Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1857 Page 1
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Tli ?XOO..O&I F%mLj aod .1?fl JOVMt?<01* Mi&lac a grmtmvMtr if wrmuagrm&u* turn ?h ba lbtnd a any Is pibtlafcod <* Batmriay 15 Biari*?*rtHr ?iw?o?i? f>r. C p.M T??r oofM.. CTCash, ihvailiabli ill adtahcbT' Br eubeanbmf in olabe mieed it?K>nc DO??bbor? with oat Um intervention of e inn. Ktr nt. M w t? per paired, twenty mt oeot. of the Wuili wall be hvmI. It invariably oontmna the "WmIi in* too Nrvs " tfcet lw mad* the Uailt Stab arou 1UMO renerally throughout Um Oountry. irTSinelo onp>?? (in wmrpfn oMi h? procured it t\f oocnter. itnmrdtateiy after tJieteaaeof the riper. Prioe?Thbeb Cim Pn?TWwnn Mst u acenta Will bo allowed ? OOOuDMiion of twenty per i ? KIUIHIO ITKKT imilOOMt IEXCM T SUNDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILDING* Cerwer */ PiuoJmU Miaai. Mi III* ftfMi, Br W. D. WALLAOH, tod t* ?iTtd to rafcoaribori by aarnora it BIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ho Areata: paper* aenred in pacta*ea at SJ% oonta per month. To mail aaheonbera the anbeonption pnoa VI THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ia ainaaci, TWO DOLLARS for lil month a, and ONE DOLLAR for three montha; for Ion than three months at the rate of U9f oonta a woe*. KT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. AUGUST 17, 1857. NO. 1,428. A Dl'EL UP NORTH. BT CLARA ACGCSTA. Jonas Whitcomb and Silas Jones had a quar rel about the boot-jack, on the 2,'id day of May, A D. 1S56. The circumstance!' were briefly these : Jonas purchased a patent boot-jack of a traveling agent, and Silas protested against the purchase as a piece of reckless extravagance ; asserting that the patent jack was no better than one ho had. wnicb wa^ manufactured by" himself out of a white-pine backlog! Silas's foot was none of your Chinese affair*, but a reg out-ind-outcrof Behemoth?fitted by boot* No. 10. and bout-jack No. ?, back log! Jonas took offence at Silas's plain speaking and retorted bitterly, and the war of words ran high. At length SUas, who had been reading the prncadiags of Congress, challenged Jonas to fight a duel, and threatened to call him " Boot iack Whitcomb'' forever, and thrash him in the bargain, if he refused to fight. Jonas thought the matter over, and after due deliberation concluded he had rather be shot than be dubbed Knight of the Boot-jack. So a meeting was a^r^ed iy?>n, to take place the following day, in Deacon Reed's tater patch, being somewhat re moved from tho highway, and therefore favora ble for the transaction of an affair mosl peremp torily forbidden by the laws of our State. The weapons were to be the belligerents'own guns, two very curious and original articles, l?y the way, which without doubt dated back to the times of Tubal Cain. They were to have no seconds, for fear of betrayal, and afterwards a term of years in the gray stone palace of Con cord. The preliminaries being arranged, both par tios went home to prepare themselves for the very comfortable prospect of a breakfast of lead bullets on the ensuing morning. Somehow, Mrs Whitcomb "got wind'' of the business, and she (being a woman of spirit) called immediately on Mrs. Jones and reveale*. all. Mrs. Jones w;is a church member, in good standing with the brethren and sisters, and, cf coars?. she felt dreadfully at the idea of being the wife of a duelist' So the two women pui their beads together, and between them quito a little plot was concocted ?almost equal to the gunpowder plot celebrated in English history It was proposed that each lady should empty th* contents of her husband's powder horn into the river, and substitute black sand for tho powder. This was accordingly done, after which they awaited the result of tho morning'* ren contre with anxious hearts. Nine o'clock found the combatants upon Deacon Reed's 'tater lot, each with his powder horn along on his shoulder, and his gun in his hand. The distance was measured off?the two men solemnly shook hands, and then respec tively assumed their positions. At a precon certed signal, each raised his weapon to hi* shoulder and?tried to fire. But the obstinate things wouldu t gooff' Jona? gave a heartv tug at his ehaotkig iron, but it only snapped sulkily, aa much as to say it would do as it had a mind to. and no thanks to anybody. Silas' gun wns of the same opinion, and the men's chances of being shot seemed rather dubious. Jonas, after a little while, got irritated, and squatting down on the ground, he pounded tho barrel lor fifteen minutes or so with a sharp rock, but without producing any effect worth mentioning. Then Jonas rose up, and flingine the gun as far as he oould over the hedee he cried out. spitefully? '? Damnation seise the thing ! I wish it was in Flanders!" "I wish mine was there, too.'' cried Silaa. examining his artillery minutely, and findinz nothing satisfactory about it. he t**sed it after Jonas . Then both men looked atoach other, in blank dismay. " What shall we do?" exclaimed Silas. ''Idon't know," returned Jonas, -unless we take fists for it. " But I can't fight so, I've got an awful felon on my right fore finger, and that'll be in the waJ- Silas evidently felt bad about it. "Well, then, aupj>oso we tick it out ? I m sorry that I can t accommodate you. but my feet are so covered with corns that it's on possible. I'll but with ye, and that's the best 1 can do. 441 should be glad to bite; but the truth is, my front teeth are all false ones?cost fifty dol lars?and I kinder don't like to spile 'era'"' 4-What shall we do, then?" asked Silas, in despair. " Let's sit down here on this log and consider the matter. I'm tired." Jonas' red, perspiring face spoke more plainly than his tongue. So the men eat down on the two extreme ends of the log, and eyed each other for a while in silence. At length Silas arose. "Look here, neighbor Whitcomb, what if we should make up? I hadn't any business to say anything about y?ur boot-jack, and I'm sorry 1 - *?rv- don 1 <*ou*,t but your jack's a fine thing ' w hitcomb sprang to his feet, and grasped Jonas's hand. r ..." P?n * * Word ab?ot it, neighbor Jonas; its I, only I, that's to blame. I ought to have been ashamed to have got put out at no small a thing; it was nothin but the truth, either. I? I ask your torgiveners.'' " No. neighbor Whitcomb, it's I that should ask your forgiveness. I'm the only one that's to blame, and I feel heartily ashamed of rny *elf. I oould crawl into a holler log and stay there a fortnight, if it would only undo what I ve done. ' f:iend' * to assure you that it is I, not you, that is in error, and'' Ii'lili? y;u',Whitc',D?b. >t is no such thing oould ' &m 80 ttiat * ? I am one that ought to creep into the hol ow log. and stay there till I learn better than treat a good neighbor in such a shameful way. Id no business to get mad with you ' Yea you did too' You did just rightr just as any Christian man would have done and. now. as it's my fault?'' ' that',' 1!? ii*? 