Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1857. NO. 1,439. TilE EVENING STAB ? riBLlSHEl) KTKKT AFTERMOON, <EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THE 8TAR BUILDINGS, C#nMr a/ r*n*s*lwnf h??m. mmd lifA strati, Br W. D. WALLACH, and la served to ?abeonbera'by nmm at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, J*Tib!a weekly to ha A cacti; papers served m pMkiiM at S7H ocota per month. To mail *abacr,ber* theaibaanptioa priceta THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTH a rear in udvamet, TWO DOLLARS far ail month*, and ONE DOLLAR for thraa months; Ibr laaa than three months at the rata of 18f oeota a weak. lETSIN6LK COPIES ONE CENT. LIFE, DEATH AND ETERNITY. A shadow moving bv one's side, That woo Id a substance seem.? That is. ?et ,? not?thoueh described? Like ?k,os l?eiieath tho stream ; A tree that's ever in the Mooni, Whoso fruit is never ripe; A with for joys that never come? Muoh are the hopea of Life. A dark, inevitable Bight, A blank that will remain ; A waiting for the morning light. When waiting la in raiu; , A g u ph where pathway never led To show the depth beneath : A thing we know not, yet we dread.? That dreaded thing is Death. The vaulted void of purple akr 'I'hat everywhere extends. That stretches frcm the dizzied ere. In apac3 that never ends; A morning, whose uprisen sun No setting e'er shall see: A day that comes without a noon,? Such is Kternity. ?j^*A friend of ours. (savt the New Orleans Crescent^ fascinated with the literature of tho New York Sanday papers, and in particular with the numerous tales and sketchos of New Orleans that figure therein, has become litera rily inclined, and gone to story-writing himself. Ha haa furnished ns with the following, written as nearly as possible in the New York style, and made up of the incidents most in vogue with the story-writers up that way. lie re quests us to say, that if any of the down-oast wtiUUe* should wish to secure his services as a contributor, he ha* lots of brains on hand and will write cheap. [Copyright secured by an Immenae Chain Cable.] LOST AND FOL'KDl OR. TIIE BEAUTIFUL QUADROON ? A True Story of New Orleans Life. Br CHARLES WISTEBFIBLD. I.?A SUNSET SCENE. 'Twas evening?a balmy June evening?in New Orleans, the gay metropolis of the sunny South. The rcd-crosted waves of the Gulf, roll ing lazily in from the setting sun, lathed the pebbly beach in front of the city, and rocked the fleet of vessels Anchored in the offing?a picturesque me-lley of sm?k ing stoamor J. cotton laden merchantmen, filibuster cruisers. Afri can slavers, and Ca^tilian fishing smacks. In the far distance, to the east, might be seen tho glittering mosques and minarets of Algiers, dis tinctly defined against the deep blue of tho still more distant hills of Opeloustts. To the w^st the watery expanse wa? relieved by the Cande labra Islands, interrupting but beautifying the hazy view of somniferous Mobile. The scene, in short, was such as to gladden the poetic eye aad saturate tho soul with soft, sweot melan choly. Nor were the *ounds that greeted the ear less soothing iu effect than the view of the surround ing scenery. A sharp and melodious twang came from tho flocks of birds that flocked tho blue vault above?the ^allinippers. a sneciesof pelican peculiar to Louisiana?whilst tho deop choral roar of the alligators in the Ma.?sasip Bayou and Lake Gretna, was pleasantly relieved Ly the sharp cracking of tho rifles and pistol* of the merchants and lawyers and other deui tens of tho city, settling up their daily disa greements on Pontchartr.iin llidge. and aftor the peculiar fashion of the tropic*. The streets of the city presented their wonted lively aspcct. Here might be seen a foot-race between a Sena tor and a Cyprian, with cowhides and pistols switching and popping?there a rough-and-tum ble oouibat between an Alderman and boot-jack with the ladios applauding troin the balconies, over yonder a ring-fight between a judge and a steamboat engineer?whilst the boys in crowds were pelting houses with bricks and stones, in different directions, and the dog* yelping and scrambling about in promiscuous piles. It was in short a summer evening in New Orleana. ? II.?EU LA LIE. In' the old Moorish quarter of tho city *tood a large mansion, or castle, so to speak ; with hi 'h walls and grated windows, which repelled aliae the inquisitive gaze of the populace, and the occasional bullets that oame whiziing along from the neighboring affray* and duel*. Within, however, all was a paradise All that wealth could proenre, or taste devise, was here concentrated, as if by the magic of a genii. In the centcr of the tesselated court-yard acros* the silvery ppray of a fountain, giving life to the little rainbows above, and sustenance to the eel* and polliwogs that wiggled in the marble basin balow. From the surrounding terrace a grove of tropical treos and plants dis pensed their fragrance and shade in the most voluptuous sweetness?the toweringpino-apple, the wide-spread magnolia, the white-blossomed live-oak and the stately lemon, with a thick face-work of pumpkin and cocoa-nut vine* net ting them together and dangling their golden fruit in evening breeze. In the midst of this Inxury specially dwelt its aoul. Eulalie?the beautiful quadroon Eulalie. a slender, dark-eyed, tawny-skinned, etherial l>eing, whose sweetness reveled halo-like around her. Dressed in a loose oriental costume, which revealed the exquisite contour of her matchless form, and reclining on a cushion of gold embroidered velvet, at the brink of the marble basin, the beautiful maiden amused herself by alternately feeding and caressing a folden macaw, which sat perched upon one of er lovely shoulders, whilst with her delicately uiuk-nailed toes she plashed the water in the basin, and sported with tb? polliwogs. Behind her stood a sable African girl, of a dark black color, fanning her in mute respectful silence with an enormous turkey-tail plume. " Bobo ! iaaued from between Eulalie'* ru by-set pearls. " \ es. missus and the African bent over to ber " 11a* he oome yet, Bobo ?" asked tha seraph ic voice. r ??aau* !