Newspaper of Evening Star, September 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 9, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ThkOiisisal Pla* or Wasmixotox Citt. In the extensive and curious collection of Col Force, is a file of the old " Gazette of the United States," published in Philadelphia. and through his kindness *f are euable-d togive tbefollowing article of interest in relation to the early history of the city It is from the Gazette of Jan. I, 17ft!: yeie City ?/ Waik**gto?. The following description is annexed to the plan of the City of Washington, in the IHstrict of Columbia, as sent to Congress by the President some days ago: Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of t!i?* Government of the United states, pro jected agreeably to the direction of the Presi dent of the Uuited states, in pursuance of an Act of Congress passed on the l(?th of July. 17SH?, ?? establishing the permanent seat on the banks of the Potowmack."' By Peter Charles L'En fant. Observation^ Explanatory of the Plan. I. Tn<! position* of the different grand edifice*, and for the several grand squares or areas of dif ferent shapes as they are lain down, were first de termined on the most advantageous ground, com manding the most extensive prospects, and the better susceptible of such improvements as the various interests of the several objects may re quire. II. Lines or avenues of direct communication have been devised to connect the separate and most distant objects with the principals, and to preserve throughout the whole a reciprocity of sight at the same time. Attention has been paid | to tbe pasting of ihose leading avenues over the most favorable ground for prospect and conveni ence. 111 North and south lines intersected by others ruuning east and west, make the distribution cf the city into streets, squares, Ac., and those liaes have been so combined as to meet at certain given points with those diverging avenues so as to form on the spaces '? first determined" the dif ferent sqnnres or areas, which ye all proportioned in magn itude to the number of avenues leading to then. BrtadtK of the Streets. Every grand transverse avenue, andeven^prin eipal divergent one?such as the communication from the President's house to the Congress house, &.c., are 100 feet la breadth, and thus divided : Feet. 10 feet foe pavement on each side is tit) 30 '* of gravel walk, planted with trees on each side <>') w in the middle for carriage so 160 The other street* are of the following dimen sions, Tiz: Those leading to the public buildings or mar ket* 130 Others 110?P0 Tn order to execute the above plan, Mr. Ellicott drew a true meridian line by celestial observa tion, which passes through the area intended for the Congress house; this~line be crossed by ano ther du?? east and west, and which passes through the same area. These lines were accurately mea sured and made the basis on which the whole plan was executed. He ran all the lines by a transit instrument, and determined the acute an gles by actual measurement, and left nothing to the uncertainty of the compass. Reference*. A The equestrian figure of George Washing ton. a monument voted iu 17S1 by the late Conti nental Oougress. B. An historic column?also intended for a mile or itinerary column, from whose station (at a mile from the'Federal house) all distances and pi ices through the Contiueut are to be calculated C. A Naval Itinerary column, proposed to l>e erected to celebrate the first rise of a Navy, trtid to stand a ready monument to perpetuate its pro gress and arnievements * D. A Church intended for national purposes, such as public prayer, thanksgivings, funeral orations, Ac., and assigned to the special use of no particular sect or denomination, but equally open to all. It will likewise be a proper shelter for such monuments as were voted by the late Continental Congress, for those heroes who fell in the cause of liberty, and for such others as may hereafter be decreed by the voice of a grateful na tion. E. E, E, E, E. Five grand fountains, intended with a constant spout of water. N . B ?There are within the limit* of the springs twenty-five good springs of excellent water, abundantly supplied in the driest season of the year F A Grand cascade formed of the waters of the sources of the Tiber G. G. Public walk, being a square of 1 ,'JtiC' feet, through which carriages may ascend to the upper square of the Federal House. H A grand avenue. 4<*> feet in breadth and alioutainile in length, bordered with gardens ending in a slope from the houses on e? h side; this avenue leads to the monument A, and con nects the Congress garden with the I President's park, and the K Well impioved field, being a part of the walk from the President's house of about 1,*<U0 feet in breadth and three-fourths of mile in length. Every lot deep colored red, with green plats, des ignating some of the situations which command the most agreeable prospects. and which are b calculated for spacious nouses and gardens, such as may accommodate foreign ministers, Ac. L. Around this square, and along the M Av? nue from the two bndges to the Federal House, the pavements on each side will pass under an arch*d way, nnde' whose cover shops will be most conveniently and agreeably situated; this street is 106 feet in breadth and a mile long. Tb? llfteeu squares colored yellow arc pro|?osed to be divided among the several States of the Union, for eat h of them to improve, or subscrilie a sum additional to the value of the land for that purpoKe. and 'he improvements round the squares to be completed iu a limited time The centre of each square will admit of statues, columns, obelisks, or anv other oinamwiits. such as the different states may choose to erect, to pe petuate not only the memory of such irdlviduals whose councils or military achievements were conspicuous in giving liberty and independence to this country, but those whose usefulness hath rendered them worthy of imitation, to invite the youth of succeeding generation* to tread iu the paths of those sa^e* or heroet. whom their coun tiy have thought proper to celebrate. The situation of those square* is such that they are the most advantageously seen fiom each other, and as equal!