Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1857 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., THUBSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1857. NO. 1,437 THE EVENING STAR II PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUSDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS* C#MMf a/ Ptmistlrant? mvtnnt, and lilt ttrttl, Br W. D. WALLACH, tnJ ia ae.-veJ to ?tta?nh?ri hy oarnera at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to he A c?atj; papers served in paak&fM at S7X oents pm month. Toma;l subscribers the auhsoription pnoe<s THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a rMr u ?<iranr?, TWO DOLLAR8 for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for Ims trtvn three months at the rats of 12H oents a WS*X. CT SINGLE COPIES ONF. CENT. A SOFT PLACE. Away up in the mountain*, whero moat men arc honestor than their shadow? aro long, and are not afraid of themselves nor the dark. Tim Winking s uncle, an old bachelor. lived. See him yonder on a goods box, on the corner, in the sunshine. expiating to a small squad of fel lows ujton matters and things in general, with an unimpeachable shirt-collar, his distinction, an elevate I brow, a winking lid, a wicked eye, and a gracious mouth; emphasizing occasion ally with a pound of his walking cane upon the pavement, and straightening his shirt-collur as final on the subject in question. " Take a seat, Tim. ?*n the box with me." ?aid ne, after the rest of the party had strolled away ; "it's pleasant here. I was down to see the widow, yesterday, Tim, and she gave me backb one for dinner. By the way. widow Ida Liza Bungling is a nice little, sweet little, pretty little love of a lady , rosy, round and ndieksome; plump as a plum, lively as sunshine, bright as her own eye, sharp, quick, and keen , as lovely asplue veins set ou lily rose color, and blood bounding full of life and spirit through them, could make her. Touch her hand, and 'twill make the tingling blood go galloping through you; her step like a fawn s. nor waist like a fairy's, sun shine ia her face, and joy all over her, so charming i? the little widow Ida Lizv " I was dowu to see the widow, yesterday," said Tim's uncle, *? and she gave me back-bono for dinner I went down rather early in the morning: we chatted, and run on. she going out occasionally to see to things till dinner was ready, when she helped me graciously to back* lionet. Now I thought that. Tim. rather favor able I took it as a symptom of personal ap probation, because everybody knows I love nack-bones. and I flatter myself that she cooked them on purpose for mo. So I grew particu larly cheerful, and I thought I could see it in her too. So after dinner, while sitting by the the widow, I fancied wo both felt sorter com fortable like?I know I did. I felt that I had fallen over head ears and heart in love with her, and I imagined, from the way she looked, s'ae hail fallen teeth and toe-nails in love with me. She appeared just for all tho world like she thought it was a coming, that I was going to court her. Presently. I couldn't help it. I I laid my hand softly on her beautiful shoulder, and I remarked, when I placed it there, in my blandest tones. Tim. for I tried to throw my whole ami into the expression. I remarked then, with my eyes pouring love, truth and fidel ity right into her, " Widow this is the nicest, softest place, I ever had my hand in all my life." " Looking benevolently at me. and at the same time Bushing a little, she said, in winning meltiag tones of Heron. ?' Doctor, give me vour hand, and I'll put it in a much softer $>lace." 4' In a moment, in a rapture. I consented, and taking my hand, she gently, very gently. Tim. and quietly laid it on my ZieaJ?and burst out into a laugh that Miss Heron knows nothing about?it's ringing in my ears yet." 44 Now. Tim. I havn't told this to a living soul but ^ou. and, by jinks! you mustn't: but I couldn t hjld it any longer, so I tell you, but mind, it mustn't go any further." HOMEOPATHY. Dr. Hirchmann. a disci pre of Hahnemann, has addressed a long letter to the Liverpool Jour nal. in reply to some strictures upon the home opathic* system, which were quoted in that pa 1-er. We quote from it a few paragraphs : 44 I might go almost all through the nosologi cal catalogue, and furnish illustrations of the truth of the homoepathic principle ; suffice it. boMuver. tor the present purpose, to adduco a few examples, only, on the many medicines ca pable of producing an affection similar to the c tses they oure or relieve. A weak solution of lunar caustic, or nitrate of silver, will greatly relieve an inflamed eye, which, in strong solu tion, will violently irritate a sound one ; this, though hoiuoepathic, is one of the most popular applications at the various eye infirmaries ?? Alcohol, largely diluted and externally ap plied. will relieve headache; when taken large ly inside will cause it, as too many practically kuow. '? Ae-nrite. which in large quantities, disturbs the circulation, wbeu so disu T *>d by disease, will in small doses he found most tranquili/ing. 44 Belladonna, in full repeated doaes. acts vio lently upon tho throat, in small doses, under similar ciruumstanco*. speedily cures fhc same plant, in large doses, will produce a scarlet rash, difficulty of swallowing, nausea, rednnss and swelling of the face, deliriums, convulsions, Ac.; and, accordingly, has very properly become u popular remedy, iu some varieties of epidumie h arlatina. and to a lnr'C extent it is preven tive of that fearful and iatnl scourge. 4' Ipe-acuanha. in largo quantities, distresses nnd aickeus the jtomaeh?in small doses, soothes and allays vomiting. The influence of this root in exciting fits of difficult breathing, resemb ling asthma, is beyond all doubt, as is also its great utility in the relief of this and other af fections of the respiratory organs. "Nux vomica, (and necessarily strychnine, with which, as well as coculus iridic us, publi can* and sinner^ take the lil.erty of sophisticat ing (liters Sort* of liquors,) cause spasms, indi gestion, bilious disorders, sickness, and retch ing. convulsions, (tetanic.) obstinate constipa tions, hemorrhoids, headache, giddiness, busi ness on both sides of the road, as well as in the gutter*, and the like; given in extremely minute quantities it aflords signal relief in almost all these aliments. 44 C ?rrosive sublimate largely corrodes and ulcerates the intestinal mucous membrane; in a similar con lition, from dysentery, proves cu rative. 