Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1857 Page 1
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* VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1857. NO. 1,451. THE EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EVERY AFT EH NOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS* Corner of Pa. av+nue <md Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH, an>l ia aerved toauheenberaby oarneraat SIX AND A WIARTKK CENTS. pa)al>le wwklj to tne Aaeuta; pnpera ?ervrd in packages at 17 S oenta per month. To mail aubeerihera the subscription price u THRKb: DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a y?r ia ad ranee, TWO DOLLARS for an moatha. and ONK DOLLAR for three montha; lor 1ms than tnree montha at the rata of 12S oeuta a waak 117"SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE MISER OF MARSEILLE. [COSCLinED.] The goe<ipe who had aforetime* interested themselves so liberally in the affairs of Jaequo* and Madeline, once more twitted Madame Gnyot, saying. it plainly wu not love that mailt) her a?n auch a miser in his habits: bat the anawerod them more proudly than ever, that Jacques would now look higher for a wife. So, firat one great lady and then another was aaid to be the fair object for whom onr hero cherished a secret passion, and whom be was trying to equal in wealth. But though Madame tluyot fostered the i lea. sho. poor soul, knew better; for only a few days after the marriage of hi* uaOUR, Jacques had begged her in a broken vofl^. to find out whether the little ves sel in which Madeline bid borne the precious draught of water to his bedside. a dozen long years ago. were still in ex'stence 44 O. my son. ' said Madame Ouyot, 1 since you did so love Madeline, why did you let her go * She would not now l>e the wife of a stran g?r. if you had asked her for thyself/' ?? Better as it ia. mother," replied Jacques, though his lip quivered while be ppoke. nnd again togged hi* mother to f>rocure what he had mentioned, at f.ny cost. Madame (iuyot's mission proved successful, though the mother of Madelino marvelled greatly at the request; and both the worthy matrons agreed that the conduct of Jacques was a problem beyond their pjwer to solve. Eager ly was the little vessel seized by hitn. and atier bestowing many grateful thanksonhis mother, he conveyed it to his own little room. Could the thing of clay have spoken, it might have told bow. when others slept, Jacques spent many an hour in sighs, ana even tears. Ay, for every drop of water it had once held, the strong man paid in tears a thousand fold. Tears sped on. and the father and mother of Jacques passed from the earth. The young nan had baea oalled a miser, even during their lifetime, but now. indeed, be merited the title. Ever craving for money, he added to his store by the strictest parsimony. His clothes w }>atched by himself, again and again, till .,??? ?L " ? ? 3 *",* J ?V WTICU IU IJ 13 by the xtrioteat parsimony. His clothes were patched bv himself, again and again, till no trace? of the original stuff romained. General ly hi# feet were bare, and cvon when he wore any covering on them, it consisted of old shoes that had b?en cast away as worthless, and picked up by him in his solitary wanderings turough the town. Histood was of the coarsest description, and taken simply to sustain life, lie no longer occupied the dwelling in which his early days had been spent; his present b >me was an old aud roomy h<use. built with a degree of strength which defied auy attempt at entrance, unsanctioned by the will of its occu pant, at least without a degree of force being u*ed. which must inevitably have led to dis covery. Here. then, dwelt Jacqucs Ouyot quite alone. But far worse than alone wad be when absent from his house, tor the evil repute in which he was held was such, that as he walked, the little children ran shouting after him: ?? There goes Ouyot. See the wrctched miser, how thin ha is ! He grudges himself food to make himself fat. and clothes to cover his lean old body Then the mischievous urchins would oast atones at Jacques, and load him with insults, unchecked by their parents. But even this was not the Worst. One day he met a friend, or at lea*t he had been so in youth, and whom ha had not seen for many long years. For the moment. Jacques forgot his rags and his isolation?it was so long since a kindly word Lai been bestowed on liim. and oh! how lie i T cat Bed to win it. Eagerly he advanced, with | au indescribable gleam of joy lighting his pinched feature*; but his former comrade shrank j back, holding up his hands, as if to forbid his nearer approach, saying, as he did *o: '? i will not bold comounion with a thing like you. Did you not love thy money better than "her who ought to be your wife ? but you suffered a stran gnr to carry her away, and now the accursed thing is dearer to you than yourself, though you have neither child nor kin to whom to "leave it. Away' touch me not!" Another trial came still later, and it was the hardest of all A portlv dame, elderly, bat still fresh and comely-looking, and with a fair daughter tv her side, passed leisurely along tne streets of Marseille They seemed to be new arrivals; bat the elder one was evidently no stranger, for sho pointed out to her daugh ter various changes which bad been made of late. Jacque Ouyot looked earnestly at the giri, for her features brought vividly to his iuiud those of the object of las one love-dream, and as he came near, he heard her mother call her Madeline. Another glance, and be recog nized the elder female as tht Madeline of his youth Though so many years had gone over his head, bis pale feoe was in a moment flushed. Again he forgot the curses and the stones daily showered around him; the vision of the bright eyed. with the little treasured pitcher in her hand, was Ufore him, and he too was for an in stant young; bai tor how brief an instant ' M ideline, even in her distant hoine. had heard of the miser Ouyoi, who heaped up wealth, though with none to share it. and denied even the smallest aid to the miserable, though sur rounded with gold. Even at that momeut, too, she heard the taunts of the passers-by; so, gathering her skirts closely around her. as tuough his very touch would poison, she swept by with such a look of acorn as rooted the miser to the spot, and brought back the sense vi his loneliness more terribly than ever. Though no inhabitant of Marseille ever en tered the miser's dwelling during his life, yet I am able to tell how bo spent his time there. I know he never entered his silent, comfortless home without feeling that his heart would leap with joy U> hear a friendly \oi;e, or if he might be permitted to clasp a child to his bosom. I know that, in spite of insults, reproaclics, and UanU. hi * heart teemed with loving-kindness to his fellow creatures, and often, when suffer ing from them, ho would even einilo, ami mur mur: "* It is because they know ine not; for one day these curse* will be turned into blessings. Ay, ani that, when seated on his hard bench, to take the food needful to prolong hi* life until the object should be accomplished, for which he had giveu up all that could tend to its enjoy ment. he prayed for a blessing on his coarse tar?, aud I know, too. that utter each more bitiug pr ?of ot scorn from thuie arouud him, he a.