Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1857. NO. 1,438. THE EVENING STAR ? flBLISHED KTERT AFTIRJIOOPI, {S1CBPT SUNDAY,) AT THE 9TAR BUILDINGS, Crrmsr tf Ftnnsylvani* metnt, and 111* ttrttt, Br W. D. WALLACH, and ia served to sahacnber* by camera at SI X AND A QUARTER CENTS, jayabis weekly to k? Agents; papera served 1a paofcacaa at J7X oents per month. To maiJ subscribers thesutasnption Ktoe<? THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ta mdrant$, TWO DOLLARS for iu months. and ONE DOLLAR for three montns; for leaa titan three months at the rata of 1234 oenta a week. JET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE FASHIONS. (Correspondence of N. Y. Journal of Commerce.] Paris. August 6, 1857. Our artist* in the millinery department hate a comparative repose; the summer toilettes are *51 completed, aud the autumn fashions have not jet been displayed. The heat of our sum mers is generally over by the 15th of this month, and warmer attire it necessary for the end of the month Taffetas, woolen fabrics, thicker and richer silks, replace the muslins, bareges, ailk gauze*. Ac. Beautiful costumes hare been den*? 1 by Madam Petit, 4 Place Yendome. for the early autumnal temperature. Chine silks will be again adopted, both for walking and dinner dress. Madam P. fashions the full dress chine with three flounces, on which there is a wreath of chine flowers, woven in the silk. and f >rining a border to a band comj?osed of black and white squares. There are other robos in the same style, but without flounces, and hav ing side ornaments of a contrasting color. Plain silks of a new description will bo much worn, and the flounces will be replaced by a double skirt, the uppor one ornamented at the sides, and decorated either with a deep hem at the c<igee, or with a rich fringe. For evening cos tume, lace will replace the fringe. The la'e-'t m 'ire antiques are sprinkled with detached bouquets, on running wreaths on the watered ground. Broad silk stripes are mixed with email flowers on a plain ground Fancy but tons. lace and guipure are the usual trimmings for robes, as well as for outer scanner.ts. The autumn modes are as richly trimmed and rs heavily laden with ornamonU as wcro tho ladt winter's dubious. We thought that the excessive luxury dis played by our fino ladies would have produced, ere this, a reaction, and that simplicity in dress would again distinguish the French woman of bonton; but everything indicates, on tho con trary, for the coming season, an unusual dis play of extravagance. Jewels will form a part of every toilette, Sarrazin, 19 Boulevard St. Denis, displays a collection of buttons and small ornaments for the defcoration of demi-toiletlo, unrivaled in taste, richness and elegance. There are enameled clasps that attach the vel vet side ornaments to tho two edges of the silk skirt; the same jewels decorate the corsage and eleoves of the robe. The buttons which fasten the muslin under-sleeves nre eostly Ait>on.r and have bocorae a necessary addition to a well dressed woman's attire. The shawi-inantelet ia the outer garment preferred for the month of September, ani black silk the material gener ally employed. The shawl is surrounded by a double row of ruches; there is an interval of six inches between tho ruches. which are very full, and about tho width of a No. 12 ribbon ; at tho back of the neck there is a small pointed hoed trimmed with the ruche, and finished with a bla*k velvet bow. Striped or chocked fancy silk shawl* are much worn. Plain, Mark eilk jackets with the rkirt reaching to the knee, and wi thMt ornament, will be a costume very fre quently ad 'pte l this autumn ; this garmont is styled a pard ess us. Grey ailk dresses are trimmed with black velvet bands; sleeves are enormously wide at the bottom, gener ally out square, and open to the bend of the arm. Lignt dresses have tho sleeves formed of a pnu of the size of a short sleeve, from which fails a deep flounce, slightly gath ered, covering the elbow aad forming a point ; a band is put between the puff and flounce. ^ hiteescious will continue to be worn as a dinner toHette, during the cooler weather; ?ome are of embroidered muslin, others of laoe or organdie. The following is a youthful and beooming pattern ; it is composed of plain iuu? lin, around the throat, there is a puffing with doable hemmed and fluted heai. The lappets are trimmed with the same puffings, and the braces, before and behind, are likewise puffings. The sleevea are straight with three puffings lengthwise or at the edge of the sleeve, which is terminated by a deeply hemmed frill; all these puffings have ribbons ruu through them. Morning caps are most worn of plain or fringed rnusliu : those of neglige are of tulle, trimmed wiih ribbons, fringes, or narrow vel vets Caps for evening or dinner parties are decorated with lowers, having at tho back of the head a large bow of riblN>a with long ends. For the autumn, taffetas silk wiil be mixed with crape, taile. or straw for bonnets. White crape may be assorted with lilac gros de Na ples ; the sides of the crowu are of ailk. On the front there is a band of silk; cr'jseed by a narrow vandyked blonde, m;.ue into a ruche with a double head ; in the ccntre of the ruche is sowed a small roll of silk The curtain. <?!' crape, bordered with a bias lilac band, two and t half inches wide, and crossed by a b'onie ruche. The insido of the bonnet is decorated with small dai-ies and dark violet* ;?outside of the bonnet, a bouquet of three tulips and grass 44 Kink*' or a Millionaire.?Some ten years or more since, the late John C. Slovens ?? took it into his head'" to build " a place" at South Ainboy, in New Jersey. The site was on a bar ren, dismal-looking pine forest, oovered with sand up to one's knees The property, if wop ertv it was. belonged to the C anrl A. BaitrOud Cempany. lie proposed to purchase. Now. the corporation would ino?t cheerfully have made him a present of it, but Commodore Stock ton aud other intimate friends interfered. The Commodore said, and truly. " if j'ou trire John this sand patch, he won't touch it. He haagot some kink in his head, and let us humor it. Charge him $10.0?K> for it. though it isn't worth sixpence an acre.*' They did so; and soon the '?kink'' developed its df. The ground was filled with ugly pine trees and stumps. Mr. S. set to work clearing this nine barren in a style quite marvellous to his neighbors. He brought to his aid au enormous locomotive engine, and with double blocks aud tackle, brought down the giants of the forest in no time. It was his habit of a morning, having made fast his tackle over night to a couple of venerable stumps, to rise with the sun. set un steam on the locomo tive, and theu, '? Stand from und?.