Newspaper of Evening Star, August 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 17, 1857 Page 3
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Navt Yabd Mattbbs -The Water Witch, Government iMnw, which arrival at tha N?T Yard on Tuesday laat, with old Iron and ?? T copper for the Washington Navy Yard P";P?~*; leA again on Satardsr ^k Navv New York, with -tores for the New ^ork . y Yard. embracing chain cahlc MiwII chain^ bra. work ?hell?, powder tanks, rifled ??*"[*? and stores for the Norfolk Navy ) ;"d;jfjTL* hg of anchors, small chain with friction roller bush ~I. beloz P-tM fow,,d with energy; the walls are well advanced, the work ^SSrn to be excellently we done, and the various departments to be well The new boiler shop la newly flpUhed, aad look well. This part of the Navv \ ard *?r^" been done in a manne- *o justify the (Mr tKaf it it the be*! job of work that has JZ eB?nwd I- oar Nary Yard within the tame space of time that has been occupied in itT JT^UoV lt will be ready for occupation m about three weeks. F.very other department of the Navy Yard e*hibits an unusual decree of in dustrv ' The great increase in the work of the Yard calls for a corresponding 1 nc?f modations in the buildings in which the work is d The Naval Store is to be lengthened one hun dred feet, and other improvements about that building are to be made. to give room . lar-M extent of stores consertnent upon thia c^nf stantlv increasing amount of 7J*~ Nan Yard mechanics have earned for themselves abroad and at home, a reputation which has uiTen them a high standing, and place* them in tVie front ranks among their fellow- mechanic* all over the country. . . ? Rtmoral*.?ln the Yard, watchmen John H Bathom. Wm McCoy, Wm. Steele, Jacob Lus key, Jos. Howard, and John Downe* have re ceived notice of their removal. The present In cumbents, it is said, all belong to the so-called American party. ... ? ? . The range of thermometer at the Navy x ard on Friday was. at 5 a. in., 78?; 8 a. m., KP; 12 m., 97; 4 p. m , W, 7 p m., 90?. OnSaturdav, at 0 a m , 79?; 8 a m , 87? ; 10 a. m , 91?; and ll a. m gyp# At the Barracks, fifteen marines, new recruits, a%re sent ofl to Norfolk to join the general ser 1 at that post River ?Arrived at Gait k Young's wharf, nlrwp propclleT James Jerome, Capt. Jerome,from pif idelphia. with 211 tons of coal for Messrs Gait k Bro She also brought in tow to Alexan market. At the ?mn*? wharf artived schr. i*rvade, from Portland, with 112 tons of coal for Btsirv B Riehle. At Riley'a wharf, arrived last night, steamer Columbia, from Baltimore, with consignments of morchandixe for Messrs. Bates k Bro., t hlli rott. Howell k Morsell, Barbourk Semmes Roht. Donnelly, and J R. McGregor. The Columbia reports a large ship at anchor otf Maryland 1 oint, .?supposed to be one of Fowles guano ships fioiu the Chincha Islands, now due at Alexandria. The steam-tug Wide Awake this morning, towed up from Alexandria to the month of the Washington canal, two lioat loads of coal from the Cumberland mines. Arrived at Stone k Magruder's wharf, schr. Olive, from Philadelphia, with SO tons of coal for H Fowler. From a gentleman iust returned from St. Mary k county wc hear that the prospects in regard to the tobacco crop in that county are rather poor. I he unusually rainy season h;'s given the tobacco an impetus upward without its branching out. and the fiop will consist principally of tolwrco stalks rax her than leaves. The farmers generally com plain of a want of sunshine to ripen the crops. The planter* are now engaged in fallowing the soil for the fall sowing. Corn looks extremely well, but, say the farmers, wants sunshine. The Female Seminary of St. Mary's county has closed for want of patronage. The steamer Washington. Cflpt. Corson, went down to the White House, to-day, on the excur sion of the Montgomery Guards. Columbus ca ters for them, and they are accompanied bv J. E>puta's excellent cornet and string band. The party is very large. The Ca5xl.?The late heavy rains have been playing the mischief with the canal. Mr. Com missioner Wise informs us that, along the north* side of the canal, where he has been operating with the mud machine, a large proportion of the work of dredging will have to b? done over ayain. From Seventh street up to Twelfth, the channel which had been cut out so as to furnish a depth of live feet and upward at low water was so fllltd up during the heavy rain of Tuesday week, tbat the channel was found on examination after it was over to be but one and a half feet; the wnshlngs from the main sewers actually tilling in to a depth of three and a half feet. This extra sand will be removed the first thing to make room for a large fleet of Cumberland canal boats,which are expected to airlve in our canal with coal in a few days. At the Third street junction of the canal with the Tiber creek the rain washed something like ?J.imju bushels of sand and gravel into the canal, making a bar across which no canal boat could pa>s light, much less when laden with coal. The New Police Rcle?The ruleof keeping the Central Guard-honse open all day Snndaya, and of trying the cases in the afternoon which are brought in during the day, has been but re cently adopted, but seems to work beneficially. At any hour during the Sabbath day or general holidays an officer can be found at that station, and all complaints made there will be promptly attended to. On the Sabbath, the cases brought In the night previous are tried in the morning, after the Auxiliary Guards report for the morning roll call; the case's brought in during the day are tried in the evening before the Guards report for diitv. Yesterday, the complaints were not very numer ous. The following cases were disposed of in the trial room bv Justice John D. Clark, of the Second District : "Thomas Manley, suspicious cir enmstances; workhnuse60day*. Wm H Myers, colored, throwing stones; do. Wm. McCormick, fighting; security and costs, 91.13. Wm. Jen mgs, do; do. I.ewi* Carr, gambling; security and ?*o?ts, *11-; and for stealing; jail for court. Mathew Butler, stealing; jail for court. Hwise.?This morning, the police officers of the Foarth District were busily engaged at an early hour, discharging the unpleasant duty im posed upon them by the law to prevent swine from _;oing at large. (Juite an army of boys were fol lowing clone behind them to witness the per formances of the trained dogs used in catching the hogs The animals are tak?n the Washing ton Asylum, where they are keptlnoens until sold by the Intendant for the benefit ol the Asy lum. This law ha* been in existence for many v ar*, but withiu a few years past the number of nog* taken has greatly decreased, probably be came more care is exercised by the owners to keep them from the streets. St it a li so?Yesterday, a colored boy named l.lovd Brooks, who has for some time escafsd the officers who were after him for stealing a set of reins the property of William Marshall, was taken to the Central Station for some offence against the Corporation laws. He gave a false name, but the Justice who Issued the I'nitcd State* warrant, beiug