Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1857 Page 3
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|OCA I, INTELLIGENCE. Hoard or Trustees of PcblicSchools ? An adjourned ^meeting of the Boaid of Trustees of Public School* was held at the room of the Board of Aldermen, City Hall, yesterday evening, at 5 o'clock. The President, 5*. Y. AtLee, In the Chair. Present, beside the President, Dr. S. A H. WC Kim, (Secretary.) Messrs. Magruder, Pendleton, Polk, Wilson. Pearson and Harkness The Board was eallcd to order, and the Secre tary read the minutes of the preceding meeting, which were approved of. Messrs Davis and Polk, the examina tion committse. reported on fourteen candidates, of whom Miss Abel. Miss Terry. Miss Reed, Miss Thompson and Miss Ball were favorably returned to the Board. Mr. Pearson asked 1f it was understood that pupils who have been in the Public Schools are to (k* considered as members of the schools with out being provided with tickets. Mr Magruder moved to get over that by giv ing all old pupils who are present on the first day of the new (tension admission without tickets, requiring all tardy pupils to go through the usual formula Mr. Wilson supported this motion, and thwight it the most prudent plan, but suggested that all pupils who may mike application on the first day of the session have a right te admission whether old pnpils or not. Mr. Pearson said that that xrnn what he desired, as. if all the old pupils were admitted without certificates, children who had been waiting for vacancies. perhaps for months, would have no chance to get into the schools. Mr. AtLee moved that all those pupils in good standing at the close of the scholastic year, with those on the register, be admitted. Mr. Wilson thought that it would be better to l.-ave the whole thing to the sub-Board, who Wc.e perhaps the best judges of the claims of pnpils. Mr. l'ramon move*! to amend the rule so as to read. '?that all children at the beginning of the \?ar in* admitted on a ticket only, without regasd to the register.*' Mr. Pendleton said that the use of the Public Schools was to perfect the education of pupils of the Primary Schools, and. if children were to be indiscriminately admitted into the Public School*, without regard to their respective posi tions therein, it would be suicidal to the Public S?'!iools. Mr. At modified his resolution so as to read (!> follows: Kesolval, That all pupils appearing on the first d iv. at the commencement of the scholastic year, shall be received by the teacher without a written ]>ermit. and that should there thereafter be any vui ancv. those previously registered shall be en titled thereto. The lesolution was then adopted. The Board then went into the election of teach ers to till the vacancies which were leftsyp^u at the last meeting; aud Miss Anna N. Adams was transferred from Primary School. No. 4. First district, to be principal of Primary No. 1, Fourth d strict. Miss Mary J. Mills, heretofore assistant in Male Primary. First district, wxs elccted principal of Primary No. 4, First district. Miss Henrietta Slater, heretofore assistant in Primary .No. ;l, First district, was elected princi pal of the same. Miss Kinily Robinson was elected assistant in Primary No 3, to fill vacancy caused by the pro motion of Miss Henrietta Slater. Miss Martha E. Thompson was elected second assistant in Primary No 1. Third District, and Miss Lydia E. Choate was elected first assistant in the same. Miss Km ma Reed was elected principal of Pri mary No 4, Fourth District. <Jn motion of Mr. AtLee. Mrs. Skidmore, who had been discharged from one of the schools on account of insuboidination, was again placed upon the list of applicants for re-appointment. Miss Artimesia Hall was elected assistant in male primary. First District. The committee on books reported the following list of books to be used in the Public Schools during the ensuing scholastic term, which was unanimously adopted by the Board List of books to bt used in the District Sekooh. Holy Bible, Swan's Second Speller or Worces ter's Speller, Appletons Handbook of Anglo ISaxon Derivatives, Scholar's Companion, Hil Piard's Readers. Davies' Intellectual Arithmetic, Colburn's Mental Arithmetic, Greenleaf's Gram mar-school Arithmetic. Greenleaf's Higher Arith metic, Green's Grammars, Green's Analysis, Cor nell's Intermediate and Large Geography, Be rard's Hi-tory United States, \\ orcester'* History, <i reenleaf's Algebra, Green leaf's Geometry, |Greenleaf's Mensuration. Keith on the Globes land Guy's Astronomy, Peterson's Familiar Sci irnce, Shurtleff's Governmental Instructor, Hic [key s Constitution of the United States, Cutin's Physiology, Worcester's Dictionary. Lut of Books to be usul in tht Primary Schools. Holy Bible, Price's Speller, Swan's Exercises in Selling. Swan's Primary and Grammar School Headers. Greenleafs Primary Arithmetic, (for lower classes,) Cornell's Primary and Intermedi ate Ce??graphy. Parley's First Book of History. 1'ayson & bunion's Writing Books, Worcester's Dictionary, The Board, on motion, then adjourned. A ? Attempt to Stab Cart. Mills.? About 11 o'clock last night, the neighborhood of Louisiana avenue and Sixth street was startled by the cry of '? Murder!" 44 Watch!" Ac. Offi cerst WPrt. early at the scene, and found that a tn< lee was in progress, participated in by three brothers of the name of Pollock, in company with "i not her person, who assaulted a man named Bay. Eggh-son, who was quietly walking home. One or more of the party are clerks in the Depart ments. Eggleson was knocked down with a ? ane by one of them, and another snapped a pis tol at him. He then ran for the officers, and. coming in contact with one of the Pollocks in List's Saloon, made an assault on him, but fur ther diffi ulty was prevented by the interference < f Justice Donn. With the assistance of the A uxiliary Gnanl, order was restored, and the 1'uiiix ks started for their lodgings, and the other parties sepa'ated. Iri a few minute* Edward A. Pollock was ob served eoiiiing fiom his on Penn sylvania avenue and walking with his brother toward the club-room on Ijouisiana avenue, ut tering words calculated to lead to another diffi culty They were followed by Messrs. Twotney and Drummond of the Auxiliary Guard : knd the Poilo? ks, coming in contact with Eggleson, who w is Justice Donn and others talking of the atlray, they asked Eggleson if he was the man who coin in itted the assault and battery on one of them. Eggleson replied "Yes," and Kdward A l'olloek drew a California bowie-knife, with which he had just armed himself at his board ing-house, and ran at one of the Guards, who re treated a short distance on Louisiana avenue, when the Guard tired at Pollock, who imme diately turned and ran down Sixth street. Two pistol shots were tlred at him as he ran, and the crv to stop him was raised. C.ti-tain Mills, of the Auxiliary Guard, coining up the street, ran across to intercept him, and 1' < k made a cut at himwith his knife, but the captain was a few inches out of his reach. He ran t > his boarding house, where he was arrested, he Laving hurriedly defied his clothing and got into l?d He was taken to the office of Justice Donn, ? i?o. alter hearing all the evidence, held Edw d A i'oi'.ock to l<ail in R3MI for his appearance at the next term of th- Criminal Court. <?