/ distributed over the whole city district, and counected by spacious avenues round the grand Federal improvements, and as contigu ous to thein. and at the same time as eq-rally dis tant from each other as circum*'ancew would ad mit. The settlements round these squares must soon become connected. The mode of taking possession of and improv ing the whole District at fl'st. must leave to pos terity a grand idea of the patriotic interest which prmnotM it. The small spaces colored are intended for the use of all religious denominations, on which they are to erect places of worship, and are proposed to be allotted to them in the manner as those col ored yellow are to the different States in the V nion; but no burying ground will be admitted within the limits of the city, an appropriation, being intended for that purpose without. N B There area number of squares or areas unappropriated, and in situations proper for col leges and academies, of which every society, whose objert i* national, may be accommodated. Every house within the city will stand square on the streets, and every lot on the divergent avenues will run square with thnir fronts on the most acute an_le; will not incisure less than C6 feet, and may well be above 110 Some of the streets running north and south and east and west are about 1.2U0 poles, and the trans verse street* l,JL0 poles Latitude of Congress House, .'t- 53 N , long. 00. Ttb*r Crttk.?The water of this creek is in tended to be conveyed ou the hi^h ground where the Congress house now stands, and after water ing that part of the city, its overplus will fall from under the base of the edifice, and in a cas cade of 2t> feet in helghth. and 50 in breadth, iato the reservoir twlow. thence to run in three falls through the gardens. Into the ?rand canal. The (.erpendicular helghthof the ground where the Congress house stands is 7* feet above the tide of Tiber Creek. Perpendicular height of the west branch above the tide of Tiber Creek, 115 feet 7 Inches and two eighths. This branch and and that of the Tiber, is intended to lie conveyed to the President's bouse. From the entrance of the Potowmack up to the ae< ond the depth of water 1* from 5 1-3 to 4 fath om*?the deepest all along the shore wheie wharves are mar ked '' In order that the points indicated a)>ove may be noted upon existing map* of the city we have pre pared the subjoined index, and would suggest to those feeling an interest in the matter to mark the points on their map* for future reference : A Where the Washington National Monument now stands B Intersection of .Massachusetts and N . C. av enue* and 1'ith street east C. An open space on the banks of river, bound ed by I street south aud Seveuth street west, now form squares south of 415, :<)<J and west of 471. D. n here the Pateut Office now stands. E. Open space where New York avenue crosses H street north. E. Open space on Penna avenue between ISth and 10th streets west. E Open space opposite Centre Market. E Opeu space at intersection of Virgin! t and New Jersey avenues. E. Open space formed by intersection of Mary land avenue and F street north. F. Where the Capitol branch enters the Wash ington canal. G That portion of Pennsylvania avenue from Third street to the Capitol ('rounds G That portion of Mary land avenue from Third street to the Capitol grounds. H Running through centre of the Mall, east and west. I. The Park south of President's House. K Different parts of the Mall. L 1 ntersertion of Fifth streot east and East Capitol street [On the original map at this point there was a circle not existing now J .M Eaat Capitol street. The fifteen squares for tb? different Bute* to l?? prore, are: ? At interNction of 0 ?tre*t aoath tad Thir teenth street mt ?- ^ **ere tb? \orthern Market stands 3, The open apace at IntCTsectlon of Maryland and V Irginia avenues 4 Own space at Intersection of Virginia and New Hampshire avenue* 5 Open space at intersection of Maryland and Massachusetts avenues. 6 Open space at intersection of Connecticut avenue and Eighteenth street west 7. At fhe Intersection of Maryland avenue and O street north. ft. Open space at Intersection of Delaware and \ irginia avenues. 9 Circle at Intersection of Vermont and Massa chusetts avenues. 10 Square No. 777. XVw ??i " <*?'?'? i" ,h,' laternectloa ol North Car. oiMia and Pennsylvania avenues ?a* Etahtif" Rb<*" Ma"d noXw VorJL"01 !TvrredUablt'for earh of ,h" of.r ? ?. plau lLen ""Kgefted ? The mute'an,l .""I Wlth prop"*"'? take up the M .fw/V monnments in memory of their whf, ?81 the of ,,ial Government .exer,i?B" ,n ?be council and the y aided to establish. Ti e plan was presented to Congress a fewdavs previous, as shown by the extract giveu below f om the proceeding: Housem/ Representatives?Tuet lay,Dre. 13.1791. Pr^LiTu^r*/;.!" Tr,.!,B?l ,w*a received from the Piesident of the L nited States, by Mr. Lear his secretary, as folioweth: r.-.i l *?ted States, Decern l>er 13, 1781. Gtntleintn of tke Senate i i nnit. Houtt of Representatives: Plan of Ci,v ,hat ??aa been District of ten miles square, ch was fixed upon for the permauent seat of the Government of the United States. G. Washington. The River ?At the Long bridge, yesterday afternoon, several people returning from the races were stopped by the police for driving over the bridge faster than the law allows. s,c,ho2n?r. fr?'n I'ort Deposit, passed up to the month of the canal yesterday evening at R,le>''s "chr. K B. Florence, coni for Riley m PLl,aJe,Pllla? wlth 114 tons Krhr down-river steamers this morning were obliged to run exceedingly slow to avoid running Into the various craft in the river, in consequence of the dense fog which prevailed. The "Mount Vernon'" started on her first trip (since refitting) to-day to Aquia Creek, and the P^??b?'?rbV,^?"'>!hl ???"? " The excursion of the Columbia Fire Company was a most successful and pleasant one. The ex cursionists arrived at Leonardtown at half-past #?? day afternoon, and on landing scattered about town, visiting the various places of interest In the evening they met at the Court House, where an appropriate and witty speech keeM-'rh!F McNerliany, Esq., Naval sle eper, and then the vocal and instrumental eon cert was given to the Leonardtowners. the pro ceeds of which amounted to So<i. After the concert the company proceeded to the fine hall of Mr ftlnL'*'.)"they gave a grand ball, which was is. ? .pa,wd ofl P^asantlv, and to the entire satisfaction of all present. The ball 02* ?P ?? *** \ma11 hours, just l?efore day nf n i' n? >anJ th?n proceeded to the hous? or Col Blakistone and treated him to an excellent serenade. He evinced his gratification by ten ing to the visitors a handsome collation, which ' an<i t,,e various eatables and drinkables suffered accordingly. The party left the wharf on their return at a. m. on yester ? dy a,ld arriv<*d here at 5 p. in. On ?K>ard the boat the enjoyment was universal, and !rweXCIin"?.nist!' ail were gratified with their trip. The proceeds of the excursion, ball, and concert, over and above the expenses, was some #1.50, wh ch will be appropriated by the Columbia boys 0 the erection of a monument to the memory of young Greenup. 1 ^rtlS , ?MLl,ataf '?.n h^r way UP ,h,s morning, passed off Maryland Point a hermaphrodite bri" and eight coasting vessels, all upward bound ? At Alexandria arrived yesterday ten river craft, bringing general cargoes of grain; also, two coal vessels and two canal boats. Mr. Hunter, who lately repaired the steamer ?al Alexandria, has been summoned to Haltimore, to see the inspectors in relation to fur ther necessary repairs npon her Judge Bryan yesterday tendered his resigna r.?i:"|rnt,ofJhe *te#mbo?t Company, and Richard XVallach, Esq . was unanimously elect ed in his place. A Theatre for Washington.?Jfr. Editor: 1 he question is often asked nowadays by stran gers.visiting VVaahington why we have no thea tre; but it is never satisfactorily answered It is certainly very singular that the capitol city of a country which has made rapid progress in the fine arts, and which has produced men of the highest order of talent as musicians, painters, sc ulptors. Ac., should not have a single theatre much less an opera house, or a building devoted to the exhibition of paintings; however, 1 under stand that this last desideratum is likely to be 0,|?piifdfw long. ' e" years ago there was some apology for such a State of things, and yet a better one existed, as we bad the National and Adelphi theatres; while at ditt'erent periods before tliat time Cams!"