Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1857 Page 1
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I " VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1857. NO. 1,447. I* PUB US RED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BLILDINGS, ('omer ?f Pa. armne and hlntnth *tre?t, By W. D. WALLACH, and is served to subscribers by oarriera at SI X AND A QUARTER CENTS. payable weekly to the Agents; papers served in packaces at 37S o?nU per mouth. To mail subscribers the subscription pnoe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CFNTS a year i* ad ran-". TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months: for lens than three months at the rate of 12Sceutsa week. ID-SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE FASHIONS. BOX5ETS Axn BIJOtTTKRIB. The opening of milliner? will not take place much before the ,20th. but come idea of the styles that may prevail, may he obtained by l?*>king at tho French import ft lions They ex hibit a perceptible enlargement over the face, while the sloping crown, descending still more, is reduced almost to a nonentity. There are sign*. however, of a revival of the straight orowns. The fall trimmings, for bonnets worn on the promenade, consist of ribbons and feath ers, chiefly the latter, all of the same color with the bonnet. The lace called ?? l'lmperatrice," resembling the trimming for mantillas, which originated last season, promises to be much in ,*Ior- ** kro*D. b'ue. or green, in (lif erent shades, and the bonuet made of this material is decorated with ostrich pluinesof the tame color, tipped with marabout, the trim ming put far in front?where thero is a fall of lace?so as to dispense with any for the inside, except ruohe of illusion. A bonnet of dark silk, covered with delicate chenille netting, and trimmed with ends of chenillc and flowers, has also been much admired. But tho various styles will require further description. "1 tie taste in bijouterie is decidodlv toward a more lavish expenditure in the article. We have seen a lady's white wrist perfectly loaded with bracelets, each of which, had it been iron instead of gold, would have been complained of as a grievous fjtter The huge links of man acles were there, but the yellow tint substituted compla.-ency for repining. A bridal s?-r of jewelry has been on exhibition here, within a fortnight, composed of diamonds of the purest water, mingled with costly pearls, and consist ing, besides bracelet, brooch, uccklao, Ac., of *? agrafes." for looping up th?* lace skirt, formed of a rieh cluster of gems This splendid sot is of the rarest workmanship, and probablv costs a hundred thousand dollars A nice little for* tune for a bride to ^ive away with her farr selffor the ley I decision of some judge, we do not remember where, has settled that a life's ornaments belong to her husband. The fashion of setting diamonds in black enamel has become genera!, especially among ladies not very you'htul. A bracelet of these magnificent gems, precisely like one worn by the Empress hug-jie, has be*n exhibited at the store where it is for sale. Florentine jewelry?in imitations of an tique articles, grotesque heart shapes, and v assical fornu?ij considerablv worn for home evening costume. Of this kind id the wreath made fir Madame La Grange?a double wreath of laurel leaves, studded with acorns?the price of which was five hundred dollars. The del icate flower clusters and wrought ornaments of coral. so much worn with light dresses durin<? the summer, will probably give place to heavier ornaments as the season advances. OPERA CLOAKS. The approach or the Oj>era sea?on. which is expected to be one of unusual brilliancy, has caused the modistes to have in readiness some new and beautiful opera cloaks. One is rut like a small shawl, the circle, which is wide from the shoulder, forming a sleeve, the lower part so hollowed as to form two points, to which tassels are attached. The nock has a cord and tassels, and hoods are a universal appendagfe: Another, nearly of the saino shape, ha- wide sleeves inserted. It is of fine white cashmere, bordered deeply with silver plush, with heavy chenille tassels depending from the sleeves, which are also trimmed with plush The ouilt ed lining is of cherry colored satin. The centre of the hood is quilted with white satin, embroid ered with silver plush, and finished with che nille tassels The hat is of rico straw, bordered with a fall of lace and trimmed with a cherry colored plume, and the strings of white taffeta are bordered with cherry velvet an inch wide. In this elegant oostume the wiles of coquetrv may be as perilous as in a ball room. shawls axd vamtles. But few of the new styles have as yet been ' shown to the public. Among these, wc notice ! one just imported from Paris It is of the cir- ! euiar shape, and folds over the arm like a wide sleeve. The material is a line drab plush of exquisite quality, varied by wide stripes of plaid plush in very gay colors ; the stripes run ning straight up and down, and alternating with equal widths of the drab, with borders of plaid uown the fronts, wliicb are brace J aero** with straps and buttons. The hood is made like a handkerchief, the cover folded square across, ornamented at the side by corners of plaid plush, and finished with rich tassels to Correspond. It is confined at the nc<-k with cord and tassels, which may be slipped so us to allow it to full partlr off the shoulders. and dis play the eieg*iice of the drea* beneath. The fashion of having the walking dress and pardessui of the same material and color has been gradually gaining gr< und But when the season is at its height this will not generally prevail. Plush and chenille will be favorite materials for the ground work as well as for the trimmings of garments. A graceful and stynsh mantilla for this month is a shawl com posed of a "m ill square of black cashmere fold ed over and bordered with crimson c.isbmcre which is edged with deep lace. " The Shetland has been lately introduced It netted by hand, of fine woollen yarn, of white or some subdual color, and the lower part pres ints the apj*arance of a circular chenille shawl iu chiatx pattern, with black border aud fringe It is very beautiful, and the plush, whi?h is usually in a .ariety of bright colors, form* a rich bor>i?r to tho central of lesx prominent tint A new woollen shawl is so arranged as to be capable of folding into three different, including a stella and a plain centre and a plaid corner folded over. Drt Goons.?The bayadere siks of the new en styles are imported in "solid" eolors. which are pushing out the chene and