Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1857 Page 1
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= i VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1857. NO. 1,449. THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT T1IE STAR HOLDINGS, Corner of Pa. avmue and Eleventh street, By W. D. w ALL ACM, aoJ ta served to snbscnhera by earner* at SI X AN D A CHARTER CENTS, payable weekly to tke Agents; papers served id packages at 37>$ oents per month. To mail subscribers the subscription pnoe it THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ta aJiamee, TWO DOLLARS for six ?>>otas, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at tae rate of 12J* cents a week. CySINGLK COPIES ONE CENT. SOMETHING NEW?A FEMALE NEW? PAPER. Paris ij always?a* Pliny said of Africa of old?firing birth to soma extraordinary novel ty; and one of the most extraordinary we have ever met with is given In a late number of the Courrier des Etats I'nis. in which we axe in formed that a young ladj hu chosen a most singular occupation. She has turned newspa per?something, as the Courrier romarks, after the fashion in which barbers were the newspa pers of the Middle Ages. Figaro, as he de ecribes himself, is a general retailer of informa tion. one setting forth all *he news of tho day? dealing in "matrimonial* '?useful to all class es. Something of this order is the Female News paper in question. Every afternoon (continues our authority) a young woman of 21 years, tall, and of exquisite figure, attractive even at a distance, slightly pitted with small pox, yet with eyes and mouth which have uot lost a whit of expression?such a young lady may be found every afternoon, gli ding from cafo t<> caio in that peculiar part of Paris principally inhabited by students and thorn connected with them?known as tho Latin Quarter Everybody knows the girl, and every body speaks to her. She is brilliant in conver sation?in rcpartoc?in salutations. Sho enters a cafe, passes from one tablo to another, and without eeremony begins at once to give the news of the day. She has all the gossip of the aehooln of law and medicine, the scandals or small talk relative to tho students and their " flames"?the marriages and divorccs. And, while communicating all this in a most amusing aud fascinating manner?her eyes and ears are open?ahe picks up news from the guests. and thus renews her stock in trade of gossip. But how does she make it profitable' This M the most lingular part of her most singular business. Everybody who has been in Fiance knows the five lumps of sugar which are brought with every cup of coffee?throe for the cup. and two extra ones, which are either put into the f;laaa of water or carried away by Frenchmen, n the pocket. On concluding her gossip, the fair female journal takes these two lump*; they are her perquisites. Jeanne (or Jenny) is the name of the living jonrnai; the students call her Jeanne aux Canards We are sorry to say that Jenny Humbng is tho nearest translation we can give of the name, though it must be admitted that, as Dolly Fudgo says ot" French abuse, in Moore's poem, it is not so bad in the original. However this may be. whenever Jenny Humbug enters a rafe there is a general demand for her. Everybody wants Jenny ; sho is pulled from table to table, there is a general uproar at her extraordinary " local items," ' editorials," and "telegraphs," to say nothing of the *-ndvers " Jenny never leaves a cafe, after a short visit, without bearing with her one or two pounds of sugar, collected lump by lump. Jenny lives by sugar. Tho Cafe de 1'Odm buys it all of her, and she ia growing rich. Of course there is a storr connected with her. Jcany Lind. with all her talent, had to have a story; they all have a rigmarole yarn now-a-days. and of course Jenny Humbng, with such a name must have one. She is a virtuous and spotless scion of something or other, and is collecting a dowry wherewitn to marry a lover to whom she is pas sionately attached, a young salesman in Paris, and who is to wed her when she shall have col lected five thousand pounds?not sterling?but of sugar. It is fortunate for the editorial craft thafcsuch newspapers are not started on a grand scale in this country Wo should soon have to shut up shop if they were. The press, as the Bni. kumville Flag St.dFonce remarked, "is a mighty Indian?it corrects vicc, vindicates the Consti tution, and inserts advertisements"?but it eoald never resist such opposition as that of pretty women turning themselves into prome nading newspapers, dinging forth paragraphs from ro*y lips, dating editorials from sparkling eyes, and doing up "notices" in a style of ami Hole coquettish preference. Long may it be before paper thus comes into opj?osing interests with the muiltu! We have always warmly advocated extending the sphere of women's ac tion, but as we said before?and we didn't mean to?there are certain fields not as yet ap propriate t? her. and that of journalism in per s-u and by word of mouth, is one of them. La dies. if y?u have any gratitude let it aione !? Philadelphia Hull* tut. ? . ? j [ VcGKTAki.c Cellars.?It is difficult to un derstand on what principle so innny m.irket gardeners endeavor to carry on their business without the necessary convenience of a Vegeta ble cellar. Without this, even in the summer, he most of necessity be very much at the mercy of trurksters, who, too laxy to cultivate for them selves. manage to pick up a smart living on the industry of others. With the keenest judg ment, it will frequently hapnen that a gardener gets a large quantity of produce together, with the expectation of a quick sale, and finds to bis mortification that everybody else had. like him, bought a great load, aud the consequence is, that he must sell at any price, or spoil his goods for want of storage for a night or two. In the fall again he must sell out; there is no help for it, aud that at 2o per cent, below actual prices, and 60. and often 100 per cent, below winter prices. His produce once disposed of, then he has nothing to do for four or six months, but squan der what he toiled so hard for. and all for the want of an occupation, which the selling of his own produce would give him, supposing he had a cellar to store it in during winter. For a market gardener, we consider a good warm cellar as necessary a part of hu conve nience* as a horse and wagon. The following method of preserving vegeta bles in winter by the Russians is given in an early number of Loudon's Gardeners' Maga zine. and may not be ill-timed at this