1 !e!' thl,t I m the one wiUr 1..1, i * ' a,)' ""Kovrueblc ? ^ urt the u?l,e?t temtter of any man in Wheatwold" 7 can r^yMn*i,5hl,Un ^ jrour cililik * Ca|,d,e to lui,ie' 1 w?" alien kn, w ^?ffel*Kne!'t>'y '?? wkool, and you dictirVrn^'r n iAnd if Z?U ,!on,t aU)P contra . 1 "l^.yo? *now I've got a temper worth having, 1 djasl ? Iei4Ve fight about tem pers as boot jack, " Whitcomb was eettint slightly exasperated. K * ',?ed n?j?*>or Jonas, and at it Pull,nl5- ?triking. kicking cuffinr and biting F.lo.u. f*ls? u?tb. SSSfiiX forgotten and there was a general knock down Jonas rolled over in the mud, with Whitcomb uppermost, or 4 topperinost," as he afterwaSJs expressed it to his wife; notwithstanding his dNadvantage, he managed to bite a piece out of White.,ml) S left ear. and Whitcomb rery kindly returned the compliment by imprinting a glorious scratch on Jonas' temple. Tne content lasted until the strength of the champions wa* completely spent. Jonas was ing submissively in a shallow ditch half filled Uh frog* mud snake* and water, (the ditch StLSST L ? , hltcomb "as romantically a^ bTsVt'k TKtting ?n * f0tten ,tumP' io * "Jonas rr 44 Well ?*? -v S !! VtL" 5V ?,P and borne '? \5reed But how are w? to do it'" P better Did I DM I "* 1 ?"?*?? it, my dear JoilM, It worth thinking of, I shouldn't wonder if it was nigh healed up by this time. But come, you crawl out of the ditch, while I get my feet clear of this bush It strikes me we can help one another?that's it?thero, I'll meet you half way." The two worthier crept out together, shook hands, and after a great deal of oscillating and vascillating. they stood upright. On their way home, says Jonas to Whiteomb: '? Look here, neighbor, don't less say nothin' about this ever!" '?Never!'' saya Whiteomb, steadving himself by the fence. " If you ever catch me saying anything about it, then hang me for a boot jack !" '? I don't see why people cannot do their ooarting by daylight, thereby saving an ex pense of lights, fuel, and forenoon naps." A broakfast Table Remark. Whew! preach that doctrine until you head is gray. and you are as toothless as a new born babe, and still young folks will '-set up" till the stars grow tired of watching, and tho roosters begin to crow! There is a sort of fascination in it, a positive denial to the contrary notwithstanding. An indescribable, undeniable charm?charm in be ing the sole occupant of a front parlor, with nothing to molest or make afraid; the soft drawn up before the shining grate, and the lamp re gulated to a steady blaio that will not eclipse the brightness of eja* or make particularly pleasing in hearing'the last pair of household teet take a bee line departure for tho upper chambers, and feeling that the ever swinging parlor door will remain closed until one of the party cornered chooso to open. Talk of courting by daylight! Think of lam ing one's arm by quick, nasty withdrawals from around a certain waist at the incessant ringing of the bell, or seeing tho puff-combs and curls fly in every direction, by a sound of coming footsteps. Imagine proud lover at the foet of fair laay, puffing forth an eluquont, long avowal, with extraordinary expressions flitting over tho face : and, at the same moment, apuzzled little countenance peering through the folding doors, wondering what makes Mr. M "pray with his evos wide open!" Or more disagreeable still, have -mamma'' open tho door, without the prelude of a rap, of courso, just at the mo ment you have ventured to test the tomperaturo and sweetness of her daughter's lipa. And then, what time in the day could one take ' Not in the forenoon, certainly, wh*n music teachers and fashionable callers aro in vogue; not in the afternoon, when one's senses are stupificd by the eating of a hearty dinner; not on Sunday's, when every body is expected to go church. An hour, when you can pinch Susie's fingers to make her toll who she loves best; look in Susie's hand to see if her fortune runs with yours, and see what letter of the alphabet is formed therein; and kiss her when you please; hug her when you please; and all this when tho ola folks are sleeping, when the sound of foot steps aro scattering in the streets, and there is no one on oarth so near Susio as yourself! Margaret Verne. A Retribi/tivb DubIj.?A certain English gentleman, who was a regular frequenter of the green room of Drury Lane Theatre in the days of Lord Byron's committee, and who always stood quietly on the hearth-rug there, with his back to tho fire, was in his usual place one night when a narrative was related by another gentleman newly returned from the continent, of a barrier duel that had taking place in Paris. A young Englishman?a mere boy?had been de spoiled in a gaming bouse in the Palais Royal, and charged a certain gaming count with cheat ing him, had gone out with the oount, had wasted his fire, aDd had been slain by tho count under the frightful circumstances of the count's walking up to him, laying his hand on his h?art, saying. "You are a oravc fellow?have you a mother ?" and on his replying in the affirmative, remarked coolly, "I am sorry for her," and blowed hid victim's brainsout. The gentleman on the hearth-rug paused in taking a pinch of snuff to hear this story, and observed with great placidity, "I am afraid I must kill that rascal. " A few nights elapsed, during which the green room hearth-rug was without him. and then he reappeared precisely as be fore. and incidentally mentioned, in the cours^ of the evening, "Gentlemen, I killed that ras cal !" lie had gone over to Paris on purpose, had tracked the count to the same gaming house, had thrown a glat?s of wine in his face, in the presence of all the company assembled there, and told him that he was oome to avenge his young compatriot?and had done it by nutting the oount out of this world, and comiDg nack to the hearth-rug as if nothing had happenod. Household H ords. Not Ban.?Four professional gentlemen, the other night, drove several miles up the river to au eligible spot for bathing. The night was fine, they were in fine spirits, and having left their clothes in tho carriage, were shortly laving their fine persons in tho river, with sensations peculiarly fine. So absorbed were they in the pleasures of the river bath, that they had wandered some distance, when one of thein ex claimed. "The horse is running