Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. IF YOIR FOOT It PRETIT? SHOW IT. If Tour foot i? prettv. show it. No matter *?w* ao? wnan ; Let alJ fair maidens know it? The foot rake all the men. Th? r*?. ?*> **>?? "M*1 '"??IT. May charm the ????'? o>e. But if th* foot is horoelr. He'll quickly pass her by. If j ri>ur foot is pro'ty, show it, \Vhen you trip ahm* the stre?t; For tf wiil ontch the e* e> e* Of every man you meet. Don't to>s your (lossy nutlets, .Nor pout your ups ao sweet; But ?ently uft your pettioonfs. And show your handsome tret. If your foot is pretty, show it, A t eonc(?rt? (mil, arid frur ; For the small pedal index. Tails wKat* your graeng are. Tl-e figure may deceive me, All h<?op*M| and padded o'or; But let my eye survey the foot, I she to see no mote. If vonr foot is pretty, shrnr if. If you wish t<> eateli tA? beaux. No longer hulo the tp'l tale ctiarm Beueath so many c'ofhes. A fcrseefu! foot betrrys a form. Of rare end fault.1*-*." *race; Fnil rounded limh* it doth reveal For faney's oye to trace. If vonr f?H?t i* pretty, show it, \ ilwheu you own ; 'Twill help your othor lovely charms. To win aoin* nice yeun* man. The pmctrtal e>e may well dutrust A nicely factU- J ; But wiien it re?ts upon your foot, it know of all tnt rat. THE FIXIRAL OF WASHIXGTOX. The following from The UlsterCounty Gazette ?>f Jan. 4. isoo. gives a brief account of the funeral vt \> ashiu^Utn : UllOBUETO* * Dec. 20. *>n Wednesday lust the mortal part of Wash ington, tho Father of his Country and the friend rt man, wm consigned to the toiub with solemn honors and with funeral pomp. A multitude of persons assembled frcm tnany around at Mount \ ernon. the choicer bode and last residence of the illustrious chief Thore were the groves?the spacious avenues?tho beautiful and sublime scenes?the noble man sions, but 2la? the august inhabitant wus now no more That great soul gone. His mortal Pmr* was there, indeed but, oh. how affecting' how awful the spectacle of such worth and greatness, thus to mortal eyes fallen?yes fall en * fallen * In the long and lofty portico, where oft the hero walked in all his glory, now lay the ?hronded corpse The countenance, still' com posed and serene, seemed to express the dignity of the spirit which lately dwelt in that lileless form. There, those who paid the last sad honors to the benefactor of his country took an impressive and a farewell view ''n the ornament at the head of the coffin was inscribed'- Surge ad Judicum"?about the mid dle of the ooffiu, ''Gloria Deo,'' and on the silver plate, GEXRRAL GEORGE WASHINGTON. Departed this life on the 14th December. 1799. .Et. 66. Between 3 and 4 o clock the sound of artillery from a vessel in the river firing minute guns awoke afresh our solemn sorrows?the corpse was moved?a band of music, with mournful melodv, melted the soul into all the tenderness of woe The proce*?ion was formed, and moved in the foil.,wing order : Cavalry, infantry and guard, with arms reversed ; music ; clergy ; the Gen erals horses, with hi* saddle, holsters and pis tols ; Colonels Sims, Bainaay and Payne, pall hearers. The cor pee Colonels Gilpin, Mar and Little, pall bearers; mourners ; Masonic brethren , citixens. When the procession had arrived at the bottom of the elevated lawn, on the hanks of the Poto mak. where tho family vault is placed, the cavalry halted, the infantry marched toward* the mount and tunned their lines; the clergy, the Masonic brother and the citizens descended to the vault, and the funeral service of the church was performed. The firing was repeated from the vessels in the river, and the sound echoed from the w<?oda and bills around. Three general discharges by the infantry, the eavalry and eleven pieces of the artillery, which lined the banks of the Potomac back of the Tault .paid the last tribute to the entombed com mander of the armies of the United States and to the departed hero. The sun wi? now sotting. Alas ! tho Son of Glory wa? set forever! No * the name of Wash ington. the American President and General will triumph over death ! The unclouded bright ness of his glorv will illuminate the future ag?-s. ID" Several hundred men are now engaged In improving the ground* of the great Central Park in New York. Some :dea of the extent of the Great Wall of China may be eathered Pom a remark of Dr. Bowring, in a lecture on that country recently de livered in England. He said that if all the bricks stone and masonry of Great Britain were gathered together, thev would not furnish materials enough for such a wail &? the wjll of China, and thaMf all the iinternals in the iMiildlo^x in Loudon were put togetner, thev would uot lu-ike the towers and turrets that adorn It. Toast 15DWith.?T'ja*t a Hi!n piece of bread, at ad-stance from the lire. (M v?*rv hard and brown, but not the lent burnt; then put it into a small vessel filled coid water; cover it close and let it stand an hour b?*fo'e using it The wsvr will !,e of a del,Cate brown color, if the drink 1*? p'operly in;ide For the weak Inva lid a l.ght addition of the purest brandv, will prove very beneficial. Likfs It ?John Ke,'r?ed\*, Wednesday, served out a t, in in the Penitentiary. Before leaving tha .ristitutiou. he asked permission to remain in it nt.til next May. Mr. Pilsbnrv said he had no objection to Lis staying, but it woulu be nece> sarv Tor him to obtain a written ordT to that ett'ert from the mav'.strat.:. gave hun a note to Jus tice i arsons, and in a short time to* returned with * commitrnent to: six months, the longest term th? law allows.?Albany Ailut. " ID" A correspondent of the ?* Rural Siuthern #r? writing f un. St. John, New Bruuswi. k, MY* ? ?? Two mile^ above the suspension bridge is the village of Indiantown, from which place the up-river steamlioats depart. At this villas* I made the acquaintance of Mr. Hathaway, the pro firietor of th?* Fred?*rictou line of boats, who ln ormed me that he was in Virginia, and at one time worked as compositor on the *? lialti more Patriot '* He Is now worth near half a iLilllon of dollars *' JJ-/*" The b^st mode by which loose growing eve'greciw su<h as junipers. arlx?r vitires. &r., can 0e made compart, is. not to cilp them, for this always produces a stiff, artificial appearance, ?he very r?ve'?e of Datura1 . bu? ro pinrh tiie ?-nds o? the lead'r.g shoots, and bv this means compel tne plants to put out lalerais The wo<k1 bv tn:s means is short and stout, and yet graceful The drsa^reesMc look of a newly clipped plant is never seeu, while an equally coiopaci, but in??re beautifiil i? th?- r?*?uit. This m**th*>d is prart.bcd m s? ni- of the t?est gardens iu En gland?Otm I'nrmtr ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. RROWNH' HOTEL ? Cant GIvhmc. Md, Jas fituce, O; Gen F Thoutits, Md; J Whel"p and lady. Trnu. L> T Lninby and ladv. M l; Miss Wower. Pa; T J Turner. Md ; W \S orthlngton, do, Z Hunt. Texas; D Lilis. Ind: M A Hcis? do; J ? (jreen. SC; F Cruise, Ireland: D A M< Evov, Va. R E l)i*on, Ga; Miss A J Klmlwnn-rh,d??; M E l^ew. do; J A Revnolds, Md. J W Wilson, Oa, C I.Kebn, Pa; J W Hunley, Ark; C?