Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tut P cblic 5*chools ?An adjourned meeting oftbe Board of Trustee* of the Public Schools held at the City Ilall yesterday afternoon, to take Into consideration the animal report of the Secretary. whirh had lieen read ami referred to a special committee for examination at the last meetiug. _ There were present, besides the President,!*. Yorke AtLee. and the Secretary. S. A H. Mc Kiru. Messrs. WlUtii, Pearson. Polk, Magruder and Pendleton. The report was read and adopted. Mr P?*ir<on noroinHt^d Mi** i*arah Re kv off a* sub-assistant cf the femal- department of tbe Fourth DMrict School; confirmed Mr McKim spoke upon thesubjer.t of a musical text book to he adopted and u*ed in the Public Schools. He stated that he bad examined a book which Mr. Daniel had proposed to introduce into the schools oxer which be had charge, and found It to tie in every respect a proper and thorough ru dimentary work, lie proposed to have the said wot k adopted Into all the schools whe e music was taught. Mr Magruder objected to the proposition as being preuiature. Mr. Wilson thoucht that the adoption of a wo'k on music in the wlionls of this city was highly improper, inasmuch a* the City Counoils had not ret mnde any provision for the establishment of music as a branch of education; he suggested that no more be done with regard to tl;e subject until tbe Corporation should take some action in the matter. So tbe subject was dropped informally. The Chair railed the attention of the Hoard to an error which appeared in the list of books, pub lished in a city paper, stating that he knew not who gave the editor of that paper the authority to publish au imperfect list. He pointed out the f.k*t that Worcester's S|*ller, which appeared in that list, wxs not yet published, and would not I** oflt for six weeks He thought the committee on books should have examined, with a view to correct such errors in the list contained, he did not understand bow lie committee could have made a decision upon the list in the face of all the facts; h?? thought the committee could not have examined it xrerv searchingIy to have overlooked ?o essential a point Mr Magnifier thought the most Important duty of the Bon d consisted in a judicious selection of IjOuka for the use of the schools; if the liook w u? ou the list, and not yet published, it surely could not have l>een examined l?v the committee; he moved that Worcester'# Speller be strickeu from the list; carries!. ? Mr Pearson wished to know what the und?t stand nji was in the Hoard In relation to the Dic tionary which had l?een adopted bv the Hoard to be used In the schools. lie knew that the Board bad formerly decided npon the u*e of Worcester's school edition, but he had learned that Worcester's book was used in the primaiy schools only, and the pupils were taught to prouounee according to that standard, yet when they were admitted into the district schools they were introduced to Web ster'# Dictionary, which in many respectsdiflVred from Worcester's. The Chair stated that Worcester's was used a* a pronouncing dictionary in the district schools, and that Webster'a large Dictionary was provided for all the diatrlct schools as a book of reference, it Ivlng preferable to Worcester's in the number and precision of the definitions. Some discussion here arose upon the sobjeet of the list of books to be used in the public schools. Mr Peudleton stated that the committee who had beeu appointed to examine and report upon the list had never done so, according to tLeir own statement; he thought that if the committee ne glected their duties as members of the Board, the only working man on that committee who had rU/ne his best to examine the list and report "p<>n it should not be censured by the Board. The Secretary, who was the only member it seemed, who had interested himself in the matter suf ficiently to make any examination of the list was. it would seem, under the imputation of having transcended his duty The Chair made reply that the question of the liat of books was now decided, but that he and others. members of the Board, werestrnek t;t the tme the list had been reported upon by the words of the Secretary, who had used the term "the committee u*nmmou?l^ i>yort." It now turns out that no member of the committee except the Secretary had anything to do with the adoption of the list. Mr Magruder said that be had not made any remarks In relation to the matter which were un called for. But he was satisfied that the commit tee had neglected their duty. He knew that tor merly the committee of examination used to meet and consult as many as four or five times upon the adoption of the list, and it was considered an Im portant function by the Board. He did not defcire to reflect on any individual of the committee.but a duty of this nature should be properly dis charged. . ... Mr. Polk moved to reconsider the vote by whKh the list had been adopted, and have It referred again to the committee The Chair stated that no one now found fault wuh the list; but the discussion had arisen bv a member wishing to vindicate another member from an implied fault. The thing was now deci- | tl. d. and the Boaid satisfied. Ti e Chair then presented tbe report of the pro ceedings of the Board of Trustees of Normal Schools, and tbe regulations adopted at the first meeting held at Madison, Wisconsin, July 15th, 1-67, together with the laws creating the same. Tbe Clair stated that the Legislature of that state had pas-ed a law giving '23 pe- centum of the p:oeeed* of thesaleof swamp lands granted t'ueui by Congress to establish schools for the ediualioa of teachers lie said the proceed ings of that board would be useful hereafter to tiie board, in many respects. The report was put on file; and. on motion of Mr Pearson, the Boaid adjourn, d w/i< Jit. Firks.?About two o'clock this morning a de structive flre occurred on the corner of t ^ and I streets. Island, which entirely consumed the shoe slureitf Mr. Spates, standing on the corner, and the dwelling house of Mr. Poulton, next floor, t>e*ides destroying a he* unfinished building, which was being biilt by Mr. Tell Tbe store of Mr. Spate* was a small one-story frame, and h>s loss is estimated at$7lio. The loss ta $l,(Jut>. covered by ;:n Insurance of {*600. Mr. Tell loses 964RI, and is uninsured The lire cora|>auies were ou the spot very soon after the fire bioke out. The American Hook and ladder Company were active in extinguishing the flames, and also other fire companies that re mained on the ground until tbe flames were en tirely extinguished. About 12 o'clock an alarm was caused by the burning of a f'ame dwelling on M st eet. near the Navy Yard. The house belonged to B. Glrer, and was occupied by a German family. The flreni^n were called out early in th<* night by a false alarm that originated iu the Fifth Ward, uear the Capitol. Thi Rivxs ?T he schr. Commerce arrived yes terday at the mouth of the canal from Port De posit, freighted with lumber. At Gait A Young's wharf, arrived schr. F.ldo rado. Capt. Williams, from Philadelphia, wiih 1131 ns of coal for T. J A W M. Gait, and sloop J M. Clayton, Capt. Hancock, from same port, with <0 tons of coal for G. Waters. At Riley's, arrived schr Ready, Capt. Call* ?