Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Naty Ya*d Matters ?A long neglected and much-needed Improvement ha* at length been begun, ami I* being prosecuted towards comple tion inside the yard?namely, theextenslon of the ?astern wall from It* present terminustotfce FMt ern Branch channel. The workmen engaged in 4h?- < xecuthm of the work are driving Iti* piles .ihil -etting the eaj?s for the extended foundation <?( the wall. A good n*rt of the foundation has already been laid, inn ?orae two-thirds of the piles are driven That portion of the yard left ?'j|*wed so lon? will be shortly enclosed and se cure. The old steam engine house, on East Dock, has l?rn moved over near the Ordnance department, to be g??i1 as a ?ti>re room for cement, lime, and other ordnance stores. Th?* Naval store Is the scene of great activity, by i-ason of the constantly increasing amount of arnv/ls of naval stofes, which keep the clerks, ir?}>ectors ajid other olHcials about tne establish ment closely looking after them. The new mach'nc shop is completed with the exception of a portion of the roofing, which woik meu are busily engaged in finishing up. The heavv machinery is now l>eing removed from the old sljop to the new. and in a short space of time the hands will also be transferred. It is much larger and better fitted for htttvy work than the ?>idone. and Is really a nolde building- It will repay the visitor who n?av chance to diop in and inspect the ponderous machinery which has been erected, of a size capable of finishing up any thing that may be requires! in the way of heavy work for our war ships or steamers. In the tank shop the men are engaged in con structing various kinds of ship-taiiks and other work for the other vards^which is sent off a* fast *S manufactured The <%pper-rolling mill is in full operation, rolling cut sheath and bolt copper for the other yards The new shot and shell house. In the west portion of the yard. is going up as fast as the work will permit, and will short* ly be completed. That ol?l target, which has occupied a conspic uous position in the Eastern Branch for so long a time, and has been the recipient of so many shell, shot, and other missiles from the practised gun it-r* at the Oriluauce depnrtjueut, has been re moved to give way to a new one. which is being built of new Material and is designed to stand the heavy hanging it is exposed to at the hands of the gun-practicians at the yard. The nre, which destroyed the house of Martin King, Esq.; a few nights ago, at the Navy Yard, :s said to nave been the first heavy fire which has occurred at the Navy Yard for eighteen vears. The novel if was so great to the Navy Yard ladies that they came running to the spot, as we have it /min a credible eye witness, to the number of It on i seven to eight hundred, many of them, in their haste, forgetting their crinolinian arrange ment*, and presenting u rather picturesque ap pearwnee, by the glare of the flames. Alter the firv had been suhav.ed the firemen were uiuuiS ? entlv treated to refreshments by Dr. Dove, Capt. outli, Tuoirias Champion, Francis Jenkins,and '?ther?, Wbo vied with each other in demonstra line tbHr gratitude to the hardy firemen. Mr. John Baltimore, a watchman inside the Navy Yard, by his single-handed efforts, on the first ?Lx vMfery of the fire, succeeded in saving the lives of all the family of Mr Warner, who lived in a part of the house. All the members of Mr. Warner's family are very deaf, and wonld inev MaWy have perished in the fiames, but for the conduct of Mr. B who beat down the door, ?nd succeeded in arousing them just in tUiie to <?wpr the falling roof. The Navy Yard mechanics are anxiously wait ing to learn the disposition of the new slnops-of war, for the building of which Congress last year m.Kle a heavy appropriation. The commiUru keep dark, but the nope is strong among the men iLdt the building of one of the said sloops will be assigned to the Washington Navy Yard. We hope they will get what they desire, for there are no belfr ship carpenters or machinists than can be found any day in our Navy Yard. Thi Rivkr.?The steam-tugs Guy and Wide Awake yesterday towed -p to the mouth of the canal two large schooners from Port Deposite, loaded with lumber for our canal dealers. A large schooner was at anchor in the George town . hannel. opposite Arlilt&ton; she is outward l?onnd. The Washington channel, above the Bridge, is mil of coal boats, and various small river-craft, outward hound. Arrived at Harvey A Co s wharf?schr Bntter "v. Captain llubbard, from Port Deposite, with m?,OOU feet of luml?er, to be used on the Lon" Bridge repairs and the Insane Asylum. Arriytd at Riley's wharf?steamer Diamond Mate, from Baltimore, withcouslgnmentsof lum ~ *f.' lor MfMr? H McCaffery, Howell and Morse.!. 35. D. Gilman. Thompson, Hamilton & V? :.Rr.te*.A Brother, Murray A Semmcs, K. El licott.N hauffman. and Ellis A Brother. The repair* on the steamer Mount Vernon will completed by the first of September, ller st'am apparatus will be tried to day for the first nme. ' About that chicken light, mentioned in our col umns as having occurred at Hugh Latham's sta oie recently, we arc desired to say that the event was entirely unknown to Mr. Latham, who re ij??* such practices as highly reprehensible Those acquainted with Mr. Laiham. of course, never for an supposed that he would coun tenance such a disgraceful affair. The Exccb?io.v asd Co.vcirt op the Wash ington Otfiuoj Qc.tSTJTTr.?As we have an uounced, the fine vocalists and widely-known and popnlar gentlem<n composing the Orphean Quartette purpose giving an entertainment of a novel and varied character, and which cannot fail i??wire '.u tlir degree attractive. svT V^t5'Te OD ^'onday a" excursion to the ""f in which is to be i lie I ud"d concert, dinner and -upper, for all which, tickets admit t mr u gentleman and two ladies. ?re -old for "* '<" -'"el. u'!Lib,,W?y,0ur TlRhbor? Metierott, has fust fh"*'rnw1 handsome -tvle. a ballad, " Then. how <an I forget, dedicated to Edwin W. XV Grif hn, by the author, William Edgar Morgan It i'fd fwr tl" J'V Master How -'U -U rea*dale, a member .rf the (Quartette. Sold ?A first cla-s practical jeker, entered an Avenue grocery, yesterday, (slightly sprung,) called for a cigar, seated himseir on a mackerel ??ask. and pro*ceded, while striking a light, to relate some side-splitting occurrences of his in the way of rnnning sells on his friends While h- was telling how once on a time, he had s?b lll .Ci pepper for Macat>oy in a restaurant snuff box, tl>e ci^ar in his mouth ?i)#!<tr*nly fl? w into pieces an immense volume of smoke and fl^me .^sued from his mou'h his hat took one direction and liis cane another. The joker sal dumb for a moment, but ascer taining by a si ight sUkc that hi- Lead was yet nu2Te hv *prune lo Li- tixt and made his exit, looking unutterable things. City IW-iovvxkits -The Commissioner of ImproviMnents iu Ihe First and Second Wards T de" Antn the M ,vor to Pmeeed Eleventh street . ? 