-ke<l from the same Almighty source strength to "? endure to the end." A very old man was Jacques Gnyot when tho end came, but he met it with joy and hope, for he then lived long enoagh to finish his se!f-im posed task. Stret> bed upon bis wretched pal let, he aiuiled and talked to himself. '? Ah, ./.deques." said he, "they will never more call tbee accursed. The last stone has been cast at thy worthless carcass for worthless it may well bo called, since even the worms will scarcely be able to banquet on the scauty covering of thy old bones iiut oh. what joy io think the miser has d it lived in vain' And thou, too." said be. taking in band Madeline s little pitcher.44 well hk'l thou perfortuel thy part. Though but a thing of clay, the sight of thee has reminded me ?*>-u day aud hour that, having given up her to whom thou didst once belong, no greater sacri ti ?? could be demauded fp?m me; and more than that it ever brought before me the memory of the one pressing waut which the resolution tJod has, in bis goodneas. given me strength to fulfil. , I will indulge just one weakuess, aud, having taken u?y last draught from thee, no other lip | suali W'uca tiieo " So saying, ha drank the w.tts>r it e >ntained. and gatheriug ell his re- j iua*uing strength, shivered it to aU>ui5 One h. 'ir alter, aud tho miser lay dead Only life Ics clay, senseless as that shivered by hi* last act, uow remained of Jacques Guyot. As auuu as b? was missed from his daily bauuU. the propriety of examiuiug his dwelling suggested itselt to the towus-pc-uple. for there were many who would not touch him while liv ing, who would gladly have acted as his execu tors Fancy, then, the crowd aroand the door: the forcible entrance; the curious ransacking each room, till they at last stood beside all that remained of the objcct of their bitter loathing. The authorities of the town, who led the way, took posswssiou ot' a sealed paper, which Jacques ere be laid dowu to die had placed in aconspic UJwi pgeiOoa It waa bis will, dolj exveu^d, and contained these words: " Having observed from raj youth that the p?orof Marseille are ill supplied with water, which can bo procured for them only at great cost, I have cheerfully la bored all my lite to gain tbem this greal blow ing. and I bequeath all I possess to be spent in building an aqueduct for their uso." Jacques had told the truth. The curses turned into ble*aings. and his death made a city full of self-reproaching mourners. Many a man hu won the name of hero by one gallant deed; but he who made*tbe conquest of a citj- by the con tinued heroism of a long life, methinks deserves the uame indeed. And thus I have told vou to whom the inhab tants of Marseille owe their aqueduct. A CAPITAL STORY. Some years since, an eccentric old genius wIk-iu for convenience sake call him Barnes, wus employed bj a farmer living in a town some six or seven miles westerly from the Penob scot river, to dig a well. The soil and substra tum being mostly sand, old Lames, after hav ing progressed downward al>out forty feet, found one morning upon going out early to work that the well ha-i essentially caved in and w:is full nearly to tho top. So having that desire, which men have, of knowing what will be said of them after they are dead, and no one 3-et ustir, ho concealed himself in a rank growth "t burdoeks by the side of a fence near the mouth of a well, having first left his hat and frock upon the windlass. At length breakfast being ready, a b?y was despatched to call him to his meal, when Io' and behold ! it whs that Karnes was buried in the grave unconsciously dug by his own hands, xho alarm being given, and the family assembled, it was decided first to eat breakfast and then tAsend for the coroner, the minister and his wife and children. Suchapa thy did not flatter Barnes' self esteem a bit but he waited patiently, determined to hear what was to be said and to see what was to be seen. Presently all parties arrived and began pros pecting the sceue of the catastrophe, as people usually do in such cases- A-. length they drew together to exchange opiuions as as to what should be done. The minister atonce gave it ns his opinion that they had better level up tho well and let Barnes remain; for snid he, '' he is beyond the temptation to sin. and in the day of judgment it will make no difference whether lie is huriei five feet under ground or fifty, for he is bound to come forth in either caso."' The coroner likewise agreed that " it would b<? a needless expense to his family or the town to dii-iutcr him when ho wassoeftoctually buried," and therefore entirely coincided with the minis ter. His wife thought that as he had left his hat and frock, it would be hardly worth while to dig him out for the re*t of his clothes; andsO it was settled to let him remain. But poor old Barnes, who had no breakfast and was not at all pleased with tho result of the inquest, laid qniet until the shades of evening stole over the landscape; then he quietly de camped to parts unknown. After remaining incognito for about three years one morning he suddenly appearod?hatloss and frockless as he went?at the door of the farmer for whom he had ageed to dig the unfortunate well. To say that an avalanche of questions wore rained upon his mysterious reappearance Ac., would convey but a feeble idea of tha excitement cre ated. But the old man bore it all quiotly, anil at length informed them that on finding himself buried he waited for them to dig him out, until his patience was exhausted, and set to work to dig niuiself out and only tho day before had smceeeded ' fbr. his ideas being confu?cd by the 1>r?ssure of the earth at the time he w:is buried, le had dug very much at random and instead of coming directly to the surface he uame eut in the town of Holden, sir milet ire it of Penali se *t river'. No further explanations were sought for by those who were s-> distressed and sorrowful over bis supposed final resting place.?lianqor