present. Identified him.and though he paid the penalty in the Corporation ?ase he wa. sent to jail by Justice Clark for trial by the court in the larceny case. The National OrriCEs ?The Providence Journal gives some forcible reasons iu favor of a new house for the President at Washing ion. and adds: " There ought also to be residences for the Vice President and for the members of the Cabinet The n*<derale salaries attached to these offices, and the short and uncertain terms for which they are appointed, prevent them, unless they are rich, from providing themselves with bouses and fur niture suitable to the style In which they are ex pected to live, and the hospitality which natu rally belongs to their stations '' Police Repobts.?The reports of the police officers to Capt. F. A. Klopfer, up to the 14th instant, are as follows : Corporation Cases. U. S. Cases. First District 19 I Second do... ......17 1 Third do 7 0 Fourth do..............51 21 Fifth do 7 0 Sixth do 10 1 Seventh do... ...II 9 125 21 Total number of cases, 119. I.ibcext.? Saturday night, a man of rather suspicions appearance was seen lurking about the Khbett House, but as he was quiet little attention wa* n?id to him. One of the boarders. Col. !,. Handy, on retiring to his room, noticed a coat t here that did not belong to him and his own coot gone. Hp gave the alarm and sent for Officer Parham, who took the description of the sus pected person and arrested having Mr. H.tndy** coat on at the time. He proved to be a French barber named Louis Delanois. He waa sent to jail for court by Justice Donn. Fcmkbal of Scbueox Marry ?Saturday af t* moon the funeral or Surgeon Robert F. Barry, I nlted States Navy, took place from the residence of J M Carlisle. Esq., where Dr. Barry resided when in Washington. Tlie funeral wa?attended by a large number of officers of the Navy and Ma rine Corps as W"ll as by numerous fri?nd? of the deceased l)r Harry was from his youth a resi dent of Washington." and very highly esteemed bv all who knew him. 7 Oub N eh.hbob Dtsox, Apothtcary and Chem ist, has a fine assortment of articles in the r*?r fumery line, which our lady readers will ftnd worth their particular attention. Criminal Oo*it._T1m Oout met this morn Ing at 11 o'clock. Hit Honor, Judge Crawford, who bu been quite unwell during the late trial, I* looking very much worn down Wltk the labor* attendant upon the present term of the Court. The jury which baa been out In the late elec tion riot caae were called Into Court, and on beinjt questioned by His Honor as to whether the point aliont which they could not agree was a point of law or of fact, the foreman replied that it was a point of fact, and that it was Impossible for them to agree. They were accordingly din charged. Mr. Key announced that b? had learned from the counsel on the other side that they were will, ing to have the trial of the riot rases continued over to the next term. Several of the counsel for the defence being present, announced thetr readiness to have the case* continued over. His honor said that bis health was so much im Cired that his physician would not permit him be occupied with business for the next four weeks He therefore ordered that the case* now pending, together with all the untinished busi ness of the term, be entered for continuance: and the Court was adjourned finally The hung jury stood, up to the time of being called out, seven for conviction, and live for ac quittal. Post Office Extension.?The second story of the west front is so far advanced as to admit the iron girders of that story, and will be carried up, and a considerable portion of the thlnl story put up this season Some of tbe rooms of the basement story of this front are being finished oiT, and exhibit some masterly specimens of the skill of the stucco plasterers engaged on the work. The new City Post Office walls are up, and the roof Will be commenced upon next week. This part of the work it is intended to have ready for occupation before the close of the present season, if possible. The progress of the work on the east front of the building is retarded inconse quence of there being noplace to which to remove the present City Post Office. As soon as the new office u completed the old front on Seventh street will be torn down, and the front on that win? re ?uined. The north wing necond Mory U nearly up. and workmen are engaged in the work of erection rhe marble columns are being turned out at the Capitol work shop, and the pilasters and cap* for the third story are nearly all finished for use whenever they may be required. Ca>e of Alleged Lickl.?Last Saturday week Mr I,. P. Thomas, of this city, was arrested on a ' ni,Pd S,ates warrant. Issued by Justice God dard, at the instance and on the affidavit of Piof. r.ii?i Th'* defendant bad thecasc i'JntlTi r a Hollingxhead Mr. Thomp son appeared for the complainant. The aliened Mbellou* matter consisted of an article concent,u s prepared for publication '?y Mr. Thomas, and which was ottered in evi dence by plaintiff's counsel. The Justice after examining the evidence and hearl^ ci?;^ai" !!?? defendant for himself, de cided that Thomas not having published the * as threatened, and it being only addressed toi the complainant himself, it did not constitute fore discharged ' a"d defendiU?t wa* ">ere Prices of Provisions.?The following list of the prices of groceries in common use is furnished us l?y a leading merchant, who isacquaintcd with the market prices throughout the District: Flou family, per bbl, ?J0aS10.50, supertineS."-Via*!) ,yi. fJIST' ^r,7bed and pulverized, peril., 16c, brown b ishH *1*" Per g,l!' ***** corn ,neal. I**r bushel ^|, rice, per lb. 7c; cheese 15; bacon ?'47- sl vk.?rs ,'5'^ouldprt> ?i lard 17; coffee h ' la! 5oaP r'?*i 'amp oil. pr Lai, vinegar 25c: salt tine n..r wshel, RO, coarse 50; herrings, per doz. I* do. per bbl, :$5.50i salmon, per lb, Tic; trout 10. ' Bit by a Snare?On Saturday, a daughter of Mr. Wm. Wilson, butcher in the Centre Market while reaching to pluck a peach from a tree in the garden, at her father's residence, on Capitol Hill, was bitten on the ankle by a snake and the foot swelled With such rapid it/thaMt w" wifj difficulty she made her way to the house. At the wmfnrt ff? *** "uttering great ayony from the ? 1 supposed that the snake was of he moccasin snecies, and that she stepped upon it in reaching for the peach. The Funeral of Samuel F. Rand, Clerk In the General Land Office, took place at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, from his late residence, on of'ThVh TT?l\ ThC Gr*nd Lodge of Masons, of which body hewaaan officer, turned out on the occasion, and the usual rites of that brother ^??Tl?Terei Pfvforrn,#'d at ,he grave. The funeral was attended bv a large concourse of relatives and friends. His sudden death has tilled the hearts of many friends, who knew his virtues and re spect his memory, with sincere grief. The reli p?t^KXw'^irfor,ncd b' ?? *?