off!" They ran. but the horse would not stop; for though be had nothing in the carriage but their clothes, he felt under the imperative necessity of con veying them home! It was about one o'clock, when the servant of one of the gentlemen heard "massa's carriage coming." and went out to put it up. What was his horror to find no massa in the carnnge, but only certain suits of clothes! With chattering teeth he ran to inform missis that ma*.sn was murdered or drowned. Missis sagaciously surmised the truth, and despatched him back with the carriage. After a half hour's drive. Sambo distinctly saw a ghost ahead, of whose fleihy nature he was suspicious. The apparition now swiftly and stealthily approach ed, till nearly opposite, when it sprang from the roa*lside and grasped the horde's head, say ing, '-Whoa'." Sambo was glad it was massa, and the two returned to the disconsolate party They were in bed?the river bed?profoundly debating whether it were better to await the doubtful return of the carriage, or abash the vir gin moon by running to their several places of abode, at the imminent risk of being knocked d>wn by a wat<htan. The carriage relieved them; and having dressed, they sped to their anxious wives in great glee, and with many mu tually exchanged oaths that not a syllable of the night's adventure should be breathed to a hu man being?least of all to a reporter for a news paper.?iV. Louis Dtmurrat. How to Extbrtai* CornTRir Coi'sihr.? There is a certain well known wag in this city (who??o wit exudes at every pore, and whose name, if we dared mention it, would suggest a thousand funny anecdotes,) who recently " set the table in a roar,'' by relating to tho company his "shift" when "hard up to entertain a couple of country oousins. These greenhorns came "down to York" to sec the "lions," and called on their cosmopolitan relative to " show "e'n round." Among other notable places, they expressed a special desire to visit Greenwood Cemetery. But the way was too long for the osinopolitan cicerone to think of footing it; and feeling in his pockets, he found he hadn't change enough even to put the party through in an omnibus (including drinks.) So walking uowu Broadway, the party took up a station in front of St. Paul's Church, and waited for a funeral. Presently that " sable omuibus which never brings a passenger back" appeared, when Cosmopolitan and his cousins put on their longest faces, jumped into the last empty hack, anu visited Greenwood Cemetery, without even being obliged to pay the ferriage. The party returned in high spirits, and took a hearty lunch of clams and l>eer, which sent one of the cousius to the Hospital, and the other to his grave within the week.?N? Y. Minor. ICT A Schoharie (N. Y ) paper mention* the novel fart that. In rou**quence of the gr?at want of help among the farmer* of that county, able b xlied females are receiving a dollara day fora< ?ttHtiug in harvest; yet Mg loafer* In this section are com pi lining that they can find nothing to do. FOR RENT AHD 8ALE. .5A.kE.--A very comfortable three-story I\ BRICK DWELLING, situated on tl?e wast side of6th street west, lietween G and H north. Price $2 000; hnlf in cash, balance in 6, 12, and 18 months; or if all abouid be paid m oat>b,adeduction will lie made in the prioe. Apply at No.512(2d story) 7th st r06t? ir 21 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. FfOR sale.?Aval aable BUILDING LOT, No. 13, in Square No. Rl.oontaimng 9,302 square feet, situated on south aide F street north, lietween 21st and 22d streets west. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No. 512 7th street. jy 16-tf I^ARM FOR 9ALE.?A pieoeof fin* LANDon a Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md.. six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wow, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer.and Hawkins. 112Sncres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich oreek I tot torn. and some fine yellow-pine timl>er. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf F'OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner o' New Jeraey avenue and C street aouth, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 2C feet 11 inohes, and containing nearly 34,0**) square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. A VALUABLE FARM FOR S A LE. ? For sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Cnlpeper Coun ty, Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and may economically and easily be improved, so that it will prodnce as fine crops aa are grown anywhere in the United States ; 115acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timlwr, for which there are markets to l>? reached by means of the railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be aold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings areall on a hill, and, with small repnirs. may be made comfortable for the residence of a family The place la well watered, and embraoea every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners ?f this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchnsa may inquire for fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLACH. editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ises. 8-tf FOR RKNT.-A modern built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooms, oomfortahly furnished, in a delight fuland airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the city, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out ; water and bath-room. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf I^oX A VAN HOOK, Real Estate Agents, 4:m>* Seventh street, t>e!?iw E street, have for sale a nnml?er of Building l.ots 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, at the very low price of from $7'? to $125 each?payable m am.ill monthly instalments of $o per m< >nth. These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Anacoatia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persona wishing a cneap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. ljet-hoidera in arreara are reaueated to complete their purchase, and get their deeds; the title to these liOts is ?uarantoed free and clear from ev?ry possible incumbrance. may 25-3m f~yor SALE OR RENT.?THE DESIRABLE RESIDENCE on the corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, und furnace. The stabie will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 5n Hr 136 feet, bat the purchaser can have more land if desirtd. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUND on the oorner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on I9th,near F stroet. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf J^REECH-LOADING RIFLES. A Board of Army Officers will l?e assembled at West Point, New York, for the purpose of making tnalsof Breech-loading Rifles, with a view to as uertain which arm. of this description. i s b?st suited to the military service. The trials will commence on the I7th ot August. 1857. All persons intending to offer arms for trial will pleas* notify the Colonel of Ordnance, giving a goneral description of tho arm [?ach may intend to present, and specifying the cali bre, weight, and length of Inrrel. Cartridges or oth v ammunition suitable for the arm should be brought with it. II. A. CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnance. Ordixaxcb Ofeice, Washington, July 23,1H57. To Ix? published daily till 17th August in the Penn irlvanian, Philadelphia ; National Democrat and Irish News. New York; Morning Post, Boston. Each of which papers will send their bills and a copy jf t ho paper containing the advert isement to the Ord nance Omce. jy 27-dtl7Aug B ANKING HOUSE OF PAIRO A NOURSE. Keokuk City 8 per cent. Bonds. Keokuk Cilv 1? per cent. Bonda?short. Davenport, Iowa. 10 per cent. Bonds. St. Louia County 7 percent. Bonds?short. Leo County. Iowa, 8 per cent. Bouds. City of Evanaville 7 per cent. Bonds?short. The above and other Bonds for sale at such rates da will pay the purchaser at least 10 or 12 per cent, per annum interest. All kinda of State. City, Railroad, and other Stocks and Bonda bought or sold. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. I'AIRO A NOURSE. fO^Interest allowed on deposits at the rate of six per cent, per annum when left for thirty days or longer. jy 25-btn A NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INTERESTED.?We liave now on handasup ply of our celebrated Burton and XXX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the southern trade* and which, we wilt guarantee to keep my length of time, even in the warmest of weather. All lovers of good Ale can l>? accommodated with the atxive at our Depot, vj Green street, George town, D.C. ARN V A SH1NN. jy 22_ NEW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. The subscril>er l*?gs to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, oorner >f 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a larce and varied vasortinent of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, ami FINE GROCERIES, ^insisting of Fine Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Flour. }->oap, [llives. Raisins, Figs, Sardines, Anchoviea. Otard, Marrett A Co,, Pinet A Co., and Col. Chabard's Brandies in cases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja iiaica Rum, Sherries, Madeira. Port of various de icriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in *ses, Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino, Cnraoon. Absynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied de icnption of Havana Cigars. Also, Stonghton fitters, and Fever and Agcue Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders ?rill be promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re tsi, Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exohange. Levy's Old Whiskey, oonstantly on hand, of 1840. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produoe of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je 8-tf No. 554 Twelfth street. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York oannot fail to be interesting. In referring to. the receipts of Teaa in this country for onel year upto30th ultimo, it says thov will l>e 12, ooiym) pounds short or the imports of the year end ing J line 9D, 1856, and that ,l The advance in black teas. Oolongs, amoe last December, haa been fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced an advance of one huudred per oent. over last season's closing prioes. "It will thus be seen that th? strong and rapid advance in the tea market haa been the result of * short aupply and active demand ; hut when it isoon aidered that we may hear at any moment of the en tire suspension of shipments at Shanghai, and. in fact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from England arrives at the seat of war, all live ports of entry in China, will probably beplaoed under strict blockade, it would not be surprising to see Teas at a much lusher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these facts, we hold out very great in ducements for families to lay in their supplies of Tea note. KING A BURCHELL, ie 11 -tf Comer Vermont ave.and 15th street. M. tf. HEYL, house Painter and glazier, Will thankfully reoeive and promptly and neatly ex ecute any orders in his line with wnich his friends and the public may favor him. Orders can be left at No. 484, oorner 6th and C sts., or at R idenour's Con fectionery Store. No.SM Pennsylvamaavennelnorth side) between #th and 10th streets. Those who may intrust work to him may rely on its being executed with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest ratea. je 2S-2m Humphries a junniman. On Fourth atreet east, between E and F, CariToi Hill. have fitted up their piaoe, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrilles or German Waltses. will find an opportunity to do ao there. Weber'a Band has been engaged for the i son, and will be in attendance. Tney havo on hand and oonstantly making the purest I Jircer to f?e obtained in theoitv. jel1-3m ADDITIONAL COPIES OF - ROSALIE 'Mni the Prarie Flower," just reoeived. This is the most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free of postage on rooeipt of twonty-five cents in letter stamps. )t3> JOHN F. ELLIS. f\NF. PIANO AT $25; 1 *37j 2 at $50; I at * ' *75: 1 at $100: 2 at $125: 2 at $iy?. All good second hand Pianos, at j6HN F. ELLIS. &u 8 Penn. avs., bet. 9th and 10th sts. EDUCATIONAL. tiELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG ^ LADIhS, ENGLISH AND FRENCH. * JV?. 3? Fstreet, Washington, D. C. Pnneipal. DONALD MACLOED. A. M.. Univer ! Vr lt"""'/lrT1"lrly i,S"d Master of Rnvens I ?E0?KC?,,BKe^Ashwood School. and Prof*?sor Institute? Lettres in the Columbia .rT^;,Sch,l>?1 Wl11 '16 opened on the seoond Monday I J ^emrnr 'iS*1, l!,T l,he of a limited number of Boarding Pupils and Day Sohulars, who pi dv,'naM reapects, *s members of the 1I rinctpal s family. The design la to offer to young ladies from a distanoe all that is included in the name ,?me' r'u toextSnd totho Scholars the advantages of Home mtluence. The Sessions will begin on the second Moi day of September and first Moaday of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through tho mouths ol July and August. Circulars oontaininr full information mav be ol> biined at the principal bookstores, an.I will be for warded by maii. to any address, on application. &U o -11 _ . Washikgton. D. C. .'j1*** Corson. Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments. M MK. C. Rollin Corson. Teacher of French, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Painting. t-Lkle Mathildb Emilie Rollin, Assistant richer of !? rench. th/L Wl11 be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, 1R57.