embossed ?trin< a of last -cason Light colored robes are brocaded in bayadere strips of the width and pattern of a flounce, of the same shade as the robe but ?o exquisitely wrought as to stand out with dis tinct effect. I n other sty ies the stripes are nar rower?some two inches wide?and composed of fine corded satin, alternnvd *?ith equal spaces ot plain silk The patterns for flounced robes are chiefly designed in velvet?eoiuprisin* un immense variety of styles?with suj-erb combi n ?lions of silk and velvet. The floaers are of ten in clusters, surrounded by a Sue tracery of fo.iage, A beautiful novelty in the way of or nament to the sides of the tkirts of pliin silk dresses is made ot chenille, formed into a side stripe of flowers and foliage, and adaptod to fancy eolors. This would bes a pretty evening costume, with a berthe lor the low-n*cked waist jfoire antique, iu dark brown, blue and drab, will be more worn this fall, and may he ren dered m .re dressy by a si Jo stripe of fan<-y plaid Besides the>e aud plain taffetas, which u.-t rather expensive, dresses of small che-kered silk, black ??r brown and white, are striped at the sides with bright plaid ribbon?the waist and sleeves trimiuod to eorrespond Valencias, too. have b?-en imposed in great variety. Tbo?e of plain lr ib have wide borders plaided in *ay colors; others are ll >unced. the patterns worked in t.ui?*y colored chr-nil!<*. Tbe side strij>es, 1 t! bid fair to become universal, figure largely also in the rnou saline de laiues, which are a suitaMe attire either for home or promenade < j^tuiiM). S-xne of the widest stripes are de signed in large palm leaf patterns, with a snakier one for the waist and sleeves. The pyramid quwie. or side stripe in robes is devel oped however most elegantly in rich heavy taffetas, in snades of brown, blue and purple. Ihe stripe is block velvet wrought in leives and flowers, sometimes with a scroll or vine border, or an arabesqu. patu.rn. A narrow trimming of the nam* material accompanies x? f"r the wsist *nd These styles will be sought with avidity, while the lluuneed robes of whuh thevare established the formidable rivals, will continue to be in ex tensive d?maud. They are too graceful to be abandoned. 11^ ~on:.~l?o*|y wiids tbe Kuirk^ilioi kernu i(? ? ?riptl >n U?I the Huwj <1 I'ayue M< n lti? ">?'? wheuihj rent I* spirit re rea.a** beyond the azure <iome, . outstretched, ??od's anseis sanl; ' VV ?l0jut0 te Heaven's Hunu, HcmtP " " THE AT ;n^h,LJ,I1?WiD* deMriPt?on of a camp meeting V?|J^rn-COUnt7' N Y- bT " the ^??>ando3 Time* whi u "PI?6*? ,n New Yorkriundav iViT.n.ri .'l J T*m*rk* that it b one of the irrev^?ren^ V*?*" It seems rather alMdT! ? be sure, but the <J.| fellow menns li ??i r>TW Sa.t,ro for fau?tici?n and hypocri sy, not for genuine religion : .... Saimt Nickalas Hottbl, Aue 14. iJ\ V"" ?Ji S"*"*<>Jr'Tir,,,, I returnt yes terday from h>koharry county, whar I hcv ben witnossing the extrordinery and frantick capers of relidjtn turn! out to grass. In uther wurds, Iveben to see that specious of the rooral ele fant called a catnp ineetin. It va; all noo to me. never bevin pardissipated in wan of these precchm and prayin bees afore. I persoom i?.r was about five hundred sinners on the camp ground, and xnebbeo fifty or sixty saints, or less, k war re red in tents and shanties. The sinner?, as I was informed by tvun of the watchmen of the camp, had cum to be born ngen. and tfie saints, I spose. attended as a kinder relnljis nrcoonhrrs to assist in that inv rackalus ooerashin. The preechers, as was nateral, ockypide the best shanty on the ground, and this hedkwarters of holiness whs amply purwislnned to stand a week's se~o from , en?ny?n?l all his imps, which was lateral also, the laborer bein wurthy of his hver ^knmtnagtng with Satan at ninety decrees of r annheat in the shade, is blarin wurk and as bar was four sarinints, six hims, two sanis, and twenty-two prairs got off doorin tho day and nite I *1w on the spot, Ime wilfe to admit that these hcrinjy bush filers airnt thar grub an.l the c?l leek shun*, witch was frequint. The munny. howsever, whs for the Mlvishin of the canny balls of Madd ygascar, who is literilly bes recently ben com i -m }? etoJwo, mw?hinnerri?B in order par arrival ? J tL'V ?io"8 aPPeti?hts ontil the arrival of a cargo of the bred of lire. In coarse. onder seteh suckemstances eontribushins was i <oral. and 1 hope when the savidges gets the Bibles and tho Testymenta it may do em good. ?Vn. ,P,n? 8t*n<1,in tbc ?Pnt" "f the cam,, was fined doorin the hours of wusbip with indi widyals in black sutes, white chokers and strait ETS??Z ^ faccs Pcercti bev been sot arter the same pattern?ercs thrown un paids, mouth corners pulled down, and a Ken v i ??Pr?8iS,on a* ?f they was under the gallm, had bid adoo to thar friends, and waa goin to be turned off in the full expektstion of an everlas tm brile. Theydidcnt feel that way, Ime awar; jjuite the rewerse: but appcerinces is so deceet Well, these specimens of the salt of the arth . /L10 ?>"i I>ray and sing, until they d aJ| had a shy at sin and inickity. lhar principal tropics was onquenchable fire and brimstone, and the varus modes of apnlyin the same to the squirmin poppylashin of the lower rejins. Sum was described as twitnmin on lickwid combustables; sum aa feedin vora shusly on red-hot coles, and bein everlastingly refused a drink of water to cool off with; others as bein continally surrounded with flames with out bein consumed, like one of Herrings sala manders All the time this was goiu on, them a* Be l enm to get relijun, and was bound 'o uev it, sponimly the wimmin on the frunt sete? kept screeohin "Glory"' ?? Hallylooyer:" And the hotter the rreecher heted Tofit, and the uiure aimestly he declared that they were all 4'"'I rv" direkshun, the more they yelled Arter gcttin tliroo this interestin part of his discourse, the minister gcnrally went in for the new birth, upon which the feuinales who he i hollered - glory" and ?? hallylooyer"' over the lire and brimstun pamigea. l>egu? to grone and si the and pray to be delivered, as ef they was in the greatest agenny. Kevral drapt ofl the benches and was carried in kickin eonvul shuis into thar tents and shanties, whar they arterwards receved spiritual consolashin from the f-rethren^ When they cum out of the fits, they was considered as hevin experenced reliil jun, and bein a fair way for the new birth. >ot bein trubbled with enny simtuins of the prevaliu spirityal epjdemick, ^ kep my wether eye skinned, and watched what wus agoin on along the outskearts of tho camp, as well as on the inteeryur. W hile so dooing, I seeu a good uienny brethren and sisters wandering off inter the hushes, irhar they sumtioies remaned as much as an hour? n ray in I persoom. Als<,, 1 wunst or twict lookt inter the shanties whar young wimmin just conviuced <.fsin was re cevin relidjus instrukshun frum the preachers. 