Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A S II I a O r U N ( I T V : THIRSUAY AbjbH 13, 1MT. SPIRIT Of THE MORNING PRESS. The InteUigmcrr, declining to publish the call for the proposed " National Emancipation Convention." to assemble at Cleveland. Ohio, takes occasion to expose the fact that, though proposing to compensate slaveholders tor the Joss of their property by emancipation, it is but abolitionism under a mask ; saying, in the course of ita remarks, with truth, justice and ioree: *' W ben the slaveholder* themselves 'ball l**ue a 1 call* to their countrymen of the North, similar in it# aim and spirit to that now before us, we ?hall be ready to give it our attention and our re spect But. until that time comes, we are satis lied that anv extraneous movement, however benevolent in design, which aims to confer upon the people of the South a 'boon" which, m the present Mate of public sentiment In that quart , can be regard- d only in the liebt of a # intrusion and Intermeddling in their domestic affairs, will l>e equally immature in and abortive in execution. Thesubiect ot _ has been wisely left by our National to the regulation of the people in th . ? It exists.*and it therefore no less the of than .I rg- ^om rumlirin* SS^a'^h>? X\notion wbirb, however honorable to their phi ^ lanthropv. i* not morally iacumbent upon them. ? The Union argues that the Seward interest in the Republican party is about to change its tactic* in a measure. That is. to adopt so much of the American party platform as involves a crusade on the Roman Catholic church?throw ing itself upon the '? Protestant heart ' of the country, to quote the language of the Republi can party organ in Western Xew \ ork?the Buffalo Erprt*s. New PraLiCATto*#.?Part 10of Burton s "Cy clopedia of Wit and Humor," received from the Washington Agent. I. Shillington, Odeon Build ing, contains an admirable likeness of John G. Saxe, Prince of Punning Poets. This is a rich number, Indeed. WirtnoTos.-We acknowledge the receipt of the fifth and sixth numbers of the serial ??f.ite and Times of Washington," published by John son. Fry A Co . Beekman street. New \ frequently alluded to in the Star scolnmns. The Illustrations of these num?>ers?a full length por trait of Patrick Henry and the Boston Massacre are worth double the price charged for the num ber*. The first is a gem?bold. cl?ar. truthful, and artistic; thousands of copies of this would sell at a high price in \ irginia alone. Thk Dkath or Sks*tor Rtsk.?The extra which follows, from the Nacogdoches ^Texas) Chronicle of July 3?>th. confirms the melancholy news of the death of Senator Rusk : Ofx Rr?x is Dkad.?A great calamity has be fallen the >.ate of IVxas. ?>???? of her most dis tinguished and noblest sons has fallen. Thomas J Rusk is no more. A gloom hangs over onr people?a mystery, thus far. i* connected with thv matter. We ran cinlv give the farts, and mourn the sad strode ?which ha? 'hus deprived Texas and the South of ? rained and u>efiu champion. (ton Rusi: lias, ever since the death of his ladv. sufle'f?l under a mental depression, which, at t ims, bo:?* him d.wn beneath its weight. He nas to a gn at extent, f-er-lmled himself from so ciety. and lately that despondency has been more marked and apparent to those familia* with him. A severe illness, from which he was just rucov ering. had prostrated him for weeks. ami he was suffering greatly froiu a rising on the back of his On yesterday evening, al-ont two o'clock. h:s family, hearing the rejw.rt of a gun and the fall of a body, ran to tlie spot, and found him lying dead npon the ground. liehirid the gallery at the lock of the house, with a riile under him. A cotoner s jury was summoned, from wLox; veidict we ex tract the following: The cause of his death was a gun-shot (rifle) wound on the forepart of the head. Inflicted from a rilie gun held in his own hands and discharged lav himself."' 'No further clue can be given to this mystery. No paper# or writings of the same day have l?een found, except a letter addressed to atr?-ntlemaii in New Orleans, ordering a tombstone for his wife, with this inscription: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.*" Let the people mourn the loss oi a man who.on the Held of ?Mttle. and in the councils of the S?*te and nation. has proved bimsrlf to le worthy the proud place already ??corded hini in the aftec tions of the people. A duplicate of this extra. (-ays the New Or leans Picayune.) sent us by a correspondent in Nacogdoches, contains the following hasty post script : m An inventory of all hi? property was found In a portfolio, and the value of the same divided by the aum??er of his children. He was buried this evening with masonic honors. An obituary ad dress wa? delivered by the Hon W B. Ochiltree, which will appear in the next Chronicle, along With the full evidence in the matter.*' The Picayune adds: ?'These comprise all the circumstances that have reached us of lien Rusk's death. They be token premeditation, and show a disturbed ami disordered condition of uiiud. Great. indeed, must have been theatllict.ons. and sore the trials, which could drive into such a state of despair a man of heart so brave, and understanding s?. solid, and a temper so serene, as were those of Senator Rusk." PERSONAL. ....It is sa:d that Coroner Conner,' has written a play founded on Ihe murder of Mr. Hurdell. ....Chailes Winter, Consul at Tuik's Inland; Hon Conway Ht>bio-on,?if Ya ; and A. T. Burn ley, Esq , of I.a.. are at Willard's. The Queen of Oude is called i; Jenabi Ar leah Mootalcah Nawab Tajqe aura liejjuiu Sa heb .... The New York Tribune says that the late trick of Mrs Cunningham, is ??characteristic of the family.'' and that an older sist-r, in Is IT, per formed ju'?t such another exploit. .... Kx-Gov Shannon, now a private citizen of Kansas, is said to be delighted at the muss kick ed up in that Territory because. be thinks, it shows that 1 iov. Walter cannot p.eserve o>der any better than he could: .... Rlchaid J. Turner, the well-kncwn ballad singer, died suddenly on Thursday last at Sykes ville,near Baltimore 11" had a su Msrlor "voice and natural taste, and had his powers received early cnltme, he womd have taken rank as one of the first vocalists of the age. ... .The demand for autographs of distinguish ed persons has given rise to the counterfeiting of them quite extensively. N P Willis says, in the Hoine Journal, that he has found, in several collections, whole letters signed with his name or Initials, none of which he ever saw before. He says he should lie exceedingly suspicious [of the autographs which are offered for sale. Aifsat .?A difficulty occurred iu G il<*s county, a few davs since, between Doctors Kasely ai d VYingo. growing out of difference of opinion in their prsetiee F. tired ?? VV . and the ball miss lug bm entered the hesd of Mr. Hutchins. who was trying to separate rbein He is repotted to lie doing well ?liirh. Whig. FaLI Raciso at the So cm.?The editor of the Richmond Daily Dispatch says?i; The fall races at Wsrrentown. N C., and Broad Roek. near this city, oromise to be unusually interest ing. as many fast owes, that were tnkVn up last -jring are moving tine We hav?