*her a-rests will be made. At the instance of Pollock, Eggleson was put !' security for the assault made at List's ?a 1 H?fl The weapon which Pollock tried to nse on ' ptain Mills is iD the magistrate's possession; its weight is one pound five ounces. The force of t(.e blow at the captain was so great that Pollock whirled u> ar!y around as the knife missed its aim. 1 me V. r?rkkWham vie* ?That part of our ' >. designated as above, is constantly the scene of bus:nes* activity and progress. The heaviest shipping business is done heretliat is done in the l?istrift of Columbia The depth of water at the wharves is from fifteen to twenty-two feet at low water, affording a sale plate of anchorage for heav iy-fieighted vessels. Improvements and hourly taking place heie and industry is the oider of the day Mess-, Morgan A Keinhardt are nowbnlldinir a wharf near their place of business, which is to '**" ,w > hundred and thirty feet long, and gives a depth .,f water sufficient to tloat, at low tide, ves sels ?.f twelve hundred tons capacity. The heavy granite is lauded here for the Treasury extension, Which gives to the placet he apjietirance of a New ? ?lit land grauite quarry in active operation To the business activity of Messrs. Morgau 4 Rein ed! may be a?r rilied the leading causes of the *'?k;i.g up. which this portion of Washington has experienced Within the last few years. Disk Kiso?Yesterday, information was ob tained of the lurking place of Dink King, one of -?* par*y for whom warrants were issued by the .u.inal Coort Capt Klojrfer, Chief of Police, ^?'h Messrs Birkhead and Drummond. went to drV?* '."^he s*'v,?n,h Ward, near the old foun K Vi * Adeline I>odson, and there found the'r, i >?r'u, u*"*n lo 'he county jail to await " Cmiilnal Court. On the night d.. t.u"i made upon the parties in a short di SlT P?"d JurY- Dink was within aware ?r ,*1^' officers, but Wing made his le.^ '''.T Ue Inad" use of Wher^ Lt d \" ?ping to the woods, ^manifd a Ion;/ time U# \% wHl known in the police records WHI following;^Df we have the ofit ron P?~ ?H attention ".e s??o.J" ',b* 'Mt*ho niuhtly coogregate - ^ bemuUful aoWrr-' ?nd <* flowers worth prrtty' w,n flnd something qupuy at &or*1 *ues ? garden, Seventh itIsland The Waihiiotos Horticultural Societt. The fifth stated meeting of the Society was held at the usual place last night, Prof. C. T. Page in the chair. Mr. Corbit proposed, a* an honorary member, Gen. M P. Wilder, of Massachusetts; laid over till Mit stated meeting A nnmber of names were proposed for member* ship, and laid over to be actea upon at the next stated meeting, in accordance with article 9 of the constitution. Mr. Clark nominated, as lady members, Mrs. James C. McGuireand Mrs. Co*; laid ovef in formally. ' The bills of expenses of the late exhibition were submitted and received, and the treasurer was ordered to pay them. The chairman of the committee on exhibitions submitted the following schedule of fruits, Tes table* and flowers, for best specimens of which prlxes are to be awarded at the next exhibition to take place on the 2rth of September. For best collection of Green House Plants: sec ond best doj best collection of Stove Plants, and second do; for best 12 Roses tn pots, and 6 best do: for best 6 Verbenas; for G best Patunias; for best collection of Phloxes; for best collection of Cut Roses, and second best do; best Bloom Roses; best Centre Piece, and fecond best du^ best Hand Boqust and second best do: for best collection ?ut Flowers, ?t the taste of the exhibitor: for best ft Chrytlnthumtims in pots, and second best do; for best 6 specimens of Green House Plants; for best collection of Table Vegetables, and sec ond best do; for best 3 heads Cabbage best 3 Radishes; best 3 bunches Lettuce; best J bunches Beets; best 3 do Carrots; best 3 Corn: best 3 Cel ery, and second best do; best 3 Turnips; best 3 hut Plants; best* Cucumbers; bedheads Cauli flowers. best2 Broccoli; best p?>ck Peas; best half peck Ockra; best half peck Onions, from seed; best do . in sets: best do Beans; best do gpin nacb; best do. Brussels Prouts; best collection t ruits. asd second best do; best bunch Grains and second best do; best 12 Peachcs, and second best do; best 12 Fating Apples, best IS Baking do: best 6 Fears, and second best do. Extra premiums are to be awarded for articles not named in the above list. The coming exhi bition is to commence on the 2Hth of September and continue during hve days. ' On motion of Mr Sanl. Mr. John Watt was continued as chairman of the committee on exhi bitions during the present year The Board then went Into the election of mem bers and R R^ Randall, R J. Falconer. Mar shall Brown, and Mr J. C. McGnire and Mrs. Cox were elected; and the corresponding secreta ry was ordered to inform them of their election in the usual wav. In consequence of a somewhat protected de bate upon the admission of certain gentlemen to membership, the awarding of the premiums to the successful competitors of the last exhibition was postponed until the next stated meeting Mr Corbet was instructed to furnish tor the use of the Society a ballot-box and chairs, to be used on election occasions; and then the meeting adjourned. ? Cx.xtrr Market?This morning, the princi pal market was very fully attended, by purcha sers and dealers. The new market was well sup plied, and had also a large attendance " In the old market theie was less jostling than usual. 1 he crowds of persons who used to congregate jn the gangways appear to have deserted the pave and given room for persons to pass. The prices are about as follows: Beef, per lb 10.il2^, Eggs, per do*.... IG Pork. l'ial.S Roll butter 25 Mutton 12al5 Phil'? print 37 Lamb,prqr 75a 1.00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12^ Lard ?. in Veal 12al5 Beef tongues 75a?l Honey, per lb.... 25 Cyrnlings, per do* 6?* Green corn lo Egg plants 2aC Onions, bunch.... 3 Calves heads,each 25,Tomatoes, pk .... 12 U??": J6al8iSiiaaBeans, pk... 12 Shoulders 14al5!Cabbage, pr head. 3a0 Breast pieces .... IB Damsons. per pk. 75 Dried beef is Pears, per pk .... 