Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ? PI BL!SHED EVERY ArTEESOOH, (EICSPT SUNDAY,} AT THE STAR BUILDINGS. Ceraer Pcaajpieaaia av?aiu, amd 111* Strtlt, Br W. D. WALL A OH, and u served to aakMnbari by earners at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to h? Acenta; papers served in ptokifM at 57% oenta per month. To mail aaheer>bersthesnbaonptK>npnoe<a TUKEE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year m arrears, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR fi?r three month#; for lees than three montns at the rate of 12X oenta a fET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1857. NO. 1,434. THE WEEKLY STAR. tainfac ?as be found la any < morning. H*a" MMNrawNMuwthaa I peU?ahed cm Satarday ?4 . ****?. Steele oopy, pit an nam ..r a Fire oopiea 1 en Copiea JTweoty ooy TO CL' . ? no .14 ?? ICrCAtH. invam;a*lt m advance. Ht suteoriUnx in olahe nuaed udod( n^ijcblxva without the intervention of * mnil a*ent. aa wiH he peroeired, twenty per oenU of the Wkiut Sta? w:I! he saved. It invariably eontaiua the "Wash initon News*' that haa made the Daily Stah oirca lateeo ceuemlly throughout the oouatry. tL/~Sin*!e eopiea < in wrappers) ou lie procured at tlie oon nt er. immediately after the taaae of the Paper. Prioe?Three Cents. Postmastfes who aet aa acenta will he allowed a commission of twenty per oent. THE Ml SItlAVS MARRIAGE. After baring pawed the summer in visiting the principal town* in Germany, the celebrated pianist, Litsz, arrived at Prague in October, 1&46. The day after he came, bis apartment was ?ntered by a stranger?ant>ld man. whose ny pearanee indicated misery and suffering. I <s great musician received him with a cordiality whi<*h he would not perhaps hare shown to a , nobleman. Encourgcd by his kindness, hia via- I itor said : 44 I come to you. sir. as a brother. Excuse me if I take this title, notwitstanding the distance that divides us; but formerly I could boast some ?kill in playing on the piano, and by giving in struction t gained a comfortable livelihood. | Now I am old, foeble, burdened with a large family, and destitute of pupils. I live at Nu remburg. but came to Prague to seek to recover the remnant of a small property which belonged to my ancestors. Although nominally success ful, the expense of a long litigation has more than swallowed up the trilling sum I recovered. To-morrow I set out for home?penniless. '? And you have come to me ' \ou have done well, and I thank you for this proof of your esteem To assist a brother protossor is to me more than a duty?it is a pleasure. Artists should have their purse in common; and if for tune n gleets some in order to treat others bet ter than they deserve, it only makes it more neccss.iry to preserve the equilibrira by fra ternal kindness. That's my system ; so don t speak of gratitude, for I feel that I only dis charge a aebt." As he uttered tho.*e generous words, Lists opened a drawer in his writing esse, and start ed when he saw that his usual depository f<>r his money contained but three ducats. lie summoned his servant. '? Where is the money ?" he asked " There, sir," replied the man, pointing to the open drawer. *? There! Why, there's scarcely anything!" *? I know it, sir. If you please to remember. I told you yesterday that the cuh waa nearly exhausted.-' 44 You see. Iby dear brother,'* said Listz, smiling, 44 that for the moment I ain no richer than you ; but that d >es not trouble mo ; I have credit, and I can make money start from the keys of my piano. However, as you are in haste to'leavo Prague and return home, you shall not be delayed by my present want of funds." So saying, he opened another drawer, and taking out a splendid medalion. gave it to tho old man. 4* There," said he, ?? that will do. It was a present made me by the Emperor of Aus tria; his own portrait set in diamonds. The painting is nothing remarkable, but tho stones are line. Take them and dispose of them, and whatever they bring shall be yours." The old musician tried in vain to dccline so rich a gift. Listz would not hear of a refusal, and the poor man at length withdrew, invoking the choicest blessings of heaven on his gener ous benefactor. He then repaired to the shop of the principal Jeweler in the eity. in order to sell the diamonds. Seeing a miserably-dressed man anxious to dispose ot magnificent jewels, with whose volue he appeared unacquainted, the master of the shop very naturally sus pected his honesty; and while appearing to ex amine the diamonds with close attention, he whispered a few words in the ear of one of his assistants. The latter went out and speedily returned, accompanied by several solaiers of police, who arrested the unhappy artist, in spite of his protestations of innocence. '? You must first come to prison," they said, "afterwards you can give an explanation to the magistrate." Tho prisoner wrote a few lines to his bene factor, imploring his assistance. Listz has tened to the jeweller. 44 Sir," said he, "you have caused the arrest of an innocent man. Come with me immedi ately, and let us have him released. He is the lawful owner of the jewela in question, lor I gave them to hist. ' But, sir," wked the merchant, 44 who are 44 you " My name is Listz." 44 I don't know any rich man of that name." '? That may be; yet I am tolerably well known. '? Are you aware, sir, that these diamonds are worth six thousand florins; that ia to say, about five thousand guineas, or twelve theu eand francs ?" ?' So much the better for him on whom I have bestowed them." 44 But in order to make such a present you must be very wealthy." " My actual fortune consists of three ducats. " Theu you are a magician ?" '? By no means; and yet, by just moving my fingers. I can obtain as much money as I wish " You must bo a magician !" " If you choose, I'll disclose to you the magic I employ." Lists had seen a piano in the parlor behind the shop. He opened it and ran his fingers over the keys ; then, seized by sudden inspiration, he improvised uuo of those soul-touching sym phonies peculiar to himself. A a he sounded the first chords, a beautiful young girl entered the room. While the melody continued she remained speechless and immova ble; then, as the last note died away, she cried, with irresistible enthusiasm, '* Bravo, Listz ! 'tis wondrous!" 