Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1857 Page 2
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EV EN ING STAR: W AS f I \ N a TON' OiVy t SATURDAY Vptfmfcfr 3, 1&67. SPIRIT Ob THE MORNING PRESS The Inttllitzfnrtr, in remarking that the .National Emancipation Convention has ax yet made hat little progress in *? maturing'' the great ?;heme which it propounded. takes occa sion to administer a fair hit at the whole fashion vf "conventions.'' It ascribes " their origin and prevalence to a national idiosynoracy. which, being generated and fostered by our po litical habitudes, has extended its 4 principle of association' to the formation of innumerable nouns of multitude, under the name and style vi -conventions.' for the promotion of all pos Me and impossible objects under tffc sun. The Fpani.-h republics have for their amusement the chrome pronunciamento; Spain has her bull fight* , France her *p'cfaelcs, diversified with an occasional revolution ; Germany her Vvmin* and Dirts, ecclesiastical and literary; England her sportiof the turf and game preserve; we have our * Convention.-'.' *' TheL'?<o?/, upon coming State elections, says: '? In New York and Ohio, the pending canvass is frill of hope and encouragement. In Pennsyl vania. the only question with our friends is a question as to majorities/' ' Lost avd Fovnd ; or. Thk BEArnrrL ty'AMUMW,'' is the title of a story of the "thril ling" sort in the AVsrklt Stab, of to-day. It has also a variety of other interesting outside matter ; and insiuc all the striking news oi" the w?*ek. at home ard abroad. F'rice at the counter, ready for mailing, three cents: or. $1 2o per aunum. Y.T" The New Y?ik Mirror urt of the Prcsi letter in reply to the >iliinu memorial: \n abler document hit- not often emanated f <??? * Piesitieui of the States?uever a more on? ' The Award or I'rkmicms thk Rrapisr Ma ih ?The awards io the tuccn.ful reapers a* the Syracuse trial in July last. were made at the Agricultural Fair in Louisville. Ky., on Thuis div mo.nine la?t. as follows : to C H. McCor ?i:i k. of Chit a~o, a gold medal; to Walter A. Wood, of Hoo-aic Fall*. \. Y., a silver medal; t"? Warden, B'ookiw 9c Child, of Sprin^tt'?!d, Ohm, a bton/v medal , to Jonathau Haines, <>f IV kin. Ill . a diploma. l or reapers and mower* combined : to Walter A Wood, of New York, a sold medal; to D. M. Osborne. of Buffalo, a silver medal; to Warden, Brookaw ic Child, of Ohio, a broiue uirdjl. Johu B Robertson, of Rochester, N Y., cashier of the Ea^le Bank in that city, charged with an attempt to poison his wife, hasgiven bail to .uvrwrer at the next Oyer and Terminer Hts high position before the community gives great importance to the charge made against hin. It MTm? ht attempted to kill her by administering medicines cakuiated to increase the circulation, and which would increase her liability to apo j iciy and disease of the heart, to which diseases she was Pit deposed The arrest was nude while ?.ir R w d- at b:. place behind the ? ounter of the L.i_;le Bank and must have overwhelmed him ? J w hether guilty or innocent. Fioji Cimial and Soi rii Amkrita?The mails brought bv the Illinois furnish some items of Central and >outh American news. The isth mu*-papers confirm the report of the grant of the Transit Route by the Co>U Rican government to Messrs. eb.-ter Jt Harris. President Mora, it afjfais, went so far as to protect V. ebstar's per ?on from arrest by a free pass tlyough the coun try. Mr W. Carey Jones' mission to Costa Rica aue- not seem to be cleared up. and the people there were beginning to look upon him as a spy. A correspondent of the New Yo;k Courier thus writes: ?Col Toiten. the Superintendent off the Rail road here, bas set on foot a project for rotting the lime h talked r.f '-Ship Canal" across the Isthmus, neai here. He has locat' d the route, milking use of the Cba^res river as far up as Ciucis, aud then i nfling and lot king across, to come out in Pana in < Bay. He has estimated that the greatest ele vation to be overcome is two hundred feet above the level of the Atlantic, and the result of his cal culation. as to cost, is less than that of any other loute propostd." PERSONAL. D. Paul Brown, Esq., of Pennsylvuuia, i? at Browns'. Cot. A G. Sloo, Beverly Tucker, and Maj Beal aud family, of this city, a.e in New York. Commodore Jor.cs, of Va.. is at the Ki:k v >o?t House His numerous friends will b-j grati li*-d to hear of his restoration to health. . Major Bernard, V. 3. A.. Captain Pearson. Com. S. F Hazard. ar.d S Lotkwood. V. S. N. are at Willa-. ds". Col L'u Solle. fo'merlv of the Philadelphia >pnit of the Times, ha* pur. has.d Mr. lean's one-third interest in the New York Sunday Times for ^lO.tssi. *? Johu Mit< hel pas ed th?"'?4in?Washin?tou on Thursday, on his way to V-w York, to m ike ariaugement* for e?'at>lishin/ his new paper, the Southern Citizen, at Knoxv lie, Tejines^ce. Win. Carev Joues, I'niied*S?ate>? Special \i:ent to Cosia R ica. was robbed of by a no torious t hi< f l aneil Tom Kdward*. The money wa.? a'?>trac?d iiom Jones's trunk at a hotel iu San Jose. 'J he New Haweu Journal and Courier len^us '?.ha* I'ref. <-or Siiliioan, sr., has declined the appoints nt ??f President of the National t.'om pei.sating Emancipation Society, recently or^an iv d at C !eve!and. Ohio."' ..In the Cravon for Sep*emt*er the vener^t?le a'ti-i R?rnil?ra??ilf Pe^i"jjjvi sau irttercsting remi ni?> ence of h'* coneepti?wi nnd pntntin^ of the ? ?urt of Cea'b. and nteniii???s that he drew Vis wi ?or from John Ncal, wl?j was tutu ??? Baiti ntore a?.?out thirtv-sevea years ago. 'l'fc? chevalier ^V tV?lf ^ave ,i farewell srip p* on the eve of h:s dep^rtuiL ior Kuiouc. Tne ;,i. win/ list of gu?>'s i> ?? ven. lion r. Wood. I1?'U. I V 1'owl^r. lion 1! B. H wt. Hon Ail J?? turli Hon Darnel 1". SieVles. II ?u J-t'in ? ot hfant and JaiiM-s Gordon Bennett. Esq The New \*<>rx Tribune -ays the .-.upper was j^iven to h- j! dift 'ter'r t> uiiK n^ the Nt w \ o:k politrt iaus, t u? it rtidn t ?? work. ' ..M-ss Juliana Alav wilt, we uiMbrstand. r. i\ her ti' ? app?trance in \?neru/a on Tih-s rr-,ht, tL. 15tl. ot Se|>t*>iuhcr. at N'ibio's >al<?'.n, in ? grand Conte i .Vim May is now.stepping j' the New York H'-ttl with ber mother and sis ? wT O t:"!Te <v i ompar.ied !??-r in li?