*' was the response . Then go and call that organ-grinder that I bear; and. Bobo, eo to aunty at the corner, and bring me sonlf pop-corn, candy, and a bot tle of nigger beer." ^ es. missus ??' and Bobo went. HI?TIIE GAMING SALOON. In a gorgeously Kilt-mirrored and Turkey carpeted saloon, in the European quarter of the city, were assembled a pruunacuous assemblage of lawjer* judges editor*, merchants, planters, in the game I ,rhe.Ut!w wer# ?nsical with the chinks of gold, and the rattling of the ivory cb-ck* ; but voice* there were no,,* the players were too much absorbed in their haaardous time to give utterance to their feelinir* in spearb. At one of the tables there wm but one play er. but so dos|?erate wa* his game, that a Lrsre crowd of spectators hemmed him in, scarcely leas interested than him.-elf. He waj a stout built, sinewy man. of herculean frame and graceful sha[<e, olad in the rich costume of the f- <utb Jiia lace expressed the most reckless and determined iron will?the glauce of his dark eye nover failed to make those quail up on whom it fell?* profusion of disheveled ra ven locks clustered about his deeply knit brow a shaggy moustache partly concealed the ^orafu curl oftus lip?while a bullet-hole in one of his cheeks. au.i * sabre-cut over one of Lar thll^'l ,W"k 1,0 ,il,i,,ter ftn,i P?? dered ^holder admired whilst he shud because no one had er.r been found bold enough to dispute what he hmiTr " }M u* ' t' ,htr* * ^Ole table to himself and well might he be respected for he was no less a personage than Don Ant?'nio \1 p oians de la Ding Dong, the last of the ill'm triou* line of the Barons of Tuckioaw ..,1,1 *n,i de,*d!^ du?iu,t lived0 Change. said tho ke?p?r of the Uble l*ll??h?h nngrrr' ? ban* rT 5 , the Ik>n' w,lh ? muttered male <Lct?o?, h*d suked on oae of the eards. Caitiff, no be thundered; ?* T ?y the whole hundred thousand on the jack !" Tha dealer, white a* a sheet, dealt out th? card*. The fir?t check was his ! and he tossed the'.cheque over upon the heap of gold and bills which he had previously won of the luckless n- Tho excitement of the beholders was now intense?they were pale and breathless, like so many marble statutes, in their anxiety as to what would follow. Tis wall ! exclaimed the Don through his set teeth looking around at the crowd with a bitter smile ; that is all I have in bank juat at present be continued; ? but I have one more stake, if you II take it"' ? What is it ?" asked the keeper. .1 \ jy. 8,rI tulalie?the quadron Eulalie, ut f u?ht ^U!ieSt. Lo,lig Arcade last Sun y ? hundred and fifty thousand !"' themi" 'e' E,ulahe exclaimed a voice in pang '?me ?De 3hot with a sudden .(2?lVh0 gamester, and the spectators started at the exclamation, and looked round for the speaker, but failed to find him "ako:" !aid "? <??'?. with The Don drew from his breast a packa^o of ^ uV?j r? r ih vch ^ "?iected the ^>ed ?f ?<,i4,e >m:h? tossed ,t on the ace. Again. dealt The ??. *PI""linA ',"??>?. the dfaler t\ "ra* 1100 was his ! doIlc"rr.0in.?T?L'b * fe."rful oa,h' >?J the toaler fainted. The crowd got out of tho whv apprehending blood-all hit one, a .enl" r' beardless. blac-ey?I, fai,.haired wath deli cato almost as a maiden, who walkod up to tho Don and looked him right straight in the eye Who are you that dare thus stand in the way of me ? asked the duellist. iu a voice that might have mado the hills shako. Nobody, " replied the youth ouietlv with a smile, folding his arms across his breast, and ? D.on.1!f?arfu>fn?wn with a meteoric flash of his pale blue eye. " A mere nobZ s stranger in town. But I have a little 2 about this girl Eulalie!" UttU to 8ay It was he who had itartled the erowd, upon roon 8 montion of the beautiful quad IV.?THE TRAGEDY. ?JffitKK? tfe 1)011 si,cnt- A ficrc? joy lit up his countenance?one of those fearful dJath5 tbT "eVCr/r,ed to Portcn*1 somebody's acatb Tho spectators remained appalled and iZXilT' Wul ?f t? Dcln^h.VfnT^k* 1,1 '?n2th excIa>mcd tho i that for thy impertinence," and ho c sayed to tweak the youth's nose, but with the 2nn r??th fended off Ibe t h .16 pant, tmsted bis finger in his moos t?u,ho,s ung him around him in a circle kicked him under the knee, and laid him sprawlinz and foaming on the floor. Pr?wuno " Know you now ?" exclaimed tho youth In Str'fV death-boll, and with a hifblni ot, ? fre ?hootinS fr<>?n each of his blue eyes, that lam the eater of fire eaters?..hatl am Jack Chawbonea. of Arkan sas, the son of Fate ! And I claim the girl Eu laho by tho right of might!" g I Aha'" exclaimed tho Don, livid with rase hayng regained hi. feet, ?I F.? hT.n,tff ?' SiS "??" leave this j room aliy*. >1 hat are your weapons?" 1 Anything, from a toothpick to a cannon "' rer lied the 7<>uth, with a eool. deadly smile. It happened that neither wore armed ? and upon inquiry, the only weapon to be had ? the Klitarjr hers, pistol of the game-keew? "'tl, behind hi. t?Co' ?k -a, thundered the Don, " we'll cut for d,*,"h!-*l0<" uk6 ^ rhiM'FtSithe youth; ??nd. as I hate child s play et the loser take the mu??le of the pistol In his mouth." 9 OI from^JTpharlTk1 }hk.Dofl'Pickin* cards rrom the Pharaoh tablo and shufllin* them Stripling, cut! the highest wins." * 1 he youth cut the curds and showed an ace' The Don cut and showed an ace also thecjrone.'mo?10""'' h""rM'^ It might now be seen that the Don betrayed symptoms of a superstitious fear, whilst the youth becamo moro cool and statue like than o\er. Again the curus were cut. The youth raised a seven, and the Don a deuce! * If you have any prayers to say," said the youth, picking up and cocking the pistol " I'll give yuu tune." ^ ? 1 11 " I have lived a devil," s*|d the nnn ?i#k 'd '"P?. " and, by Satan, I'll die one!"' raying which, he raised his moustache and \ J0U? in PlRcini,t'e inuizle of tho EiScome tCeth The Hwful momeilt ".ndyohhaM^^" MiJ <h? ^ n"":" """I"' ">e Hon, fiercely. There was in the next instant a loud renort when th. ri f l6a,Vy ful1 on thc floor- ?nd' Tnd Lir r1 ?ayi awa7-the brains, teeth and hair of the last of the Durons of Tuckinaw were scattered all over the saloon 1UC*'paw ^ to?K ^rom tbe lifeless trunk the packet of papers before alluded to; then turn ing to the game-keeper, he said : ? Kestore to me the wealth you have taken him "nil0'' h7 h,,avcn' you shall acCom pany him on his journey to purgatory"' rhe keeoer instantly handed to him a'l he EaUni'.K-i HD?,n"-?0,d' bi??. cheque in,? " 1 ami! in f ?' "Ryiu?Ht th? tlrae thi? i g pHT y"u ^"'des for ridding years # man Wh? Lf" becu i,s ^ lucri 'i"!v!0Ve of ^a-T'nK?not for filthy Xavi^l;?.,.'afc,X*tb' ?U h" ? . Ve-T1IE DENOUEMENT. ?? Has he come yot, Hobo ?" asked the beau dhanq?? nr reclininS ? Turkish faKn^'nT ch*mb" garnished with the most nil^aSni. DCe' Ut up with a ?of' Pri^ Kan&"i,W",0De4 ?iUl '??