Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1857 Page 1
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-? ? a. r J'.1 * /u*?; HIV ??? i VOL. X. " Jo ?r'- . ?n | <* ?^4UV> V* t, W? >-> ?r*fsi?na if, f ? aNitft i* *d r '* ' ' ' '' ' - 1 ? -if J>?Ht '* ' ? ?T % i |J1. V . ui? ?? : WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1857. NO. 1,453. THE EVENING STAR ta PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT TMK STAR BtJILDIXflt, Corner of Pa. av*nmt and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH, and it Mrv*d to subscribers by carrier*at SIX AND A WUARTKR CKNT9, payahia weekly to tba Agents; papers served in paokace* at 37H oents per month. To mail subscribers the subscription prioe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOLLARS for six mouths, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lass than urea months at the rate of 12& cents a week. ITTSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. in s ? t THE INORRGROUD RAILROAD. Wh# tome of the Operators are?Directions to Runaway Negro?* how to go by the I nderground Koad. [Froin the New York Herald.J It hu long been a matter of speculation to manj who the holders of the stock of the under ground railroad were, and how they operated with and managed their road, particularly as the manager* of the dark concern operate alto gether in private The following few spicy notes, directions. Ac.. which were originally in tended for the eye of a resident formerly of c u in cit*' but P*eaeut of N>uth Brooklyn, and an owner and one of the board of director*. as we are informed, of this railroad, but which, instead of reaching their original destination, fell (accidentally of course) into the hands of a gentleman of this city in no way connected with or sympathizing m in the principles of that stock company, who ? has placed them in our hands for disposal as we deem proper; and not knowing of a better way to get rid of the villainous documents than to lay them before our roaders. we have concluded to do. We should, however, state that tho first of the specimens fell into the gentleman's hands alluded to dome time in February. 1S35, since which time they have been gradually accumu lating until the present tiiue?slow,"but sure and now number five documents all told, con taining the uames of the writers. Chief Secretary's OrricE. Feb. 2, 1855. Brother iHm*tead: I herewith consign to ? your care a specimen of goods from " Old Yir finia.' which you will please forward to her 'ritannic Majesty s dominions. The goods are genuine lours, Xormand Birr. The second "package of g?<ods"' received by our friend contained the following note of in troduction : Sir: The bearer of this, with the enclosed document, was consigned to me by somo one as yet unknown; still, as everything seems to be all right, I have thought best to assist him in reaching Rochester, and trust you are a friend to suffering humanity sufficient to aid him in consummating his plans, i. e. of reaching Can ada. For reference of my integrity in such a cause 1 would refer you to the Hon. Wm. Pit ^ kin, in wh?*?e employ I have been for some fuur years up to 1854, and who no doubt will co-ope rate with you in rendering all assistance neces * sary. Yours, respectfully, **i W. B Gardiner. Document referred to in the above: [t Take the ' Western Railroad" train from v?0 Springfield to Albany. When vou arrive in Albany, enquire for the New York Central Railroad office. Take the New York Central train and go to Buffalo; enquire for E. G. Spal ding at Buffalo. Take the Great Western Rail road for Hamilton and London in Canada. The bearer would like to iret employment as a fanner in Canada v The fourth document is as follows : I send this boy to you. Give him all the in Ki formation he may require. He is a poor slave ? * from the eastern part of Virginia, and I thought it was best to send him to you. The bearer of this is a ''Union man," socking to visit Canada on an u exploring" tour. If you can aid him in any way, without violating the principle* of the late Compromise, you will much oblige the man The bearer of this desires to make your acquaintance. At all events, give him all the fographieal information he may require; and take the liberty to recommend the man to you. and I hope you will understand this note. Your*, respectfully, W. Fisher. The fifth and last precious document ran as follows : Bro. Ransom: This colored man called on me as a fugitive, being sent from a gentleman in Poughkeepsie, aud I am at a loss as to which way he had best go to Canada. Will you see him right in the matter' lour*, truly, S McKba*. P. S 1 enclose a note to Bro. Burdock with this. You are at liberty to make what disposi tivn of it you please. S McKea*. The note alluded to in the j-ostscript has un fortunately been mislaid It is useless to add that the requests con tained in the above notes were not complied with. The fugitive*, who were in each Instance fine, healthy looking negroes, were sent off about their business, with the assurance that if thev were not off they would be liable to arrq^t, and to be restored to their masters. pRorAMTT.?By Miry Forrtst.?This is em phatically an age of kissing. Everybody kisses every body, since the anti-fastidious days when the old woman saluted her cow. such a time of promiscuous and inordinate lip-service was never known. The sign and seal ot a ' strange intelligence' has become a hissing aud by-word ; the plaything of witlings ; the tool of satyrs; the lost jewel o: the elect. Zenobia's kiss is the "long and silent*' throb of her iminostsoul?unexpressed and inexpressi ble. save to those divinely akin ; but thecnances to be one in the indiscriminate circle, and, as each member drops off. must bend her stately head to the puppet performance?the kiss nil round?which would be most appropriately accompanied by the eiegant air of " Pop! goes the Weasel." Penelope herself is obliged to look sharply to the dew on her lips, or ten to one it will be spirited away on some graceless mousfueJu. The malady grows, and is becoming epidemic aud chronic. That last evening at the W s, the last stout woman in the file of leave-takers well nigh finished me. Zeus and Juno! what an ex pressionless. cavernous mouth yawned over mine ! Nectar and ambrosia ! what a moist ex plosion " For the next six weeks I will not kiss a friend. In the meantime the uews of heaven, the milk-fed lips of babies, and my heart s best prayers will perhaps bring back the*ravished privilege. A ki?s should be one of the holiest demon stration* of the soul; it should have a voiceless eloquence, ait electric tranquility, an electric reserve. It has no such thing. It pops a good morning, it sputters a good evening ; whizzes and fizzles on the right hand, on the left, here, there and everywhere. We are kept constantly on the defensive. At last, marked, cornered, and set upon, we Dlaat our teeth bard, and abide the sh jck as best we can. It is a high handed sacrilege, and I will enter my pro test r A kiss is no more an unconsidered trifle, to be rudely filched?torn warm and beating from its nestling place, and fritted from mouth to mouth^than is the purest prayer i offer, which God keep still inviolate' If we would preserve this gift a sweet and holy token, beautiful and sanctified to the beloved, we must use it wisely, with a noble chariness ??V. Y J^Aqer Ta* Wosti Who Jcvfkd isto Lauk Onta rio.?It will be recollec ed that so;n? time ago we published an account of a woman jumping over txiard fioni oin- of the American steamer*, near Hackee.