'rom M to N street north; also to grade and |?ave the public alley In Muare 11^ k \v -a ^ommU,,?',er I1 '??? Third and Fourth; c,vt,d ord<?rfc for u.adm ?and pavln-' puolli alley m square W-5, and to take and r':,,!Irw?n "'""'h stieet. giviir'^hem additional width, from H to L street ?o ti? These improvements are much needed in their SKtfi'SSE-*'''" " District Police -Yesterday, the following cases were disposed of by justice Donu: I atrirk O Brien. selling liquor In quantities ^Jo^'nk r*rint/W,,^Ut : dismi-sed. l**'l'ilfontaine. occupying a stall in the &"2fr.,kr. """-r b?s ^l. t?r dtU,t d"l'l'"^d the money for . . !\ ,h" ro,n">>?-ionersof the 111 i> ket de v,r?i r,"w * ?? ... wrk^'s,"4; "","1 ; Catharine Trakey. do ; do. The Police-The officers of the city police In "...k'?s Ik," w.?Hy report t<,C.P, Klopf.,' chief of police, return a list of et..K>.. ' an follows . 1st district, 7 eases; i*'c"t-s"Cl' 5cases. 4th. > cases; 6th, leases, 6ih. 3 cases':,h llra^s. Total.81. ? The report of one officer of ,he third district is r ,n thM Jl,t- ?ne offlrer 0f the woii^dJ "ot ond"ty- ln consequence of Tmisd Police Dists:? t ?Justice Smith yes terday disposed of the following cases : C? ' k';'l"n- *>ar open on Sunday; f!ne,i *? and co,:, to co>u' , and costsfn'*r" ,orf#uln"iiuiarkct; fir.ed 9to a fncitive disorderly and day" he workho"a*>: workhouse 90 l<o*Viiiii|tll Ci?n of the low water i? ,he pk " r. ? . .. ^ ln ,hr Chesapeake and Ohio < c.. .i . . have been few, and hu??exs L ,i' ^ at this pbu e ? somewhat T that the great quantitv of u. . H in stated mills sod for o<b? r .r,^ ^ tlv this deflricn'-y in the 5^ the c*nal. ? Attx. Gaznu pp!jr * eana!hrJHBRUfaLTAT' ?Y" lh* *?'***> "treet canal bridge are being taken up and new p|,nk. ing put down. From the deeav*<< the old pl tnktngas it is pulled but a proper precaution tba' the^st of th-S? woUid til La1?11U.L Of Til S?i*MO*UJ? III ?riftTio* I* being fitted upbyM*?r?. Baldwin Brother* with larg*two-etory show-casea for the receptk** of the article# of the National Museum, many of which are now on exhibition at the Pa tent Ofllce. The work will occupy some consid erable time, but It la expected that a euflotart number of rasfs will be don? to admit the clt*ar ing eut of the article* now In the show-canes at the Patent C?Mke by the next meeting of Congress. The hall appropriated for the National Museum, at the 8mith*ouian Institution, is Admirably fitted for the purpose, being sufflciently capacious and centrally located. ^^ At sis* o'clock to-morrow morning the steamer Mary land starts on another of her popu lar excursions to Old Point, Portsmouth, and Norfolk. Captain William Mitchell commands her, and that is all thai need be said. Watch Retcrxs ?The trial docket at the Central tiuard House presented a clear sheet this morning. The heavy r.-ins last night kept the disorderly characters confined to their haunts. . Teeth or American* ?American Dentists have won for themselves here and in Europe an enviable repntation. Abroad they are par excel tare, recognized at the head of the profession, and sought for, naturally, in the same way that we would look to a French cook for a good din ner, to an Italian for a good song, to a German for good lager bier, to an Englishman for good roast beef, and an Irishman for good roast pota toes?which the latter unfortunately cannot pro cure. But it is melancholy to reflect that the American disease of over application to business, among other causes, is indirectly sapping our health in this respect, as well as others. A wri ter In the Tribune truthfully remarks : " Unquestionably, the strength and soundness of the teeth of the Americans are below those of Europeans We do not claim any immaculate ex cellence for those of the latter, but compared with the former, they are better. If there were any proof wanting to verify this proposition, it would be found in the proverbial excellence of American denttsts. Here, first the profession w.m fully connected with the study of mcdiclne and surgery, and the beautiful mystery of arrest ing the decay of the ivoryportals of tne stomach recognized as a speciality of snrgery. The cause of the inferiority of American teeth, and the m?nns of giving them due strength, should occu py the attention of every parent, and every one whose age has placed him beyond parents care. SpiBiTCALts*?The Boston Courier, which has been doing good service in citing the folly and dangers of those who adhere to modern ideas of spiritual developments, now says, in explana tion of soma peculiar phenomenon, that ''there are men and women, doubtless, who write these communications from the dead, honestly believ ing that the spirits seize their arms and guide their hands. It is not difficult to acquire this faenlty. The experiment was tried, by a philo sophical thinker, with remarkable results. Scrib bling incoherently for a few days, while his mind was at the same time occupying Itself with a train of connected thoughts, he arrived at a point when his hand moved rapidly over the paper, writing sentences, paragraphs, and whole pages, of which lie had no recollection after the writing was com pleted It la not very sifpr'sing that persons I who "fell Into this habit, ana who are ignorant of | the abnormal action of the mind, should fancy themselves under the influence of spirits external to themselves. But when they find the utter futility of those supposed communications, It in surprising they do not begin to suspect the fal lacy of their belief." A Strajk.? s>krpkst.?Last week, says the Pd'shnrg Daily Union, a g-ntleman residing at California, a small village on the Monongahela river, in Washington county, Pa., discovered in the cellar of Mr. James P. Bailos, a serpent, or something very much resembling that reptile, which, upon close investigation, proved to be composed of animalculae, or myriads of little worms, adhering together by a glutinous sub l stance, and forming the head, bodv and tail of a serjient. in complete symmetry. The snake wns about eighteen inches in length, of a lightish green appearance, and was able to move slowly over the ground. The insects, although adher ing together with considerable pertinac ity, were not difficult to detach, and thousands of them were observable upon the ground in full life and vigor. The Wkstkrs Costixk.nt the Oldest.? The Christiau Examiner, In speaking of some scientific observations made by Professor Peirce, of Cambridge, says: ?' From ?comparison of the forms of the con tinents. Professor Peirce also draws the order of their ophea^nl, showing, for instance, that the Western Continent is older than Europe, and that the Gulf Stream, daring the second day of crea tion, caused the great variety of outline in that coiitiuent." According to the above theory, America Is in the ?? OJd World" and Europe in the New, ex actly reversing our common order of speech. Modern Eloqi'ixci.?A correspondent of the Boston Courier gives the following extract from a sermon recently delivered by a Professor of Harvard University, and asks if students are safe when exposed to such language : ? '? Viewing the subject from the esoteric stand point ot Christian exegetecial analysis, and ag glutinating the polsvntlieticalectoblasbM'f homo geneous asceticism, we perceive at once the abso lute individuality of this entity; while from that other ?taiidpoint of incredulous syntbesle, which characterize the Xenocratic hierarchy of the Jews, we are constantly impressed with the precisely anliperintatic quality thereof." ITT" A man named Grover has been