- heard it m mored that Capt IJeJi her intends to train Red ilye. in ord>*r to run for the libe.ul purses now advertised If this be so some of the cracks will catch fits before they catch him Political ?Mr. A R Solle:*. of ,\1 uvland. heretofore a prominent and an early member of the Know Nothing party in that State, and but recently before the convention of that party for the place of lottery commission"-, now. it is ?aul In tbe Planters Advocale, has left the (tarty, and will support Col liroom. lJemoc.atic candidate for Governor The R*-pi]iji;<.;?n Convention of Ohio lias re noimuattd Salmon 1*. Chase for Governor. I ot.T Parai hikv?The Petersburg F.ipres*. siImlito ttie. proposition of a ladv of t.'tiarle* toWti. \la-s . to reiuoy*. the pastor of her church because he was homely, says: 4? li such an objec tion was ? onsl?tere<| ^ood ? ause for removal, nine tenth'* ot lue pulpits In \ try niia would be va euted illllll* dlately fJjr-Mr Clayton a Northern man, has "been a"ai*,'tie.l Ih'ore the Mayor of Petersburg, charged with tampeimg with idaves. Mr. Win tluufceiford test ifled t he heard him tell *ev eral Have> that he w..? a pieacher and tiiat there were no slaves where he came fiom j and that the t? n*e w not be long fiefore they would all L?' irr The Amo?>keag Veterans, of Manchester, N II , will ntake r-n excursion to Niagara Falls in October, stopping at Springfield, Albany, and Rochester TL< y will 1?- abaeut about ten days, and vf\il nuu.beV al?out one hundred and tlfty nien. iienides tl?e Manchester Cornet Band. The Amoskeag Vetuvaa*. It will lie remeinliered. vis ited our city soine time ago, and their soldierly and manly appearance was the theme of general pd mi ration. WASHINGTON NtilVS AND GOSSIP The New Gkanadiax Dirncri.Tr. ? We have carefully abstained up to thi3 time, from any .illusion to the state of the negotiations in pDgret-sat this point between the United States and New Granada, least, by diseasing them, we might help to complicate them, rather than to aid in bringing them to a speedy and happy termination. Nevertheless, our attention has in the meanwhile been steadily fixed upon them : our sources of information concerning them being simply those that are open to all, of which persons connected with various presses have availed themselves, rarely, however, without evincing that they comprehend too little concerning the points involved, to mnko their speculations concerning them worth a pinch of snuff*. These matters have, however, arrived at a point at which we feel at liberty to break the silence marking our coarse on the subject; be oiuse now satisfied that New Granada is not prepared to deal reasonably with this Govern ment to settle the matters in dispute upon a basis sufficiently just and fair to authorise the I nited States to conclude a final treaty with her. Within the next week, a basis of settle ment embracing the ultimatum of the United .Mates will doubtless be submitted, which, in the present temper of New Granada, as repre sented here, will be rejected ; when, if we are not greatly mistaken, all further efforts to come to term* through negotiations with Gen. Herran will he abandoned by this Government, and that gentleman will retire from the United States Such a termination of the protracted, tedious and temper-trying effort on the part of the United States to preserve amicable relations with a Power so near to us?whose interests, too. are our interests, really, though she cannot be made to comprehend the fact, wc opine?is sincerely to be regreted. The Government here, however, have a duty to perform to American rights and interests, as involved in the imbroglio, which will be firmly discharged, the reader may rest assured. In the mean while, though our relations with New Granada cannot fail to be essentially dis turbed by the state of things that must not long hence exist between the two powers, there is not the slightest dunger that our countrymen will thereby be deprived of the advantages of an isthmus transit across the continent. We look to the re-opening of the Nicaragua route by some American company recognized by the tiovernmcnt of Nicaragua, and protected in it* iree and unmolested use by the Government of tJe United States under the provisions of a new treaty, to make up for the probable disa bilities and embarrassments to the enjoyment by jour countrymen of the right to cross the New Granadian isthmus as up to this time, that bids fair to grow out of the now almost certain failure of the current negotiations referred to above. A\ e are persuaded that Nicaragua compre hends the importance of placing her route in the bunds of some company of American capi talists with means and connections sufficient to make the trip? regularly, and to afford all the requisite accommodations to the travel which, under the phase of our relations with New <>ranada explained above, must be immense. It would perhaps have been more desirable if Nicaragua had the means herself to furnish these necessary accommodations for crossing her isthmus, and to insure the necessary peace and immunity of travelers availing themselves of her route. In her present condition.Jiow ever. that is not to be dreamed of. She must call to her aid?adopt?some company or other of American capitalists, (if it be but to prevent anarchy there.)who will te strong enough to protect their property and franchises inland, leaving to the Government of the United States the right to interfere in their behalf if necessary on -hore. and the duty of the proper protection of their operations seaward. W e are most anxious to see the vast interests of our countrymen involved in securing an un interrupted transit across Cent nil America se cured past peradventure. The state of our re lations with New Granada involve a warning of the pressing necessity for so doing without a moment's delay, if that be possible We flee in the present condition of Nicaraguan affairs the gulden opportunity for the consummation of this so desirable end. Ilence our frequent re currence to the subject. The Lat:: Minnesota I.nma.n Troi blks. This morning the Indian liureau received from its Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Miune suta, despatches, dated 20th July ultimo, at the Lower Sioux Agency, detailing all the cir cumstances attending his late refusal?under instructions from here?to pay to the Sioux and \ ai.ktons their annuities, until Ink-pah-du tah s band be delivered up, which necessary policy on the part of the Government was near resulting in a general Indian war on the North western frontier-averted, as we explained a day or two since, by the promptness with which the Secretary of War met the requirements Gf the Interior Department for additional troops and the firmness and good sense of the officersi civil a.