* llarlKjr. and drowning herself. It will aiv* !>- r. collected that a gentleman accompanied lh- i<uiy, and it was suspected at the time that a criminal intimacy rimtnl betwaen them The Oswego Tim*-* state* that It has ju*t revived a letter from Mr J* .McOec, of HIa< k River Falls, Wisconsin, ?tatmg that his w.fe ran away with a Methodist minister on the '.Sid of July last, and he su*pe.-t* iLi* was the sain** person. The min ister is described as :t tall man, about six feet hi#h, and Mrs McGee as a small-sized female. ?* with a whit*- siik bonnet, and a black silk man tilla, beaded at the edjfei."' She was 5fltS years of *?*? A Dead 11kai> Kiui.?Tu? S*yrsieiina Jocrnal tens the following story of the duti/erous adven tureof a -dead-head : "A chap, whose name we did not lea n, who was determined to have a cheap passage f otn Utlca to Buffalo, ev. n if it was a potk.d himself *nd valise away on the track yearing under ou? of the coach es of the Kxpresa train, and iu that position rede as far as eiljr, when h- was discove ea by !he CAi Inspector lie was hauled out, hut he ? ?pe.ik, or wink, for the 'dust in his eyes,' and iOoked as though he had beeu wbipiwd with e ?mt ||e was urged to ge? on again. when thet.aia started, but peremptorily refused, *av ia< that he had concluded to shipen route ou the ?ragln* eanawl.'* THE POWER OF WOMAN'S LOVE. [From the Cincinnati Gazette ] A fashionable young lady, residing on street, who has been affianced daring the past year to a gentleman in whom she professed to recognise her ideal in every respect, and who is really rery handsome, polished, refined, intel lectual, and generous?owing to one of those ?disseusions proceeding from slight cause, whioh the poet chronicles as prone to estrange " hearts that lore,"?compelled her betrothed, in order to preserve his pride and self-respect, to withdraw from the proposed alliance. Such a denouement was not dreamed of by our fair Belgravian ; like most women, she did not think that her lover oould leave her, even after she bad given him, or any man of spirit, abundant cause to do so; and when her mam ma heard how the currents of their affections had gone away, she feared for her daughter's heart, health, and happiness, knowing how deeply " Lucie'! had declared her trust. A note was placed in the hands of mamma, which she waa aware must contain the exegesis and adieu of the offended lover. llow could the foud parent break the sad news to her wayward but devoted child ; how prepare her for the sudden shock ; how cast the thunderbolt at her feet? The lady could devise no moans by which she oould avoid it, and was racking her ingenuity in vain, when one morning she discovered Lucy sitting list lessly and lovely in her boudoir, tearing a beautiful bouquet to piecos, because hr did not come, and relieving ner wounded vanity by half-tearful oompl&ints of his cruel neglect and inexcusable delay, and dropped the billet triste ?much resembling in style, and which we half snxpcct was an adaption from Armand's note to Marguerite Gauthier?into her daughter's lap. Lucie snatched it up. rocognizing the address at once, and ran her eye ovor the few expros sivo and bitter lines, then lot the delicate pa per fall upon the velvet carpet amid the scat tered leaves at her feet. Down dropped the toft white lids of her bril liant eyes, and the long lashes upon her satin cheek, while tho tears fell like summer rain upon her jeweled hands and the laceratcd flow ers ; profound sighs, as if they ront her heart, trembling through her lovely being; but all in wordless silcnce?profound and painful. "O, my darling,implored mamma, as she east herself weeping before her daughter, 4i do not so distress yourself. Forget him, dearest, he is unworthy of your love." " But then, mamma," (sobbing hysterically,) " but then?M 44 What, my precious one ?" 4' My new? 44 Never fear as to my new gallants?you will find enough. We will say you discarded him for his presumption." 44 You?do?not understand?it is moro than ?that?(with great effort, and speaking rap idly, as if to relieve her overcharged soul at once.) " my new dresses are all light, and I can't wear them now, so late in the season! Tn Fmxv Law Suit?The following ac count is given of the law suit which was noticed in the Philadelphia Bulletin some time ago : A novel law suit came off at Media a few days since. Wm. McMullen sued George Barrett, a barber, for malicious mischief for cutting his halrclnse to the scalp in the44 New York fighting style,"' the former claiming 8'J1) damage* The defendant proved by two or three witnesses that the Lair was rut according to order, whereupon the plaintiff with violence asserted that the evi dence was not true. The Squire upon this told the plaintiff that he was liable to action for perju ry lor such flat contradiction. Acting on this hint, the outraged witness at once insisted on sat isfaction, and the litigious plaintiff got scared ? turned defendant?and plead for mercy ! The Squire dismissed the suit with costs, and the bar to *r laughs over bis first experimental cutting hair in the '? New York lighting style.:} Bot Smothkkkd to Likath i* a Wheat Bi*. John Stubbs. jr., a lad about 14 years of age, son <>f John Stubbs, sr., of Wyanet, wa* smothered to death In a wheat bin, at the freight-house in tliat place, on Saturday last. He and other boys were playing In the bin while grain was running out or the bin into the cars, and running in froin abever. He sunk down into the cavity formed by the running out of the grain, and was immedi ately covered by that coming in from al?ove Every effort possible was made by Mr. Nichols and others to save him, but they were unable to get him out until * >me fifteen