Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1857 Page 3
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LUC A LI NT EL LIGENCE. Criminal Coibt? The Eltrttom Riots ? The jury, after taking a recess yesterday, came into roart, and Mr. Ellta resumed his argument by saying that he had endeavored to show the jury that from the blunders which hid been made by the witnesses for the prosecution, and from their inany contradictions, they were not to be believed In relation to the material farts to which they had testified. He went on to snumerate a long list of witnesses who had been examined for the defence, nil of them, as be said, respectable men and en tirely unconnected with the Administration now in power, and whose evidence was uncontra dicted by the testimony of any creditable man. He asked the jury if they had not understood fiom the erroneous, and be might say fklse, state ments of the various newspaper presses of Wash ington that the riot of the morning had been kept up at intervals until after the visit of the marines to that spot ? In order to doaway with that erroneous impres sion he referred them to the poll list which had lieea brought into court, showing that daring the two and a quarter hours previous to the first clos ing of the polls the votes which had been re ceived were equal to one per minute. There were three hours at least between the first and the last Interruption, and during that time 213 vote* had been polled. Now, here stands out in bold relief the fact, that when men were being nulled away from the pollsand beaten, and when disorderana proscription prevailed, there was one vote cast for every forty-fourseconds of time which passed during those three hours. He contended that, in view of rll these facts, the idea of interruption was simply ridiculous. lie went on 10 show that, during the election of last year, at this same precinct, was exactly in the same proportion during the sameamouut of time, as this year; he contended that the interruption which was said to have occurred was entirely groundless and entitled to no credit. to the statements of Mr. Key, with re gard to the Plug I jlies. he would not attempt to etcujs* those men; he would not think of defend ing their acts on pa.tisan grounds; he believed that the defendants in this case were innocent and persecuted men; he would defend them without lee or reward, because he lielieved that they were n?>t the aggressors in the late election scenes. Mr Ellis went on to read a part of the instruc tions which had been given bj* the Court, and said they led to the inquiry whether the parties charged had met together with a concerted pur pose or not, they were to be either convicted or acquitted on the charge of a riot.' He begged the - jury to keep that tact in mind, and he would go on to show that there was no riot. The District Attorney tad endeavored to bring the two Stew arts Into close contact with those events; he had endeavored to prove their connection with the cannon; with the morning affray; with chasing, jruu in hand, a gang of Irishmen down Massa chusettsavenue?all in the same moment. almo>t. Was such a thing possible? If they had done those things at one and the same time, the jury could not convict them of a riot. It was an of fence, but not a riot. Two men could not make a ilot, no matter how large they wete. Mr. Frere had said that Isaiah Stewart, instead of being en gaged with the rioters, was counseling the other side to go away out of the reach of danger, and acting m a manner in every way calculated to show that he was endeavoring to restore peace and prevent rioting. Mr. Ellis concluded hi> argument (after speak lug some live hours,) iu which he went over the same ground, iu effect, as had been traveled over by Mr. Scott, on Tuesday. l'ue Court theu adjourned. FIFTEENTH DAT. The Court met soon after Id o'clock this morn ing. and the arguments for the defence iu the pending trial were resumed by? Mr. Bradley, who said that he could not pro ceed to argue the case any further, without ex pressing a grateful sense of the kindness of the Court in granting so much time and discussion to the counsel for the defence. He was suffering from indisposition, but he would endeavor tocon flne himself to a strict le^al investigation of the facts in evidence in this case. The case printed itself to the jury as a simple question of law and evidence: Whether the par ties now on trial were guity of a riot?whether, in point of law, the evidence justifies the jury in finding them guilty? The law of riot was well defined, and although it had received particular qualifications, still its general principles were well understood He understood, very well, the theory of the District Attorney in this case; he had endeavored to apply the law to his theory; he conceived that if the iury found that the parties indicted had intended to carrv into effect the of fence with which they were charged, they weie guilty of a riot. If they find that any one of the oarties indicted, to gratify some other purpose, kill a man. it is no part of the riot; for there must be a purpose to effect an object, a concert together for tbat purpose, and a final accomplishment of that purpose, to constitute a riot. To take another step in this matter, the riot miMt U- preconcerted?that element is as neces sary as is malice iu a case of wilful murder. The argument of the District Attorney had been di rected to the jury to confound separate and dis tinct events together. It was far better that the most guilty of the participants in the events of the riot which had been alleged by the United States xbonld go free than that one innocent person should lie punished in the slightest degree for crime not committed by biin. Mr. II went on to define what he conceived to l>e the difference between a riot and an affray lie said it was lawful for the Baltimoie Plug t'glies to be in the streets of Washington on thai day. It was as lawiul for them to be in Seventh street on that afternoon as it was for the marines to be there. It now became necessary to see for what purpose tbey were there If they were there, Kirne uf them, to disturb and break up the elec tion, and others to gratify some persoual malice against individuals, Ui?y might be committing a misdemeanor, but they were not guilty of an affray. Mr B. went on to read from some of the Eng lish authorities to illustrate this point still fur ther. aud to show under what circumstances, and bow far the jury must cred.t the evidence of wit nesses in a case critical as this was He said that it was an instinct of humanity for us to shield our own acts by implicating other*. This it was which caused men to see through false mediums. 