Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR 1? PIBL1IUO EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comtr tf Pinniyleant* mmm, and 11<A Strut, Br W. D. WALLACE. tad J aarred to aafcMribara by oarnera at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, pnyaWa WMkly to U Amenta; patera aarred in raokifM at ST* Mute Mr month. To mail aubaoribara the subscription pnoa >a THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a rear tn advance, TWO DOLLARS for six month*,aod ONE DOLLAR for three montha;for ieaa than three month* at tha rata of I2K ***** a vaek. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. {One of our fair and fashionable bellea aenda ua the following letter aud poem?to which we jive a piece as in duty found? Ed*, Express. Tn the Fiitorsoftki N. Y. Express: Miaa Flora McFlimsey having had brought to her r.ottoe the poetical effusion of " Nothing to Wear" ?through the medium of yonr valuable paper, on the Kith inet.?would respectfully aik the aid of your orHumne to reply thereto. and endeavor to rebut aome of the libels upoa her sex therein contained. M-idnon Square, July 36. 18V7. SOMETHING TO WEAR. bt miss flora x'nnttn. Visa Flora McFlimaay ol Madison Square, Would ?end her compliments?if the knew where? To B* * * * r, Kaq.. w ho address'd her those rh vines, And try to inform him? and cite him betimes*? That much la quite nonaeose 'bout 44 Nothing to Wear.** And for auch aense, or bo aenae, doea aheatall care >liaa Flora McFlimaey haa not l?eo to Pans Three separate times with her friend Mra. Harria; Nor did sne apend six weekain shopping and ahop Pin*. Whilst sne in that F.don a ahort time was atoppinr. That ladies don't buy things ' to tie on with stringa' Any mora than an angel would pin on hia winga ; Or ' dresses to stand in'?Oh. dear me ! Oh, laws .' Do you take us fair women for rough Indian aquawa! I'd have you to know it, that Father and I Thought that over te Kurope by steamer we'd fly; Take a look at the Queen; run over the Tower; Th?*u visit the Kmpress and iook at her bower. Make % short cell at Haden and taat?* of the water, Thea Father aaid: ** Flora ! for Pana my daughter." Vv Father's the one who adopted tbe course Ofrotn* to Pans?to visit the Bourse; He felt such an int'reat in Credit Mobtlier, That nothing whatever'd've stopped him 1 dare say. For in its *? atreet rambling" or " taking a bird." Or " trying a Julep" or44 cock-tail well atirr'd"? In driving faat horses?or owning a yacht. And ev'ry extravagance?I hardly know what, Vou men are least backward in having your whim? Therefore don't charge me Pana?but put it to him. To b? au>-e it appeara?by the steamer Arago, That to Fathers addre?* came the moat of the cargo; But if you will ask Mr. Redfield to ahow You the invoice?m? dear air?I very well know That deducting the wines?and Pates de foiea <ra?, (Those wines from the oeilara of the Duke of Nas sau.* The nice maoramn?ar*l trnfFi*s-pate*. And o'her good things formr Father?I say You will find that my dresses fill'd up but small spacc As they w*re quite largely compounded of lace; J.aces tor flounces and lacea for hats. Laoea for berthaa?and ev'rr thing that A ladv of taste and discernment would get, Y\ h# uvea, air, as we do?and visits our aet. But that which surprises me most of all thinjra, J? .'/je rpVf ?a J OUT vers*, Sir. so constantly ainga Of Nothing to Wear,"?Why the idea'a so queer, No I.ady conld ever have used it?that's clear. I may have said truly (when feeling not well, And company coming; and it hard to tell JJbat ahade would just then auit my faocv the beat, v>hether lil?c or orange, plain skirt or full dress.) "Nothing fit to be seen m'f-not "Nothing to Wear;" l ou 11 readily see there's a difference there. Tha aaaumption you make, that of all my adorer* i ou?< vou coxcomb !)?had captured that heart of Miss Flora's? What presumption you goose ! Why I gave you the mitten. And the way vou departed was every way fitting A eogenmb like you: who could write of a lady That she'd "Nothing to Wear "?why wa'ut yon afraid a ? Remorse wouaJ come o'er you and parch up your tongue Before the tirat five lines of such stuff you'd sung * But inasmuch aa on your forty-eighth page \ on attempt to aet up as Philosopher? Sage Ami isaue a soandal of which I'm ashamed. Put a ailenoe ou my part would rightly be blamed ; 1 articularly since you'v<* been m s<<ciet> , And gain <1 through me thus, soma small notoriety; I must rake you i.i hand, sir without any glove, reopie won't think 'tween us there's now any love. Now you onco. sir, essay'd with tha greatest devo tion To capture my heart?when you said with emotion J bat "nothing on earth did you prize quite ao high .!^l * smi'8 from dear Flora's carulean bright eye; ?? f i' IP* h6Rrt wa* 'be mirror of all true affection: And that all you dosir'd was m> sweet connection." That your'a waa the oourtiug?you'll aurely allow, in ail sii,c-*nty, how can you now, Am ou page twenty one-sty le thein "loasil affection" Immediately alter your deaerved rejection ! It speaks very ill of your manly good aense skrtlk away coward-like with thn? pretonso; t hat your wiadam had louud that you'd cheatcd yoursel f. hen it plainly appears you aought only my pelf. ITwaa the rost of thejcwela; the rou of thenhawls; I fk> f us/ of thr) tifileU; tlid f tfi/ of the ? ? Tfte fust ol the pleasure; the rust to the p??c?cet; lSwpposa you return me that little hair loeket, ?> uich you swore should forever lie cloae to your brotutf [' Phourli not crusted with diamonds; you may keep the rest Of the amuieta, trinkets, charms, and bijouterie, >? Inch you Itave so often accepted from me.> But a truce to conferring with one tfiat's ao mean, Oui tfirtation I d v?il with impervious screen, 1 hen away without even "the form a bow"? Aa you left me (aa you say >you "hardly knowhow.j I 'd refer to the page from which I first noted, PHe:4 *oit you'll see where I've quoted, ? ? ? J there 'Vnets such deep distress *|?* the female coiumumtr ff?r wtnt of dress; 'Tl'at unfortunate victims are hlliug the air .'With the pitiful wail of Nothing to Wear; ?That in one smzle house on the Fifth awnue. ' I nree youug ladies ware found lail b*low twent* tW?,) 4 Who had beeu full three weeks without anything D6W. I.'T.1?*1'naxuion near the aaine place, \V as a 4ep>oraUe, h>>art-rending case"? Now, to use gen'ra! terms, it's all very well. In fear of the iaw. and a suit for libej; But when you ap?*ak thua of my Avenue friends, It surely requires me to seek some amends? * or there a onljr ten houaes below twenty -two; t'?w which of those housos do you m<?n to point to? la etch o! thoft# houses yoirva boen well received; Anu cun it be possible?to be beii#ved? lliat all s??rt of gratitude's torn from your breast; That you sh<>iiid presume that they're so Uistre?s'd.' And worse thauall thia, that, on page fifty -two, I rtio I do not intend. s:r, to quote you all through.) ?nV1 speak Ola ljufi?we know l.r.H?u*h ' at>} m?ifi here her full name to ahow) Who imported her dreaacs, her sieevos, aud her coliara, ' By lara''*Srner Pacific~wcrth thousands of dol ( V\ ho iHtmJeii to do ao: but the poor alup waa lost. Auu of course the young iady was very much croas'd) A ad then its so easy for any one bcut To discover the name of tbe I jvly who sent To Pana tor ootlars, and such aort of thing. **."