-m Per ry, USX; J Md; A Bencher. NC; J' D Gates. SC, Jud#eMcGa.-ev and !adv, l^; N S Lewis, fam. Ala, E L>avi?, Md ; J <i Brver Dei; A 8 Garnet, UriN; G L Earnest, Va ; W A Bo linger and l??lv, Cai; A Monnier, Pa ; E Keidel, Mb. H R Nash, Pa; \V F Harris. Tenn; J Subz bar her and brother, Ala; Jas SulibacUer. do; E Albiecht, NV ; H I.lnson. do; E P Eastweill, pa. T N Dawkinsand family. SC; T B Hudson, Mo; R H Jenkins pa KIRRWOUD lit U SE ?E E Crycker, I'SA; W l) fetuart, Va, Dr <ire??n. t**N; II L Gallaher, W B Caliaher, and Mias S (iallaber. Va: Mrs Taliaferro and daughter, Mtse; E K Taylor. Va; J Chapman and familv. Aik. T IIend?rson. Va: M s %I SC. lion J > prndl'-tdn. Va; O M Muriel! and laitv. Ark; .I P Ross.?b?; F Vann, do, Mf?K E t lavtosi. Va; M'ss M II; Miss E Turner, do; L l> Wa'son; W C Teinple ton. La, W A Wilson Va, M A Wilkinson, do; J A Ivey, Ga W ILLARDS HOTEL.?A Murray, an id W II *win, Kansas Tei v. J V\ Austin and lady. La; G PatUin and lady. I) C; It C Bowie. Md; Cupt II Adams, I SN; Capt Mercer, do; J Aiden, d- ; Mrs Alden, OJ'abea^otte. NY; M M Strong and fcun'v, W is; A J Mver and ladv, I'SA; J F Slot ver, B if 1 Bartol, Pa, lion Eira Clark. Jr., Conn, T C Hill. NVork MOfEMEXTS OF OCEAS STEAMERS. FaoM the UniTsn States Sttnnun. Itmrt. f#r. f)??i.*?on New York.. Bremen Sept. ft Adriatic New Yo<k.. Li verpooi.. .Sept l*i Vanderbilt New York..Rave Sept I:! From Eciori. Belglqne...... .Antwerp....New York..Aug 2<? Aa1a Liverpool.. .New York..Aug.'il Vanderbllt Havre New York..Aug -?1 Arago South'pton..New Yotk Aug 30 The California mail stenme.s lwr? >ew York on tk? Mi and -JOth of aach month 25o | I UIUl. a ?ifo?nan-li. A~T M i 06ll ?if*,?? J' * . N D will not be outdone by any In the Painting Line. Having seonred the asrvio** of aa nenoed Sun and Ornamental Painter,! am prepir*a to d?. signs. banners, TRANSPAREN CIES, Ao.. in the latest styles. ? *,,*.**1/ Alao. continue to do HOISL PAINTING. GLAZING.aedGRAININO in a superior manner, at No 63 Louisiaiia aveuue, between 6tb and 7tn i M. T. PARKER* rpHE GREATEST HEATER KNOWN. We desire to call the attention of the Washing ton publio to th* oclcbrttod HMlor oiilloii tho PARLOR COMPANION, for heating Par-, lor and Charabers.above. J The snl>saril?ers introduce tins article in the Washington market some two yoars ago, as an 1111 Crovement on tho Ijitrol#: since which time thoy are disposed of and put up over of whioh are working witness* of th?T superioiity over anr thing else of the kind ever known or used. For l>e?uity.and p%rticuianv economy,they are unsur passed, consuming no more Iue 1 than one radirator, sn<1 affording the ii*at of three. Jt is unnecessary for us to say moro ui its favor: we will ouly add that the testimony of those why have used them is the surest Guarantee of their success. For sale only by SIBLEY A Gt'Y, Penn ave . bet. 10th and 11th ata. _an 2t <*ifit (States) \\ U I T K SPANISH BRANDY, WHITE V, ? WINK VINEGAR.ftc.. Ao. 2 half pipoa W Into Spanish BR ANDY. 4! h proof. 2 quarter casks White Wine VINEGAR. "* pounds Ion? pepper White Jamaica (imgerand White and Yellow W USTAR D SEED. Together with a large and oomplete assortment of fresh SPlCEtS, suitable for the pickling season. For sal* by WILLIAM M. CRIPPS. 61 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th sts, au 3-eo6t Rem o v a~l. WM. PETERSON Having moved into the new Store, <W'>s Penn. avenue, north side, between 3d and 4)* sta.. has just received an extensive assortment of C LOTHS. C ASl.\I ERES, and V ESTINGS ol the latest patterns, any of which will be made up in his nsual fashionable style. ' He is also receiving a large assortment of GEN TLEMEN'S APPAREL of every description. FANCY ARTICLES. Ac. all of whioh he offers on accommodating terras to his old customers, and others who may favorhim with a will. an ?7-eolm \T COST.?Having determined to oonfine our business exclusively to the coach and cabinet hranolt of the trad? (ino'udin* Bar Iron and steel) we offer our present stock of HIILIMNO HARD WA K E. CUTLERY, A G R I C U L f URAL GOODS, Ac.. Ac .at cost to close out. All such goods must positively bo sold,and if not entirety closed ont by the 15th December will l>e dis posed of at auction to make room for another class of merchandise. An examination of prteeswill convince purchasers that on such goods the. e is chance for a good invest ment. With increased facilities in tbe branch of the trsde to wlucn wethall hereafterdevotcnurattention,l>o?h as to quality and quantity, we solicit the increased patronage of consumers in full confidence that prioea will be satisfactory. RLVANSA THOMPSON, 326 Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th sta. (American,!ntel A Marlboro Gazette) se2-eolni pUAIPS?PUMPS?PUM PS. The subscrilier gives notiee that i?e continues to m?nuia<-i uro his larae Iron Pumps. They ?re strong and su! s'aritial. and will raise water one humlrtu f--et perpendicular. For information 1 refer you In the inhabitants who have used two of them may be seen on F street. f>etween 12th and 'Sth, one at Uie corner of II and '3th. one near the old Capitol in a deep well, two on Virginia avenue, bet ween 2d and 4th bt reef a. all put in operation bv order of the Mayor of Washingtor. He will dig and deepen wells, build cistern* for nui. water put in operation ILdrauliau R ims, and repur old pumps of every description. Those desiring his services will be ?o oommadated at the shortest notice by callm* on the subscrib-r in Washington, I). C? No. 463 Virginia aves,ue, near the Carroll Place. se 2-eo-?m FOSTER HKNSHAW. J^EW AND RICH FALL GOODS. We are now receiving our first. Fall supplies, to which we invito tho special attention of purchasers generally, to call a'id "xamme : pieces rich Fancy Dre*s Silks, which wo shall run off at very lew prices pi?o^s rich printed MouHselin de Lames 1" do superior plain Mlack Silks, low prices 2,0i*i piecesfhandaome Calicooa and Ginghams, fast colors; 12^? cents 2,?*> pieces plain colored Cashmere; 12K cents, worth 25 oenra 2"** pieces superior shirting and sheeting Cottons 10 do do Table Diapers; some in the jot hare been a uttle wet, and will be sold a great bnr:a n ?0dozen Table Napkina and Towels at $1 Jf>, are very rheaj> 1A0 dozen Ladies' Linen Pookct IIdkfs,at 61-50, extra cheap 9) dozen Gent.i large size Linen Pocket Hdkfs, at .41 JO, with all the finer grados oorrespond ingfy as cheap pieees super Shirting Linen, from Slo. to f 1. We request again all persons who havo Dot settled their bills as rendered 1st Jnly.todo so with out giving us further trouble of calling on them. CoLLKY A SEARS. ,%23 Seventh st. aog 29-eo;rtr 3doors ?il?ove Penn. avenue._ TRANSPORTATION OF COAL TO CHINA Natt Dkpartmkxt. J Bureau of Construe!/on, f.'vwipnunt.andS Hipair*. Aukust 13. law. S Proposals, sealed a-id endorse<1 " Proposals for Fr'ttht to China," will be reoeived at this Bureau until 3 o'clock, the 15th September next, for the transportation of not exceed, ng 4.