* Saloon and the Assembly Rooms were temples of the drama. Now, however, when Washington has increased so much in population, and when there is mare wealth among her citizens, we have nothing of the kind. Apropos of this, I would remark that the change is not from any improve ment in the city morals, as old inhabitants of the place will bear me out in saying; but it p o< eeds from other causes I hope not from a want of ap preeiation of the drama. This winter, doubtless, we shall have the tal ented raniairtce, Miss Juliana May, with us; but should she desire to app?yr in opera in her native city, and supported by an opera troupe, there woind be no building suitable for their perform ances And vet a theatre of the proper dimen sions for \\ ashington. which I imagine would be of about the size of Burton's, in New York, (not an immense barn like the old National, nor a chicken-coop like the Adelphi,) could be erected at moderate expense, somewhere upon or near the Avenue. Indeed, it is not even necessary to do this, as s< m ^ of the buildings which we tUnnly have might easily 1* altered to suit theatrical purposes, the one called the Assembly Rooms for instance, which was erected for a theatre, and the location of which is tolerably good, would answer very well, if the two stories w-ee thrown Into one, as was the case originally. F Military.?It Is the intention, as we have already stated, of the National Grays, second company of the regiment of volunteers, as at pres ent organized, to change their uniform, but the organization will remain as before. This corps is next in age to the Washington Light Infantry and when tir>.t organized was commanded by Capt Doughty, and was called the Washington 1,!tv fiuard. iirid the uniform was very costly and beautiful. The corps was afterwards uatned the National Blues, and was commanded by Capt L J Middleton, then by Capt. F A Tucker, next by Capt. P. F. Bacon During the latter's term the uniform was changed, and the corps named the National Grays. Capt. Bacon resigned, and the command was given to Capt. L Towers, the present commander. The corps expects to make their next parade with increased ranks and in their new unifo'in. Oi'i friend; residing on the Island in the re gion of Twelfth st.cel. complain of the way the west side of that street Is appropriated by the drl\ersof fast horses, and coal carts, Instead of the paved street, which is the proper driving ground. They iirmiy believe that the west foot way from the canal along the public souare, was constructed for the use of foot passengers, and they cannot understand why it has become the common property of the drivers of the aforesaid horses and carts. Yesterday evening the stream of carriages which went racing down the foot way thereabouts, caused no little consternation to several females, who were obliged to take the middle of the street to avoid being run over. The complainants ask us to call the attention of the jio!ice to these facts, and ask them to see that the quiet passengers, who cannot afford horses as a means of locomotion, have the privilege of en joying their walks with less peril. The Firemen ?^There appears to be a general refitting of the apparatus belonging to the Wash ington Fire Department We have already men tioned the repairs and improvements made to the property of four compHiiies?Franklin, Columbia, Noitbern Liberties and Perseverance. To thesv we may now add the improvements made to the apparatus,of^the Western Hose, one of the most active and rfll. lent companies of the department, rhe reel is being repainted in a splendid manner by Hook, and the plating by J W. Shehan. When completed the reel w.ll afford another good specimen of what cau be done by Washiair. ton mechanics , " Intelligence of the safe arrival in Liverpool of Revs James B and John P. Donelan has been received by Father Byrne, of St Matthew's par ish They are en route for Rome, where we un derstand it Is the Intention of Father James B B D nelan to remain for some years Father John returns in one year to this country Real Estate?Yesterday, Jas C. McGulre auctioneer, sold part of lot No. II, in square No' ?l<>, with a brick house there, near the corner of I and Fifteenth streets, for 91 .t?7U: purchaser Jno Wood. The gallant Columbia Fire Company, with Withers' band, serenaded their patroness. Mrs. I L H. Pendleton, last night, J The Tc??.?The first race over the new court* ?t Jackson City cams off yesterday afternoon In the presence of an Immense throng of spectators. The crowd began to assemble soon after 18 o'clock, m., and the stream of carriages and foot passen Long Bridge was continuous and augmented up to 4 o'clock, p m. course was heavy from recent laying down out well suited otherwise to the wants of the sporting public, though rather too narrow for more than three horses in carriages. The spec tators, on arriving at the grounds, mostly settled themselves around the judges7 stand, from which, o!i a line stretched across over the track to the spectator's stand, wa? suspended two silver cups, the prizes to be contended for. The contestants for the first cups were Buffalo, entered by J.Cook; Winzer, by H Birch; and bay colt Fanny, by J. Price, of Alexandria. At hair-past three o'clock, the horses came on the ground, their blankets were thrown off, and they were trotted up and down the track by stable boy*, while the jnd^r* were busily in their stand in drawing lots for iiosition of the horses on the track. The result of the drawing gave the W inzer colt the inside tf\ck, the bay Fanny the next, and Buffalo the outside The first effort at a start failed on account of Bufialo, who behaved somewhat obstreperously. The second trial was similar to the first, except that the colt Fanny would not wait for the word to go, but insisted on disregarding all rules of racing propriety, and daahed forward several lengths ahead Her driver brought her up; and, the third efl'ort proving more successful, tne start was made amid the cries of the crowd, to "Stop, K?> g? on, stop," Sc.c. The .race was mile heats, and the best in three to pull down the cup. The horses were off, Fanny taking the lead, and Buf falo close behind her, while W inzer came close on Bufialo Bufialo soon broke up. and Winzer passed him, flying, and bore hard on Fanny, who continued to stick to her pace, without evincing the slightest disposition to break. Winzer and Buffalo broke frequently on the out-stretch, and could not be got down until Fanny had passed over the first half mile, and was turning into the homestretch; then both Winzer and Butfalo came well up to the scratch, doing their best to recover the ground they had lost; but it was too late, and Fanny came past the stand, furiously fast, some ui/,yar<*M n advauceof Winzer, and leaving Buffalo who Lad got into a hard gallop soon after striking the home-stretch?some eighty yards In the rear. The judges gave the heat to ranny?time. 3 minutes t> seconds. The second heat the horses all got a fair start, and were near neighbors during the first half of the heat, but Fanny led off beautifully, and bets on her were frequent and heavy; she seemed from this moment to be the favorite, and she kept her pace steadily, never breaking up once, while Bufialo, who is very hard to beat when he can be kept down to his work, was breaking frequently, and was passed again on the home stretch by Y\ inzer, who came up pretty close on Fanny. The second heat was finished up in three minutes and nine seconds, Fanny being the winner by about the same distance as on the previous heat 1 he judges awarded the first prize to Fanny, making the two Leats in seven minutes and fif teen seconds. It is impossible to judge of the qualities of a horse over such a road as the new track, as all three of the horses entered would have made, on any well-beaten track, much better time. The second race was made in road wagons, two mile heats and repeat. The horses entered were Old Buck, entered by lieo. Smith ; Bufialo by Allen Dorsey; Sea Breeze by J, Cook; ami Henry by W K. Cleaver. 