. Rubicam, Edwwxl R. Helmbola, George Helinlxtid, P. Carroll Brewater, James E. Neall. Isaao I.eech, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORKNCE, President. EDWARD R. HELM BOLD, Secretary, LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charlea Walter, No. 997 D street, opposite City Hall. John M. Thornton, oorner lit street and Virginia avenue. Island. # James Williams, No. 22 4X street. John Higgles, No. 501 13th street, below Penney 1 vania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. I GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT, John Thomaaon. Authorized Capital and $1,473,057 07 Assets ,. ..... .?... .#523,097 07 Invested in Bonds, Mortgagee, and Good Seountiee. The following statement exhibits the business and oonaition of the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No vember 1,1856...... #5tl4,tiii4 60 f'ire premium. .?...... 176.79661 atereat on loan >,704 47 Total receipts ? $400,186 68 Paid marine losses.......064,427 04 Paul hre losses - 39,737 38 Expenses, salaries,and commis sions ? 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agenoy charges...? 27,474 68 j 9177,128 01 Bal&noe remaining with the Company. .9223,057 07 The Assets of the Company are as follows: Philadelphia city and oounty bonds 316,848 18 Railroeu bonds ....... 11,000 00 First mortKages, real estate ... ?.... 143,500 00 Stocks, collaterals, 011 call 32,400 no Girard and consolidation bank stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York ........ ? ir 30,000 00 Deferred payment on stock not yet due.... 97,700 00 Notes for marine premiums lne.oso 50 Due from agents, secured by bonds 35,376 18 Premiums on polioies recently issued, and debts due the company ? 26,470 38 Baianoo in bank , - - - - . ? 16,456 74 #523,057 (f7 The businest of this Company will eompare favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United States. . . From the 1st day of August. 1855, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November, 1856, the premiums and interest received amounted to the large sum of four hundred thvusaud one hundred Hnd eishty-hve dollars and s,xty-eight cents, with the payment of louses and expenses of one hundred an<l seven!y aeven thousand one htugired and twenty-eight dol lar? and sixty-one ceuts^ With these evidences of success and good man agement, the Directors feel justified in soliciting a snare of puMic patronage, belieyine that the security offered is ample, and tnatall fair claims will be ad justed more aooording to equity than legal teclnuoa. ities. , ... The Company is prepared to laaue polioiea against loss or damage uy fire on DWELL I NG S. FURNITURE, MILLS. MAN UFACTORIES. WAREHOUSES. All description# of BL'ILDINGSaud their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by VkssKL*, fTKAMBoATS, CASH BOATS, RAlLFOAI?i?. and the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will l>e as low as other com panies, and iu fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be tukeu into con sideration. . , .. .? All looses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, northwest corncr Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be ffferted at the Home Ofce, northwest corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia. And in other principal oities of the United States by authorized officers of the Company. ap 3 WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. VV CHARTERED BY CONGRESS. Capital 171 t2m,ono!? This Company is now prepared to reoeive applica tions lor INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policj, at their Office, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Dikkctoks. Wm. F. Bayly, Hamnel Bacon, Joseph Bryan. Jsnies F. Ilaliday, Wm. Or me, H udson Tay lor, Francis Mohus, M. W, Gait. Beni. Beall, JAMES C. McGUIRE, President. Grapton D. Hanson, Secretary, ap U-l j ANKING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. It Deposits.?Deposits received and Checks paid Without chars?. Drafts on the northern senU*?rd cities received on Deposit at par, aud Exchange on aaid Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Intkrehton Dkposit*.? Interest will be allewod on Deposits at such rates as may he agreed upon. DRI-OSITS IN VlKQINIA A !S U I NCl'KKEN T M'XKT. Deposit* in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re ceived to be ohecked for, ptyable in same fuuds, or in spt-cie, we charging the regular Exohaage. Discikints.?Notes, Draft*.and Billaof Exchange will