<??ifons wi Anthra cite Coal from the port of Philadelphia, in such quan tities as may l?e ottered, and the Department deem Droper to accept, delivered to the I'uited States Naval Storekeepers at Hon*- Kong and Shanghai, as iry?) be directed. The offer will state the price per ton of2.24-'* lbs. for that delivered without priiuage or ai > other ex tra charge. arrr! also the rite at winch demurrage will t>e cfiareed. No other than cargo for the Gov eminent lo l>e r-oer. e<l on tsxird. I f the draught of water of I he vessel ottered makes any lighterage n?ce**aiy in looilmg. it will l?eat the cost of tne vessel: but gttod despatch will bo given in loading. For the delivery of The Coal within roaen of the flop'* tackle at the por;s in China lay day* will he demanded, at the rate of one fair-wea ther working diy for evcy tors of coal. The vessel mined must stand A No. i, and pass the usun! inspection by such otheers as may i?e ap pointed by the ComrTiandant of the Yard where the s'::p may be; and if not offered for inspection within three daya after a notice has lieen given, rhe De partment will make sin-h other arrangement as will (>?st subserve (he pni?;!?* interest. The vessel must be in Phi adeiphia and ready to load within ten da> s alter she has passed inspection, and the notice of acceptance given. Wind an<i weather permitting, the vessel must se.l within five ilaysafter being loaci-'d end the bills of lading signed; of herwise there will bo dodnctrd from tue freight money, for each and every day'sde lay in sailing l-eyond the five days named, a sum equal to tl,e amount demanded per day for demur rage Payment will lie made within thirty dav* after the present&ti.m of receipts ir. triplicate of tlie delivery of the coal hy an\ .Niry Agent in the United States that tbe bidder may select, who will lie designated in the ch??rrer partr. aus U-2aw4w A CARD.?The undersigned liave ti.ia dav <A V gust 1) eutered into partnership in the HOUSE CARPENTERS' ocd JOINERS' BUSINESS; and. having erected a new and commodious shop in the rear <-f Jackson H*ili. between 3d and streets, are prepare J to toatnal for and perform all work in their line of buMueas, either in ihecityor country, With "al ieh friends or the pill lie may favor ttiom, on accommodating terms, with promptnee* and dis p*?*ch. Tiiey respectfully solicit a share of the pub lic ralronage. GEO. W+.GARRETT A CO. They have several Houses and Lots lor sale iu different parts of the city, on aocommodntiug terms. an 13 e.,im GF^ W. (>ARRKTT A CO. ON CONSTRUCTING AND REPAIR I NG Roads; f" II., Civil Enemeer; 37 cents. Wijnna ou emisi.klng lands from the sea; 75 cts. Ifcsiiier on tlie use of Mathematical and Drawing instruments; TT cents. ?taker's Laud ami !? ngineering Surveying; 75 eta. Stevenson on Construction and Illumination of Li?ht-housm; *'.12 Totnlinson on Construction of Locks; V? cents. Dc- p?^y on Tul u ar and other Iron Bridges; 37 Ctli'f. Den:s>>n on Clock and Watoh-making and Church Clocks; 75 "erits. Iligton on the Electric TeJegraph;75 cents. Stepiienson on the Coustrnotiou of Railways; 37 eents. Dempsey on Loeomotive Engines; 56 cents. Armsfrong on Steam Boilers; 37 cents. Giyunou the Power of Water, and ou Pumps;75 oents. Pyne's perspective:*.} oents. Imported from I^ondon, each volume with numer ous engravings. aug T* FR ANCK TAYLOR. A MS, SI DES. SHOULDERS, AN DLAKD. H Just received, Hn- is, Sides, and Shoulders, and Mrd and fresh Butter; extra supeifine Flour; biuwn and white Sugars ; Coffee, R ice. Soap, and Candles, and Syrup: and a general assortment o] Fiuuily Gr.'oeries, Wines, and Liquors by JONAS P. LEVY, IT > If No. VM I2th street, of B street. PHEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The sul>scril>er offers SUGAR, COFFEE, H * MS, HIDKHanrf SHdl'LDERS, FLOUR and MEAL, BUTTKR and EGGS, at No. ,V54 12th street, rornwr of B. ? JONAS P. LEVY. II REE-PLY AND DOI'HLE INGRAIN CARPETINGS. Just receiv?-d, direct from the manufactory, and on sale? A large assortment of henry and superior qualitv Carpetin^s of the aliove makes, all in entirely new ai.d elegant designs and colors. A'so. Rugs to uiafch. Ten bales Felt Caipetings, 6 4 wide, which for ehamtx r and d nir.g rooms are equal in beauty and fur wear to any other kind and at much less rat* a. Daily Exrai Tao? A most extensive and magnificent assortment of Medallion and other ttyle* Velvot ?rd Tapestry Carpetuus : the like for richness siui elegance never were seen in theae parts before. se3-?*.2w CLAGETT A DODSON. O S T KING. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE AND GKATE FACTORY. ?Vo. 3!3 I'a. art n w. beiivetm I0IA ami, 111/a street*. 1 e<^rn H AND MOLASSES. ?? barrels low priced Brown SUGAR. 15barrels heav? Usiied Vlol.ASSKS. 2 *i? gsheadstrictly prime Porto Rico MOLASSES. In n'i?ro aiui fur sal oat rmluoril pnoes tl , WILLIAM M. CRIPPS. ?u !?> ewil'"*1* RT#I,U#- Mhand 7th ata. * -fr Pt0E^T^NDftifi?lwmK!",0M TH* '"'ttzrmtim* ?"? FARMER* AND NECHAFH(S? IS I U R A N t E COMPANY, OF PHILADELPHIA. Fixi, Maxinx, and Inland Insuxancx. Antkoritii Capital 91,2&o,ooo!!2 Ornci, Noiiiwiit coxnxx or Pennsylvania Avxnvx and 17th Stkext, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thoa. H. Florence, Charles Dingee, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield. Ch*r:ea A. Rubicam, EdwaSd R. llelmbold, George HelinUdd, P. Carroll Brewster, Jaiuea E. Neull. Isaao Leech, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE. Preaident. EDWARD R. HELMIUK.D, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charlca Walter, No. 3H7 D atreet, opposite City Hall. John M. Thornton, oomer lat street and Virginia avenue. Inland. James Williama, No.22 4H street. J-iiin Rigglea, No. 501 lata street. below Pennsyl vania avenue. f. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Lev*, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomaaon. A^thorixtd Capital and Assttl 9L473,fV?7 07 Asffts 07 Inveated in Honda, Mortgages, and Good Securities, The following statement exhibits the business and oond.'tion of the Compauy to November 1, 1856: Premium roceived on marine ?nd inleud risks to No vemlker 1,!&5R ??.? $214,684 60 Fire premium. ...... 176,7M6 61 Interestou loen..?...... ~? ? 8,704 47 Total reoeipts ?- 9400,186 68 Paid marine losses .. ............. 964,4*7 04 P?\jd fire losses 39,737 99 i'.x pauses, auianes.and oommii sinnx................... 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges. 27,474 68 9177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company. "57 07 Tkt Axtttt of the Company art as foilnrr* : Phi'adelphia city and county bonds 9l6.<m 18 Railroad l?onds -.. ..... 11,000 00 First mortgages, real estate..... ?... 143,500 00 I Stocks, collaterals, on call . 32,-ion 00 Girard and consolidation lr<nk stock 5,ii5 10 Deposited witn Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York.... !5o,i?iO no Deterred payment on stock not yet doe.... ?7,7i*> 00 Notes for marine premiums 1(MNSB Due from agents, secured by bonds 85,#76 18 Premiums on policies reoently issued, and debts due the oompany 26,470 58 Baiauce in bank 18,156 74 #523. 