50 Chickens, pr pair. 50a62 Butter beans, qt.. 15 Turtles, each... 12aSl.25 Blackberries ... . la Corued salmon... 15j Whortleberries .. 10 Herring, per dox.. 30a 31 Apples, pk 13*50 Terrapins, each... 37a#l Peaches, per pk...50aSl Irish potatoes, pk 25 ' * Sweet potatoes, pk 50a75 Corn, pr bush.... 85 Corn, ear, pr bush. 60 Beans, pr bush ... $2 Bevts, per bunch. 3 Turnips, per b'ch. 4a^ Watermelons I2a50 Canteloupes 12a25 Cucumbers, do*.. 10 Oats' 80 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Meal SSaSl Shorts 35 Shipstuffs 55 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 Crabs, per doz.... 25 _ _ COMMUNICATED. *a*kl:jc Kxgixe IIocse ?The progress of this new structure seems to be logging alon-r, nevertheiew, with weary moments to the"coinpa r a S V?*"* was commenced In the early P Jf1' fTlakinK, ?P to the present time, k raonths 'bat bas been in hand The ?21?"!? J" ,W? Ktorle* hi*h' containing two rooms and a passage. The floor* of the hall and passage are at last laid, and the engine room ? J?? ls "orn<,wi?at consoling that it l>earsa semblance of completion There is yet rJle T^w!?.make' tbp "taircJ4,?e and stee JwJ1 iHd, blinds or shutters, trimmings of zi? ?.?h ^ Wv PlMl?"n?, paintlngand gla zing, and of course clennin<j out yet to do; sup rZX ^ to take fo,,r months more, it will require in all eight months, which Is cer tainly a very reasonable time In which to com V -V !2*V when done by v w?r* anrt PUd for by the General Govern nw nt rhe completion of the job will, no doubt, be a cheering event to the indomitable ?ld time honored F H A X K 1.1X COMFA-fV We give place to the above communication, be lieving that the delay complained of can be satis factorily explained by those whose duty it is to see that the work is done. The \\ bather.?Ran^e of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Aug. 13, to this morning: Thnnrf.y "]??? StaM. 7^ j.8 w HH 82 78 7S 74 Monday 74 7f 77 Wjili""4* 71 ^ 71 W.-dnesday ? 6y . 7, Thursday 88 A verage heat of each day from Aug. 12th to 19th inclusive: 12th, 76 02; 13th,8P0I 14th fc3* 01 ? >%:%!?; Avera?e height of the thermometer In themorn d"' f Aug. 14th to 20th inclusive. 74<J. ???sar? j?Aug. 13th?fine and hot; 14th?little r nnir' rttter' flne 10 end ; J5th?fine, with light thund^r with rain and wind, much hotter, sunshine and rain; 10th? cloudy early morning, rain at Intervals throu-'h the day. and cooler; l7th-cloudv, flne rain in the'.rr^ noon thun lighflT. lTudy " rain, cleared ofl" fine; 19th_ 11 aid l?J?0mThUrWU3r' 3^, between Georgetown, Aug. 20, 1857. B' The Music at the Capitol, yesterday even ing, drew a brilliant audience, composed as usual largely of ladies. Prof. Scala brought out some new music for bv^hTMarini- HhlHh Wr 71ui"ite,y performed i?y tne Marine Band, not only uratitied the "?? but was more than satisfactory to the critical ear' theTuiBion"^ rV? excellent "music for riil h Jh n aflorded semi-weekly by the Mil le?'e lintif' auM.lrW'* K,T?.W "nin'?4*?? 'be privi #aTrer .^V? H? 1 1 W appreciation by the .trJIT m P i"yWl bJ* visitors from a distance ,h~e 4 SWtZ" j?onh?thM oT???: giina, \\ ho looks in excellent preservation indeed. I hk River.?Long-boats from the Cumberland mines begin to reach here in rapid succession; some four or live of them, freighted with coal, have arrived In the Washington canal within the last day or two. Arrived at Gait A. Young's wharf, schr. Emma \ irginia, Capt. Robinson, from Havre-de-Grace with 75 tons of coal for C. M. Keys. ' The schr. Aiida is discharging at the wharf of Messrs. Gait A Young. Arrived at Harvey 4 Co.'s wharf, schr. Dia mond, Cant D. Norton, from Philadelphia, with roal for Messrs. Caxtleman Jc Bro. The repairs on the George Page were com mencrd yesterday. Some ten or twelve men are ^ .K. ,,er now- and tbe repairs will, it is expected, be completed in four or live day*. Textii Ajtscsi. Exhibition or the Mart laud Institute.-?In answer to a correspond ent, we state that the next annual exhibition of the Maryland Institute opens on the 29th of SeD tember. and that the Institute Hall will be nnen for the reception of #oods on the 22d of Septem ber Froni the inquiries made In regard to It we jndge there will be a large attendance at thU Fair from Washington City. Foe the iener max.?llammackon the north tide U Pennsylvania avenue between 14th and 16th streets, receives by each arrival of a Norfolk steamer, a liberal supply of the best hog flsh. s teep, sj 0 , oysters, and soft crabs fl-ibfd f.oin those waters. They are put on the table in more inviting style nowhere than at Hammack1*; nor is there a cleaner, quieter, neater or l?etter restaurant ia Washington city, than his. A Maeeiacb at Teihitt Church, yesterday afternoon, drew a large assemblage. Ths happy ^rti?s were Mr. Thomas Oliver Hill* and Miss Helen V. Sargent, and Rev. Mr Grammar was the oflleiating clergyman. Upon the conclusion ? i!? ceremony thr after- xUsinyt and learr 'akings, the bridal party started northward on a wedding tour. A x*w Cirncn edifice i. being erpcted at the corner of Ninth street and Maryland avenue, Isl BPChurch" thC ' arp?nter sb?P ot Mr. Chav th?V rIn?J!KT-FB!r5 ?The onlycane for trial at Daniel Mnrnhv'UH ^?U*eJ ' * ?norniny, was Md S.J P y' drUnk an<i disorderly, Purity mnliUm rAAJ!lELfWLALI" whose na,ne "PPeared In the pouoe report of the Statea, is not the Dar.isl Wal', Painter, formerly of Baltimore. H* OLA? l? ,earn that Mr?- A.C. Radmond, w!^*"Tr<?n Art,M' ^ turned from the North with her health much improved, and is now at her Gallery, on the Avenge. between f?th and 9th sts. ? a ^afve*'fh?Cm,T?h!lf ?,r*par?d ^ "Peoial request, Sahvefor the extract frotn a flower )a so'v tZlloT&rn^r^t,em * tnfc ^ orJrV^SXrWtet' h2rbe^rfeed?nTfh! a?Naim*?alJ,?^ei> ,,th and **h. Also and Penn. avenne. J), s. "{raon^JDruxsTt*? l>fr!^n?^rVe^ 1 L" corner of 7th street and Penn. avlnue C* St*U Mr ?S Kev. John Ro,(b Rev. ban. ' Ja,nea Hanson, and Mr. Alana Ai??ndr0.a,nrtPM0rn %'t,?,Ter ?vn be found in ? ' i ' Mr. Castleman s Store, on King a Cfr'TTr,,?t&t,,nt fVr U,at. plaoe- In Georgetown *t Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. j? n DIED. On the 19th instant. THKODORK arm) 9 >Mr< Sonvner'Dth*'OU'T *?n Charle8 ?nt' Mary Ann POR REJTT AND SALE. For other" For Kent ?nd Sale" notiret see 1*1 p?n. |fOR KKN'f ?A HARK CHANCE-Now m ail ?^fr cor'8trnction, 12 large and airy rooms, with ? ?,?KenUfnW" ?.f ,Wat0r and l,ellt8- Tl?e '"ca tion a ihe principal business square of the city, rectimffl? Yirtfi2.WSiI*dapted for Dentists, Daguer ?' ?" A'so> a convenient and mry ?f ji t' i8li i ?.r. a.nj I'fl't business. TIip whole huished and well tighted in the most improved maDuer,after the New York styles. m* WALL & STEPHENS, No. SJ2 Penn. avenue, between 9th and ***? 