Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1857 Page 1
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rue EVENING STAB l* r< BUftiiKU evert imnpioofi, tBXCFPT soy DAY.) AT TUB UTAH BUILIMN0P, f?'Mr Ptnmvlrinid tnnme, *nd 11 <4 drill, Br W. D. WALLACH, and ia aerred to aabaonbers by camera at 51X AND A W CARTER CENTS, payable weekly to be Afente; papers aerved to packa*ea at 37^ oenta per month. To mail aubeonbera theaubeonptton pnoe? THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ? r?v m aHcanet, TWO DOLLARS for aix moatba. and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for ieaa than tbree montba at the rata of UK cecta a west. fir*SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. A CONVERSATION, AND WHAT C AME OF IT. BT CLARA STDSHT. "Why. in the name of all that's curious. May Lenton. hare you never cot married?'' This question wai asked by a gentleman some thirty-five or six year* of age. wno had been for nearly twenty minute* closely watching the motion* of a lady who sat near him at a work table The gentleman was a fine, noble-looking man, with frank, well-formed features and pleasant expression. lie was handsomely dressed, and, to judge by the looks of his hair, you might hare laid that he had a wife, had he looked in respects like a married man?which he did not. The room in which the two were sitting beto kened wealth and taste. Its occupants were evidently in the upper ranks of lifo. The lady addressed was a person of fair. in teresting face and graceful form. She certainly diJ look remarkably well. a? she bent her h?ad With if.* abuudant and shining hair and plied her white hands in the task which employed Iter sight and apparently her whole thought*. i'robably a conviction of her attractiveness ?nd worth had caused the question which her ? ?mpanion put in such a hearty, abrupt tone, that May started aud dropped the red worsted work upon which she had r>een intent. - What a question." she cried, with a light laugh?"just as if I cared about being mar ried!" - Why should you not carc. May* Surely it is the beat and happiest state tor man or "wo man."' ?? Granted with a proviso/ paid May; '"but, Mr. Rossiter. if you think so, why huvo you never married' " lou are a true \ ankee. May. and answer a question by askiug another; but tell me. now, why you are. at thirty years of age, still single?" " How dare you say I am thirty years old? I i>on my word, if you wer<* not brother to my sister-in-law, I'd not speak to you again for a week. May pretended to jmut; and tho pout was quite becoming to her full arched lips. " U'dn t you yourself tell me your age, and only the day before yesterday ' Your memory seems rery abort. Miss Ronton" ?Well, I didn't expeet you was going to throw it up to me that I was nn old maid, to pay me tor my confidence in you.'' '?Oh' May?did I say that'?and if I did T'>u can break iny -glass house' by tlinging back my very taunt. Iiut. come now, do an swer my question." ;- I never could get any one to have me," said May. shortly. - Are you satisfied ?" No. 1 on need not tell me that a person so interesting and attractive as you are has never had ardent lovers. I know better, May?-o tell me truly why you arc not Mrs. SomelV>dv now ? . J May suddenly sobered down and said, nerv ously??? It ? because no man vhu*e lave I could return ever loved me." And she resumed her work. How her face had altered. There had come o\er it a stern, hard expression, as if she wero eaying. inly? " It matters not?I can wrestle down the?? yearnings for some thing worthy and noble, and true and strong, against which to lean; for *"rnethtiig wianing, and tender, and loving, which to love If there is no heart on earth wh .se best love is the love I want I can do without it?I can walk to the end of life as I have walked thus far." K .esiter regarded her in long silence. lie had known her for many years, and had often * -n.iered at her great indifference to the atten tions of gentlemen. He had even, en more than one occasion, taken her to ta*k for her Xnanner toward* them. ^ ou won t allow them to become acquainted wit you at all, he said. " When you are in troduced to a man. that's the last of it. All the young men admire, but they are afraid of yau. lou chill them to death I heard one inan say that he thought you a beautful and interesting creature; but then ho would as won undert ike to warm into love an ir*L*re as }jurse.t even if he had eouravt enough to luake the attempt." A skeptical smile had been the only answer to such remarks. How could May believe that aho waa capable of mini ring affection in othera when those who knew her beat were so lightly touched by it. itoasiter had been for throe or four years ab sent. and had nowly returned when the above conversation ti?ok place. Ho waa a comfortable old bachelor, happy in disposition; happy in poMesain* an independent fortune : and har.nv in his Hater s home?not to say happy in the companionship o 1 May. whom he honestly be KT1 to ^ and mu,t lovely girl in tne world. Ha had once dearly loved and suddenly l??st a fair, promised bride; and never since had he allowed himself to think of loving And. beaide*, he didn't know ae he wished U, m*rry. He was well satified with his -state aud condition ?wheu be was at home; to be sure he did teel uneasy and dissatisfied all the TSS* waJ.abrua,{ . Nobody * company soemed to fill the void in bis heart He did not mi<s hi? 'i-'tsrso -and 3/ay oh ' how glad he was I' ?k lbtm wheQ h? turned?and how strange he thought it was that May didn't ru.h at him in the hall and hug and kin- him just as his sis ter did , but be t.?ok full satisfaction of th? con Lin^ Creaturc W^CQ 8^? did come to welcome .. AnJ ao May isn't married yet," he said; well it a rather loo bad ; but / m el,it of it." .May came very near sighing, but she didn't it least n?.t audibly ilr.w many still-born sighs there are in the world. IheiVbiTth' ** " ?? criluc to imo,lier them at fJIw?K-tCr9at^in2 that sti?' ?>?m h;ltu; ?d he thought new thoughts ?new a.* to their present relations ' May, he said at length-- Mey. was ever .'ke lum:4n ^ y?U C'jUld haTC l0Ved L,'*e * C.ri,u,>Hjn up rose the hot blood of that bowed tace, and the hard look wa< burnt out on the inatant-but she only said, not lift ing her head or eyes? I jr"U uu r'#kt to ask."' 1have no need to a-k dear May. Forgive Tv r< JU'i,akc but 1 f??