- well as military, in charge there. The public arc already familiar (through pre vious publication) with many of the events marking the assembling of .">.000 savages at Yel low Medicine, in hostile array, in the course of these transactions. How war with them was averted, as well as the temper they manifested and the course on the part of the Government that held them in check, may be gathered from the following extract from the Superintendent s report above referred to : '?On the evening of the l?th nhnrtl? ?fi., I ?Wr ** a sol^'wa?dZllftlS stabbed by an Indian?a See-See-ton?Hose bv the camp of Major, withont catiw or t.r'ovo ??.Er.'z^i:^n,iw^hhr:btf?.b?ce^ aiwTm * Maj Sherman immediately Een't of theTndilS0,^rVia"|dHd. tLe ',niI,edi*'edelivery two hundred of ? ? 1,,d,an" reived him witn two hundred of their gun* pointed toward* him lie, h?wev?r, demanded the Indian. Thevflnallv promined to bring him the next morning T'.e next dav they cam*down from their lod?M num iH-riua about rwo thousand Ave hundred warriom and painted, evidently prepared to light' Manv surrendered and came into camp Thev ?!nu ^.r'" . -Major ?her man went to them l"ld them I could not counsel with th'-m with gun* in their hands. 1 " went to 'be,,, (they had then not laid -Wide their arms) and told them I would not talk dHive^JhJ'I M,"-v ",ll"'ld immediately deliver the Indian who had ftabbed tiie soldier lay a^de their arms, and I would talk to ttie,? F ia111 thev"1" a V 'Jy tory answer M lo d'liv"r the Indian to ternreteV r? r , V WPIlt forwa,d *'ith his in LTemI7r him; when another |?dinn oil Ward? took the guilty man, placed him on hi* horse, andean led him back to their Jod</es ami the balance followed I s.ilmequeutli leaned' tended Km IVL!' hri<1 Arat/dS: ex r,e. tin / 111 .I ff* lH hMV? a,,acked ",e ?amp. Mjaa as Kr:: ra'riKcc'w 5 that they had *unound. d the ennip ?? all aidee and that the Yankton* had, in antu! pU **d litems* lve? among the mule,, and hows i ?*em-d toyivesome probability to the *,ispi< i?? ?? Major Sherman immediately ordered hU bat tery ready for action, and *ent Word that if the iiuln.n was not deliver* d up, they Blight esuect the eonscqueii.?. The following morning they bionyht the Indian and delivered him to Major Sherman. Although It had been deigned by hiin to have attacked the lodge* where they had aeptthm Indian, and had w-nt to Fort Kld<'elev I >1 a reinforrement, the delay of which in not ar erli jLUn\ * ,M'xt mor?i?g) prevent-d a gen a " *. r a,id t'it> disastrous consequences of Wa'" TLe 1 "dlan who had .tab tended but' !Y W** "wt l,unl?> M had in* haviug'di) <1 hliMj/ ,,ndpr S?ard, the soldier not K 1 ed.but wan recove.iugf.oin hi* wound " ur space will not permit further quotations from thu interesting despatch. Suffice it to lay that it awards to Little Crow much credit for the final result?the starting out of a joint ex poditiou from all the baud3, under his com mand, to capture or kill Ink-pah-du-tah and his followers; each hand furnishing a-quota, and the Government tho necessary provisions, but no hoops, as at first demanded by the In dians. The telegraph this morning brings news of the success of this pursuing expedition in kill ing at least four of the pursued?the murderers in the Spirit Lake affair. When they kill or capture the rest, or satisfactorily account for failing so to do. they will be promptly paid their annuities, we take it. The Elections.? NORTH CABOLINA. There is no longer a question as to the election of Gilmer. Amerioan, to Congress from the fifth district of this State; nor have we any longer a doubt as to the triumph of Shaw, Democrat, in the first district. Qiltner's majority is near, if not quite 600. and the vote of Curituck (434 Democratic majority) secures Shaw's election we think, past peradventure, by 12 majority. We therefore write down the delegation in the next U. S. House of Representatives from North Carolina to be as follows. Yi?: First district? Henry M. Shaw; Second?Thoa. Ruftin; Third? Warren Winslow; Fourth?L. O. B. Branch; Fifth?Jno. A. Gilmer; Sixth?Alfred M. Scales, Jr.; Seventh?Burton Craige; Eighth?Thos. L. Clingman?all of whom, except Mr. Gilmer, are Dcm x*rats. MISSOURI. We can no longer resist the impression that James S. Rollins has been elected Governor of Missouri. According to the St. Louis Intel!i cencer his majority in seventy-five counties is 4.050. The thirty-two counties remaining to be heard from cannot obviate it. His majority in tho whole State bids fair to reach at least 1,500 if the returns confided in in St. Louis prove correct. A very indiscreet selection of a candidate on the part of the Democrats has done its share to bring about this deplorable result. We may add that the fiiendsof Col. Benton, in Missouri, are now thoroughly uni ted with the opposition to the Democracy?those of them most conspicuous for their efforts to force themselves into the Cincinnati Democrat ic National Convention, being the leaders in making the amalgamation complete. Wm. Scott, Wm. B. Napton, and John C. Richardson are elected Judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri. TENNESSEE. Up to tho moment nt which we are now writing (10 a. m.) we have no contradiction of the alleged defeat of Etheridge. for Congress. This was a consummation devoutly to be prayed for?this substitution of a Democrat for Emer son Etheridge in the House of Representatives of the United States. Messrs. Zollicoffer and Ready are the only opposition members elected from Tennessee, which sends eight Democrats also, to Congress. KEN'Tl'CKV. The following is the result for the Legisla ture in Kentucky : Senate. Ami rican-party mcmijers holding over 13 American-party members elected 1S57 7 Total -20 Democratic members holding over G Democratic members elected 1H57 13 ? 