*r six years' ? rivets m K'irope >li' ;s a Bue lw;kiii'.' Woman. L lily tt une? t?d, and ha* sung with swre** the |'f una donna parts in the "f*-r.i* of SoMtiumibala ..nd Rlg?le*?r??V V .Mirror I .sBixii? The Kiehiuond H'*?c l.os the f<?l ]e\% 4?g uMiee of Conventions in general, and the rr?st>)teilan (Convention in particular: -- As in ail similar htdie<<, there is no lark of toiigue in the Presbvterian Convention now in ses.ion in this city N\ e stepped into the church for a lew nnautes yesterday evening, and listened to two or three amaz.ngly dull harangues, with out point or ooject One brotner from Tennessee ? tallied the audience by announcing his opposi t;on to null i brat ion and till; blistering?wh;< It an t. .iinreirient. you ran ?ee. had a '.'rent deal to do w tl. the business l?fo:e the Convention Au ? tiiei brother irooi Mississippi loid us how large <i ari'.rher brother bid. and how exreeding Iv m:ld aud y.elding he is ? vtu in hi* mtwt viv ?;? rocod??which piece of history piovoktd a lau^h from tb< audi<-iu?, which doubtless great I v gratifeed tUe orator Still another brother in f' rtiitd us. in most paihetic style, that he meant to stand by hisrhorch, even though l.e should have to fcta*i;d solitary and alone?and thus eon ?lnde<t the evening's entertainment. ?? It is a pity that more than one man in flfiy should ever Lave beeu given a tongue. In Con veiitious. at least, it is neither a useful nor an or namental article.'' Fatal lie el.? 1'he N-w York Tribune pub lishes a letter front l.quador. Sooth America, in reference to a dnel fou.rht hetwe* n Professors W K M?.e. ami K C Francis, of |owa, who were , n a sc.? ntifle explnrlne expedition in South A u.e. na 1 he circumstance* aie lepoited as fol lows : ?? On tha arrival of the party at Santa Rosa on the Napo river. Prof Mome b-ou^ht a char -e against Prof. Francis of derived hi in hi point of bis seientitic acquitment*, and therefo.e lirtd irii| osed ?ij^>n his conttdeu'e, insulted the Government of f.quador. aud had proved adis yra?-e to In* adopted State. This led to the chal lenge on the part of Prof. FrancU which was r?;.dily u< rep?ed by Profenpor Moore, and tbe^r W .j ons ((It 'lht> <1 - barreled fowlmg-pieees* w-re l<? ded wi'h buckth??. and the d<?tAiire agieed upon via* Jternia. Friends interfe td. hut of no avail?the parties w.-re delermincd tj set-le their dlOlcult) With jjowdcr. Accordingly, ?>u the ??0*h r>f Apiil they exchanged shots, aud the tesult was the death of Prof. Francis. The i huge of Prof Mttore took ettect just below tb? r?-^.?.iiof the heart, while that of Prof. Francis merely grazed tbe he-d of his aniagonist." fwA&iLLNU TQDl IfMWM ANJ) GOSSIP | The Letter.?We have already satisfied ourself that the manly. statesmanlike and pa triotic letter of the President ta the Connecticut clergymen is to be attacked by the Republican party press in full cry. i-We an npt without virulent representatives party In this city, whose tone is always *uJBy indieiJivo to us of tho positions and views V|eir pfilty "pftss w'l! take on any and all subjafliB as thay arise. W? are sure that on fhis, In a wec^e?*rjJkc puMican party press'that ctin be nSchic in that time by the Tribune et nf (Republi can) published in tho Northern cities will be out in full cry. denouncing the President for a more confirmed bonier ruffian than Dr. String fellow him*lf. ton the other hand, it is so soon clear to us that tne letter has disarmed all of the real Southern Democracy who were so late ly suspicious of the Kansas policy of the Ad ministration. Those of them in this city cannot fl d words to express their regret* that they judged the President hastily. With one accord tney a<jmit that the letter places his adminis tration firmly and fairly on the Cincinnati plat form of non-intcrference in the domcstio affairs of the Territory, and also on that Convention s plodges to maintain intact the rights of the South as gnaranteed In the Constitution. Who that would be fair could ask more than this? that in the last election accepted in pcrfect frankness the positions of the platform of the Cincinnati Convention? That the opposition at the North will gnash their teeth at the letter is to be cxpectcd; while the hand full at the South who prefer disunion to the continuance of the s'aveholding States in the Union with their rights under the Constitution fairly maintained, will also fail to have their hostility to the Admin istration disarmed. All others?conservativo Whigs, Democrats, north and south, and Amer ican party men who care more for country than party?will ,ay amen to its doctrines, which cannot thus fail to prove acceptable to three fourths of the people of the United States. Intimites for the Succession, (coverixg Intrigces ror. Congressional Plunueu.) W a.-hington is full of rumors concerning pro gressing intrigues for the next Democratic Na tional nomination, in various quarters of the country. \\ e hear many amusing gtorios of t 10 .sort, in much of which, our experience teaches, there is more truth than poetry. The truth is, the patronage of Congress is regarded by the friends of more than one aspi ring gentleman as affording the means of can va3iing for the Presidential nomination. So not a few bona Jide public men are already nervously anxiou? that their friends?co-labor ers and supporters?may get possession of the most important Congressional offices next win ter. Already we hear candidates of this, that ani the other interest in the Democratic party freely talked over, while none but some of'the old incumbents seem to be candidates of the Democratic party. This is a sad state of things Nevertheless. it exists, even so early; and. if continuing, will bring their party affairs at this point into inextricable difficulty, bocausc it will bring about the settlement of important public questions more or less with reference to the fu ture of this or that aspirant, rather than to the end of fubscrving the public interest. We never before knew this state of things to mani ect iue'f so soon alter the inauguration of a new Administration, to which it involves great injustice, indeed It should be the aim of the leading Democrats of tho country, in and out of public life, to do their best to secure the entire success of an existing Democratic Administra tion, and to take no thought of its sncce*<>or uuiil the approach of the time for choosing del egates to the next National Democratic Con vention. That was the old-fashioned way of doing the thing. But these are fast times in which we live. Laving ttie Cable.?We continue to find in our exchange papers any number of disquisi tions upon 'he late disaster in laying the tele graphic cable, tew of them, however, being written with knowledge of the subject that makes them worth republishing. Now and then we couio across one like the following, which really sheds light (intellectual if not vis ible) upon the obstacles to the possible success of the enterprise. We take the article (replete with sensible re flections) below, on the subject, from the Urook lyn (N. Y.) Kaqlc : "At the time the d?-ep s*a sounding* were be a.!' rt?ul'*;d the supposed feast Is !JL. , ic tHe^raph, it was supposed wmc parts of the ocean were unfathomable Tne .lie would -un out eight or ten miles and vet i:ive no evid-nce of having touched the bottom The simple reason wan at last discovered to be? that when the Weight on the end of the li? touched the bottom, the line itself \v;.s lK.rno oil by the undercurrent*, and was merely floatii. r ?."