* ban. from Philadelphia, with "5 tons of cool for 11 Fowler The steamer Maryland arrived up at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, bringing one bundled and thirty passengers The Old Dominion Guards who were expected to arrive by tbe Maryland, did not coiue up; the caune for the change in their p'.ans is not stated. The Maryland passed of) Nanjeiuoy Reach, a la-ge square rig, upwaid boui.d Also, off White Point, passed upward bound, a larg- brig under full sail. The Powhatan in her passage up the river last night, |?a.s?ed a targe numl<er o: r-oasteis, and a large three-masted schooner, bound up. A ContosiTT ?Some days since we noticed that a type founder at Buffalo had completely en cased a ripe jear in a cout of copper by the elec tiotj pe process, and expected to preserve the f. uit for future generations We have now before ns a singularly beautiful specimen of this nature, being a pe.' r with its accompanying foliage o peifectly encrusted with the metal as loappear like acopper pear, and yet with every feature of the fruit and fibre of the foliage represented with the accuracy of a daguerreotype. It was executed some three years ago by Mr George Matblot. electroc bemist, Const Survey ofllce. Curiously enough, a worm enclosed in the pear at the time it received its me tallic bath, managed, not only to survive, but to eat up the fruit and make his eiit at the blossom end, waving tbe thin shell of copjier. CiTt lunovtMKSTs ?The Improvement of H street from North Capitol to Third street, Is now under contract, and commence*. The sewer through square .Vft*, being a contin uation of the Government sewer through Judi ciary Square la in hand The span of this sewer Uei^ht feet, and, when completed, will make a continuous sewer from the corner of Fifth and D streets to the arch over the Tiber at Indiana avenue. It Is an important wot k. The erection of a wooden bridge across 11 street and Tiber Creek tuts tieen comment ed, as also the bridge over North Capitol street between New York ave nue and First street. These improvements are under the supervision of Commissioner Owens of the Third and Fourth Wards. AloTRttot thi J cvni ii.i Ga.xu .?A colored boy named James Johnson, was arrested this morning for stealing a &? gold piece, a half and two quarter dollar pieces from the pocket of a young man named Wilson, a boicher. He was taken before Justice Smith and aeut to jail. This boy la hut nine years old Rial Estate?Yesterda/. Jas. C. McGuire, Auctioneer, told hot No. 1, In square 15S, abont 'JO.UMJ square feet, to Wm K. Spalding, forsjfc cents per foot. C W Boteler, Auctioneer, sold brick hpuse nnd lot, on Sixth street between 0 and H streets, JorflltU). IMPROVEMENTS A BOUT THI Kxkcctivr Max. siojt ? la pursuance of an appropriation madeby Congress, at it* last session, for a corservatoiy and stable ai>d various other improvements about the President's House, the plan* of the said im provement* made by Mr. Clark, architect, were adopted, and the new stable has been erected in the south end of the old flower gardens. The building is large and commodious, having sta ble room for eight horses, a large room capable of containing four carriages, an extensive harness room, wide passage through the centre, and hav ing oil the second floor a large room to contain hay. besides two rooms fitted up in comfortable stvle. to accommodate the President's groom and coachman. The building is constructed in mod ern style. and is fitted with every con veil ieu< ?* that the ingenuity of mart could well conceive. Great regard is paid in its construction to ventil lation, by the construction of a cold-air chamber, which conveys the air from without through an iron grating fn front of each horse, while through narrow windows in the rear, the air. an fast as used, passes out. The floors are puddled down in clay cement: and. as an experiment, oneof the floors is to be of gutta percha, which is said to be well suited for such purposes, when made of the proper consistency. The water is conveyed froin the old stable pump by means of lead pipe to all the rooms, and, passing off underneath, is con veyed away by a sewer leading into the main sewer of the grounds. It has been feared that the construction of the stable at this point would mar in some degree the beauty of the flower gardens ; but the constrnc tion of the new conservatory at the western ex tremity will give occasion for the removal of the flower'gardens from the present locality to the grounds adjoining the new conservatory, and now used as a vegetable garden, and the old flower garden will be converted into a vinery and fruit garden. The new conservatory is in course of construction under the charge of J. B. Turton, builder, and is to be one hundred and seventy feet In extent by thirty-two feet wide and eigh teen feet in height. It will have a main and pri vate entrance from the west end of the Presiden tial Mansion?one leading from the Congiess dining room ai.d the other from the private rooms of the President. It Is intended to have this con servatory filled with the choicest green-house plants that caa tie obtained from all parts of the world. It is to be heated by means of a steam apparatus, from the manufactory of Nasun, of New York, who furnished the furnace last year for the Piesidcnt's House, which has given en tire satisfaction?being self-regulating and eco nomical in point of consumption of fuel. The grounds surrounding the Kxeeutive Man sion never looked in lietter condition than at pres ent. giving evidence of the taste ami wood judg ment of Air. John Watt, the President's ga.dener. Thk ahd Scott DirticrLTT.?Mr. Walter Lenox ha* issued the following card in relation to an aifair which has occasioned some talk : '? Having heard sundry versions of a personal difficulty between Major Henry B. Tyler, of Washington city, and Mr Robert E. Scott, of Fauquier county, Virginia, in which I am named as the ajjent and responsible friend of one of the parties, I think proper to atate that on the Pith of August last, at the request of Major Tyler, 1 waited on R. K. Scott, F.sq , and informed hiin that Major Tyler had placed in my hands a note to be delivered to him. and that it was induced by the course which Mr. Scott had pursued towards Major Tv'.er in his speech before the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia in defence of the rioters at the municipal election held on the first Monday of June past. Without p'esenting or announcing the spec ific character of the note which I was authorized to deliver, but in the exercise of that just discretion claimed by myself as due to ail parties concerned. 