Jef fersoman. Ax Iui-osTKB Smokkd Ot*t?The public have been pretty weil posted this season with regard to one James McDonald, who has been traveling from city to city, imposing upon the liberality of the public by proclaiming on every corner that be was 112 years of age, a soldier throughout the war of 1812, and a confirmed cripple and invalid from the wounds he received in the battle on our northern frontier. He was in this city about two months ago; from here he went to New York, where his story was taken by the reporters, as the framo work for several sensation articles. The next we heard of him lie had arrived iu Boston, and there again bis story Has given to the public by the press, and, no doubt much sympathy was enlisted. While he was in New \ork we took occasion to say that he was an ira}>o*tcr; and the other even ing he was compelled t> own up. lit* travels had brought him around in this direction again, and two or three evenings since he came down from Troy in the same coach with officer Clinton. Of cwurse he told the same old story to the passengers, and tken pro ceeded to pass round his dilapidated tile, wiiich appeal was al*out being responded to readily, when the officer threatened to arrest him if he did not cease his imposition, and under fear that this threat would be executed he admitted that he was but 07 years of age. and slunk back into one corner of the stage. Among other things that lie told the passengers was. that he had lost a leg in battle, and that a cork leg had been substituted. To satisfy them that this was false, the officer with a whalebone cane, struck tho leg indicated as of cork, several smart taps, making him wincc; until he was compelled to admit that it was a flesh and bone liiub. He promised to pass directly through Albany.?Alfuiny Argus. Simvkrim New Ejglaso.?Kufus Choate, in one of his speeches, introduced tho following unique picture of a New Kugland summer, to illustrate the idea that irregularity is not ruin : "Take tho New England climate in summer; you would thiuk the world was coining to an end. Certain recent heresies on that subject may have had a natural origin there. Cold t?-day; h ?t to morrow ; mercury at 8t> deg in the morn ing. with wind at the southwest: and in three hours more a sea turn, wind at east, a thick fog from the very bottom of the ocean, and a fall of 40deg. of Fahrenheit; now so dry as to kill all the beans inN?w Hampshire; then floodscarry iug off the bridges of the Penobscot and Connec ticut; snow in Portsmouth in July, and the next day a man and a yoke of oxen killed by lightning in Khode Island. You would think the world was twenty times coming to an end ! But I don't know how it is?we go along ; the early and the latter rain falls, each in its season ; seed time and harvest do notfail; the sixty days of hot, corn weather are pretty sure to be measured out to us. The Indian summer, with its bland smthwest and mitigated sunshine brings all up; and on the 2jth of November, or there* aiiouts, being Thursday, three millions of grate ful people, in meeting houses, around the family b >ard. give thanks for a yt&r of health, plenty and happiness " A Goon Susubstiox.?The Boston Courier, alluding to the ntuuy serious accidents that aunually occur from an unskilful use of guns, *ts: u Cannot teaching be given to boys in the art of loading, carrying and handling guns, for I in>uey, as in fenciug, or ridiug, or dancing '. \ .VIight not some retired officer of the army or navy open a school to teach the use of fireaims ' and also charge himself with the duty of selecting good fowling pieces for his pupils? We think there are many parents who would be greatly relieved if there wers such a place, or if such teaching could be nroeured. Of course, the character of the teacher would be an important element in the sucess of such a scheme ; as >ueh a school in unworthy hands might become a corrupting iutluence. We throw out these sug gestions for the consideration of tho^e who hare au interest in the subjeot. IO" The London Sunday Time*, of theMd ult , a m u ircn that on the the Aine/lcaii bora* Pri our** wan struck off from engagement to ma Cue the Herefordshire stakes. FOB REST AND SALE. A fj^OR HEN r ?A RARE CHANCE.-No* un der oonitruotion, 12 Inrtce and airy rwmi, with a M the conveniences of water and lights. The loca tion ia in the principal business aquareof the city, and the rooms are well adapted for Dentists, Dagner reotj pista, Ofhces. Ao. Also, a convenient awl airy Basement, suitable f.?r any light business. The whole finished and well lighted in theinost improved manner, after the New V ork styles. WALL St STEPHENS, No. 322 Penn. avenue, between 9th and aii 13 1m loth sts., entrance on D at. f^OR RENT.-The three story KRfCK HOUSE I situated on '5th street, opposite the newexten sion of the Treasury department, and within a stsp of Pson. avenue and W illarda' Hotel. The tiouse contains 10 good roonts, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the best in the city for a professions' gentleman or a business stand. Apply on the premises, No. 474. au 17-t()et' * IiMR.M FDR SALE.?A pieee of fine LANDon Rock Creek, in Montgomery oounty, Md., six miles from the heights of tieoreotown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perrj, Wo<*l, iiestor, Newlvs, Bohrer, and Hawkins. lunacies. A beautiful loca tion ; partially unproved; new house; 13acres nrli creek S???! torn, and some fine ywllow pine timber. It can he divided, if dag i red. Call-and aee the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je4-tf L^OK RENT.?A modern built HOUSE. oontain I ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy locntion, fronting one of ihe public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view ??f the citv, the river, and Georgetown. 11 has gas through out ; water and bath-room. To a careful tenant the rant will be moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-ti rivyvo FIRST CLASS HOI SKS. J1JSTFIN 1 ISHEl). FOR SALE, situated on I stroet, noar 17th.?Tliese Houses are eaoii 23 feet 6 inches wide, by 50 feet deep, three stories high, and t<ase ? mailt, and contain all the modern conveniences and improvements. Aliey in the rear. Apply to K1GGS A ?H). an 29 tw RN'V'S CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. This well known and popular establishment is now oflered for Sale. thus presenting a raro oppoitu nity for a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and profitable business. Possession can l?e had 1st No vember. The three-storv Brick House, now occu pied as al?