-r ' was the word. One or the other mkji( give way. and presently the doomed one sprang into the air, perhaps sixty feet, falling with a thundering crash The treak diverted him, and brought a uew excitement. After a ?o*.*ju or two, he de termined to ascertain if he could make this New Jersey Sahara " blossom like the rose." So he built himself a superb mansion house, planted several thousand peach trees, as well as graperies in all directions, constructed an artificial lake of five acres, which he stocked with fish, and laid out some five hundred acres with such incomparable skill and taste, that this favoriUi country seal of his became one of the m *t picturesque and highly cultivated in that State.?Porttr't Spirit. W it be i. bar Row Map Man.?The "wheel barrow man " is a surveyor, busily employed in measuring the length and taking ihe courses of roads, location of buil lings. boun lary lines of farms. Ac., preparatory to getting up u map of ttie county. i>i*p'in?iug wiib a.chain, his wh?>el measures in a certain number of revolutions ex actly ?>ne rod on the surf ice of the ground. To the wheel is attach* d a clnck-v o k arrangement and hands. an l hy insp^c'ion, th*? distance from l*oint to point is noK-d as he rolls his barrow along To the barrow is affixed aeotnp&s.? staff. aud at every crossing and change of direction i it the road, ro* ??i. v..???u vioirecuon isi the road, fee sets his compass aud notes the courses. Theu. this solitary individual, dispen sing with the usual parapbe. nnlia of rhaininen, flagmen, aimtn ? ??*, ?ifcaui*. mills, churches. school houses. J we i ltn*s farms with their owner's name, and al*> plats of oar'towns and villages; Aad this, too, at a moderate cost to tha purchaser of the map. A?TL*S"5KS? ?A ladv who arcu*ed her hus band of ;tM&uU wtta aatcot to kill, hid o**;i <V taiiwd ia jad as a witn?? agamst tn?? bmse at Coa/t, l:i the course of the trial a juror, not ?-x artly understanding this method of using wi^ syiupathulngly enquired : "Were vou roaflned iu jail, madam ''' TUe ladv, blushing deeply, answered, "Nulr, I waa coufiiied at home." A HORSE STORY. A kef per of a hotel not fifty miles from Bos ton, is, or was, a famous man for horses, owned many and was always ready for a trade in such cattle. He was sharp at a bargain, and was never known to make a move that didn't count on his side, until the following happened, that proved an exception to the rule. He always had some particular horse on hand for every particular emergency of trade, and tho adroit ness o( his operations in putting off a beast, was a subject tor delighted approval on all hands among connoisseurs of that delightful and much abused animal, the horse. No one ever traded with Staffle that did not confess himself satisfied, though satisfaction being a latitudinal word, did not always mean that the satisfaction was tho ultimate oi'happiness in the trade?liko the same term in connection with the duello. There was a jolly cobbler whose name was Wax, that occupied a small shop near the hotel, to whom Staffle was accustomed to refer in case of any stick in a transaction, and be being a disinterested man, would decide on the matter of difference, always?however, by what was deemed a strange fatality, deciding in favor of Staffle. Some, however, went so far as'to inti mate that Staffle and the cobbler had talked the matter over previously, and had certain fieri* by whieh they understood eaoh other. ^hen the stick came, then Stafflo would say, "Well, well, w can't get along any further. Now I'm willing to leave it to a third party, and as Mr. Wax, around the corner, knows the value of the borne I um swapping with you, he will be a# good and candid an arbitrator as we can find, and I guess I'll call him." Mr. Wax would accordingly come out, loather apron and all. and after looking at the matter candid ly, would decide that Staffle should receive a smart consideration as the difference in value, and this would settle it nine times in ten. One day there came along a stranger with a pretty good horse and it was once an object of ?Mafiie s interest. He examined the horso in all his points and determined to have him. The determination worked itself into a positive fever by next morning; and when the stranger's horse was Iod out to bo harnessed. Staffle stepped out and asked the owner, who was looking on, seeing that the harneu was adjusted pr?]>erly, if he didn't want to swap horses. The stranger told him that he hadn't the lex*t objection provided ho could mako a little something out of it. " Well, I'm glad to hear you say so.'1 John, bring out the red colt." The red colt was accordingly brought out. Its name was a misnomer. It was one of those animals that, having been called a colt when legitimately entitled to the appellation, had for feited it by the offence of age, and was now sailing under false colors. The stranger looked at tho " colt," and gave a whistlo as he saw tho discrepancy between the titlo and tho age. " W ell, said heat last. " how shall we trade.' What will you give to boot ?" " Boot' said Staffle. with feigned surprise, ?* tho boot is on tho other leg. I think.'* '* Ah, said the man, "well, if you think so, we will stop negotiation. Good morning." " Hold on," criod Staffle, ' bold on?don't be in such a hurry. Suppose I offor you,?sav, twentv-five dollars?how would that please you?" ?? It would not nlease me at all,'" was the re ply. " I shouldn t want to take less than eigh ty dollars." " Well," said Staffle, "1 can't do that; "but I'll tell you what I will do?I'll leave it out to somebody." "Done,"' replied the stranger; "anything for a trade Whom will you leave "it to Somebody, I hope, that knows what a good horse is. ' " Never a better, sir, " said Stafile, delighted ly ; and hero s just the man, of all others, that I would like to see, coming into the yard. Good morning. Mr. Wax." W ax nodded good morning back again, and said so, and then stood with his hands under his apron |ooking at the horses "Mr. Wax,' continued Stafflo, *' this gentle man and myself are about tniding horses, and wo want you to decide on the amount of bool that I am to pay him. \ ou know what an ex cellent horse the "colt" is. and can judge by comparing the two. what the difference should IbOi" '* Mr A\ ax are yon a good judge of horses7" Mr. M ax nodded, and looked up into his face as much as to say, " I ebould like to have you find a better one." He then proceeded gravely to examine the two horses, and af ter standing with his arms akimbo for some five minutes said? " I should think eeventy-five dollars would be about right." "^Good," said the stranger; "five dollars i?n t much in a trado. Give me seventy-five dollars and take the horse." Staffle was red as a beat, and drawing out his pocket-book, he coanted out seventy-fivo dollars, aud paid them over. The transfer was made in silence, and the stranger drove away. Alter he had gone, Staffle turned to Wax, who stood there very smilingly, saying? ..." was a of a trick you played me. ^*t was you thinking of ? Didn't you under stand the "colt" was mine?" \es, replied \\ ax ; "but you didn't sus pect that the other horse was mine, did you ? I bought him yesterday on -peculation."