1 deemed it proper first to express to Mr. S. a regret that any hostility should exist between gentlemen of their hign standing and friendly relations, and that it was my earnest wish to prevent but serious issue >>etweeu them 1 then informed him that Major Tyler felt deeply aggrieved at the course pursued by Mr. S. on that occasion. Mr. S. expressed his surprise and re gret that such was the case, and that lie was uot conscious of having transcended the privileges of counsel; that if Major Tyler would point out any offensive remarks .ie would cheerfully witlidraw them. I remarked it was the general tenor and manner of his address of whichiWajor Tyler com plained. as injurious to his professional and per sonal character. Mr. S. then said that he dis claimed all purpose of intending to reflet t inju riously or unkindly upon the character of Major Tyler as a gentleman or his conduct as an officer; and that in his speech he had aimed to exonerate the officers of the Marine Corps from censure, as they acted under the orders of their superiors. It it proper to state that Mr. S. distinctly stated that in making these explanations of his purposes and feelings, he by no means intended to ai>audon or abate his rights or avoid his duties as counsel in this particular case. Walter Le.iox. Centre Market.?The departments were all well supplied, and the prices remain (with few exceptions) the same as quoted on Tuesday: Beef, per lb 12|Shorts 20 Pork 12|Shipstuffs 30a50 Mutton 12 F.ggs. per doz.... I*a20 Lamb.prqr 75al AO]Roll butter 89x11 ? Pr q -ausage, pr lb.... 12)$ Lard ............. 16 Veal Vial-'i Beef tongues 75aSI Phil'a print :JT Honey, per lb.... 25 Green corn 12 plants Sa? Calves heads.each 25 Onions, bunch.... 3 Bacon 16aH Shoulders 14:sl5 Breast pieces .... Hi Dried lK-ef 1 Chickens, pr pair. SUaO'2 Tomatoes, pk .... 12a*jh Snap Beans, pk... la Cabbage, pr head. 6 Damsons, per pit. 75 Pears, per pk 50 n..AA>. I ? ? Turtles, each.. .12aSl 25 Butter beans, qt.. 12 Corned salmon... 15 Apples, pk 25a54? Herring,per d<>z.. 20a3l Peaches,"per pk...S Terrapins, each... 37a.*l llc.ts, j>er bunch. Irish potatoes. pk. 2.">' Sweet jiotatoes, pk 25a37 Corn, pr bush.... -oa'JU Corn, ear, or bu*h. 00 Beans,pr bush ... Rye, pr bush 90 Oats 40a 15 Meal STa'JU 50af*l _ . P?"~ runups, per b'ch. 4a* Watermelons .... 12a:{? Canteloupes 3al2 Cucumbe/s, doz.. 10 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 [communicated. Mr. Editor: The remarks in your paper of Monday touching the organization of the public schools of Washington, prompt me to say ??f those in Georgetown that they have commenced with a greatly augmented prospect of usefulness. The fine rooms of the old church, and tbeschool furniture have been handsomely cleaned and painted ; and order and system are to be the future watch-words of the teachers and guardians. Those who have heretofore stood aloof from the schools, are seeking the advantages of the new order of things ; and the guardians have deter mined to order and maintain strict discipline, and to dismiss from the schools all who are un worthy to enjoy their benefit, that those who are worthy, and are desirous to enter, may come in ; and thevare neither fr-w nor far between. The application of this determination has already caused the dismissal of one. A visit froin any of our citizens who feel an interest In education, will amply re[>ay them for the trouble. Tin WiATnr.?.?Range of the thermometer 1 am Thursday no >n, t>pl, 3, to this morning : Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? 74? 70? Friday 70" 7? 72 Saturday 70 Si 70 Sunday ................... 72 70 Mcmday................... Wl 07 fi'2 Tuesday 52 07 04 Wednesday... M 70 00 Thursday................. 02 ? ? Average heat of each day from Sept. 3d to 9th inclusive: :id. 70 ; 4th. 72^ 02 ; 5th, 75J 01; 0th, 72': 7th. 6I"; ath, 01?; ?Jth, 04?. R'murk* ?S?-pt 3d?waim and cloudv; 4th ? cloudy, warmer, rain, milder, 5th?cloudy, fine rain, came out fine, and hot; 0th?cloudy, close and damp, came out Jiue, < oolei, 7th?clear, air cool and braciug; E-th?heavy fog, much cooler, came out fine but cool; Wh?heavy fog, milder, caine out fln?; llKh?heavy fog, milder. River clear, water 0 v. First quarter moon Saturday, Sept. 16, betwten 3 and 4 a. m B. Georgetown, Sept. 10, 1857. DeplorABi.a Casualty?Yesterday afternoon a young man. named Win. L. Vo?s, went to the Great Kails in company with a brother and some companions, and on his return to bis home, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Tw<lfth aud Thir teenth streets, he retired earlv to bed. as was his wont. The family were startled by the report of a p.stol. aud kuId); to his room found him in the agonies of death, from theefiects of a l?a!l which had entered the left breast, under the heart The party had h.ul this pistol (a Colt's revolver) with them on their excursion, and on their return young Voss had plar-?d it in the left-breast pocket of his coat It is supposed that in detaching the pistol from the p*s ket. the trigger (which was a light one) caught, resulting in an accidental dis charge w ith this deplorable result. The deceased was in his2Jd year. Serimmaok at Brow*'* Hotel ?Last night, soon after the arrival of the 7 o'clock train of cars from Baltimore, two travellers entered the door of Brown's Hotel together, engaged in a dispute a?>ont some money which traveller No I claimul to have loaned traveller No 2 for the purpose of gambling on some southern steamboat. and which money had not been returned to No. 1. They soon afterwards clinched, and commenced a ?ruitie. both parties making free use of loud and not very choice expletives. After the parties weia separated, No. 1 discovered that in the melee some adroit thief had managed to steal his watch. He think* Washington is rather an unpl -asai.t city to stop in so far as his experience goe<, aud enunciates a fixed purpose to go "hum" as speedily as possible Tin WAs8i*fcTO?i Vaoeri are to have a pic nlc and target tiring at Ruppera, next to fhe Park Hotel, on Monday next. A F roiTiri Boat ? yesterday, offlrern Pull and Ron were called upon to search for a boat? the '-Arlington"?belonging to Ibe venetable pro prietor of Arlington, and u?ed to cnnvry produce from Uis farm to the market. After a considera ble search it wa? found a long distance up the Urue newer between Ninth and Tenth streets, in complete order. It was left )n that position till !? ^ie tide would aflord a mi?cicnl aept r. of water to bring it out of the canal. Ethiopia* Skrkkadrbs continue to draw full liouar* at Odd Fellows' Hall, a sure Indica tion of tbe superiority of the troupe. 1 be prolamine last night was enriched by tbe rental kahle performances of Mr. Levi Brown?a resident of this city, by tbe way?upon the accor dcoit, an instrument we bad aup|>osed of Iiiriit? ?l capabilities, but which Mr. lirownendowed with new and wonderful powers To-night tbe performances conclude with tbe rich "Plantation Festival " Wa**ixg to Pa hints.?On Tuesday the lit tle child of M rs. Doraev, widow of James Dorsey, was so badly ?caldcd by falling iuto a tub of boiling water, that it died yesterday. Tbe child was standing so near its mother, it seems, who was washing, as to occasion her inconvenience, and she, requesting it to go away, the chiltl backed into the tub of water. To-morrow tbe Still Club start 011 thelrexcur sion to Leouardtown and Piuey Point We ad vise those who have not registered their names to do so at once and go in for a good time. The Last Exccrsio* Trip of the season of the steamer Maryland to Norfolk, takes place to morrow. Excursionists will govern themselves accordingly. To Thomas Murphy, Esq., a veteran horticul turist, we are indebted for some superior speci mens of clingstone peaches raised at bis place near the Rock Creek Church. W atcii R stcrns ?The trial dis-ket was blink this morning. The only occupants of theljwer hall were a few unfortunate individuals, in for lodging. Drs. Hcntkr Sc Williams, Physician* for Dierases of Throat and I.u ig?, 52 North Charted street, Baltimore. J*unt?r William* will visit Washington on L ^i1 *'??'"1 each month. The next visit will ha on Saturday, the 12th inst. OKijsaitti Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store. sotKft Madamk Mocjit has prepared by special request, a Salve for tho cure oI Cancers, which never vu known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, nnd Summer Complaint, which acts as a per fect charm to arrest all of those diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles,<an extract /rr?m a flower, >a *ov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may be relied on. She oilers no article hut what has been tested. To be had at No. S?G street, ?