11 was a great mistake to supp.?se that men who do not swear to the truth are swearing falsely. In the course of ?ome thirtv years' practice at this Court, he bad not found ft necessary, except in four or five instances, to impute deliberate per. jurv. He cautioned the jury that where they saw par. ty prejudice or interest in the evidence of a man who testifies to distrust him. He might intend to be truthful, but his mind was certainly warped and not capable of a fair statement of events wherein his interest was concerned. Charles Spencer, a mere stripling, who was shot by the marine* in two places, and now carries the lead from their muskets in his head, is charged here with a riot; and the only evidence to implicate him is given by Ofilcer Birkhead Th.s officer was a policeman, and was himself skulking be bind the barricade, with a dense crowd standing between him and Alston's comer, and he af.aid to look out from his hiding place. Yet he dis. tiuctly at this time saw, as lie testifies here, Chas Spen< er on that corner making demonstrations towards the marine*. It was a well known fact, said Mr. B , that nothing affects the vision of a man as fear he was afraid that officer must have been actuated by this feeling to a greater or less extent at that time If so then, how far could the jury trust to bis statements against the multiplicity of evi. d-nre wl.uh had been given by the defencetothe contrar), which was positiveand which was neg ative evidence in this case he had no doubt lEe iury could understand perfectly well without auv further argument It was a most ie.likable fart that Capt Uaggott, Chief of Pot1Ce. wis present ?*ery day duMng ?he eiamiaat ion of r he testimon y for the I nited Mates, and was not put upon the "\,lr <it>e " found thai h* bad fired II nol the fl.??t. the two shots which followed the first discharged on that occasion It was the duty of the District Attorney to have brought him into Conn and have his evidence his account of his partic,nation in these events given to the jury and the Court. W hen the District Attorney said that the com missioners of the election had cM ,Le poll, knowing that they were violating their sworn **! 7?i 1 ,ey Wer" hy "'*t furthering the acts of their ri?iters?it bad filled him with amaze! meat. Against the moral character of those Judges of election, not a woid was to be breathed they were as pure a,,a a* houest ,?en as h?d w him a man who would deliberately violate a sworn oath, taken before his Maker t. i; , wa> not fit to live in hurnau society; be was less than a man. Mr B went on losay that he would rather have it said of him that he had cheated iu unvaie nr.. that he had violated the law* of hospitality be drank, gamed, performed any other disagree able act. than to have it said that he haditaken a deliberate oath to perform a duty of some?no niatter what-public or private nature, aud as de liberately broken It. 1 If the jury believed the evidence of the defence there was bat an affray; but if they would bell-ve 'b*other Side, then there was a b W^'.ld '^V believe' On the one side thev were all Interested in some manner in 2?21rlL?^hl* tnsU; ?n there was interest of any sort, except an interest to see sir i U itat Wtve tke farts in he cas?-? nolis when* thV25* ,L* J,,dKes closed the fv. /! ^marines came upon the ground because they did not think it w\>nld be safe ui keep them open and remain there. Was not that a good and si. flic lent reason ' Had ?hev not i light to cousult their personal safety an.I Jn t w care Of the ballots thVt had MtuiJlr ?jen r^, when ,beV h.d reason totttffito bloody termination of their advent the,e' If the law says that the military shall not be exiledoutwithoutirsteihaustln^ I !7civilalthoT? ,brn 11 ** *bown clearly tbat the civil authority was exhausted If ti? mayor had dared to call out the nylitary without JUt entirely exiuuslifltf the deforce, for one, would resist him If be died ou his own (hrenboid for it. The Court bad laid dwsm the law; the authority good enough, said Mr. B . for him; the mayor mutt resort to the civil authorities, and they must be exhausted beforo the mayor shall dart to apply for the military. The civil force was present, and yet they made no report to the mayor, they did not interpose to stop the alT. ay. Yet, in the face of all these (beta, the Mayor runs In hot haste and applies for the marines; they are brought to the ground, and the world is cognizant of the dreadful result of their fatal visit. Justice may sleep during this life, but there is an after tribunal, where there is no cloud to interpose between a man's acts and his mo tives?where there is no jury?where other wit nesses than these will lay bore such a list of facts before the Great Judge is will consign to ever lasting perdition the guilty. With regard to the swivel, it was immaterial to tbejury whether it whs spiked or not?and there cannot be the slightest doubt as tothe fact that it was spiked?except this : n rumor is abroad that the marines are about. Twenty or thirty youths and boys draw the gun to the spot. Where a:e the rioters ? Why, they are Messrs. Wm. and George Wilson. Wm. Wilson says to the mayor "sir, the polls are closed and they shan't be opened until the marines go awav." And that Is a riot. Would not any man on the jury be likely to say the same thing on a similar occasion ? If he (Bradley) had been there he should, no donbt, have said the samp, and the Grand Jury would then have indicted him for a riot! The Mayor had no right to force the polls to be opened, as his honor had said to the jury in his instruc tions. But where do we tind this rioter, Mr Wilson, in the next moment T Why, at the can non. offering his assistance to Mr. Wallach in maintaining, not in breaking the peace, and say ing to hiin that he will stand by bun. Does that look as if Mr. Wilson was one of the rioters ? Mr B. closed his argument by repeating that If he had stated the law correctly the jury could not convict the parties of a riot. The jury here took a recess. Miitug or the Citt CocxctLs?A special meeting of the Board of Aldermen was held at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, to take meas ures to pay appropriate marks of respect to the memory of ex-Mayor Towers. Mr. Bayly, President of the Board, haviug sta ted the object of the session, a committee con sisting of Messrs. Biggs, Goddard, and Clark, was appointed to act in conjunction with a com mittee of the Lower Board, in preparing resolu tions After a snort conference the joint commit tee reported the following? Resolutions of respect to the memory of John T. Towers. | John T Towers Laving departed this life, and the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and Board of Common Council of Washington, desiring toex press their high admiration vf his character as a citizen and their deep sense of the loss our citv has sustained in the death of one who so long and so faithfully discharged the various trusts confi ded to him bv the people of W: sLington, Ktsolrtd. iff.. That we have heaid with deep sorrow of the death of John T. Towers, late May or of the city of Washington, the uprightness and purity of wiiose character merits the admira j tion of all, and especially that of the people of this city, in which a large portion of his life was spent, and where his memory will ever be cher I is bed as that of one of our city's brightest orna ments. Resolved. That the Corporate authorities attend in a body the funeral of the deceased, and that they wear the usual badye of mourniu- for thirty days. Resolced, That we tender to the family of the deceased our lieartft It sympathy 011 the occasion of their sod bereavement, and that the Mayor lie and he is hereby respectfully requested to com municate to the family of the deceased a copy of resolutions, and cause the same to be pub lished In the papers of this city. Mr Bayly, in taking the question on the reso lutions. said