Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING, STAR_ WASHINGTON CITY: St'IHIT Of THE MO RIVING PRESS. The i*teUtc"*e*r, in publishing the Presi dent ? recent correspondence with the Connec ticut clergymen, take^ occasion to chide the Ukuim At styling the latter *' Reverend and impertinent intermeddles." and also to chide them for a.'inuiing with so much poaitivenecs the correctness of their theory concerning Kan ea? affair*, and for their indisposition to make any Allowance whatever for the President's honest difference of opinion t'n?m them. The Union, to-day, discusses "State rights and State dignities." The Island City Bank of New York sus pended opeiaiiou yesterday afternoon Its lia bilities a re small. arid the notes are fully secured Money is still tight, but paper is more readily discounted The stock of the Mechauics' Bank ing Association is estimated as not worth over 50 cents tn the dollar [J3T" From Taylor 4 Maury we have the Ed inburgh Review, (July,) containing articles as follows : 1. The Confraternity of La galette ; 2. De la Rive on Electrical Bcience; 3. Marshal Marmont's Memories ; 4. Social Progress of Ire land; 5. Toe Linen** of Modern Novelists; 6. Merivale's Romans underthe Empire; 7. Gtsthe's Character and Maral Influence; 8. Scbwlcher's Life of Handel; 9. Representative Reform. Article 5. is the one taken in such dudgeon by Dickens, and to which he made a bitter reply under hi* own name in " Household Words." r~ The second fair of the St. l.ouis Agricul tural nnd Mechanical Association, which com mences on the:2-th of September, promises to be the most rrplendent display witnessed within the past year. The grounds have been beautifully ornamented, and larue additions have lieen made for the accomodation of the articles to be exhibi ted. Nothing has been overlooked that would in crease the convenience and comfort of visitors The premium list embraces prizes amounting to 910.UI0. It is confidently expected that this fair will prove St. Louis to be the agricultural and mechanical exchange of the Mississippi valley. SekioCs Amu at UmPoiXT.-Oi Monday laid the steamer CoflVe, chartered by the Mechan ical Guards, of Norfolk, Ya , left that port on an excursion, and, from the low price of tickets, took a number oi rowdies along. Upon arriving at Old Point, a sentry on shore declined taking the rope of the steamer, for which he was badly beaten when the rowdies got on shore. The steamer then WTX. A short time after, the Glen Cove, chartered by the Juuiors. of Norfolk, ar rived at Old Feint, on an excursion to the Capus, and several of the passengers stopped at the Point in uniform A few moments afW, an officer with fifteen dragoons from the fort,came on them, and commenced sla<h'ng and cuttnig them. Several citizens of Norfolk were injur? a severclv, and its paptts demand an investigation. PERSONAL. Comino Stringham, I* S. N., i* at Wi! lardV hotel. Hon K C. Cabell, of F!a . and Hon. John M. Bolts. of Va . ate at Browns' hotel. Gen Henningsen, of Nicaragua notoriety, is in New York. The Hon Barclay Mai tin, of Tennessee, is now in Washington .... it is said that ex-President Fillmore is about to marry a lady of Montreal. Th?* Second Presbyter iiyi church of Wheel ing Va., ha-, extended a call to the Rev. R. V. Lodge, of Springfield, Illinois. .... Vittoria's first telegraphic despatch to Mr. Buchanan ???^resident?On earth, peace?over Hoard, another piece. Toutatoi, V. R."? Bps'o* Po<t Mr Joha Thompson, it is said, has settled w-th the Metropolitan Hank, by advice of coun sel We presume, t herefore, that the suit against him will be withdrawn?JVew York Express. .... Rev Chane? A. Davis, lately appointed a Chaplain in the Navy, is on the eve of departing upoi a crnise in the Pacific, on the L ulled States ship Merniuai. ....Mr Bimsley says that, among all the fail ure*, there i? aone, '? as far a? heard from." that distresses him so much as the grape failure in Madeira. ... Hon Lawrence M Keitt. of South Caroli na passed through Petersburg, Saturday, on his way borne from the White Sulphur Springs, where he had been spending the summer. ....Col. Marshall P Wilder, PresidTit. and Ben Ferlt-v Poo-,-. Secretary of the N ational Agri cultural Soeiely. were severally serenaded at the Gait Houm.'. in 'Louisville, on Wednesday even ing, la t week. William McDonald, Esq., of Baltimore, who >o astounded Coulinentai Europe by his os tentatious displav in the way of a *4 tnrn-out.:' with ?'rntrideis, 7 arrived in New York by the Vanderbilt .... An elderly Pennsylvania woman with ber daughte-. looking at the marble statue of tJirard, iu the College building, the other da/, startled the bystander* by exclaiming ; " La, Sally, how white he wa? The Newport News, iu its notice of the personages a' the closing bail of the season at the Fillmore House, mentions: ? Mrs Albuquerque and daughter, of Washing ton, the latter quietlv attired in a white dre?s, one of the belles of the evening ' Mrs General Gaines visited Germantown, Pa , on Ftidav la^t, to obtain touie tacts relative to the lime of the death of her grandmother, who Ion? liv*-d '.n Germantown. and whose lemains now lie in the l?;wer cemetery of that place The Oaive^ton Civilian learns that in ca-e Gen being a candidate for the 1 S M-i.ate. i f which tLe'e is a prob.'.bih'y It is likely that Col Matt Ward will be proposed as the successor of Senator Rusk. Just as the steamer Arabia was about to sail, on Wednesday, Mr. F. T. Baruum. who had taken par-age for Liverjjool, was a'reshd on a " Jerome click note. ' held, as he *ay?. bv a b.o ker. who sl.aved it at about half its lace.' Chevalier Wikotl sailed for Europe on Tuesday Toe New Yoik Herald say.s the Chev alier "goes to Paris to re-publish iu" French his last remarkable work, in which he so ably ana lyse* the condition of France in 1-51, and the events which led to the coup d'etat." The talented eccentric Dr. Cox. of Biook lyn, N Y , was robbed on Sunday last by some fellows who jostled against him while standing on the platform of one of the Second avenue ca s The Do- It r g ro.M*.d one of the f<.-llovtt, and inarcb'd himod toward* the station, but thethief managed to br?