?Bos ton ?NiturUuy Gnzftt , ^ Stbcimes rno* Mr. Spi roeo.i.?As an illustration of the style of sermonizing which c harictcrizcB Mr. Spurgeon, the following will answer pretty well, botn in respect to matter and manner : - Now," wo quote from one of his recent sermons, " if I wished to test you all. and rniijht a?k you only one question. I would a?k this: \\ hat is your righteousness? O. lam as good as my neighbor Go along with you ? you can't be my comrade. What is i/our righ teousness? Well, I am rather better than my neighbors, lor I go to the chapel regularly. Off with you, Sir ! you do not know the watch-word. And )ou, next, whul if your righteousness ? I have been baptized, and am a member of tho church. Ye", and ao you may; and if that is your hoi*, you are in the gall of bitterness Now you. ne*t, what is your hope ? O. I do all I- an, and Christ makes up the rest. You aro a Babylonian ; you are no Israelite ; Chris: is no make-weight; away with you. Here comes tho last. What is your righteousness7 My righte ousness is filthy rags; except one righteousness which I have, which Christ wrought out for mo on Calvary, imputed to mo by God himself, which makes me pure and spotless as an angel. Ah, brother, you and I are fellow soldiers I have found you out ; that is the watchword? "\our righteousness is of me, saith tho Lord." A Disappear iscr-- ? Punch" thus expresses his distress at tho disappearance of women from the face of tho earth : "'lhere are no women now-a-days. Instead of women, we have towering edifices of silk laee and flowers. You see a milliner's large adver ''-?"g > a n tha t slide i along with a rustling sound and are told that it i? a woman; but as you a pr?^h Wlthin *veral yardsof the uion aer obstruct'0 i, you cannot tell what it ia. be fron n'JT "R, ,lkft *bop front put in motion, with all the goods in it ex p ?se 1 for sale. I realiy bel eve if anv show , man would open an exhibition, where one could ! see a woman such as they were in mj joZ , dys. when they were fair, slim,Header,grace fu , well-proportioned, and everything beauti ful, instead of the animated wardrobes and un recognizable bun Ilea of fine clothe*, that th, v no. th.t i lowinan like that would realise a largo for tune. ? , MV"#f.PT rA." ,n<"an gone to Albanvone cold mornfnjj last winter and got very drunk On h.a way h?m>> he became completely overcome laid b ms?lf down, and waa frozen to death. His t. toe were verv much diapoaed to imitate therun ,m' ot fbe white men. and accordingly held an Inquest over the dead body. After a Vo* pow wow. they finally agreed to thla verdict, that the Oi eeMcd rame to hi* death by mixing too much hlu?" * hl* which had frozen In FOB RENT AND SALE. I ^OR RKNT ? A RARK CHANCE.?Nov un der construction, 12 large and airy rooms, with all the conveniences of water and lights. The loca tion is in the principal busmen* square of the rnty, and the rooms are well adapted for Dentists, Dagner reotypists, Offices. An. Also, a convenient And airy Basement, suitable for any licht business. The whole finished and well lighted in theinost unproved manner, after the New York styles. WALL A STEPHENS. No. 322 Penn. avenue, l>etween 9th and au 18-lm lf?th sts., entrance on i) ?t. FOR RENT.-The three-story BRICK HOUSE situated on 'Stli street, opposite the new exten sion of the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn. avenue and Willards' Hotel. The bouse contains lo good rooms, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the best in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply on the premises. No. 474. an 17-tOet<* FM>R SALE CHKAP?~A~c*?Wil*rtable~BRICK DWELLING, situated on tWe northeast corner of 4th and N streets north. Price $1,150; half in cash, balanoe in six and twelve months, or it ail paid in cash less will bo taken. Apply to.POLl.ARl> WEBB. No.5127th street. ? an 3-ff FOR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner o New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 206 feet 11 inches, and containing naarty 84,1*10 square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. I7*ARM FOR SALE.?A pieoe of fine LA N I) on Rock Creek, in Montgomery county. Aid., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and Hawkius. lI2%aores. A beautiful loca tion: partially improved; new honse ; 13 acres rich creek bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je4-tf F"?OR RENT.-A Modern bailt HOlfSE, coi tain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful son airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the citr, the river, and Georgetown, it has gas through out; water and bath-room. To a carefti 1 tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4<i4 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf f^OR SALE OR RE NT\?THE I)ESIRABLE RESIDENCE on the corner of F and 2lst?fs., together with tho Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. The stable will be sola or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 50 Inr 136 feet, but the purchaser cau have more land if desired. Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th.near F street. Appiy to CHU.UB BROTHERS, ap 8-tr VALUABLE FARM FOR S A I.E.? For sale A FARM of ">43 acres, in CulpcperCoun ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu ral !y exee!lent. nnrt ma\ economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as fane crops as are grown ahylwliere in the United States ; 115 .'teres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached ny means of the railroad : also, a !nr?e quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. Tli? buildings area!' on a hifl. at.d, with small repair* may lie made comfortable for the residence ol a family The place is well watored, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this l-'arin now resides in the West, and is determined to sell it, it will be sold a great bargain,on vry accommodating terms. Persons 'Usposed to purchase mav inquire for fur ther particyira to \V. I). WALLACH, oditor of the filar. Washington C.ty, who knows the prem ises. jy 8-tf A Wood and Coal. c OAL! COAL!! COAL!!t The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with their order* for Coals of any siz* or kir.d they may want, of a* good quality as comes to this market. Also, a good supply of WOOD, at No. 475 loth I treat, between 1) awl K streets, and Potomac 5ridg?. Coal 2.240 lbs. to the ton. au 11 -mwSw J. K HARVEY A CO. ?