it would have afforded him much satisfaction to have spoken upon the character and services of the deceased, but that the resolutions expressed what he would have said. The question being taken, the resolutions were unanimously adopted. Mr Dove, renSarkin^ that his connection with Mr. Towers, had been so intimate as to iuduce him to say a word, proceeded to pay a warm tribute to the deceased, whom he had known from boy hood, and who as a flriu friend, devoted hus band and fond father, had earned the love of all who came in contact with him. Mr. Miller said hecould not allow the occasion to pass without expressing his sense of the loss they had experienced in the death of Mr Tow ers. He first knew Mr. T. when a poor printer's boy, without means or patronage He afterwards became a student of medicine under the speaker, and here he came to know him not only as a faithful pupil, but as one of more than ordinary amiability and docility. Distinguished by at tention to his studies, and afterwards to his bus iness, rafter he abandoned the practice of medi cine.Xhe rose to the highest municipal positions and no man, perhaps, had a more thorou^ h knowl edsje of city affairs. As Mayor of the city of Washington, the course of Mr. Towers was al ways that of kindness, courtesy and conciliation. Though opposed to him politically he believed that the course of Mr. Towers had been actuated by the purest motives. Mr Donoho reverted to the time when he fl-st met the deceased. It was at the time when the Asiatic cholera Urst made its appearance in this country, occasioning universal /ear and gloom. As an indication of the public feeling at that time, Mr. D mentioned the unusual circumstance of the National Intelligencer having Issued an extra in relation to the advent of tins fell de stroyer. Upon the appearance of the cholera In this city, the persons attacked were taken to the hospital on Tenth street, at the corner of F The speaker, in visiting the victims at this pla. noticed a boy who was administering medicine*] and who was remarkably kind and attentive to the sick and dying. Struck with his appearanc he followed him from mattress to mattress, ami day after day he observed him ever kind and assiduous. This youth was John T. Towers then perhaps 21 or 22 years of age, though look ing much younger. As soon as opjiortunity of fered. he cultivated the acquaintance of the young man. and such was the esteem that he formed for him that he IJrst nominated him for Councilman and afterwards for Atderinan in his ward. The citv, in his death, had lost one of iu best citizens and legislators. Messrs. Clarke* Houston and Smith made feel ing, but necessarily brief addresses, and then the Hoard adjourned, to proceed with the other Board to attend the funeral of the deceased. The Board of Common Council met, and wis called to order by the vice president, H II Clark Ksq. | Air Brown offered the following resolution, which was adopted i R'.solrrd, (the Board of Aldermen concurring.) That the communication of the Mayor Just re ceived, announcing the death of John T Towers, late Mayor of Washington, be referred to a select j< int committee of one member from each Ward, said committee to be composed of three Aldermen and four Common Council men. r appoin Lloyd. After a recess of ten minutes the Board resumed its session, and Mr. Brown, from the select com mittee, reported a series of resolutions from the Aldermen, (see Aldermen's proceedings.) which were unanimously adopted. The Board then adjourned, and proceeded to attend the funeral. The ('hair appointed Messrs. Brown, Jefferson, Mulloy and Lloyd. Ckxt&s Market.?'This morning the supply of fruit and vegetables appeared to be Increasing, and the quality improving. The attendance was very full from the country aud the District gar dens. Good order prevailed, and purchasers had no difficulty in obtaining supplies at the follow ing prices: Beef, per lb. .10h12^ Eggs, per doz.... -1 Foik 12a 15 Roll butter., Mutton Lauib.prqr ?5al lit) Sausage, pr lb.... 12)4 Lard lb V eal 1 in 15 Beef tongues >ia|I Calves heads,each 25 Bacon . Idal^ Shoulders 14al5 Breast pieces .... 16 Dried beef ITale Chickens, pr pair. 50 Turtles, each.. .12a* 1.25 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. 20a3l Terrapins, each... 37a?l Irish potatoes, pk. 25 Corn, pr bush.... 05 Corn, ear, pr bush. Beans, pr bush ... 92 Rye, pr bush 90 Oats. 65 Meal 95a ?! Shorts 35 Shipstutfs 56 . I2al5,1'hil'a print ^e.. i irfil t? i Hone *y, per lb.... Cymlings, per doz Green corn....... Kgg plants Onions, buncb.... Tomatoes, pk .... Snap Beans, pk... Cabbage, prnead. Damsons, per qt.. Pears, rr pk Butter beans, qt.. Blacklierries W hort leberrles... Apples, pk....... Pine Apples,each 12al? 10 25 37 ?K Call) 15 6 3 12a 15 12 A 12 50 20 10 10 12a50 Peaches, p?r doz.. Bevts, per bunch. Turnips, per b'eb. Watermelons Canteloupes Cucumbers, doz.. Sturgeon cuts .... Roca, per bunch.. Crabs, per doz.... 25 3 4as 12a37 12a25 10 12*50 25 25 Tux Festival which has been going on at Thorn's new building for some days past, for the benefit of the Sabbath School connected with the Methodist Kpiscopal Church South, was brought to a clmw* last Tuetkday evening, by an entertain iug Concert of vocal music, conducted by Prof Crouch, assisted by Miss Beach, Miss Pugh, Mr Gleiiroy and Mr Jones. Much praise is due to Prof Crouch for the very interesting musical entertainment given on this occasion to a crowded house. Miss Beach and Miss Pugh acquitted themselves In a manner wtitch called forth the universal praise and admiration of the audience. Messrs. Glenroy and Jones sustained themselves well, and all were delight, d with the entertain ment of the ivening- Thus closed an affair which has afforded much pleasure to all who participated In Its exercises. A Co?*Esro*DE!?T asks ns to " notify the Board of Health that there Is a pool of stagnant water o i the corner of E and Fifteenth streets as bad If not worse than Is the pool In the Theatre lot." The Funeral or Mr. Towkki ? Between 4 and 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. the funeral pro cession left the lat? residence of Mr Towers, beaded by the Grand Lodge I. O O F. of the District. Central Lodge, and members of the Pa triarchal branch, accompanied by Prosperi's band and a band of martial music. The pall-bearers on the part of the Corporation we r??Gen. E. Weightman, J. H. Bradley, Jas. F. Halliday, Samuel E. Douglas*, Jonathan T. Walker, Dr. A McD. Davis, A. G. Seaman, Samuel Bacon. On the part of the Odd Fellows? P. G.M.'sJohn Mills and John Sessford, and P. G.'sWm. Cooper and Wm. Hoover. The line of march was down Massachusetts av enue and Third street, to Trinity Church, (Epis copal) la which the deceased was a pew-holder. Tbe bells of Fire Company No 6 and of the Fifth Presbyterian Church were tolled during the march. On receiving the corpse at the house a solemn and affecting dirge, the com position of the leader, Mr. F Prosper!, was performed by the l*nd. The services at the church (In the absence of Rev. Mr. Cummins) were performed by Rev. Mr. Pinckney, and Rev. Mr. llutton. of Brookvllle, Md . who ministered by the bedside of Mr. Tow ers during his illness, and who delivered an in structive and impressive funeral sermon. At si* o'clock, the procession, which was a long