Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR SLEEPY HOLLOW.. BT H?1T T. TCCII1VAK. Beneath tbe?e ?.>ldea Mar* ekiee. , The river wind* through leafy (lades, 8a v? wdere, like battlements. arise The grey and tufted paliaadea. The fervor of thi'a sultry time Is tempered by the humid earthy ALd zephyrs born of summer'* prima. Give & delicious coolness birth. Thav freshen thia aequeatered nook With constant greetings, bland and free ; The pages of the open book All flutter with tlieir wayward flee. Aa quicker awell their breathings soft, Clouil shadows skim alone the field ; And yonder dangling woodbines olt Their orimaon bugles gently yiald. The tulip t>-e? matest.c stirs, Far down the water's mar^e beside, Ana now awake the nearer firs. And toaa their ample brancnea wide. How blithely trails the pendant Tine ' I he grain slope lies in green repose ; Throws h the dark foliage of the pine And lofty elina, the sunshine glowa. Like sentinels in firm array I he trees of like therr shafts uproar; Red cones upon the sumac play. And ancient locusts whisper near. From wave and meadow, cliff and sky. Let ttoy stray vision homeward fall; Bshoid the mist bloom Hunting nigh. And holly hock wide edged and tall; Its gaudy leaves, thonth fanned apart. Round thick and mealy stamena apring. And nestled to its crimson heart. The sated bees enamored cling. Mark the broad terrace flecked with light. That peeps through trellises oi rose. And quivers with a va?ue delight. As Mich pa.e shadow comas and goes* The near, low gurgle of the brook, i be wren s glad chirp, tfte som ted hay. Awl e en the warcii dog's peaceful look. Our vain disquietudes allay. O. were our lives attuned to glide. Like this serene and balmy day, . ht we arrest the radiant tide. And breatheit* tranquil joysalway ; Or were our prisoned hearts to know a i * this cheering a;r, thi" 8UCSf?Jne. ever glow, L itdiinmed by doubt, or fear or care , Fond glaccese'er would light the eve. >mile3 wreathe the up, peace crown the broir, ST, content would never die That can but live in mamory now! HT" A robbery to the amount of SWO.OOO wa? committed on one of the Canadian H .nk* about about four months since. The matter was kept quiet, and placed in the hand* of a Buffalo officer, who nas tiaced out the robbers and recovered mast of the money. CT One of the largest capitalists In State at . Boston, discounted a note for one hundred thous and dollars the other day. at the coin* rate for paper of the first <'las?. and hud a balance of up wards of six hundred thousand dollars to his credit in the Boston banks after the check for the above operation was paid. il~y~ Mr. Thomas Jobs, of Birdentowa, N. J. oa Mond.iv, in company with another person' went a fishing. and oa Tuesday the body of Mr! J. was faund floating la the river, having a deep cut in the head. From circumstances it ia be lieved that Mr. Jobs was murdered and robbed ion ^ SM1Ce h**11 h<*rd fr?m hi" comPan lET' Mrt. Elizabeth Taylor, wife of a highly respectable merchant of Philadelphia, was, on Saturday, taken from a house of ill-repute in Mar * street, ana on Sunday evening she went on board a ferry boat, and when about midwav across the river, jumped overboard. She waa however, rescued from drowning. ^ party of Americana, among whom waa a widower of great wealth, some dava since, stopped at a Hotel at St. Catharine s, Ca. Also accompanying k'?i was a beautiful voung lady *he gentleman was taken ill, and thinks he would not recover, desired to bo married to"the young lady, to whom he was engaged. Thecer emony was performed, but fortuuately theiientle man is now likely to get well. *9" .In?eni2,us child?'Papa, didn't you whip me for Tommy ?*' jr,arr' Ve*' my c^iId' for T?u bim very inucu. J Child "Well then, papa, you ought to whip mama a music teacher too, for he bit mamma yes erday right In the mouth, and I know he ?Trt V iec?uso put her arms around his neck and tried to choke him !" ' ID" Matrimony knd dry goods are generally Intimately connected, but seldom afier tbe fash ,Advcftiw,r. w??ich makes the Uii.owia^ editorial announcement: 44Mr. N. S . ?flevV ?ne,?{ ,our prising merchants^ Miss Libbie A Wade, we.e united in the bonds of matrimony at the First Presbyterian ?f?!Ur?C m Vllla?e, on Tuesday morning last. The happy couple started the same day for New * ork, where the bridegroom intends purchasing a larger stock of goods than ever for net cash." !p~ The age of a horse is now more easily Udd by hiaeye* by hia teeth, in this way: After the horse is nine years old a wrinkle comes on ta* eyelid at the upper corner of the lower lid. and evcrv year the.eafer he has one defined rSliTk, jeaf V?r ai'1" if' for instance, a horse has three wrinkles, he Is tw-lve ; if four! he ts thirteen; add the number of wrinkles to nine and vou will always get it. to says a wri ter ; and he is confident it will never fail As a people have hoses over nine it is ea A CL*EicaL Htpocriti ?The Paterson Guar diani ?ays that Rer Mr Sutherland, who recently distinguished himself at Burlington, was. while at Lodi. very rigid as a paMor: that he thundered against amusement*, and was particularly ener getic in h?s anathemas against dancing, even for bidding it in farnilie*. and pronouncing it hein^ ous and w:c!.rd. Enjoyment by the voung he cous.dered aUo^ ether of a wordly character and tobe deplored Lideed he is presented to have been erceed.:: y anxious about th- morals of his people while at Lodl. CT -Vary Traverse, a servant In the Blossom niTp a*?' took a t>n the lake shore. *nd fell a?.r-ep in a ?<hady spot, where a police rnan cuauctd to set ^er. and tcn>k her before Jus. t.ce King, who fined her ten dollars for indeccnt P?0' -vo,,n? woman wore fash onable hoops, which are not favorable to a clo!?e fit of the dress in a recumbent position, dne co.iidn t pav the fl?e. and wa, ,cn, tQ BridewplI 4. Ju?tice King is the same who decided that It ?a not an insult to spit in a man a face, knock down and kick h:m. /iKHIVALii AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL -J L Hardeman, Mo; Dr ' ^ ? m?th. do, J schnebley and lady, Md A R S. hneoley, do; Mivs S M Reut. h. do ; II D dogB* d?: Tbos '?ne?h?2, flw XV . v d?' A L Williams and fa.n 3 ** ? ? JoUn Ba^f* and fdnrilly. do; Captain f Barney. Mo; M S.McCay. Md. R Bnrr.ffi;'",^ Rap5kfr Ui Aaf"u"'do; * E Robinson, do; \ b n ^ TV .i do; R A c,a k. f,n^\ v n L u.''dv' ,^C; EJ Hammond and ^mily, . R fc Scott. Va, C H Home Pa c J Va ? p"ilon' N Y T H C^ett, \a C Conrad, do; T Feston, W Breeman^Mo j H shttiitr. (ia; J MrKee and lad,, Ky W L U sou and al.ter, d Thos R jw!ing?, R f Ack ley, lenn, J J l-aulkner, do; E 11 Mvers. SC M VfSIW?!' !"?A ??"iurv?i j " . . K P Harkness, (>; jj |* Fos " Aia- L 8 Coryell, Pa, M KrJabarg SV mYWIN?W HOlSK - J r McCarty, NY MX P;i,la c K Harlam, S C jlnie. ? and in 1. Kur?