>etween lltli and 12th. Also at Nairn A Palmer's Drug Store, corner 9th street and I enn. avenue, I). S. Dyson's Drug Store, corner of Penn. avenue and 12th street, and J. P. Mil burn's Drue Store. WiHards' Hotel. Also at C. Stvtt's, corner of7th *tr?*et and Penn. avenue. References can be made to Rev. John Robb, Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James Hanson, and Mr. Mana han. The Consumption Destroyer aiso can lie found in Alexandria, at Mr. Castloman's Store, on Kmc street, my soie agent for that place. I n Georgetown ar Mr. I". A. Newman's, on Bridge street. ie 17 MAKRIKD. nt, bv th , G. B. < RAH M. WAGGAMAN. On the 2d instant, bv the Rev. Mr. Boyle, at St. Patrick's Church, tJ. B. CAN 1ATOKK and SA On the Rth instant, by the Rev. William II. Chap ?TViiS'M'i?'A1' ,1<Ayxk to M,? sarah {?:. Md ' 1 riuoe lieorie** county, At Port Tobacco, Md., on the 29th Juna last, by the Rev Father Wood ley. Mr. J AS. E. WELCH tuAIiss ANN E. COX. On the 10th instant, in Seventh street Presbyte !?y Kev- Mr- Bitte-nrer. PHILIP II. liiJ.!.'.. 1 formerly of Pennsylvania, to Miss MAR 1 HA A., daughter of James Burch, Esq. of this city. ? UIEI). On the 9th instant. TABITHA, wife of Raphael Jones, in the 80th year of her age. On the 9th instant, WILLIAM L. VOSS, in.his 22d year. The relatives and friends of the family are respect ru?l? invited to attend his funeral on To-morrow, ( b riday ) Sept. 11th, at 4 o'clock p. rn. * AUCTION SALES. H By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ANDSOME BUILDING LOT, WITH THE IMPROVEMENTS, AT THK t OK.NKR OF *ltll AND K STBRkTs, at Auction.?(?? FRIDAY the 1th in stant, 1 shall sell 111 front ol the premises, atfeo'clock p* '?4" JSu<ire 7J? having a front id 57 feet on <!nth street noith, and 75 leet nn K street west, bein? the cornor <?i square, with the improve ?went which is a small frame house. This pmperty is beautifully situated, and a handsome building lot. rerms : One-third cash ; the IsUance in 0, 12. and 18 mouths, lor notes bearing interest from day of sale. A dei*d given and a deed ot trust taken. ?ft-d A. GR EEN, Ai luctioneer. By J AS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. V'ALl A BLE L()TS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. V.EDNESDAV AFTERNOON, Sept. It.tli. at So clock.on the premises, 1 shall sell Lot Sr. 8. in Square ail, fronting 2.5 feet on south C street, at the corner ol lltli street west, running Itfick ion feet on llth street, unproved by a two-story frame l>ack building. Al>o,at 5,'j o'clock,on the premises, I^?t No. 16, in Square No. 7e3, fronting 54 feet 7 inches on 1st street east, between south N and O streets, running back iu leei 8 inches. ? Also, at ri o'clock,on the premises, part of Lot No. 3, in Square south ol Square No. u25f I routing 44 f'eot II niche* on Fourth stroet east, between xouth L a??U a\1 Mroeu, running Uck J 00 feet 1 uich. Title in disputable. Terms : One-third cash, the residue in ?. 12, and month*, lor notes satisfactorily secured (tearing interest. J AS. C. MeGUIRK, A net. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY' AT ? At'CTtoN.?On TI'ESDA V. the 15th day ofSep leinlier, I shall aell in front of the premises, at 5H o clock p. in., Lot No. 1, in Square 342. fronting it5 feet on K street, with a depth of 100 feet on loth ?treat, with the improvements. The house is a de sirable two-story brick dwelling, containing seven lar^eaud comfortable r?>oins,fronting on lioth streets, and conveniently arranged. A ttached is a brick sta ble, two stories. 25 by 13>a feet, fronting on a twelve foot alley The improvements are constructed of good materia s and hi the b?*sf manner. The grounds are handsomely improved with choice shrubbery. Good water in front of the prem ses. Every requi site for a comfortable residence is here secured, pre senting rreat inducements to person* wislnn* to make a good investment. Terms: One-fourth cash; the balance in fi, 12, 18. and 24 months, for notes beariug interest from day o| sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. At the same time and place I shall sell Lots Nos. 15, "6,17, 18, and 19, in Square 1,111; and Lot No. 18, in Square No.!IG. Ternis for the lots : One fourth cash ; the lialance in6, 12, and 18 months, for notes hearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. se 9?d J A MrlS C. MctiU I RE. Auctioneer. OM E MA DE CAR RI AGES. II \\ e have now on liand.of our own manufscture. a fine assortment of L I G H T CAR*. R1AGES of latest and most approved] styles, and warranted, in point ol work--! mail ship and material, to he equal to any made in the L'uited States. We repectfully solicit a call from citizens and strangers to examine our work, as we are determined to let none surpass us. either in quality of our work or in low prices. We also do every kind of REPAIRING in a workman-1 ike manner and at leasonable prices. GARDNER k PLACE. ?e8-3w*_ '?'?> '2 h street, south side of Pa. ave. pEVER AN D AGl E REmITdIKs7 Dr. Osgood'* India Cholagngue. Dest.len's Anti-periodic Pills. Dr. Shailenberger's Pills. Rhode'* Fever and Ague Cur*. Dr. McCliii'ock'a To ic Mixture*. Rowand'a Tonic Mixtures. Obur's do do. SimtA'* Specific. Keenu'* Powders, Canal Powder*, Ac., Ac. For sale at J. B. MOORE'S Drug Store, First Ward, 1 is Penn avenue, *e 5-eof.t Opposite Seven Building*. Hi nting park trotting colkse. At th* toulh end of the Lohk Bridge. The Proprietor* of thi* new,complete and elegaut Course take pleasure in being able to sa> that their arrangements are ail com-, plete, and that their trick is now open' to the public, lu all Us arrangements it1 is iinsurpasaed m the ('luted States.offering as many advantages for ttie trial ol speed us any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a inile in cir cuuifereufle, till) feet wide, graded and with care and judgment, ami is in perfect order. Tue House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed iu its comforlsand aaciHnmodatiiins.ami forthelux unes always to Im> obtained there. The puhlio may rely on it that, under any ami all circumstances, good order will t>e maintained aud enforced upon the premises. au 12-2m I C L O TH I N G. jADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any to dispose of can receive a for cash price (or the same, by pending or addressing H. MELA, No. an Loiusana avenue, lietween 9th and 10th street*, west end Ceutre Market. N. B. Business sunpe .lo l on Saturday. |ya? 2m? if. MELA TO OUR CUSTOMERS AN D THE PUBLIC I GENERALLY. The undersigned most respectfully announce to their numerous customer* and to the pub icat large, that they have entered into an arrangement with