67 irj W B _hTh? of this Company wit! oomparo favor ^e UrUted States *U00eM ??milar institutions in ??FtI?7hlh? l^y ol tntvtti1W6',n months, 7 ? j ovm" w!r ,a5,,? the premiums and interest received amounted to the aree sum of four hundred thousand one hundred mid eighty-five Ei?r.\?Hd Zl*17 with the payment ef expenses of one hundred and seventy fcr? amt ?t**r one hundred and twenty-eight dol \T- w slxtT*one centa. evdences of suocees and good man s.htre nf BnhT,/, f?torB fe*l Justified in soliciting a nifvllrf ^ patronare, l>eliev,ng that the security Platan J, r,,P'c'aP 1 a" ^ir claims will be ad ities. according to equity than legal teohaioal iJ.'z ^sssn\<^srt" DWEL e^M'LLS^MA N CASAL J'"AT*,RaILKOAI*. and the u^^^ance.^,rr^omMjr portion of and on the hulis of STEAMBOATS navigating the ,r. _ , Western \\ hters. ?Ifi ra . "f PJ??UU"' will be as low as other com panies, and in fixing them every itnproveinent in au!erat'on.Un &rra"*e"'^Et wiil be taken into oon A. . ingles speedily adjusted and promptly paid, n-h Mt?' n?0rii'Wp."t corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. InJTJ,Vtll 7}<XV aho h?'fT"-"-dnt the Homt Offi rt, Pkil&V.kZ? WalHUt a*d *te0Hd ASHL\?TO\ INSURANCE COMPANY. C HAUTL Hhb BY CONGRESS. Capital. 92no,roo This Comp?ny ia now prepared to reoeiva *Dnh<* cha n'L 3f11 A* ?,cff'' < "n? Sfi'lf: t'1* "sua! Cit* rates, without t/./k ?rfe ,"T ?"V,?cy, *' the,r Odioe, corner of Te?th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the WaakiniUoc City Savings Bank. ' " ... ? , Dixkctobs. j??;r?Bayly* Samuel Baeon, \v?? ?i yaI,? James F. Hallway, JVn* (Jr'1'0' Hudson Taylor, {? raneis Mohan. M. W. Ualt. Renj. BeaU. n. . b^ME8 C. MoGUIRE. President. _U1afto?i l^jHANaoji^ Secretary. np H-jy AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. wV|Kri?r"IV:? ,>a|??a,K" r<,c"TWl ?nd Cheeks paid Wi I.out cimrKe. i>raAg on the norWieru se^lwiartl oitty irecmved on at pur, and Kxdl^Von Jrn'l"',ie<l ?? depositors without ciinr^e. on "nVn ,".T '7 Al*f?"ITS-~,n,"e,,t w'11 flowed Ili-prwf rof , J VU rHte* a-s >UV be agreed uu.rU. h . . IR^IMA AND I< N? rHKK.NT MuNKT in \ nnd ?>liier Unourrent iM<?ne> J.kttkks or CKtutT.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotmUle in tlie d-d'erent Cities of th?? ?n"i . ' nn of Money or Coll-ifemla ^arg^ifCo'iate^1 'f M?"ey l* t,?'P?"ited. anc/ u^rnf. ^?4'atbrUa,onau< h terruaas in&f be agreed ^K??ii?i'-,n tl"* d!M,'r?n' Cities of the Union. Kills a jjp Lettsrsof CuEDiTor* EwoLx^n Irk .! Ii.p ,, ir J' /f*1*"41 and Europe, fiirmsned Boxds Sror?. *? nCJ"li'',:eJ ,n to "Ult iu ? ' ao.?Boa<ln, 3t(?cfc8. ??jil S?ciiri es pay mg from tj to 12 pr. cent., always for ^aL" rr rVUoJntiD W*' at a or.mrowaior of a V pr. cant. Where >tocks are bought tip<.? -.rde^s we So ^it h"l!of di l,tr a 10 pr oen\ on graph! Lotd" ?r Stocks wiU be ordered by tele r,i?tA'^*r5|0?/l'f^jAD *JAT,K Roniw.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds oan be plteed in our hand for 7V??n' ei?K?r "i Ui1? Cuunl ry or Europe, licit I fii! wH " ft?r oash or with Honda, i r sxxants.?Land \Varrai.ts booeht at ths market rat^s. All Warrants ?old by us are giaran tf d in every respeot. maran Lr.n-j Whrrants located on commission. *u?t^ arran' ,uolAtlon* regularly iurnished if re V-ouri ol </laims <?r. Congress, intrusted to us will 1?a frosecuted l?y prompt and af>le attorneys ' jan 77 CHUBB BROTHERS, -- f>pptisite U?e Treasury. J^ANKJNG HOUSE OF PAillO A NOI KSE. Keoknk r,tT g p?r ceilf non,j, Keokuk City 10 per ^eTit. Bouds?short l'avenport. Iowa. 10 per oe-it. Bonds. >t. I/OUIS ' our.ty 7 per cent. Bonfle?short Lee County, Iowa. 8 per cent. Bor.ds. ii> or Evaiisville 7 per eenf. Bonda-ahort. aa will " ??nds for aale at -such rato, per^VniiTrn inteees" 'r 10 or U per cent. a?^l ii^ir i,f U'tr, Railroad, and other Stock* I# i U^'it *?r Mold. Alud, S'ntu* secured !?v Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. "ecurwJ ,,Jf ftT" Intereat allowed on de^aVatti^S??^!* Kr. * PCr ttmU"n Imrt/ daya or - _ _ jy ?J-tu jnierest allowed on DEPOSITES. HONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES an 27C'?fLBB URUTIfRS, BANKERS. Oppontf tkf. Trtaturv. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS? ~ r * I AlKTINa A.\I) PHOTOOBAfHT COMBINED. photographic portraits In Oil Colors, on Canvaa, ' MlNlATCJiX OK Sizx or LiVx. PORTRAIT AN!) VlC TV RE G All FRY Odco,, Hall, earner4)( "Land Perms, 1 vamafvei^'a. R* WALKER has fiitrtd np the alM>re snaeiinis apartments at aver* great outlay of capital fh^rebv rendering hia establishment one of the moat com plete and hnndfome in the whole a.ui tr L 1 a large Gallery fm/r,* txh,b?,on of uplard o, fine f)il Paintinga. I.t some of the liat anoint am! modern rnaaters, to wlncii he intends to add freah importations. S. Walker hasal-o fitted una eoin F. r la 7U ' room. With pri vntv robing 1. part menu ""lOT<? l< A I'iIiT'aMHrVIt'vfJ' A VA"d,; J'' Un.H II i:o I'Vl'K Vo KTRll TS. rr. 'u i. I'nalUst mtn,aturt to a,? of I,/,. * ALK*K. ?>y ojmibinirig the Photographic Pro oesa with the art of Painting, of which he has hn i 25 yeara; experience and w\ic,.e spe "me?a uf lif,! juz* portmits may he *e+n in some of tho hr*t iami ma of the eity, sa well na those eVh bttid in h . Gallery, he win I* able, by the oombinat mn !.r .v. two. to produce portraits that have ne^r l^n iw* celled for their fidelity and life-hkeexDrealimT Can" Partioularattention paid to thA n>in?,n. t> ?VR.SJfs Committees and olasaea taker? .T J. xotioe. ?? wTtwsrasaKsssi ftstiolsM. th w^t<SIWaVL? r**T Mr. CnffDT, of Roxbarr, he* disoovsrsd ta om or our oommoc pasture vttai a remedy that tan* IMIT ?i!*D or Bcxoa, from Tk$ wortt Strtfnla down to m common Pimph. He hat tried it in over eleven hundred meet, find never fHilod except m two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in hia possession over one hundred certificates of its value, all within twenty miles of Boston. . .. _ Tiro bottles are warranted to oura a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three bottle* will oure the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. Two or three bottles will dear the system of Bi!ee. Two bottles are warranted to oure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles aru warranted to oure the worst kind of Erysipelas. Oae or two bottles are warrants to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. ? . ... Two kittles are warranted ?o cure Running of tLe Kara and Biotchcs anion* the Hair. Four to six Nifties are warranted to cure corrupt and running Ulcers. ... On" bottle will oure Scaly Ernptv>r.s of the Skin.