/. Va. Jno V narris ik Ia .7 p UeUh. NV; J Lilly Win Wells, p?; Jno Dh!v HC. Ja* M Priueti ai.d lady, Pa; C M Table lll - Jaa I \ a. J W McCaddoa, l?wa Cltr! ?hi >: '? W Willis Conoi ii li JTr Pr^a\iT i-'wE^ieRr:^ Adam, \ a: j and \V S RanH?ii J C Kii<.it. Pa; c A Jone. J| y; j p M^KIastry, U ? * A. ?'?; H Dowli,,., N York SV d? R M pS*erfNj" WAJB Ca""Wrl^ and f??' bJr'. vJ WJ Lei^r.'pa J mC>; M' RD'1Lor" KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?J <* Llghtbody and L ^ J l'L'ih> d"i J J Oreenmigh do, T Hodtkin and son, Md, A G Pendleton ^OIV> ? Peudletown. do; Hon T F Bowie Md; L Reenter p?; J Ll^htfoot, Miss; J R Crump, \ a; J C Downing, SY; W Beck. Emj; J B Jtrwart LSN Mr Martin, SiY. C Conway , do; Mr Lrooken, do. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Kt ^ Fl?* C.fJTBD Ststbs. Va.iderbilt New Vorfc ii A-'. v ^?rk..Havre Sept li vr.v.w V?V ?'?i,erp<K||'..?'i<i<i Kangaroo \rw v^>rk"?!'!"lru?:????5eP(,'l Arairo V \L I? f'" Liv,"rpool... .Sept 17 ;>rW ^ ?>rk..Havre Luropa Boston i;-J. "' \ ? Adriatic ,N. w \'^?i Persia ,NVW York 1 f,r* City Baltimore. . New y0,k | iv **ept3>? Hamuu>nia .New yZ^?^-<? } A,M J ? Fao* K trnopx. *er"'a Liverpool....NVw York. Sen# < Autelope Liverpool.... Portland. ?eC? s Glasgow .... New York"SS ^ C}ty?altimo?.Liyerpo.,L...NewYork.;seS9 r.LL, Sou'ampton. .^few Yo.k..S,pt V Arabia Liverpool Boston s pt?t? Fully,, Liverpool New York..1 ? 4I? Clt* \v^;,^" . '.'u ampton. .New York .s- p * 3 ?Nlagara ??}*J*e'P?ol-...New York..Septal AtESZ !' !erpo? ? ? ? Ho*ton Bornsaia { ?vrrpool....New York..Sep.30 York .Oct 1 Iho California man su-a^ra l?,yf N.w y^rfc ?n fto Jth and ?th ef e*?h moneh gtossllsissss. A-ND will not to ouft&n.'br^ur ta tfca Patetaf Moinid thii ?me* nfuTzpf ^dA,b\*^,iiTO^8^'rAWSKA,7e5d. CILS, Ao., in the latest styles. -Also, oontinne to do HOUSE PAINTING. GLAZING, and GRAINING in a superior manner, at no H Louisiana areuoe, between 6th and 7th streets. R ?? M. T. PARKER. K M O V A L. -- , WM. PETERSON jstsj x" r:?? "? JB. T?aW^WJW,M*?rlniBnt of GKN Fancy' ARTirPvS 2' H*Vrer' de??nption, WA RK??rT'VFua vok of BUILDING WARD GOOI& ?L rLfcR Y, AGRICULT URAL All iiinY. L?? ?at 00,1 to clo?? out. entirTH*1 ??,ltlve'y t* ?old.and if not Kttd ofioSln?!1 J "e '2th D*cember will be dis of meroharJdUe niake reora for another class ^h??^V.exan,!.natloI, ?' will oonvwoe purchasers ment. ' ' ther?1" o^?oe MTa good invest to^whiJh the branoh ofth? <rnde b^raafterdevote our attention,both f!.'"'?Illl *nd * "entity, we solicit the increased m ??nfidenoe that prices ?.?LVANS 4 THOMPSON, SX I'enn. ?ve., bet. 9th and loth sts. (American,Intel&MarJboro Gazette) ?es-eolm pUMPS-PUM PS-PUM PS. | The subscriber gives notice that he oontinaes to manufacture his large Iron Pumps. They are s trans and s?bet...tial ai,3 will raise witer one ^un^5 fret perpendicular. For information I refer you to the inhabitants who have used them^nd two of them S^JT1 ?*V iu*tr J0t< ^twe?* 12th and 3th, one fn e d^DwIii* fw and|?th- one near the old Capitol !? ,?)???*? ?? on Y,r*mia avenue, between 2d Mhrnr '/"vvl' ? p,ut ,n "Juration by order.?r the we,5!, i. mm ).a?b!Ii8t;>n- "" W1" dl* and d?<*P"n I Hvdrauliai? R^"', T ra'" *at7i put 111 "Potion tiyorau.ian R?ms, and repur o d pumps of every tb-script>on. Those desiring h>s services will bTaC. oommodated at the shortest notice by oalline on the subscriber in Washington. I). C? No. 463 VVen ia avenue, near the Carroll Place. Virginia so g-eo:,n FOSTER HENSIIAW. A CARD.?The undersigned have this day<Au ^rpVatEbs? i?!T Fr/VlSr*t'Ein the house i k 1 tRi5JOINERS' BUSINESS: ?h^'r??rVllfei *T?cted,? *?f T and commodious shop in tli rear of Jackson Hull, twtwnen 3ti and 4S stre.?t? thrirl'h.l>2rUf h? co:,tract f,'r ?*?d perform ail work ni with ?ki k b'|,|,nU*". either in rhecity or country, i ,'e .* or '^e Public may favor th?m, ' 'Ir"!?' Wlth promptne*" nnd dis Fio patroM^.re*P<' T ,0,t a ?1,are?f the pub ' GEO. W. GARRETT A CO. differwt I?r?,.eVfaiuHoU,r* and Lot" for ?a,e,n terms P"rt* the citjr, on aoooinmodating au H- wim GEO. W. GA R R ETT A CO. OMAN'S COURT, SeptembeMTsffT: . I>i9T*icT?r COLCHBIA, IVaj*i?nrfoi? County to teij.?In the case of Richard A. Edmonston a<l' minis ra tor of Dccius \V. t dmonston, Jr., deceased, t kD? *rt* r *for,PR*ld. lias, wirfi the approlm tion of the Orphan's Conrt of Washinrton Coun'y aioresaid, appointed Saturday. the2fith ins'ant for e?ta^f*MtiTrf,ent a,X<1 dlr"^,,,utlftn the pers'onal " th? ?,f"Mdhd.ecMrd.?f t ,e a??ets in hand so far ** lJi?, ?n?e have been collected and turned into money,wnen and where all the creditors anrt heirs of C.mrt'^?wt!hr.e nfotlfi?,d toattend,(at the Orphan's J i^ourt of \% ashm<ton County.) with their claim* properly vouched, or they may of herwise by law be Brnv-Vw/ I?n> n! '?nfht ?^1ga"1 deceased's estate: prov.ded a copy of this order be published once n week for three week, jn the ',Eveu.nir Star " Dre vious toi the said 26th instant. K ' p 8 T,?. Jr/.-Tc.,? N- ROAC". J? < F3y BP. N. ROACH, Reg. Willa. ( ) d CONSTRUCTING AND REPA I R I NG vJ' Roads, by II. Law, Civil Engineer; 37 cents.' HMlV?^nB?Kln u1 *?m 1,10 MeA: 75 CtS. ,?.Ht?;,mf;u?ihcVn;r"u,be",*i,oai ^And ^*,>d Engineering Surveying: 75 cts. LUht-kTw ?lS"'"0'100 lu,"0"-""? <* Toinhrwon on Construction of Looks; K cents. l)ompsey onTubu.arand other Iron Undgos; V Cifes oen?i??k *ad and Church St?iS, ?n tha ^ie0tl:10 T?'?*mph; 75 cents. ^Stephenson on the Construction of Railway*; to Dempsey on locomotive Engines: 36 cent*. Armstrong on ?tearn Hoiiers; 37 cents. e^Glynnon the Power of Water, and on Pnmpi;75 Pyne's Perspecfive: 75 oents. ousTngr^.^Ts? London' ?*ci> ^\um9 with nnmer ang FRANCK TAYLOR. TH...? . fi;rnaces. . L airention of tnn community generally and of ^ToVk 'I'l K a fw?V arl,y' " lnv|ted the KEY ?fTPh^idiiPhithR',ale!y patemed ^j- d All persons interested are solicited tn nail .? ?... store and satisfy thenVs^lVes of thi Jup?r or, y?"f ! is Heater over all others in nse So ^wLl r have the principles of combustion bc;*n appu2 .n l ssfjs&'iiLjiisaii,'."' 8"? ??>"???? '"1Pr/,ve"",nt that an experience of thirty years in the furnace business oould ?uxgo?t h?? .> en applied in the production of the Icey'stone Heater, ar.d its proprietors le*l ?ssnred that for etii oiency and economy of use. it is unsurpa*?ed SIBLEY A GUY, No.?) Pa.av., bet. l*?th and 11 sts., an i-FA^'m*0 Agency for the sale of tU NoTICK OF tI'|"k'Wmov ?1 (ir tul TAN1* rI*TVC^i 1 OTTER 5lV\kV?TA. IN rHE TERKITORV OK Inacoordance with the prorisions of the act of Conrre-s entitled "An act authorizing changes m imh 1^cat'on nt f.and Offices," ssproved 3d starch 1HSJ, it is hereliy deoiared and made known that the' offioe foMhe Northwestern District." in the Ter n ory o, Minnesota, will be removed from the town of (I;ibw* to Otttr Tail CrTy. m sajd Terr/to^, of a j early a period as practicable. ' * ^'mrdS'/r/^'.rfcriS?of w-wn,,M, By order of the President: yilKHH.PLV, AN^IBLK I.XCiRAIN on ?