>ve. is oflered at private sale, or will l>e rented or leased as may be desired. For particulars inquire on the premises, No.M Bridge* street. Georgetown, D. C., or to \VM. B R I !)?? ES. 313 W est Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 87-tf __________ KH>R SALE.-A FARM or about H?o acres, in I Montgomery oounty, Md.,ten miles truu Wash ington, on the Colesville road, improve.! with a Brick Dwelling, a log tarn and stable, and a tine orch ard of ohoice fruit. Apart is set with clover, and the whole well fenced. A l?ir;:aiii may be obtained if early applied for, or would exchange for city prop erty. H. N. LANSDALE. Agent. No..VU M a'ret, an2">-lm* or Mirongh the City Post Office. I^OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner oi I New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol IIill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south ?*> feet 11 inoiiee.aud containing nearly it.'*5) square l'eel. may 8-tf YV. F. PHI I.I,II?S. l/OR RENT?The two comfortable and convcni I ent BKICK HoL'SES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now uudergoinz complete re pair,and will I* for rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. Kl pVv ELL. Hntli street. Georgetown. jv 2? A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE. ?For sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Sutton on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu ral ly excellent, and ma> economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere in the United Slates ; 115 seres in heavy timl>er, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached by means of the railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that inay t>e sold to tlie Railroad Company at remu nerative prioes. The buildings are all on a lull, and, with small repairs, may be made oouijortablc for the residence oj a family The place is weil watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West. mid is determined to sell it, it will he sold a great t-Hi^ain.ou very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase inav inquire for fur ther particulars to \V. D. W ALL Ac H, editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jv 8-tf Wood and Coal. J CUMBER LAND LUMP COAL, superior quali ty. lor sale low by J. E. SHIELDS, so M -3t Corner of'Jth and II streets. E. SHIELDS'? COAL AND WOOD DEPOT, Corn'r of Xinth anrf H ttreelf. ANTHRACITE COAL, RED. and WHITE ASII, for Stoves ant Grates, constantly arriving. For sale low from vessels. se 11 at pOAL! COAL!! COAL !!! We are now prepared to furnish our customers and others who may favor us with their orders, with RED and WHITE ASH COAL, of euherof the various sixes they may desire, of as good quality as comes to this market. A discount of 25 cents per ton when delivered from the vessels. ir7"2.24" pounds t?> tlie ton. Also on hand, HICKORY, OAK. ar.d PINE WOOD. WARDER A K1LLMON, n-eofit llnt-11 | 12th and C street. W o O D AND COAL. We are now ready to supply all orders for WOOD and COAL tiiat may lie entrusted to our care, and will guarantee satisfaction in the saiuo. [27* Vessels arriving weekly. ijr'Coal kept in floored anu roofed yards. IV"2 24n lbs. to the too. f r" Piompt personal attention given to every order T. J. k W. M. HALT, N. W. 12th and C streets. No, 517, se 5-2w One square south of Pa. avenue. JOHN T. tilVEN Ac CO., W Hot. SS ALK AND R ETAII, DKALFRS IN COAL AN li WOOD, S. TP. ror. o/ C and l4fA sts.,nf<tr C'nnal Fridge. Alwavs on hand, (of prime quality,) a large stock j of WOOD, and the various sixes and kinds of' COAL. Fair dealing may be reliod on in ail cases. Orders solicited. an 22-eolm P O A L! COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, arid ali who may favor them with their; orders for Coals of any si*c or kind they may want, ol' as good quality as comes to this market. Also.agood supply of WOOD, at No. 475 10th street, betweeu D ana E streets, ai.d Potomac Bridge. Coal 2.240 lbs. to the ton. au H-3aw6w J. S. HARVEY A CO. ( CUMBERLAND COAL. Orders will be received for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CI'MBER LIN D CO A L, in lump, or the run of tho mines, at tli0 very lowest casn prioes. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Gr??oery Store, au J'l-tf No. 5M 12th street, comer of B street ri| MBERI AND COAL.-Now discharging.iu? I, tons Cumberland Coab kmaN & BRO , U 27 oomer ?th and B s??.. npp. National hotel. M ILLINERV. DRESS MAKING. M. WILLI AN, Oppositk Centuk Market, Oilers Fall supplies of BONNETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS. TRIMMINGS, CLOAKS, ORESES. EMBROlDkRIF.S, LACES, Ac. Ac, Dresses made in I he latest Styles. The ladies are respectfully invited to aill and ex amine the stock. (States) . ?? 2-2w_ N EW FALL GOODS. I am now receiving a v?ry full aiul koautiful stnok of Fall and Winier Goods. Gentlemen wishing to have the advantage of au early selection ol ahoiee patterns will call early. The new fashions are received and I am fully rtady for the fall trade. A. II. YOUNG. Merohant Tailor, se?-2vr Browns' Hotel feiin.avenue. BI.ACKBKRRY BR ANDY.?We havethis~day reoeived a supply of Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDS', which is a hne article, and guarantee it to oure the Diarrhea in its worst form. For sale wholesale or retail b* AKNY A SHINN, jv 22 91 Green St.. Georgetown. 1\fME. KLEIN A CO.,(from Franoe,) i>I DRESS MAKERS. No. 391 Pa. ??., between 4>* and 6th sts. Pleating. Fluting. Crimping. Dresses, Curtain Bleaching and Old Embroideries transferred to order. 0 18-1 ni [\TOW IS THF. TlVIE TO DRINK MALT LIQUORS.?ARNY A SHINN' are theory ones in the Distriet who have stock POR rER and ALE, and always have a supply on hand; so give them atrial. Leave yoar orders with the drivers, or at their Union Bottling Depot, No. 57 Green street Georgetown, D. C. it ** I Gent's FURNISIIING GOODS of the finei ?le and n?ke, at the Emporium of Fashion, N< EDUCATIONAL. PRIVATE TUITION. ? HOUR LESSONS. fc'ir **"*" In ttl?e ?},*',er brandies of Mathematics, .VTVrP,nr|JLnd A nting, resurneli ASriiiiJ pr* hl." rtfc",,'n00' <? >?'h afreet. " private Parlor for Ladies.* ^ELECT SCHOOL_FOR BO\S. ~ " .W. IIORRANGE, formerly on* of the L m'S V i f Central Academy, hss opened a ?S7i n2?*?. "" 0n C 4t,eet' ?*???>? 6lh Number limited to twenty five. ror term* inquire at the School Room. aou-eolm R M?-,\V-,HE.\Rv PAI.AIER _-r|SPECTFlLIA intimates to his puDils friends, and the public generally that the ' PIANO FORTK CLASSES will resume theirduties On MONDAY, September 7th. 1357. Prospectuses and all information may lie obtained upon application to Air. Palmer at his residence t> J&> * *"e?t,n*ar lath. r,tfet',v' a"d T'? t? .Mr. Palmer's ClassInstruction for the Piano Fort* ha vine been demanded in Baltimore, the dn? s of meet in* in \\ aslnngton will only on Mou In* Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Georgetown Piano Forte Classea will cmi wtoM?^?.00" M. arrangements can he made, lo ? hlcli end the residents of Georgetown arc re???rt forBwitV."" l? oomi"u,,1?,tH *"?' Mr. Palmer Arrangements have boon made with the lar-est Publishing establishments in New York and INi'ila hundant supply of the best and new et,t music rur the pupils. aoA-iw NOTICE TO THE GEORGETOWN PIANO CLASSKS *' ?.i^r* ^ Hkjikv Palmer begs to acquaint In* Pu pils in Georgetown that he h-vs completed arcfcinre mouts to give his lessons a* before, at the Ueorertovn h>mal* Seminary now conducted by M<ss M.J. Harrover.