> *,<yircuJ,y8 0111 b? t'Wained at the Book and the Music Stores. jy31-lm* IjVMERSON INSTITUTE, J H street, bttxeeen 12fA nnd 13fA. Select Classical and Mathematical School . for Boy*. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed k?U. V r 'e nu^'*r PuP'ls is limited, r or further particulars address au 4-lm CHAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. riie duties of this Institution will l?e resumed oeptern!>er 1st. jy 7-2?wtf P. A. BOWEN. Principal. MmK-!li;RN??i,?H,{)0!1 FOR YOUNG LA' .frLH Ii H "tre*L bffween I3tli and Uth strejtH Vest, will re open on MONDAY, Srptcni U?L _ _ __ jy H-law.liiw* pULPEPER FEMALE SEMINARY. ,V. .. _ . Cllpkpkr Court House, Va., I ndor tho FORSN^?RETldCnCe ?f '? . Sf?-h,00r' w.'" 1)0 re-opened on the 1st of Sep t inter. 1K.17, for the reception of B'&rdcrsand \ t<iw day Scholars. The object in view is to extend to all who apply ami are admitted, a thorongh and useful education. No pjuns will be withheld from giving the young lwtdias such instructions as will adapt them for every duty and emergency of life. While the ornamental branches will not be neglectcd. the solid and fundamental principles of heart and head education will be the special objects of asiduous at tone ion. Female education has now taken sueh a firm hold on public attention, that, to proclaim its advantages, would bo to portray a degree of ignorance not com patible with modern improvement. The elevating influence of female education is felt andacknowl edged l?y every admirer of female excellence; h*s I'ste then, no longer, to tastow on your daughters those advantages that are lndispcnsible to their ad vancement and success through life. As the School increases, the nnmberof Teachers will be also increased; thereby securing ever* aux iliary to the rapid advancement of the Student. Every effort will bo put forth to maintain the high tone an?l character of the School. Appropriate hours will beset apart for study and daily exercise. The discipline will l?e nnld and per suasive. but very firm. Two Saturdays areappoint ed every month for the girls to visit and make pur cnas?s. j he Gospel is preached from four different pulpits,affording to each the privilege of atteuibug the Church of her choice. No influence will l?e ex erted to control the religious prejudices of the pu pils. While practical Christianity will form the basis of their instruction, the selection of Churches and Sabbath Schools will lie submitted to the decision of parents and eupils?the variety of religious priv ileges here, will not fail to offer satisfaction to all. No Sfho'ar will l*> taken for a shorter term than five month*, admission wil' be obtain* d'any time dur ing the season, and charged only from the time of entrance. Half the tuition ard boarding foe must l>e paid in advance, in order to cover the expenses of tho School. Term* For Ten Months, Board, {including lire and lighisi ?12n on English branches foradvanced Scholars 3" English branches for small Scholars 25 On Music on Pinno 31 no I.'ae of instrument .. in nn French 10 1*1 \\ ashing extra. No deduction made but in case ol protracted sick ness. Rrvsrkncks. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. Alexandria, Vn. Rev. Thomas Leavell. Madison county, Va, Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange county, Va. Rev. John W. George.Culpeper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carson, " " Rev. JohnCole, " " Dr. Alex. Payne, " ?? Cliaa. E. Lightfoot, Esq., " " Thomas S. Alcooke, Esq.. " '? Iteltield Cave. Esq., Madison count*, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Esq., Orange county, Va. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro, 11 *? Hon. John S. Pendleton, Culpeper county, Va. Judge R. II. Field, " ?* Dr. C. W. Aslibv, 44 ** " Dr. Alfred Taliaferro, " ?? ?? Edward II. Hill, Esq , " ?? ?' L. P. Neison, Esq., ?? ?? Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint ing will l>e given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large be formed. an 6 lm Y OL'NG LADIES INSTITUTE, ENGLISH AND FRFyCH. No. 490 E Street, Washington, D. C, The subenber has taken chargc of this Institution, lately under the care of the Rev. S. H. Minck; the course of instruction wili be thorough, and wdl not dilfer from that pursued by the former Principal. The Scholastic year will begin on the second Mon day of Septemlw>r, and close on the last Friday of June in each year. A limited number of pupils will l>e received into the family of the Principal, and every effort will be made to render them comfortable and happy. Circulars can lie obtained at the principal book stores, and at the residence of tho principal. CHARLES H. NORTON, A. M. Thcsubscr.ber takes great pleasure in recommend ing to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. C. H. Nortomas a gentleman amply qualified to take charge of the \ oung Ladies Institute. au 3-colm S. II. MIRICK. f^ULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Near Colpeper Court Hofsk, Va. The second session of this school will commence on the 1st day of Septemlier, 1?57. A graduate of the University of Virgmia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Anoient and Modern languages ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower English branches. The course of studies will l>e as follows: . Preparatory Class, Spelling, Reading, Writing. Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algebra, l^itm Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmotio, His tory, Latin, Creek, French. , Srcond Class. Mathematios, Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, Eatin, Greek, French, Spauuh. , First Class. Mathematies, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry .Ueology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetorio, Logio, Infantry and Artillery Tactics, Geography, History, Ijitiu, Greek, French, Spanish. Every Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then Ikj assigned to that class to wmuh his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will be allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidenoe of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be neoessarily rigid, but the ooinfort and convenience of each meinl*er of the school will be duly respected. There will l>e daily military exercises, but care will l>e taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. * _ . Tbrms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, $18?. Payments semi-annually in advance. h or r?oominendations and further particulars, ?oe circulars. CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT. V.M. I., Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural >ciencea. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Ancient and Modern Languages. References. We have the privilege of referring to thefollowing: Faculty of Vinunia Military Institute. Gem William H. Richardson, Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Sohele le Vere, do Prof. MoGuffy, do rof. J.ucian Minor, William and Mary College. Kev. John Beradus.Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart. A. M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa oounty. ? Col. John W oolfolk, Orange oounty. oev* wra* A '1!?1 Lexington. Rev. Wm. N. Pendleton, do Jamei1 Bartoor. Esq., Culpeper. w n ?v n" Taliaferro, Gloucester. W ashington City. Gen. Geo. Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq.. Maj. Henry Hill, U. S. A., New Yo<k. R. S. Voss, Esq., Rappk. oounty. James Stark, . do The Cttuena of Culpeper. jy 15-eotf Summer Retreati, &c. Hygeia hotel, """" OLD POINT COMI-ORT.Va. Thu most delightful Summer resort?the " bright particular locality of all the sunny South"?A. ? A ia now the sole property of the under ? icried, and will he opened on the 1st ofJAJ^i June next, and each successive Jnoe fnl ;,7wing7I engage to make it to the seeker* for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. For health, no mountain retreat can we safer at any season of the year. It is as exempt (mm disease in August and September and October as in April. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze laimieT, and the luxuries of the salt water are to be had ?f finer quality and in creator profusion. There is no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic seaboard. It ta strictly true of it what the poet hath said: " Oh ! if there be an Elysium on earth, it it thia, it is this!" Dra. Archer. Jams, and other arm* snnreons at the post, Hon. Dr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semple, Simsius, Slieild. Hope, and Vaugnaujind indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all certify that they "hart never knotrn a rase of billion* or arue and fever to ori ginate there, and that at all season? it is the healthiest spot on the of the earth." (See their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) mav 22^d<w&lnw2m JOS. SEGAR. Proprietor. |?LAKISTONE'S PAVILION. Tina favorite place of resort will be opened on the 1st of July for tne accommodation of visitors. ^ The proprietor has engaged a brie Cotilion Band forth* season, and with his splendid Ba1.** Room otJers great inducements to tne lovers of the dance, while those of more o?net humor ma* find different amusements at the Bowline Alley or in Pishing, Ac. The Luxuries of the Potomac and good Liquors will l>e constantly on hand. This is known to be one of the healthiest places oa the river, near Blakistone's Island. There will be a celebration on the Fourth of July, and Ballatmcht. Cotillon on the 23d of July, 13th and 27th of Aucust. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sensors on every Wednesday and Saturday'*, and returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at 8 o'clock every Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday mormnrs. Post Office?Milestown. St. Mary's county, Md. Board?$!.2& per dav for a week or longer: 41 Jin for shorter time. GEO. W. B LA K1 STONE. je24-2m* Proprietor. VV Watches, Jewelry, &c. dTeiciiler, ?. ? . .. Xe. 5rn SEVENTH STREET, netween Band F ?tr"ets west side. PR AC- ?v ri( A L \V A I'CII.M A K KR, k?er ? r' ? ' ? ? ? P.,?" ? assortment of WATCHES andAl JEWKLRV. ar> in hm*" WATCHES, JEWELRY, VV and silver ware. I have just received a new supply of FINE WATCHES. GOLD CHAINS, and a larce assort ment of RICH JEWELRY of ever* description, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete in the city. I have just finished (on the premises) a very large assortment of PURE SILVER WARE, among which may be found a SO LID SI LVER TEA KET TLE superior tosnythinc l?efore exhibited in ?his city.?tne weight of which is 125 ouncea, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizens and strangers are invited to call and examine. H. O. HOOD. ie23- SW Pa.ave.. near <*th street. WATCHES. CLOCKS, JEWELRY, AND ? > FANCY ARTICLES. I have on hand a t<?od stock of GOLD Jand SI LVER WATCHES of the best makers in Europe, (ibl.l) CHAINs! in ureat variety : J E WEI.R Y. in seta and sin- L?j Ki* pieces; FANCY ARTICLES. PI!K Fl'MERY. EXTRACTS, Ac- CLOCKS in every shape and price: also, CLOCK MATERIALS, Hands, Balis, Keys, Cords, Wires, Oils, Ac. Call and examine at the Sign of the Larce Gilt Watch. J. ROBINSON. 319, opposite Browns' hotel. N. B.?flavins stopped Hie auction business since last winter. my G??o<Ik are selected expressly for the l-ost retail trade, and tne prices shall suit the tunes, jy 1H-1 m J. R. EW JEWF.LRY AND WATCHES. H. O. HOOD has jnst returned from the North, *i?d has broueht on a fin?* lot of Fashionable Cameo, Coral, Mosaic. Brilliants, and Plain f GOLD JEWELRY. AN if a- .rt noi I> ' ? . .i liiiit t? Aim, n Kinxi a>-sonni"MG^iI of fine GOLD and SILVER WATCH ES. some very superior time keepers for ladic* and gentlemen* use. He has also rn hand a great variety of STAN D ARD SILVERWARE of his own make, warran ted the best quality and will l>e sold very low. sail and examine goods ami prioes at No. 338 Penr. \v., sijcn of the Large Spread Eagle. jy lo PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS." ?- Paistisci a.nd Photogbathy Combined. P H O T O a K A P H Tc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, M !N! ATl'F.K OR SIZE OB LlFB. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AM) PICTURE GALLERY, Odeou Hall, corner at.and Pennsylvamaavenue, S.WALKER has fitUnl up the alsive spacious ipartinent* at a very great outlay of capital, thereby ?enderinz Ins establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He has i large Gallery lor fret exhibition of upward of am line Oil Paintings, by some of the liest ancient and nodern masters, to which he intends to add fresh mportatione. S. Wai.kek has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for laities, and purchased the buest possible instru ments, and engaged a hist class operative artist to insist him in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTV l*E AND DA Sl'ERREOTYPE PO R TR A I TS, from the Imallest miniature to size of lift. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro sees with the art of Paint inr. of which he has had 15 years' experience, and whose specimens of life lize portraits may be seen in some of the first fami les of the city, aa well as those exhibited in his jallery, he will lie able, by the combiuation of the wo, to produce portraits that have never been ex jelled for their tidelit) and life-like expression. Cari nas aud hoards prepared by himself expressly for he purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Par nut*. Miniature or life-size, from small pictures of tereased friend*. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons aken at their own residences, on immediate no tice* Committees and classes taken in any numl>er in croups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold it reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stone*. Valuable Oil Pointings, and Old Family Portrait*, carefully tack lined and restored to their original 'rashness. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilling ton's book store? 9n?rance4)t street, two doors from Pennsylvania i venue. jyll-6m /\ RETIRED PHYSICIAN wboaa sands of f life have nearly run out, discovered while in the /East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption. M Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General f Debility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only ohild, a daughter, was given up to | die. He had heard much of the wonderful restor itive and heaiiuc aualities of preparations made from the East India Hemp, aud the thought occurred to htm that he mipht make a remedy for his child.? He "United hard and sucoeeded in realizing his wish es. flis ehild was eurcd, and ;s now alive and well. He has sinoe administered the wondertnl reint-dy to thousands of hutlerers in all parts of tl.e world, aud lie has never failed in making them completely heal thy and happy. Wishing to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to suuh of hisathicted fellow be ings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit iliiections for making it up, and successfully using it. He reuuires each applicant to enclose him one ihilliug- tnree cents to l?e returned as postage on the reoipe, and the rema.nder to !? applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. 11. JAMES, No. 19Grand street, Jersey City, N.J. N. B. Dr. H. James has neither otfii in New York as some have pretended tised. The recipe is sent from nopli 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jei may 2K-Sin NOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT LIQUORS.-ARNY Sc SHINN are the only ones in the District who have stock PORTER and ALE,and always have a supply ou hand; so give them a trial. Leave your orders with th? drivers, or lit their Union Bottling Depot, No. 57 Green street, Georgetown. I>. C. jy 22 (MHNG OFF AT COST.?As the season has ad I varced we will sell our remaining stock (ial of REFRKiERATORSat cost. Our st.Ksk of FF RN ITF R E and IIOFSF KEEPING GOODS is very larse, arm prices lower than ever. McGREGOR * CO., it 9 eof>w No.Ml7th street. Property", LAND, LOTS, HOUSES. JOHN D. CLARK.lRBU. Piotbrtt Aof*t, has for sale on terms to suit purchasers, \aonut l?ots indifferent parts of the city. He Buys, S< l<?, and Excliauges all kinds of Real Property on mode rate terms. _ . i .? m General Agent, Notary Public, and Jnstioe of Peace. No.flS 12th atreet, W aslnngton City, D. C. jy I7-lm ONF. SKCONI) HAND MELODEON VERY low. Also, five new ones, for sale or rent upon reasonable terms. JOHN F. ELLIS, iiu r sn6 Penn. ave., I>et. 9th ar.d K?th st<. RENTAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Dr. R. FINLFY HUNT has resumed fully the praeticeof DENTISTRY, at his old offiee^^c^ snd resideno??, No. 310 north side of " TifrRr ?ylvaniaavenue, between Niuth and Tenth^-^-i-y streets. m, S-?w* Mclaughlin a co.areselling goods very low in order to make rooin for their exte?> sive tall btock. ?u7 i: I en f er ? 7 G Pianos, *o. OLD MEDAL PREMIUM. _ PIANO FORTESt WILLIAM KN ABE, (gtnior partner in the late firm of KSABIU (tAlHLI A.Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and Muar* PIANO FORTES, under she name of William Kuabe A Co., at toe o.d stai d. Not. |, s, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op posit e the Eutaw House. Baltimore. ^They have also just opened a aew Salee Room *1 No an Baltimore street. Itetween Char!e? and I.ictif streets. on the premises partly occupied by Wr Henrv McCaffery as a music atore, where thy w:il keep constantly on hand a large laaorttnent of plain and hiehlj finished grand aud s?uare Pjapo Forte, also. M clod eons, from the heat mak era. from <toS octave. some with doable key -boaraa, double reeds, in! stops to suit small churchee. Being extensively enraged in the ?*rul?eniPeo Pianos, wt? wul sail wholeealeaud retail, on the aos liberal terms. . _ Oar Pisn<>s were awarded the hifhaaC premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of tlie Mary tend Institute two successive years?October, IMS. and 1R.V?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were aiaoawwded the first premium at the Industrial Exhitntion held in Richmond, Vir ginia. 1855 and lanS. They have also been afyrded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18*7. In addition to this we are in possession of teetimo niais from the most distinguished professors and amateura in the enontrr, which can be seen at ?wr warerooins. speaking for tiiemaeives and others of the hid appreciation in which our lnsuuir.onu are ?very where held. All insuumen'K are raaranteed for five sears,ard a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to rive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-lj WM. KN ABE * CO. THREE BEAUTIFUL PIANOS received thi day from ltost?n. Also.three very aeoond-hand Pianos, but little used, si octaves.robewood cases, will be sold at great* - - - bargains,at our Piano Forte. Mc!odeoa.and Music Warerooana, between 9th and l?th streets. No. S"fi. If 4 JOHN F. EliLIA piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. II. PALMER continues to add pew mem Iters to his classes. Apply to Mr. PA1. MER. at his Rooms over Faruhajn's. Bo??kBtore, Tuesday. Wednesday, Fn-* | ?lar. and Saturday, Itetween 2 and t> p. m. Terms #5 per quarter. ae 25 tf THREE NEW AND BEAUTIFUL PIANOS 1 AT GREAT BARGAINS.?TImm^CSMI Pianos have (won used bnt a short time t>yf"| ? PTl careful persons, we will warrant them,' ? ? ? ? take old Pianos iu exchange, Ao. Two of them are full seven octaves, finely brushed rosewood, and of exquisite tone and touch,one ia onlv a six oeuee. These