41 Cantharides. in full repeated doses, causes urinary affections ; in small and repeated doses allays the like disordered states, to which those passages are liable. ?? Copper, arsenic, mercury, aro known to oc aion violent headache, and other characteristic derangements, vomiting diarrhea, sntting and burning pains iu the abdomen, cramp like pains in the legs, jaundice, couvulsive movement*, insensibility. Ac." Doc TOR i *o Wish?Mr Musgrave, in his acoount of a visit to Champagne. says of a wine manufacturer. Monsieur L , of kheims : He here pointed oat nine each* lying in the court yard, containing a ton of white sugar lrom the I-ie of B <urbon, every pound of which cost ninepence Hereupon I requested him to show me s^me of tho genuine liquor?in the state, that is. the state in which it leaves the yrtnotr after the regular fermentation process, and before sweetening syrup is added He trcseully selected a buttle from some bins at Laud. opened it. and poured out a glassful. A iu .re unpalatable drink, under the denomina tion of wine, 1 never tasted. It was like .^uu tcrne mixed with wormwood. ?? Now,' said Monsieur L , "I have taken ?>ut two glass*." from this l*?ttle Here is a bot tle of sweetened syrup, from which I will fill up the deficiency you have ju?t seen created." 1 witnessed this filling up; and ho then handed the bottle t? a eellerman. who oorked and strung it in my prtsence. ??That." said he, ?'will, at no distant date, become a bottlo of the priuiest quality It is the Verzenay gr owth." A' dinner at the house of Monsieur L , cn the same day. the following scene occurred : ?Ant uow. aaid mine host. '* let me oiler you a.,me of the beat wine *e have to boast of at Kheims ' J he string and wire were instantly cut, and away went the cork on its *,rial travels. Our glaiws overflowed with the ereamv stream, and uiy 11ps with Compliments on its unsurpassable excellence immediately afterwards It was I.deed beaut f,l wine When all the , ?u' h ? creditable sample elicited had been exhausted, and the sober certainty alone remained of having lived ? Thu* lo rla?p J^rf^-tion, the announcement was quietly made, of the bottle just emptied being the identical one lrom which I had endeavored, in vain, to drink ? qasrter of a glassful iwj hji/rt prmoutfy T11E MILES DAKDEX OF SNAKES. A correspondent of the Abingdon Democrat, writing from Walnut Hill, Lee county, Ya., who is, ad the Democrat assures its reader?. " a gentleman in whom implicit eonfidenco rany bo placed," gives the following account of the icilkiug of a monster reptile in that country, lie says: About three weeks ago. five men went to gather whortleberries in the mountainous parts of flarlan county, Kentucky, and in their tra vels came to a small branch, at the foot of a steep ridge, where they discovered a smooth beaten path, or rather slide, that led from the branch up the ridge. Curiosity tempted them to know its meaning, and they followed tho trail to the top of the ridge, where, to their as tonishment. they found about an acre of ground perfectly smooth and destitute of vegetation, near the centre of which they discovered a small sink or cave, large enough to admit a barrel. They concluded to drop in a tew stones, and presently their ears were saluted with a loud rumbling sound, accompanied with a rattling noise, and an enormous serpent made his ap pearance. blowing and spreading his head, and Lis forked tongue protruded. The men were struck with wonder and affright. aud suddenly tho atmosphere was filled with a smell so nau seating that three out of lite five wero taken very sick ; the other two. discovering the con dition of their companions, dragged them away from that abode of death. About ten foot of the snake had to thoir judg ment made its appearance, when they hurried home and related what they had seen to their neighbors. The next day were mounted some ten of the hardy mountaineers, armed with rifles, deter mined to destroy the monster. On approaching within one hundred yards of the dwelling?? his snakeship, their horses suddonly became restive, and neither kindness nor force could make them go any nearer. Tho men dismounted, and hitching their horses, proceeded on foot, with rifles cocked, to the mouth of the cave. They hurled in three or four large stones, and fell back some fifteen steps, when tho same j noise was heard as before, and out came the dreaded reptile, ready as his looks indicated to j crush the intruders. About the same length of ! the snake had appeared from tho hole, when j eight or ten bullets went throngh his head, and, as the monster died, he kept crawling out, until twenty feet of that huge boa lay motionless on the ground. It was a Rattlesnake, with 2-3 rattles;?the first was four inches in diameter. I the rest decreasing in size to the last. With difficulty the men dragged him home, and his skin can now be seen by the curious, in Harlan county. Obttino User To It By Dbcrrks.?Some where about here, writes a Southern corres pondent. lives a small farmer of such social habits, that his coming home intoxicated was once no unusual thing. His wife urged him in vain to sign the pledge. j '? Why. you see," he would Pay. " I will sign it afier a while, but 1 don't like to break right off at once ; it ain't wholesome. The best way is to get used to a thing by degrees, you know/' '? \ ery well, old man," his helpmate would say, ?? s<?e if you don't fall in a hole onoof there ! davs, while you can't take enre of yourself an I nobody near to help you out.'" Sure enough, as if to verify the prophecy, as he returned home drunk one day, he fell into a shallow well, and after a deal of useless scram bling. he shouted for the " light of his eyes"' to come and help him out. i "Didn't I tell you so." said tho good soul, showing her cap frill over the parapet; "you'vo got into a hole nt last, and it is lucky 1 am in hearing, ot you would have drownod. Well,'' she continued after a pause, letting down the bucket, "(take hold." And up he came, higher at each turn of the windlass, until the old lady's grasp slipping from the handle, down he went to the bottom again. Thisoccurring more than onco, tuado the temporary occupant of the well suspicions '?Look hero!" he screamed in fury, at the last splash, 44 you're doing that on purpose?1 know-you are!'' '? Well, now. I amV responded his old woman tranquil<y, while winding him up once u*>ro ??Don't you remember telling uie it's best to et used to things by degrees . I'm afraid if 1 ring you right up of a sudden you wouldn't find it wholesome 1 The old fellow could not help a cliucklo at the application of his principle, and protested he would sign the pledge on the instant, if she would lift him fairly out. This she did. and packed him off to sign the pledge, wet as he was. " For you see." she added very emphatical ly, " if you ever fall into the ditch again, I'll Ituve you thar?I will!" Plea run Delicacy-.?Harper's Weekly is Somewhat scandalized at the prodigal display of articles for females ranking