Alt persons desirous of becoming pupils ?f Mr Pawner are requested to meet at the Seminary, at Irt o dock, on Monday. Sept. Uth. se 7 {^CHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. r &I?Sr?*I.'ANK?1"* HOOKS, CHEAP PFB h SATO?8! PERIODICA I.S, and NETVSPA liiv t'ln.JS,*"' Cahl> Pnces. at the north ern Liberties cheap bookstob.e!^: Soreiith street, above the Northern MaikeL. aug? lm* Y OUNG I. A DIES SEMINARY. C orntr of Montenmf ry ati'l I) urt barton its.. Georgetown. D. C. Mrs.Ge.n. WHEELER, Pxincipax. The duties of this Institution will he resu med on TiiesdaT, Septemlier 1st. wIiph a shareof the public patronage is respectfully solicited. an 14-entj?eptll> at _ Pianos, &c. AC A R D?A CHANCE RARELY MET ?r? J ' " HV THOSE WHO U'lsiJ , A PIANO FORTE.?I havenow inatoruf the following great liargauis : I I ? T f? Two superb Pianos, four round corners, rosewood oases, seven octaves, used only a few months. I will sell them at ?125 less than their price seven months since. A besut ilul seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round comers, for $J"0. The at?.ye Pianos are sold for no fault, but be longed to lamiites who have removed to the west and left thein with us to be s<ld. Thoy are rosily and truly great t>argnins. We nre<l to give a written guarantee with them, and will, ?t any fu ture diy, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Also, a hue second-hand Piano of Hall at Sl Davis' ' 5^"'. used but eighteen months, and cost H, M ?V-V?n.\*.?l,nd'A?n(! Chlcker>"*'a for 5175each, j at the Ureal 1'iano v\ arerooma of JOHN V pi i m an 19 ??? Penn. avo.. Imt. 9th and lVfh streets. \V G. METZEROTT has i imw on hand a large ?? . assortment of PIANOFORTES,. '* Roseultranz.Bacon A Kaven^-xl Wm!( 1 i /' Aiso. scveial second hand Pianos . ? * * ? which he will sell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeons from to $?y?. One sec ond hind Melodcoii lor $ Ji. Pj'^uofortes for reut. Tuning by M r. Robine. ?^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM ^ PIANO FORTHS WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior purtnor in the late &rm of Km vbk. Gaeulk & Co., Continues the imnutnoture and sale of zrand and saitare PIANO FORTES. underWie name of William KnaJte tc Co.. at the old stand, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore.. They have also just opon?daiiew Siles Room ? No an Baltimore street, between Charles and Lixlit streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MetnfToryas a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large i.sscrtrnent of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeons, from the l^ist makers, from 4 to 5 octave, some with double ke> -t oards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churchoi.. He*uK extensively engaged in the manufacture Pianos, we wih sell wholesaloand retail, on tliomoa liberal terms. Our Piai.oa were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the I-airs of the Mar>land Institute two suooessive years?Octolier, 1&S6, mid 18ob?in op positi?|n to fourteen and eighteen pianos from of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. \\ ? wore also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Ricliiiioud. Vir ginia, IRfw and Thoy have also Iteen awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to tins we are in possession of testimo niais from the most distinguished professors and am.'iteurs in the rviuntry, which oau lie Seen at our wareroom*. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thair advantage to give us a call before purohasing. Pianos exchanged, kired, and tuned. mar 16-ly WM. KNABE * CO. MR. DON ALD MACLEOD'S PUPILS are re *pectfully imormed that all the School Hooka used in tne Educational Institute recently estab lished by Mr. Macleod can be had, on the lowest terms, at TAYLOR A MAUItY'S Bookstore. sell-^t near 9th street. GJREAT INDUCEMENTS OFFERED FOR * CASH: H . S E M K E N ,, otters at greatly reduced prices, foe casii, the fol lowing articles: Gold Hunting English Patent Lovers, ftill jeweled, from fltjn up. Gold Hunting Detach do., full iewelcd, from $35 up. Gold Ladies' Watches, full jeweled, in variety, up. All \\ atches are guaranteed for 12 months. Gold Guard. Fob and Vest Chains, at wholesale prices: all kinds of Fine Jewelry, sucn rs Bracelets. Pin?. Ear Rings, Rings,Shirt Bnttons, Seals, Lock ets. Pencils, eto., embracing Diamond. Pearl, Corals, Cameos Mosaics, etc.. ju astonishing low prices. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of fancy Silver Ware? lower than ever offered before. Silver plated Ware?snob as Spoons. Forks, Cas tors. Cake and Card Baskets, Butter Coolers, etc.. Will be sold at manutactnr<?r> prictt. 117" Our main object in ottering such inducements is: to rtduct our prt?cttl large stock for ready caih, conttmplatinn torn* alteration in our bun He ft. Persons in want of anything iu our line are invited to call; we shall take pleasure in convincing them that suon opportunities of purchasing fine goods at such reductions are seldom odered. All goods war ranted as represented. H. SEMKEN, _ a tig IS- 33U Pennsylvania avenue. ^ CARD. TRUBB ft LOSANO have the pleasure to an nounce to tht-ir friends and the public, that they have just received fresh from the im-'vH porters a full and beautiful assortment of CLOTHS.CASSIMERES. V?STHMGSJof \f!f all varieties,and GENTS' FURNISHINGS' all of the latest and most approved styles, which will t>? disposed of at prices that cannot fail to please. All ordora intrusted to ua promptly and faithfully U 116U s GRI BU ft I.OSANO. Merchant Tailors. se 3-1 in 493 St h fctreet. near Penn avenue. AULTS CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAlT BAGE SEED. SWe are now prepared to #imish AuH'sm* Early York. Ault's Early Larre York.??? Aulra Bullocks Heart. Ault's Premium-* Flat Dutch, Drumhead, Savoy, and all other v? r.etiesofCABBAGE SEEDS. Also. Spinach, Kale, Lettuoe. Cnuliflower, and all other kinds of GARDEN SEI-lDS. All the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the same superior quality as eolrl by us last and former years, and will give eutire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For Mcommeiidationa we refer to any person who lias used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L ACLT ft PON, Conjer Calvert and Water eta., Baltimore, Md. ,JL7" Orders can be aent by mail or by the Adame Express, which adorda a cheap, aafe and quick m?sus of carriage. au 18-1 m W'NOOW GLASS.?arm boxea 10 by 15 French Window Glaes, will he sold at one dollar aod aeyenty-five per box for oasb, in lots of 14 boxes. fct inH'it ?l*iFt?n?h Glass, lat. Va. R- " ???