*? w" ?? >*? h?i?a d,m,r, ? In order to remedy this difficulty * ^ of *{. was adopted in which a tube was pa-s, .1 Ihiou^h a h?*:ivv ball, and the mom-nt the ball touched the bottom this tub-?wc must call it tii * f..r want of a better name, as it would ic q me a model to explain the contrivance of its kl'"'.TT .'"r/'J r,ox1K ,,f ,he ""tier at the -t.-m, th-?ball beearne detached a?d r.m.,ined behw while the line hauled up again. ? .\??r i .^t ciu.u which r- inlrrtil oid?nitry *nnnrf. ??'" precisely 'htil which (tiu.- fi 1. The cable was n.n "1 '"ore rapidly the ship pro-re^ed, ,|M-t as the line ran on for miles upon miles in the sounding*, .:n?l w.j doubt not thai those on beard h ! \;ac*>* eould have paid out the whole eahle fill f r i r? ki?.r <i>>i ?i_ ? ? . " J v* nw rauif mil! ;^?W^0.,'t hWP moving another ?H r ^ 1 ,s why H s?*em< impo?. * *' f?r ,h*" ??heme e*er to succeed. There is no donbf. sMl wllf,.r nf ?o,f?ril <>f thr ' l>?lt fll** slron r Ml. mit I .. II ... I . . " " *'? HIT" (TJII b .t ILC .-tron?' ? at?ove will prevent the ra " froni ^ver reaching that quiet location If it JMTk a 7Vpt' ,kw*p a s,ra"' that will al ow i be . able to Ik- ,?i.l out a mile for each ru le the hip -a.Is. the re*,?li will |M- the sain.- as be to e_to snap !? ?ia -pid^r s thread. ?' A cable of>"?'i-nt.strength to admit of such ? -' tin would load all the ships afloat on the o ?soi. 15lit ;t may he supposed that, by pro/id. In a, i-ni length of . able to allow of an in d MiMiiijiy r.f w.ste, the cw-ean ??g|.t br n ai.M-il l.ut the level ' pj.teau,' ?s it is rHlled, winch is suppotf-d to retch from Newfoundland to Ireland N nearly lu the Iin- traversed hroeean > vii.e s, arid )/ .-ahlH should y.-i drifted fi V of that line liefore It touched the bottom jh-ie is no knowing what .-uhterranean obstacles t voul.l have to encounter. The feasibility of these heme ,s predicated entirely on lheeXi^?ce o. this plateau?the Ir.e^ularitiesof the bottom ..f | ?lH ??"lelaewliere precluding the id-aof aeable ?T!!'& r i J'de*. if thousands upon thou ..r f "?''**?'f';ahl<' ?*?-t?d, the transmission <>f the el?"i trie flu d would lie impossible. hnJ,wo1at plain f.nrts, we cannot see how any hope of < he anct ess of the enterprise can nT?7 i. U' the contrary, Wf must look ion it as one of th ?e thing* which cannot he snch a- p.opr Unig vessels with hot air owning li^ht from water, or extinguishing Ore by Uarnuin s patent bucket." The C.u ses or the Indian Revolt.?The ?w \ ork Journal of Commerce, moro likely to I jo accurately informed on such a subject than any other American newspaper, attrib utes the Indian revolt to modern intrigues, and in an exposition on the subject, makes a very fair showing to substantiate that position-as follows: '? The belief' ?eems to be gaining ground in well Informed circles in Kn?laud, Ihlt t^ revoU , hV the Moliamim dau in trigu , ai.d that the story of the cartridvrfs was a < ui.uin . Iv-d'-vised acheme to excite the fanatical r/d "hv /ho. ^.b^fceaate (Urahmin) soldiers,'r i .. ^ 'the only class with arina In fors^ki- I '.rar<l ral,a?'Ip.0f making a stand, to i > their color?, to ellVictatemiwrary iunctioo ? w^? !|!? Mohammedan* and lliudooa, th? Ma ?f Thl"h 1#' br>oke of IIih a i i rea' object Is. to reatore Amrt r d'uiiujou of ti e Moynl Kmperora. of whi KU;r>' of the ^Idlers, aiul the b. en n<> acf VkL u. J K"?lty, then has s til-d f ,,MJHiid K?a which indicate* any while.hi oJlv 'X*' S|H thrY ar'* concerned: Is en ciunmitte-l ?i ""^"ixmary acta that have M-i u. o ?o rastoretl.e h,. and of 1^1 'wa: hnmmedan territory. The time chosen for this attempted restoration of Moslem rule, is the hun dredth anniversary of dive'? great victory at ssy; an* leading facts rue viewed in nertioii^JfMir th^ tradition whirh is said to ail lw. Hfiigil, that the Koompanie Sahib reigif for one fciindred years and then be irthrown, aud .with the mysterious distribution takeaRnd lotus-lowers among the villagers 1 theaativewnldierw. and the suspected com- I :ity?f the dethroned King of nude and his r?ter,aswell as that of other Mohammedan ?rtnre*. and the Mussulman conspiracy at Cal> fhrtta t id Allahabad?it does not appear a violent I pt> "siini, "on to suppose tbat the Mohammedans j are the chief Instigators of the revolt, although' the Hindoo snldiftjy have been the most promi nent actors in it." Rates of P08TA0B upon letters to foreign countries, forwarded in the Hamburg Mail, di rect Jrjm New York. [ V ? ' [The asterisk (#) indicatesthat in places where i4 1* prefixed prepayment is optional; in alk-etker eases prepayment Is required ] ? . [ ! ' Ouarttr Half Countries. \ ounce, ounrc. Australia, via Marseilles and Puei. 50 ?1 (.** Do Tiieste, paid to Alex andria..?*.???????? 3(1 Austria. Lombard)-,1Venice,Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Ac., Bohemia, Hun gary ? *15 Hadeo, Grand Duchv of ? *22 Bavaria, kingdom of ......... ? *15 Bvlgium, provinces of LnmlHirg, Luttich, Luxemburg.... ? #25 The other provinces ? *27 Bremen ? *15 China, via Trieste ? 55 Do Marseilles 40 72 Denmark, Altona and l*auonburg.. ? *23 East Indies, via Trieste ? fit Do Marseilles and Suez.. 40 72 Do (Knglish) via Trieste. paid to Alexandria. ? 30 Egypt, via Trieste ? *30 Frankfort ? ii> France,Corsica and Algiers *30 *^2 Gibraltar, via Paris 30 42 G reece .' ? *35 Hamburg ? *10 Hanover ? *15 (lessen ? *22 llong Kong, (Cbina.) via Trieste, paid to Alexandria ? *30 Hohenxollem ? *22 Kircben?tadt, Ancora, Bologna, Fer rura, Ravenna. Ron), Ac ? *28 l.ippe-Schaumburg, principality of ? *28 Lippe-I)e?nold ? *22 I.urea, (Italy) ? *25 L1 ibec ii...........,..,,,!,!*,., ,1. ^ 15 Mecklenburg ? *15 Modena. Modena. Mas-a, Ac. ? *25 Nassau. Duchy of ? #22 Naples, Naples, Ac., paid to Aus trian frontier ? *22 Norway ? *3H Parma, Parma, Placentia, Ac ? *25 Prussia ? *15 Russia ? *29 baxonv. kingdom of ? *15 Saxe-Altenbnrg ? *15 Sardinia, Alessandria,Genoa, Nin za. Plnerolo. Turin, Ac ? #30 Faxonv, dukedoms of ? #22 Schwarzburg, principalities of.... ?- *22 Spain and Portugal, via France 30 4? Sweden #33 Switzerland *27 Sicily, Bari, Fogsia.Girgentl,Me? sina, Palermo, Reggio. Trapanl, Ac., paid to Austrian frontier. .. ? *22 Tuscany. Isle of Elba, Florence, Livorno. Fisa, Sieria, Ac ? *28 Turkey *3-> Wurtemburg, kingdom of ? *22 The rates to all the above-named places nro the same by the New York aud Bremen line, except that to Hamburg by that line the rale is 1 j cents, aud to Bremen 10 cents. The Eatti.e with rnr. Chevenne Indians. The War Department is in receipt of despatches from the Cheyenne expedition, giving the par ticulars of the battle with the Cheyenne Indians at Solomon's crcek. 