the owner* of the store house they oocupy, by which they will continue in possession of the uiiie until the 1st of March next. In making this auuouncemnet they beg to say that they will open in a few daysalarge ami thoroughly assorted stook of firat-ciaas Dry Goods, embracing every novelty iu Dress Goods, of Una aeaaou'a im portation. . . .?V oor ouatomcra whoa* account* rendered '?*^f July reiitaia unsettled, are requested to pay up before oonimenoms new tails. CLAUETT, NEWTON. MAY k CO.. ?? 7 ** Cor. j*a, ave. end Mk street, AUCTIOjr 8ALES. TO-DA Y & 'W-MOJi 11 Ujy MORN I NO. JAb. (. . McGL'IRE. Auctioneer. 81,000 UAv",vr' Stock?On THrRMniV jc^oR C?NTr* sr.r&rwsir"f'vuSy Terms: Cash. aep9-*t jas. c. McGVIRK. Auot. I ?? ?? WRIGHT: Georgetown. CX.TKN8IVE SALE OF CROCKERY Wabv HrnVV^rt'ov-nu'*1*? "tr8et- Georgetown. .?,i V.5?c! '"*? "f *J?? do Basins and |'itellers ?fc?r 3? 1" Water PitcUa 4(i '*7L '!" ' nrecns, eon: pie to n^a ? Cupe ana Saucers a ;,"tv h, ir,T,V"2"" ?*c ? ? 17t'd"zen edged Plates. Sale positive. are respectfully invited. ,e y> \r. S. WHIGHT. A not. Br JAS.C. McGLIRE, Auctioneer. IfAI.l ABI.K IMPROVED PROPERTY IN l'L?Lic ABCTtox.-On tf'cunoic" ^'H ThK NOON,September ri 0 ojock. on the premises. I shall .el [part ol Lot No. 3, in Square No. 350. fronting 31 feet 1 inch on Loui ? ?h rt?."/" l? Pu,,l'? Sfco. between U'th and lri?htkf we,t' rutu""? w*ek 7* feet, tozethe. m, J iW?yeinent'' cor.siating of a Brick fluiid his t.een occupied for several year* past by Messrs. J. \\ . Arnold A Co.. as a Bookbinder?. dP?.ri.Vf-VP^!5r "V reatl'|yrl'? adapted to and u in a desirable location for manufacturing purposes. Ifl n-nnthL V",*fourth cash ; the residue in 6,12, and 1 .J^ ?r? ? ?,u" interest, secured l.> a ueed of trust on the premises. ?* 3 d J AS. C. McOriRK. Auct. By C. \V. BOTKLER, Auctioneer. EXOFSE AMI LOT ON K STREET at Arr Vtfrv'?.'Vn- ?VrtHe ?? ad?ed <?/ trust from Mrs. Mary E. Barney and others.dated >n the29th day o| November, 185b,and recorded in (lie Land Records I .hlVi,h]IU?Jonv00f2Jy; ,U'a.,nrr ?f Columbia, in I.iber J. A. !?>., No. !3h. folio f, to IS. and for the pur pores o| said trust, will l.e sn!d at public auction ,.R the premises, on E street north, on TUE8DA V, the 4th day or August, law. at 5 o'clock p. m., all that part of the Lot ol Ground numbered 6, in Square n^on1*1^ /vfi""5??B '"J* ? ^Wuning for the same at a point on the north side of E street north one hun drednnd forty feet and nine inches from the south west corner ofaaid Kimnre. a?*! running fhenca north seventy-one feet and six inches with the western line of a norl ion of said lot nunilier tn which wjis conveyed by David Saunders and wile to |{o/?r C. Weightman, to the u*e of MaryS. Scott; thence east i (eel o inches ; thence north IG feet 75, inches: theiioe weal _2 teet In atid one-third inches: thence south fW feet I inch and a half: I hence east fe-t 4 inches and one third of nu inch to the place of be ? i n n i n ? ? i The'mproveiiienta oonsist of a *ood three-atory !!l'???rV!,Tiei " and tjasement, with a l.-.rKe two-story idenoe^SS othce. * WC" :irra,"ed lor * 'es I erms of sale: .^2,'W in cash, and the residue fr.r notes in euuai suau paTab'emsix. twelve, and e?h teen months, with interest. A deed willV civen and a deed of trust Uken to secure the deferred ^Lmer Ik" i e*Pcn?e? of the deeds to be at the oost of the purchaser. nnfh"VU,tee r,er.erve- th?r'^,'t to hiinse'f, at his option, to re sell the prop^rt^v, at tho risk and cost of the purchaser, by givni* hve dnys' notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pj, olmser within hve davs after t!ie sale. The premises ure now under l.^se for $fi<0 per annum, tho lease ?o fx Dire on the, i?ji d?v of OctolSrr. i. 4 MOUI 1 f, Trustee C. \\ . BOTKLER, Auctioneer. fCT-THK CRKDIT0R8 0F MRS. MARY F.. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at theoffioeof the Trustee, on street. ju|y 11-eodAds JD" THE ABOVK SAF.K IS POSTPONED on a.wunt of the rain until TIH'RSDAY. the fith instant, to take p.ace upon the premises, at '> o'clock p' ^ 5 d ? fir THK ABOVK SAI.K IS Fl'RTHFR fnt T ??iNE!) un'111'Hl'^ '/7th of Au gust, to take place on the premises at 5 o'cik p. in. an 7-eo * JDTI* CONSKOI ENCE OF THK RAIN theaN?ve sale m lurther postponed until THI'RS ,l 'tl16 l th da>' ?' September 1?57, to take place on the premises at 4 o'clock p. in. ?. <? . .J'F'XRVM; MOR FIT, Trustee. au2B-eo.Vds c. \V. BOTKLKR. Auct. FUTURE days. By J AS. C. McG L'I RK, Auctioneer. ttKVKN YEARS' LKASK ON THK VALI% ^ ABI-K PROPKKTV KXOtt'X AS CoXCKUT HaI.L A\I> TK?Vnt^A^T,r-r-Un WEDNESDAY AF 1 KKaOI N, September 5o'clock, ??n the premises, I shall sell the Leasehold of that valuable Fm.P-^fii?'t!Dg ?" 1 vania avenue, between lit and I2i i streets west immediately the Star Buildimrs, which has seven j ears to run from September 15th inst., at an annual rent of ?^rs The lower part has two large Stores, suitable for any heavy business,and runninu lack the full depth of the buiidinfr. r The upper itorf is a fine Hall, (with a broad and easy entrance from the street.> *> feet bv <n m the clear, and is known and oecunied as the "Metropoli tan Concert Hail and Laper Reer Saloon." for which business it seeins to be admirably adapted. I he leasehold of each store aind the hall will be sold ?ep?rat(?. Terms: One-fourth cash ; tho residue in six and twelve months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. * ac 3 eoAds JAS. C. McGFlRK, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IIV VIRTFK OF A DKKD OF TRI ST TO ? * the subscriber. I?earins date the Jd dav ot >ej)teml?er, iHjJ.and duly recorded in the I .and Rec ords ol Uashington county, in tho District of C?> luinbta.I f-iiUIl?fl? at public auction, on the prenu ses, on TL ESDaS , th?j l,*>th day of Sep:ember.l8o7, at 5 o clock p. m.. Lot No. 3, in Suuare No. ?4, l> inc in said City of U as lung ton, and fronting 55 leet 9 inches on north M street, and runnim; liack i<J0 feet to an aUcy feet wide, which, b> side allej s, has an ouvlet on 24th and iith streets. There is a neat two-story Frame House on the Lot, whi h is neatly opposite the late Uener*' 1 hoinpson ? residence, now owii6?l by John K. Ree 8 If I v % I North M street is soon tobograded.and theneizh borho<M| is improvink. .J8"I1Vu0'r-,',,r,, tl,# residue in three and r1 ? I?n I r. r'i"te" interest, and secured uy a ueed of trust. Conveyancing at the expense of the purciiaacr. R. R. CRAWFOR DtTru?tee. -"e9 t" A. GRK.KN.Auct. PWjlF ?A!iE OF A most DKSIRABLE SlTI-BhlV hrLof?VE5 ?i"iTT" ? 1 <>" Kir if? Vm ' ? r ' idHy ,,f ??ePt('ni,'?r, 1857, ill ^\hifi" s,h? ,nf,V r day,) sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the valuable Farm, near Cul Pr ,PeLC"u ,H",l"t. recently purchased bv the late Tnomas Hill, of Edward Lightfo t. This Farm oonta'ns about 4.*? acres, and lies within \ ?