up along Itroad way, and compassionating the reeling of those who have to *hop for them, is earnest in recom mending that female clerks should serve them This is a reform wo desire much to see, for it will open a field of employment remarkably well adapted to a woman, and monoj>oliied by young ineu without right or reason. Certainly, it seems appropriate that, when a lady goes out to purchase njnyo/t.or a "hustle,"' or a pair of French corsets, aud other mysterious essentials t<> aw.?!! developed figure, the articles should bo exrubited by one of her own sex. She can hardly help turning a^ide when a dapper young m;in holds up to view a full blown skirt, or run his lingers between tho hoops and links ot a skele ton, or slaps an inflated crinoline to show its elasticity. It should not be for him todi.'elose such feminine revelation The things are sus pended everywhere about the shop, too, and he is in danger of being extingnished by thoir fa' ling over his head, while ho skips hero and there to accommodate the customer. It is the same thing if a lady wants blockings, the shopman seems to understand all proportions, and assures her he considers them iust the right sizo. A lit tle padding, or a braid of hair, or a set of curl?, or a bottle of dye, or n box of face powder, may be wanted, and tho difficulty is still the same, a brisk, curled and whiskered individual steps forward with a smile to receive the lady's order, and in a conf de iti 1 tone. j?erhaps, Venturis a suggestion which would have como with a grace from her dressing maid or mantua maker ! 2s ay, more, it is likely that this whiskerando rany have been hor partner at tho last dance at Sar atoga. or may have accompanied her party in to the surf at Koekawny, or may have ogled hor at the Opera Fund Hall! What must it now c >st her delicacy to find her destitution revealed to him, and to Lave |?ointed out?aye, and to roceive at his hand, tho means of removing, or { rather of disguising it from the public eye ' Tho artifi 'es and devices of fashion to supply nature s dt ticiencies should be veiled from mas culine eyes Perhaps there is not a shopping lady in the city x?'ho has not fretted over this difficulty; and we suggest that from this timo ? forward the requirements of drees be furni-hed | altogether by feminino hands.?S. Y.Krprexi. Th* Haxo of it?Old Judgo S., a consider able tariuer of F county, Vermont, bought a new scythe for his son Jim. and set him to work in the meadow, with tho rest of the hay makers. "It don't work right," said Jim to the bon ! ored ? parient." after cutting two or three clip". "What is the luatter with it enquired the Judge "ft don't hang right on the snaitb," said ; Jiin, stopping awhile to adjust tho scythe anew. Scythes often plague the mowers in this way, at first; and Jim's scythe was particularly ob stinate. So the old gentleman tinkered over and over again. '?It don't hang any better," said Jim, plain tively. "Then hauglt to suit yourself," said the old J ud^o. '?So 1 will." said Jiin. and hanging it upon a trm, he lazily retired from the field. The "parient' was "slightually ' astonished. 1 but he ''let bito went " FOR RENT AND SALE. I^OR RENT-A RAHK CHANCE.-Plow un der construction, 12 Isrue and airy rooms, with all the convenience* of -water and lights. The loca tion is in the principal business square of the city, and the looms are well adapted for Dentists, Daguer reoty pists, Othcws. A c. Also, a convenient and airy basement, suitable for any light business. The whole finished and well lighted in the most unproved manner,alter the New York styles. WALL A STEPHENS. No. S?2 l'enn. avenue, lietween 9th and ftn IR-lm loth sts., entrance on D st. I Mill KFNT.-The three story BRICK HOUSE situated on "ith street, opposite the new exten sion ol the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn. avenne and Willards' Hotel. The house oontatm lo good rooms, liesides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is otie of. the t<est in the city lor a professional gentleman oi a business stand. A| ' ai _ .... .. iiurniaii , inn. Apply on the premises, No. 474. mi 17 tOet * F I^OIt SALE C ii K A I'? A couilorla'ile BRICK DWELLING, situated on the northeast corner of 4th and N streets north. Price <rl.lW; half in cash, twlance in six and twelve months, or if all pud in oa?h less will be taken. Apply to.POLLAR I) WKBB. No. ,">I2 7th street. ?>u :> If LM)R PALE ?My RKMDKNCKmithM^Mre' ? New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue IC2 feet 9 inches, anil on C street south iStifeet ll inches,and contain iug nearly 34,<*m square feet. may 8-tf W. F. WLMW. FARM FOR SALFI.?a piece of hno l<AM)un Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six Hiiles froin the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Botirer, and Hawkins. II2Sacres. A lieautifuf loca tion ; partially unproved; new house; 13 acres rich oreeli iMittom. and some line yellow puia limlter. It can he divided, if desire*!. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf I^OK K KN'T.'-A modern hmlt HOUSFI. contain ing 12 rooms. coinfortahly furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations. and commanding an extensive view of the oitv, the river, and Georgetown. 11 has gas through out ; water and bath room. To a careful tenant the rent will l.e moderate. Inquire at 4<<4 1 street, sec ond tloor from 12th street. je 24-tf 17*OK SAI.E<)R R KNT.-TH K i>KSl K A RLE R KSil)RNCK on the ooruer of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has cas throughout, and fumace. The stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stsnds on is by I-Hi feet, but the purchaser can huve more land if desired., for Sale?The LOT OF GROUND on the oorner of F and 19th stroefs.and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. apR-tf VALUABLF FARM FOR SALE.? Por sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Ctilpeper Coun ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and nviv economically and easily bo improved, so that it will produce as hne crops as are grown anywhere m the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suita!