*UMVBRLAND COAL. Order* will b* received for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CUMBER LAND CO A L. in lump, or the run of the mines, at the very lowest casta prices. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, am' Grocery Store, an 2^-tf No. y?t i2th street, corner of B street NE CARGO CUMBER LAND COAL, just received. T. J? A. W. M. GALT, au 20 2w N. W. corner 12th and C sts., No 517. () CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now disel?arMi:K.W? touaCumberland Coal. v . t>r?n CAS l l.KMAN A Bl? t \w ?7 nnrn*r 6th B *ta.. opp. National hot#!. Pianos, &c. 4 C A R ?).?A CHANTK R A RELY M ET /V WITH BY THOSE WHO WlSlI<0r*Hfcra A PIANO FORTE.?1 have now in storefa Die fo lowing great bargains : t ? ? i 1 ? Two superb j*lna<is, four round corners, rosewood cases, seven octaves, used only a f w months. 1 will sail them at $125 less than their prico seven monttis A Ixwutilui seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round comers, for $2M. The above Pianos ar?? sold for no fault, bat be longed to famries who have removed to the west, and left them with us to be sold. They are really and truly great bargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with them, and will, at any fu ture day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Also, a fine scooud-lrmd Piano of Hallet A Davis* nmke, for $S*K?, used but eighteen months, and cost J?325. Also, two second-hand Chiekering's for $175 each, at the Great Piano Wareroomsof JOHN F. ELLIS, au 19 306 Penn. ave.. liet. 9th and loth streets. WG. ME'PZEROTT has now on hand a large ? assortment of PI AN? "FORTES,, by Rosenkrani,Bacon It Raven .and Win] Miller. Also, several seootid hand Pianos' which he will Bell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodcons from ?ij to $150. One seo ond-hand Melodeon for #2>t. Pioanufortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. an 12 piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMER continues to add new mem bers to his classes. Apply to Mr. PAI.w MKR, at his Rooms <iver Fariiham,fcp5'^r=^97 Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri-? I ? ? ? ' dar, and Saturday, between2and 6 p. in. Terms $5 per quarter. ap 25-tf f 1OLD MEDAL PREMIUM VI PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of K*abe. Gahhi.k A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underfrhe Dame^^jj^^ of William Knabe A Co., at the??Id stand, Nob. I, 3, 5 and 7 NorthEutaw stroot op-*?' *" " posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2"J7 Baltimore street, t>etwceu Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCatfery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes' also, Melodeons, from the best makers, from 4 to 5 ootave, some with double key-boards, double reedsi and stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will Bell wholesale and retail, on the moa liberal terina. Our Pmnos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal tat the Fairs of the Maryland institute two successive j ears?October, la.?5, and 1856? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first the laduBtrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1H55 and 1856. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver inodal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for lft.57. In addition to this we are in possession oftestimo n:als from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, whicli nan lie seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in wluoii our instruments are ever j where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, and a privilege of exchange is granted within tne first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thair advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar lfr If WM. KNABE A CO. Humphries a junniman. On Fourth street east, between E and F, Capitol Hill. have fitted np their place, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Mondav afternoon Tor those who wish to engage in the English Ouadrillesor German Waltaes. will find an opportunity to do so there. Weber's Band has been engaged for the sea son, and will he in attendance. They have ou hand atul constantly making the purest larger to lie obtained in the oitv. je 17 3m D~ U FONT'S GUNPOWDER. I am all times supplied withall the various kinds of DU PONT S GUNPOWDER, and am prepared to suppiy the same inauy quantity to parties wanting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No.35 High street, mar tl-tf (Intel.AStates) Georgetown. D. C. IC L O T II I N G. SADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any to dispose of can receive a fur cash price for the fame, by sending or addressing H. MELA, No. ?n Louisana avenue, between 8th and 10th streets, west end Centre Market. EDUCATIONAL. MISS WAGOAMAN'8 SELECTSOHOOL IVo. 443 12fA street, between G and // streets. Will re-open on Tuesday, September 1st. an 21 -2w * RittenhousF, Indiana avent**, nearStl street. The next academic year will commence Septem??er l?t. <l. C. WIGHT, _au2l-eo3w Principal, (VIRS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG 1*1 LA DIES. Corntr of L and N>rA streets. The next session of this Institution will commence on (he 1st of Septeml>er, 1US7. Competent and ethcieut Professors will, as hereto fore, l?e engaged in every department. Further particulars can be obtained by applying at the Seminary. _ an 21-dl?eoSW 'piIF. UNION ACADEMY. The regular duties will be resumed SeptemW 1st. Z. Richabu*, Principal, A. G. Wilkinson. Asst., A. C. Richards, Asst., A. ZxrroxK. Mod. Lan. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Mrs. 'A. Khuauds, Prin., Miss M.J.Wilcox,Asst., A. ZAPl'ovi:. Mod. Languages. au 3 eolin Young ladies seminary. Corner of Montgomery and Dunbarlon its., Georgetown, 1). C. Mks.Gen WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this Institution will l?e resumed on Tuesday, Septcmlxir 1st, when a sha.-eof the public patronngo is respectfully solicited. nn l4-eotSeptl5 8ELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH, Xo. 3'"ft Fstreet, Washington, D. C, Principal. DONALD MACLOED, A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow. formerly Head Master of Ravens crofY Collegeaiid Ashwood School, and ProWsor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettrcs in the Columbia Institute. This School will be opened on the second Monday of Soptemlier a?'Xt. for the reception ol a limited number V>| Boarding Pupi Is and Day Scholars, who will l>9 treated, inali inspects, a* members of the Principal's family. Tim design is to offer to young ladies from a distance all that is included in the name