44 Dost thou know him, then, my daughter?" asked the jeweler. '? This is the first time I have had the pleas ure of seeing or hearing him." replied she; " but I know that none Listz,could draw such sounds from the piano." Expressed with grace and modesty, by a I young person of remarkable beauty, this ad miration could not fail to be more than flatter ing to the artist However, after making his best acknowledgments. Listz withdrew, inorder to deliver the prisoner, and was accompanied by the jeweler. Grieved at his mistake, the worthy merchant sought to repair it, by inviting the two musi cians to sapper The honors ot the tablo were done by his amiable daughter, who appeared no less touched at the generosity of Listz than astonished at bis talent. That night the musicians of tho city sere naded their illustrious brother. The next day the nobles and distinguished inhabitants ? >f Prague presented themselves at his door. They entreated him to give some concerts, leav ing it to himself to fix any sum he pleased as a remuneration. Then the jeweler per ceived that talent, even in a jiecuniary light, may be more valuable than tho most precious diamonds. Lists continued to go to his house, and, to the merchant s great joy, be perceived that his daughter was the cause of these visits. He began to love the company of the musician, and the fair girl, his only child, certainly did not hate it. One morning the jeweler, coming to the point with German frankness, said to Listz ; " How do you like my daughter?" 44 She is an <\ngel!" 4; What do you think of marriage ?" 441 think so well of it, that I have tho greatest possible inclination to try it." " What would you say to a fortune of three million francs ?" ** I woqM willingly acccpt it." " W ell, we understand eachother. My daugh ter pleases you. you please my daughter. Her fortune is ready; be my son-in-law." 44 With all my heart. ' The marriage waj celebrated the following week And this, according to tho chronicles of I rague, is a true account of the marriage of the great and gt?od pianist. Listz. IH7" The Mnnortant qn??ti.,n la now 'inder dis cu.sion ut Cambridge?41 Which can smell a rat the q.,ir^,t_the man who knows the most, or the man who ha? the most no** ITT" The *ffd known as the '-water p^nrvr ?? or ?-?mart w ~d . ' which may be fonnd In Jii md anre al^ng ditches, roads, lane* and barn vard? Is an en ctnal and certain dent i>y?r of the bed bug A strong drroetlon is made of the herb and thenla - -if-ned with the the insects washed well with it. A BI/MPOLOGY STORY. One morning a traveling phrenologist arrived at a hotel in Erie and took lodgings. The next day. in the village newspaper appeared an ad vertisement atating that Prof. B had arrived in Erie. Pa., and would make, for a "compen sation," examination of the heads of eitisens, and accompany the same with accurate and re liable oharts of charaoters. For two or three days the calls were scarce, but on the fifth there was a rush of five or six to the apartments of the Professor. One morning a countryman entered the inn were the phrenologist had his rooms, and said to the landlord : " Is this the place where the phrenologist 4 holds out,' who can tell a man's character by the bumps on bis skull ?" " Yes.'' replied Boniface, with a reserved and dignified air. 4? Wal. I want ray potato-trap looked Into a little. Where's the man?" '? I am the man!" said the landlord. "Oh, you be, eh? Wal, put in, feel o' my bumps, and gin us a map. What's the swin dle >W " There is no swindle, sir. Phrenology is a science, sir." "Oh. yes?expect so; but what's the price for feelin' a feller s head?" 41 One dollar, with a chart." " Wal, go it; what do I du ??lie down or sit up ? Docs it hurt ?" " Not in the least, my dear sir. Take your scat in this chair." There were four or five morning loungers in the tavern, who chocked a laugh as the country man took his seat, having first, as requested, re moved his coat, vest and neck-eloth. The wag of a landlord run his hands through the hair of the patient a moment, and then turning to the barkeeper, said : 44 Mr Flipkins, take a sheet of paper and draw four lines down its whole length, ami put my figures under the head I mention to you." It was done. 14 Have you got it?" " Yes, all right." " Yery well." And the landlord went on with his examina tion, which was rougher perhaps than there was any necessity for. 4- Put down Philoprogenitiveness, sixty.11 ?? Down, sir." Very well; Reverence, two." " Booked. sir." " Combativeness. two hundred " 4i What's that'" said the victim. 44 No matter, sir; you'll see itoa the chart. ' " Caution, ont." " Credulity, four hundred." " What's the last bump'" asked the patieut. " Never mind now. you'll understand it by and-by. And now. (to the bar-keeper,) Mr. Flipkins. you've put these in separate columns, as usual ? ' Ysir.'' " Yery well?add 'cm up." 44 Aid era u-u-p-p!" exclaimed the phrenolo gical subject. " Is this the way you do?" ?4 Of c-o-u-r-s-e ! how else could we get your balance of mind?of intellect ?" 44 Wal, go ahead." 44 How does it Duboll. Mr. Flipkins?" 44 The three columns are equal?they foot up precisely the same!" The landlord looked solemnly and sympathiz ingly towards his subject. '? It is strange," said he, " but it is so. Phre nology never lies. \ou have no predominant character, sir; you havo no intellectual status; you don't know anything, sir. Excuse me, sir, but I must state the truth, whether you take the chart or not? but if there is any truth in phrenology, vou are a fool! Under the circuni stances, sir, 1 can scarcely expect you to keep the chart you have oontracted for! that is a mat ter of email consequence, as it will be a valua ble illustration of a unique species, which I can use in all my lectures hereafter. I authenticate all my lecturcs, sir, with real names and res idents. The charge of deception in science, is one which was nevor brought against me, and never will be, sir?never." "Oh, never mind; give ua the map," said the subject; 44 here s the swindle, for I'd rather pay it than have you goingaround the country mak ing a fool of me everywhere else as you havo here- you blasted* philogeuitivo humbug you !' With this explosion, the subject retired. A Romaxtic Attorjev at tiik Jail.?A young and romantic attorney visited the coun tv jail a dry or two ago. and while there saw in the female department a very fair and inno cent looking girl, llis better