>le for ship timber, for which there are markets to lie reached by means ol the railroad : also, a large quantity of cord wood ttiat may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings areali on a lull, and, with small repairs, may bo made comfortable (or the residence of a family The placa is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of Uns Kami now resides in the West, and is determined to sell will hi MM| great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Parsons disposed to purchase may inquire for fnr therparticulars to \V. D. WALLACH, editor of tne Star, Washington City, who Luows the prem ises. j > 8-tf A Wood and Coal. c OAL! COAL!: COAL The subscribers are now prepnrod to furnish their customers, and ail who may lavor them with their order* for Coals of any size or kind they may want, of as good quality as comes to this market. Also, a good supply of WOOD, a' No. 47*> 10th street, lietween 1) ana K streets, and Potomac Bridge. Coal 2,24ft lbs. to the ton. an 11 -awfi* J. S. HAR VF.V A CO. SLUMBERLAND COAL Orders will i>e recaived for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter earg<>c* of the best quality Cl'M BKR - LAN D CO A I., in lump, or the run of the mines, at the very lowest casu prices. ION SS P. LEW, AVine, Liquor, and Grocery Store, au2t?-tf No. 554 121 h street, comer of II street NF, CARGO CUMBERLAND COAL, just received. T.J.* W. M.flALT, au 2<t 2w N. W. corner 12th and C sts.. No. 547. TMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging,IOC v tons Cumlierland Coal. CASTLEMAN A BR<)? iv 27 oomer 6th and It sts., opn. National hotel. () ( Pianos, &c. \ CARD-A CHANCE RARELY MET /Y WITH BY THOSE W HO W l<?L. A PIANO FORTE.?I have mow instorok' the following great liargams : * Two superb Pianos, four round corners, roacwood cases, seven octaves. u?cd only a lew mouths. I will sell them at $1.5 less than their price seven months since. A beautiful seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round corners, for fjisi. The above Pianos are sold for no fault, but be longed to families who have removed to the west, hnd lelt them with lis to be sold. 'I'liey are really and truly great bargains. We me prepared to give a written guarantee with them, and will,at any fu ture day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Also, a tine second-hand Piano of Hallet A Davis' mike, for used but eighteen months, and cost ?125. Also, two second-hand Chickering's for 9175wch, at the <?rcat Piano Wardrooms of JOHN F. ELLIS, au 19 3?*j l'enn. ave.. l>et. 9lh and loth streets. \%r (J. M ETZEROTT has now on ham! a large y ? ? assoriuient of I'lANt'l'OK I'KS. by Rosenkraiiz,Bacon A Raven.and Win.! Miller. A Iso, second hand Pianos* which he will sell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos aud Melodeons from &15 to $!5ii. One Sec ond-hand Melodeon for $2>*. Pioanofortea for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. au 12 piA.NO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMER continues to add new mem lx>rs to lua classes. Apply to Mr. I'AI. MF'.R, at his Rooms over I'arnhain'sPwSF^S^l Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri ? ? ? t 1 ' day, and Saturday, l<etweeu 2 and t> p. in. Terms iJ5 per quarter. ap25-tf | 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM V* PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late farm of K.nabk, Gakhlk A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underMie name, i? ?>f William Knabe A Co., at the old stand,I Nos. 1, 3. 5 and 7 North F.utaw street op-' posite the F.iiihw House, Baltimore. Ttiey have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCalfery as a music store, wherathey will keep constantly on hand a large assoitinent of plain and hictily hnishcd grand and square Piano Fortes alao, .\Ielodeons, from the t>est makers, from 4 to 5 octave. some with double ke> -U?ards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Bung extensively cng.iged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, ou the moa liberal terms. Our Pianos werfc awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs ol the Maryland institute two successive years?October, 1?56, and 1<S5?}?in op position to fourteen and oi^hteeii pianos irom some of the l>est mik'-rs from New ^'ork, Boston and Btl tiuiore. W c wore also awarded the first premiiiiu<at tto! ludustr;al Exhibition In-ld in Riuhmond, Vir ginia, l!-V> and lairt. They have also Ileen awarded the liigliest premium (silver medal) at the Metro poiitan M 'iihameM' K?nr for In addition to this we aie in possession of testimo flials from the mokt tlistingliished |>rof'cssors and uunteur* iu the nouulry, which can l#e seen at out wirerooiiiH. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation ui which our instiuinents are ijvery where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a pri vilegd o| exchange is * ranted wit Inn the hrst six months from the dav of sale if the iiistrumeiitsdo not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thtfir a?lvantage to Jiive us a call before purchasing. P.anos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar lb-1y WM. K.N ABK A CO. Humphries a junnlman. On Fourth street east, lietween E and F, Capitol Hill, bftve fitted up tln.'ir place, which will be open daily to visiU rs, and every Monday aAeriioon lor those who wn-h to engage in the English Ouadnlles or Herman Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do so there. Welier's Band has been engaged for the sea son. and will lie in attendance. Tney have on hand and oonstantly making the purest Larger to be obtained in the city. 1# lV.'liu DU PONT'S GUNPOWDER. I am all ti'uos supplied withall of DC PONT'S ti I N POWDER, and am prepared to supply the same many quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable term?. \V. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. S5 High street, may t? tf (Intel.A Stafa<i> (}?orr?town. I>. C. (C L O T II I N O. iADlF.S AND GENTLEMKN having any to dispose of can receive a fair cash tirice f??r the same, by sending or addressing H. VKLA, No. HO I .oniiana avenue, botwe?u 9tb oud lOtli streets, west end Centre Market, h aft. on EDUCATIONAL. MISS "'A0UAMAN'Wrrr SCHOOL 1V0. 443 12th street, between G i?'l H streets. Will re-open on Tuesday, September 1st. au 21 -2w * RITTENHOUSE ACADKMV, Indiana avenue, near lid ftrfft. The next academic year Will commence Senteml?er Is!. O.C. WHillT. au 21 co3w _ l^riJ?oi paU_ MRS. HELL'S SEMINARY FOR \ Ol .\U I .A 1)1 ES. Corner of L and lOfA streets. The next sesswnof th.s Institution will commence on the 1st ol September, I8.57. Competent ami elhcient Professors will, as hereto fore, l>c engaged in every department. K urtiier particulars can lie obtained by apply in? at the Seminary. _ ap 2l-dt?e<crw rpHE UNION ACADEMY. The r#?iilar duties will t>e resumed September 1st. Z. Richards Principal, A.'I. Wilkinson. Asst., A.C. Richards. Asst.. A. Zatpone. Mod. Lan. THK FNION F KM ALE ACADEMY. Mrs. Z. Richakd*. Pnn., Miss M.J.Wit cox.Asst., A. Zappove, Mod. Languages. an iS-eolm \roUNQ LADI ES SEMINARY, . Cormr uf Montgomery ami I> unbarton st*., Georgetown. I). C. Mr*.Gen. WHEELER, Principal The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Tuesday. Septewil?erlst. when a share ol' the puMio patronage is respectfully solicited. ail 14-eotSeptl.i _ TVkokoKTOXVN FEMALE SEMI.NAR\ "? KllK SAI.EOK REX'!*.?This institution,! so long known as a first class Seminary for young la dies.) b^.ii? vacant, is ottered for stile or u-nl,(sale preferred.) _ ? . .. Miss Enomuh. by whose etlorts it was built up and for many years so prosperously and usefully con ducted, in consequence of impaired health, desires to relieve herself ol ail responsibility in connexion