1 never seen --eu.h brotherly luv?it was truly eudifyin. J As 1 wus ridin to the ralerode stashin in the mornin, reflectin on the marcies of Providenoo. and con pari n the prcochin and the praying in ? k.diarry to the manner in the wilderness, I cuia upon a board nailed to a tre by the r^le eido. hevin this inskripshun : "Tni? IS THK WAT TO TH* SCAMFMEETING." I tuk a quick larf, thinkin to myself "thar's meouy a troo word ted in jest." lours, aliers, A I)lSBA5PRn VoLr.tTBKR. 15 Ton.l WITH A PorKET FfLL ttV RotKS ? A Tennessee planter lately visited New Orleans, an j .ntopj>o?l Ht (be St. Churlcd Hotel, and in the course of a week created a prodigious sensation He was a stout, plain baking old fellow, and on the trip down from Memphis contrived to eet very drunk, so that from the time he ltnded in the city until he left he carried on like a crazy utt>in. paying fifty or a huudred times tho value h,? bought He gave a colored barber f20 for shaveing him and refused to take any change; Paid half a dollar for a glass of li quor declined the change and gave the bar keej^r $2rt additional as a free gift. On the latter being rejected, the planter crumpled up the bill, threw if behind the counter, and walked off :n a rage. He had all his pockets stuffed with bank notes of tho denominations of hun dreds, fifties and twenties, which he threw awav recklessly. If he ran against a person he dashed a iiandtul < f bills in his face. Not satisfied with ltii?; he afterwards paraded about with a linen b.ig so full of silver that it bent him down to carry it. Wherever he had a chance, he paid for drinks. ?c., with a handful of half dollars After a three days' U>ur of this description he paeked up and traveled back to Tennessee, where he belonged. Ho is said to be quite wealthy. The suckers about town are believed to hare reaped a grand harvest out of this poor inob/iate's folly. jfy* The Philadelphia Lodifer introduces an aiti? le on " Modern Dentistry*' with the follow ing anecdote;? " Auout thirty yea ? since, a popular D. D .the pn??or of the principal church tn a Ne\r K inland town had the misfortune to kno k his whip handle ai;aiii?t a front tooth and l,re <k It off abort. The result was that he could n??t ?p ak dihlinctly enough to be understood It was Sit irday, and there wa no dentiat nearer than Huston. Bein*/ of a mechanical turn, he gotaflle and a hit of Ivory, ttl?*d out a tooth to match the re*t, fi*tcned in with a pivot, and preached the n?-ir day, making the clrcmn?tance, we believe, the f >nnd;ttloii for an apology for repealing a ser mon he had d-'livi-red t>efore. Ten years after w ud?, ht- showed us that tooth, still *uf,- and s >und in his head " Dr. I'nderhill has reduced eat in j; trra pes to a science. Here are his direction* : ?? When in h-alth, ?wullow only the pulp. When the bow. e n are co?five and you wi?h to relax them, *wal iow the seeds with the pulp, ejecting the Mkin. When you wish to check a too relaxing state of the howels, swallow the pulp with the skins, ej-*ctitig the *e?-ds. Thus may the grape he used a? a medicine, whilst at the same time tt serves as a luxury unsuipissed hy any other cultivated fruit. An adult in-'.y eat from three to four pounds a day with benefit ' It is well to take them with i ur iiiirued Uely after your regular meals." IT7* The annual military reviews of South C.tioUaa are now in progress. This is about the only State in the Tnion now that keeps up a tho r u ^h military o'ganization. The good old times of ?' May trainings," fall *? musters, ' *c., se^ru nev- r more to exist except ia tl?e glttu spots of '?ehUdbood's better days/' FOB RENT AND SALE. I^OR RKNT-A RARE CHANCK?Kov un P der construction, 12 large and airy rooms, with *11 the conveniences of water and lights. The looa tion is in the principal business square of the city, Km! tho rooms are well adapted for Dentists. D?u?r reotj pists, Offices. A o. Also, a convenient anil airy Basement, suitable for any light business. The whole finished and well lighted in the moat improved manuer, alter the New York styles. wall a stephens. No. 322 Penn. avenue, between 9th and nil 18-lm loth ata.. eutrance on D at. ?M>R RKNT.-The three atory BRICK HOUSE r situated on'5th street, opposite the new exten* aion of the Treasury department, and within a stop of Penn.avenue and \V illarris' Hotel. The Ifouae contains 10 good rooma, beside* store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the host in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply on tho premises, No. 474. au_17-tOct>* _ _ I^ARM FOR SALE.?A piece of fine LAND on Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, liohrer, and Hawkins. l12Xaores. A l>eantifu| loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rioh creek t?ottom. and some fine yellow p:ne timber. It oan be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses thoae whodesiroto purchase. je 4-tf I^OR RKNT.-A modern built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful arT airy location, fronting one of Ihe pul>!i** res ervations. and commanding an extensive view of the oitv, the river, ami Georgetown. It haagaa through out ; water and bath-reoio. To a careful tenant the rent will 1?? moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tf 1MVO FIRST CLASS HOUSES. JI'ST FIN IfHKI). FOR SALE, situated on I street, near I7f h.?These Houses are each 23 feet 6 inches wide, by Sf feet deep, three stories high, and base ? ment, and contain all the modern conveniences and improvements. ALcy in the rear. Apply to R1GGS A ?H>. an j!w _ Arnvs confectionery for sale. Thi? w?ll known and popu nr estabiishinont is now offered for Sale, thus presci;tiiig a rare opportu nit) for n good Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitable business. Possession can be had 1st No veml>er. The three-story Brick Hou*e, now occu pied as aliove. is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased an inay be desired. For particulars inquire on the premises. No. 84 Bridge street, Georsetown, I). C., or to Wll, BR IDG ES, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore. _a 11 jT7_t f . I^OR SALE.?A FARM of about 100 acres, in r Mostjinawry county. Md.,ten milesirom Wash ington, on tho Colesville road, improved with a Brick Dwelling, a tog barn ami stalile.and a fine orch ard of choice fruit. Apart is set with clover, and the whole