Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Ağustos 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Ağustos 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE ROt'JiUOr LIFE. Some are aervinic?some commanding ; Some are sitting -some are standing; Son:# rejoieinp? some are frisving ; Some entreating?acma re. levin* ; Sum* art* w?epin??some are laughing; Some ?rrf thirsting? some are quailing ; Some accepting?wme refusing ; Some are thrirtj ?aome abusing : Soma compelling?some perauading; j*onie are fatt'nng WOII degrading ; Some are patient?some are fuming; gome are modest? some presuming ; Home arc leasing?some are farming ; Some are helping?aome are harming ; Some are running?some are riding ; Some departing?some abiding; Son.e are sending?aome are bringing ; Some are crying?tome are singing : Some are hearing? some are preaching ; Some are learning?some are teaolung ; Some disdaining?soma affnoting ; Some assiduous -some neglecting; Some are feasting?some are fisting ; Some are saving?some aro wsstii:* ; Some are losing?aome are winning ; Some repenting?wme are sinning ; Some professing?aome adoring ; Some are silent?some are roaring ; Some aro restive?some are willing ; Some preserving?some are killing ; Some are bounteous?some aro grinding; Some are seeking?soma are finding: Some are thieving?some receiving; Some are hiding?some reveaung ; Some oommemfing?some are learning ; Some dismeinb'ring?some new framing : Some are quiet?some disputing ; Some confuted and confuting : S*onie are marching?some retiring ; Some are resting?some aspiring ; Some enduring?some deriding; Some are Sailing?some are rising. These are sufficient to recite. Since an men's deeds are infinite : Some end their parts when some t>egin; Some go ont?and some oome in. [Dr. Geo. Hornt. Lord Biihop of Norwirh. The New Kisd or Paper.?It appears that the parchment paper" recently invented by Mr. Gaine, ot tngland. is 9oon to he manufac tured and brought into general use. According to the London Mechanics Magaiine's report ou this matter, and which U remarked upon ap provingly by the Scientific American. Mr (iaine instituted a series of experiments to discover the effect* of acids of different degrees of strength upon vegetable fibre; and he succeeded in dis covering that when paper is exposed to a mix ture of two parts concentrated sulphuric acid of the specific gravity of 1.864, with one part of water. for a short time, simply drawing it through the liouid. it is immediately converted into a strong. akin-like material. All traces of the sulphuric acid must be instantly removed by careful washing in water. If the strength of the acid much exceeds or falls short of the above dezreos. the paper is either charred or converted into dextrine, or if it is allowed to remain for many minutes in the sulphuric acid after the change in its texture has been effec ted. In a little more than a second of time a piece of porous, weak and unsized paper is con certed into parchment paper?a substance so stronr that a ring of it. scven-eighthsofan inch in widtb^and weighing no more than twontv three grains, sustained a weight of ninety-two pounds; and a strip of parchment of the same dimensions supported fifty eix pounds. Like parchment, it nbsorbs some water, but It does not percolate through it, and it is even iado fltruetible by water. Printed paper is capable, by this pmress. of being converted int<f parchment paper without obliterating the printing ^ Bank or E.vglasd Note has some peculiar and interesting characteristics of manufacture the paper being distinguished by -its color! which is peculiar white, such as is neither sold in shops, nor used tor any other purpose; bv its thinness and transparency, qualities which prevent any of the printed part of the note be '2g out bJ turpentine, or removed by the knife, unless a hole is made in the place thus prastieed on; by its characteristic feel, a peculiar crispness and toughness, which those aocustomed to handle it distinguish the true notes instantly; the wire or watermark, which is produced on the paper when in the state of pulp, and which is easily distinguished from a mark stamped on after the papur is completed" the three deckle" edges?the mould contains two notes placed lengthwise, which nro separa J * knife at a luturo Fta^e of the process, tbis deck.e or w?x>den frame of the paper mould producing the peculiar eIF**t seen on ed^es of uncut paper, and this edging l*ing caused when toe paper is in a state of pulp, precludes any successful imitation after the paper in nade. also by the strength of the paper, which is made from new linen and cotton In its wa ter leat or unsized condition, a bank note will support thirty-six_ pounds, and when one grain of siie has been diffused through it, it will lift half a hundred weight. 1T7* Mr. Merrimaa Tucker, of Alamo. '|>xas baa recently imported several hundred u?us arid 1 hexes f.orn Africa. Their tle*h ,* esteemed a far greater luxury tban tLat of a kid. The Howns* Milf. Explosion ?f.ewlw Vache another of the inei, w..?nded l,v the. xpl.*doa uf Dupont ? poweder ?,m. Alexia T. Dupoiit.ihe proprietor. who was killed wan a lelativenf Captain Uuponi, who la n..w on hit road to China, in command uf the United States Mean* ftigato Minnesota |je wasforty-two years of aMe, and is the first of the family who has ever Wn injured by an explosion of gun powder, although thev have never shrunk from any dangers to which pei*ons in their employ were exposed. r J ? w *BoT" Stomach.-On Thursday, -2# K na,n*1 J*>bn Mleklethwaite. son or a farm laltorer at Alverthorpe. near U ake ' ,P?rted with a torul. The reptile, which was alive, was put into a basin of water, and has aince tierome much swollen. Its ln>dv now nteas. lire* about three and a half inches Ion* twp broad i and in color is dark brown streaked with black' The hoy, for soma weeks past, has been worn Mf fo?f* ,|ko,"ton- n,nd I'^riectlv ravenous in regard to food, constantly eating, and never seem lathe spawn. y mu" '*Te swallowed the toad AHRIVA TjJS A T THE HOTELS^ ?RO\r\S' HOTKL.?J Forney P? a ia ^ W J?FWptreadd Hdli Tenn Mi"* ^ *; Hr. ??'?; J Troikf I o a owner. ?N 1 . Miss Towner <lo* !?' vv d..,?i ?Vb,j&2KbIK' T"": r m * \ Ark: J A Rovers and ladv rrn i -rC i H L' avens, do- D f) son ^V t^-V 'I/! ""rh- T'nn- A Adams and t \VvLi.' N Cartrlgbt. do; N O Westrotf, Md; 7i \^\vwii \ r,Wo'Hlrow ?: R Ii;r . ) **'??^ : H Sot boron. Md; M H D' R T.ie05 fa'j i'?Si Vt; R C J<?; V JV,? * a' / L c Dawner, Ala; E S Whltt 1>>.1:*r umiiB,|'j[?r- ??!? lady, Miss; ? j \V Sharp, S(4, W hm'undaV. Vn^Mni" S'. x'Z'e .i T"""-"" A """? Fe^inLKTRR!T S?TEwL TDr B Bjilard- ?'