19 American-party majority //.?? w. Democrats and Old-Line Whigs. Americans ^ H This summary of the result for the House, though but approximate, is. we think, correct. It makes the Democratic majority on joint bal lot 17. ALABAMA. Though we have no additional returns from the Fifih district of Alabama, our impression now is that Houston is re-elected there. We draw that conclusion from the fact that had he been defeated the news would certainly have been expressed and telegraphed North by this time. No news from his district is therefore good news, iadeed, for his friends His having been the only district of the State at all iu doubt for some days past, we write down the delegation from Alabama in the next House of Representatives of the Uuited States as follow* : First district?James Stallworth ; Second?E. S. Shorter; Third?Jas. F. Dowdell; Fourth Sydney Moore; Fifth?George S. Houston; Sixth?W. R W. Cobb; Seventh?J. L. M. Curry. All Democrats. An Example for tub North.?The reader will doubtless remember that not long since the 1 Treasurer of the Petersburg and Weldon Rail road became a defaulter, was convicted of em bezzlement. Ac., and is now in the Virginia States prison, atoning for his offence. His was a remarkable ease because occurring in the South, where dishonesty on the part of officers of railroads is of very rare occurrence. His prompt conviction and punishment told the tale of the proper direction of the force of public opinion in the community wherein the offence was committed. It seems that ho has subsequently paid up his defalcation, and, indeed, all the expenses of tho Commonwealth to secure his conviction. We quote an account of his carcer subsequent to his conviction, as follows : '? Petition for the Release of Falcone*. An afl'ecting appeal to thecleinenry of Gov. Wise i? now in circulation in the city, for endorsation. to procure the discharge from "the state prison of Alexander Falconer.with the particulars of whose misfortune our readers are already acquainted. Over two hundred names have been subscribed, including the gentlemen composing the jury in the trial of the felony, and many of our mo*t in fluential citizens. The unfortunate man has now nerved more than eiyht months of his term of two years, has paid hack to the Petersburg Railroad the entire amount of his defalcation (91,000) and defrayed the expenne* of the Commonwealth in the pinserutlon of the ca?w?. A moii'/ tlrn terms of the petition is mentioned the design of the pris oner to leave, not only the ftate, but the country. The appeal is rertainlv deserving the favorable, consideration of his Excellency."?Petersburg E rpress. Now, we take the liberty of respectfully ask ing the New York Tribune to publish the above brief extract by way of showing its readers the true morale of the South, concerning which it is interminably preaching such bugaboo stories This case is, if wo mistake not, the first of tbo kind occurring in the South, whereas all know that hundreds, if not thousands, of similar defal cations have occurred in the "better society'" of the non-slaveholding States, not one of which have been punished?as far as wo know?as the crime of Falconer has been. Can we bo far wrong in attributing the frequency of the per petration of such crimes nt the North to the state of Northern morals?public opinion, if the Tribune prefer?which always prevonts the in fliction of due punishment for them, wo care not what may bo the letter of the law thus broken. An Ahmv Board, to be composed of Colonel Beall, 1st Dragoons; Maj. 11. Hill, Paymaster; Cupt Thos. Duncan, Mounted Rifles; Captain Heth, 10th Infantry; Capt. Brereton, Ordnance Department,and First Lieut. John Gibbon, 4th Artillery?is to asscmnlc at West Point on tho 17th instant, to make the contemplated trial of breech-loading rifles, with the view to ascertain the best for military scrvice. Tub President returned to Washington yesterday evening, in improved health, and to day is as earnestly engaged as ever in the trans action of business. At noon his Cabinet assem bled in the Executive office, and had not sepa rated as we go to press. . . ' l i 1 59 41 The Florida Interest.?The Treasurer of the State of Florida, Mr Austen, has recently passed through thi? city with funds to pay the interest due next month on the seven per cent internal improvement bonds of that State. As some of these bonds are held in this city, our capitalists will b? pleased with the promptness of this Southern State. Ordered.?Four hnndred and ftfty recruits are ordered from Fort Leavenworth to New Mexico, (to march about the 5th proximo,) to reinfoqpe the taonuled riflee and Sd infa?try. Several officers of those regiments, now on leave, will return to their posts under their escort. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Mors* Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, The time of observation is about 7 o'elook *. m.: August 13. 1957. New York, N. Y..........cloudv, warm. Philadelphia. Pa clear,"warm. Baltimore, Md cloudy, warm. Washington. D. C........ clear, warm. Richmond, Va clear, warm. Petersburg, Va clear, warm. Wilmington. N. C clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C...........clear, pleasant Charleston. S. C clear, warm. Augusta. (*a............. .clear, warm. Savannah, Ga............?lrar, warm. Macon. Ga clear, hot Columbus, Ga....? clear, warm Montgomery, Ala clear, hot Lower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy. Gainesville, Mis* clear. Mobile, Ala ..clear, warm. New Orler ns, I*a.clear, pleasant. P*oj* tik Wist. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : Frederick, Md...... clear, warm. Cumlierland, Md.........clear, warm. Hagerstown, Md clear. warm. Harper's Keiry cloudy, warm. Winchester...... cloudv, warm. Wheeling, Va clear/warm. Mart insburg, Va clear, wiim. At Wa<hinirton, yesterday, I) p. in., the barom* eter was 3l'.*23t?. thermometer7P . Thin morning, at 7 o'clock, tLe barometer was30 21s, thermc me ter 76 \ FL'KTHEK FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. By the Canada at Halifax. Ksot.ANn ?It was intended that the vessels should commence the sinking of the Atlantic tel egraph cable on the :U1 or 4th instant. The pav ing-out experiments which were made between Dover and (^ueenstown were perflpctIvsuccessful. The following dispute!* wa* received from ljueenstown: " Queenstown. July 311The submarine cable on board the Niagara and Agamemnon, over twenty-five hundred miles long, was joined to gether last evening, and messages sent through its entire, length in lex* than a second Every, thinsi works beautifully, and we are all in high spirits. The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland is ex. pected to witness the commencement of the pro ceedings. (Signed) Cykus W. Field. In addition to what has lw?en formed in regard to the great horse race, we have the following : " The French horse Monarque won the race The English horse Riseber came off second; FisL