minutes had elapsed, when life was extinct. Owing to the quantity of grain in the the bin it was found to be Impossi ble to shovel it bark, and a hole was. therefore, cut through the weatherb a~dir.g auts'd \ through which the wheat was got ?ut, oat not in time to save the boy.?Princeton (III.) Democrat, Sept. 3. Thk Qrkat Forthcoming Rack ?The inter est in the forthcoming meeting of the renowned racers(Nichola* First and Charleston) on the 20th instant, over the Fashion Course, in a race of four mile heats, continues to increase throughout the country; and there Is but little doubt that the dav named for the contest will see a larger number of anxious human beings on the Fashion track than ha* ever been seen at a race since racing was known in this country. The previous exploits and history of the two horses?the fact that they are so owned and "entered"?that they represent the two great rival sections of the country, and the very general belief among experienced turf men that wither of them is much superior to any of the horses which Mr. Ten Broeck ha* in tand?combine to *urround the coming event with a peculiar interest. F.XTRAORDINARY SCIKMTIFIC KxPEHIMKNT.? The Reporter of the Boston Traveler, wMlo on his way to the Scientific. Convention at Montreal, witnessed an experiment bv one of thf learned members of that body, whlcn be describes thus: "We had a large body of 'savans' on the train; learned men, who, though modest, could not cover the scientific habit beneath any cloak of Smalltalk. I saw one large, red-fared, burly gentleman perform an adroit experiment at White river junction. He filled a tumbler half full of water, and by discharging a pocket pistol into the same, changed its color into a brand v l.u*. After holding the lirntid to the light, he deliberately drank It! I understand the exj>eriment is quite a CciniMlO. SlXcOLAB Kk?clt or a Kiss.?An English piper informs us that a girl of seventeen, resid ing at Bridgeport, Glasgow, named Catharine Burt, was brought to the central police office of that city, having had he neck fractured in a struggle aiising from a young man having at tempted to kiss her. No extra violence, It wa* said, had been used. Dr. M'Gill was in attend ance, aiid reported that the Injury sustained ap peared to be partial dislocation of one of the vertebrie of the neck, causing great difficulty in respiration and swallowing?he presumed, from p essure on the re?plratory nerve. She was or dered to the Infirmary, but her friends prefe r d tilting her home, where she now lie* in a dai - gvrou* state. Steps are being taken to have the young man apprehended. The Hoo Cholma.?The hog cholera is *aid to be very destructive In part* of Kentucky. A farmer at Millersburg has lost J) out of 40 hogs, and others in the vicinity over one hundred. Tne l.ving herds were pushed on to Covington as fast as possible, for the Cincinnati market. The hog 4- crop" will be very large In spite of the desea*e ?-eturn* to the State Auditor, fr^m each county, adding up 15o,<iUi more than last year. The sick ness is not seueral. It has api>eared also iu vari ous parts of Indiana The manifestations of the disease are very slmular to those In the human >>ody. Diarrhaa, loss of appetite, prostration and rapid siuking. ITT Mr. Allen Campbell, of Providence, R. I, is not quite a cat; but he will do. The other night V elunVd out upon the roof of his boarding house, flve stories nigh, and sat quietly down to eniov hi* cigar. The next he knew he wa*grad ually slipping down the sbq>e of the roof Fran tically he tried to cling to the treacherous sbiu glen. bot it wa* no go?over he went, alighting on his feet on the *ro?nd. his heels making three inch deep indentions in the solid earth. Hews* badly shocked, but was otherwise unhurt by his All. Just to the left of where he fell was a well curb; j-ist to the right the railing of the back steps. . , ~ A youug girl named Ksther Lord suddenly disappeared from Johnson. Vt , in Octolier last, uader mysterious circumstances; recently a well in the neighborhood, about fifty feet deep, was ? leaned out, when the body wa* found It 1* believed that she wa* murdered and thrown Into well. Suspicion rest* upon a married man. who tUd from the town about the time the girl wm missing. FOR RENT AND SALE. f.iUK RKNT-A RARK CHANCE.-Now un der construction, 12 large and airy rooms, with all the conveniences of water and lights. The loca tion ia in the principal business square of the city, and the rooms are well adapted for Dentists, Daguer reotypists, Offices. Ac. Alao, a oonveoient and airy Itaaeinent, suitable for ary light business. The whole finished and welUjghted in the moat improved manner,after the .New \ ork styles. miil, A STEPHENS, No. 322 Penn. avenue, between 9th and au18 1m 10th ats., entranoe on D at. FOR R KNT.?The three-story BRICK HOUU situated on '5th atreet, opposite the new exten aton of the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn. avenue and Willarda' Hotel. The house contains It) good rooms, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The looation is one of the l>e*t in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Applv on Che premises. No. 474. au 17-tOct^ I7*ARM FOR SALE.-A pieoeoT fine I.AN D on Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowlus, Bohrer.and Hnwkins. llJ>*aores. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rioh oreck bottom. and aoine tide yellow-pine timl>er. It oan he divided, if desired* Call and aee the preini aes those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf I^OR RENT.?A modern built HOUSE, coufain I me 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, Lna delight ful an<T ajry location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view ef the oitv, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through* out; water and bath-room. To a oarefui tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, sec ond door from 12th street.