-ak awav. Mr M< Coram k,the inventor of the reaper has to yive a? p~r vear towards the support of a Pre>biterian church at Chicago, if they will >ecure Rev Dr Rice, of St. Louis, as pas'or. The ohjet t of the movement Is said to be to counteiact 'he anti-slavery tendencies of the church Farther from < alifornin by the Illinois. The United S' ate* fiigafe Independence sailed f'oni Panama for San Francisco on the 5th nil. The Dei.atur bad arrived f'om Punta Arena* with ? be remainder of the filibuster*, ail of them in a destitute condition Several of them were sent to ban Franc iw o. aid the balance of them remain ed. awaiting order* from Washington. The John Adam* was at Panama. Lieutenant Jeffers had returned from surveying the Bav of Fufisceo. The account* from Nicaragua arc meagre. Gep. Cana* ftiil occupied the coun'iy with a Costa Rican foice, and the presidential election bad not taken place The Costa Rican Congress meets on the 6th of September, when, it is sa d, Moia will be chosen ?'resident for l!fe Mr Carey Jones was still at fran Jo>e He had not made any advance towa-< s the government, and tb** object of his mission was a profound mystery. He asked for and obtained permission to visit the President as a private in dividual. bit did not go. He had been robbed by his servant, and w?? said to lie greatlyeinha - MsW in consequence Business was very dull The ccjfre crop promises well. The California American State ticket is as fol lows : For Governor, G. W Bowie; Lieut. Governor, J A Ra\u.or.d. Comptroller, G W. Whitman; Attorney ?,i i.^ral, J B. M' Farlaud, Surveyor tjerierjit, l. h llealy: state Printer. 11 H. Mon ?|"ii rr?-asiirer. J C Crandall; Jndge of Suprenie Court. H. Ralston The f ops are mostly harve?ted. and have been vatbered in go4Mi condition The yield is far i?e *er and more abundant than was anticipated a few weeks since. i Mr.-1Pr. 1 S Minister to Chili, had ien Sari f raucisco for,Valparaiso, with his faini The affairs of the State treasury have never been in so health) a condition The issuance of scrip ha* be-n abolish'-d, and business is now transacted cu a cash ba*i*. 1 be advance overland )imni<rrat|on ha* already reached the borders of the State Trouble* with tbelndiaiiR and a scautint-ss of grass had sonic what detained them. U3T The wife of ex-President Pierce Is said to continue i? ,-,.ry til healTh. Mr P. was never in better hr-alth. Cushman comes out In the Europa. Mr. Charles Mathews came out in the A*?a; and JMr J.E ( wens, corntdtan, came in the Vander. bill. ' - . if WASHINGTON N EWS AND GOSSIP., Resignation or a Jc i>ce or the U. S. Sr pRtME Covrt?We learn that the resignation of the Hon Benj. R. Oairtis, of his position as one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of 'ho United States, reached Washington this morn ing. ? " "T News rRou thk Isthvctr. The Navy De pirtmrnt ha* dispatches from Commander H'?IF, the senior officcr in coi^tand of the I ictfie Squadron, now at Panama. 16lh ultimo Commodore Mervine sailed on the 3d of Au gust with the Independence for San Francisco, The Decatur (sloop-of-war) Commander That cher, reachcd Panama on the 5th of August from San Juan del Sur, having on board twenty five filibusters brought from Nicaragua, in .v destitute and desperate condition, mostly from their wounds. Twelve of them had been trans ferred to the John Adams, and five had been forwarded (gratuitously) to New Orleans, per the steamship John L. Stephens. The names of the twe.oty-five are as follows : Surgeons R. T. Royston and G. B Bouton ; Major Dolan ; Capts West and Rayburn ; Pri vates Cole. Burns, Boyle, Donabo, Dewett, Graham, Green, Clark, McCail, Cason, Madi son. Fizzcll, Goss. Amoroke, Langerford. Kipp, Sigimound. Ingraham and Forbes. The most important information in these dis patches is Commander Thatcher's report of hi* interview with Gen. Mora ooncerning the al leged forcible detention of Americans on the Isthmus, by Costa Rica. This refers to the case of the onginrers, fire men. Ac., of the river and lake steamers, alleged to have been forced by the Costa Rican author ities to work the abovo steamers without pay. and otherwise ill used. Mora denied the storf froinjbcginniug to end; insisting that all so em ployed had agreed voluntarily to do the work and been paid according to agreement; thai only one asked his discharge without getting it promptly?the engineer of the Virgin steamei ? who was not permitted to loave tho country by way of Sau Juan, as he desired, only beaause his treachery was feared. He was offered pitss ports, and of course a disoharge, if he would take a different route. Tiie Camels.?Tho War Department has re ceived an interesting report from Mr. E. F Beale, the Superintendent of the expedition to construct the wagon road from Fort Defiance, dated El Paso, July 21th. Mr. B. writes in glowing terms of the success of the camel ex periment. The War Department furnished him with some of those animals (only three of which were males) to he used as beasts of burden?he loaded them with 700 pounds rach, of provender for the mules. They bore the journey across the plains?eating little but bushes, preferring to browse un (htm to grazing on the best grass far better than, the mules of the expedition. They suffered much less than the mules from the usual casualties of such a journey?sore backs, lame feet. Ao. He conceives it far easier to manage a train of twenty camels than one of five mules, ex plaining that the excellence of the temper of the former, their entire tractability, greater capacity for bearing burdens and going without water, and their preference for food on which any other animal* would starve, make them valuable for transportation on the prairies. Every unshod beast of the expedition but the camels, reached El Paso lame, while not one of them was lamed in the least. On the whole, this report is of much import ance. insomuch as it embraces the result of the first long and really practical business trial of the adaptability of the camel as a beast of bur den on the plains of the (ireat West. Parso* Bkowxlow ix a New Character.? Parson Brownlow. so famous for never before having uttered a word of aught but abuse in his newspaper, of any Democrat, has at length relented, and actually approves an act of the Postmaster General, half promising to go the whole figure in the support of his administra tion of jiostal affairs! We presume that Brown low has showered as much of his so-character istic dirty abuse upon the Postmaster General uidivi'lually, as on any other man living, except ancient competitor. Andrew Johnson. To lind him thu? changing his tune concerning a Democrat holding so distinguished a position as Aaron V. Brown, argues either that he has entirely changed his nature, or that the Post master General is remarkably fortunate in the administration of the patronage of his Depart ment He (Brownlow) says: The citizen* of our town, and many citizen* of the county, are aware of achange in our post otii'.e Mr. Earnest, the Democratic occupant. Las been removed.and Capt. Harris, also a Democrat, Las I Wen apt otnttd. Heretofore we have made no men tion of tt.e In alluding to it now. we can not aft >rd to play the dt-mugo^ue, by appealing to the friends of Mr. Earnest, and seeking to array them against the administration. This i? too small a for us to play at. While we have nothing to say against .Mr. Ear nest, a sense of justice requires us to state, that no man in the Democratic ranks, in Knox county, would be as acceptable to all parties as Capt Oeorge W Harris. While he i.s a decided Dem ount, and a consistent one, he is regarded as an honest luan. lie is attentive to business, and he is accommodating And he is not the inan to re tain in the office any deputy who is not ac ceptable to the people. It, t lit re tore, Aaron V. Brown makes no greater blunder than he made iu this chi)iiu?, his administration will leceive our un qualified approval. We shall regret to see the po.