Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. As Agc?l>? ?t thi ?aiTH?o*l*:i ?Tbe Smithsonian Institution is soon to possess a new and highly interesting feature, viz: a marine aquarium, or as it is sometimes termed, a "r>arlor fl?h pond.*' bein^ a gia^s rasr or tank of salt wa ler. containing a collc? tiou of mariuc plauts aud animals. The tank has a marble floor and glass sides, l'pon the flnor is deposited a foundation of sand and j>ebhle?, and upon this is placd rock-work disposed in grottoes and miniature rnrerns, where such marine animals as avoid the light can shelter themselves. Points of the rook are allowed to projrrt atiove (he water to recomino d-ite the amphibia when they choo. c to takv an airing. J*ea-wred and other marine plants are set in miniature forests. and then the ?ra w iter having been introduced, the equariutn is ready for its occupants. Not the least interesting feature of the aquarium is the maimer in whir a earh department is made to minister to the wants of the others, inan endless circle of good offices. Taking sdvantageof the known fart that plants im mcsrd in water and exposed to the action of light throw . fl oxygen gas, an English naturalist by the name of Warrington tried the experiment of snp plving axygen to fish in a glass cloln; by the in troduction of growing plants This succeeded; but, after a time, green vegetatiou began to accu mulate on the sides of the vessel, f-otn the decay rf the leaves of the plants. To remedy this, .Mr. Warrington placed snails?first pond snails, and afterwards marine snails, or peiiwinkles?in the water, which, feeding gte-dily on the decaying vegetable matter, restored all to a healthv state; and. moreover, produced an abundance of eggs; which were devoured eagerly by the fish, and were apoarently their natural food. Thus a per fect equilibrium we* established; the plants sup ply ing the oxygen for the animals, and the latter acting as *eavet>?;?*rs to purify the water to make it habitable for the plants. Within a few years the study of marine plants and animals has grown to be a mania in England; and. from an article in the New Yoris Evening P"-.t. Is abont to become so in this country. The Pc?t notices sonar interesting experimenting made the late season at one of the leading watering place*, by a mere school girl, who was of an aquarium, and whose custom it was to cull from tl.e ru? ks and sands whatever specimens of an.uta! or vegetable life might add to its attract iveness. While thus superintending her minia ture submarine garden and disposing effectively th?- different features of its scenery, sue had in addition to her skill iu submarine laadscane gar dening. acquired a minute acquaintance with the botany and zoology of her diminutive museum X shepherd enuld hardly know more of his sheep than she of the tiltv herd under her care. All tbe.r habits, their time* of eating and sleeping, and those strange metamorphoses?tb- capricious disguise of insect life?wuich have so puzzled naturalists, were perfectly familiar to her. and when she moved those "silent flocks*'from place to place with her slender gla** tnbe, tliey tnanl f~^t< d not the least disturbance or displeasure; in deed, they seemed so well acquainted with their kind gnaidian as to recognise her steps as she entered the room, and even the timorous minnow would, on her approach to the aquarium, swim hp toward her, and put his nose to the surface as ir expecting something from her hand. The Post ;>tates that the managers of the Amer ican Museum in that city, anticipating the popu lar taste, are about to ex hi bit not le?-s turn twenty aquaria on a large soate, both salt water and fre>h, ami with* very variety of fish, inolluscas, zoophytes as well as sub-aqueous-plants. The"of Washington, too, through the good otti e.-. of Prof H? nry, will soon have an oppor tn:rty of seeing a most interesting and instructive exhibition of tuis nature The tank is, we be lie\e, completed, or nearly so, and a .Mr Stimp sou, of Boston, a gentlem. n wcil qualified by study and experience, has been engaged to pro cure the requisite plants, animals, rocks, sea water. Ac. A Cextral Xatioxai Race CovR = Bat Wash ington, D. C., is recommended by a coriespond ent of Porter's Spirit of the Times. He urges that this city possesses every advantage in point of locality, and with its growing population, as well as the increasing interest being here felt in Turf performances, a eou e could be established wl.Tch the North, Eolith. Kast and West, would patronise. and in time feel proud of. He adds; " There is al'eudy a course, lately laid ??if, on | tbe Virginia shore. opposite to Washington. I w?s postal at the tune it was laid oh ; audi tbliik a better soil for the purpose could not have beeu ^elected in the f?tate. A Jockey Club is also being fo-med in Washington, at this time If. now. trie Southern Club would only come for ward aud lend them a helping hand, such an In ten could be formed as we all d"*ire. " We want a spot where we can meet the horses of the North, without having all of the travel on our side; and I would say to the South, which Is more deeply interested in this ma tier, take hold of tbe scheme at once, in good curue?t. aud de ft- mine that it shall be carried through.*' ACCTPEXT XEAR THE FoCR-MtLE RlS ?Y>S tCidiy evening, two l;;ds. sixteen years of age, named Wm Gibson and David Bannister, were gunning near the Four-Mile Run. when becom frit? tireil, they lay d-.wri on the grass to rest, lit a tew moments young Gilrson sprang up to shoot a crow that was parsing over, but not l**in'? suffi ciently near h?? returned to his companion bannis ter. holding the gun in his hand, aud was uncock ing the piece when the hammer slipped from his hand, the guu went oil', aud discharged its con tents into tie ri_ht hip of Bannister, inflicting a terrible wound Young Gibson instantly ran to the house of Mr. Frazier. a mile distant, and ob tained a carriage, with which l;e returned and took Bannister to his home. The wounds are considered of a dangerous r haracter, aud but ft;at hopes a;e eule.tained of his recovery. Arrested a*d Committed?Some days ago. a rowdy jiarty visked a log boose near the water works :n Maryland, occupied \>y a Mr. Calahan. ?:id made themselves as iinnl*mut as possible bv their r;o?o<? conduct. T ue same ntgbt, in the absence of M.. Calahan and his wife, tuey re tui :?? d, aud although it was dai k aud ruining, bad ih< brutality to di lve out the iurmt children of Mr C . after which they cut away the supports cf the house with an axe and lei it fall to the groond. Tbe poo' children, for wr.ntVf a letter shelter, \%cie forced to stay duiing that dark and r.ntiy night undi-. aeulvert iu the vicinity. This morning, (Jtbcer J. T. May arrested John Moran, who charged with ls?ing one of the guilty l?arty. 