hedisoounted.and Iambs madeou Stocks, Bonds, ami Securities, at the market rate. Lkttkhs or Ckkdit.?Letters of Credit will be ftarmahed, negonahle in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collatemln. and interest allowed if Money is depositod, and charged if Collaterals, on suoh terms as may be agreed upon. ? Travrlin* Billr or Exchan?r.?Travelwswill be furnished with drafts in sach sums as may he de aired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Lrttrrsop Chrditon England,Ire land and Edrorr.?Bills of Exohange and Letters of Credit 00 England, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to auit. Bonus, Stocks, Ao.?Bauds, Stocks, and Securi ties payiug from 0 to 12 pr. oent.. always for aale, or bought in the different Cities at a commauion of a X pr. cent. Where Stock* are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a depositor 10 pr. cent on the ooat. Bonds or Stooks will be ordered by tele graph. ? ? Railroad, Citt, and Stat* Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be piaoed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for cosh or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by us aro guaran teed in every respect. | jind Warrants located on oommisaion. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished If re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western House* on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responaiDle parties. R?al Estatk and iNBDRANrr.s.? Real Est-its bought and sold, ami Insurances effected. Claims on Lsitrd Statrs, Cotrt or Claims, Consbrss.?Claims on the United States, beforetlje Court of Claims or Congress,intrusted to us, will be proseoated by prompt and ahle attorneys. CHIJBB BROTHERS, jan 27 Opposite tlie Treasury. JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, Opposite the Treasury. THE? fib'S OTHERS. Washington, i* composed of - ~t. J. CHUBB, 4 , J. barrow lEPfRY HOLMES. RROW, . MES. BSBRo?HER, BARROW A CO., la compoaedlitV,",P^F^^S.,^St.*J. CHUBB. ALEX'R H. BARRO\V, n 27-tf WM. H. DOUGAL. Jan H'o.M EM A HE CA R RI AGES. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of all kinds of CARRI . A'iES of the very l>cst, latest, and inostV approved styles,and warranted in point of J workmanship and material, to be equal tonnv made in the city of Washington or any other city in the United states. We respectfully solicit n call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work; as we are determined to let none surpass us either in quality of work or in low prices. Wealsodo every kind of R EpAIRING inawork ke manner, and at reasonable pnoes. Old Carriages taken in part payment for new and at a fair price. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12 6m r.l* i>eing m MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being al?out the largest in this city at this. tim??, and having lieen purchased before the] rise in Leather, can t>e sold at about 15 to ? I rer oent. less than goods purehaaed at this' ime. Call and examine for yourselves, at fl. P. HOOVER'S, Is It Iron Halt. Pa. ave. hot if h ami K'?l> ?'?. BXaCKBERRY BRANDY?-We have thia day received n supply of Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDY, which is a fine article, and guarantee it to cure the Diarrhea in its worst form. For sale wholesale or retail by ARNY A SHINN, |f 22 57 Gr*en st.. Georgetown. I A W BOOKS. j Wharton's Americas Criminal ; fourth edition. Wharton'e Precedents of IndictmentaCnew edition. Wharton's Law of Homicide,

Pritchard's Admiralty Digest. ?ddisonon Contracts; new edition. edeewick on Ststutory and Couatitutional Law. Hill on Trustees: new e^lition. Chilly on the 1 jiw of Carriers. aug I FRANCK TAYLOR j^MOKF.D BEEF-SMOkr.D BEEF.?A lot of ohoire SMOKED BEEF for family uae,received to day,and for sale hy ?'KING A 1URCHELL, ijr 3> cor. VermortlW?e7and |.Mh stToet. /"'REF.N O I N G F. R-GREEN GINGER.? "M GREEN GINGER rnoeived, and for saio by ^ ip KING A 6l RCIIELL. . J| lit ? .j. Vermont avenue and atfeot. TMAT IVIM IIJID or Vl'MPl, ?tefl discovered is <m$ ? i * ofit|?er ofuladoitn to a rompton : in over eleven hundred oeaee, and never fhiled exoept in two oases, both Thunder H? mor. He ha* now in his possession over one hundred oertifiaatee of It* value, all within twenty ailes of BoT,rbotti.. are warranted to on re * nursing Bora Mouth. One to three bottlae mil on re the wo ret kind of Pimples on the Pace. P|w dor three bottle* will olear the ay item of Biloa. o bottles are warranted to cure the worst ,._er in the Month aad Stemaoh. jhree to five bottlea are warranted to care the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottlea are warranted to enraall Hu mor in the K yes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Poor to six bottles are warranted to cure corrupt jid running 1'loars. