Newspaper of Evening Star, September 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 16, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON. D. C., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1857. NO. 1,454. . , . I ? ? , THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pa. avenue and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH, tad is served to subscribers by earners at SI X AN D A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ths Agents; papers served in paekacee at 37>? eents per moatb. To Mail subscribers tne snbeoription pnoe ts THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a ystr ?n advance, TWO DOLLARS fc>r six months. and O.N L DOLLAR for three months; for lees than three months at the rate of 12ft oents a week. fETSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE FASinONS. [Correspondence of N. Y. Journal of Commerce.] Paris, August 24tb. 1S57. The past fortnight has been one of great ac tivity and busy preparation among all classes in Paris. The inauguration of the splendid Palace of the Louvre?the completion of which will furnish a brilliant page in the history of the Emperor Napoleon III ?the festivities with which the tete of the Emperor was cele brated. both at the Tuileries and in the streets of the capital, have furnished to milliners and mantua-makers a pressure of work almost equalling the busy times of the New Year and the Carnival. At the ceremony of the inauguration we no ticed beautiful white robes, from the establish ment of Madame Fauvet, 4 Rue du Menars composed of white muslin and lace. The cor _ ^ges are low. aud arc- covered with a fichu of rich laee, haviug pufiings of muslin, through which are run ribbons. The skirts are covered with laoe and muslin flounces, sewed on alter nately. White muslin, either embroidered or covered with lace trimmings, has been the most fashionable style of toilet during the summer, and will continue to be worn for dinner arid evening owtumo this autumn and winter. The while uiusliu is frequently decorated with vel vet ribbon of a dart color, or black, and if al ways accompanied by a fichu composed of mm lin and lace, trimmed to match the dress. Tho white moiro antique, covered with largo di? tachod boquets ot bright colored flowers, will boa favorite dross for the cooler weather ; the ?kiyt is plain, very full and long, forming a short train behind, and trimmed up the sides with ruches ot white silk ribbon; the corsago may be either high necked, with basques and trimmed with rucfiea, or plain, low a point and covered by a rich lace Marie Antoinette fichu. Long, plain jackets, of the same tissuo as the rob*, forms a favorite street attire; the skirts ot the jacket reach below the knee. Wo are told that the plain jackct and the burnous will be the out-door garments most in vogue for the Ooming season. The burnouse will be composed of plain velvet or of moire antique. The Pamela, the Lorraine and the Patent bounet*. as made by Madame Alphonsine. 12 P?ue du llelder. are all becoming coiffures. The Pamela is a mixture ot hair aud straw, for the autumn of a dark color, brown or grey. A blue ribbon reaches from tho edge of tho front to the curtain ; this ribbon supports loops aud ends of blue ribbon, arranged so as to form a Greek knot. At tho edge ot the front there is a black lace ; a bow ot blue ribbon iuside. On the Lorraine bonnet, the trimming consists of black velvet mixed with a bunch of wheat ears in st;aw. On grey autumn straws a ribbon of the same color ends in two bow?. one at the edge of the front, tho other at the fall of the curtain Iuside, on one side only, is a cherry, pink or blue bow, aocording to the taste of the wearer. A narrow black lace decorates the edges of the bonnet and the curtain. For the month of September and October, straw bonnets will b? trtmmod with black velvet resilles. and Autumnal fruits and flowers. Vine foliage is often placed as a coronet on the front, and the ends hanging over the curtain. The white silk ribbon is striped and cheeked with black. A rose, and a blonde ruche forms '.he eap. Very pretty caps arc fashioned of the new style of guipure, and trimmed with small jet buttons ; a bow of ribbon is nlaced on the top of the head, and on oach aide a tuft of ribbon. Dress caps may bo ma>l? of white bionde and black lace; three short ends of black Iaco fall back on the bead; on each aide there is a tuft of ribbon loops. Morning caps are composrxl of insertions of Valenciennes and embroidered insertion ; there is a fancbon on the front; the strings and trimmings are of embroidered mus lin bordered with Valenciennes. Dress caps *ro also worn of crap? and blonde; the front has fluted rows of crapc and blonde ruches ; a round of blonde form the crown, and on each fide there is a large bow of crape trimmed with blonde. The autumn handkerchiefs, now displayed in tho magnificent establishment of Chaperon. Kue de la Paix, are Co vered with richly embroidered viae leaves aud grapes and the late flowers. 