well fenoed. A tvirgain may be obtained if evly applied for, or would exchange for city prop erty. H. N. LANSDALE, Atent. No. SM M street, nil 2V1m" or through the City Post Office. fj^OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner o Nvw Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenuo 132 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 2"*5feet 11 inches,and containing uearlj sqoare feet. may 8 tf W. F. PHI LI.I PS. F^OIl R ENT?The two comfortable and oonveni ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,tire now undergoing complete re pair, and will b? for rer.t on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to uirents having children to educate. Apply to JOliN L. Kl DWELL. Huh street. Georgetown. jy 27 AVALl'ABLK FARM For SALK.?For sale A FARM of *43 aTes. in f'ulpeper Coun ts. Virginia, one mile Irotn Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu ral :y excellent.and ma\ economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as line crops as are grown an) where 111 the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timl>er. much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to he reached by means of the railroad : also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prioeg. The buildings areall on a hill, and, With small repairs, ruaj It* made comfortable lor the residence of a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of thejoint owners of this Farm now reside# in the West. arid 1a determined to sell will he sold a great Istrgain.on very aocommodat 1 nit terms. Persona disposed to purchase may inquire fttr fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLAtH, editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ise*. jy 8-tf Wood and Coal. w O O D AND COAL. We are now reajy to supply all orders for WOOD and COAL that um> lie entrusted to our care, and will guarantee satisfaction in the same. iF/" Vessels arriving weeklr. i/'Coa! kept in floored and roofed yards. if"? 240 Ilw. to the ton. , i~ Proinpt personal at tent ton given to every order T. J. A W. M. GALT, N. W. corner 12th and C street*. No,517, ac 5-2w One square south of Pa. avenue. IOI1N T. GIVEN A CO., J \Viio!.F? mil Rktail Dkai.kbsin C O A I. AND W O O D, S. XV. cor. of C and 14th $ts.,near Canal Bridgt. Always 011 hand, (of prune quality,? a large stock of WOOD, and the various sixjs and Itiuds of COAL. Fair dealing may be relied on in all oases. Orders solicited. an22-eo!m ^OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! The sulwcribera are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with thoir orders for Coals of any sire or kind they may want, of ?ia good quality as comes to this market. Also, a good supply ef WOOD, at No. 475 10th street, between D ana E streets, and Potomac Bridge. Coal 2.240 Iba. to the ton, au ll-.-awtiw J. S. HARVEY A CO. ^Mi^RLAND COAL. Orders will be received for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter oargoea of the best quality CUMBER LAND COAL. in lump, or the run of tho mines, at the very lowest cash prices. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Grocery Store, au 20-tf No. 5M :2th street, corner of B street CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging, 100 tons Cumberland Goal. CASTLEMAN A BRO., It 77 onrner *th and B sts.. opp. National hotel. >1 ILLINERY. DRESS MAKING. m. wTllian, OrPOSlTK Cr.STRK Marxbt, Oll'ors Fall supplies of BONNETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, TRIMMINGS. CLOAKS, CHILDREN'S DRF.SES. EMBROIDERIES, I.ACES, Ao. Ac. Dresses made in the latest Stjles. The ladies are respectfully in. ited to call and ex amine the stock. (States! so 2 2w M ME. KLEIN A CO..(from France,) -? DRESS MAKERS, No. 391 Pa. av., between 4>a and Gib sts. Pleating. Fluting. Crimping, Drceses, Curtain Blenching and Old Embroideries transferred to order. u 18-lm JVJOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT 1> LIQUORS.?ARNV A SIIINN are theonly ones in the District who have stock PORTER and ALE, and always have a supply on hand; so give them atrial. Leave your orders with the drivers, or at their Union Bottling Depot, No.57 Green street Georgetown. D. C 22 07ft UNDER BROWNS' HOTEI.. O I Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R P.A DY-M A DE CLOTH ING and (ient's FURNISHING GOODS of tho finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37" Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance. ma? 30 1 IntelA States) IC LOT H I N 0. -i A DIES AND GENTLEMEN liaving any to dispose of nan receive a fair cash price for the same, by sending or addressing H. MELA, N'o. 80 Louisana avenue, between 9tli and loth streets, west end Centre Market. N. R. Business suspended on Saturday. it '/n ?m* HT. M KLA DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. I am all limes supplied with all the various kinds of DU PONT'S GUNPOWDER,and am prepared to supply the same in any quantity to parties wanting, on tue most ftoorabie terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia, No. 36 High street, mav 13 tf (Intel.* States* Genrcetown. I). l?. JVTEW^ MUSIC, ITALIAN VIOLIN AND (iuitar Strings,rece.ved this our 1'iaiio and Musio Store. JOHN F. ELIJS, ce I Penn. are..wl.Wh?al HU sts. m I'ECI AL NOTICE TO SPORTSMEN. I would onll your particular attention to Du Pont'g No. 4 GUN POWDER, which for strength, clean liness, color, glanng. and evenness of grain is un surpassed by auy Powder ever introduced. W. ALBERT KING, Sole Agent for the District of Columbia, an 2S t f No. as Hish street. Georgetown, L>. C. i IR hiK ^ O I N OK R-GR F. E N OI N <? EH GREEN GINGER reoeivsd, and for ?-ile by KING A BI RCHELL, iv > Vermonl aeeene and IWh street.^ JELLING OFF SELLING OFF!!? Our en W5 tire stook at oost. Nonnmbug. 11. J. Mclaughlin a co.. ?? I 20 batweeuttli and Vth atresia. EDUCATIONAL. RVOPPrrpiM'.*x,KNRV PALMER . intimates to his pupils friends, and the public generally that the PIANO FORTH ('LASSES Will resume their duties On MONDAY, September 7th. 1857. ? Prospectuses and all information mar l>e obtained upon application to Mr. Palmer at his residence JSi f ?tw?l,iif8r I3M. aiArt^Vf^!. ^re~Flvl Rnd Tk* Dollar* per quarter of lenoni, Mr. Palmer's Class Instruction for the Piano Forte Having been demanded in Baltimore, the days of meeting in \\ asluugton will bo only on .Monday, ruesdnf, Thursday, and Friday. 1 "".'ion.ii.), I he Georgetown Piano Forte Classes will com mence as soon ,%s arrangements can lie made, to which end the residents of Georgetown are respect foruiw,nVe* l? 0oI,UUUJiJ0ate wail Mr. Palmer Arrangements have been made with the largest publishing establishments in New York and Phila delphia for an abundant supply ofthe best and new est music for the pupils. *e3-lw NOTICE TO THE GEORGETOWN P.ANO \t ... Ta CLASSLS. ; I?? lY Ukxrt Palmer begs to acquaint bis Pu pils in f.eoreetowii that he has completed arrange ments to give his lessons as before, at the (i'org'tovn Female Seminary, now conducted by M. J. Harrover. All persons desirous of becoming pupils of Mr . ?a'iT7 ar<> l^uastcd to meet at the SrininarT. at 10 o'olook,j>a Monday. Sept. Uth. se 7 ACADEMY OF MUSIC, " r. . WasHIJCOTOK, D. C. Corner of 11 fA street ami Pennsylvania avitw T, . <orer Farnh*m's Rook Store.) I hn duties of this Institution vriil re.sum" their H<,t!v,tr ? regularity, and punctuality, on and after I uosday next, September 1st, i%7. (classes 1, 2, and 3, will, as heretofore, meet on Monday and Fhuraday, at 2 o'clock p. in. Junior Classes, Tuesday and Friday, at 9 o'clock a. m i.,?rfr!rr,',"i%akTue,'i"r