>f a mile ofthe Depot of the Orango and Alexsndna at Cu.peppr Cf)urt IF<iut?e. Tlie soil is of n very kii perior aunlity?equal to an? in the vicinity ol Cui pepar Court Houae. l*he la?t crop ol corn taken frt>iii tin* r arin, inoAsurfd up, wh^n housed nn wards of l ois. barrels. The lParm is now well e,^ closed. There is a good Dwelling, and the necessa ry out houses, including Stable. Ccrn-house, Blaek ainitli Shop. A o., upon the Farm. Also, an excellent site lor a water grist-mi!!. The Farm las * good and anifacient supply of timber and water. The aale will Iw made upon the premisea, on the fol owing terms . to be paid (Wn; the balance in two e<mal annual instalments, with interest from the day of cale; the purchaser tnving iiond with a dead of trust upon the premises, to securc the defer red Bay inents. 1 rhl , Vn(Ju.rfigned wil1 .^ke pleasure in givicg fur ther information respecting this Farm, or showing it to persons wishing to purcl ase. 1 ... , EDWARD B. HILL, m, ?, At,orney ,n fact f?r heirs or Thomas Hill, law'i ^ MONDAY, the 21st day of September IHo7,1 shall also sell, at public auction, in front of tll2?Pnf w Vhat b,'M" Co,!rt day.) a small tract of Wood Land, containing An aoros. This land r.,nrt,an" .H , '1wo.(,r three miles from Culpep-r Court House- and ad.oms the lamls of Jam-n IJ T?r Ed/nund Bickers, and Caleb Shackelford! I erm? made known on the day of ??!?.. u ... , EDWARD It! HILL, ae <Mw^ nCy 10 1 ,or heir" of Hill. if iiiataiit, 1 shall sell, m front of the premises, at 6 o clock p. n?,. part of the original Lot No. 14 m square No.4u|. having a front <d'25leet on 8th stre. t west, runuing back W feet 4 inches, between I, and M streets north, with the improvements, which are & House, w Jshed. Ac. . f p? i0pfrt> '? handsomely located on the west aide of nth street west, adjoining Mr. J. i" Ad?ms m ^ t^"111 ca,,h: tl,e '?ahinoe in 3. '? -ti *" 2 ?ote? bearing interest froiudAv of sale " pulafX?. K'Ven * Ue#d of tru,t tak?"- Title india ? e 8 A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ? BDv.^",N,f,R,P Georgetown. A UhSlKABI.K MARKET FARM NE\R D\ YAK TK K Noi U KDN ES .J KKIVOO.N .SepteinberS' 2o'cloek on the premiaea, 1 shall aeil a very valuable Market F arm, about two miles from ^?eorgetown, lying be tween Rock Creek and Tenally Town, ha ? a m.Te from Penally Town. It contains alsTut ninety ac es of g.MM| land, pait in wood and part cleared The ? ",,air street. U aahinaton, or of Mr. Win. Fmmert ,?* 'S r**h: the residue in 6 and 12 the premiTea! ,n,0r0,it? B''CUrtJ *' ^ ?f Deeds at purchaser's coat. rsZ'. ' Auctioneers. TUVstl'l."If!yfi A CO.. Auctioneers. RISTEK S SALE OF PERSONAL PROP I iber J A s \irliv I^61*1 tru,,t re?4,'^i in i . i *i ?' ^,<#l 2b, and 27# one of th? IaimI reoortls lor tho Count? of \VaMhimrt?m n (.., wilMw sold ill front of the Bank of Wasfiingtoa' I2tk ian^nh, ?? SATURDAY, Septeful^r ji.!' *l P.ubl'c auction, to the highest biddar lor C^wi?. Terma 'caah'. CWt'' *ve MtSj C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucta. JJEAUTIFUL MARBLE WORK I'm1ent^ai* w?f M(ii PennayJvania avenue, ?ppo,,le th? Union 0?ce, t,$Lu'?!i"Jd SliESS ?f ???" an (Intel)* T'rt?,:~.T?Y8?'TOVS!!!-,, ... TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FR OMTHH ASSOC IA TKO FK.EJS9. 1 iiKKL I'A\S LAILR f K(t>l El'ROFC. Arrival of Ihr Evopa at Halifax. Halifax, frpt. 9.?The R*>y?| mail steamer huropa. from Liverpool on the 2?tb, arrival u,i? morning. with three days' later Intelligence The Baltic arrived out on the 2S*h and the Per sia on the 2!>tb Aug. Parliament was prorogued on the i*-th ult. The Queen's speech was delivered by commission, and whs read by the |?ord Chancellor The fol lowing are Its material point* : '? Her Majesty command* us to express to you her satisfaction that the present state of affair* in r.urope umpires well grounded confidence in the continuance of peace. Arrangements connected ? . "i* r*e*ut'on ?f the stipulations of the treaty of 1 arts have, from various causes, not vet ?iT*'?COInC IT ' *>ut "er Majesty trusts that bv c out ratting parties to the re .} all 'bat remains to be done with reference 1'med U* "lly e'*? long ^ satisfactorily HerM.jestycommand* n* to inform vou that ?? ?",V* 4mi,tl.n,e* which have broken out among the native troops of the army in Bengal S'.TCitf ser,?J,s di>turItances in many pruts of that I residency, have occasioned her Msiestvex treme eooeern, and the l?rl?rities which have beeu inflicted upon many of her Majesty's snb J<*J" ?dia'"?^in??whirhhaveWn endured have filled her Majesty's heart with the .^peM,.Krief-Wblle conduct of many civil and military officers wlo have tw?en placed incir cuiiwunce* of much difficulty, and are l?eini> ex posed to great danger, has excited her warmest admiration. Her Majesty commands us to Inform you that sbe will emit no measures calculated to quell these grave disorder*, and Is confident that with the blessing of Providence, the power at her dis posal will enable her to accomplish that end The speech then thanks Parliament for the lib eral supplies for the Princess Royal's dowry, and for the assurance of support to restore tranquility to India It expresses satisfaction at the liquida tion of the Danish Sound Dues redemption with out adding to the national debt, and gratification at the passage of the Divorce Bill, and sundry other acts of local importance. In the House of Commons, prior to reading tli* speech. I^id Palmerston said that telegraph com munication with India via the Euphrates. had not ST' ?>^n wnctioned by the Turkish Government. I lie l.ritisli (loverniiient would, of course 1* jilad to avail themselves of the line via Suez when completed. Sir De Lacy Rvau inquired whether It was in tended by Government to render any aid to Brit ish India. Lord Palmerston replied in the affirmative t'apr Mangles, on behalf of the court of direct or of the India Company, said that aid would i?e rendered to all sufl'erers, both civil and military ^ both Houses of Parliament have adjourned 5iae 1 he Queen had gone to Balmoral. Nothing official had been promulgated as to the Atlantic telegraph, but it appears to be taken for granted that the enterprise will be postponed till next summer. ' London Times and other leading papers strongly urge the immediate construction of a telegraph to India, and the acquisition of the At lautic cable for that purpose. ThrTimr?. In a leader on the subject, sats: The Atlantic Telegraph Company, in the ex ercise of their discretion, have decided on not immediately renewing the attempts to connect England with the United Srate*. *?d their cable is disposable for a similar enterprise in another direction." r An impression prevailed that the cable could be bought for India The tiTth annual congress of the British Associ ation assembled at Dublin on thettlih ult. A special correspondent of the Times, writing ironi Macon, Ga.. ridicule* th? famous Arrow"? smith Georgia Railroad hoax, pronouncing it a mere hallucination, with no foundation whatever. In Liverpool, John Doherty. an extensive dealer n American produce, who lately suspended, had been charged with obtaining pretences. and was held to bail. I'wo princes fioin Hlaiu were exitected in Eng land for the purpose of entering into commercial treaties with Great Britain. A British rnan-of was waiting at Alexandria to convey the em bassy to England. India?The Indian mails had reached Mar seilles, and were expected in London the day the huropa sailed. Bombay dates are to July .'iotli. rbe main features of the government despatch from Cagliara are confirmed, and interesting de tails are added. Sir Henry Bemad died of clioleia b<fore Delhi 5th July, and Sir Henry Lawrence died from wounds on the-itii at Luck "?7- The "?i'l h< Id I>eihi on ;be llth July. They had nnde three more sorties, and were entirely defeated in each with heavy loss Sir Hugh Wheeler was killed at Cawupore. I he garrison, pressed by famine, surrendered the place to Nena Sahib, by whom, in vialatiou of solema promises, all were massacred. Nena Sa bib wan subsequeu |y attacked ar.d utterly d??. feated with great loss, by General Have lock.who reoccupied Caiunpoie. Sahib murdered 241) Wo men an 1 children at Cawnpore; and amongst the wV.m 1111 h,at place Sir Geor^-v Parker. Col. ?