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to core the most most desperate case of Rhenmatiam. Three to four bottles are warranted to oura Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will oure the worst oaeo of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to tho*e who have in vain tricxT all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a oommoa weed growing oa the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure every huruorinthe system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you Lave a humor, it has to start. There are no I PS nor A N 1)S, hums nor ha's aliont it suiting some cases, butftnot yours. I peddled over a thou Hand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the etfects of it in every case. It &as already done some of the greatest cures ever done m Massachusetts. 1 gave it tcqphildren a year oid. (o aid pcopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfeot state of health by one bottle. To those who are subjeot to a siok headache, one bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had lieen costivo for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works qnite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of natnre, it will oause verr singular feelings, but you must not t>e alarmed; the? always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a r>ad re sult from it; on the contrary, when that foeiiag is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I hoard some of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In my own practice 1 always kept it strietly for hu mors?out sinoe its introduction ae a general family mcdicme, great and wouderfui virtues have been found in it that I never suspeoted. Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease whioh was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen moce of it than 1 save. 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged Jeople cured by it. For the various diseases of the .ivcr, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever aud Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the discovery has done more good than any merfioine ever known. No chancs of diet ever ncoessary?eat the best you can get and enough of it. Directions /or Use.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?childron over ten years dessert-spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonfnl. As no directions can be applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twioe o day. MAKrFACTCBKD BT DONALD KENNEDY. No. 120 Warren Street, Roxbury, Mastaekusitls. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Oilman, Kidwel! A I.awrence, J. B. Gardner, Flurry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh. J. P. Stono. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co.. O tlosweM, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburn, Dunuar )yaon. Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. S. Cisscll, O M Lentham. J. L. Kidwell. my 5-1 y pRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE PHISMLOniCALVIEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany, N. V. 300 pages and 13H fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. IIT'PRICE ONLY 25 CENTS..?3] tLrSmtfre* of postage to all part* of the Union, Dr. M. B. Ial Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of 26" pares snd 180 plates. Pnoe 25 oents a copy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties and oasuaines of single and married life?happy and fruitful allian ces, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infer tile ono??their obviation and removal?nervous de bility, its cause* aud cure, by a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible ?rules for daily management?an essay on Sperma torrhea, with practical olwervations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical prsotioe ; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from in Dine y to old age?eaoli case graphical ly illustrated by lieaufi/ul plates. It'poinfs out the remedies for those self-ir.0ic*ed miseries and d sap pointed hopes so nnfortunately prevalent iir the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly reooiuinendf'U to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physiaa] condition, and who are c*>n soious of havuu; hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Price 23 oents per copy, or five copies fbr 91. mail ed free of pontace to any part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CRol X, <post pa-d.) Albany, New \ ork, enclosing 25 ccnts. N. B. Those who prefer may oonsult Doctor |LA CROIX .upon any of the diseases upon which his book treats, either personally or by mail. II;* medi cine* often curs in the short space of tix dsys, and completely and entirely ? mdicate all traces of those disorders which eopuva and culiebs have bo long been thought an antidote, to ths ruin of the health of the patient. His " Freuch Seoret" is the great con tinental remedy for tliat class of disorders whioh un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion, and whioh all the sarsapariiia in the world can not cure. ^Qfce No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. V. \\TE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL *v lowing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for oasii: A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors.viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy, a oertain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wine*, all of superior quality Rasplerry, Strawberry, (linger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of flno flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cord .all Coracoa, Absinthe, Essence of Pepperment Extract of Sarsaparilla, Stoughton Bitters Forest \\ ine Bitters, We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Hitters, a splendid artiole. In addition to the above, we have at all time* a Large supply of the following nann'd stock of .Malt Liquors, lieing the only liquors of the kind m the satisfaction Burton and . . . ? T?lit,XX Por ter. and a fine artiole of I Jiger Bc??r. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ao., on hand, ARN V A SHINN, ie R 57 Green street. Georgetown. l.iquors, iKMiig me only District, and which .tyl HJA'VV ? ' , to all who use them : Phi.adelphla VX, Hurt XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout, jL PENNSYLVANIA A VENICE, &fJ\r near eorntr oj 13fk Strut. B. H. STINEMETZ having made arransemertg with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the most popular style* of MOLESKIN AND BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis count of 1?>* per cent tiDon the aof ual market prioe, making tneHnt sold for SI (and not unfrequently for 95>f?r( e low pnoe of ?.l-50.a slight varia tion in quality fto.and for su penor quality for the money. To make this system effectual, he will keep no books,but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Demvkiy, which cannot foil l>eing advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling him to Im* for cash and sell at 4 small profit, meeting with no losses by lied debts. . ... New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and infants' wear. Persons are invited to oall aud examine our stock. Call at 236 Pennsylvania Avenue, near eorrer of 13th Street. ap 11-tf IEONORA D'ORCO, by G. P. R. Jame* ; price .J 50 oents. Dead Sccret, by Wilkie Collins; prioe 5ft oents. Nothing New, by Miss Muloch ; do 50 do. The Fortune of Cnas. Lever; prioe 50 cents. War 'I'nul, by Capt. Mavne Keid ; price ?1.25. New York Ledger for Jiily 25th ; price 5 cents. Harper's Weekly for Julr Mth: prioe 5 cents. All the Magazines ami Woekly Papers received as soon as published. Any Books or Papers will be sent by mail, fiee of postage, on receipt of prioe. A good assortment of Thermometers on hand. E. K. LUNDY, Jy 14- No. 129 Bride* st.. Georgetown. CCLIMATOLOGY or THE UNITED S TATES, / and of the temperate latitudes of the North American Contmrnt. embracing a Hill comparison of these with the Clnnatolegy of the temperate lati tudes of Europe and Asia, and espeoially in regard to Agriculture, Sanitary Investigation*, aad jEngi noering, with Isothermal and Rain Charts for wuih season, the extreme months, and the year. By I<" rin Blodget, 1 large volume many Maps and Engrav ings; $5. If 2!t _ FR4NCK TAYLOR. MARRIED OR SINGLE; by Miss Sedgwick ; 2 vols. ; 91.75. The Fortunes of Glcncorc; by Charles Lever; 30 oents. Lavengro; by George Borrow ; 50 cents. The Romany; hy George Borrow; 3"eents. The Professor ; by Charlotte Bronte;75 oents. The Athelings ; by Margaret Oliphant; 5l> oents. Leonora