Pianos, purchasers ma* safely rely open as lieing truly great bargains, and they wili do well to call and se* them, at our extensive Piano \N are ICE. L J. MIDDLETON. lrrDKAt tR OtF.oean-1 Depot?Southwest oornerof F and 12th Streets. Washington. ap 11 -tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respectful ly inform uis friends and the puUic, tuat he ;s now prepared to furmsh .ami lies and others) through the season) with the best quality of ICE, delivered in any part of Washington and George town, and cuarantees to give entire satisfaction Orders to be left with Kiuwell A bfnck ooruer 1-Uti street aud Penus> Ivania avenue; <in. F. KiDWELL A Co., 14th street; J. B. Moor?, Drog rst, Henna, avenue, idween l^h an<1 2r>th streets : Gkorgf.Sibtz, New York avenue, l>etween Hth and 11: ii streets; Rout. A. Pat**. Dnaiit. coraer Itn and Ma^s. avenue; and wit!, the sultscntier. No. J First street, Georgetown, wbere Ice can be had Mailtimea. , 7-t! T. N.EIDn ELL? Dentistry, &c. DENT,2S"JfF.PBEN BAILY. Orricx No. iw Pexkstlvaxia Avrifr*. Three doors jrom 14(4 Street. Da. BAlLYbera leave to inform the publie that he 3*n lie seen at all hisoffice. located assure, ll-j feeia at-sure 1 Uiat an exper.enoeof fiftesn renrs' jmctice, with the large number of pet.ent*.ana great ,-anetv of difficult cases that he has'rested snecers ully. will euaiMe lam to Burmount any difbou.ty, icieutilic or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. H;s twn expenence oouhrming the opinion of many men ?unnei.t in the protest ion, and especially L>rs. Harris md J. and E. Paruiljr, has led huu, long siuce, toilis *ird all mercurial preparations for fi'htir Teeth.a'so ill Enamel?, Gutta Percha. India Rubber, and Oe nents for the construction ol Continuous limn 1'eeth.and that on ??"ld P ate, s the oiiiy reliable substance that <*n be worn ir. the nonth, as v as most conclusive;) shown by the last American Dental Convention. Althonrh he flatterB himself fr?>m his lone resi lence aud practice in \\ ashiugton. he is favors .y timwn to his numerous fri*i,ds ' nd patrons, he ot?s esve to refer tnem to the folhiwmg TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the CheroJi of Epiphany < f this city Dr. Stkphit* Bailt: Derr Sir? I desire to express ny esteem for you personall*. and my coi.fidence in ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed or me haveltcen highly BBtisfact?try. I hope that yu nav receive the patronage from my friends and the tuiiiic that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly. . Washington. Aug, 26, IMS. J. W. F RfcNC H. <*rom oue of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Bosgs. Cot man A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily. Surgeon IW? ist. of Washington city, to execute lor me an nu tortant ami difficult piece of work, which he did to nv entire satisfftetion, and in view of the fact th-it tne of the most distinguished meml-ersof the D*i:tnl College ??f Baltimore, failed, after re).nat*d trials, to >erform the same work satisfactorily, it ?iv?*s in* ;reat pleasure to express my entire confidence and iikJi estimation ?f his professionwl ski . BaitinM^re,Jan. 12,1&5T. HA R MANN B<K?G?. Extract from a note recer. -.i from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. U. S. Sknatk. Ane. 10,1?*6. The teeth yon made for me work admiraUy; iH'th ? hW gijjf^vlWI. To those that seek relief from tht majadies of the eotli. I can oheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baity as a superior Dentist; be nrtde a set of poroelian tes'h or one of my famiW.and piucged sever*, teeth )?* nyseif. aud the work has all stoodhwel! fi.r more than en >aan. Kl?l>rn l i. 4>i of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churoh South. ipnl 19, 1856. W*e. the undersigned, having had oeaasion to avail turseives of the professional skill of Dr. t*. Bai y, 'nrgeon Dentist of this city, or having l-eenp?.gu.* int of his operations on our families or friends, take Measure in expressing nor admiration of hia artistic kill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner n winch he performs the most delicate and difficult tperations in Dental Surgery,and we respectful!* te lommend him to the confidence and patr ?:*ge ol 'be >ublic, of winch we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I*. WaT.tfk, Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Mii.lkr. M. D.,??f Washington, 1?.C. ft. S. Hoiikkr. M. D.of tieorgetowu, D. ? '? N. S. I.t*coi.!*, M. I>.. of Wastotigton. U. 1. Jos. II. Hraijlkv, of Washington, D. Gkohgk Walim.Ei Governorul t Waltkb Lesox, Ex Major <tf Washiugtm* HtNRV Baltiwin, U. S. Patent Office. ?).C. Wi?ut, Principal Ritteuhouse Aoademy. feb an tf |\R. VILLARD, DENTIST. I.ATE OFCHI I " CAC.o, Would respectlul.y in'ormtheoit ^ g^ xens ?tf the Distnct and vicinity, that ha ng locate ' ' M "to-*-?1? M i iw pre pi lion, in tli Office, P jan 2n Iv J?HEIMPROVEDSETSOF TEETH. DR. LOO MIS, the inventor and patentee ,4 'Loomi'' M>*'rnl Piatt Tt'tk, having. iuccessfuil> iutr<tduced bis improv u.ent * various cities, has now perniajieut,) estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists ohief* Lin unkitiK a set of Itut one piece of material, and it indestructible miner*!. No metal is used in Ihur construct ion, and they are therefore free from ralvanic action aud uietalio taste. There are bo oints to l>eoonie tolled with moisture or particles of r.-J. henoe they are pure and rleam. They are lighter, stroncer. less elumsy ? tar more durable, and latural in their appearance. I will give arewardof L>ue Thousand Dollars Ut any one wno will pnWtuce a nmiiai work of art to ?uuai none in purii). bounty, lurability, artistic exoefleuce or any other requisite luality. All work reaaonBibiy warranted. . 276 Penna. avenue, between llth and 12th streets. MlS-ly DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SURGEON DENTIST, and MAXPFACTra** or AanrictAi. Tkxth.? His otimplete arraaxements enal'iing him tom^^w present the folb'Wiec reesoaaM* i?noee: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold. fan to 5 Do do do on Silver It to 8 One or more, on jjn'd ? 2 to Do on Silver.. 1 to Filling, Extracting. Removing Tarter; also. Re pa ring at the same reasonable rates. All opcratiora exeoutcri in such a manner as to g ive every satisfac tion. OfLoe corner 8th street and avenue. ap s CUMBERLAND COAL.-Now disohargtrg 100 toi.s Cumberland Coal. CASTLEMAN A BRO., jy 2V corner CUi aj;U B bib., op p. National hotel. ing located himself in Washington, ^e ?a , now prepared to perlorm ail os?raUuBB m his proles lion, in the m^st approved si) le. Office, No. 250, I'enn. avenue, adjoining Gaotier a