1 he morning handkerchiefs are gouerally em broidered in very small patterns, or in festoons of oolored cotton. Coral oontinues to be tho favorite ornament for both half-dress and full toilette. The pa rures ot coral of a pink hue. arranged by Sar raxin, Itf Boulevard St. Denis, are beautiful specimens of French taste. The favorite styles are those of arabe>que desigus. and oriental patterns. A bouquet of coral forms a beauti ful ornameut on tue corsage of a white muslin robe ; wheu th^re are two skirts, the tunic is looped up with a coral ornament. misfoktlm:s of a* imhikter. The New York Evening Post furnishes the following as the persoual experience of an im porting merchant of that city, during the last days of August, which will be appreciated by many men in business, and even its perusal cannot fail to suggest prudence and economy, it is a daily history in all kinds of monetary stringency : August 18th, '57.?Refused discount at bank. Coulout raise money to pay duties, and obliged to warehouse a valuable importation of goods. Cashier says come again next offering day. 21st.?Went and found matters ten times worse. Saw the President, who told me I de served to bo pinched for importing so heavily, aud that I needn't come thero again for six weeks. Couldn't discount a dollar. Concluded to call on B. and borrow a lew thousands. Found note on my desk begging me to lend him some money or he would break. Tried C. Same luck. 2*Jd.?Pitched out at another bank. Custom ers in, wanting to see the fresh importation. Spent three hours trying to borrow to pay the duties No success 24th ?Ohio Life and Trust Co. failed. Tried to sell paper in the street at three per cent, a month. No buyers. Fortunate remittance from the West?know the post-mark?Jones is a good fellow. Draft five thousand dollars?on th 4 Trust Cu hi party. 2ith ?Notc>>r collaterals due at the bank. Couldn't get :l renewed for a dollar. Made temporarj loan Stocks down 20 i?r cent. Best securities unsaleable at half price. 2'ith.?Loans called in. Begin to feel choky in the throat. No appetite, i'ried to sell out my importation of dry goods at twenty percent, ioss. Nobody hal money to buy. Went home sick. 27th ?Resolved never to put myself in the power of the banks again. Miserable institu tions. Spent the whole day trying to borrow, and barely escaped protest My own notes stuek in my face at three per cent, a month. Overheard broker say '? You re a gone man, if yod can't take your own paper at that [trice." reel very much so, but got to keep a stiff upper 2^th?Four bankers failed. Times worse than Ih37.? Feet sore with runuing about to raise money. Can't collect a dollar from the country. Everybody out ou the same business ?all borrowers, no lenders. Desk full of bit's receivable, pertectly useless. Sr>ecie line of the banks down to nine millions. Wish I d never ec-en a piece of foreign dry g>?ods Would have been as easy as an old shoe if I bad Iiot im Eor ted. I bad lo business to build that new ouse, the olj one was good enough. Ought to have been content with moderate things, and tiled on hall the money. Store rent too high. Obliged to spread out too inu<li on credit to pay expenses 2*Jth.?2* eighbor failed. Bank failed. Friend called to ask if the rumor of mv failure was true Air black with foul reports. Half-past two p m , account overdrawn, and notes un paid IGT In travelling in a railroad car, which Is tb* safe?t seat ' Manv an anxious mother Las pondered the point. The America* Enquirer, as tbtf result of <wieutiflc calculations and protected eiperience, says thesaf^t *ent is in the middle of tbe la?t car but one. Tlic:* are some ehaacM of danger wbicU are the same everywhere in the t.a>n, but otfiers are least lu the above uaiued j>Uce. The Empress Eigexie at a Bcll. rioHT. On Sunday, the 23d of August, the Empress Eu genie visited Bayonne, to Attend a bull fight in the Faubourg uf St. Esprit, where these sport# hove been held for the last few years. The King ot Wartemburg was also present At this humanizing Amusement, so dear to All Span iards. and consequently to Her Majesty of the French. Two Auimals were killed, after un dergoing the usual process of torture, to the apparent satisfaction of the amateurs, and as a similar pleasure was about to be afforded by a third butchery, a heavy thunder stntm came on. at once interrupting the sport. A number of the spectators rushed for shelter to the gal lery or platform where the musicians were sta tioned, which wa.J, excepting the boxes occupied by diguitaries, the only spntcovered in the arena. The structure, which was unusually fragile, gave way beneath the weightof hundreds who pressed upon it, and all were precipitated to the ground. A great panic arose, and it was at first feared that several persons were killed, but it soon appeared that only one was crushed to death, although several had limbs fractured. The man ager of the bull-ring thought that tho disaster would release him from presenting the rest of his animals. But the crowd insisted on thecon tinuancc of the "sport,*1 and no bull makinghis appearance. fell to tearing up benches, break ing down barriers, and demolishing everything they could lay their hands on. The Empress, whose sensibilties were only pleasantly affected by the iuhuman torture of the bull, became disgusted with tho unexpected sceue, and re tired. but the rioters continued their uproar, and the troops had to be called iu to disperse them. Whether the Empress will again patronise Sunday bull-tights is not stated. It is said that the Emperor is strongly opposed to them, and desires to introduce a more thorough observance of the Sabbath in France ; but his wife id a strong*jninded woman. Ta* Poiso.h Bcsh.?One day, threo maid servants and I went out to bathe in the lake below Mr. Bell's house, near Sydney. When we camo out of tho water, being full of lifo And spirits, wo ran about to dry the bathing gowns upon our backs, chasing each other among the brushwood. Mary cautioned me against going near some bushes, which she said were poison ous; but when Harriet was pursuing me. I only thought of avoiding being caught, and heed lessly jumped into a paison bush. A large leaf instantly struck me with a smart, flat stroke, upon the leg, and before I could retroat, the whole limb swelled frightfully. Mary ran to look for help, and found Mr. Elward Bell, the assistant's son, not far off. He had his gig with him,, and being aware of the necessity for prompt surgical aid, he at ones took me up, just as I was. with bare head and feet, aud noclothcs but the bathing gown, and drove off