arrested in Denmark. Me., for causing the death of a little daughter of John Blake. Blake's do;; barked at Grover, and he shot the anirual close by the child who was frightened into spasms, and died iu con soquence a fortnight afterwa'd. ?7* A young German woman In Philadelphia named Anna MHster, who was swindling the poorer people a few days since by pretending to lie a daughter of God and the sister of Christ, will be remembered by our readers. Her trial has ended, aud she is acquitted of the charge of conspiracy to defraud, but oidercd to pay the co?ts. ? * JO* A large rattle-snake was caught in Vir ginia a few davs since, and confined in a cage. A cat which had forfeited her right to existence by Mndry depredations among chickens, wa< sentenced to go in on a visit to his snakeship. Of court* a fl?ht took place, which is described as luring terrific. When it ended both animals were dead. Whisky making seems to be the most profitable bus mess carried on in Koutucky. The .Maysville Eagle says that several large distiller ies are now being erected in that county. An In creased demand for strychnine will no doubt fol low, and the hog cholera will, of course, follow that! 117* J D. Ferguson, of Charlestown, Ind.. has in?;itutcd an action for libel in the Claik county, Ind . circuit court against Mr. A .Derville and Mr. French, editor of the Jeflursonville Repub lican Damages laid at &5.0UM. The affair grows oat of a publication in the Republican in refer ence to matters pertaining to the Fort Wayne Railroad. What we Drink ?The spurious wines of Oporto, recently seized by the PortU2U**segovern ment, were made of molasses, alcohol and some coloring substance. Thousands of pipes of this mixture have heretofore l>een sent to England, to the Continent, and elsewhere. The wine lately confl?< ated in Paris was made of water, alum and elderberries. The 'Busses.?The New York Mirror says that ueariy 81).000 jwrorle ride in the city stages ev-ry day The number of licenses this year was 1-'.? two-horse stages, which, at j>er stage, amount to "aHjTH)?embracing a dozen different firms or companies. This number of stages will requUe tj.ftjl horses, and l.tKK) men, exclusive of blacksmith's, harness makers, stage builders and p unters attached to the establishments. Every stage is expected to clear from two to four dollars a day A friend of ours a few days ago, says the Cincinnati Enquirer. bad occasion to visit a gro cery store on Fifth street to make some purchases. He found the grocery-keeper in the act of opening a vessel containing mackerel. 44 Look here," slid he, ?' I sent an order to New York for a lot of j, and he;e 1 find a lot of mackerel." * How did they come?" inquired our friend. 4- By the New York and Erie Railroad 44 Oh ? that accounts for It; they started as sardines, no d<ubt, but they have been so long on the road that they have eroirn mfo mackerel." ID" The polishing of plate glass has hitherto b-cii a work of much labor and tediousness, and the fluent pinthave lieen produced only at great expense In the largest mauufacteries of Europe., w here the work of polishing has been entirely done by hand. Aiit?iican inventor* have, how ever. succeeded In perfecting machinery by which glass may be polished with much more expedi tion than by band, with considerably more unl i roiity of beauty and surface, and at so great a reduction in cost, that plate glass may now al most supersede the ordinary article, and any man of modeiate means may possess half a dozen pier mirrors In his house. Ma0amr Moust has prepared It SDccial r#fln?it a NUve lor the curs oflJ?r}, OTh ne3?"5u kiiowu to fail. Also, a Cordial for D>aentery. Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, which acts as a per f.vct charm to arrest all o! those disease*. Also a Salve for the Piles. i*u extract from a flower,)* sov ereign remedy. Give thema trial. lake ber Con sumption Destroyer, they may lie relied on. She otl'e.ra no article but what has been tested. To lie bar* at No. 3*1 G street, between 11th and 12th. Also at Nairn & Palmer's Drii? Store, corner 9th street ai.d Penn. avenue, D. S. Dyson's Drue Store, corner of I'enn. avenue and 12rh street, and J. P. M ilbum's l?ru? Store. Wiliards' Hotel. Also at C. Stwtt*?, corner of 7f U street and Pean. avenue. Relereuoes can be matK ,o Rev. John Robb, Rev. Mr. Register* Rev. James Hanson, aud Mr. Alana aan. , , | Tim Consumption Destroyer also can he found in Alexandria, at Mr. Ca*tl?man's Su>re, on Km* . 3f**aillole*?eotlbr that place. Id Geor?tei'<wii at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Badge meet, ja 17 ?t Eodfteld, Coaa., mi tha *Kh iastant, by Rev Mr. Birohard, Mr. A. GEORGE WtLKIN?<>N, of Washitwton, D. (?., to Mim JULIA A. DOR MAN, of Enfield; DIED, Onth?J7th instant, in the 1*th year of her***. JOSEPHINE,youngest daughter oflimc \N .and Mary A. Rosa. Her funeral will take place Thi* (Friday > After noon, from the residence o( her parents, on 9th street, at 4 o'ch?ck. ITer fuend* and acquaintances are re speetfnlly invited to attend. Too fair forearth, her spirit fled To HeavetAoelestial bliss; She was too ^reet.too IHir by far, For auoha world as thia. She has gone, where ioy eternal reigns Around her Maker's throne ; Where death nor sorrow cin invade The world's eternal home. A lovely rore so sweet and fair. A while on earth she bloomed. When death's cold grasp, its tendor stem Laid silent la the tomb. Thus quickly (tided that fair flower. To you but briefly Riven 5 That flower that bloomed so sweet rm earth. Now sweeter blooins in Heaven. The flashes of her clear blue eye, The music of her mirth. Will never more make glad the heart. Around her parent's heart. * A Fbiexb. On Thursday, the 17th instant, after a Ionic and painful illness, ALICE A BURNS*, oldest daugh ter of Thos. J. and Elizabeth Burns, lute of Balti more, aged three years, one month and twenty day a WAffTS. WANTED.?A small Brick or newly built Frame House, of not more than six rooms, (rather less,) located not far from market. Notice to be Riven at the Star Office, under the address of D. E. an 2ft-3t* WANTKD TO PURCH ASE.?A BRICK or FRAME HOUSE, situated in the First Ward, between F and K streets, and 16th and 21st streets. Address A. B , at the Star Oifice, statin* location and terms. au ?a 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?All the l^adies, Misses, and Children of Washington, at FREEMAN'S Cheap Shoe Store, No.53d? Penn. avenue, to purchase another lot of Shoes, Gaiters, 1V0.,still cheaper than ever, viz: Ladies Gaiters 75 cts., Heeled Gaiters $1.50. Slip pers to U,'a ots., Moroooo Boots75 cts.. Jeffer scns'^V, cts., Genta Congress Boots $1.75 to $2, Gents Slippers 75 ots.. Boy 8 Congress Boots ?1.25, Boys Shoes 75 cents and $1, Children* Slices 25 to 60 cents. No. jj Fenn. avenue, between 2d and 3d sts. D. W. FREEMAN. N. B.?Waxtkd, at the same place, an intelligent BOY. al out 14 years of age, wno resides with his parents and can oome well recommended, to attend in the Store and make himself generally useful, au 58-2t* WANTED.?A DINING-ROOM SERVANT and CHAMBERMAID, at 315 I'enn. avenge. Must come well recommended. Apply at once. an 27-1 w Three or four good carpenters wanted to work at Mr. O. W. Rues' New Building, on 1 street, between 16th and 17tn