^ je 2#-tf ARNY'9 CONFECTION KR^ POH SAI,E. This well known and popular eatabuahment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a food Confectioner to enter into a sa fe and profitable business. Possession oan l>e had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will l>e rented or leased aa may be desired. For particulars inquire on the premisea, No. R4 Bridee atreet, Georgetown, 1). C., or to WH. BRIDGES, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf ____________________ FOR SALE.?A FARM of about 1<*> acres, in Montgomery oounty. Md.,ten miles from Wash ington. on the Colesvill# road, improved with a Brick Dwelling, a log liarnand stable, and a lino orch ard of choice fruit. Apart is Bet with olover, and the whole well fenoed. A Imrgain may be obtained if early applied for, or would exchange for cifj prop erty. H. N. LANSDALE, Agent, No.564 M street, au 2V1m* or through th<? Cifv Poat < >ffice. IjU>R SALE.?My RKSIDENCE on the oorneT o New Jeraey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feat 9 inches, and on C street south 2ns feet 11 mohes, and containing nearly 34,square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. F'OR SALE.?Three three story BRICK HOU SES, within a quarter of a mile of the City Hall, one two story BK1CK, with back building, near the Circle, nnd ono FHAME COTTAGE,on Capitol Hill,with smaller Houses, and vacant Lots, in different portions of the City. Inquire over Washington City Savings Bank, of se io-eotf GRAFTON D. HANSON. r7?URNITURE AND HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS AT REDUCED PRICES.?The sub scriber. intending to devote his attention exclusive ly to the Auction and Commission and Real business, offers for sale Ins extensive slock of Furn iture and House Furnishing Goods at greatly re duced prices, for uuh or satifactnrily endorsed notes. J AS. C. MeGUIRE, au 24-eolm Auction and (Commission Merchant. t^OR RENT?The two comfortable and conveni I ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re pair, and will b? for rent on the 4th of August. The Honsesare very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOI1N L. KID\vELL, High atreet. Georgetown. jy 71 A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.-For sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun ty. Virginia, one mile from M ltchell'a Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and ma> economically and eaaily be improved, bo that it will produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere m the United States ; ll5acrcs in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached by means of the railroad ; also, a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prioes. The bniiduigs areail on a hill, and, with small repairs, raay lie made comfortable fc>r the residence of a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell will be sold a great tmrgain.on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase mat inquire for fur ther particulars to W. D. WALLAtH, editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jy 8-tf Wood and Coal. \LL KINDS AND SIZES OF COAL. Now on hand, and to arr:ve? RED ASH. WHITE ASH, and GRAY ASH ANTHRACITE COAL. Cumberland Lump, Run of Mine, and fine. Charcoal, in any quantity, from one uusliei to one thousand. Together with a well selected stock of WOOD, FT 2.240 lbs. ol ooai to the ton in all oases. or sale on the most accommodating terms, and at the .owest market prices, by F. L. MOORE. No.4R19th street. we?t side, se12 eofit between D and E. yy OOD AND COAL. We are now ready to supply all orders for WOOD and COAL that ma* be entrusted to our care,and will guarantee satisfaction in the same. IL7* Vessels arriving weekly. [{"/"Coal kept in floored and roofed yards. 24" lbs. to the ton. fL/~Prompt personalattentiongiventoevery order T. J. A W. \I. GALT. N. W. oorner 12th and C streets. No, M7, se 5-2w One square south of Pa. avenue. JOHN T. GIVEN ft CO., Wuoi.ifALi? and Retail PrAt.*** m COAL AND WOOD. S. W. ror. of C and 14<A its.,mar Canal Brt'lg'. Always on hand, (oY prime quality,) a lari;e stock of WOOD, and the various sizes and kinds of COAL. Fair dealing may be relied on in all cases. Orders solicited. au 22-eolm ^ O A L ! COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with their orders for Coals of any size or kind they may want, of as good quality a? comes to this market. Also, a good supply of WOOD, at No. 475 10th street, between D ana E (streets, and Potomac Bridge. Coal 2,2?0 lbs. to the ton. aiill-2awfiw J. S. HARVEY ft CO. ? V . CUMBERLAND COAL. % Orders will lie received for cargoes, half oargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CUMBER L A ND COAL, in lump, or the run of the mines, at the very lowest cash prices. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, ami Grooenr Store, an 2*tf No. 5M 12th wtreet. oorner of B street CUMBER 1.AND COAL.-Now discharging, 100 tons Cumberland Coal. CASTLEMAN A BRO? I* 7T corner Kth and B sts.. opt*. \stion?l hotel. jp 6 A L^ C O A L !! COAL TtT~ We are now prepared to furnish our oustoraers and others who may favor us with their orders, with RED and WHITE ASH COAL, of either of the various sizes th?y inay desire, of as guod quality as oo>re* to this market. A discount of 2S cints per ton wheu delivered from the vessels. fr7" 2.240 pounds to the ton. Also on nand, HICKORV, OAK, and PINE WOOD. WARDER A KILLMON, se9-eortt I Intel!.) 12th and C street. Marion harland's new book.? " Moss Sidu," by Marion Harland, author of " Alone," " The Hidden Path," Ac. Price 9I.2.V Nothing need be said to awaken an interest in a new book ny this charming authoress. Forty seven thousand copies of her " Alone" and " Hidden Path" have been sold l?y her American publishers, and the demand at present as constant and regular aa ever. In Europe they have met with still greater success. No other American authoress has yet l*oen honored bv republication in the Leipsio edition of stitudard American authors. Those who have seen the advance sheets of " Moss Side" uuite hi the opinion that it ib superior to both of Marion Har Jand's former productions in interest, style, and popular tact. It is full of incident of an exciting nature, while the plot is better and more systemati cally arranged. Just received, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, se I near 9th et reet. ?*CtfOOL BOOKS?Of the latest editions and ^ strongly bound. Such as are used in the City and DiBtrict. For sale, at the lowest prices. b? sea _ FR.ANCK TAYLOR. Quite an excitement at Mclaugh lin a, co/s. They are selling out, and find their store crowded- Go and get bargains. ?e7 &<ELL1N9 OFF !?SELLING OFF!!-Ouren tire stock at cost. Noiinmbug. H. J. MnLAUGHLTN ft CO., se 1 JO between Wh and *Wh street'. ?<HKAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The snbaoriber ofleiT~SUGAR, COFFEE. HAMS, SIDRSand SHOULDERS, FLOUR and MEAL, BUTTKR and EGGS, at No. M4 12tk street, oorner of B, JONAS P. LF.VV. T?iVND PANCY EDUCATIONAL. RMK \V. HENRV i'Al.MKK ESPECTFITLLY intimates to his pupils, friends, and the public seneraily that the PIANO FORTH OI.A8SKS ?will resume their duties On MONDAY, September 7th. 1857. Prospectuses and all information may be obtained upon application to Mr. Palmer at hi* residence 260 F street, near 13<A. Terms as before?Fivt aud Trs Dm.Lars per quarter of 2ii lessons. Mr. Palmer's Cla*s Instruction for the Piano Forte having tx*en tleraauded in Baltimore, the days of meeting in Washington will be only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Georgetown Piano Forto Classes will o?>m mence as soon aj arrangements can bo innde, to which end the re?d*nt8 of Georgetown are respect fully requested to communicate with Mr. Palmer forthwith. Arrangements hare been made with the lareest publishing establisliijieiits in New York and Phila delphia for an abundant suppl) of the best and new est music for the putfils. *e 3-1 w NOTICE TO THH GEORGETOWN PiANO ULASSES. Mr. W. Hknry PaLmer begs to acquaint his Pu pils ip Georgetown f#?t he has completed arrange ments to give his lessens ns before, at the Ireorgrtoim Female Seminary, row conducted fcy M'ss M. J. Harrover. All persons desirous of becoming pupils of Mr.