season. We have kaown cellars of the best description built under ground, the roof arched with brick work, and covered with at least three feet of ?oil: " Cabbages are preserved in the gardens (set clo** together to save room) by building a root over them ot' old boards, covering them with the old dnng of the hot-beds. or trie cleanings of ibe garden, aud the shovellingover of all the earth from the adjacent beds. If the grjO!:d is dry. and it is possible to dig downwards, the house (if it may be so called) will be warmer; bat the best situation is the brow of a hillock Two tubes or chimneys are erected to let out the confined air when it thaws, or towards spring Leeks, celery, in short all similar reg^ etables may be preserved in the same way. The chimney must be stuffed up when it freezes.' IK* e commend the following to the owners of *' lusi'le of three minutenoraes There are lots of these animals about, but it is very difli cult to catch one: An old substantial citizcn of Dunkirk. A. F had what A'thought*" fast" nag. One eveuisg, surrounded by several companion* in hi" pioneer life, in the bar-room of the village L<>tel. a- where news much older than their a!e went round.'' F? remarked that ?? Eclipse bid made the best tin? yesterday ever doue in Chanlaut|ue county?had trotted from Fredo nia (tnr.*e miles) ia utue minutes and forty sec onds A a ke I how he had timed hint, as he (F ) did not carry a watch. "Why.'' sjud F . 4 when I left Fredonia it waa just ao .ut du<k and when I got here it was no darker, if as dark " Good ?' lime" that ! A Tmtl Stoic l'p in New England hills lives an old larmcr, quite remarkable for his quite humor and stammering speech It ia re lated ot him that be once told a pair of oxen, and a few days afterwards the purchaser re turned. complaining that they were stubborn ajai vicious and that he could d > nothing with tLein when he came to work them. "Did they never," be asked, " give you any trouble V' " N-n-nc," was the reply. 44 Wba', never troubled you V* ? j 44N-n no! you i-d-d-ou'l f-^s-up-p-p^e I d |-et a-a-s-such a little thing t-t*t-troobU me, do you?'1 A REMARKABLE E&t APE. A gentleman writes from India the following acoount of his escape from Delhi: When the alarm was first given that the troops in Delhi had mutined, I was enjoying my meal, but from the atrocities that a friend of mine came in and told me had been committed, I left my eating, and, looking out. saw seven or eight men dragging a female down the street by the hair of her head, which was long and black. I could cot look upon that without a feeling of horror, not of what would become of rnysoll?I was a man?but for tho other poor women who were iu Delhi at the time. I went into the house, and soon returned with a rifle, intending to indict punishment on one, at least, of the miscreant*; but I no sooner appeared at the ?erandah than I was shot at by a black ; but he missed me, and for which kind consideration i I shot him through the heart. About a dozen ruffians now made an attack upon my house, and began battering at tho door. I called my friend who had given me the news and giving him a revolving pistol, to gether with my two servants, each armed with a gun. and myself armed with a revolving pis tol in one hand and a sword in the other, (these wore the arms of poor Harry,) I walked boldly down to the door and let tbein in ; as I opened the door I retreated behind it. Tho blacks came rushing in pell mell. and were rushing up tho passage, when my friend and two servants came from their ooncoalment and fired at them steadily, which brought threo of them down, then clubbing their guns they rushed on tho surprised blacks. At the momont the attack was wade by my roup Ue main. 1 stepped out from my hiding-place behind the door, and shot tho hindmost villain down with my pistol, and then with all the iury of ten thousand devils. I went to work with my sword, wounding here, killing tboro, and shoot ing those that stabbed at me. At last tboro were but five blacks loft, and they forced by mo and gained tho street I, following close behind them, shut the door violently, thereby shutting them out. I wont back aud found that all three of my assistants had been so mortally wounded that I despaired of their lives, and my fears wore quickly dispelled by two of them dying shortly after in the most frightful agony?the other?my dear friend Hancock?dying shortly after. After our killings*) many of their men I knew that the house would bo attackod and no mercy shown ; so I discolored my faoe. aud assumed the garb of one of the dead blanks, and as I could speak their languago I thought I should ass for a black. I got out by a back way and egan hallooing and hooting, and running and going about where the other blacks were, so by theso means avoided suspicion, incurring tho greatest)danger of being recongnised. I met two or three times with a single black in a lone ly place, and such was my hatred of them that I could not restrain myself from killing them. ? >ue time, after I h id killed a rasn and was looking over him, a body of blacks came up and would have struck iuo to tho earth, had I not called out fiercely in their language that I would avenge him, and, suddenly starting from my landing-place, callod out to au imaginary fellow to stop, swearing ho was the murderer. I bounded away. the others with mo, but failed to catch the fellow. When tho blacks made a sortie I smuggled myself in with them, and came over to the side of my friends, where I was warmly recoived. I got woundod in tho engagement, but revenged myself upon them, for I fought with all tho desperation of mad ness. There i t such a place as Oshkosh. Wo kn<-w some of the eight thousand people who live there. The subjoined which reaches us from Oshko-h, Wisconsin?" what are you lafm' at?"'?it does', comes from Oshiosh !?we are assured is authentic in every particular, and is given verbatim .'44 The Meth??dist? are having a great revival here; and among the late con verts is a mau whoso profession heretofore has been '? Three-card Monte." Times being some what " hard," he has found little profit of late in his legitimate " practice," and recently be came "hopefully converted," as the ciders say. N' ight before last he rose irom his seat, at the suggestion of tho cider, that he 44 should like to hear any one's experience," and com menced : 4 Brethren and sisters' the Lord has blessed me very much. I never felt so happy iu all my life : (getting evibarrasstd.) I say, I never felt so happy : (more embarrassed.) If any one thinks I ever did, they can get a lively bet out of meThere was a very small snickor then, and the elder followod with some remarks on 44 human depravity." Lova s Last Request.?4* Farewell, faro well," I cried. 