- ?f hum |;No, Missus!" said Bobo. ? 1 es, Eulalie, he has come !" said a tender wholu .JrkT?.?*:fin,,d th<5 fair-haired youth T^rv ,?8 fr"m the silken dra pery, and threw himself at her feet. youth'lLk^/L^k Eu!'llie ' heur ,uc !" and th? youth looked ?o harmless aud implorinc, that Eulalie j-emitted him to remain. .ri /kOW'rEu,*lie' Viat 1 bave been searchinir firwhEtariri rvh.-n an iufant'1 whs r w?th the Cherokee Indians by my father ol whom I knew nothing, and whom I never riTtteS*?rom hV bu^thr^-vea" ngo I received 1 / -I? t?' char?inK me, In the event of r Jhil Ik*ir5 8 i 100 RK!lm' t0 Bearoh for hi? other child?a sister wtiom I had never seen who was stolen away from him in her infancy! . ix months since, upon Information received Iwia* thVi'llttCr'1 g0t tr#ckofm? "iiter. hearrf fh.f i WR\* quadroon, and finally heard that she was to he sold at auction by her I flewTtr*T>rk ?" lU th? wmd aui T ,UI - n[y\hu{ the BH'ehail taken place, ^thVfrr^bt :0di.v\.hc; ,?UI >r^': in his enthuaiin * I mot sister in ? , " lTV1' * met the owner of my all his weafTli i Fa'""n, where, despoiled of I interfered f* V*1 hf^ his lait stake. I dead?and here I .? uuatr-lSJ ;?p3n,ih;ctrr,urr,*re "ni"" "J " ^in<? 510? 8rt my brother." she said " tell 7 "Ll7?V?Hi ntjT"1 n0V" ?" --kearu hr.j the Barons of Tuckipaw, and went by the name or Don Antonio Alphonsus de la Ding Donr " " Oh. merciful heavens !" screamed Eullli? and she fainted. Her brother, startled beyond measure, soon revived her with anpliances that wer?*1 hand and the assist* oe of Ik bo. .,,'5* ??ter," be said, " why this tbi" strange agiution?" ?? lr ' !?bb5d' " wretched children that ?r m?.\ r w br?lher- mJ master was my fath ?f, and I knew i| ?o*-nor did he J And you, unhappy boy, have killed our father ! Oh, hea vens, what will become of us The youth mused awhile. " Well, well!" he length said : " I understand his bravery now. v. ^at^er could have met death a? Peace to his ashes! It was Fate that killed him?not I!" VI.?CONCLUSION. ext day tho young man bade his beautiful ? er an affectionate adieu, and left for Cali fornia. The day after that the Don s property was seized and confiscated to pay his debts; and hulalie, having possessed h'erself of all evidences of her slavery, destroyed them, and left the house free, but penniless. In due time ?begot over her grief at the death of her father and the loss of her brother; and cow, any pleasant summer evening, she mBV be seen selling flowers along Canal and St. Charles. FOR BENT AND SAL& I^OR RENT-A RARE CHANCK-Now un i, ?i r oon uct'?n? 12 lurjre and airy rooms, with all the convenience of water and lights. The loca tion m in the principal business square of the city, mid the rooms are well adapted lor Dentist*, Daguer reotj pists, Offices. An. Also, a convenient rind airy Basement, suitable for any light business. The whole finished and well lighted in the most improved manner, aftor tho New York styles. 1 v WALLA STEPHENS, .No. 322 Peon, avenue, l?et ween 9th and M'B-lwa luth sts., entrance on D st. fjVJR RENT.?The three-story BRICIC HOUSE situated on '5th street, oppnsito the newcxtcii sionof the I reasury department, arid within a step of Penn.avenue and Willard?' Hotel. The house contain* 1? good rooms. besides store room and vaults for fuel. Fhe location is one of the best in the city tor a professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply on the premises, No. 474. au 17-tOct* F(mv^ViF;<&J,l,'Ap- A comfortable BRICK ?. ,V" \LL1NG. situated on the northeast oorner of 4th anil N streets north. Price 61.1*1; half in oash, balance in six and twelve months, or if ail paid wnui v W-ViJ.'t t.Hkwn- Ap^r t?>OLLARU 1 *'_?'?? No. ^I^Ttji street. nil S-tf SALh. My RESIDENCE on the corner o r. i r w Jer8,,y avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on t he avenue 163 feet 9 inches, and on a. south 316 foet 11 inch os, and ooutaiiiing nearly S4,<?iu square feet. majS-tf YV. F. PHILLIPS. I^AKM FOR SALE.?A piece of fane LAND on ,r.,io. rL?. rPeJc' >'i Montgomery county, Md., six miles from tne heights of Georgetown. adjoining the lands of Messrs. Tcrrv. Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer. and Hawkins, fu^acres. A Iwautif.ii |1)on: lion; partially improved; new house; l.'lacresrich creek bottom, and some hre yellow pine timber. It can be divided, if de?ur?d. Call and see Hie premi ses those who desire to purchase. je4-tf IfP* RENT.?A in.Klerii built HOU8B, eontain ? ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful a;:d airy location, fronting one of the public res crvHl ioim, anil coirun;ui<)jng an extensive vi*w of the citr, the river, anil Georgetown. If has ra? thronzh out; water ami bath-room. Toacar?ful tenant the rent wiiibe moderate. Inquire at 404 I strai t, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf RHNT.-THK DEsfiitABLE . Jr ~ ?\rfc' oil tke corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has uas throughout, and lurnace. The stable will be sold or rented with house stands on is oj> i.y i.% feet, but the purchaser can have more land it desired. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUND on the oorner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on IHth.near h street. Apply to CHUB6 BROTHERS. &P 8-tf A VA LUA RLE FA R M FOR s A 7. E. - For /*-,rsae A I- ARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun Y' ' ir?inia, ono ttuIb fro in .Mitche!!*# Station on the Alexandria and Orange Rai'road. The soil is natu rally excellent, and may economically and easily be improved, so tliat it wil! produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere in the United States : 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable lor ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached by means of the railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold t.? the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings are all ou a hill, and with small repairs, maj be made comfortable for the residence of a family The p ace is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the \\ est. and is determined to nell it, it will be s?ld a great tmrgairi.on very accommodating terms. I ersons disposed to purchase may inquire for fur ther Particulars to \V. I). WALLACH, editor of the Star, \\ ashington City, who knows the prem jy 8-tf Wood and Coal. ( ^ O A L ! COAL!! C O A L !!! The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with thoir orders lor Coais of any sizoor kind they may want, of as good quality an comes to this market. Also, a gaud supply of WOOD, a* No. 475 loth street, ttetween D ar.d E streets, and Potoiiuo Bridge. Coal 2.2V) lbs. to the ton. aw ll-2awf?w J. S. HARVF.V A CO. /UMllllULAND COAL. " Orders will l>e recaived for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CUMBER LA ,\ L> ( OA L. in lump, or the run of the inmos, at the very lowest cash prices. . JONAS P. LEVY. _ " liquor, and Grocery Store. iilWtf No. .V>4 12th street, corner of H ONE CARGO CUMBERLAND COAL, just reooived. T. J. A W. M. GALT, *" *' ^w N. W. corner I2tti and C sts., No. 547. CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging,US) tons Cumberland Coal. . _ CASTLEMAN A BRO., It 27 corner Rt l> and It sts., opp. National hotel. Pianos, &c. AC A R D.