'and took httn before a magistrate, who ? oniinitled him to the countv jail to await the requisition of the Governor of Maryland. Thi River.?The dullness about the river lu ? reases, :uid the only signs of activity minifesie 1 are among the spotting men, who are beginning in polish up their long guns in go?sl earnest for tii? snooting season There is every indication of a heavy flight of the various river fowl this fall. The steamer Columbia arrived at Riiey:*wharf thi* mo oliig, from Baltimore, bringing consign ments of me.chandise for S B icon A Co., It J Neale, F. A A. Schneider, (j A 'F Parker A Co , M'ddietou A Beat. 11 M. B. M- Fers?m, W. II. Brereton. Barbour A tv- runes. Campbell A Covle, llolmead A Co , J . Mc Lellaud. E Fegan, Collev A -"ears, J. GiLson, Wall A Barnard. Harvev A Co . Murray A famines, C. Stott. and H Henluie A large number of rive, rraft, with oys'ers. sweet potatoes, Ac., arrived at Riley's wharf on Saturday. Yorscc I.a?ie? should xot R ead i* I>e? ?On Fi.dsv nig 1.1 laat a young lady living iu the Sec ond Waid. wbn, it seems, has ljeen in the habit ??f reading s-fter retiring to her bed. with a can dle placed n?ar its head, fell asleep while thuseu ga jrd, aud s >me movement b. inging the bed cov et ing in CJiitart with the dangerous light, it was instantly ignited, and in another moment the lady w is envelofs-d in flames. Fortunately for her. her father hearing her shrieks, rushed to her as sistance. and seizing a pitcher of water, dashed it over her, partially extinguishing the flame*, and saving h -r from th? imminent fieril. A few moments sufficed to smother the rest of the fire, which, lii-.d the accident occurred at a later hour, would almost inevitably have resulted in the lady being burnt ?o death, at?(! in alt probability the total destruction of her father's house. All Aboct *1 Umbrella. ?On Saturday morning last a colored man was driving a young mule, just broke to harness and attached to a cart load of e?*al. across the footway at the junction of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue, when a ftw?t-passenger, wno wa< t ro~?ing at the same moment, thrust his umbrella rarele-sly into the mule's face, who instantly oecame unmanage able,<l almut, and Anally succ eeded in up setting the cart and scaitt ring its load iu all direc tions and piat isg several persons" lives in peril, |>a.t ? ::larly that of the driver, who. however. . Per some tall "ground and lofty tumbling*7 managed to q.iiet the animal. The contest l?e tw?i t. the mule and the driver is said to have been aoiy conducted on hotli sides. Thi Imi-fovememts on English Hill are being carried on vigor. The latge new houses of Messrs. Douglas, Rice and Breckinridge are pro gresting rapidly towards completion. Thecar are now engaged putting the finishing strikes to the upper stories The bouse of Sen ator Douglas, it is ex pert* d, will l?e ready for oc<-uj~?ti? ii earlj in (icto'ier. and those of Messrs. K 'f and Breckinridge are nearly as far ad vanced. The plaster lag of the two latter houses is being done by Mesots. Stuart A Sullivan in su|*rior style. The lower rooms especially, be nt: larg? and with lofty ceilings, are receiving |nart > ular attention at thei^ hsnds The wixhI w ?'k is being executed by Mcsnrs. Baldwin Brothers in their Usual wj kmanlike minasr. \\ ii rrto.?A colored man, on Sat irday afier iiim ii. stiu- the :-oat of a wvrknuu on the Capitol extension. was making with it, when h* w is ttiM-ove-i d. pursued, and finally cau ht by nn ? fli er and taken to tbe caf itol gnsrd bouse, wl ? e ke was subsequfllU)' punished with the whip by ? constable. Tut. ?nlt Cm left tor Leonardtov?ri at 9 o'cI? k on Friday morning, having given an hour's grace to the lazy and sleepy ones of the party. Some three hundred persons mustered on the deck* of the Powhatan, and many, doubt less, weie deterred from going by the threatening aprer ranee of the w?ather. On the aiiivr! of the paity, about 6 o'clock, p. in . at l.eona dtown. they we e warmly received by the citizens of that place, foremost amongst whom we"? Col., their kind enter tainer on their late visit. In the evening the giaud Ik.i.1 came off. p? ticipated in with heart* fa;e.n ration by Wrshingtonian* and Leonara towaers. and on the next morning an interesting ceremonv took place at the Cour* House?the preserftaJon, on tie part of the Still Club, of a hand ome Motmt Vernon walking stick, with a silver head, to Col. Biak'stone Coun cilman Lloyd, of this city. m?de the presentation speech, in eloquent terms, and no inan living can do up this sort of thing in handsomer style than Torn when he undertake* it. Col. Biakistoue responded feelingly, and in so doing referred to the revolutionary history of Maiyland. She was active iu the darkest hour of that period, and the lineal descendants of those -who served at Valley Forge were now residents of Leonardtown, honored, respected and beloved by ail. lie was proud to be known as a.Mary lander. He was honored by the presentation tuis Club most appropriately denominated. The Still Club, unknown, unheralded except by de traction?their quiet genl manly conduct hid ir - spited eoufldenee?and they were p.dopfed into the bothefhood of St. .Mary's. He thankfully ac cepted tb* cane thus tendered ; he would ever preserve it. as a memento of friendship, and as coining froin consecrated ground it should never be raised in anger except against his country's enemies, and then he pledged his word it should no longer be a "still club." He was followed by Wm J. Martin, Esq , who referred in eloquent terms to the day and hour. Afierwatds, with Witbers's Hand, the excur sionists proceeded to serenade their warm-hearted friends, aud at 12 o'clock bade adieu to them and started for i'lucy Point, which was reached about 2 o'clock p. m. And then the fun commenced again?craoblng.bathing.gunning. It wa.samns itig to watch the crabbing process A " chunk" of meat is tied to a string aud extended over the wha^f, the excitement as the crab takes hold of the meat is great; hanging to the meat he is drawn to the surface; the excitement increases; the assistant crabbe', ready with his net tocatch the crab as he drops off, now plunges it in, and his success is aunounced by groans or applause. Many of the excursionists enjoyed the hospital ities of J W Sbiles, Esq.. an estimable gentle m-nof Washington, who is spending the sum mer months on St. George Island. He and his amiable lady were all attention. At IP o'clock Saturday night the excursionists staro d for Lome, and at a o'clock yesterday morn ing arrived here all safe and happy, nothing hav ing occurred to mar the pleasures of the trip. The speak highly ot the urbanity and kindness of Capt Mitchell. ??? The Washington Light Infantry celebra ted their twenty-lirst anniversary to-day at one o'clock. This is the oldest volunteer inilitaiy company in the District ot Columbia. It was or ganized in Septeml?er, l^Tfi, and the history of its organization is rather |>eculiar. Iu the Summer of lsiS. the dir ctnrs of the Washington and Hal - tiino.e Railroad Company extended an invitation to the volunteer companies of the city of Balti more to visit the Federal city. At that time, in the three cities of the District, there was not a single military company to receive the expected visitors; accordingly, a few patriotic gentlemen, among them John Mills, now at the head of our municipal guard, went around, and, iu the space of three weeks, h?d obtained the signatures of forty-five men toward the formation of a new company. These men were organized under Capt. John A. Blake; 1st Lieut Richard France, '2d Lieut. Wm. 11 Mauvo, and ad Lieut John Mills They were uniformed and accoutertd, and made their tl st parade on the 12th of September ot that vear. in just three weeks after the lirst signature was obtained. Since that time the company has passed through many changes of officers. hut has always maintained its character istic excellence as a military company, and is to day. perhaps, the best-drilled volunteer military organization in the District. They have, since th*ir formation, buried twenty-one members in uniform. Their officers and m?n a e all of them gentleman cf high standing in