erinan tuird; Prior flfth, and Prioress sixth.'' A large and influential deputation froru the Cotton Supply Association, of Manchester, had an interview with Lord Paimerston, for the pur pose of submitting to him certain proposals, by means of which a largely increased supply may be obtained from India. The result of the inter view was not stated. .Mr, Muntz. the well-known rcformerand mem ber of Parliament from Birmingham for seven teen year, died on the 30th. There was some talk of putting .Mr. John Bright In nomination to fill the vacancy. There had been a great political demonstration at Rochdale, composed principally of non-elec tors. Resolutions were passed declaring that it is the tight of every inan who has arrived at the a^e of tweutr-one years to have a vote in the elec tion of members of Parliament, and to have the protection of the ballot in the exercise of that right, and that there ought to be a distribution of the constituencies throughout the I nited King dom. equalized in proportion to the population, j The journals from the South and Middleward* districts of Ireland state that the greatest anxiety began to prevail with regard to the safety of the potato crop, although the disease, it was gene rally admitted, had only partially manifested it self! Liverpool, Saturday ?The clipper ship Light ning arrived to-day from Austialia, with 33,bW ounces of gold. F a a xck?The trial of the conspirators charged with designing the assassination of the Emperor, was to have taken place on the tith er Sth lust. Lablache, the famous singer, is dead. it is re|>orted that the elections have resulted so unsatisfactorily to the Emperor, that a modifica | tion of universal sutf age is contemplated. The Journal de Havre intimates that it has I i?een officially decided that the New York line of | transatlantic steamers is to be granted to Havre with a subvention of three millions fraucs; the Autties line to Nantes with six millions subven tion, and the Brazil line to Bordeaux and Mar seilles with tlve millions subvention. Letters from France say the harvest surpasses expectation. The three per cents, closed on Friday at GGaltfc. The majority of directors of the Bank of France on riiursday rejected tiie proposition for towering the tatc of discount to tive \?r cent Tckkky.?A i.oiitlon paj>er savs : '?It is now anticipated, not merely that France will refuse to recognise the validity of the Mol davian elections, but also that she will peremp torily insist at Constantinople on the recall of the Kaimakaii Vorgoride-. Should Turkey refuse, as is very probable, it is believed tliat France will proiwse to call the Paris Conference together to decide the question. The affair altogether looks gloomy. Reschid l'ach, the Grand Vizier, had tendered his resignation, but it was not accepted. Poktpoal.?The Brazilian Government are understood to have made, through their Minister at Lisbon, urgent representations to the Portu guese government regarding the large amounts of forged Brazilian paper currency, which are man ufactured in Portugal and sent out for circulation to Rio aud elsewhere. IloLLBxn ? Bills for the nominal abolition of slavery in the \V est indies have been presented in the Second Chamber by the ministerof the col onies. Accoiding to these projects government will disburse a sum exceeding twelve millions of tloiiusto purchase slaves, who are afterwards to be allowed to continue to woik for their masters as previously, or to labor under the direction of the public functionaries; but they are not to re gain their lil>ertv until they shall have reimbursed the expenses of their pretended emencipation, and shall also have gaiued the consent of the au thorities. M'ain.? Talavera has been declared in a state of siege ou account of a destructive fire there, which is attributed to the revolutionists. The Spanish-Mexican question is to be further discussed at Paris. Italy?A letter dated Leghorn, says that twenty persons arrested for the affair of June 30 have been set at liberty, but fresh arrests are daily made. 1 The grain ci>ps were magnificent. At Genoa, wheat, which solda month agoat 33f., had fallen to&f. Russia ?The cholera is prevailing extensivelv at St. Petersburg. India ?There is much anxiety to hear from Ni/.am s country, as the first regiment of cavalry stationed there mutinied, and committed great atrocities at Hauzie and llessar, but many of the Europeans managed to escape. No Europeans were killed at Arungzabad, and the mutineers were dispersed. The Biiurtpoor lines also mutinied, and the officers were obliged to fly, but none were Injured. At Allahad twenty-six Europeans and their fami lies were killed. The rumored conspiracy at Calcutta was on the part of the Musselinen. The King of Oude and others were at the bottom of this all'air Nearly all the native troops stationed there have been dis armed. The defence of Calcutta is a subject of much anxiety, and the government has consented to the enrolment of volunta#rs, who patrol the streets at night. The inhabitants are armed, and the pub lic bridges, hotels, and other principal places are garrisoned by the sailors belonging to the ships in th? river. The French consul at Calcutta called together all the French inhabitants andcaptainsof Prench vessels, and desired them to furnish and equip a force of armed men to watch over the saiety of the European community. French families were being taken on board vessels. A letter from a highly respectable source at Ma dras, dated June 27th. says that official intelli gence lias iieen received of the fhll of Delhi. rt-V"'*A ?The advices from Canton state oil the J/tb May thirteen junks were destroyed and twen ty-wv. il captured. On the 7th ol June a British naval force ot 'J,OliO men took a fort and captured or destroyed P27 junks, mounting MSo guns, and manned by 9,000 men. At ilong Kong the export of tea from the 1st of July last year to the lOtn of June, was 63,468,(4)0 pounds, and of silk bales. At Singapore a good business was doing in im ports. Produce was in good demand, but the sup plies were scanty. Sterling exchange 4s 10da5s. 1 he new crop of Man kin silk was reported to be tine and abundant, but price* were very high. At Foo Choo the supplies of tea were small, and quotations were advancing. Gen. Burnham and staff arrived at Hong Kong on the 10th of June. , Lord Elgin was at Singapore. The L*. 