one. numbering some sixty carriages containing tbe family and friends of the deceased, Corpora tion officers, Ac., left Trinity Church for the Con gressional Cemetery. At the grave the concluding rites of the Episcopal Church were performed by the Rev Mr. Hutton, and the impressive service of the I. O. of O F. was performed by P. G. M. John T Clements, who officiated as chaplain. Credit Is due to the undertaker, Mr. A. Buchly. for the very perfect manner in which the arrange ments of the funeral were carried out, especially in view of the length of the cortege. A Female Institute.?Tbe school which our former fellow citizen, Donald Macleod, Esq.. pro poses to open here shortly, and to conduct with tbe assistance for the most part of his refined and accomplished wife and daughters, cannot fail to he a great acquisition to the Federal Metropolis. Though for many years past a resident of Ten nessee and Ohio, his fame as a successful trainer of female youth is as well known here, almost, as there. We can have little doubt that the induce ments which his institution must otter will keep in Washington to be educated, the daughters of Meml>ers of Congress and others of our sessional sojourners, so many of whom bring hither their children to be educated elsewhere, but still suf ficiently near bv to be under their own surveil lance. The inducements of relint d society?that is, of the influence of it wherever it exists?arc ?greater here than anywhere else. Women reared ii and around Washington, as a general rule, are ladies of more true refinement ind enlarged minds than any others in our country, owing to the influence of the minds and the tone of society surrounding them. We trust this may long con tinue to be the case. 78? 75 76 HI HI 83 fr? 71 Tti 71 78 nouuy, rain, tine and warm, a little 1 night'thunder gust with heavy rain l'2th?heavy fog, came out fine, and 1 I3tb?cloudy, air close, and warmer. 1 > Officers Elected.?At a meeting of Western Hose Active Association, held on Tuesday even in', the following named gentlemen were elected officers for tbe ensuing six months : F. IS . Holtz man, President; T.J. Parker, Vice President; J. R, {Spalding. Secretary; G. W.Thorn, Treasurer. (standing Committee?William Riggle-s, R. L. Mastin, J. M Parker, Win.Dellaway. The Weather.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Aug. C, to this morning: Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? 78^ 7P Friday 7tP Saturday 00 Sunday 7 *2 M outlay 72 1 uesday.................. 12 Wednesday 70 Thursday 74 ? Average height of the thermometer iu the morn ings, from Aug. *#th to 13tli inclusive, 70? 06'. RtninrLa?Aug. 6th?slight rain at noon, flue to end ; 7th?tine and pleasant; 8th?fog earlv morning and cooler, warmer and close in ihe af ternoon, and cloudy throughout; 0th?cloudy and much warmer, thunder gust and showers from SW.; 10th?cloudy, air close and moist, heavy rain in the afternoon, wind brisk from SW.; Uth? cloudv, rain, tine and warm, a little before 1*2 at -' -L* " and wind; hot to end; , River very muddy. First quarter moon, Thursday, August 27. be tween 0 and 10 a. in. B. Georgetown. Aug. 13, 1857. The Fire Department.? Recently the com panies of the Washington Fire Department have been refitting their apparatus and placing it in the best possible order for active service. Por tions of the apparatus of the Franklin and North ern Liberty companies have been sent to other cities, to be put in order by the oiigliial builders. The suction of the Columbia and the suction and hose carriage of the Perseverance are in hand at the factory of M. McIVermott, of this city. The work upon the last mentioned pieces indicates the excellence of our Washington mechanics. It is only necessaiy to test their skill for proof of their ability to do the finest work requited in their professions. Our mechanics, if properly encouraged can do everything required of them A Colored "Ccsxixuham."?Last night, a colored woman, named Elizabeth, was ar rested and taken to the guard hou.e, charged with being one of a disorderly gang in the Sev enth Ward. About two months ago she was brought up for some misdemeanor, and not ott by feigning to be in tbe agonies of labor. This time she hatlt similar story to tell but the guards be lieving that she was Cuaninghaini zing, locked tier up in the cells During the night, however, it Invameapparent that she was not shamming! his time, and a physician was sent for and she was taken to her home, where she is now ''doing as well as could be exjiected." The Excursion of St. Peter's Sunday School yesterday was attended by the largest (tarty by far that has been down the river this season. During tbe day, a number of little misses recited an interesting flower dialogue, at the close of which each teacher was presented by his or her class a beautiful bouquet; and Capt. Cor son was also singled out by the gratified little girls as a person to be complimented, for his ser vices and kind attentions to the excursionists. The party numbered from 1.500 to *2,000 persons, and not sin unpleasant word was heard from any quarter, among that crowded assemblage, during the entire day. Work on the Aqueduct.?We understand that Capt. Meigs is paying ?1 .'25 per day to sober, steady workmen on the Aqueduct, and that skil ful tenders to masons and bricklayeis get SI 37 per day. The work is within fourteen miles of Georgetown, and those prices wc should think would secure any quantity of labor desirable. The breaches iu the Canal near the city have taken oft' some of the labor from the Aqueduct, but it is supposed that when they are completed there will be a largely increased force available. Corporation Cases.?A hackman, named El liott Hopkins, was arrested yesterday by persons following the funeral of Ex-Mayor Towers, aud delivered to Officer Yeatinan. There were four charges against him, viz: driving through the funeral procession, driving a hack without num ber, furious driving, and profanity in the street, lie was taken before J ustice Donu, and ordered to pay a tine and costs in each case, amounting iu ill to about SJS. Excursion of the Makylandto Norfolk ? We are glad to see the excursion trips of the Maryland are so popular as to demand repetitious at short intervals. Another one is announced for Saturday, in the programme of which, a visit to all the Potomac, Hay, aud Elizabeth river points r>f interest are included. We hope ("apt. Mitch rll may live a thousand years to conduct such ex cursions, and that we and all our readers may live iiuotber thousand to go on them. " B" writes us from Georgetown at 11# a. rn., that the water is coming into the Canal dowly and purely between that noint and Little Falls, and that before sunset the boats will all be afloat. He adds that the gap on the new road, made L?y the rain of the4th instant, is full fifty feet deep mid twenty wide, and that it threatens to increase in dimensions shortly. Real Estate.?Yesterday, A. Green, auction eer, sold lot 14, in square 5W4, with two frame tiouses. for $1,300 ; purchaser A. Morehouse. Wall A Barnard sold lot No. 1*2, In square 449, with a frame dwelliug, on Seventh street, be Lweau L and M, to Frederick Hyder, for ?1,200. Watch Returns.?West Lock-up?William Payne, colored, drunk; workhouse 30 days. A. Parr, do., do ; fine and cost, 93 44.