> llliams, Brigadier \ ack. and? ther officers. On the 5th of July an obstinate battle was fought before Airra between the garrison of that place and the Meeuiush mutineers, who had inarched thither with reinforcements which ?"ought fhei, numbers up to ten thousand men I lie British forces were obliged to retire, with a heavy loss. Several officers were killed. I'wo native regiments mutinied at Seal Kate. I unjuiib, on the nth July, and massacred Captain bishop, Dr. G.ahatn, and Bev Mr Hunter, with bis wife and child. The remaining Europeans ere safe in the fort. These mutineers weie to tally defeated on the 16th at Meertit. General Hewitt had been lemoved from com mend for Kiipineness. I he I'unjaub was tranquil. There were some disturbances at Hyde liabid iu the Dtcau, but they were suppressed. Bombay ami the Madras Presidencies continu ed tranquil and their armies loyal. t Lad ?ucce?l?d to the command be Tore Delhi Although the Bntish had parts of five regiments only two thousand men could be mustered for an eflective attack against Delhi Detachments from meats had been sent to protect other C^cutta?r rn?r'" nr'li!<h regiments had reached The despatches received say nothing about the loss of the steamer Transit. *7.;aKutt*:1 r*de.especiallyexports. continued SS bin*'" *? ** ?">??? At Madras there was little change In imports. 1,.V, Bombay the business in imports was very limited. Exchange was 2s. 2J|d. A despatch from Marseilles to London. dated August 2Mb, say*: - a private commercial letter states that Calcutta had srflered extremely from a scare I. y of provisions, but that they were be ginning to arrive by the rivers " The harvest was in imminent danger of being destroyed. b principal manufactories were abandoned and materials required. The exports amounted to scarcely anything. ^ Bombay discontent had shown Itself, but bad l>eeii nuppressed. wUhrf!Tfi?Tnt ?f wu*er!l1 h3d threatened itb dec i mat ion Moveable columns are toscour the provinces of Central India. The English were organizing regiments of Sikhs. ?miII|l|!,i."fHo"f,,.u n{i dau"" ar<" ,0"'e iwb July, and those fiorn Mianj/hje are to the 2d 1..V.? ; "in at "o?g Kong on the 2d oT Jiil>, and was to proceed northward in the ' H?nn?' af>c?mpanied by six gunboats Confirmatory reports have l,een received re sjx^ctiug the Injury sustained bv the ten plant fiom not being thoroughly picked. n i nTihinllk"! U,e of tea f">m Chi na to the .loth June, was 2T5.5(iU lbs 7s^dtfL:"' Excha"^e on Was 7s2tfd * Prices of silk had advanced ^F.xchanfce ou London at Hong Kong was 5s a F* AKCK^?Letters from Paris say that the Em perors of I-ranee and Russia will not meet at Chal ? i11 at "om** Plape ,n Germany. ,o ?L ^heVal had applied to the Kmperor to be al owed to retain his post as embassador to wi'tt'iiiir"'w" "o< *~ed"1??> ^ JK ^ f ?,TfcvKmpWW EuJreni* P*troniied a buU fieht With her presence on the 2Jkl nlt. 6 Italy.? Fresh political arrests were beinv made at Genoa and Turin The pope was exne, r ed to return to Rome in a few days G reat ur.itions Weie inaaino for his reception He was at Inborn on the 25th, and was wirmly redf^.1 re^ptiollat't-e!1?0' r """ of tL> reception at Genoa of a piece of ordnance ?r..r iZ AiSito r1^1"101"-for tl,e wal1" proceeded "I n *-!,'* ,""? ry nd c,v,c au"'or proceeaeu in state to the gates of the nost where the Kon was formally defivrred to thST* arrived ?Ttl"' ?Vf"?"-ar. Envoy, had \1? x\rr> w,' wbt'fe WOMld mifaark for ZZn;Jl y. r"ln.ored tLat Ler i , i'" w'11 be accompanied .... n<!ra'^amarSullanoass?*coiid in command. t^kew^rT^V,V,|Kl0^W^I, *ail in taae with him the ultimatum of the Spanish Gov ernment with respect to Mexico. 1 Russia .?A terrible conflagration had occurred , cilv of Alagdeburg. The large military store-house's, railroad bridge and terminus, ana many private houses, were destroyed. SwKnax.?The King had returned to Stock holm iu improved health. Uemma&k _Some of the German papers state that the Danish Government had given orders for a body of troops to march on Holsteln, but thi. was not credited. ' ? Attsraia^The Austrian Governm?nt has is sued an order for the reduction of the *u^rri?? a, my In Italy to the extent of Blen reaction is to take pUce this aWuZ The Anutrian Govf rnin^nt i? HMi.i ? . confidential note ?h,S. ,h^ M'nt a with Baden permitting VrlS^T to i trr*t'r "eWdgTSii'Se KK? n"nn*< - . J,0R"T ??* T.i"??r dSpstch Mmt? tfc?t meuZ tiation* hav* born opened l?r Lord K- ,1,. Rcdcliffc Io nlrftiu tin" ' miwm nf tb* ('<*???? ?? it,. a H itisi. amy thtu't^h Kgv|/? RcshiJ Pacha has lt<*rn appointed M.nisterof Ua. in pla?eof Kiamll Pad Acuialu?Mel'sHirne daln> irrlo JnnrU, aid Pvdney io June Hi. Thr shipments of colli \?? Melbourne from January 1st to date were u " ??'llton *n<l quarter ounces rati it *toc'L* ?f boadtd goods at Melbourne were ? --'-J The Vlrtona House of A?^m .i In, ^ r!? r ,,? ?boll,h ,hr P,lb,k *??" ,or an I P. L.', i T", M?Tfn SvdiH-f and rMmna had l?een accepted b% th. rovern N^r rt. 1m lhMngr? K^hnugr. on London F ioor market dull At S* diwy wool handwashed, wi. quoted b.^d ? la^JdT Thi Laimt. I T^ful!i . I* New Yolk A?*oclated |>re*? i? IndebtedI lo the extreme kindness of Captain Leitch. of thr Lurope. for the latent telegraph of Indian new., rwei?rd at Liverpool, at the mo iiH*nt or bit ufp?rtnrf: l.ttvpoir, Saturday.?The Indta overland mall ha* arrived with full details of the late disaster It appears that the catastrophe at Cawnporp la he lieved to have occurred on the ilth June; In eon sequence of Sir Hugh Wheeler beln^ mortally wounded, the force Lad accepted the profler of safety made by Nana Shahib sad the mutineers Nana allowed them to get hitn the L *t? with all they had, and then fire wa< opened ii|*>u thetn from the hank, and all were destroyed. Other account* state that the wives and chil d:en of the o dicers an<l soldiers, ruimjiimy of *jjn persons. were taken into Caronpore and sold at public auction, and were treated with the highest indignities and barbarously slaughtered by th'* inhabitants It is ho|wd that a few esc aped It ?!; *>id Mat Nena Saheb ha* more than one hnn di.-d l.uroitean prisoners In his hands. whom he intends to hold an hostages They are probably the rennuisof General Wheeler'* forces G>n ili\floi k. who left Allnh.ilvh with Kut* p**.in?, attacked a..d totally defeated the insur gents. CovMERctat IxriiLictvci. J irrrpoot foit..n Market ?Tl.e Broker's Cir cular quotes the Liverpool CoUon Market unset lie?| and ex. it.d and the current qualities of American had advanced %d. while other descri? ti.