Palmer are requested to meet at the Seminary, at 10 o'clock, on Monday, Sept. Mth. ?e 7 CJCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. O MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, CHEAP Pl'B L1CATIONS, PERIODICALS,and NF.WSPA PI'.R&.sl the lowest <*sh prices, at the NORTH ERN MBJafmES fjBKAPBOOKSTORE, 3*7 Seventh street, above lite Northern Market. aug29-lm* Pianos, ?c. AC A R D-A CHANCE RARELY MKT WITH RY THOSE WHO WISH. A PIANO FORTE.?I have now instoret the following great bargains : ? Two superb Pianos, four ronnd oorners, rosewood oases, seven octaves, used only a f?w months. I will sell them at $IV5 less than thoir price seven months since. A beautiful seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron frame, round corners, for ?200. The abo/e Pianos arc sold for no fault, but be longed to families who have removed to the west, and left them with us to be sold- They are realty and truly great bergams. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with them, and will, af any fu ture day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. Also, a fire second-han't Piano of Hailet A Davis' mike, for A Jut, used but eighteen months, and oost ?325. Also, two second-hand Chickering's for $175each, at the Great Piauo Warerooinsof JOHN F. ELLIS, au 19 306 Penn. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th streets. WG. METZEROTT has now on hand a large ? assortment of PlANoFORTK?,w*2 br Rosenkranz.Bacon A Raven,and Wm.prvy Miller. Also. scve,.-ai second band Pianos' ? ? ? winch lie will sell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeons from &'45 to .$150. One seo ond-hand Melodeon for #2". Pioanofortes for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. au '.2 |~JOLD MEDAL PREMIUM yj PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KN A BE, (Senior partner in the lato firm of Knabk. Gaeht.r A Co., Continues the maniitacture and sale of grand anc seuarn PIANO FORTES, under the name.? of William Knalie A Co., at the old stand, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op-'Tl *T " posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also ju*t opened a new Sales Room a: No 2"7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly oocupied by Mr Henry McCaffery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plait: and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodeons, from the beat makers, from 4 to 5 ootave, some with double key-boards, doable reeds, And stops to suit small churches, B<^ng extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we wnl sfcll wholesale aud retail, on the mos liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal?at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?October, 18.V>, and I85?r?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston ai.d Bal timore. Wo were also awarded the first premium al the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir ginia. 1855 and 1856. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1S57. In addition to this we are in possession oftestimo niais from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can be seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted withtn tne first six months from the day of wiie if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantagf to eive us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-Jy WM. KNABE A CO. WINDOW GLASS.?snol^xes 10 by IS French Window Glass, will be sold at one dollar and seventy-hvo per box for cash, in lots of 14 twixes. Also, a full supply of large size Krenoh Gla?s, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities, 4 by 8 Glass for hot-houses, 8 by 10,8 by 12, 9 by 12, and lo by 12 cheap. R. II. MILLER, SON A CO. Alexandria. Va. __ _ 'p22 jyjiLLIX ERY. DR ESS MA K IN G. M. WILLI AN, Opposite Centre Market, Oilers Fall supplies of BONNETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS. TRIMMINGS, CLOAKS, CHILDREN'S URESES, EMBROIDERIES. LACES, Ac. kc. Dresses ma Jo in the latest Styles. The iadies are respectiully inrrted to cull and ex aininc the stock. (States) se 2 2w OLACKBERRY BRANDY.?We havethisdsy ?J received a supply of Turner Brother's BLACK BERRY BRANDY, which is a fine article, and guarantee it to cure the Diarrhea in its worst form. For sale wholesale or retaiib* ARNY A SHINN, jy22 fft Green at.. Genrietown. MME. KLEIN A CO.,(from France.) DRESS MAKERS, No. 391 Pa. av., between 4>* and 6th sts. Pleating. Flutins. Crimping. Dresses, Curtain Bleaching and Old Embroideries transferred to order. _ _ _ u 18-lm pEVER AND AGUE REMEDIES. Dr. Osgood's India Cholagogue. Deshlen's Anti periodic Pills. Dr. Shallenborger's Pills. Rhode's Fever and Ague Cure. Dr. McClin?ock's Tojic Mixtures. Rowand's Tonic Mixtures, Obur's do do. Smith's Specific. Keenn's Powders, Canal Powders, Ac., A.c. For sale at J. B. MOORE'S Drug Store. First Ward. 113 Penn avenue, seS-eofit Opposite Seven uildinge. N< OW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT LIQUORS.?ARNY A SHINN are the only ones in the District who have stock PORTER and A LE, and always have a supply on hand; no give them a trial. Leave your ord?rs with thedriv.