8. frigate San Jacinto remained at Hong Kong. IU~ Some one fired a bullet from a gun into a train of cars going to Pittsburg, on Saturday, and carat wear killing some of the pasaengers. GEORGETOWN At'FAIRS. C9mtfendenr$ ?f Tkt Star GsotaETOWK, August 13. 1857 The water was romm^n< rd to be let on upon the Georgetowa level of the canal, early tbia> morning, and, by one w two o'clock, it will be sufficiently well filled to enable the mile-and-a half of boats lying above Fisher's lock, four miles above our city, to commence moving down. We learn, from some of the boatmen, that the numbar which have accumulated at the point lie fore meationed. and all haarily laden with coal, grain, fcc, is not short of one hundred to one hundred and fifty. Between this and to-morrow morning we anticipate the arrival of a perfect fleet; the haain, however, in its present condition Is perfectly useless. During tne recent heavy freshet in Rock Creek, some of the waste weirs, at the dam. were so badlv injured as to render them valueles?; consequently, the basin cannot be filled until they are repaired, which is now being done, and which will be completed ia some two or three days from this time. A general moving up the stream commenced among the unloaded boats early this morning. The canal packet boat M. C. Meigs, of Ritter's line, will resume her regular trips In connection with the Argo, in the morning, leaving our city at 7 o'clock. Upon the whole, a more cheerful spirit is visible along the canal wharves and coal docks this morning than we have observed for manvdays past. We saw, this morning, at the office of Barron A Stterer, quite a handsome testimouial of respect which has been procured by the Presbyterian congregation of Bladensburg. to t?e presented to their former pastor, Rev T. W. Simpson, now in charge of a congregation at rtyke?vtlle, Carroll county. Md It is a handsomely embos-ted silver goblet, bearing the iusciintion: " To the Rev T. W. Simpson. A token of love frem his people? Bladensburg. Mlzpah It will be taken to Sykesville and formally presented to the Rev. ifentlenian by Mrs Barron, wife of the gentleman named al>ove. Mr. Simpson was formerly a reel dent of our city, and carried with him the estevm and g'"?od will of our eltixeas The Rfv. Thos. Muliadv. formerly president of the Georgetown College, bas been appointed to the pastoral charge of 'IVinity Church, iu the plw e of the Rev. Mr Sciampl. who goes to Worcester College, as heretofore noticed in the Star. The steamer George.Washington left the wharf of Libbev A Son this morning, with n large party en roafe'down the Potomac, pleasure seeking. They are in charge of the Union fire company of your city The schr. Arctic, of the Messrs Dodge's line of New Yoik packets, and brig Andover, of the Messrs. Hartley's line of Boston packets are now at our whatves discharging heavy cargoes of mer chandize for Washington and our city. No change has occurred iu the flour or grain market since our last report. The line of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal certainly furnishes a fine field for missionary la bors. if we may be permitted to Jndjje of the ne cessity of such'a work by the morals of most of those who are engaged boating upoa it. The most perfect adepts at profanity we nave ever met with among any class of persons, we think, can be fouid among them. We verily believe. If one should (if be could stand it) spend a week mix ing among them, and take accurate notes of their general conversation, and should afterwards pie sent it to them verbatim, that it would shock the nerves and disgust the moral sensibilities of the most reckless among them. Spictato* Y?*thk FIRST COTILLON PARTY OF L? the "Uxited Clvb" will take p,ace at Island Ibrtl, on THURSDAY EVENING, September SJ, 1857. Tickets FIFTY CENTS-admitting a Gentle man ami two Ladies. By order of an IS KTh&S COM. OF A R R ANGEMENTS. :y~5=?NOTICE.-DOG LICENSE.-The own IJj ers of Dogs in Georgetown are hershy notified that their I icenae will expire ?>n the Mtn instant, nnd unless they are renewed within ten days from that date, they will sut#eot themselves to a fine. \VM. LAIRD,Clerk. Georgetown, Aug. 13th, 1&57. au 13-e"t24th rfs^ICP.CREAM AND WATKR ICES.ofthe I.? best quality, delivered to families, parties, fairs. ami excursionists, at 9'-5' per gallon. at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM DEPOT, corner >2th six! F streets. an lo-lm* ?y I?3" NOTICE.?'The President and Director* of Georgetown College hereby warn all persons not to trespass on any of the College walks or grounds, on paiu of being dealt witb according to law. Bv order of the President: au 4 lm J AMES CLARK, Treasurer. Y??BALTIMORE ICE CREAM DEPOT L? AND CONFECTIONERY, SH6th street, between G and H.?The very best ICE CREAM and WATER ICES at %ljn per gallon, delivered to anv part of the city. Also, on hand 62 different kinds of Cakes, and finest in the city, wh cli I will sell 8 for 5 cent s. Corne one, come a 11 and give me a call. Furnishes Parties, Weddings, Excursions, A e. JOSEPH SHAF FIELD. Ijite Foreman at Weaver's, jy77-1m* * Opposite Browns' Hotel. SUPERIOR NEEDLES at an I3-St J.AMMON D'S. N JEW TOYS.?Runniug Steamboats, Buggies, I and Horses, at au 13 3t I.AMMONO'S.Tth ?tre?t.'. CAREEN GINGER. CHEAP PRESERVING * SUGAR, CIDKR VINEGAR, and choice TEAS, WINES, and LIQUORS. at the lowest cash price. JOS. W. DAVIS. _lt* Corner 9th and E streets. |/EM ALE ACADEMY. r I *trrrt, bftifrn 18fA and lf>iA *fr*et.i, E. E. JANN'EY, Pt ixriril. The third term of this Institution will commence on the first Monday m September. an 13-3t* I^HE UNION ACADEMY. The resular duties will be resumed September 1st. Z. Rictr kkds Principal, A. G. Wii mssox. Asst., A.C. RicnA*T?, Asst., A. ZifPUM. Mod. Lan. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Mrs.Z. Richards. Prin . Miss\,A*st., A. Zappoxk, Mod. Languages. au ;3-eoim AI ACKER EL?M ACKER EL. 1*1. ion larrels No. ii largo New Mackerel. 