Central Guard-house?J no. Wallace, J no. How irtl, Thomas Simpson, Elizabeth Herbert, Eliza net h Johnson, all colored, disorderly; tine and ;osts. $0.19 each. Samuel Chamber*, do., do ; workhouse 30days. Elizabeth Lee,do.,do.; dis missed. James Clagett, do , fugitive from the workhouse; returned to bis quarters. Mrs. Cur ls, threats; security for peace. s s r 1 I \ Washington, O.C., August Uth, 1867,11 o'clock u m. At a recant meeting the following resolutions ware >ass?d: Rtiolveii, In the event of similiar circumstances M. aa 1 ? ?ou.rta, in iHe event ot s i?I jar " when Mr. Predecessor was presented w'tha,splendid 1 *ne. Mr. Successor shall reoeivea lirwmsUok. with f i golden head, in lnsor.ptiou ol a ?>?ea#? in iuu jostuaie. . i Htflvtd/urtktr. That for this purjoMsubscnp- ! jons will be reoeirsdat CuaaLa* Weens* ?? 1 HlM| MARRIED. At fjNur?l. Md.. an the 11th mstant, by Rev. Mr. Chapman. JOSEPH T. W. OUR AND. ^Wash ington, D.C.. to Miss MAGGIE ARTHUR.seound laughter of Janici Arthur. Sr., ol* the former plaoe. DIED, On tha iirh instant, after * severe illness of five lay. GEORGE W., son of John W. and Martha A. Fuzhugh, aged five y?ara, fire month*, and twenty-three dava. His funeral will take plaoe on Friday afternoon, at I o'clock, from the residence of his parents, on 12th itreet, between I and K. The friends of the family ire respectfully invited to attend. * On the 13th instant, aged fifty years. JOSEPH L. PEABODY, a native of Newburvport, Mass.. hut lor many years a moat exoellent and highly esteemed resident of this city. The funeral will take p'ace on To-morrow Morn ing. the 14th in?t?at 10 o'clock, from the residence r>f his brother-in-law. Win. H. Ward, Esq.. No. 4 i Missouri avenue. The friends of the deceased and itf the family are invited to attend without further notice. May he rest in peace. At 11 o'clook, on the evening of the 12th instant, REBECCA, youngest cnild of John George and Elizalteth flampler .aged ?! irears an I 9 months. Her funeral will take place from the residence of her parents. N'??. 310 C street, Iwtween 6th and 7th streets, on To-morrow (Friday) Afternoon, at 3 ?'clook. The friends of the family are invited to at tend the funeral without further notice. * On the 13th instant. ALICE GRAHAM, aced three months, only child of Robert H. and Sarah E. Watkins. AUCTION SALES. By WALL & BARNARD. Auctioneers. IVEW BUGGIES AT AUCTION.-On S\T i> URDAY Ah TERNOON, August 15, we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms. tit 5o'clock, on recount of whom it miy concern, without reserve? Two new Buggy Wagons, well finished and trim med, lined with Clothaud Enamelled Leather. Sale positive. Terms : One-third cash : balance in island fWdnys, for notes satisfactorily endorsed. In arms luterest. au 13-3t WA1.L i BARNARD, Aucts. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. I CiRKAT SALE OF CABRARA ITALIAN I rIahble Si.aCx.?On SATURDAY AFTER NOON, August 15th. at 5 o'clock, at the wharf nt the foot oil I th street, I shall sella lot of Carrara Italian Marble Slabs, which lias inst arrived per schooner Mott Bedell, from New York, comprising about am choioe s^lec'ed Stabs of pure Carr.-sja Ital ian Marble, suitable for Furniture Tops, Mantels, ko. The attention of marble dealers is called to this sale, which will be made without limit. Terms: ?100 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of six months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. au 13-<t J AS. C. McGUlRE. A net. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 12th street wkst, between K and L *t-?. North, at Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, August 18th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No. 34, in sultdivisiou of Square No. IHW, fronting 28 feet 10 inches on 12th street west, be tween K ami L streets north, running hack 104 or 134 feet, at the option of the purchaser. Terms: < >tie-fourth cash : the residue in fi, 12, and 18 months, with luterest. secured by deed of trust on the premis es. an 13-d J. C. McGUIRE. A net. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Twelve handsome building lots IN SgUARK FROSTING ON NEW JKRSKV AVK hue andE street mirth, NEXT square TO THE Railroad Depot, betwekn thk Capitol and Judge Douglas's, at Auction.?On MONDAY. ?4'h instant, i sliall sell, in front of the premises, at half post live o'clock p. in., tw?lve haiidsome Build - ius Lots, some of which front D street, opposite the Railroad Depot, and on New Jersey avenue, near the depot, and the remainder on E street north, in tiie same square. The above-mentioned property is now considered as desirable as any in Washington, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the city. Terms: One-fourth cash ; Iwiance in six. twelve, and eighteen mouths, for notes! earing interest from tho day of sale. A deed given and deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. an 4-eoAda A. GREEN, Anct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S SALE ??F FURNITURE. I Cacpfts. Rehiusg, Carriage*, Ac. ?On SATURDAY MORNING.August 15th,atSo'd'k, in front of the Auction Rooms ol Jas. C. MoGuire, we shall sell a large lot of Furniture and House keeping Effects, belonging to the estate of the late William Bigly. comprising? Mahogany hair Spring Sofa and Chairs Marble-ton Centre and S??fa Tables Dressing, Dining, and Card Tables Lounge, cane and wood-seat Chairs Bureau, Washstands, Tables, Bedsteads Carpets, Oilcloths. Fugs China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Together with a large quantity of articles in the Houseftirnishing line. Also, at 10 o'clock. An excellent Family Carriage, suitable for one or two horses. Terms: |20 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of two, three, and four months, with interest, for satisfactorily endorsed notes. T. C.DON N, f Tntvtn(l, THOS. J. FISHER. < Trustees. au12-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. WANTS. WANTED TO EXCHANGE.?A small Build t* ing Lot, in an eligible situation, for Merchan lise or Building Materials, or hoth. Address II A. VI.. through Post Ottio*. M* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-a respectable ?? ^ OU.NG W OMAN as Child's Nurse. Must je prepired to leave the city. Apply at cornerof K unl 13th streets, Frankliu Square. It IV'ANTED?By a respectable Young Woman, a " Situation as Chambermaid and to help to IVash and Iron. Hood references can be given. Ad Iress Hox No. 13. a: thisotfice. It * WANTED.?A good Cook, \\ asher. and Ironer. Apply immediately at 4X G street, between th and 8th. It* Laborers wanted on thk wash INGTON AQUEDUCT -To steady, sol?er lien, who wuikoiit their months the United States will pay ?1.25 per day, charging board at the rate of P7.'a cents per day. Applvon the line from ?? to 14 miles up the Canal roin Washington. D. C. M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers in charge of an 13-lw Washington Aqueduct. WrANTED.?In an Auction Store, a YOUNG M A > , 1? or 18 years of age. One well acquainted nth books and accounts, and u a good penmau. Idilress O. B.. Star Office. an in i'17' ANTED?In the family of a gentleman resubujt " two miles from the city. a good plain COOK. Jne who can bring recommendations for skill, hon esty, and cleanliness will find a good situation and egular wages. Apply to J. P. CR UTCHETT, cor ler of fith and D streets. jy 15 tf k 17 ANTED?Between 15th and 7th streets, north " of K street, a small naatly furnished COT TAGE or HOUSE, with yard and shade trees, or lartol aHouse with use of Kitchen. Keference liven. Address Box 184 City Post Office stating eriim and location. je29-tf Wa>,|1,NGTON AOUEDUCT.?Wanted on v? the Washington Aqueduct? MEN. To teady Workmen. Laltorers, Drillers, Blasters, nnd ilasons, good wages and steauv employment will be ;iven by the United States,and by Contractors. Tho works now going on embrace tunnelling, nasonry in stone and brick, exoavatiou and cm ankment. Apply on the line or at tho Office in Georgetown, ).C. M. C. MEIGS, 'jy 3!