Elementary Classes for Beginners, Tuesday and The principles upon wruch this Institution are founded are precisely those of the Kojal Academv, pj?hh? uLrs:ryntoir*? "f rni" *nd Milan, pupils tak^parti' LCCtUrC3 Ma "Ven 1U wh,ch ll"? Principal F. N'ICHOLLS CRoiTH, . Tne Composer. HIvlr ,u"r" ^"*lnf?f Consultation at the Mall or the Academy daily, from 12 to 1 o'clock, or tnrough the post and music stores. an CM-tf ??CHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. r W??FJJ/ANE?lTS HOOKS, CHEAP PT'B n b? 'PwS'. PERIODICALS, and \K\VSP\ D V r*"11 prices, sf the NORTII ERN LIBERTIES CHEAP BOOKSTORE,3.7 .'* ? ab?ve the Northern Market. _ aug 29-lin* QS0R^?v^,OTA^15?T,Tl-TK. This Institute will be opened for the reception of l ?n l''e Monday of September next, The object of the Principal is to afford facilities for the acquisition of practical and classical educa tion, and to prepare those intending to enter up<ni a collegiate oonrse, for the lushest classes of College Keing a graduate of Dickinson College, he feels himself prepared to teach Ancient and Modern Lan guages, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics. Mental f .'".v*1 ?Philosophy, and will give especial atten tiont? the ordinary English branches. i he scfi<?Ja?tio je&r will !>e divided into quarter* of eleven weeks each, and at their close reports will be sent to parent* showing the progress of their children in study and defHiftment. ,,,' er me payable at the close of each quarter. tuition f<>r English branches per quarter 21 tuition /or Languages extra /on No extra charge for the higher branches of Math ematics. ?n<;,.,!Iii?r{-n8 V'6 n?od?,?t*. h*'n* twenty five dollars annuallr for Knglish brandies; and thirty two in cluding the entire course. 'I he discipline of the School will he sufficient!? strict to secure attention to study and correctness oi deportmcnt, and special attention given to the morals of those who mty be placed undr.r the super visiouofthe Principal. ' ({ kffrfnce*. . w. are pleased to refer those wishing to patronize en^es'9 ^'"owln8 gentleman as refer Bishop LI Waugh, D. D., Baltimore. Fev. ft. F. Brooke. do. ., v* Hirst, Winchester, Va. lion. Ilowell Cobb, Washington. lion. Horatio King. Ass't Postmaster General, Kev. I>,iy, Brown, Georgetown. Kev. J.N. Coombs, -(ldo. John Dickson. ^J?. au 28 tf V'f'J'N'i LA 1)1 KS SF.MIN A K Y,~ I Corner of Monttomtry and It unbarion sts., Ci SORti KTdWN , L). C. Mks.Ge.n WHEELER, Principal. he duties ol this Institution will lie resumed on I ne.sdat, September 1st, when a share ol the public patronage is respectfully solicited. ?u U-eotSeptl5 Pianos, &c. AC A R 1).?A CHANCE RARELY MET " TH BY TII()SF. WHO a i IANO FORTE.?I havenow instor the lo.lowuig great liarrains: If? If' I wo superb Pianos, four round corners, rosewood oases, seven octaves, used only a 1-w months. I "5125 timi1 p"<*> t4?siizszz5z8i'i3&:"'w'?i '',wo-,ron The above Pianos are sold for no fault, but be Jot.ged to families who have removed to the west, and left them with us to be sold They are resllr and truly great bargains. We are prepared to give a written guiraritee with them, and w?il,at any fu ture diy. exchange, if partien are not Hatched. Also, a line second-hand Piano of llaliet A Davis' 5*", used but eighteen months, and cost .^??;>tW0.T,00nd-'!?nd ^hickering's for ??175oach, at the Groat 1'iauo VVarerOomsof au 19 yw Penn. are.. liet.Pth and lOt'h'streets. WG. METZEROTT has now on hand a large . assortment of PIA N'< iFOKTKS., ,r ? Dy Kosenkranz,Baconk Raven^nd sillier. Also, several seoond hand Pianon? I ? ? I? which he will sell for cash, or ou monthly pa*inents. ? lanoe and Melodeone from 5.45 to gi5n. One sec ond-hand Melodeon for $2t>. PuMinofortes for rent. Tuninj by Mr. Rebine. fill 1 z |^JOLD MEDAL PREMIUM ? W11,1.|AM k/aU!? mRTKS (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk, (takhlk A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and 8i *S y ORTES, underMie name or \\ illiam K nil be A Co., at the old stand. Not. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North r'utaw street op poMto the Eutaw House, Baltimore. V1 !L1T nl,i0 Jl,8t a new Pales Boom af No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Lislit streets, on the premises partly oocipied by Mr Menry McCaflery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of p'ain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes al?o, Melodeons. from the best makers, from 4 to 5 octave, some with double key boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small ohurches. Bong extensively coated in the manufacture o Pianos we will sell wholesaleand retail, on the mot liberal terms* Our Pianoi wore awarded the highett Premium (gold medal) at the Faire of the Mary land Institute two successive^r, law, and iRSK-m op position to fonrteer: and eighteen piano* from some of the best mukerit rrom New York, Boston and Bal timore. \\ e wore also awarded the first tke Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir ?nd 1856. They have also beou awarded the htghest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics l*air for 1R57. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nmls from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry. which can l>e seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the turn appreciation in whioh our instruments are ever? where held. All instruments are jrnanuifeed for five years, and a privilege of exchange isgranted within the firstsix months rrom the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to rive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. JMT WM. KNABK A CO. A ULT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB". _ _ -_r "AuL chbl). UK 1"w Prepare<l to furnish AiiIOm Mr'r \<?rk. Ault's FUrly Large Vork.9? 