^e,TOd,dir0?t frwm th? manufactory, and mei.t of heavy and superior quality Csrpetmss ?.f the above makes, all in entirely new and elegant deigns ?nd colors. cmixoiy new Rugs to match. chimbe^and <1 #"4 W,de- wh,eh fnr cnamber and d ntng-rooms are eunal in beantv ami for wear to any other kind and at much lesfm^s WAILY r.XPECTED? jfissr.sp^r^w^ssanasaf SKWiartfr.wsr-' ?e3-eo2w CLAGETT A DODSON. IJNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. ^ NV ashi?|07O5, September 1st, IM7. %w l^0 Petition of Jameii Pho!pi. of Sutton tta# f?rthe extennioQ of a patent (ranted to hirn ??q tho 24th of NoTemher 1843 for an r?V?'Tf?? ,n " Machines h'^l/anif,; rags for seven years from the expiration of "aid GrTnOT* U pla?* ontho 24th ,Jajr ?f Novem Paient P"1'1'00 hwi'd at the at MnV^w ?" M23da7i'tbe 91 h ?t November next, ju? ??? titiwu ought not to I* granted. P fiIe m"the'l'atei'itVW?? ? /^1 ?"*'"D are required to ''f'h'1 I *' at u^it twenty^ay s before'tl'e*d'ay us^M^ ^aidh^nn^musri^Uken^nS't^nsm!?' The testimony in the ens* will beelna*s? k of Oetober; deposit,on. s'd other paperVrehed u^.n S5S?. Ordered, *!?<?, that this notioe lie publishe<l in the Lnion, lutelligancer, and Eveninr St*r\Vn.lI,?_ ^?D;C:j "7?Niip, B.uKSf?rav>Ss; *: Philadelphia, Pa.; Daily New. New Vr.rir a w^k fi'lrTl' r*e.d In<?,"r',r. ^""cmnati, Ohio, once V "'J?* successive weeks previous to the 91L ol November next, the day of hekring S. T. SHUGERT, p a Actin* Commissioner or Patent*, r. n. Kditors of the attove papers will aleai* #v?nv stel."akji,rk? A II. mari.owh ~~ X' CH AND SHOE STORE. rtnntylt amia avtnut. a lot ?f tret wetalf^km Gaiter I'^rf IH ^ f 5, andV^cVrflkm"bV"^S* 1 St (?aiters kt j?I 25, fine Moroeoo Huskins at*l and all other Shoes, such a. Hoy's,, awl" Chi - drens, cheap ,n proportion. Call and see for your selves. D..U forget tbe place. No. -wg I'eunsy l^L ni* avenue, between 3d aud Hi streets au 33 2aw3m W- A NEW ARTI(Tl7:7 OOD TL'BEING?A Great Improvement?for CW*in Pumps, oonveying water, draining land, and Other most useful purposes; deeidediy the nicest. heaithie#t, ami cheapest artictejbr bringing drinking water to adwellinr. Farmers and citizens are invited to examine it at the old staod. National Agricultural arehou.e. 519 Seventh street, where it can tie had in quantities and price, to suit. EDWARD P. SIMPSON, ?e o ?sw3w Suoeessorof FiT2vro? Cotlv. |^EW FALL GOODS. ~ ~^ .f ikm w.r.'ajx' M,ui,'"i ?""* eer lyDIt^o"t.n..,r,'.?hnK' to ,h# ^^antage of an The nW*r?7,1 o?M.?oe patterns will call early. r^r iorT,effall tr^.."re ^ ?>T mm 7->w A* Jllirchitit Tdlor, Browns Hotel fvun.avenue, P??zsra, tl&iS&WVtfK"0" inlakd FARMERS IRQ BOCHAIflCT INSURANCE COMPARTi OF PHILADELPHIA. Fiutt MARINE, ANB INLAND INSURANCE. Authorized Capital ? $1,280,000 !l! Omci, Noitbwmt coam or Pennsylvania Avknoe and 17th Ste?it, Washinoton. DIRECTORS. Hon. Tkoe. B. Florenoe, Charles Dtogee, SGeorge H. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield. Chajes A. Rubicam, Edwafld K. Heimbuid, oorge Helmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, unei E. Neall. Isaac Leech, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President, EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 377 D street, opposite City Hftlle John M. Thornton, oorner 1st street and Virginia avonuo, Island. James Williams, No. 22 street. John Riggles, No. 501 IStifc street, below Pennsyl vania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levv, No. ?7 Pennsylvania arena*, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. Authorized Capital and Assstt $1,<73.0P7 07 Assets ,? ? ?#Sa,0OT 07 Invested m Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Seountiee. The following statement exhibits the businesses oondition oi the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No vember 1,1856. ? .? #214,684 60 I'ir. premium.? 176.796 61 nterest on Joan ?_ . 8.704 47 Total reoeipts .?_ $400,185 G8 Paid marine losses......... ,^..$G4,4?7 04 Paid fire louses - 3S,737 39 Expenses, salaries, and oommis sions 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges. ?.? 27,474 68 $177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company..$2a,057 tn The Assets of the Company art as follows : Philadelphia city and county bonds $16,848 18 Railroad bonds ll.oon 00 First mortgages, real estate.143^*1 00 Stocks, collaterals, on caJI ?,4<?i 00 Girard and consolidation bank stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York. so.noo 00 Deterred payment on stock not yet due.... 97,7im on Notes for marine premiums 10p.,f?n 59 Due from agents, secured by bonds 36,376 18 Premiums on polioies reoently issued, and debts due the ooinpany ....... 26,470 38 Baianoe in bank ? 16,456 74 $323,057 07 The business of this Company will oompare favor ably w:th the most successful similar institutions in the United States. From the 1st day of August. 1855, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November. 1856, the premiums and interest reoeived amounted to the large sum of four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of louses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and twonty-eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these evidenoes of sucoess and good man agement, the Directors feel justified in soliciting a snare of public patronage, behoving that the security offered is ample, and that all fair claims will l>e ad justed more aooording to equity than legal technical ities. The Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by fire on D WELL I NHS, FURNITUR E, MILLS, MAN UFACTORIES. WAREHOUSES, All descriptions of Bl'lL DINGS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vrs*kl?,Steamboat*, Canal Boats, Railroads, aud the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAM BOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low as other com panies, and in fixing them evert improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted nnd promptly paid. Office, northwest cornor Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be ejected at the Home Office, northwest corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And mother principal cities of tho United States by authorized ottioers of the Company. ap 3 YV ASHING TON INSURANCE COMPANY. VT CHARTERED BY CONGRESS. Capital ? $200,000 :?! This Company is now prepared to reoeive applica tions for INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any chance for Policy, at their Office, corner ol Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Dirkctoks. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon, Joseph Bryan, James F. Haliday, Wm.Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohun, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beali. James C. MeGUIRE, President. _Gra?ton D. Hanson, Secretary. apll-ly B" AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits.?Deposits received and Checks pvd without charge. Drafts on the northern senlioard oiti?*s received on Deposit at par, aud Exchange on said Cities lurmshed to depositors without charge. 1 >tkiieat on Dkpusit*.?Interest will !>e allowed on Doposits at suoh rates as may l-e agreed upon. Dri-os.ts in Virginia and IlacmUT Monet. Deposits 111 Virginia and other Uncurrent .Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the reginar Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts.and Bills of Exehange will be discounted, nnd Loans made on Stocks, Bonus, And Securities, at the market rate. Letters o* Crpdit.? Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiate in the diderent Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is depoxited, aud charged if Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon. Traveling Bills of Exchange.?Travelers will be tarnished with diaft* in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters of Credit on England.Ire land and Ecrope.? Bills of Exchange aud Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks. Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties pay ing from C to 12 pr. cent., always for salo, or bought in the dilferent Cities at a commission of a pr. ccnt. Where Shocks are (ought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Slocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and State Bonds.?Raih-oad, City, and State Bonds can be plaoed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oouutry or Europe. Ratl road Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants told by us are guaran teed in every respect. Land Warrants looted on commission. l?and Warrant quotations regularly lurmshed If re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. Rkal Estatr and Inscrance*.? Real Estate bought aud sold, and Insurances effeoted. Claims on United States. Cocst or Claims, Congress.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and aMe attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. Jg AN KING HOUSE OF PA1RO AN'OURSE. Keokuk City 8 per cent. Bonds. Keokuk Citv 10 per cent. Bonds?short. Davenport, Iowa. 10 per cent. Bonds. St. Louis Couiity 7 per cent. Bonds?short. Lee County, Iowa, 8 per cent. Bonds. City of Evunsville 7 per cent. Bonds?short. The nliove and other Bonds for sale at such rates as will pay the purchaser at least 10 or 12 per cent, per annum interest. All kinds of State. City, Railroad, and other Stock* and Bonds bought or sola. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. PA1RO A NOURSE. JLr I nterest allowed on deposits at the rate of six per cent, per annum when left for thirty days or longer. _ jy 25-mh_ |NTEREST ALLOWED "ON DEFOSITES. MONEY to LOAN onSTOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. Jan tt?tf _ Opposite the Treasury, PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paintino and Photographt Combines. P H O T O O R A P hTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size or Lire. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTU RE GALLE RY, Odeon Hall,oorner4>* st.and Pennsylvaniaaveuue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most mm piele and handsome 111 the whole oountry. He has a large Gallery for free exhibition of upward of 2nn line Oil Pnintings, b> some of tho l?est ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to n*td fresh importations. S. Walkkr hss alno fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments lor ladies, and purchased the finest possible lustru mciiti, and engaged a first class operative artist to as?iKt him in the department lor taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC! AMHROTYPE AND DA' GUERKEOTYI'E PORTRAITS, from the smallest miniature to site of life, S. Walskr. by combining the PhotogtapMo Pro ness with the art ol Paiiiting. of whioh he has had 25 years' experieuoe and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen in some of the first farm ?: -# ?a- ?* ?' ? ' * ' lies of the oity, as well as those exlubitod in bis Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produoe portraits that have uever been ex celled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and ls>ards prepared bar himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to tfce painting of Por traits. Miniature or lift-size, from small pietnres of deceased friends. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and olasses taken iu an number in groups. an<l anv quantity of oopies fromTue same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses pnmted on Copjier for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully back lined and restored to their original freshness. ijMlies and gentlemen are respectfully ?allotted to eail at tke Gallery, over Shillinptoo'sixiekirore? entranoe 1% street, two doors from Pennsylvania avenue. Jyll-6m * J. Htdiointt. itiiT iiijD or hvmobT T*? Wrti Sertfmlm doum to m common Pimple. He tea tried it in over eleven hundred ohm, and never failed exoept in two oum, both Thunder Ho mo r. He has now in his possession over ooe hundred oertifiaatea of ita value, ail within tweaty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to enre a nunlnx Bora Mouth. One to three bottles will oara the worst kind of Pimples on the Faoe. Two or three bottles will dear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to ears the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worat kind of Erysipelaa. . .. _ One or two bottles are warranted to oars all Hu mor in the Eyee. Two bottles are warranted to ears Running of the Eara and Blotohea among the Hair. Four to nut bottles are warranted to oare oorrupt and running I'losrs. One bottle will oure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles ars warranted to oars the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to ears the most moat desperate oase of Rheumatism. Three to four bottles ars warranted to oars Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will ears the worst ease of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienoed from the first bot