the commu nity. ? The District Survivors of the war of 1P12. in the course of their parade on Saturday, paid their respects to Secretaries Cass. Floyd, and Toutey, by whom they were coidiallv received. Gen. Cass in allusion to the day?the twelfth of September, said: ?'tientlemen. this is the twelfth of September. On the 10th of September, forty-three years ago then in command of the Northwestern army?I w t* sitting in my tent, a postman rode up with a letter to me; 1 broke the seal. What do you think tuat letter contained.' It announced the glorious truth, which will forever be inscribed on the brightest pages of our country's history: 'We have met the enemy and they are ours,' /rom Ol iver II. Perrv. This news spread like lightning, and sent a thrill throughout the entire army,such as it is impossible to conceive. Then came the news from Baltimore This added to The gen'-ral enthusiasm and patriotic ardor of the American forces.'' ?? United State# Hose?On Friday night, the thorough organization of this new Hose Company wu? completed by the election of the following office:*: President? B. F. Beveridge. Vice Pr?sident?J. F Carter. Secretary?J 11 Irvin. Treasurer?II Lee Standing Committee?Martin Latruite, H Wil liams, A Johnston l)i:ectors?W. Thompson, Joseph Goldsmith, P Gormley. Election Committee?Wm. Hobbs, A. Stead m*n. Wm. Moonev. Finance Committee?B. F. Beveridge, J. II. Irvin. lHniel Lowe Optain of Hose?Wm II Richardson. The Company started with about forty active Hieinliera. and lias rapidly increased. They ha\e a fine reel aud hose ready for service. Last Wkkk. or thk Ethiopian Serenades*. The performances of this troupe continued last week with unabated interest, and they to-nigLt c'i'e' u|x>u their thiid and fin il week. To-night, the first apf>earance of the wonderful performing elephants, who, we notice, are an nounced as somewhat distantly related to the celebrated elephants attached to the cirrus of Sic.ds. Nathans & Co. The performances of the b by elephants maybe counted on as something rich in the burlesque line. Iiie American Pharmacvetical Associa tion Convention.?This convention, which met in Fhili>d?-lphia last week, adjourned on Fri day, to meet in Washington ou the second Tues day in September of next year Among the reso lutions adopted was one suggesting tot he various medical societies in the United State* the imj >rt ance of ind'ieing their metnl?ers to be more care ful of the manner in which prescriptions are frequently written, and their quantiser symbol ized. Anthony Bias.?The constables having war rants against this well-known colored individual who was arrested and sent to jail last week for striking officer Ross, while in discharge of his offi iai duty, arc Iteginning to serve their war rant* upon him in the prison. He is the saine person who disposed of hickory wood at such low rat'-s when he was driving for Mr. Keyes, wood and coal merchant. He was fullv committed in this < ase on Saturday by Justice Smith. The Condition of Mr. Benton.?Much anxiety has been felt in this city for the last forty eight hours, in consequence of the somewhat alarming illness of ex-Senator Benton, who has been affected with disordered bowels for some davs past. We are happy to sjate that he Is l?et ter to-day, and is considered out of danger by his attendant physicians?Drs. Hall and May. Fcndvy Cases.?In obedience to orders, the police officers were on duty all day yesterday, a wl they report butfewcases of disorder through out the city. Robert and Caroline Smith got Into a s< uffi?* hi"hly nnliecoming for brother and sis ter. and Officer Watson and Watchman Bird ar r? sted and took them to the guardhouse. Justice Dona ordered them to pay ?3.56 line and costs each. ?? Assaulted and Beaten. ? A young man, named William Farrar, who resides in the North ern Liberties, was attacked and beaten Saturday night on Pennsylvania avenue in the Fourth Ward was the cause of the attack,or who the assailant is not known. On Third Street, near Maryland avenue, a low occurred yesterdsy, participated in pretty miscellaneously by whites and blacks. A mem ber of the Auxiliary Guards, with the assistance of residents of that neighborhood, succeeded finally in quieting the disturbance. Militakt Visit, kc ?The Morgan Continen tal Guards, of Winchester, intend visiting Alex andria on the 23d Inst . as the gnests of the Mount Veruon Guards They intend visiting Washing ton City, before their return. The German Yaoers, under Capt. Schwarxe man. have a Pic-Nic to-day at the Park, Seventh street. They turned out in strong numbers this morning; and presented a very fine appearance. Thk Firemen were drawn out about ten o'clock on Saturday night by a false alarm occasioned by a bonfire In the direction of tUe Observatory. FiAfcMBs's Vuif ?TfeU m6rnlng, ite Friend ship Fire Company, of Alexandria. Va., visihd this rity, bringing with them a handsome suc tion engine belonging to the company, and ac companied by a band of martial tumor. They were received by the Perseveranre Fire Company (whose guest* they are,) and by a delegation of thel'nion Fire Company, ?t the steamboat wharf The line was then formed under the direction of Mr. R. Grimes, marshal. Withers'* l?res* band on the right, followed by the Union Fire Com pany. Next in line was the Perseverance com pany, drawing with th??m their beautiful engine which has been rrcentlv refitted Next the mar tial music, followed by the visiting firemen draw ing their beautiful apparatus. The procossion moved to the Northern Liber ties, by way of Seventh Street, from whence they purpose inarching through the First Ward to Georgetown A handsome collation is prepared for them upon their retuqa to the Perseverance engine house The line will then be formed again, and the visiting company escorted to the steamboat for Alexandria. At THK MOSTGOMEH! AGRICULTURAL FaIF. the best quick draft horse. Arlington, the prop erty of O. Sheckels, received the premium ; al .o the mare owned by Mr. Win. T. Poole; also p e rn i 11ms to Messrs Stabler. Waters, and Houser. The best horse, Black Hawk, out of the society's limits, was exhibited by Mr Houser Mr Wm. 11 Burch received a premium for his gelding. Windsor. A silver cup was awarded to Col. Berrett, for his colt Wm. L. Marcy; also, to Mr. Chas. McPrice a cun for the best Black Hawk colt. Similarly for Black Hawk colts premiums were awarded to Messrs. N. S. White, Waters, Dawson and Braddock. Best plowing with three horses, to Mr Taverner. The articles of jewelry exhibited by Mr II. Seinken, of this city, also obtained premium. Mr. W. W. Adam, of Alexandria, who is now in Philadelphia, has recovered Sfj.lKiO worth of his jewelry, stolen from his store in June last. The whole value of the goods stolen was $19,IT'). At a meetixo of the United Club, held last Monday evening, the following otflrers were duly elected for the ensuing term: G. Keppler. Presi dent; M. Smallwood Vice President; W. Hall, Secretary; W. Reed, Treasurer. Watch Returns, Sept. 12th.?Henry Cla.L, vagrant, workhouse 30 days. Four lodgers, p'l from abroad, were accommodated. l~th.?No c?ses for trial. Four lodger-, from different parts of the country, accommodat d. MaT?ame Movht has prepared by special request, a Salve for the cure ci Cancers, winch never was known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea and Summer Complaint, which acts as a per fect charm io arrest alio! thoro diseases. Also, a Saive for J>e Piles,(an extra't fiom a 11 owe.,) a sov ereign reincdv. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption De-troyer, they may l>e relied on. Slie offers ro article hut what has l>ecn tested. To he hs-'a; No. s*f) G street, between 11th and 12th. Also at .V-'ru A Palmer's Uru% Store, cornet 9th street ar> Pern.avenue, D. S. Dyson's Drug Store, corncr of t*eiin. aveuce and 12th street, and i. P. Miiburn's DriK Sto,e. Willards' Hotel. Also at C. Stwtt's, correr or7rii street and I'cnn. avenue. References can he made to Rev. John Rohh. Rev. Mr. Rcti^tcr, Rev. James Hanson, and Mr. Mana iMMjf The Consumption Destroyer also can be (ounrt in A'ex-rdria, at Mr. Castlenvn's Store, on King st eei-iny sole aeent for thot plans. In Georgetown at jlr. T. A. Newman's, on Bndge street. je 17 DIED, This mornir.i, HANNAH MARY, daughter of John and Isahe'la Keiler.agcJ 14 months andday . The funeral will tak? place from the residence of her parents. No. 243 K street, between 16th and 17?h, to which the friends are invited to attend without further notice. ? This nioinir:z. the 14th instant, after a linzcrii.z illness, .Mrs. SUSAN W. WHILLD1N, aped 45 years. "I know that my redeemer liveth." The funeral will proctit-d from the residence of her son, 231 north H street, on Wodnesdiv afternoon, at S>4 o'clock. The friends of the family are re.ipcet fully invited to attend. On the 12th instant, ALPHONSUS, youngest child of Michael and Mary A. Callen, aged 3 years and two months. FOR RENT AND SALE. For other"For Rent and Sale" notices see ls$ pare. I^OR RENT.?A four-story BRICK DWEL LING HOL'SK, with a commodious h*e|< buiMing, stable, and carnage house, mid having the m "lent improvements. No. 34*Jon F street, between 13th and 14th streets. Apply on tie premise*, where a Chambermaid well recommended maay find em ployment. se 14-eo4t F^OR RENT.?Two handsome PA KLOKS. fur nished or unfurnished, with comfortable Cham bers attached. Board if required. Appiy to Mrs. MARGARET HALL, on 8th street, between 1 street and New York avenue, two squares from the Patent Office, No. 0/S. se 12 3;* REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALE.-DwelluwH?? ses, to suit every prison Brick, Frame, p .rt Brick and partFr me, from 13 rooms to 3 looms, in different locations. Also, vacant Ground. All on liberal terms. Some will i?e exchanged for laid near the city. JOHN D. CLARK, Rea' Estate A Tent, se 11 -St* _ _ No. 5 "? i2m stree;. FM)R RENT.?A good sized new Frame House, suitable for two sma.l families, situated on loth street east, next door to Mrs. Fckle, between Band r streets north (convenientto tne Navy Yard and Capitol Hill.) Also, three convenient rooms, suita ble for a stnni! family, at No. 5i north A street Capi tol Hill; and for SALK a good Frame House, with uliout 9,W> (>et of ground on the corner of Maryland avenue and Eleventh street east. Inquire of |A. HINT. Agent of the Potomac Insurance Company. No. 51 north A street Capitol Hill, or through rtie City Post < ittire. l?o* 257. se 5-7t * FM/'RNISHED R4M>.MS, with or without B-wrd. for rent, sitrated on C street, l?efween 1st and "M s' eeti. Appiy to Mrs. ELIZA 111 KV.on tie prami ses. se H)-1 w * DRI G STORE FOR SAI.E.?The ST??CK a-d FIXTURES of a well established stai d. **'o? iuli part-cr'ars address, with real imme, O. I). T., City Post Office. an 'V-*nw' n O R SALE.?An old established DRUG r STORE in the central part of the city.doi m an excelle.ii recall and prescrip'toi business. Ad dress Chemist, through the Post Office. an 2V2t wriw t^OR SA I.E.?A FARM, containing about 62 fci?r, situated about !,'? miles beyond Rock Cteek Church, end alsii't 4H miles from the Centre Market. Is well adapted for a market ga den an*' privalore.idoiice. Arpir to H.N. A J. W . F.ASBY, oorner 2Rth and D streets. se l-2aw3w J I'!.EN DID HOTEL LOT FOR SALEinihe ci.y ot Wfsin.igton, D.C.,and fronting 0,1 Penn avenue. T.-n l.o, is aiK? hundred and seve.i',7 feet by hi'iio.ed and sixty feet, Iteing ine groi'ti'1 partly oc? npiod by the L'nion newspaper priii.iiiz o.'hee and n^ l?y the rums of the la'.e Nr-tio.ial Tneafre. Tnere is no place 1.1 the country where a hoiel ir more impe.ativeiy requir tl no,-v/heresuch u o. e wo.'Id so AUiely p.ove p.oiitahie. The te.-nis Will be m.-i'e ve.y fevoraole and if nec'cH lacjuies wi'l h* aif??.t?rrt 111 tiie o asei.rnle noiel. Apply in Wasnue 0.1. to C. II WINDER-or, in Piv'.-Kteipbia, ?o \V. *i. WINDER, No. 7b;? Walnut si, ee.. Ard if roiso'd. the Ucon Buildings will be for re^t, a ltd possession give.1 on the Ft or September, >F77. jy 27-2aw2in I.^OR SALK?lim acres of I^md, situated 111 Jack son oounty. North Carolira, on the Weary Hut Cree't. about eight miles ea. t of Webster, the coun ts town. These lands a<e rich in copper ore?an English Company are now engaged in mining operet 1011s on an adjoining tract?they are well wooded and water ed, and offer great inducement to speculation. For termi apply to THOS. E. l.l.OYD. Real Estate office No. 474 7th st. se2-eolm* Opposite City Post Office. fJH)R SALE.?Two small and eligibly situated FARMS, within a short distance of the citv. Also, two comfortable BRICK DWELLINGS, with spacious grounds rftached. One 111 the First Ward and the o; her in the Sixth. Apply to II. N. EASBY,333'Jth street, between I. and M. se2 e?>3w MATHF.MATICAL INSTRI'MENTS. TAN I.OR ft M Al'RY'f* stock of Surveying ai*t other Instruments me mioa a large assortment of the very l>est uiaiiuliticture 111 (jermau silver, sold sep arately or in cases, from ?5 to 8:51 each. Also, tine Brass Instruments, in cases, from .?l to Ta?l??rA Maury's f.5.rsi set, in rosewood is>x witli lock and key, is partieularly adapted tor students 111 surveying. Ivory and Boxwood Scales, French Curves. Pro tract irs ? Triangles, in wood, brass and jrlass : Tape Measures, Pocket Rules. Magnifying Classes, Pro portional Compasses, Claude Lorraine lilasses. Pocket Compasses, Ae. Fo* .ale at TAYLOR A MA FRY'S se l*!-3f Book.'tore. rear ftth street. D A N C 1 N G ACADEMY 1 r.K h"ve Jen- f?SL that 'JA i A Mr. T F. GAS'/.YNSKI and DAUGHTER h-ve Fie honor t > announce to the Ladies and (>en tlemenof Washingtim and (Jeorge own that he will re open hi* Classes for Dancing Washington on Frnlay, the 9th of October. Mr. Crouch's Ha'I, corner of lith st. and Pa. av., over Farnham's Bookstore, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'c'ook p. m.; 'or Latin s and Gentlemen, from 7 o'oloc't p m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at .Miss Harrovcr's Ladies Sein jiu" y, iroin 3 o'e'oc'i p. in. For te-ms ard p: r'.icuinrs application can be rruule at M.. G.'s residence, 41 / E street, between Uth ar.d l"t'i .treets. se'2-fi.n W P. MYERS A CO., ? COR.NKR G AND TWKXTT-SKCOSD STRKKTS, First Ward, Have now on the way, and wr'U be ready for deliv ery in a few days? 87 tons of each White and Red Ash Ejg COAL. S3 <To do (*o do do Stove do. *5 do Ritje COAL. 75 do Gi.ite do. Coal hept upoun'ank floors. A deduction or 25 cents per ton made if taken from the vessel. 2 ponntls given to the ton. _ The i?est quality of Oak. Hicfc?ry,W>d Pine Wood constantly on hacd, all of which we will sell cheap for cash, or to prompt customers. All orders left at our office, or at P. J. Steer's Store, "th street, between D and E, will receive our personal attention. se 12-61 J. W. P. MYERS A CO. BUY YOUE NOTIONS for presents at seio LAMMOND'8. 1 AUCTIO* BAlES. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FMNE SILKS. BROCHE. AND CRAPE Shawls, Ac.. Ac.?In Addition to the usual va riety of Dry Goods soiling daily at the New York Cash Store, on Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, we shall sell, on TUESDAY, the 15th inst., a lot or? Verv rich Silks. Broche, and Crape Shawls And other hue Goods. Tins affords a chance to obtain l<ergains, and we invite the attention of the ladies. Snle from 10 to 4 o'clock. It JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. f\JEARLY NEW THREE-STORY BRICK lNl Hor?E, with Back Butlhisu, on I strekt SORTH, BKTWIIN 4XH AND OTH "TKKETS M'UT, AT AttTio.v.?Un 1-RlDAi'. the lath instant, 1 shall seli. in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. ni.. a hamLome three-storT and nearly new Brick House, contained eight conveniently arranged rooms, pas sage. end cistern in the yard, with all the modern conveniences. This property is handsomely located on the north side of 1 street, between 4th &ih! 5th streets. Terms : One-fourth rash ; balance in 6,12,18. and 24 months for notes lies ring interest from day ol sale. A deed given and a deed of trust takeu. All conveyancing at the coat of the purchaser. Title indisputable.