feelings were en listed, andoy pity aud vague sense of admira tion and affection he whs drawn to her immedi ately. He felt there must be some great error in her confinement among the most depraved beings ; some chain of circumstance which she coulu not break had bound her to alluring vice. She must be guiltless ?she must have an un spoken secret that would make her history all clear and spotless. Like a liiy in the dark mo rass she seemed, and the while petals could not have drooped upon the mire of sin. So thinking, all the tenderness, gallantry, ro mance and poetry of his nature was aroused, and waiting until she stood alone peering through the bars with her soft violet eyes, he approached, and spoke of her cruel fate, her in nocenco, her beauty, his sympathy, his faith, his high regard. She listened, and her blue eyes opened wider and wider with mute astonishment, and the roses of her mouth unclosed to the sun of his sympathy, but no bright bird of speech flew forth from their erimson sweotness. The youth continued in his Sidneyan strain ; he saw she was moved ; he beheld her little emo tions in her heaving breast and in her moist ened gase. '? What can I do ? I pity and would aid your It is in my power to benefit you, my poor girl. Do not look so amated and startled ' Do not hes itate, but tell me?I am a friend upon whom you may rely ?" The blue eyes gleamed, and from the Cupid moulded mouth came forth these words :? Well, stop that ere talkin' then, and give us a chaw of tobakker!" The disciple of Blackstone did not believe his senses at first, and stood confounded ; but slow ly reflection shone and rose full upon his mental sky. and the beautiful twilight of sen'iment fell suddenly away. lie turned and left that noisome place, and hit* imagination will not soon impose upon him a dissolute, but fine eomplexioned nymph for a suffering and sorrowing saint.?Ctnctn. Gaz. A Yisit to MAnsiiriKUt.?A party of ladies and gentlemen visited Marshfield a few days since to view the mansion and ground of the late Daniel Webster. They were received in the kindest manner by the lady of the house, whose cheerful countenance and friendly smiles alone were more than a sufficient recompense for the long and tedious ride over the dusty roads which lead to the home of the "Great Impounder." Every attention was shown to the visitors by the members of the family, and an hour was pleasantly passed in surveying the diffvreiit apartments, and gating upon the many portraits of distinguished individuals which adorn the walls. Great care and attention have been bestowed upon the premises by the present oocupant, and everything about the es tate bears marks of the good taste displayed in laying out the grounds. A great many persons daily visit this place, sacred to the heart of every American, and many come from great distances to pour forth their devotion at this shrine of patriotism^ All are hospitably re ceived. and permitted to takeairae range of the extensive estate. A servant is in readiness to conduct strangers through the house. By the regulations of the mansiou, and for the better preservation of the premises, a small fee (25 cents per head) must be paid by each visitor. The book for the names or the visitors contains the signatures of persons from every part of the country, and from foreign lands. It is stated, that in one month, last summer, 2,000 persons visited the home and resting place of Wobster.? Bottom Pott. FOE BENT AJSTD SALE. FAR?)ck p,ece of fin? I-AND on te.iiws nre?i f ?? y improved; new house; 13 acres rich ran MlvMi^^r /0"1? pne yellow-pine timber. It ?e?tho?? ??Klf de\,red- Cnil and >ao the premi ss those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf FVr!^ t# r?J"~A m,odf>r?,built HOUSE, onntain fu I Hi <f 1?fortably furnished, in a delight ?rvSioni iis^ ' fr?nting one of the public res citv the r',??r ??rndin? *" **?ensiveview of the out: ^ ??,?'11 ,A? KM through rent' Will ?J> m bath-room. To a careful tenant the <?!t fcsfcsj"""'" " ""1 "Tit-iT FSft imi^vop RKNT.-THK desirable togetherwith ?V?* V" We Y>rB*r of F ?*i *lst sts., H5u..lnTi the Grounds surrounding it. The and nfrn?^"ru1*V^iV roo,"?f hM ?as throughout, (l . rnacc, The stable will be so!u or rented with sBO WlxVZ'E * Jhe Io\ the ',on"e atandia on flirt M?i?dV th<S puroliaaer MU Also, for Sale?The J.OT OF GROUND on the PatnL? *an(i 1?tt!rfr.r?T?n8Aand LOTSob I9th,near ?p?tf PPT UBBBRUTHERS? A LWMp'wFA?V* ^OR SALE.-Tor ^1? r543 Rore>'Culpeper Coun 71?"".e m11 e from Mitchell's Station on the ran^T^M. ,d Railroad. The anil is natu I?, 1 n! L. mav economically and easily be arl? I?Twn f? 5 it will produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere m the United Spates : U5 acres for4hTLth. ' mnch 1f il ?uita?'I? ship timber. . f thi?V?M, eHnar1e m*r,ket" to '*> reached by means thstm^lii^lS8.^ a 'r1r*? ?U*ntlty Of cord Wood that may be sold to th" Railroad Company at remn ^H.t?V.ri?e"-- The h?^inrs areali or"a hill wd. res id.nw ,(e?Pr'r8? imayr?? m*!,e comfortable for the residence of a family I he place is well watered and embraces every desirable convenience. As one \v!?t J?n!}t owners of this Farm now resides in the n ^ l? M!l, U' 11 U? SOi'la great bargain,on very accommodating terms. I ersons disposed to purcha84 may inquire for fur VtVrVv S to. W' 0- WAIj L A CH, ed it or of fi<T. I<gtou Clty' wl'? k"ows the prem 18?"' jy 8-tf FV^^W?nH.Ti???ll,K?i,lA1, JP"*T" Agents. m. Seventh str^ot, hr.low R strppt Hki-a fr%r feet denrUDnif th?/ Buil,d,n* 1'ot* 24 feet front by 13" r? 11 w Pnce of from $75 to *125 month. m " monthly instalments of is per ?rtTfhh'??<u?!r are situated at Union Town, on the vy rard Rr?d?2'? J"10081 ** r 1 ve r, adjoining the Na ' aro *,n ever* Way desirable for tmn foradweCTng.0 p,eiWMUit'?nd loca ?&?& t'he^tuf^lo XJ^iHe,u,,^Sfed frM and Wood and Coal. ^OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! Now afloat,a cargo of White Ash Em COAT, which wiil be sold at a reduction of twenty-five o s' on the ton if taken from the vessel! ajn7tmM the ton- ? , R. W. BURR, ??>'?'>?? Rnd Wood Dealer, au 22-3t cor 7th street and Maas. ave. A COAL CLUB 14 NOW FORMING, AND rT, fTr,?.n" 1 w d''slre tn ,Fct -*1 "?P"rior qnaiitT of JT priCH .