?: F B T H?U ^ J li urr,Ck' !i1; A A NY; W Wlill I vr Hunter, pa; (i M Davis. Miss; t? i ^ roouer,Oa; K U-edell Mo Dr..J^Met.r*lf f> - NV; ?. W C^les. do C Me?! S^Vi ' J r ?N*,''c*lf. d? ; J A llitfj/iita Va W 0 Nixon. Ala; Mrs Scott, Va; Miss otf'. do'. G M P.nckard. Iv. I .a; Mr Vaughn, Iv, Mass- N NvY'?Ly W Chapman. lr. L ?. A, u ?? Lsilun, ly: \| J| Cook fv o- t u H\att. China, T I! Hvatt, jr. do, M U Potter fv ?uV'\LP?ur> h: B ' t" ReiTil?: Intiie, Md fc Breele.jr. Mo; A Mclntire. do; (i I,*n- l> - Ala; Msas Pricctt. do. hdw Faron IS^ ; T .M AVvucood Pa' n \v Ricketts. Ind. VV J Elliott, Iv d^T VVHher man, Mich, H Backer, Mas- R Huihe, \y Vt Ricketeon. Ah. S K Hoxl?, Pa; Mrs fiavlola N V WASHINGTON HObfE ?B Grin", Md' W l.ockward, G 1 Mutton. Norf.,iJicounty; Rebecca 1 ruth, NJ; Mr and .Mrs M Richard*. Pbila- J \l r?otb. Va; G \V Aklns. N C; John Gi man N H <>?car Woithley, do; Jef R Whitlock, P.; A II liarkne??. H :s? onsln; L A Murray, NC;D L llol n??n and daughter. Phila; R I. A.iams. Va: II C I aylor urk; V. m I. Wbiteman and son. do; Jas M-iKher. Md; J 15 Llngard, Va; John Ely, N t\n M xV , J P rmit*' Fa- H J Moore,Bos. ton, Mu>. \\ |. \\ erders ?nd ladies, XC; Rob't llumuhn... do Ot.?l. 1*tills; M II Conn., .,,.1 vix.x'""' v*; T T?." EWSS,"?t^T'Sr Cr~d*M*l,dIMl' t. . a , ti l 'j Uiahef, \ a \v \| i' i a,u /4? it j J W l>.derick.|.a; AMrK^verMrvI'l M ' NY; W A Butcher |v ulr.' ,C? * * '3W Cooke, Va. ' M M?K?nnes, NV; C MOYKMEKTS O y Ot'hA N STkAMKK ? Fao? tm. i:S.T?D^m? W' Steamtrt. Lear*. por ' ,, Bortiksia........ New York, ,11am Imrcr 9 J ason........... New ^ ork.. Bremen.... .s^ot Arabia.......... New ^ O'k..I.lverpo*>l.. Sent m W"?ll t?n? ? New York.. Liverpool.. s?.r,t ?? faliohurtf....... New York. .Glasgow. ...Sent North Star New York..Bremen Sept ft '-"T0" York.-Bremen Sept! w New York..Liverpool...Sept 1'J Vanderbilt New York..Havre Sept 12 Pao* KraopR. I.iverpoel...New York..Aug l? B?lgique --Antwerp....New York..Aug *4* l;lwpool...New York..Aug !M V anderbilt Havre New York..Aug S3 Ara??0 South pton..New York. Aug.30 The California mail steamera leave New York 90 the Sib and ANb of each month M Miscellaneous. AIL PROPOSALS. {Ej-iract/rom the act appr?rtdM March.lHb.) I Sec. 19. And be it further enarted, That to iu aure, as far aa may tie practicable, an equal and iuat rate or compensation, according to the servioe per formed among the several railroad oompanies in the United States for the tranaportatiou ot the mail, it ?hail bo the dutjr of tlie Postuiaater General to ar range and divide the railroad routes, including those in which the service is partly by railroad and partly 5 *toainl>oats.iDto three classes according tothe size the mails, the apeed with which they are convey ed, and the importance of the service: and it shall be lawful for hits to contract for conveying the mail with any sucii railroad oompany, either with or with out advertising for such contract: Provided, That for the conveyance of the mail on any railroad'of the first class, he shall not pay a higher rate of compen sation than is now allowed by law ; r.or for cerrvinir the mail on any railroad of the aooond class a neat, er compensation thun one hundred dollara'per mile per annum : uor for carrying the mail on any railroad of the third cjaaa, a groater compensation than fifty dollars per mile per annum. And in case the Post master General shall not boablo to oonclude a e?n~ tract for carrying the ,na,| on any of such ra*ln^ routes at a compensation not exceeding th?afn? said maximum rates, or for what lie nny deem a rea sonabie aud fair oompeusation for the aervioe to l>e letter mln f o'm'Vh 1"w1,ul t"'n to'se^te tie ' rnct e th-r wl?i re?'due of the mail, and to eon tract, either with or without advertism" for r.m av S at*ih?Ver \"0h ronte',,v hor,e ?*Pr?M abl. -;ii h." V0!*1**1 th,lt reason ably l>e obtained, and as>> to contract for carr*im> CtherwiC?irat a11? re,,(,u'' ?>ail, in wagons or otherwise, at a slower rate ot apeod.) The Postmaster General having made an offer to the trustees of the Northern (Ogdensburgh) Rail road Company for the serrtoe on tho following route, which they have declined, and being unable to make a oontract for railroad transportation on such terms as. in his opinion, are warranted by the above-citod statute,the following advertisement is issued, in compliance with the directions oontained therein vix: PROPOSALS for carrying the Letter Mais of the ? Luited Mtates. also tor onrrying the residue of the mails, from the 1st da> of October, \aS7. to the ? J.0?0'tlie following route ui the State of Now ^ ork, wil? be received at th* ih^i'ihf i wiei,W l^a Post Office department, in thecity of Washington. until the I tin day of Sep tember. 1RY7. (to be decided by the 13th day of said month.) in the manner herein stated, viz: 113 From Rouse's Point, by Champlatn. Wooers, Moore a F orks, Aanmsburgh. Ellenhurgh, (.Imrubusoo, \\ rightsville, Chateaugay. Andrujmlle, Alalone. Bangor. North Ban gor. Brush's Mills, Moira, fcorth rence H rash or Fa! s. Stockholm Depot, Stockholm. W eat Stockholm,North Stock ho in, North Pots.iam, Potsdam, Madrid Depot, Madrid, and Lisbon Centre, to Od we'"k 113 'uil?s? and bacE, six times a ?.wJ?!? ?JfiSJlroi?.KUn on "tRl?0 road,and to aupp.y all offices oti the san e by side mails in clone connection with the main route. i Th- i ? INSTRUCTIONS. , ,,,ai' '9. *? be oarried on horseliaok at Ihe ?p??-d, and the residue of the mail in wagons, or otherwise, at a slower ruto of ,pr^-, Bidders will state in their propria "h? ? *rT,val* Rnd departures by which they ra?V " 'i10 ,N,e ol "peP'l fo I?e aceoin F r .hl I ?f 0 n,V 8{,t ft'.lhdiatict sums . L r ?h ? 'or th0 "th0r a ooinbined one for the entire service. andfor^PV" h """,0 for tr,pg n?t performed; . ?nct omissions not satisfactorily ox SiJ* times the pay of the trip may Ihj de ducted. h or arrivals so far behind time an to break ! j?n w,,h depending mails,and not sufficiently excused. one-|ourt;i of the compensation for the trip is sulijeot to forfeiture. 3. r or leaving Itehiud or throwing off the mails or or^o^hi1011 yr l'IP R^""',?i,"iof passengers, iLi. I * concerned in setting up or r.inning an rx ? '"^Jl'gence in advance of the mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. ' u\'r f'Yr rna8tor General may annul the oontract l<*r repeated failures to run agreeal>>y to contract' for Tioisting the po?t office laws, or disotieymg tho in e l1^?Partm?at; for refusing to di? charge a carrier when required by the Department to of thi Fo.Vm/.rii'r 16 e"!,tp,Ct w"th#ut the sssent ot the Postmaster General; for running an express as aforesaid: or |.?r transporting arsons or package! o?.uv?> in* mailable matter out of the mail. ;,K' guaran'iod by tw{? responsibla Ti fV V ''ene'*^ guarantees cnniiot l>e ailmitted. ^fErEntoe should be signed plainly with the!nil namoof each person. K. i^1iT.iiepart'i^n.t the right to reject any b J which haw be deemed extravagant, and also the j' ??ntnu5tors and bidders. ? i I? ?ho'ild be seaittd ; auperserihed "Mail Proposals. State of - ? , ' ad.lre.saed "Second As sistan. Postmaster Ganeral," Contract Office, and sent br mail, not by or t.? hii agent; and postmasters will not enclose proposals (or letters of any kind) in their quarterly returns. ? 7liP h? oontracts are to be executed and returned *S7h?,,1rrtrn',,t , T ,,r ,he I'tofOouK l 1 f^VlO0L. ,nu*t T>e oinmenc 'd On the 1st \ ' ' wfi?tb?;r the oontracts lie exeouted or not. . "*nsf-rs will be considered until th , oontracts are executed and received it the de partment and then no transfers will I* allowed ur eas good and sufficient reasons therefor aro given to be determined |,y the department. ' 8. A modification of a bid in any of ita essential r? n new ,Mdl (vn'1 a?'?w.t I?o re aOer Ihi u.f V? u'terfe;? wUtl * regular competition I * h"ur for receiving bids, v ' <'"tma*ters are to Im careful not ?o cer'ifv the aiilnciwncv r>f guarantors as sureties without know ? 