*? a-s ?f I had l^en . revelationef?of?that I have been a dind and stupid fellow ad ever lived. May. I lainoUl '? Jf" r"*arded ^ do the i.'amo.d fellow betore you. were to ask for your love, what would you say f 3 \ rt, ' said May. dropping her head till her f*se was hid among the worsted Will you have me ' cri*l K.?iter. spring ing up. and oversetting his chair. ?? \ es aaid a voice from the woreted depth halter was <>n hiskne?s and muet fervently wf *C ' worsted, and woman - / trrn tuts Will yoU marry me ?" said he ?? Tk t"., *oleefn>m amid the worsted UDon ih? f rUr be,4d Ui'" an<1 ,el "*? l4*'k P- n the face of niy wife ^t. George, May? ^A?V . ^.Jou for years " sine- I kn >>ow Vtt loved you almost ever i?le l^e .f^ M-yfjielding to the and led Lar ?" re,'r from her low seat, W on? w^re there was room foJ othef ' *hj 7?u never cared ab<?ut any " Yes. aaii iay"' *to ^??lion- U1>' It now." to understand y-u tell me. May T" ^'wre Wh J didn't Mi',;?,1 1 '"wketl well, f*1 j?m .Til,'? U "j <???. sin .ill VOL. X. WASHINGTON, 1). C.f SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1857. NO. 1,427. And he led the embarrassed and blushing May into the presence of his sister, and admit ted her to the great rejoicing; and. in a few weeks from that day. Ilossiter and May were no more twain, but one flesh. Nobody knows what a month may bring forth?nor to what the simplest question may lead one.?N. Y.Ledger. General Har*kt\?In personal appearance General Harney is impressive. He is considera bly orer six fret tall, and is large-boned and muscular. Hid hair was red. but is now thickly mixed with white. He wears it short, and begins to be bald on the crown of his head. His moustaches and beard are nearly white, and are also thick and chipped short. His eyes are blue, and dull, for he uses spectacles, "in younger years, he must have been a model of physical vigor and strength; but he now looks older than he really is. tor his age, I believe, does not excced fifty-five. While in St. Louis. I heard an anecdote illustrative of his charac ter. which I have never seen in print. Ueing in New York many years ago, he passed a store in one of the principal streets in which au auctioneer was soliciting bids for an engraving of General Jackson. I3oth seller and the crowd wero no political frends of the subject of tho Cicture. and were ridiculing it in every possi le manner. "How much am I offered for the Hero of New Orleans ?" cried the man on the stand. "Haifa cent?'? "Only half a cent ? Why. he's worth a cent, surely, nfter robbing the Bank. Make it a cent, won't you gentlemen ? Now. then, how much am I offered "One'hundred dollars," said a voice em phatically. a.s Col. Harney entered the door; '' one huudrod dollars, sir,"' he repeated. mak ing his way through thocrowd, halt'a head taller than any other man in the room. The auctioneer, naturally astonished, in quired if the gentleman was in earnest, and started again on his witticisms. "Sir, I am in earnest, and I claim my bid.*' interrupted the Colonel, "and if no one bids more. I cla m the picture.'* No one bidding more, he handed the auction eer the money and his address. "And now. sir. he remarked, seizing him bv the collar, ind dragging him to the floor, "I claim the privilege of applying the bu&tinado to your wdy fordamnableimpcrtincnce." And having :an*d him to his satisfaction, no one iu the crowd kenturing to interfere, he strode out of the store ind continued his walk down the street. Analyze tho quality of character necessary to a man to be the actor in such a scene, and I think you will discover tho traits which military men consider to fit Gen. Harney eminently as the lender of this I'tah expedi tion. h.Ncoi RAr.isu I i.nkss ?John Phoenix, ?the phunny," contributes to the Knickvr Jocker Magazine the following, which he says, >esides its rare merit as an actual occurrence, ronveya a useful lesson to mothers: "Small Joe L? was playing one morning in i yard at the rear of his residence, when essay ng to c.wt a stone high in air. ho found he had niscalculated his strength, or th? weight of the ihme, as that missile slipped irom his fingers, ind. taking an entirely different direc tion from hat intended, wont whack tli^L>ugh a pane of jlass in the neighbor's window. rs. Connolly, *ho wftj engaged in washing in the kitchen, learing the smash of glass in her spare room, ?ushe l in hastily to the scene of action, and hrough the broken pane beheld Joe in active ?etreat Irate and indignant, the injured ina- i ;ron sought the presence of Mrs. 1.?. and traight |ioured forth the story of her wrongs. Urs L? assumed n diguified air; the culprit vascalledto their presence.' and the inquest on he departed pane commenced "Joseph." said Mrs L?. with awful solem lity.-did you break the glass in Mrs. Con lolly s window " Yes'm," replied Joe with promptitude. " Joaeph."' said Mrs L?, " if you broke that mne of glass, I shall certainly correct you. Did you break it, sir '-' Joe hesitated; but conscicnco wa? powerful, ind he replied that he did. Mrs. L? took a stick from tho inantlepiecc ? Joseph," said she. ?? if yuu broke that glass I 'hall correct you most severely. I ask aeain. lid you break it Joe looked at his mother; he looked at tho itiek; and, hanging hia head, he murmured. 'No ma'am." "Jhere' said Mrs. L?. triumphantly, ' that boy never told mo a lio in hie life. I mowed be never broke no window. 'Spect pour little Guster broke it; she hove a stono dear over our fence vestorday."' 'lhat a a good style of encouraging truthful less In a child. " we don't think. Thk Goodwooi> Ccr Kate ?The following nearer particular*of the ?reat race for the Good" vo**l Cup. are gathered from the Liverpool pa ?ers None of the accounts at hand give the time >f any of the horse*. Th* French horse Monarque won tbe race, the English ho se Kiseber is placed second, and Fish 'riiir.ii ?hi:d Gunboat slipped and fell, and Kestrel and Gema li Vergy al*o lell heavily. .Moiianiue won by a lead, and Kiseber beat !? isherman by aiwuttbiee eugttis. Anton was placed fourth, and w.ih three lengths >ehind If isherman The American horses Prior ind l'rioress were placed fifth and sixth All the >thers pulled up. The lluish is said to have Ik-ci he mo*t exciting ever witness* d. Tfce Knglish papers remark,but without assk'n ng anv reason, that the American horses would Ja.Vf "rur.. m,,re prominently had thev been ?lu?l*n by hngll?li jockey* I'Le Philadelphia Press says : ? 'n ll*e absence oI an account of the runniri" at j.Kxl wood, we will venture on a speculation as to hecausesof the defeat Our racing ground in his country Is a we||-l?eateii track. 