of "Wonie," and to extend tothe Day Scholars the advantages of Home influence. The Sessions will begin on the second Morday of September and first Mos.lay of February, in cach year. The vacations wiil extend through the months of July and August. Circulars containing full information mar be ob tained at the principal bookstores, and will tie for warded by mail, to any address, on application, au 8-tf I FEMALE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COL legiate institute. Washington, D.C. Htram Cob?on. Principal, in charge of English and Classic*. Departments. M'.me. C. Corson, Teacher of Frenoh, Spanish, and German, Drawing aiid Painting. M'lle Math;li>e Emil.e Rollin, Assistant Tachcrof French. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, 18.37. Circulars can l? obtained at the Book and the Music Stores. jy3l-lm* PMERSON INSTITUTE, I J H street,beiv*tn I2lh nnd\"\tk. Select Classical and Mathematical School fok Both. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. Tl<? numl>er of pupils is limited. For fiirthsr particulars address hu 4-1 in CHAS. B. YOUNG. Principal. ( GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH VI EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties ol this lustitution will l>e resumed S?f tember7th. jv 7-iawif P. A. llOWE\. Principal. j\ 1 RS. BIRR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA 1*1 DIES.?No. 391 H street, he. t ween ISthaud 14th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem ber 2l?t. _ jy 8-lawjUw? ( i UI.PEPER FEM ALE SEMI \A R Y. ^ Culpri'Er Court IIocsK. Va., I Oder the In*trucion and SupermtPndenoe cif ih? ^ MISSES FORNERET. This School will l?e re-opened on the 1st of Sep teinl>er, 1H-57, for the reception of Hoardersand a lew d-iT Scholars. The object in view is to extend to all who app:y and are admitted, a thorough and useful ftducatiou. No pams will lie witl held from giving t!>e younp Ladies Buch instructions^* will adapt tiiem for everv duty and emerg?'nc/ of life. While the ornamental branches will not f>e neglected. the solid and f undaiiitulal principles of liejrt and hi ad education will be the special objects of arduous at tention. Fenisle education has now taken such a firm hold on public attention, that, to proclaim i's advantages, would be to portiay adegreo of igiiur.'ince not com patible with modern improvement. The elevating influence of female education is felt andacknowl edged by every admirer of female excellence; hes I'ato then, no longer, to bestow on your dsuchters those advantages that are indiipenstbie to their ad vanc inent ami success through life. As the School increases, the number of Teachers will be also increased ; thereby seouiing every aux iliary to the rapid advancement of the Student. Every effort will I* pat forth to maintain the high tone and character of the Scliooi. Appropriate hours will l.e set apart for study and daily exercise. The discipline w .11 be mild and per suasive, but very lirin. Two Saturdays ar "appoint ed every month for the girls to visit and make pur chases. The Gospel is preached from four different pulpita.aflording to each the privilege of attending t ie Church of her choice. No will be ex erted tojcontrol the religious prejudices of the pu i>i!s. While practical Christianity will form the ' asis of tlieir instsnct I' ll, the selection of Churches find Stbl?th Schools will be submitted to the decision of parents and pupils?th# variety of religious priv ileges here. wiil not fill to offer sati.--faetion to all. No Scholar will be taken for a shorter term than five months admission will beol tain, d'.my limedur mg.the session, and chargcd only from the timo of entrance. Half the tuition and boarding fee must be paid in advance, in order to o? ver tho expenses of the School. ? Terms For Te,n Months, Roard, iinclndinR fire and hphfs) ?12n on English branches for advanced Scholars 3) DO English branches for small Scholars 2S on Music on Piano S'tm Use of instrument 10 00 French in 00 Washing extra. No deduction uuule but in case o| protracted sick ness. References. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. Alexandria, Vl Rev. Thomas Leavell, Madison county, V&. Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange county, Va. Rev. John W. George, Culpeper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carson, " '* Rev. John Cole, " " Dr. Alex. Pa?ne, " " Chas. E. Ligbtfoot, Esq., " " Tiiomas S. Aloocke, Esq., " " H? Ifield Cave. Esq., Msdison county, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Esq., Orange county, Va. I)r. Edwin Taliaferro, II on. John S. Peudletoi , Culpeper county, Va. Judge R. H. Field, " " " Dr. C. W. Asbby, " " ?? lir. Alfre?l Taliaferro, " " " Edward ?. Hill. Esq , " I.. P. Nelson, Km., " " ?' Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint ing will be given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large be formed. au fi lin YOLNG LADIES institute, K XG I. rs If A X If FR K XCH. No. 490 E Street, Washington, D. C. The sulxinlier has taken chargc of this Institution, latelr under the cafe of the Rev. S. H. Mirick:the course id instruction will be thorough, and will not differ from that pursued hy the former Principal. The Scholastic year will begin on the second Mon day of Septenilier, and closo on the last Friday of Juno in ea"h year. A limited number of pupils will he received into the family of the Principal, and ever* effort will l?e made to render them comfortable and happy. Circulars can be obtained at the principal liook stores, and at the residence of the principal. CHARLES H. NORTON, A. M. The subscril>er tikes great pleasure in recommend ing to his late patrons and to the public, Mr. C. 11. Norion^is a geutleuian amply qualihed la take charge of tho \ouiiK Ladies Institute. au3-?olm S. H.MIRICK. 'P | FURNACES. 