011 the 211th of July. About 300 warriors were drawn up in battle array, to meet the Vnitod States troops. Tho six compa nies of cavalry advanced upon them immedi ately; when near them: two companies were de. tached to turn their Hanks, and tho whole then made a headlong charge, broke them, and pur. sued them seven miles. A large number of warriors were killed and wounded. On our side, two privates were killed, and Lieut. Stuart and several men wounded. They are all doing well. A post was established, garrisoned by one company of infantry to take care of the wound ed, and the command immediately started in pursuit. After a march of fourteen miles, they caine to the principal town of the tribe, where they found one hundred and seventy-one lodges standing, and nearly as many more which had been hastily taken down; and most ot the poles were left on the ground. A large amount of dried meat and other property of every descrip tion was found in the town?the Indians evi dently having taken nothing except what could be gathered hastily in their flight. The town, and everything it contained, was immediately burned to the ground. The next morning the command took up the trail, leading in the direction of the Arkansas. Capt. Foote, with his company, (C, 6ih In fantry,) was to leave about the 27th of August t) join his post?Fort Laramie. Land Warrants. ? Sweeny, Itittenhouse, F?nt & Co.'s financial circular of the 5th says: Land warrants have declined 5c. per acre, the following being the rates paid by us to-day : Buying. Selling, lu-acre warrant*. .St*01 per acre. St.10 per acre. t?0 " t-S ** !Ml " 100 " ..85 11 tio " 120 " f<0 " b5 ? Virginia Scrip J ?> 05 Green A Sewell, of New York write us on yes t r?|iy: "We are buying at the counter at #. c. for 12->'m, and ?4?c. for ItiO's and Ttiey say that the demand at the reduced tlgnres is brisk \V> think pri'-es will soon rally, but will not rea<h as high a point as they have dropped from, owing to the limited quantity of laud now sub jei t to entry with warrants. The RrMOREn Troubles on the Plains. In Thursday's Star we questioned tho truth fulness of the report of difficulties having be fallen Magraw s wngon road expedition. We have now letters from the party dated August 10th, thirty miles east of the crossing South Fork Platte river, in which no mention is made of any difTicultic.-*, and everything was getting on well. W? have also advices up to tho 15th from the same quarter '?f the .same tenor. The Roanoke.?The steam frigato Roanoke, now at Boston, is to he put out of commission and the officers detached. Disminskd.?Lieut. J. Blakely Carter, who was recently tried by a Court-Martial, has been dismissed from tho na\ al service. The Weather.?The following report of tho weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph lino to the Smithsonian Institution. The time ol observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Sm timber 5. 1857. New V oik, N. ^ ?? fine. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, warm. Baltimore, Md cloudy, warm Washington, D. C cloudy, waim. Richmond, Va cloudy. Petersburg, Va cloudy. Raleigh, N.|C cloudy, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. 4 olniiihia, S. Gtine. C:iarlei>tou. S. C..........cloudy, cool Augusts, Ga clear, pleasant. Savannan, Ga cloudy, warm. Macon. Ga clear, pleasant., Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala el -ar, hot. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear. Mobile, Ala ??????.???.??.clear. Gainesville, Alius... cloudy. New Orleans, La.......??cloudy. From tub Wwi. Tbi* following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : Federlek, Md cloudy, cool. Cunihe. land, Md .........foggy, damp. 11. :ger.?town, Md eleir, cool. Hujwr'i Feiry............ clear, pleasant. Winchester clcar, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Ma:tinstiorg clewr, warm. At \\ sshin-'ton, yesterday,?,0 p. in , the barom eter was 30.410, 'hermometer 72 '. This moruiug, at 7 o'clock, the barometer was30 344, thermome ter 70 ITT" The mut horrible case of precocity ve have long heard of is noted at Rochester. A lit tle illegitimate son of a young woman named Betlte, aged six years, now lies in the poor house raving with delirium tremens, brought on by a long contivued course of drain drinking. I- ; 4 Orii NiwttT &UTM learn that br the last will and testament of Mrr, H. H. Coalter, (relict of Judge John Coalter) of Stafford county, who died last week, some nine tv-t wo negroes have been teed. Thlsprovision of the will i* to take effect (in the 1st of January next. Charles, her favorite man servant, receive* his " of ?IU0 {felifej m h stal* or ootmuy irn ar* lo Mertaih p'oVMe tbf n?ual aH a hieria or kM other thef/Bjay alect to f ^ I f i ^ willWTther providaa that if ?nv of the ser vant*. shall prefer to remain in Virginia, instead of accenting the foregoing provisions, they are permitted to select owners among the relatives of the decedent.? fittirrirJMwrz Hrmld. ? ? ITT" Thursday morning & flagman on the New Je"4v raftiarfd di?c?ver#d a .'*11#*' (a wooden steeper for the rails to rest oft) lying arross the triyk of Uwi toad, between Jersey City aod Bei gen Cut. which he removed from the track. It had just boea placed there by a llend in human shape, named Michael \Vaiah, who wa* at once arrested. Hp g*?P as his excuse for the act that 41 He wanted tosee the cars bounce," and he stood w.ien arrested not far off, ^raiting the result of the experiment. fV-^=?A STATED MEETING of the Columbia I < Typographical Society will be held THIS EVKNlAft. at 8 o'oloek. It p^^?TRlNITV CH A PEL, corner of north N and I L < Hth streets, wil 1 be opened lor divine service, on TO-MORROW (Sunday) MORNLNU, at II o'clock. It* ry"5=? RELIGIOUS NOT IC E.-There will 1 ^ preaching at Island Hall TO-MORROW (SablMtn) MORNING, at eleven o'clock by the Fastor. '* _ (V-5=- THE REV. W. A. HARRIS will preach in !l < the Church of the Ascension. H street, he trenn 9th and inth, TO MORROW (SundayI MORNING,at 11 o'clock. It* ry-5=?THK FRIENDS AND ACQIJAINTAN 1ces of Rev. Dr. Cummins willbe pleased to loa-n that he has returned home, and will, by ?livii o P"rmissi<*n. resume his pastoral duties in Trinity Chnreh.on TO-MORKOW. S-pt.rtih. If ry-5=?REV. J NO. LAN A HAN will preach at I ? Union Chapel, M E. Church. *?th street. TO MORROW 11 o'clock. At7K o'clock prcaotiinz bv Rev. Dr. Murray, of Gcorce town. The pnb iois respectfnlfy invited. U* rv-^=?V. M. F. w. A.-Meetat your Hall THIS I ^ (Saturday) EVENING, at o'clock. By order of the It' president, rv"5?THE PUBLIC and the representatives of 113 'he press who were present, will say all about fns Concert given last night at Charles Werner's; which will be repeated to night. Admittance free. 