**.'SON * CO. n?UBA HONEY. " ? t.n t,T. U"r*?1!1!?! ka* ln,t received, and for aale, ten tieroea of ohdled CUBA HONEY, at his Gro !^5i!SL^T,,,OB ?tor*? Wo. 664 I2ti atreet and J0MA8 F. LEVY. EDUCATIONAL. QKOKGETOWN COLLEGE. Studies will be resumed in this Institution on MoniMT.the 7th ol September next. ?" aim B. A. MA GUI R E, Pres. East Washington seminary. Cor. Va. utt. and Hth si. fast, Masonic Hall, Aary Yard. The duties of this School will he resumed Sept. 1st. The online of study embraces alt the branches usually taught in the best schools of the country. For further information, terms ft c., see circulars or apply to J. tV. P. BATKS, Principal, an 25-eof?w* (Successor to Ik. J. E. Clawson.t CGEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH * EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will l>e resumed September 7lh. iv 7-2awtf 1*. A. B<IWKN. Principal. 1'UE UNION ACADEMY. The regular duties will l?e resume.! September 1st. Richards, Principal, A. G. Wilrixso*. As?t., A.C. Rkhards, Asst.. A. Z*rroxK. Mod. THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Mrs. V.. Kit HAKim, Prin.. Mum M.J.Wilcox,Asst., A.Z_apposk. Mod. Languages. an i3-ewlm M?iS. HELL'S SEMINARY h^R YOUNG LADIES. Corner of L nnil If.'Jk streets. The next *essi.mof this Institution will commence on the 1st of September. I8>7. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto fore, l*? enlaced in every dnpa*! nient. Further particulars can Ixt obtained by applying at the Seminary. an 2.-dt.V eoSw l\IKS. BURR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA i"l DIES.?No. 3<?l H street, between 13th and 14th streets west, will re-open ou MONDAY. Septem I>cr2lst. _ jy R-jaw.lnw* W? KM A LE ENGLISH A N I) FRE NCII* COl7 F LEWI ATE INSTITUTE. A'o. 182 1 sit ret, (iailsljy's How, ntar rornrr frnn. avenue antl2\st .t?r?*f, U'n.?ain?/on, D. C. IIiRam Cokso*. Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments. M'm. C. Rollin Corson, Teacher of French, Spanish, and German. Drawing and Painting. M'll. Emilie Roilin, Assistant Teach er of Frencli. The Duties of this Institute will l>erestimed on Monday, the 7th *f Septemlier, 1R57. The course of stud\ embraces all the branches of a liberal English and French Education. In the English Department.whieh is under the im mediate direction of ilie Principal, special attention is given to the Ma'hemat:cs, Knglish Grammar, Klocut !on,aii'l the critical reading ofctaasioal authors in Lughsh Literature. Eu>crTtoN is faugh* both as a science and an art. The Principal having devoted a numlier of years to a carcl'ui st udy of the philosophy of i he voiee'and its physical mechanism, is enabled to impart definite and intelligible instruction upon the subject. The advantages afforded for acquiring a practical knowledcc ol th? Preach language are not surpassed by those of any other ln?titution iit the country. fcl'ine. Corson and Iter sister. M'lle. Rol'in, are Parisians by birth, an<! their instructions nod general intercourse with the pupils arc earned on exclusive ly through the medium of French. Therearealso ooauecteu with the Institution a large number of ybnng ladies who speak the language with fluency. F?>r Terms, References. &c., se? circulars, which cii l?e obtained .it ths Book and M usic Stores, aud of tho Principal. A class of little girls will be formed, who will re ceive cart ful instruction in F.nglish Heading and Spelling, and the element of French. I'erins, per session of ^ months. Without French ..._ in. au W-ltn SELECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. ENGLISH AND FRENCH. A'o. 3i8 Fstreet, W'atk intton, D. C. Principal. DONALD MACLOKD. A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, formerly II*ad Master of Ravens - croft College and Ash wood School, and Professor of Rhetorioand Belles Lettres in the Columbia Institute. This School will be opened on the seoond Monday of Septeml>er next. f<?r the reoeptioti of a limited number of Hoarding Pupils and Day Scholars, who will lie treated, mail respects, as meinliera of the Principal's family. The design is to otfer to young ladies from a distance all that is included in the name of "Homo," and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home influence. The Sessions will t>ei;iii on the second Morday of September and first Monday of February, in ench year. The vacations wiif extend through the mouths of July and August. Circulars containing full information ma* be ob tained at the principal lxiok?torr*s. and will he for warded by mail, to any address, on application, au 8-tf CVULPEPER MILITARY INSTITt TK., Nkar Culpkper Cockt Hors*. Va. The seoond yennion of this scliool will commence on the 1st dav of September, 1H57. A gradoateof the University of Virgrma, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the departments of Ancient and MAdern Languages ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, wliohaxhad considerable experience in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chemistry, and lower English branches. The uourse of ai tidies will Im> as follows : Preparatory Class. Spelling, Rnadinar. Writing, Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algelra, Latin Grammar, Greek Grammar. Third Cum. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Secokd Class. Mathematics, Natural Philr-sophy, Chemistry, History, Latin, Greek. Frencli. Spanish, First Class. Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. Geology, English Literature, English Grammar. Rhetoric, Logic, IrfWntry and Artillery Tactics, Geography, History, Iwaiu, Greek, French, Spanish. Every Student on entering will l>e subjected to a careful examination, and will then be assigned to that class to wr.ich his proficiency entitles him ; and no one will lie allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the precepting. The discipline will be uoce*sarily rigid, but the ooiufoit and conveuieuce of each mender of the school will he duly iespected. There will lie daily military exercises, but care will he taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Hor.rd. Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, .*i8n. Payments semi-annually in advanoe. For recommendations and further phrticulors, see circulars. CHARLES E. LIG HTFOOT, V. M. L, Superintendent ai.d Instructor in Mathematios and Natural Sciences. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor m Ancient and Modern Languages. Retrrkncks. We hare the privilege of refemngto the following: Faculty of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William H. Richardson, Richmond City. Prof. Maupm, University of Virginia, Prof. Harrison. do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGufl'y, do Prof. Lucian Minor, William and Mary College. Rev. John lleradus, Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart, A. M., do John Hunter, Ksq., L< county. Col. John AYuolfolk, Orange county. Rev. Wm.S. White, D. D., Lexington, Rev. Win. N. Pendleton, do Jaim s Baibour, l-'sq., l ulpeper. Col. Win. II. Taliaferro. Glouoester. W . D- Wailach, Esq., V\ ashinftou City, Gen. Geo.Cooke. do A. Bell, Esq.. do Maj. Henry Hill, IT. S. A., New York. R. 5J. Voss, Ksq., Rappk. county. Capt. James Stark, do The Citizens of Culpeper. \r l.S-entf THE COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Washington, D. C. The Annnal Session of this Institution will com mence on Wednesday, the thirtieth <3Dth) of Sep tember. Students will be examined for entrance on the Monday and Tuesday previous. The Preparatory Department of the Institution rill open on Wednesday, the ninth (Oth) of Septem ber. It will be under the supervision of the College officers,and will be provided with the best instruc tion. For admission, or for farther information, apo'v to the President, at the Colleare. au S. PRKNTISS. Registrar^ MKNTRAL ACADEMY, L/ Corner of K and Tenth streets. The exercises of this Institution will oommence Septeml?er 1st, 1 he number of studeuts is limited, and each will receive particular attention. a u at-lm? SILAS MERCHANT. Prin. r* LIN TON ACADEMY. GEORGETOWN, Armold, M. A.. Principal. This School heretofore conducted by Rev. T. W. Simpson will be re-opened on Monday. Septenilier the 7th. Circnars ujav be porcuredat the Drugstore of Mr. R. S. I. CiBsel. Georgetown. au 14-lm* Academy of music,; ^ Washington. D. C. Corntr of Wth ttrtet an>l Pennsylvania arcss?, (over Farnhnm's Book Store.) The duties of this Institution will resume their accustomed activity, regularity, and punctuality,oil and after Tuesday next. Scpteml?er 1st, 1*S7. Classes 1, 2. aiid 3. will, as heretofore, meet on Monday and Thursday, at 2 o'olock p. Si. Juuior Classes, Tuesday and Friday, at 9 o dock a. m. ' /_ ,, Gentlemen's Classes, Tuewlay and Friday even ings, from 6 tilllto clock. Elemontary Clas??<s for Reginners. Twesdav and Thursday,fromStill6o clock. Terins{theseclasses onlv) Fivs Dollars for So lessons. The prieoiplea upon wkieti this lastitation are founded are precisely those of the Royal Academy L**d"?. ?nH the Conservatoires of Paris and Milan! Publio W eekly Lectures are gi%'en in which ike pupils take part. Principal F. XICHOLLS CROUCH. u^^7"r1<k,^*A0^J^u,, an<' Consnftatloifaf'the II da*|y, from IS to I o'clock, or thruagn tb^ foal aud musig autre*. 8?-tS THE WEEJiLY STAR. Tliia excellent Family hhI N**? jouraaJ-e?.r,. taming a greater wiM; of WlMMtlBl readiu* than can be found m uiy otbef-?-ia pubusbsd ?? Saturday ?NW(< tun. Single copy, per aanum #1 ?$ i v no pies ....... .... >' m 'en copies . ??? 'weuty copies .15 <*> Catk, MNn?6)|f m adranrr. Bv subscribing in Clubs raised among neighbor* without the intervention ol m nail tfrat.u wui be Kreeived, 2r per cent, of The Wkiiit star will aaved. It iavanet>ly contains the " Wmtktuttmm Wrtci" that h<u made The Evkkixo St a a circu late eo throughout the country ? Single oopiee (in wrappera I cad be procured at tbe counter, lmnieU.ate.t after tbe lasas of lb* paper. Price?THREE CENTS. J]T Poet master* wbo act aa areata will be allowed a cotnmiaaion of an oeut. Dentistry, 4fcc. DE!,T1S?R^^?.ENv&' Dr. RAH > t?ca leave to iniormthepnl lie that he nan be aeen at all h<>ar?, at hie otboe. located aa above. He feela assured that an experience of bflreo /ears' practice, with the lante nnmberof patienta.ana (Teat variety ol difboult oases tbat he ha* treat* d ao<<oeee fully, will enable him to eurmount ant c.jboultj, scientific or otherwiae, relating to lee Teeth. Hie owu experience ooufarmiug tbe ofiiniouol n an? men eminent in the profeaaiou. and e?p?*ci%!Iy lira. Harra and J. ami K. family. haa lod hun, bag emcs. todia card nli UK-rouriai prt-parationa I ?r h.ln t Teeth, aao all Enamels, Gutra IVrcha. India Rubber, and Ce menta lor tn?? construction ol I'onUnaoM baa Teeth, and that iVrceliaii, mounted on Gi ld Plate, la tbe onty relial>.e aubatanoe that out tie won in tba lauuih. *>. mas moat none! naively tlo wu by I be last American Dental Convention. Although be tinttera hun^nf Irma bia loaf resi dence and practice in Wa?lioi*tou, he *s favorably known to hn Mmfroa* ?nd patrons, he ban leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the lata Rector of the Church of Epipbaay af _ tbia cuty. Dr. Srirrwr* Baii.v: D?*tr ;*ir? I desire to expr my eiu-?m for yon peraonaily, and my oonbdenoe in you as a superior dentist. The operation* executed for ino have been highly Mt;af*ctoi). I hope ihat yoa mar receive the patroriare 'mm my friends and the pul.lio that your akill so well deserves. Yours ven truly, Washington, Atf.M, ISk. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in f'altimore, Messrs. llocca, Cotman ft Co. Havinr employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Hiiniwi !>en tiat. of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, whieh he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the mo?t distinguished mernt>ersof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the aune work satisfactorily, it sivea ma ircnt pleasure to express my entire confidencea;.J hisli estimation of h:a professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the Late H on. J oLa M. Clsytoti. U. S. Srxat*, Aac. 19, 1?M. Tbe teeth ron made for me work adourabiy ; noth ing oould be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To thnae that seek relief from the maladies of tha teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcclian teeth for one of my frir.ilv. and pus ted several testh *w myself, and the work has all atond well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Ya. Oonf. of ttie M. E. Chnrob Soatb. April 19. 