* That heap of hard crabs on Massachusetts avenue, near the corner of Seventh street, which some thoughtless dealer, who could not make sale of them, has thrown there, emitted a horrible stench yesterday and this morning, and should l>c immediately looked to by the health officer. Select Readings at CAmrsi's.?This even ing. Mrs. Helen Muzzy and Mr. Frank Bangs will gire some select readings at Carusi's Saloon Amongst other pieces the much talked about hit at the fash,ons ? Nothing to Wear,"' will be re cited by Mrs Muzzy. A Gkntleman residing in the Seventh Ward | has shown us a singular specimen of Nature's freak*, being an ear of corn grown in his garden, upon which is engrafted five perfectly formed miniature ears. Anticipated Excursion.?The member* of the Boone Rifle Corps, at the Navy Yard, are making extensive preparation* for a grand excur f? '.Ke Whi|e Iloo*?? to take place some time during the ensuing month. The Next Excursion of the steamer Mary, land to Norfolk, it will )?e seen by the advertise ment, takes place on the 2-Jd instanf. Laborer* are at work digging up the grass from the Smithsonian drives, a much-needed job. To-night the regular monthly meeting of the l oung Men * Christian Association takes place. Watch Returns, August 15-East lock-up, John Burch, drunk and disorderly; flue and costs, IS M. Thomas Keatley, do; fine and costs,?1,9L Central Guard-house.?'Thoma* Scott, drunk in i "li ' dismissed. H. Hansiuan, firin" pistol In tbe street; flne and costs, *;.l?. " P August |?._Frances Scott, colored, disorderly ? <">>?? AmandJ * Wopnt has preparer) by special reouncr ?ump'ti^6"Tyl*t ?Kt?P no?rucl?rStr'wl?? ''?'n'tni'lii?. street and Penn. avenue. ' Mr Retnter "rc!? T~*t?l,Rer- John R <*>?>, B?v. han. * Ja,nc* and Mr. foana urm.m, |0i> wemfor that alao.. |? n. on Bridge itreet. j? 17 ?? ? died, a**l<36?years0 th? 15Ch,n?tant>MARK McNEILL, /riewU ara invited to attead ins funeral on This 1 Monday) Aftern<M>n, at 4 o'oiock, from his late resiiienoe, .No, 4,? street, tielovr Ponn. avenuo. ( Baltimore Sun pfoase copy.) ? On the 15th instant, MARY, wife of Michael J?^ce, in the oth rear of her age. Her funeral will take plaoe from h?rlate residence I'm \T twe?n l2th *nd ISth "treets. This (Mooda* > Afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The friends of tice afe ,nvited to attend without further no On the 16thi instant, ALICE, infaut daughthrof rhoiniu J. and Charlotte M> h isher. 'he Hon. JAMES "'sine ' Po,ltiac- Michigan, in the 50th year of SMIt'h i5^n,{?nV ?,fioc'' Ja*' G?n- DANIEL his S5ih year' Lmt9d ^t*tes Consul U) Basle, in boarding. ..??!Vfth1'boardsfhV""' rn inc JOHN BARTLKTT?FaK ^,,,r7t ounntv. Va. * raiu ?-hureh, Fairfax aw 1 V3t * BOA RUING.-Mr*. BATFh ~ : Pennsylvania avenne ami 9tVstreet ?J her house entirely renovated and its tion. greatly increased, is now preiwr^T.^1*" iri'slate a larger number of permanent and tr^?^i Isiarder*. Her location is the mo*t central m fhi city,and. as rearranged and improved, her hoL.e it ij.>w second to no ot her Is*rdiug house ln \Vashing ton. Boarders hy the month, we?k, or da?. ma* ^ly"n reaving every attentwn. Terms moderate raNe takeu. Je ZS-tf ^tmtmi WINDOW GLASJ*,-3nobc.xe? 10 by 15 French Window Glass, will be sold at on* dollar and seventy-five per box for oa*h, in lots of M boxes. ?M fu" fuPP'y "f French Glas*, ut, 2d, and 3d aoalities, 4 by 8 ulas* for hot-houae*, S by >*,? by ia ?by 12,and l?by Itehea Alexandria, Va ?*1LLE,f> 901,1 * ?% fit,. ... Uior of A Child 8 History of Rome," Ac., in2 vol.; -- ? -- ? ??(??VI/ VI I\UII V?^.W<a?^ifUWY. TAYLOR k MAUAY'S Bookstore, *u 15-at near 9th street. f EWI8'8 BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF Li Philosophy, 1 vol., 8 vo; $2.15 Mormonism. by Elder Hyde; $1.25 Lamartine's History of Turkey, 3 rots.; S3 Rousseau's Confessions. 2 vol.. translated; #2.50 How to Write, a manual of composition; 50c. How to Behave, a manual of Etiqeette; soc. How to Talk, a manual of Conversation; 50c. Mrs. Jameson's Loves of the Poets, blue and gold; 75c. Punoh's Pocket Book of Fan; 5f*o. Macau lay's Biographical end Historical Sketches; 5>c. r FRANCK TAYLOR. au 15 I^RKAT INDUCEMENTS OFFERED FOR \Jt CASH! H . 8 E M K E N , Jeweler, offers at greatly reduoed prices, roR cash, the fol lowing articles: Gold Hunting English Patent Levers, full jeweled, from $50 up. Gold Hunting Detach do., full ieweled, from 835 up. Gold Ladies' Watches, full jeweled, in variety, S23 up. All Watohes are guaranteed for 12 months. Gold Guard. Fob and Vest Chains, at wholesale prices; all kinds of Fine Jewelry, such as Bracelets, Pins. Ear Rings, Rings.Shirt Buttons, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils,eto-.embracing Diamond, Pearl,Corals, Cameos. Mosaics, etc., at astonishing lowprioes. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of fancy Silver Ware?lower than ever offered before. Silver-plated Ware?snch as Spoons, Forks, Cas tors, Cake and Card Baskets, Butter Coolers, eto., will BS sold at manufacturers prices. JH7" Our mninobject in offering snch inducements is: toreduce our pre.if.nt large stock for ready cash, contemplating some alteration in our busi ness. Persons in want of anything in our line are invited to call; we shall take pleasure in convincing them that such opportunities of purchasing fine goods at ?ueh reductions are seldom otlered. All go<nls war ranted as represented. H. SEMKEN, aug 15- 33Q Pennsylvania avenue. O" LD CHURCHES, MINISTERS, AND FAM ilies of Virginia, by Bisnop Meade, in 2 vols., illustrated; price $5. Memoir ot Bishop Moore, of Virginia, accompa nied by a selection from his Sermons. Just received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, an 15 3t near 9th street. Black walnut lumber forsale. Thc undersigned has for sale about 10.000 feet of superb BLACK WALNUT LUMBER, from K inch to 4 niches in thickness, comprising some pieces beautifully adapted for veneering. Altogether it is without question the finest lot ever offered in this city. Apply to JOHN BOHLAYER, au J5-3t_ Capitol Hill. !% I ACKER El .?MACKEREL. 1*1 ino harrels No. 3 large New Mackerel. 25 half-barrels do do do do. Expected daily per schooner Soarsville, and lor sale by HARTLEY A BROTHER, an 13-lw 101 Water st.,Georgetown. Rules and instructions for the .Cavalry, Light Infantry, and Riflemen of the United States.?Published l>y authority of the De partment of War. One volume, half bound in calf, and containing 250 pages of letter presR. and pages of engravings ; pric.e $1, (published at #3) or *1.50 if the volumeis to l*> prepaid bv mail. au 13 FRANOK TAYLOR. |?ALTlMORE CITY MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR SALE.?The undersigned havin/s recently purchased the CITY MALT HOliSK, corner of West Falls avenue and Rlock street, would announoe to his friends and the public, that he has it now in full operation, with a large supply of M ALT for sale on liberal terms. ...... in; K-lm FHANCIS DEN M F.A !>? \t AYOR'S OFFICE it I Washington, August, 12,1P57. Proposals will be received at this office until Saturday, the 22d instant, at 12 o'clock m , for the erection of an Almshouse in this city, upon the site of the old one, according to the plans, ilrawings, and specifications adopted by the Corporation; the draw ings by Charles llaskins, Esq., and to be seen in Ins office ; and copies of the specifications may lie ob tained at this offioe. Separate proposals for each description of work, viz ; _ . ? 