't rT3=?TH E R KV.W M. PIN K N E Y, D. D.. ha vine accepted the call of the Vestry ofthe Church of the A?oension. will enter upon tha diitirs of bis rectorship on SUNDAY. October Ilth. Persons desiring Pews in the Church w 11 please apply to C. F. HURLMURT, Register, Room No. II west Winn Patent Offioe. sc 5-St 5*"?FUNER A L SERMON.?BAPTISM .?Dr. Teasdale will deliver a funeral discourse on the d-'ath oT Mr. Jo?. C. Peck in his Church,on 13th street, TO-MORROW MORNING, at II o'clock. and administer the ordinance of Baptism at night, in (he baptistry of this Church. Seats will he provided for visitors and stransers, and all are pordiallv invited. It* (Yr^=?NOTICE.?A Fair will commence in the 'I ? T?mperanc? Hall, E street, between Mb snd inth on MONDAY. 7th 3o'clock p. m.. for the benefit of the East Washington Mission. Let all the fi lends of this noble cause encourage this en terprise, and thereby aid a noble little land of Christains. P. S.?Scha I lar's Band w 111 l>e attendance. It* rr"5=?FIRM TO OITR NAME WE STAND. ! I J? THE GOOD WILL CLUB Respectfully announce to their Friends, that they will give their FIFTH GRAND ASSEMBLY At Havmojiv Ham.. On TH V R SDA Y E V EN 1N G, Seat. 17th, 1*57. AdmUaion FIFTY CENTS. Ry order. _se W?fci2 COMMITTEE. ry^W=?l. ??. OF R.?The Officers and Meml>ers of George Washington Tent, No. it*5, are re ?iiie*tcd to lie punctual in their attendance at the regnlnr meet;ng on TUESDAY EVENING next, at "l4 o'c!ock, as very interesting matter wil. claim their attention. Members of sister Teuls are fra ternally invited. ?D?Tlie DISTRICT TENT will meet on the same evening, at 8 o'clock, when the Representa tives from Virrmia will l*t present. Ever* P. C. R i* expected to Iw in a'tendance^ se 5 2t* NOTICE.?The public are cautionedagainst receiving any note or notes purporting to lie | ilnvwnor endorsed by the iiiidersi?ti'>d,as sucli notes beirc unauthorized, will not l>e paid b? me. _sepV3f MARY EARNER. (Ys?*tournament and fancy ball. I L 5 The second Tournament end Fancy Jtall of the season, will take place at the Fauqier White Sulphur Springs, 011 \\ EDNESDAY ana THURS DA V, the 9th and 10th inst. INGRAM & BAKER. s?4-dtl0 Proprietors. |Y3=? YOI NG catholics' FRIEND SOCIB ! TV.?The reeular monthly innelinit ol t.h-s Society will be held 111 the solioo -room of St Patrick's Chnrch, on SUN DA Y A FTERN'OON at 5oVloclt, and is an important one MM respe-ts. Hfsidea the snr.ual elect?i>u of^ report of the President detailing the past transactions of the Society will be submitted and other interesting; mat tecs presented. A I who have at any time l?een connected with the rc Soe ety are rar.i<-stly renuestcd to attend and renew th^ir ineiiiljcrship. V. E. HING, Secretary, se4-2t \ HEREBY CERTIFY, that my wire, H ? Mary Ann Spra^ue, without just cause, has left my (?fd and l?o*rd. I hereby caution all persons a;ainst harts?rin? or trustint heron my account,as 1 snail pay 110 debts of her contracti-c, after tins ('s?2-lw* WILLIAM J. S PR AGUE. ryr=?|CK CREAM AND WATER ICES, of the I best quality, delivered to families, parties, fans, a-d er.oursionists at per aailoii, et the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM DEPOT, ?corro' 12ili and F streets. aulO-lm SCHOOL BOOKS?Of the latest editions and itroncly bound. Such as arc u.sed 111 the City and District. For -ale, at the lowest prices, by seji FRANCK T^YI.OR._ (MIOD BROWN SUGAR l? end II cts.; Rice I White Rrandy, (irpen Ginger. Cider Vine gar, and choice Green and Black Teas, at the low est prices. JOS. W. l>A VIS, it* Comer9thand K streets. illKS. SKIDMORE will open a School f(?r chil li I dreiiof l?>ih sexes. (Im>?s under nine years of asc,) 011 Monday next, 7th tnsf.. near the southcos* corner of Tenth and D streets. Island. She re?pect fully sr>'icit3 the patronage of her friends. T"nu majie known at the School-room. se V2f ?V A NEW ARTICLE. OOD TUBE!NG?A Great Improvement?for CliSin Pumps, eon ve> inj water, drnniinir land, snd otlie most nsaftil purposes : decidedly the met ?*, h^a'thiesf, and cheapest article for hiiueinc drinkinf w iler to adweltinfi. Farmers and citizens are invited t?? examine it at the old stand, Nationtl Ajtrieultu-al XVareliouso. .i'9 Seventh street, where it can be had in quantities and prices to suit. EDWARD F. SIMPSON, se5-2:?w3w Successor of FiTZHCut: Co\le. 1N1

[jM)R SALE, BARGAINS FOR WANT OF I SE.?A hnecrey H??RSE. active and ?JV?? spirited, excellent for li^bt carriaco or Doc tor's use, a superior lady'* Horse, piice^-^^-^ 4(!ie. AIso. one fohliiiK-seat BUGtiY, lor two or lour persons, with s>?sfr and pole, msdo bv ren.^>. New York, nearly new, price .? IW>. Also, one snpericr eotl'ic rosewood case PIANO, Itna!?e A ? i-iehle 11 akers, Baltimore, cost will l>e sold at For all of the above inquire at "so 5 Sf W. J. METZEROTT'S Music Store. JEW FALL GOODS JUST RECEIVED ? A splendid assortment ot French Flow ? ers. nt sll prices. T Beautiful stylo of dark Ribands, suitablt for the season. Bonnets of latest patterns R uches. Frames, and Tips Feathers and ail kin?ls of Millinery and Faney Ho. Olove., ?e<VM p ?H).D0 se 5 3t b/V Eleventh strset. yy OOD AND COAL. We are now ready to supply all orders for WOOD and COAL that ma* be entrusted to our care,and will iiiiarantee satisfaction in the same. IT7**Vessels arriving weekly. fQ-Coal kept in floored and roofed yards. tfW.840 li>s. to the ton. jrv* Prompt personal attention fiven toerery order T. J. A W. M. GAI.T, N. W. corner 12th and C streets. No. 647. hc ,i-2w One s<|iiare south of Pa. avenne. 1.1 ducation.?M. H. Has mas, educated at an J Erwlias University, and late a master in the lttrpe school attached to U in varsity College, Loudon, proposes to open a Select School for Boys 111 iti'oriRlnwn. D. C. The subjeets taucht will i?e Ore- k, Latin, French. Mathematics,and the usual branches of an English education. ? ? ? The advertiser knows 1 o royal road to lavninp?: he prolt'sses no now, no peculiar system: hut wtn 1111 remittuiK att?ntion, some scholarship, and some a pcrienco on his own part, docility and diligence 011 lb0 part of his puptts, he confidently hopes to give sit 1 ?lact ion. . Patents and o'hers tlesirous of placing Hoys under Mr llastifics's care, are to address hitn at M s. Rogue's, a? Market Square, Georgetown. sepMt* _______________ EVER AND AGUE REMEDIES. Dr. Osgood's India Cholajrojtue. Destden'a Anti-periodic Puis. 1/r. Shailonberger's Pills. RiKMU'? Fever and Ague Cure. Dr. MoClin ock's To ic M1*lures. Rowand'a Tonic Mixtures. Obur's do do. Smith's Specific. _ , _ . Keenn's I'owders, Canal Powders, Ac., Ac. For sale at MOORE'S Drun Store, First Ward, 118 Penn avenue, ?o Opposite Seven Bundints. TO GUNNERS-The undersijtued will pay mar ket pi iocs for all kinds or Game. Gunuers will iii.d it to their advantage to call daily at Liberty N'''joh.Nu.^iA?air'" m.^-St* * Proprietor. JET CLASPS FOR BELTS, JplNTED CHIN _ B0tS.ASfau.