3 The judges drew for position, and Sea Breeze got the inside, Henry second, Bufialo third, and Oid Buck fourth. The horses were In better training, and the drivers had more control over them than durin" the first race. They were called up and came past the track in good condition, Buffalo about one length behind, but reaching out well, and several heavy bets were made upon him The horses, for the first quarter of a mile kept well together, Sea Breeze taking the had, and Old Buck pushing him hard, while Henry and Buffa lo were well up in the rear. Soon, however, the two latter hoises broke, Bufialo l>ehaving very badly, and giving his driver considerable trouble. Henry was managed more easily, being brou?bt down soon, but not until S?-a Bieezc and Old Buck were past the first half, with Sea Breeze still leading. The contest for the first mile was now between the last two horses, and it was de cided in favor of Sea Breeze, who never broke her pace, while Old Buck on the home stretch went ott again and could not be brou,rht down to his work until Sea Breeze was pas? the stand. The first mile was done by Sea Breeze in U: la and the second mile was pretty much the same thin.', Sea Breeze keening the lead and making the round in 3:11. The first heat was given to Sea Breeze?time 6:5<?. After some twenty minutes the horses were called up for the second heat. The start was a very fine one, Sea Breeze leading oft again, with Old Buck nearly up with hnu; Henry and Buffalo falling back soon after the first quarter was passed which position they held for the remainder of the heat. Bufialo broke up again, as usual, and Hen ry wtnt by him before the home stretih was reached. Sea Breeze and Old Buck reached the home stretch together, but Old Buck soon after broke badly, and Sea Breeze came past the stand some forty yards in advance, and made the heat in 6:40. Sea Breeze received the cup amid the loud ap plause of the crowd, and the race was over. Con siderable money exchanged hands during the af ternoon. After the crowd had partly dispersed a small race was run by a well known butter merchant of Washington, assisted by a certain newspaper re porter, and a Pennsylvania Dutchman. The par ties started very fair in a heavy carryall?weight of carriage and the three drivers 73<J lbs. The mile was made in nineteen minutes and three seconds. Old Pennsylvania never breaking his fast walk during the drive, notwithstanding the application of sundry frequent and well bestowed cuts with a cooked bean pole from an adjoining corn-field, and sundry deep and earnest anathemas applied to his carcase generally. Washington Inscra.nik Company. ? The stockholders of this Company, on Monday las', manifested their confidence in the management of its attaint by re-electing all the members of the old Board of Directors. The President and Sec retary were also re-elected at the meeting of the Board the next day. Congress, in granting a charter to this compa ny, introduced in it a clause making the private fortunes of the stockholders liable for all debrs that should be created by the Cor|x>ratiou. The o|ieralion of this is to add immensely to the se curity of those holding their policies, as the stockholders numlier among tnem some of our most successful and wealthy merchants, mechan ics, and others. W'f believe the ?'Washington" will l?e fully able to "respond" incases of losses by fire. The Boone Riflemen give thelr excursion to the White House to-morrow. Tliey have secured inusic for both trips, and also at the pavilion? an improvement, by-th?-way. Prosperi's cotiWhn band has been engaged; also, Schafi^-hl as ca terer. With the delicious weather ami moon light nights now l?eing enjoyed, such a trip is not to be objected to by any manner of means. FiRR ?About 2 o'clock this morning, a large frame dwelling In the First Ward, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, south of the avenue, was destroyed by fire, notwithstanding the exertions of the firemen and citizens to save the property. The fire was the act of an incen diary. The house belonged to W. Whitlock, and was occupied by colored persons. Reported Row.?I?ast night, a row was re ported to the officers and guards in the Seventh Ward. They hastened to the spot and fonnd all quiet, the row being a mere attempt on the part of some per?on or persons to get up a fight, which failed. ? Interesting toSportsmen?On Inquiry this morning at the District agency for the sale of gunpowder, W. A. King's, Georgetown, we l?*arn that the price of powder has advanced four cents per pound in consequence of the rebellion in India. Thf. Mission Fair, for the benefit of the Kast Washington Protestant Church, is now in the full tide of successful o|?eratinii at Temperance Hall. Scala's band contributes delicious music for the proinenaders. Another of the Tomatoes.?This seems to have been a tall season for tomatoes. We have this morning Iteeii presented with auother big 'un weighing one |>ound live ounces ! It was raised by ti. J. Oxley, Thirteenth and D street, Island. ?? The Masquerade Halt. ; or, Barnvm Oct done," with other comicalities and exquisite music, mirth and sentiment, Inspiring by the Ktbloplan seicnaders to-night. A mother fine ball at the Assembly Rooms to night, consisting of vaudevilles, singing, dan cing, Ac, Ac. Watch R etcrns.?Francis Bell, drunk; costs 91 .19. The cells were occupied by a few lodgers, who were dismissed at au early hour. Drs. Hcnter & Williams, PkysitiaHifttr I) ******* of Throat and Lungs, sa North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Williams will visit Waalunjcton on the l?th awl 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Saturday, the 13C.ii iuat. Office'.at Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss'e Jewelry Store. se9-3t MM Sud.lenl, on th? 8th instant, HV.NRIKTTK DF BLONVILLK PAROT. of Braail, *. A., hat P>r the la?t six years a resident of this place. Rest in %*7 ASfi IN GTON CORPORATION SIX PER " Cent. Quarter Yearly Stock for "ale by |M lw RltiGJS rn cu. AUCTIOT IAUB. By JA8. C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. ft 1 AAA CORPORATION OF WASHING 10 ? TO!* QrilTtlLT Six m C*JITC* Stock ?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. loth, at tix o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall s< II in sums to suit, Corporation of Washington Six per Cent. Stock. Terms: Cash. JWf_?-a J AS. C. McGl'IRE. Anct._ By J AS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. |>UBLICSALKOF VALUABLE BUILDING X Lots ox north L street. between 18th STREET AND CONNECTICUT A FENCE.?The subscri ber will sell at puMtc sale, on TUESDAY, the lr>Ui September. 1H37, at 6 o'clock p. m.. on the premiMes, Lots 3 and 4, in Davidson's ? ulslivision of Square No. 161. fronting each 28 feet on north L street, be tween lith street westaud Connecticut avenue, by IOi< feet deep. Terms : One-third cash : and the Ivalanee in R, 12, ami 18 months, for notes bearing iriteiest, secured by deed in trust on the property. Title made indisputable. CHAS. S. WALI.ACH, Attorney. s? 9 3?aw&ds JAS. C. McGIJIRE. Auct. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. F'URNITURE, BOOTS AND SHOES, Ac., at Auction.-Ob THURSDAY MORN INT., the loth inst., at in o'clock, I shall sell, without re aerve, at the Auction Rooms? 15 Cases of Hoots, Shoes, Brojans Ladies'and Children Shoes Hats, Ac.