-t i-flb e removed from where It is. because it is in the be,t locality for all parties th.U van ?>? lotuid in the city. The Coi.orai>o Expedition.?Tho following persons have received appointments upon the scientific party attached to the expedition, un der the command of Lieut Ives, tor the explo ration of the Colorado river: Dr. J S. Newberry, of Ohio, physician and geologist ; II IJ. Molhausen, of Prussia, natu ralist, (the latter was a pupil of llaron Hum boldt;) F. W. Egb-ff.-teiii, of ihc District of Co lumbia, artist and tojiographer ; Paul II. Tay lor. of Richmond, and Charles Booker, Hamp ton. Ya , assistant surveyors. Lieut. Ives, with a portion of the command, will depart for San Francisco in the steamer of the 3th instant, and proceed at onco to thtiGulf of California to commence operations. The Nebraska Wagon-road Expedition.? The Interior Department has received an inter esting report from Mr. Sites, the superinten dent of the expedition to construct the proposed wagon road from the Platte river to L'Eau qui C^urt, the second division of the work, the find having been reported on some time since. It conceives that an eligible route cannot be ob t uned from Agoway Creek to L'Eau qui Courfj the country along that proposed line being very broken and much washed, and intersected with deep ravines and abrupt ridges. The Dacotah City route, however, proved available. The superintendent, after giving a minute account of its features of importance and interest, says : ? ?' The route from the Middle Row to the head of Agoway Valley, about twelve miles, was not entirely satisfactory to me; and I am confident, when we come to m:ike a more critical examina tion. we shall find a more direct and feasible route I for the location of the road. With this exception, f oin the character of the country, the compa-a tively few bridge* to construct, the feasibility of a good road without grading, and being almost direct. I cannot hesitate respectfully to recom mend the location of the road upon or near the route passed over from Nebraska to Dacotah city. The gnat advantage of this route, iu addition to th<i above considerations, is In the fact that at b ast ei-iht-tenths of the route passed o er a di? t let of couutry in the immediate vicinity of which the lands arew.-ll adapted to farming pur poses The valleys iijsin the whole route are not only Iwuutifnl, but, receiving as they do the washings from the surrounding high lands, they a.e composed at a rich loamy soil, and will yield the most abundant harvest to the husbandman While the timber is scarce, 1 think, bv econo mizing. sufficient can be found upon the Missouri j bottom, and in the gulches leading up into the Missouri and the small trlbntarlea.Tor all actual purposes." ? _ The Right or Expatriation?The Attor ney <?eaeral, in a recent official opinion, thus lay? down the law as to the right of a citizen of th? United States to expatriate himself, re nouncing hi# allegiance to our Government. The Attorney General says : " Th?;re i* no statute or other law of the lifted St.ilea which prevents either a native or natorai ized oftlzen from severing his political connec tion w.lh lhl? Government, if he sees proper to do no, in tlme?f neace, and for a purpose not di rectly injurious fa the interests of thec??itry. There is no mode ?f renunciation prescribed, in my opinion, if he emigrates, carries his t.imlly and elteets with him, manifests a plain intention not to return, takes up his permanent residence abroad, and assumes the obligation of a subject to a foreign government, this would imply a dis solution of his previous relations with the'United States; and 1 do not think we could or would after wards claim from him any of the duties of a citizen. At all events, the fact of renunciation is to l>e established, like other facts for which there is no prescribed form of proof, by any evidence which will convince the judgment." John Thompson.?The New York corres pondent of the Charleston Courier explains in detail the circumstances of the pending prose cution against this noted Wall street broker for fraud, as follows : " As I predicted, John Thompson does not seem to get over his difficulties as easily as did his friend Jacob Little. Jacob is back at the Board of Brokers speculating as freely as ever, while John is under arrest at the suit of the Metropoli tan Bank. "Hie Metropolitan Bank is the re deemer of the bills of nearly all the Banks in this and of one or two other states. A few Banks prefer to have Thompson act iu that capacity for them; so he takes up all the bills of nis out of town Banks, which the Metropolitan and Ameri can Exchange Banks happen to receive. The davhefailed, Thompson received 9 l'J.500of these bills from the Metropolitan and jjav? his check for the amount due on the American Exchange. This check the American Exchange refused to certify. TUe Metropolitan then demanded of Thompson to make good the check, or else return the bills. lie could do neither; so the Bank says it looked very much like an attempt at fraud, Thompson knowing he had no money in the Bank against which he drew his check. "What gives a dark coloring to ThompKon's case, is that for other checks he gave out, he re turned the values on which he exchanged for them. The difficulty at best is a personal one. The Metropolitan Bank cut into the business of all the brokers of uncurrent money, and Thomp son being the largest, it afl'ccted 'him most. Of course his feeling* toward** that institution are none of the most kindly. The public ? annot but I sympathize with the Bank. As long a? the Banks ia the country, which will have their bills circu lated in the city, are sound and safe, the Metro politan takes care ef them, while Thompson or anv of tliw other brokers can fail when they please, to att'ect any particular purpose which thev mav d-sire."' ??