se 14 d A. GREEN, A net. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROP ERTY at Auction.?On SATURDAY, the 19th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premise?, at i> o'clock, p. m.< Lots 7,and 8, in Caliot's sub division of Square 625, Iront ng on Mas achusetts avenue, between North Capitol end First streets west, with the improvements, which are lour brick houses. Abo, Lots Nos. 21 and 22, in same square. Tnese l?ts are unimproved, and front o.i noitn <> street. Also, Lot No. 24. in saine square, fronting also on north G street, with the improvements. which are two good two-story ftaitie house-, with atticand cellars, and one frame house (Vonting on the wide alley, to which all the lots riui hick. Terms: One half cash; Ittinnce in six and twelve months, lor notes l>ennng interest. Iroin day <il'snle. A deed given and a deed <>t trust takeu. All convey ance at t he cost of the purchaser, so 14 d A. GREEN. Auct oneer. By JAS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. C^OOD FURNITURE AT AUCTION.?Will t (>e sold on FRI DA V, the lhth inst., at l<'o'c!oek a. m.. at No. 4' t M*-?s. avenue. I?etween Oth and HUh streets, a well selected assortment of Household Effects, belonging to a gentleman declining house keeping ; ninong which are? A highly finished htur scat tete-a-tete Mahogauy Son A fine large mahogany hair-seat Rockin* Chair A Scienim marble-top rosew<mh| Centre fable Walnut irarblc-top and Mahogany Dressing Bu reaus , Walnut me'ble-top and other Wsslistands, with he. vy Pre ich Stone China Toilet Setts Large Walnut F.ench.am1 other llcdftends Hair, Cotton and Shuck Mattre-ses, and Matting Rosewood Reception a-d other Chairs Cnerry Dimrg and other Table? French Stone China Breakfast and Dinner Ware, Cutlery Cook S.ove, and Kitchen Article generally Wrrdrobe. Astral, Reading, and other Lamps,&o., Ac., kc. Terms: ?20 and under cash: over that sum a credit of 3'and GOda> s, for satisiaclorily end >r. ed notes, hearing interest, JAS. C. McGUIRK, se 14-d (States) Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM provet) Reaj. F.?t*te \par the Centre M \r I urT.-lly virtue of a deed in trrst, bearing date on the Kth day of March. IP'S, and recorded in Liber J. A.S., No'ii. folio ?' 1, et seq., the subscriber will se'I, on WEDNESDAY, Pie 3"th day ofSeptem ber. b'57, at 5}? o'c'oek p. ir., on the premises, one undivided moiety or hali'p- rt or portion of Lots N'os 1 ano 2, in Square No. JII, fronting 4" feet on the I public square opposite Centre Market, 1ST feet on i orth C strc "t.a-id 111 feet 1 ineli on Loiiis-ara ave nue. ard 9ft i'??et 9 inches on Lot No. 3. in said square, with the buildings a-id improvement *, whicn consist of a large and well-built tnree-ctorv Brick Building, covermg nrarlv the entire grounds.n-ul eonla mil* I seve-81 store , halls and other room.. The above I propert" is well known as lias!up ft Weeden's. and I 'netted in one of the most valua.j.e business poriions o! t'10 city, and w!l producc h rent of ij!3,f;?i per an num. si d o ters to capitalists a rare opportunit> for investment. Terms of sale: .?3,w*> cash ; awl tht balance in 6, 12, 'a, a-id* I montns, for notes l?earing interest ironi day ol sale, secured upon th?* property by deed oi t-ust: and, if not complied with in nvc da>s nom the day of sa'e, the trr. tee reserves the right to rese'l the property, noon one week's notice, at the nsU end expense cfilie purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CIIAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. se9?StawAds J AS.C. McGUIRE, Auct. Bv J.C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. Building lot in first ward.?on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. September lHih, at 6 o'clock, on the premi es, I sha'! sell l.< t No. 9, in Square No. 117. fronting 5" feet, on 2-th street west, between L and M streets north, running br c'i 14'' feet 1" inches toad feet allev. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the prrrrt *es. sell-d JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. \TERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS East of the Capitol at Pt3Lic Auction.? OnTHI SDAY AKTERNOON. September 17th, at 6'4 o'clock, on the premises. ! shall sell to the htthest bidder, the following desirable Lots in Square No. 9,JH: Lot No. 1, at the corner of north C and 12th streets. East Lot No. 2, on north C, between 11th and 12th streets East Lots No.8and 9,on.lltlistreet east,between north C and D streets Lot No. I", at thi corner of lltli street east and north D street Lot No. 1R, on 12th street ea< t, between north C and I) at. eet?. The e Lots are beautifully located for building p.irpose;, on high ground, and will be sulidividod, if de-irable,at thet.;tie. Title indisputable. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in6, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tiust on the premises. selld JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. TIOME MADE CAR R I AGES. We have now on hand, of oui own manufacture, a fine assortment of L I (i II T C A R*/v, KfA'iES of latent end mo t aporoved^ styles and porit o| work mrtnshipend material, to tie equal toanv made in l;ie l i lted States. We repectfully solicit a call from cLueus and stranters i?? examine our work, ss we are determined to let none surpass us, either in quality of our work or in low prices. Weabo do every kind of REPAIRING in a workman-like manner and at reasonable prices. A good assortment of second-hand Carnages, which will be sold low for cash. GARDNER fc PLACF. Vft 12th st., south of Pa. ave.. near the canal. net--3w* 1 _ CLOTHIN G. IjADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any fo d, of can receive a fair oa?h price, for the same by sending or addressing H. MELA, No. 8n Lonisen'1. avenue, between 9th aud l<>th streets, west end Ceal.e Market. N. B. Business suspended on Saturday. jT "\.7trt ,r. 4FI.A I^O OUR CUSTOMERS A*D THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. The undersi ,ned mojt respocfjlly announce to their numerous customers and to the pub icat large, that they have entered into an arrangement with tlie owners of the store house they ?