4> When I return thou'lt bo my brido?till then be faithful ; sweet adieu?iu silence oft I'll think of you." The glistening tears strained her bright eyes?her thickening breath is choked with sighs?her tongue denies her bosom s sway?44 farewell!" I tore myself away. "One moment stay," she stammered out?as quick as thought I wheeled about. 4- My angel, speak ! can aught bo done to com fort thee when I am gone ? I'll send thee speci mens of art from every European mart?I'll sketch for thee each Alpine scene, to let thee see where I have been. A stone from Simplon's dreadful height shall gratify thy curious sight. I'll ciimb tho fiery Etna's side, to bring homo treasure!" for my "hride; and oh, my life, each ship shall bear a double letter to my fair." 4- Ah, George," the weeping angel said, and on my shoulder fell her head?-4' ior constancy my tears are hosUgo?but when you write please pay the postage." Norwegian Milk.?Bayard Taylor tolls the following anecdote of a "Landlady" in Nor way : My friend wanted a glass of wine, but tho old woman said she had nothing but milk. Wo were sitting on the step* with our pipes, short ly afterward, when she said : 44 Why don't you go int?? the house V 44 It smells too strongly of paint,'' I answered. t4 But you had better go in." said she, and shuffled off. When we en tered. behold' there were three glasses of very good Maosala on tho table. 4,IIow do you sell your milk 1 asked her. 4aThat kind is three shillings a dram." she answered Tbe secret probably was that she bad nolioense to sell wine. I wa< romii d >d of an incident which occurred tome in Maine, during the prevalence of the prohibitory law. I was staying at a hotel in a certain town, and jestingly a*ked the landlord : 4-Where is tho Maine Law ? I should liko to tee it." 44 Why," said ho, 441 have it here in the house," aud he unlocked a back room and astonished me with tho tight of a private bar, studded with full decanters. Waiti to bk I'.iwahrikd?An honest but unsophisticated German applied U> tho Probate Court, a day or two ago, for a liccnse to bo un married. *up|<osing it as easy to undo as to tie the connubial knot. He said he had been a soldier in bis native country, and had seen a great deal of hardship, but wedded life was more than he could bear, aud he declared If he could not get rid of his " frau" that he would drown himself. The wife of the German professed to foci a roinautic attachment for him at home, mid even followed him across the sea. Touched by bur devotion, and convinced of her sincerity, he married her here some six months ago, and has since led the lito, to use his own language, of a 44 icetle b>g mit to tin pail to him all de times." Wo hope the law will iuterpose and dissolve the connection between the 44 tin pail" and tho unfortunate German, whoao sufferings, accord ing to his story, must b? almost boyoad endur ance. |?7" A yoin^ nun named Juhn Donahue* wan anntted in Nt-wirk, N.J, on Wednc?diy pven in^. for attempt ng to pas? rountnf. it Uvr dollar lolls on tlie Hartfofd Hank. Tbe counterfeit Is a id to t?- a new and dangerona one. H f One day l.utt week, a thief effected an en trance into a lion-a* in Wallace afreet, t'biladr|. Ctiia. wtille the family wwe oat of town, and la (Md davligbt procured a furnlfn re cart and rfJ< Htovrd ?U (uriMture and sold 1t to farnltuie dcalors, ? FOE BENT AHD SALS. 17?OR RENT ?A RARE CHANCE.-Now un r der construction, 12 large and airy rooms, with all the conveniences of wafer and light*. The loca tion is in the principal business square of the city, and the rooms are well adapted lor Dentists, Daxuer reotypists, Olfioes. 4c. Also, a convenient and airy Basement, suitable for any light bnsiness. The whole finished and well lighted in theinost improved manner,after the New ork styles. WALL A STEPHENS, No. 322 Penn. avenue, between 9th and aul8-lm lOtli sts., entrance ou D st. FOR RENT.?The three-story BRICK HOUSE situated on '5th street, opposite the new exten sion of the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn.avenue and Willsrds' Hotel. The house oontains 1U good rooms, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the best in theoityfora professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply ou the premises, No. 474. au 17-tOct'* _ I^ARM FOR SALE.-A piece of fine LAN Don Rock (.'reek, in Montgomery county, Md., six iniles from the heights of Georgetown, ridjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowl.-s, Bohrer,and Hawkins. 112^ acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich creek bottom, and some tine yellow-pine timlier. it can l>e divided, if desired. Call and boo tUe premi ses those whodesireto purchase. je 4-tf l/OR RENT.?A modern built HOUSE, oonfaiu I iiir 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a <Tsliglit ful and airy location, fronting one of the piilmcres ervations, and commanding an extensive view oftlie oifv, the river, and Georgetown. It has xas through out: witcr and Uuth-rooiu. To a careful tenant the rent will l>e moderate. Inquire at 404 1 street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-U InVO FIRS'ITCLASS HOUSES, J liST FIN ISHED, FOR SALE, situated ou I street, near 17th.?These Hon to* are each 2$ feet 6 inches wide, b? 30 feet deen. thrwetories high, and Ism* uiMiit, and oontain all the m<>dt)rn conveniences a*d improreiiients. Aliev in the roar. Apply to K IGffS & ??(>. an 29 2w ARNV'S CONFECTIONERY FOR SA LF.. This well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitable business. Possession can lie had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as may be desired. For particulars inquire on the premises. No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C., or to \VM. BR 1DGES, 313 West Haiti more street, Baltimore, au 27-tf FOR SALE.?A FARM Ofabnnt !?? acres, in Montgomery county. Md.,ten inilesfrom \\ ash ineton, on the Colesville road, improved with a Brick Dwelling. a log liarnand stable, and a fine orch ard of choice fruit. Apart i* set with clover, and the whole well fenced. A l?argain may lie ootained if early applied for, or would exchange for citj prop erty. H. N. LANSDA i.e. Agent. No.5t>4 M street, au 25-lm* or through the City Post Oliiee. I^OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner o1 r New Jersey avenue ar.d C street south, Capitol Hill, frontine on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street soutn ??