25 h\lf-l?rre|s do do do do. Expccted daily per acliooner Searsville. ard for aalel.y HARTLEY A BROTHER, an 13-lw 101^ Water st.. Georgetown. Rules and instructions for the Cavalry, Lielit Infantry, and Riflemen of the United Stater. ?Published by authority of the De partment of War. One volume, lust. naif liound in calf, and containing 2Sfl pages of letter press, and 8* pages of engravings ; price ?l, < publtahed at $31 or $l.5n if the volumo is to bo prepaid by mail, an 13 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE REASON WHY?a Careful Collection of many Hundreds of Reason for things which, though gonerailv believed, ar* imperfectly under HtOod. Copiously illiistrati>d; English edition* price ijn cents ; free lit mail on receipt of 9fi stamps. Lightin the Va ley. My Experience of Spiritual ist1. Bv Mrs. Newton Crosland ; illustrated, al-i-S. Violet, or the D*ns<*ase,3H oonts. Biographical ami Historical Sketches .by Macaulay; Applftoa's Kaiiwat Lil>rar? ; Si oenta. Punch's Porker-Book of Fiiu. do. do.. SO c?nts. The Biographical History of Philosophy, from iti origin in Greece down to the present day; by George Henry L?-wis; I vol., $2.7a. The same in two volumes, ?3. Just publish??d, and for sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Bookgtore. an 13 3t neartnh street. ff?OR SALK.-A valuable FARM IIAND.-A slave for life. Inquire at fto.HS West street, Georgetown. an TREMOLO ACCORDEONS, a new Invention ; call and aee them, at the Music Depot of W. G. METZEROTT. au 1?- oorner Pth and Pa. ave. JUST RECEIVED, a fresh supplv of PARO QUET SULPHUR WATER. For sale hv DYSON, am Pennsylvania avenne. The only ngent for the Lutrict, Virginia, and Maryland. au 12-6t WG. METZEROTT has now on hand a large ? assor ment of PlANOFORTES.jfiMB-1 by Rosenk rang. Bacon A Raven.and WmJ^ h jWf Miller. Also,seeeial seooud hand Pianos' ' ? " * which he will sell for eash, or on monthly pavments. Pianoe and Melodeons from #45 to 9150. One sec ond-hand Melodeon for $2?>. Pioanofortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. an 12 jy JEN AND BOYS CLOTHING AT COST. Every desonptiou of Wearing Apparel suitable for Boys and Children of all ages, witn a complete as sortment of all kinds of Gentlemen's Clothing of tine qualities at prime ecost. Clothing made to order of the liest quality, at much cheaper rates than the usual citt prices. WALL A STEPHENS. D street, hetweeuSth and loth, au 13-lw Rear of our Old Stand. ?jOAL! COAL!! COAL!!! 23H tons White A?h COAL. 2mi do Red Ash do. 3IK) do Cumberland do. No*' afloat which we expect to discharge tti.a week and next. These Coals were selected expressly for family use. IS cts. per ton deduoted from price of all we dis charge direct from tlw veesels. CASTI.EMAN A BRO., Corner 6th and B streets, au 12-lw opposite National Hotel. UNTING PARK TROTTING COURSE. At tkt south end of the Lome Bridf. The Proprietors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure in lieing able to say that their arrangements are all com-, pleto, and that their traek is now open to the public. In all its arrangements it1 is unsurpassed in the United States, ottering as many advantages lor the trial ol speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile iu cir cumference, fill) feet wide, graded and prepared with care and judgment, and is in perfect onler. The House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its comtortaand aecommodationsjaod for the lux unes always to lie obtained there. The puhno may rely on it that, under any aud all oiroumsranees, good order will tM maintained and enloroed upou tne premises. Ru 17 11 SPECIAL NOTICE TO TAX *>AYEKS. Thoae who intend to avail themselves ol h?t? Cr cent, disoount, to made to all who |?y on or fore the i5th day of Septem'*'. *hn^isuall* avoid the delay incidenl^o the crowd w>* are in waiting at this otfft the K f a*J previous to the expiration of the time, can do eo by .ui?, ro, a. ?"jtar?*LAijDAv. au ti-tSepl Collactor, AMUSEMENTS pARl'Ml S A L O O N MONDAY EM-SING. August,!?. SELECT RICA DIN G8 BY MRS! HELEN MfZU MR. F.'baNSS. For Krt>col*r? see tinVl *u 1141 EXCURSIONS, Ac. FQ NIC.-Th* Natu^l Glee C.ub wiu fe. ii their fie Nic on next T1 KSDA^. Anrust U, M Humphrey 4 Ju?M?n'? place. Hi 1. Th ? Pic Nie will be one of the best thftt t.?? yet b*en held, as the Club wfll rp*re mo M^nn to make it ?rr***1''*,n ?" Pftrtie*. Ticket. FIFTvCENTS?to tie had at the door. We invite our friends and tbe public in c?r>*rai FHII.if decker. an IS ?T* President. f^RAND EXCEI-SIOK EXCURSION vl ?Y THI Waihington Light Infantry, NORFCiLK, PORTSMOVTH. CHESA PEAKE BAY. *<? Thel.VFAXTRT take plwur* in announcing, tb*: at the solicitation of many frier.<is end w.-u. ?r? J I 1 l?"l.u ? ?1IU patrons,they will repeat tbeir very satisfactory and sncoessful EXCUR-* SION of last year, tbua presenting a programme ur ? surpassed or excelled in its aitraot i<w?a?The Putu mac River, tb* May eat io Ray, Old Point C?.inf?.rr. Hyreia Hotel a~d \ isitora, tbe extensive fortibea tion tortress Monroe, Rip Hap*. Norfolk. Porta mouth, Gosport Navy Yard. Skip of line Peni.?> - vauna. new steam frigate Colorado.Dry Dock, Naval Hospital, Ac., Ac. Tbe ooislert and ple??nreof their patron* Will re ceive particular attention. Kules necessary for the preservation of good order nave t*ees adopted. The safe and commodinos steamer PovitTt x having been ehartered will leave her wharf F R I DAN . August the21st at 2 p.m.jtnd arrive ?t Norlo k on Saturday 1* a. nt.. and return to Old Point at '? p. m.. and remain there until the time (or tbe depar ture for Washington; arriving home Monday about 6 a. m. A aupenor Rand of Maaic is engaged,and the ser vices oi Mr. G. K<*> no:ds. of the t! Do-aJo House, secured as Cate er. Extra sleeping accommodations will he provide.!. Omnibuses will leave the Navy Yard and connect with the R.Mt. Tickets will lie on sale it Todd A Ce.'a. J. Hamlin's Capitol Hill, and J. O'Donnell, Druggist, Navy Yard, or of the oominittee and com parr, or ou th ? B<<at. Single Tickets THREE DO I.LA RS ; gentleman and lady t*; and 41 for each additional lady ; aer vauts #1. To Pmey Point $1 jo. Committee of ilrraacsi'sti. Captain J Y. Ilevis. Lieut J.FTueker. S-rgeftit J as. Coleman, Ser* rant U. F. Beer, fed ward Reynolds, Corporal F. H. Sage. J no. McN-mee. Samoa W. B. BUTT, Treasurer. an 1S-S Tn.WATh CKCOND PLEASURE EXCURSION OLD POINT, PORTSMOUTH, A NORFOLK. The steamer Ma?vla"?d will leave Washing-ton upon an Excursion to t*e above plaoes it . on SAT' RDAY. the 1Mb Auguat. at I 9 o'clock a. m.. arriving at R early next morning,and leave again at 10 o'clock for Old Point, where she will remain unt.l 6 o'clock p. m..affordingample timetovisit Hampton,Fort res* Monroe, the H> geta Hotel, to enjoy the Sea Breexe, to Fish and BaUi' . Tbe next day can tie agreeably spent in visiting Norfolk and Portsmouth, the Navy \ ard. Dry Dock. Naval Hospital. Ac. Returning, the Maryland will leave Norfolk for Washington Monday aPermiou at 4o'clock. The table will be nltundantly supplied with all the delicacies of the Washington and Norfolk markets. Good Music will be in attendance. Passage, including meals, for the round trip, #6 for a gentlemau and lady 910. an 1* * WM. MITCHELL. tflFTH ANNUAL EXCURSION r OP THE Montgomery Guards, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIO A', On MONDAY. August 17,1857. The Montgomery Guards take pleasure in an nouncing to their friends and patrons _f! "" ~ of the Cities of Waahmgton and g.