streets, Washington. Apply to R. J. FALCONER,Super intendent, at the building, or 7th street, l>etween 1. and M streets. au 26 3t* WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT.?Wanted on the Washington Aqueduct?1,000 MEN. To steady Workmen, Laborers, Drillers, B'asters. and Masons, good wages and stead* employment will be given bv the United States, and by Contractors. The works now going on embrace tunnelling, masonry in sUne and brick, excavation and ein bankmeut. Apply on the line or at the Office in fieoruetown, D.C. M.C.MEIGS, jy 3 -eol-n Captain of Engineers 111 charge. \\T ANTE D?111 the family ol' a gentleman res d njt " two miles from the city, a rood plain COOlv. One a*h<> uau briiiR recommendations for skill, hon esty . and cleanliness will hnd a good situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT. cor ner of 6t.h and D streets. jy 15 tf foerentIlnd sale. For othr r *4 For Rent and Sale" nntiee* see 1 ft pate. AR A RE ClIANCK.?The ST(mJkT F1X Tt RES, and GOOD WILL ol aRrct'Tymj: Establishment Is Ibr sale. Any person wishing to engage in the same, can learn the term* by apply ng at No. 3RK 7th street, between H and I streets, au 27-3t* ROOMS FOR RENT.-Two large FURNISH ED ROOMS for reul, w;th BOARD, over I'otentini's Confectionery, No. ?-79 Penn. avenue, between loth and 11th streets, inquire at the Storo. au 77-2t* t*OR SALE.?LOT No. 1, in Square No. I'fl, r fronting 011 north N and 17th streets and Mass. avenue, containing about 19r5flo square feet. Apply to T. N. ADAMS, No. SIS north 51 street. au ?-3t* ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. Thia well known and popular establishment is n<>w offered for Sale, thus presenhne a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to enter into a sife and profitable wosiness. Poasession ean be had 1st No \ ember. The three-stor? Briek House now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale until atont 22d Septeml>er, when, if not previously disposed of, will bo sold at public auction. For particulars inquire on the promises, No. 84 Bridie street, Georgetown, D. C., or to WM. BRIDGES,313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, a u 17-tf SPLENDID HOTEL LOT FOR SALE.initio city of Washington, D.C.,and fronting 011 I'enn sy Ivama avenue. Tho Lot is hundred and seventy feet by one hundred and sixty feet, Iwmg the ground partly occupied by the Union newspaper printing oilice.and partly by the ruins of the 'ate iVatioiial Theatre. I'lier* is no place in the coiinlrv whore a hist class hotel is more imperatively required, nor where such a one would so surely provo profitable. The terms will he made very favorable,and, if needed, facilities will b? ati'orded in tho erection of a suitable hotel. Apply, in Washington, to II \V 1N DKR; or, in Philadelphia, to W. H. WlNi)ER,No.76'? Walnut street. And, if not sold, the Union Buildings will l>e for rent,and posscssiou given 011 the 1st of September, 1357. jy 27-2J?*2m LWKM AT PRi VATESALEOR EXCHANGE r FOR PROPERTY IN WASHINGTON CITY.?Thia Farm coutains 189 acres of I .and,about 75acre* in Wood; ten miles from \V usliin<t<>n, 1^ miles east from the Hn'tmio-e Railroad,andadi- ii.s Mr. Dor ken Wall's and other4; has three good Meadows, I'eacli and Apple Orchard, and a variety of other kind of Fruits; the Soil is kind with clav iNittoiu; t he Dwelling is frams, a new Barn. Toliacc o House. Stable. Corn House, Wagon Sheds, Smoke home, Mnk and Bath House, Shed for Farming Utnuxi's. and lien House, two never filling Sprint.* ol very tine Water convenient to tho dwelling, and staiilo.aud a number of springs on tho place. Three good streams of runeinx water through the firm. I will sell or exchange my Farm. Crop, Stock, and Farming Utensils, and give possession at any time, 1 will give a guarantied deed and expect the *ame. THOS. E. DA NT, au 24-eo3t* No, 519 Md. av., near 6th st.. Island. HOUSE \ND LOT FOR SALE.?House No. 46 Louisiana avenue. Washington city?a Brick Dwelling, nearly new, four stories and finished basement, containing twelve rooms, with all the modern improvements, water, gr.s,and bellB through oat?will he sold at a liargain for cash, or a reasona ble credit would be given. Apply to E. K. LUNDY, No. 1<?5 Bridge street, Georgetown, or on the premi sea. an ll-eolm (j^OR SALE.?A FARM of about 101 acres, in Montgomery county, Md.,ten miles from Wasli iaeton. on the Colesville road, unproved with a Brick Dwelbiig,a log Imrn and stable, a*id a hnoorch ard of vhoiue fruit. Apart is set with clover, and the whole well fenced. A liargaiu may be obtained if early applied for, or would exchange for oity prop erty. H. N. LANS DALE, Agent. No. 56-1 M street, au2V1m* or through the City Post Omce. F^OR R ENT?The two comfortable and conveni ent BRICK HOUSES 011 Fayette stroet, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing oompletere pair, and will be for rent on the 4th or August. The Houses are very desirable, particu'arly to narents hiving children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KIDWELL. Huh street- Georgetown. iv 27 P(IK SALE.?A11 old established DRUG " STORE, in tho central part of the city, doing an excellent retail and prescription laisiuess. Ad dress Cheiniat, through the Post Office. au 25-2a \v6w BOARDING. BOARDING.?A Gentleman and his wile,or two Single Gentlemen, can be accommodated with nice rooms, with or without board, n??ar the depart ments, in a private family without children, and where there are no other borders. Apply, for ad dre??, at the Star otfice. au 24-eo3t* BOARD.?A comfortable ROOM, with Board oan be obtained 111 a private family, at No. 4G7 13th street. I>etweeti G and H. au 22-71* BOARDINH.-Mra. BATES, at the corner of I'ciinsylvania avenue and 9th street, having had her house entirely renovatod and its accommoda tions greatly increased, is now prepared to accom modate a larger numl?r of permanent and transient IxNirdera. fier location is the most central in the city,and. as rearranged and improved, her house ia now second to no other boarding-house in Washing ton. Boarders by the month, week, or day, may , rely on reoeiving every attention. Terms moderate. Table hoarders also taken. je 23-tf New arrivals of b??oks AT TAYLOR A MAIIRY'S. Tho Feathered Arrow, or the Forest Rangers, by Frederick Gerstaecker,.V>cents. The Common Objects of the Sea Shore, including Hints f.>r an Aqn r um,*7 the Rev. J. G. Wood, 2s cents, colored illustrations and itound. $ I. Life in China, by the Rev. William C. Milne. M.A., formally years Missionary among the Cutnese, With four original maps, ?l^i. Lands of the Slave and the Free; or Culia, the United Slates.and Canada, copiously illustrated, by Captain the Honorable Henry A. Murray, R ? N| Unprotected Females in Norway, or the Pleasant Way of Travelling There, Passing Through Denmark and Sweden. #1.25. The Divine Life, by the Rev. John Kennedy, M.A. The Five Gateways ol Knowledge, by George Wi'son M D.F.K.S.B ,5'i oents. Funeral Eulogy at the Obsequies of Dr. E. K. Kane, delivered at Philadelphia by the Rev. Charles \V. Shields, oents. , ? ,, , CampbeM's Lives of the Chief Justices of England, _ vij. 3,tr Ever.logs with Jesus, prepared from Sermons Preached by the Rev. William Jay, of Bath, au "<n 3t Bookstore near !Hh street. (1IGHEST PRICE GIVEN FOR OLD PI- . " ANOt. m for ELL?. I AUCTICT "T.