1st, for the Brick and Stone Work, Pavements, and Excavations; 2d, for Carpenter's Work; 3d. for Iron Work; 4th, for Plastering; 5th, for Tin Work ; and, 6th. for Painting and (ilazing. Bids for the whole will also be received and considered. As the contractor will be required to give security to the amount of one-fifth of nis whole bid for the prompt and faithful performance of the contract, each bid must be accompanied by the names of at least two sureties, with their written expression of willingness to assume the obligation. au 14-td _ W. B. MAGRUDER. Mayor. rpHE UNION ACADEMY. The regular duties will be resumed Septemlier 1st. Z. Richards, Principal, A. <i. Wilkinson. Asst., A. C- Richards, Asst., A. Zai?ponk, Mod. Lan. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Mrs.Richards, Prin., Miss M.J.Wilcox,Asst., A. Zatponk. Mod. Languages. an '3-eol?n Young ladies seminary. Corner of Montgotnecy and Dunbarton sts., Georgetown, D. C. Mrs.Gen. WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Tuesday, Septemlier 1st, when a shareof the public patronage is respectfully solicited. au M-eotSeptlS FECIAL NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS.? Those who intend to avail themselves of the ten per cent, discount, to l?e made to ail who pay on or before the 15th day of Septeinl>er, and who wish to avoid the delay incident to the crowd who usually are in waiting at this office during the last few davs previous to tne expiration of the time, can do so by calling for their bills at an earlier day. JAMES F. HALIDAY, an 6-tSept Collector. rpRANSPORTATION OF COAL TO CHINA Navt Department, ) Bureau of Construction, F.qu ipmt nt ,and\ Repairs, August 13. !857. \ Proposals, sealed and endorsed " Proposal* for Fr'ieht to Cnina," will lie received at this Bureau until 3 o'clock, the 13th Septeml>er next, for the transportation of not exceeding 4,ooo tons of Anthra cite Coal from the port of Philadelphia, in such quan tities as may l>e offered, and the Department deem proper to accept, delivered to the United States Naval Storekeepers at Hong-Kong and Shanghai, as mav be directed, The offer wilt state the price per fc>n of 2.24 ? lbs. for that delivered without primage or any other ex tra charge, and also the rate at which demurrage will be charged. No other than cargo for the Gov eminent to be received on board. If the draught of water of the vessel offered makes any lighterage necessary in loading, it will boat the cost of the vessel; but good despatch Will !>e given in loading. For the delivery of the Coal within rcach of the ship's tackle at the ports in China lay days will be demanded, at the rate of one fair-wea ther working day for every 30 tons of coal. The vessel named must stand A No. 1, and pass the usual inspection by such ollioers as may be ap pointed by the Commandant of the Yard whore the ship may lie; and if not offered for inspection within three days after a notice lias been given, the De partment will make such other arrangement as will best subserve the public interest. The vessel must be in Philadelphia and ready to l??ad within ten days after she has parsed inspection, and the notico of acceptance given. , Wind and weather permitting, the vessel must sail within five days after lanne loaded and the bills of lading signed; otherwise there will l?e deducted from the freight money, for each and every day'sde lav in sailing boyond the five days named, a sum equal to tho amount demanded per day for demur raco, Payment will be made within thirty days after tho presentation of receipts in triplicate of the delivery of the ooal, by any Navy Agent in tho Unitod States that the bidder mav sclcct, who will l?e designated in the charter party. aug 14-2?w4w Academy of music, n Cor. of lit* s?. and Pa.??*.. , over Farnhntn s Bookstore. Mr. F. Nicholls Crouch, composer of upward of 2,000 so jig s, author of " Kathleen Mavournoen, and musical editor of Godey's Lady s Hook? Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and Classes, overy Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at the aliove Institution. Meml>ers enrolled every day, M no vacations oc cur during the Summer months?rHl" SKASU.^l, lieing tho proper time, for Vocalists to study. Apply to Mr. Crouch,at the Academy of Music, every morning from 8 to 10 o'olouk. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even ing?illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. je l-ef>3m C^ARD.?Returning my sincere thanks to my j friends and the public, for their very liberal pat ronage, I will take this opportunity to inform all,that from the 1st day of Angust, 1&77,1 have closed my books entirely, and nothing more can be charged un der any circumstances ; my object in so doing is to enable me to sell at smaller profits, and offer greater inducements to purchasers. 1 would most rcspoctfully solicit a call from all, as I can confidently assert, from the recent large pur chases I have made, my stock is decidedly larger, cheaper, ami better than it lias ever been before; and by selling for cash alone, I believe I can make it a saving to all to give mc a call before purchasing. F. M* MAGRUDER, Boot and Shoe Store, No. JWcor. 7th and 1 sts. au 6 2aW2w 0OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! No. 422 No. 422 7th st , Itetween G A II. 7th st., Iietween G h H. We are now reoeiving our supply of COAL direct from first hands, and can furnish our customers and the public with the best quality of Coal at a reduc tion in price if ordered so tliat wo can deliver from the vessel* as they arrive. A select stock of Hickory, Oak, and I ine WOOD on hand. _ , We invite the attention of consumers, and solicit their orders, feeling assured that they will be pleased with our prioes, quality of stock, Ac. Y ok Salk, a line draft HORsk. For Rent or Leask, on favorable terms, a large four story BRICK HOUSE, with stable and garden, in the First Ward, oomer of K and 21st streets. For information inquire of .II1I)IW . Dork nu6 eo2w CHAPIN A BRO. 1 IT/" FEIN OUR HEATKRS..O] J UST Received, a full supply of those universally adi mteiiFR I NO U R HEATS J8 S, for heating the room in which it is set and the rooms aliove, consuming no more fuel than a Radiator Stove, and as easily managed, thereby saving the cost and troublo of two or more fires to effect the same purpose. . .. ., Those of my customers who were unavoidably disappointed last season on acoount of tho vory press lug demand for them, which made it impossible for the manufacturer to supply,are most earnestly re quested toaend in their orders before the rail, there by saving troutde and delay, and their work will be more seasoned for Winter's usp. All work put up by first-class workmen. JAS. SK1RVING, Washington Stove, Grate, Range, and Hot-Air Furnaoe Manufactory, No.K1 Pa.av.,S.E. corner Uth St., Washington, D. C. au 8-eoim AUCTIO* IUK By WALL ft BARN1KD( InotloiMtfii B-KVi.?.rAJ every ?* Browns* standard ture, Science,and the Arts: also, a fine lot of F ily Bibles, with Fancy Goods and Jewelry, Ac. aa 1T-Iw WAl.l. ft BARNARD, Xaot'rs. By WALLA BARNARD. Anottoneera. TWO NEW TWO STORY FRAME HOUSES with thjc Lots, at Auction.?On THl'R?> DAY, the S?th instant, at 6 o'clock. Wa will sHI. in front of the premises, two new Frame Dwellings, on 34th street went, between G and H streets, Ixing part of Lot 15 in Square 31. This property is now under rent to Rood and punc tual tenants. Sale positive. Terms: One half cash; the residue in 6 and IS months; bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust. _au 17 4t WALL A BARNARD,Aucts. By C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. PROPERTY ON 15th STRF.F.T AT AUC L tion.?On SATUR uA V AFTERNOON, the 15th instant, we shall offer the following Property at 6J< o'oiock : Lot 21, in subdivision of square No. 177. Sale positive. Terms : One-third, cash ; balance in 6 and IS months. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., au U-tsAds Auctioneers, in* the above sale is postponed