'V^k ?"i>V *re ?' auffieient r*<?poii*ihilif y ? ai.d aJI Ibidder*, guararitors.aiidaurefiexare diatinct Ihi10 L r% "I" ,,,,luru to enter into or perforin the contracts for the service proposed for in the so ?Siut?em *r 'e-nl ha,""lt,0a ?lli ^ arifor^d AARON ?. BROWN. ? ? Poatmaater General. Post Orrtct Department, ??u Auguat 12,1W7. 0 t i c f, for' Nr jisr/? r i \ o rp r t \ i n LOtSS SaMARKKT liV TlIK sTA'PK"?IF b?r^T ?ir<>n ,hft I *'"' Office at Gr< t.iial.urg, in the Statvol i.ouiaiana, will be open thiw.^5 private entry and location,on ai.d aner ^fOn.-btr ail vacant vublic land embraced in tho following townships, via : South cf the bast line and tast vf the principal _ ... meridian. 1 ownships 1. S. .1, <, ?, and fractional townshipa o, ?*! ran^e 3. Townahipa 1.5. S. and ?, of range 4. 1 ow ha hi paI. 2.1, 4,S, and 7, and fracl ional town ahips 8 and ??. of ranxe 5. ?'w*i Tr?wnsh,ps I.?.3, 4. V ?. and 7, of range ?. Townships .2,1.4. s. rt. and 7. of mnge 7. Townships,.'i,and 7. ??r ra-.goft. Township 1.2. S, 4.5,and 7. of range 9. at wUh? 7 h,v,'nr be0n ProcI'""?"?l and offered v sale'xdore their recent withdrawal by notice '??V ? ?! rc'er|,nw lo raoriMiil piu i he1 following townships, winch hive not l>ocn of Sh public sale, will Ikj released from then recent w ithdnwa! for railroad purponog and open to pre-emption as other unoflVred public land on and alter the dateahove mentioned, viz : ' South 0/ the ban lin-and tnu of the rnnnval f , meridian. Townships 5 and 7, of ranee a. rownshi^*^. 6^and 7,and fractional tewnahipa 8and Frac'ional townships R, of range 6 Fractional townslnpa h. of range 7. rown*hip? and fractional ti wn*hip8,of range 8 Fractional townships 8 and !>. of range ? atiLVni^r ,{Vr.hTnd'?t the General i.and Office, at the city of \\ asl.ii.gton, the *7th day of July, T?. Ia.f. 1 "US- HtNDKlCKS. " ~?-? CominiHioonHr. I JMTED STATUS PATENT OFFICE. t\ ,u .. ?> AJHI!?OTO!?, Angust I4th, TR57. On the petition of J. D. Knsaell and C. Water man. administrators of S. Waterman, drijased.of , .?,r \ Pr*',1,"* 'or the extension 0^1 p-itent t?D3Ut of jii'uary,"lRiW Sle'he,J Waterman on "ihinV w LiJ-I' ' for a/' "ntrovemeiit in j?hipai blocks, for ?even years from the expiration jU"aV.Y^W. take* PlaCtJ ?n tho3Ut da> nf the said petition be heard at the It !#VWk i^'l rt'1 ,Uh of Jail,inr7- t'<^. ?Ur ami^i ? ' J persons are notified to ap pear and show ceuse, if any thoy have, why said do lition ought not to be granted. ' ' P? i;t-?r*.Oin*DPP""in?>I:h0 wtenaion are required to file in the Patent Office their oi^eetions, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days bef?>re the day of hearing; a|l teatimooy hied by either party to "*/ hearing must lie taken and trans muted in sooordance with the rules of the Office .w furnished on application. ' testimony in thenn*e will l?. cOsed on the 31st Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the I nion. Intelligencer.and Evening ia??ii,i, tun; Republican, Baltimore: Pennsv I va'nian Phda delphia; Daily %'ews. New York^ndSrCm cmnati, once a week for thre? success, ve week's t>re vious to the Uth of January next, thi daTff hSS ,ng' . . ? S. T. SHUGERT, no ... Acting Commissioner of Pateuta. I". S. I.ditors of the above papers will idease ooor and send their bills to the Patent Olhce.witha pnplr obtaining this notice. aug 15-ln\v3w rpKA.NSPOKTATION OF COA L TO CHINA n*.. - * r. Navy Drpartmkxt. ) bureau of Construrtton, Kquipmmt,andi .. Jirpuin, August 13.1867. \ V Prfor unt 113 o'clock tk* ? rec?;ive.l at this Bureau transportation of not ^xcefMing^'unw tons^riV Anthra* will be Charged. No other than cargo for the GN.v ernment to be reoei ved on Uwrd. i' Si water of the vfepiei ottered rniikea any lighterage necessary in loading, ,t wilM,?TTth2 coat of the vessel; but g<x?l despatch wil ?Viven 111 loading, for the delivery ?,/ the Coal with?!! reach of theship's tackle at the ports in Chma hi? days will be deinarvletl. at the rate of one lair w oo tiler Working day for every '?> tons of coal. 1 he vessel named must stand A No. I.and pass the usual inspection by such officers as may t>e #n pointed by tt.o Commandant of the Yard where the ship may be; and if not offered for inspection within three days after a notice has l?ecii given, the De partment will make such other arrangement as w ill "lo fT1?t!"' Pub!lr interest. The vessel must '?em I hi ladelphia and ready to load within ten days " '* passed inspection, and tho notice of acceptance given. saii wiii.r,"r w*!'ither Permitting, the vessel must ? ?r i".<.'^"- 0 ^arsafter I wing load.d and the bills from thiffri^Vk^' "'herwise there will be deducted *"d "very da, 'ade euual to the i 1 ',v.'* ''"I" "anted, a stun rage amou?l per dayfordemur P^^nTLlr,1!/ !?c^: thirty day, after the of theo?l by any \L, W ? triplicate of the delivery thaAh?h,dd^y\\^?0wn''?'he I'nited 9utZ ? tbe aharter partj, ect' *h0 Intrurance, fco. Pkotkctk,nd mufljjijjpyjjj feu* i ? 5a"5"a"S t"?" WWK t OF PHILADELPHIA. ' Pi**, Marine, and Inlaw) Ijuvmanca. A?tkorix,d C*rit*l 81,250,000!!.' Ofttc*, Northwest corner or Pennsti vania Avxirus and itth Sum,wAKIX. ? ? DIRECTORS. Boo. Togs. B. Florence, Charies Dinree pssaa a. ten* ferJMsksji iss&iafr tea?' EDWARD* K AH hXM BoE D, S^SS!*1"" BSr- W^'"'AN?rMRU^tre?t,,opp?,iM Cttj ?TJenune;Y?Und?rntOQ' ??rnW Ut ,tre#t ^ Virginia JamesWUImml No. 22 4* street. vi'i'avinue * M 13114 ilreet' b#knr p?"?Tl . , marine surveyor. tftpUin J. r. Levy, No. 367 PenntylviuiA trsnua opposite National Hotel. J " avenue. GENERAL 8UPERINTFNDENT. John Tlioinason. l9tAssen'd ?"**'"* and A,Stt* 91.471.067 07 Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and UowlSemntiM. Thei following statement exhibits the business and Oondition of the Company to November 1,1S5C ? rremium received on marine and mlaud rinks to No ?filler 1? 1m6,.? ,?.? ^?214 tiNi en ire premium . . ~ n# ? ? m merest on loan..-^.. . , "* "*" B*7i?4 47 Total receipts ? T,,,,,. _ ^ditti ivia fm Paid niarine losses $64,427 w Paid lire losses S?,7? ? Expenses, salaries, and oominis B,iuu" ~. 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges..^ _ *7,474 68 *177'la 61 Balance remaining with the Company.. $Z3,i67 07 l\* CtnipaHitartaifolloirs: I hiladelphia city and county bonds #16,848 18 ?!Vi^ lTnd8 1 ? 11,000 00 Mrst mortgages, real estate 143,5.1.1 no Stocks, collaterals. on oall.._ 35>,4<iii W Oirard and consolidation Imnk stock 6.l2o Oti Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., ?'8* \ ork........................ ........ 3(i,i<iio 00 Deterred pa*nient on stock not yet due.... <T7,7UO 00 INotos for marine premiums &, Due from agents, secured by lunds Hb'.Jlti 18 Premiums on policies reoently issued, and th? oompany <. 86.470 an Balance in bank -- - - 16,458 74 #523,U67 07 The business of this Company will compare favor ably with ttio most successful similar institutions in the United States. ? From the 1st day of Angnst.lRSS, in fifteen months, Up to the 1st day ol November, 1856, the premiums and interest received amounted to the largo sum ol lour hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five jlouars aiid sixty -eight cents, with tlio pay meat of losses and expenses of one hundred and serenty seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight dol lars and Sixty-.,ne cents. With these evidences of success and good man agement, the Directors feel justified 111 sohutlmga share of public patronage, believing that the security offered is ample, and that all fair claims will be ad justed more according to equity than legal technical liies. The Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by fire on D WELL1NGS. FURNITUR E, MILLS, MAN I'FACTORIES WAREHOUSE!