at great speed. Without stopping at his fathca's house, or at ParainattA, or anywhere else, he made a short cut. along a bad road, bnd never drew bridle until he reeched the door of Dr. Bland's surgery at Sydney. I was in dreadful agony. Dr. Bland cut a hole in my leg, and poured in a liquid, which I believe was spirits of wine. It burned like fire; a quantity of blackish green fluid ran out, and the swelling sunk as it flowed. He then put an issue where he had made the incision. I s<*>11 reoovered, but ever since have found a peculiar insensibility to pressure or pricking ia the part affoctcd, which was a lew mehes above the instep. I never heard any other namo for the bush which had hurt mc, excepting that of the poison bush. The leaf was flat and wide, and the stalks had bunehes which 1 >ok white, and curled something like endive. I spent one day at the Doctor's house, aud the next I went on board the Denmark Hill. Mr. Edward Bell bad saved my life, but I had no inclination to reward him, as he wished, by bo coming his wife.?Autobiography of Eliziibeth Davit, a Balailava Nuru. A Novkl Excuse pgr a Suspected nm glar.? John Spellman, who lives on Front street, below its junction with Fifth, was awak ened at an early hour on SundAy morning, by a noise in his sleeping chamber, and leaping from the bed, seized upon an unknown man, who was endeavoring u> get out at the window. Spcllman retained the follow in custody until the watchman of the Ward arrived and took charge of the supposed burglar, who gave his name as Lewis Hisely. Yesterday morning, Hisely arraigned before the Police Court, where he stated by way of ex plaining the suspicious circumstances under which he was arrested, that he had been in the city only a month, And that during all that time he had boen looking for his wife, to whom he was greatly attached. He had heard that his sp=>u*e had proved unfaithful, and had trans ferred her affections to Spellman, and w?is even living in his house. To be certain of tho in fidelity of his consort, in whom Hisely professed the largest faith, he determined to visit Spell man's bed chamber, during the silence ot" the night, in search of tho erring one. and if guilty, to prove her guilt, by the evidence of his own senses. At the close of his narrative Hisely looked ex ceedingly rueful, and was observed to apply the corner of his hankerchief to his oyes. as if to dry the rising tears. The Police Judge could not believe the prisoner's highly improbable story, and con sequently held him to bail in to answer toe charge of attempting to commit burglary, at the Court of Common Pleas. Hisely protested his innocence, and as he was taken below for lack of some friend to be his se curity, declared himself a victim to adverse and inexorable circumstances, and an undue conjugal affection.?Cincinnati (razette. Some Dog.?A gentleman left Holyoke on Friday afternoon for this city in a buggy, taking a favorite dog with them. As they progressed toward Willimansett the gentleman amused himself by plaguing the dog. till he had got the animal into a state of complete worry. Presently the gentleman's hat blew off, and be weut back after it, leaving his horse and buggy standing in the road ; then the dog took advantage of his masters absence to jump into and start the animal, who trotted gaily toward the river, followed by the gentleman yelling '?whoa,*' to no purpose. His faithful dog now took a position upon the scat, where he could keep an eye on his master and another on the sieed. to see fair play in the race. They ap proached the Connecticut river, into which the waggish brute drove, and, keeping his seat, floated out behind the horse, who swam, after getting beyond his depth. They were seen, at tnis juncture, by person on the south shore, who put off in a boat, aud got them safely to land.? the dog in high glee at his successful experiment in driving?and then went back after their owner, who will, no doubt, leave that dog be hind the next tiino he to ride. The best of this story is its truth.?Springfield (Mass.) Republican ? A Very Prixliar Disn.?When our party of six had seated themselves At the centre table, my attention was attracted by a covered dish, something unusual at a Chinese meal. On a certain signal the cover was removed; and presently the face of the table was covered with juvenile crabs, which made their exodus from the dish with all possible rapidity. Tho crablets had been thrown into a plate of vine gar just as the company sat down?such an immersion making them more brisk and lively than usual. Hut the sprightly sport of the in fant crabs was soon chocked, by each guest seizing which he could, dashing it into h>* m >uth, crushing it betveen his teeth, and swal lowing the whole morsel without ceremouy. determined to do as the Chinese did, I tried this novelty also with one?with two. I fuc cccdeJ, finding the shell soft and gelatinous, for they were tiny creatures, not more than a day or two old. But I was compelled to give in to the third, which had resolved to take vengeance, aud gave my lower hp a nip so sharp and severe as to make mc relinquish my hold and likewise desist from any further expl* ruueut tfui wUuxt.?Lift in CA?w. FOB REST AND SALE. F' A1 I70R RK.NT ?A RARK CHANCE-Now un der construction, 12 large and Airy roome, with all tun conveniences of water and lights. The l<*on tion is in the principal business square of the city, and the rooms are well adapted for Dentists, Daguer reotypista, Offices. Ac. Also, a convenient and airy Basement, suitable for any light business. The whole finished and well lighted in the most improved manner,after the New \ ork styles. WALL ft STEPHENS, No. 322 Penn. avenue, between 9th and an 18-lm 10th sts., entrance on D st. FOR RENT.