-A CHANCE RARF. I.Y MET WITH BY THOSE WHO WISH. A PIANO FORTE.?I have now in 3toro? the following great bargains : ? Two superb Pianos, lour round corners, rosewood cases, seven octaves, used only a lew months. I will sell them at .5125 less than their price seven mouths sine*. A benitiful seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round corners, for The above Pianos are sold fornofhult, but be longed to famiiie.* who have removed to the west, ami left them with ua to be told. They are really and truly great liargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with them, and will, at any fu ture day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Also, a line second-hand Piano of flatlet A Davis' make, for ??>", used but eighteen months, and cost 53^5. Also, two second-hand Chickenng's for $175 each, at the Great Piano Wareroomsof JOHN F. ELLIS, ftu 19 yfi Penn. ave.. Itet. 9th and l<Hh streets. \V G. AIKT/KROTT has now on fiand a l?rge * ? ? assortment of PIANOFORTES,, by Rosenkranz,Bacon A Raven.and ^Vlll.f Aliller. Also, KAvciai seoond hand Pianos' - - - which he will sell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeons from *45 to &150. Ono sec ond-hand Melodeon for Pioanofortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. au U pfANo FOKTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMER continnes to add new me in hl? classes. Apply to Mr. PAL-^ t} 'i 11 'li* Riwtns over Farnhain's Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri day, and Saturday, between2and6 p. ra. Terms ?5 per quarter. ap 25-tf tJOLl) MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabr, Gakhli A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and sauare PIANO FORTES, underlie nameK_^^n_ of \Villiatn Kuabe A Co., at the old stand, Nos. I, S, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op- ? 11 %Tl posite the Kutaw House, Baltimore. They also just opened a nuw Salea Room at No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MeCalfery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and hu'hly-hmshed grand and square Piano Fortes alao, Melodeons. from the best makers, from 4 to 5 octave, some with double ke? -boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. ? Being extensively eng.-iged in the utancfaotnre o ianos, we will sell wholesaleaud retail, ou the mos l>eral terms. thir INa:i??s were awarded the hichost premium (gold medal)at the lairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?October, 1U55, and It!5?>? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some ol the best makers from New York, Boston ami Bal timore. We were alvoawarded the first the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, IH56 and HL5Ti. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medaij at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In additiou to this we are in possession oftestimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which uau be teen at our warerooms, speaking for thoniselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are ?very where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of aale if the instruments do not ?iv*?tttire.eatiafiieUoB. Wholesale (lealers will find it to thair advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Fiauos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-lr WJtf. KNA BK k CO. P'ANOS FOR RENT. r??^ 2l,t *?M per month, Citntr qq# PJANOH at varum* priest. ?U7- JOHN F. KLUH.M Pa.ave, EDUCATIONAL. GEORGETOWN LITERARY INSTITUTE. THOS. ?N. CONKAl), A. B. This Institute will l>e opened for the reception of pupils on the first Monday of September next, (7th.) The object of the Principal is to afford facilities for theaoquisition of practical and classical educa tion. and to prepare those intending to enter upon a collegiate cour?e. for the highest classes of Ccflege. Being a graduate of Dickinson College. he feels himself prepared to tcach Ancient and .Modern Lan guages, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics. Mental and Moral Philosophy, and will Rive especial atten tion to the ordinary English branches. The scholastic year will lie divided into quarters of elovcu weekseaoh. and at their close reports Mill be sout to parents showing U;e progress of their children in study and deportment. Terms payable at the close of oaoli quarter. Tuition for English branches per quarter ?6.25 Tuition for I^mtruagos extra.... 2.00 No extra charge for the higher branches of Math Mmtki, Out terms are moderate, being twenty-five dollars ennufllv for English branches; and thirty two in cluding the entire oourse. I ho discipline of the Soliool will be sufficiently strict to secure attention to study and correctness of deportment, and special attention given to the jdo?iUs of those who may lie placed under the super vision of the Principal." Hkifr ences. We arc plesaed to refer those wishing to patronize the Institute, to the following gentleman as refer ences : Bishop 1J. Wautfh, D. D., Baltimore, Rev. IS. K. Brooke. do. Rev. Win. Hirst, Winchester, Va. lion. Howell Cobb, Washington. ?Hon. Horatio King, Ass't Post mister General. Rev. B. N. Ilruwu, Georgetown. Rev. J. N. Coombs, do. Rev. John Dickson, do. au 23-tf M ISS WAGGAMAN'S SELECT SCHOOL No. 443 12/A street, between C and II street*. Will re-open on Tuesday, September 1st. Mi *l-2w* RITTENHOUSE ACADEMY, Indiana avenue, near 3d street. The next acadeinio year will oommcnce September l?t. O.C.WIGHT, an 21-eo3w Principal. iVIRS. HELL'S SEMINARY FORYOUNG i?l LADIES, Corner of L and in*A streets. The uext session of this Institution will ooinmenoe