tle, and a perfect onre is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of ths day, as that a onnimon weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should oure every humorinthe system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you have a humor, it hits to start. There are no 1FS nor ANUS, hums nor ha'a about it suiting some oases, buttnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in every oase. It has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to children a year oid, to otfl peopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfeot state of health by one bottle. To those who are subject to a sick headache, one bottle will always cure it. It fives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some wno have taken it had been oostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will oause very singular feelings, but you must not be alarmed; the* always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a fwid re sult from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. 1 heard some of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In my own practioe I always kept it strictly for hu mors?but sir.oe its introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I nevor suspected. Several cases of epileptio fits?a disease whioh was always considered incurable, have been oured by a fow liotties. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all oases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen mote of it than I have.? I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Fain in the Side, Diseases of ths Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the disoovery has done more good than any medioine ever known. No ohange of diet ever ne oessary?sat the best yon oan get ana enough of it. Directions for L's?.?Adults one table-spoonfbl per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful children from five to eight years, tea-spoonfui. As no directions can be applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twioe a day. MANCPA.CTCRXD BY DONALD KENNEDY. No. 12n Warren Street, Koxbury, Massachusetts. Agents for Waahington.?Chaa. Stott A Co., Z. Oilman. Kidwell A I,awrence, J. R. Gardner, Burry A Co., D. Walsh A Co F. 8. Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer. Schwartz A Co., 0 Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburn, Dunnar Dyson, Ford Jc Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. S. Cissell, O M Lentharn, J. L. Kidwell. PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON TiiK PHISIOLOQ1CAL VIKW OF MARRIAQB, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D.. Albany. N. Y. 200 pages and 130 fine Flam and Colored Lithographs and Plates. IETPRICE ONLY 25 CENTS.^U? IIIT Sent free of pottage to all parts of the Union. Dr. M. B. La Croix's Physio'ogioal View of Mar riage. A new ami revised edition of 25" pages and 180 plates. Frice 2ft cents a copy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of single and married life?hncpv and fruitful ailianoes, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, its causes and oure, by a proccss at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily mai.agruient?an essay on Spcr mi tor r tar a. wit h practical observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirioal practice; to which is added commentaries on ths diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the 6<iung. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and 'lose contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly roooramended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their phj sical condition, and who are oon scious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Price 25 cents per copy, or five oopies for SI, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United States, by nddressti g Dr. LA CRoIX, (post paid,) Albany, New York, enclosing 2S oents. V B. Those wno prefer may oonsult Doctor |LA CROIX ,upon any of the diseases upon wnioh his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cines often cure in the short space of six days, and completely and entirely enidicate all traces of those disorders wluoh cooaiva and cubebs liave so long been thought an antidote- to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " French Secret" is the great con tinental remedy for that class of disorders whioh un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. ar.d which all the sarsap&rilla in the world can not cure. jrr Office No. SI Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. feb 14?ly WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowing Goods whioh we are prepared to sell at a small advnnoe of oost for eash : A verv large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors,viz: . ? Turner's Ginger Wine, an exoellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy, a certain oure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Mndrira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, A rims, and Pepperment Cordials Curaeoa. Absintho, Essence of PepperiMent Extract of Sarsapanila, Stoughton Bitters Forest W ine Bitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid artiole. In addition lo the above, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the District,and whioh cannot fail in giving satisfaction to nil who use them : Philadelphia XX, Bnrtou and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout?XX For ter. and a fine article of l^iger Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider. Ac., on hand. ARNYA8HINN. je 8 Iff Green street. Georcetown. L'MPHRIKS A JUNNIMAn7~ On Fourth street east, between E and F, CiPitoL Hill, have fitted up their place, which will be open daily to visitors, and evsry Monday afternoon for those who wish to engace in the English Quadrilles or German Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do so there. Welter's Band bus been engaged for ths sea son. and will be in attendance. They nave on hand and oonstantly making the purest I.arzer to l>e obtained in the eitv. je ll-Sm JUST RECEIVEdT feet of ITALIAN 4-4 MARBLE SLABS, sanded. Wrl bo sold to the trade in lots to su?r, be low New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore prices. Alao, loon feet of STATUARY MARBLE SLABS at a treat reduction. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Marble Yard oppo. the Union Office, Penn ave. au 22-lm (iptAStates) ?JOTICE.