-The three^story BRICK HOUSE situated on '5th street, opposite the newexten mon of the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn. avenue and Willards' Hotel. The house oontains It' good rooms, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The looation is one of the best in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Aj>ply on the premises, No. 474. au 17-tOot * FARM FOR SALE.?A piece ??r line LAND on Rook Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of (ieorgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Porry, Wood, Bestor, Nowlos, Bohrer, and Hawkins. ll2Kaorcs. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich oroek bottom. and -mine fine yellow pine timber. It can l>e divided, n desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf 'OR RENT.?A modern built HOUSE, oontain ing !2 rooms. comfortAhly furnished, mi a delight ful and airy lotv;tion. froutiip one of the public res ervations, and ??ontmanding an extensive view ?ftlie oitv, the riv-3r,ami tieor^etoWn. It h;M ras through out ; water and lain-rooiu. To a careful tenant the rent will l>? mod rnto. Inquire at 4<4 I street, soc ond door trom !2tii tlidet. je 24-tl RNV'jTconFECTIO.NFRY FOR SALE. . This well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale. thna presenting a rare opportu nity for a good Confectioner to enr^r into a safe and prufitablo business. fMlMH can l>e had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as above, is olfered at private sate, or will be rented or leased as ma* be desired. For particulars inquire on the premises. No. 84 Bridge street, Georcetown, D. C., or to \VM. BR IDOES, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf FOR SALE.?A FARM of about ll*i acres, in Montgomery county. Md.,ton miles (Torn Wash ington, on the Colesville road. improved with a Brick Dwelling, a log barn aud stable, and a fine orch ard of choioe fruit. A part is set with clover, and the whole well fenoed. A tArg&in may bo obtained if early applied for, or would exchange for city prop erty. H. N. f/ANSDALE, Agent. No. 6rVt M atroet, atiSVIm* or through the City Post < ?lf.eo. I/OR !>ALK.-My RESIDENCE on the oorner o r New Jersey avenne and C street south, Capitol 11 ill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, anil on C street south feet 11 inches, and containing nearly 34,0i?i square feet. may 3-tr ___ _ W. F. PHILLIPS. F?OR SALE.?Three three story BRICK HOU SES, within a quarter of a mile of the Ci'y Hall, one two story KRICK, with l>aek building, near the Circle, and one FKAME COTTAGE, on Capitol Hill, with smaller Houses, and vacant Lots, in different portions of the City. Inquire over Washington City Savings Rank, of se l'i-eotf HRAFTON l>. HANSON. FURNITURE AND HOUSE-FURNISHING r GOODS AT REDUCED PRICES.?The sub scrilter, intending to devote his attention exclusive ly to tho Auction and Commission aud Real Kstate business, offers for sale his extensive stock of Furn iture and House Furnishing Goods at greatly re duced prices, for cish or aatifaotnrily endorsed notes. JAS. C. McGUIItE. au 24-eolm Auction and Commission Merchant. FOR R ENT?The two comfortable and conveni ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re rair, and will 1m for rent on the 4th of August. The louses are very desirable, particularly to pareuts having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KII)WELL. Hi?h street. Georsetowrn. It 27 A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.-For sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun tv. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Rr.droad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and ma> economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere in the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be readied by means of the railroad : also a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings arcnll on a hill, and, with small repairs, may bo made comfrirbable for the reaidenco of a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. Ak one of the joint owners of t his Farm now resides in the West, aud is determined to sell will be sold a great Inrgain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase may inquire for far ther particulars to W. D. WALLACH, editor of the Star. Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jy8-tf Wood and Coal, All kinds and sizes of coal. Now on hand, and to RED ASH. WillTE ASH, and GRAY ASH ANTHRACITE COAL. Cumberland Lump, Run of Mine, ftnd fine. Charcoal, m any quantity, from one bushel to one thousand. Toeettier with a well selected stook of WOOD. ITT" 2.24;' lbs. of ct ai to the ton in all cases. For sale on the most a-.toomiuodating/ermn. and at the lowest market prices, by F. L. MOOR E. No. 481 9th street, west side, se 12 eofit between D and E. W O O D AND C O A L . We are now ready to supply all orders for WOOD and COAL that mat be on'rintot! to our care, and will guarantee satisfaction in the same. f Vessels arriving weekly. r" Coal kept in floored and roofed yards. "2 24<i lbs. to the ton. Prompt personal attention given to every order T. J. A W. M. GAI.T, N. W. oorner 12th and C streets. No, 5*7, se 5-2w One square south of Pa. avenue. JOHN T. GIVEN A CO., Whoi.ksalk AND R RrstL* is COAL AND WOOD. S. IT. cor. of C and l4tA sts.,n*ar Canil Rridf*. Always on hand, (of prime quality,) a large stock of WOOD, aud the various sizes anu kinds of coal. Fair dealinz may be relied on in all cases. Orders solicited. au22'?olm C O A L ! COAL!! COAL!!! The subscribers are now prepared to furnish their customers, and all who may favor them with their orders for Coalu of any size or kind they may want, of a.s good quality as cumes to this market. Also, aeood supply of WOOD, at No, 475 10th street, between D ana E streets, and Potomac Bridge. Coal 2,240 lbs. to the ton. au ll-2>wf?w J. S. HARVEY ft CO. CUMBERLAND COAL. Orders will be recsived for cargoes, half cargoes, and quarter cargoes of the best quality CUMBER L A N D CO A L. in lump, or the run of the mines, at the very lowest casu prices. JONAS P. LEVY, Win*, l/.quor, and Grooenr Store, au ?