- T' ' The Kanawha Bank op Virginia.?Thojc who belicvo tho story that the reason fjrdii crediting this baDk in New York was that it merely failed to tuuka arrangements for the re demption of its circulation in that city, are im posed upon most cgregiously. The ttuth is, its affairs are believed to be sadly mixed up with thoso of the hurstcdOhio Life and Trust (specu lating) Company, which, ere failing tho other day, scattered enormous <|uantities of that bank's issues, more esjiecially in Cincinnati, right and left. With men who have money to lose, this fact id reason enough, in all con* science, for Tefu&ing to take its notes just now. Tiie Maine Eleition.?Tho following is a list of the Democratic nominees for the Senate, in the npproaching Maine election : Cumt>erlaiid?Joseph Howard, Sylvanus C. Blanc hard. Calvin Record, Frederic Nutting. York?John Kezar,Mark F. Goodwin, Thomas K Lane. 1 Oxford?O'NeilW. Robinson,jr., J.Greene Kennebec?Solomon W. Bates, Edward Grav Asa Guild. Penobscot?Amfi-s M. Roberts, Stephen D. Jen nings, Orpealver Pearson. Somerset?Cleophas Boyd, W. R. Lancy. Lincoln?Henry Spalding, Cyrus Colter, Albert C. Neal, George Barron. Waldo?Elias Milliken, Edward Cushln"', Da vid Boodv. Hancock?Daniel Robinson. George B. Somes. Arostook?Parker B. Burleiyh. Washington?Joseph Crandon, D. K. Hobart. Caliporma Phivate Land Claims ? Rmu tkoB.?By the la?t mail there have been re ceived at the General Land Office plats of sur > ey of six imjiortant ranchos, to wit : Estero Americano, containing S.849.13 acTes; Canada tie Jonive. 10,7Sf?.5ft; Rinoon do la Salines y Potrero Yiego, 4,41ft; Ilancho de la Jota. 4,453.84; Molinoe, 17,^'.12.42; Runcho del Pes cadcro, 35.410.06. Thc.-e surveys are sent to the General Lnnd Offico with the view to have final patents issued uj?on them. Exports to the United States.?A cjrrc - pondent of the State Department at Dundee writes that there ha? been a falling off in the amount of goods shipped from Dundee to tho United Stale? duiiug the quarter ending June an, attributable to excessive importation pre viously, the dullness of the American markets, and a bri-k home demand Appearances aro against a large exportation for the currcnt quarter. An Adverse Decision ?We learn that the Attorney General has decided that the titlo to the property at the corner of St. Paul'g lane and Fayette street, offered by Mr. Andrew McLaughlin a3 a aite for the proposed new cus tom-house, court-rooms and post office building to be built in Baltimore, Md., is not such as will justify iu purchase by the Government. The Sixth Aitditorship op the Treasprt. A \ irginia newspaper, published in the county wherein Dr. Tate lives. Bays that that gentle man has been appointed Sixth Auditor of the Treasury We have to say that Auditor Phil lips b?-< had no information of his supercedure other than from such rumors. Crops in England and Irelakh.?A cor respondent at Plymouth, under date of the 14th August, writes to the Slate Department that the harvest proceeds very favorably throughout England and Ireland, and the wheat crop i8 re garded as a large ono. Tiie Chevalier Wtkopp.?Bennett's " Ro ving Diplomatist''?tho gallant Chevalier Wy koff. late his correspondent here?has sailed for Europe, but not in any capacity connected with the Government of the United States, as stil] insisted on by more or less newspapers. The Naval Court op Inqpirt, No. 3, met this morning, but Captain Pearson, a member thereof, not having arrived in Washington, it adjourned over for tho day. The WEATHEn.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7o'clock a in.: Settkmbeh 4. 1847. New York, N. V tine Philadelphia, Pa cloudy. Baltimore, Md ..dear. Washington, 1J. C <l>mlv. pleasant. Richmond, Va... cloudy, warm I'eti-isbury, Va..... cloudy, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C. cloudy, warm Wilmington, N. C cloudy, warm. Columbia, S C tine, clear. Charleston. S. C......*?,.clear, Augusta. Os clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga.... clear, cool. Macon. Ga clear, cool. Columbus, I***;: .clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. Lowt-r Peach Tree, Ala.. .clear. Mobile, Ala ...clear, cool. Gainesville, Miss clear, cool. New Orleans! La cloudy, cool. Faoii tbi Wist. The following reports nave been furnished by the National Telegraph lin??: Frederick, Md..... c'oudy, cool. Cumberland, Md .........cloudy, cool. Ha^erstown. Md cloudy, pleasant. Harper's Ferry.. cloudy, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, cool. Win? he?ter cloudy, coot. Martlnsbura cloudy, cool. m clear, pleasant. | l anartinsMirg cloudy, cool. Urafion, Va clear, pleasar... At \N ashimrtOM, yesterday, tfp. m., the barom eter was 30 130, thermometer 09J. Tba morning, at 7 o'clock, ?h? barometer was30 404, thermome ter 70?. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Ctirr'spondtnce of The Star. G*o*GKTowrt. Sept 4, 1357. News has reached this city, this morning, of another quite formidable break upon our canal, at a point three miles above Williamsport. known as Sharpies*',* lauding. It is said^n the lit er from vrljie.h we obtained (he In format ioa, that th" l'r?h wa* causii by a l?fc in a^Vnlf?rt, *i <1 is mo feel loos. -Jj deep, and will take fr<nn thlee to five week* to repair it. . Mr. Rl'bard Kill*, of our city, purchased yes teulay, at public sale, the fl?btofc? landing, on the Maryland *Ma of the Potomac, known m (Judy Bar. wlfh fit acres of land attac hed, for SIJ0O At the sugar sale, by K. S. Wright, npon the wharf of G. A A. H. Dodge. at noon to-dav, 13? hhds. Porto Rico. part of the cargo of the barque William Chat*, wax disposed of at prices raaglitv from 30 to *11; only one lot of Ave bhds. sold at the Itrst-named price, and the remainder run ning pretty regularly along from S'J,W5to Sll. Though the number or dealers in attendance was large, none of them appeared anxious to pur chase very extensively. Arrivea. since our last, pac.kft schnr Kmbark, Donoho. Philadelphia, to Hyde Ac. Davidson, with merchandise for tne two cities; steamer Diamond State, Baltimore, to same; schooner Rome, Balti more, lumber to Jos. Libbey A Son, and several bav craft, with wood, staves. .V < S. Foreign News by the Vanderbill and the Asia. There were buyers In London on the '21st ult., of the ?1,000 shares of the Atlantic. Telegraph Company at X'JOO discount. It appears that the company are now considering whether they shall renew the attempt in October, which Is often a Juiet month on the Atlantic, or wait till next uly. and meanwhile accept one of the offers which are understood to have been made for th" purchase of a cable with a view to its being ap plied to a communication with India. Charles T. Bright, the engineer of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, has made no official report of the late