Two >?r three liottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottle* are warranted to cure the most moat desperate case of Rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted tooureSalt rheum. Five to eight bottles will cure the worst oase of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the Grst bot tle. and a perfect cure is warranted when the above qunnlity is laken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in veil tr/ad all the wonderful medicines ol the day, as tliat a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure ever* huinorinthe system ; yet it is a fixed fact. I{ yoa have * humor, it has to start. There are no It- S nor ANDS, hums uor lia's about it suitiug some cases, butlnot yours. I neddled over a thousand bnttlesofit in the vicinity ot Boston. 1 know the effects of it in every case. It Urb already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year oid, to oid neopie of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puny, wormy-loosing children, wlu>se flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect slate of health by one bottle. To those who are subject to a sick headache, one bottle wiH always oure it. It lives great relmf in catarrh and dizziness. Soma who have taken it had liecr ?'iostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the twxiy 18 sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will onuse very singular feelings, but ton must not l?e alarmed; they alw.iys disappear in from fonr days to a week. There is never a f ad re sult from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant cuoomiumo of it that ever man listened to. In hit own practice 1 always kept it striotly for hu mors?but sinoe its introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several cn?*?sof epileptic fits?a disease which was always considered inourable, have been cured by a few Kittles. (), what a mercy if it will prore effec tual in all oases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen mow) of it than I hare. I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Siok Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague. Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, end particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, to., the discover) has dune more good than any medicine evir known. No change of diet ev-r necessary?eat the best you oan $et and enough of it. Directions for Tse.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no directions oan l>e applicable to alf constitutions, take sufficient to operato on the I towels twioe o day. MANUFACTCKKO BY DONA LD K KNN ED V. A'o. 120 Warren Street. Koxbury, MasiachustttJ. Agents for Washington.?Clia*. Stott A. Co., Z. Oilman, Kidwell A I.-twrenoe, J. B. Gardner, Hurry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. I'. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A rainier, Schwartz A l'o? O [loswoil, Dam*l B. Clark, J. I". Milburn, PuutAr >)sou, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. S. Cisstll, O M Lent ham, J. L. Kidwoll. mv 5-ly PHIV ATE MEDICA L TK EAT1SE O* TMR PHISmi.OGlCAI VIKW OF MARRTAGE, Hy M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany. N. Y. pages and 130 fine Plain ami Colored Lithographs and Plates. |ry PRICE ONLY 25 CENTS. IFF" Sent free of postage to alt parti of the Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physiological View of Mar rmge. A new and revised edition of 25" pages and 18" plates. Prioe 25 cclIs a oopy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties and casuaities of single and married life?happy and fruitful alliau oes, mode of ? ?otn.: i them?infelicitous aud infer tile ones?their obv?ation and removal?nervous de bility, its onuses and oure, by a process at once so simple, safe, and etfeotual, that failure is uitpo?siUe ?rules for daily management?an estay on Sperma torrhea, with praotioal observations on a srier and more successful mode of treatment?oreoautionary lunts on the evil results from empirical practioe ; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males? from infancy to old age?each oase graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent, in the youi.g. It ift a truthful adviser U> the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of tlioir pli> steal condition. and who are con scious of having hazarded the fiea.tb, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Price 2i> cents per oopy, or five oopies for 81. mail ed froe of postage to any part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CKOIX, (post paid,) Albany, New York, enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those who prefer may consult Doctor |LA CRolX .upon any of tue diseases upon which his liook treats, eitfier personally or by mail. His medi cines often cur j in the short space of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate all tn<oesof those disorders which ooofuva and cubebs have s<i long been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. Hia " French Secret" is the great con tinental remedv for that c.nss of disorders which uu forturately, pfiyaiOiana treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient'a constitu tion. and which all the sarsapardla in the world can not cui o. inr Office No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. feb 14?ly % \\ y. HAVE JUST RECEIVED TDK FOL i" lowing <i?HK)s wfiiefi we are prepared to sell at a small advance of oost for wh.i : A very large variety of Turner Bros, oelebrated Liquor*,via: Turner's Oinger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy, a oertain cure for Diarrhea and D?scntery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quauty Raspberry, Strawberry, tiirger, and Cherry Bran ds i4, al! of fine flavors, prepared from the pure jmoe of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Anms.and Pepperrnent Cordials ?Cur&coa. Absinthe, F.ssenoe of Pepperinent Extract of Sarsnparilla, Sloughtou Bitters Wine Hitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid art.ole. In addition to the blio^-e, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of t he kind lu the District, and w hich cannot faii in giving satisfaction to all who use tfiein : Philadelphia X X, Burton and XXX Paj? Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a fino article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, ito., on band. ARNY A SHINN, ie a <7 Green street. Georgetown. HI'MI'llRIKS A JUNMMAnT ~ On Fourth street, oast, t?efw?en E and F, Capitol Hill, have fitted sp their plaoe, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon for those u ho wish to engage in the Enrlish Quadrilles or German Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do mi there. Weber's Band hss been en^igcd f<>r the sea son. and will tie in attendance. They hsve on hand and constantly making the purest L.irser to he otiisined in the citr. je I" 3in J l> T R ECEI VfT?. feet of ITALIAN 4 4 MARBLE SLABS, sanded. \\ i? 1 tie sold to the traae in lotstn suit, t>e !ow \e^'ors. Pfn'a;ie!phia, or Baltimore prices. A'so, iron feet ofSTATUARY MAR BI.E SLABS I at a rrest red notion. ? ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Mirblo Yard opp?i. the Union Office, Penn ave. au22-lin_ _ (Inf A-St-ntes) NOTICE.