>feetll inches,andoontiuning nearly 34,'XV square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. MOR III*'NT?The two comfortable and couveni r ent RK1CK HOUSES on Favette street, ad joionig the Convenr.aro now undergoing complete re pair, and will l*? for reijt on the 4tfi of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. kl DWELL. Huh street. Georgetown. jy 2? sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun ty. Virgiuia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil ia natu rally excellent, and mav economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as hue crops as are grown anywhere in the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timi>er, much of it suitable for ship timber, for whioh there are markets to be reached by meaus of tho railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings areall on a hill, and, with small repairs, may be made oomfurtable for the residence of a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell will be sold a great isirgain.on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase mav inquire for fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLACH, editor of the 5tar, Washington City, who knows the prcm isee. Jy ?-tI Wood and Coal. OOD AND COAL. w We are now ready to snpplv all orders for WOOD and COAL that mav be entrusted to our care, and will guarantee aatixiaction in the name. II Jr~Vessels arriving weekly. l7'Coal kept hi floored and roofed yards. ij~2 24U lbs. to the tou. f r- Prompt persor a! attention given to every order T. J. A W. M. GALT. N. W. corner '2th and C streets. No, 547, so 5 2w Ono square south of Pa. avenue. JOHN T. GIVEN A CO., WltoLKsaMl and Rktaii. Dkalbus in COAL AND W O O D , S. W. cor. of (' nn't Uth *t*.,n'nr Cuml Rridtt. Always on hand, (of prime quality,! a large stock of WOOD, and the various sig">s and kiuda of COAL. Fair dealing may be relied on In all cases. Orders solicited. au 22-eoltn ?<OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepnred to furnish their oustoiners, ami all weo may favor them with their orders for Coals of any size or kiiid they may want, of as good quality as comes to this market. Also, a good supply of WOOD, at No. 475 lftth street, between D and E streets, and Potomao Bridge. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. ? au U-2aw?>w j. 8. HARVEY A CO. ?UMBERLAND COAL. Orders will be reoaived for oargoei, half oargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CUMBER LAND COAL, in lump, or the ruu of the mines, at the very lowest cast* prices. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Grooenr Store, au JT-tf No. &54 i2th ?tr?et. corner of B atreet CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging,luO tons Cumberland Coal. ? l%?? CASTLEMAN A BRO., I* 27 corner llth and K sts.. opp. National hotel. 1LLINERY. DRESS MAKING. M. WILLI AN, OPPOSITI ClXTKR MaRKKT, Otters Fall suppUee of BONNETS, FM>wIKluui.ea. CLO VKS ' CHILDREN'S URESES. EMBROIDERIES, LACES, Ao. Ac. Dresses made in I lie latost Styles. The ladies are respectfully invited to call aud ex amine the stock. (States) ae 2-2w WEW FALL GOODS. I am now receiving a very lull and kaautiful stock of Kail aud Winter Goods. Gentlemen wishing to have the advantage of an ourly swleolsou of choice patterns will call early. Tu* new fashions are received and 1 aiu fully ready for the fall trade. ... , A. II. \ OUNG, Merchant Tailor, hp 7-2w Browns'Hotel Penn. avenue, Blackberry brandv.-we havetuiadar received a supply of Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BR AN1>V, which is a hue article, and guarantee it to cure the Diarrhea in its worst lonn. ""JISnY 4 SHINN, Jy 22 87 Grwen a*.. *?w?nrnt-<>wn. M" ^KLE,N"co No. 39' Pa. av., between 4>i au<l Cth sts. Pleating. Fluling. 4>imping. Dresses. Curtain Bleaching aud Old Embroideries transferred to order. _ ? W-lw? t VOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT i> Ligi:ORH.-ARNY A SHINN ar at he only ones in the Distnot who have stock POR TER and ALE, and always have a supply on hauil; so give tiiem atrial. Leave y oil r orders with the drivers, or at their lliiinti Bottling Depot, No. 57 Green street Georgetown. D. C r J> <2 UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. a , ?) I U Just opeiiins a Mslsmltd assortment of Spring and Summer ULAl)\ -MA DE CLOTHING aud Gent'e FURNISHING GOODs? of the finest ? tyleaud make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. Sjo Browne' Hotel, next to private eutreuoe. ntav (Intel A States! | JAMS, SI DES,SHOULDERS, AND LARD. Just received. Hams, Sides, and Shoulders,ami lwud and fresh Butter; extrt supeihuo I Unir; brown and white Sugars; Coflee, Rice. Soap,amf Candle*, and Syrup : and a general nssortmeut of Kuuil, OlMniM, 'v |T an tr No. VU 12th street, corner of K street. ^UEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. Ttie aulweriber offers SUGAR, COFFEE, MAM*. SI l>Ft* and SHOULDERS, FUiUR and MEAL, BUTTE* aud KGGS, at No. 6M 12th street, corner of B. _ au C-tf JON A* P. LE VY I) ASK ET CHAIRS, W H EEL&ARRGWS. .15 , LOHUN'e EDUCATIONAL. J^ELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS. GEO. W. DORRANCK, formerly one of the Principals of the Central Academy, has opened a Select School* for Boys, on C stieet, between Cth and 4X. No. ?l. Number limited to twentv-five. For term* inquire at the School Room. se8 eolm Rmr w. henry palmer ESPECTFULl.Y intimates to Ins pupils, friends, and the public generally that tho PIANO FORTH CLASSES will resume their duties On MONDAY, September 7th, 18-57. Prospectuses and all information may lie obtained npon application to Mr. Palmer at his residence 2frJ F near 1JIh. Terms as before?Fivk and Tkx Dollars per quarter of?* lessons. Mr. Palmer's Class Instruction for the Piano Forte having been demanded in Baltimore, the days of meeting in Washington will be only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,and Friday, Tho Georgetown Piano Forte Classes will com mence as ?oon h.i arrangements can I>e made, to which end the residents of Georgetown are respect fully reuuested to communicate with Mr. Palmer forthwith: Arrangements have been made with the largest publishing establishments in New York and Phila delphia for a n abundant supply of the best and new est inusio for the pupils. so J-lw NOTICE TO THE GEORGETOWN PiANO CLASSES. Mr. W. Henry Palmer liegs to acquaint his Pu pils in Georgetown that he has completed arrange ments to jiivo Ins lessons as t?efore, at the (itnrfetotfn Female Seminary, now conducted by Miss M.J. Harrover. All persons desirous of becoming pupils of Mr. Palmer are requested to meet at the Seminary, at 10 o'clock, on Monday. Sept. 14th. Be 7 CCHOOIi BOOKS AND STATIONERY. MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. CHEAP PUB LICATIONS. PERIODICALS,and NEWSPA PERS', at the lowest cash prices, at the NORTH ERN LIBERTIES CHEAP BOOKSTORE, 3*7 Seventh street, above the Northern Market. augZLlrn* Georgetown literary institute. THOS. N. CONRAD. A. B. This Institute will be opened for the reception of pupils on the first Monday of Septeinlier next, (7th.>