Also, a general assortment of? Furniture, Fancy tioods, Crockery Tobacco, Segars, Ac. It* E. S. WRIGHT, Auct. By E. S. WRIGHT: Georgetown. I EXTENSIVE SALE OF CROCKERY Ware. j at Store lfti Bridge street, (ieorgetown, on FRI DAY MORNING,at 10 o'clock, consisting of? 3*^1 dozen White Granite Plates 120 pair do do Basins and Pitchers 25 dozen do do Wafer Pitchers 12 large do do Tureens, complete 40it sets do do Cups ana Saucers Covered Dishes, Snnce Tureens Ice Bo* Is, Salads, Tea pots Sugars, and Creams, Mugs, Ac ,a lar^e assortment 20 dozen White Dishes 170 dozen edged Plates. Sale positive. The trade are respectfully invited. se 9 2t EDW. S. WKIGHT. Ancf. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 3d dav of Septemlier, 1851,find duly recorded m the Land Rec ords of Washington county, in the District of Co lumbia. I shall sell at public auction, on the premi ses, on TUESDAY, the 15th dav of September.18.i7, at 5 o'clock p. in.. Lot No. 3, in Square No.?4, ly ing in sanl City of Washington, and fronting 55 feet 9 inches on north M street, ami running back 100 feet to an alley 29 feet wide, which, by side alleys, has an outlet on 24th and 25th streets. There is a neat two-story Frame House on the Lot, whi h is nearly opposite the late Genera! Thompson's residence, now owned by John E. Roo side, K??. North M street is soon tolw?graded,and the neigh borhood is improving. Terms : One-third cash ; the residue in three and six months, for notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust. Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. R. R. CRAWFOR I). Trustee. se 9-ts A. GRELN, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUI RE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Auction.?On Tl ESDAY. the 15th day of Sep tember, I shall sell in front of the premises, at 53* o'clock p. m.. Lot No. 1, in Square 312. fronting *5 feet on K street, with a depth of ion feet on l'?th street, with the improvements. The house is a de sirable two-story nrick dwelling, containing seven lar/eand comfortable rooms, fronting on Isitb streets, and conveniently arranged. Attached is a brick sta ble, two stories. 25 by 13Jj feet, fronting on a twelve foot alley. The improvements are constructed of good materia s and in the best manner. The grounds are handsomely improved with choico shrubbery. Good water in front of the premises. Every requi site for a comfortable residence is here secured, pre senting great inducements to persons wishing to make a good investment. Terms: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6,12, 13, and 24 months, for notes bearing interest from dsv of sale. A deed Kiven and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. At the same time and place I shall sell Lots Nos. 15, '6, 17, '8. and 19, in Square 1,111; and Lot No. 18, in Square No. 116. Terms for the lots : One fourth ca%h : the Inlance in 6, 12. and 1H months, for notes bearing interest from day <>f sale. A deed given and a deed of taken. Title indisputable. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. se 9?d JAMES C. McGUI RE, Auctioneer. V By J. C. MeGUIRK, Auctioneer. Trustees sale of valuable im proved Real Estate near the Centre Mar ket.?By virtue of a deed in trust, l*anng date on the ?!th day of March, 1355, and recorded in LibsrJ. A.S., No94 folio *('4. et sc>|., the subscrilier will sell, on WEDNESDAY, the 3">th day of Septem ber. 1857, at 5!a o'clock p.m., on the premises, one undivided moiety or half part or portion of l.ots Nos 1 and 2. in Square No.381, fronting 4" fe>?t on thn public square opposite Centre Market. 1.50 feet on north C street, snd 141 feet 1 inch on Louisiana ave nue. and !*o feet 9 inches on Lot No. 3. in said square, with the building* and improvements, winch consist ofa large and well built three story Brick Building, covering nearly the entire grounds,and containing several stores, halls and other rooms. The above property is well known as HaslupA Weeden's, and located in one of the most valnab e business portions of the city, and will produce a rent of %3,nu> per an num. and otters to capitalists a rare opportunity for investment. Terms of sate: *3,000 cash : and the. balance in 6. i:f. and24 months, for notes bearing interest from day ol sale, secured upon the property by deed of trust; and, if not complied with in five data from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell th? property, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. se9?3tawAds J AS. C. McGl'IRE, Auct. P~Tblic sale of a mos'Fdesirable f-AUM in Culpeper CorNTT.? I shall, on SATURDAV, the 19th day of Septem!>er, 1K57, (if fair, if n<>t the next fair day,) sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the valuable Farm. nearCui peper Court House, recently purchased by the late Tnomas Hill, of Edward Lightfo-t. This Farm oontains altout *<*? acres, and lies within \ of a inile of the Depot of the Orange and Alexandria Hnilroad at Culpeper Court House. The soil is of a very su perior quality?equal to any in the vicinity of Cul peper Court House. T'n? last crop of corn taken from this Farm, measured up, wh??n housed, up wards of l.'oon barrels. The Farm is now well en closed. There is a good Dwelling, and the necessa ry out-houses, including Stable, Corn-house, Black smith Shop. Ac., upon the Farm. Also, an excellent site for a water grist-mill. The Farm has a good and sufficient supply of timl>er and water. The sale will lie made upon the premises, on the following terms: 93.00n to be paid down; the Imlance in two equal annual instalments, with interest from the day of sale; the purchaser giving bond with a dead of trust upon the premises, to sccure the defer red payments. The undersigned will take p'easure in giving fur ther information respecting this Farm, or showing it to persons wishing to purchase. EDWARD B. HILL, Attorney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill. N. B.?On MONDAY, the 21st day of September. 