unsuccessful attempt to lay down t>)e cable across the Atlantic ocean. He says that the origin of the accident was no doubt the amount of retarding strain put upon the cable, but had the machine been pron?;rlv manipulated at the time H rould not possibly have taken plarc. t A large portion of the lost cable, he thinks, miry be recovered at a small cost. Expressing every confidence In the ultimate success of the under taking he sees clearly how every difficulty which has presented itself in this voyage can l>e effectu ally dealt with in the next. The cable lias l?een laid at the expected rate in the great depths; its electrical working through the entire length has been mo?t satisfactorily accomplished, whilv the portion laid actually improved in efficiency by being submerged, frojn the low temperature of the water, and the clo& compression of tH&tex ture of the gutta percha. Circasma.?Tnc Russians were stated to have been defeated on the banks of the Kuba. They lost 5 guas and (VI park horses. It is said that ScnamvL with 25.000 Circassian, had also defeated the Russian army which at tempted to dislodge him from the banks of a river commanding some passes. After a battle, which

lastvd ten hours, the Russians were driven acfoss the river. Several fortified places, built by the Russians at gfat cost, for the maintenance of their communications, fell into the hands of Scha myl. Lati? from Tkxas.?The San Antonio Texan learns that the Indians are again making their appearance at several |>oints on (he frontier. Iu consequence of the Insecurity of the Goliad route to Indianola, Maj. Gen. Twiggs. com ma tid ing the department of Texas, has ordered an offi cer to inspect the route by Columbus and Hous ton to Galveston, intending. If found suitable, to establish it as a route for the transportation of army supplies from the sea coast. The Last accounts from Fort I^anr-aster slate that two engagements with the Indians and United States troops had lately taken place, and but little or no impression seems K> have l>een made on the Indians. The State Gazette urges the raising of a Tfexas mounted regiment. The Goliad Express publishes resolutions of the Committee of Vigilance and Protection of Liveoak county. They instruct the sheriff to re sign. and threaten condign punishment to any one who may interfere with tnem. Their object is the suppression of crime and the protection of peaceable citizens. JTjr" An independent man is descrilted by Pitt as ??one who cannot be depenfted upon." HZr* A negro residing in Rochester, on Friday last enticed from her home a young girl It year's of age. on pretence that some family desired U> engage her service, and taking her across tUe Held*, violated her person. Adriatic's Dki'artibk PosTTosin - ? Owing to the delay and uncertainty in docking the Adriatic, for the purpose of cleaning her cop per, which has become very foul from the long she has been in por(, the Atlantic will take hei place, and sail from New York on the I'Jth inst. A Lucky I'kintkr ?One of the compositor* in the Transcript office lately won a watch, in a raffie, of the most unique description It could be taken entirely apart, and so nicely were the different sections ot its internal machinery ad ju ted, that they would come together again with out material injury. The fortunate possessor of t ie watch took it to a jeweller's, who apprabed it at .IT cents. One cotn|>ositor paid 50 cent# for the chance to rattle for it ?Bo-'to/i Transcript. Y~=?BY THK REQUEST OF A LI. Those who I s were present last night, th<? Concert at Ch* , Werner's will be repeated TO-NIGHT from 7o*clk till ti o'c.oek. The puhhc i.i cenrral. and ttie rcii tleuieu of the press in particular , are invited. Admittance }><*e. It* ry?TOi;RSAMKNT AND FANCY BAl.L. 1The second Tournament end Fancy Hall of the season, will take place at the Fauqier White Sniphur Sprues, on \\ EDNESDAYana THURS DA V, the 9th ami 10th inst. INGRAM &. RAKER. se 4 dtjft proprietors. YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOC1E I L_* TV.?The regular monthly meeting of this Society will he held in the parish aclioo - room of St Patrick's Clmrch,on SUNDAY AFTERNOON at t>o'clock, ai.d is an important one mall respe ti. Besides the annual elect.on of officers,tiie report of the President detailing the past transactions of the Sooietv will he kulniiitted ami oilier interesting mat ters presented. All who have nt any timo been connected with the Society are earnestly requested to attend and renew theu membership. V. E. KING, Secretary. se 4-2t ? [Y~y=? x ATlONALGJRBY*. ATTE N TI ON-An II? adjourned me**tinK of the Company will be HcTil in (he Council Chamber, on FRIDAY EVEN IN ti, S-p. 4, at 7i? o'clock. Punctual attendance is called for. *3 business of importance will l>e trans acted. It is hoped no member will be absent. By oider: ?e9^t* R. GRIMES, Sec. ry?3* 1 HEREBY CP.RTIFY, that my wife. Mar* Ann Spracue, without jus( cause, has leftinv brif and l>uard. I hereby caution all persons against barlioring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contractu g, after this dasei lw* WILLIAM J. SPRAGUE. -y^5=?OFFICE WASHINGTON INS1 RANCE 11. ^ COM PA N Y.?TheStockhoHersofthts com pany are hereby notified that an election for nine lb rectors, (oserve for one year, will be held at tins office on MONDAY, September 7th, lft.57, between toe hours of 10 a. m. ami 3 p. m. The Transfer Book will be closed during the week next preced-nK the election. an 24 r,uw GRAFTON D. HANSON. Sec. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. Citt Hall,/ July 15,1857. < ryr=s? NOTICE TO TAX PA VERS.? HE n UC i I TIO y FO U P HO MPT PAY M E NT?N o tice is hereby piven that the Taxes for the year 1867 are now due, and parable at th:s office, and that a deduction of 10 per cent, is allowed by law for the current year paid on or before the 15th day of Sep tember next. JAS. F. HA LI DAY, y 25-eotf . Collector. [YyMCE CREAM AND WATER ICES.ofthe "L? best <iuality, delivered (o famines, parties, fairs, and excursionists, at ?'..V> per gallon, at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM DEPOT, corner I2th and F streets. au 10-1 m WASHINGTON CORPORATION SIX PER Tv Cent. Quarter Yearly Stock for sale bv iM lw RIGGS & CO. TO GUNNERS-?The undersigned will pay mar ket prices for all kinds of Game. 4iuuners will find it to their advantage to call daily at Liberty Hall Keiitaurant, No. under Willarda'.durinx the season. JOHN D. HA.VIMACK. se 4 -gt * Proprietor. NOTICE.?I'lasierers ooinpetcnt to do the plas tering of the newly erected Church, on the cjrner of4th and E streets. ?nthe shortest time, for cash, will please hand in their estimate up to the 9tn of this month.