-C. R. L. CROWN A CO. ars ra ? ceiving daily some of the finest FURNI-I U RE ever offered in this market, which ~ invits the attention of those id want, a assure them they oan save at least 10 per < Handsome carved marble-top Bureaus and Tablss Rosewood and walnut Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Kattreses. hair, oorn-top, and hnsk; Comforts, lankets, Bedsteads, high and low-post. Rooking Chairs, oaneand wood-seats. Cushions for Chairs. Settees, Clooks of all klnda? Extension Tables, Sideboards, What-not. Glasses of all kinds, some extra fine Carpets. Cottage Sets, Rugs, Waiters. Glass Ware. Crockery Ware of all kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to which we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, as we are determined to sell for cash or to punctual oustomers. C. R. L.CROWN A CO., oor. of 6th street and Penn. avs. P. 8.?We shall still oontiuue our regular sales on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday,both mormngand evening, in front of our store. Consignments soli otUd, aiul ia all oases advauocs made when required. C. R. L. C. 1b CO., ap2ff-tf - (Intel) Anetioseers. resent! m H OME-MADE CARRIAGES. W'( have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of all kinds ofCARRI AGES of the vsry l?est, latest, and approved styles, ami warranted in point of workmanship and material, to be equal to any made in the city of Washington or any other city in the United States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citisens aud strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none snrpasa ua either in .a'k .SfR e'pa .RING . wo,k. man!) ke manner, and at reasonable pneea. Old Carriages taken ; at a fair price. may 12 4m JV|AUNOIjlAH^MS.. ^fAGNOL1<fc HAMj We-are just opening, and we guarantee them un equal led by any Hams in this oity. I'hey were cured in Maryland expressly fot omr sale. H7"No authorized agents. ? KINO A BURCHP.LL, tj 2ft Corner Vermont avenue and Ifth street. in part payment for new and SIMON FLYNN A CO. The rjLCino ^i^TSinur com ~ ? ?r dOa ? AC - , ? . ? ? - - -w^ c-o^.., montii, oa the arri ? I <*ywUeiteci StatesMailS.S.Compiny'ssteam sra, which leave New Orleans and New York reca larly on 5th and 2fHh of each month with the maila. RO^sf0*6'* ??anectla^ rm PANAMA RA1L These steamships bar* barn taspsotsd and Re proved by the Nary Department, and guaranty speed mi .5 vareu,IA Railroad (47 milea lot*) ia now oom pietcd From ooean to ocean. and is oroeaad in 3 or 4 5W. The haggageof^passengers ia c.iecked in Mew throutQ to San Franoisoo, and saaaeagsrs ara if1"? by steamer at tYe oompaay'a fT,^e money pawl in New York oovsrs all ?xpause# of the trip. Han t*?Ye *te<wrer* are kept in port in Panama and <Unf k'-prevent detention in caas of acci k/2 hRt th* "i"1* '? entirely reliable-no fail Pn..rnK *?fht years. Passengers leave Panama the same da* tAev ar rive at A ? pin wall. mmm9 1 -k.?*rB?tor" *? through hy each steamer, and take ?o?s women aod ohiidren without other proteo ..P?r throneh tickets at the lowest rataa astir at the agency, 117 Wast strait. New York, to '? r^Y,' M<)>| D,?or to ARMS TRUNO. H A R R1S * CO., iy 24-tf c. I,. BA RTI,FTT ".Von**0*'" ** j^OR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, oa tke ftth of July, oommenoe running regularlv to _fraw> the above plaoes, leaving Washington g? - T isia (Eleventh-St. wharf) every WED ????& NKMDAV and SATL'IOmV U 9 . ? R,. rffuUh'u'ii fttSSSS!*.^ n ' *ntl t'1? D,uai landings on the Potomac foftpiVfe'Bol'ifA'RsI'-toljla r""" N?" j* y-tf WW. MITCHELL. lUM EDWARDS' FERRY #ku i ^ via 1 hftuttMiki and Ohio Canal .-The Packet Boats ^ ^ , , !? ( I a n/i ll S ' II I* I / ' 4J II ^? ? liaV GO and M. C. M E1GS, will onminCro, making daily trips to the above r --n" ?n,i u w*ro!? a< the wharf of W. H. i F'er''jr#r?tu*n. p. C. every miming at 7 o clock, Sundays exoepw.d; through in eight hours; loavinr Georgetown at fseven o'clock in the morning, the JW, will arrive at th?Gr?it Fatfs o? KHwiS'J? A<"TiUct' at '??? m..HenVeaaU2m' Edwards b erry at 3 p. m., where a stage will t>e ia readiness to oonvev passengers to l^eealmrr V* Returning, loave UwTds' TSly if'^Si at^unse" l0fIUn*' ?rnving m Georgetowc rough: Tieketa, f 1.75. Intermediate points aa Great Faf s or ^"ashington Aoueduct V cents; Seneca, 75 cents; KdwirJn' Ferry, ?l.i2* Leesburg. Virginia, including coaah. $1.75. Me&Ja served on the ilusti at moderate prices miir25 W- H. A H. 0. RITTER. |^ALL STYLE FOR IW9T. Now ready at STIVKMETZ'S, 238 Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth. the most popular Fall strles of Dress, or Mole?kin HATS, to which he invite* particular attention. Having establuhed the caah sys tem, and hnding it to work well, he will oontinue to make a Oiso<?unt of< per cont. upon the actual market price, making the hat sold for $4 (and -^1^4^ not unfrequentty for $5) for the low price of ftSJO; a slight variation in quality for S3, and for ?2^i a suporior quality for the money. A good assortment of FKI.T HATS. CAPS, Ac. always on hand. B. H. ?TIN^MET5<. auK 21t' yg Penn. ave. near 13th street. A i\tekfstkAl,{vP^RSON8 u:H('ark , *jy ' i r-U.?\> 6 have now?>u harxi asud ply of ouroAlehrated Bur?,n and X XX Ales, which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the southern trade and which, we will guarantee to keep *n?it iD* time, even in the warmest of weather. A" lovers of good Ale can be accommodated with tneaboyeat our Depot, 57 Green street. George town^D. C. ARNY A 8HINN. ^KLLIXG OFF!.'-SELLING OFF!!! Having determined to make a change in our present tirm it Lco?jme? necessary to close out our present stock entirely, we shaJI therefore commence from this ifay to ofler our stock at pnoes utterly regard less of oost. Our assortment is complete, consisting of Per lumery. Toilet Uootis, China and Bronze Ornamenta Portem mnaiea, Card Cases. Books, Dusters. Bas kets, Engravings, Desks. Work Boxes. Door Mats and an endless variety, to all of which we invite the i attention of the public. CD" No Humbug. ..?'r?0|l" indebted will please settle up at onoe as the present arrangemei,ta rnunt be closed. h.j. Mclaughlin a co.. au a' 20. t?et. nth and 9th ata. <^taple fall goods. a- C iTsMOOT. l- S. txde Bridtf St., Georgnoten, D.C., nas received and offers U> customers, an assortment of gooda adapted to the early Ffcll demands, oonaist pf the following, viz : P ain B'aek Silks, of the l?est mak?s t .am Modea and bright oolored Muslin Delaiaea du t-a Muslin Delaines, at 25 cents Kich English and American Prints, in great variety. {Tast oolors > * New York, English, Bates' Mills, all Wool.and other heavier makes Shirting Cottons Kiohardson'a hud Cname's oelebrated makes of Irish Linens Black ai.d white Check Cnshmeres. f??r Dust era Single and double width Lupin's Blaok Moaslin De laines \\ bite. Bed. and Yellow Flannels < assimerea, Sattinets. and Kentucky Jeans JMiirting Prints, striped and dotted l.adies and Misses Cotton Hose, all kinds Gents, and Boys half do. Ladies and Gents Linen Cambric Handk'ts Bich. new style Bo-net Ribhona .;7?it?^ril.,,ant*' Cambrics and Muslins I able ? loths, Damicks and Napkins l.ineu anil Cotton Sh<?eting? nnd Towellings Osnahurg Calicos and P aid Cottons Shirting? Sh*elln??? Uril,?- ""d fine brown i?w ,'A^>ti!