-C. R. L. CROWN fc CO. are re ceiving daily some of the finest FURNI-4 TURE ever offered in this market, which wet invite the attention of those in want, as we ' assure thein they can save at least 10 per oent. i Namely? Handsome csrved marble-top Bureaus and Table* Rosewood and waluut Tete-a 'l'etes, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Sattreses, ha;r, oorti-top. and husk: Comforts, lankets. Bedsteads, high and low-post. Rocking I,'hairs, cane and wood-seats. Cushions for ('hairs. Settees, Clocks of all kinds. Extension Tallies, Sidalioards, What-not. Glasses of all kinds, some extra fine Carpets. Cottage Sets, Rugs, Waiters. Glass Ware. Cr?iokerv Ware of sll kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. A nd other Goods too tiuinerous to mention ?o which wo invite the attention of housekeeper* and others, as we are determinod to sell for oasli or to punctual customers. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., oor. of fith street and Pciin. ave. P. S.?We shall still continue our regular sales on Tuesday , Thursdny, and Saturday,Uitli moruiiigand evening, in front of our store. Consignments soli cited, and in all cases advances made when required. C. R. L. C. A CO., ap25 tf (Intel) Auctioneers. Home made carriages. We have on hand, of our own mannfacture. a fine assortment of all kinds ofCARRI . AGES of the very best, latest, and mont\ approval styles,and wamntcd in point of' workmansiiip and material, to be oquol to anj made in the city of Washington or any other city in the United States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as wo aru determined to let noue surpass us either in quality of work or in low prices. We also do every kind of R EPA I RING in a work in.anli ke manner, ami at reasonable pi joes. Old Carriages taken in part payment for new and at a fair pnoe. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12-fim lYfAUNOLIA HAMS. i>I 300 CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. We are just opening, and we guarantee them un euiialled by any Hams in this city. 1'kay were ouied in Maryland expressly for our sale. irrNo authorized agents. KING A BURCHELL, }y ?/i Corner Vermont avenue snd ISth street. ADDITIONAL COPIES OF "ROSALIE ?HJvF the Prarie Hower,"just received. Thftta the most popular song ever published. Sent by tuail free of postage on reoeipt i ftwenty-hve cents in letter stamps, i?? JOHN F. IsLLIB. rpME PACIFIC J^kll^STEAKftaiP COM One?f the Steamships of tkia Company, oarryiac Pansrfta twieo Mich month, on the arri-*^^"?Rb valol the United State* Mail S. S. Company's steam ers, which leave New Orleans and New ^ oek regu larly on 6th and I*Hh of each month with mails, and passenger* oouneotuig via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have l>een inspect?.] and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty *ptrd and skf*ty. The Panama Railroad (47 mi lee long tie now com pleted from ocean to ocean, and la croeeed in 3 or 4 hours. Thelaggageof passragers i- checked la New York througn to San Fraiiciaco, and passengers are oinl?rkodat Panama by steamer at the oompany's expeoee. The money paid in New York oovers all expense* of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and S*n Francisco. to prevent detention in oaae of acci dent. ao that tiie route i* entirely Tillable? no fail ure having ooourrotl in eight years. Paskengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at AspinwaJl. Conductor* go through by each steamer, and take charge of women and oliiidreu without other proteo tor*. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at toe agency,177 West street, New York,to I. W. RAYMOND,-or to ARMSTRONG, HAR R 1? A CO., New Orleans,- or IrSttf C. L. BARTLF.TT. Boston. pOR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the tth of July, commence running regularly to tbenUive places, leaving Washington ( EI?vonth-st. wharf I every WED" N KSDAY and SATUR DAY at 9 o'clock a m. R e turmng.'will leave Norfolk every MONDAY and thursday at 4o'cl..of p. m. She will touch, going and returning, at OLD POINT, PINKY POINT, BLACKISTONE'S IS LAN D. and the u*ual landing* the Potomac. Passage. including meals, to Old Point and Nor folk. FIVE DOLLARS. je 3"-tf WM. MITCHELL. Daily link for edwards* ferry AND LKKSBURG, Va., via Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?'The Packet Hoeta *i P sfc n s GO And M.C. M F.lGS. will opinmenou7rCTifcatL?ci3 I j * ? ?? v?? | ww a ?? v\>i? iiiiviiw mi.y frips to th* *U>ve points. on]Monday March 23, leaving the wharf of \V. H and II. G. Ritter. OeorcctoTD, D C everr momma at 7; oejock, Sundays excepted; through m eight hours, leaving Georgetown at i?even o'clock in *he ????.? ^aaU ,WI" wnve at the Great Fall* or W ashington Aqueduct, at 10 s. m.. Sene<* at I2ro ^7* ? ^ err* at p* m" W'iwr* * stage will be in r iduipfe to Convey p&osenerrs to*l?iirr V*. cV.nrwmr;iCave Eowaid*' &rry every day 2'nhfc armnaetl nrilt' driving in Georgetown Throngh Ti?kets, 31.75. Intermediate points as follows. Great Falls or Washington Aqueduot 50 oents; Senena, 75 cents; Edwards' Fe"ry, f? I* Leeeburg, Virginia, including coach, ?!.7i M??i? served on the Boats at moderate prices imr2S W. H. A TL ?. RITTKR, J/ALL STYLE FOR 18.57. ~ ~ Now ready at FTINEMETZ'S, w Pennsj Irani* avenue, near the corner of Thir toeiith.the moat popular Fall stiles of Drcs*. or Moleskin I1ATS, to which ho invite* particular attention. Having established the cash sys tem, and finding it to work well, he will continue to make a aisoountof I^S per cent, upon the actual market price, making the hat *oid for 9i isr.d ?? not ur.frcquonCy for $5> for the low prioe of 33.5n a slight variation in quality for ?3, and for KJ't a superior qualitr for tn* ninne*. A g >od assortment of FKLT HATS, CAPS, A0 auY'l^r * ~ p 0 " rT| N KMKTi^. ? MB Penn. ave. :.e*,rl3tti street. A rPiVr fhVI nLIvvPLrPON8 u "? ark ?i, r ,t;, T^-D;? w e have now on hand a sup ply of our celebrated Hur?>n and XXX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the ?n? i?"'}hr*r ? ??"? wh.Cls- will guarantee to keep i:i time, even in the warmest of weather. All lover* of good Ale can be accommodated with !,^l n oat ?Ur 1>epot' W ,irp?? G^rge. town^D.C. ARNYASHINN. ^KLLING OFF :!-SKLLIXG OFF!!! Hav*ing determined to makeaciiangeinour present firm it becorncs neceasnry to close out our present atock cnt irelv, we shall therefore cotnmenoe from less of cost? ?Ur ,toc'1 at prices utterl) regard Our a**i.rtment i* complete, consisting of Per fumery, Toilet U(Ht<!s,Chinaand Bronte Ornaments, I ortemonnai^*. Card Cases. Books, Dusters, B*s keta, Kngravings. Desks. Work Boxes. Door Mats, and an endlesa variety, to all of which we invite the attention of the public. ID* No Humbug. 1'ersona mdebted will please settle up at ocoe, as the prosent arrangem?nts must be closed. _ h.j.mclaughlin * co.. wu g- 20. t?et. Pth and 9th sts. j^taplk fall goods. V c . J?HN' H. SMOOT, Ao. 119 S.tule ?t., (feergetotcn, D. C., ha* rece,ved and <^er* txn cuatomer*. an assortment Jn/'Tl? to th^earty Fall demands, oonsist ing of the folio wing, vis : Plain Biack Siik*,o| the i?ast makes iVaiK K,kI!.1 ?"'ored Muslin Delaines Kich Fail styles Muslin Delaines, at X cents Kich Kuglish and American Prints, in great variety. (fast colors) ' Now York. Knglish. Batea' Mills, all Wool, and other heavier make* Shirting Cottons n ic.iartlsitii s and Chaine's celel rated makes of Irish Linen* B'ack aid white Check Cashmeres, for Dusters lame w,dth LuP"?'