-B};' Puu.WggjUj*;,. 1857. [Orderel to be inserted in the Etkmic Star, it l"Mne the newspaper having the largest circulation pj any daily i^Mr puNtafcBd in \\ ashington ] i Ff ppl JWETor lilt, will plcaanay they ar r'tr*i Al-<?i.der,v *?? , ??-k,Sjisan rint>?iin.lrti| I JMlen. >n M?iy Gte*o4 Mrs \ r ?" nr ~Mm * ?? aj > ?' vSsf? ?Kny?. k i?? - Br? k?, yrWJ. u . de*. mmitf tn the following tsxo. ? Far<]nMi< Hal d win, kin L Bri?rn?, MriLR Bradle/, Mm (, B rilel, Mr* K B juker, 3a. ah W K ??well Minn A V Ml ? ft V M M Loil?* ob,Mr* Ja'aD Ml ? L S Mr* A A Mniri eitt, Mr* M P Brten, Mary frmphr?, Mr* ft hrkllfo*, Mr* F Rlchardam, MriNB Keridirk, ? A Rokertaoa, C 8 Smltt. Mr< Matah Strak On :dard, Mr* S M Hot', Martha Hu<bee, Mia* Ann Uumi In la*. Ml* 8 Maliy, MreB H?rcr?loii,M!a? JW, Mr* Jill* b'MiB; ca*tl*,Mra A H;>Kliln*4>ii.Mla?*E Stone, Mr* A ft It A t S Renx n, Harriett HpaMn, MMIfl T Barrios, MM W F H rrls, Mr* Ann HWMla Ba>brr, Mr* H Jntrt, Mlaa Rata 0 8 park*, Ml** S Barn, Mar ba J -hn* on. M'a D 8hallcrOE*. Ml? H VaMWn, Mtas t ? Johti>iTi. Wrii WrfnBperrf. HjTJdir B?veridK?, Mr* T H Knox, Ml** Hellea Pnead, kit* P A Knturl, Mr* ? Klar. Ml * L< nlea Tbefler, ln? Hlnnlfy, M:aa M A K otl, MUi Maggie TrMMJ. Mr* King, Mr* VlrglBia Tayler, Mr* * Kerby, Mary flMMBillM Kenuedy. Mr* B ItrMr, Br* I !?*?!?, Mr* Ansa IVmu, Mr* Jail* fockre'i. Ml** U Cady, Mlaa ? Ub i4tm Mary Ccaley, Bridget d, Mr* M E UcmtBl*, L Cr we. Mra A M C ark, Mli* B M C >ir,a*, Aura L:?l*. MlrsV Torkar, MlaaB Lewie. Mr* C WIlia, Mr* Mary ? McCarty, Mr. B Wiley, Mr* 8 M McMa (?*, M*ry War'and. Ml** f MrCar y, Mlaa A B Walker, Mr* Mertat <'harliiu, Mlea L T MrCabe, Abu WetolL Mlaa 8 Di II n. kiargt MrKlneyMargt Webb. Mr* Peu'opa Dirk Mra Inly Ma the we. Mlaa M Wllaon, Mr* ? ft Dick*. MImJ Moor, Mra Lactnda Yerby, Mlaa T Dean, Mi** Martha ?*7mjtMfirs list. * Arthur, Prof R Gayer. Bdwtrd A'-d-rtoa. James AC Allen, Oil H?ury 1 Uniit-r, W C AllbrigLt Fieder'k Heniilng, W Alexa'der. Cha* Hnichca, W A A linpa, Oa|it Hituy, VV'a Alkiuaon, Cliaa Hook, Wra M Hi.wen, W? P Hough. H W Berkeubaiien.WW 1 Harvey, M K Butler, W in Hal ey, Wm T Brcwu, Tbo* A " By i lie. Thus Brady. 8 B cW 8 L Mo wen, Capt S P Breul, Kit bard U Randolph Biew. tar, M Brnnctt, J Brown Jn? M Brawley, J Pnrtar Hi own. Ur M 4 Babrr, B Brawrtar, ? P Brefferlb. Gao B Boyda, Geo Blaochard. Gao 0 Kraiuball, A 0 Boyie, ? Piiige**, Bench Collin*, Wm > Uiai die, W N Curiin, Tbo* Coleman, Robert C"IIiuks Mr Oamei'^, M Olm?, J W 4 Coiltaa. J no T Carbiey, J K Colli? K?, Jao J P?4kni>, Jo* C Cavpliell, Juo G I On ii el, J ere Clark. H F Cock i ell, t?i W C?ct tore, M G B Cb'1'man, G?o M Che. k. G?*> * C-a'^od, E P Che- an, Fd?M Cli?|>iaaB A Co * trolly, Bernard Child*. A Grant Coaeat, A Uiil 'B, Tboa IMilliinbam, Paul Don^agb, M D? lira, J no Dwire, Jain Ui'ilDlatari, J D I," v ? , 6 W btt.a, Fraak (W.anavan. Uenal* D? Paliu. Baioa k' flub. W V Evan*, W G Erans, Tbi a Enlkel, Oe > Fiood, W H f a* >n, W H A Co F>.y, Robert Fiiiber, U J Forbea, Mc Finney, L II Forney, l?r J S Kitz, Jno Fab-, Be* I. F Farou, John F. lenian, Jno F enniken, O W Fitsiiuxb. (IBI Fiiilpui. Eugene B Fos. C J 1 F?>ater, C F 1 F remai I, A Gayer. W J Uioeibrck, W 8 GI-*a*U, U W T Gallvau, Timothy 6la**ett. M C G'lll' k Jao 8 4 GatlTie. JUS Ge*?f>r<j, Jamea GibtoD, I?r J H Green, J C Gall flier, Hugh 1 Guon, Reo Proctor, Ale* miaou, Bam'l Porter, 8 B Pettit. Smith Pbarre, L 0 Porter, KIcAard Pailmaa, Bev M P A Myron a PlBBkett, M B Ueutiley. Joel T Porter, Jbo Rarrl*, On I Jbo Tarker, Jaa?a Maya, J Laait Pl i.brVk, Jno Merbert, Bee J J Pa'kinaoB A Gordon nall.J-oP Banff. O Hn^hea. Jno Bawhwn, Vft Howard, J a ft Kortie, W G Hoicbloa, Geo W 3 Kand, BPS H?*ehl>enn, Bd'd 0 fteddy, M I H*rrta, Edwin Hickos, Dw'l Higglaa, 0r Um, LltP iJAicht, C W Hly. fhaa Ueuie, Carl Hellei, A lotniu, T Head, L W Ratley, Joa C ft. .by, Jro B I ft v-ard, Jno lltver*. jro Ray. J B Bieilf, Ho(th ftaachalta, 0 ftihas. Sanor F JarretVCbrlitcpher Bobarta, B W Januau, J D Johiw on, J J Jacobs, G?o Jolin*oo, Bev JeliatoB. I.t A H Jiihrion, Alex KJr.aley, Wm Kiu*. Tbo* B Kennally, Tbo* Knlxlit, 8 B K el ley M BrauikopC L Kelley, J H'e, J r Barer/, J t Bltna, Jno 0 > BtcAn, David Beevea, Cbaa ftnaa, Bourdatt Bobortaon, Wyad Smith, W W Saad*, H S Smith, Wm Bwaeny, Sample Ktllaa, B M Stewart, B B Shear, Robert Btone Col R O BillUan, P W Schirmer, Bona Bheebaa, Michael Lott. Judce Peter : Smith, Ltgan 0 Ly ne, Lt Ont'r B Btetner, L H I,? F<rga JO Latham. J D Le<1)aid, H Lark'na, F R Lyeheie, Me'd L?e, Gea P 8 S Liuaiay, Cbaa L> nfha ?. C Lewi*. Capt L B Montgomery, Wtu MeM'li4m, W N Mayon. Robert Mortia, P Mahao, P J Meyer*. Weleon B'-rau, Anthony Mcrre, Mr Martin, J (1 Moyus le I V Meiian, Jbo Maaon, Joa F Mack, Jno Miner, J M Maaeey, Ja* Me k, Rev J R Mead, Hairy J Midllet n, K 8 Moaiea, D P H,rkio, B*-m*rd McDonald, Ang'ia MrCui day, Da. id Mi Oarthy F P McCarthy, PFI Stewart, Jot B Seymonr. Joa Bhia da, Jno P himpeon, J bo (Vffes P.-w?tienb'ck, Jn* Stevaoa. Ool Jno W Smith, Jam** 8iuit'.i, Jnn A Hm rt, Geo A 0 Kicvna, E C Sacdfor 1, D Short A P Trnntell, W Tncmpeon, W B Turner, TAJ Tata, BrTM Tbonpevn, Tommy Thorne, John Towera, J R Tajb r. Jamea Z Tad ley, E M Timtfl, E Tobias, Cbaa l'mterfi>ld, J T Tan Brant,Cap! G J Taonerarn, J Yarden, R W VUcent, Wm Wliltamaoa A Bra Wrtfibt, W W WcxkI, Wm W Winelow, W Walker. Gon Wm MrLcniure, C"l J C Wild, 8 V K'Mulleu, Jno Watenfnl, Peter MrLalavd. J K Weill. Mayan McCatkaj.P Warlen, Mr MrGraw. Ttin* E Wrlfht, Joa A Mrltona d, Wn Jnt Wll lam*. Capt Jat Mr Artl nr. M Wetberall, Jao W MrGtlne^, M Wlnlle Baxel Nerthrti|., M B WllHame, : amllton Kooi e, M W liliam*. Geo A N< rrl*, M Wll*oa. Ensane M Kusewamar, Jacob W*tta, M?J r R N-vea R Wiet >n. Edward ?l Kelly, Mm rod Well*. EH O'Keefe, Jon William-, D H O'lioii'i w-nek, D William* C D o'Sai ic, H Inrlch W ebh. Col A J Wood, A A Wa-ker. Jbo A4*el Pieaaant*, Jarnb 1 Petulerga. t. Lt A t INITIALS? Minister of Ten/ael* . Mlnteter ef Gaatamala : Mialaiarif Argentina KenBbllt; Pub. of the Ante lean ; Far mer* and MercLanta" Bank; Y. T , 1; A. B. Y., A. B. C. Hoftt JAB G. HKRKrr. P M. WANTS. WANTKD.-A COLORED WOMAN a* Cook. Washer, and Irotier, at -irt H street, comer ol ae S-4t _ WANTED?At 421 H street, On? who tli inuubl* understands None other need apply. IJth. fOACHM AN coiner of MHi. the cstre of horses. KB 5-4t WANTKD.-A WOMAN to Cook, Wash, and Iron for a family a short Hmtnnce in the ? mm try, ^ply on .Monday, at 5? H street, between 6th Tt i streets. It* WANTED.?Now is the tun?? to secure ?oo>1 T? Uirgnmsat KK J'.KMAX'i Che^p ^hoe Stor^, No. 5J'* Penn. nvenue. A uew lot just received, hndies'Gaiters 75 ets. and ^1: tine Henletl Gaiters ?i.5?; Home Slippera .