^iiLL * *AR*ARD, Auctioneer*. Brown.'" HMiFi'lSt'EiP'ZEj!*W' nppo"l!# ""'h F"fi^Uj.vij}.r:.rl,'<ircp* ??'?" "?I,I.> baknaku.'a'Tiv. HniT?V SOYj ?OTELER, Auctioneer. Ol SE AND LOT ON K STHFTT a* Anr ?y F^BwrJi.r.LT #'? ?ldTd "/ tru,t fr,"n Mrs*. The ore'tniae's nn*v' T1" '* *?'<' 114 P"Wie Miction on 4th nort,?- ?n TUESDAY. the P?rt of the l Jft nf r *li 5 ?'c11?>0,t P- "??? aH that K! .? vv.t J . ' Ground numbered 6, in Square point on the ilort h?aili J' 1,1'1 s f,,r M,,le al ? flr^ v!wi PZ* rU\ 8,d? ** K ,treet north one hun dretlaml forty feet and nine inches from thesonth rr inh nM?<4U*re,and running thence n-.rth ?Z\ y . fee' and six niche* with the western o^nrJflS'ttv I'lUv.dlta V1 nui,,',er ?'* which waa tv'T^t? i ? rf SWdPpi.fnd wife to Rosrsr C. p??? 5 riT# ?* k t!,e "*? ?? Mary S. Sootti tWnae r?ri?> _ .?^-es ; tllenco north 16 feet 7)6 inches: thenoe we*t 22 feet 10 and one-third indies* thence south 3!? feet I inch and a half; thence east 20 feet 4 ginouu. ?'ie thlrd of nu Inc,i to llie Piace of ss,s : in cash, and the residue for notes in equal sums payable in six, twelve, and eigh teen montjis, with interest. A deed will bJTriven

n*v mo f 5n tru8t taken to seen re the deferred coit of th'e ?terM ?f t!,C dCCds 10 at t,,e orlion ^OV,ie.?rr?hrVM the.ri,tht to him-fir. at his KM0.!? l,he ProP*Tt7. at the risk and cost r.,n?? Y? PrV,jr*,.Tlnf ? davs'notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within live days after tiie sale. T P I he premises are now under lease for ner .vmum, the lease to' on the 1st day of <TctolEfr, I8o8. HENR > M. MOR FIT. Trustee . W, BOTKI.KR. Auctioneer. ID-THK CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY F prov,<*?^ f"r in said deed are requested to Kr i nn.d vouchers at the office of ?n4^ 8tree'- july ll -cod&ds 10* rHK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the ram until THURSDAY, thefith mstant, to take place upou the premises, at 5 o'clock 117* THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTfTKR fi^tTf?^EP un"' THURSDAY.thekthof A* gust, to.tftke p.ace on the premises at 5 o'clk p. m. HU 7"0O CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN uv 'J fur,,"or P*>?tponed until THt RS I)A \ , the loth day of September 1S57, to take piaoe on the premises at 4 o'clock j>. m. p ??^Q ? .^Hl:NRV M- MORFIT, Trusts. au 23-eoAds C. \V. BOTEhER. Aunt. N^Y YOKK CHEESK.Ac. ~~ 20 boxes prime CHEESE. 2Ut.bls. Uoverins's Crushed ami I'ulvcr.zcd SL' vl 11 ? 5 doaen Ohio Catawlw Pt'R E HR A \ l>V i IX V,fLD%*?v a l.Al^1 c ?"H N A f Prime BROWN SUGAR at 12^ cents. I or ?aleby \y. H. TENNEY, <v o* Corner High and Bridre streets. anaG? Georgetown. gLUE AND GOLD EDITIONS, AOW She'ley's Poems,2 vols.;A|,V?.' Longfellow's Prose Worts. 2 rols.; ^1.75. M^ssey's Poems, I vol.: 75c. \\ hittier's Poem, 2 vols.: .?|&). L<>nKf*l|?,w's Poetical Works, 2 vols : .ft .7.5. 75c 6 8 C',ar???er..t.cs of Womeu, I vol.; \fe Ji\ZVnn'r 9i,ry of. r K"?u*ce. I vol.; 75c. M.s. Jamesj)'! s Lives of Pools, I vol,;75c. Iloud s Poetical \\ orks. 2 vols.; 91 ,'j0. C;impl?cil s Poetical Works. 2 vols.; 7.5c. C uanes ^wam's Poeticnl Works,! v.^.; 75o. T ipper s Provcrf?i?l Philosophy, 1 vol.; 75c. Kryiuit s Poems, 1 vol.; 74c. ' leiinyson s Poeins, I vol.; 75c. For sale at an 'V 1i ^*"R ^ -MAURY'S Bookstore. Ru ?31 _ m-ar nth street. W vHP,ING PB ESENTS.?In a<Witfor? in o,.r , cry large assortment of f,adies'and Gentle men's superior Gold Watches, new and elc?nt Jewelry, pure Silver lea Sets, Waiters, Pitchers ^utnenV J?00"8^' Jr|$!' *e-we Offer a choice as 'vXtiw <i""ds an 5fi -w M-^iJiALT * BRO" J"*e!lers. an 26-3t 324 I a. av.. bet.9th and 10th strectc. (jREAT INDUCEMENTS OF^RED FOR H. S E M K E \ t Jeweler offers at greatiy reduced prices, for cash, the fo! .. 11 ? .. I<?* "'g articles: frlm lSnup ?Ut Levcr8-ful1 J?welod, }iuilUo,\Prcts*2h do," (u11 'ewelod.from ->w uP. Oold^LaUios \V atcfies, fnil jewolad, m variety, $ij vv'atche? ?re euaranteed for 12 moaths. pnees* an'km i?, rL'H' Vest Chan.H, at wholesale f'.nfV-Ar i< H o ^ ,ne ?wei,r> ??h a? Bracelets. ? i?I i i!??' K,ns?.Shirt Buttons,Seh??, I.ork f. '1 cncils,etc..embracing Diamoiid, Pearl. Corals Cai.. .o. Mosaios, etc- it asr..,,,?h.iu b'w priqeH! f*Lvv&\r ?re-Spooiis. b orks, and all lurid of Slvn Ul than ever oflerc.1 before. ? 11ver-platect \\ nrp?aucH jis Sdgopk p.l v /'n . Cmrd Hm5ke?l5^ Htitter iwlers* etc., L.'' *?k' *na*uf*eiur> rs pner-s. . iCT" Our matnolijeet in offering such inducements rV,A /*.' rre*fnt l,,re'' "ork for r,,i,!v caattinplatmn some alt* ration in our bu*i If f 55. ?^'?rMrtn8 'n *r*nt "fythinif in oar line are invited to call; we shall take pleasure in convinem* the in that such opportunities of purchasing hn- at such reductions are *> ldom offered. All e.nsfs war ran. "d as represented, H. SEAIXFN ^,n; ,5*. 330 Pennsylvania avenue. I JJEAUT1FUL MARBLE WORK. l>ealut'r"11 ITA LIAN MARBLEMON iv.Li.1 l?elield in this vicinity, just imported i.'V p ivJ'k'i "'V {* 8,eo" Rt ALKX. RL'THI'.R r'tiKU s Marolo i ard, opposite the Union Oihoe Pennsylvania avenue, "UiUe' in* I'orsons who admire rich specimens of art aro luvited to call aiid examine. '?-4w (Intel) A G "Fa no AT R. C. S rI.\ K\S S, i.i Pcnn'a avenue, *>efM-f?KrA nrt'l 9f* streets. belling oil lo remove to the lar?*e and l^antifu! store room of Sir. >. P. Franklin, next d<?or toTav w ?> s Koc#k and stationery osUihiiblivnont, i i Ii?Sy ^Iuaavenue, between fith an.l loth sts. nt isTt ooiitiuue t?? offpr every article in rm at first cost, and will Kell many articles much less, Jor cask, and cash only. Ladies, remombor.-my best Dollar Kid Gloves ouly 75 cunts per pair. Swiss and Caini.ric Elites and Intertiuirs, Swiss and Canibric Bands, Brussells and French f.nccs Straw Loiinets, Bibl??ns. French Flowers. Frin-es* ml 'V "f11 Pr-dus on. filaceSiIss, JMtios, Marcelws, and 1- lorsuers, all of which will be offered at such price? as must indnce you tu |)Uy. o^iny l\rt,c'? ,n 8V,rf Wl" f,? "bown with pleasure. Call audiexamine before purchasing olseyrherc. Vorv Respectfully R. C.STEVEN'S an i.'4-l w No. 18 Pa. av.. bet. 8th and Uth sts. DOBSON'S RUDIMENTS OF TIIE ART OF Buildinc, 57c. Allen's Cottage Building,S7o. Toinlinsou's Wanning and Ventilation,75e. Dempa^y's Draiuage and Scwago of Towns and Buildings, 5*>e. Dempsey's Drainage of I^inds, 37c. Dotmon on Foundations and Concrete Works, 57o. Burnellon Lunes, Cements, Slortars, Concretes, Mastics, Ac.. Ac., 37c. Swindellon Well-digging, Boring, &c.,37c. Dobson's Masonry and Stone Cutting, "5c. Gibbons on the l<aw of Contracts for building and Work, S7o. Leeds (>n the Orders and Styles of Architecture,*^o. Garhett's Principles ??f Design in Architecture,75c, Prideaux on Fuel, Furnaces. Ac., 37c. Burgoyneon Blasting and Quarry ing Stone 37c. Water Works for Cities and Towns, by S. Hughes, Civil Engineer. $1.12. Gas Works and the Manufacture and Distribution of Has, bv S. Htu'hes, ijl.12. Imported from London, each volume with numer ous engravings. FRANCK TAYLOR, au 25 Rules and instructions for the Cavalry, Lielit lnfantr>, and Riflemen of the United States.?Published by authority of the de partment of War. One volume, liivM, half bound iu calf, ami contaiiiing 2j<> panes of letter press, and ;? pages of engravings ; prico .