-eolin Captain of Enginuers in charge. b FOR REST AND bALE. For other" For Htnt ant/ SnW' notices set 1st pant. I^OR SALE.?Two small HOUSES and parts of U I,OTS,on O street, l>etween yi'i and loth sts., uitable for small families with limited means. Ap >ly to JOHN D. CLARK, Real Estate Agent. an tS-3t? ,'OH RENT.?The large and convenient HOUSE _ No. 411, in 3d street, now occupied l?y Mrs. lay - r>r. It is a pleasant situation, and well adapted to a irst class boarding-house. For terms apply on the remises. Possession given 1st Octolier. an >2-St* l?()R SALE ON riBURAL TERMS. ? A U HOUSE and I.< >T, on 13th street west,between ?3 and F. Part brick and part frame, containing six oonis, kitchen and cellar. JOHN D.CLARK, au 12-St* Real Pmpwtt A ten*. aOUSE FOR RENT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?The House is pleasantly sirua ed. within four squares north of the Patent Office, ontaiuing ten well arranged rooms, and is provided rith modern conveniences. The Furniture is com lete, of fine quality, and nearlv new. It is specially dapted to the House, and will be sold a bargain, icbiress Box No. 3K<1, City Post Office. au 7 lit l\RUG STOKE FOR SALE?lu an excellent \J location, doing a good business. Satisfactory easons ki ven for selling. Terms moderate. Ad ress DKUGGIST at this office. jy 14-2awtf^ FOR SALE CHEAP- A oomfortable BRICK DWELLING, situated on the northeast corner f 4th and N streets north. Price $1,150; half in iish, balance in six and twelve months, or if all paid i cash less will be taken. Apply to.POLLAK D VEBH. No. 5127th street. au S-tf FOR SA LE.?A gentleman having determined to l discontinue house-keepihg, oilers for sale his plendid four story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE ituated U tween the City Hall and Pennsylvania venue. The House is nearly new. containing 16 xuns, with Gas Fixtures, Warm,Cold, and Shower taths. A Pump of excellent water tu the yard nd kitchen. Also, a Krick Stable ami Carriage louse upon the premmes. Apply to POLLARD VrEBB, No. 5127th str?et. an 3 tl FOR R ENT?The two comfortable and oonveni F ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad uniug the Convent,are now undergoing oompletere fiir, and will bn for rent on the 4th of Augu?t. The louses are very desirable, particularly to parents aving children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. 1 DWELL. High street, Georgetown. jy 27 FOK RENT.-A three story BRICK HOUSE, l with large Lot attached, containing fruit trees nd shrubbery of everv description, situated on D treet. between VI st and 23d. To a good tenant the ant .will be reasonable. Apply on the premises, oasession given on the 1st of September. au I eo2w FOR SALE-A STEAM YATCH,25feet long; 17 three horse power. Boiler war- ir*"" ?nted tostaud 2uu lb?. to square '?**? p *?-?<?^m~ ,11 complete. Her perlormancev"***** re two well known here to need further ?>mment. 'rice very reasonable. For further details nddrass '.ditor Star, or W. R. SNOW, at the Star Oftce. an H it* ?A RTIN 4 SCHATZE'S GUITARS AT THE lowest tsrms, at tts Music Depot of if* W, Q, METZEROTT. AUCTIOJ 8ALS8. TO DAY TO-MORKUIV MOKNlNLr. By A. O R KKN, Auclionwr, TWO FRAME HOI"?Kg AND LOTS Frokt IXG OX 3l> STREET WEST. bkt?im D stekft f&V7uAi*??th v,^A\Llrr,AT Pu?L'c Apctiow. On THl;KbD-\^ . the !?h instant. I malt ??m. .. front of tlie premnes,at ? o'ol'k p.m.. haif of Lot fc0 3?. in square 536. acreeabiy to MoWilliams' suhd.-' viaion of said square, with the improvement* which are two good two-storr Frame Housm, oon taining four rooms each. This property is hand soinelr located on Third street west, t?etwe*n south D street ami Virginia avenue. Terms: One-third cosh; balance inland 12month", lor notes bearing interest from day i?f sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. ?n A. GREEN. Aac?. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. T?.UST?K** SALE OF VALUABLE IM nf . ,fJliiKDr ! lop?TT ox THE lsLAXD.-By virtue fwi!ntl,0 ,o? 81 9**r,n* ,,-lfe on the 13th dav of "n reonrderf in J, A. S.. No. "I9* *"??"? the Land Records of f ,, K^ ;U,nty; 1 n tl,e District of, IZZ h,Vi.?? V 7 ru,t^'.r.'.'i ?*'! nt public auction to AmnJttSw ?MZ?rR8|)A^ t,,e ,3,h lia> <* certaint nt^rrl??S??lt p:Jn-' "n the premises, a known aa l of \vT .2^ '5 ,h" Cv,ty of W**hiMton, now d.v?ded in tUo ? ?Uarc X- which Tot is fram, dwdlmc.D tW? P4rU' aud b> Terma, I nless the terms are comeliAd with in hve da) s from the sale, the tru"t? ti,i right to resell at the risk and cost of the default'^ purchaser or purchasers. All conveyances at tha cost of the purchaser or purchasers RICHARD H. CLARKE, Trustee. jy 13-Uw<w,*ds GRLEN, Auctioneer. By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. OK DK3IBABI.K Bran OAVC V K\"t wLI'wt.1B ?amtol ~?n TI K.S i,?h in rr J, 'the ,8th 1E?r*nt. at 6 u'dk., SjafcSB?-** ^ 1 he aiwve I Atta front Si feet cnch on Mary laml ave nile and north 1), between Hth and <?th streets ens' ' ,?Cate'1' Rnd th? '?"^oorho.Ki mpid r?&,VfTn",in of P?rs?n? desiring small Lota is l?erni?- (In-"ftl ?l U'6'w?:.1 t)0 F<'*-Uve,y sol ), terms. One-third, cash: balance in h and I* m mtlis fur notes satisfactorily tccurtd, beiriug in terest. Government Title. By "rder of the Trustee. ai ___ A. GREEN, Auct. f ]NITED STATES'SALE OF VALUABLE I wharf property and lots ox timiSchcyl p^ia- wl'r,o.H/Avt,L r'nu AuIt f?AV H.Vfilif i ro1 Pul>l'c Miction, on TI ES *? *"e first of September next at ]o a m on tli? premise*, the 1 mteJ States Wharf and Lotfi'a^ joiiijj,hei Naval Asylum; also, those lietwcen Slup pen and South streets, numlterod from I to mclu ,0 ? plniK wh,c!' ?*" i>e seen at the ofheeof the Navy Acc^t, ar.d at the Asylum. I he terms of sale will be. one-hair cash, one !?"!n!k 'r "x m!""i a?d ,,!e "ther fouith in twelve months from the date of s^ile. Receipts wil! lie riven for payments, but no deeds will lie ex?*ctijed until the final pa>ments shall lw? mvle; and all the payments to be forfeited if the tm!8 n *n *^1' not be complied with. The Government reserves the nzht to fix a mini mnn^alueon each lot, be'ow.^'ehn^le will n?4 ... Navy Agent, Philadelphia. 