^it 6 o'-olock p. in., to?cilher of the Bwldin,Committee. (J. wilJ.NFR. se 4 St * A. HEITMl LLER. CHAS. KUMMER. G KORGETOWN TRINITY SCHOOL, Tt'i* School will l>e opened for the reception of pupils, on tl.e first Monday of Septeinlier uexi,<7ih.) s? * :w * i Jj I) D'C A T I O N. MISS HAZARD will rrsume the dulieaof her School on Monday, the 7th instant, at her residence. No 2)"uh street,between M and N streets, se 4-2t* A CARD.?Attention is respectfully called to the ?ale, by Trustees, on TUfciPDAY. Septeu bcr nth. at tt o'otook p. rr., on the premises, of a hand some and well built two-story Brick Dw-lluig House, situated on north I street, between 4th and ind -^th streets west, near the corner of 5th street. This property is deligSfuily situated for a private residence, ami will be sold to the highest bidder. s?4d J AS. C. Mc"*UlRE. AuoL ^JYSTF.RS! OYSTERS" OYSTERS!!! * MMACK has just received,and will keep eon -h . m M*c?t vsflA? 'r\ l"nt,l,h?nmarket will prodnoe. Thej?^ ..d.r W.Itart.' hamhack. ? A- 0*'?* K it A*DjWin not in the Painting Line. Having secured the aervioe? of an ex?e* rienoed Sun and Ornamental Painter. I am aret>*r*d ?"d" fiON?. b?nSe*?. tranTparen PAINTING. &aS88M =ra M.T.PARKER. ,4**" *? ?? - > ... m* v. ajB^JEWSHr^CTcHK,. AND ?IL *? AVe Ail the dtteation o^erchasers to our very Priceaeeortmcntof new ?nd elegant Jewelry?l<a 4je?' and Gentlemen's <><jM %Vatciies, aolid Silver Tea Set?. >Y afters, Pncri, Gobleta, Spoons, Porka. te. rrr Watch Raratitivr,.?Watches and Chro nometers carefully repaired by skillful workmen. M. W. GAI.T A BRO, Jewellers. se <-3t 324 Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and 'nth sta. I IKK IN CHINA,by Rev. \Yi.liam C. Milne. M. _i A., 1 vol., I.ondon ; $1.50. Land* of the Slave and the Free, by Captain, the Hor. Henry A. Murray, R. N.. 1 vol., London; ?SI .25. . ' . v 1 The Poetical Works of Robert Bloomfield, London, i&57 ; &2 cents. The of Coatnstof Col >uri.brM. E Chev reul. I.ondon, 1857; >' cents. Common Objects of the Sea Shore, by Rtr. J. O. Wood. M. A., London. 1M7-. #1. Unprotected Females in Norway, London. 1*37; Deeds Not Words, by M. Bell: 50 ots. Peregrine Hunoe, by Theodore Hookj SB ets. Violet, or the Dansense ; 3R ct?. _se4 FRANCH TAYLOR. jy|ATHEMAT!CAI. INSTRUMENTS. TAYLOR A MAURY'S atook of Surveying and other Instruments includes a large assortment of the very leet maniifucnre in German Silver, eold sep'rately or in c*sea, from ft5 to #150 each. Also, fane Brats Instruments, in caaea, from 91 to $*.*>. Taylor A Maury's ffH.Sn set. in rosewood box, with lock end key, ts part culariy adapted for at? - dents in surveying. Ivorr and Boxwood Scales, French Curves, Pro tractors ; Triangles. in w?od. brass, arid glass: Tape Measures, Pooket Rules. MagK.fying Glaaa?s, 'Proportional Compasses, Claude Lorraine Glaases. Pocket Compasses, kn. _ For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S se 4-St Bookstore. neaHKh^trwf#^_ PRIVATE INSR I'CTION. Hituk LKssorr*. J. F'l.l , Prof.a-ool Mathematics and Penman ship will re utno mi-tiuction to his Clauses on Mon day. September 7th. at his residence, 4R3 '0th street, tn the hirh<*r I ranches pf Mathematics. Draughting. Drawing, Construct K>n, the ??? of all Scales And Mathematical Instruments. Plain and Ornamental Writing, and in Book-keeping by double entry. Gentlemen wishing to prepare themselves for scientific purposes can he oxp^ditlously qualified. Upwards of four hundred have been prepared for West Point, the Army, Navy, and for Engineers. A private parlor for ladies. Terms payable in advaroe. It* ^Intei)_ ORPHAN'S COURT, Saptamlw 1?1?7. District of Cot* .wna. Wa*kinKi*n County, to teit.?In th* case of Richard A. mmisfrator of Deems W. t- dmonston. Jr., deceased, the administrator aforesaid, has. with theapproba tion of the Orphan's Court of Washington County, aforesaid, appointed Saturday, the 36th instant, for the fina! ?cttl?*ment and distribution of the personal estate of said deeeaaed. of the aasete in hand an far as the same have been ruileoted and turned mto money,when ami where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased, are notified to attend, (at the Orphan's Court of Washington County, i with their claims properly vouched, or they. may otherwise by law be excluded from a 1 le*n*fat of said deceas?d's estate: provided a copy of this order be published onee a week for three wonks in the "Evening Star," pre vious to the said JBth instant. Test: ED. NT ROACH, Reg. Will*. Trne copy.?Test : se 4-P3w EP. N. ROACH. Rer. Wills. PEA NI TS. 50 bushels PEA NUTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, ae 3 tf 5>t 12th atreet. corner of B. SCIlOOI. BOOKS.?The cheapest place to buy all the School Hooks used i" the District is at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. *e3-St nearJHh ?t._ ^CHOOL^TATIONER Y.-Slates.Copy Books, Kxer<-ise and Composit ion Books and ail there* quisites for school tuition, for sale, on the lowest terms, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore .near 9th street. aeS-3t IT OR SALE.?The subscriber havinc removed his P residence into the city, offers for sale rv his BUGGY and HORSE on m.Merate*1X3* terms. For further partiealara inquire at?>^* the. Banking Ilouac oi WM. T. SMITHSON, or at No. R 4J* street, between C aud Louisiana avenue. se3-tt* w. C. FOX. FOR SALE.?Avery capable FEMALE SER VANT in ay department of family service. Aee 35 years. For further information address THOMAS C. WHEELER. No Stf Penn.avenne, lietween bth and 7tii street, or W. B.CHICHES TER. Olncy Post Office, Montgomery county, Md. se 3-1 w I_|*NOlNEER?S. ARCHITECTS. DRAUGHTS i MEN, MACHINISTS, As Agents for Daruxg A Schwaktz. when on hand? Cast-S?e^ITry Squares. Cast-Steel combined Guage and Cailipera. Cant-Steel Standard Scales. Cast Steel te n Straight Edges and To(.guea. Cast S<cel bevelled Straight Edges, se 3 ?t* CAMPBELL A COVLF.. JEWING MACHINES. * ^ Our Agent. Mr. John P<irfer. visits the City of Washington for the purpose of exhibiting to the In dies of this vicinity, the justly ceiahrated WAT SON'S TEN IH>LIv\R FAMILY SEWING M AC HI N E. ar^l alro i.iake sale for Territorial right for the District of Columbia. Machine wiH l?on exhibition at C. W. Boteier'a, Iron H?ll, No. 3IH Pennsylvania avenue, where he would invite all per sona interested, to witnesa ita operation. se.W RMR W. HENRY PALMER ESPECTFULLY intimates to his pupils, friends, and the puMic geoeiallv that the PIANO FORTE CLASSES will rosuii otheirduties On MONDAY, >epteml?