until SAT I RDA Y. the 22d instant, samo hour and plaoe. au 17 C. R^ L. CROWN A CO.. Auct'rs. By C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. Household and kitchen furni tcrk.?On WEDNESDAY MORNING, the 19th inst., at loo'oloek, we shall sell the effects of a tent I email declining housekeeping, on H street, be tween 6th ami 4>$ streets, Island. We uamo in part? I superior Cookinit Stove 1 set Cottage Furniture Mahogany, wood,and Crthe Chair* Bedsteads, i 8looks. Lounges >a. Marble-top Tables Mattresses, and other goods too numerous to mention. Terms: All sums under ff?>, cash; over that amount 60 and 9n days for approved paper, bearing interest from day of sale. an 17 C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucts. PUBLIC SALE OF A MOST .DESIRABLE QF ARM IN C ULl'KPER COUNTT. ? I shall. On Th LIRSDA Y, the 27th day of August, 1857, (it fair, if not the next fair day,) sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the valuablo Farm, near Cul Pfpor Court House, recently purchased by the late Thomas f 1 ill of Edward Lightfoot, This Farm contain* about 4?0 acres, and l.cs within \ of a mi le of the Depot of the Orange end Alexandii* Railr< ad at Culpeper Court House. The soil is ol a very su perior quality?equal to any in the vicinity of Cul pepor Court House. The last crop of corn taken from this Farm, measured up when housed, up wards of I/**) barrels. The Farm is now well en closed. There is a good Dwelling, and the neces sary otit-honses, including Stable, Corn hous?, Blacksmith Shop, &c., upon the Farm. excellent site for a water grist-mill. The Farm has a good and sufficient stippl? of tunt>cr and water. The sale will be made upon the premises, on the following terms: ?tf.une tobe paid down ; the lialanee hi two equal aunual infctatmculs. with interest from the dav of aale; the purchaser giving bond with a deed of trust upon the premises, to secure the defer red payments. The undersigned will take p'easnre in giving further information respecting this Farm, or shew ing it to persons wishing to purchase. EDWARD B. HILT., Attorney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill. N. B.?On MONDAY, the 21st dav of Septein lier. 18.57. I shall also Hell,at public auction, in front of the Court House, (that being Court day.) a small tract of Wood i.and, containing 5? acre*. This land is situated alMiut two or three miles from Culpcp^r Court House, and adjoins the lands of Jatnos G. Broadus. Edmund Biekers, and Caleb Shackelford, Terms made known on the day of Kale. EDWARD B. HILL, Attorney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill, au 17-lw fFORTIFICATION, FIELD AND PER MA iient, by Capt. Lrndv, 1 vol.; London, 1867. Blue Books for the People; Army Education, Lon don. 1857. Major Gcnoral Airev's Addresses, Report*, and Memoranda to the Board of General Officers, 1 vol.; London, 1857. Tolhauscn's Patent Laws of various Countries; London, 1R57 Hardwicke's Shilling Knightage, for1857. Tooke's Diversions of edition, London, ia57. Whowell's History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vols.; London. 1857. Memoirs of the Duke of Saint Simon, 2 vols.; Lon don, 1857. The Kingdom and People of Sism, by Sir John Bow ring, 2 vols.: London, 1857. Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer, 1 vol.; Ijondon, 1857. Commercial C<h1o of Signals for all nations, by Fors ter. Master, Royal Navy. I vol.: London, 18-57. Pincotl's Eastern Military Hospitals, l vol.; London, 1857. auC FRANCK TAYLOR. TJ. A W. M. GALT'S . WOOD AXDCOAL DEPOT, N. W. corner 12th and C street. No. 547, One square south Pa. avenue. I Fr* Orders filled at the shortest notice. If/ Coal kept under oover. 2,240 lbs. to the ton. an 11-et L^OR BOSTON.?The regular packct Bri? Ande rs vcr, Crowell, master, has arrived, and will have quick dispatch for the atx?ve port For freight or passage apply to HARTLEV*? A BROTHER, 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. an 11-lw Ta card. HE Undersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising physicians in particular, that he will open in' the course of next month his DRUG-STORE AND PRESCRIPTION STAND, AND, CHEMICAL LABORATOR i .at V*) Ninth street, between Penu. av. and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Latin. English or French languages, will most caro fully be compounded, and no rcoeipe trusted to the hauds of an apprentice or other employee not fully competent. The thorough chemical education, and the long practice of the uudersigned as pharmaceutist, m both the Old World and the United States, will serve as a guarantee for the purity of drugs and pre parations kept by him. Every chemical compound is tested before made use of, and no poisons sold ex cept on receipt from known ami responsible parties. CHEMlC A L ANALYSIS.?Qualitative and quantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, Ac., is performed at moderate rates; and gentleman and masters desirous of being introduced into the theory and practice of Chemist ry and Phannaoy, will have an opportunity offered to that cud by applying next fall. References.?l*roi. J. D. B. De Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Florence, F. H. Sage, Esq., Selmar Siebert, Esq., Charles II. Winder, Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GROSS, Lite a pupil of Prof. I.iehig, jy 2"Mm cnuluate of a Pharmaceutical College. uncing iff M EN AND BOYS CLOTHING AT COST. Every description of Wearing Apparel suitable for Boy a and Chifdrcu of all ages, witu a complete as sortment of all kinds of Gentlemen's Clothing of line qualities at prime ccost. Clothing made to order of the Itest quality, at much clicaper rates than the usual city prices. WALL & STEPHENS. D street, i?etwocn9th and loth, au 12-lw Rear of our Old Stand. Hunting park trotting course. At the south eml of the Lohk Bridge. Tho Proprietors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure in Iteing able to say that their arrangements are all com 4 plete, and that their track is now open to tho public. In all its arrangements it' is