1 nte published onoea week till 1st "*opfemf>er in the Fort land Arjtu,. Boston f\.st. Herald Journal of Commerce and JJail* News. New \ .?k : rennsvlvaniaii and Evenin* Anui, Fhiladelohia-' Republican, Baltimore: fntellizcnccr. Union, Star, ? ii ftoil; Kr.quirer, Iliclnnond. ' iv ?V? 1awts<?pl ^ CROWN 4 CO., AnctKxraeTa. " I>ROFER I Y ON liTH STRKKT ATA ("C I. T;OX.?On 8ATUR u\V AFTKR Vnriv .V iji'o'cl'^fcV WC S,'aI! "flcr tha fwI??wn? Property X l.??t 21, in f>ultdivisioii of square No. 177. Sale positive. rermti : One-fhin), caah ; balanee in 6 and lk an i tsA ,u C- R L- CROWN A CO.. ' an ,2 t.?A'.s _ Auctioneer*. . V ASS '' C!?w N A CO., Auctioneera." () ?? ii morning, thk isth ixst ISniT r"vv <?t,erft 10 "'clock a. m., m frout ?ii the Buggies, sitit;le and double Carnaxrs Tosether with Horses and Carta, Ac. Sale without reserve. an 12 t. C* R L' ??WN & CO., an U ta _ Auctioneera. PBy C. R. L. CRO WN A CO.. Auctioneera. RJJFKRTYON THE ISLAND AT Atcttox . On ?? R DA\ AFTER NOON, ?h? Uth mat at b , o clock, on fitli street, near Page's Wind-Mill' i?1"!' "hall offer the following property : ' ' ninetr si* i'1'S^I"',l* S<?unre four hundred and ninety six, (4%) commencing on 6th street 75 feet 6 atre.?t*'irr<f?#t "U?'i? 6,h w??l "'""T wulfith str6.t Ki Jeet, thence ca^t ont) huutircd feet /lOii i thence scuth 16 feet, thence west 1^. fie? to 6th s^uareteVn allP ?f obtaining 1,6 0 ?h.n;;?;T?.vjS'Fn,n" H"u,e- aud" Sale positive. C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. au u Auctioneera. By BARNARD A BUCKEY: Geo?etown~ VALl ABLE WATER STREET LOT at atc Tiox.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON 17th , ,. atant, at 5>a o'eloek.we will aell.m Iront of the prem ises, parts of I,ots 74 and 75, fronting 42 feet ,r, ches on the north side of \< ater street m t?.\r i west of High street, and runaing lack |o%an This Lot has l^en graded toaTevel with therfreet rPearWh7lo"Ul,kJ,,,r- "* ? ^ a wha" fh'T ftn<? chanc' to obtain a valuable lot for B* A. a R K KM. A uctioneer. rJ1 R f STKF.'S SALF: OF IMPROVED PROP FR ]/\KyU rAT A "Tin -V It r * ''n,r AltgUSt. |H".7 I ?. Ii.i 11 sell, in front o| the premises, at 7 o'clock p ui at puMie auction. b> virtue of a deed of trist fVom irth u'" r-A 1 l.? Jh?,au^crilier, bearing dutetne llith da> of August. I;lvi, and recorded n, I,,iK.r j ? . -No. 104, folio* 113 t?i 117. one of the land records' p'j.!. i F^)Vnti|r^,, tt'Mkll?t(* 'n tlie District of Coluiiibia, the following named property lying and !o wV:" ?"y ?f ^^''^ton.DutrVct kb.rlaa.d! 'r,Hl!,Ir'en (,thnS|JWenumfiered five !n^* eightv-four, t<?gether with the improve ments thereon. lhis property fronts S>i leet 2 in chesion \ irginia avenue, between 1st and 2?l streets west, ruiinug hack to an averse depth of aU.ut <t7 ? V,'ie*thJrd CS8,,: ,h0 ??!?nce in aix and tweh e months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, Insaring interest from the day of A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms not lie complied with in five davs the property will lie resold at tlie risk and cost of the hrst purchaser, by advertising such resale 3 times in the Star. M. THOMPSON. Trustee, jy 18 2awAds A. GREEN'. Auct. JJREECII-LOADING RIF LES. A Board of Army Officers will be assembled at West Point, New Voric, for the purpose of making trials of Breech-ioaCuu Kitiea. with a view to as certain which arm, of this description, ih liest suited to the military aetvice. The trials will corume.^e on the I7tli oi August, |Pi7. All persons iiiteruling to oiler arms for trial will please notify the Colonel of Ordnance, giving a general description of tha arm each may intend to present, and specifying thec.-ili bre, weight, an?i length of Imrrel. Cartridges or oth er ammunition suitable lor the aim should \<? brought with it. H. A. CRAIG, Coioncl oft Irdiiauce. Okdinaxci OFFtrs, Washington. July 23,1.157. To lie published daily till 17th August in the I'enn avlvaman, Philadelphia ; Natioual Democrat and Irish News. New York: Morning I'ost, Boston. Each of which papers m ill send their bill* and a copy ofthe pnper containing the advertisement to tlie Ordi nance Office. jy27dtl7Aug ? RANKING HOUSE OF PAlRO A NOl'RSE. Keokuk City R per cent. Bonds. Keokuk Cit* 10 percent. Bonds?short. Davenport, Iowa.!? percent. Bonds. St. I.oius County 7 per cent, bonds?short. I -ee County, lows, ? per cent, fbuids. City of Evansville 7 per cent. Ibmds?short. The alMive and other Bonds f??r s;ilc a? such rates aswdl pay the purchaser at least 1(1 or 12 per cent, per annum interest. All kinds of State. City, Railroad.and other Stocks and Bonds Uiught or solo. Also, No'.es secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. PAIRO A NOURSK. IH7" Interest allowed on deposits at the rate of six per cent, per annum when left for thirty days or longer. jy 25-otn QAA ADDITION AL COPIES OF -ROSALIE the Praric Flower," just received. This is the most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free or postage on receipt cf twenty-live cunts iu letter stamp8. jy? JOHN F. ELLIS . ^OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! No. 422 No. 422 7th st , between G A H. 7th St.. between G A H. We are now reoeivm* our supply of COAL direct from first hands, and can furnish our customers ami the public with the best <|uality of Coal at a reduc tion in price if ordered so that we can deliver from the vessels as they arrive. A select slock of Hickory. Oak, and Pine WOOD on hand. We invite the attention of consumers, and solicit their orders, feeling assured that they will be pleased with our prices, quality of stock. A c. !? on Sale, a fine draft HORSE. For Rkxtor Lease, on favorable terms, a large four story BRICK HOUSE, with stable and garden, in the First Ward, corner of K and 21at streets. For information inquire of autt eo2w CHAP1N A BRO. JJOAL! COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepared to famish their customers, and all who may favor them with their orders for Coals of any sise or kind they may want, of as rood quality ai oomei to this market. Also, agood supply of WOOD, at No. 475 10th street, between D and E streets, and Potomac Bridge. ' Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. ai?ll-?w6w J. 8. HARVEY A CO. pENTAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Dr. R. FINLEY HUNT baa resumed fully the practice of DEN T19TRY,at his old oftce, and residence, No. 310 north side of Pesui l Ivan is avenue, between !Swtb aod Tenth* streets. ?? MMW* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM TUB ASSOC IA TED FKBta I ttrr frr? < allfornla. Nrw Xore. Anr IS ?The mall steamer Cen tral America (late the George Jaw) arrived laat night, Sin Franciseo date* of the SUth Jnlr. She brought sbont 91,^50.000 In specie. The n^w? generally I* unlmpo.taaC. The Democratic Convention nominated Hon John B Welter for Governor, and tbe Republican Hon Edward Stanly. A large Hre had occurred at Valparaiso. A bnttle bad taken place near Arrqulpa be tween Vivanco r.nd Castillo. Both claimed the victory. There had been an attempt at revolution at Cal lao. Later froaa Caba. Niw Yon. August 13?The F.mpire City ar rived here this morning, with Havana date* of the -th There had been a panic amon* tbe monled insti tutions of Havana, reuniting from the stoppage of several recently established banks; bat the pub lic confidence was partially restore^ through tbe energetic conduct of the Government. It was rumored at Havana that the Spanish war steamer Guadaquiver had captured a alaver off the east cost of Cuba, but no particulars were given. Sugars were firm. From MlaaetaU. Chicago. August 12 ?St. Paul dates to the 9th state that a resolution had been offered In the democratic convention in session there to appoint a committee to confer with tbe republican bra* h to make a compromise for tbe suomiasioa of the Constitution to tbe people. It was loot hy tfcreo majority. The subiect Is to come up again, and will proltablv b?