*1, (pnblishetl at 5fJ) or 31 AO if the volume is to l>o prepaid by mail. aul3 FRANCH T AYLOR. c IIINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. fill supplies frodi the Eugiish P??lteries,\^/ and will cont?ni'o to recervc acoessio-is to \ thpir xtneL* I ill I h?? Imtinotv sf-'tton otc m R, H. MILLER, SON A CO., IMPOKTKKS, Alexandria, Va., Have received two instalments of tlieirc^ s.\J/ Lo their stock till the business season s*ts m. 11. Miller, Son fc Co. car. assure their friends and customers that their stock shall lie of the most desirable description, and that their prices will com parn lavorably with those of an\ d alcrs m their line in any other market in the Uuited Slate*. R. H. Mim.kb, Son A Co. have prepared them selves to offer to merchants every inducement lo make their purchases in their line. WINDOW CLASS. They have just received via Antwerp and New York, from the greiU manufactory of "Roux." New Brussells, 1140 boxes French Window Glass of supe rior quality r.iid of different thicknesses, which tney liave imported under such circumstances as to enable them to olfer a superior ariiclo at very moderate prices a <21 tf UNTING PARK TROTTING COURSE. At the south end of the Lone Biidgt. II The Proprietors of this new.coinplete and eiegant Course take pleasure iu Uing able to ^ say that their srrariKements are all coiu-^^^Bri^^ plete, and that their track is now open to the public. In all its arrsiigeineiits it"*"?*^^ is um<urpassed 10 the Uuited States, offering as many advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in cir cuuiferenoe, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with care and judgment, and is iu perfect ord>.-r. The House connected with it, loo, is unsurpassed in its oomforts and accommodations, and for the lux uries always to lie olitained (hero. Tlie puHio may rely on it that, uudur jui> and al! circumstances, good order will be maintained and enforced upon the premises. au 12 2m JEWING MACHINES. Our Aeent. Sfr. John Poiter, visits the citv of Washington f<*r the purpo.e of exhibiting to the La dies of ihis vicinitv the JnitlT pefelTated WAT SON'S TEN DOLLAR FAMILY PEWING MACHINE, and also make sale for Territorial right for the District of Columbia. .Machine will be on exhibition at C W. Boteler't, Iron Hall, No. 3'8 Pennsylvania avenue, where he woold invite all per sons interested to witness its <^ei*tj?n- . __ au 29-lw ROBB1NS * CO. AUCTIOJT By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. UANDSOME BUILDING LOT on *orth or 11 M STRIET, BITWKI* 18TB H9l?TimilTI, at ArCTtos.-jOn SATURDAY, the a*h instant, 1 ?h ail Mil in front of the premises, at 6H o'clock p. in.. TyOt No. J4, in Seuar# No. 14G, front in* on ao'th o( M street, tier Itth itwt, harm* a front of in fe?t on M street, running lock 75 feet in depth. Terms t One third cash: belanoe in six ?nd twelve months, for notes l?earing interest from ilay of sale. A d< od (riven and a deed of tract taken on the prem isee. an 27-3t A.GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN* Auctioneer, TWO HANDSOME two stort Frawe Horse* WITH BRICR lA'KMKIT AMD GAKBKT.OS l$TH, A7*0 H ?TREET? KORTH, AT ACCTIO*.? Ou 1 HI RSDA^ . Septeinl>er3d, 1 shall sell, in /root of the premises, at ?o'clock p. m . Lot No. ?>. in WHJWf No. Ml, tiarin* a fn>nt of 51 feet K inches, ?A ***2?* west, rvnuirr I Kick 13ft fest ti inches, with the improvements, which ar? two handsome two-story Frame Houses, with brick basement* aed garrets, passages, pnritry. and hack porch, contain lnlnine food find conveniently arranged rooms < nch. This property is handsomely United on 19th street west, between M and !i streets north. Terms s One fourth orvsh ; the balance in6.12, l?, anil 24 months, for notes !*arinr interest from day of sale. A deed given ?nd a deed of trnst takon. The property will l>e sold together or separate, as it may suit purchasers. ?" V d A OR KEN, Anet. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer, HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FI'RM tirk AT ArcTio*.?On MONDAY, the 31st instant. I shall sell, at M" o'clock a. m., at the resi denoe of a gentleman dec! i uiug housekeeping, No. 3W on E, next to the corner of loth street, a good assortment of Ftirritnre, via : Mahogany Soft, parlor and rocking Chairs Do 5idel*>;trd, dressing and other Bureaus Do Ilatrack, cord and other Tables }\aluut!?nd maple Bedsteads, and Washstand* Lounges, WiikIow Shades, onne and other Chairs t;l:ina. Glass. Crockery.and Stone Ware Cooking, radiator, and other Stoves 3 p'y, ingrain and stair Carpet and Rods W ith a food lot of Kuchen Requisites. Terms: Under ifi?, cash: over $25, a otedit of fin and 3d days, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bear mg interest. an ^-d A. GREEN. A net. By A. G REEN, Auctioneer. tJALE ON ACCOUNT OF THE GOVERN mknt,- On FRIDAY.the4th of Septemlier next, 1 shall sell, at the the Navr Yard, in Washington city.D.C., on account of United States Gov em inent, at 12o'clock in., for cash One la-inch Double Block One 14-inch do Two 12 inch do Two ll-inoh do Three 10-inch do fwo 9-incii do our a inch do F ive 12-incn Single do One 8-iuch do Three Snatch Blocks Eleven empty Carboys One bbl. and 4!i lbs. Beef, 14 torrels Pork, T.'. lbs. Rice, One bbl. Flour,236 lbs. Butter,4Vj lbs. Cheese. 72 lbs. Beans. ?? & A. GREEN, Auctioneer. (7NITED STATES'SALE OF VALUABLE J WHARF l'ROPKRTT AMI t.OTS OS THS 8t HLU Kil.L. AWOIVI1Q THE XaVA'. ASYLUM, 1*1111. ' UKL piiiA.?W ill lie sold at public auction, on Tl'ES DA > , the first day of September next at 10 a. in., on the premises, the United States Wharf and l?ots,ad jotiif the Naval A?yI unit also, those letwoen Ship pea and South streets, numbered from I to *9 inclu sive, according to the plan, which can be seen at tue oitice of the Navy Agent, and at the Asylum. The tortus oi sale will be, onc-hair onsh, one fourth in six months, and the other lourth ui twelve months from the date of sale. Re^ipts will be given for payments, but po deeds w;il be executed until the final payment* shall l?e niHde;?:io ?M tiic payments to be forfeited if the terms of the sals shall not bo oomphed with. The Government reserves the fight t<i fix a mini mum valuo on each lot, below winch n n!? will not be made. WM. B A DO EK, Navy Agent, Philadelphia. To l*? published once a week tiH 1st **epte?nl>er, in the Portland Argus, Boston I'ost, Boston Hera'd, Journal of Commerce and Daily News, New York; Penneylvanian awl Evening Argus. Philadelphia; Republienn. Baltimore; Inielligenoer, Union, star, Washington; F.nqnirer, Richmond. jy 23?lawtsepl By A. 11RKh.N, Auctioneer. I Excellent household akd kitchen 'a FthsiTtSR, F.'?ik Rosewood Pianoforte AJin Stoot.. *c., at Af-Tiox.?On WEDNES DAY , the 2d of September, I shall sell, at the resi dence of a gentleman declining nous^kaeping, si in o'clock a. m.. Np, 337, wc?t side of Eighth street, . I>etweeii K and I. streets, near the Northern Mar j fcet, a hajitlsoine assortment of Mahoganv, Walnut, I r.nd other Ftfrnitore. viz : One hue (>!