* Lowell to leave their wines at ray ?)fli?e, west aide'Jth street, between D ?U w-iat ? F-L- 5nioorf ^OAL! COAL!! COA iTT! 7~ The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with their orders for Coa * of any sizo or kind they may want, or as good quality as oomes to this market. Alao, a good supply of WOOD, at No. 475 mH? Bridge e" " an<1 K streets, and Potomac Coal2,240 lbs. to the ton. wa 11 -iaw?w J. S. Jf A R V F/?^Ar_C( >. I'MBEKfcAND COAL. Orders will be rec?ived for cargoes, half cargoes. of the b#'*t qual?fT CUM HER |j* .> u COA L. in lump, or the runof the mines, at the very lowest cash prices. . JONAS p. LEVY, ine. I.iquor. and Grocery Store, an 7>-tf No. HI 12th street, corner of B street ONE CARGO"CL'MBER f.A ND COAL. jnst received. T. J. A. W. M. GALT. _an 20 2w N. VV . corner 12th and C sts., N<?. 547. CUM BEE LAN D COA L.?Now disohargiug, 100 tons Cumberland Coal. 1 ? ? . CASTLEMAN 4 BRO., !t7t eomergfli and R ,ts.. opp. National hotel. CUMBERLAND COAL. . a *uPeripr article of CUMBER IjA.sU tUAI., assorted in qualities suitable for family, steaming, and blacksmith purposes, ail of wnicli will be di?po5eil uf on the most iccommodft ting terms G. L.SHERIFF, a 11 I1 w \ ard west side 4>? st..nt Canal bridge. Watches, Jewelry, &c. QLOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!! A e/vwf BRASS CLOCK for j?i. J have just re cejved aud oper.ed ?1| flit? new style Clocks, from *| up^to giV The triulc supplied (as! usual) at wholesale prices. Also, Clock Ma-I terials. such as Cords, Keys, Balla. Hands,! >? ires. Oils, Ac., at the Clock hix) AVatch' Store of j. ROBINSON. 343,opposite Browns'hotel, Rl|212rn ?ij;i? Largo Gilt Watch. (??L1n vlN P?'ky.K? )YA ,C "i:s- -IEWEL R\ , AND FANCY ARTICLES. I navejiist receiveil another addition to my large stock of Gold and Silver WATCH ES, of the Jtv t?est makers 111 Europe. Also, Gold Chains of (^3 every style hud price. Jewelry in sets and sin-AIjs ?. . P'"?"*'J'Tfiimery and fancy Articles, Silver plated Baskets, Spoons. Castors. A-c., at J. ROBINSON'S, 319, opposite Browns' hotel. N. B.-WATCH RKI.Xlli'l'vra.'.ii'l.Sft., manner i>y a skilful U'atchrnnker. and warranted, an 21-2m ATCHES, JEWELRY, . . . 4 . AND SILVER WARE. 1 have jnst received a new supply of FINE W A r C H ES jGOI.l) CHAINS, and a large assort merit of RICH JEWELRY of^every description, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most oomplete in the city. I have just finished (on the premises) a very large assort men tof PURE.SILVER WARE, among which may be found a SOI.IDSIf>VER TEA KET TLE superior to anything liefore exhibited in this city,?the weight of which is 125 ounces, oapacity 9 quarts. r * Borh citizena and atrangera are invited to call and examine. H. O. HOOD, I ft ?\ yw P? n^nr 9th *tre?t. J^TEW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. ? H O. IIOOD has just returns] from the North, anil ha* brought on a line lot of!o ?<r?]er; |9.'17>U,Brilliants, and Plain GOLD J IEH ELR\. Also, a good ass?irtment<W* olfaue GOLD and SILVER WATCHES. 75me ver> superior time keepers for ladies and sentiemeiis a HIWII ft ?^nt variety oTSTAND #1,1 i. . i ARE Ofins own make, warran ted the best quality and will be sold verv low. I'lease Mil and examine goods and prices at No. 338 I'enn Av^, sign of the I Jirge Sprevf Eagle. jy w U1 NTING PAR K TIIOTT1NG COU RSE. Th- i?, i . St"f'l ,n'1 of the Lon* Bridge. I he i roDnetors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure in being able to 1"? say that their arrangements areali IT^^L plete, and that their track is now open*li~J?7^ t<? the public. In all its arrangements hhmmmA ?>!iv L'r.,i?rp'iSJr in the United States, offering as many -I- f?s yi ' lr'al <'1 speed as any other Amer n.Mnf /I'tt^'K C'cirsc ft is precisely a mile in cir ciiinf-rence, fifty feet wide, grade<1 nnd prepared ?i?i **,1* a" Judgment, and is in pr-rfect order. I he House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its comforts and aecoiunuHJations, and for the lux unes a!ways to be obtained th(,re. 'The public may rely on it that, under any and all circumstances, good order will tie maintained and enforced upon the premises^ ?? f? 2m Hygeia hotel, l ?OINT COMKORT'Va * nil moat delightful Summer resort?the "bright perticnlar locality of all the sunn/ South"? A . , A is now the sole property of the under-VcrMk 9 signed, and will be opened on the 1st of II''? T June next, and each successive June foll^^uu^I engage to make it to the seekers for health, rr-crea ti?m, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. h or health, no mountain retreat can to safer at any sranttn of the year. It is as exempt from disease iu August and Sepioinber and Ootober as in Aprrt. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the moat pleaaant of the aeason. 'The weather ia milder, the aea breexe lialmier, and the luxuries ??f the salt water are to be had of finer quality and in greater profusion. There is no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic seaboard. It is striotly true of it wf?t the poet hath said: '? Oh . if there be an Elysium on earth, it ia this, it ii this!" Archer. Jarvis, and other army surgeons at ' H?"*, .^1; Francia Mallory, Drs. Semple, ^imkins, Sheild, Hope, and Vaughan.and indeed the p!h ?' l<a' Fadulty resident iu the vicinity of r < rt Monroe, all oertify that they "hate never billions or ague and fever to ori IJLili;r*?r*? nnti that at all reasons it is tkt tkZir ijJtL,r.(" ?* 'ht /aet ?/'*? earth." (See i ,n *>? BoWs Review, Southern fianter, ami American Farmer.) 22 dflw4Uw2o? JOS. 8EGAR, Propnetor. EDUCATIONAL. 1\IISS WAGGAMAN'S 1 v , SKLVCTSrHOOL A'o. 443 12th Street, between G and H streets. \V ill re-open on Tuesday, Septomber 1st. an 21 -Sw* OITTENHOUSE ACADEMY^ At' Indiana avenue, near 3d street. The next academic year will commence September ut- _ O. C. WIGHT, au 21 eo3w Principal. MRS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG EADIES, Corner of L and 10rA streets. The next session or this Institution will commence on the 1st of September, 1857. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto lore, f>e engaged in every department. "r'ber particulars can be obtained by applying at theSeminarj. au2l-dt&eo3w rJ,IIE UNION ACADEMY. ~ 'Hie regular duties will be resumed September 1st. Z. Richards, Principal, A. O. Wilkinson. Asst., A. C. Richabds. Asst.. A. Zapponk. Mod. Lan. ? JHE UNION FEMA LE ACADEMY. Mrs. /. Richards, Prin., Miss M.J. Wilcox,Asst., A. aaptoxk. Mod. Languages. au 13-eoltn Young ladies seminary?