w''h *'? . .. . . ., The buildinrs are ooinmodious and furnished for a large boarding and day school. Should any person whose character is a guarantee for a tirst-ohoa Seminary, open it as such early in September, a numlier of pupils will l?e secured and the community here accommodated. Such an opportunity is prolialtly no where else to be found for success in a like undertaking. Address RICHARD HEN DERSON. Agent, care of Miss L. S. English, Georgetown, D. C. au IS eotf EJ.ECT FAMILY Sl'lIOOI. FOR YOIINrt LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH, \o. 3i"9 Fstreet, Washington, D. C. Principal, DONALD MACLOED. A. M., Univer sity of Glasgow, formerl* Head Masterof Knveus croft College and Ashwood School, and Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lctlres in the Coiumbia Institute. This School will l>e opened on the second Monday of September next, for the reception of a limited number of Boarding Pupils and Day Scholars, who will be treated, inall respects, as mender* of the Principal's family. The design is to otter to youne Indies from a distance all that is included in the name of ??Home," an.I to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home influenoe. The Sessions will begin oil the second Mordny of September and first Mosday of February, in each year. Tne vacations will extend through themoi.ths of July and August. Cireulais containing full information nmyl?e ob tained at the principal bookstores, and will t>e for warded by mail, to any address, on application, nu 8 tf IALMALE ENGLISH AND FR F.NCH COL V LEO I ATE INSTITUTE. , ^ Washington, D. C. ILram Cobsox, Principal, in charge of English and Classica; Departments M'mk. C. Rollin Corson. Toacher of l-rench, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Painting. M'm.e E.milie Rollin, Assistant Teacbwr of French. The duties of this Institution will bo resumed on Monday, the 7th of September. 1H57. Circulars can be obtained at the Boo* and the Music Stores. jySl-lm* NMERSON INSTlTDTE, A kl street, between 12th find 13fA. Select Classical. and Mathematical School roK Boy*. T!ie Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. The number of pupiis is limited. For further particulars address .... , an4-lm OH AS. B. YOlTNG, Principal. / 1F.ORGKTOWN CLASSICAL AND MATII ll EMATICAL AC A DEM V. The duties of this Institution will l?? resnmed y. i?>wi.n. n IKS. liLKK S SCHOOL FOR X ?)I N(i LA It! DIES.?No. 391 II street, between ISth and ltth streets west, will re-open ou MON DA ^ , Septem ber '.'1st. j% H-Iaw.iuw* / ^ULPEPER FEM ALE SEMIN AK\ , V' Cui.peper Cockt HursK. N a., I'uder the Instruction and Snponntondeiiee ?d the MISSES FOKNEKET. This Sohool will f>c re itpened on the 1st ol Sep teuilier, lrt?>7, for the reception ?d B?>ardersand a lew d.iv Scholars. The?d>jei!t uiview is to extend to all who apply and are admitted, a thorough and iiselui education. X<> pains will be wit! held from giving the young l.adies such instructions as will adaut them l ir every duty and emergency ol hfo. While the ornamental branches will not be neglected, the solid and fundamental principles of heart and lit ad education will be tlio special oojects of aaiduous at tentiou. Female education has now taken such a lirin hold on public attention, that,to proclaim its advantages, would t>e to portray a de*roo of ignorance not c?'iii patible with mo.lern iiniTovemcnt. The elevating influence of female eilncation is felt and ackuowl edged by every atlinirer rd female excellence ; lies i'ate then, no longer, to l>est"w on your daughters those a?lvaniages that are mdispensibte to tbeir ad vancemcnt aud success throiigli lile. As the School increases, the number of Teachers will be also increasetl; thereby securing ev< ry aux iliary to the rapid advancement of the Student. Every effort will be put forih to maintain the high tone ami character of the School. Appropmt* hours w.11 ??e set apart for stndv ami daily exercise. The discipline w II I* mild and per suasive, Silt ver\ linn. Two Saturday s treappoint # d every month for the girls to visit ami make pur chases. The liospel is preached from lour dillerent pulpits.affording to each the privilege of attending I lie Church of her choice. No influence wi I l?e ?'x erted to control the relijiious prejudices ol the pu nils. While practical Christisnity will form the ba?is of their inst ruct r?n, the select ion of Churches an I S;ib!??h Schools wdl be submitted to the decision of parents and pupils?ths varietv of religious priv ileges here, wi;i not fail to oiler satisfaction ti' all. N'n Scholar will be taken for a shorter term t han five mouths admission wib lieol t 'in afany tiiiiedur i ng.lhe session, and charged only from the tune of entrance. Half the tuition and boarding fee must be paid in advance, in order to cover the expenses of the Sohool. ?? Terms For Ten Months, Board, (including tire and lights).... -? English branches f<>r advanced Scholars |V" ?*> English branches for smail Sctiolnrs 2S On Music on Piano 3' Fse ..f instrument "j French Washing ? No deduction made but in case ol protracted nick 'ness. References. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns, Alexandria, Va. Rev. Thomas Loavell, Madison county, \ a. Kev. Mr. Earnest, Oinnge ismnty. Va. Rev. John XS'. ??eoiise,Culpeper, \ a. Rev. J?.s. Carson, " " Rev. John t'ole. Dr. Alex. Pavne, . Chas. E. Lightfoot, Esq., Thomas S. Alcocke, Esu-, * Belheld Cave. Esq., Madison County, \ a. Thomas A. Kobuison, Esq., Orange county, y a. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro, " " Hon. John S. Pendleton, Culpeper county, Va. Jmliie R. II. Field, ' " " Dr.t. W.A?hby, " Dr. Alfred I'ahalerro, Edward B. Hill, Esq., " " L. P. Neison, Kko., " ? " Col. John B. Baliiwin, Staunton. Va. Instructions on the (Juitar, in Drnwimrand Paint ing will be given liy a <M>iupetent 'Teaeher, shonhl a class sufficient!* large be formed. *" ?'? < YOl, NG LADIES INSTITUTE. EMil.lSH A ,vb FRFXCH. No.4')U E STRKKT, WA'HiNiiToN. I>. C. The suls-riber has taken charge of this Institution, lately under the care of the Rev. S. 11. Mirick:the course of instruction will be thorough, arid will not difler from that pursued by the former Principal. The Scholastic year will beam on the second -Mon day of SepienilK?r, and close on the last Friday ol June in each year. A limited numlter of puprls will be received into the family of the Principal, aisl every ettort will be made to render them comfortable and happy. Circulars can be obtained at the principal book storos, and at the residence of the principal. CHARLES H. NORTON, A.M. 