*? ^ J ,?i,?npi ']**i 1 J. IJ/DINGS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported Uy ?T*AilBoAT?, Canal Boats, Railroads. "" "evkwTT^XIKhw'apmlm" oi Rnd on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the ?? estern W aters. The rates of premium will be as low as other com panies, and in fixing them every improvement in oonstruo.ion and arrangement will be taken into cou sideration. All lueses speediiy adjusted and promptly paid. ?e' ".or,,".*^it oor"er Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street. \\ ashington City, D. C. Insurance may alto I* ttfrcttd at tk? Home Oflct, Vl*{ Si* ,COTHer Walnut and Stroud ttrettt, r kxladtlpkxa, ? And,Jnoth?r Lrm0|P?J cities of the United States by authorized officers of the Company. np s WASHINGTON INSURANCE Co.MPANN . CHARTERED BY CONGRESS. Capital. ? ^200,000 This Company is now prepared to receive applica f!?'1? J?1 il A K ON BI'ILDl NUS, MK R - tUAi>lllsh,&o.,st the usual City rates, wit'tout any charge l??r Policy, at their ()t!ice, corner of lenth Mreet and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the ?\ asliuigtou City Savings Bank, xjl' wf i> , Directors. V\ m. I-. Bay'y, Samuel IKoon, Joseph Br) an. Jaiiies F. Ilaluiaf, \V u 1. Oriii?), Hiiiiiion Taylor* f rancis Mohm, M. W. Ualt. Benj. Beail, Cbautu u C.McGUlRE, President. _Orapto?i P. Han?on. Secretary. apll-ly |>ANK1NU HOUSE OF " CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits. ? Deposits received and Checks pnid Without char ge. Drafts on the sort hern seaUrfird cities recetved on Deposit at par. and Exohango 011 said ( itics furnished to depositors without charge. I.VTERiiiT on Dkposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as mny l*e agreed upon. I'KPOSI r* IN V IKiilNIA AND I NPIP.RK\'T MoNET. Deposits in VirginiHand other Unenrrent M..r.ey re uen ed to t>e checked fur. payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular h xchHnce. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts,and liills..f Exchange wiNbedisoouiited.and Loans made on Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at themaiket rate. LKTTRRs of Credit.? Letters of Credit will lie furnish (Hi, negotiate in the different Cities of the mJ'i V Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is depositpd, nnj u pof *-u'lateralsfon suoh terms as uiav be agreed >>JrR,r.V,}b**in ".I1*1;8 nJ Exchange.?'Travelers will ^ , draflw in sunh siiins h? mat he de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Hills and Lktthrsop Ckkditon Ilngi.antj.Ihe hPJP tP? ^PKWPR-?Diiis of Exchange aiid Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, famished at the market rate for Exchange, 111 sums to suit. Bokd?, Stocks, Ao.-Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 nr. oent.. alway s for sale, or bought in the diflerent Cities at a oominnsion of a W pr. cent. W here Stooks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of id pr. cent 011 grapti ' or ordered by tde Railroad, C:tt, and Statk BoNM.-Railroad, City, and s.ate Bunds can bo placed in our hands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Rail road Iron puronased for cash or with Bonds. Land \V arrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. Ail Warrants told by us are guaratt t*?d in evary respeot. Land Warrants located on commission. Land W arrant quotations regularly lurnlshod if re guested. Warrants will be Torwarded to Western Honses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. . ^**L E*14;!11 and iNnraANCKs.-Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances etfected. 8Claims on United States^ Cocrt of Claimi, oncbkss.?Claims on the United States, before the onrtof Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. . _ CIIUBB BROTHERS. Jan 27 <)pposite the Treasury. J^ANKl.NU HOUSE OF PAIRO 4 NOl'HSE, Keolrnlt Cfty 8 per oem^ Bonds. Keokuk City 10 per cent. Bonds?short. Davenport Iowa. 10 per eent. Bonds. St. I.ouis County 7 per cent. Bonds?short. Leo County. Iowa, $ per cent. Bonds. City of Evansville cent. Bonds?short. The above and other Bonds for sale at such rates as will pay the purchaser at least 10 or 12 per oent. per annum interest. -. h'u ,n!l" C,t^> Railroad, and other Stocks and Bonds: bought or sold. Also, Notes secured by Keal Estate, negotiated orpurehased. rr-P-i . .0 , PAIRO A NOURSE. IInterest allowed on deposits at the rate of six per cent, per annum when left for Ihirty days or longer. _ jy25-?im JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY f LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES , 0,C"UBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. an 27?tf Opposite tkt Trtatur*. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. 1 AINTI NO AND PHOTOeRAPHT COMBINED. P HOTOG RAP iTTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Mimiatvrr or Size op Lira. < )!i ? MV ,T RE GALL ER Y, Odoon iiall, c??rner 4>i st.aml l>enii8>l van in avenu?9 S. WALK EH has fitted up the above spacions apartments at a verv great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment oue of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He has a large Gallery for frtt trkibttion of upward of am fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Wai.kkr has aUo fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments Tor ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operativo artist to S. H Ai.KKii, by oombimiig tlie Photographio Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has l.xd years experienoe, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen in some of the first laiiu r-.Vif thL? fi6" exhibited in his (?allery, he will be able, by the combination uf the i-lli ,i:prt.K00e?P.<,r,rait"Jt1,,?t bav? 1,<,v?'r ex eelied lor their fidelity and life-tikeexpr#ssion. Cnn the purpose? pre,MlrwJ b* h..nse!|Pexp.essly for .ri!?[t'\rUlar?U#D,^nr,,*'d lo th* Painting of Por llft"wze> frorn "n*11 pictures of ! holographs taken from oorpses, or sick oersons f mnmiittr?,l',Hno"V"fl immediate notice. t'Oimiiittees and classes takeu in any numtier 111 ht ressonable^c'hargss!1' ?fo?pie' from l^? ?"'? "Id i?7hr?.!*?k UaM K it... Indies and gentlemen are respectfully ?ntrMM lilt* ??-?T*?h'|hyt0?'1b00h >tor#_ sntranoe 4>i street, two loon from Pennsylvasia hU-i& Medicine*. T^liE GREATEST MEDICAL OK 1 - DTSQOTM&r THE AttE. Mr. Kihnibt. of Roxbarr, has discovered to om of oar common pasture weeds a reaedy that ouree ivxxt kind or HOMOE, from Tkt worst Scrofula down to a common Pimple. Ho has tried it in over eleven hundred oases, and ?ever tailed except m two oases, hoth Thunder Ho nor. He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of its value,all Within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to care a nursiac Bora Mftath. One to three bottles will cure the wont kind of Pimples on the Faoe. Two or three buttlee will dear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottl*s are warranted to oare the Worst kind of Erysipelas. . _ One or two l>ottles are warranted to ours all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottle* are warranted to core Running of the .Ears and Blotches among the Hair.