1n KngUnd, he horses run on a sward or turf, (hence the au illation of "The Turf,'' as applied to racing.) m?l this is carefully trained, mowed, leveled, i wl keiit compact by heavy iron loiters, frequent y used, at intervals throughout the year and ?onstantly applied for a month previous !o the ?aces The general result is that a smooth, Arm. jret hi^lljrdiwtic ^ronnil is nrp^aifd, on wiiirh ?he competing horses run. Hut this course, as it s called, it iialile to be allected by the weather In a very hot season it is sprinkled with water to preserve its elasticity, and keep it from becom ing harder than Kn^lish horses are accustomed o la wet weather, it absorbs the rain like a Mjnge, and tlie hordes ;is they run on it sipidly ;onvert the turf into mud, slush, or au atrocious mixture of both. Iu such cases it is not speed but ?trenglh that wins the race. There was an eminent instanc e of this at Don -aster, in l*-3>, when the Great sH l<euer stakes were ran for One of the horses, called Binning Uain, by Filho de Puta (a remarkably strong horse.) was entered to run, but with so little hance of success, that the night before the race Mr. Beards wo: th. his owner, had determined to withdraw him Hut it rained heavily,and Beards worth allowed hi* horse to start. The course, on which several heats had previously l?een run that ** much cut up as if it were a plough n^id. The swift racers could not make head way?the ^reat strength of Birmingham brought him >11 lirst, and upwards of JttOJJIiU were lost and won on the eveut of that race. I be soil of Goodwood, like that of the greater ft?.e?,[ uar^X' M '',a'ky< wiUl 8 mixture of marl. hen it rains the marl t>ecu|nes, not soft, but tl ?tTLv' a? .T"** !V'd J04'*)" ???>' accustomed .?r ! a strong chance of beim/ victimised \V e do not aiiow what weather there was at Good wood during the races. jut If it rained on or im mediately befo.e the 3t?h of July,the course must have been slippery and soapy-altogether dilter ent, In fact, from the firm, solid, hard road to which our American horses were accustomed The rare was won we preeeive, by Monarque, a h reach horse. All we know of this rn-er i* l\kM he has great ttrtmgth. If the day was wet or the course out of order, (as would appear from the fact that the English favorite and two other horses slipped and fell,) we suspect that strength. not s|>eed. won tbe Cup. ILT" !>aat week, sayathe Piedmont (Va.) Inde pendent, an old miner, accompanied uy hia dog, ??ttnto an empty mining ??r to go up the Incline at Hampshire mines His dog, Vn attemp>iug to yet into the car while It was in motion, fell under the car, was crushed to death, threw the car otT !''* lrj|th, which resulted in killing hia master. Thus died the master and his dog The miner's ?*?? waa Johnaoi^. FOB REFT AND SALE. F^OR 8ALK.-A very comfortable three-Btory BRICK DWELLING, situated on the went side ofOth street west, Itefweeu G and II north. Price 3<!00O: half in cash, Imlance in ti, 12, and 18 months; or if all should he paid in cash, a deduction will he made in the price. Apply at No.512(2d story) 7th street. jy 23 POLLARD WF.BB. Agent. FM)R SALE.?A valuable HI 11,1)1 NG LOT,No. IS. in Square No. 81. containing 9,202 square feet, sitnated on south side F street north, lietween 21st and 22il streets west. Apply to POLLARD WKBB, No. 5127th street. jy 16-tf FARM FOR SALE.?A pieceof line LANDon Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heizhtB of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, \V<?od, Bestor, Now lea, Bohrer, and Hawkins. 1I2H acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich creek bottom, anil some fine yellow-pine timber. It can l>e divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf 17OR SALK.-My KESI DENCEon the oorner nT I New Jersey avenue and C street south. Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 102 feet 9 inches, and on C street south feet 11 niches, and containing nearly 34,t*"0 square feet. may Mrtf W. F. PHILLIPS. A VALUABLE FARM FOR S A LB. ? I* or sale A FARM of 5*3 iTf, in Culpeper Coun ty. Virgiuia, one mile from Mitchell's Stat ion on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and ma> economically and easily l?c improved, so that it will produce a a line crops a* are grown anywhere in the United States : 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for winch there are markets to be reached by means of the railroad : also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings arc all on a hill- and, with small repairs, may be made comfortable for the residence of a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell willbesolda great t*irgain,ou very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase ma* inquire for fur ther particulars to \Y. I). WALLACH. editor of the Star. Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jvR-tf I7OR RENT.?A modsni built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful aii'Tairy location, frontn < one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the oitv, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out ; water and bath-roo;n. To a careful tenant the rent will l?e moderate. Inquire at 4<H I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf |7OX a VAN HOOK, Real Estate Agusts, ? 4U">6 Seventh street, below F. street, have for sale a number of Huiidiug Lots 21 feet front by 19' feet deep, at the very low price of from .*75 to ,?I25 each?payable in small monthly instalment* of 3j per month. These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Anacoalciriver.adjourn.:; tiie Na vy-vard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders in ar-ears are reaii?sted to compete their pnrchaso, and get (heir deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3m j;oRT\i.r, ok rent.-tiik desirable I RESIDENCE on the corner of F and 21st sfs., togetiier w tli in* Ground a surrounding it. The House coiitnn i sixteen room* has eas throughout, tnd furnace. The stable will be fo\| or rented with the liouse if desired. Tue lot the house stands on is 5" by I9Bfeet, bat the purchaser can Invo more and if desired. Also, for Sale?1The LOT OF GROUND on the sornerof F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F Btreet. Apply to CHI LiB BROTHERS, apR-tf REECH LOADING R1FLF.S. B A Board of \rinv Ofin-ers will be aesembled at West Point, .New V??rK, for t!;.? purpose of miking rials of llr?'i;li-loKliii( Rifles, with a view toaa rertaui which arm, of this description, i * best suited ;o the military service. Thetrial* will omnmenee in the I7th oi August, IK37. All persons intending o offer arms lor trial will p ease notify the?lolonel of Drduance, giving a general description of the arm iach may intend to present, and specifying tnecali ?re, weight. an?l lemrtli of Isirrel. (Cartridgesor oth ?r ammunition suitable for thearm should lw> brought nth it. H. A. CRAIG, Colonel of I Irdnanee. Oeoisaxck Offick, Washington. July 23, ll!57. To be published daily till 17th August in the Peon lylvanian. Philadelphia; National Democrat and Irish News. New York; Morning Post, Hostoti. Ka':ti of which papers will send their bills and a copy d the paper containing the advertisement to the Ord lance Office. j> 27-dtl7Aug B ANK1.NG HOUSE OF 1'AIRO A NOl RSE. Keokuk City R per cent. Bonds. Keokuk Citv In per cent. Bonds?short. Davenport, Iowa. 10 per cent. Bonds. St. Locus County 7 percent. Bosda short. Lee County, Iowa, i: per cent. Ilonda. City of Evanavillu 7 per cent. Bonds?short. The above and other bonds for sale at such rates is will pay the purchaser at least l<? or 12 per cent. >er annum interest. All kinds of State. City. Railroad, and other Stocks ind Bonds bought or solo. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. PAIRO At NOURSK. JIT" Interest allowed on deposits at the rate of six percent, per aiiiium wheu left for thirty days or onger. jy 25-fim 4 NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARK l\ INTER ESTED.?We have now ou hand aaup >ly of our celebrated Burton and XXX Ales, which irere brewed to our own order, expressly for the loiithern trade' and which, wu will guarantee to keep Hi) length of time, even in the warmest of weather. All lovers of good Ale can !>e accommodated with he alstve at our Depot, 67 Green street. George own, D. C. ARNYA.SHINN. jy 22 N LW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. The subscriber togs to inform Ins friends and the juhlic. that tie has opened a NEW STORK, corner >f 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied issortinent of Foreign and Domestic WINKS, 1.1 LJI'ORS, CIGARS, and FINK GROCERIES, Minaisting of Fine Teas,Sugar, Coffee, Flour,Soap, [llives, Raisins, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies. Otard, Marrett A Co,, Pinet A Co., and Co!. Chabard's Brandies in cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja naica Rum, Sherries. Madeira, Port of various de icnptionH, St. Julu ti Claret, Chateaux Marganx in ;ases. Champagne Cider, Hrandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino, Curacoa, Absynthe, Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stougliton Hitters. and Fever and Ague Hitters, Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem liers of Congress are also informed that their orders will lie promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of hue Havana Cigars, lm ported direct by the wholesale and re '.ii . Canal H?ats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 184*'. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produce of all descriptions received on ooi ign ment. JONAS P. LKV\, jeu-tf No.554 Twelfth street. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York paper cannot fail to Is? interesting. Ill referring toggtibj the receipts of Teas in this country for on ?? Gp [Iff year up to 9>th ultimo, it says they will be 12,- li W* 0*si,<M>n pounds short of the imports of tne year end ing June:*), I ft#;, and that "The advance in black teas. Oolongs, since last December, has !>een fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of Inw and medium grades, have experienced an advanoe of one hundred per cent, over last season's closing prices. "It will thus l>e seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has t>een the result of t> short supply and active demand ; but when it iscon sidered that we may hear at any moment of the en tire suspension ol shipments at Shanghai, and. in fact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from Kuidand arrives at the seat of war, all tive ports of entry in China, will protiahly lie placed under strict blockade, it would not U? surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." lu view of these facts, we hold out very great in ducements for families to lay in their supplies of Tea*ow. KING A BURCIIELL, iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street. M. Hr. HEYL, HOUSE PAINTER AND GLAZtER, Will thankfully reoeive and promptly and neatly ex acute any orders in his line with which his friends and the public may favor him. Orders can l>e left at No. 4H4, corner 6th and C sts.. or at R idenour'a Con fectionery Store, No. 3(>4 I'onuaylvania avenue (north side) l>etween 9th and H>th streets. Thoae who may intrust work to him may rely on its being executed with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest rates, je 25 2m _ Humphries a jijnniman, Ob Fourth street east, lietween E and F, Capitol Hill, have fitted up their plaoe, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Monday afteruoon for thoae who wish to engage in the English 0 uadnlles or German Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do so there. Weber's Bawl has lieen engaged for the aea aon, and will l>e in attendance. They nave <>n hand and constantly making the purest I Arcer to lie obtained in the citv. je P-3in Qfkft ADDITIONAL COPIES OF "ROSALIE ?Jvnj the Prarie Flower," just recoived. This la the most popular aong ever publiahed. Sent by mail free of postage on receipt cf twenty-five oeuta in letter stamps. ir*? JOHN F. ELI.18. ONE PIANO AT I at *S7; 2at $50; 1 at $75; 1 at $I0?: 2 at $12?>: 2 at All good ?eooad-|vuid Pianos, at JOHN F.ELLIS, ?U8 iWl'eun.av#., bet. DthwiU loth st?, EDUCATIONAL. WELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG ? 5 LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH, iXo. 309 F street, Washington, D. C. PrincipalI. DONALD MACLOED. A. M.. Univer Pr!ff|Wr na*KOW^fAr^er,y Master of Ravena / ok . ?'?*!?1 Aahwood School, and Professor VLtaute."0 Eettrea in the Columbia will,be opened ?n the seoond Mimdny oi September next, for the reception of a limited inlTter|ref.SHkr^'n^irupil'RMi U*' Sc^'l?r?. who will r>e (rented, inall respects, as member* of thu I nncipal s family. The design ir to offer to young S"Home?n.n i?noc?:l V,at 18 Mcladed in the name of Home, and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home influence. "e ejji? T*s,on" l*Kin on the second Morday of v.?/C,'r?,rand hrBt of February, in meh ofJulyTandASr w,li extend lhruu"1lh* ?????" lamlj off? 0nr,t*,ninf information m*v I# oti p,rincipl1 h?>k?tore8f and will be for i?.. iT'^r to *''> ""'dress, on application. | ?* U o -11 pKMAL^O^MNAN^^IM? 55C ~ ? Washi*gton. D. C. ^''"^..SY^rKssr1,cla'" M MK. C. Rollin Cohsov. Teacher of French. ' ai'i1. * "ifi <,t'r,n"ii. Urn wing and Painting. T?u&?<4 :.'r l*? rc",,l,?1 ?? MiZsV'nf ln "k,,"cd M UMERSON INSTITUTE. ~~ *?* H street, between Vith rnd \Sth. Select Classical and Mathematical School ... *or Boys. lh,s will be resumed ? ptember 1st. J i]0 number of pupils is liiiiiteii tor further particulars add res* P P 18 au 4-im CH AS. B. YOUNG, Principal. (jKOROKTOWN math Sep(ember*fst .?^ th" l"at't,,t,?11 Wl" '* resumed iv7-^wrf P. A. BOWRN. Principal. M'iui.-lllll:R'i?liH.UOL FOR YOI NU LA 1)1 KS.?.No. 301 H street, between 13th aiifj Nth &rr7 :tWCMt' WlU re-?^? -MoNDA V, Sept. m _ jy H-law.lftw*