The object of the Principalis to afford facilities for the acquisition of practical and classical educa tion, and to prepare those intending to enter upon a oollegiate course, for the highest oiassea of College. Being a graduate of Dickinson College, he feels himself prepared to teach Ancient and Modern lan guages, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics, Mental and Moral Philosophy, and will give especial atten tion to the ordinary English branches. The scholastic year will be divided into quarters of eleven weeks eaoh. and at their close reports will be sent to parents showing the progress ol their children in study and deportment. Terms payable at the clcse of each quarter. Tuition fur English brandies per quarter ?6.25 Tuition for Languages extra 2.00 No extra charge for the lustier branches of Math ematics. Our terms are moderate, being twentv-five dollars annually for English branches; and thirty two in cluding the entire course. The discipline of the School will be sufficiently strict to secure attention to study and correctness of deportment, and special attention given to tin; morals of those who may lie placod under the super vision of the Principal. Rkpkrkscks. We are p'easod to refer those wishing to patronize the Institute, to the following gentleman as refer ences : Bishon B. Wauzh, D. D., Baltimore. Rev. ft. F. Brooke. do. Rev. Wm. Hirst, Winchester, Va. Hon. Howell Cobb, Washington. Hon. Horatio King, Ass't Postmaster General. Kev. B. N. Brown, Georgetown. ev. J.N. Coombs, do. John Dick soil. do. au ?Mf OUNG LADIES SEMINARY, Comer of Montgomery and Dunbarton its., GkoRG KTdWS. D. C. Mrs.Gk*. WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this Institution will lie resumed on Tuesday, September 1st, when a share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. au 14-eotSeptl5 Y Pianos, &c. A CARD.-A CHANCE RARELY MET WITH BY THOSE WHO WISH, A PIANO FORTE.?I havenow in store! the following great bargains : ? Two superb Pianos, four round corners, rosewood cases, seven octaves, used only a few months. I will sell theinat ?125 less than their price seven months since. A beautitul seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round comers, for S'joo. The above Pianos are sold for no fault, but lie longed to families who have removed to the west, and left them with us to be told- 'I'hey are realIjr and truly great liargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee witii them, and will, St any fu ture ilnv, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. A lso, a fine second-hand Piano of Ballet A Davis' make, for 8200, used but eighteen months, and cost $32*. Also, two second-hand Chickermg's for 8175each, at the Great Piano Wareroomsof JOHN F. ELLIS, au 19 306 Penn. nve.. bet. 9th and loth streets. WG. METZEROTT has now on hard a large ? assortment of PI A NdFORTKS. by Roseuk rani. Bacon 4c Raven .and WmiK ? (VI Miller. Also, several second hand Pianos' ' * ' ' which he will sell for cash, or on monthly pavments. Pianos and Melodeous from ?45 to ?150. One seo ond-hand Melodeon for 32". Pioanofortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. an 12 GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabr. GAKin.K A Co., Continnes the manufacture and sale of grand and ssuare PIANO FORTES, undert-he nuino?j*^. of William Kual>e & Co., at the old stand, fcjijiul Nob. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op-"?" *? ' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 207 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly oocupied by Mr Heury McCatterv as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Mel<?deons, froin the liest makers, from 4 to 5 ootave, some with double kef-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small ohurclies. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesaleand retail, ou the mos iil>eral terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal)at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?Octotx?r, 1B55, and 13.56?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the l?est makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium>at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1 ,J..V> and 185b. They have also lieen awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials fruin the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at our warerooins, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are ?very where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to Kive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-lr WM. KNABE & CO. A ULT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB BAGE SEED. S Wo are now prepared to furnish Anlt'sM* Early S'ork, Ault s Early Large York.^ Aulrs Bullocks Heart, Anlt's Premium--* Flat Dutch, Drumhead, Savoy, and all other va neties of CABBAGE SEEDS. Also, Spinach. Kale, Lettuce. Cauliflower, and all other kinds of GARDEN SEEDS. All the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the same superior quality as sold by us last and former years, and will give eutire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For recommendations we refer to any person who has used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L AULT A SON, Corner Calvert and Water sts? Baltimore, Mil. If/'Orders can lie sent bfr mail or by the Adams | Express, which affords a cheap, safe and quick menus of carriage. au 18-1 m WINDOW GLASS.??