Four to six bottles are warranted to oare oorrupt and running doers. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warrauted to ours the worst kiud of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted te oare the most most desperate case of Rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted to oure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will oure the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect curd is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks ?o improtAbie to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should oure every humor in the system ; yet it is a fixed tact. It you have A humor. It tins to start. Thorn are no IPS nor AN OS, hums uor ha'* almut it suiting some casus, I uth.ot yours. 1 peddled over a thousand liottiesol it iu the vioiuity ol Boston. 1 know the effects of it in every case. It has already done some of the greatest euros ever done hi Massachusetts. 1 give it to children a year oid, to oid peopio of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, vrormy looking children, whose Mesh was soil and flabby, restored to a peifcct state of health by one bottle. To those who ars snbjeot to a sick headache, one bottle will always ours it. It lives great relief in catarrh and d'xzinsss. Some who have taken it had l>ooii costive lor years, au<< have been regulated by It. Where the body is s >und it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of will aatise vrry singular feelings, hut ?iii must not l>e alarmed; thuv always disapixfir in rom four days to a week. There is never a had re sult from it; on the contrary. when that feeling is f:one. you wil! fe?l yourself like a nr* person. I ie?rd some oftfic moist extravagant encomiums of it I hat ever man listened to. In hit own praoticw I nlwnrs kept it strictly for hu mors?nut since its introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several ca*"sof epileptic fits?a disease whioh was always considered incurable, have been ouredbya few tiottles. O, whnt a merer if it will prove effec tual ir\ all cases of thai awful inalady?there are but few whu have seen more of it than I have. 1 know of several cases of Oropsy, all of them aged people cured liv it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headacu*, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, nnd particularly in Diseases of the Kidney s, Ac., the disoovery has dons more good than any inerficiue ever known. No ohange of diet ever neoessary?eat the best you can get and enough of tU D irections for V?*.? Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As i.o directions can lie applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the (towels twice o day. MAJICTACTVKRP iiT DONALD KENNEDY. A'o. 190 Warren Street, Koxbury, Massachusetts. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott tc Co., '/.. Oilman, Kidwell tc Liwrenoe, J. B. Gardner, Burry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Pamer, Schwarts A Co., 0 floswell, Daniel li. Clark, J. P. Milhurn, Dunbar >yson. I- ord A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. fcs Cissell, O M Lentham, J. L. Kidwell. ? mv Hi F, PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON THB FHISIO LOGICAL VIE W O F MARRIAGE, By M. B. L* CifOIX, M. D., Albany, N. V. 300 pagos and 130 fine Plain and Colored lithographs and PKtes. ICTPRICE ONLY aiCENTS.^JI JUT~ Sent free of postage to all parts of the Union, Dr. M. B. Ia Croix's Phvsiological View of Mar riare. A new and revised edition of 25M pages and 1*> plates. Price 25 oents a copy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties tuid casualties of single and married life?liappy and fruitful allian ces, mode of securing then.?infelicitous and infer tile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous de bility, its causes ami cure, by a process at onoe so simple, safe, and effectual, th:it failure is impossible ?rules for daily management?an essay on Sperma torrhoea. with practical observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary bun's on the evil results from empirianl practiee ; to winch is added commentaries mi the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points ont the remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes su unfortunately prevalent in the roung. It is a trnthfiil adviser to the married, and hose contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recoinmer.le.1 to persons entertaining secret doubts of their pb>sical condition, and who are con scious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which ev?ry human being is ent itled to. Price 2"? cnts per copy, or live copies for 81, mail ed free of postage to auv part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, New York, ? uolosing 'A cents. N. B. Those who prefer may oonsnlt Dootor |LA CROIX.upon any >4 the diseases upon wLwh his book treats, either personally or by mail. IIis metii omus often cura in the short snare of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate all trails of those disorder* which oopniva anil cut*>l?s have so loiig been thought an antidote, to t lie ruiu of the health ?>( the patient, lfis " French Secret" is the groat con tinental remedy for that <H:vss ?1 disorders whioh un f-rluiMlsiy. physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievabledaslrsution to lite pattern's constitu tion. and which all the sanetpariiia uu Lhe world u&n not cure. ID* Olfice No. SI Maiden Iane, Albany, N. Y. feb 14?ly WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THK Fol lowing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for cash : A vsry large variety of Turner Bros, oelebrated Liquors.vix: Turner's 'linger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia BlacLlierry Brandy,a oertain cure for Diarrhaa and Dysentery Claret. Mndeira, Sherrv, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran die*, all of fine tfavors, prepared from the pure jnioe of the fruit Rone. Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Curacoa, Absinthe, Essence of Veppennent Ex'raet of Sar*aparil!a, Stoughtou Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on hand, a sttpp'y of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wino Bitters, a splendid article. In additiou to the almve, we iiavn at all times a largo supply of the followmg named stock of Malt kiquors, I .fin:' tho only l.iijuors of the kind in the iHtrict.aud which cannot fait in giving sntisfHction tc> a'l who use them : Philadelphia X X, Burlon and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter. and a fine art iclo of l.ager Beer. A a usual, a supply of Mineral Water. Cider, Ac., on hand. ARN Y A SH1NN, ie fl fT Green street. (Georgetown. Hygeia hotel,~ OLD POINT COMi-ORT, Va. This most delightful Summer resort?tho " bright particular locality of all tlie sunny South"?" is now the sole property of the undor signed, and wiii l?e opened on the lei of^^. J line next, and each successive June following. . engage to make it to the seekers for health, reorea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. For health, no mountain retreat can te safer at anv season of the year. It is as exempt from disease in August and September and October as in April. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breese balmier, and the luxuries of the salt water are to lie had of finer quality and iu greater profusion. There is no more invitiugspot on the whole Atlantio seaboard. It is striotly true of it what the poet hath said ; ?? Oh ! if there be an Elysium on earth, it ia this, tt is this!" Drs. Archer. Jarvis, and other army surreons at the post, Hon. Dr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semple, Simkins, Sheild. Hope, aud Vauglmn,and ludeed the whole medioal Faculty reeident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all oertify that they "have never known a case of billions or arue and fever to ori ginate there, and that at all season* it is the healthiest spot cn the face ftf the earth." (See their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Planter, and Amencsu Fariner.i ma? 22-d6wAlaw2m JOS. SEGAR, Proprietor. J^OTICE.?C. R. L. CROWN k.CO, m rt ceiving daily soineof tho finest FURNI TURE ever offered in this market, which we invite tho attention of those id want, as we assure them they can save at least 10 per oeut. Namely? Handsome oarved marble-top Bareane and Tables Rosewood and walnut Tete u Tetes, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Matt resei. fiair, corn top, and husk; Comforts, Blankets, Bedsteads, high and low-post. Kocking Chairs, canc and wood seats. Cushions for ('hairs. Settees, Clocks of all kinde, Extension Tallies, Sideboards, What-not. Glasses of all kinds, soma extra fine Carpet*. Cottage Sets, K ngs, Waiters. Glass Ware, Crocknry Ware nf all kinde. Feather and Fanoy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to whioh we invite the attention of housekeepers aud others, as we are determined to sell for oasn or to punctual oustomere. C. R. L. CROWN * CO., oor. of 6th street and Peon. ave. P. S.?We shall still oontmne our rerular sales on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,both mormngand evening, hi froitt of our store. Consignmeuts soli cited, and in ail oases advances made when required, C.R. L. C. A CO., ap2S-tf_ _ (Intel) Auctioneers. Home madk carriages. Wo have on hand, of our own manofXctare, ft fine assortment of all kinds ofCARRI . AGES of the very best, latest, and most^ approved styles, and warranted in point of workiiianehiD and material, to l>e equal to any made iu the city of Washington or any other city in the United States. We respectfully sohoit a call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none aurpaae ua either in quality of work or in low prioes. We also do every kind of R KPAIRING in a work man 11 ke manner, and at reasonable ptioes. JUVfiiizr '"rfsysWiJs nsr1 may 12?m Of^ SKCOND HAND MELODEON VERY low. Also, five bow ones, for eale or rent upon Washington ^'bKrW^iV7 ?^Ssf^"rT&SSar "jssi* COLLY hit will depart at the follow 11* hoara, on and after ?h J a*y met ..-^Ki^Efc The pubijc may confidently rely on tb* Boat start ins at the time advertised. vkb^?A$* ^r*ta W|U ??<<? ^'P ?? MOUN1 ... ? .tara?. f Either Boat ma* be chartered fo'r Excursions a' P^-i to JOSEPH BR VAN t resident ol the Company, at his offioa, 330 Peaa avenue, or to the Captauie on board. |j 17-tf 'pHE PACIFIC ALU L STEAMSHIP COM ??.^I!?n0fJih5.^*an?rhl>'>V>^ l,u" Company, carry in| WtoVS,8^ M???/?r ACAPULO, CALIF ORN Ia, and OREGON, leavesdSCBV I auania twiee each month, on the am "??? valof the I nited States Mail S. S. Company's steam f ilJ* t j J}? Orleans and New York regu larly on stii and SOth of eaoh month with the mail*. ?7 ?a.*i*'u?er" <*>?neoting via PANAMA RAIL I*1 'AI>". These titeainships have Haan inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty tpetd and tm,f( ty. The Panama Railroad (47 miles InngMs nmroom pleted from oceaa to ocean, and in 8 or 4 hours. Thebaggage ofpassengers is obecked in New \ ork through to San Frauoisco. aud passenger* ars eml?rked ??t Panama by steamer at the company's expense. The money paid iu New York oovers ail expense* of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port ia Panama and Sen Frascisoo, to prevent detention in case of acci dent, so that the route is entirely rtltabls?no tail ure having incurred in eight j ears. Passengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspmwall. Conductors go thn.iieh by oaob steamer, and takt charge ol women and children without other protes tors. KdT through tickets at the lowest rntes apply al the agenc), 177 West street. Now '??xv KAY.MOND.-or to ARMSTRONG. IMKK1S A CO., i ii i? .r c.r*rti.rttn5:..',^~" - " P^OR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the nth ol July, oommenee miming regularly to ^ the above plaoes. leaving iv'--fmrtni |fcf ft monuay ?* pSjv'7'"i?V??fJV. retnrntnr. at OLD lii ANh1 ,(VN^ B'ACKISTONE'S t, an<1 ?*ual landings <m the Potoinas. f..!p""" w jo*' tf WM. MITCHELL. 1|AM M&SiitfSJj! PWA*??' FERRY i jjt RG, \a., via Cheaapaake and Ohio caral.?The Packet Boata a b ^ ,? GO and M. C. AlLIGS. will oomTaenctJs^faBasM ? v ???ajsvv7? win rnmji making uaily trip* to th* above pointu^ ? w , HTo *!arct?.2S? lMTln* the wharf of W. H, ?t7 n'ii'' i irr' J,e,>reotown. p. C. every mortjiuf at 7 oo ook. Sundays exoepted; through in aisht hours; taavins (.eorjetown nfsevea o'olook in the nu.rnmj the Boats will arrive at the Great Falls.oi Uss.uufton Aqueduot. at In a. u... Seneca ar '.iin., Edwards h erry at 3 p. ru., where a state will be n readiness to oonver passer.jers to Lsestmrr, Va, Returning, leave E<1warda j- erry every day ai nin< at sunset" rnornin*' 40,1 arriving in Georgetowi Through: Tieketf, 91.75 Intermediate point, u follows: Great F alls or Washington Aqueduct, * cents; Seneca, 75 ecnts; Edwarda' Ferry, Al.i>; Leealiurg. \ iriima, iiioludm* coach, 01.75. Meala aer\'ed on the Boata at numerate prices. mar^5 W. H. k H. G. RITTER. gPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. ??? JOHN llTsMOOT, No. 110 Bridge atreet, Oeorgetown. D. C^ haa receivejl from New \ ork and PiuiadelLhia and now offenng at very low pnoea. to cash and prompt onstomers, a larje and general assortment ol follow** v' ? oox??oonipnuag m pm aj New sty ie Silk Robes and flinoy Silki make t.'ack Silks, hirh lustred B.ack Challies, Lustres and Mods Delatnaa Rich printed tail wool) Mons Deiainea ChaJlies andI Barege Delaines, in great variety Kich Organdie. Bar?ge,and Jaconet Robea Brifht oolora and mode plain Bareges and Da lai lies 'i>un French Bnllianta and Percales lam colors Crave!laa and Spring-at jle Poplina >oaa!s, a light seasonable fabric FPrinted Jacouets and Bnllianta > hite nrilli&uts. from 12H to Slk oei u Best makes new styles Ginghams Debnges. Chamhrays and pliuu Lustre* Pr'ht* of uew at)(es. in great variety, at u,S c^nta R ch Chintz oolora b*st French Organdies ( VN'HtTK iroona. in great variety. | am Swiss, Nansook and Jaconet MusUm 'laid and striped Mutltna SruilI-figured and r.oh Brocade Swias Mntlrm P'Hid and striped Jaconet, Nansook and Swiaa Muslins White Tarletons. Illnsions. and Waah Neta Irish l^inenaiof the heat makes) very cheaa Linen Canihnc, Linen and Bishop Lawns Super English Lot * Cloths. sntUhle for Ladiea' U86 " New York, Batea, At wood, and other good raakea Shirtings White Cairbrioa (of Jnnas'a oeiebrated make) W hit* Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collara. Kmhmo.dsrik*. French worked .Mus^iq Collars and Soto Swiss Cambric Collars and Seta Swiss and 1 .ace Sleeves and Seta Hoiuton and Maiteae Ijice Collar* Swiss C:tmt>ho end Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Ildkfa. Also, new styles l^ace and Silk Klantiliaa Stella feud \\ hite Crape Shaais Plain and rica tuurod Bonnet and Saah Ribbona Wtjrt-apnng, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton SDTTI Spnn* assortment of Bajou's Kid Gloves Talletii Silk, black Koeand I.iale thread do. Cottm Hosiery of evary kind for ladiM and children , Gents baat English Half hose, nbbed and plain do Lisle thread and fancy cotton do. A good assortment of Silk Cravats and Tie? Suspender*, H?lk and Linen ram?