*?'1"u*mor? l/om Kurope ao constantly bring W i.a tbe costs ot the ooiiara, the gloves aud the lacea; t Which add to our beauty, and set off our gracea.) But as I was juat now intending to say That one kal/a Yankee (and insMing to) may Discover the name of the lad* who lost Her friends in that steamer?and wh<> was ao croaaod At tosing her laces and Par!a-ma<fe gloves; I he cojf ,?f which prol*bly affected her lovea. (f.iae the daah which came o'er you?in reFrenca to Hff; The failing* of others, ahould profit ono'a aclf.) I'm only surprised that one of your lore Should not tit ye considered all these tliinga balore. Awl avoided this suit?which i mean to bring Against you for hbcl?and that sort of thuig. But that the kind public may he well protected r roin erroneous advice from one that a rejtcted, I too have determined lortn with to enquire Into *ad reasons?winch have arged yon ?r Z T".0,1 *n on?ia''g'nt noon women'a toggery. mITuIk.u ^ ef"*' ??aip?et brothel and grocgery, a mi <?i?fr -- h*ve. routed the gainb'era and dice, rj i.^! ii. ??>!*, promotive of vioe,? llScal' 1 t0"?r ,hu*a Ot"fitim',,',** Y^"'e r*u**~the foundation and baaia li e t te eo, f "r ISf t?: B,lt Mjr wtmt 'ou "?y ? Its tae eott ot the Kiepitaul every one'll say ! The meanness weighing the cost of each dress li ??Wose^wu have weighed wich little &wess > " II.T ",uc"'' -Si !lt^!i?i? ' A*<.?*' a t**e value on each maiden kiaa ?> Sir ! the pleasure ol wedd.i.g one so" " " nean Surpasses my vision?aitd cannot Us seen. .H??1 V" .T4*1 h%v# the (f"T ' y>? know) ii! ^mittmg mir province to make a great show r[*?s ol ,h* th? Wueena of the m0 M*e ?f m?n- f,,,t to wait at rnir call ? And therefore yon aay with great tree?b m and easle ?- *u * ~ 7'" c*" ^?"*a as much a* we please;" Ana flirt when we like, ana have plentv of t*?aux " ilothaa'"1 U*V? ?^?l?*f. ' aad plenty of But the polkas and beaux come without any ro.*t, J^wi?.saad C othes seem U? you tnin<s l#st. 57* 7,h? t' 'on thmk' 'h*1 ? of Fashion I*? L w,tl? ?h* X'ovelling passioa if %pd th" stuff r ? i . J?1 haartlmg schooi, that was enough. A 1-y.y or f a?).u.n hae nought eisa to do UHl ,c;'nf ,r[B to Fashion?and thoroughly too. To dreii'for m,,?l,n {i* breakUst and then r j?*a tor the morning;?aiul sometimes, air.when drive for a enil, she must wear carriage g*ar, at*1 king apparel wouldu't answer, that'aclear: I haajhe must dress f?? dinner;- (a nmny knowa Juat "well aa he'd know hia head from his l*t ?) 7*?a tha kmband sh'Mjrd come with a '/rejj coat au<t cioves 1" An?l wait upon her he adoringly lovea Hut he must not tali to her-or look in her eves Nor luuat he ou au? account show a surprise <lor she'll do aa she pi?asc-a ? It a rode U, take notioc-or utter rough 81.^.^1 ' "* ?. with hJVr^'niiog T'1 erVI'9 *PP?*r 'ike a,) But then t w^uld U l*at, that he'd afterwards wan hke * ,tra> ; fs euer e*aniplg do 1 know in hiaforj VOL. X NO. 1,425. Than Spanker'* man " Dolly/' without any mistery. I'd inform you you'll find the whole character drawn In the "School for Scandal"?("Now, Dolly, don't ?awn !") And then after dinner, if / should incline To enioy with a statesman a little good wine, Thon yon should retire and smoke a eigar, Wmen you aee'd be more fitting, a great deal by far, Than reinainiug near me. at the very same table? (Folks would thinkjrou wero low?only fit for a sta ble.) But in case I should feel most inolin'd to retire, Accepting the arm of a gallant young suuire, Why.tten, you'll remain; you'll prefer, then?to ?moke At the table;?(when I'm gone you'll crack a loke)? And that's ail y*?o need do?except tell mi ooaoh To remain until ten o'clock, by the approach Or door of the house, in oase 1 desire To slip from the oompauy?or to retire. So I think if you rtuld only get o'or the rott, (Aad not consider nothing but what you have lost!) Consider we women will (that's verv cl? ar) Do just as we please and have "Something to Wear Attend at our bidding?and obey each call; Wait upon me at dinner?and to any ball When you are invited?and not otherwise; In a word, be a husband a woman could prize ; Vmean one of Fashion:?a woman of sense; hen you may humbly sue for and havo a pretense To obtaining inv favor?provided you're quiet. And eschew all passion, and commit no riot. For I'm mre that yon sMll like ?om? notoriety, And would like to go with me into Society. The moral you draw has been much admired. But then 'twond be well, if you liad enquired The tnodt which was bear to accomplish the plan Ol aiding the poor:?so I'll tell,(if 1 can.) At such times, when you best can be spar'd fiom my side: In case I should consent to be your bride, (Which may be, if you'll dress well; tnind your Pa atd Q*: A nd always wear bootees, and never vile shoes; He sure to wear gloves of the whitest of kid. And oarefully do whatever you're bid.) Then find out the casea of most notoriety ; (Some of those m the perview of some great so ciety:) ? Then writedown my name Mistress Flora JdcB, As Donor or Patroness?so that I may be Regarded as pious, benevolent, kind. Contributing more than others,(you'll mind;) Because, if you girt less than others have done. My eood deeds will never shine out in the sun* Ar.d be snre to write my name,?for that would be right; Your Lady should alwavs be kept most in sight,? Then get all the lista(whichare published) of name* Of managers, patrons, (but you'll see my anna:) I wish that amoncst those most distingue. My name be t.o placed to make a display. (Its Scripture you know?not to have our lights hidj Attend to this iiulxiiii, and do as you're bid.) Those matters you state 'bout the poor and the matm'd. Are all very well?if the praise can bo claimed, Of having com pass toned and pitied their let, Provided you'll always be careful to dot On the subscription paper, that Mistress McB. Is a most valued member of Soeitty. So. unless, my dear sir, you can sacrifice self; Hare an utter contempt for all things like pelf, Be convinced that >our wife (if you ever have one) Is the only bright imace that's under the sun : Have the papers emblazon her name at the halls. As the loveliest of ail whom her own Fashion oalla? F.lect her Directress, if you can I.I. D. Whieh would look very well after Mrs. McB., I think you can never assume the proud station (>f husband in this ace?in this Yankee natiou. No woman of spirit would e're have a man Who'd suppose that her actions be could at all soan, " Young America's" fast, as we very well know. And prone in all climates to make a great show ; 80 if you'll reflect on that worthy cognomen. There's not only the man but also the wo man. That the old-fashioned practice of pouriug the teas, And making of puddings, or shelling of peas. And other housewifery which used to be done By those old dames who would no labor shun, Has departed forever and gone to repose; If it $'er will come back, the Lord only knows ; And its better their rnotto'd continued to be A peaceful siuml>er?rrquiestat m pate ; Whilst for tins generation of Ladies one ineana They'll remain the Nineteenth Century Queens! Flora McFlim*et. OKNEKAL PRINCIPLES. In the August number of Knickerbocker is a racy sketch untitled "A month with the Blue Noses." An American and an Englishman having descended into a coal mine to inspect itd dingy wonders, upon emerging they bold the following dialogue : 44 Do you know," said I, 14 Picton what we would do if we bad such a devil's pit as that in the States ?" '?Well?" answered the traveler, interroga tively. 