* ? nnri 07'* efs.; Missei Gni tors in otg.; Mix ei SSIippers h2,S cts.; Morocco Moots 75 els.; lioyt' Coniif it Hoots $1 and f l.'i: Men's do. $1.75and Children's J?f sc j It' i S?hoes very cheap. WANTED TU KENT.-A Ismail HOUSE,with ti tinr7rnoni?. Kent n?>r to cxceed per an num. S.tuattd lietwecn 3d and 9th street* north, I'enu. avenue. Ary person ttavin? a House of the af-ovr <*e.,e'ipiion, am find a rareiu! and puuetuat tenant h> r.ddressins "Kenter," this office: family? tiiref persoiiw tintrn. . ?e 5-2t H( ll'SK WANTED. ? Wanted to Went-A BRIOK DWELLING, coiit^imiic alout eicht t .unis, snd d?"-ira(.!y located. Address U. N., through Post Office _ se 5-^t \1|7 ANTED.?A SA I.KSM AN in the Dry Gtrnd* T* liiisitiess. To one ?-e!| aequninteid with the husineHHH litiernl salary will lie given. Ad?lrrs* ( for t'irco dny s) H. G.. Citj font UmM. _ no 4 3t A G N E R Pennsylvania Avencr. Continue* to nrnnuficture BOOKING GI.AS "* PORTK AIT and PIC TI-RL F ilA.MKS, opposite Kirkwood House. ?c 4 WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN is desirous of " olitiiuinz a Sifnntion in a Bank or Rankinc House. Hna hail many years experience at the rouitifr *s filer. The Iwst referetives given. Pleane address L.,at this offioe. ae 4 8t* /VVSTER SHl'l'KER WANTED.-A coodoys ? " ter shuckcr i*'wan ted at !V|vernot*'*Restaurant, Pemmylvauia aveune. First W ard. None need ap ply I-ut h competent hand. so S 3t C'A R I'l?R ANTED.?A steady, uidu7 ' tnous Colorr<l M?:i, who can take Rooil care of a horse, a- d eom?> well recommended antoeh*rao ter, Ao. Apply at the Coal and Wood Yard.onrner <d f>th and II eir'<ets. se 2 if WANTED TO HIRE.-A tnoroufh.Bood COI. ORED WOMAN. Oiio that has been used to the houso, and trained asareltahle housemaid. None need apply w ho cannot brint the l?est ofchar a'ter. Apply to Mr. CROUCH, between 12 and 1 o'clock, at the Academy oi MusiO, corner of 11th street and Penn. avenue. au 29 AlOUNG LADY, who has been taking leaaoms from the liost teachers in the city,and who feels hnrei-.f competent to teach Music and Sinting, is d" irous of obtainine a few priva e Scholars, or a Class in a school or fami ly. Has no objection to go to the country. Terms $8 per ouarter. Apply at 4T8 H street, or address a note to Mim L. P., through the Post Office. se 1-eoSw* WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT.-Wanted on the WasluiiKton Aqueduct?I,?0 MEN. To steady Workmen, laborers. Drillers, Blasters, and Masons, rood wagei* end steadv employment will be KivPii by the United Stater?,awl by Contractors. _ The works now com; on embrace tunnelling, ma??onry in stone and brick, excavation and etn hankment. Apply on the line or at the Offioe in Gooiyetown, D.C. ? M.C.MEIGS, ' jy 31-eolm Captain of Engineers m cltarte. AVANTEP?In the family of a gentleman residing " two miles from the city. a good plain COOK. One who can brine recommendations for skill, hon esty, and c'tiaiiliness will hud acood situation and res'ular wages. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT, oor ner of 6th and D streets. jy 15-tf New jewelry, watches, and sil verware. We call the attention of purchasers to our very large assortment of new and elegant Jewelry?In dies' and Gentlemen's Gold Watches, solid Silver Tea Sets, Waiters, Pitches, Goblets, Spoons, 1*?>. ks, Ao. (C7" Watch Rrpairino.?Wa?ehes and Chro noneters carefully repaired by skillful worktnen. M. W.GAI I'A HHO . Jewellers, se 4-3t 324 P?. ?ve., >iet. 9th and 10th sts. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. TAYLOR A MAURY^S stock of SRrreeing a?d other lustrunieiits fneludes a large afcM.rtment ??? the very l?est nwnuf*cturH in German Silver, sola ?ep* rately or in cises, f om i>5 So eaoft. ? A lao, bun Brass loslruiaents, in on sea. from o Proportional Compasse*. Clauds uornune Glasses, ^Kor nnU ni'*****' AY LOR A MAURY'S For as le ?t Bookstore, amt Mil "tiwet. u x i ZMm a. j ? .Wj a friends and tfe p"ubTic generally, that < wi'l give their Sixth Grahd Ball THURSDAY.SepC ljvto. 1&S7. Far particulars eae fcture advert ieemei MS , THK C*)MMITTKF.. TMIK MEMBERS Ok THK \U\ No PUJ ?lor'i Cfnbt*tr?*reiit pleegwrehiantwnine- f{% inc to their friend* aad the puttie riwt, ml that their Fiisr Cit,>n A**rmbl< will t*k-f ? ???*??*** Partlg1i|p-g m a future advertisement. If _ *T?HK S?K('rtNI> ANN I'M. BALL Of THE ? Awiwyo will be given at |sia?4 fA Hall, on THURSDAY tVKMNli, Ocu W Iter 1st. FV ? ? W*-? Parti en tar* ma latere advertisement. ????? jj XC K L 8 I O It . Tkr UGLY CLUB l?eg l?at? t? inform their frierds and the pin.lie w general, that their Third Grasp Ball wiH ta?e m* at Odd Petlowa' Wad. or * MtlRbi>AV KVtM\o 4 S^p ^ti^er J*tb. t*ST. ? articular* ia fo'.ure wlverttaeaieat. M 1-SAA7* i their A EXCURSIONS, *c. ??ECOND GRAND EXCURSION t? or THK Still Club. Tlia Membe-s ?>f the SrtLL announce to their friend* and the publio generally, (bat at the earnest request of the cit ixe-.s of \Va?hinttoa and Leonard -? ?own, they hare determined to rive an Excursion to LhONARDTOlY N mid PINEY POINToo FRl DA Y, September !1,1857. Tliey?bave cha.tnred the safe and commodious Steamer Powhaias,Captain Mitchel, for the oeca ?ion. Withers' Brass and Hand baa been ec furnished by an experienced caterer. Ticket* TWO iXIIJ.ARS, admitting a ceittle man and two ladirs; to be bad of the owm.Uee or on tmard of the f?? n* on the morning of the Exenr a on, and at the f .I'owmj plaoe* O. bo*we> a Dm. Store, corner Virginia avenue and Seventh at-eet. Captain Birch's. foot of Eleventh *troet, Mr . Hoffman**, opposite Centre Market: Joseph K Burch. Penn*vlv*???aavenue hetwoen Seoond and Tnird etie*ts; Wm. Yoota. corner ol Seventh Mid I. streets; J. D. Bi'ch, F afreet between Eighth and Ninth, Island; J. W. Bean. Odd Fellow** Hall, Navy Vard : i. Willet. do. The Boat will leave loot of 6th street. Washing ton, at 8 o'e'ock, a it.., and Al?xandria at *k'. She wtii have Piner Point on Saturday, the 12th, at l? o'clock p. rn. Omnibuses will leave the Navy Yard at 7 o'clock an<l the Capitol at 7J*. Committee 0/ Arra**t:nr*t*. Jackson Pnmphrey, Edwa d WeM?. VV'nlinm Whitiuore, R. L. ChiMres*, J. D. Birch. Robert Gormell. Fdwin A Ilea. ae Vl AVATh' Fifth grand annual excursion OF THE Boone Rifle Corps, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On THURSDAY. Sept. N th. 1897. The Boo\r Rifi.kwe*, having chartered the aleeiner Thoma* Colltkr. will make an Excursion to the White House' Pavilion on THl RSDAY, K'th . September, 1857. 1 Ther faithfully promise to do all in their power to contribute to the pleasure* of the trip, and respect fnilv solicit the patronage of their friends aud the public generally. T.-e Boat will leave her wharf (foot of 9th stree'? at 8x? o'clock a. m.. and again at 2 o'clock in the af ternoon; Navy Vard wharf at !?o'clock a.< 3 o'clock p. m.; touching at Alexandria on both tnp?. The hr*t return b >at will leive the Pavi ion at ?? o'el<?ck p. m.. lending pe^aenger* at Alexandria, Na vy ^ ard, and C ity wharve.'