'I'he sntiscnlier takes great pleasure 111 recommend liig to his late patrons and to the publio, Mr. C. H. Norton,ns a gentleman amply qualified to take charge of the Voting Ladies Institute. ?uS ?olm S. II. Ml KICK. I\1 V STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being If I altout the largest in this city at ?lf?s ? . V. ass I HID City ni VII 1? tunc, and having l>een purchased before the rise in Leather, can bo sold at alsiut 15 to 3D per cent, less t hail goods purchased at this time. Call and examine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVER'S, I* 11 Iron Hull. P? ??? l.?r. mh himI Itwh tli. ? ?I.ACKBEKKV BKANDV.-We havethisday I > received a supply of Turner Brother's Bl< ACK BERIlS* BR A X l)Yt which is a fine article, and guarantee it to cure the Diari hea in its worst form. For wile ^ iiH1NN> jy 23 W (jre#u st., Gaorjttown. EDUCATIONAL. c; EORGETOWN COLLEGE. Studies will lie resumed in tlna Institution on Monday. tho 7th ol Septemlmr next. jm Sft lm P.. A. MABl'IKg, l?rM._ I VAST WASHINGTON SEMINARY, J Cor. Va. ave. andath st.*a*t, M>isohi< Hall, Aary \ard. The duties of this School will l?e resumed Sept. 1st. The course of k!u?1> embraces a'l (M branches usually taught in the l<est schools o| th* Country. Fi?r further informalion, term* *c., see circulars or apply to J. \V. P. HATES. Pr.netpnl. f u rv??o3* ? (Sucre*tor to Dr. J. I>. l'i??sou.) ^CHOOI*.?The *lil?oril>ers will reunite the du lies of their School on the 1st ol September. at t-i'eir residence tJT.6 llth street, bet wa?*n Land M sts. Hoard can I o obtained 11. the fxinily lor'voor three little Nos. M. S. Ql*IXCY. an y-iw* I/KMAI.K KNGI ISH AND FRENCH C??l. LE?.|.\TEINSTI rUTK. Ac.132 Tstreet, (ij'hby't Ri>w, nrar rorn>r Pmn. ar'Hur amli\sl street, W'a k'nzto*. D. C. Hikam Cossov. Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments. M'nie. C. Roil* Cormis, Teeehe* of French, Spanish, and German. llrawing an.I Painting. M'lle. M atiiudk Emilik KuLLi'5, Assistant Teach erof French. The Dut u>s ol t h ? h Institute w.M I*? resumed on Monday, the 7th of Septendier. IW. The rs.iirse of stiii!* embrace- at I the branches of h literal Fnglish ami French Education. In t' ? English Department.which is under the im me '<i?te direction of Mie Pi mm pa I. special al tenhon im given to the MaUietualic*, t-.*??!? Gr.oioasr, Klocut l the critical reiding of classicalauthorn in Fnglish I .lie rat n re. Eloi i. r on is taught hoth a* a ne.ence and an urt. The Principe! having devoted a number of years t?? a careful study of I he philosophy of trie voiee'and iti physical tnecJ flnisin, in e??*?!?l*?l to impart d< Unitea:.d ineligible mm motion upon tlie snivel. The ndv.iiii.ucs bfloru d tor acquiring a prac' cal o! th> Frrneh lancuagear* not ?urpiu>.s*d tiy those of any other Institution in the country. M'ine. Corson ami her s ister, M'lle. Kollm. arc Parisian* hy birth. and th^ir instrne*i<*K Mil general intercourse wun the pupils are carried oijexciunvr ly through the medium of French. There are a so connected with the Institution a !ari.e number of yoiiujj ladies who sp<>nic tii* !a::^uise with tJuejicv. For Term". Kcfereuc-s. Ac., sae circular*. which can be obtained at tho Hihik lutd .Music Stores, au?l of the Principal. A class of tittle giri* will l>e formed, w|?o wiil re ceive ca'efu1 instruction in English, ReaUm<, and Spelling,and tho elrrm ntsof French. Terms, per session of5months............ . ST.5. Without Frei.?!i ..... in. an 2R-lm _ _ HK COL I'M HI A X CO I.I. EG K. 1 Washixotoji. I). C. T!ie Annua: Session of this Institution will com mence on W'e<tiie*?'*T. the thirtieth ffHhl of Sep teinher. Sindei.ts wiil he I for eutrance on ttie Monday and Tuesday previous. Thr? Pre'p.trxtorv l>e;>ariinent of the Institution wiilopen on W??<liies?lHy, the ninth <!>tto>of her. It wii! l>c under ttie supervision of the Collejr? officers, ^nd will t?e provided with tho l*ekt instruc tion. For admission,or for further information, npply to the Prescient, at ttie College. hu 24-3w S. PK KXTISS, RPKistrar. |"?KNTHaT ACADKMV, V>> Corner of K and Tenth streets. 'J'he exercises of this Institution wiil commence Seciteinher 1st, The nuuilier of studeuts is limited, and each will receive particular attention. au 2"-lm* SI1.AS MERCH ANT. Prin. (CLINTON ACADKMY. UKORi;KTOWN, Gkoror Arnold, M. A., Principal. This ScIkioI !?ereto}ore c<?nducte<l hy Rev. T. W. Simpson wnl lw re-opened on Monday , Septeinl er the 7th. Circulars may I* ^orcured at the Drugstore of Mr. R. S. T. Cissei. Georgetown. au I4-Iin* C'L'LPEPKR MILITARY IN'STITFTK. ' Near Cci-PEPKit Colrt Hoc?k, Va. The second session of tins school will commence on the 1st day of Septeiii!?er, 1R57. A eraduateof the University of Virgraia, adopting the mode of in struction pnrsueil in that institution, wilt have ctiarne of the department? ol Ancient and Modern Lant!iiac*-s ; winle a graduate of tiie V. M. Institute, wlio has had coiu-ideralile experience in teaching, will niveinstruction in Mathematics. Natural Phi losophy. Chemistrv, and lower F.uclisti limuciies. The course of studies will I?e as follows: Preparatory*. **p<*l!ir?e, R?a?firig. NVritmer. Arithmetic. <5oo(fr* phy. Grammar. History, Algebra, I^tliu Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third Class. Mathematics. Fnniish Grammar, Arithmetic, Ilia - tory, in, Greek, French. Skcond Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy. Chomietry, History, Latin, Greek. French, Spaniatt. Fjk<t Class. Mathematics. Natural and Moral rhi!"?o?hr, Chemistry. GeoUigy, Knzlisli i.itt ratiire, Knrlieh Grammar. Rhetoric, I.okic. Infantry and Artillery Tactics. Googrnphy, History, l.atiu, uieek, I reach, Spanish. Kvery Student on entering will Le subjected to a careful exainination, and will then l*e assigned to that class to wnich his prtdicieucy entitles him : and no one will be allowed to pat's toa higher class un less he Kives evidence ot a thorough kuowledge of the subject* contained uithe preceding. The discipline will bj necs^arily rigid, but the Oomiort and convenience of each member of the school will l?e duly respected There will Ihj daily military exercises, but care will !>e taken th:it they do Uot interfere with the Academic duties. Tkkms: Biitin), Tut ion. \\*ashiug. Fuel, Lights, for ten mouths, $li>i, Pnvinents senu annnally in advance. For recoiuineiiuations and further particulars, see circulars. CHART.KS K. I.IGHTFOOT. V. M. L. Superintendent anil Instructor in Mat hematics and Natural Sciences. J. W. GILLKSPIK, l uiversiiy ol \ s.. Instructor in Ancieut and Modem Languages. R KvrnENcr*. We have the pnvil?ge ,it referring to the following: Faculty of Virpuiia Military InKtitute. Gen. William H. Richardson, Richmond City, Prof. Msiipm, I mveisity of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Hroi. tii derslecve, do Prof. Scheie !e Vere, do Prof. Mc'iully, do Prof. I.iicum Minor, Williainurd Mary Col1e.