*r"w,"0,Mi,>,e Roo?l?. wbioh will be sold low to cash or prompt customers. aujsi if J H S J 1ST RECEIVED AT THE MI'SIC DEPOT * ??rner? filth "feet and Penn. avenne.a v,rfeJ,"or\me,?t of >J*"rt?ona, Flatinos, lremolos. Violins. \ lohncelloa. r.ii,r>r. Ireinoli* Violina. Violinoe||<,? Guitars'fS* h lutos. Clarionetts. Flageolets. Banjos. TamU. rnes. Drams, F ifes, and Braas Instruments of all description, and warranted to be the t^.t article, imported direct by us,and sold wholesale and retail at the lowest terms. Aiso. a lot of line Strings. -Iu 21 W. G. METZF.ROTT._ H'^LKTON INTEREST, ANN CITIES, and Life Insurance, 37c. Heather's Descuptive Geometry, With Atlas 7Se Haddon s Algebra for self instruction, 75c. ' Electricity , by M,r W. S. Harris, 5fic. Galvanism, by S,r W. }?. Hairis.56o. Halleur s Art of Photographv.SJc. tieology, by Lieut. Col. Portfook, 5Go. Mineralogy, by D. Yarley. 7ac. ., j* Rudimentary Astronomy. 77c. fiiaiid on Shfpand Kim! Bui!ding.37o. Kipping on Masting and Bilging Ships, 36c. Baspai I on Domestic Medicine. 56c. Spencer's Art of Playing the Pumo Forte. J7o. Donaldson on Clay Is nds, S7c. Imported fr?im London.each volume with rumer oia^ravi^!, FRANCK TAYLOR. GREAT INDUCEMENTS OFFERED FOR v A ? H. S E M K F< N i Jeweler oflara at greatly reduced prices, roacxsH, the fo4 G?:from /"'nS|l,hI>^alent Levers, ftill jeweled, "?rtm\rt??h dnz- ru'1from 035 up. up atchea, fuil jeweled, in variety, All Watches are guaranteed for 12 months pnceio .'iTnVfp1"11 Vest Chains, at wholesale pnees: a I kinds of F ine J^welrv, such as Bracelets t ins. Ear Rings, Rings,Shirt Buttons, Seals. I.ock 8Vlf"'#,c ? emliraoing Diamond, VeariXoiwis. et?;? aaUmiahing low prices, r? ? V i e w ar0~r^P?on?. Forks, and all kind ut KHver \ve~ Jh,,,1J9ver ?fl"*d before. P*i!\ er- pintcd W rire?such as Sinwinii irnriru . tors Cake ju.d Card Ite^kets Bu^er t^i^:; ^tc' "?."gfSflBMMpriMI. IS ? fo rVdieT^rtye0f ,n mduoementa is. to Ttauce our prtsmi large Hock for rta.Ju ca <h, contemplating some alteration in our toi?w"eTaTr"tj'fj"'T1 h 1 n* ,n onr '"*? are invited to can; we shall take pleasure in convinomg them that loss opportunities of purchasing Jim goods at such reductions are seldom odered. All good, waj raaut l.S* repre"8lUed' ^ n H. SEAfKE.NT^ - Pennst Ivama avenue. ]\EW GROCERY. WINE, AND lu . ^ LIQUOR STORE. ??Ti "ti ??Z? fr to inform his friends and the 7d &h i VP*n0d a % W 8TO R E. oorner . u Louisiana avenue, where lie in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied OrORS nr ins*" D<f>mystic WINES. LI QLOKS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCFR1FS consisting of Fine Teas, Su/rir, Coffee, Flolr^?5* Marker A1'r?n"' ^?^** Sardiiiee, Anchovies, htar^,' Warren A Co,, Pinet A Co., and Col. ctal?ard'a Brandies in oases, demijohns, and oaaka Old Ja maica Rum, Sherries, Madeiri, PoruTr^rious de script ions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Marca\i? ?}M> Chamnafne Cider, Bmndy Fruits Revnt^H^ Edinburgh Ale, Annisette. Maraschino', Curaooa. AI?synthe.Champ."i*ne, nrnl a large and Vaj-ilri aoription of Hava?* Cigara. ?aried de Alao, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever nnd A... Bitters Porter. Ale, and CiJer. aDd AfB# ir.? tUl! !XH trei P*rtieu|arlv invited to oa.ll and exam ine the stock before purctwiainv el??*h.r. \i rmulmceau ll[. hl*?tey, constantly on hand, of IMH. !^?? LIFKiN CHINA, bv Her. VViliism C. Milue, M. A..1 vol., l.ondon; $1-50. i.andj of the Slave arwl the Fi*e, hy Captain, ths Hon^iisary A. Murray, R. N., 1 vol., London ; The Poetienl Works of Robert BloomCeld, London. IH&1, 62 cents. The Laws of Contrast of Colours, by M. E Chev> real, J.oodon, 1867; Mieesila. Comnu;n Qbieots of the Ses Shore, by Rer. J. Q Wood, M. A., London. 'S57; #1. A., London, >*57; #1. rmales m Norway, Deed^Not Words, by M. Bell : 50 eta. ituuui in. a?i Lt'iiunn, w/f fl? Unprotected f- rmales m Norway, Londoa, IW7; Deeds Not Words, by M. Bell : 50 eta. Peregrins Bunoe, by Theodore Hook: Vinlet, or ths Daneeuse ; Sh ets. M1 FRANSK TAYLOR, AaHLNbTON BR A.NCM ILAlLR^tAU. TIU/NJB RCA is FOLLOWS: From Washington at ? a. ?.. ernneetmg m Relay with trains for the Wnt, and at iUit,m<>ra with those for Philadelphia aud New York; at 8.30 v ro.. ft* A on*pom, Baltimore. Philadelphia. and SZZi ?'^ ' ai ^<P "D for Baltimore awl Norfo.k, "*1^ Re**T with Frederick traiu. tX PRESS at 4JV ?. n. at Relay *>r the West. N?w York"*'0 Baltimore, Philadelphia, ud ftfr WASHINGTON at *gd ?j15 *? "N * ?nd S ?5 9- m. On Sunday at 4.I5 a. m an.f4.15 9, m. J* TTH. PARSONS.Arent. QRANUEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINK Twioe Daily, (Sunday nights excepted.) brtma WASHINGTON CITY and ?*? S Ou T H . via jU^EXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE ahd RICH Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. " Washington at 1 o'o.ock p m. Fare from Washington to Rionmond, $t 90. For LYNCHBURG ^d" the SOUTHWEST. . Leave W ash mgtou at 6 o'clock a.arrive id LY NCH IIURU next morning at 4 a. m.. connecting with the trains on the Virginia ar d Tennessee Fail Road for MKMPHIS. MmI Stages from Char ottesrille to Lynchburg a distance offln miles. Far* from W ashington to Lynohburg, ?7 74. M - Memshis. S4JA. The most expeditious route to the Vint Springs?only six Lours* sta*e travel to the On brier Whito Su pbur. f ... ll..i " m - ; .4 WW 'til \ Leave Washington at 6 a. m., arrive at WHI SULPHUR the same night. Fare from Alexandria to White Sulphur, 912JO The steamer GEORGE PAGE, foot of Seventh street, l>em? ow*h-J Irr the Raiirued Company, runs in connection with the trains. Tt^k^'s for Riohmondaud Lynchburg procured on the Bout. lL/"<'innitaiscs&nd Bat gage Wasonrwili beet On Depot of the Washincton Kail roan. to convey pa* sengsrssitd baggage to ti?e Si ~vmboat, for Alexar dr.a. a distance of six oules, allowing ample t.ii.e for meals. JAMES A. EVANS. Aguut. Alexandria, July,1*j7. jy l-tf N EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTb~OF THE WEST. RALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing connecting lines at the West nas required an en tire revision of the running arrangements of this road bv which highly important advantages to the truv elerare secured. On and after MONDAY, Jnnn 15. 18S7, THRKE DAILY TRAINS will be ma in both directions for through rse?#ngers. . Firet-Tt e ACCOMMODATION TRAIN starta from Camden Statiou, Baltimore,at 7 A .M.,?except Sunday,) stops at way stations ai*d arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Seoortd?