*> boxes 1? by 15 French *V Window Glass, will Ih? sold at our dullnr aud seventy-five per box Tor cAsh. ita lota of 14 boxes. Also, a full supply of large size French Glass, tst, 2d, and *1 qualities, 4 bv 8 Gla?s tor hot houses, 8 by 10, a by 12, 0 by 12, and Ui bv 13 < R. H. MILLER, SON &. CO. Alexandria. Va. ie ?2 CMJBA HONEY. t The subscriber has just reoeived.and for sale, ten tierces of chilled CUBA HONEY, at his Gro cery and Provision Store, No. 12th street and l^iuisiana avenue. ie IWf _ JON AS P. LEVY. RYE AND barley MALT, for sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of Wast Fall* avenue and Block street. Baltimore. Md. maw I l? McLAUGHLI W *CO.ARESELLING GOOD8 very low in order to make room lor their ezten mve Vail Hhmi a* 7 B" ASKETS, BRUSHES, PERFUMERY, and TOY a, at oost, at ? sai- Mclaughlin a co's. , PEA NUTS. flo Uaehels PR A NUTfl *?f salsby JONAS P. I.EVY, M 3 If 964 18th ttreet, oorner of B, EDUCATIONAL. QEOK6KTOWN COl.LKO K. Studies will be resumed in this Institution en Mocd&y, the 7th of September next. _au_25-lm R. A. MAGUIRE, Fret. East Washington seminary. Cor. V*. are. and Stk st. tast, Masonic Hmll, Aaty Yard. The duties of this School will be renamed S?pt. 1st. The course of study embraces all the branches usually taught in the l>est schools of the country. For further information, terms . A o.. see circulars or apply to _ ? . , J. W. P. BATF.S. Principal, au 25-eo3w* (Successor 10 Dr. J. K. CUvun.) GEORGETOWN CLASSIC A I. AND MATH I EMATICAL At'ADKMV. The duties of this Institution will be resumed September 7th. ? . . , j> 7-2awtf P. A. BOW EN. Principal. HPHE UNION ACADEMY. The regular duties will t>e resumed September lit. Z. HirMABU*. Principal, A. G. \% iLgixsox. Asst., A. C. Richards, Asst.. A. Zappoxk. Mod. TilE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Mrs.Z. Richakd*. Priu.. Miss M.J.W iLcox.Asst., A. Zappoxk. Mill. IjSncuages. _ _?_u_i3-e<?fm_ \1 RS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOl'Nli 1>1 LADIES. Corner of 1. and lu<A streets. The next session of this Institution will commence on the ist of $epte*ul>er, Uio7. Competent and ??fficienl Professors will, as hereto fore, iw engaged in every department. Further particulars can be obtained by applying at the Semi nary. au21-dt? eoSW \|HS. Bl'RR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA ivl DIES.?No. S?l H street, bet ween 13th and Wth streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Sept?m her 21 st. jv Mit.IiV Female English and French col LE6IATE INSTITUTE. \u. 132 Iitrt't. Gadsby's, near corner I'enn. avenue. ana 21*/ street, Waski nrton. D.C. HiRam Cohson, Principal, iu charge of Englishami Classical Departments. M'in. C. Roll s Coksox, Teacher of Frenob, Spanish, and German, Drawing and Painting. M'll. Ewtlir Rolmx, Assistant Teach er of French. The Duties of this Institute will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, M5"?. The ooiirseof studv embraces all the branches of a literal English and French Education. In the English Departinent.which ia under the im me "iate direction of the Principal."special attention is riven to the Mathematics, English Grammar, Elncut n m.aml the critical reading ofclassio&I authors in English Literature. Elocution is taught both as a science and au art. The Principal having devoted a mimlier of years to a careful study of the philosophy of the voioe'Md its pht sical mechanism, is enabled to impart definite and intelligible instruction upon the subject. The advantages afforded for acquiring a practical knowledge of the French language are not surpassed bv those of any other Institution in the country. M'me. Corson and her sister, M'lie. Roiliu, are Parisians by lurtn, and their instructions and general intercourse with the pnpi!" are carried on exclusive ly through the medium of French. Therearealso connected with the Institution a large numlter of yonng ladies j?-ho speak the language with tluenev. For Terms. RelerenocR. Ac., see circulars, which can l?o olitamod at tiiu Duok ami Music Stores, aud of the Principal. A cms* of little girls will lie formed, who wi'.l re ceive careful instruction in Enelish Reading and Spelling, and the elementsof French. Terms, per session of 5 months. .??.815. Without Freneli . 10. an 2ft-1 in SELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, ENGLISH AND FRENCH, A'o. 30 F street. Washington, D, C. Principal. DONALD MACLOEIV A. M., Univer sity of G>as?{ow, formerly He*?l Mnsierof Ravens crofl College and Ashwi>od School, and professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lett res in the Columbia Institute. . , This School will be opened on the second Monday of September next, for the reception of a limited number of Hoarding Pupils and Day Scholars, who will lie treated, mall respects, as members of the Principal's family. The design is to i-tler to young ladies from a distance all that is included in the name of "Home." and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home influence. The Sessions will l*-gin on the second Morday of Septemlier and hrst Monday of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through the month* of July and August. Circulars containing fuil information may t>e ob tained at the principal bookstores, and will be for warded by mail, to any address, ou application. au 8-tf CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Cclprper Cocrt Hoc??, Va. The second session of this school will eouinienoe or? the 1st day of September, 18.t7. A graduate oft he University of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and Modern languages ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, wiio has icul considerable expenence in teaeinng. will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower Enz'ish branches. The course of studios will lie as follows: Preparatory Class. Spelling. Reading. Writing, Arithmetic, Genera lly. Grammar, History, Algeora, Latin Grarnuuir, ireek Graiiiuiar. Third Class. Mathematics, English Grattaiiar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, Frenoh. Sucoxn Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek, French. Spanish. FtasT Class. Mathematics. Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, English Literature, English Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Infantry and Artillery Tactics. Geography ,History, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Every Student on entering will be subjected to a oarefui examination, and will then l>e assigned to that class to wnich his proficiency entities him ; and no one will i?e allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidence ol a thorough knowledge of the suTijects contained in the preceding. The discipline will lie neoesiariiy rigid, hut the comfort and convenience of each ineinl>er of the school will l?e duly respected There will be daily military exercises, Imt care will betaken that they do not interfere with the Aoademioduties. Tkrms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, $1*'. Payments semi-annually in advanoe. For recommendations and further particulars, see circulars. _ _ CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT. V. M. I., Superintendent and Instructor in MatliematUM and Natural Seienoes. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Aucient and Modern languages. RlFERKNCta. We have the privilege of referring tothefcllowln*: Faculty of Vinticia M ilit iry Institute. (>en. William H. Richardson. Richmond City, Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGufl'y, do Prof. Ltician Minor, Williamftnd Mary College. IIev. John Beradus, Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart. A. M., do Jolm Hunter, Esq.. l.oin?aoonnty. Col. John Wool folk, < >raiue County. Rev. Win. S. White, D. 0., Lexington. Rev. Win. N. PeudUton, do Jaiuesi li trU ur, l'.?(|., Culpeper. Col. Win. B. Taliaferro, Gloiiewster. W. D Wallach. Esq., Washington t'lty. Gen. Geo.Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq.. do Maj. Henry Hill, IT. S. A.. New York. R. S. Voss. Esq., Uappk. county. Capt. James Stark, do The Cltixans of ('ulpepcr |y IS-eotf I^HE COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, Washington. 1). C. The Annual Session of this Institution willoom menoe ou Wednesday, the thirtieth (9 th) of Sep tember. Student- will be exauuned for entrance on the Monday and Tuesday previous. The Preparntory Department of the Institution will open on Wednesday, the ninth (9th I of Septem ber. ft will l?e under the supervision of the College officers, and will be provided with the best instruc tion. For admission, or for furt her information, apply to the President, at the College. au 24-1w_ S. PR EN'TISS. Registrar C''ENTRAL ACADEMY, Corner of E and Tenth streets. The exercises of this Institution will oommenee September Ist. The number of stiideut6 is limited, rimI each will receive particular a'tent ion. an an-lui* SILAS M EIICH A \T I'rin. (^LINTON ACADEMY. GEORGETOWN, f Georav A RJtoi.D, M. A.. Principal. This School heretofore couducted by R**v. T. W. Simpson will l?e re opened ou Monday, Septe?nl?er the 7th. ('irculars may lieporeuiedat the Drugstore of Mr. R. S. T. Cissel. Geurgetown. ail 14-lm^ "academy OF MUSICi r. ? il WAsntXGTox. D. C. Corner of ll(A Street and Prnn*ytrum* artnu*, (1'tvf bur nh tun's Book Stort.) The duties of this Imftitntiou will resume their accustomed activity , ii^ularity. and puiMituality, on and niter Tuesday next. S?? 1st, 1R57. Clas9<*s 1. and .1. will, as heretofore, meet on Monday snd Thursday, at 2 o'clock p. m. Juuior Classes, Tuesday and I- 9 o cl??ck 11 ileui lemen's Clasaos. Tuesday and Friday even ings. from 6 till \y o'clock. Elenientarv Clwsaes for Beginners, Tuesday and Thursday. from2 till6 o'clock. Terms i these classes only) Five Dollars for 3i lessons. The principle up??n which this Institution are founded are precisely those of lite Royal Academy, London, and the Conservatoires of Pan* and Milan. Public Weekly Lectures are giveu iu which the pupils take part. Principal P. NJCHOM.fl CROUCH, Tne Composer. Hours of Business and Consultation at ths Hall of the Anadeny daily, from i2to I o'olnek, through the post and rnusio stores. au S9-tf THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia axoeilant ramily and N?wi journal?oo? Uuoin* a g ratter variety of interest lag ratdwi *+?*< om he round in any olhnr-ia paUiahad on Seiurdsy morning. m* Sinele copy. per annum.?' ? F ivs ?opies ... * <*? Ten copies ... ..... * Twenty ofin ? Cam. ?ar?riai,? m adranci. Ry sultecrilnng in Clubs raised among neijhbors without tlie intervention of a mail agent, aa will b* Kroeival, 20 per cent.of T?i Wiiilt Stab will saved. It invariably contains the " Katktmtto* that has made Th? Kvixixh St a a circu late so generally throughout the country. Jl^Single o>>piea (in wrappers I can l<e procured at the ounter. imm.?d.aleij after the iiiui of the paper. Price-THKEE CENTS. Postmasters who act aa agents will baal owed a ootumiasion of 9 oent. Dentistry, Ac. BA1LY, Omc* No. iHa t'EftscuvAikiA a vnn, Tkrtt dvort Jrom 14tk Strut. Da. BAILY hMi luava to inform tae public that aa aan tie teen atal! ri.s offioe. looaied asabove. He feels assured that an experience of fifteen mrt' piaotioe. wi'h the large numlemfpatients, anagreat variety of difficult oaaesthat he has treated success fully . will enable him to surmount any CiAoulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Taeth. Hn own experience oon?rming the opinion of many men eminent m the profession, ard especially ilia. Harris and J. ii it I'.. Piumlv, has !od him. 'oiig since, todis card all mercurial preparations for lilline Teeth,also all E.iamela, Gutla Pen-lia. I ad is Kut-lww, aud Ce ments for the construction o! Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porodian. mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance tnat can l?e worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively sh< wn ly the last American Dental Convealion. Although he Hatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in \Va?hmgtoti. he la favorably known to his numertm* frw-u and patrons, ha hags leave to refer them to the foilowinc TF.STIMONIALS: From the lata Rector of theChuroh of EiishUf of this city. Dr. Srvrnnw Bailv: Dear S.r?I <tesire toexpreea my esteem for you personal,! , and uj conhdtnoe in yon as a superior dentist. The operations ex*em?M for tne Imve l?een highly satiHfaetory. I hope inal you iniT receive the patronage from m? friends and tba pnblio that four skill aowell deserves. \ ours very truly. Washington, Anr. 3R, 1Mb. J. \v. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meaars. Ito^rs. Potman Ac Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Hany,Surgeoa Der tist.of Washington city, to execute for me ai. mi portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my ntirs ntiaftetion, ta4 in view of the fact that one of the mo?t distiiigtiirled memlersof the Den*nl College of I lain mora, failed, after repealed triate, to perform the same woik satisfacti gives me great pleasure to exprwss my entire confidenoe and hirlt estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore.Jan.It, 1857. IIARMANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late H aa. J ohm M. Clayton. V. S. **eaAT*. Acg. 19, Ufib. The teeth von made for me work admirably ; noth ing could be better. Very gratefulW, JOHN M. CLAVTON. To those that aeek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully reoomimnd Dr. 8. Baily aa a superior Dentist: he made a set of porceltae teeth for one of my Cunilv, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood wet! for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Ya. Conf. of the M. K. Churoh South. April 19. It*. we. the undersigned,having bad occasion to avai. ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. 9. Bai.y, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or |iaving been ongmx ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressinr on' adn .ration of hia artistio skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in wnich he performs the most delicate and difficult operations lr. Dental Surgerv, and we respect fully ra oomtneiid him to the confidence and pstronage ol the pubi c, of wlucL **e consider him enunrntly worthy. Thomas V. Wai.twb. Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas .Millkk, M. D..of Washington, D. C. R. >*. Bohkkk, M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. N.S. Liscol*. M. D., of \V*W,iiwtos, D. C. Jo?. H. ItKAbi.KT.of Washington, D. C. Gkoros WaLtoW, Kx-Goverm>r of Florida. Waltsk I.ksox. Kiitovurof \\ ashing ton. Hivrt IJai.iivvi.v. 17. S I'st^ut Office. O.C. Wisht, Principal Rittcnhouae Aaademv, fab 20 tf ?K. VILLAKD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI cago, w 'U ii respe> r i ..i\ .r f..rn; thecit I7ens ol .'ie District snd v;nr.:t? . :hat hav J lug located himself in WafcOington, be is now prepared to perform all operations in Ina profes sion, in the most approved style. Office. No. 25", penn. avenue, adjoining Gaatier'a jan 2" It ^HE IMPROVED 9FT8 OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. D, tne inventor and pr ten tee of "LoomiMineral Plate T**tk,n havinr^^B^^ successfully introduced his improvement n various cities, has nt?w pennauentiy estab ? 1 1T* lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Tearhooraiata chief ly in making a set of but one piece of material, and that indestructible mineral. No m?tal ia used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to become hlied with moisture or particles of f.>od. hence they ?repsf? ??</ rlram. They are lighter, stronger,"less cinmsy. tar more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward o On? Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, duralhlity, artistic excellence or auy other requisite quality. All work reaponsibly warranted. 276 Penna. avenue, between 11 th and 13tb streets. aplS-lv Watches, Jewelry, &c. QLOCR?! CLOCKS:: CLOCKS!!! A rood RRASS CLOCK for ?1. I have ii at re ceived MM opened all the new s'v c < .ock?^^? f.oni .^1 lip to SZ'i. The traile suppiiol i af [ UMiaii at wtiolesaie prices. Also,<*lock Ma | lerials, such as Cools, Ke*s. Hails. llnruK Wires. Oils, Ac., at the ^"lofk iwl W?tch Storeof J.ROBINSON. SO,opposite Hrown*' hotel, au21-2m Sign lArge Gilt Watch. CiOLD A.ND SILVER \\ ATCIIKS. JI WEL M RV. AND FANCY ARTICLfcs. Ihavoiust received sncther sildirion to rry tarre stock of G.ild and Silver WATCHMtof the best makers in Europe. Also. (>old Ckaitia ol fM ever* styleand price. Jewelry in se's and sir OlK x!e pieces. Perfumery and Fancy, Silver - plated B&AeU, Spoons. Castor* tf .. a? J. ROBINSON'S. 849. opposite Browns" hotel. Sign Ivirge Gilt WKteh. N. R.-WATCn REPAIRING done in the best manner by a skilful Watchii^iker, and warranied. au 21 -2iii W D. EICHLER. Ac. 5(n SEVKSTH FTh EET% between P and F streets, west side. PR SC- Fv TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps constantly ?9Q on hand a fne assortment of \\ ATCHES CadK JEWF.I.R V. a^ 1" wr \VATCUES, jewelry. \> AND SILVER WARF>. I have Inst received a r.'w mtpply of FINE WATCHES. GOI.D CHAINS, and a large assort ment of RICH JEWELRY of every description, which makes my stock r t the present tune oue of the most complete tn the city. I have just hu shed ion the premises ' a very larce assortment <if PI'RF. SlLvF.R WAR 1% a:no-,< which ;nay l>efoninl a SOLID SILVER TF.A KET TLE superior to anything liefore exhibited ui this city.?the weight of which ia 125 ounces, oapac.ty 9 quarts. Hoth citizena and atrangera are invited to ca 1 and examine. H. O. HOOD, ie 2S SW P*j*v?.. i)Mr <?tli street. iyEW JEWELRY AND WATCHES~ H. O. HOOD haa jnst reterned from the North, and has brought on a fine lot of Fashionabie jfv Oameo. Coral, Mosaic. Kri'lmnta, and Plain (?OLD JEWELRY. Also.a gtiod ?A/Cf i f hue GOLD and SILVER WATCHES TTe v?r> superior time keepers for ladies and frentlermn.s use. He lias also on Iis<hJ a (i eat variety >*t ST A N 1< AR D SI I.VER WAR E of hi* ??wn make, wairau tcd t he l?ent qua it> aisl will lie sold vers tow. Pi?-a*e call and exaitniie goiKls and prions at No. Sti Peua. A v.. sirn of the Lar^e Spread Kagle. iy ?a ICE. J. MIDDLF.ToN, " ICE DEALER. Office and Depot?Southwest oornerof F and T?th Streets. Washington. ap II-tf fJHMlC>uwjAMIlAlTHH Ware. R. H. MILLER. SON~A CO., IMPORTERS. At KXAWDRU. \ A.. ^paTyllave received two instaiments of thei^A fall supplies from the Potteriea.T^/ MP and wHI co?tinne to receive accessions to ? Vg their stock till the business season sets lu."* P . H. Mil.t F.R. Son A Co. can assure their friends and customers that their etock shall l>e of the most desirable descripti"n. and that their pric<-a will com pare favorably with those of an> dealers m thotr line in any oth?( market iu the I'mtMd State*. R. H. Mil t-KH. S.IX A Co. have prepared thein ?elves to tier to merchants every inducement t?? make their purchases in their Uue. WINDOW GLASS. They havejnst received via Antwerp and New York, rroni (be great manufactory of ??R.-ug." New Hrusseils.ll4cl>oxe? l-'rench \V uulow (,ia*? of supe rior quality anJ of ditferent thicknesses, whicti the* have imported Uuder ?ucbc*rouiiiktaiKV ?as lo.-uai l<* them to od'er a superior article at ver? m?Hl?raie agil tl ttOOO OI AI.ITV ITAl.MN OHH\l MARBLK SLABS VOR SALE -Wi.l be manufactured into TaHe Slabs. Waahs^and a'mi ? oil titer Malm, at New York prnre?.3? pere^rt. t>e!< w form*-r prices. Cab net Makm, I'lssilers, and others please call befoee i?ndinf i>H#r? to tl??t C'fth. ^_ ALEX. ?LTHflK K?MI?. Marb'e i ard oppo. the I nion (ilCoe, P?mu ave. Mi g-1 m flwtA States i SPECIAL NOTICE to SPORTSMEN. -? I wonld call yotir sarticularatteation to !>u Poa!'a No.4GI'NP0WDV:R. wlwcfc for strength, ele-t. Iinesa, cclor, glaxing- and evriu.cas of cram is uu auruaeaed l?y any Powd' ^erer intr?*!noed. ^ W. A1.RF.RT KING, Sole A*ei?t fttrthe District of Columl-ia. an gi-tf Mo. as High street. Ue^getown. D. (\ i * K KKN O I N G K R? O R KEN GINGErT? W GREEN GINGER recen *d. end IV>r sale by KING h R1 KCIIELL. f? an Hvcno* tksui IVI. a'lsst P ?Ut* I'm' KN,TKP aaT "f*'M McLAl GULlN't^