1. IIE attention of tne community generally.and of house builders partiouiaily, is invited tothoEEY STONE HEATER, lately patented by J. D. Green of Philadelphia. Ali persons interested ar? solicited to csll at our store ai d satisfy themselves of the superiority of this 11 rater over all others in use. So successfully have the prinoiplen of oomhustionl>een applied in its construction, that although it presents a radiating of on? hundred andjifiv square frtt, it re uuiros thirty percent. Uss coal than any lurnaoe heretofore manufactured. Every improvement that an experience of thirty ?en's in the fnrnace business oould suggest, lias beeu applied m the production of the Keystone Heater, and its proprietors feel assured that lor elh oiency aud economy of use. it is unsurpassed. -t ? ? SIBLEY ^ GUY, No.?? Pa. av., I?et. HHh and 11 sts.. . ? E*ol???ve Agency for the sale of the U l-FAS2m . Key&ton Heater. < Intol.Mfc W 2m; Union,T*Th2m > ]\|Y STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES 7?i7g als?ut the largest in this city at thisM^. time, and having been purchased before theBHI rise in Leather, oan he sold at alxiut 15 to 2ur ?! Cer cent, less than goods purchased at this* inis. CaJI and examine for voursolvpu, HOOV KR'8, ie 11 Ism Hall. P* ??? h?t.. ?th and I nth mtm. 1JLACKBERRY BRANDY.?We havetbisday If 5 "uoplv of Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDY, whioh it a hue article, and guarantee it to enretha Diarrhea inita worst lorm, For salt wholesale or retail by , _ ARNY4SHINN. is a 87 Groan ?t., Georgetuwa. EDUCATIONAL. /'LORUfcTOWN FKMALE SK.MINAKY. .Mi?? M. J. HARROVKR Imxi l??v? to inform her Inends and former patrons that ah? has re cently called on to yield up the she reoei.t ly occupied to an unexpected ami prn>r claim, and havinc heen uiiaNe in the mean time to securean eligible position in the name vkimIv that would per met kit to re-open her school at the Hopointeil time, ?lie ia reluctantly compelled to withdraw the proa ?pectus recently issued. Notwithstanding the disappointment |ahe feels at not betne able to carry out her former de?itn. ?h? yet has She pleasure to aiiriounoe to her friend* and the puMic generally that she has taken the commo dious and extensive establishment. known aa the Georgetown Female Seminary, which acquired a<> much c-Melwitj under the supervision of Misa I.. S. English, where ahe will I* happy to receive aueh of Iter former pupils aa desire to continue their attend mice. Arrangements having been made for their conveyance (free of chargejto and from tli" Semi nary, those who may wiah to avail ihemselves of this means of conveyance, will pleaae leave their names at Urav and Balianlyne's U><>Kst'>re. Misa HATtr.orrR Ina sanguine Hopes that with her awompliaheU and experienced assistants in the ?ev ral departments of instruction, ahe w:ll he able to meet the approval of all those wh>> rrmy feel disposed to lav?>r hor with their patronage. The duties of the Seminary will commence on the first Monday in September. A general ratroi -tee i* solicited. Alias M.J. HARKOVER, Principal. Mis?s A L'til'SfA I.A K V ED. Assistant. .Mia* christie Johnson. ?%? Mad'm DORM \Sf. richer ??f Prof. J. E. SCHEEL. Music, au/". .it ( GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. Studies wiil be resumed in this Institution on Monday, t he 7th of September r.ext. an yft-lm B. A. MAOITRF.. Pres. EAS T WASHINGTON SEMIN \RV, Cor. Ya. nve. and oth st.east, Masonic Hill, A or y Yard. The duties of this School will be resumed Sept. 1st. 'I lie course of study embraces all the branches usually taucht in the best schools of the country. For further information, terms 4 c., ue circular* or apply to J. \V. P. BATES, Princijwtl. r.u25-eo3u* (Successor :o Dr. J. E. Clawson.) CCIIOOIi.?The aubsc:il>?r8 wiil resume the <lu ^ tics of their School on the 1st of Septem! "r. at th<*ir residence lith street. I>efween I. and M sta. Hoard can lie ob.aii.nd m the family lor two ..r three IittMiojs. M. A.i S. QUINOY. an 24-iw* F1 EM ALE ENGLISH A \ D FRENCH COL LEGIATE INSTITUTE, A e. 1S2 / ttr'f t, Gni*?></*.? litir, rorn'T P'nit. avenue and list street, Washington. L). C. Hieam Corson, Principal, in charge of English and Classical Department*. AI'm. C. Roll > Corson, Teacbcr of French, Spanish, aiid Gi man. Drawing And Painting. M'l!. Mathilpr E.MiLir Rollin. Assistant Teach er of Freacii. The Duties of this Institute vill be resumed on Monday, the 7th of Scptenil?er, 185"?. The coxrs* of fctud) einl-raccs all the brandies of a liberal English an?i Frercfi Education. In ti e English Department.which is under the im me -Mate direction of the Principal, special attention is piven to the Mathematics, English Grammar, Flocutioii.anl t ue critical reading ulc.asiic.lautiiois in Rnclish Literature. Elocrtios is taught both as a science and an art. Tne Principal having devoted a number of yeara to a careful study of th" philosophy of tin foits'ssi its physical m-ci.amsm,is eirtbit d to impar;dchuitea:.4 lutclLcible instruction upon t'te snbiecr. The a<lva.nta/es afl'orded <or acquinni a praetioal knowledge oi the French l.nijiiatje ar-not aurpa^scd by those of any other Inatitntion in the ?5ountnr. M'tne. Corson an?l her sister, M'ile. Rollm. are P-tnaia.-is by birth, and their instrtic?ioi:s and reneral iiit^rcfiurs" with the pupils are earned on exclusive ly through the medium of French. There are a S'? eonnecteu with the Institution n !arc<* numl?er < f yonng ladies who speak tne inncunge with tlueney. For Terms, References. Ac., s-*e crculars, which dan l? obtained at the Book and Music Stores, and of the Principal. A e ass of little girls will be formed, who will re e?ivecareful instruction iri EukIisIi Ruading and Spelling, and the slenicntsof Freach. Terms, per seas on of j months $15. Without Freneli 10. su y-lm rpHE COLUMBIAN COEt.KOE.~~ 1 Washinctov. D. C. The Annual Session of thia Institution willootn ti'nw on Wednesday, the thirtieth i3t'th> of Sep tt-ni'?er. Sludcuta viU lie exriinined for entrance ou trie Monday and Tuesday previous. Tiii Prep-tr torv Department of the Institution Will open on Wednesday, the uinth '9th ) of Septem ber. It will l><- under Ci;c supervision of the College officers, and will bo provided with the best instruc tion. For admission, or for further information, apply to tl:e President, at the Coiicsre. au24-Jw S. PRENTISS, Registrar. CENTR A L AC A DEM v7 Corner of K and Tenth streets. The exereisca ol this Institution will commence September lat. 