>-tf No. V?4 I2th street, corner of B street CUMBERLAND COAL.?Now discharging,loo tons Cumberland Coal. CASTl.EMAN ft BRO., ly 71 oorner Gth and R opp. National hotel. ^To~A L~! COAL !! iTdA L !!! We are now prepared to furnish our customers and others w ho may favor us w ith their orders, with RED and WHITE ASH COAL, of either of the various sizes they may desire, of as good quality as comes to this market. A discount of 25 cents por ton when delivered from the vessels. lT7"2.?4o pounia to the ton. Also on hand, I1ICKORV, OAK, and PINE woon. warder a killmon, seS-eofit (Intel!.] 12th and C street. M [ARION HA R LAND'S NEW BOOK. .?1 " Moss Side," by Marion Harland, author of " Alone," "Tfce lliduen Path," Ac. Price $1.25. Nothing need be said to awaken an interest in a newbookby this charming authoress. Forty seven thousand copies of her " Alone" and " Hidden Path" liave been soiJ by her American publishers, and the demand at present as constant and regular as ever. In Europe they have met with still greater suocess. No other Ainenoan authoress has > et b.ten honored br republication in the Leipsic edition of standard American authors. Ti;o?e who have seen the advance sheets of " Moss Side" unite in the opinion that it is superior to both of Marion Har land's former productions in interest, style, and popular tact. It is full of incident of an exciting nature, while the plot u better and more systemati cally arranged. J ust received, and for silo at TAYLOR ft MAURY'S Bookstore, se 1 _ near 9th street._ SCHOOL BOOKS?Of the lateit editions and ? trongly bound. Such as are used in the City and District. For sale, at the lowest prices, by afl& FRANCK TAYLOR. Quite an excitement at MeLAUOH LIN ft CO.'S. They are selling out, and find their store crowded. Go and get bargains. so 7 WELLlNt* OFF!?SELLING OFF!!?Our en ?3 tire stook at cost. No humbug. h. j. Mclaughlin a co . se I 20 between 8th and 9th street*. {MIEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The lubwibar oflers"SUGAR, COFFEE. H * MS, DPS and SHOULDERS, FLOUR and MEAL', BUTTER and"EGG$","*at' N'o. 564~ 12th ?treet, oorner of U. JONAS P. LEW. TOYHANi) FANCY NOTIONS, of all kinds At LAMMONJ)'** EDUCATIONAL. Rmr- w. hknhv palmkr ultimate* to hia pupils, friends, and the public generally that the PIANO F O RT K CLA88K8 will resume their duties On MONDAY, September 7th. 1857. Prospectuses and all iufonnatioR may be obtained upon application to Mr. Palmer at his residence 2S0 F Strtet, ntar 13tk. Terma as before? Fivk and Th* Dollars per quarter of 2" lessons. Mr. Palmer's Class Instruction for the Piano Forte having been demanded in Baltimore, the days of meeting in Washington will be only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday .and Friday. The Georgetown Piano Forte Classes will com mence as soon as arrangements oan I* made, to which end the resiicntao? Georgetown are respect fully reoueated to oommumoate with Mr. Palmer forthwith. Arrangements have liecn made with the largest publishing establishments in New York and Phila delphia for an abundant suppt) of the btst and new est musio for the pupils. aeS-lw NOTICE TO THE GEORGETOWN ILA.NO CI. AWES. Mr. W Henry Palmkr begs to acquaint his Pu pils in Georgetown that he has completed arrange ments to give his lessons as l*?fore, at the O t. urge loir? F'mal* Seminary, now conducted by Miss M. J. Harrover. All persons desirous of Incoming pupils of Mr. Palmer are requested to meel at the Seminary, at 10 o'clock, on Monday, Sept. Uth. se 7 gCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. miscellaneous BOOKS, CHEAP PI'll LIGATIONS. PERIODICALS,and NKWSPA the lowest cash prices, at the NORTH ERN LIBERTIES CHEAP BOOKSTORE,Iff Seventh street, above the Northern Market. aug 29-lm* Pianos, &c. AC A R U.-A CHANCE RARELY MET WITH BY THOSE WHO

A PIANO FORTK.?I havenow instorev^w-^s the following great bargains: ???If Two superb Pianos, four round corners, rosewood oases, seven octaves, uaed only a few months. I wiil sell them at 9125 less than their price seven months since. A beautiful seven octave Rosewood Puar.o, iron frame, round comers, for 92?. The above Pinuos are sold for no fnnlt, but be longed to families who have removed to the west, and left thein with us to be sold Tliey are reslly and truiy great bargains. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with tham, and will, at any fu ture day, exchange, if parties are not satisfied. A lsi>, a line second-in ml Piano of Hallet A Davis* mike, for S^im, used but eighteen months, and cost 8325. AI <iO. two second-hand Chiekering's for 5' 175 each, at the Great Piano Wareroomsof JOHN F. ELLIS. au 19 J'fi Pcnn. ave.. l>et.9th and 10th streets. VI/ G. METZEROTT has now on hand a Large . assonment of PIANOFORTES., by Rosenkrana,Bacon A Raven And Wm.* Miller. AI so, seve al second hand Pianos* which he will sell for cash, or on monthly payments. Pianos and Melodeous fiorn io i?'15<>. One aeo ond-hand Melodoon for ?20. Pioanofortea for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. an 12 riOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late hrm of Knablc. Gaehlk A Co., Continues the nuinuiacture and Kale of grand anl square PIANO FORTES, underfrhe name.? of William Knabe A Co., at the old s'and, ElSSS? Nos. I, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op-'II %I ' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2n7 Baltimore street, l>etween Ctiaries and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied liy Mr Henry MoCattery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on liand a large assortment of plait and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodcona, from the best makers, from * to 5 octave, some with double key-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churohes, BtMng extensively engaged in the manufacture o Pianos, we will sell wholesalea:*d retail, oi; the mos liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs oI the Maryland Institute two successive years?Octolier, 1356, an J IS56?