1(157, I shall also sell, at public auction, in front of thaCourt House, (that bemg Court day.) a small tract ol Wood l,and, containing 50acres. This lai.d is situated alsiut two or three miles from Culpeper Court House, and adjoins the lands of James G. Broadus, Edmund Bickers, and Caleb Shackelford. Terms made known on the day of sale. EDWARD B. HILL. Attorney in fret lor heirs of Thomas Hill. se 9-1 w I FRENCH DRAWING BOOKS Of Flowers. Of Landscape Drawing. Of Animals. Of the Human Figure. Price Sixty-two Cents each. Imported from Paris, by se ? FR ANCK TAYLOR. II OME MADE CARRIAGES. We have now on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of LIGHT CAR-. RIAtiES of latest ami most approved) styles, and warranted, in point of work manshipaml material, to l?e equal toanv made in the United States. We repectfully solicit a call from citizens and strangers to examine our work, as we are determined to let none surpass us. either lu quality of our work or in low prices. We also do every kind of REPAIRING in a workman-like manner and at reasouable prices. GARDNER A PLACE. se8-3w* *53 12th street, south side of Pa. ave. g-1 A CARD. alRl'BB A I.OSANO have the pleasuro to an nounce to their friends and the public, that a? tLev have just received Iresh Irom the im-^VM porters a full and beautiful assortment of llm CM )TH S.CASS I MERES! V EST I MiSJol if all of the btest and most approved styles, which will >>e disposed of at prices that oannot fail to please. All orders intrusted to us promptly and faithfully filled. GRUBB A LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, se 8-1 hi 493mh street, near l'enn avenue. CiHEAP MUSICAL INSTRUCTION TO / SMALL CLASSES OR TO SINGLE PUPILS.?The undersigned wishes to nc quaint the public that he is ready to receive._ pupils at Miss llarrovtr's (ieorgttutcn Ftmalt Sr mi miry. Willing to serve the public upon accommodating terms, as heretofore, he promises nothing shall l?e left undone, on his part, to make Ins pupils thoroughly grounded in the rudiments that no imp> cl ime lit may prevent them Iroin becoming scientific p'avers. The Pestalozziau ami Logicrenn svstems will be preferred, they l?eing the most approved in the world. Iiaving l?een introduced into Germany, England, France. Spain and other parts of the globe, fur Rudimental, Vocal, and Piano Instruction. A PRIVATE SOI REE will occasionally be given by the Classes, so that they may not feel reluctant to plav when solicited. For'further sarticulars inquire at the Muaio Store of Mr. Metzerott. JOHN E. SCHEEL, ae8?3t* Professor of Muaio. JEWING MACHINES. Our Agant. Mr. John Porter, viaita the City of Washington for the purpose of exhibiting to the La dies of this vicinity, the justly celebrated WAT SON'S TEN-DOLLAR FAMILY SEWING MACHINE, and also make sale for Territorial right for the District of Colombia. Machine will tie on exhibition at C. W. Boteler'a, Iron Hall, No. SI8 Pennsy Ivama avenue, where he would inv.te all per sons interested, to witness ita operation. JiMt*, BOBBINS A CO. BLACK BERKS BRANDY.?We have this day Ji ?HM'l of Tamer Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDY, whioh is a hne article, and giiarsntee it to cure the Diarrhea in ita worst form. For sale wholesale or retailby ARNY A SHINN, jy'it 81 Green st? Georgetown, Auonoy uiji TO-DAY ? TO-MORROW MORNING. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR THE V Circle at Acctio*.?Ob W EONE9DA^ . ths 9th instant. I ah*ll Mil. in front of premises. at ft o'clock p. m.. L<?t No. 3, in square No. 37. bavin* a front on north L stroet of 54 feet ? inct>e?. runntnc buck 100 foot to*wide alley. between 22d And 24th streets, containing 5,475square feet. Terms: One-third omIi: lialance in <5and I ?.months, for note a l^ interest from day of sale. A deed Riven mid a deed of trust taken. All oouveyancing *t the ooet of the purchaser. _se 3-d A^GR KEN. A net. By JAS. C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY' SALE OF LARGE BUJLD ijm U?r os ITtii a mi N sthkkts ano Mass. KVtrrr-Or WKDNKSliAY, the 9th instant,at 5H "'clock p. in., I shall sell, on the premises. Ia+ No. l, in Square No. 15*. fronting on north N street l?'f<*ei,on 17th street Infect Cinches,and on Massa chus' tts avenue 99 feet. containing about 19,?i00 souare feet. Terms: One third cash: balance in6an<i 12m<>nths. with interest from the day of saie. A deed giveuand a deed of tru t taken. Title perfect. Conveyancing at the cost of the pn rchaser. so 3 d JAS. C. McGl'lR E. Auct. Bjr C. \V. BOTELER, Auctioneer. CAI.E OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ON n i hk Isi.anu.-Oii THI RSDAY MUKNINO, September commencing at 1" o'clock. I shall sell at No.314 Virginia avenue. I<etwren Sixth and Seveuth streets, a collection of Household Furni ture. embracing in part Mahogany Sofa, mahogany Chairs, mahogany cen tre and canl Tables, Inrge ilt frame Mirror: mahog any Rocker, m.ihogany Ottomans. ({all Oil Cloth, in tho^anv flat Ksck with mirror hack, and sundry other useful articles. Tsrins c-vli. sop8 2t C. W. BOTKLF.R. Auct. B> A. GKKEN, Auctioneer. ALE OF A VF.RV SUPERIOR LOT OF ^ SrasoXEH WALNUT RoaRI* AM) Pt.ANk ON aC OotJ\T or WHOM IT >1A \ COVKIM, A T ACITION.? On TIIIJRSDA V. the 10th instant. I shall sell in front of my A net ton Store,at l? o'clock a. m.: 4* pieces of Plank. from 1 to4 inches thick. This Lumber is well seasoned, and of a superior qualit). suitable for cabinet and hardware purpose^. Sale positive. Tei ms cash. soH?2t A. GREEN. Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. By A- GREEN. Auctioneer. Two-story framk house and lot ON 8TH STRUCT. nkxt to thfcorner o? north L street, at Apction.?On MONDAY, the 14th instant, 1 sliall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., part of the original Lot No. I j. in square No. 4<>|. ha vine a front of 25 fe?t on 8th street west, running liack 99 feet 4 inches, between Land M streets north. With the improvements, which are a rood two-story Frame House, wood shed, Ac. This property is handsomely located on the west aide of 8th street west, adjoining Mr. J. G. Adams. Terms: One half cash: ttie balance in3, 6.and 9 months, for notes bctrnc lalfln st from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. so8 A. GREEN, Auctioneer._ By BARNARD A BUCK KY: Georgetown. A DESIRABLE MARKET FARM NEAR il the City at Pcrlic Auction.?On WEDNES DAY A FTER N'OON.Sepieint?er!*, 2 o'clock. <<n the premises, I shall sell a very valuable Market Farm, about two miles from (ieorgetown. 'jing l>e tween Ruck Cr<ek and Tonally Town, hall a intle from Tenally Town. It contains alwut ninety acre* of good land, pait in wood and part cleared. The improvements eon*i?t of a small Dwelling-House, Stable, and lonug orchard. Persons desirous of examining the farm can l>e directed by inguiriug of Mr. James Scot?, No. lfcj H street. Washington, or of Mr. \Ym. Emincrt. Terms: One-half, cash; the. residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on ilw premises. Deeds at purchaser's cost. If the terms of saleare not comp'icd with within three da> s, the property will be reso'd at the pur chaser's risk, after giving ter days' notice of the sale. BARNARD A BUCKEY. so7-dts Auctioneers. V By JAS.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN ' thk Secumi Wabu at Pi bi.ic Acctioh.?-On THURSDAY Wth.al6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall self part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 35u, fronting 31 feel 1 luch on Loui sian avenue and the public space, l>et wceu iOth and llth streets west, running uick 78 feet, togethe. with the improvements, cousistmg of a Brick Build ing, which has been occupied for several years past by( Messrs. J. \V. Arnold A- Co.. as a Itookbindery. This property can readily l>e adapted to ami is in a desirable location for manufacturing purposes. Terms: One-fourth cash; the resiuue in 6,12, and 1" rrontha, for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises se 3d -MS. C. Men FIRE. Auct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. HOUSE AND LOT ON E STREET at Acc tios.