44 We would make niggers work it." 44 I dare say," replied Picton, dryly and sa tirically ; 44 but, Sir, I am proud to say that our government does not tolerate barbarity ; to consign au iuoffensive fellow creature to such horrible labor, merely because bo is black, is at variance with tho well-known humanity of thu whole British nation, Sir." 14 But those miners, Picton, were black as the devil himself." 44 The miners," replied Picton, with impres sive gravity. 44 are black, but not negroes. 44 Nothing but mere white people, Picton ?" 44 Eh ?" said the travelor. 44 Only white people, and therefore we roed not waste one grain of sympathy over a whole pit full of them." 44 Why not?" "Becauso they are not niggers ; what is the use of wasting sympathy upon a rat-bole full of white British subjects?" ??I tell you what it is." said Pioton, 4,you are getting personal." 44 Not at all. my good friend. I am only talk ing of British subjects in the abstract; you un derstand?this is always the way with talking philanthropists, and it reminds me of a story : In the course of my travels, I once met with a queer couple?representatives of your nation and mine. The Yankee was a tail oompound of skin and whalebone; the Englishman, a tall, wiry animal, with red hair, and eyes like a fer ret. Yankee bent over him liko an elm over a scrub oak. So far as the divine influence of the gra{?e was concerncd they were about equal. 44 I tell you what is, Johnny Bull," said the altitudinous ono, 44 there's one thing I want you to remember nsagen'ral principle, you can take any one Yankee, (laying tho fore-fin gcr of bis right hand on the thumb of his left,) and put him before any two Englishmen, (ear rying his right fore-finger to the first and second fimrers of his left hand,) and he'll whip em both." ?'Ye think so, d'yo ?" said the ferret-eyed. 44 Yes, sir, you can bet your life on that, as a gen'ral principle. Take any one Yankee, (thumb.) and any two live Englishmen, (two fingers.) and he can whip 'em so quick you wouldn't have time to say Balaam! 4- You think so, d'ye ' said ferret-eyed, get ting restive. 4> Yea, eir, I kuov? it, you can bet your life on it." " Well sir," replied the little fellow, squaring his yards,44 you are a Yankee, and I'm an Eng lishman?only on* Englishman, suppose you try me?" 44 0h! look here. Johnny Bull," replied the altitudinous. droopingover him. 441 didn't mean anything personal; I only meant it as an abstract thing?as a gen'ral principle; take any two Englishmen, (two fingers.) and any ono Yankee, (thumb,) and he'll whip 'em quicker'n you can ?ay 'scat!' I mean, of course, as a gen'ral prin ciple." Brsscmii'i Phocks* mn Makino Ito* aid Stul ?lirrat ex lactations were c her it bed some little time since, of peihapa an Immediate revolu tion in tbe manufacture of Iron and steel by the use of powerful currents of air acting on very Uitthlv lie a ted masse* of iron ore; a process sug gested by Mr. Bi'snemer. One difficulty not yet overcome i* fatal to the success of the process. Among the impurities in Iron ore is phosphorus. Its presence renders Iron brittle and valueless, and Mr Bessemer's procesa falls entirely toexpel it- It cannot lx> doubted, however, tuat some substance will be discovered which, mixed with tbe inadr*?cent ore. will combine with the phos phorus and leave the Iron free from it. So valua ble would ??? such a discovery, that men of the bl ;hest ehemical eminence cannot foil to glve thin piobieui tbeir attention. 07* Readers will remember tbe divorcecaseof Mrs Talbot, of the county of Roscommon, in Ire land, which created such a sensation daring its progress through tbe House of Lords. O in of tbe thief witnesses against her, Hev. W.Sargent, stung by remorse, has removed all suspicions by confessing bi?complicity in this infamous trans action, aiid the loss of reason which the martyred Marrianne Talbot sustained tbe shock of unfound ed accusation, has fallen with the avenging jus tlce of Providence 011 tbe bead of tbe false wit ness. Tto wretched man has delivered himself up to lite police at Clonmel, acknowledging liU Iown guilt, and adding further confessions of for i*erv, kf. s?> much for tbe discriminating judg ment of the British supreme tribunal of appeal FOR REST AHD SALE. I?OR SALE.?A very oomfortable three-story BRICK DWELLING, situated on the west ? id* ofGth street west, between G and H north. Price $2?w>: half in cash, balance in 6, 12. (ind 18 months; or if all should he paid in oash, a deduotina will be mad* in the prioo. Apply at No.5l2<2d story) 7th street. , jy 23 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. FOR SALE.-A valuable H<<ILDIN<1 LOT, No. 13, in Square No. 81. oostaiiunn 9,302 square feet, situated on south side F street north, between 21st and 22d streets west. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No. 5127th street. jy 16-tf I^ARM FOR SALE.?A piece of fine LAN Don Rock Creek, in Montgomery county. Md.. six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry,. Wuod, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and Hawkins. 112X acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13 acres rich creek bottom. and some fine yellow pine timber. It can I* divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf FOR SALE.?My RESHDENCE on the corner o"r New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street soutn 2ij6 feet 11 luches.oud oontaimng nearly 34,(*?? square feet. mayS-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. AVALUA BLE FA R M FOR S A L E. - For ?ale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Rai'rosd. The soil is natu rally excellent, and mar economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce hs fine crops as are grown anywhere in the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship tiPiber, for which there are markets to l>e reached by means of the railroad ; also, a large qnantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prioes. The buildings areall on a hill, and, with small repairs, may be made oonifortable for the residence ot a family The place is well watered, an J embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell it, if will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase mar inquire for fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLACH, editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jy 8-tf FJOR RENT.?A modern built Hol'SE. contain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the citr, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out ; water and bath-room. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4<4 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf FOX 4. VAN HOOK, Rkal Estatb Agents, Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a number of Building Lots 24 feet front by 1*> feet deep, at the very low price of from %75 to .?!i>5 each?payable in small monthly instalments of $3 per mouth. These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Auaoostia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for f ersonri wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca ion for a dwelling. I#ot-holders in arrears are requested to oomplete their purchase, and get their deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from ?v?ry possible incumbrance. may 25-&n I7?OR SALE Oil RENT.-THE DESIRABLK R ESI DUNCE on the corner of F and 21 st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House oontains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, ami iurnac?. The stable will l>e sold or rented with the house if The lot the house stands on is 50 bjr 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land it desirod. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CHUUB BROTHERS. an s-tf | TNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ^ Washington. August 4.1857. county. I'enn.. praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 4th day of December, 1343. for an improvement in "carriage brakes," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, winch takes plnoe on the 4th day of December. 18.57: It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Ottire on Monday, the 23d of Noveiaber next, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to appearand show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to l>e granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Otfieo their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days beloio the day of hearing ; oil testimony l.ied by either party to be used at the said hearing must In; taken and transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the Office. which will be furmshod on application. The tostimony in theease will be closed on the 13th of November; depositions and other papers relief upon as testimony must bo tiled in the Office on or before the morning of that day; thearguments.ifauy, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice lie published in the Union, National Intelligencer, arid Star, Washing ton, D. C.: Hopubliean, Baltimore, Md.; pennsylva nian, Philadelphia; Daily News, New York; and Post, Boaton; once a week for three successive weeks, previous to the 23d of November next, the da> of hearing. S. T. SHUGERT, Acting Commissioner of Patents. P. S.?Editors of the al<ove papers will pleaso copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper oontaining this notice. aug 5-law3w j\T I No. 533.1 Notice for restoring certain LANDS TO MARKET IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA. Notice is hereby ziven that the Land Office at Greeusburg, in th? State of Louisiana, will be opeu to the sale at private entry and location, on and after the !.*( ilny of October nrst, of all vacant public land embraced in the following townships, viz : South of the base line and cast o.f the principal meridian. Townships 1. 2,3,4, and 6, and fractional townihips 8, of ran/e 3. Townships 1,2,3. and 4, of range 4. Towhshipa I, 2,3,4. 5, ti, and 7, and fractional town ships 8 and 9, of range 5. Townahips 1,2,3, 4, 5, G. and 7, of range 6. Townships 1,2,3, 4,5,6, and 7. of range 7. Townships 1,2, 3, 4, 5,and 7, of range 8. Townships 1,2,3, 4,5, fi, and 7, of range 9. The said lands having been proclaimed and offered at pnbliosale l*lorcth<Mr recent withdrawal try notice No. 5?I3. in reference to railroad purposes. The following townships, which have not been of fered heretofore at public sale, will be released from their recent withdrawal for railroad purposes, and open to pre-empt ion as other u hollered public land, on and after the dateabove mentioned, viz : South of the base line and east of the principal Meridian. Townships 5 and 7. of range 3. Townships ft, 6,and 7,and fractional townships Band 9, of range 4. Fractional townships 8, of ranged. Fractional townships 8,of rnnae 7. Township B, and fractional township 8, of range 8. Fractional townships 8 and 0, of range 9, Given under in* hand, at the General Land Office, at the city of Washington, the 17th dar of July, 1857. THOS. A. HJLNDRICKS, jy3>-lawfiw ^Commissioner. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Washington. August 4.1857. On the petition of II. M. Smith, of Richmond, Virginia, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him ou the 25th of February, 1841, for an improvement in "straw cutters," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes plaoe on the 25ihday of February, I85H? It la ordered, tha. the said petition lie heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 18th of January next, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to appear ami show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Offioe their olqections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony hied by either party to lie used at the said hearing must be taken and transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 8th of Jaminry, depositions and other papers re lied upon as testimony must l?e filed iu the I ifficeouor before the morning of that day; the arguments, if any, within ten da\ s thereafter. Ordered, also, that this ifftice be published in the Union, Intelligencer, and Evening Star, Washing ton, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore; I'ennsylvanian, Philadelphia; and Daily News, New Y?rk; ouce a week for three successive weeks previous to the 13th of January next, the day of hearing. S. T. SHUGERT. Acting Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the al*>ve papers will please oopy, ami send thoir bills to the Patont Office, with a paper containing this notice. aug5 Iaw3w ONE SECOND HAND MELODEtJN VERY low. Also, five iiew ones, for sale or rent upon reasonable terms. JOHN F. ELL IS. au 8 SK Penn.ave.. bat. '?th and tfltta sts. ONE PIANO AT $'?>: 1 at $37; 2at $50; 1 at #75; 1 at ilflfi: 2 at $125: 2 at All good second-iiand Pianos, at JOHN h. ELLIS, an 8 Penn.ave.. bet. 9th and 1<Hh sts. pROPERTY, LAND. LOTS, HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK, Rkai. Propkrtt Agknt, has for sale on terms to suit purchasers. Vacant Lots indifferent parts of the city. He Buys, Seba, and Exchangea all kinds of Rsal Property on imnle rate terms. General Agent. Notary Public, and Justice of Peace. No. 525 12th street, Washington City, D. C. jy 17-1 in Paper balloons at iva Mclaughlin a co's. (M> TO MCLAUGHLIN'S, Penn. avenue. 1**. ? 9th and Haii sts., for Notions. jy 29 IC L O T H IN G SADIES AND GJJN*' dispose of can reoeive i. u i n i n u, , GENTLEMEN having any to unpuiH oi can receive a fair cash pnoe lor the *aine, by sending or addressing H. MELA, No. mi -onnan* avenue, between 9th and leth streets, west end Centre Market. ? Huainess suspended on Saturday, if. MF.LA {^OJtPORation ?TOC^S FOH ?A1'E 1** EDUCATIONAL. ^ELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH, JVo. 309 Fstreet, Washington, D. C, Principal. DONALD MACLOED, A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, formerly Head Masterof Ravens croft College and Ash wood School, and Professor