-rs, or at their Union Bottling Depot, No.57Green street Georgetown, D. C- jy 22 07/I UNDLK BROWNS' HOTEL. OHI Just opening a splendid assortment oi Spring and Summer R ft A DY-M A DE CLOTH ING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 77ft Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance. may SO < Intel A States) McLAUG H LIN A CO. A R E8ELLING GOODS very low in order to make room for their exten sive Fall Sto?k. an 1 Baskets, brushes, perfumery, ami TOYS, at oost, at ?ei- Mclaughlin a co's. PEA NUTS. So bushels PEA N UTS for sale bv JONAS P. I.EVY. seStf ,V>4 12th street, corner of B. RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of West Falls avenue and Rlook street. Baltimore. Md. J ETCLASPS FOR BELTS, JOINTED CHIN Dolia, Ariiaetesia Hair PiuS, Tuck Combs. Ao.. at i ?e 2) LAMMOND'S. WAGNER, 225 Pennsylvania Ave*t*, Continues to manufacture LOOKING (iLAS SF.S, and all other kinds of PORTRAIT and PIC TURE FRAMES, oppokite Kirkwood House. se 4-lm PI ANOS.?Six verv good seoond-hand 1'ianos f.H sale or rent very low, at our Piano Warerooms, se7 JOHN F. ELLIS. jVTEW MUSIC. ITALIAN VIOLIN AND ly Guitar Strings,reoe,ved this our Piano and MusioStore. JOHN F. ELMS, se I Penn. ave.. bet. 9th and nth sta. CluBA HONEY. The sul*sorii*er has lust received, and for aale, ten tieroes of ohilled CUBA HONEY, at kis Gro cery and Provision Store, No. 564 12th street and Louisiana aveuue. jeia-tf JONAS P. LEW QO^TOj^McL^UGULHM'S for Baxgauis.-Toey EDUCATIONAL. QEOR9ETOWN COLLEGE. Studies -will be TiRomfd in this Institution on Monday .the 7th ol September next. au 25-lm B. A. MAGHRF..Fr??. GKORGKTOWN CLAflnOLANf MATH EMATICAL ACAUKMV. The duties of this Institution wilt t>? resumed September 7th. 7-?awtf P. A. BOWKW. Principal. \1RS. BKLl/S SEMINARY, FOR YOU NO IM LADIES. Comer ?>/ I. and H>/A ttreets. The next Ncsiunnf th.s Institutiou will crnnmenoe on the let of September, 1837. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto fore. !?? engaged in every department. Further particulars caii be i btauied by applying at theSemii'iry. an 21 dt& eoSw F'KMALE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COL LEGIATE INSTITUTE. A'o. 1*2 I street, (iadshy's Kow, near corner I'rnn. ar?iu< and 21*1 street, H'a^iiiflo*. D. C. Hirav Corso\. Principal, in charge of English and Classical Departments. M'm. C. Roll .n Corsox. Teacher of Frenoh, Spanish, and German. Drawing and Painting. M'll. Emui?4ioLLix, Assistant Teach er of Frencti. The Duties of thia Institute will be resumed on Monday, the7th of Septend>er, 185". The course of etiidj embraces a'l the branches of a liberal English and French Education. In tlie English Department.which is under the im mediate direction of the Principal, ?peci?l attention is given to the Mathematics, English Grammar, Elocution and the critical reading ofclassical authors in English Literature. Eloc ution- is tau*hr< both as a science and an art. The Principal havtnr devoted a number of years lo a careful study of the philosophy of the voice'aiKl it* physical mechanism, is enabled to impart definite and imelhgible instruction upon the subject. The ad imitates * Horded f<?r acquiring a practical knowledge of tne French langusgenre notsurpassed by those of any other-Institution in toe conntry. Vl'iue. Com and her sister, M'lle. Rollin, are Parisians fiy birth. and their insinuations and a-meral intercourse with the pupils are asrned on exclusive ly through the medium of French. Tliere are also OdneetM with the Institution a large number of yonng ladies who speak the language with fluency. For Terms. References, Ai., see circulars, which osn l?e otitained at the Book and Music Stores, and of the Principal. A class of little girls wiilbe formed, who will re ceive c-veful instruction in English Reading and SpelMng.and the elements of French. Terms, per session of j months .. - - -, - friA Without Freneh.... ... 10. au 2fi-Im S' OKLECT FAMILY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. ENGLISH AND FRENCH. A'o.S'O F*treet, Washington, D. C. Principal. DONALD MACLOED. A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, formerly H*ad Masterof Ravens croft College and Ash wood School, and Professor of R hetoric and Hellas Lett res in the Columbia Institute. This School will be opened on the second Monday of September next, for the reception of a limited number of Hoarding Pupils and Day Scholars, m ho will be treated. inall respects, as niemliers of the Principal's family. The design is to oiler to young ladies from a distance all t hat is included in the name of "It,nne." and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home uiHuenoe. The Session* will l>egin on the second Morday of September r.nd first Monday of Februar*, in each year. The vacations will extend through the moi.ths of July and August. Circulars containing full information may he ob t&iuedattlie principal bookstores, and will tie for warded by mail, to any address, on application. au3-tf _ PRIVATE TUITION. HOUR LESSONS. Classes in the higher branches of Mathematics. Engineering, Book-keeping, and Writii.g, resumed by Prof. J. > I LI., at his residenoe, 48S Iftth street. A private Parlor for l.adies. se^-e^St* SK :lect school for boss. GEO. W. DORRANCE. formerly one of the Principals of the -Central Academy, has opened a Select Schools for Boys, on C *tieet, between 6th and 4>a, No. 3fil. Number limited to twenty-five. For terms inquire at the School Room. sen-eolm CULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE, Near Cclpeper Court House. Va. The second session of this school will commence on the 1st day of S-ptemlier, 1W7. A graduate of the University of Virgrnta, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have charge of the dspartinenis of Ancient and Modern Languages i white a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who has had considerable experience in teaching, vill give instruction in Mathematics. Natural Phi losophy, CheiuiHtrv, and lower English branches. The course of studies will be as follows : Preparatory Class, Spelling, Readun. Writing, Arithmetic. Geogra phy, Grammar, History, Algebra, La:in Grammar, Greek Grammar. Tit:rt> Class. Mathematics, English <: rammar, AnthmetlO, Hia tory, Latin, Greek, French. Second Class. Mathematics. Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, History, Latin. Greek, French, Spamsn. First Class. Mathematics. Natural and Mora! Philosophy, Chemistry. Ecology, English f5'l,.^aturT' Artful err Grammar, Rl?etoric, Logic, Infantry _and_ Art ill ry " w -v_? i laiininrs ? tlft VI IV| II.I ?llil J ftim rt f lllirr J Tactics. Geography,History? Latin, Greek, Frenoh, Spanish. Every Student on entering will be subjected to a careful examination, and wiil then be assigned to that class to wnicii his proficiency entitles him : and no one will l>e allowed to pass toa higher class un less he rives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. The discipline will be necessarily rigid, but the comfort and convenience of each member of the school will be duly respected There will be daily military exercises, but care will be taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Tkrms: Board, Tution. Washing, Fuel, Lights, for ten months, $11**. Payments semi-annually id advance. For recommendations ami further particulars, see circulars. CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT. V. M. L, Superintendent and Instructor in Mat hematic* and Natural Soienoea. J. \V. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Ancient and Modern Ijin^uagea. Rkferk^crs. We have the privilege of referring to t hefnllowinf.? ?Facult* of Virginia Military Institute. Gen. William fl. Richnrdson. Richmond City. Prof. Maupiu, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prof. Scheie le Vere, do Prof. McGuffy, do Prof. Lucian Minor, William and Mary College. Rev. JohnBeradus, Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart. A. M.. do John Hunter, Esq., I>ouisacounty. Col. John Wool folk. Orange county . Rev. Wm. S. White, D. D., Lexington. Rev. Win. M. Pendleton, do James Barbour, Esq., Culpeper. Col. Wm. B. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . D. Wallach. Esq., Washington City, Gen. Geo.Cooke, do A. Bell, Esq., do Mai. Henry Hill, U.S. A., New York, R.S. Voss. Esq.. Rappk. oounty. Capt. James Stark, do The Citizens of Culpeper. jy 15-eot? C<ENTRAL ACADEMY, Corner of E and Tenth streets. The exercises of this Institution will ccmmenoe September 1st. The number of students is limited, ana each will receive oarticularattention. an 2l?-lm* SILAS M ERCH A NT.Prin. A C A DEMY OF MUSIC, l\ WasHIJIOTO!*, D. C. Corner of 1UA street mnd Pennsylvania arrant, (et*cr Farm ham's Book Store.f The duties of this Institution will resume their accustomed activity, regularity, and punctuality, on and after Tuesday next. September 1st. 1R57. Classes 1. 2. aiid S, will, as heretofore, meet on Monday and Thursday, at 2o'clock p. m. Junior Classes, Tuesday and Friday, at 9 o'clock a. m. Gentlemen's Classes, Tuesday and Friday even ings, from t> till K) o'clock. Elementary Classes for Beginners, Tuesday and Thursday. from 2 tiH6 o'clock. Terms t theee classes only I Five Dollars for 20 lessons. The principles upon which this Institution are founded are precisely those of the Royal Academy, London, and the Conservatoires of Paris and Milan. Public Weekly Lectures are given in which the pupils take part. Principal F. NICHOLLS CROl'CH, Tne Composer. Jr7* Hours of Business and Consultation at the Hall of the Academy daily, from 12 to 1 o'clock, or through the post and music stores. as 29-tf 'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB RAGE SEED. AULT ms We are now prepared to furnish A?lt *M| Sp Early York. Ault's Early Large ^ ork ^? Ault's Bullocks Heart. Ault s Premium Flat Dutch, Drumliead. Savo,. and all other va rietiesofCABBAGE SEEDS. Also. Spinach. K*ie. Lettuce, Cauliflower, and aU other kinds of t?AR DEN SEED.. A'1 the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the MjLm? miner,or quality as sold br us last and former "art amf wrn give entire satisfaction to those who ?urchase from lis. For recommendations we refer to any person who has used them. . .. For sale wholesale and retail. *or SAM'L AULT ft SON, Corner Calvert and Water sts.. Baltimore, Md. JQ'Orders can tie aent by mail or by the Adsma Express, which affords a cheap, safe and quirk means ol carnage. au IB lm HAMS!?HAMS!!?We have a choice lot of our Magnolia Hams; also. Hams of Ohto aad Kon aro r?!7 superior. The sixes are suitable ft>r larfe or small families. For sale by MS1 KING 4 Bl'RCJlKLL. THE WEEKLY^STAR. This nttllnt Fa?uly aad N?ti /aarBal wii. taiaing * imMt variety of iitarastu* raedmg t ku ?a be fcoai is uj oUir?is pabUaked oa Batarda# fine It eopy, per unam ?JJ Fivs eopaes ? 5 2J Ten ?o(.im ? ? ? Twenty "opiea ...... W* Cmtk, taMmtJii m adranct. By subscribing in CluOa raised among aeigkbor ? without the intervention of a mail agent, at will be perceived, S? oent.of Th* Wbkcly St a* will Muvad. It invariat>.y omtttiu Uia W'a.?A?i??<o? Weie** that baa made- Thf Evkkso Sta* cirou Ittt ia f eomil; throughout theoountry. l?7"Siu?i? oof.ea tm wrapperai oan be procured at the counter. immediately after lha lasue of the paper. Price?THREE CENTS. JIT" Post masters w ho Ml M agents Will be allowed a commission of 2n oent. Dentistry, *c. Rentidr*stephen BA1LY, OrrK*! No. la fiMHUVtai* avebbi. Tkrtt doors from l?U blrut. I>*. BAILY begs leave to mf.?rmthepunfethat ha sen t*e seen at all l.oura, at hia office. located aa above. He feel* a>?ured that an experienorof fifte en sears' practice. * ith the large nnml?erof patient*,and great variety of difficult caaesthal he has treated sbcocss fully, will Uiin U> ?Mrutowt.t i.nj t*iftcu!ty, aueniibc or oiherwiae, relating to the Te?th. His u*ii experience oxn&nninf the opinion of n aiyr men eminent in the pwfeeewn. and nywalH Drs. Harr.s and J. at?l K. Parmly, has led him. long ?u*e, lodis oard ail mercurial picnaraliona f"( h in.* Teeth.alao all Enameia, Gutta Peroha. India Rubber, ami _C? inents for the construction of Ci>?itinucBS Gum Teeth, and that I'orcelian, mounted ?>n Geld Plate, i* the unlj reliable substance titat can Iw worn in tha mouth, na f-u most oonciuaivei) tii"wn ly the laet American Pen's! Convention. Aithouch he darters hnnae!f from hia long resi dence ami practice in W aal:melon, be ia fkvorably known to hi* nnmerrfrs??r?da nnd patrons. he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: I- rom the lata Reciur of the Cfiurcfi of Epiphany of thta eity. Dr. STrpRKW Bait y : limi ^ir? I desire to express my esteem tor yon personally, ar.d ny confidence id you an a aupenor d^n'iat. The operations executed Tor me hnvelieer highly satisfactory. I booc that to? mat wive the pvr^nare from my friends and tba pobwo tnat your akill bo well deserves. Voura very trnly. Washington, Anf.J8.IMu. J. W. FRENCH. From on* of the oldest firms in Baltinwre. Messrs. Boeea, Cottran \ Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Buly. Surgeon l>ec tiat. of Wellington city, to execute for in? an im portant and d.ft)cult picce of wcrk. which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact tl?at one <?f the m??*? dtstmenished mesnbersof me College of ItHltunore, (ailed, after repeated triaia, to perform the nine work eatikfaciorily, it civea n.a ercit pleasure to rxprcas my er.tire confidence ai.d huh eatimation of hn> profcokional akill. Baiiimore, Jan.12. 1857. HAKMANN BOGUS. Extract from? uotere<jf?iveO frcm 'helate Hoc. Jol.a M. Clayton. t". S. Sknat*. Aug. 1?, 18S6. The teeth yon made for me work admirably ; noth ing aonid l>e better. Very cmteluiiy. JOHN M.CLAYTON. To fhoae that aeek relief from the inaiadiee of tiia teetli. I can cbcerlully reoonaneMd l)r. S. ftaily aa a aupcriur Denttal; he m^de a aet of poroelian teeth for one of my farm!