>ecupy, by winch they will continue in possession of the tame until the 1st of March next. In irakin<; this announcemnet they bei to say that tl'*y '/ill open in a few days a large and thoroughly assorted stock of firot-class Dry Goods, embracing e/e y novelty in Dress Goods, of this season's iin poiiat'oi. Those of our customeri whose accounts rendered 1st of July remain umettlrd, are requested to pay up be~o e commencing pe*r bil's. C'.AGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO.. se 7-0; Co~. Pa. t ve. and ^th stieet. MTjLEsI MULES!! MULES!!! Just nmved, direct from Kentucky,^ a lot of tine large young Mules, which the^W*v subscriber offers %?r *ab on accomino<la- M I*| ti.ig terms. Th<?se wisluts to purchase Will please call early, as they will remain*^^^^ for a few days onlv. se 11-Gt* JA.NlKS II. SIIREVE,7lh stieet, 1 FRENCH DRAWING BOOKS Of Flowers. Of Landscape Dnw.n;. Of Animals. Of the Human Figure. Pi ice Sixtr-two Cents each. Import fr...u H pR ,NrK T,vl.OR. DU FONT'S GUNPOWDER. . j 1 am all tunes supplied with all the various kind* of Dl! FONT'S GUN POWDER, and am prepared to supply the same in any quantity to parties wauting, on the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the District of Columbia. No. ?5 high street, ma* 12-tf (I-tel.*States! Georgntow-. D. C. V STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES l?ein? abort the largest in this city at thi?v|^? time, and having been purchased liefore theBBll rise in Leather, can be sold at about 15 to an W Ki per cent, less than goods purchased at this* time. Call and examine for yoi'rielves, at S. P. HOOVER'S, |#? '1 '?n* Mil', Pn. r v#. bet. fd 1IU" ?t?. ERUVIAN GUANO. TIMELY NOTICE TO FARMERS. I am now prep^*ed to make engagements for a rtriotly prtnid article of A No. 1 PERUVIAN GUA *0, tnltiuiore inspection, at Baltimore rates, freight added. Having but a limited supply, farm ers will consult their interest by engaging l?eiorea>iy r.'lvance in price. I have it in store at my Natiocal ATricultural and Guano Depot, 5i9 7th street, or esu deliver it from other points, as may lie arrange , This Guano can be relied upon as superior lu quaiii) and oonilition. EDWARD P. SI .IPSON, (;<ucces -or of Fitxhuih Cotje,) se in 2<r Si>rnof the Golde i Plough a id i-'.azlo. J^AMS, SIDES, SHOULDERS, AN dIjA R d7 Just reoeived, Hams, Sides, and Shoulders.and Laid and IVesh Butter; extra supeifine Floor: b-own end white Sugars; Coffee, Rioe, Soap, ard Caud'es, and Syrup ; and a ge ^eral assortment o| Family Grooeries, Wines, a-a Liqcors, l>y JONAS P. LEVY, jy 2.1-tf No. 5S4 12th street ro^-er of R street. ^HEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The subsonher offers SUGAR, COFFEE, IIA MS, SIDKSand SHOULDERS, FLOUR and MEAL, BUTTER and EGGS, at No. Llh street, oorner of B. en?-tf JONAS P. LEW. T^OYS AND FANCY NOTIONS, of all kiudsAt ?elO LASlMOND'S. AOCTIOH 8ALES TO DAY ? TO-MORROW MORNING. Bt A- GREEN. Auctioneer. TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE AND LOT OX 8th STREET, XKXT TO TUKCORXEK OF SotTH I. STREET, AT AUCTION.?Otl Ml>N DA Y, the 14th instant, I shn!! sell, in front of the at 5 o'clock p. m., part of the original I .of No. 14. in square No.<n|. bavin; * front of 25 feet on fith street *p?t, running back 9? feet 4 inches, be. ween I, and M streets north, with t'ic improvements. whicn are a e"<k1 two-stor> Fmn* Houm. w<n*I skrd, Ac. This property is handsomely located on the west siil* of 8th street went, adjoining Mr. J. li. Adams. Terms: On# half cash: the in S, 6. and 9 months, for note* hearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title uidia pQtA<M6i A.GRF.EN. Auofioneer. FUTURE DAi~S. By HAKMARD * BUCK RY ; Geoflretown. VALUABLE AM) BEAUTIFUL BUILDING Lots fok sai.e at Auction, in Georgetown. (in WKDM FSDAY AFTERNOON, Nh inst . at 5 o'c'ock, 111 tr<>i>t of the premises, we will set! that valuable Lot situated on the corneref Third and Frederick street*. Si feet on north side of Third stree.t, r nd 15 feet ou 1-redenck street. This prop erty will l>e divided into three Lots at tune of sale. ?>ale positive. Terms: One-thi.d cash; the residue in 6and12 months, bear.iin interest, awl satisfactorily secured. BARNARD A BUCKEY, sell * flnteii Auctioneers. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. \rALUABLK IMI'RoVKI) PROPERTY AT Autios.?On FRIDAY AFTERN??ON next, lath inst., at 5 o'clock. 10 front of the premises, we will sei! I.ot No. 16 in Square 117,imp.oveu with two good and nearly new two story Brick Dwellings, fro.itinK on Twentieth street west, ? feet, near the comer of M street north, and running !m -k S2 reet. This property is on the corner of two atrcets. now under improvement, and in a prrt of the city where piope.-ty has doubled i.i value the last few years. Terms: One-third, cash; the re-idue in 6, 12. and 11 months, secured by deed of trust, and l>earing inter st. se ll-dts WALL* BARNARD. Aueta, (Intelligencer ) By J AS. C. McGl'l R K. Auctioneer. V'ALl ABLE LOTS AT PUBLIC Al'CTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTER N??ON Sept. 16th at 5o'clock.0.1 e , I shall .eli Lot No. K in Sqiu.e ."M. front in;; feet on Mt.ith C !-,.eet. a,, t ieOKM:Ol tltll street we t. nnmin c beek 1<*> feet 0.1 llt-i s.rce.. improved by a two-siory frame Iwek bi'iidin-r. Al 5't o"c'ock,oq the premises, l,ot No. 1?, in Square No. 7< J, front in*; * I f 'Ct 7 in* hes on 1st siree,. r . t. 1 otween south N and O streets, rut" l?ack 17.i fcei 8 Inches. Al so, rt 6 o'c'ock. on the premises.part of I.ot No. 3, in Square Oouth ofSquare No. fiont'n* {? lect II inche ? on Fourth strict ?ast. I>etv.een ?mit'i I. sn<i M streets, rarnir.s tvnk Id feet I inch. Title in disnuiable. Terms: One-third cash, the residue in P. 12, and 'R months, for notes satisfactorily secured l?enrin;: OliiVC't. sele-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Ry J AS. C. McGI I R K, Aucfoneer. IfALUABLE 1MPROVFD PROPERTY AT f \r< tion.?On TUESDAY. tin IVb an- ofSen te.iiber, I shall sell 11 Iroitof the prsirto*.?! o'clock n. 111. Lot No. I, in Squa** 312. fronting <-i feet on K street, with a dept'i of |i? feet on l?th ?troet, '? .th tlie improvi itionti. Th* house isade sirnMe two-aToiy tirick dwe|i*nzt coiif-ainitiK seven lar-:c at>d comfortable rooms, ironting ?m both streets, and eoiivenently arranged. Attached is a brick sta ble. two stone*.25 by fe?-t, fronting on a twe'va foot alley. The imp.ovemerits are constructed ol Rood materia a and in the !>es: maimer. The grourds are handsomely improved with choicc shruboen. Good water hs front of the preMises. Bnry requi site fur a ooinfortah!c re.-.idenco is here .sccurcd. p.e acnt'Rg ludnccinents to persona wubing Ui irnke si K?Kjd mvestin^at. Terms: One-fourth cash; the balance in fi, 1?, 1?. ard 2? mouths, for notes hearing inteu t from day oj sale. A deed ^'ivea and a deed of truat taken. Tit'e indisputable. At the tame time and piaca I bl-al" sell I#ots \o*. 15,'t5,17,13. and II, in Square 1,111; and Lot No. 18, in Square No. 116. Terms for the lots : One fuu' thca&h; the lia'arce ?n6, 12, aw! 1h months, for rote? tie: i*n interefct from day of sale. A deed Riven and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All convejancing at t lie cost of the purchaser. se !???1 JAMF.S C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. By A. GRF.EN, Auctioneer. BY VIRTFF. OF A DKKl) OF TR1STTO the suhscril>er. I^arinc date the .Id <*a> o< Septernbe', l."51,:tnd duly recorded in t^ie Land Rec o ('si.f Weahiaxtoa eaintf. in the Distnctof Co lumbia I shall t el! at public auction, on the premi ses, on Tl KSPA Y, the IMh <!'!