i^ULPEPER FEMALE SEMINAR Y. .Y, , Ct'LPEPKR CoLUT Hoi'sE. Va.. Lnaer the Ins:truetion and Superintendence of ti.e i>IISSKS I* ORNKRET. This School will he re-opened on the 1st of Sep , 'nl5; 'f57' f,)r i'he reception of Hoarder.; and a few ^cholara. The object in view i? to extend to all who apply and are admitted, a thorough arj'l useful Jfjucatiori. No pains will lie witt held from giving ino young Ladies sio-h instructions as wili adapt them |.>i every duty and emergency of lifo. \V?n ? tho ornamental branches will not be neKlected. the solid and fundamental principles of he:?i? and lic.-d tenMon'011 W 6 sPec?a' objects of asiduous ai 7.,l,r!i'ion hfisnow taken sueh a firm hold , on public attention, that, to proclaim its advantages, I 'V P'Ttray a de^re.^ of ui,?p?cc not com- i patibie w ith in?< lern iinprovement. The eh va'ine iiiliiieiico o| female education is f.;lt and ackuowf . ...i ov"rv, a,',n;rer of fcm.-le ex.-e||e,iCe ; hes- : i ate then, no longer, to bestow on your d'niicliters ' those ad vantages that are iirJiaaeiisible to their aU- i vane^ment and success through lif-. As the School increases, t iic nuinl>er of Teacherb Will beaiaiM increased: t.'.crebj j,eciirinc ev^ry aux i Hiary to the rapid advancement of the St tide-it. I.ver> effort wilI be put forth to maintain the huh I tone and character of i ne School. Appropriate hours will l>e st t apart for studv and ! ifaily exercise. The discipline will be mild ami per Kiiasive, but verv firm. Two Satarda\s are appoint- ' e.f every month for the cirls to vuit and make p!ir chask?a. rhe l,ospe| h preach-d from /ol(r dnjereet pulpits.sffordinK to each the privilegH of nf'^ndon; lae ? hurcli of her choiee. No influence will Ikj cx erted to control the religious prejudices of the pu nils. \\ l.|!? practicvil Christiamtv will form the Ii.mis of their instruction, the aeb-rtion of Churehes an I fvihtmMi S< lioo|s will l?c subimtleil to tne decision oi parents and pupil'?the variety of religious priv ileie> ju re, will not fail to offer satipfaction to a!|. N<> Scholar u ill 1^* takeii f..r a shor'-r term than live mo an a adinis^io , w il lK>obtHiu< d*an> timedu? nu.tne bcssioii,and chargcd only from the time of entrance. Ila:| tli? tuition at<l Isianliiig fee must 1^ paid m advance, in order to cover the expcnsci of the c*CliooL ,, . TF.T;M-i r,>K Tk"* Months, Hoird, (inaludioK fire and luhtsi wIvim?i r.nglish ??ranches for advanced Scholars ,jn ui Knglipfi branches |or small Scholars is n-i Music on 1'iano \ 3t <?i L'ae of instrument loot French moo ^ 'I'? , J pjj # No deduction made but in ca?e oI protracted sick ness. ? _ ? Peff.rexces. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. Alexandria, Va. Rev. I homas I.eavell, Madison county, Va. Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange county. Va. Rev. John \V. ti^orne.Culpeper, Va. Rev. Joa. Carson, ?* ?? Rev. John Cole, " ?? Dr. Alex. I'ayne, ?? ?? Ciias. E. Liglitfoot, F.sq., ?' 4 Thomas S. Alcocke, Es?j., " " Belfield Cava, Hsq., Madison county. Va. 1 homas A. Robinson. Esq., Otauge county, Va. Dr. Ldwin l ahaferro, ?* ?? Hon. John S. Pendleton, Culpeper county, Va. Judge R. H. Field, <? - ?? Dr. C. \V. Asliby, ?* ?? ?? Dr. Alfred Taliaferro, " ?? ?? Edward B. if ill. Esq , " ?? L. P. Nelson, Ksa., ?? ?? ?? Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint ing wid be given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large be formed. au ti lm YOl N(i LADIES INSTITUTE. ^ . EXdLlSH AXt) FRFXCH. No.4!? E >tkket, Washington. D. C. The auhcnlier has taken charge of this Institution, la.ely under the care of the Rev. S. 11. Mi rick" the couraeol instruction will l>e thorough, and will not diUer from tlia' pursued by the formt-r I'nncipal. 1 lie Scholastic year will begin on the second Mon day of September, and close on the last Friday of June iueach year. A limited number of pupils will lie received into the family of the Principal, and every effort will l?e made to render sliem comfortable and happy. Circulars can be obtained at the principal book stores.anJat the residence of the principal CHARLES H. NORTON, A.M. The siiliscnber takes grear pleasure in recommend ing to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. il. .\orlon,aa a gentleman amply qualified to takecharge of ?no ^ oung La<htks Institute. au 3-eoIin S. II. MIRICK. CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Near Culpeper Court House, Va. The second session of this school will commence on the 1st da> of September. 1K57. A gi duateoftne Lnivcrsity of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and .Modern Languages; while a graduate of the V. M. lus'itute. who ii.18 lia.l c??nsi?leral?ie experience in teauiniK, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower English branches, 1 ho course of studies will In- as follows: Preparatory Class. Spelling, Reading, Writing. Arithmetic. ?eogra phy. Grammar, History, Algebra, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar. ? , Third Class. .Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. ? , Seconk Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek, French. Spanish. .. .. First Class. Mafhemntica. Natural and Moral Pfuloaophv, Chemistry .Geology, Enjtliah Literature, Knglish Gram mar. Rhetoric, Logic, ii:fantr> and Artillery I acties. Geography, History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish* Kvery Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, ami will then l?e assigned to that class to wnich his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will be allowed to pass toa higherclass un leaa he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. I he discipline will lie necessarily rigid, but the comfort and convenience of each meml>er of the school w.II be duly respected There will l?e daily military exercises, hut care will tie taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Board. Tation. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, isise. Pa> inents semi-annually in advance. r or r?-oommeudations and further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT, V.M. L, Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics aud Natural Soiences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Ancient and Modern Languages. References. We have the privilege of referring to the following: Faculty of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Richardson. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. . rof. Hairison, do 'rof. Gndersleeve. do Vof. Scheie le Vere, do 'rof. MoGufly, do ?rof. Luciaii Minor, William and Marr College. iev Chariot tea ville, Mr? J,'h? J'*rt, A. M., do John Henter, Kaq., Louisa county. Col. John ojilMk, Orange county. p. wji: A. Bell, Eaq.. * So MaL Henry Hill, U. S. A., New York K. S. Voss, Ksq., Rappk. county. J apt. James Stark. do fht CiU4fua o( Culpeper. jj 15-evtl Summer Retreat*, &c. Hygeia hotel, OLD POINT COMFORT. V*. This moat delightful Summer retort?the "brieht particular locality of all thesunny South"?! is bow the sole property uf the under-' tuned, and will l>e opened on the lat of J June each successive June foilowm*. engage to make it to the seeker* for health, recrea tion, icaiety and rood living, supremely attractive. For health, uo mountain retreat can ue salerat i?? season of th' year. If ib as exempt from disease tn August and Septenil?er and October as in April. May or June, Indeed the ft rat three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze lialmier, and the luxuries o| the salt wnter are to lie had of finer quality and in greater profusion. There is no inore inviting spot on the whole Atlantic aaalxxird. It is atrictiy true of it what the podt hath said : '? Oit! if there be au Elysium on earth, it ia this, it ta thia!" Drs. Archer. Jarvis. and other urmr surgeons at the post, Hon. Dr. Francis Ma!lory, Drs. Semple, Sunkint, Sheild Hope, and Vaugh-in.nnd indeed the wnoie inedioal Vacuity resident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, ail certify that they "Aari n*rer knoirn a rase of billions or at** and /???? r to ori ginate there, and that at all Sta.\on< it if the healthiest spot cn the fare nf th? tarth." (See their certificates in I1'* Row's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer. I may 22-dfi w ft la warn JOS. SEGAR. Proprietor. J^LAKiS TONE'S PAVILION. This favorite place of resort will l>e opened on tlie la! ol July for trie nccomn.'slat ion of viaitora. The proprietor haa engaxed a tne t'otillo Hand for tno season. and with his kplendid Kail' Room offers great inducements to the lovera <<f the dunce, while Ihw of more omet humor Mi find different amusements at the Howling Alley or in Fi" hi lie. Ac. The Luxuries of the Potomac and good Liquor* Will Ik* constant!) on hard. This it known to I** oae of the healthiest places <>n the river, near Riakistone's Island. There will lie a celebration oa the Fourth of July, awl liall at night. Cotillon on the 23d of Jul), J 9th and 27th of August. Tne steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday ami Saturday'a. and returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. The steamer Kent leaves Batunoie n> it o'clock every Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday moraines. Post Office?Milettown, St. Mary's tourty. Mr!. Board?.?! .25 per dav for a week or lore?r: *1 An for ahorter time. GEO. \V. BLAKISTONE. Proprietor. Watches, Jewelry, &c. WD. E1CHLER, A-#. V7 SEVEXTH STREFT, tietween 1) and E street*- west irie. PRAC TICA L WATCH MAKER, keeps r nstantir on hand a line assortment of \VA I'CH K> a:i<;<Vr; J E WEI.R V. ap in Km' w BATCHES, JEWEI.I1 V. AN II SILVER WARE. I have jijit received a new supply of FINE \VAT''IIFS, GOLD CHAINS, ana a Inrge a??ort ment of RH|| JEWELRY of every description, which makea tn> s'<" k at t:.c present tune one of (he most complete m tt>e citv. 1 have jnil fnii>'l.<>d ion the premises ?a very large assoiiment of PI RE SILVER W A R E, nrt...,,g which may bj found a SOLI DSI EVER TE A K ET I'LE superior to mi) thing I eb ro ex:nbii**d in tins city.?tlie weight of which is 12i ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizens ar:d strangers are invited to call and examine. II. O. HOOD, ^ie?* 1SJ3 Pa.ave.. near <*t h street. WATC1IES. CLOCKS, JENVELRY.AND ** FANCY ARTICLES. I l.ave on hand n good stock of GOLDi lid SILVER WATCHES of the b<-st tinkers in Europe. <>OLD CHAINS in .creat * aristv : J E W ELR V. in sets and sm ile pifc-s ; FANCY ARTICLES. I'ER FI'MF.RY. EXTRACTS.Ae CI orK??ii>eis'v <lripi- }>ri re; also, CLOCK MATERIALS, Hands, Kal ?, K*ys. Curd*, Wires, Oils,? . Call and exainiue at the Sign of the l,Hr;e (u.t Watch. J. ROIIINSON. .'if. opposite Hroxrus* ho!*!. N*. B. -Havm; stopped the auctiou Ixisincas ainoe last winter, itta fi'MMls are seie<-ted expressly for the >est retail trade, and the prices shall suit the Mines. j\ IH-Im -I. U. [yEW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. II. o. IIOOD lias just returned from the Nortli, lnd l:ns b^ouKh' o;i ?? lino '<?' of Fathiuii.iMf ':<in"o, Mosaic, Uri iiauts, and Plain SOLD J EWE1.RY , Also, II good us- *or Inifnt/T'-tS ?f tine GOLD 'ind SIl.VER WATCHES. sr>me ^ery supTi-T time keep<TH for ladies and ^entlemens lie. Ho In; - "i on liand it irreat variety oj >TA.N D VRD SILVERWARE of his im :i make, warran ed tiie hest quality ami will be sold ver> low. Ple.\se ?a ! and examine good* and prices at No. asa Pent;. Vv.. sign of the Laree Spread Eawle. iy ln [)1U >GRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. 1%. ji'.l street, I Tity, N.J. I m nor agen I and adver M toe but N # ?ey. J Painting A>D PlIOTottEAPliT CoMBINFD. ? H O T O O R A P iTTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Cttlors, on Canvas, Mimaturz ok Sizs or Life. S. WAf.KKR'S P 0 R TRAIT A X U /' 1C TL RE G ALL E R Y. Jdeon Hall, cwrner 4>* si. and Pennsylvaniaaveune, S. WALKER his fitted up the atxive spacious partments at a vetv great outlay of ??apital, thereby enderiiiz his estahl.sinneut one of the most oom dete and handsome in the whole country, lie lias i lar?'e Gallery lor fere trhihition of upward of j*i tne Oil Paintings, hy some of the Insst ancient and uodern masters, to which he intends to <uld fresti niportations. >. Walwku lias also fitted up a coin ilcte suit of rooms, with private rolling apartments or ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru nents, nnd cng'Med a hrst class operative artist to him in th.- d.-uartsnent u.r takuii all kinds of 'HOTOGRAPIIIC. AMItltoTYPE AND DA il ERREOTYPE PORTK AITS, from the imalUst miniature to size of lift. S. Walikk, by ooinl'iniug the Ph'?topr^phic Pn> less with the art of Painting, of wlncii he ha? h?d S years' and whose specimens of life use portraits may lw seen ia some of the first lami ies of the cit\. as well a* those exhibited in his iallery, he will l>e able, by the combination of the wo, to produce portrauts that hn\e never b?en ex ?elied for their fidelity and life-likeexr?ressn>n. Can vas and boards prepared by himself expressly for lie purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Per mits. Miniature or life-size, from small p:ctur3? <?f ir r, ,i seif friends. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons p.ken at their own residences, on immediate uo :ioc* Committees and classes taken in any number in ;rot:ps. and an\ quant ity of copies from the same eo.d it reasonable charao*. l.ikenesses pamtrnl on Ci'pp-T for Tomb Ston?s. ITaluabloOil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, virefiilly i?ck lined and restored to their original reshness. Ladi?v? and gentlemen are respectfully tolicited o call at the tiallery, over Shillitigton's IsHik st<<re? MitrancetS street, two d?M>rs from Pennsylvania ivenue. jyll-fim A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose mods of life have nearly run out, discovered while in the East Indies, a certuin cure for Consumption Asthma, Hronchitis, Couzi.s, Colds, and <ien?ral Debility. The remedy wt'.s discovered by him when hit only child, a daughter, was gtve:i up to die. He had heard much of tbe wonderful roster ilive nnd healing qualitiki ol prenaratious made from the East India Hemp,and the tfionrht oocurred to him that ne might make a remedy for Ins child.? He st udied hard a;id sucoetded in realizing his wish E?s. His oiidd was cured, nnd ia now alive and well. He has since adminihtcred the wonde-iul remedy to thousands of surterers in a;l parts of the world, aud lie nas never failed in making them c< mp'etely heal th* and hapny. WithlMtoooaa much nnxl as pos nble, he will send 'o suoh ,?1" his afflict?d fe iow-be ing.s as request it. tn.s recipe, with full nnd explicit lirootioM for making it up, and gaoeesufVilly using it. lie reuuires each anplicaut to enclose him on* shilling?tfiree cents to be returned n> postage ou tne reeipe, and the remainder to l>e applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Cranil street, Jersey Cil N. B. Dr. II. James has neither office in New York as som? have pretended ar tised. The recipe is sent from noplace 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey may J'?-'<in 1VTOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT i> LIQI ORS.-ARNY A SHINN are theonly nnes in the District who have stock I'OKTER and A I.E. and always have a supply on hand; so give theinatrial. Leave yoiirorders with the drivers, or nt their I'nion Bottling Depot, No. 57 Green street, Georgetown. 1>. C. |y8 /^Ol N<i OFF AT COST.?As the season has td w? se" ,,nr remaining stock rm i?f REFRHiER\TORSat exmt. Our stock ol FI R NITER Eand HOI SE KEEPINl, GOODS is very large, aud pnoes lower than ever. MCGREGOR A CO., jy 9 eo6w No. 5307th street. pROPERTY, LAND. LOTS. HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK. Real Propehtv Agkst, has for tale on terms to suit purchasers, vacant Lots in different parts of the city. He Buys, Sel.s, and Exchanges all kinds of Real Property ou mode rate terms. ? ,, , . General Agent. Notary Public, and Justice of Peace. No. 525 12th street. Washington City. D. C. jy 17-lm ONE SECOND-HAND MF.LODEON VERY low. Abo. hve uc>\ ones, for saie or rent imhiu reasonable terms. JOHN F. ELLIS, au 8 an6 Penu.ave.. Un. Mh and loth st*. |)EN TAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Dr. R. FINLEV HENT has resumed fully fit practice of DENT1SI R\,at his ulil olfici'xTK^ and residenoc. No. 310 north side of Penu ?ylvaoia avenue, between Ninth and Tenthv^*-1JLU streets. mi 1 ?w* AR ESELLING (i<M)l?S make rwui fo( their ext*^? Mil McLACGHLIN JfcCO very U?w in order tv ?ive Fall btocjf, TI1E WEEKLY STAK. Thu exoeeut Fundy uxl News Joarnal -?ol Uuoinc a creater ranety of iM?Htnir?<lini tUi o?n be found in any other?u viUhM ??B flatur^a? Mraiii. Piug!ee? aatTunT^L. ?' a TO CL??s. ' ?w?f Ml< Tm Cnym . * w Twenty <v<pies 13 ?' fT7"CA*H, l!fVA*UBLT 111 Ur *a (wanting ui clabs raised among n?ighf>ora Without the intervention of a mail agent, m will be peroeived. twenty per ocot. of the VN kkri t Stab will be raved. It luvariabiy contains the ** Wuk inrton News " that lias made the Daily Stab circu late so genera,.y throughout the oouulry. Jl^Single copies(in wrappers) can tie procured at the counter, immediately after the issue ol the Pspe'. Pnoe?Turbb Ckmts. Postmasters who act m agents wiii be avowed a OommiMioB of twenty per cent. Pianos. Ac. G< "?OLD MEDAL PREMIUM _ " PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK. (Senior partner in tne iate hrcnof KsaBE, G*ehlr & Co., Continue* the manufacture and rale of grand and square PI A.NO FORTES*, under Wie name--*^ of Wiiiiam Kwlie & Co., at the old stand. K3XKJ Nos. I, S. 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op- ??I 1" ? posite ths Eutaw H--use. Baltimore. They have niso just opened a new Haiea Room at No 2"? Bn'tim<>re street, between Charles and Lit lit streets. on ti.e premises partly oocupted by Mr Henry McCaffery as a music store, wlierethey will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of p am and hirhly finished grand and square Piano Fortee also, Melodeons. from the l?cst makers, from 4 to v ootsve. sonic with double key Nurds. douUe reeds, an i stops to suit small churches. Being extensive1* enraged in the mannffcetare o Pianos, we wui sell who.esa.eand retail, on tbe mm li'>eral terms. Our PiniM>? were awarded the highest (gold medal) at the Fairs of the Marj land Institute two successive years?(Ictober. law. and 1*36- in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from mnM of the best makers from New York, R..?ton and Ba. - timore. We w*re also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, IKx> and 1M6. They have also t?*n awarded the highest premium (silver medal I at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for las*. In addition to this we arc in possession of tes'im<> nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in tne country, whir-h oan be seen at our wtrorooms, speak.14; for thetnsr.ves at.d others of the high appieciation in which our instruments aie every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five year*, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the hrst tit months from the dav of rale if the instruments do n< t give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will fir.d it to their advantage to give un a cail l>e!ore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 1ft-!y WM. KNABE A CO. 'FIIIJEK BEAUTIFI L PIANO# reoe.ved tki 1 da> from Boston. Also,three very bi.- _? second-hand Pianos, tint IrMe us?*d. aevei.K net *tves,rosr wood cases, will lie so dht gre'U * ?? * ' " Itfircanis.nt our Piano forte, MeiudeiNi, and Masic Warcrooms, l>etween 9th and bth ?'reefs. No. ^r,. J-? JOHN F. KM.I piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMER continues to add new mem lx?rs to I is classes. Appiy to Mr. PAL MI'.R, nt his Rooms over Farnhiim's. Bookstore. Tue#dav, Wednesday, Fri-* ih\. and Saturday. I ft w ecu 2 and 6 p. m. Terms per quarter. ap 2S-tf Three new and beaitiful piano* AT GREAT BARGAINS .-These w?y. 1'ianox have l?ecu used but a sh< rt tune l'1 wreful persons, we will warrant them,' * * " ? ^ke old Pi.urn? in exe|*ang?, A c. Two of them are full seven octaves, finely finished ?ovwood cases, and of exquisite tone and toucli.otie b ottly a six octave. These Pianos. pur< iiascrs may safely rely vpen aa leing truly g?