11,.l,Jlock> Ault's Preiiiiuni^^ Dutch, Drumhead, Savoy, and all other va netieeorCABBAGE sbEDsf Also Spinach, Kale. Lettuce. Cauliflower, and all other kinds of GARDEN SEEDS. All the above are fresh, pure aud genuine: the same superior quality as sol.T by ua last and former jears. and will give entire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For recommendations we refer to any person who has used thein. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L Al'LT A SON. Corner Calvert and Water ats., Baltimore. Md. I!h.r.?r 7nt by.m)1i| or 'T the Adams R CheBP> ?"<< ?l?lck m#an? o| carriage, au IB lm W'Sr!SW 6USS.-S00 boxes le by 15 French Window Glass win |? S4?ld at one dollar and ?cventy-fi ve per box for cash, in Iota of M boxes Also, a full supply of large sixa French GlivSs 1st 2d, and 3d qualities. 4 br B Glass for hot-hoa.e. * ?.V 10. ? b, 12, 0 by 12, and ft by 12 cheap ' * l'y Alexandria. Va/' H* *ILLK*. ?ON A CO. pUBA HONEY. ^ ~ LouiMMia^kvwitto'.n St?r#* No' 464 ,3fti ',rMt and ^ ,wf JONAS P. LEVY. EDUCATIONAL. ^EORGETOWN COLLEGE. ( Studies wdl hA re?um?l in this Institution on Monday, the "th uf ScpLeint?ei next. aujtf Tm ?. A. MAGUIRE. Pres. EAST WASHINGTON SEMINARY, Cor. Va. ave. a?<l Mti st. east, Mason ic Hall. A?ry Yard. The duties of this Srhtiol will be Sept. 1st. The course of study embraces aii the brandies usua;.* taught in the best schools uf the country. For fi??lher information, terms Ac., see circulars or apply to J. W. P. BATES. Principal, au 25-eo3w* (Successor to Dr. J. B. Clawswn.) GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH ** KM A TIC A L ACADEMY. The dntie* of this Institution will he resumed September 7th. iv 7 2awtf P. A. BOWKN. Principal. ^MIK UNION ACADEMY. The regular duties will l?e resumed September 1st. Z. KiriiAUin, Principal, A. G. Wilkinson. Asst., A. C. Rich a*i>*. Asst., A. ZArros*. M<?d. Iwin. THK UNION FKMAI.F. ACADKMY. Mrs. 'A. Richards Prin.. Miss M.J.Wilcox.Asst., A.Xappoxi. Mod. Ijuwdscm. ?u S-eotm \1RS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG 1 > 1 I.A OIKS. Corner of L ani 10/A street*. The next session of th:s Institution will cnmmenoe on the ist of September, Wo7. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto fore. tie engaged in every department. Further particulars can bo obtained by applying at the Seminary. a U 21 dtleoSw MRS. BURR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA 1 >1KH.?No. 391 II street, between 15th and 14th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem ber 21st. it 8 ln?.lAir* FEMALE ENGLISH AND FRKNCH COL LEGIATE INSTITUTE. iYo. 1R2 I street, (iadsbj'% How, near tamer I'enn. arenue and 2\st street, Washington, D. C. HiRam Coitsox. Principal, in charge of Erglishand Cmssicil Departments. M'm. C. Roll n Corson, Teacher of French, Spanish, and German. Drawing and Pain'irg. M'll. Mathilde Emili^ Rolli.v, Assistant Teach er of F rencri. The Duties of this Institute will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of Srptember, lR5"t. The course of stiidj embraces all th? hranchcs of a liberal English and French Fducation. In tl'e English Pcpartment.which is tinder the im nie 'bate direction of the Principal, special attention is given to tii? Mathematics, English Grammar, F.locution.and the critical reading of classical authors in English Literature. Klocctiox is tangh* l?oth as a science and an art. The Principal havir.g d-roted a number ol rears to a ireful study of the philosopny of the vooe and it* physics! meehaniftn, is enabled to impart definite and in'elhgib'e instruction upon the sul^ect. Theadvantages afforded for acquiring a praotical knowledge of th?? French language are not surpassed by those of any other Institution lu tlie country. M'nie. Corson and her sister. M'lle. Rollin, arc Parisians by birth, and their instructor.* and general intercourse with the pupil* are carried on exc usive lythrough the medium of French. There are a,so connected with the Institution a large numlior of yonng ladies who speak the language w;th tlaienrv. For Terms, References. Ac., see circulars, which oan be obtained at the Book and Music Stores,aud of the Principal. A class of little girls will be formed, who will re ceive careful instruction in F.nglish Reading and Spelling, atiil the, elements of F reuch. Terms, per session of5 months. f '5. Without French in. an 3fi-lm SELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. ENGLISH AND FRENCH, A\>. 9<9 Fstreet, Washington, IK C. Principal, DONALD MACLOKD, A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, formerly Head Master of Rnvens croft College and Ashw<K>d School, and Proleesor of Rhcloricand Belies Lettres in the Columbia Institute. This School will be opened on the second Monday of September next, for the reception of a limited number of Hoarding Pupils and Day Scholars, who will l>e treated, mail respects, as inctiil>ers of ttis Principal's family. The design is to ?>fl>?r to young lad: as from a distance all that is included in the name of "Home," and to extend to the Daj Scholars the advantages of Home influence. The Sessions will l*>gin on the second Mac day of September and first Moa-laj of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through the months of July and August. Circulars containing fu'l information may l>e ob tained at the principal Ixtokstores, and will he for warded b> mail, to any address, oa application, au 3 tf INSTRUCTION IN DRAWING AND PAINT INli. Mr. WM. M ACLF.OD announces that his Classes in Drawingand Painting will In* resumed on Wednes day , Septenilier tftli, at lus uew residence, 915 F ne?r Twelfth st. |li\.i of attendance Wednesdays aid Saturday a. from 9 s. m. to 11 a. m. for the Drawn* Clas?. and from li.S a. in. to ?>i for the Class is Oil I'aintin?. On Tuesday* and Fridays he will at'end school* in this city, and on Mondays and Thursdays will l>e in Alexandria. II is ttTM t invariably pay a>ile in aavtince i are as follows: For Drawing per quarter of 11 weeks two lessons per week n? For Oil Painting do do 15 W For Drawing in private class limited to three U hi For Oil Painting do do 3n on For Oil Painting tol pupil lessons 1 hour each 00 se >-w> C'LLl'KPKR MILITARY" INST IT! T e7~ Near Cilpeper Court Hocsk. Va. The *eoond session of tins school will commence on the 1st day of September, IK57. A graduate of th? University of Vtrjrmia, adopting the mode of in atrnction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the dennrfments of Ancient and Modern Languages ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, wi'l give instruction iii .Matneinalics. Natural Phi losophy, Chcmistrv, and lower English branches. The course of studies will be as follows: Preparatory Class. Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algebta, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar. Thirti Cr.Asi. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Srco*d Ct.sss. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, l<atiu, Greek, French, Spiuosh. First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Infantry and Artillery Tactios. Geography, History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Every Student on er.tenr.g will be subjected to a careful examination, and will then be assigned to that class to wnich his prohciencT entitles him ; and no one will be allowed to pass to a higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be necessarily rigid, but the comfort and convenience of eaeh niemlwr of the sc'MK?l will lie duly respected There will be daily military exercises, but care will !>? Uken thai they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, .?19o. Payments semi annually in advance. For recommendations and further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. L1GHTFOOT, V. M. L. Superintendent and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Scienoes. J. W. GILLESPIE. University of Vi? Instructor in Ancient and Modern Languages. R efkrkxch*. We have the privilege of referring to the following: Facultv of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Richardson, Richmond City, Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Giidersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGufly, do Prof. Lucian Minor, Williamand Mary College, Rev. John Beradus, Charlottesville. Mr. John Ilart, A. M., do John Hunter, Esq., Louisa oounty. Col. John Wool folk, Orangecounty. Rev. Wm. S. White, D. D., Lsxmgton, Rev. Wm. N*. Pendleton, do James Harlsiur, Esq., Culpeper. Col. Wm. H. Taliaferro. Gloucester. W . D. Waiiach. Esq., Washington City, Gen. Geo. Cooke, uo A.Bell. Esq.. do Mai. Henry IIill, U. S. A., New York, R. S. Voss, Esq., Rappk. oounty. Capt. James Stark, do The Citinsn* of Culpeper. l Veotf THE COLUMBIAN COLLEGIE, ... , 0 . Washington. D. C. I he Annual Session of this Institution will c??m meticeon Wednesday, the thirtieth (S'th? of Sep tember. Student* will be examined for entrance on the Monday arid Tuesday previous. The Preparatory Department of the Institution will open ou Wednesday, the ninth c fth > of Septem ber. It will lie under the supervision of the College officers,and will be provided with the best instruc tion. For admission, or for further information, apply to the President, at the College. _ au 24-Jlw S. PKF.NT1S8. Registrar. (CENTRAL ACADEMY, ./ Corner of K and Tenth streets. The exercises of this Institution will commence September l*t. The num!?erof students is limited, and each will reoeive particular attention. an 2? I in* S1L AS MF.RCH A \T. Prin. CLINTON ACADKMY. GEORGETOWN, (? korqi Arnold, M. A.. Prmeisal. This Sobool tieretofore oonducled by Rev. T. W\ Simpson wi'lbe re-opened on Moods*. September the 7th. Circulars may lie porcuredat the DrugStor* of Mi. R. S. T. Ciasel. Georgetown. au U-lm* Rittenhouse academyT Indtana art nue, near strtet. The next academic year wtiloomm. dc? September Inoi O. C, WIGHT, auJI-N9v - Principal. THE WEEKLY STAR.: This nwllMt PMilr and *>?roal~?o? tainiag a freater variety of intareetiag rendttif thaa ?mi be foand ia uy other?ia pukliahed on Sa'urUay norranc. TUMI. Single copy, per annum. ... fl h ire c >pics . ? nn TeuouH*!.. * I# Twcnt? oopISs IS ?*? fa.*ft. imrartnblt m *Jtmmre. B* aahaoribmg in Club* raised among neighbors without Die intervention of a tuns! iwceut, as will Mw;vH. f per Tb* Wiiii.T fruk w?'t M w. eil. It mvftriftli!) contain* lite " M'oj* in*t< ? Netr>" that has made Thf Evkn.v. SiAiicircu late so generally throughout the country. li7~Hingle copies (in wrapper*) <?u i? pr??i red at tne oountcr, immediate!* afler the i?sue of tl.e paper. I'r??-TMREK CENTS. [IT" Postmasters who act aa agent* will he aiiowed a commission ??/2" oent. Dentiitry, ftc. eminent in the profession. wort espe-iaiiy ure. Main ami J. and E. rarnuy, has le?! him. long ni ce, todn card a!1 mercurial preparations for fclltnr Teeth.ais. all Knamels, Gutta Pcroha, India KuMn. end C? ,)B.NngjH^ErHFN Orricn No.;?? ftiRkvium Avanrs. Tkrtt door* /rem M<4 &trt*I. Dr. RAI LY beta leave to inform the puMicthat ha o*n lx? seen ataii hiaotfioe, located He feels ns?n-od that an exp?neii"eof tiftesn ?r*r?' practice. with the large iuml?r?f patients, and great variety uf difficult tsuieathnt he haa treated iu cen fully, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hie own experience confirming the opinion of ii.juit men eminent in the profession. and especially Dre. Hairis Im Iw HHPHfiv - merits for the construction ol Cortinm ns Gnm Teeth, end th;.t Porcnlian. mounted or in Id Pate, is the only relialce substance that c" !< worn in Use mouth, as waa mo-t conclusively siio*~n (7 the last American llenta.! Convert u>n. Aithouzh he Hatters himself fr?>?n Ilia ionf resi dence and practice in Washington, he ia favoraMf known to ina numerous friend* and patrons, he begs lca\ 6 to refer them to the following TESTIMONIAL*: From the late Rootor of the Church of Epiph&ay of this city Dr. Sthmikh Bailt: De*r :*ir? I desire to express my esteem l<?r you persona, v. ai.d my confidence id you aa a superior The operations executed for ma have lif?n higlil) satisfactory. I hope that you ma? rsefirt th^ pitimairi fmn n 1 frieuds aoo the publio that your stlnll ao wol! deserves. Voura venr truly, Washington, Aug. 2S lr>,. J. \V. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Mnssra. Hocr*. Co'man & Co. Havinr employed i)i.Stephen lUiiy. Sanson l>en tist. of Waahmcton city, to exccute lor me ait im portant and dtthenlt piece of work, whioh he did 10 my entire ?au*?ictiou, and in view of the laot ttiat one of the most diKtuiRuiahed ir.ejnl^rsof the Dental C?*l'e<e of Baltimore, failed, afer repeated trials, to perform the same work civas Hi* ereat pteaMire to express my entire confidence and huh prtiiiutliun of his profesMonal skill. Baltimore. Jwi.12, IVH. HAR.MANN BOGGB. Extract from ? note reoeived fr. m the late Hoc. Joi>a M. Clay too. 1*. S. Mc5st*. Aug. 19,1846. The tenth you trade for ir.e work admirably ; noth ing could be t-etter. Very gratefully, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of tha teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. J?. Bails as a superior Deutint: he made a *et of porcelian teeth for one of my frinils.fiod plugged several teeth for mvself, and the work has VI Mood wellfor more lban teo yenrs. ROBERT T. Nl XON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churoh S?uth. Apnl 19. IP56. We, the ur>der8tgpe?