D'Oroo; liv James; 50 cents. Mrginia Illustrated; by Porte Crayon; Schmitx's Manual of Ancient Geography; Jtl. FRANCK TAYLOR. TWO PIANOS AND TWO MELODEON?! at A25each, to irutke room for others. at the Music Depot of W. G. METZEROTT,1 jy 22 Corner Pann. avenue and Mth street. (CUBA HONEY. / The subscriber has just reoeived. and for sale, ten tierce* of chilled CUBA his Gro cery and Provision Store, No. 6&i Litk street and I^tuisianaavenua. _ je 18 tf JONAS P. I.FVV. JJAJVft. Just reeeived. Hams, Sides, and ffboulders. and L*rd and fresh Bntter: extra supe finel-loor: how.i and white Sugars; Coffee, Rice, Soap, and Candl**. and Syrup ; and a general assj?rtmeut or F.m,l, UroooriM. V, jltMf No. U* mk street, eornsf of ft street. .If"-"5 Puuoitri for SORT are lafor , ..... w,u.. (except Sunday) leaving Wuhinrtra ?>??. m connecting at New Castle with the splendid st vwh?>v>>b W? ?*vw \>W??aj WUH ?nv ?pviium ?((JH||| ?r Gkvkkal McDonald oo T?eadi)i, Tkan^i, and Saturdays. and on all alternate day* with the elegant aed swift New York steam*? running be tween Philadelphia and New York viaNewcatUe. Tieketa 95J0. including carnage hirconthe Island. Children (under 12 years) and Servant*. #4Ai. TH. H. PAMONS. Jyl7-4w (IntelftStatee) A|Mt WASHINGTON AND ALEX AN DKIA. AND MOUNT VERNON. Chahgx ot Hor**.?The Steamers GEORGE WASHINGTON or THOMAS COLLYER will depart at the follow ing hoars, on and after 2ftth July in*t.:l Leave Alexandria, at 8,9S,andlla- iiu, 12 V 2*?, 4M,and 6% p. in, Le*ve Washington, at 8*i, IPJtf.and 11X a. m., 3tf, SK, and 7 p. m. The pubtio may confidently rely on the Boat start ing at the tune advertised. One of the Bnets will make a trie to MOUNT VKRNONnnTrmAT and Ft i day of each week, tearing Waahinrten a* So'oloek a. m. J?>B CORSON. ? r-.-f-i? SAMUEL bAHKR. ( Captains. Either Boat may ba chartered Tor Excursions at any time, on appliaatH>n to JOSEPH BRYAN, President of the Comp any, at his office, SSn Pens, avenue. or to the Caataina on board. jy 11-tf T~HE PACIFIC AVaIl STEAMSHIP COM PANY. On# of the Steamships of this Company, (tarrying the United States Ma<t<< for ACAPUI.O, SALIF<?RNlA,and OREGON. leave* < Kiiama twice each *ionth. on ttac arri-" vaJoi the L'nitad Stales Mail S. 8. Company's steam ers, which ieave Ne r Orleans and New \ ork regu larlv on 6th and 20th of each month with the mails, and"passengers connecting via PANAMA RAlL These stennWhips have ieen inspected and ap proved by the Nt vy Department, and guaranty speed and The Panama Railroad i47miles long' la now com pleted from ocean to oooan. and is orossed in 3 or 4 hours. The l?ggag? of passengers is checked in New York througn to San Frar cisco, and passengers are eintiarked at Panama by a teamer at tne oompanv's expense. The money pan I in New York covers all expense*of the trip. Reserve steamers are k eat in port in Panama and S*n Francisoo. to prevent detention in ease of acci dent. so that the route i? entirelt tillable?no fail ure having occurred in eig Jit years. Paasengers leave Pana: na the same day they ar rive at Aspinwai. Oondnetors go through, bv each steamer, and take charge of women and children without other protec tors. For through tickets al the lowest rates apply at the agenc) ,177 West street. Now York, to I. \v. Raymond.?or to AF M8TRONG, HARRIS ft CO., New Orleans,- or jv ?4-tf C. L. BARTLF.TT. Boston. poR OLD piblNT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the ?th of July, ooimnen je running regularly to theaUive plao >a,leaving Washington, (Eleventh *t. wharf) every W KD " NESDAY and. SATURDAY at 9o'c 'clock a m. Re T H f* It S DA Y" at 4 o'clocfp. inT " LSJ.'V.I? Jfj!1 .Lew%'e N?rf<dk every MONDAY and rip. NITED Si'ATES MAIL LINE She will touch, going and returning, at OLD POINT, PI1NEY POINT. BI.ACK1STONK S ISLAND, ano the usual landings on the Potomac. Passage. iu?lu<ling m^als, to Old Point and Nor folk, F1V EDO LLA RS. Jey tf WM. MITCHELL. U ONLY REGULAR LINE ASD W1T1IOCT FAILX'KE FOR XiiJHT TEA BS, PoE CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Regnlar Sailing Daye.Stk tW.h of rarh month. C actio*.?So many frauds and imposi tionsof varieus tunas have beer iatelv<> perpetrated 011 travellers b?a?d ^oCALl " FOR NI A, that the subscriber. the only auth<*rized Agent for passage bv the U. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feels it his dirty to oaution all persons seeking passage to California, that, to avoid imposition, thev must be aareful to liiid the true oflioe of the Stoauiships oi the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Raiin>ad. as no otbero&ce in New York is authorised to engage pastnge. The Companies have only oue office in New York, which is at 177 NVest street, corner of Warren street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the Com pany's Wharf. ID" OI>s?fve my sign over the door. 1. W. RAYMOND. Agent. je 19- New York. rpHE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL ' UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Tkt Skigt composing thit Lin4 are: The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldndga. The BALTIC Capt. Joseph Comstuck The ADKIATIC._~ Capt. James West. These ships having been built by oontr&ct expressly for the Government servioc.ever) care has heen tttken in their oonstruct 1011, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed,and their accommodations for passengers are unequalled lor elegance and com fort. PrH>e of passage from Naw York to Liverpool. 111 hrst ail Mil, $ i Jo; ir. second do., 9' j ; exclusive use of extra size state ruums, $3i5. From Liverpool to New Vork,3^'an<l 20guiue.ns. An experienced Sur geon attached to each ship. No berths oan l>eKecure?l until paid for. The ships of this hne have improved water-tight bulk-heads. PROPOSED DATES OF BAILING. TBOX XMW YOKk. | FilOM L1VKKP?>'?L. Saturday, June 20....1857 Wedufestlay, Jnn?? Hi !"57 Saturday, July 4 1857 Wednesday, July 8.. IU7 Saturday, July 18 1157'W*<lne?r{?tj . July 22 .Ins? Saturday, Aug. I 1H571W ednesfliy, Aug. 5 |v57 Saturday, Am. 15 1?57 Wednesday, A'ig. 1M.I^57 iMturdsy, Sept. 12 .. .1&S7! We?lue-?lajr, Sept. 2. .1s57 Saturdn) , Sept. 26 1*57; Wvdnesdui, S^pt. 3o.lii.V7 Satu.d.ij , Oct. 10 1SJ7 W<x1ii*m1h> . Oct. 14 .1*57 Saturday. Oct. 2? ia57 Wednesday, Oct. 28 tf.57 ? Saturday, Nov. 7 1?S7 WedneKf'ay, Nov. 111*57 Satnrday, Nov. 21 IW1 Wednesday, Nov. 25 UJ7 Saturday, Dec.5 1857 Wednesday, l>ec. S 1SW 1 Wednesday, Dec. 23.1857 For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. 56, Wall itreet, New York. BROWN. SHIPLEY ft CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD ft CO.. ft, A?tw F nars, London. It. G. \YA1N WRIGHT ft CO? Paru. The owners ?f these ships will not be aoconntabic for g??ld, silver, bullion, specie, ieweiry, preoious stooes or metals, unlerc b.lls of lading are aigned therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. j? 15 STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. HOURS OE DEPARTURE Leave Alexandria at 4>?, 7Af, 9, I2H.S. 4K.?V l^e.avu Washington at fi, a, 9\, 11?. 1W. ?. 5H. 7. ap 2D-d _ ELlIlS L PRICE, Captain. Daily line f(?r edwards* ff.rry AND LEESBt'RG, Va.. via Chesapenke and Ohio Canal.?The Packet Konts 1 P ??? . , 1 GO and M. C. M EUtS, will c?anmetir> making daily trips to the above points.?^*' on .Nloiiday. March 2S, leaving the wharf of W. H. and II. G. Ritfcr, Georgetown, I). C. everv morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted: through in eitcht hours; leaving Georgetown Atlaeve'i o'clock in the morning, tho Boats will arrive at the Great Kalis.or Washington Aqueduct, at !?* a. m., Seueoa at 12in., Edwards' Kerry ;it S p. m., where a stage wiil be in readmeaa to convey passengers to Lecsburg, Va. Beturninc, 'cave Edwards* t erry every day <U nine o'clock in the morning, anil arriving in Georgetowc at sunset. Through Tickets. fl.TA. Intermediate points as follows; Great Falls or Washington Aqueduct. 5P cents; Se:ie?i. 75 oen's; Edwards' Ferry, J!.i2; Lessburg, Yirgiiua, ineludtug c??ack. $1.75. Meals served on the Boats at moderate pnoes. mar 25 W. H. ft If. G. RITTER._ EW ROUTE TO THE SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS f CHARLESTON RAILROAD COWPfBTED?CONrXCTIXC Chattanooga. Tinn.; Charleston. S. P.; Savan nah, Ga.; and all tk* Northeastern cities, with Memphis, Tenn. Th's road is now completed and opened lor the reg ular transportation of Passengers and Freight, and will afford more Expedition and less Expense than any other route between the Northeast and South west. Passengers and Shippers will take due notioe thereof, and govern themselves accordingly. Parsonger Trains leave Stevenson daily at '/% o'olock.a. m., (after the arrival of the trains from Chattanooga and Nashville,)ar.d arrive at Memphis same dav at 7 p. m., connecting with First Claaa Steam Packets to New Orleans, and all other impor tant points upon the Western Rivers.