Corner of Montgomery and Dunbarton sts., GKORGKTOn'*, D. C. Mrs.Gen WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Tuesday, September 1st, when a share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. an U-eotSeptl5 FKMAI.K SFMINARY V* ^ R SALE OR RENT.?This institution,(so long Known as n first ciass Summary for young la nics,) b?mg vacant, is offered for sale or rent 'sale preferred.) Miss English, by whose efforts it was bnilt up and lor many years so prosperously and usefully con ducted, in oonseqiience of impaired health, desires to relieve herself ol all responsibility in connexion witn it. The buildings are commodious and furnished for a large boarding and dar school. Should any person whose character is a guarantee lor a first-class Seminary, open if a* such early in September, a number of pupils wiil be oecured and the community here accommodated. Such an opportunity is probably no where else to be found for success in a like undertaking. Address RICHARD HENDERSON, A cent, care of Miss L. S. English, Georgetown, 1). C. an 15-eotf SKhir,7i ? EAmily school for young 0 LADIKS, ENGLISH AND FRENCH. A'o. 308 Fstreet, Washington, D. C. Principal. DONALD MACLOED, A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow. formerly Head Masterof Ravens College and Ashwood School, and Professor or Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the Columbia Institute. This School will l>? opened on the second Monday of September nest, for the reception of a limited numlwr of Boarding Pupils and Dav Scholars, who will tie treated, mall respects, aft. members of the 1 rincipal s .anuly. The design is to offer to young r !?Sfrom,f disianceailthat is included inthe'name <>r Homo, and to extend to the Da> Scholars the advantages ??f Home influence. The Sessions will begin on the second Morday of Septemr-er and first iMonJay of February, in each y?r-. The vacations wilt extend through the months of July and August. Circulars containing full information mav be ob tained at the principal hookstorea, and will be for warded by mail, to any address, on application. au8-tf I^ EMALE ENGLISH AND FR RNCH COL LEGIATE INSTITUTE. Washington, D. C. Hibam Cor.son. Principal, in charge of English a;,<1 Classical Departments. M me. C. Roi.lin Corson. Teacher of French, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Paintinr. M lle Kxilie, Assistant Teacher of h rench. Tho duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, 18V7. Circulars can bo obtained at the Boole and the Music Stores. jy 31-lm* I EMERSON INSTITFTE, J H Street, between 12fA and \3th. Select Classical and Mathkviatical School kok Bo vs. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. The numl>er of pupils is limited, r or further particulars address au 4-iin CIIAS. B. YOUNG, Principal. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH ** EMAT1CAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will !>e resumed September 7Th. iv7-2?wtf * P.A.nOWKN. Principal. |\fRS-,Bl RR'S SCHOOL FOR VOFNg" I.A i?I Dl ES.?No. ?l H street, l>etween 13th and 14th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem ber 21st. ^ jy 8-law.lfrw* pULPEPER FEMALE SEMINARY. yS CCLPXPKR Cot'HT Hot'SS, V*., Under the Instruction and Superintendence of the MISSES FORNERET. This Sohool will lie re-opop?<| on the 1st of Sep tember, IHS7, for the reception of Boarders and a lew uay Scholars. The object in view is to extend to ail who apply and are admitted, a thorough and useful education. No pains will be wit! held from giving the young Lndi?* such instructions as will adapt them forever* duty and emergency of life. While tne ornamental branches will hot tie neglected, the solid and fundamental principles of heart and head education will bo the special objects of usiduous at tention. Female education has now taken sneh a firm hold on public attention, that, to proclaim its ail vantages, would be to portray a degree of ignorance not com patible with modern improvement. The elevating influence of female education is felt andacknowl edged by every admirer of female excellence; hes itate then, no longer, to bestow on your daughters those advantages that are indispensibie to th-ir ad vancement and success through life. As the School increases, the number of Teachers will be also increased; thereby securing every aux iliary to the rapid advancement of the Student. Every effort will be put forth to maintain tha high tone and charaeterof the School. Appropriate hours will be set apart for study and daily exercise. The discipline will be mild and per suasive. but very firm. Two Saturdays Reappoint ed every month for the girls to visit and make pur chases. The Gospel is preached from four different pulpits,affording to each the privilege of attending trie Church of her choice. No influence wiil lie ex erted to control the religions prejudices of the pu pils. \\ bile practical Christianity will form the basis of their instruction, the selection of Churches and Sabl>aih Schools will bo submitted to the decision ol parents and pupils?the variety of religious priv ileges here, will not fail to offer satisfaction to all. No Scholar will be taken for a shorter term than hvemon'lia admission will be obtain* d'any timedur lnz.tlie session, and charged only from tho tune of entrance. Half the tuition and boarding fee must be paid in advance, in order to oover the expenses of the School. Term* For Ten Months. Board, (including fire and lights) ^.$120 no English branches for advanced Scholars 30 (in English branches for small Scholars 25 00 Music on Piano 31 on Use of instrument in on French ........V.". in (5, Washing . extra. No deductiou made but in case of protractcd sick ness. Referfncbs. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns, Alexandria, Va. Rev. Thomas l.eavell, Madison county, Va. ev. Mr. Earnest, Oranye county, Va. Rev. John W. George, Culpeper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carsou, " " Rev. John Cole, " " Dr. Alex. Payne, ?? ?? Chas. E. I.ightfoot, Esq., " " Thomas S. Alcooke, Esq., " M Belfield Cave, Esq., Madison county, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Esq., Orange county, Va. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro, ?? ?? Hon. John S I'endleton, Culpeper county, Va. Judge R. H. I* leld, '* " ?? Dr. C. W. Ashhy, " ?? ?? Dr. Alfred Taliaferro. " ?? ?? Edward B. Hill, Esq , L. P. Nelson, Kna., " .? Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint !ng will be given by a competent Teacher, should a class siimcieutly large be formed. au 6 lm YOLNG LADIES INSTITUTE. ehglish anL fhesch No. 49" E Street, Washington, 1). C. The sutwnber has taken charge of this Institution, latelt under the care of the Rev. S. H. Mi rick; the oourse of instruction will be thorough, and will not -Im u'T 'bat pursued by the former Principal. I he Scholaatio year wilf begin on the second Mon day of September, and close on the last Fridaj of June in each year. ' ' A limited numl-er of pupils will be received into the family of the Principal, and every effort will bo made to render them comfortable and happv. C irculars can l>e obtained at the principal !>ook stores, and at the residence of the principal. CHARLES II. NORT()N, A. M. JSRKS?lrx,,srcS il" 3 c,,lm S. H.MIRICK. pm? ?o.?i. pu;.;s% is. time. Call and examine for yourselves at ??" im? d.ii i. 8. P. HOOVFR'8, _ _ ' ir'^i Halt^Pa. ?v? hot. Qih nr.rf l.tfh ???. R^CITvWAV'T^urtSVai'A'JT. for sale at the HOUSE eomer of Falls may Vfy Jialtunwe, Md. EDUCATIONAL. I!?a" *,*' ' vi.a??. C? LINTON ACADEMY, GEORGETOWN, ' OsoRfiK Arnold, M. A., Principal. This School heretofore conducted by Rev. T. W. Simpson will be re-opened on Monday, September the 7th. Cireulara max Iw porcured at the Drug Store of Mr. R. S. T. Cisse"!. Georgetown. an 14-1 in * CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE. NkaR CDLI'XrKK Col&T HoCSK, Vi. The second session of this school will oornmenee on the 1st day ol Septeml>er. 1857. A graduate of the University of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will Imve charge of the departments of Ancient and Modern L&ruunues ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathemaiics. Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry. and lower Kuclish branches. The course ot studies will be aa followss Preparatory Cr as?. ftdii , ? ireek Grammar. Third Ci.a?*. Mathematics, English Grammar, Anlhmelio, Hra tory, Latin, Greek, French. Skcoxd Clash. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanisli. First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry .Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Infantry and Artillery Tactics. Geography,History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish. Every Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then lie assigned to that class to waich his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will bo allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be necessarily rigid, but the ooinfort and convenience of each member of the school will be duly respected There will be daily military exorcises, but care will lie taken that they uo not interfere with the Academic duties. Tfrms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights. t>r ten months, ?!R?. Payments semi-annually in advance. For reooramendatious and further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES F.. LIGHTFOOT, V. M. I., Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Ancient and Modern Languages. R EFF.RENrES. We have the privilege of referring to the followingi Facility of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William P. Richardson, Richmond City, I'rof. Matipin. University of Virginia, 'rof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie ie Vera, do Prof. McGufly. do Prof. Lucian Minor, William and Mary College. Ilev. John Br radus. Charlottesville. Mr. John Ilart. A. M., do John Hunter, E?i., Louisa county. Col. John WoolWk, Orange county. Rev. Wm. S. White. D. 1)., Lexington. Rev. Win. N. Pendleton, do James Barbour, Esq., Culpeper. Col. Win. B. Taliaferro. Gloucester. W. D Wal'ach. Esq., Washington Gity. Gen. Geo. Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq.. do Maj. Henry Hill, U.S. A.. New York. R. S. Voss. Esq., Rappk. county. Capt. Joint's Stark, do The Citixansof Pulpeper. jyl.S-eotf \C A R D.?A CHANCE RARELY MET WITH BY THOSE WHO W A PIANO FORTE.?I have now in stor'-t-j^y^jYj the following great l-tr^ains: # I ? ? ? Two buperli Pianos, four round corners, rosewood cases, seven octaves. u.?ed only a f.-w months. I wiil roll them at c'l?5 less than their price seveH months since. A lie-'tutilul seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron fraina, round corners, for e'M. The alxne Pianos ar?? sold for no fault, but be longed to fami ies who have removed to the west, and left them with us to Iw sold. They are re*Ily and truly great bargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with thein. and will, at any fu ture day. exchange, if parties are not satished. Alto, a fine second-hand Piano of Hallet A Davia' make, for ??*>', used but eighteen months, and cost SS?S. Also, two second-hand Chick"ring's for *175?ich. at the Great Piano Warerooms of JOHN F. ELLIS, an 19 Penn. ave.. bet. St h and loth streets. w G. METZEROTT has now on hand a large " ? assortment of PIA NOFORTESy^j^^fcra by Rosenkranz.Bacon A Ravenjind ^ nifrfTfn Miiler. Also, several second hand Pianos' ??If* winch he will sell lor cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeons from il5 to 515^. One sec ond-hand Melodeon for Pioanofortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rcbine. su I'J pIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMER continues to add new mem bers tobtfl c'asses. Apply to Mr. PAL-, MER, at his Rooms over Farnham's Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri day, and Saturday, Itetweeu^audb p. m. Terms $J per quarter. np 25-tf / 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knark, Gakhlk A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underlie name i?f William Knab* A Co.. at the old stand. No*. I, 3, 5 and 7 North Entaw street op posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Salea Room at No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Linht streets, on the premises partly occupied l>y Air Henry MoCarfWy as a music store, where they will keep const-tDtl> unhand a large assortment of plain iml highly-finished ?, rand and square Piano Fortes llso. iMelodeous, Irom the best makers, from 4 to 5 oc'sve, some with double key-boards, doutde reetfs, hn<i stops to suit small churches. Boui< extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, v. e will sell wholesaleand retail, on the moi liberal terras. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs ol the Maryland institute two successivc years?October, 10.V5, and 1R56?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some nf the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1156 and 1M6. Tiiey have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair lor 18.57. In addition to tins we are m possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, winch can lie seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. Alt instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege ol exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call liefore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-ly WM. KNABE A CO. NINo. 5B3.I OTICE FOR RESTORING CERTAIN LANDS TO MARKET IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA. Notice is hereby given that the I,and Office at Greenaburg, in the State of Louisiana, will be open to the sale at private entry and location, on and after Ihelil >/iy of Oetobtr at st, of all vacant public land embraced in the following township*, viz : South of the bast line and east of the principal meridian. Townships 1.2.3, 4, aud 6, and fractional townships 8. "1 ran re 3. Townships 1,2,3, and 4, of range 4. Towhships I, 2. 3. 4. 5.6, and 7, and fractional town ships 8 aud 'J, of range 5. Townships 1,2.3, 4,5, 6, and 7, of range 6. Townships 1,2, 3, 4, 5, ti. and 7, of range 7. Townships 1, 2. 3, 4. 5, and 7, of range 8. Townships 1,2, 3,4,5,and 7, of range 9. The aaid lands having lieen proclaimed and offered at public sale l>elbre their recent withdrawal byuotice No. 5HB, in reference to railroad purpose*. Tnc following townships, which have not !>een of fared heretofore at public sale, will be released from their recent withdrawal for railroad purposes, and open to pre-emption as other unotfered public land, on and after the date above mentioned, viz : South of the base lime and east of the principal meridian. Townships 5 awl 7, of range 3. Townships 5,6,and 7,aud fractional townships Band 9, of range 4. Fractional townships 8, of range 6. Fractional townships R, of range 7. Township 6, and fractional towushipft. of range 8. Fractional townships 8 and 9. of range 9. Given under mv hand, at the General I And Office, at the city of Washington, the /Tth day of July, 1857. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. jy Iswfiw Commissioner. PIANOS FOR RENT. 2 at per month. 2 at .??JO per month. Other fine PIANOS at various t?nc#s au 7- JOHN F. KLI IS.Jrt Pa.ave. CLOTHI N G. _ -J A DIES AND GENTLEMEN having any to dispose of can reoeive a fair ?ash pric* lor the same, by sending or addressing H. MEI.A. No. 8<i Lou isana avenue, lietweeu 9th aud 10th streets, west end Centre Market. _ , N. B. Business suspended or. Saturdav H. MELA Pianos, &c. I ONE SECOND-HAND MELODEON VERY low. Also, five new ones, for sale ^/?n.t"Pon reasonable terms. JOHN F. F.M IS. au I S* Penn. ?v?? h#t. 9th and l*tb ?U. ICE. L J. MIDDLE TON, ? ICE DEALER, Office and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and 2Mb Streets. Waainngton. ap il-tf Ice: ICE!! ICE!!.*?The underaigned respectlul ly inform bit friends and the puMic generally. that be ia unv prepared to furnish laminos and others* through the soasou) with the best qua.:!; of ICE. delivered iu any part of W aalnugton and George town, au<i guarantees to (tire entire satisfaction. Orders to t*? led with Kidwei l A Lachence oorner mh street and Per.nayhania avenue: Gao. F. Kipwell & Co., 14th street; J. B. Moore. Drug fist, 1'enrta. avenue, between 19th and *th streets : George Sietz. New York avenue, between 1'Hh ana 11th struts; Host. A. Path*. Druggist, corner 4th and Mass. avenue; and with the aut?oi :i>er, Mo. S First street, Georgetown, where loe can be had at all times. ap 7-tf T. N. KIPWELL. Dentistry, flfcc, r rbENTISTRY. Lr DR. STEPHEN BAILY* OFFICE No. li* 1'E>NSYLVASIA a vekvx, Thrtc doors from 14tk totrttt. Dr. BAILY begs leave tu inform the public thtfI? can be seen at all hours, at his office. looa* ?1 as al?>vc. He feeis assured that an experience of bfteen taari' practice, with the large number of patient*.and great variety o| difficult cases that he h.'ui treated success ful^. will enaHe him to surmount an} difficult*, scientific or otherwise. relati?>g to the Te<th. His own experienoe confirming the opinion of mans men eminent in th.'profession. and especially lira. Harris and J.and K. Firmly, has led him. long since, todis card ail mercurial preparation* for tailing Teeth.also all Enamels, Cut la Percha, India Kut?bcr. and Ce ments for the construction ot Continuous Guin Teeth, and that Porce'.ian. mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reltaMe substance that ?.in l#wi>m in the nioulli. as was most oonciusively shown by the last American Denial Convention. Although he tlatters himse'f from his long rest deuce and practice in Washington, he is lavoraMy known tu his numerous fne ids aud patrons, LS bc^a leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Kector ot the Chuion of Epiphany of this city Dr. Stri-HEN Bailt: DesrSir-I deal re to ex press my esteem for you personal.*, and niy ooutdenoe in jou as a superior dentist. The operat ions executed for me have been highly satisfactory I hope that you may receive the patronace from m? friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly. Washington, Aug.36, VM. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, M eaara. Bout, r. firiau A- < <>. Havint e?np!o?ed Dr.Stephen Bail*. Kurreon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute fcr me an im portant and difficult piece ot work, which he oid to m> entire satisfaction, and in new of the tact that one of the most distinguished meml>ereof t he Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trial*, to perform the same work rues ue great pleasure to exprvss uiy entire confidentax.d mrti estimation of his professions' skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1&57. HARMANN BOGG8. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. Jobs M. Clayton. U. S. Sen ate. Aug. 19. IW. The teeth sou made for me work admirably ; uotb lng could be lietter. Very tratefull*, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To thoac that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. I ceil ch?erfuily recommend Dr. S. Haily as a superior Dentist: he rr.sde a set of porcelian teeth for one of my fainilv.aml p urged several teeth lor myself, and ihe aoik has a I st<Mid well for more than ten ye^rs. ROBERT T. Nl X<>\. of the Va. Conf. of tne M. E. Cliurob Souib. Apnl 19, IU66. Wo, the undersigned, having had occrsion to avail ourselves of the rr? fessionsI akill of Dr. S. Bail*. Stirreon Dentist of this city, or pavitir 1-een c<?t':ir. a..t of his operations on our families or friends. take pies mire in expressing our admiration of Ins artistic skill, as weil a? of the uniform!* satisfactor* manner in winch he performs the most de.iotle and difluui t operations iii DeT:'.r.: Surgery, and we respect ful'T re commend him to the confidence and patronaje of the public, of wnich we consider him emuiently worthy. Thova? I". Walter. Architect I". S. Csritol. Th<>* a? Miller, M. D.,ol Washington, u. C. It. S. RoiiEfcE, M. D. of Georcetow u. D. t'. N.S. I.tnroLx, M. D., of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. ItK a dlkv, of \Va?bington, |>. Gkiikge Waltom. Ex Governor of fr'Iorjd*. Waltek Lenox, Ex-Ma?orof Waj,hius*on. Henry Baldwin, I*. S. Patent Office. <?. C. Wi?ht, Principal Rilteniiuuie Aoadeutf. feb2n tf D R. VILLARD. DENTIST. LATE OF Clll caoo, would respooifuily inform the eit ixens of the District and vicinity, that hav ^ ing located himself in Washington, he h now prepared to perform all operations in his profeg ?ion, in the most approved stylo. Officc, No. 250,1'euu. avenue, adjoining Gautier'g jan y It HE IMPROVEDSETSOF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Ledsiii' J?liMtrnl Plnu Trftk,'' havu;r> succe*sf.:' ? intr.Hluced i..s if rrove:i:e: t i: f various cities, tms now permanently estab lished lutnaeif in Washington. This impr??vement for Sctsof Teeth (insists ohiof ly in nixkiiig a of but oue piece of material, and tlrit indes'ructilile niners!. No metal i? naed hi their conslrucliou. and tiiej are therefore free from prilvanic action and meta!io taste. There are no join's to Itecome filled with imnsture or pertieles of food, hence they are purr on./ el'am. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy. l*r more durable, and nstural in their appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to canal cnue in purity, beauty. dnrah:!ity, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warruited. 276 Persia, avenue, between l!th and 12th atreetg. ap 13-1t Dr. C. S. GOODMAN. SVKOFO.V It ENTIST. and M ANCFACTriu R Of Art;k;< AI I m.ti - His comp ?te arrai.semen's enai'lii t. m t? ( nrei-ent the following res*orahle ii'ioes: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Oold... $9> to S Do do do on Silver-....... 12 to 2 One or n.r?re, on Oold. 2 to Do on Silver ? 1 to Filling, Extracting. Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operation executed in sucii a ir.tnner as to rive every satisfac tion. Office corner 8th street and aveuue. ap 3 street, ? .N.J. I or agen f I udver B /A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sand* oT g life have nearly run out. <1i*ooveied wh le in t .o /East Indies, a certain cure for Consumpti i Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General f Dcl'ilitv. The remedy was discovered t-y him I when his only child, a daughter, was given up to I die. He had heard much of the wonderful ret-v.r ative and healing uvalitias of p.: parations ir.a?ln from the East India tieinp,and the thoucht ooenrred to him that he inicht make a remedy for bis ehlh He studied liard and succeeded in rciLizing Ins wish es. IIis child was cured, and is now a:ive and ? ? He has since administered the w?>rderful remedv to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, and he has never failed in maknu them completely heal ihv and happy. Wishing to do as much good as poa iible, he will send to such of h:e afflicted fellow-l# ings as request it. this reoipe, with full and explie.t directions for making it up. and suocessfullv using it. He reauiree eacli applicant to enclose him one ?hilling?three oents to be returned as portage ou t in* recipe, and the remainder to lie applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Addresa Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City, N N. B. Dr. H. James liaa neither office nor i in New York as some Lave pretended and used. The recipe is sent Irom noplace" 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey mav A;-3m VOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MAI T LIQUORS.?ARNY A SHINN are theoi v i?nes in the District who have stock PORTER and ALE. and always have a supply on hand; so give thematrial. Leave your orders with ths drivers, or at their Union Bottling Depot, No. 57 Gre?n street, Georgetown, D. C If 2*-' RAILWAY CLASSICS, new and beautiful edi. . tions, at fifty ccnts per vo.ume, now ready. Irving's Sketch-Book. " Tales of a Traveller. Salmagnudi, or the Wbim * hams and Opinions of Launcelot Eansstaff", Esq.. and other*. The alMive series, in oourse cf pub1 icat ion. < which in typographical excellence are ur.surpasaed.) wiil include all the popular works of Washington Irving at less than half the original published prioes. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, an 14- near 9th streot RII-LED ORDNANCE, a practical treaties, I vol.: London. 1857. A Treaties on Fire Arma. by Lieut. Simonda, Ben gal Artillery, 1 vol.; I,ondon, 185.7. Manual of Drilla for heavy Guns. 1 vol.; London, 1857* Remarks on Gunnery, by Capt. I labely. Royal Ar tillery. I vol.; Ixtndon. 1857. Artillerists Manual, by Maior Griffiths, Royai At 0 ^ti.lery: 7th edmor: London. lt^7. Scoffern s W capons of War, 1 vol.; London. ^p?''rmau'a British Gunner,l vol.* L>nd?>n. 1 he Renral Artillerv,from its formation; by Capt. Buckle. 1 vol.; lxtndon. . ... Aide-Memoire, a L'usage dee Oi *crs D Artillene, 1 vol.; Paris, _ . Rifle Practioe, liy Lieut. Col. Jaoob, Bombay Ai tillcrv, I vol.; London. La Construction et la Fabrication dea Armea a Feu, par le Colonel Homihua. I vol.: Paria. L'Orgamzation de L'Artillena, ear Le Bourg; Lieut. Col. D'Artillene,I vol.; Pans. Page?Theoriedu Pointage. I voU Straabour\. Des Officiers d'Artillene dans lea Fondenea. 1 vol. and atlas: Paria. Traite aur L'Artillarie, par le General Soharnhoret, 2 vols.; Paria. Etudes sur' L'Artillene. par L'Eiaiereur Louia Napoleon, 2 vola.: Pins. Naval Gunnery, by Sir Howard Doujlaa, 1 v?!.; l/onden. anil FRANCK TAYLOR.