- adopted A l>ainl of 15 dlsalfrt'ted Chippewa Indiana are plundering the settlers on tbe north of St Paul's A Mare aet Free. N'sw Yon, Auc 19 ?Yesterdsr. RUen. aged six years, a slave of Miss Louisa Rerr. of Savan nah, was declared free byJudjre Robertson. of Westchester county. Klb-n is a daughter of John Hull, who claims to have Ih-cii taken a prisoner by the English sloop-of-war Peacock, and sold into slavery, as already published. From Mexico. New Oiluii, Aug 11.?The steamer Texas has arrived with dates from Vera Crux to tbe fcb instant, and the city of Mexico to the 3d The news furnished is of no general Impor tance. President Comonfort was almost unanimously re-elected. ? Death of the Wife of Gea. Leslie Combs. Lf.xisctos, Ky , Aug. 10.?The wife of Gen Leslie Comlt* died in this city to-day. after a lin gering illness. Gen C. was elected a member of our legislature, at tbe late election. Yellow Fever ii Georgia. Accr?TA. Aug 12 ?A fatal case of \ellow fever has occurred in St. Mark's. A boarding-boose keeper died from the infection, caught from the crew of a Spanish ship Break in the 1'eansyl vaaia f aaal. New Hon, August 11.?A break in the Dela ware division of the Pennsylvania Canal below here is reported It will require ten days to re pair the damage. The Ciuinia^ham Burdell) Caw. New Yoax, Aug. 12 ?The writ of e?r<tor?rt in tbe case of Mrs Cunningham haa been dis charged and bail has been denied her Health of Sew Drleaas. Ntw Orleans, August II ?The weather haa been very wet. The deaths during the week have been only ninety-eight. L*. S. Storeship Supply. New York. August 12?The United States storesbip Supply, from Rio Janeiro, ho anchored below. Ohio River. Wheeling, Aug. 13 ?There Is ten feet of wa ter in the channel here, and the river Is atll rising. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. Aug. 13.?Flour is dull and towv; Howaid street 97 ; a decline of 26a3? kc. at arc yesterday morning a report; City Mills W% . Wheat is a shade better, but quotations cannot be occnrately given Com is Irregular. white and yellow S3afWc. Whisky is dull; City 2fc\a2?. Ohio 30c. Flew York Markets. New Yoee, Aug 13.?Flour is quiot; sales o* 4.5**1 bbls; State S? 45aW.60; Ohio 96 65a?7^t; Southern 87 20a97.50. Wheat is Urm?ales of 1.000 bushels; whit* SI -Oafl rcd?1.70aS1 72. Corn is firm; sales of 39,1**) bushels; inixfd 9Cc Mess pork is buoyant, at 921 4fVa924 50. an ad vance or ltic Chicago repacked beef Is 917 Sua SI* mi. Lard is firm at Llfcc. Whisky is dull, Ohlo30c. Financial. New Yore, Ang 13.?Stocks arednll and low er generally; Chicago and Rock Island RR.fl3^t; Michigan Southern 47; New York Central Stfc; 1'enn. Coal Co. 82; Reading Railroad 70^; Mis souri 6*s M \ . Sterling exchange firm. BOARDIHO. sr BOA RUING.-Mrs. BATES, at the corner ol Peons) Ivania avenue and 9th street, harmc had her house eut:reiy renovated and its aceommoda tions greatly itu-reared, is mv prepared to acooiu niodate a larger numt>er of peruiauerit and transient Istarders. Her location is the most central iu the city, and, as rearranged and improved, her house la now second to no other boarding- house in Washing ton. Boarders hy the inouih, week, or dar. ma* re!} on receiving every attealieu. Terms moderate. Table Istarders also taken. >?? Su-tf FM)R SALE. -A very likely Ml LATTO BOY. slave lor life. Id or i4 tears old. Mas had con saleral.le experience as dininc-room servant. la qnire at ttut- office. su 11 ? J. W. M. GALT'S WOOD AXD COAL DEPOT, N. W. corner 12th and C street. No. 547, One sqjare south Pa. avenue. |Fr*Orders filled at the shortest notice. n^~Coat kept under cover. 2,240 lbs. to the ton. au 11-fit L'OK BOSTON.?The regular packet Brie Andi F ver, Crowcll, master, has arrived, and Will have quick dispatch for the port For Irt'islit or passage apply to HARTLKV** i BRO I'll Eli. 101 Water street, bevfeinvn. II. C. an II I w TA CARD. HF. I ndersicned takes pleasure in announcing to t e pulilic at inrce, and to the practicing pli?kii'ihi.- in part, mat he wi'l pen 11/ the o<>ur?e ol next month h:s DRl"G-STOKE PRESCRIPTION STAND, ami.. _ CII F.M ICA L 1.A B<> R ATO R t. at 5M Ninth street, between Penn. av and D street., east side Prescriptions oipn> sicians. written in either the I ..-it in. English or French language*, a ill most care fully Ite compoiiutied. and no reoetpe trusted to the liauds ol .sn apprentice or other employee n?it fuH> competent. The thorough chemical education, and the ,on? practice of the uudeoiKued as pharmaoeutist. in ttoth the Old World and the I'nited States, will serve as a guarantee for the purity drugs and pre - paratious kept by him. Kvery e nemies, ootnpouad is tested l?ef?>re made use ot, and w poisons ?old ttM - oept ou reocipt ir?xn known aial rusoousible parties t," H F. MICA L ANA LYSIS.?Qualitative umI uuantitative?of soils, ashes, uunersis. ores, waters, Are., is perlormed at moderate rate* ; and sent'em n and masters desirous of lieing introduced into the theory and practice ofCheinistrv and Pharmaov. will have an opportunity offered to that etid by applying next fall. Kf./?rr*ri.v.-Prof. J. D. B. De Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Florence. F. II. Sage. Ksq.. Selmar Siebkkt, Hsu.,Charles II. Wixnaa, Judge Ad vooatc. MAG\l'S GROSS, Iaic a pupil of Prof. Liebtg, jv g?-1in cra?luate ot a Pharinaceiit ical C?>llei;e. ^JO PA IITNKRSIIIP. II. H. Voss. O. W. Marsh. J\ o. S. II' ?t cor. TtMtk utretl nsd Ha. av*. The undersigned, having lormed a oonarrnerstiu in the Grocer> trade, respectfully inform the^" cit'X'n* t?f \Va?h ng?on and patrons c?r ihe"t?id Kstahluhiuent" that tlie* sre now "'"M'"d Isunnp'v all with the choiest kind of. TEAS, SI OAKS, COFKKs. snd. n tact'< with every article in the groery line, as cheap, it not cheaper, than any other establishment in the Oity. the> having purchased a isrge and choioe as ?ortment of the best Gr??c-ries exclusively lor caslu We have also largely added to our stock of LI LJL'ORS, CIGARS, and TOBACCO some of the best brands in the market, to which we invtts the attention of our customers. Good articles, lair dealing, quick sales, and smai pr.^it, ib our motto. HKRMANN H. V?,S?. OTIS W. MAKSH. JO" Having entere<l into eopartnersh^p with O. \\ . v1*r?ii. tho?e who are ind??Med to me are re ipectfully requested to settle their acoounts, either D* cash or notes, at short dates, as it is necessary ?hat the outstanding debts of the old establish ment should be settled immediately. siil-ot* H. H. VO?S. gEAUTIFUL MARBLE WORK. The most beautiful ITALIAN MARBLE MON [TM KN T ever lieheld in this vicinity, just imported rom Italy, may be seen at ALKX. RUTHKR KIRD'S Martde Yard, opposite the l/nnw OAoe. Pennsylvania avenue, IU" Persons who adinire rioh specimens of art are nvited to call and examine. sulMw (Intel) h't'R SAI.E?A hrst-raie I.AUi > PONEY, live years old. geutle. ami warranted to In* perfectly souud. Sold for no other lause than a want of employment for it. JSHBfl Inquire at the Cigar and Tohaono Store irjl* if B. F. MOXLKY. oomer of Bridge " ind tVoKinr'"'! ?'?**??. r.?wf)nyn. 11-41 IMPORTANT TO GARDENERS. u his Farm, oo the Washiarton H anoh Railroad, ,aar PruM* Oeoffe's County, M<L an 10-tw*