-- ? ?, =*. i* Georgetown, that thoy will give tbei'^**?*!^""* Fifth Annual Excursion to the White HouseAn MON DaY, the I'.th inat. The Committee of Arrangements pledge them selves that no pa.ns will be spared to preserve order, and to enaure to ail who may patronize them an op portunity to spend an agreeable and pleasant day and evening. hsputa's moat excceilant Band it engaged for the occasion. Refrenhmenta will tie supplied by an experienced and well known caterer, at lihera! pries. The fir*T Boat will leave her wharf, foot of 11th street, at ft^i o'clock. Navy Yard at !? o'clock, and Alexandria at 9^. Tns seoond Boer will leave at 2 o'clock p- m.. aod prooeed direct to the White Honae. The first Boat returning at o'clock, or 7 in the evening, and second at 9 or ?Hi. Tickets 91?andmitting a Gentleman and Indies. Committee of Arrangement*. Capt. Key, Ser. Murp?v. Privt. Grady, laeut. Kellelier, Lieut. Oldfield, Q. Ma. Matter. Priv. Molone, Ser. Moore, Pnvt. Greeson. Prtv.Coyle. air "t LOST ASS FOUND. LOST.?Between Mr. Parkei's Grocery m.d Mr. Tucker's Hardware t?tore. 915 in g???d. in a P?.cket Hook. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by_leaving the *ame at the Star < ?diee. au 1.1 St * LOST.?As 1 have been Irrgallv uoiihed I * t|t.? Commisaioiier of Pensions tliat a BOLNTS LAND WARRANT for one hundred and twen!? aerea. No. ?si.tei was issued on the l?th of Januaiy, its6T. in the name of James Or thriaa PrivMe in Cap tain Pierce's con pany, Yirginia Militia. W ar I8IC, ;ind sent to mv addreMs ol Berlin. Virginia. As snch Lan?l \\ arrant ms n?ver come to m? hand<,>t<,i to the owner, an I as every reason exi?t that r?nl warrant has been lost, inissent, or stolen from tiio mail on transient from Washington nty, I). C.f to Berlin, Virginia; and the object of this advert i?e mcnt ik to give dtte notice that I -hall make appliea tionai I no IVnaiou Oihce of the I uiled States tut a duplicate after mven the notice retired by law. au 13 wf-w EDWIN BKADSIIAW. Attorney. F (1ST.?On je>!er<ls>, the tlth instant. t?etwe?-n 4 the Navy \ardand n<> re* ideixv. ou?<, iwiwoen S?t hand .Mat streets, in* DANK ACCOL'N T HOOK with Riggs A Co. Tne finder will lie auit&bly re war Jed l>y leaving it at ?n? kouae. No. l?n. LAWSON P. i(?K?VES, Between 2wh aud 21 streets, au 12-St* First Will. TAKKN I P aSTRAY-A medium sis<d \ el low BnfialoCOW, striped with a white spot tin tier toreliead. and rroppe.1 IATnI on both eara. The owner can have her by*VY ~~f: pay ing charges, proving prop?rt?. and sp- m plying to MAURICE Ml'RPrlS*, near Rot-kCreek Church. silt M-at* Fj*OUN D.?At the Pic Nic of the Young Catho lics' Friend Society, on Monday, August 3d. a HLACK SILK MANTILLA, trimmed with vel vet: and also, a GOLD SLEEVE BUTTON. Ir. quire of the President of the Society, No. ??C il street, between lothand 11 th streets. an H-St* Oin REWARD.?Strayed away,on theS?th ? f V I" " July .two COWS. One a :?r<e white ( and red (dirty colored! nulch Cow, wit!. large neck and heavy heed, white i <>rns anfi walks very slow. The other a Mac* and w hue Cow has a white star in her forehead, an?l the top of her horns black, and is a springer. The above reward will be paid for the return of Iwith Cows, or for one. DANIEL CONNER. 5th street cast, between Penn. avenue, aoll-3t* and Kast Capitol street. M REWARD-Ranewar.on Friday, the 24th of July,a MULATTO'BOY. about 13 yeara of age, named Alfred, apprenticed to the subscriber. This is to caution all persons against harboring or employing him. The above reward will be giveu for his rttaruU my premises. au ll-3t H. MAGRLDKR. M. D. THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES WERE stolen froin No. 3><1 I street, naar 'Gth atreet, on Mopday morning, lietween 1 and 3o'clock. On the,r reoovery a suitable reward will be given : A Silver Cup, in the form of a wine giaa? 3 small Silver Porks, marked H. G. L. and Trapier Shubriok Lewis. 2 Silver Salt Spoons, marked II. H. L. A Silver Butter Knife. One-and-a half dozen Spoons. a;l?ta. One dozen Forks do. One Soup Ladl? do. All marked H. II. L. au ll-St^_ ft* R KWAR U.?>'raved away on Tueatav. Au gust 4th. a Red and White COW.. with white fore feet, white spot on her shoulders, and a white apot ??i. her runipi near her tail, with hair her tail white, ami a white star in her face. The above reward will l>e paid for her delivery to the autiecrber on 8th street ea?t. be tween A and B s'reets north. Capitol Hill, or fur any information of her wherealiouts. auio LAURENCE CALLAN. RKWAR 1).?Hanaway from the sul>seri ber. living near I ppeftMarliiorough, l.e ^4th il il Prince George's oounty, Md., ?>u the 2s?h o April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN about 77 yeara of age. 5 feer. 0 inches lugh dark mulMto?has a large bu?^y heml. w ' h ^ whiskers round his face, medium ? ze and down look. He may hire himself in the District, where he has relatives, or make his way to some five State, as he left without any provocation. I w II rive Two Hundred Dollars, if taktui out of tlisSl}te-9j? if taken in the Distriot.orany other pert of Maryland, and 9So if taken m this county. In euiier case ne muat be aecured ao that I get him. WILLIAM J. BERRY. IjALTIMORECITY MALT HOUSE. MALT Ft)R SALE.?The nnderaigned having reoent.y ourchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of West Falls avenue aod Block street, would announce to his friends and the public, that he baa it now in full operation, with a large supply of MALT for aale on liberal terms. mvK-Sm FRANCIS DENMEAD. ??HEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The subsorilier <iffers SUGAR, COFFEE, IIA .MS, SIDE'S and SHOULDERS. F LOUR and MEaL, BUTTER aud F^.GGS, at No. l/th street, corner of B. ? 8-tf JOVAS P LICVT. MAGNOLIA HAMS. SOO CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. \N e are just opening, and we guarantee there un equalled by any Hains in thu city. l'key were cured m Maiytand expressly for our aale. ^ IC7*No authorized agents. ICING A BURCHEI.L, jjr t5 Corner Vernnont avenue and IMk si reet. ^ EDGE WICK ON STATUTORY ANDCON O STITUTIONAL LAW,! vol svo., Haet pub. ?d. 07 H) FRANCK TAYLOR,