? Black Mousliu De \\ hite. Ke?l. and Yellow Flannels Gaasmeres, Sattinets. and Kentucky Jeans Shirting I rint*. strii>?d ami dotted I " lie* and Misse. Ootton Hose, all kinds Gents, and Bo>sha:fd?. Ladinannd Gents Linen Cambrio Ilandk'ls R'eh. new style Bonnet R iM-oiis Ar '"-"iCambric* and Muslins lable Cloth*. Damasks and Nspk-n* Kineii and Cotton Sheetings and Towellings < >mi*I uik Caiic?;H and P aid Co'tona Shirtings 5S'1Ct,lUl*s? Drill*, and fine brown i?^VAllf>tw?,r Gocd*, which will be sold low to caan or prompt customeis. -AU-*LLL_ J. h. s. IUST RKCKIVKD AT TDK MUSIC DEPOT eorii?rcflith street and !',nn. avcuue.a wj large a**ortijienf of AciMirdeuns, Fllitimal^jf Ireinoloe, violins, Viulineelloe. Guitars ?? lutes, Uanoiietts, Hag^ilet*. ftanjos, TumuT i?."!S^. I^tum*. l-ifes, and Braas luatrumenta of all description.and warranted to l?e ihe l^gt article*. ^ rhh lowesu'erm?' " U "d ">"*1 Ai*o, a lot of fine String*, au \V. G. METZKROTT. H,pSf.FY ON INTKRKST, ANNUITIKS. and Lifo Insurance. TTo. * llea-her s Dcscriptivo Ge<Hiietry, with Atias. 73o. lladdon s Algebra lurse j instruction. 75o K.eotricity, by Sir W. S. Harris, J.aiyanwm, by Sir W. J*. Hains.aCc. Halleur s Art of Photography.91o. (teoloicy, by Lieut. Col. Port fuck. Ko. Mineralogy, by D. Yarlej. 7oc. Mami ? Rudimentary Astronomy. Vo. H and on Shin and Boat Building. Sir. K'ppiut on Masting and Rig<mg Ships, 88e. Rnspaiion Domestic .Med.cine. 3fic nP1'?Mr " Anrf I'l^J ing th- Pisuo Forte. 37o. Docaldson on CIst LnriJs,37o. oJrr;;.';',;',".'"u^- 'tSXirjatFoT i thk abtot Allen's Coi age Building, S7c. romlmson's \\ arming and Ventilation, 75e. of^ Towns and Dcmpaey's Drunareof Land*. 57c. H,!'rT,Vn?n Vuu,"?"on? anu Concrete Works. 37e. ? wind el I on Wcll-digring, Bormg. Ac..*7e. t obson * Masonry a-.d S^me Cutting, :5c \Vo"rkTs7c? Lair ?f Coar|a?ts for Building snd Lee?t* on toe Order* and Styles of Architecture Ma r?i \T,r:"tC,p:,.'Vf DM'e" '" Arohite^ture.'^: I: rmoaiix on b net, K urnaoea, A c., 37c. Bur^o>iioon Biivstingand (fuarrjiug Stone *7o. u "? ?-ju Imported from Loudon, each volume with numer aUaue5arrmVm,#- FRA ^'KTAYLOR IVKW GROCERY. WINE,YnD ,r, . u ^ LIQUOR STORE. niiMie Vi to inform his friends and the that he has opened a N E\v RTO R K nom?r of l^thi street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on band a large and vnnwl or(Vrm 11 rira'" a,Yl {.-ViPtf1,0 ^'LNKs li MUOKP, C1RAR?, and MNF. tiROCRR PS OI?veVl,ifa?rif.inpT"a5:F'ftur.Scip; o' ,11 j, "a, Figs.Se;rdines, Anohoviee. Otard, Marrett A Co., J'niet A Co.. and Col. CUaUrd's dS m u1!??*' deHl,casks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de scriptions. ?t. Julien Claret. Chateaux Margaux in cases. Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynoid'g Edmhurgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino, Curacoa krT;."?.^ftsxs^s; *"'?i *?"?' pSKjja.ESSi^f4 F,v"*nd A?? o. fhi . 1rpi py1'?1"' !* invited to call and exam { JJoek before purchasing elsewhere. Mem w'm I Congre?a nrenlso informed that theirord?rs will l>e promptly attended to. and delivered at thoir residences at the shortest notice u*M,veroa thoir A general assortment of fine Havana Ci*ar? im fa'ci CCt V lh" BuUcrt^r-al wholeiile^nd re Cnnal Boats supplied on reasonabla t.,,,,, _ ? pi'Kiuoc take n in ??xebange" termn, and I\LfvSHZ&iz. 5r^w*,u?c- M Land|^;.rthe Slave and the Captain, the Jlik. Murray, R. N., 1 vol., London ; Th? ,wSfl;r?Sl,0fRobert B,oomli#,d' London, Th? !^T-iof ?"ntrast o| Colours, by M. R Chev "I. I-otxlon, 1867; Miosiit*. Common Objaots of the Sta Shore, by Rev. J. 0. \> oo?l, M. A., London. 'W>7; fl. Ffroalea Norway, London, 1*57; Deed* Not Words, b? M. Hell: Wets. Peregrine by Theodore Hook ; SI ets. V.olet, or the Danseuee ; 38 ct-. i FRA NCR TAYLOR. , LIAMS!?HAMS !!?We have a choice lot of our a A Magnolia Hams; also. Hans* of Ohio and Ken tucky curing, which are ver? superior. The sixes ".vr""for or TfiiiTto-REar^ C5 HVVRS or DKPAimfiiE gS3wau^,VttAf!f-telfcb& WAItlUI?|QN BKAM'H RAILROAD. J. HI. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: Fro? Washington at ? a. m., oonneetu.g it Keiay with train* fur the WMt, and at ttaltirror* with those tor Philadelphia and N>w York;nt *. m.. for Annnfoiis. Baltimore. Ph ladelphia. and jW ^A>rk : at? f- m- fur Baltimore end Nori. k. J'.R.*.1*! Frederick tram. EX1 RWg at 4J0 p. in. U Kt.kf for the and fur Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New * ?irk. On Sunday ?na, m? and 4 p. m. From K A I.TIMOR K for WASHINGTON at ?.ljj> and 9.15a.m., S snd 4.15 s m. Ob Snndayat 4.14 ft. m. and 5.I S e. m. J?I2 __ T. H PARSONS. Agent. QRANGKAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD OK EAT SO U TH E R X MAIL LINE Twice T^tily, (SitiKlav nrghta excepted,) between WASHINGTON CITY and the SOCTU. rm ALKXANDRIA.GORDONSVILLF.ahdR^CH Mono Leaves Washington at fi o'clock a. m. " Washington ai 7 o'clock f ia. Fare from Washington to RitUiinoiid, #5 JO. For LYNCHBURG and the S< >1 TH WEST. W?r?..^."^>nn,!,"n *l 6 o'e'ook e.'m.. ernve ?? - l V K <i nex t m< > ro i ng at 4 a. m.. connecting with the t"*'?? on the Virginia ami Tennessee Kail Road for .Ml.Ml ll!S. Mail Stages from Chet Ottesville to L) nchburg ad stance tiffin mile*. Fare from \\ aslungton to l.j nctiburg. K7V 44 " - Memphis, MM. The moat expeditious route to the Virginia Springs;?on'y six lioura' stage travel totheOreei. brier White Sti.phur. Leave Washington at 6 a. m.. arrive at WHITE SULPHUR the same night. Fare from A.exanoria to White Sulphur. ?12.*. The ateemer GEORGE PA<iR, foot of Seventy atreet, being ownwi t>y the Railroad Company. rune in^cormeotion with the trama. Ticket a for Riohmoudand Lynchburg procured on the Boat. IE/"Omcibu*c?nnd Baggage Wagons will beat ti? D?P"t of the Washington Railroad. to convey pa> se gers rnd I wiggle to the Steam .at, for A ex&r dria. a disianoe ofaix miiea. a.iowing air.pie tin e for uieaJe. J AMLS A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria. J?ly,lft57. j, ?-tf jyTK W AND 1M FOR T A NT SCHE Dl'LE. FO R ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of ita lead ing connecting lines at the Weat has requirsd an er tire revision of the running arrangements of this r?d h? which highly important advantages to tne trav eler are secured On and after MONDAY, Jan* 15. 1857, 1HKEE DA IL V TRAINS wiii U rua in both directions ror through ps*K?nger*. F irer-The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN at art ? from Camden Station. Baltimore,at 7 A..M ..(except Sunday,) stop* at way stations and arrive* at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Seot.nd?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted) at %M A. M-. and arri\esat Whee<iaii at 4 J A. M., oonnao'ing at Benmood with Central Oh w trair.a for Coinmhus. Cincinratt. Indianapolia, Ix>l lavilif. Chicago. St. Lotus. Ac., and at name pla<*e with trains for Cleveland. To'edo. Detroit, kc.. ly Cleveland Koad,and also at TarkersNurg with Ma rietta Road. Third?Tha ST. LOt*I? and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves dail? at 5.ii P. M., c* neotiusat lieuwooil a[9 A. express trains from Bellaire to Cincinnati, (irt'Heat rkange rf Cuts *t Colmmbmt,? and r?