. The last boat will ?tart at Iw o'elc?ck. Profe*Hor F. Prosperi'a Coti Ion Band ha* l>een engaged.?nd such arrangements have lieen made bv them aa will secure music for both trips and at the Pevilion. The Refreshment department will be in the hand* of Mr. Schaffi'M. eo deservedly popular with all lovers of good living. Price of Tickets. FIFTY CENTS each. Ctmmittc* e/ irr??*rwst.?. Tap-. M. E. Bricht, l.ienr. II. N.Ohrr. I.lent. U. Sanderson, Ensign Ueuj.Sitit. Sergt. T. Kot.inson, Sergt. ^ . U'lxtioell, Corp. T. W. C?H*k, B< roard Bryan. James Forrester, (States.] se 5 4t L^IKST GRAND EXCURSION J OF THE Columbia Engine Company, Ho. 1, TO LEGS A R D TO IF A*. On MONDAY, September 7th. TheCoLrvRiA Firk Company re*peotfnlly an nounoe to the public that the* will give _jr ? ^ their FIRST EXCURSION to ^ LEONAKDTOWN on MO.\ DAY**s*?H September7th. The p'oeeeds of wtnch Will be ap propriated to the erection of a Monument to tfia memory ofBeRJAMix C. GRKsrr.latealellow mem l?er. who lout his life whilst in the discharge of hit duty as a fireman. Withers' CelebreteJ Brass and Suing Band w.ll acc>im>apy tse Excursion. Shvfie d, the exp).ie-iced Caterer, will serve th? Meals. Refreshment*. Ac. Coaches will leave the Navy Yard, foot of the Capitol, Northern Liberties Market, and the Treits - urv Bui'ding at 6>? o'clock a. iu., to ooovey passen ger * to the Boat. The steamer Powiiatax haa been engaged, and will leave lier of 6tli street,*! 7 a.m. pr? - cisely, ari.vmg at l^onardtowu at an earlr hoar in the afYemooj, a-he.e a fine opportunity will he given f<?r the visitors to e.i?<?y the ho-.pitalitiea of the resi dents of Leonard)owu and the vioimt). Salt Water Bathing. Fiabing, Ac., and return at an early hour Hi"next da*. TicLets TWO DOLI.A R S, admitting a gentleman and iady ; ladies' tickets $1. Committer af Arrnntrmtntt. Jas. A. Brown, A. McUermott, lieo. A Barr, laaac Beers, John J. Lacy, P. J. Ennis. C.C. Edelin, F. 11. Sage, C. T. Day. se l-e<>3f (~MIAND MILITARY AND CIVIC * EXCURSION To the Great Falls. The WasHiWTo* H'OHt.AxnrRs take pleasure in announcing to ih?*i' l.iei>ds a?id th<^ Citizens gene.a'l> that tfier Tlurd An | nnal Excursion a >d Ta'get F ring will" take plae*? on MONDAY next. 7th S?,ptember, 1857, to tho (iaEAT Falls. The Ciiiiinuttee of A.-angem^nt* assure their pa trons that every attention will l?? to oomforl and pleasure as to insure that satisfaction wh'ch haa hitherto atte?vle<l thetr eflorts. . The Bo.-1 will leave R liter's wharf. Cieorgetown. at 8 o'clock a. m. precisely, thereby enabling partie* fco-ng to get t'?ere by the stagea which leave the Cap itol end the Northern Market everv t^n minutes. Withers' hue Brass and Cotillon UkI has l?e*n encased; and the Refreshment a will l>e Mipp'ied by that A 1 ?*at-*ier. Re> tiolds, of the Kldorado House. This Excursion will adotl en excellent oppor'u nity for pe.'son* de?irous ?d vi?itmgth* <lriat Talla, the stupendous Aqueduct, end other I'ublic Works. Tickets?admit. >nz a gentleman and ladies?ONE DOLLAR ; to lie hnd ?? *.!r. R itter'a store. George loan; Reynolds' f-.tdorado House, and any of IUe committee. Committee t>f Arraneftnrnt*. Capt. Jno. Watt, Ex-Captain Bain. Lieut. Cam pi ?r! I, First Sergeant McKay, L'eut. Revtiolds, Color Sergeant R:uue\. se 1 -ji L LOST AND FOUHD. OST.?A piece of IRISH LINEN,(%hou' eight I yards) marked on the top. wiin blai k ink. V. R , and with a red stamp, manufactured t.y Huhy N\ a lace. The bone*' hnd-r will p'ei?e return it to J N. COHN.4W5F street, between 3d and 2d, west. I suppose that I lost it from D to E and F street, thron-h to7lh afreet. H * w*.": KKWARD.?Strayed Irom my nr<nu??s *??) Saturdiy. August A'd.asmall Rt.Ugpf-y COW. about 4 or 5 years old. No marks . * *? ? V juaiD ' >IU ? .Til IIIIIRP rememberert. except that her h??rn? stands* very straight up. and l<?oks rather a nd. I will give the tNsrr rewanl for her return, or any informatt< u that I may *?t her. RICHARD PETT1T. Georgetown. O. C. se4-.1t* \ REWARD.?Strayed or st??len from nn prc?n - ises. on thetSthof August,a inedium^*'-r?je s./ed C<> W , color red and white, face ami mi breast white, with a white streak down her&ai^ta* tiack. and three o( her legs white; has a gimlet h'>|? in one o" her ? ?r*. and one ear cnt in three place*. The finder will rcoeive the al*?ve rewanl l>y return in: liertoW. S. NICHOLLS.Georfcctown Heights, ae 3 fit ? C RE WAR I).?Stra; ed awai on the ?:th of Au v** gust, a light ied bulTsio COAY, with j white star in her forehead, white spot* onmy' her aide, white lack, and one fore leg ?ndA^dam breast white. The aU?ve rewa d will be pai<l for her del i very to GEORGE Bl CKERT. E *treet south, between !3thaud 14th streets east. Washington. 1 . C. *i- *-V LOST.?Aa I have been legally eottfied b* the Commissioner of Penaioiis that a BOUNTY LAND WARRANT for one hundr<>d and twenty acres. No. 9u,02l was issued on the l<*h of Jsnuar*. 1857. in the name of James Griffin a* Private in Cap tain Fierce'* company, Virginia Militia. Wtr 1*12. and sent to my adilres* of Berlin. Virginia. A* no such Land W'arranttia* n-verconie to rn? har>ds,?wr to the owner, ami as every reason exist that a*id warrant has been lost, inissent. or atolen '"*!," the mail on tranainnt froia Washin?t?m city, li. C., to Berlin, Virginia; and the object of thi* advertise ment isto give doe notice that I shal makeappiica. tion at the Pension Othce of the I nited State* for a dupiic.ite alter given ihe no'ice oy WW. au 13 wGw EDWIN liK A USIIA W . Attorney. REWARD will l?e paid lo- theaoprehe?i ?>?>() hensiun of my SERVANT MAN. AS ORViLLE, provided he is st cured in any jail CflL ?o that I get hmi again. He is ver* like about the cities of the 0"*tnc?, or their n*ethls>r V> hood iu Virginia, which h?? fre^R^aily l?s* ? the case before. He left home on Satuiday, 2Ed of Aiunat, to virit hi* wife, who live* with the widow o| ilie late Mr. Tower*. Orville i* a mulatto (not ven bright )*l>out ? yanr* of age. abort and stout, with a broad face and 11 think > a scar on the forehead. B. W. HI NTER. se l-lw* Alexandria noaaty, Va. f-.bin REWARD.?IUmw ir-au n*?- ?u aa - J ber. living near Urper Martborr.ugb, nuoe lirorce'a oourty, Md.. on the 2?tli oi April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. alwui ?7 i ears of age,& feet, b incbaa high-a dark miilatt'i?ha* a 'arge l*i.-hy bead, wit , whisker* round hi* faoe, medium sise aisi down look. II- may lure himself in the District, where he has relative.*, or make lus waj to some feee State, aa he left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dollar*, if taken out of the State? flM (f taknn in the District, or aay other part of Marrland, and San if taken in thiseounty. In either oaee he must iteaecured ao that 1 get bim. WILLIAM J. BERRY, I down