>r 7th, 1C57. Pros poet us* s and all information may be obtained upen application to Mr. Palmer at his residence JiH F.Wrrrl, ?'flr 13(A. Ternns as l?efore?Five and Ten Dollars per quarter i?f ?' Ic-'-^ons. Mr. Palinor'sClatis Instruction for the Piano Forte having Iwen demanded in Baltimore, the davs of meeting hi Wafhtugton will l>e only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, aud Friday. The (teurgetown Piauo Forte Claaaoa will com uienee a* smn as arrainceinents oau be made, to which end the residenU of Georgetown are respect fully requested to conimnmcate with Mr. Palmer fortnwltn. Arnui<emeuta have been made with the largest Sublisliiiig establishments in New York and Phila elph:a for an abundant supply of the best and new est music for the pupils. se 3-tw JUy-FElNOUR HEATERS.^Q)~ UST Received, a full supply of those universally admired FE I NO V R HEATERS. for heating the r<.K>m in which it is set and the rooms alw?ve, consuming no more fuel tiian a Radiator Stove, ainl as easily managed, th'-retry saving the oost ainl trouble of two or more fares to eflect the same purpose. Those of my customers who a-ere unavoidably disappointed last season on account ofthe very press ing demand for them, which made it impossible for the inaunfacturer to supply, are most earnestly re quested to send in theirorders before the Fall.tnere bv saving troiiNe nnd delay, and their work will be more seasoned for W inter's use. All work put up by farst-olnss workmen. ' J AS. SK IRVING, Washington Stove. Grate. Range, and Hot-Air Furnace Manufactory, No.267 Pa.av., S.E. corner llth si., Washington, D. C. an R eolm 'jpilE GREATEST HEATER KNOWN. Wo desire t?> crvll the attention of the Washing ton Mibtia to the c?le(>m*ed Hnaier called the PAKl.OR COMPANION, for beating Par-, lor and Chamliers aliove. d The Biibacril?ers introduced this article in the^ Washington market some two years ago, as an un mvement on the latrobe: since which time they ve disposed of and put up over three hundred, ail of which are working witnesses of their superiority over any thing else of the kind ever known or used. For lieauty.and particularly economy,they are unsur passed, consuming no more fuel than one radirautr, and affording the n*at of three. It is unnecessary for us to say more in its ftvor: we will only add that the testimony of those who nave uaed them is the surest guarantee of their suocess. For sale only bv SIBLEY k. GUY, 33(i Penn. ave.. bet. loth and llth sts. au 2P-eofit (States) JET CLASPS FOR BELTS. JOINTED CHIN Dolls, Arnaeteaia Hair Pi. a, Tuck Combs. Ac., at ise?i I. AM MONO'S. ETHEREAL OIL.?ConstaLtly on hand freah Ethereal Oil, and for sale by MARSH k VOSS, Dealers in all kinds of Family Groceries, ae 2-31 cor. of foth at. and Penn. ave. E IVJOT1CE.?All persona are cautioned against pur 1" chasing or receiving a note for forty-three dol lars and thirty three cents, drawn by me in favor of Ueorge T. Massev, said note having been lost, and my acceptance for said amount given in lien thereof. aeg 3t l., J Ml DDI.ETON. MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being about the largest in this city at thiSg-^? time, and having been purchaaed before theKH|l rise in Lmther, can lie aold at about IS to 20W per cent, less tlian goods purchased at this" time. Call and examine for S. P. HOOVER'S, Id 11 fmn (Tall. Pa. ave. het. <Hh and IWh ?ta. STREET BOWLING SAI.OON RE-OPENED. The Buhaenber having closed hia Saloon for eome weeks paat for the purpoae of making if j . some important nnpiovementa. amfUr Iff! having oompleted the same, begs leave xl * ? to luform his friends and the nublic (cnerally thatfae will re-open THIS EVENING, August 3! st, for their inspection. . J. T. MARR, Proprietor, au 31 lw E street. I>et. l^th and 13th streets. DR. C. H. VAN PATTEN, DENTIST. , ? . . Expects to reach his home by the 8tb September proximo, when, with renewed vig<?r and^^^g> ?norgy, he will resume his profeaaionalm^^p With abundant reason for believing tbet hia efforts n Washington during the past eighteen years have ?roved generally satisfactory. he is determined yet nore and more to merit the puWic oonfidenee and latnrmage. whicli heagaia respecttally soNcits. Office (a* heretofore)a? hia Mill Villa, Pennsylvaniaaveime, near Georgetown. ae>l-7t . tf EI.LINtf OKF !-S?l.LJNG OFPr-Oar*. s.r~s-nfi5Sfis?&. Axctaimm. . VLLTL\ 1) tNUER'S CONCERT SALOON. <Uxi Com t*> Stmr4'Jkrf. TO-^flGHT.tnC ?rerr mAtntitl fmWi w"4io?. the beautiful and talented Mm MARY VINCENT Tj^wy^nuiit^r of her el oioest Ballad*. . MVERKiferfMiCuwx Racalist of the age,. will enliven the audience with Side splitting DittMW. Me-*ars. MAYER and Dl'VALL will fire soma of the Kwnf <?f fMd Virginia Lim. DZ/" Adnuesn n Liriaks 15 cents. No bo?? admit teJr^_ If Y 6 S K M BLY ROOMS. IMMENSE ATTRACTION! i, KiratM^aruM of M 18 8 MARION LE8LY, The talented Young American AotraM. TH1R <THl ISDAY^EVENING. So*. 4, presented the two act Comtdj. THE STRAIGHT WAV IS THE BfesT. After which _ A COMIC PANTOMIME. ?25?!,m** w,lh the petitte Vaudeville, THE LOAN OI-^a LOVER If CARl'SI'S 8AI.OON.-Ht *peetal request L. *?ve * SOI R EE on F M I D A N EVENING. Septeml-er 4?h. HL7. Wither.' Awmbl; Band will furnish the mnsic. His/7* format patrons ore r??K?uu;i) invited to at LA lend. IV. B- Hik Dancing Academy will oomaenee Oc tober let 1R-V7. mMT _ EXCXTESIOyS, Ac. Grand military and civic excursion To the Ore&t Falls. The Wamiinoto* Highuxdui take ?Uaiirt m announcing t<> Ui-tr friend* atid '?? -c citizens senersily tliat their Third An ?L JV* ?' f nnal Excursion and Turret Finnc WiH**"*?"*-* takeplaoe on MONDAY next.?th September. H57. to the Grsat Kalu. The Chinmittee of Arrangement* assure their pa tron* that evrrr attention will be pmrt to oomfott And pleasure a* to insure that aatisfaotion which ha* hitherto attended th^K efforts. The Boat will leave R itter'* wharf. Georgetown, at R o'clock a. m. pre^^elf. thereto enabling parGe* ' Koine to get t hero by tlie state* which leave the Or ttolanil the Northern Market every ten minute*. Wither*' fine Brass and Cotillon Band ha* !>cen enraged ; and the Relreshmenta will he supplied It that A 1 caterer. Revnold*. ol the Eldorado Hous*. Tin* Excursion will aH .rd an exuelle^t opportn nitjr for pcr*oii? desirous of visiting the Grant Call*, the stupendous Aqnednet. and other I'nMie Wi?k ?. Tioket* ?admit tier a gentleman Mid ladies?ONE DOLL A R ; to ne t*?i MUittn's storo. Georg e town; Reynolds' Eldorado house, aud am of the committee. Cnmmittr* e/ Arrant*m?Ml?. Capt. Jno. Walt. Ex Captain Baia, Lieut. Campbell, First Sergoant McKay, Lieut. Reynold*. Color Sergoaat Kainei. ,yIM WARE \VANTB1)-By ? WOMAN, a situ "" alien at Cook, \\ asber.aod Iroaer. Good rec ommendationa kiwon. Apply at No. X*7 G street. between 6th and tth win. If W ANTE?.?A SALESMAN in the Dry Qoode business. To oae w%ll acquainted with the businessa lil?eral salary will beairen. Addresatior three day * I B G., Cit? Post < >mc?. if 4 3' A G N E R , 22"> PaxasTLTAMia Avavcc. Continue* to mauuftcture LOOklVG GLAS SES. and all other kinds of PORTRAIT and PfC Tl'RE FRAMES, opposite Kirk wood Honae. ae 4-11 VVA^THD.