on the 1st of September, 18.57. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto fore, be engaged m every department. Further particulars can l?e obtained bv applying at the Semi nary. an 21-dt&eo3w SELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH. Ko. 3(1!) Fstreet, Hra.?A ineton, I). C. Principal. DON ALD MACLOED. A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, formerly Head Master of Ravens oroft College and Ash Wood School, and Pro|?*?M?r of Khetoncaud belies Lettres in the Columbia Institute. This School will lie opened on the second Monday of September n> xt. for the reception of a limited nnniberof Boarding Pupils and Lay Scholars, who will be treated. in all respects, as memtiers of the Principal's family. The uesign is to <.ff>r to young ladie* from a distance all that is included in the name of "Home." and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantage* of Home lufluenca. The Ses mons will be<rin on the second Morday of September ai;d first Monday of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through the months of July and August. Circulars containing full information may lie ob tained at the principal liookstores, and win be for warded by in& address, on application, au B-tf 1? EM A L E E N G LI SI?" A ND FhT) N C H COL~ LEGIATE INSTITUTE. Washisqtojc, D. C. Hiram Corsox. Principal, in charge of English and Classical l?epartnients. M'mk. C. Rollin Cobsos, Teacher of French, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Painting. M'llk Mathii.iib Emilik Rollin, Assistant Teacher of French. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, 1857. Circulars can be obtained at Ui* Book and the Musio Stores. jySl-Irn* \rOUNG LADIES SEMINARY. Corner Monigatritry nnd />unbarton sts., GKOHtlKTOlVN, I). C. Mrs.Gkn WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on Tuesday, September 1st. *'hen a share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. _jin 14-eotSepUa I" ?MERSON INSTITUTE. A H street, htwtcH \2th anl HfA. Select Classical am> Mathematical School for Boys. The Exercises of this Institute will be resumed September 1st. The number of pupils is limited. For further particulars address au 4-1in CH AS. B. YOUNG. Principal. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will he resumed September 7th. 7 2awtf P. A. BOWEN, Principal. f M-'LPEPEU FEMALE SEMINAR vT Ct'LPKPKR CorRT HoU?K, Va.. Under the Instruction an>l Superintendence of the MISSES FORNERET. Thit School will be re-opened on the 1st of Sep tember, In57, for tho reception of Boarders and a few day Scholars. Tho object in view is to extend to all who apply and are admitted, a thorough and useful education. No pains will be witl.held from giving the youiig Ladies such instructions as will adapt them for every duty and emergency of life. While the ornamental branches will hot lie neglected, the solid and fundamental principles of heart and head education will be the special objects of asiduous at tention. Female education has now taken such a firm hold on public attention, that, to proclaim its advantages, would be to portray a degree of ignorance not com patible witli modern improvement. The elevating influence of female education is felt and acknowl edged by every admirer of female excellence ; hes itate then, no longer, to bestow on your daughters those advantages that are indispensibie to their ad vancement andsuccess through life. As the School increases, the number of Teachers wtll be also increased ; thereby securing every aux iliary to the rnpid advancement of the Student. Every effort will be put forth to maintain the high tone and character of the School. Appropriate hours will be set apart for studr and daily exercise. The discipline will be mild and per suasive, but very firm. Two Saturdays are appoint ed every month for the girls to visit and make pur chases. The Gospel is preached from four different pulpits,alfording to each th<* privilege of attending the Church of her choice. No influence will be ex erteU to control tho religious pieindices of the pu pils. While practical Christianity will form the t>asis of their instruction, the selection of Churches an l Sabliath Schools will l>e submitted to the docision of parents and pupils?the variety of religious priv ileges here, will not fail to oifer s'atirfaction to all. No Scholar will he taken for a shorter term than live montha admission will beobtainrdany timedur lnt the session, and charged only from thetiiueof entrance. Half the tuition and boarding foe must be paid in advance, in order to cover the expenses of the School. Terms For Tr* Months. Board, (including fire and lights) $120 no English branches for ad vanned Scholars no EnglrBli branches for small Scholar* i?S on M usic on Piano. 3> M Use of instrument 1# tin French...-....- In no Washing - - . extra. No deduction made but in ease of protraoted sick ness. Rkpkrkhcbs. Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. Alexandria, Va. Rev. Thomas Leavell. Madison county, Va. Rev. Mr. Earnest, Orange county, Va. Rev. John W. George,Culpeper, Va. Rev. Jos. Carson, ** " Rev. John Cole, " ** Dr. Alex. Parne, ** M Chas. E. Lightfoot, Esq., M '* Thomas S. A loocke, Esq., *' *? Belfield Cave, Esq., Madiaon comity, Va. Thomas A. Robinson, Esq., Orange county, Va. Dr. Edwin Taliaferro, " '? Hon. John S. Pendleton, Culpeper oounty, Va. Judge B. H. Field, '* " ?? Dr.C. W. Ashby, Dr. Alfred Taliaferro, M '* " Edward B. Hill, Esq., ~ '? " I.. P. Nelson, Esu., " " ?* Col. John B. Baldwin, Staunton, Va. Instructions on the Guitar, in Drawing and Paint ing will be given by a competent Teacher, should a class sufficiently large be formed. au 6 lm T FURNACES. HE attention of tne community generally.and of house builders particularly, is invited to the EEY STONE II EATER, lately patented by J. D. Green of Philadelphia. All persons interested are solicited to call at our store and satisfy themselves of the superiority of tins Heater over all others in use. So successfully have the principles of oombustion been applied in its construction, that although it preseuta a radiating of one hundred nmljift* squurt feet, it re quires thirty per eent. less coal Uiau any furnace heretofore manufactured. Every improvemer.t that an experience of thirty years tu the furnace business could suggest, has b?en applied in the production of the Keystone Heater, and its proprietors feel assured that for etfi oienoy and tconomy of use, it is unsurpassed. SIBLEY AO UY, No. 320 Pa. av., bet. loth and II sts., . -Exclusive Agency for the