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from somf ol the boat makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were als'-awarded the first premium at the Industrial ExIuiMtion held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1855 and 1856. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession oftestimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which oan be seen at our warcrooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, ano a privilege of exchange is granted witinn the first six mouths from the day of sale if the inbtruruentado not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thsir advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-lj WM. KNABE * CO. h.s r.emg m WINDOW GLASS.?SOOboxva 10 by IS Fre&oh Window Glass, will be sold at one dollar and seventy-five per l*?x for cash, in lota of 14 ts.xes. Also, a full supply of large size Freneh Glass, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities. 4 by 8 G lass for hot-houses, 8 by 10,8 by 12, 9 by 12, and 10 by 12 cheap. R. H. MILLER, SON A CO. Alexandria/V*. ie22 Blackberry brandy .?w e haw this day received a supp'v of Turner Brother's BLACK KERRY BRANDY, which is a fine article, and guarantoo it to cure the Diarrhea iu its worst loriu. For sale wholesale or retail hy ARNY A SHINN, jv 22 S7 Green st.. (><w>raft4>wn. MME. KLEIN A CO.,(from France,) DRESS MAKERS, No. 391 Pa. sv., between 4Ji and 6th sts. Pleating. Fluting. Crimping, Dresses, Curtain Bleaching and Old Embroideries transferred to order. u 18-lm pEVER AND AGUE REMEDIES. Dr. Osgood's India Chola?ojrue. Desiilen's Auti-pei iodic Pills. Dr. Shallnnberger's Pills. Rhode's Fever ami Ague Cure. Dr. McClin'ock'a To io Mixtures. Rowaml's Tonio Mixtures, Obur'a do do. Smith's Specific. Keenn's Powders, Canal Powders, Ac., Ae. For sale at J. B. MOOR E'S Prur Store, First Ward, 113 Penn avenue, so5-e<>Gt Opposite Seven uudin^r, \\V~STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being iTl al out the largest in this city at this^fcha time, and having been purcnased before thej rise in Leather, can lie sold at altout 15 to 2ii| Ser cent, less than goods purchased at this iuie. Call and examine for votirselvea. at S. P. HOOVER'S, (a 11 Iron Rail. 1*a.. av? h?t. oih ?rvt loth ?i?. ERUVIAN gi an'67 TIMELY NOTICE TO FARMERS. I am now prepared to make eiittagcin-nta for a strictly prune articlo of A No. 1 PERUVIAN GUANO, haltimore inspection, a?. Baltimore rat?*s, freight added. Having but a hunted supplv, farm el s will consult tlieir interest by engaging l>ei'ore any advance in price. I have it in store at my National Agricultural and Guano Depot, 519 7th street, or can deliver it from other points, as may be arranges. This Guano can be relied upon as superior In quality kid condition. EDWARD F. SIMPSON. (Successor of Fitzhugh Covle,> se 10 2w Sign of the Golden Plough and Eagle. MOW IS THE TIME TO DRINK MALT LIQUORS.?ARNY A SHINN are the only ones in the District who have stock PORTER and A LE, and always have a supply on haud; ao give them a trial. Leave your ordt-rs with the drivers, or at their Union Bottling Depot, No. 91 Green street Georgetown, D. C jy 22 Q7A UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. O I II Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer RftADY-MADE C LOTH IN G and Gent's furnishing GOODS of the finest atyleand make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37u Browns' Hotel, next to private entranoe. mav So (Intwl A States! Mclaughlin a f.selling goods very low in order to make room for t heir exten siv?? Fall Stnolt. mi t Baskets, brushes, perfumery, and TOY 3, at cost, at se l- McI.AUGHUN A CP'S. 1>EA NUTS. X 60 bushels PEA NUTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, se3tf 554 12th atroet. corner of R. RYE and BARLEY MALT, for i?!e at tht CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of YV eel tails avenue ?'iil Block street, Baltimore. Md. mav v JET CLASPS FOR BELTS, JOINTED CHIN Dolls, Arnaeteaia Hair Pi;.s. Tuck Combs, .Vc.. at i se 21 I.AMMOND'S. WAGNER, 225 PH*?t*TLVAXtA AVFKOK, Continues to manuftolure LOOKING GLAS SES, and all other kinds of PORTRAIT and PIC TURE FRAMES, opposite Kirk wood House, ae 4-1 m PIANOS.?Six verv good second-hand 1'ianoa for sale or rent very low, at our Piiuio Warewms. se 7 JOHN F. ELLIS. New music, Italian violin and Guitar Strings,received this week,at our Piano and Musio Store. JOHN F. ELLIS, ?e 1 Penn. ave.. bet. 9th and Qth ats. GO TO McL AUUHLlN'lJ Jor Bargams.-<j *T Mf MUiqc oft Mi EDUCATIONAL. ^KORUKTOWM COLLEGE. ( Studies will be resumed in thin Institution on Monday.the 7th oi Septeml>er next. ?n 25 lm H^A^M AGUIR E. Pr?s. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH I KMATICALACADRMV. The duties of llua Institution will be resumed September 7th. jy 7 2*wtf P. A. BOW F.N. Principal. Mrs. bulls seminary for young LADIES. Corner of L n*id Wtk streets. The next session of thia Institution will commence on the 1st of September, 1857. Competent and efficient Piofessors will. &a hereto fore, l?