-??at liarnains. they will do wed to and ?ev tItem, at onr extensive Piano Ware ooins. No. 3>?S, tictwecn nth and lmh. jel'? JOHN F. ELLI!*. "ige7 | J. MIL'DLETON. li. TCF DEALEK, OfTi^enrd IVpot?Southwest coraer of F and 12th Streets. Washincton. ap 11 -tl |CH! ICS!! ICEThe undersigned respectful* I I) inloiin Ins friends ari'1 the put...rgenera. > . thst ie is now prepared to furnish families and others) hroiuii the season) with the best qu&iitv of ICE, le!ivcr-Ml in aii> part of Waali.ugtou ar.J Iteorge own, and guarantees to give entire satisfaction. Orders to he left with Kii?wk.LL ft Latrknce sornerl4th street and Pennsylvania avenue; Oan. Kmavkll ft C?., 14th street; J. B. Moons Dnu -'.i'enna. avenue, between IVth and Jt-th streets i iKiiRbiSnrz,New Yoikavenue, lietween Htu and 1th streets; Robt. A. Druggist, corner th ami Ma>-s. avenue; and with the sui<scnl>?r. No. ! First street, Georsetown, where Ice oan be had it all times. ap7-tf T. N. KIDWELI.. Dentistry, Ac. I1ENTISTRY. if DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Orncr No. 196 Pk>*m?tlvamia Avkjick, Tkret doors from 14(A blrttt. Dr. BAIL^' hegs leave to inform the public that he ui !?_? seen ;.t ai his oihee. Ii cated .a?ab<ive. Ie feels assnrrd that an experience.>f httevri ?ear?' ractice. with tfie large numl*?rof patients.and great aricty ol dithcult oases that he hM> treated success iiliy. will euaise him to surmount anr dithoulty, cientihc or otherwise, relating to the 'I'eeth. His w ii conhrming the opiniou of many men ininent in the profession, and espewiali) Drs. Hams ud J. nd E. Purm'.y, has led miu. long s.noc, lodis nrd ail iiicrcurni! preparations for t l ng Teeth.also II Euf.meis. <>utta Perctia,lmiia Rul ber. and Ce dents for the construction of Continuous <>uin 'eetii, and tiiit Porcelmn. mounted on (told Plate, i tne only r? .able s^'-.i-tniice that caji t>eworn in U,?? louth. as w as nnist conclusively shown by the a*t in.encan Dei.tsl Convention. Although he liaiters himself from his long ren ence and practice in Washington, he is favorably nown to his numerous friends and patrons, he beci *ave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: 'rem the late Recior of the Churoh of Epiphany of this city Dr. Stkph** ButLt: Dear Sir?I desire to ex press ly esteem for you personallv. and my confidence in ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed >r me have l>eeu highly satisfactory. I hone that you ia> receive the patronage from my friends anu the ub.ic that your skill so well deserves. N ours very truly. Washinfton, Aug.26,1856. J. W. FRLNCH. "romoneof the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messre. Boges, Cotman A C'o. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily. Su-geon Den st.of Wash.ngton city, to execute for me an im i?rtant and difficult piece of work,.which he did to i\ cut ire satisfaction, and in view'of the fact that ne of the most distinguished members of the Dental ollegeof Baltimore. faile?1. af>er repented trials, to erforin the same work satisfactorily, ir gives mo reat plca?ure to express my entire ci?nbaence and igli estiiiiati- n of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, 1857. HAR.MANN BOGGS. ixtract from a note received from the late Hon. Johu M. Clayton. U. S. SSTIATK, ACg. T?, t&V!. The teeth *ou made for me work admirably ; noth 31 ooUid be belter. Yery gratefu. JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the petli, I oan eheerfully reoomaend Dr. S. Baily as a uperior Dentist; he made a set of poreelian teeth ?rone of myfamilv.and plugged several teeth tor lynelf, and tue work aas all stood well for mors than m years. ROBERT T, NIXON. of the Ya. Conf. of the M. E. Cburou South, kpnl 19,1856. We, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail urselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, ?urzeon Dentist of this city, or Jiaving t?een cogniz nl of his operations on our families or frieuds. take easuie in expressing our admiration of his artist ie kill, as well as of thj uniformly satisfactory unnner n which he performs itie most delicate and ditfu-ull perations in Dental Surgery.and werespet^tfull* re oimuenr* him to the <^oun<lenc>' and patronsge of t:<e ublic, of which we consider him eminent!) worthy. Tromh I*. Wat.ter, Architect U. S. Cai>tt?i. Thovas Miller, M. D.,of Wash,ngton. D.C. B. S. Boiihkr, M. D. of Georgetown, D.C. N. S. Likolx, M. D.. of Washington. D. C, Jos. H. I<r a hi.kv, tif Washington. 1). (\ Ukorok Walton. Ex-<>overuor of I- lorida. Waltf.r Lenox, Ex-Mayor of W ssiongun. Hk>ky Baltiwin, U.S. Patent Ofiice, I >.C. Wisht, Principal Ritteuhousc* Academy, febautf I \K . VILLARD. DENTIST. LATE OF CHI CAfio,would respectfully ir.lorm theeit rens id" tne District and vu-iinty. ths' hav | ng located himself in Washington, he is low prepared to perform all operations in his profes ii??n. in the most approved sty Ie. Otlioe, No. 25<?, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier*? }an 8' IT pUE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS. the .nventor and patantee of 'I.oomi*' M"i-">l h'lntr T'ttk." tiav.!.^^^^^, mocessf;i > nitroduced Ins lmproyemei.t ttf rarious cities, has now pennanently estal> isinvf himself in Washingtwn. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists ehief y in making a set of but one pieoe of materia., and l/.t indestructible mineral. No metal is usod in heir construction, and they are therefore free from ^Ivauie action and metalic taste. There are no uints to lieoiMiie hiled with moisture or partic es of <*?d, hence they are pure and clean. They are lgh'er. stronger, leas clumsy, far more durab'e. ???? latural ui their appearance. I will give a/eward of ?ue Thousand Dollars to any one who wi.rproduoe a imihr work of art to equai mine in punt?, t?auty, lur?Si:ity, artistic excelleuoe or any other requisite luality. Ail irork responsibly warranted. Penua. avenue, between llth and 13th streets, ap 13-1? |\K. C. S. UOOD.MAN, 19 SC HO EOS DENTIST, and MAxrFArrrii** o? Artticiai. rKSTH.? His oomplete arrsncemenls ena' him t iresent the foliowu.e r*e?<KiaWe e'toes; Knt re Upper Sett Teeth, on CJ.?ld _^.f?ito s Do do do on Silver.. 12 to? Dne or more, on f?old. 3 to Do on Silver... 1 to Filling. Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re >a ring at the same reasonsl>*e rates. All operai :oi a ?xe?uted in saoh a manner - s to viy? every satisfW( liun. Office eornerSth street and avenue. ap 3 ^I'MHKKI.AND COAL.?Now dischargiug, tons Cumberland Coal. ^ 1 CASTLEMAN k. BRO.. i) ?> curuar filh and 0 bib., opp. Natioa*! hoUu