sale of the au l-FAS2m Kerston Heater. (Intel,MA^ 2m;Union.TATh2m) ~ CLOTHING. ADIES AND GENTLEMEN havinr any to dispose of oan receive a fair cash pnoe lor the same, by sending or addressing H. MELA, No. 80 Lomsana avenue, between 9th and loth streets, west end Centre Market. N. B. Business suspended on Saturday. H. MB LA EDUCATIONAL. MISS E. J. BA RTLETT will readme ik? duties of her School on Mommy. September 7th. No. 42U H street, between llth and 12th streets. au 2*2t* |\| RS. BURR'S SCHOOL FOR YOU NO LA 1*1 DIES.?No. *>1 II street, between 15th nnd 14th atreeta weat, will re-open on MONDAY, Septeni l>er 2lat, jy* jnEORGETOWN FK.MALK SEMINARY. Mias M.J.HARROYKR beta leave to inform her Irienda and former patrons that she baa >>een called on to yield up the prem.ees ahe reoent ly occupied to an unexpected and prior o^aim. and hsvine been unable in the mean time to aerureau eligible position in the same vicinity tliat would per met her to re-open her school at the nopointed time, ahe is reluctantly compelled to withdraw the proa pectus lately issued. Notwithstanding the disappointment {she feels at not being able to carry out her former design. ahe yet has the pie&anre to announce to her friends and th" public generally that ahe has taken the commo dious aud extensive establishment, known aa the Georgetown Female Seminary, which acquired so much celebrity nuder the supervision of Miss L. S. KueliMli, where she will t<o happy to receive such of her former pupils aa desire to continue their attend MM* Arrai?etnenta having been made for their oonvevance ifroe of charge) to aud from the Semi nary, those who may wish to avail themselves of lUi* mehiis of oonvoyance, will please leave their names at (tray and Baliantyne'a b??okstorc. Miss Hakkovkr has sanguine hopes that with her accomplished and experienced asm .-.tarts in the sev ral departments of instruction, she will t?e able to niee.t the approval of all those who may feel disposed to favor her with their patronage. The dutiea of the Seminarr will commence on the first Monday in September. A general patronage is solicited. ?Miss M.J. HARROVF.R. Principal. Miss AUGUSTA I.A RNE1), Assistant. MimCHK ISTIE JOHNSON, do. Slad'ni DORM AN. Teacher of French. Prof. J. E. SCIIEEL, Music, au K-dStMoft QEORGETOWN COLLEGE. Studies wil! Ite resumed in this Institution on Monday, the 7th of September n^xt. au 25-1m B. A. MAGI 1RE. Pres. Ij<AST WASHINGTON SEMINARY, J Cor. Va. ate. and 5th st.enst, Masonic Hall, Aary Yard. The duties of this School will be resumed Sept. 1st. The course of studr embraces all the branches usnallr taught in the best schools of the oouutry. For further information, terms Ac., see circulars or apply to J. W. P. BATES, Principal. au 2S-eo3w* (Successor to Dr. J. E. Claw son.) ^JCHOOL.?The subscril>ers will resume thedu ties of their School on the 1st of Septeml>er. at their resider.oe 3fvS lit h street, between Land M sts. Board can be obtained in the family for two or three I little !?oys. M. A. A S. QUINCY. an 24-iw* rtMALE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COL T I.EGI ATE INSTITUTE, A"o. 1H2 TGi'liby's near enrn'r Pmn. arenur and 2t*t street, Washington. D. C. Hikax Coeso\, Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments. M'm. C- Roll * Cousox, Teacher of Freneh, Spanish. Md German, Drawing and Painting. M'll. Mathildk Emilie Rollix, Assistant Teaoh erof French. The Du'ies of this Institute will be resumed on Monday,the7th of September, W?. The course of study einbraoes all the branches of a liberal English and French Education. In the English Dep&rtment.which is under the im m? ?liHte direction of the Principal, speoiai attention i* given to the Mathematics, English Grammar, Elocutorutnd the cntical reading ofclassical authors in English Literature. Elooctio> is taught both as a sconce and an art. The Principal having devoted a number of years to a carelul study of th ? philosopny of the'and it< physical mechanism, is enabled to impart detinue and intelligible instruction upon the subject. The advantagea afforded for acquiring a practice! knowledge of the Freuoh language are not aurpassed by those of any other Institution in the country. VI'me. Corson and hor Bister, M'lle. Rolltn, are Panaian8 by birth, and their instructiona and general intercourse with the pupils are carried oil exclusive ly through the medium of Frenoh. Therearealso connected with the Institution a large number of yonug ladies who apeak the language with tiuenov. For Terms. References. Ac., s*e c.rctilars. which oan l<e obtained at the Book and Musio Stores, aud of the Priucipal. A class of little girls will be formed, who will re- I ceive careful instruction m English Reading and Spelling, and the elunentsof French. Terms, p??r session of 5 months Without Fteiieh lo. au 2fi-lm rpHK COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, J WMHIMTOl, D. C. The Annual Session of this Institution will com mence on Wednesday, the thirtieth (%'th) of !*ep teintj-r. Students will be examined for entrance on the Mon lay and Tuosday previous. The Preparatory Department of the Institution wiilopenon Wednesday, the ninth <9th>of Septem ber. It will l?e under the supervision of the College oltieers,aud will be provided with the best instruc tion. For admission,or for further information, apply to the President, at the College. hii24-:1w S. PRENTISS. Registrar. (CENTRAL ACADEMY, Corner of K and Tenth streets. The exercises of this Institution wi!| commence Septeml>er 1st. The number of studeuts is limited, nra each will receive particular attention. nu2?-lm* SILAS MERCHANT. Prin. CM. IN TON ACADEMY. GEORGETOWN, Georgk Arnold, M. A.. Principal. This School heretofore conducted by Rev. T. W. Simpson will be re-opened on Monday, the 7th. Circulars ma* lie j,orcured at the Drug Store of Mi\ R. S. T. Cissel. Georgetown. an 14-lm* CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Near Cclpepkr Coi rt House, Va. The second session of this school will commence on the lat day of September, 1X57. A graduate of the University of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and Modern Languages; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy. Chemiatry, and lower Knglish branches. The course of studies will be as follows: I'RKPAEATORY CLASS. Spelling, Reading, Writing. Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algebra, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third Cla?*. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Second Ct.a??. .Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek. French. Spanian. First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral I'hiloaophy, Chemistry. lieology, Husliah Literature, Kugliah Grammar, Rhetorin, I^>kic, Infantry and Artidery Tactics. Geography, History, Latiu, Greek, Frenoh, Spanish. Every Student on entennK will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then be assigned to that class to wnioh his proficiency entitles him ; and uo one will be allowed to pass toa higher class un less he zives evidence of a thorough knowledge of tho subjects contained m the preceainc. The discipline witl be necessarily rigid, but the oonifort hltd convenience of each memU'r of the school will l?e duly respected There will t>e daily military exercises, but care will !>e taken that they do uot interfere with the Academic duties. Tkrms: Board, Tution. Wsshing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months,.Slui1. Pay incuts semiannual!) uiadvanee. For reoominendatioiia and further particulars, aee oiroulars. CHARLES E. I.IGIITFOOT, V. M. L, Superiutcudeut and Inatructor in Mathematioe aud Natural Scienoea. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Inatructor iu Ancient and Modern Languages. References. We have the pnvil?|reof refemngto thefollowlng: Vacuity of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Richardson. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison. do Prof. Gilderaleere, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGufly, do Prof. Lucian Minor, Wiliiamand Mary College. Rev. John Reradua,Charlotteaville. Mr. John Hartt A. M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa county. Col. John Wonlfolk, Oraiueoountjr. Rev. Wm. S. White, D. D., Lexington, Rev. Win. N. Pendleton, do Junes Bailstur, F.sq., Cu'peper. Col. Wm. R. Taliaferro, Glouceater. W. D. Wailach, Esq., Washington City, Gen. Geo. Cooke, do A.Bel|. Eso.. do Maj. Henry Hill. IT. S. A., New York. R. S. Voss, Esq.. Rappk. 0>>uuty. Capt. James Stark, do The Citixena of Culpeper. |t IS-antf ^ALL STYLE FOR 1857. Now ready at STINEMETZ'S. C3B Pennsylrams avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth, the moat popular Fall stiles of Dreas. or Mole*kui HATS, to wh>ch he invites particular attention. Having established the caah ays teni. and tmding it to work wed. he will contiuue t<? make a cisnount off I2>? per cent, uf -n the actual market price, making i ue hat *4?id for (and 1 ? ^ not urifrequently for ?5) for the low prioe of 5^-5?: a slight variation in uua'ity for $&, andfort2^)? superior quality for the moncv. A gi?od aaaortmeniof FELT HATS. C^PS.Ac. al way sonhand. B. II. STINFMETZ, aug 21-tf 238 Penn. ave. near 13th street. C?UBA HONEY. / The aubscrilter haa inat reeeire.1. and for sale, tun tiercea of chilled CUBA HONEY,at his Gro oerv and Provision Store, No. 554 lab street aud Louisiana eveuue. )? l*-tf JONAS P. LEVY. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkia excellent Fnroiiy and N?w? Journal- oor tAining * greater variety of lntereetinc reading tana ~ be found in 107 oU?-u published oft fit tarda? mat. Bing.e oofT.HriBiDm fi M p... M ?> ?.r*. h ve aoeiea | w ^er. Coy 1? t (ft || a i wPDtT ooyiii i -1 - , . _ _ |? i|Q E7*CAiH, INVARIABLY I* ADVAWCm. "?b>ori'??nc ?n c!ubs raised smong Miihliori iri?itU ^nUirT",t,0B0f * r*41 "*"? ** ^Lv^i iT owS* of th# " uilt Stae ?LI ** **ved. It invariably oom\ins the "Wuk ington News " that has mad* 'he Dailt Stan ?ircii ***? *0 generally throughout the country. lIT'Single <* pies (10 wrappers> oar be imMml at F*<^Th**?Ctwri? ' "U*UBB???tAel?ape'. P<??r*who act aa areata ?rffl ba allowed a tomiiutiiaa of twenty p*r oent. ICE. LJ. MIDDLETON. ? ^ ? o ICE DEALER. Office and Depr.t?Southwest oomer of F and l?*h Streets. Washington. apll-tf ICE! ICR!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respect fu - If inform hia friends and the pebliegenerally. <h*>t he is uow prepared to furnish families and ot).-i?> through the season 1 with tbe beat quality of it K, delivered in any part of Washington and Ge??r*e town, and guarantees to give entire satisfaction. Ordera to he le?rt with KiDWELL A Laieex'B oomer 141 h street and I'ennsy Ivama averse; Gtn, r. Kipwsm. A To.. Uth atreet: J. K. M<x>u. Dn > gist. Peuna. avenue, between IWh and JUL street. ? Georges.ktz. New York* venue, between it ai>J Uth streets; Roar. A. Fatni. Druggist. comer 4th and Mm?. avenue: and with the subscriber. So. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ice eas be had at all timea. apT-tf T. N. KIDWELI.. Dentistry, Ac. r|KMTIt?TRV. EE DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 1? Pennsylvania Avencb. Tkrtt doorm from. l4t% &(re?(. De. BAILY heft leave to inform the puMie thai te can lie seen at ail his ortio?. located as above. He feels assured that an experienceof fifteen years* practice, with the large numtierof patient a, and treat variety of difficult cases that he haa treated sucee*. fully, will enatile hun to aurmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwiae, relating to the Teeth. II :a owu experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Bar- a and J. and E. Farmly, has led him, long since, todis card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.a mi ail Euamels, Gutta Percha. India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porceiian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the-only reliable sul-stance that can tie worn in the mouth, a* was most conclusively shown by the laat American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from hi* long resi dence and practice in Washington, be la favorably known to hit numerous friends and patrona, he bega leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS s From the late Rector of the Churoh of Epiphany of _ thia city Dr. S-rxrEix Bailt: Deer Sir? I desire to ex preaa my esteem lor you peraouallr, and my oonfcdenoe m yon as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me nave been highly aatiafactory. J hope that yon lh? ,'rom my frieoda and the public that your skill ao well deserves. Washington, Aug. 36,1856?"?