* Goods con signed to Railroad Ageuls at Charleston or Savan nah, will be forwarded to Memphis and other pointa. by Express Freight Trains. Preight in charge of the Adams Express Cotr? pany is carried over this route dadr by the Passen ger train*. F. C. ARMff General Sup?rintenaent. Hunt8vill?, (Ala.) April 1st, 1&57. * Through Ticketa to Memphis, ftc.. Bold at Wil mington, N. C,; Charleston, S. C.; Augusta. Savan nah, Macon. Atlanta, and Coiumbn*. Montgom ery. Al*.; Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tenn. To connect with the Western Trains on this road, passengers will take the night trains from Wi!ming t?u. N. C.; Augusta. Ga.;Ch?ttanoogaand Nashville. Tenn.; and the day trains from Charleston aod Kingsviile, S. C.: und Atlanta. (*a. ap 7-tf TO BUILDERS~AND OTIIERS^fhe un.ler signed has on baml a large lot of BROWN STONE for building purposes. W I N DOW HEADS, SILLS. PLATFORMS. 9TEP*, Ac.: also, splendid variety of carved and plain ITALIAN Marble MantEls. which he will dispose of atalow price. JOHN RUTHERFORD. It 22-1 m" 2d door from tvirner of t?th and E sts. mnn COPIES ok roIalie, the pra IUUU rie Flower, the most beautiful *ong ever published. A1ik>. Darling Nelly Gray.Mus'O in the Air. and all the new music of tl?e tlpy just received at onr Piano and Mua>c Store, 306, J^tween ^th and l?th stresrs. JOHN F. ELLIS. Itw pANSI-FAN^-M^^^ANJ^gk,. jy ]4 Pa. av.. t**1- ?th and Oh ?ta. W A LHvlJiesii^ AH SS CLO THS, CASSIM E kES. AN I* VESTlfrl9& esse: TkArifB RUN MB FOLLOWS ? FrrtH WASHINGTON at ? a. m., -n.i ? Rallay wilk trains far the Wtw. a?i at kT^ , . with those for Philade.phia and New Vork^MMa a. m.. for Atfnapolia, Baltimore. Pb. sdeiphW and nffiEar* nsr -^ SiVW?^*"*AiubohJ'PldSZeOZ^ QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT HO U T H E H N MAIL LIAS. washi xo'-fi til^l&iSTob xh' t:1 AoND * ?ORD?^8VILl2 mj/tH W?ahinjrton atft o'clock a. m. -jJ ??hinftoa at 7 o'clock p m. rare iron VV aahimtton to Kiaimoad. $6 y>. TIJIr-Yiv??Bl RG mud th# WtTHWFW. 5SKHfftfe ""i17 sssrasrtfs: Memphis, *.2*. ^?Tn?. mo"it root* to the Virrinm ??"""" <"*%2Z sfrnfcuttttSS'iifc "- ?m" w?"Ti? h are Iron Atowdm to Wkif Sulphur, ft ItJP. TbeifwmfrfiKOROK PAGE. foot of^-v.^ ttree., beta* ownfd by the Railroad CouiMnT^M ^connection with the trains. company. run* the Be* t" f?r Rlchmt,?tl*ud Lynch hurt procured on t.i?'"'^>,nnibMasaepd Hac(VK? Wagons Will h?.( ft * 52f I J?u? to th* Staajnbnat,for Alexa- . f? "'*'1 ?#?-?.!-* Sr. Ai?udm. j?ir. ,ti*KgA-Kv* N* |\(EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. fY?/? ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. SB?S5mt9FG SFSI in* oonnectin* lines at the Wiwt ha* rsutiirod ar or W VhiVh'hieM tb? runoln* ?"???? em eats of this roec im^;rt*ntJ?*?*"'*/* ? ?o the frnvJ in both directions for through pa*s?nr?r* from'cZJclZ4?SOM *<>l >*"<>>> TRAIN atari* i T"""' B* 7 A.y,i?^: i*rtaSj at JT.M *UUom ^ ?"?? ^ Cam u "-TRAIN starts (flu*, ex ? p*i A- M.. and arrives at W heetias at 4 .S A. M.. connecting at Kenwood with Central Ohio uviue, t/bioMv. 8t. L<>uie. A c.. and at uui* l b.v CletJi?TnJlfleZZ .'? Detroit. Ac, ly neua Rr*^1 " Pnrkaratmrr with Mi KXPRKSRTHiCINCINNATI n. A I n r.>" TRAIN leaves daily at & <A P M ?v?r . from'Ticis rpT**0?-*' * A' ? wl?*? e>?raas trans A*?. '? ^">^nn*ti. (truJkomt ckmngt t,r Cart at ( oiumt u\,. and r.^ciu: * there in hut A hours from Ba.tnnorx ard 2K hours from Washirr St r. w ^' "^tfjl.rpct(y ,. hoth d.^S^ns. T^! t7 I*nftf#nrNirt ai>d Marx:ta n?a<ls for Chi..n*>the. Cincinnati, mc. These tra ns oofrieot at Xenia for Ind.anat>o!i?, Ciucaco awd >? Louis, and a^ Cuioiiimti withtii# Oreat Ohio and Misaiswippi i.xpresa for I .ouisriUe Oairr and Jv R?l"i,mo/I,US? . <2hours from K?..imore. Hy this train the ttmt to all the e*ntrm ?*'V?* in ,,f* W*at la much leae. wh 'e the i/ytnnre is from *?to M? miles rhorter than t v ill *!!ll ?* other !"?**?? From the \V??t to*- <i flonnMOtiofin are equally close and aatisfaclurt sr. "vine *t Baji,,no^ at k.?. A. >L ^',WcU>r>' *r* r^Hi J. TICKETS tojilut low??at rates at Camden Station and at Washinctrm. D. C. raRe*r>K*ri from ftaltimore or Washinrtoo m r ?Z?'kL"?:?r*d hw * tak?2Tn!?' in^A . t' *,,,1 ljm* nver Rl Cumberland ..r Oak Unri, aw! resume* ae*t nx?rr..iijc hy WheeUns Ae Oakland at iJrsI'*4** Iear,li< Cumberland at \ a?d TK-n FxVK ?A.Y PA**EXGERF. rMtumhenaiio AcoommodatK>ii Train at 7 A AT will? at.*" ?*?t o| Cuml>eriand, and ttie VV heeiine Acoonimo<?ation at all StaUona b?.}..n1 C,m,lH?r|,nd sou.* West. 1-jwtwardly. U?T^I^ I nun l?aves \\ at 8JO A. M-.anJ Ac??im? 5. reachiuic Baltimore K^r^iss* - ^sss?r> ?tJillf. FRh?