-A VOI NG MAN is des.ron* f ' ' oblajiuaa a Situation in a H**k or Bankinc House. Ha* had many years experience at tlia counter a* teller. The l?c*t references given. Please address L.,at this office. se 4 *? OYSTER SHrckSR WA NTED.-A good ort I ter shucker i*'wanted at Ilrfmom'RMtaiirant. Fennarlvania avenue. First Ward. Nononood ap ply bnt a oompeient hand. ^ a?3 at C^ART DRIVER WA?NTKD.-A *t?ady, indn* ?> trmua Colored Mar, who am take good cure of a horae. and O'tn* web reooiBinend<?d as to Charac ter, A c. Apply at the Coal and Wood Yard, comer of *th and H streets. ?e g rf WANTED TO HIRE.?A thorough.cood COL ORED WOMAN. One that hasnaen used to the house, and trained aaareliahlo housemaid. None aee?l nppi) who cannot tiring the Ueatofehar acier. Apply to Mr. CROL'CH. between 12 and t o'clock, at the Academy of Music, cornar oflttli street and Penn. avenue. ^ aa *? YJL7 AN TED?In the familr of a gentleman residing W two miles from the city, a good plain COOK. One who <?ui hring re<vKrm%endatioBS for skill, hon osty. and cieaniiueas will fend a good situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT. oor ner of 6th and D streets. jy IS-tf LOST AHD FOinm. fC REWARD.?Strayed fr?na m? preaniee* on ?# Saturday. August ZM.a small KhD? TOW. abont 4 or 5 years old- No marks reineml>er^<i. except that her horn* **and*J wery *traight up, and !o<?ks rather wild. I will give the ahov? reward for her return, or any mforniati n that I may get her. RICHARD PETTIT. Georgetown. D. C. ao 4 St* REWARD.?Strayed or atolen from my prein iset.onthe tSth of Ancnst,a medium 4 sized CO W, oolor red and white, face and breast white, with a white streak down heri hack,and three of her lets white; ha* a gimlet hole in one or her ears, and one ear cnt in three places. Thefinder will receive the al>ove reward Inr ration in? her to W. S. NICHOLLS.Geurgetown lieichts. m s fit REWARD.?Strajed awaj on the 27th of Ah V*' gust, a light red bulfaJo COW", with ag^ja winte *tar in her forehead, white spots her *ide. white l?i'-W. arxt one fore lee breast white. The above reward will lie paid for her deliver) to GEORGE BECKERT, E streai south, between 13th and 14th street* east, Washington. L'. C. isvy QO' RE W A KD.?Broke away, on Wednesday. *!P?*P tne 29th day o| Ancnst. fnmi t* i tweeu the Cnain Bridge and Georretown. a dappie graj lil'RSK, I5i? hands high, l?e tweeu six in<l seven years old. and lias Iwith fr??nt pattern* fired. The ab?ve reward will be paid for his deliver? tome, at the First Ward Livery S'a bte oil G between Seventeenth and Eighteen!It streets. se 2-3' * FREDERICK I.AKFMF. YE R REWARD.?Straje?l or stolen on lhw2f?t|i of *3*9 Autust. from the neichborho<id of LI and 19th *t reets. a dark brown Cow. with while spot on her forehand, left shou dei? and wlute hind legs; ai?o, tip oftail wmt* a bole was drillc! in her horn* and a pie.-e of wir? twisted in it. Had on a leather oo' ar witli l>rss* |,r ,| to it. Any i ne r* turning the Cow to roe at No. 211 L street, between 18th and 19th. will receive'he above reward. DAVID BEARD, ?e 2 at* ft -in REWARD Will bep.nd ' (tension of my SERVAN ORVILLE, provided lie i* aecnrail irelien 1 aid <o- the asprelien VANT MAX. J provided lie i* aecnrait in ai.y jail so that I get hun again. He i* ven !ik?- al?Kjt the cities of the |>iHirict, or th#ir n?'ighbor hood in Virginia, which has frequently l?ecn the case he fore. He left h<nnr nn Saiarday, S5rl of A ik list, to visit his wife, who lives with the widow of the late Mr. Towers. Orville is a mulatto fn venr bright I about 9* years of age, short and stout, with a broad face and < I think )a soar on the forehead. B. W. HUNTER, se 1-lw* Alexandria onunty. Vs. ftOfyi KEWAK D.?Ranawsy fr?Mii the suOe< i (J'A/ll 6er, near Beiuville.l'rn ce George'a JcM oountv. Md., on S&turdai uight, the <5>.'d Au ISl. gust, IRS7, N EGR<? M AN. Adam Smith, aged about .m. Hicbt S feat 4 or S inches : Mack bushr hair, and well d.essed. lie hasamothei ? living at Mr. Ilaineitou's. ou Cnpiiol IIill. I will give the above reward if taken in a Free State ; #9" if taken in the District of Columbia, or Conntieaof Montgomery and Prinoa George'*, or $l?0 if taken elsewhere and secured so that I set him. ISAAC SCAGGS. aa g> ?w ? OOAA R E W A R D.?Ran away from Kalorama 'JP'f/*" near Washington citv, D. C..on Sat tirday night, the .Vd of August. I?57. my CI NEGRO MAN .GEORGE J o H NS4J \.a?ed In alntut 25 years, height about 6 feet, of a dark oopper color, bushy hair, very erect, and polrti ?? ' in tusaddrer*. I will give the above reward if taken is a free State, $l?o if taken within the Diatrict of Colum bia.or #2i*? if taken in the State of Man lard,in either case he must be secured so that I get h -m Mi** ELEANOR J. CO* new AY, Baltimore. Md? or OLIVKR IH'POCR. au 31 eo2w* Wa*hington city <fcw>nn REW ARD.?Ranaway fr??m the si beer <9^ivFvr ber,living near Upper Marlbori>ugh, va Prinoe Ge?>rjte> oounty. Md., on tbe 2wh ol CT ApriTT NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about 27 year* of age, f> feet 6 inches high?a ^ dark mulatto- has a large bushy bead. withJ^L whiskers round his face, medium sise and down look. He may lure himself in the District, where he ?** relatives, or make his wav to some free State, as he left without any piovocation. I will give Two Bliadrod Dollars, if taken oat of the State?fliin if taken in the District, or any other pert of Mary land, and B5P if taken in this oounty, la either aaae he must be secarad so that 1 ret mm. ie9-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. Hunting park trotting ASSOCIATION. Gkaxd Opiyixfi Dav oji TIES DAY. Sept. nth, FOR A SI VER GOBLET VALUED XT ?25. The tolowiac entries hare been made: Henry Bire^i. mrne* . Bay Colt Winger. Jonh Price,nanes .Bay Mare Fsnn*. John* - Ro. >al. Bi.ffa.?. After the trot a mating will be called by those desirous of forminx a Joeker Chib. Alter whieh the following entries hare been made Tor two mile beats to ruad wagon*. Free for ail horses. lobn Cook. names._. ,. Grey gel.. Sea Breegn. iro. Smite, name* R.ack do. Old Back riiomp. Nayior, names Roan do. Roano*/ Mien D)t ?> enters Roangeldin Bi-wW'1. W. E. Clever enters Bay horoe riounr. JET" Admission fee SCHOFIELD k CLEARER, aa 2 | States* Proprietor*. I1ASKET CHAIRS. WBEELBAR ROW Ip Rocking Horses, Eating Anmuils.etc.. at se 2 LAWMOMrs. r?ANDLK8. CANDLES-?Just reoeived a let of L/ superior Sperm and Adamaatiaa Candles m oxes of 30 Iba. each. For by MARSH 4 VOSS, oor. of leth st. and Pa. sve.