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex? oepted)at 83" A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 A A. M.t connecting at Benw??od with Central Ohio trains for Cniumbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lwa isvf.e, Chicago. Sr. Ixnus. Ae., an<l at eeme pr~ With trains for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, Ac., Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersburg with Si rietta Road. Thtrd-The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNA1 EX PR KS5 TRAIN leaves dai>y at Sjrn P. M necting at Benwood at 9 A. M.with express from Beljaire to Cincinnati, (yeilknut r A anrs ^ Cart at Colttmbu*,) and reselling there in hours from Baltimore and 96 hours from W* _ ton. It also connects directly, in both directions, at Grafton with cars l?v Parkersl?urg and Msnetta roads for Chillioothe. Cinoinnati, mo. Thene t nuaa connect fit Xer.ia for Indianapo'is, Chicago snd 0L I.ouis. and at Cincinnati with the Grmt Ohio M Mississippi F.xpress for l?ouisville Cairo nod St Louis through to St. Louis 111 less than 42hoars fr<qB Baltimore. Br this train the ttm* to all tbe central and southern places in the West is much less. whJa the distance is from 4? to 100 miles shorter than Wf the shortest of other routes. From the West tin oonnectio-is are eqnaltv dose and satisfactory, 1 riving at Baltimore at 8.3" A. M. T'./v - 1 ir-r Maggare checked through to all ponita?^* m:. TilROriJH TICKETS s?"k1 at lowest rat?f ?l Csmden Station and at Wsshinrton. D. C. Passengers fn>m Baltimore or Wai etrie (Ac tmtire roitd by dayii^kt, bf i ing trams, and lyine over at Cumber land, and re.uming ucxt morning by Wbeelinl ooinm<Hlation train, leaving Cumtwrlund at Oakland at 1<*.5A. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Accommodation 'I ra n at Tj wi'l stop at all Statiora east of Cumlierh Wheeiin* Aoonmmodation at all Stati Cumberland going West. K&Btwardly, the>lail Tram It^ives Wheeling at 83* A. M .at.J Aoo>>mmo dadon leaves Cumberland at 9, reach.tig Baltimore at5?? P.M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, between Grafton and Parkersbnrg, 1 passengers will take the Express westwactiif I the Mail eaatwardlv. The FREDERICK TRAIN sta stopping at way atations. Leaves Fl A. >1.. arriving at Ha t imore 12 noon. ^ The ELL1COTTS MILL TRAIN ISTMatl A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott's Milla at) M. and 7 P. M., except Sumlaj 11110 FOR W A SB IN <? T<( N AN I) THE SOU Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.I&I ? ?_ A. M..S and 5.15 P. M. Ou Suuilaya at 4.15 A.M., and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Washincton for Baltimore at 8 artu R J# A. M. and 3and 4J2n P. M. On Sundays at 7 A.M., aaa 42n P. \l. only. The fi rat and fourth tra ns from Ba timore, and the aee?>nd and lourtli traina Inun \\ aslnngten. will ha express ma:l traina. htobping only at WashiagtMl Junction and AiinaiKilis Junction. The 9.15 and 5.15 traina from Baltimore and the 8 J# and 4 2" traina from Washington connect with the traina from Anuapoiis. For tick -ts, information, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, at the Ticket othce. Camden Station. WM. S. WOODSIDE, jy 13-tf Mnster of Transportation. Baltimore. IiHK NEW Yf?RK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMMRS. Tke Skip* r#r?nnsi Uii Lisi art : The ATLANTIC Cart. Oliver Eldridge, The BA f.TIC Capt. Joseph Comatook The ApRIA't 1C Capt. James West. Theae ships having ?>eeut>Bilt by oontract expressif for the Government servioe.every cere has been taken in their construction, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their aooomiiHKlat:?ne for pa*seii(ers are uue^ualied for eleganoe and 00m fort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first aabiti, 91^; m second do., : exc usive use of extra sue state rooms. $325. From Liverpool to New York, ami 2" g?nne>aa. An experienced Sur goon attached to each ship. No tiertha -an be aecured unt 11 paid for. The chips of this hue uave improved water imill bulk he&ds. PROPOSED DA"lES OF SAII.ING. nox siw Tott. I moM itniiroot. Saturday, June Sv.. .IWI1 Wedne?dsy. June 24 1W* Saturday. July 4.....1857 Wednesday, July 8. IRST Saturday , J uiy 18 1R57 Wedueeday, July 22 1857 Saturday, Aug. 1..... 1857 Wreduesday, Aug. 5 1857 Saturday. Aug. 15 1*57 Wednesday, Aug. 19 18.17 Saturday . S<?pt. 12 ...1*57 Wednesday, Sept.* l?flT Saturdav, Sept. Sr.... 1817 Wednesday, Sept.30 18*T Saturday, Oct 10 'k17 Wednesday, Oet. 14 18* Saturday, Oct. 24 US7 Wednesday, Oot. 28 t8.*T Saturdav, Nov. 7 1H57 Wndnesilay, Nov. 11 1857 Saturday, Nov. 21... -4?V7 Wadnesday, Nov. 25 1M7 Saturday, Dec.5 i*57 Wednesdsy , pec. 9 13S7 ! Wednesday, Dec. 23 \W1 For freight or passage, aeelj to EDWARD K: COLLINS, No. Sfi, Wall street. New \ ore. BROW N. SHIPl.F.Y A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., ?, Austin Fnars, London. B. G. WAIN'WRIGHT k CO.. P?rt?. The owners of th??He ships will not be acoonntable for gold, snver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precione stonee or meL*Ua, unless bills of >ruiing are signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. jo 15 U N1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK anD wiTHorT raiLrua rou bight tears roa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtrulmr Sailing Dayt.btk 1*30(4 0/ tack montk. CsifTioif.?So mftn* frauds and impoei tior.s of various kinds have be*n iateU< perpetrate on travellers Umiid toCALf ' rORNIA, thai the subscrUwr. the only aut horued Agent for passage bv the t'. S. Mail Lu.a. via Pans ma. in the eity of New York, feels it his duty to caution all persons seeking passage to Californis, that, to avotn lMroetTio*. they must he careful to find the true office of the St?*amahips of the U. S. Mail I/1 lie. via Panama Railroad, s* 10 other office in New York is atitliorix?>d to euesge passage. The Companies have only one office in New York* which is at 177 West street, corner of Warren street, fronting 00 the North River, at the head of the Com pany's Wharf. in- Observe my sign over the door. ^ L W. RAYMOND. Agent, je 19- New York. 1 paper if JNTEREST1NG TO FAMILIES. Tbe following extract from a New York paper aansot (ail to l>e interesting. In referring to, the receipts of Teas in this oountry for nn? I Btr up to 30th ultimo, it says they will be I ,000 pounds s unt of the imports of the year end ing June 3D, 1916, and that r Ths advance in black teas. Oolongs, since last Deoember, has bssn fifteen oeuls per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced as advance of one hundred per oent. over last season's cioeinc prices. "It will thus be seen thst the strong and rapid advance is the lea market has lieen the result of ? short snpplv and active demand ; bat when it is con sidered t>st wentsy hear at suv moment of tbe en tire suspension ot shipments ai Stoangnai, and. in fact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from Eng si d arrives at the seat of war, all fire ports of entry is China, will probe My be planed nsMtcr strict blockade. It would not be surprising in see Teas at a muek higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of 1 lese ?|cts, ws hold out very great in ducements for families to lay in their suprues of Tea note. KING k BURCHFLL. iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street. TREMOLO ACCOR DEONS. a new invention call and see than, at the Music i>?pot of W. G. METXBROTT. aalS- oorner 11th and Pa. are.