*ns were a j,d better, on the week The of the week were liu.ttki bales, includiav 31 iftki on s|>ecula!ion, and 3,imi bales for export Fri day's sale* were 10,(am l?b^f ?f which specula tors look '2.I4M, the market rliwin^ buoyant with an .ictive demand, at the annexed ou ?t.ition< ? Fair Orleans it^d; Middling Orleans ?^d, Fair Mobiles !i,',d; Middlini; Mobiles s 13-tod; Fair I plaitd* '.id; Middling Ctilands ^\d. Ttie stock in j?ort was estimated at .V>.?.tiiw bal. a, ol which 3I-.SW ImI^s were American. Uatrst ?Saturday, 2 p. m ?Mess-* K?cba*d snn. Spence & Co. quote the market buoyant to day. with estimated sales of lo.iluii bales Liverpool Er>adsi,:tfs Market ?The Liverpool breadstuff* market wmt quiet. The weather had 1*en favorable for the gathering of the crop* Messrs Richardson, Spence A Co.,state that the wheat crop Is genet ally good, and the quality line. Flour was dull, and quotations nominally unchanj-ed Wheat was In better request; red declined Id a'Jd . partially since Tuesd ir. Corn dull and declined tid since Tuesday. The quo tations are? :cd whrat T?. Ud a-* :Jd.! white wn.-at ?.:> alts Jkl.; Western Canal tlour Jys.alUa. 6d ; Philadelphia and llaltimo.e ?>*.a3ls ; Ohio3> a32s ftd ; yellow and mixed corn :iis. 5d ? white 41. Tuk L*tk?t.?Liverpool. Saturday 2 p. m Messrs Kichaidisoii. Spt-nre ft Co , re|>ort bread stulTs dull to-day and tending downwards. Liverpool Prorinom Market .?Messrs liigland, Aytha & Co.. Jautes Muiienry and others report beef dull and generally ?>n< han^f d. I'ork siow of sale, but prices uniiltered Hacon quiet but stead v. Lard dull and declined Is ; flneri'i: prin.e 70s Ul. Tallow fluctuatnuf; butchers'?is.6d.a?'b Thk Latbst.?Saturday, p m. ? Provisions quiet?Bacon firm for re-shipment to America. Livirpool Pro,lure MnrL'l ?The brokers' cir cular quotes ashes steady at 4^s. Gdat.'i?. for both pots and peails. Sugar tl in at au advan< e of Is Collee buoyant Rice dull Tea sb.w of sale, prices unchanyed. Rosin?all qualities aliuhtlv declined; common 4s 3da4*.Sd : medium to hue-i?alis. New York hides <i\d:?M. Hilt more bark 1'i* tid ; Philadelphia lisaltis. Mil >eedoil toKalos bd. Cod oil dull. Sp. rm A'*?. Seal mi. hang-d < Hive slightly advanced Spirits turpentine steady at 31?. Jute in but little iu quiry, and prices weak Liverpool Freight Market ? Messrs WarrvnA Thayer report freights unchanged Pa??eu?eM dull?to New York, i.3 15* ; B.wton XI in* . Philadelphia. Ai. * Am<rtcan Struritits ?Messrs. Bell A Co .state that no sales ol importance had been made io American securities, and quotation* were nom inal Baring Brothers also state that the sales were uuimnoitant. London Monty Market .?Baring Brothers re port the demand for money active Bar silver was in but Lttle inquiry, and prices w.-uk at 4s 1 5d ?ls 1 \d; eagles70* dollar* 4n I? d. the bullion In th?* Bank of Kngtaad Lad'Ac creas> d A:K>.?hmi. Consol* for monev closed on Friday at flf. w t 9li,\. and for account On*,a??i)g I.atkst.?Lom4om, S?rwrrf./y, li tr ?Couvis for money ?H)^aMIP,. Parts, FVi<i?y.?Three per cents (MTUfe London Markets.? Baring. Brothers ? Co. quote iron steady at ?7 7sttda7 1U< for l>oth raits and bars; S.:.<ch pig quiet at fi:**id H'eidsfufls a declining tendency?wheat was verv dufl. and considerably lower; white VJa.>s: 7na5l> Flour 27aJits Cottee buoyant at an of l? Indigo Lad slightly advanced l.luars-d caken quiei but steady. Sperm oil slightlc advanced s|?erm A'Jl. Linseed oil :iftsikla4os Ric# quiet' Saltpetre >ligLtly ndvauced, under a lar- e spce^i lative Inquiry. Sugar Lad advanced tf*t. but closed heavy. Tallow quiet but steady-at ti U. Holder v of tea demand astill turtU.r advano common Coupon lri'.d Spirits turis-ntMi^ ii ul at :^a.'JS?Cd Copper auvanced lis., Hnrre MmLft.i, fur theWe.-kendiug Aug A, Cotton buoyant at au advance of If a3f ; th* lim k. t was quite excited, sales of the we*k 14 4? ;? b iles; stock ltr7 .(AW bales. New Oi le*ns i r^? oi'd - nalre P2lf. Breadstufls flrm. Wheat Jl.ui. n slightly higher prices; Ashes nominal; Coffee heavy; Piovisions flrai; the ma ket was hate of American; Rice heavy; Sugar slightly lower Tea slow of sale, but prices unaltered. Whalebone sales unimportant ' The 4*hio River. WHKFT.txa, Sept. Itl.?The river Is at alow ?tage. Nothing but li*ht draft host* csu Ue usen. Baltimore Market*. BaI.tijiobe,Sept U) ?Floui is null, and nom inally $j.3U f?>r all kinds of su^mt. Wne:?t has declined '2a3c. Sale* of red at fl.M and white ?!. !Sat51 4(i. Corn is dt'Oopiii" whito t?5atf7c , yellow Ui.0klc. City Whisky 26c. lew Y?rk Markets. Nbw Vobb Sept. io ?H ?ur is dull, at a decline cf &>ent?, oi S.M hbls; State f5 I54 So.35; Ohio Soathern *5.75a5M )u VV htat is hearj-; sales of 15.U0 bushels; whit* SI-SO; red *1.34 Corn is heavy; sales of '.si ,i>*k bushels; mixed 7la72c Pork is higher: Meiw ?25 75; Prin.e f ?l *)a21 - 40. Beef is quiet: Ciiicago repack'^ !*l7.j<iaf I-. l^a^d steado at lo^e. Whisky is higher; Ohio 9Cc. FTjtmaetcl. Nkw \ork. Sept 10.?Stocks are lower I'm ? erally Chicago and Ro k Island 73: Cumberland Coal Co II: dllii.ois Central Railroad *49V; ditto bond* S5; Michigan Southern 21){: New ^'o k Central 70*: Pennsylvania Coal Company ;o It ending R:tilioad4l,S; VirgiuiaCs tft> ^ . M . ? RFAT INULCF.MKNTS tiFFFRLD FOR I CASH! H . S K M K K N . Jkwbi RB, <4lcrs at Ki^stl) reduced prices. VoR < s^u. th? fol io vius articles: GoM Hunt ins Fmtlish Patent Levers, full jewels^. Irom S vn up. (iold Hunting Detach do., full leveled, from up. Gold L*di?s' Wstohea, full jeweled, m variety. up. All Watobes are ruaranteed for U months. Gold Guaril. Fob and Vest Chaitis- st wb<Wesain prioet-: all kinds ol" Ftne Jeweirj, suoh m Bracelets. Pius. Far Hints, Rings.Shirt Buttons, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils, etc.. eml?aeis? Dnunond. Pearl. Corals. Ciuneos, Mosaics, etc., st astmiiskinc low pneea. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks. sikI all kind of fancy Silver Ware? feierr than ever ollcred before. Silver plated Ware?suoh as Spo?>ns, Korku. Ca* - tors. Cake and Card Baskets, Butter Coolers, i-te.. Will l>e sold at manH/mrtorers prirtt. Jp- Our main object inolerinr sueh inducements is: frtdmrt our prtsmt lettt* *t?rk for rm,1v ra\k, runt' mplatmt some alteration i? uttr tm*> Imu. , . Persons in want of anything in our line are invited | to oalit we snail take pleasure in omivincinr I hem ' that siicm opportunities <?( purchasing >s. at ' sucti reductswa sre seldom ottered. All s.sids war nuitetl as represeuted. H.SKMKFN. auc 15- 330 Penriav \ una aveuue. i>Ht>TtM?RAPHS OF AMF.RICAN SCKNf" 1 R \ .?J ust reoeived, a cl.oioe lot i?f Phot.wTaahs. Rt TAVLt>R A MAtkVs Bo. Asjnre. n-ai wh street. 1<MiR SALK.?4Jne Boh tail StlRRFI. HORSI^ live >ears oLl. and Buj<t aisl Harness. Inquire at H KMlNG A FWY't* St.-.Oles 12^ in Jacks.?n Hall alle*. se?St* rw\ MY STOCK OF BOOTS AN1> SHOKS heiuC about tbe largest in this oity st this^s^^ time, tw:U naving U>eu purcliased before tk*BH I rise in Leather, oan be sold at shout 15 to >fl1 per oent. less than goods pgrehssed at tins' tuu^ ^and^amiaef^our^ves.^^^ tell Iron Hall. Pa. sv?>. >??. ??s snHistk wta. I kl POA t'H ttl h **0 W L?KK. Id to suppi) the same in any ^aanUty to partLes waAUdg. ou the most fhvorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the ihetnot of CO amtxs. j Nt>. 96 High street. tnav 19-tf llet#l>Sf*t*i' Gsoreetnwa. liTt