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mrs. Alary E. Barney and others.dated on the 29th day of Novemlier, 1R56, and recorded in the Laud Records of Washington county. District of Columbia, in Lil>er J. A. S., No. I.Ti. folio 5 to 19, and lur the pur poses of said trust, will lie sold at pubiic auction on the premises, on E street north, on TUESDAY, the 4th day of August. 1857, at 5 o'clock p. m.. all that part or tne Lot of Ground riiiinl>ere<f 6. in Square tori, in \Ya?iiingtou city, be^imnng for the same at a Stunt on the north side of E street north one hun red and forty feet and nine inches from the south west corner of said square, and running thence north seventy-one feet and six inches with the western line of a portion of said lot number six which was conveyed by David Siundcrs and wife to Roger C. Weight man, to the use of Mary S. Scott; east 2 feet 6 inches ; thence north 16 feel 7>? inches; thence west 22 feet 111 and ouc-lhinl niches: thence south 83 feet I inch and a half: thence oast 2U feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of l<e ginmng. The improvements consist of a go??d three-story brick dwelling and tenement, with a large two story Isick building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and office. Terms of ssle: 82,<*ifl in cash, and the residue for notes in euual sums payable in six. twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A dee?i will be given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving five days' notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are nor oompiied with by the pur chaser within five day s after the .?*le. The premises are now under lease for Ifflm por annum, the lease to expire on the'm day of < Ictolmr. 1858. HENRY M. MORFIT. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer, in* THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided lor in said de"d are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at the office of the Trustee, on 4?* street. july ll -eodAria 1E7" THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED onaccouutof the rain until THURSDAY, thetth instant, to take place upon the premises, at .5o'clock p. m. uk i d ? ITT"" THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER PO> rPONED until THURSDAY.the 27th of Au gust, to.take plaoc on the premises at 5 o'clk p. m. au 7-eo JIT" IN CONSEOUENCE OF THE RAIN the above sale is further postponed until THURS DAY , the loth day of September 1RV7, to take place on the premises at 4 o'clock p. rn. HENRY M. MOB FIT, Trustee. an 28-eoftds C. W. BOTELER. Auct. H By JAS. C. MoGUlRE, Auctioneer. ANDSOME FURNITURE, PI ANOFORTE ANl> lloi SKtloLV EfkECTS, AT AUCTION.?On TBI R5DA\ MORNING. Septemlier 17th,at 10 ? the residence of Frank S. Shulze, No. 4iM north I, near 12th street west, we shall seilal! his excellent Furniture and Household Effects, com prising? Oue fine rosewood 7-octave Piano Forte, made by Hains A Bnw., New York; purchased last r all. A Iso, Stool ami Cover. Suite ^of crimson plush-covered wslnut Parlor Furniture, consisting of two Sofas, two Arm Chairs, and six Parlor Chairs C&rved rosewood marble top Centre and Sofa I allies Walnut Arm, Reception, and Rocking Chairs, fin ished in figured tapestry Crimson damask-covered Union Chairs, Etagere Suite of four crimson dana?k Window Cnrtains. (lined with silk,) *ith lace Curtains, Cornice and Fixtures Green ajid crimson dainask Chamber Curtains, with Cornice and Fixtures Oval gilt-frame Mirrors,Engravings Tapestry, Brussels,and othrrCarpets, Rugs Oilcloth, Stair Carpeting. Matting Bronze iron Hat tree. Stair Rod* and Eves I'w<? pair elegant lleW mar be Vases, with centre pieces, rind Canl Receiver Handsome French Chinaaud Bohemian Glass Vases and other Ornaments Silver-p'ated Tea Set, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Pitcher, Forks, aud >poons China limner. Dessert, and Tea vVare Table Cutlery, Glassware. Fire Irons Walnut Extension Dining Table, Sideboard Lounges, Can! Tables, cnue-seat Chairs One Holmes' Therapeutic Chair, Easy Chairs Enamelled Cottage Set, Child's Crib One set waluut Chamlier Fur.nture complete Bedsteads, Bureaus, \Ynrdrobes, and \\ ao!>nands Superior t-eather Beas. Bolsters.and Pillows Mattresses. Blankets, Comforts, Spreads Sheets Ac.. Ac. ' Refrigerator, Liquor Case, Water Coo'er Cooking and other Stoves, China Closets. A e I ogether with a general assortment of Kitchen Re quisites Terms: ami under, cash -.over that sum a credit of an, ??. and i*? da.s, for saUsfaetoriiyra dorsed uotes, bearing interest. ' '*? rue House is for Rent. Inquire on the premises or of the Auctioneer. ??' J. C. McGUIRE. Anci. . R. I.. CROW N A CO.. Auctioneers. T^' ^TEE'S SALE OF PERSONAL PROP i ? ?f ? deed <?f trust recorded in ? l.1 r : A. S., No. 13^, folios 25, 26. and 27. one of the land records for the County of Washington. D. t ., will be sold iti front of the Bank of Washington, Mu,(,,?Icl,Kjk n "" SATURDAY. Septeir.l>er 121 h, 1&57, at public auction, to the highest Udder for ?**h. three Horses, three Carts, and bve Milch Cows. Terms cash. _*e 1 C. R. L- CROWN A CO., Aucts. Paper, ink, pens, knives, scissors, and Toys, at se7 MCLAUGHLIN'S. jyEW fall GOODS. I am now receiving a very full and beantiful stock of Fail and Winter Goods. Geutlemen wishing to have the advantage <?fsj. eerlr selection of choice patterns will 'all earl* The new fashions are received an1 I am full* ready f??r the fall trade. ,u"? .?7 9_ A' U' \01'NG. Merehaat Tailor, Brow as' Hotel Penn. avenue. T?rSi:-JOYS!!-T?vs:!! ? In eiidbtss ? * V y' 1 la M MON D'B, ? Seventh ttro??. G'ir,'?iiU,cl^;L'GHUN'8 ?? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FltOM THE ASSOCIATED PHEBS Three Day a LaUr trim Earepe. Hamfax. Sept 9 ?The Royal mail eteamer Europe. from Liverp<to| ou the 29th. arrived line morning. with three d*vs' later intelligence. The Baltic arrivrd out oa tb<* 'Mb out the Per - *ia on the 29th Aug. The new* l? generally of ?n unimportant chai arter l*arliainent *w proio^urd on tbr2?th The l^u?>fn's iprerb ww read by (ommiMioi There wa* a general impression in Kncland that the Atlantic cable would bp *old. for the la dia line. There wa* nothing additional of linnortamc from India. T H I MitKT* Lirrrpool, Aug ** ?Cotton ?lo*ed active; sale* of the week IM,M hale. All qualities slightly advanced . Breadstuff* wp'f <|nlft and the last quotation* barrlv maintained The weather had been favor able for the crop*. provision*closed dull. Cofl?oM(i\. ?? A nether Sai^a*ioa-Tke Pressare, be. New York. Sept 8 ?L V Ktrbv A Co . an extensive jobbing house of long standing. ??)