>?R|fcK TRAIN atarta at 4 P. M , t oppinjE at way stations. Learea Frederick at" i, Tk i*ir!\lco,iil"j'i7,',r' !2 noon. A M ^ " ' TRAIN lear^sat* .. A M 'aI3*V m*iM> KHiootfa Mills a: 7 "? W? Wl'l 7 I . nL? CX"^Dt Siituity FUR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH A M XVa*h">ft<'? 4.15 and o 5 ^frs p K{: S1, UD SunW fcl 4 i4 A. Si.. o ^ f?r Baltimore at ? and * jn \ M.a^d aan^. f>. M. ()l Suada,. at 7 A. M. a .i Ttie hrs(and fourth tvainn from Baltimore* and t1 e ae*?d *; ,i f?urth tniin, from WwSfuSSSr V * eXprvjkC mail traic*. kU>r>pi>i( only at\Va*hn JVnet'ouand Anr.apoli. /unction. * *" a and 4 2.V1'?.' 5r 5'fru,rT1 B^timore and th? fi 30 tralna from Annapolis " ??nn#Ct Wltto l"a KVrr|l,riw?' ,"fnrrnBt,on. f*re. Ac.. u>p.y r? J. T. ^\:!nASD' A"ot' wt 8T,^oTrib?^ J Maater of Transportation. Bs^imore T? WESTERN travelers. ^pbiso akdScmmic AKKiNetxnTi. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. two daily trat\s to pittsburu rw .V . AKD TffE WEST. I YTRtl\s.'nR 1VAY l,t' 1M7- TWO DAJ l'\ TRAINS will l?ive Calvert Station for Pitts citiee e?t?ru and South or Nortiiweat.f i I ~vI^,MORY}RoM V1' TRAIN I^^eaves Baltimore daily (Sunday exoepted > at K <s A.M- 7"in-ct.n* with th^ Mail Tra-n orVr the a^t 5"l"y%l "th'Z f ?illr,,"<1- 1Z! Rrrl^?n? m Cincinnati ?,t THE AFTER NOON EX PRESS TRAIN M.Cnamil^^ U1"ljr ,SU,"'U? > ?? 3 P. . THE NIGnT EXPRESS TRAIN oon^T" .Jw,,."",lKV|';RV M?HTat i* P. V.. I^'Jtng Express ov.-r lha Pcr.-i Th"r'?AMmi^rwVi.?,"^,,r,f- ?rr,,",? ?? i p. m. At i>.if i Aiid 10 P. M. (rami crt?* w Wamm?mUJli rl ?7''r V"* iort itaiijM and ( ktcmto Aatlroad and lU Norther-i . "i|LL^ern W cstern ct>n:;ecti<>ns. ' inKn lo? rf,?r" fp,r|"???. R?? n??rl \t. ! - / /? Milwaukee, Duhiiinc. Sf ??? 1 Madiaon. and orher leadine cties in the ?i?.rf hw-r* ? ill save one), unHrtd m,lt* of trnr.i aad ten7?r. ... time with four U*> cna^e* of era. ,,J|-{r Pn*fn*f rs for Cleveland. SandnsVr. To'sil-i aiHTDetroit *o by this route, end the time is t t. qiiaJcd. ncin* 4S miles shorter than aqt other rou>? re Jl?uCa^vT*/^ 11 '"^iaaapolis. Tr*' P^.r \T.' Cair?. ?nd all points on the lowrr I ppcr Mississippi, n:^k?> tess chanxpe at cars *i? ?*c!!i* ''wk*s[any other route; and to Ciuc nati., Co.uml ua, Dai uhi. I<ouisu!le and other ->r??.-i ,n*tii \w **? SS *' W ?"3 other rmit*. Ti ... . ,t FOR THE NORTH. ?It i' Trains conaeot closrlr with Express trains over the Dauphin road/or UmsP'Tt Elmira, Rooheater. Buj^o, Nutjara FaJ , mi.tSv?r.k ,he ,T""'t dlr^' railm .v New Yo^t W PennsTlvania ?nd Western cheXno.^ ??rt m^i*?*rr^I!!iW fi,Ml ,hlB t,l# ?h<1rtci.-. SJJhKnads "Pilous route to Nlacara Fa ? Thruurh tickets are issued to Philadelphia \ a SS^SS.'fiT'^ aI1 lb" rain* at i ra,n.^-*v k'"i""" connections. |^a?i,e; jsrs by this route avoid tre?Med bridge* and al' ti e ineonvemenoe of ferry aero,. th. Su.^uehani* PassenrerR for Hanover. .Manchester ? Eininitti>hurit. Carlisle and Chambvabtiri to I'* t trains at 4.15 A.M. and S P. N, "M,"ww,r? ?? ?> t?,MRartT'\f?VHKVho0?'i1) SPR^GP i^v rtvertlie Pe, n.'i'J'r With trs.:.? hr R r J^ir Ra,'1TO".1 to ^y hTcod Top R"ilrco<l t?. Hopewell?ther,oe \ \ SttSTXl" li*df<,rdu,>T*r * rfMMl uasur P PaaieiSri f.V * *< * Y?RK SPRINGS. KPHRATA ?* CALEDONIA - warm ? OOl Hl.ING gap-* , ?nd PAPERTOWN, ?*va by ?tarns at 8.J5 A. M.. S P. M. < r 10 P. M. _ W EST MINSTER BRANCH. I he Cars on this road make but one trip par d ?. , ? eonneetu.c with the3 P. M. tram. For THROCGH TICKETS and farther u.f. matmn apply at the Ticket ^trc*. Calvert Station N. E. ooruer of Calvert and Franklin streets. Balti* more. Bankable Funds onlv received for Fare. )j 14 1VOTICE-NOTICE.?I haveafswof thoae nhe.. 1> TOILET SETS ?n hand, whwh I to cloae out, and will sell at oi?st. AltoJSJ GOBLETS and other (iLAhS W A RE. tliatQp must be eo.d preparatory to a onan?e in ny X'T busiueaa. All that want to bu> oheao. oteass ST t ?1W**" ^ 101*lr? ? *1 full pverue. *** iohW||sW;vttt R70 1 ,ni)kr browns- hotliT , rjjpt openin* a splendid assortment ?! *prins and Summer R f. \ DV-M A DF CI (iTII 1 \ v ind Gent's PIRN I SUING G(>ODS oV the k.est nVn^Iwt ??*?*'?Jl* th?. ^?mP?riulT1 ?f Faahioa, No. -* Hotel, next to pri\-ate autranoe. * (Intel A Sf*fe?? Di; l*?NT'S GFN P(> w I>r R. maPzsrsss^ixsrw,t''Mm'"aM' , W.ALBERT RING, Aeext for the District of Columbia. No. 3S H if || itrm( mav 1J tf (Intel * ^ NEW PIANOS RECEIVED TI1I> WEEK g at our \\ arerooms, between Mh and luth sis reuu. aveuue. J* ? JOHN F. KLLIg.