unsurpassed in the United Slates, offering as manv advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in cir cuinforenoe, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with eare and judgment, and is in porfect order. The House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its comforts and accommodations, and for the lux uries always to be obtained there. The public may rely on it that, under any and all circumstances, good order will iks maintained and enforoed upon the premises. an l2-2m JJEAUTIFUL MARBLE WORK. The most beautifki! ITALIAN MARBLE MON IIMENT ever beheld in this vicinity, just imported from Italy, may be seen at alfja. RUTHER FORD'S Marble Yard, opposite the Union Office, Pennsylvania avenue, |?7" Persons who admire rich specimens of art are invited to call and examine. au IQ-4W (Intel) WG. MKTZEROTT has now on hand a large ? assortment of pianofortes^ by Rosenkrnnz,Bacon A Raven,and Wml Miller. Also,seveial second hand Pianos' - - - - ra oh he will sell for aash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeons from $45 to 9150. One sec ond-hand Melodeon for ?2u. 1'ioanufortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rcbine. au 12 \tAGNOL1A HAMS. 1*1 300 CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. We are just opening, and wo guarantee them uu eunailed by any Hams in thn> city. They were cured in Maryland expressly for our sale. ID-No authorized agents. KING A BURCIIELL, jv 25 Corner Vermont avenue and 15th street. CLINTON ACADEMY. GEORGETOWN, Grorue Arnold, M. A., Principal. This Sehool heretofore conducted by Rev. T. W. Simpson will l>e re-opened on Monday, Septeml>er the 7th. Circnlara mar he porcured at the Drug Store of Mr. R. S. T. Cissel, Georgetown. an 14-tm* NOTICE?To the citizens of the Fifth Ward. From and after the 15th iuat., I shall call daily at the following places, to wit: Win. B. Brasheara. Grocer, Penn.s avenue; F. Hitz, Grocer, Capitol Hill; Xaoheriah Williams, Grocer,3d street south. Persons wishing my servioes will please leave a note at the most convenient place. au 14-lw* Soav WM. T. BASSFORD, Scavenger of Fifth Ward. RAILWAY CLASSICS, new and beautiful edi tions. at fifty cents per vo.ume, now ready, lrviug's Sketch-Book. " Tales of a Traveller. Salmagundi, or the Whim whams and Opinions of Launcclot Lang staff, Esq., and others. The altove series, in oourse of publication, (which in typographical excellence are unsurpassed.) will include all the popul\r works of Washington Irvine at less than half the original published priocs. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, an 14- imtr<Hh street mediately to Dr. FLORENCE O'DONNCTGHl at his Farm, on the Washington Branoh Railrt near Be} tin He, Prince George's County, Md. auio-iw* AUCTIOW liLB. ! TO-DAY ? TO-MORROW JfOKJflNO. Bt BARNARD k Bl'CKEY: 6?>mlovn vaa&3???? mtuffiMK stunt,at bh o'clock.we trill Mli.ia front of the?rem iaee. parts of LoU 74 and 75. fronting *2 foet in ches on the north aide of Water street. near to and west of High street, and running lack ? feet to an This Lot ha* heen traded to a level wit* thestreet preparatory to building. There na stable on the rear of the lot. . , ^ , This ofier* a fine chanot to obtain a valuable lot for a wharf house. Term* : One-third, cash ; the residue in tiro equal payments at ti and 12 months, with interest fnmi day of sale. seci:red lit a deed or trust on the property. *u 12- HAR VARD A BI'CKKV. Aucts. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Twelve handsome building lots IS SQUAKK 630, FRONTING ON NkwJIRHKV AVE NUE AND L STKKKt NoKTH, NEXT SQUARE TO THE Railroad Depot, between the Capitol and Judge Douglas's, at AucTios.-On MONDAY, 24th instant, I shall aell, in front of the premisea, at half past five o'clock p. m., twelve handsome Build in* Lota, some of which front D street, opposite the Railroad Depot, and on New Jersey avenue. nenr the depot, and the remainder on E street north, in the same square. The above-mentioned property is now oonsidered as desirable as any in Waahink-ton, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the city. Torms: One-fourth cash; balanoe in aix, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes tearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. au 4-eo&ds A. GREEN. Auct. By WALLA BA RNA RD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Im proved Propkbtv at Aoctios.?On MON DAY, the 24th of August, we shall aell on the prem ises, at <> o'clock p.m., by virtue of a deed of trust to the subsorilierl>eariug date Octolier 5th. 1H45, and recorded in Lil>er J. A. S., No. 100, folios MO, 3il, of the land records of Waahmgton Counry, in the Diatrict of Columbia, the following described prop erty : The eastern part of Lot No. 1, aituated in square No. 255. frontinr IS feet on north D street, and run ning hack 50 feet, between !&? and 14th streets, with the iiuprovementa therron, which oonaist of a fine two-at^ry Brick Dwelling. Terms of sale : One-third .cash ; balaneo in aix and twelve months. the deferred payments lieariug inter est, secured by a deed of trust. All couveyAiiOA* at ooat of purchaser. DICK KRSON SAILOR. Trustee. aul2-eoU WALL A BARNARD.Aucts. By E. S. WRIGHT. Georgetown. PORTO RICO SUGAR AT AUCTION.-On WEDNESDAY nrxt, the 10th instant, a 12 o'clock, on F.A A. 11. Dodge's wharf, 1<?7 hhds. choice Porto Rioo Surar, viz : 45 hogsheads Nadal 25 do Dukey 20 do Josefa 13 do Farjardo 4 do Constancia. E. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, an 14-dAds Georgeiown. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF DESIRABLE BuiLD in<? Lot* Ka?tof thk Capitol.?On TUES DAY KVKNIN'i next, the 18th instant, at 6 o'clk.. I shall in front of the premises. Lota No. 1,2,3, 4, an ! 5, in Square No. 015 ; also. Lota No. 1,2. J, 4.5, 6, l<\ II. 12,2",21.22,23, and 24, in Square south of Square No. 915. The above Lots front 20 feet cach on Maryland ave nue and north D, between 8tU and 9th streets east, very desirably located, and the neighborhood rapid ly improving. The attention of persona desiring small Lota is respectfully requester?.a* they will 1-c positively sold. Terms: One third, lash;" talance in 6 and 12 months for notes satisfactorily eccured, Ixaring in terest. Government Title. By order of the Trustee. au lt d A.GREEN. Auct. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 12th strekt west, between K AMI L STS. North, at Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON. August 18th,at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lot No. 24, in sulidivision of Square No. 284, fronting 28 feet 10 inches on 12th street west, be tween K ami L streets north, running back 104 or 13! fe^t. at the option of the purchaser. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6,12, and 18 mouths, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. a? 13 d J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. OUSE AND LOT ON E STREET at Auc tion.