1 oth ats., entranoo on D st. FSS fi'mIE#1*HHASOXAUr.K TERMS.?A * Jj l, 11,I)ING suitable lor a private lioarding noiise, and situated on south side Penn. avenne. be tween 4*6 and 6th streets. The inside is handsomely decorated and newly painted. Gas lights are in every room, and the house well supplied with hot v"! '7J4,iW1tPrV Apply to POLLARD WEBB. INo. 51'-'7th street. au jg POR R KNT.?The three-story BRICK IIOL'SE u.^?. !r,.f -r>n atreet, opposite the n-w exten sion or the IVeasury department, and within a step Willards'hotel. The house ? 1 . K??od r<>oni8, besides store room and taults for fuel. The location is one of the best in the city lor a professional gentleman or a business stan<i. Apply on the premises, No. 471. _an_l7-t()ct * CHEAP? A comfortable BRICK r a}! | v. ' ? situated on the northeast corner ,,rlce L^if in ' L*,ance "),8'-x a,ld twelve montiis, or il all paid WKHH"v,*1 I,tke'1- Apply to.POI.LARU *\ r,l(B, INo. oU <th street. au 3-tf SALE.?*A gentleman having determined to i "!s???tinue house-keepihg, oilers for sale his I :p,!p"*'d f,,|,r sU'r> BR ICKD\V Kl'LI NG Hnl SK aituated between the City Hall and Pennsylvania avenue. I he House is nearly new. containing Ifi rooms, with Fixtures. Warm,Cold, and Shower oil?'. I * ""'P excellent water in the) ard and kitchen. Also, a Brick Stable and Carnage \v'?,m/,^n f-h,o p.rJ,m'n',s- Apply to POL LA R Li \v bBB, No. 512 7th slr et. au U tf ttPLSNOID HOTEL LOT roil SALE, in the ? city of \\ ashnigton, D.C.,aiid fronting on Penn sylvania avenue. * The Lot is al> hundred and seventy feet by one hundred and sixty feet, (.eing the ground partlv occupied by the t nion newspaper printing office.and partly l?y the ruins of the late National Theatre. 1 here is no place in the country where a first-class hotel is more imperatively required, nor where such a one would ao surely prove profitable. The terms wi he made very favorable.and. if ne?ded. facilities will b- alio rued in the erection of a suitable hotel. Apply, in U aahington, to C. H WINDER; or. in Philadelphia, to W.1?. WIN DER, No. 76,'a \Valnut street. And, if not sold, the Union Buildings will be for rent,and possession given oil the 1st of September, IBt"' jy 27-2aw2m F<#t^J^Si5PENRH VN MARBLEIZED MAN rELS. Brocatell, Spanish, and Verd-an iique, can be purchased below manufacturers prices, at the subscriber's Marble Yard, opposite the Union Office, Penn. ave. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. au Ui-oe2w (Intel) A VIK^N'AFARAI FOR SA I.E.?I w, Holler wpiivL-Bifiv*8Lbidder, on the premises, ou HEDNESDaA. the? th day of this month, my r arm near Culpeper C. H., containing 3j<) acres, 11*) ol which are fine Mountain Run Bottoms, well set ! in craaa, timber ample, two dwellings houses, ena ti.ling the Farm to be divided il desired, high land all arable, in go.xl heart and well watered, and a mill in sight. Beautiful scenery and first-rate society. lerins accommodating, and made known on'the day of sale. JOS. T. SEDWlCK. au 7-eota % Ir">K nu^7irX^?,!jP.^mr'J!;t*,,|e and conveni ent BRICK HOLSKS <?n Fayette street, ad - joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re rair,and will b? for rent on the 4tti of August. The Iousoh are very desirable, particularly to parents . t(,' Apply to JOHN L. ft I |J\\ High Klreet, (leorK^town. jy 27. BOARDING. RO?ARUINO.. Mrs. BA'l'ES, at the corner ol ? * Pennsylvania avenue and Oth street, having had her house entirely renovated and its accommoda tions greatly increased, is now prepared to acooin modate a larger numlter of permanent and transient twjaraers. Her location is the most central in the city, and, fin rearranged aiui improved, her house it how second to no other hoarding-house in Washing ton. Boarder* by the month, week, or day, may reU on receiving every attention. Turin* moderate, lalile iMinrders also taken. je 23-tf CUMBERLAND COAL. i {"v a "nPe?"r art?o'o of CUMBER i.Ai> L> tUAl,, assorted in qualities suitable for tainily, steaming, and blacksmith purposes, all of which will lie disposed of on the most accoinmoda ting terms. O.L. SHERIFF, au 19-1 w \ ard wcit side 4J? st., at Canal bridge. f <ODKY'S I.ADY'S BOOK. fo7Soptenilier. ?I .. . .. JOS.SHILLINGTON'S. Arthur s Home Magazine, for September. Putnam s Magazine, do. Graham's Magazine, do. Household Words, do. Schoolfellow, do. Nick-Nax, do. > ankee Notions. do. Balloti's i><>1 1mr .Slagazine, do. Burton'* Cyclopedia Wit and Humor, No. m Nothing to Do; a coinDani'.n to "Nothing to Wear." Rose of Ashur8t, by the author of "Castle Avon." Leonora D'Oroo, a new novel by G. P. R. James, Esq All the New Books, Newspapers, Magazines, ani Cheap Publications received a? fast as issucmI . A fine assortment of Stationer) constantly on hand and for sale by ^ , . JOS. SIIILLINGTON. Odcon Building, corner st. and Pa. av. au 1?-3t AULT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB BAGE SEED. Jt?^^Yca.r?' "ow Prepared to furnish Ault's*^ Early ^ ork, Ault's Early f.argo Vork.?Ev -?Ault a Bullocks Heart. Ault's Premium-**' and :Ul olhPr varieties of LA i)HAiTr< Sr<i'i 1)>. Also. Spinach, K?!e, f.ettuce, Cauliflower, and all other kimls of GARDEN SE^DS. All the aliove are fresh, pure and genuine; tho same superior quality as sold by us last and former years and will give eutire satislactiou to those who purchase lr?im us. For recommendations we refer to any pernon who has used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L Affl.T A SON, ^ Corner Calvert and Water sts.. Baltimore. Md. lL/*Oniers can he sent by mail or by the Adams Express, which affords a cheap, safo and uuick means of carriage. au m j,,, A InWhvAL'iVPt:K^ONS WH?? ARE IN rKHESTKI)^? We have now on hand a sup P^y of our jelehrated Burton and X X X Ales, which were orewed to our own <vder, expressly for the southern trade and which, we will guarantee to keep ? length of time, even in the warmest of weather. .^"Jover?of Ale can be accommcxiated with the above at our Depot, 57 Green atreet, Oeorge iTa ARNY A SIIINN. I EVVIS'S BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF ? 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MoGC IRE, Aoct. pORTliFICATION. FIELD AND PERMA 1 Capt. Lendr, 1 vol.; London. 1857. Blue Books fortne People; Army Education, Ijon don, 1857. Major General A i rev's Addresses, Reports, and Memoranda to the Board of General Officers, I vol.; London, 1837. Toihausen's Patent ijiws of various Countries; London, 1857 .r, Hardwicke's Shilling Knightage, for 1857. 1857Diversions of Purley,new edition,London, Whewell's History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vols.; London, 1R57.