of Rhetorio and Belles Lettrea in the Columbia Institute. This School will be opened on the second Monday of September next, for the reception of a limited number of Boarding Pupi Is and Day Scholars, who will he treated, in all respects, as members of the Principal's family. The design is to offer to young ladies from a distance all that is included in the name of "Home," and to extend to the Day Sohotars the advantages of Home lulluence. The Sessions will begin on the second Morday of Septeinl>er and first Monday of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through the month* of July and August. Circulars containing full information may l>e ob tained at the principal bookstores, anil will tie for warded by mail, to any address, on application, au 8 tf I^EAIALE* ENGLISH AN D~FRENCH COL~ LEGIATE INSTITUTE. Washixoton, D. C. IIiram Corson, Principal, in charge of English and Classics. Departments M'me. C. Rolmn Corson, Teacher of French, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Painting. M'm.b Ma Tit ii. us Fmilie Rollin, Assistant readier of French. The duties of th's Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of Septeinlier, 1857. Circulars can be obtained at tlie Book and the Music Stores. jy31-Im* Emerson institute. U street, between 12th find 13th. Select Classical a*d Mathematical School for Boys. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. The numlier of pupils is limited. For further particulars address au 4-lm CHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. (GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH * EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will be resumed September 1st. iv 7-2awtf P. A. HOWEN. Principal. |\|RS. HIRR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA 1"I DILS.?No. 391 H street, between 13th and Utk streets west, will re-open ou MONDAY, Septem ber 21st. jy8-law.l(sw* CULPEPER FEMALE SEMINARY. Culpeper Court House, Va., Under the Instruction and Superintendence of the MISSES FORXEKKT. This School will be re-opened on the 1st of Sep tember, 1857, for the reception of Hoarders and a lew day Scholars. The object in view is to extend to ail who apply and are admitted, a thorough and useful education. No pains will be witt held from giving the young Ladies such instructions as will adapt them for every duty and emergency of life. While the ornamental branches will not ue neglected, the solid and fundamental principles of heirt and head education will be the special objects of asiduous at tention. Female education has now taken such a firm hold on public attention, that, to proclaim its advantages, would be to portray a degree of ignorance not com patible with modern imurovement. The elevating influence of female education is felt and aeknowl ed^ed by overy admirer of female excellence; hes I'atethen. no longer, to bestow on your daughters tlnwe advantages that are indispensible to their ad vancement ana success through life. As the School increases, the number of Teachers will tiealso increased: thereby securing every aux iliary to the rapid advancement of the Student. Every effort will be put forth to maintain tho high tone and character of the School. Appropriate hours will be set apart for study and daily exercise. The discipline will be mild and per suasive, but very firm. Two Saturdays are appoint ed every month for I he girls to visit and make pur chases. The Gospel is preached from four different pulpits.affording to each the^rivilege of attending the Church of her choice. No influence will l>e ex erted to control the religions prejudices of the pu fuU. While practical Christianity wili form the .asis of their instruction, the selection of Churches and SablAth Schools will be submitted to the decision of parents and pupils?the variety of religious priv ileges here, will not fail to offer satisfaction to all. No Scholar will l?e taken forashor'^r term tl?an fiveinontls admission wii be obtain* d'any time dur ing the session, and charged only from the time of entrance. Half the tuition and hoarding fee must be paid in advance, in order to cover the expenses of the School. TrnM* For. Ten Months, Hoard, (including fire and lights> J,20 00 English branches f??r advanced Scholars 3(? ?? English branches for small Scholars US 0<i Music on Piano 3* (*? Use of instrument 10 on French In Ml Washing extra. No deduction made but in case ol protracted sick ness. R HFERKNCES. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. AlexaiJria, Va. Kov. Thomas Leavell, Madison county, Va. Kev. Mr. Karnest, Orange county. Va. Rev. John W. George,Culpeper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carson, " " Rev. John Cole. " " Dr. Alex. Payne, " " Chas. E. Ligutfoot, Esq., " " Thomas S. Alcocke, Esq., " 4* Helfield Cavo, Ksq., Madison county, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Ksq., Orange county, Va. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro, *? " lion. John S. Pendleton, Culpepcr county, Va. Judge R. II. Field, f- - " Dr. C. W. Ashby, " " " Dr. Alfred Taliaferro, *' " " Edward 11. Hill, Esq , " " " L. P. Nelson,, *4 " ?* Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint ing will be given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large be formed. au 6 I in YOLNG LADIES INST1TUTK, ENGLISH AM) FRENCH. No.410 E Street, Washington, D. C. The sulwriber has taken charge of this Institution, la.el* under the care of the Rev. S. H. Mirick:the oourseof instruction wiilbe thorough, anil will not dilfer from that pursued by the loruier Principal. The Scholastic year willhogiii oil the second Mon day of Sep?einl>er, and close on the last Friday of June in each year. A limited number of pupils will be received into the family of the Principal, and every effort will be made to reuder them comfortable and happy. Circulars can be obtained at the principal liook stores, and at the residence of the principal. CHARLES H. NORTON, A. M. The suliscriber takes great pleasure in recommend ing to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. C. if. Norton,as a gentleman amply qualified to take charge of the Young Ladies Institute. an 3-goltn S. H. MIRICK. CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Near Culpkpek Codrt House, Va. The soeond session of ihis school will commence on the 1st day of September, IH57. A graduate of the University of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and Modern Languages: while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in touching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistrv, and lower English branches. The course of studies will be as follows: Preparatory Class. Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algebra, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Second Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, l^atin, Greek, Frenoli, Spanish, First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry,!Geology, English Literature, F.uglish Grammar. Rhetorio, Logic, Infantry and Artillery Tactics, Geography,History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish. Every Student on entering will be sul.joeted to a careful examination, and will then lie assigned to that class to wnich his proficiency entitles hnn ; and no one will ho allowed to puss toa higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be necessarily rigid, but the comfort and oonvenienoe of each mender of the school will l>e duly respected There will hedaily military exercises, but care will tie taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, $18". Payments semi-annually m advance. For r?oomincndations and further particulars,see oirculars. CH ARLES E. LIGHTFOOT, V.M. !., Superintendent and Instructor hi Mathematics and Natural science*. J. W. GILLESPIE. University of Va.( Instructor in Ancient and Modern Languages. References. We have the privilege of referring to the following: Facuity of Virginia Military Institute. (>en. William If. Riohardsou. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGnfTy, do Prof. I.ucian Minor, Willmmand Mary College. Rev. John Beradtis, Charlottesvillft. Mr. John Hart^ A. M., do John Hunter, Fsq.. Louisa oounty. Col. John Woo'folk, Oran *e oounty. Rev. Win. S. White, D. D? Lexington. Rev. \\ in. N. Pendleton, do James .Harbour, Esq., Culpeper. Col. W in. B. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . D-Wallach. Ksq., Washington City, Gen. Geo. Cooke, do A-Bell, Esq., do MaJ. Henry Hill, U. S. A., New York. R.S. Voss, Esq., Rappk. couRty. ( apt. James Stark, do Tao Citisvoa of Culpeper, Jy 15-eotf Summer Betreats, Ac. xj ygeja hotel. Th,? ?OINT COMt ORT. Va. rhia moat delightful Suiniwr resort?the " bright particular locality of ail theauuny Siuth"?A . . A i? now the aole property of the under ?i<ned, and will be opened on the 1st June uext, and each successive June folio^u^^ engage to make it to the aeekera for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. r or health, no mountain retreat can l?e safer at any season of the year. It is as exempt from disease m August and September and October ax in April. Ma? or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The went her is milder, the sea breeze balmier, and the luxuries of the salt water are to |>e had of finer quality and in greater prolusion. There is no more inviting spot on tf<e whole Atlantic seal>oard. It is strictly true of it what the poet hath said : " Uh !^if( there be au Elyaiom on earth, it ia this, it Dra. Archer. Jarvia, and other annr surgeons at the post, Hon. l)r. Francis Maliory, Drs. Semple, Simkins, Sheild. Hope, and Vauk,han.and indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of rort Monroe, all certify that they "hare n*rrr known a rase o f billions or atue and fever to ori ginate there, and that at all seasons it is tht healthiest spot on the fare of the earth." (See tbeir certificates in I)e How's Keview, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) may g?-dSwAlaw2m Jos. SEGAR. Proprietor. JJLAKlSIONE'S PAVILION. ? This favorite place of resort will be opened on the '??? J?ly i?r the accommodation of visitors. ? The proprietor bas engaged a tne CotillonES Band for the season, and with his splendid Ba!!?* Room oners great inducements to the lovers of the dance, while those of more quiet humor mat find different amusements at the Bowling Alley or in Falling, Ac. * f hf Luxuries of the Potomac and good I.iquora Will t>e constantly on hand. Thw is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, near B'akistone's Island. There will be a celebration on the Fourth of July, and Ball at night. Cotillon on the 23d of July, lcfth and 27th of August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday and Saturday's. and ^taming on everv Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at 8 o'clock every Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday mornings. ' Post Office? Milestown, St. Mary's eountv, Md. Board?51.25 per dar for a week or loncer: "$!.?) for shorter time. GEO. \V. BLAKISTONE. je 24-2tn* Proprietor. ???????? Watches, Jewelry, &c. WD. EICHLER, ? JVo.507 SEVENTH STRE FT, oeiween D and F streets, west side, PR \C ticaf. watchmaker, keeps constantly S'W a fi tie assortment of \\ A TC H ES ami tie* JEWELRY. sp to-^7^ WATCHES, JEWELRY, *? . AND SILVER WARE. W a tpTi Vx^ 8URP'5[ of FINE * * * . i CrOf<L) CHAINS, and a large AiMrt ment of RlCiI JEWELRY of everv description, whioh makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete in the citv. I have just lunched (on the premises) a very larte Msortmeiit of PI RE SILVER WA R E,"m^g which may be found a SOLIDSILVER I EA KKT ?"Per" any thing Itefore exhibited in this quarts wetfhtof which is 125 ounces, capacity 9 Both citizens and strangers are invited to call and examine. H. O. HOOD, - '* ^ are Pa.Ave., near Mfh street. ATa,mwv' anu w CikSmakers in Europe. GOLD CHAIN^BSI hi great variety : JEWELRY, in sets and siu-HCI ele piece? ; f ANCV ARTICLES. PKR." FL'.MER Y. EXTRACTS.Ac CLOCKSm everv Bhape arid price; also. CLOCK MATERIALS. Hands, Balis, Keys, Cords, Wires. Oils. Ac. CaH and examine at the Sign of the l.argeGilt \\ atch. J. ROBINSON* v. D .. , ST?, opposite Browns* hotel. , "? Havinr stopped the auction business since ast winter, my Good* are selected expr^Hhfj for the liest retail trade, and the prioes shall suit the times. jy 18-1m j. |^E\V JEWELRY AND WATCHES. H. O. HOOD lias just returned from the North, ind has broutht ona fine lot of Fashionable S!V Cameo,.Coral, Mosaic. Brilliant*. and Plain , c D J E\\ ELR\ . Also, a good assortmentcLfcff ?f fine GOLD and SILVER* WATCHES. 7TT uUjT"')rit.,,"? k,0ep';r" <or ',nd re,,f 'ernens ThI) il vrpVvAuT' a?L,'at variety ??fSTA.N D I.i I . LRWARE of his own m.nke. warran ted the best quality and will lie sold very low. Plea*e sill and examine goods and prices at No. 333 Pei n *v.. sirn of the I^rge Sprea<l Ea?le. jy iTi pROUKESS IN THE FINE ARTS, a I AtSTtSG AJill Piiotographv Covbixkd. P IIOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Mimatcrk oh Sizk or Life. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, [>deou Hall, corner4>t st.and Peunsylvamaavenue. S. \\ ALKER has fitted up the a!;ove spacious ipartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby vhuering his establishment one of tno moot oom |>leteaiid handsome in the whole country He has l large Gallery fur free, rj-htbilton of upward of ;?i line t )il I aiiitings, by some of the livst ancient ami Tioderti masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Wai.kkk hasaiso tittod upa com flefe suit or rooms. * ith private r..bmg apartments Tor ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru neiits, ana enraged a hrht cIhhs operative artmt t?? m*ist him in the department for taking a'l knulx <*f PHOTOG RA PHIC, AM BROT VI'E A Nil A 13 IT E K R EOT Y P E ^?