/^V^FI&NCH. From one of the oldeat firms in Baltimore, Measra. Boggs. Co*man A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of \> aahmgton city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, whieh he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fbet that one of the most distinguished memheraof the Dental Co.'lece of Baltimore, failed, after repeated tnaia. to perform the same work aatiafactoriiy, it givea me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and nirh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1?57. HARMANN BOGOS. Extract from a note reeei ved from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. y. S. Sexate, An*. If. 1896. y> ? *? ? ABpi 1V? ?KF>. The teeth you mrule for me work admirably ; noth kg oouid be better. Vary gratefuHy, JOHN M.CLAYTON. ing To thoae that aeek relief from the maladiea of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baiiy aa a superior Dentist: he made a aet of porcelian teeth for one of my fiunilv.aud plugged aeveral teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten)ears. ROBKRT T. NIXON, of the Va. Oonf. of the M. E. Church South. April 1?. 1456. \Ve. the underaigned. having had oooaaton to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or paving been eognis ant of hia operations on our familiea or frieuda, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artiatic skill, an well a? of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he performs the nioet deoeate and driftcult operations in Dental Surgerr.and wr r*?spectnii!t re commend him to the confidence and patronage of the public, of winch wc consider him enunentl* worthy. Thomas I'. Wai ran. Architect !'. S. Capitol. Thowas Millkk, M. D..of Washington, D.C. II. S. Bohrkr, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. Lincoln. M. D., of Washington. D. C. Jos. H. BR ADt.ET.of Washington. D. C. 4>KOEbE \V aLtok. Kx Governor of Florida. Waltfh Lenox. Ex-Mayorof Waai.ington. Henrv Balhwix, I*. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wisht, Principal Rittenhonae Aoademv. feb 2" tf DR. VII.LARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHl cago, would resfiectluliy inform thecit izens of tne ]>i?tr ;?-t and \ icini'*. 1 hat hav J ing located himself in >shincton. he is now prepared to perform all operations in hie profes sion, in the most approved style. office, No. 230, Fenn. avenue, adjoining Gentler'* jan 2*? ly rp H K IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM 18, M. D-, the inventor and patentee of "Locmi* Mtmtrml Piau Tttthr havuif. successfully introduced hia improvement n.f various cities has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. Tins improvement for S^s of Teeth oonsistaohief Ij in making a set of but one piece of material, and timt indestructible mineral. No metal le used in their oonstruction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or partielea of food, hence they are pure ami rltmn. They ere lighter, stronger, less clnmsy. (ar more dnraf 'e, and natural 111 their appearsuoe. 1 will rive e reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to euual mine in pnnty, beautv, durability, artistic exoeilenoe or any other reeaisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 276 I'enna. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets. ap 13-1 jr Watches, Jewelry, &c. ^ LOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!:: A cood BRASS CLOCK for ?!. I have just re ceived and opened all the new style Clocn^B from $1 up to .*The trade supplied ia*^^^ usual) at wholesale prices. Also. 1 lock Ma-| torials. sucii ns Cords. Ke?s, Kails. Hands.] \\ ires. Oils, Ac., at the Clock ami Watch' Storeof J.ROBINSON. 349,opposite Browns* hotel, mi 21 -?m >ign l^rgeGilt Watch. f^OLD AN D SILVER WATCHES. JEWEL V, RV. AND FANCY ARTICLES. I naveiost received another addition to my larc > ?took of Gold and Silver WATCH KS. t?f the y\ liest makers in Europe. Also, Gold Chains of every sty le and price. Jewelry in sets and nn QiJt gle pieces. Perfumery and Fancy Articles, Si *ci plated Daskets, Spoons. Castors. 4e.. at J. ROBINSON'S, 54?, opposite Browns' hotel. .. _ Si?rn l.arge Gi't Watch. N. B.?WATCH REPAIRING donn in the beet manner by a skilful U atchuuiker, and warranted, su 21-2m WD. EICHLER, ? .? SETEXTH STREET, between !> and F. strep's. we%t side, PR AC- K TICAL \\ ATCHMAh K.K . ? anMtantH on hand a fine aesortment o| WATCHES a . t ** ""'WKl V . ap 1* 1 Ki WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. ?? jnst reoeive?l a new supply of FINK W A TC H ES. GOLD CHAI NS. and a large ivsiort meutofRlcIl JEWELRY of every ds.or^In, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete in the citv. I have just finished i on the premises) a verv larga assortment of PFRK SILVER WAR E, among which may tie found a SO LID SI LVER TEA K FT I'LE superior to anything before exhibited m this city.?the weight of which is 12S ounocs, oapscitr 4 Quarts. Both citizens and strangers are invited to osT and examine. H. O. HOOf>, ie2S Pa ave . near <*h str??t. ]^EW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. H. O. HOOD has jnst returned from the North, and has brought on a hue lot of Fashionable JN Cameo. Coral, Mosaic, Brilliants, and P.aoi GOLD JEWELRY. Also, a go,^ assortm^i A\d? of fine GOLD and SILVER WATCHES 77T5 very superior time keepers for ladies and gentiamei.s use. He hss also on hand a great varietv of^TA N* f 1 ARD SILVER WARE ofhis own n?ike. ICrrmn ted the tiest qua.ity and will liosoid very low Please oall and examine goods and prices st No Sft Penr A v.. sutnofthe Large Spread Eagle. jy |n * O AILW AN ''I.ASSICS. new and beaut.ful edi Ir^i Ske?ifc^C!rr VO'U,n?? DOW r~dr 01" Tales of a Traveller. Sa.inacuiidi, or Uj Wiiun m hums And Opinions of Launoelot Iangstafl, Esq., and others. .. ?. 'a x f series, in course ol publication.'which !- V^er7iP.J exoeilenoe are unsurpassed.) will include all the populir work* of \\ ashuuiton Irving at lens than half the original pnblished pnoss. I- or sale at TAYLOR A M A CRY'S Bookstore, *" 14 nearMh street Magnolia hams ??i CllOH f: magnolia hams. We are just op<-uing. and we nuarantee them un equalled by any Hams 111 thi* cit?. They were cured in Maryland expressly for osr ID? No authorised arents. ' KING A BI'ROHELL. ir 2S Comer V ermont svenns and lath etreot. NOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT LIQUORS.?AR MY A SHlNN ar. theViv ones iu tne Distrist who have stock PORTER and ALE, and always have a supply on baad; so give them a trial. Leave your orders with the drivers, or at their I nion Bottling Depot, No. tn Green street Georgetown, D. C jy 22 RVK AND BARLEY MALT, fer sale at the CITY MALT HOFSF.oornorof Weit Fatl? avenue and Block atreet, Baltimore, Ma. ?U*lf