>rio Hdkfs Gossamer and Lisle-thread Shirtaand Draw era New atyla Parabola. Also, Gentlemen ar.d Boya' wear of every daaona fiwdaWU eVarT y"Ltieiy ?f House fornishiag Dry Domestio Goode for aervanta wear of the heaviest max on. Purchaaera may rely npon getting deairal.le gooda kt low pnoe*. _aP8 !r )HN H. SM(K)T. New grocery, wine, and J'lC)U()R STOR K The aulworiber begs to inform hi* friends and the public, that he haa opened a NEW STORK, corner of Wthat.eet and Louiaiana avenue, whore hi ,a tends to keepi constantly on hand a largd ami varied assortment of I-oreigu and Domestio WINES I 1 Ot OKS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, ^insisting of h me Teas^Siigar. Coffee, Flour. Soap Olive*. Haisina, Fig*. Sardines. Anchovies, Otard Msrrett fc Co.. Ihnet ft Co.. and Col. cLl<ird'a Brandies in oasos, deiniiohns, and casks. Old Ja uiaicii Kuin, Sherries, Madeira. I'ort of varioua de scriplioiis, St. Julleii Claret, Chateaux Margaiuz in cakes, Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Reynold'a Ldinl'urgh Ak, Anruaette, Maraschino, Curaooa. Alwynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigar*. Also. Stoughtoa Bitter*, and Fever and Ague Bitters, porter. Ale. and Cider. * n1!1'!?* Vei to <*" ?"Am ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mom bersof Congress are also informed that their orders will !>e promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. ?A general aaeortment of fine Havana Cigars, tm orted direct by tuu whol*aal*and re u -? Canal Boat* supplied on reasonable term*, and proUuoe taken in exchange. Levy'a Old Whiakey, oooctantly on hand, of 184?. Country ordera punctually attemled to. and ooaa. try produoe ol all descriptions received on omsign mr?fl?r ^ONA)jL*,? LEvTT^ No-M? Twelfth street. BAYLOR A MAURY'S ELASTIC PENS, the P-~Ue?rc!J RPPfri*ch to * quill, manufactured by M*urr London, expressly for Taylor i hundred* Mawy** Envelope*, from ten oeuts a a h?I?>VreiSrnr,,S L*tt?r Pap*r' fr?m ? dollar and Tavror A Maqry'a Commeroial Note Pap*r, from adollarand a half per re*m. M quire' * Maury'* Bill Paper, twenty oent* a xvKVi~ *nJMaur> '? fina *oaliti*? of Erglish Writing Pap", including tt-e oelel.raled "double tnick cream laid, specially imported by Taylor A Al 11?? * Wax10'4 Mau^,', t'nlled State* official Sealing buim|IOr ^ Mnur?'? Half-dollar Bible*, elegantly TstlorA Maury's Forty-cent Prayer Book.ele pantliF hoiiix!. f il.'ft!l,r.*,t ,Vn"r> '? e*ten*ive stock or Stationery auU lilank Books embracea every variety, from the lowest to the highest grades manufactured, whieh I hey ofler at the cheapest rates consistent with quality. New Books received immediately on publication. Importations of Books Irom England weekly. All the School Books used in the District at low pno*s. TAYLOR A MAURY'S Book and Stationer? Stora *u q mmr ,\nnh street. PERSONS WHO ark IN TER ESTED.?We have now on haadaaap ply ofouroclebrateiTBurton and XXX Ale*, which aou'thertf trade' aiS*wUioh". w^i wiligua^t^ tokiSp ^ " ^ "aTn'vT's111n'-,'.*" Gw fV1* F011, TERSERVES.-1W Glaaa * ? Jars for Perservea for aale cheap by *??*>!_ -ONASP.LEV\"&12th*t, au _ iw Grooery and Troviaion Store. ^(U)0 FEET BEST QUALITY ITALIAN OUUll'MARBLE SLA IIS FOR SALE.-WUI be manufactured into Table Slat*, Waahataud Tops and Counter Mabe, at New York prie?e.? ear oent. "??.ow former pricea. Makers, Plumtiera, and others pleaae call before sending orders to the north. Al.EX Rl'THER I-ORD. Marble \ ard op pa. the t'niou Office, Peaa ave. au aim (IntA Slates) ^HEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The roOeflriler offers SUGAR, COFFEE. HAMS, SI DPS and SHOULDERS. FLOUR and MEAL, BUTTER and EGGS, at No. 564 l?h atreet, corner of ii H?-tf r JOSA9 P. LKVT, Trt??ler?' Directory. ^TKAVHKR 8K(?R(jr. PACK. W HO URS OF DEPAk TUR F.J it# Alexaednaat <H. 7%.9, \Oii* nfeT MM ^yA*HLN?TON BRANCH R AlLfc OA.l>. RAINS HUN AS FTtLLOWS: KXPRFSS at 4JD *. Rel*y forth* W*et. and for Annapou*. Baltimore. Phitaaelpfcm. aad New York. On Sunday at 7 a, m., and ?.*>j. m. From BALTIMORE. for WASHINGTON at 4.IS a nd 9.15 a. m.. 3 and 5.1* p. m. On Sunday at (.Ua. m. an/5.15 ?. m. >e rt tf T. H. PAVWffl.AWK. QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD P LY! GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINM Twioe Daily, (Sunday night* excepted,* between WASHINOXONCTtS and the SHI TH, via ALEXANDRIA, OCR DONS VI l.l.l' and RICH MONIt. Lmvm Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'nloek put. Far* from Washington to Klot.iuond. $5 5u. or LYNCH BI RO ^Td the SOUTHWEST, eave Washington at C o'eck a. "in., arrive m i. VNCHRl'RU next at 4 a. m .connecting With the train* ??n the Virginia at J I enneaae* Rail H<md for M KM PHIS. Mail ?*lsges from Chir iotteevili* to Lynehlwrg a distance of ?mi mile*. Fare from Washington to L)oclibum, t' .75. ?* ?* Mtuiw.x. MJk Tha most expeditious route to the Virginia Cprince?only six h'<?ra' stage travel tothsurecn ner White Sulphur. 1.6ftre Washington at 0 a. m., arrive at \VHI TK SM.PIfLR the same n.glat. Far* lrum Alexandria to Whit* Sulphur, 912.5P. The steamer GKOROK PAGE. foot of Seventh ?tre?t, being owned In the Raitioad Company, run* in connection with (h* train*. Ticket* for Richmondai.J l.ynohburg pro?red en the Boat. IO" OinnibM** and Beggar* Waieni will teat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, U> c-mvey pa* ?enters *ud baggage to the Steaii.t-mt. for A du driv a diatano* of six miles, allowing ample tun* JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria. July. Ian. .i __ Jy 8-tf E\V AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. N FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO H AIL HO AD. The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing'ing lines at the West ha* require.* an en tire revision of the running arrangements ofthis road bv which highly unportnut advantages to the trav eler are securod. On and after MONDAY. Jun* 15. law. THREE DAILY TRAINS will be run in both directum* for tfcrougb oasssngera. First?The ACCOM MOD ATI ON TK AIN start* from Camden Station. Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,(exoept Suridar.i stop* at wa> station* and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Seoond?The MAIL TRAIN start* (Sunday ex cepted ) at 8 3n A. M-. and arrive*at Wlieeling at 4 25 A. M., connecting at Benwood with Central Ohio trains for Coium'*u*. Cincinnati. Indianapoha, l.ou isville. Chicago. St. Loin*. A c.. awl at eame place with train* for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. Ac., t>y Cleveland Ro?d, and also at Parkeraburg with Ma rietta Kond. Third?Th* ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI E X PR ESS TRAIN leave* at 5.<6 P Sl .oon Carn ?f ('dumb u?.) and reaching there in I tit 25 hours from Baltimore and 36 hours from Washing ton. It also oennecta directly, in both direction*, at Grafton with ears b* Parkeraburg and Mantils road* for Chiilieoihe, Ciuouwpti, etc.* tram* oonneot at Xent for Indiai*polM. Chicago aad St. Lnuia, and at Cincinnati witL the Great Ohio and Miaeiaaippi Express for Louisville. Cairo and St. I ,oui* through to St. I<oni* in le?* than 42 hours from Baltimore. B? this train the <?*;? to all th* onrtral and southern piaces in the W??t is much less, while the dttt+nce id from 40 to 1UU miles shorter than by the shortest of other routes. F rom the Xv est thee* oonneotions are equally cloe* and satisfactory, ar nrine at Baltimore at R.St A. M. frr Hs*ga?e ciiecke?l through to a!l point*. TlIROL'GH TICKETS *o*d at loaeat rat** at Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington ma* ei'tc the entire rood by ituyhfM, by taking nux'i - uu trains, and Uing over at Cumtterland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ae oommodalion train, leaving Cumberland at 8 and Onkland at 10M. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Aocomm??datiou Tram at 7 A.M.* wi'l stop at aT1 Stations ?<a?t of Cumt<er1*nd. and the Wheeling Accommo'lation at all S?ationa t>evond Cumtierland going West. F.natwardl*. th* Mail Train l?ave* V\ heeling at 8JP A. M..and Aooommo da'ion lenvea Cuintfenand at 9, i>?ehing Baltimore at 530 P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA ind |*arl passengers will take the Mail eastward!*. The FRKDLRK K TRAIN atart* at 4 P. M.. mg at way station*. l/?ave* Frederick at u.l> BRANCH, between (irnftf-n and I'arkerabnrg. way )as*engera will tak* th* ExpTe*s westwaril'y at d T\v. arriving at Hall imore 13 n<K>u. The ELLIOTT'S MILL TR AIN leavn* at 5.4S A. M? and 5.15 p. M. Leaves FUiootC* Mills at 7 A. M. and 7 P. M.. eacept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THF SOI TH Leave Baltimore for \\ Mhington nt 4.1*> and ??.H A. M.. 3and5.(5 P. M. Ou Sundays at 4J5 A. M and 5.15 P. M. only. Leave Waaliiujii<ia for Baltimore at 6 and 83) A, M.and Sand 4.3U P. M. OuSuudajsat 7 A M., and 4^ P. M. only. . Thefiret ana fenm-. trams frum Baltimore, and t*?? seet>nd find A?iirtft trains from WHsbmrVust. Will (>? express mail train*, stopping onl> at \Vashiiigton Junction and Annapoli* Junction. The 9.15 and 5.15 Iruui from Baltimore and the ?.* and ?? 2^> trains ftom Waahm^ton oonnect with th* train* from Annapolis. For ticket*, information, fare, Ae.. apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at the Tieket ? ffiee, Camden lation. WM. S. WOODMT>E. jy lihtf Manter of Tranar>orlatH>n. Baltimor*. ^HE NEW Yt?HK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAILSTEAMERS. 1 Tkt Skt?? competing tkit Lieu ate: The AT!jANTIO Capt. Oliver EI4ndge. The BALTIC Caft. Joaeph Citmstook he ADRIATIC Capt. Jam^a Weat. i: The*e ships ha\*ir.r been onilt by contract expree?'y for th* (iovernment servioe.everj cere ha* lie??n taken in their ootistruoiiou, a* *l*o in I heir engine*, to iu lure atrength and ayeed. and thoir acoi>iniiiodat:on* ror paatsuger* are uae*ual!ed for e.egauce and oom k?rt. Pric* of paaRag* from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin,in second do., 97 s; exelnkivt-Meof extra *ix* Htate n?NS*. S^S. From Liverp<x>l to New York, Si> and W guinea*. An ??ren*>need Sur geon attached to each ship. No l>ertjt* <dui i/e *?oui*0 until paid for. The ship* uf this Uu* have improved water-tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. PROM SKW YoUK. I W R< < VII.! V KR POOt,. Saturday. June ttL...I&'77 \\>dne.-Ay. June J4 I8S7 Saturday, July 4 Iaj7 Wednesuay, July 8 liwr Saturday, July 18 I&Y7 Wediiesday. July 2? .1857 Saturday, Aug. 1 18S7 Wednesday, Aug. 5 IK57 Saturday, Aug. 15 1R57 Wedneaday, Aug. 1* 1RS7 hatnrday, Sept. 12 .. MJSTl Wednesday, S?-pt.t in*y Saturday, Sept. 26. .. lg^7 Wednesday, Sept. ?? MIS7 Saturday , < ?ct. in IK57> Wednesday, Oct. 14. lttOT Saturday, Oct. 24 1KS7 Wailne^day. Oct. 2b .ito7 Saturday, Nov. 7 I<^ST Weduusday, Nov. 11 1H57 Saturday, Nov. 21... I8.S7 ^'ednesday, N?v. T< IR*J Saturday, Deo.6 1857; Wedueadny , pee. * ISM ! Wednesday, Deo. 23 1807 Eor freight or passage, apply to DWARD k: COLLINS, No. M, Wail street. &FOWN. SHIPLEY A CO., LtTerport. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. tt, A.sUc Friars, London. B.G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Pnri*. Th* owners of the** sh.p* will not 1+ acooantabi* for gold, silver, bullion, spnoie. jewelry, preciou* ?tone* or metal*, unless bill* of lading ar* signed therefor aad th* ralu* thereof exprcase* ttieraic. je 15 JJN1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE ASD WITItorr FAILl KK FoU K1GNT VKARB, TOE CALIFORNIA AND ORFGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rrg?/*r Sailing Davt.btk f90(k of each month. Carrion.?So man* frnuda and imposi tiona ol varioua kinds liave lieen iatal? oerpetrated ontravellera boendtoCALf FOR Nl A. that the sutiaorilter, the only authorised Agent for prtasage t>* the I . S. Mail Line, via |?aua ma, iu the city o| New York, fe*I* it ins duty to caution all persons seeking |>aa?age to California, that, to aVotD imposition, they must lw earelul to hud the trueuthce ol t'te steamships ?<l '(?? I ? s. Mail Ivtne, via I'lutania Haiiroad, a* no oiuerudtue in New York l* authorized (0 ein^age |??s^.?^g<?. The Companies have only one ofli ?? in .N?-w \ or*, whioh I* at 177 West street.eorrer of W arren street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the t <i?i pany 'a Wharf. |IT" Ob*enr* my sign yver . . I. W. RA\ MONO, Agert, j* |?- New \ .?k. JNTERE8T1NG TO FAMILIES. Th* following extract from a New York P*PV u^nuot Ikil to l?e interesting. In referring logggM the receipt* of Tee* in this oouutry for onei ? H Kir up to 3th ultimo, it saya tuey will be 12. ,U?i pound* ahort of the imports of the y*ar end ing J un* 3U, !#>'.. and that "Thendvanoe in biaofc tea*. 0??|?mg*, *tnoe la*t Dcormber. baa l??*n ifteeu eenta p?r ponud; a>?d Young Hyaon Tea*, of low and medium grade*, hav* experienoed an advance of one hundred per oent. over last season'* Oro*ing prioos. "It will thus b* seen iltai tin- strong and rap.d advance in the tea market has twen the result ol a short *uppl> and aotive demand ; but when it i*oon ? idered that we may hear at any m<-meut of the eo tire au*p*usiou ol ahipmenta at Sltnnchai, and. in faet, that, a* *o?n a* a suttioient (Woe from England arrive* at the aeat of war, all five ports of entry m China, will p"?hat>!y he placed under strict Unckade, it would not b* surprising to see Teas at * much higher hgure than they have yet ilfmil " In T?*w of the*e facts, we hold out very great ie dnoement* for families to lay !? their seenbe* of T*anew. KING A Bl RCI1EI.L, lell-tf Corwr Vermont are, ami Uth *tree?. f1^REM0L0 ACCORDEON8,* aew mv*otK? ; I - V^fetKyAr. a*lh KKMI uth end Pal*