<) R T R A ITS from the i mat lest miniature to site of life. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Paintinc, of which he has had ?? J ears-experience, and whose specimens of life uze portrtits may be seen in some of the first fami lesof the city, as well as those exhibited in his Sallery, he will l>o able, by the combination of the wo. to pr.Muce portraits that have never been ex jellcti f?>r their fidelity and life-like expresh,on. Can .-as and b.^rds prepared by himself expressly for the purpose. * ' Particular attention paid to the painting of Por 'raits. Miniature or life-size, from small pictures of icreased Jrtends. r Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persona taken at their own residences, on immediate no tioep Committees and classes taken in any number in rroups. and any quantity of copies from the same sold it reasonable chargaa. Likenesses ramted on Copner for Tomb Stonea. Valuable Oil Paintings, and OW Family Portraits, lack lined and restoied to their orumal IrePhneHB. ? *nH. *f,lltle,nen are respectfully solicited to ca.i at the Oaiiery. over Shillingtou's ismk stor"? entrance 4>^ street, twt? d<H>rs from Pennsylvania avenue. jyll-6m NOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT 9i! Y ^ SHINN are the only ?lies in the District who have stock PORTER and A IsK, arid always have a Hitpply on hand; rive the in a trial. Leave your orders with the driver*, or tit their I mon Bottling Depot, No. 57 Green Mreet. ueorgetown. D. C- jT 22 /2JOING Oh F A r COST.?As the season fn* *i)~ a. a varcett we will sell our remainniK stock BBI of REFRIGERATORS at cost * K F KPI x c ?m u w111'R K ^1,0 Lsti abfcrliSb GOODS is very large, and pricea lower than ever. _ . McGREGOR & CO.. jy 9 eo6w No. 530 7th street. ATA CIRCUIT COURT HELD FOR CFI. j" *, ^9' N'l^ , \"a., at the Court-House thereof, on Monday, theSth day of June, lb57: Ambrose P. Hill, in his own right and ns adminis trator of b ranoes Field, PlainlijT. against Field. John P. Kelly, ami Mary, his wife, Williani II. !? leld, John Fiel^, Henry H. Field, I liomas Hi'l.jr.,trusteeofElira J. Kol^rtsainl I hos. O. h lint, guardian if/fib (t Mm of? Field uilant child of Alliert Field, Defendants. Upon consideration of the was ordered that thia cause Iw referred to one of the Commis sioners ol this Court. to report to the Court what haa been done by Ambroae P. Hill m exeention of a former order ol this Court, appointing him Com missioner to aell certain slaves, mentioned in the bill referred to 111 said order, and also to ascertain .f the said slaves have t-eeii sold b> the said \ p II |' whether or not he lias received the purchase money' and, if he has. what disposition he has made of it* with the vtiuchers for such disposition, all of whicli ?hv'ito tt,e Court. ' 1 n,c" e 1 ""1 e ,PArJ|e<| interested in the above report, ordered to be made to the Court, will take of Srnteml^r'1 nt,?J U*&DN , ;S1) A V-^ay o'. i.rx ? ^ my ,?rt?ce. in this place, at ten n?/. ? ? r' ?ta e nrM* r'P?'"t to the Court the accounts referred to in the alsive order. They will please attend with their papers and witnesses. * UEO. 1. THOMAS, Commissioner r* 1 ?? the Circuit C??urt ??l Culpeper county. Culpeper Court-house, Va., August 1, la37. aug 3 1aw4t L1 R K.NCH BOOKS.' ? ?Callet Tables de Lognnthmcs. 1 vol., 8vo. DeBrett'a (Euvrea Militairea de Napt>leon III, 1 vol., 8vo. Scrilie?Comeilies Vaudevillea, 1 vol., 12m. Bossuet? |>iscours sur L'liistnire L'mverselle 1 vol.. l2rao. Theatre de p. A T. Corneille, 2 vols., 12mo. Max lines de Li Roohefouc;iul<t, 1 vol.. l^nio. L'Art de lever los plana. 1 vol , folio colored olates FRANCK TAYCnw' piA.NOS FOR RENT. r 2 at flM per month. 2at P#r month Other fine PIANOS at various pricea "U7- JOHN F. EI./,l's?%fiPa.ave. I\1 ' 111 and L^eaigns, by John dent of^Hali l jiJi'r^f' iR ^"rn,on Elder and Ke.i ? dent of Salt Lake Citj,l vol.. aith portraits, #?iS. au* FRANCK TAYLOR. THE W?E1L? STAR. Ttua fiodlMt Family and Neva Joirnt ?oor? ?auung ? iratir vanety of interesting reading U?b oar be round lo any other?ia puUiahed an Saturday aoraiai. m. .. TM??? Buif 1# oopj, p*r annum . .fl firioofm?. *? CLI Ten Copies .., Twenty oopiee (ET'CaSH. IWVARIa'bLT IN ADTilCI."' in jawed among neighbore intervention of a uil mmk, m will he * *I*niy F** ?*ot- of the \Vbbklt star will be aaved. it invariably oontaine the ** Waal - in?ton Newi" that haa made the Dail* STABeirou lat^eo generally throughout the ooualry. ^.CT'Sinile oopiea (111 wrappers) ou be prooared at pr gig1 CE?latejy *r iM,,# yi **? Paper' wt,? ?<* ** aroota will be allowed a oommiaaion of twenty per oent. Pianos, Ac. QOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, (8?uor partner in the .ate mm of KxaBS, Gabhlb A Co., Continue* the manu fact are and eale of grand and aauare PIANO FORTH!*, under M>e name_ ? ? or William knabe A Co., at the old ataod. IlKiu Nos. |, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw atreet op ?TT VTl posite th? Eutaw Houae. Baltimore. They have also just opened anew Salea Room at N<> &n Baltimore atreet, between Charles ami Light atreets. on the premisea partly oocupied by Mr Henry MeCatfery ar a mine afore, where they will keep ooniuuitly on tiand a large assortment wf plaia and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodeons, from the beat makers. fh?ai 4 to S octave, some with double key-hoards, douhie reads. anJ stops to suit small churohes. Being extensively enraged in the manufactureo riinos, we will sen wholesale and retail, on the mm utieral terma. ww awarded the .inheat premium (go.d medal > at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute t wo sucoeasi ve yeara?<>otoher. IBS6, and IMR?m op ?V?!,"!n V fourteen andI eighteen pin no" from some of the beat mnkera from New York. Boston and Ba - "wvr^ed the brat premium at ii5 iiC ^eld ,n K ichmond, Vir F."m' ^y^S.?d 1Mb. They hare also been awarded the highest premium teilver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of test: mo niata from the most distinguished prr>feseo<i and amateura in the oouatry, which can I* mi at our warerooms, speaking for theiuseives and others of the high appreciation in which onr instruments are every where held. ? All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the da? of salt; if the lattrumaoti do not live entire sat i* fact ion. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to five us a call liefore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar lS-ly _WM. KNABK A CO. T1RF;K BEAUTIFUL PIANOS received th, day from Boston, Also, three very tin- ?.i aeooud-hnnd Pianos, but little uaed. aeve frvtl octaves,roaewood cases. will be sold at great*!! IT I our Piano Forte. Melodeon. and Mnsio \\ arerooma, between 9th and loth streets. No. ?