% octavw Pn?no Forte, in rosewood case, made by Lindermau, New York, of fine tone and touch, superior instrument, Stool and Cover Fine Parlor Castor, Arm, Gothic, aud other Chairs Mahogany and Walnut 'I'etcs Marble top Sofa Tabic, Whatnot and Escretoire Candelabra? China Vases Fino Brocatelle Embroidered Window Curtains. with ornaments, ct inpleto Two valuable aiicieut Oil Paintings, by Jasper Pousmu. in new gilt frames and hue state of preservation lion frame 'it h drops ' top Dressing Bu reaus Maliozah> and Walnut Marble-top Wash and other blonds Cano seat and l>ack Reception and other Chairs Vcnitian Window Blinds and other Ch'unber Cur tains Mahogany Secretary and Bookcnsc l.xti'nMi n and Card Tables Mahoganv Mud Walnut Jenny Lind, Cottage, and other Beds toads Fine Curled Hair Mattresses Feather Pillov.> ar.d Bedding Tapestry, Brussels, Stair, aw! other Carpets and i Oncloth Iron Hat-Tree China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Refrigerator. MormiK Star C?K*king Stove, villi hxtures complete Air tuht and oth?*r Stoves Parlor Heater and Register W ith a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites.and many other articles which we deeui unneces sary to enumerate. Terms: All sums under S-J", cash ; over JV,?,3, and 4 months, lor notes satisfactorily eadorsed, . (?earing interest. A. GREEN, Auctioneer. P. S.?The House, a gootl brick, containing ten rooms, ai d provided with water, bath-room, heating apparatus, Kv., [of rent. Inquire at the premises. an 4i-d A. G. preservation One Pa*ule Painting, gilt Medalli Centre Parlor Haiwtin: L"*mp, witl Mahogauy and Walnut Mailile ti A nstomers III unci nr is1 11. M \ R LOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOE STORE A'n. ft nttsylrnmin avtnue. I take this opportunity of informing iny enstomerg and the pn!>lic in general thi? 1 have >?n sale. ^ a l< t <d first rate Cslf skin tiaiters at ^2.v>,i and a French Caif-?kin Patent l.ealherl (1 aiter at-^3.51, as ^>(td asare u>ually sold' ? ? at $%aud a g??od Calf skin B<K>t at !)*./. I jwties Liaiters at .^t IS, fine Alorweco Buskins at.*l.and all other Shoes, such as Boy's, Misses, mid Chil drens, cheap in proportion. Call aud see for your selves. Don't forget the placc. No.4% Pennsylva nia avenue, lietwcen 3d and 4>4 streets. au 2>-<aw3m AULT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB BAGE SEED. 9 We arc now prepared to furnish AultViM Early S'ork, Au.t s Early I^ar^e York.^^ Ault's Buliocks Heart, Ault's Pre.mium"^^ Flat Dutch. Drumhead, Savoy, and all other va netiesof CABBAGE SEEDS. Also, Spiuach, Kale, Lettuce. Cauliflower, and ail other kinds of GARDEN SEEDS. All the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the same superior quality as sol/I by us last and former years, and will give entire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For recommendations we refer to any person who 1a.ia used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L AULT A SON, Corner Calvert and Water sts., Baltimore, Md. inr*Orders can be pent by mail or by the Adams Ex press, wloch ntiurds a choap, safe ami quick menus of carriage. au 18-lm A CARD. 1 HE Fnderstencd takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising physicians in particular, that he will open in1 the course olnext month Ins DRUG-STORE AM) PRESCRIPTION STAND, avii, ? CHEMICAL LABOR ATOR t .at 5I?< Ninth street, be; ween Peuu. av. and D street., east side. Prescriptions of physicians, written in either the Latin. English or French languages, will most care fully be ooiupounded, and no receipe trusted to the liands of an apprentice or other employee not fudy competent. The thorough chemical education, and the long firaotice of the uudersigned as pharmaceutist, iu ?>th the Old World and the United States, will serve as a guarantee for the purit* of drugs and pre parations kept by hnu. Ever) chemical oonipouud is tested l?efore made ure of, and no poisons sold ex c%; suautitative?o c., is performed at moderate rates; at d gentlemen and masters desirous of being intr<Mlitced into the theory and practice ofChemistry and Pharmacy, will have an opportunity offered to that end by applying next fall. RrfrrtureProf. J. D. B. Dr Bow, Hon. Thomas B. Florrscr, F. H. Sage, Esq., S|i.mar Sikbkrt, Esq., Charles H. Wisher. Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS CROSS, I-ate a pupil of Prof. Eiebig, jy 29-lm rradnate of a Pharmaceutical College. JUST RECEIVED, ?*?? feet of ITALIAN 4-4 MARBLE SLABS, sanded. VViii be ?olrt to the traue in lots to suit, lie low New York, Phi'a.ielphia. or Baltimore prices. Also, l<**i feet of STAT UA R Y M A R B 1.E SLABS at a i-reat reduction. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Mart)le Yard oppo. the Union otfice, Penn ave, au Sg lm (UitAStales) ^PECIAL NOTICE TO SPORTSMEN. I would call your particular attention to Du Font's No. 4 GIJNPOVVDER, which for strength, clean liness, color, glaziug. and evenness of gram is un surpassed i?? any Powder ever introduced. W. ALBERT KING, Sole Agent for the District of Columbia, au 25-tf No 3S Huh street. Georgetown. D. C. SPF.CIAE NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS.? Those who intend to avail themselves of the ten per cent, discount, to lie made to all who pay on or befbre the t*h day of September, ard who wish to avoid the delay incident to the crowd who nsaally are in waiting at this office daring the last few days previous to tne expiration of the time, can do so by oallinx for their bills at an earlier day. . JAMES F. HALIDAY, an StSspl Collector. cO?IK8 DF ROSALIE the rrarie Flower,"jnst rtcened. This is ?ho most popular song ever published. Sent by mail free of postuge on reoeipt cf twenty-hve cents in letter stamps, JOHN P. ELLIS, ? V UK*' VII turn uv ff' 'IC"|| J euiu ra* it on receipt from known and responsible parties. , H E MICA L AN A LYSIS.?Qualitative and n u ti tat i ve?of soils, ashes, minerals, ores, waters. TELEGRAPHIC MEWS. rnOM TUB ASSOCIATED fKBSS Clivblarc, Angnet Tbe National Eman cipation Convention met in thta city ynalerdav. Delegate* were pm?i( from aiJ the Free State?f a* well a* Miwiri and Kansas. Tbe Rev Hbarn Hopkins. 1) I) . of Maasacfanaett*. ww elected Eresident with wvffjU uri(*?" iiiiil socre trle*. and a ba?in?>M committee appointed. Letter* approving of the obiect* of the condi tion were read from the Rev l>r Knott, president ?*f I'nion College, New Vork, Professor B Snl llinan. of Vale College ; Rev. D Cooley, of Zear yillf, Mao; Hoa. E Fairbanks, Ex-Governor of Vermont, and many othera. The obiee'a of the convention were ?tat<dbv E. Bumtt, the Rev Mr. Denniaon and other* Resolution* were Introduced and spoken to by Messrs. Burritt. Smith. Denniaon ana othera. Plan* of effecting the emancipation of tbe ?lave* and the comp usation of their inrnm were Introduced by the business committee and are tin der discun*ion. The two leading idea* are the appropiiation cf tbe public, lands and tbe revenue ftoni the ctifttoinft l>evond the necessary expenses of tbe government for the purponc of cotupensa tion. Other idea* have been introduced and will be debated by tbe body. The Flnaacial Panic?A Better Feelinf Pre vaill?. Niw Vokk. Aug 27.?Several minor atock failure* are announced to-day, IncJnding Fi*b?r. Dentngft Co.. F. P Jame* A Co . and A. Rode. wald. but the general impnswdoa U that tbe cri*is Is over, and that all will soon l?e right again. Jacob Little baa arranged hi* ditfcuitira and resumed his neat at the stock board The Commercial