*, ami p'ue?e<l aeveral teeth f?T myaelf. and the work baa ail ato>?d well for inore than teayeara. R??BKRT T. MXl?N. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church Scuth. Apn! I?, 1856. VVe. the underaixii'd,hnviiix had occasion to k' kiI ourselves of Hie Brufeaatoeaf iuil <f Dr. S. B - *. Sur(t??-i Deutiat of thia ci'y, or Jiving been e?>t^ii ant of lua operationt on our frmiiiea or fnenda. take piertaure in ixprekairif our ^dmtrati->u of hia artiatie skill, as wall aa of the uniform'* satisfactory manner in which he performs the most delicate and diflicult operatiooa in f?entai Syra?r? .and we reapec'ftilli re Oommend him to the oo.-it:dence ami patronage ol the pubic, of wmcb we oousider mm eminent!} w< rthy. Thomas !\ WaITKK, \rchitect f. S. Capitol. Thomas Millkr. M. D..of J). C. B. S. Koiirkk, .Nf. D. of (reontslo* u. l>. C. S. l^tNcot.5. M. !>.. of Washington. D. C. J i?. H. BaADt.iT. of \\ .ishington. I). C. liioxoi Waltor, Ex governor of Florida. Waltfb i. Ex-Ma*??r of W a?hingtotu Hk>rt Bat-fwix, I. S. I atetit Office. (?. C. WieHT, Principn Rittri.bouae Academy. tf DR. ViLLARD, DENTIST. LAlh Vt tHI ca?o. wouid reap? ct fu > inform tne cit -^ iiena of the Dimrict and vioinity. that hav J ir.g located liimaelf in \\ aahington, be is now prepared to perform all operations m baprofea Bi >n. in the most approved at>le. Office, No. 25ti, Penn. avenue, adioining Gautier'e jan 'y ^HK IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMJS, M. D . tt.e inventor and prtenteeof "/.flcmt'' ytm'ml piatr 7"r'ia." tiavu sucoe?sfu.iy ir.'''?:uc.*d 1ms .inproven . > l | varioua cities, has now permanently eatat> lished himself in Wasbtactoa. Tnia improvement for Setaof Teeth Cv>raiatachief ly in making a s^t of bat one p;ece of inateria!, and tnat lndeatrnctible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, arrfl they are therefore free from galvanic action and meta'ic taale. There are no joints to t>coome filled with moictore or perticlea of food, hence they arepar? and titan. Th?y are lishter. atrouger. leas ciumcy. far ino-e durable, and natural in tbeir appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who Bill produoea similar work of art to equal mine in purity, tieauty. durability, artiatie excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. Prima, avenue, between lltb and 12th streets, ap 13-ly Watches^Jewelry, &c. ^locks: clocks:: clocks::: A good BRASS CLOCK for IfI have i st re ceived B*4 Bltstj all the new style from np to %;.S. The trad? sorplied <a? I uxnal I at wbolesn ? prices. Alao. Clock Ma tcriala. such aa Corda, K-" a, Balia. Il nio- I Wir-s. Oils, Ac., at the k ? ? ?< \*'?ftlil Store of J. ROBINSON. StS,opposite Browna' hotel. an 2* 2m Sign T.arge Gilt Watch. (<Ol.i> ANO MLV hK \\ a ft tiK>. J. WEL * RY, AND FANCY ARTICLES. I hava Mist received ar.o*her addition U> m> laree stock of (iolel and Silver WATCHES. e?f the Iteat makers in Europe. Also, Gold Chains o* CM every style ami price. Jewelry in aets and sir ajgK gle pieoea. Perfumery and I'aticy Articles, Silver plated Baskets, Spoons. C??tor? hr . *t J. ROBINSON S. 949, opposite Browns" hotel. Sign Large liilt Watch. N. B.?WATCH REPAI Hl\(> done in the l?et manner by a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted, an 21-?m W D. EICHLER, 11. ' A'V.yn SEVEXTH ST> EFT, between I) and E street3 west aide. PR AC Jv TICAl. WATCHMAKF.R.koepsoor.stantlv /M on hand a bne assortment of WATCH K'Sai JEWF.f.R V. an te WATCHES. JEWELRY, V? AND SILVER WAR E. I have just received a new supply of FINK WATCilES. GOLD CHAINS, and a large asaort mentof RICH JEWELRY of every deeoription. which makes my stock at |fie present time one o| the inohi complete in the city. I have just finished i on the premises > a very large assortment of PI'RK SIL\ ER WARE, among whichnuty hefoundaSOLIDSILVER TEA KFT TLE superior toanything fiefore exhibited in tin* etty.?the weight of which is 125 ounces, capacity 1 quar's. Both citixens and strangers are invited to oall and exar ine. H. O. HOOD. XS? Pa.av#.. nssr ?th air^r KVV JEWELRY AND~WATCHES. H. O. HOOD baa just returned from the North, and has brought on a fine lot of Fashionable Cameo, Coral, Mosaic. Brilliants, and Plain fW GOLD JEWELRY. Al*"ja good aikortmsr.:tfjg[ of fine GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, ms very superior tune keepers for ladieaand cent emeus use. He haa also on hand a great variety ofSTAN'D ARD SILVERWARE of his own make, warnui ted the best quality and will he sold verv low. I'lnase call and examine goods and prioea at No. ^38 Penu. Av.. sirp of the l^rne Sprosd lisgla. jy |n ICS. f J. MIDCLETOS, li. ICE DEALER. Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F and IJtfc Streets. Washington. apll-tf ?H1NA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER. SON* CO., IMPORTERS. ALgXASLBlA, \ A.. ^MTVilav* received two instalments of theirs supp'ies fro.n the English Potteries.y and will oontinue to rMoerre aooessions to IJ their stock till the lousiness seasor seta in.* RTH. MiLLr.R.So^ 4 Co. can aeeure their friends and customers that their stoek shall be of the most desirable description, and that their enoes will oom pare bvnrtbljr with inoie of any Mlin in their an# in any other market in the l'ait?d Srates. R.H. Millkb. S???i A Co. have preoared them selvea toofler to m-rchants everj indaoeineul to make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have jnst received via Antwerp and Vew York, from tne great manufactory of ~Roux." New Brussells, 114*' la>xes French Window Giais of supe rior quality and of different tbickuesaea. which tiiey have imported under such circumstances as to enal le them to offer a superior article at very moderate prices ag21 tf QAAn FEET BEST QI ALITY ITALIAN OUIFU MARBLE SLABS KO* SALE.-WiU be man u fact Bred into Tabie Slabs. Waahstand Tops and Counter ?!abs. at New York prices, *> per oent. belcw former priors. Cab net Makers. Plumpers, and others please call before ??i>ding orders to tba north. ALEX RITHERI-ORD. "?*- Offios. Penn ave. V ??? "VI' 'I ^ W-r- I * m .vi ?? ALEX RIT Alarble \ ard oppo. the Cnion Ol ,aatt-lm tlntAStat<?s> SPECIAL NOTICE TO SPORTSMEN. I would oall your partioularattentton to Du Ponfs No. 4 GUNPOWDER, whioh for strength, clean liness, color, glaging. and evenness of grain is un surpassed by any Powder ever introduced. ^ W. ALBERT KING, Pole Ag?r? for the District of Columbia, an 2S-tf No *5 High street. Georgetown. D. C. CAREEN GING E R-GRF7EN G1NGER. 1 GREEN GINGER received,and for ?Hie by KING A lirRCHELL. ir Vanannt ifmni swl IMS ttr^f APKR. INK. PENH, KNIVES. SCISSORS