*aoliing there in but V> hours from lla rimore and ah hours from Washing ton. It also connects direc'iy. in ia>Lh directions, at Gmflnu with ??ars 1>t Parkerahurg and Marietta roads for Ctuliioothe. Cincinnati, etc. Tneae trail.s connect at Xoma for Indianapolis. Chicago and S;. Lome, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi F.xpreas for Lonisville Cairo snd St. I.ouis Mirough to St. Louis tu less titan 42Hour*fiom Baltimore. H* this train the tirpu toalI the cortnu and southern p>.ccs in the West is tnueii Isss. vhilu the distinct is from 4" to inn trills shorter than lif the shortest of other route*. From the W est theso connect ions are equally close snd satisfactory, ar* riving at Haltimoreat 8.?i A. M. IT/* checke?l through to ail points. TTlROUGH TICKETS sold at lowcat rates at Camden Slatiou and at Waamncton. D. C. Paasengers from DaltinK>r? or Washington may t'trtr th* islt'n road by daylttkl, by taking nru*-. ing trains, and lying over at Cuni?>erland or Oak land, and resnmmg next morning by Wheeling Ae corr modal ion train, leaving Cum her lard at a scd Oakland at FtjR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumi?eriand Accomm?<dation Train at 7 A.M., will stop at all Station* east of Cumberland, and t*e Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations be?ond Cumberland going West. Fast ward!*, the Mail Train leave* Wheeling at P.jn A. M..aixi Aceomm< - da'ion leav es Cumber.and at 9. reaching Baltimore at 5 3ft P. M. ON TUP! NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between Grafton and Parkersl>urj, w?v passengers will t*ke the Express westward:; ai J the Mail esKtwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at < P. M . stopomg at way stations. Leave* Frederick A. M., arriving at Italtimore 12 noon. The ELI.ICf?TT'S MILL TRAIN leave* at vii A. Mm and 5.!5 P. M. Leaves Ellicott's Mills s i A. M.and? P. M.. except Suuday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.1aan-.l ".1^ A. M..Sand i.l.S P. M. On Sundays at 4.1ft A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.only. I,cave \\ salmirtoii for Baltimore at 4 and #.i> A. M. and Srind 4^v P. M. On Sunda) s at 7 A. M.. and 4 2n P. M. onlv. The first and fonrth trtins from Ba!timore,and the sesond and f iiirth trains from Washington. wi:l e express mail trains, atopping only at Waslung'on Junction and Airanpolis Junction. The4.l5and 5.15 train* from Baltimore and the t.Si and 4 2" trains from Waahingtcin oounect with t : ? trams from AnnM?o!ia. For tickets, iuf??rniation, fere, Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at the Ticket office. Camden Station. WM. S. WOODSIDE. jy lS-tf Master of Transportation. Baltimore. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEA MEKS. Tk* Skips cempojtag ikts Lint arc : The ATLANTIC .Capt. Oliver Eldr >f. I he BALTIC Capt. Joseph Comstock he ADRIATIC Capt. James West. These ship* having l>ecn Soiitby oontraot express v fortheGover ment scrvice.every oare has been takes in their construction, as aieo in their engines, to in sure strew:t !i and f peed. e.i <\ their accommocatn iia for pnasetiters are unequalled for elegance and ornr. fort. Price of pas?a;e from New York to Liverpool, in first cal.;n, .<!?'; inseoond do.t#75; exolus.vs use >>f extra mze at?te rooms. SSIS Trum Liverpool to New York, 3" aiul guinea*. An experienced Sur ge<i!i attached toeeehsh-p. No berths can l?e secured unt:l ?>aid ft.r. The snips of this lino Have improved watei-tight balk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. PROM NEW YORK. PROM MVKKFOOL. Saturday, Jnne J1 18*7 Wednesday, June 24 13*7 Saturday, July 4 !*.?: Wednesday, July ft.. 1RS7 Saturday, July 13 185" Wednesday. July 22 .18.17 Saturday, Aug. 1 ....1857 Wednesday, Aug. S 1*J7 Saturday. Auc. 15. . . .1857 Wednesday, Auc. 19.18<f7 5?aturdBT, Sopt. 12 . .law \\>ona?day, Sept.2 187? Satnrday, Sept. 26. ..1357 Wednesday, Sept. 80.18^7 Saturday, Oct. 1" . Ifi.77 Wednssdsv. Oct. 14 lRr.7 Saturday, Oct. 2i 1<W7 Wednesday, t?ot.S8 18T Scturdav, Nov. 7 .. 1?157 Wednesday, Nov. 11 1857 Saturdav, Nov. 21.. 1S.77: Wcdnef lay, Nov. 2V1S57 Saturday, Dec.5.?. 18J7 Wednesday, Dec. 8 IST-7 .Wednesday, Dec. 3S.LB57 For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K' COLLINS, No. ?, Wall atraet, New Yore. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNAKD A CO., *T. AaaUn F. nrs. 1 .<ind<ai. ? B. G. WA1NU RIGHT A CO., Fane. The owners of theu^ shipa will not be aceoentaKe for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prectone stones or metnJs. nn'ess bill* or lading are signed therefor and the vsiue thereof expressed th? je l& U NITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK and witnoct pstLrnn rod si?iBT vxata, foa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Regular Smiling Day*, btk # of tmtk mtntk. Carnott.?So manv frauds and imposi tions of various kinds hare been iate!*< serpetrate'l on travel era t*>und toCAl.I 1 PORN I A, that the fiilnonlw. theoaly auhoriaed Agent for pnaaags liv the U. S. Mail Line, ria Pana ma. in the city <?( New York, fuels it his duty to on 'it 1011 all persona seeking passage to California, that. To * vol l' I MJ*o*l TloJl. t hey must l-e carefiil ?<, find the true office of the Steamship* of the U. S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, as no other office lu New York is authorised to enrage passage. ^ The Complies have only one office in New York, which is at 177 West stieet.ooruer of Warren street, fronting on the North River, at tne hoad of the Ct*u pr.nv's Wharf. 11*7* Observe my sign over 'he dr??r. 1. W. RAYMOND. Agent, jo 19- New \ ork. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a N<?w York cannot fa: to lie interesting. In referring to the receipts of Teas in this cuiitrj t< r or.ej > ear up to ? th iiltiino. it ?sys thev a . ? i?* 1. | fc*i,i*?i pounds short of the unpoits of the )<ar elid ing June 3", 1856, and that " The advance in black teas. Oolong*, sinoe last ?eoeml?er, ha* !>een hfteen cents per pouud; and ouug Hyson Tens, of low and medium grades, have experienced an advniv.?e of one hundred per oent. overlaht season's closing prices. " It will thus tie seen that the strong and rapid advance m the tea market has been the result oT * short suppl* and active demaiid ; bat when it i*con sidered that we may hear at an* moment of the en tire suspension ol shipments at Shanghai, ar l. in fact, that, as *o<in a* a sufficient force from England arrives at the seat of war. all five ports of entry iu China, will probably he placcd under strict blockade, it would not lie surprising to see Teas at a much hither hvmv rhan they have v t attained." In visa* of there facts, we hoiJ out vry great m duoements for families to lay ia their supplies of Teaune. KING A BURCHELL, iell-tf Comer Vermont sve.and 15?h street. TREMOLO ACCORDF.ONS.anew inveatiua oall and see Ueui, at the M n??c Depot of W. G. METZEROTT, Mil- ourner Uth and Pa.av&