Memoirs of the Duke of Saint Simon, 2 vols.; Lon don, 1857. The Kingdom and People of Siam, by Sir John Bow ring, 2 vols.; London, 1857. Life of George Stephenson, Rnilway Engineer, 1 vol.; London, 1857. Commercial Code of biennis forall nations, by poin ter, Master, Royal Navy, 1 vol.: London. VW1. Pinoofl's Kasteru Military Hospitals, 1 vol.; London, M6 FRAJVCK TAYLOR. ! T?? lt . A CARD. HF. Undersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising physicians in particular, that he will open iin the course ofnext month Uts DRUG-STORE AND PRESCRIPTION STAND, AN 1)_ CHEMICAL LABORATOR .,at VWNinth street, between Penn. av and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Latin. English or French languages, will inost care fully be compounded, and no receipe trusted to the hands of an apprentice or other employee not fully competent. The thorough chemical education, and the long practice of the uuder-iKned as pharmaceutist, in both the Old World and the United State*..will serve as a guarantee for the purity of drugs and pre parations kept by him. Every enemical compound is tested before made use ol, and no poisons so'?l ex cept on receipt from known ami responsible parties. C H E M I C A L ANALYSIS.?Qualitative and Quantitative?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters, Ac c., is performed at moderate rates ; and gentleim n and masters desirous of lieing introduced into the theory and practice of Chemistry and Pharmacy, will have an opportunity offered to that end by applying next fall. Reference Si?Prof. J. D. B. De Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Florence, F. II. sage. Esq., Ski.mar Sikbert, Esq., Cuaeles II. Winder. Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GROSS, I .ate a pupil of Prof. Licbiz, iy 2^-lm graduate ??l a Pharmaceutical College. MAYOR'S OFFICE Washington, August, 12,1P57. Proposals will be received at this office until Saturday, the 22d instant, at 12 o'clock in , for the erection of an Almshouse in this city, upon the site of the old one, accordmc to the plans, drawings, and specifications adopted l?y the Corporation; the draw - ings by Charles Haskins, Esq., and to lie seen in Ms office ; and copies of the specifications nia?l>e ob tained at this office. Separate proposals for cach description of work, viz ; 1st, for the Brick and Stone Work, Pavements, and l.xcavatiins; 2d, for Carpenter's Work ; 3d, for Iron Work; 4th, for Plastering: 5lfi. for Tin V\ ork ; and, titli. for Painting and Glazing. Bids for the whole will also be received and considered. As the contractor will l>e required to cive security to the amount of one-fifth of Ins whole bid for the prompt and faithful performance of the contract, each bid must be accompanied by the names of at least two sureties, with their written expression of Willingne* s to assume the obligation. an U td W. B. MAG RUDER, Mayor. ^PECIAI. NOTICE TO TAX PAY ERS. ^ Those who intend to avail themselves of the ton fier cent, discount, to be inade to ail who pay on or >efore the 15th day of Septemlier, and who wish to avoid the delay incident to the crowd who usually are in waiting at this office during the la>t f?*w ilavs previous to the expiration of the tunc, can do so by calling for tiieir bills at an earlier day. JAMES F. HA LI DAY, ail fi-tSepl Collector. ( M ANO, Gl'ANO FOR SALE. .Having theageney for KETTLEW ELL'S MAN 1 PULATED GL A\<>, which is equal, if not supe rior, to any fertilizer that is now used, I beg leave to call attention of farmers and others that use a fer tilizer of any kind to examine it. A supply constant ly on hand, by the bag or ton. Price, No. I, expenses added. No. 2, $43 do do. F or sale by RICHARD RVON, iv 2B-eolm corner Wh and D st*. ]V| ACKEKEI<?MACKEREL." ivi. inn l?rrels No. 3iarge New Mackerel. 25 half-lttrrels do do do do. Expected daily per schooner Searsville, and for ?ale by HARTLEY A BROTHER, au 13-1 w ^ 101 W ater St., Georgetown. OAA ADDITIONAL COPIES OF "ROSALIE the Prane Flower," just received. This is the most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free of postage on receipt of tweuty-five cents ia letter stamps. iv? JOHN F. El.LIS. GiREAT inducements OFFERED FOR f . CASH! II. SF. 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Ate, f on Sale, a fine draft HORSE. For Rest oh Lease,on favorable terms,a lar^e four story BRICK HOUSE, withstableandgarden, in the First Ward, corner of K and 21st streets. For information inquire of hii 6 e.u'w CHAPIN A BRO. C'OING OFF AT COST.?As the season has ad ? varced we wiil sell our remaining stock of REFRIGER \TORSat cost. Our stock ol FI RMTUREand HOUSEi KEEPING GOODS is vory large, audi prices lower than ever. ' McGREGOR A. CO., jy9errfiw No. 5jii 7th street. E NTALA N N O U N C EM EN T. I) ?? Dr. R. FIN LEY HUNT has resumed fully the practice of B-EN'TISTR V,at his old office, and residenoe, No. 310 north side of Penn J sylvattia avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. an ft ?w* Humphries a junniman. On Fourth street east. Iietween E and F, Cafitol hill, liave fitted up their place, which wili l>e open ilaily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrilles or German Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do so there. Weber's Band has lieen engaged lor the sea son. and will be in attendance. Tliey uave on hand and constantly making the purest I jireer to be obtained in the city, ie 17-Sni Hunting park trotting course. At the south em! of the Lons Bridge. The Proprietors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure in being able to say that tiieir arrangements are all com - plete, and that their track is now open to the public. In all its arraneements it'**"11 " is unsurpassed in the United State*, offering as many advantages for the trial ol speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is preoisely a mile in cir cumference, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with eare and judgment, and is in perfect order. The House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its comforts and accommodations, and for the lux urics always to be obtained there. The public may rely on it that, under any and all circumstances, good order will be maintained and enforced upon the premise*. an 12-2m A CARD.?The undersigned have this day ( Au gust 3) entered into partnership in the HOl'SE CARPENTERS' and JOINERS' BUSINESS; and. having ereoted a new and commodious shop in the rear ofjackson Hall, between 3d and 4.'a streets, are prepared to contract for and perform all work in their line of laisiness, either in ihecity or country, with which friend* ot the pubho may flavor them, oiiiiccoiniiiodating terms, with promptness and di* pstoh. They respectfully solicit a share of the pub lie patronage. GEO. W. GARRETT A CO. They have several Housos and