'I he number <if stud 'nts is limited, ai:d e;,eh will receive particular aitention. ail 2n-lm* SILAS MERCHANT. Pnn. LINTON ACADEMY, GKOKUKTOW N, GtnKuK A*NOLO, M. A.. Principal. Plus School heretofore conducted I ) Rev. T. W. Simpaon wi 1 be re-opeued on Moudav, Septemi'er the 7th. Ciroiitars ma? l< ? forcured at the Di <i^ Store of Mr. R. S. T. Cissel. <;eor?;ptowri. au It-lm* ULPEPFR MILITARY INSTITUTE. Neir Crt.pEPER CorRT Hocsf, Va. The second session of this school will comnieuee on the lat day of Septeinlier. !H67. A gra?luateof the University of vimaias* adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and Mc'dern 1 Aiiguanes: whife a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teach inf. will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy. Chemistry, and lower F.n*ltsti branches. The oourse of s: udi-'s will l>e as iollows: Prkpakatort Class. Spelling. Rending, Wntmr. Arithmetic. Geogra phy, (irammar. History, Algebra, Latin Grammar, Greek Graiuiiuu. Third Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetio. His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Skcojsd Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek, French, Spaman. First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Infantry art?l Artillery Tactics, Geography, History, Latin. Greek, Freucu, Spa nish. Every Student on entering will bo subjected to a careful examination, .and will then be assiened to that class to wmch his proficiency entitles hnn ; and no one will lie allowed to pass toa hicherclasa un less lie eives evidence ol a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preccdinc. The discipline will bs neoes.arily rigid, but the comfort end convenience of each member of the tchooiwill be duly respected There will bedai'y military exerciacs. but enre will be taken that they do not interfere with the A endemic dunes. Terms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, $19d. Payments semi-annually in advance. For recommendations and further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT. V.M. I., Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematios and Natural Sciences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor ui Ancient and Modern Languages. R HFirmtNCRS. We have the privilege ol referring to the following: Faculty of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Riehardaon. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGufly, do Prof. Lucian Minor, Willtamsnd Mary College. Rev. John He-ad us. Charlottesville. Mr. John Hurt. A.M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa oounty. Col. John Wool folk, Orange oounty. Rev. Win. S. White, I). D., Lexington, Rev. Wm. N. Pendleton. do James Harbour. Esq., Cnlpeper. Col. Win. H. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . D Wnliach. Esq., Wasinncton City, Gen. Geo.Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq.. do Mai. Henry Hill, U. S. A., New York. R. 5*. Voss. E*q., Rappk. county. Capt. James Stark, do The C.ittzcnsnf Ciilpeper. IS #,.tf C C1 J,VVLL STYLE FOR iaS7. Now at STINEM ETZ'S,236 l'ennajlvania avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth, the most pop Ur F"all at?les ??l" Dress, or Mole*km HATS, to which he invites particulars!tent.or. llnving established the cash s* s tetn. and findinc it to work we'l he wiil continue to make a aiseorut of( per cent, up ?? the acttial m*rVr4 price, making the hat sold for $* <ai-d not ui'frequeiit'y for f>r the low price_?>T .?xy: a slight variation in Quality for ?S, and for S-.S1 a superior qoality for the m<mey. ? A rood assortment of F KI -T "ATS C A PS. ft e. always on li^nd. n. II. & I aug VI -tf 2* Pern, ave. near '3th street. ~ EWIS'S BIOGRAPHICAL HtSTORY OF _ t Philosophy, I vol., H vo: ffi.75 Morniouiaiii, by Elder 11% de; $1^25 Larnartiur's History of Turkey, S vols.; $3 Rousseau's Confessions, i vol.. translated: f 2J? How to Write. ? manual of composition: 5"c. How to a manual of Etiquette: .V?c. How to Tark, a niaouai of Conversation: Mrs. Jameson s Loves of the Poets, blue and cold; 7Sc. Punch's Pocket Book of Fun: 50c. Macaulay's Biographical and Historical Sketches; FKANCKTAYLOR. au Ik I THE WEEIIY STAB. Tkii e*?elM?>t FMrtlr m taiainc a pam eanety of ou be foacd itiar otker?n paUaakad cm Bat arday ?biiiim Single eopy, p*r annum .. -41 * to civm. . _ . *? T?i, Copies - t ? Treaty copies II ? IETCasH. i.XT* SI a'BI.T IS ADVASTB. Br sBhacnbinr in olnba raised iimonf nenhbort without tie intervention of a mail ax*nt, u will he peroeived, twenty per cent. of the wbeely Sta* Will he saved. It invariably oouiaius the "Wwh incton Neva" that ha* maile the Daily Stab circa iaie x) generally tbroueiiont the eountry. fHTSiMle copies (ut vnppers) eaa be proeared al tii? counter, immediately after ike luueot the Paper. Prioo?Thrrb Cssre. Po*tx ah r ia? who act u acBcts will be a^owad a commission of twenty per cent. ICE. LJ. Ml 1)DLLTUN. ? _/C* DEALER. OITioe and Depot?Soatkweet owner of F and lftfe Street*. Waalnntton. ap 11 -tf IHCE: let :: ICE! :!-The undersigned reepeeUe! ? ly inform his friend* and the puS icgenerviy, that ft- ta now prepared to furnish ramiiiea and < t|>er?? through tne season) with the beat qualitv ?f ICE, rlelu ered in an* part of ashifutou and <>eor*e t'lW'i. and guaianteea to give entire satisfaction. OrJers to be left with Kidwbll A Lars rare oornerlith street and Pennsylvania avenue; Oao. F. Kidwkll 4 Co., itthstreet; J. H. Moore. Drue ?ist, Petina. avenue, betaeea IMh and Sth streets : Gkor?;bStbtz. New York avenue, between loth and Iltn streets; Kobt. A. Payne. Drucgist. corner 4th and Mui. avenue; and with the sul>seriber. No. S First street, Georgetown, where loc can be had at ail tunes. ap7-tf T. Ti. HI DWELL. Dentittry, &c. I^BNTIHTRY. if DR. STEPHEN HAILY, Olliri No. I'JB Pl.\N?\*ia AVEITVS, Tkrtt doors /torn 14(4 Strttt. Dk. RAILY t*efs leave to inform the public that I e cv: he ?ffti stall l>onr?,?t his, located as above. He i^eis assured t.iat an experience of fifteen tears' practice. with I In- larre niml>er <?( paiient^aud treat variety o( u.f e tins treated suceesa fii ?. ? er:a ? ilia to turiuoun: am difficult), ?dentil to :i.e Teeth. His own experience oonhrin.n/ the opinion vf mauy men eminent in th??r>n-f?s*ioii, and e>.p?'*i?!i* Drs. Hams awl J. md EL Psrrrm. ba* led hun, long since, todis otrd a!i wer.-uria; preparations lor liliiiit Teeth.a,so all Enamels. bulla Pereha, India Ku'-her, and Co nverts fur the construction o| rnntmssH Gum Teeth. and t.M Poroeluui, mounted on Gold Plate, la the only reliai?>e substance that o*p t<e worn id the mo'i'h.aa was m<wt eonelusively shown by the lest Amerianu Denta! Convention. AttlM>urh h?* tiatt<"s himself from ms long resi dence ami jtrnctid* in \\ s?iuiiKton. he is favorably kn<>wn to hi? muirfotM friends nrtd patruna. he befp loavo :<> reler ;r. in t-> tne fo.!owu:? TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of th?? Church of Epiphaay of this oirjr Dr. J*teph*s BatLT: Do.?rs?ir-I desire to express rnv eiiteein for you perfconallv, snd confideoee in jriu as a superior dentist. The operations executed {?