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mra. Mary E. Barney and others,dated on the 29th day of November, 1856, and recorded in the Land Reoords of Washington county. District of Columbia, in Lil>er J. A. S., No. lai. folio5 to 19, and for the pur poaea of said trust, will l?e sold at public auction on the premises, on E street north, on TUESDAY, the 4th day of August, 1H97, at 5 o'clock p.m., all that part of the Lot of Ground numbered 6, in Square 45t:. in Washington city, beginning for the same at a point on the north aide of E street north one hun dredand forty feet and nine inches from the south west corner of said square,and running thence north seventy-one feet and eix inches with the western line of n portion of a.nd lot number six wluch.was conveyed by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weight man* to the use of Mary S. Scott: thence east 2 feet 6 inches ; thence north 16 feet 7* inches; thence west 22 feet lo and one-third inches; thence south 88 feet 1 inch and a half: thence east 20 feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of be ginning. The improvements consist of a good three-story brick dwelling and liasement, with a large two-story hack building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and office. Terms of sale: $2,O00in cash, and the residue for notes in eaual sums payable in six, twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A deed w.ll be given and a de??d of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to liimae.'f, at his option, to re sell the proparty, at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving live daya' notice of the tune and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the t??rm* thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within five days after tne sale. The premises are now under lease for ?f?to per annum, the lease to expire on the 1st dav of October, 1853. HENRY M. MORFIT. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. ITT THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their aocounts and vouchers at the office of the Trustee, on 4$? street. july 11-eodAds IC7-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain until THURSDAY, the <;th instant, to take place upon the premises, at 5 o'clock p.m. aug5d 117* T1IE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POSTPONED until THURSDAY, the 27th of Au gust. to.take place on the premises at 5 o'clk p. ni. an 7-co By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP ERTY on the Island at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 21st day of August, I&57, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 7 o'clock p. ni., at public auction, bv virtue of a deed of trust from William S. Fort to the subscriber, bearing date the 16th day of August, 1H55, and recorded in Liber J. A. S , No. U>4, folios 113 to 117. one of the land records for the Count* of Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property lying and being iu the city of Washington, District aforesaid, to wit: Lot numbered sixteen (16) in Square numlwred five hundred and eighty-four, together with the improve ments thereon. This property fronts 3:* feet 2 in ches on Virginia avenue, lietween 1st and 2d streets west, running back to an average depth of about 87 feet. Terms: One-third cash; the balance in six and twelvemonths, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, tearing interest from the day of snlo. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms not be compliod wth in live dnvs the property will be resold at tne risk and cost ofthe first purchaser, by advertising auch resale 3 times iu the Star. M. THOMPSON. Trustee, jy 18 Saw Ad s A. GREEN. Auct. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PRO pkkttox the Island at Auction.?On FRI DAY, the 21st day of August, 1857, I shall sell at auction, in front of the premisea, at 6 o'clock p. in., by virtuo of a deed of truat from William S. Fort, to the subscril>er. bearing date the seventeenth day of .1 uly. eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and record ed in Litter J. A.S., No. 104, folios 71 to 76 inclusive, one oi the Land Reoords for the County of Wash ington, iu the District of Columbia, tho following named property, to wit: Part of I.ot numl>ercd two (2) in Square nuinl?ered four hundred and thirty-sev en (437)lying and lieing m the City of Washington, District aforesaid, together with the improvements thereon, which oonsist of two two-story Frame Houses. This property fronts 29 feet on south G street, with a depth of86 feet 2 inches between 7th and 8th streets west. Terms: One-third, cash; balance in six and twelve months, the purchaaer to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from dav of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the oogf of the purchaser. If the purchaser should fail to oomply with the terms in five days, the trus tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising such resale three times in the Star. H< jr 18-2awAds M. THOMPSON. Trustee. A. GREEN. Auct. pOALl COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with their orders for Coals of any size or kind they may want, of as good quality as oomes to this market. Also, a go?id supply of WOOD, at No. 475 10th street, between D and E streets, and Potomac Bridge. Coal 2,24ft lbs. to the ton. an H-2aw6w J. S. HARVEY A CO. ?OAL! COAL!! COALT!! 236 tons White Ash COAL. 2"u do Red Ash do. 200 do Cumberland do. Now afloat which we expect to discharge this week and next. Theae Coals were selected expressly for family use. 25 cts. per ton deducted from pnee of all we dis charge direct from the vessels. ? CASTLEMAN A BRO., Corner 6th and B streets, an 12-lw opposite National Hotel. QUANO, GUANO FOR SALE. Having the agency for KETTLEWELL'SMAN 1PULATED GUANO, which is equal, if not supe rior, to any fertiliser that is now used, I beg leave to call attention of farmers and others that use a fer tiliser of any kind to examine it. A supply constant ly on hand, ny the hag or ton. Price, No. I, #48?expenses added. No. 3, $43 do do. For sale by RICHARD RYON, jy ag-eolm corner 9th and D sts. TR EMOLO ACCOR DEONS. a new invei tion ; ?all and see them, at the Mnsie D?pot <?f W. G. METZEROTT. au 12- corucr 11th and Pa.ave. _ ?? rS. from the associated press. r#tR DAYS UT1K FROM RLROPt. Arrival mi the UimMa. Ntw Yoat, August 17?Tbe steamer Colum bla (a Colliaa substitute) arrived here this morn lug. uiSi^SS Lb"ed "" '* w"? thTki""?? The Kn^lUh Govt*rniMQt bid ftukfd inthoritv to embody the militia iu the l" of Yhl army. jfLFl.?nJch embassador at Turkey had mi. ponded hi* diplomatic relation* with thai Bower because the Moldavia* elections were ilotaet aside. A new Tnrkish ministry had been announced Mustapha Pacha ia the new Graod Vitier of the troops. A despatch from Madrid says that the Marqois Sarrano is to supersede General Concha as Gov ernor General or Cnba. The East India Company makes a requisition for si* thousand additional troops. Persia still refuses to evacuate Herat. The death of Eugene Sue, the great FreneB novelist, is announced. An Italian (taper had published Maxrini's de. fence but it was subsequently suppressed. Mar xinod?clare* that he will not cease until his grea object is accomplished. A new Indian loan of ?5,<100,000 to X10,noo,otK? has been spoken of. ThbMabksts. Liverpool. Aug. 4.?Cotton cloned quiet but ? 