* of Sep'endH r.TS7. at 5o'clock p. in.. I.ot No.3, in Square No.S/4. lyinc in s.a'd City of Wa^hin-.tou and froniinr r5fee,3 incjies on north M street, and runnmc back l??i feet to a la'lerVifeet wide, which, by a.dealleys, has an ouf'e. on ?4(h ami 2ith st ? ect.. Tnere is a ner.t two-story Frame House on the I.ot, wh* h is nearly opposite the late lienera! Thompson's re>idence, row o? ued by John E. Ree side. Esq North .'I street is soon tobernoled,and the neiith bfirhood is 'mprnvni. Te'tns: One-t'.rid cash; th? residue in three and s'x months for notes bearing interest, and secured by n d<-ed of trust. Couvejaiiciug at t'ie expense of tSe purcluiser. R. P. CRAW FOR D. Trustfc. seD-ts A. GREEN. Auct. PUBLIC SALE OF A MOST DESIRABLE ^ AF.?I IN CULTKI-BK Cot XTT.? I shall. On SATI RDaY, the 19th day of Septemlier, 18J7, (if fair, if not the next fair day ,1 sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the valurble Farm near Cu1 ?cper Com. Ilou^e. recentlv purchased by tiie 'pie rnoiiiaa Hill, of Kdward Luhtfo t. Tl is Farm oont-nns al>out and lies within \ ofaiuiie of tfie Depot of the Orange and Alexandria Railed at t, ulpepe.r Cour.' DoUd. n*soilUn| a very mi penor quality?equal to any in the vn.i i.y of Cul pep^r Court Hoi'fce. The last crop oJ coi.i laken f.' in this Fn'in, measured 1 p, wiicn housed, up wards of t (*?> bi. rci?. The I-.T.n is now well en closed. Tnere la a wood l)w?-ll im, and ?he nece a ry oiU-ImmijCs, incluihn * Stable,Corn-house. H ick sniith Sli?<p. Jtc., upon the Farm. A!, o, an exccileiu Mte (or a water erst-mill. The Faun lir^> a pood and "uilicient sepplv of i.miter and water. The sale will in* made upon the aiem.>es, on the following terms: fjs.rnu to lie paid down; ibc l?lanee in two equal annual insia'menf 7, with inte.e t fioin tneday of tale; the purchaser Rivinz l>ond a desd of fust upou the premises, to s>ecure the defer red oa\ inents. Tue nndersi^ned will Jake p'caaure in givinc fur the ? information lespec-int th's Farm, or showini; it to persons wisliin-'. to pert ha?e. EDWARD B. HILL. Att?>rney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill. N. B.?On MOND \ Y, the 2 st day of Scpteml?er, I shall a'so ?,e", at public auction. 111 01 the Court House, (tlrt fcei Hi Court day.?a small tract of Wood Land, containinc .V< acres. T.iis lard is situ; ted alivut two or three miie fromCulpeper Court House, and adioius ihe Ifnda of ti. Broadus. Edmi'iid Bicker.', and Caleb Shackelford. Teiins maue ki uwn 0.1 the u.iy of . ale. EDWARD II. HILL. Attorney in fact for heirs of Thomas Hill. se 9-lw Ilv 3 AS. C. McGLTRE, Auctioneer. Handsome fi rmti iie pianoforte axi) H<u sKiroLi> ErPEcTs, at Aoction.?Or Till KSDAY .'.IdRM.Mi, Se.'ember I7lh,atli) o"cl<>ck, at t!ie re. ide ice of Frank S. Shu.ze. N<. 4" I r,ortli I. near 12th street west, we shall sell all his excellent Furniture and llouscnold Effects, coin p< Oac fine rosewood "-octave Piano Forte, made by 11 r* ins \ Hrs' ., New York; purchased last Fall. Also, Stoo! Cover. Suite ol c.imson plusii-oovered walnut Parlor Fur'i.lire, consisting ?d two Sulaj, iwo Arm Chan a, ami six Parlor Ciiatrs Carved .o^ewood ma ble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Walnut Arm, Reception, and Rockinc Chairs, fin ished 111 fieii'cu tape try Crimson damask-covered I'mon Chairs, Etn-jere Suite of four cr.mson darask Wipdow Curtains, (line'1 w'th a'l^t,) with lace Curtains, Cornice and Fixtu-es Green and r"tp?o j dairask Chamber Curtains, with Cori'ise and Fixtures Oval g-'t-pame Mirro s,F.n>;mvtnrs Tape ,try, Brussels, and tit'mr Oarpets, Rugs Oilcloth. Stn'r Carpeting, Mattins IJro ".e iron Hat tree. Stair Rods and Ey es Two pair elegant Hene inarb e Yases, with centre pieces, and Card Receiver Handoome French China and Bohemian Glass Vases auu other Ornaments Silver plated Tey Set, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Pitcher, Forks, and fpoons C.iina Dinner, Dessert,and Tea ^Yare TableCuilerv, Glassware, Fire Irons Walnut Extension Dining Taole, Sideboard Louuge', Card Tables,i; ('hairs One Holme..' Therapeutic Chair. Easy Chairs Enamelled Connie Set, Child's Crib One set walnut Chamber Furuiture complete Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wardrobes, and \\ ashHands Supe ,or re. ther Bens. Bidsters.and Pillows Mattresses. Blanket.', Comforts, Spreads Sheets, * c.. A c. Refrigerator, Liquor Case, Water Cooler Cooktuc and ot'ie; Stoves, China Clo. ets, Ac. Together with a general assortment ol kitchen Re quisites Terms: and under, cash : over tfc?t sum a en dit of at, 6u, and !*? dais, for satisfactorily en dorsed note*, bearing interest. P. S.?Tne House is for Rent. Inquire on the premises or of t'ie Auctioneer. se 1 eo&ds J. C. McGUlRE, Anct. By J AS. C. McG U IRE, Auctwaaez. 1>I'BLIC SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING J. I.OTS OX NORTH L STREET. BKTWKIX 18TH s-reet axd Connecticut avenue.?The sub cn ber w 111 sell at public sale, on TUESDAY, the 15th September, law, at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premises, LclsSand 4, in Davidson's subdivision of Sauare No. lfi!. fronting each 2^ feet on north L street, he twee.i lath st.eet west and Connecticut avenue, by 1<*" feet deep. Terms: One-third cash; a*ui the ba'anoe in6.12, rnd 18 m.ont'is, for notes bearing interest, secu ed by deed in trust on the p,ope~ty. Title made indisnutr lile. CHAS. S. V/ALLACH, Attorney. te 9 3'aw.Vds J AS. C. McGUIR E, Auct. By BARNARD* BUCKEY; Georgstown. A DESIRABLE MARKET FARM NEAR . theCity at PruLic Auction.?On \N KDN r.S DA Y A FTERNOON,September Sth,at 2 o'clock. on the p emises, 1 sea'! sell a very valuable Market Farm, about two mile* from ,iln' tween Rock Creek and Terally Town, half a nvle from Tsnally Tow-. It contains about ninety seres of good lard, pa-t m wood and p-'t cleared. The improvements consist of a tint. Dwelling-House, Stable, and young orcharc. Pe'sors desirous of ex&mimng the farm can be directed by icqui'inf of i lr. James Soott, No, 165 H street, Washington, or of Mr. W m. Emmert. Terms: One-half, cash: the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Deeds at purohaaer's oost. If the terms of sale are not oomplied with within three days, the property will be resold at the pur chaser'* risk, after Jiving ten days' notio* of ihe Barnard * buckey, se 7-aUi Auctioneer?. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. rttOM THE ASSOCIATED FKES8 FOIR DAE9 LATER FROM EIROPE Arrival t( the Baltic. New Yor?. Sept 14 ?The Collin* Mrawr Baltie, from Liverpool on the Jd. srriTfd here th* morning The *t?niryr City of Baltimore arrived at Liverpool on the id. Maeaulay, the historian. in to be raised to the pe?*:*?e C.'",,,a?'c r'l*ti<?n* between the other Tower* and Tmkey, have l>een resumed at Constantino ple. The of the Indian new* conui.u nothing of itiipo'tmce Thrre i* nothing definite ret in regard to the Atlantic t< l^aph It ww reported that Vernon Smith retire* from the presidency the Board of Controllers. f?*ro?iD dispatch ) The details of tii?* Indian muttiir teem w th furtbrr atrocities The French paper* publish a despatch :?tfl*inii?g th;it the mutiny had ?h?v a it>?-if at Htuilnf. but wa* prnoipt1v's<'.ppres*ed Tit** I f* steam frigate San Jacinto and aloo* m of-vver Portsmouth and Levant were at Shan-^i ai on t lie 4th of J uly. A conference wan held th?r? between Lo.d Eljiu and the French and Kn^i ?h commander*. The Emperor* Napoleon ami Alexander were to meet shortly at Darmstadt It rumored in Fjiglaud that a secret treaty had Urn made l?etweeti the !"n>ted St.iir* and Mexico, which provid'-* that the fi'iicr ?hall fnr ni*h tifteen to twenty thon?an4 afm?il vo'unteer* to t."k?v Cuba muter the Mexican tl'i^ in ? r.