>r ine have l>een highly sa'ialactory. I hope that you m*? receive the p^tronaee from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very trulv, \\"aehiri?ton, Aur. 26, lfcjD. J. VV. FRENCH. From one ot the oldest farms m Baltimore, Ideaars. Ropes, Co'man A Co. Havinc empioyetl Dr.Stephen Baily.Sur*aoi> Dee tist, of \Va*mncton c?t), lo execute for me an im portant aud difficult piece of work, wlncu he did to my entire *ati?friction, and in view of the |*et tint oti" of the m<mt di?tini;uislied nieuitiersol the I>enWl College of lia.t iiuore, lailed, after repeated trial*, to perform the same u<>rk sa(:sftc,"ri!>. it rives me f reat pleasure to express n,v entire ombdenoc aad :uli ol' ni*> i*rofe?Kionai ?kill. Ila.'nii' re, Jan. 1?, ?S57. IIAK.MAN'N BOGGS. Ei tract from a note received fr< m the late Hon. JoLa M. Clayton. L*. S. Sksat*. Aar. 19,1M. The teeth von made for me work admirably ; notk uit ooUtd oe letter. Very ?r?t<?Hil!v, John m. clavton. To those that seelr reliof from the maladies of tfco teeth. I can cheerfuliy recommend Dr. S. Bsily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of poreelian teeth for One of my fHmil*,ar*l pincred several teeth lor my*? lf, aud the work lias ai! ?,<K?dme;iforiii4'rethaa teujoars. I? O B ER T T. NI XON, of the Va. Oonf. of the M. fc. Church Soutk. Apnl 15*. 1R?. We. the ui. iersiened. having nad oenemot. to avail ourse ves ?>f the piofe**,onai fkiil ?>f IV. S. Baily, SjtKeo.i Dtii'istui thiscitj.or i*kviuk "een oocnix ant of his opcraMot.s on our families or *?ie?rds. take p 'ajtii'-e in expreasir c ?-i:r Mln.iration Ins artislie skill, an well as of tiie uri<tonniy satisfactor* manner in anich he performs the most delicate and difficu't operations in Dental Sureers,and werespec'full* r? 0 >mmend lum to the confidene* and patri>u;?Ke of the pub'ie. of wmch we consider hun eminently worthy. Thomas l\ \Valt?k, Architect I". S. Capitol. Thomas Mu-Ht, M. D.,of Waahinrton, D. C. B.S. Bokber, M. D. of Georretowu. D. C. N. S. M. I)., of ^'ashmrton. D. C. Jo?. H. Bb api-RT. of Wasi.iiicton, D. C. George W'altos. Ex-Oovernor of FioridB. Walteu Lexox, Kx-Mnvur of Waatuu^ton. Hk.nkv Balds'ix, t*. S. Patent Office, < I. C. AY:out. Principal R it techouse A tsidemy. fe*i 2" ?f Dk. villakd,dentist, LATE OF IHI. ca6o, wouiil respecifull) inform the cit ^ ixens of the D:str;c' and vicinity, that h?v-]%?#55^e ii.E located himself in Wastii;igtnn. he ib^* ' ' ' '* d iw preparoil to perform all t>peraiiuua in uis profes MN, in the mo?t approved at) le. Office, No. ??*>, Peun. avenue, adjoining Gau tier's Im>It I 1HLIMPROVEDSETS OF TEETH. M. I.OOMIS. M. 1) .the irventorand patentee of "f-eHno' yVf?a? ? i' Plait 7V ? liav .>r . snoot ssfuiii lutrodactd Ins improveiuer.t i;i{ vmrious c;!les. has now p'-ntiOBer.tly estate Ii.-Ihh* him?e!f in Wsxhinctori. This improvement f t Sets of Teeth consists oh lef ly in WlliM). a ?*t of l??s* one pi^ee of material, and ti.?-.t indcslrnctiHe minorai. No metal u used in th^ir constroct ion. ai d they are therefore free fn>m jealvamc action and met&lie tr ste. 1 iiare are no join's to lieoomo hlied ?it!i moisture or particles ol f./oJ, h;*i.ce TL?jr inrari mn4 tltim. They are j:;liter. stronger, lesu c.umey. tar more dnroble, and nttunl in'h-'ir appearance. I will oft a reward o (?. ? hwtisad D? aratoanyoM who will produce a simi!ii.' work of nrt tonuuai unue in purity, beauty, dural ilitj, artistic exocllence or any other requisite quality. All work re?poosibiv warranted. 2TU Peniia. avenue, between I ilk and 12th streets, ap i?-1j Watches, Jewelry. &c. ^ LOCKS! CLOCKS'! CLOCKS !l A Rood BR \?S Cf.f>rK for I have inst reived and opened all the new style Crock from .? up to 6^6. The trade aupp ie?l > i-l iisna. at wliole>?ii .*pnce?. A No, i ! Mi t'rnli, kucii as Cords, K#j?, Balls. Hands. 1 H'ires. Oiis, AC.f at the < lock sn?! ^'atcli' sttire of j. Robinson. 549,opt*o*ite Hr"Wrw' hotel, an 2t 2ro Sirn Iwirse Gilt Wateh. Zu>LD AND SILVER WATCHES. JEWEL RV, AND FANCY ARTICLES. I liRvejunt received ane*her addition to my larta stock of f;<i!d *nd Silver WATCHES, of th*? liest makers in En-ope. Alao. Gold Chains of I every s"tf'?Mid price. Jewelry in seta and sn; r> trie pieces, Perfun.ery and I *ucy Articles, plated Baskets, Spoons. O*tors. i e.. at >. ROBINSON'S. 319, rppoftite Brown*' hotel. Si*n Gilt Watch. N. B.?WATCH R K.PAI KI NG d'Hii in t lie heat inauner l>y a skilful Watchmaker, and ? arran'ed. au *1 -<Un WD. E1CHLER, \o.?1 St VFSTH STKE RT, fietw^enDand F street* west snie, PRAC TICAL WATC1IM on hand a fir * assortment < JF.WF.T.R V. o. V7 S V VF.\TH STKEK T, reets west side, PR AC- Jt\ VKER. keeps constantlv #X| n:ent of W ATCH ES an-1 AJM an in WATCHES. JEWELRY, ? AND SILVER WARE. I have jnst received a n'w supply of FINE >\ ATCHF.S, <;ni.l> CHAINS. bimI a lar*e awort inentofRICH JEWKLRY of every desenption. whioli in&Ae? my stock at tue present time oue of the most complete in the city. 1 have inst finished 'on the premises!a very laree assortment of PL'RE SILVER WA RK, anion* which tna> he found a SOLI DSILVER TEA KE"r TLE superior to an) thint before exhibited in this city.?the weifkt of a hich is 125 ounces, capacity * quarts. Both citizens and atransera are invited to osll and examine. H. O# HOOD, ie 24 SSB I'.-i ave.. i Mr Qlli ?lr?et. |^EW JEWELRY AND~WATCHES. H. O. HOOD has jn?t returned from the North, and his brought on* fane lot of Fashional?e Cameo, Coral, Mosaie. Brilliants, and Plain gX, '?OLD JEW EI.R\ . Also,a(ood aaaortmei ? ol tine GOLD and SILVER WATCHE"* VrTTTr. rer> superior tune keepers for ladies and c?-nr'?^L ARB A^VF^VAHK of h'At V"n<,r* ?^?TaTd* ted the Jiest q-iaiity ami win I^V'IT"Jrv* U?w RAILWAY CLASSICS, new and iieantiful e<ii tiot ? at hHy cents per vo nine, now ready. IrviiiR's "?k'*tc!i Boi k. ?* Tales id a t raveller. Salma-zundi.or the \Vhuu whams and Opimoua of Lai:ncelot l.f:it?ttjr, E^<4.,and othera. Th-' ?.l~>ve jterieK, in course ? f puh!;oation. (which in X\pocrnplncal exoel'ence ar?> n* surpsssetl,1 will include all ihe popul ir wo. ks of \Vs*l;nytot Irvine at leaa than fiatf the original published pi ices. For sale at TAYLOR Jt MAFRY*SBoi.kstrre, an U- near 9th street \V AGNOLIA H A MS . ?. 1*1 CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. V\ e are jimt openinir, and we euarantee them na eaualled l?y any Hams in this oitv. Taut wore cured m Maryland expressly for oar aale. ft /-Noauthorisedaaerits. lLr' KING* BURCHKLL. iT ts Corner Varseont avenne and I Vh street. Vt?W IS TIIK TIME TO DRINK MALT l\ LIQl'ORS.? \R N Y A SHINS are the ooiv ones in the District who h*v? stock POKTER and A LK, aud always have a supply on haed: bo *ive them a trial. Leove your order* w?th t h? drivers, or at their I'mon Bottling Depot, No. 57 Gree* -'^weE Georgetown. D. C YK AND RARLEY MALT, for aaI CITV MALT HOUSE, oornm of W avenue and llW atreot, Ballunore, MV may H?