Advertiser, of this afternoon, says theie is altogether a better feeling in tbe street, ;ia<l that the panic i* b>-giuning to subside. There it less pressure of st>jc.ks upoutLe market, and more support fiom outside operators. Brokers refuse the note* of the Sacken's Harbor Bank and the Farmers* Bank of Saratoga. It la rumored (hat Chamber* A Ilelaer, largely engaged in the California and India trade have suspended. Utica. Aug. 27.?The sher H'of this county to day attached the Ontario Bank on a tud^iueiil In favor of R. J . Johnson, of New York. llank ( on v en lion at Bestoa. Borto*. Aug #>.?A boat one hundred dele gate*. representing nearly all the New England bank*, met here to-dav to take preliminary meas ures for a hank of mutual redemption, to take the place of the (Hrttolk Bank redemption *v*te??i Mr. Bates, of tbe West Held Rtiak. |??e*id?d It was announced that the half mil lion ntf dollars cap Hal required by the charter had Wen nenrlv all subscribed. A committee was appointed to select aboard of direct<?rs. and indications are that tbe new bank will shortly go into operation From Blew Mexico. St Locts. Aug. 38.?The Santa Fe mail haft arrived. The general new* I* of ail unimportant character. The contest between the candidate* for Coogretowas violent and The nail paitv met Co| Sunnier at Fort Atchiuson en route for Bent a Fort. A few days previous Sumner attacked four hundred of the Cneyenne Indian*, routing them, killing nine of the psrty. destroy in? their property and taking all ineir animals. Mnwey Affairs in(Inch ClxcisxsTt, AwfJ. 2f> ? Banking matters are comparatively qirtet to-dav. though Third street is quite as crowded asdurinc tbe excitement yen. U rday None of the establishment* areas yet discredited. The banker* have agreed not to sort or return tbe notes of tbe country banks for thirty d*v*. No ruu was made on any bouse, either yoteiday or to-day. The notes of the Kanawha Banks are celling at 50 per cent discount. Destructive Fire. PuiLAtiELruiA, Aug.2fi.?The large steam saw mill. belonging to .M r. E B Coville, N J , wasdestroved by lire this morning, together with alKuit three thousand dollars* worth of lum ber belonging to Messrs. Itefd A Wilson and T C. Kimule L Co. Mr Marshall's loss is est una t< d at No insurance. Conviction for Forgery. Haktforh, Ct , Aug. 27A man named Mi nor, hereto Tote much respected, has been convict ed at New Loudon, in this State, of cumnutt ng f >igeri? * on the pension office, and sentenced to five years1 imprisonment. Marine Disaster. N?*vomc. Aug. "A.?Arrived. barque Jasper, ftoin New York, bound IP Charleston Sunduv night, oil Little Egg liart>?r, si* was run inim by a schooner, carrying away her bowsp. it aad cut water. Magazines Amalc&naaUU. Nkw Voac,-An*ra*t 27?F.naerson's Magazine aid Putnam's Monthly have been amalgamated, and will start in Octolier with 40,UU! subscribers. Aconittal of Gsv. RobiaMU. St. (jOri*. Aug. W ?Ex-Governor Robinson, of Kansas Territory, ha? been acquitted of the charge of usurpation of office. Steamboat Attached. BrFFAt.o. August 27.?The passenger boat on the Mi higan Southern Railroad line, has l?een attached and stopped for *160.0W. Another Steamer for India. New York. Aug. 27.?The steamthip Citv of Washington has lien chartered hy the British Government to carry troops to India The Ohio River. WaKELixo, Va . Aug SH.?The river, to-dav, is rising. ' ?? a I Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. August 2- ?Flour is dull; sales of 12fl0tMrpela; City Mills(6; Ohio ntf 12)?; Hc?w a*d street 2i. Wheat is heavy; red *1 2<>a?l 50; white ?l TSal. 4? Corn is dull; white7Ni-'lvvellow ^0??4e. Whisky is heauv; Ohio ?>; City 27c. Nrn lark Market*. New Vori, August 29 - Flour i* lower and dep-essd*, sales of l.ltfl bbls; State #5,0U4#?> 15; Ohio ^ 5?'a*6 75; Southern ?ti 75. Wheat is unsettled; sales of l.out buahcl*; white SI 71; r^d *1.15 Com is very dull; and sales arc unimportant; mixed 05c Provisions are dull. Mess Pork *25 75; Chi cago rep:?ck"d Beef S17.75. Lard ia bbla Ifi^e. Wh-sky is easier; Ohlo2^c. Financial. New Yorb, Aug.2- Stocks are dnll Chi cago and Rock Island79, Cumb-rland Coal Com pany 14; Illinois Central Bonds 01; Michigan Smthern ls)j; New Vork Ce ?trnl 75 Peuti?\l vania Coal Company St Reading Railroad'l; Virginia0's Miason.i6's7T'v Sterlina exe'range la easier at It^^alOO^. JJ^TFKINOFR HEA1ERS..GJ FST Received, a full supply ol tiioae universally admired F? /iVO V K HEATERS. for hcatine the rt*'Bi In winch it is set aud the r?'tns a!>ove, ot>tignminc no more fuel than a Radiator Stove, and as easily man*red, thersnj aaviiw the oost and trouble of two or mora tores to cdect tti? same purpose. Those of injr customers who were una voids h'v tl.sappointed last season ouaooount of the very press* iiis ut'iuaiid lor tiiem, which made it inipo*siW.e lor the manufacturer to *upp!y.are most earnestly re quested tesen<l in their orders before the Fall, there i>> savinif tronlile ; ml delav, and their work will bo more seasoned for Winter's use. All work put up l?y hrst-class workmen. J AS. SK1RVING, Washington Stove, Crate, Raa^e. aiu1 Hot-Air Furnace Manufactory, No.2S7 Pa.av.t S.l? corner 11th St., Washington, D. C. an R-eolm Recent discoveries in tiEOLoo v, Hy Sir Charles Lvell. Lomlon, 1*37; 37c. Metropolitan and Tnwn Sewage, l>raiuace. Sewer aee.and Water Supply, by A.Snjer, M. D.,Lon don, 1857; 370. Vea.V* lAxchritmnio Tables, London. 1?S7; #2.75. Binn's Ortnoerephic Projection an.) Meciiiwucai and Entmee. iuc Drawing, Loik1<>u. iai7; i>.i j c Oswald's Diotiorarj of Svimm.j im-s ai d Far<>n)ines of the Eu^'lish Latucuaze, Lotion, i<S7; Sue. Whi't at the Portland Clan, l^indoh. 1857; .?!. Vortot's Revolutions of Sweden, literally trans lated for the um? of Candidates forCxmnnaaiona, London. 1857; 75c. Francis's Opinions a nd Policy of Lord Pai mars tor for forty years. 1 vol.. I .oodon; Reminiscenoes of Capt. Crawford, Royal Nav>,l vol., Loodoi.: 82J2S. au21 FRAN'CK TAYLOR. WINDOW C.I^SS.-aonboxea U by I5 Prenoh Window Glass, will he sold at one dollar and seventy-five per bo* for cash, in lota of N tooxea. Alao, a full supply of larce sise French tihta*. i.t, 3d,nod 3d auaiitias, 4 br it Gkt*s for hot hoaaes, ? by 19, ? by 12, 9 by 12, and 10 Inr IS cheap. R. H. MILLER SON k CO. Alexandria. Va. L'I KNI ITRE AND HOFSE-FI'R N ISHINt* I1 _ GOODS AT REpFCEU PRICES.- Ti,e sun *crii?rr, intfwlinj to uevol^ liu Httt-rxcinpivt '> t*> the Aocltoil an 1 0'tvimit*ai?p and Niaincsa.onrrt for r ale his extensive Hod ofFura iUire and House Furutsluug (inuli *t great y re duocd pncjes, for ?r.s!i or endorsed noies. J AS. C Me<;Fir:E. au it.colm Auet ii?n and (Vw?ii?ii5m?h! M^rrtwnt. \f WE. KLEIN ft CO.,(from Franhe.l i*l ^ DRESS MAKERS. No. 391 Pa. av., between <5* and ?th ats. PleatiuR, Flutinc. Cri?npn?. Dresaea, Curtwti Blesofaiu^ and Out Embroiderie. transferred to order. n U-tm (\*F. PI A *fO AT f2V. 1 at tS7: *at |S0; 11 V* t75; 1 at 9 !??: 2 at fl?t * a* #15'. AH scoond haud Jf>HN F. ELLIS , at ood an a Pena.ave.. het. 5Xii ?n<t iftih *>?. PIANOS FOR RENT. 2at | ur month. 2at per moctk. Other tone PlANOSat various ?n?i. aut- JOHN P. ELMS.?? Pa.av#. CJREEN G I N G K R? GRF.EiN ttlNOFR.? r GRE11N GINGER reee ved, ?nd < ;r sa?e by KING A BURCI1ELL. Jt 90 Ytrmont arena* atd I9U street.