??? (?ended to-d.iy The liabilities are half a million and the aKn?t? seven hnndred thousand dollars The failure is believed to be only temporary The notes of tbc Ontario Coonty Ban! and the Bank of Orleans, of this State, were thrown out ot the t>anks here this aftern<?on The lull* of the former are secured, and the latter onlv partially. There was more distrust apparent to day than at anv time since Wednesday last. T lie re is a gen eral feelingof uneasiness.arising from the severi ty of the pressure which all branches of trade have beeu obliged to submit to during the last thr?ts weeks. Stocks dcr lined from on* to ill per cent. Insurrection at the .Michigna State Prison. Detroit, Sept. 7.?An insurrection, beaded bjr two tlfsperate negro convicts, broke out in the Michigan State prison this afternoon. Two of the convicts succeeded In escaping over the wall*, but were recaptured The others made desperate attempts to follow, but were overpowered by the officers of the prison and safely secured. Railroad Accident. New York. Sept f*.?An neeident occurred on the N'.w Jersey laiload last evening, near t'ai - Held, which caused the death of four |?ere? ns A gravel train, with several laborers, tame in col lision with a farmer's wagon, by which the far mer and three of the train laborers wete kilitd The Late Lt. Jaates McGary. New Londok, Conn .Sept. 7.?The r> mains of James McGary, second lieutenant with Dr. Kane, in his Arctic exploration, were interred here yes terday by the .Masonic fraternity. The funeral was at'.end' d by one of the largest assemblages ever congregated here. Arrival of the Black Warriar. Nrw Oiliasi, Sent 5 ?The steam?b1p Black Warrior, from New York via Havana, on the .Id iast.. ha* arrived here Business had not recosw cred in Havana Tl?e stock of sugar there was two hundred thousand boxes. The Weather in Albaay, Arc. AlbasY, Sept. ??The thermometer in this citv yesterday morning marked Is" decree*. A can of phosphorous exploded in Dexter A Nulligan's drug store this morning, seriously burning two persons Arrival of the <*? a. William*. Halifax. Sept . 7 ?The North Atlantic steamer. Gen. Williams, ha* arrival at this port. Sb* spoke a vewwel on I he 5th inst . which reported the steamer Clyde still ashore at the Pelican Islands on th^lth inst. It ail road Accideat. WiLMtXGTOv. Del .Sept P ?Patrick Magulre a brakeman on the Delaware railroad, was kil'ed near la-i|?ic station this morning in attempting to get ou the train while it was iu motion. Sa?peasions at Buffalo. Btffai.o. Sept e ?William Foote ? Co and NiiesA Kinne. prod-ice dealers, of this city, have suspended. The latter house has been in diffi culty for a year. Exchange and Freight*. New Orleans, Sept fc>?Sterling exchange has declined here to ft per cent premium Freights dull at ^d for cotton. Mrs. Cunningham Oat an Bail. New Yoke, Sent 8.?The notorious Mr?. Cun ningham was to-day released prison on giv - ing bail in the sum of t barge of Sianggliag. New York, Sent 8?The first mate of th? steamer Arago has been arrested on the r ha'ge of smuggling a large amount of laces Mare Failarea. New York. Sept 8?There are more failure* rumored at the coru exchange, but the names have not tianspired. Fatnl Powder Mill Explosion. Be** I KG TON . VtSept 9.?A pai t of R llssel "* powdei woiks blew i p to-div, killing two boys The Ohio River. Wrnittxc, Sept 9.?The.river this morning is very low. * ?w Orlean* Markets. New Orleans, S-pt * ?("ottoa?sales to day of SOW bales; middling 15 7-16*16c. Receipts I'M bah a. Flour i^ steady at ?5.3t' for superfine. Pork is tirm. Holders of western uiess are demanding per bbl. l*ard ;* firm. Baltimore Markets Baltimorf.. Sept 9 ?Flour is dull, Howard street super ?5 5t'. Wheat is nominal; lower grades are dull, but prime and fair qualities are in demand, red *1 25, white SI 4llaSI 45. Corn is flim white 03j67c . yellow (>5a7tic. Whisky is better; City 25lfc , Ohio^'je. flew Verk Markets. Naw York. Sept. 9?Flour is depressed, at a decline of 5alUc ; sales of 4.IKK1 bbi*. Slate S5.40a S5.35, OLio #."< 65aSS routbern t'? Wheat is heavy; sales of ISJW bushels; white SI 50; red SI.14. Corn is heavy; sales of 30,t*Utf bushels; mixed 71a72e Provisions are quiet. Mess Pork S"-iS tfaflKS 3M C iicago repacked Beef Sl7 SOaSlS'. l.aid has d ' dined sales at lo^c. Whisky is improving; Ohio 27c., an advance of >fcC. ? Flaaaclal. New York, Sept. 9 ?Stocks are lower and active Chicago and Rock Island 72 Jj; Illinois Central bonds h5; Michigin Southern 22; New York Central t.9. Pennsylvania Coal Company W; Reading Railroad 41)*; Virginia6's 9U; Missouri ?> S ,0 Threat indickmknts offered for CASH! H. SRMKKN, Jeweler. offers at gro&ti) roduoed pnoes, for cash, the fol io vine articles: Gold Hunting English Patent l^evera. fuil jeweled, from up. Gold Hunting I?etach do., full iesreled. from $?> up. Gold ladies' Watches, full jeveled, in v&rietv, S*3 up All W atches are guaranteed (or 12 month*. Gold Guard. Foh and Vest Chains, at vitolesala prices: all kinds ol Fine Jewelry, such as Bracelets, Pins. Rings, Rinzs,Shirt Buttons,Seals, Lock ets. Pencils, etc..embracing Diamond, Pearl. Corais, Cameos. Mosaics, etc., at astonishing low prices. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of frtnc* Silver Ware? lowrr titan ever ottered ltefi>re. Silver plated Ware? slick as Spoons, Forks, Cas tors, Cake and Card Baskets, Butter C<Kilers, eU., will sold at fnrtn?/i*rfwr*rs price*. ID" Our mainolitect in ottering such imluoeinet<ta is: 10 rrdttre our pre !>rnt Inrtr ttork tor r ndy rash, ronutnplaunr tomt alitintion ta omr bmti aci<. Persons in want of anything in our line are mvit d to eaii; we shail take piesmre in couvinciug tbem that sucn opportunities of purchasing .*?* tootle at such reductions are trldom odered. AM go<>d* war ranted as represented. II. SKMKKN, _aug 15- 330 Pennsj lvaaa avuaa. Marion iiarland's new book. ?? Moss Side." by Marion Harland, author of " Alone," " Tfce Hiduen Path," Ac. Price |l A Nothing need lie said to awaken an interest in a new book by this charming authoress. Forty seven thousand oopies of her "Alone ' and " Hidden Path" have been solu l>y her American publishers, aisl the demaisl at present as constant and resular as ever. In F.urope the) have met with still greater suocess. No other A uierioan authoress aas yet lieeu honored h* republioatnwi in the i.eipsie edition of standard American authors. Those who liavc seen the advanoe sheets of " Moss Side" umte hi tint opinion that it is superior to both of Marion flar land's former pr.ductious in interest, style, at.d popuiar taet. it is luil of incident of an exeiting nature, while the piot is belter and more systemati cally arranged. J ust rccei ; ed. and for aale at TAYLOR A MAURYBookatore. near Mb street. HI NTING PARK TROTTI NG COL RSK. At tkt *oytk tnd of tie Lcmg B>*4$e. I'ne Pn'or ietors of this new,complete and el??anl Course take pleasure la being aide to ? ? say that their arnuigements are all o p.fte, and that their track is now open to the pulilic. In all its ari*agemeiiis is nusurpassed inth" Pnited States, oflering as many advantages for the trial ol speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in cir cumference, illy feet wide, graded and prepared with oare and jadnaMBt. and is 10 perfect order. The House eoaaeoted withii, t**>. ta unsurpassed in its oomforts and aooomnioriar musjind for the lux uriss alwat ? to be obtained there. The public mar rely oa it "that, under any sad all circumstances, good order will na maintained and euforoed neoa the premises. ' eu '2 2m MV STt?Clt OF BOOTS AND SHOE* heme about the largest m this city at tais^^Asa per oent. less than goods purehassd at tkia* Cm.. ? 1. u Iron Hul, Pv ?>?.