Lots for sale in different parts of ^i* city, on acooinmodating terms. au 18 eolm G EO. W. G A R R ETT A CO. NOTICE?To the oitizens of the Fifth Ward. From vind alter the 15th inst., I shall call daily at the followiug plaees, to wit: Wm. B. Brashears, Grocer, Penn. avenue; F. Hits, Grocer, Capitol Hill; Xacheriah Williams, Grocer, 3d street south. Tersons wishing my services will please leave a note at the most convenient place. WM. T. BASSFORD. aull-lw* Scavenger of Fifth Ward. ONE PIANO AT $25; I at 7: 2 at ?50; I at 975: lat iflOD: 2 at 9125: 2 at Al.t*. All good second Laud Pianos,at j6HN F. ELLIS , au8 *16 Peau.avr, bet. 9th and loth at*, AUCTION SALES. TO DAY fr TO-MOKHOW MORNING. By WALK A BARNARD, Auctioneers. SALE OF VAI.VABI.K IMPROVED PROP erty -On THUUOAV.tlwmk instant, at ? o'clock p.m.. W0 will K*li to llw hiihnit bidder thtt improved pmpcrtT, l>eing part ol Lot 12, in sittM f3. frnntinr 21 feet on the south side of north D St., between 12th and I3fh streets. and running hack U feet <X inches to nn alley, improved with a new two ?tory IJrick Dwelling. This property was hu It and is in an mdmirable po sition for a bread baker*, and to one in that line of business a rare opportunity is offered. Theproperty is also suitable for a family resirienoe. Terms: One-fonrth cash; the reeidne in three equal payments at 6,12, ami in months from day of sale, bearing interest, and secured by a deed of traat on the property. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser, Tula perfect. WALLA BAKNARI). It Auct OB ? l. By WALL A BARN A R D, Auctioneers. BOOKS, BOOKS. FANCY GOODS. JKWEL RT. Ac.. Ac.?We shall THIS EVENING, and every Evening this week, at Store No. s#?. opposite Browns' Hotel, a lanre and valnaMe invoice of Standard Books, in the different branches of litera ture, Science, and the Arts: also, a tine lot of Fam ily Bibles, with FancT Goods ??H Jewelry. Ac. au 17-iw WALL A BAHNAR D. Auct'rs. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. TWO NEW TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE* with th* Lot*, at Auction.?On THURS DAY, the 2i?th instant, at <? o'clock, we will sell, in frimt of the premises, two new Frame Dwellinrs.on 24th street vest, between G and II streets, Imne part of l,ot 15 in Square 31. This property is now under rent to good nnd punc tual tenents. Sale positive. Terms: One half cash; the residue in 6 awl 12 months: bearing interest,and secured by a deed of trust. nu irtt WALLA BARN A RD.Aucts. FUTURE DAYS. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Two-story and basement frame Hovsk A*t> Lot,ok M Strfet, betweex ITtii axii 13th, at ArrrioN.?On TUESDAY; the 2Mh instant. I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock, p. in.. Lot No. 28. in Square No. 2R2. fronting on north M street 24 feet, running hack feet to a wide alley, lietweeti 12th and !3th streets, with the improvements, which are a good two story frame house, with l>asemeiit, containing six good nnd con veniently arranged rooms. This property is handsomely si tun ted in one of the most rapidly improving parts of the city. Terms : One-thin! cash; Ifilance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes hearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed ol trust taken. Title ludisputahle. au !!) A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUI RE, Auctioneer. I FURNITURE am. HOUSEHOLD EFI- F.CTS at PuBLir- Auction.?On TI'ESDAY MORN ING* August 25th. at in o'clock, at houso No. ?.V> G street, I* I ween 14th and I jtli streets. 1 shall sell the Furniture and Effects of a gentleman declining housekeeping : comprising? Mahogany Pianoforte 'Jilt frame Pier Glasses, Slabs and Bra< ke!s Crimson plush-covered Arinnnd Easy Chans Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rockers Do Secretary and Book rase Ladies' walnut Secretary ahd Bookcase Mahogany and walnut marble top Centre, Sola, and Pier Tables Rrussel* and other Carpets, Rugs llat tree. Oilcloth, Lounge Gilt Window-Shades, Cornice. Ac. Mantel Ornaments. Candelabias Mahogany Dining Tables, cane seat Chair* Large and superior mahogany Wardrobe Large French Bedstead and Washstand, of Brad ley's make Mahogany Sofa, Caid Table Handsome walnut high post Bedstead, Wardrol>e, and Washstand Dressing and p'ain Bureaus. Washstand* Mattresses. Bolster an I Pillows L<x>king Glasses. Toilet Sots China. Glass.nnd Crocker* Ware, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: .^m anil under, cash; over that Fiim a credit of iH awl 'J" days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest. ail l?d J AS. C. McGI'IRE, A net. By J AS. C. McGUI RE, Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OF TWO LOTS AND Hor?r? ox Penn. avenue. ? On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. August 21st, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell to the highest bidder, two Lots on the north side of Penn. avenue, near the corner of 2?itli street west and adjoining the " Seven Buildings." Said Lots front together 30 feet 4 inches on the Avenue, with the improvements, con sisting Ol a three-story Brick House, with store and privnte entrance, ar.d a three-story Frame House, with store and private entrance. This property is situated well for business purpo ses, being immediately on Pennsylvania avenue, in the centre of the First Ward, and would, witn a smail outlay of money for repairs, prove a profitable investment. Terms: One-third cash: the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. au 18-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. Bv C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. 1 PROPERTY ON 1.VTI1 STREET AT Al'C 1 T.ox.-Ou SATl-'H OA Y AFTERNOON, the 15th instant, we shall otier the following Property at t)'* o'clocg: Lot 21, in suUlivision of square No. 1!*7. Sale positive. Terms : One-third, cash : Imlmee in 6 and 12 months. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., au 12-tsAds Auctioneers. ![7* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until SATURDAY.the 22d ins taut, same hour and place. au 17 C. R. L.CROWN A CO.. Auct'rs. IINITED STATES* 8A LB OT VALUABLE ' WHARF PROPERTY ANIH.OT'1 ON THF SrTll'TL gll.l.. ADJOINING THE N AVA1. A SYI.UW, PlMI.AnF.I PHiA.?Will be sold at public auction, on TI'ES DA V. the brst da? of Septeml>er m-xt at 1>> a. m., on the premises, the I 'rnted States Wharf and joing the Na\al Asylum: also, those between Ship pen and South streets, numbered from I to *9 inclu sive. aeeordmp to the plan, which can he seen at the othee of the Navy Aeent. and at the Asyrlum. The terms ol sale will be. one-halt cash, one fourth hi six months, and the other fourth in twelve months from the date of sale. Receipts will be given for payments, but no deeds will be executed until the final payments shall be made: and all the pavment* to be forfeited if the terms of the sale shall not be complied with. The Government reserves the right to tix a mini mum value on each lot, lielow which a sale will not be made. WM. BADGER, Navy Agent, Philadelphia. To l?e published once a week till 1st September, in the Portland Argus, Boston Post, Uoston Herald, Journal of Commerce and Daily News, New York; Pennsylvania!! and Evening Argus. Philadelphia; RepuMicnu. Baltimore: Intelligencer, Union, Star, Washington; Enquirer, Richmond. jv 23?law'sepl By A. GRKEN. Auctioneer. Twelve handsome building lots in s<juakkG3u, vroxtingon New Jersey avk NCR ANl) E STREET NORTH, NEXT SQUARE TO THF Raii.roau Depot, hktwken the Capitol ano Judrr's. at AUCTION.?On MONDAY, 24th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at half past live o'clock p. m., t w.-lve handsome llui'd ing Lots, some of winch Iront D street, opposite the Railroad Depot, and on New Jersey avenue, near the depot,and the remainder on E street north, in the same square. The alntve mentioned property is now considered as desirable as any in Washington, as it is in the most rapidly improving part of the city. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest from the day of Kile. A deedgivenand deed of trust taken. Title ^disputable. nu4-coAds A. GREEN, Auct. T" By WrALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM _ PKovoi Property at Auction.?C>n MON DA Y, the 241 h of August, we shall sell on the prem ises. at t> o'clock p. m., by virtue of a deed <?(' trust to the snbscnjHJr bcaruiK date Octolter ?th. IH.Vj, and recorde?l in Lilier J. A. S., No 1<*?. folios 3H0.?,l. of the land records of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, the following deecri!?ed prop erty : The eastern part of Lot N'o. I. situated in square No.254- fronting IX leet oil imrtli I) street, ana run ning back feet. I?et ween 13.'a and Ittli streets, with the improvements thereon, which consist of a fine two-stwry Brick Dwelling. Tcnnsof sale : One-thinl.c*sh ; liaiance m six at'd twelve months, the deferred payments Itoarmg niter, est, scoured by a deed of tru?t. All conveyances at cost of purchaser. D1CKKRSON N AI LOR. Trustee, nu 12-eots WALLA BARN ARD, Aucts. PUBLIC SALE OF A MUST DESIRABLE Farm in Cartrn County.?1 shall, on THURSDaS", the 27th day of August, 1857, < if fair, if not the next fair day,) sell at public auction, 'o the highest bidder, the valuable I'ariu. near Cul peper Court llouse, recently purchased by the late Thomas llill of Edward Ligntfoot. This Farm contains al?iut 4i*i acres, and within *? of a mile of th,i Depot of the Orcingesnd Alexand u Rai'.r?>ad at Culpeper Court House. The soil is of a very su perior quality?equal toany in the vicinity of Cul peper Court House. The last crop of corn taken from this Farm, measured up when housed, up wards oi l.'?*) barrels. The Farm is now well en closed. There is a good Dwelling, and th? neces sary out houses, including Stable, Corn-house, Blacksmith Shop, Ac., upon the Farm. Also,an excellent site for a water grist-mill. The Farm has a eood and sufficient suppl* oftimtier aud water. The sale will be made upon the premises, on the following forms : $J,(ion tol>e paid down ; the balance in two equal annua! instalments, with interest from the day of sale; the purehaser giving liond with a deed of trust upon the premises, to secure the deter red pay nients. The uudersigned will take pleasure in giving further information respecting this Farm, or shew ing it to persons wishing to purchase. EDWARD B. HILL, Attorney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill. N.B.?On MONDAY, the 21st da? of Septem ber. 1857. 1 sliall also sell,at public suction, in front of the Court House, (that lieing Court day,>a small traot of Wood Land, contauuuf S" acres. 1 his land is situated about two or three miles from Culpeper Court House, and adjo.ns the Unds ol James G. Hro.viun, Kriiiiuuri llick?rs, and Culeh Miackeilord, Terms made known on theda^ol ?le; Hn f Attorney in fcot for heirs of Thomas Hill, au 17-lw ?? . . 1 WiatluiW GLASS.?8"" boxes 111 by 15 French Window ?Ilass, will ?>e soldatone dollar and Mvoni* live per 1*)X for oash, miots of M koxes. also a full supply of large size Freneh Glass, 1st, 2.1 and'3d qualities. 4 by 8 Glass for hot-houses, 8 by ?.'? - l2- ? 11 r,\: ?c?. Alexandria. Ve. ??22 ie 22 a new invention rpRK.MOLO ACCOR DEONS. a new inv? 1 call and see them, at the Music Depot of W. G. METZEROTT, au 1>- ouruer 11th and Pa. ave. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. JPROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS THREE DA\S LATER FROM El ROPE. Arrival af the Arabia. !\*wr \ o?i August 2<> ?The Cunard steamer Arabia, with Liverpool dates to the 9th lnat., ar rived here yesterday afternoon. The steamer Arago arrived oat on tbe 6th in fUot. The Kheraonese has been withdrawn, having !"*in.?liar,?7<i by ,be Government to take troops to India Tbe steamer Crimea will take her place noon. r The telegraphic cable was landed at Valencia. on the 5tb, when the expedition immediately ?ailed. ' Among the passengers on the Arabia, are Mad ame Ffezfolini, the celebrated soprano vocalist eugaged by Mr. I ilinan. for the A? adeny of Mu sic. England?In the House of Lord*. I.ord Camp liell presented a petition from theljueen and the Princess of Oude. residing in England. express ing regret at the revolt In India. and that suspi cion should attach to their relative, the ex-King Also, stating that the petitioners had assararv-t-s from the King uf his entire innocence af all com plicity in the outbreak, and praying that the charges against him might be announced so tbot he might establish his inaooeace Objections br ing raised the paper was withdrawn The bill authorising the embodiment of the militia was read a second time. A petition that Parliament increase the intend ed reinforcements for India, was receiving nu merous signatures at Liverpool. The trouble between Kit*;land and Naples in consequence of the unauthorized aearch of an English steamer by Neapolitan official*. remains unsettled. It is said that Kn^laod has remon strated without eliding a reply. Lords Palmerstoa and CUiendon and Counts Valenski and Persigny are all at Osliorne with Queen \ ictoria. The RiKht Kev. Dr. Bloomfieid. bishap of London, Is dead. ' The Emperor and Empress of France had ar rived at OsOorneou their visit to Queen Victoria FraN'-k ?The misunderstanding betwe*-a France and Turkey continues, although there is a douMfil report t?wit Turkey had declared the Moldavia election void. It is stated that Ledru Rollin will prosecute the London Times for the article published