22;. ?f three days 1-J.UU0 bales, including ,200 to speculators, and 1.4U0 to exporters Esti matedsal?s to-day 2,UU? Manchester advices were favorable. Breadst tiffs were very dnll, and all are slightly lower Richardson. Spence, A Co., report flour very dull but steady; Western Canal .Wjllsfld, Philadelphia and Baltimore 3Ua3ls; Ohio 3* W.hf*tAal*'cIo?'1^g at a decline of 3d; red la8h; !?!5? / Corn dull; mixed and yellow de **???? ?*????; mixed and yellow 37* /.^Mher circulars quote flour dull at a de - cline of (id, wheat dnll at a decline of 1a*Jd; mixed cora de< lined 'kl. The harvest continues favor* able. Provisions quiet. Beef cloned quiet and Arm. Pork closed stead v. Bacon is dull?the auction was a complete failure. Lard quiet, at a slight advance?closing at Tils. * Kico closed quiet at last quotations. Lonoon Markets ? Sugar rlovd dull at a de rliiK- of odals. Coffe** clowrd dull, with a slight decline on all qualities. Tea was Arm. Consols for monsy 9V?, for account HOjf. [sirox# insratch ] In the House of lx?rd?, Lord Panmurc intro duced a bill authorising the embodiment of the militia in the new levies for India without call ing Parliament together He announced his in tention of considerably inceoaainx the rank and file of the army. Lord Brougham made a speech in favor of the extension of the franchise. Lord John Russell motion for the committee to inquire if Jew? cannot he admitted on alflrma tion under existing acts was agreed to Advices from Pernainbuco and Rio de Janeiro of the 10th July had been received in London, stating that greal excitement existed there in consequence of the murder of the English Vice Consul. ThomaS? Gollan A Portuguese hadlic^u arrested as the suspected aswwin. Sugars maintained high prions. Rj0 coffee bad advanced 100 wis in consequence of the smallness of the new crop. Supplies of flour were limited. The Latest. Losdox, Wednesday morning _A dispatch f <?m Paris state* that the Emperor and Empress wete to leave St. Cloud to-day to visit Queen Victoria at Osborne. The clipper Swiflsure ha*arrived at Dartmouth from Australia, with 641.000 ounces of "old. Her Majesty yesterday reviewed tbe :)1th and lid regiments, previous to their de par-are for In dia The steamer Colombo arrived at Southampton Tuesday, with the China and India mails Her passengers flrmly believe that Delhi has {alien. They state that the bazaar intelligence outstrips the Government dispatches, and. according to the foimer, Delhi had fallen when tbe Madras passengers left. Thev state, also, that an oat break was fully expected in the Madras presi dency The male European population were un der arms. Seventeen hundred armed men were found about the residence of the Ex-Kin" of Oude, although by treaty he was not entitled to one Sir Colin Campbell'* passage through E~vpt was a continued series of ovations He inFe'tids dividing the Indian army into six flying divis ions. * ? The plunder of the Indian treasures is estima ted at nearly ?2,000,000. The ba-d* of tbe Netherlands projet for the ab olition of slavery in the West Indies is, an In demnity to the proprietors of thirty-fonr millions of gailders. Farther Depredations by the Cheyenne ladi dinns. Pt. Loci*. Aug. 15?Advices from Fort Kear ney states that a party of nineteen drovers, in charge of upwards of 1,*10 cattle. destined to the Ltah expedition, were attacked when twenty seven miles above the Fort, on tbe 1st instant bv 250 Cheyenne Indians. ~ All the cattle and twenty mules ran off One of the drovers was killed and another severely wounded. None of the Indians were slain Col Suinner had started in pursuit of the Indians. ?* Fatal Accident. Albakt. August 15.?A fatal accident occurred on the Albany and Northern Railroad, near West I rov. this morning. The axle of an engine broke, upsetting the lo comotive. The engineer and flreinan are tup posed to have been killed The particulars of the accident have not ye? been received. ."North Carolina Electioa. Ham fa x, N. C., Aug. H.?The Shcrifl" has just arrived from Raleigh with the offlcial returns of the recent election in this State, showing that Shaw, IVm., is elected in the first Congressional district by ^ majority. The Weather. Albaxt, Aug. 14.?The thermometer here stood this afternoon at 97 in the shade. Bostos, Aug. 14.?The thermometer here at noon to-day marked 92 degrees. Fire opposite Quebec. (Jcebxc, August 15?An Incendiary la*t night fired some wooden buildings on Point Levi op posite this city, and twenty of them were de stroyed. From Kansas. St. Louis, Aug. 14 ?Rumor says that Generals Lane and Robinson and Messrs Phillips. Blood Conway, and others, have been indicted by the graud jury of Lccomptou. Sudden Death*. PETKXsRraa, Va., Aug. 14.?Timothy Dtinna vaut died this evening from the cffects of mm stroke. Zaeh Shelby died suddenly to-day The Ohio River. Wueelisg, (Va.,) Aug. 17 ?The river now is six feet in the channsl, and falling. Baltimore .Markets. ^BaL^!*OIIK' A"" 17 ?Flour lsdull, City Mills W.30; Howard street S7. Wheat?dry lots are in demand at flail rate*, dimp lots are very dull. Corn is dull; white 7-*a83c ; yellow '=>3a<sSc Whisky is lower; City and Ohio 2Sc. New Ysrk Markets. ?? y??. Aujj 17??Floor is quiet: sales of 3,1*10 bbls; Mate 45a*? 55; Ohio M ^Oaf? 35 Southern advansid lOr. rales at S?'. -\>a?7 ?) ' .i?T?5?S.!l"UiwLiw Corn is dull; saiesof 20.000 bushels; mixed lork Is buoyant; mess advanced 10c. Beef is unchanged. Chicago rervked *l7(JUaS19 0o. \\ hisky is dull; Ohio 39c. Financial. New Yobx. Aug. 17.?Storks are dull and low er generally. Chicago and Roek Island 02; Illi nois Central Railroad llt^'; Michigan Southern ?U; New York Central 79 Pennsylvania Coal Company 78; Reading Railroad 09?, Missouri G'sblj^. Sterling Exchange dull. PIANOS POR RENT. 2 at $1.00 per month. 2 at 92JO psr month. Other line PIANOS at various prices, an 7- JOHN F. ELLIS,an; Pa. ?JHEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The snbscrilier oilers SUGAR COFPFP IIAMS, SIDKSaad SHOULDERS FLOI'Rsm} MKAL, BUTTER and EGU^ at No i? iah street, corner of B. au 6~tf JONAS P. LEVY. RAKING ROOM FOR FALL SUPPLIES. oommence to-day and continue until 1st rV^S! ? ?' 8e" *11 laney thin Summer ? ??H)ds, at primr rosr, via: Fanci Silk Rohes, Ba I? ? u .Tn, Robes, OrtMidr Muslins. BarspM, Barexe Delaines; 9 blaok and Siik Maa tojas, with many other faney articles, which will be soid at less than oost for cash. Our stock of Staple (>o><ds are well assorted in superior Shirting and Sheeting Cottons; Shirt in Lite ns and Sheetings of the best brandr: Table Di apers. \*.(.kin?. aad Toweiings: ranxe and other f no white FhLunels:xedosen white Bedspreads; 10 pieces superior plain Maok Silk at the old i?w prices. A full assortment of Mou^mac Goods constantly iu store at our usual lair low srioes. ?LT A speoisl request to those parties who have s<K settled their hills as rendered 1st July, to do so before commencing new ones. COLLEY A SEARS, 5237th st. 3 doors N.of Pennsylvania avenue, au 12 oad.'w ave.