*e of a WJi with Spain The threatened ninture between Naples and Piedmont is dispelled. The British Minister at Fl-'rence hail retired f.-oin his po^t, in consequence ui an alleged insult l:i a Hotter of etiquette. Tut MaaEET*. LivF.Rrooi., Sept I ?Cotton is 11 m. and price* are generally unchanged; saics for tti'ee dav* *2^.*"*' > hales, including 4,U<? to speculator* and 1.11*1 to ex(Mtrter*. Brulstufl- closed dull, arid quotations were barely maintained. Ricliu d on. Spence A Co. rep ?r( tlou- dial; Western t'.mal 31?; Ohio rfcte-t-J* Cd. quiet, at a decline of laid, red 7* 7da Id. white HaS? Id Corn dull. at a decline of Id: yellow a id mixid Gda'^>>, whitecoru nom inal at l??Ms. Richardson A Baoth<?r* report on n dull at a d-cline of laJd. Hinland A Athay* s*v wheat clj-ed firm, floor steady. and corn active at an ad vane: of Id. Provisions clos<*l quiet Beef stead1, poik di .1. bieon heavy, lard dull at 7o* Produce?Rosin was dull. a*id Spirits Turpen tine heavy, quotation* of toe htttrh <:a| harciy maintained. Sugar and coff<* were quiet. I.oxnox. ?The itioiiey rnirket wa? active, and rales weie generalIv uncharged. The teleguiph rej?orts S-igar Hull at a decline of ltd a Is Coflec wa? buoyant. T'-a Ann. Rice he;tvv, and all itien had slightly dd? lined; holder*, how- v. r, demanded ail advance, to which buyers refused to accede. ? Fires. Boston. Sept. 11?A fire broke out in North ampton stieet. In this city, this morning, in the extensive cordage lactory of Messrs Sampson A Tappan. The d^miyeto machinery and build ing amounts to about *I(M t ?, and is insured. It was prolwbly the work of an iti'-*ndiary Thn third story arid roof of the factory were hurnt It had been in operation only a month, a-id yester day was the ttrst time that the whole of tfie ma chinery- w.ts put in op* ation. The .Metropolitan House, in Friend street, w?t* damaged h\ Are this morning to the extent of S-i.otui' A foundry and four dwellings were burned in Carlton. N B . on the Oth insta: t?loss ab?ut 925,bty.' St. J ohm. N B , Sept LI ?A 11 'e broke out here this morning in John Dawson * hou*e on Corporation street, whence it extended to Tort land .street. d"*troyin^ Or.-nge corner, a- d as far hi"k as Chapel *t. The Methodist meeting house was saved. About in houses were burned The value of the property destroyed i* ?, and the estimated insurance f.ii.f ?i. St inalt house and vin egar distillery belonging to A. Wood. r,nd the rectifying establishment of S W Sherman were destroyed heie by fire this morning. Lo>x ah -ut Sitt,W0; insurance unknown. Decline in Cotton?Advance in Sterling. New Oei.eas*', Sept 12?The cotton mark<t ha* d?'fliii?-d neaily c.ent per lb here d-iriug the week, and the market Jsd'iil at the di-cJinc. N-w crop middling, which sold on Tuesday at 15 x, a 10 leuU. ui? oeeu >old to-day at 15 % a l5\ cent*. The receipt* are increasing. Hxchan^e on London l.a? recovered from its de pression. and is now firm ?t per cent. Failure in New Orleans. New Oblkaxs. Sept. 11 ?The paper of a com mission house iu this city, chiefly engaged in the cotton and sugar, went to protest \e*terdav and to-day. The hou*e ha* lieeii established for several year*, and has connection* in ether pan* of the South and in Kurope. Vermont Election?Official. Bcelisgto*, Sept 13.?Fletcher.45,675; Fi ie?. 1-2,Uit; srptterin^. i?n. The Senate i* entirely Republican. In the House there are onehundred and fifty Republican majority. Municipal Electiou at Leavenworth. St I.oi is, Sept 11 ?The municipal election held at Leavenworth Kansas, on Monday, len-ilt ed in the election of the free-State ti? k-t by JW majority. The Co:istitutio?ial Couvt nu -n con vened at Leavenu*orth on the Tth .nst Americnn Board of Foreign Mission*. Pkovidkm e, Sept. llth?This morning, after hearing various reports and parting speeches, the Americ.m H urd uf Commissioner* for Foreign Missions adjourned, to meet next year at IMroit. Late aud Important from I tali. New Voir. Sept 14.?Advice* from l'tah -ay thit Brigham Yo'ui:g threat n* w?r and a s- p? raliou f.oiu the union the m<<ment theUovein nieut troops cnt- r the territory. Suicide at Niagara Falls. Clivtox IIocsk, Sept. 11? A man. registering the uameof VV. T. Allen, New l^ngland, thaw hiuiselt from Table Rttck this afternoon. The Ohio River. Wheelix*. Sept. 11.?The river is very lew, and is still falling. Hew York Markets. New Vom, Sept. !l?lltur i* firm at an ad vance of 5 cents on State; sale* of li.usibbl* State ?s? 45 Southern *5 5tlnM 90: Ohio *5 G5.??i. Wheat i* steady; sale* of 25,0(!0 bushels; whl e ?1 25?I 15; red SI ? Co't has advanced, sales oC^U,(X)U bushels, mixed 73a74c Provisions are firm. Me<w pork *%& 75af J?i. Chicago r? pa ked beef ?17j?1?. Lard is quiet at 1". k c Wblskv has declined lc.; Ohio'JIe. r tn mi 1 (^LINTON'S ALCOHOL COOK -t J se 1? LAMMONL'S.Ttli htree*. Basket chairs, whkki.b\rrow>. TvockiuK Hordes, KtUnc Aniuia,s, Ml LA M mon l)'S. Hunting tark trotting coi rsk. At the south tnd of tkt Loni Brttic The Proprietors of tin* new,complete s*k' "li-'.vit Course take pleasure in Items able lo wi> that iiieir arrangements are aii c- .ii-1 pl?5!e, am' tlii>t their traek is now open lo the public. In nil its ariaiiKemeuts i?< is unsurpassed in the I 'nited states, ofi< rinr ai? many advantage.* for tlie trial ol apeoil ss tuiy other Amer ican TioIUuk Course. It is precisely a mile in -ir < a.nferencc, fifty feet wide, RnuleU mh! piepar- d wi? ?i care and ju<?.anient, anr* isinpeiieet or<ter. The Hoi'se oonnected u it h it, t?n?, i* uiistirp^ss^d in i.s oomlttrtM and sccomino^aiions, .md for ti e lua uric* at ways to lie obtained there. The pubSicnviy rtdy on it that, under any rnd a I, K<hmI order will (>e iuainta4ntHl and eiitoioed ui,;?c (he P'emuea. an i2-2m A CAKU. "1RUBB A LOS A NO have t!ie pleasure to an nounce to the-' me ids and the piih' c. tlat> tiiey have just received fresh from tne im porters a iull aid he.iitilul r? <>r?ment of CI.OTHS.CASSI .U RKS VKSTI>'-S'?f all variet-e-.snd GENTS' FI RNISHIN'OS" ailofthe latest and m<?st approved sty lei. which will be disposed of at price j that cannot tail to P All orders intrusted to us promptly and faithfully 6 ^GRUBB A LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, se 8-' n ??OS8th street, ner.r Pep" avenue. ^TOVES! URATES!! RANGES!!! ? Theiarcest stock of Stove., Gi. tes. Ranges.ami Hot-Air Furnaces eve o*ered >n tlia District of Coluuiiua and at the lowest market prices, can he found at the Wnsktn-.lon Stove Tta, and Shut Iron Mr**fnct0T4, 9. E. Oo'ner i'e^ iaylvania ave nge and llth street. Study you: interest and oali and ex <mi?eat No. ? . e i0-eo1 ta MR. DONALD MACLEOD S PI PILS sre re apectfu'Iv informed that a" the ?cIhk?1 Books n~?d in the rxlueatiora' Institute rece tly e?:?l lished .IT ..Ir. Mfcleod can be had, on the lowest terms, at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Book.tore. sell-Si r>eur 9th ctr?et. UAWKERON SliOOTINti, Edited by W. T. A A Porter, I vol. 8?o. Lea is' American Sportsman, 1 vol.. Kvo. I he SMrtkman in I- ranee. * vols.; Loudon. W*u' Hints to Sportsmei, 1 vol. The Young Sport -nan's Manua', I vol.; Londor. Stonehente's British It urn' Sport?, I vol.; l<o;i<1cn. The Rod rnd the Gun, by W ilsor. A Oak'et?h,l vol.; Edinburith. Floyd on Doc Breakinc, pamphlet; Ix>ndon. Youalt on the Doc, I vol. Dinks on the Dox, Edited by Frank Forester. Col. Hutohinson ?? Doc Breaking. I vol.: Londor. Dings and May hew on the Dog, by Franck Fores ter, 1 vol. Mahew on the Management of Dog. 1 voluiwe; London. ?e 12 F&ANCK TAVLOR.