in said paper, charging him with complicity in the re conspirjicv. The Italian conspirators at Paris have been sen tenced?one to transportation, and the other to hupiisonment for fifteen years. Spam?The Government is actively engaged in military preparations, and the effective strength of the atmy will soon number l-JiM"*' men. It is rumored also that the royal guard, disinembc ed under the icgeiicy of Espartero, will soon be re established Italy ?The wheat harvest in Italy ha? l>een secured It averages about a crop and a half. There is also a considerable increase in the pro duct of the wine crop. Turret.?Tbe French Ambassador at Con stantinopls struck his flag on the 5th instant, but would not leave his post for some days I wo hundred houses had been destroyed by flreatGalata 7 1 Lo d Stratford de Redclifle had got leave to return home from Constantinople. Denmark?An English company has obtained peimission Jo lay a telegraphic cable between England and Schleswig. Rcssia_?A dispatch states that Schamyl's troop, had been beaten at Palatina. four hundred of thein b-ing killed. Russia has applied to the Porte for a modiica tion of the treaty of Paris, so as to enable ber to employ a large number of vessels of war for one erations on the coast of Circassia ^ India.?There is nothing later from thisquar Titi La te?t? The London Times' city article says that belief in the fall ot Delhi has Irrome almost universal. The London Post publishes a dispatch from Constantinople, dated Aug. 6. which savs that the Porte had refused to amend the late election in Moldavia, and the Ministers of France Rus sia, Prussia and Sardinia had broken off diplo matic rations. ' The Markets?Liverpool. Aug 7?Cotton is slow of sale, but prices are unaltered, the market closing quiet, though steady. t*ales of Friday estimated at 5.000 bales; Mobile fair 8\d, lp land falr?fcaT^d * ' ' Manchester advices are favorable, with an av erage business, without quotable change. Breadstuffs?The market is quiet. "The Bro ker s Circular quotes : Flour is dull and declined Is. Wheat is dull at 2ii3d lower. Corn is dull at a decline of Is. Mixed corn has slightly de clined Western Canal Flour 30sa3o* od; South ern 30a31s; Ohio 32s; red wheat *-s Ida^s Gd; white 9s 3da9s bd; mixed and yellow corn 37s Gd' white 45a46s. Richardson, Spence & Co.. and other circulars quote flour and wheat steady at Tuesday's de cline. ' Provisions?Pork and Beef firm : Bacon dull ? La:d dull at 70s. Produce?Sugar heavy and declined Is Coflw quiet; Tallow firm; Rice dull at .Id dec! ne; Tea tlrm; Turfientine dull; Rosin firm, with sales of 5.000 during the week, at an advau.^ in all qualities. London. Aug. 7.?Money market unchanged Baring quotes : Consols 9u\ayi for account, and .Ml :?9tl i|. American securities are generally unchanged Bullion has decreased j.j:0.ut?? in the Bank of England The same circular quotes Breadstuff* qnief New wheat 2d Sugar is tieavy and 2s lower Coffee dull Breach of Promise. Bosto*, August 18.?A suit in which is claimed as damages for a breach of p-omise of marriage has been commenced bv Mn?^ Ju-?ler. of New York, against Dr George Haywardand wife, of Boston. Mr. Jugler met the lady in Europe, who was then the wealthy widow of the late Amos Bin ney. He alleges that she promised to marry him but subsequently married Mr Hayward The defendants are abroad Rufus Chnate and Pcleg W. Chandler are retained for defence Great Storm at City Point. Petersburg, August 19.?A tremendous storm occurred yesterday at City Point. James river The ships Vigo and Wiel*nd, and the schooners Jamestown. Susan and Fanny Beech were badly damaged. The Jamestown wa? damaged to the extent of *1.000 and the Susan Sh'p Gre\ Lagle. bark tsylvia. and other vessels were also much damaged and disabled. The storm lasted an hour and a half, more ru rious than anv previous storm known to the in habitants. Total damage about S5.UU0. The Atlantic Cable. St. John's, n . f.. Aug. 19 ?As the fate of th<* enterprise for connecting this island with Ireland will much depend upon the character of the weather, we shall report the *am? daily until the telegrap! fleet arrives at T'initv Bay Yesterday the weather was cool, with but little wind front the northwest. To-day is pleasant, and a gentle wind f:om the west. New York. Aug 19.?Letters received by the steamer this afternoon from Valencia say that the telegraph fleet may be expected to arrive at New foundland with the cable in twenty days after leaving that place. Health of New Orleans. New 'S okk, Aug. 19?Private letters received from New Orleans, dated the lUth. sav that it had rained for thirty-eight days there consecutively, and was still raining. The city, however, was healthy. The deaths in this citv during the u?t week were 71. There is no yellow fever in or alKJtit the city. Baltimore Market!. A"S 'J*" ?Flour is active: C tr Mills How<trrt street *7 The receipt of Wheat is light to-dav: quota tions nominal Corn is better; white t>la*5c yel lowClanSc. W hisky lower, City *7tfc, Ohio S9r. flew Yark Market*. New York, Aug.20.?Flour is depressed, wth a decline of 5 cents; sales of 4,500 bids; State fi 40a*? 50: OhiO $ti.75a$7 25; Southern 9o TOa?*.25. Wheat is drooping, and quotations are nomi nal. Corn is dull; sales of20,000 bushels; yellow DO cents. Provisions are steadv; mess Pork 125.50. Chi cago repacked Beef 819 75. Lard is steady at IGj^ cents. Whisky is dull; Ohio We. Financial. New York, Aug20 ?Stock* are active and firmer. Chicago and Rock Island 09; Cumber land Coal Co. 15; Illinois Central Railroad ins Michigan Southern 2?#; New York Central 77 v ; Pennsylvania Coal Company 73; Reading/ Rail rosd 69*; Missouri tt'n 78. * Sterling Exchange is firmer at 10b\al09\. ?70 rca Head?Niw York in thi Cootie Trade ?Among the charters at this port. Mon J*y? we *^e, Waa the ship "Enterprise,"' from Cbina to Cuba, with Coolies at f7o per head, rhis is l>etler for the ship-owner than carrying corn at 2,^d per bushel, or flour at rates that Will riardlv pay for loading and unloading. Thl? "Coolie" business, it has been shown from time-to time, is quite as bad as the African "lave trade. The " horrors'' of the passage from China to Cuba are said to be hut a repetition?if not an aggravation?of the awful '-middle pax Rage'' from Africa. Haven't Black Republican friends a word of "sympathy" for the poor Asi atic? Or, is it the Coolie's misfortune not to have aanbon face and a woolly head ??A'?u> Fori Ertning Erprttt. CT Prof Wine is to make a balloon ascension from Carlisle, Pa , this (Tbnrsdav) morning |]^7" Jark?on, the American Deer, is now at Lancaster, Pa , engaged in walking 102 consec utive hours, on a plank two feet wide and 3u feel long, for a purse of 9)150,