* engaged in every department. Further pn-ticu!ars can be obtained by appU ing at theSemuwrr. an 2J-dtfteo3w l^EMALE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COL I LEG I ATE INSTITUTE. A'o. 1?2 I street, ft ad shy's fine, near mrner t*?nn. avenue and 21 si street, Washington, D. C. UiRtx Coksox. Principal, iu charge of English and Classical Departments. M'm. C. Roll \ Coksox, Teacher of Frenoh, Spenisli, and German, Drawing and Painting. M'll. M athii.DE F.milIK KoLLIN. Assistant Teach er of Franch. The Duties of this Institute ?will be resumed on Monday, the 7th of September, IRS-?. The course of study embraces all the branches of a literal English and French RdHiation. In the English Department.which ?? under the im mediate direction of the Principal, special attention is given to the Mathematics, Knglish lininmur, Elocution,and t lie critical reading ofclassic&l authors in English Literature. Elocution is taught both aa a science and an art. Tlie Principal having devoted a numlier of years to a oareful at udy of the philosophy of the voice'aad its p!i> sical mechanism, is enabled to impart definite and m'elligibleinstruction upon the subject. The advantages afforded for acquiring a praeticai knowledge of the French language are not surpassed by those of any other Institution in tbe country. \l'me. Corson and her sister, .Vile. Koilin, are Parisians l?y birth, and their instructions ai:J general intercourse with the pupil* ere carried on exclusive I) thiough the medium of French. There are aiao connected with the Institution a large number of yonng ladies who speak the language with fluency. For Terms, References. Ac., see circulara. which en be obtained at the Hook ar.d Music Stores, and of the Principal. A class of litt le girls will be formed, who will re ceive oareful instruction in English Readiug and Spelling, and the elemer.lsof French. Terms, per session of 5 months . .. .. T yt.V Without French . io. an 26-1 m SELECT FAMILY fCHOOl, FOR YOUNG LADIES. ENGLISH AND FRENCH. A'o. 3f>9 Fstreet, Washington, It, C. Prino'pa!, DONALD MACLOED. A. M.. Univer sity of Glasgow, former! v Head Maaterof Ravena croft C"lle^e ?nd Ashwood School, and Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettrea in the Columbia I nstot iite. This School will be opened on the second Monday of September next. for the reception of a limited number of Hoarding Pupil* and Day Scholars, who will be treated, ina!! respects, r.a memlters of the Principal's family. The design la to otter to youne l.idies from a distance all that is mc'iidcd in the name of "Home," and to extend to the Day Scholars the advantages of Home The Sessions will l>egin fin the second Mot day oI September and first Monday of February, in each year. The vacations will extend through the months of July and August. Circulars containing full information may be ob tained at the principal liookatorea, and will be for warded by mail, to any address, on application, aurttf gELECT SCHOOL FOR MVS. GEO. W. DORRANCE. formerly one of the Principals of th? Central Academy, has opened a Select Schools fur Boja, on C itieet, between 6th and 4*, No. 961. Numlier limited to twentr-five. For terms inquire at the School Room. 80 8 col III C^ULPEPER MILITARY INSTITUTE,~ Neau Cclpei-kk Court Hocsk. Va. The aeoond aesnioii of this school will commence on the lat day of Septemfior, 1W7- A graduateof the Uuiversity of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution, will have eii&rge of the departments of Auoieni and Modern Languages; while a graduate of theV. M. Ins'ituie, who has had considerable experience in teaching, will give ins/ruction in Mathematics, Natural Phi losophy, Chcmisirv, and lower English tranches. The course of studies will l?e as follows: Preparatory Class. Spelling. Reading, Writing, Arilhmefie. *?eogra ph?. tjrammar. History, Alsebra, Latin Grammar, (ireek Tirp ? Class. Mathematics, English Grammar, Arithmetic, His tory, Latin, Greek, French. Second Class. Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, L:.tin. Greek, French, Spauisii. FmsT Class. Mathematics, Nat'.;ral and Moral Philosophy, Chemistry. <?e^.lo(fy, llnglish Literature, English tirammar. Rhetori'*., I.o<io, Infantry and Artillery I actios. (je?/jraphy, Hi ;tor>, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish. Every Student on entering will t?e subjected to a careful examination, and will then be assigned to that class to wni<'h Ins proficiency entitles him ; and no one wi!H>e allowed to pass toa higher class un less he gives evidence of a thorough knowledge of the subj??ete contained in the pn*cedmg. The ?liscipluiH will tie necessarily rigid, but the oomfort aiid convenience of each meml>er of the school will be duly lespcctcd- There will l?e daily military exercises, but e-are will be taken that they do not interfere with the Academic duties. Terms: Board, Tntion. Washing, Fnel. Lights, for ten months, 9!H?i. Payments semi-annually in advance. For recommendations and further particulars, aee circulars. CHARLES E. LIGHTFOOT. V. M. I., Superiutwndeut and Instructor in Mathematics and Natural Soienoea. J. W. GILLESPIE, University of Va., Instructor in Aucient and Modern lan^uaiM. Rcfkrencks. We have the pnnkife of referring to thefnllowlnf: F:tcu!ty ol Virginia Military Institute. Wen. William II. Richardson. Richmond City. Prof. Maupin, University of Virginia. Prof. Harrison, do Prof. Gildersleeve, do Prol. Scheie ie Vere, do Prof. McGufly, do Prol. Lucian Minor, Williamnnd Mary College. Rev. .John Beradus. Charlottesville. Mr. John Hart. A. M., do John Hunter. F*q., Loeisa eountr. <'ol. John Woolfollc, Orangeoounty. Rev. Win. S. White, D. D., Lezmkton. Rev. W7in. N. Pendleton, do Jasnes Harbour, Esq., Cuipeper. Col. Win. B. Taliaferro, Gloucester. W . D Wailach. Esq., Watihuizton City. Gen. Geo.Cocke, ao A. Del I, Esq., do Alai. Henry Hill, U. S. A.. New York. R.S. Vosa. Esq., Rappk. oounty. Capt. James Stark, do The Citi*?n?of Cnloeper. It 15-eotf C'ENTRAL ACADEMY, > C??rncr <?