*e. Rev. John Keribliis. Charlottesville. M r. John llnrt. A. M., do John Hunter. Fri?.. Louisa county. Col. John isil!'??ik. < Iraiigeoounty. Rev. Wiu.S. White, D. D? Lexington, Rev. W in. N. Pendleton, do James liaiboiir. l-'.sq., Culpepcr. Co!. Win. H. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . !?. Wallach. Esq., Washiu?ton City. Gen. Goo.CiHiko, do A . Hell, I'nq.. do Maj. Henry Hill, [i. S. A., New York. R. *?. Voss. Esq., Rappk. county. Capt. James Sfsrlr, do The Cilizans of itulpeper. |y I.S-eotf U^ALL STYLE FOR ia',7. Now ready at ST1X EM ETZ'P, 236 Pennsv 1 var.ia avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth.the most popular Fa,I ntvles of iiress, or Moleskin HATS, to which he invites particular attention. Haviii/ established the (>at>h sys tem, and tiudiu< it to work well, lie will continue to make a discount off^kjj percent, np n t)o? actual market price, making tne hat ?o|d for > t ia-i<l not unfrequent y for ijfril for the low price of a slight vatiatiun in iiuaiity for -i"J, and for ^.vt a superior quality for tlie moiie?. A gxod assortment of F El.T HATS, C A PS. Ac. always on lijtnd, H. H. a?TINEMETZ, ang2l-tf yy Penn. nvc. rear ISth *treet._ ^HINA, GLASS, AND EARTHF.N WARE. R. II. MILLER, SON~\ CO., IMPORTFKS, Alkxamiria, Va., j I lave received two mst i.meiits of theuv^ 'fill supplies fro<ti the English Potteries.Vj/ and will e >nt nine to receive accessions t?? ? their st?Hik till the business sfaso?i se|> in, ' II. MI LI Lit. So\ A Co. CM assure thiir fi i^nds and eiislomers thai ineir stock shall kol the most desirable description, and that their prices will pare favorably w ilh those of iinv dealers in their iti.e in any other market in the I'uited S'ates. R. II. VItt.t.KR, Sov A Co. have prepare?l them selves to oiler to merchants every iiiuucemcut to n>ake their purchases in their line. WINDOW GI.ASS. They have just received v.a Antwerp and New Yoi k. from tne ^reat manufactory of "Roux," New, lUnUues French Window Glass of supe rior quality and of ddlerent thicknesses, which they have imported under tiieli circumstances as to enable them to otler a superior article at very moderate prices ag2i tf RF.CKNT DISCOVERIES IN GEOLOGY, Hy Sir t'liarles L\el|. London. bir>7: J7c. Metropolitan and Town Sew:ige, IIramage, Sewer age,and Water Supply, by A.Sayer, AL D..L011 don. 1857; Wc. Vega's Logarithmic Tables, I.ond?w?. ^857: ^?.7S. Hum's Orthographic Proieetn?n and M'-ehanical arid Ennneerinff Diawing. I.ondoti,IJW7; Oswald's Dictioi ary of Sj nony nies and Parony ines of the F.ugbsh Lani'iiaso. London. ISS7: >'c. Whist at the Portland Club. Londoh. IS57; ^fl. Verfot's lievolutions of Sweden, lit.-nlly tnr.s lated for the use of Candidates f>r Commissions, London, 1.157; 75e. Francis's Opinions and Policy of I.ord Palmcrston for forty years. I vol.. London: %2.?7. Reminisceiioes of Capt. (. ruwford. Royal Navy, vol., Isindun: ?2J8. au ill FR ANCK TAY LOR. WINDOW <>LAS8.-3i> boxes Id by is French Window Glass, will l?e soldatdne d.dlar and seventy-five per U>x for cash, in lots of 14 I oxes. Also, a full supply of large size Frem h Glass, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities, 4 bv H tJlass fur hot houses, 8 by lw, 8 by 12, a by 12, and In by 12 oheap. ? K, H, MILLER, SON t CO. Alexandria, Va, |e 21 THE WEEKLY STAR. Thta uoai *nt Kuuif tol N?*i JoutmL-ooi? tuning a greater vnrinty of intoreetmg rand:ri? thsa ou ne found in My oUw-w p?tdiaked on aatmr day ?mil. mat. Sine la oopy, mt annum ??! * ? TO CLVM. Five wop; ? | IT Ton C?piM . . , , . ? w Twenty oopiee.. . U> u? II^CaSH. I!?VABlAB:T 1M ADVAKCB. H? subeenbtng in club* raised tmoni notgkbnra without to? intervention of a mail ucr.:, as wilt bo perceived. twenty per oent. of theIV'miT Sta? Will he eared. It invariab.y contains the " V\ utl Ingtnn New*" that has made the Dailt Staa circu late ao generally throughout the ooantry. IT^Single copies (in wrapper* > oan be prooered at Che counter, immediately after Ui issue of the Paper. Froe?Thbkb CrsTa. Post* astbbs who aot u areola Will bo allowed a oonnniaami. of twenty per oent. ICE. I J. MIDDLETON, ICR DEALER. Offioe and Depot?Southwest oorner of F aiH l?*n Street a. Waahmgton. ap U tf ICE! 1CK !! ICE!!!?The nnderaigned respeotful. 1) inform tea friends and the public generally. tuat fee is now prepared to furnish .ami.ies and others* ttiroui.ii the roaiiou) with the beat quaiitv fct-., delivered in any pait of \\ asiiington ana George town. and guarantees to five entire sanslaotu?n. Order* to l?e !elt wilh KiDWIll. A. l.*t ikjiri Cornerltlh street and Penr.sylxania avenue; Gao. I ? Kiuu kli. A Co.. 14th afreet; J. B. .Moo a a. Drug <lit. IVntm. avenue. tietween IMh and J'th s'reets : f,inm. k. Si Krr. New York avenue, IwHtmi I'th and llth atreeta; Kobt. A. I'avnb. Dmuut. ooraar 4th and Ma as. avenue: and witli tne subscribe!. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where lee can ne at ail tiinea. ap 7 tf T. N. KIDWRLL. Dentistry, Ac. Dentistry. L)R. STEPHEN BAILY. OrriCK No. I^W l't.\.SMLVAM* AVI Tnr?t door* /rum 14:4 .Sfrerf. Da. HAlLYbora leave to inform the public that ho onii l>e aeen atai: lionfs. at hisoflire, located asabove. He feels assured that an experience of fifteen year*' practice, with the large nnmteri'f patients.ana great variety id difficult cases that he haa treated success fully. will euaUe linn to ?urmount anj difficulty, scientific ??r otherwise. relet u?g to the 'f>?eth. Hie own expeiience <k?i<L rating the opinion o| n?any eminent hi the profession. and ? s;-e?*mlU Drs. Hams ami J. an<l K. Family. iiaa UI In in. long since. todts cnid all mercurial preparations lor falling Irytk.a >o all Enamels, Gutta Perch*. India H;it4icr. nn?! Ce ment* lor the construction o| Continuous Gem Teeth,and that Porceltan. mounted on <?old Plate, la the oniy r-liahle *ul??t?w>ee that can t* worn in tho mouth. a!< *?? mmmiI couciuMvely ehown by liie iaat Atnenoan r.I Convention. AUhou?ti he flatters himself from hia lone reai. dnrice end prnctico in Wanliiiigtor, he m favoratiiy kn<<wn to Ins numerona fri?*r>d>. ac<1 patrons, he begs leave to relet them to the following f KSTIM < ?N IA LS: From the late Rector of the i huroh of Fpiphany of this city. Dr. SfFPitF* Uaif.v: l>earSir? I desire to express air eateein loryon personal'/, and my conhdence in you as .1 supeinir dentist. The opeiatnms executed for me havel?een ln<h!y satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from ifir friends and the public that your skill so we I deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. SS, laac. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meeers, JiocKs, Cot mar. A Co. Having employed L>r.Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the moat distinguished ineiiil*rs of the Dental ColWe of Baltimore, fmled. alter repeated trials, to perform tiie same work satisfactorily, it gives mo great plea.sure to express my entire confidence and 5i?h oatnnaXion of hix profe?s,r?nei slriM. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HAKMANN BOGGS. " Extract Irom a note received from the late Hoc. John AI. Clayton. I*. S. Sk\at*, Aug. 19,1C56. The teeth yoa ma 'e for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be Mlier. Yery gratelullv. 1 gratetu.ijr, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of tho teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. t*. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of poroeiian teeth for on* of m? fiimlv, and p'ugscxl several teeth for myself, and the work has :U. sto.>d wei. for nx re'lian ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Oonf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19, iVA. vVe, the uiidera:gned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having i<een oognix ant of his operations on our families or Trends, take p.easure in expressing our admiration of his artistio skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he perforins the most delicate and difficult operations in Dei^al Surgery.ami wer?'*p.>ctfulii re Commend him to th? confidence and patronage of the public, of whicn we consider him enunentlv worthy. TkoMAS I'. Waltkh. Architect 1". S. Cepitu . TRojHAirMtLt.KK,M.D..of Washington, l).C, B. S. Bohrkk, AT. it. of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. Liscoi.n, M. 1>.. of Washington^. C. Jo?. H. BrAt>LKY, of Washington. D. C. GitoKuK Waltos. Kx tioveruor of F onda.* I.enox, F.x-Mr.yor of W ashington. Ha*XT Bai.owix, F.S. Patent Office, O.C. WmHT, Principal Ritteahouse Aoademv, feh jn tf iR. VILLAKD. DENTIST, LATH OF ? HI caso, w.?uid respect lu. > inform thecit izons of the Dmlncl and vicinity, that hav-J ing located fumself in \\ ashington, he is now prepared to perform all operaUous m his profes sion. in the most approved sty le. Office, No. 2S*i, feun. avenue, adjoining Gautior'a jan 3? it 'J'HE IMPROVED SKTS OF TEETH, M. LOOM IS, M. D , ttie inventor and patentee of "Lsssni Mtm'Tul flsu Tr*:kfiavinr. successfully introduce his imi nivement uf various citiec. h-ts n*iw p^>nnaueiitly est*!> ll>lo-d IlllllSrlf i 11 iitoll. Tins improvement lor >ets ??t'Teoti' consists chief ly in making ???! ot hut one piece of material, and tint indestrnetiMe mmerri'. No r>eta is need in tiieir construction, and they are thereiore free front galvanic acti<>n ai.d metx ic taste. Tiiere are no join's to fieoome tilled with moisture or partiolea of f<sill, hence they arey*"^ and rlrttn. They a?e lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more dnrahfe, srd natural in th?*ir appearance. I will five a reward o One Thousand Do.lars to anyone who will produce a similar work of art to equal imne in purity, lieauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work renponsiSJy warranted. ;!7t i'enna. avenue, between llth and 12th streets. ap 15-ly I)1 Watches, Jewelry, &c. c BLOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS A good BRASS CLOv'K for I hare jnst re ceived and opet>**d ail the new st\ie from yl up to 5-*?. Tlie tia.le supplied ii-iial> at wholesale price*. Also, flock Ma HS terials. fiicIi ms Cords, keys, Lai's. llands.HHI W ires, t?i!s, Ac., ai the t'l??ek ami Vlnirii^? Store of J. KOBINS4IN, Jl1!, opposite Bnmrns* hotel. nu g!-Jm Sign Large Gilt \\ atcli. d U>LI? AND SILVER WATCH F.S. JEWEL *? R\ , AND F WCY ARTICLES. I iiave ju-t received an??* her ad.tit i.m t<? hit la-g** n*f?rk of?><dvl and Silver WAT'"HKS. of the I si tuskers in Eur ;>e. A >o, Go.d C./iiu. every style ai.d pri?v. Jew. ?* in s?-t * s < t nn ?:le pieces. Perfemery ard Fancy Articles. SiTvei plated liasketf. Spoons, t'astors. A c., at J. RftRtNSON S. Sf!t, opposite Broa-ns' hotel. Sign Large ?>ilt Watch. N. B.?WATCH REPAIRING dona in the ?.es! manner by a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted. Mlldki WD. EICHLER, ? ? >0. V?7 SE rEXTH STR E KT. between D a.nd F street" wi*st side. PR A C TICAL WATCHMAKER. k?*i>? constantly 4'ii hand a a?soi;uienf ol A 11 li i > * JF.WF.I.R \ . ap tft a*vP Ur ATCHES, JEWELRV, ?Mi SILVER WARE. I have just received a nea supply cd FINE \\ VTi'H r:s. f.i i|.I) t'll AI NS, an.i * large assort inentofKICH JKWF.I.RY ofeveiy description, wi.ieh makes mv stock at the present time one ol the most complete in the city. I have just brushed <on tne premises! a very larce assortment ot Pl'RK SILvKK WARE, aino.ig which may ItefouudaSOLSDSiLVER lEA KET TLE superior to any thing lielore exhr^f^l n th s city.?the weight of waich is 1^5 ounces rapacity ?? quarts. Both citizens and stmncars are invited to ca and examine. 11. O. Hood, ieiS W *** . ii?n <nii *trisii. jWKW JE\\ELR\ AND WATCIIt-^S. 11. O. HOOD hwiii?trp'iirrM from tSe Nnrth, tin! has brou^lit on a ltn>' .ot of pashsinsl4s |f* ("aineo. fori., Mom.c. ISii.i ants, and I'l: in GOLDJEWELR\ . Abo.a rismI assortnu-'.t of line GOLD and SILVER W VPf IIKS. aomo vcr\ superior tune k^^p?*rs lor ItMlieannd sen'lemera use. lie has also on hand a neat \nriet\ of STAN l' \KD SlI.V ER W ARE of Uia owuioaka, warran ted the liest qnatit> and will lie?old ver\ l?-w. Plea?e onll and exaiiime r?mk1s aiel nnc*a at No. tTH Pe*m. Av? sii:ii ml tne |.ar-e Spr^ail F.agle. jy |u Railway classics, row and u<autifui tab .Hons ?? l?ft> cen?s per vo.uiue, Duv ready. living's Sketch Itoak. ?? TV les of a Traveller. Salmagundi, or the Whitn-whams and Opinions ??4 Lamiceiot Langstad, F.K<| of Iters. The slsive series, m course i | pub!i?4ition. I which in ti pi*niiihic?l excellence are unsurpassed, wul ineiudenll tlie popular w?>rks of Wa*hi^ton li\iu., at less than half the on inal published puces. For sale at TAYLOR A MA CRY'S Bo.*st. re. ail If nssrus utrsst Magnolia iiams. 9WCHOICF. MAONOLIA HAMS. We are just oneuiiic.mid we guarantee tlieiii un cuiialletl !?> any Hams in this e.,fj. Phcji veto cuicd in Ma:> UuJ express:y lor our Wile. iv?S Corner Vermont avenue and l ?:h street. TOW IS TUK T1MK TO DRINK MALT ^ I IOI ? WIS. AKN\ A SHI N N are 11.. in, ? ones in tli?- District wh?? iiave stock PORTER and Al.E. and alwass have a supply on liaud:sogite them a trial. L?*ave Tour orders with Mie di ivers. or st their In ion Bottling Depot, No.57 Green street Goor^etown, D. C _ jt 2 KVF AND BARI.K> MALT, for aale at ?ha CITY MALT HOl'WE, corner of Weat I a. .a avenue and Block street, Baltfiuore, M l. ?ij?i t l| N