*. J?4 JOHN F. EL LI? piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. '*A LMFR oontinnes te add new mem ft" to his classes. Apply to Mr. PAL- I a. s ? "L? Foorae over Furiihum'i Bookstore, Tuesday. Wednesday, Fri day. and Saturday, between 2and 6 p. in. Terms $o per quarter.? M Pianos have been used but a short time careful persona, we will warrant them.n IT I? tajj? old 1'ianoa in exchangs, ft e. I'woof them are ful! seven octaves, finely finiahed rosewood cases, and of exquisite tone and touch one ia only a nx octave. Theae Pianoa. purehaaera an safely rely open aa being truly great, anif they willio^!it5 c-ill an<( see them, at our extensive Piano Ware rooms, No. between 9th and l??th. ?^10 JOHN F. ELLIS. ICE. [? J. MIDDLETON, ja JCK DEALER Depot?Sonthweat oorner of F and m& Streets. \\ aahincton. ||.(f ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned reapectfuU 1. Iy inform his friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to f urnish families and others I through tf;j aeaaon) with the best quality of ICE. de.ivered in any part of Washington anrt George ai *? entire sat is fact ion. Orders to be left with Kidwkll A LArKuri corner 1-Uh atreet and Pennsylvania avenue: G?o. F.Kitwni A Co., 14thatreet: J. B. Moo**, Drug gist. Penna. avenue, l?tween 19th and 3r?h atreeta : (jKorgeSiktz, New \ ork avenue, between 10th and I ? '/m hoBT- A. Patkb. Druggiat. ??r?er 4th and Maaa. avenue; and with the aulisoribor. No. s hirat atreet, Georgetown, where loe can be had at ail timea, T. N. KI DWELL. Denti?try, Ac. Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN BAILV, of?ic?No. 198 Pkmhsvlvahia Avntn, Three doors from Ur4 Street. rT5B '"**? V mfr.rm the public that ho ?? 1 Been at ail his oftioe, located as al>ove. He leels assured that an expenenceof fifteen yearn' practice, with the lar^e numlierol<ii;reat fu!f'ret>wVll tthat "e ^ in,iy will enafJe him to kurrnount any scientihoor otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His dwii expenenoe eonfinmiig the opinion of many men aui:neat in the arofesaion. and espfciali) l>r?. Harris and J. and E. 1 arinly, baa led lum, long since, totlis card h mercurial preparan.,i, lor 1 eeth.a,v? fi Enamels, Gutta 1 erciia, H ul>l>~r, a'..I C? nenta f?r the eonstruetion of Continuous (iurn I eeth. and that I'orcelian, mounted on tiold Plate. ia the only reliable substance that oau be w.-rn in 1 tie inouth, as was most oonclusiveiy ahown L? the American Dental Convention. Although h?j tlattera himself from hia long reai Jence and practice in Wathmgtoa, he is favoraMv known to his numerous friends and patrons, he be^s leave to refer them to the following v- .u i . TESTIMONIALS: t rom the late Reotor o| u,n Cnuruh of Kpiphacy of ? thia citv fcmuj Dr.STFPnxji Bailt: Dmr S.r-I deairetiexpr^s my esteem lor you personally, and in\ oonhdei.c- n ?ou as a superior dentist. The operation. ?Keonte.t lor me have l?een highly satisfactory. | |H>pe that may receive the patronage from my frieaus and Hie public that your skill ao we I deserves. ... .. . Voura ver? truly, Waahinrton, Aug. 26,18?. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firtna in Baltimore, Meear*. ,, . . Bogcs, Cotman k Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of " aahington city, to execute for me an in. portant and diihcuit piece of work, winch he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact ti*r one of the most distinguished meml-ersof the Dental College or l>a,timore. failed, afler repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it rives n,e great p:ea*ure to express in> entire cWifidenoe and nu'h estimation ol ins profet-siona, skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1?57. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note rece 1 ved from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. . !?*?S.Smn, Aug. 19.1SS6. The teeth vou made for me work admirably ; noth in< oould be better. Very sratefully, John M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladiea of the teeth, 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of poroeiiaa teeth for one of my famiiv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood we!! for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. a 1 lioS: Oonf. of the M. E. Church South. April l?i lu6? ? ? W e. the undersigned, having had oocasion to avail ourselvea of the professional ski I of Dr. S. Bai ?. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or jiaving tieen oogrnr. ant or his operations on our families or frieuds. take p/easure iu expressing our admiration of his artistio skill, as we.I as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the moat delicate and slifteult operations 11. Dental Surgery,and we reapectlully ra 00mmend him to the confidence and patronage ol tho pu .ic, of wftich we oc?u?iider him eminent?> worthy. Thomas 1*. Waltsi. Architect U. S. Capita. Thomas Miller. M. D.,of Washington. D C. B. S. Bohker. M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. i*" !! n0'1"' aMinrtaB, li. C. Joe. H. BRADi.ET.of aahington. D. C. Georgk ^ altos, Ex-Governor of Florida. alter Lbxox, Fx-Mayor of WashingU*. H?*RT BALDWt*. U. S. Patent Office, ^ ?Jb?t( '?HT, ^r,nc'P<^ Rittenhouae Aoadomy, |^|R. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATF: OF CHI cago, would respectfully ? r *li 1 1 if ?? izena of the District ami vicinity, that hav-ftMBbS ing located himself in Washington, he is^*-"11 ^ now prepareil to perform all operations in hia profea won, in the most approved style. Office, No. 250, Peon, avenue, adjoining Gautier a janan iy ^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOO MIS, the inventor and pa ?nte? of Loomt* Mtntral hl*tt T fth," havo,, aucoe-sfully intriHluccd his impnivement M ^.fil various cities, has now permanently estab llshed himself in AN a?<hii)gton. This improvement for Sets orToeth eopsiataohief Iv in making a set of l>nr one piece of material and tjra inde.t ruct ,t?ie mineral. rN? me?al ,.hfy ?re therelore freefy?>m pUanic action aiid metalic taste. There are no joints to beoome filled with moisture or particlee of Wl. hence they are and ,/?s.PThey are Ir"* more dnratile. ss.< "lw,r*PP'*rsK*. I will give a reward of slmiiTr W ITir to ai?y one wh" will prod see a sniiilar work of art to eeuai mine in purity, beauty, Quality exceuenoeor any other re^uaite AJ.' *or'c reeponaibly warranted. 276 1 enna. avenue, between Uth and 18th atreeU. . ap 15-ly DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SURG RON DENTIST, and ? >1 AWr*ACTrR*R or ARTIFiri AL Tisth. I.yi r Al IV ItHIt VP AHIIIII l?L ? Kit I n . His complete arrangements enabling him t< Us^J preaent the following ree?i?nal?i? r?-ioea: 1 1? Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold... . , Wy. to S Do do do on Silver, 13 to 2 One or more, on Gold . ? Do on Silver... I to Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; aleo. Re pairing at the aarno reaa.?abls rates. All operattoi a executed in such a manner as to rive every eat ia fac tion. Offioe oorner Sth atreet and avenue. as 1 CI. M BER LAND COA L.?Now diacharmng. Itsi toaa Cumberland Coal. ? . CASTLEMAN ft BRO.. IT 7> oorner 9tb aod B ata., opp. National hotel,