1856. We. the undersixned.havict bad ooaaslmi to arail oareeU'ea of the profeeaional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surt<*on Dentiat of thia city, or navins lieen oosmz ant of hia operationa on our famiiiea or frienda. taka pieaaure in expreshint our admiration of hia artiatio ?kill, as well aa of the nniformly aa' ivfxctory manner in winch be performs the most delimte and dilhoult operations in Dentai Surteri.aiHl wereapeetfully re oommend him to the confidence and patrwiiace of tha pub!to. of wnicti we oona.der him emmentlr worthy. Thomas IT. Waltkb. Arobitect I*. h. Capitol. Tpomas Mili.rk, M. D.,of Waahiufftoa, D- C. B. s. UotiRKR, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. 1$. Likoou?, M. H., of V. HJnnnfion, D. C. J>?i. If. Bradlbt, of WashinKtoa, P.O. Gxorce XValtor. F.x-Governor ?if Florida. Waltkr l.nox, Ex-Mavorof Washinfton. Henry Baldwir, U. S. Patent t>9ioe, i I. C. W set, Priuoipai Rittenbouse Aaadsmy. fab an tf DK. VIllard, dentist, latl of chi caso, would respect In!,'> inform the oit-. lzena of tbe Diatnot and vicinity, that hav-| nig located hmiaelf in \\ aahintton. he la now prepared to perform all operations m h i profas ?ion. in the moat approved atyls. Office, No. 2Su, Penn. avenue, adjoimnf Gas tier's janSnir IMPROVED SKTS OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. I),tt.e inventor and pj tec tee of "Leowtis' Minrral Plate Tteth," havmr. successfully introduced hia improvement nf vanoua citica, haa now permanently eatab iuhed himself in Washnurton. This improvement for Sets of Test h eorsiatsobtaf 1t is makinx a set of but one p.eoe of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used tn their construction, ai d they are therefore fres from CTlvaiuo action and metalic taate. There are no joints to t>eoome failed with moiature or particles of food, herioo they are ??re earf rltam. They are lis:liter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. 1 will rive a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who w ill pmduoe a similar work of art to eaual mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic exoeflenoe or any otber resuinta quality. All work responsible warranted. 276 I'enna. avenue, between lltb and 13tb streets. ap l?-ly Watches, Jewelry, &c. ^ "LOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS A rcmmI BRASS CLOCK for 01. I have in ocivcil and opened ali the new style Ob*** from .>'1 up to $25. The tiade suppli<*dia> usual ( at wholesale prices. Alao. t'lock Ma tcisls, siicii as Cor<ia, Keya, Bulla. Hands Wires, Oils, Ac., at the Clock ?-i<d \\'*>tcb Store of J. ROBINSON. UB.omos ite Browns' hotel, nu 21 2m Sijn Gilt Watch. (lOLIJ AM) SILVKR WATCHKS. JI WEL ? RV, AND FANCY ARTICLES. Ihav?in?t receiv>(i another aildi'v n to in larta atock of Gold and Silver WATCH EH, of the lieat nuikers in Europe. Also, Gold Chains ol every atrle and price. Jewelry in arts and ? ? tie pieces, I'prfumery and Fancy Articles, Silver - plated Baskets, Spoons. Castor* Sr.. a* J. ROBINSON'S, S*9, opposite Browns' hotel. Sign I.arge Gilt Watcfa. N. B.-WATCH R EPA IK IN>i doue in the l>est manner by a akilful Watchmaker, and warranted, an 21-2in D.~E1CHLER, W So. sen SF.TESTH STh EFT, between D and E streets, west side. PRAC- K. TICAL WATCHMAKER, keepa oonstantiv fyftj on hand a fine assortment of W ATI H ES an- dfeK IKWKI.lV. asliJTl^ W ATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. 1 have jnat received a new aupply of FINE WATCHES. GOLD CH AINS, and a large aaaort mentof RICH JEWELRY of evenr desetiptn?n, winch m:?.k<*a my atock at tbe preseut time one ol the most complete in the oitv. 1 have just hniali?d (on the premises) a verv larto assortment of PFRE SILVER WARE, aim-iijc which may befonndaSOLIDSlLVEK TEA K ET TI.E superior toanythng l*efore exhibited lu thia city.?the weight of which ia 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both citixens and strangers are isvited to as!) and examine, H. O. HOOD, ie 23- JW P?ats.. nMr <Kh itrsst jy EW JEWEL* V A N D WATCH ES. H. O. HOOD haa juat returned from the North, and has brought <>u a hne lot of Fa^monable Cameo. Coral. Mosaic, Brilliants, and l:(ain i GOLD J EW ELK Y. Also a assortmer'i of hne GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, sou.* very aiiperiorttme keepers for ladies and sentlemetis use. H?' haa also on band a treat variety of ST A.N O ARD SILVERWARE of his own awake, wai ran ted t lie tieat t|iiality ard will beatildveo low. Pleaaa call and examine r<KMls aud pricea at No.fE I'-nn. A v.. aii iiof the l.arse Spread F*i*le. jy ta ICE. J. MltuLEToN, JCE DEALER Offioe and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and '2tk Streeta. Washincton. sp 11 -tf ??HINA. GLASS, AN D EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER. SON~ft CO.. IMPORTERS. Alexandria. \'a.. wnilave reoeived two instaiinenta of their*=} ^Jy/fall auppliea fro?ti the Entlish Potterie>-.Vp %Jfep and will ooutinue to receive aooessions to f \w their atock till the hnsineaa seaaon acts in.vJ1' RTH. MlLI.BB. Son A Co. can assure th.-ir friemf* and cuatomera that their stock aha!! lie of the moat desirable deaenption. and that thei^nneea will c(?su - pare lavoratily with those ot any dWera in their iina in any other market in the I mted S'atea. R. If. Sox A Co. hsve prepared them aelvea to offer to merchanta every inducement t<s make their purchases m their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have just received via Antwerp and New Vork. from the great manufactory of "R.aix," New Brussells.11411 boxes French Window Glssa of supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which thev have imported under such oircumstanoes a* lo enet lW them to odsr a superior article at very naoderaia pnoes ag 21 tt .^000 ???!. ?Fi8.T ki-'ALlTY ITALIAN MARBLE SLABS KOR SALF.-Wilt be mansfiaeUred into Table Sial*. Wasbetand Tops and Counter Slalis. at New Vork pries*. 2U per o?iit. below former prices. Cab net Makers, Plumhora, and others pieaee call liefors .sen<lmt orders to th* north. ALEX Rl'THFRfORD. Marble \ ard <>ppo. the I'tuon Odioe, Pean a?e. au 28-lm (IntAStates* . ^PECIAL NOTICE TO SPORTSMEN. I would call your particular attention to Dn Pont'a No.4GUNPOWDER, whiofa for strenath, eleaa lines*, color, glaxing. a?d evennosa of tram ta un surpassed liy any Powder ever introdnced. W. ALBERT KING, Hole Agent for the District of Columbia, an ?-tf No. y High etro??. Georgetown. t>. C. GR KEN G 1 NO E R - G R EEN~~G INGEJL^ GREEN GINGER received. and for sate ? KING A BL'KCHELL. I*? V?nS"Wt ?T?|||H sjwH IMh alni^. P aSd^fc INK ***&. KNIVES, bClssciKi*, ?ai oy,, Mclaughlin1^