|. having had oooaalor to avail ourse.vea of t tie pr< fessiouai nklil of Dr. S. D; ?. f*urueon Pcutist of this city, or fcrxving been cogniz ant of his operations on our farnip*s or frtenda. take p eisuro 111 expressing our ndtniration of bis ariistio skri . as well as of the uniformly satisfactory msum-r in winch hr performs the most delicate and difficult operations 11. Dental Surnerv.niid we respectfully re 0<>mmend hini to the c?'nfidenee and patronage of tha public, of winch wc consider Uim eimneutl) worthy. Thomao I*. WsLTfR, Architect I*.!*. Capitol. T romas Millek. M. D..of W ashing ton. D. C. B. S*. Bohkkk, M. I), of Geor,:eto? n, D. C, N. S*. I.ijcol*, M. 1>.. nf Wssloneton. D. C. Jos. H. Br am ut, of Washington, D. C. Gkorgk Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. Walt** I.kmox. Ex-Mav.?r of Washington, Henky Ballwin, U. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wisht, Principal Rittenhonse Academy. feb ao tf |IK. VILLARD, DENTIST, LA TE of tHI I " cago, would reapectliilly inform the cit > jm ^ izena of the District and vicinity, that hav ing located himself in Wsshincton, he i>NI,fr' now prepared to perform all operations in hia profea siun. in the m ?st ?t>prove<l stvle. Office, No. i&K Peun. avenue, adjoin.a* Gautier'a jan 3* It rpHI. IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOtJMIS, M. D . the live- tor and w tenteeof "Loomi*' M'P'ral Platf T>'t*." havinr suco?-*nfii!iy intrortnr* 11 hia impr-ivemenr n f various cities, has row permanently eatab lishod himself in Washington. Tnis improvement for Setaof Teeth cinsta oluef ly in making a set ??f but one piece of material, and that indestructible mineral. .No metal is used in their construction, ard they are therefore free from galvanic acti?>?i and metalic taste. There are 110 loints to liecome hiied with moisture or partictea of fo??d, hence they are P*rt ami tl'an. They are lighter, stronger, lesa clumsy, fur more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will Cive a reward o One I'lioua'nnd Dollars to any one who will produce a siuiilsr work of art to euunl mine in purity, Ixnuty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work reaponsib'y warranted. 27ti IVnna. avenue, between 11th and 12th atreets. ap 13-1 t Watches, Jewelry, &c. ( ^^locks: clocks:: clocks::: A good BF! ASS CLOCK for I have inst re cei\-ed_ and opcrod all the new ?t?le l^locks^^^ from f 1 lip to The trade supplied lasfHl usuai> at wholesale prices. Also, Clock Mn el t-rials. siicta a-? Cor<l?. Krvo, Halls. Handv^Wl Wire,.. Oils, Ac., at the C|?.ck srd \N'stch*^-' Store of J. ROBINSON. S49,opposite Browna" hotel, au 2l_2m Sign l.arge i.ilt Watch. MJLD ANU SILVER WATtIMK> II WEL < IV, AND FANCY ART|i'l?. I have just icceivcd a;ie-her addition to in* larga stock off;..' ' and S ver WAT<'HI>. <>r t' J Ik;st nakerji in Kurope. Also. Gold Chains ol ?very atyl? and priee, Jcvsla in aeta sa4 mi ?M (tie picee'. I erfiimery and Farcy Articles. Silver - plated Baskets, Spoons. Cestor* A e.. st J. ROBINSON'S. 349, opposite Browns* I otel. Sign Large Gilt Watch N. B.?WATCH R KPAl R ING d?'ne in the l>est mannerly a skilful Watchmaker,aud warranted. a u 21 -2m WD. EICHLER~ iVe. V? SFVF\TH STh EFT, Iwt wt en D and K streets west side, PR AC TIC A I. WATCHMAKF.K. keep on bind a fine assortment of WAi JF.WKLRV. apl.'^T1 r. ."V7 M > 7 r. ? r, r, side, PR AC rv ?PS constanti\ CTCHFSan. MM An III Am* ATCHES, JEWELRV, ANO SILVER WARE. w I have juat received a new supply of FINK WATCH KS. GO 1.1) CH AINS. er:d a b'pe aeeor* - meut of RICH JEWELRY of everv description, which makes my stock at tho present time one of the most complete in the eitT. I have just finished <op tne prennses's very large ajosortmeni of Pl'RE SII.NKR \VARE, anv?i< which may be found a St^LI DSILVER TEA KIT TLE superior to anything before exhibited in this cits,?the weight.of which ia 12S ounces, onpacit/ * qmrta. Both citizens and strangera are invite<i to or'., and examine. H. O. HOOD. ie^>- S3P Pa.ave.. at It afreet j^liw JEW EL R V A N D WATCH KS? II. O. HOOP has just returned f.orn tne North, and has brought on a hne lo? Fnahioniible Cameo. Conil, Mosaic. Brilliants, and Plain (f/SJ GOLD JEWELRY. Also, a (<*^1 s<?i'ftm?'.tQjl| of fine GOLD and isJl.VF.R WATCH EH. W'fw ?ery superior time keepers for Udiraand gent ieiuei s use. II? haa nlso on hand a trrs; variety of STAN D ARM SILVERWARE of Ins own make, w:irrsn ted ;l<c|)eat quality and w:il lie sold verv lc<w. Please c?til and examine good* and prices at N?. Pe 1 . Av? ant 11 <?f the l.arge Spread Farle. t% i<< ICE. I J. Ml DDLETON, -J? ICF PFALFR. Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F ai.d Uih Streela. WashingtiHi. ae It-U PIIIIA, GLASS, AND KARTHKN WARE. R. H. MILLEK. SON* CO., IMPORT* KS, Alexandria, \ a.. , inataiments of tlieirf^ ? F.nghsh Pott one*.V receive acoeaaior.s to business seaaons?ta la.' Co. can ssaure their friends and customer* that their atock shall lie of th* most desirable description, and that their prices will oon< with th'>ae of any oeelers in the s pure favorably with <?f an? dealer? iu th^irlme in any other market in the Fnited S'atcs. R. If. Miller. Son A Co. have prepared them selvca tootf'er to uiercliants every induoement to make their purchasea in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have juat received via Antwerp and New York, from the jrreat 11 is nil factory ??f "R?.ux." Now,lianlioxee French Window tiiasa of aUpe rior quality and of ditterent thicaneasea, which tliey h'lva imported under such circumstances its to 'Mini lis theiu to oiler a superior article at very moderate prices ag2l tf SOftO ^^1. UCAI.ITY ITALIAN OaRFU MARBLE M.ABB K(>r SAI.K.-Will l?e manufactured into TalJe Slalia, Washstand T- r? ai:d Counter ^!abs. at New York price*. 2"' per cetit. bel< w former pnoes. Cahnet Makers. Pluml^rs, and oluers please call before sendinc ?<idsrs to t ho "o-lh. _ AI.EX RI'TIIEKKORU, Marhle 1 ard oppo. the I'nion Office, Penn ave. __ an 22-1 m tint A States! RYK AND BARLEY MALT, lor ?sle at tka CITY MALT HOl'SE. c?rner of VA eat Faiia avenue and Biook street. Baltimore. Md. I w MeLaTg H l,IN A CO.A R E SELLING GOODS vers low in order U> make room for their eaten ?lv* Kail Mlnclr an * B^Sk"kTS. BRl SHES, PEKFrMEKY, and JdYi, at cost, at sei- Mclaughlin a co^s. PKA NUTS. A) I nstalls PKA N I TS for aale by i JONAS P/lKVY, ?e S tf tot 12th street, c ruei uf V,