( E and Tenth atreeta. The exorcises of this Institution wiil cc mmenoe September 1st, The number of students is limited, and each will receive paiticular attention. au2>?-lm? SILAS M ERCI1A NT, Prin. Academy of ml sic, , WlSHtXGTO*, D. C. Corner of 11/a street and Pennsylvania ai'tsvt, (over Famhatn's Fook Store.) The duties of this Institution will resume their accustomed activity, rc?cularitv, and punctuality, on and after Tuesday uext. September 1st. 1U.V7. Classes 1. 2. and 3, will, as heretofore, meet on Monday and Thursday, at 2 o'clock p. m. Junior Classes, Tuesday and Friday,at 9 o'clock a. m. Gentlemen'a Classes. Tuesday and Friday even ings, from 6 till 10 o'clock. Elementary Classes for Beginners, Tuesday anc* Thursday, from 2 tillfi o'clock. Terms (these classes oalv ) Five Dollars for2n lessons. The principle* upon which this Institution are founded are precisely those of the Royal Academy, London, and the Conservatoires of Paris and Milan Public Weekly Lectures are given in which tn? pupils take part. Principal F. NICIIOLLS CROUCH, ID" Hours of Business and ConsnItationP'at^the Hall of the Academy daily, from 12 to 1 o'clock, or through the post and music atorea. au 2?-tf liLT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB BAGE SEED. \\ eare now preprrred to furnish Ault's?g? 'Earlv York. Ault s Early louge York.^P Ault a Bullocks Heart, Ault'a Premium Flat Dutoh. Drumhead, Savoy, and all other va nefcesof CABHAliE SEEDS. , ? Also, Spinach, K-ile. Lettuce, Cauliflower, and all other kinds of GARDEN SEEDS. All the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the same superior quality as so!d by us last and former years and will give entire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For nvommendations we refer to any person who has used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM L AULT ft SON. Comer Calvert and Water ata., Baltimore. Md? JT"7"Orders can t-e sent by mail or by the Ad.tma Express, which ajirrds a cheap, safe and quiok m> ans rf oarriatre. an 18-1 m HAMS!?HAMS !!-W'? have a clio.ce lot of our Magnolia Hams : also. Hams of Ohio and Ken tucky ourmg. which are verv superior. The sisee are suitable for Urge or small families. For sale by ? ?SI KING A BURi'HF.LL CUBA HONEY. The aubecriber haa juat reoeive.1, and for sale, ten tieroeaof shilled CUBA HONEY, al hia Gro Mry.aiid Provision 8lor?, No. bU ICtia Uraet aud Louo-isna ftTtMM, l?lMf JONABF. LEVY. THE WEEJKLY STAR. Thia noi!l?t Paaily and Nuwb yoarna.-?ob taining a greater variety of mtereetinx readiag than oau be found in aoi other?is pnUished on 8a:urd?y Bitot. nam. Single oopy, par aanum. ....91 * Five copies T1 .. .. .. 4 00 Ten oopies ? w Tweet > copies .15 ? Cas4. i?MruiJy ta advance. Bf subscribing in Clnha raised intoog neighbor a Without the intervsnt ioe of a atii agent, aa will be HTMivail V)i Mr AMI T " " ? ? - wmmu ?nll.MVIII ?? earoeived, ?> per oent.of Ta* Wexult Stae wi I be saved. It lavaxiaUy contains t4e " ir?i4tar??* ibat has wade Tbk Evu.xc Si ab area late ao generally throughout the country. irrSingle oopiea (in wrappers) ean be proeared at the counter. immediately after the taaue of the paper. Pnce-THREE CENTS. C"7" Post masters vho act aa agenta will be allowed a oommissmn of JO oeat. Dentistry, fto. _ DKNT'SIB?VtEPHKN BAILY, Office No. 1% PBSNSTLVABIA avirti, Tkrn d??r? ft0m Mi4 Dx. BAiLV baia leave to inform thapablie thai he nan be aeen at all hours, at his office, located as above. He feeia assured that an experience of fifteen tear*' practice, with the large nuint?er>f patients.and great 1 "vanetv r*l difteult eaaee that he hae treated anooeea fully, will enal4e him to aurn?>uAt ant difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hia own experience confirming the opinion ol many men eminent in the professioe, and especially Drs. Harr.s and J. and K. Parml), haa led him. lung todia oar it all mercurial preparations (<?r fi.ling Teeth, aiao all Knamels, Gutta Perche. India Rubber, and Ce ments for the oonstructioa ol Continuous (jam Teeth, ar.d tltat Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate, la the only reliable subs^nee that An be w?tu in the roouih. aa was moat conclusively ah< wn It the inat American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from hia loot reei denoe and practice in Washntgton, he la favorably known to hia ninn?">in rri?"ii? ??,,! [ atrona, he beg a leave to refer them to the followitic TESTIMONIALS: Prom the latu Rector of the Church of Epiphany of thia oity. Dr. Stephen Baii.t ? ueai ?ir?I desire to express my esteem fnryoa personally. and my confidence in tou aa a anterior dentiat. The operations executed for me have l*>?n highly satisfactory. I hope that you may reeeive the p*?v.?wa?e from hit friends and the publio that your skill powell deeervee. Yonra very truly. Washington, Aug. 36, |?h. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest farma in Baltimore, Messrs. lioKza. Cot man A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baiiy,Surgeon Oet tiat.of Washington city, to execute for mo an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction. and in view of the fact that one of the rrost distinguished meml>ersof the Dental College of Knit imore. failed. after repented trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it sives me treat pleasure to express my entire confidence aixl huh eat i mat ion of Ins prr.fe?* skill. Baltimore,Jan.IS, 1857. HARMaN'N HOGGS. Extract from a note recc, v?yj fr< m the late Hon. Joha M. Claytoa. I*. S. Senate. Aug. 19, ItK. The teeth von made for me work admiralty ; noth ing ooald be better. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily aa a anpcrior Dentst: he made a set of porcelian teeth for one of my iamilv.and plucged several teeth for myself, and the work haa a'l st..od wr-ll for more than tenyeara. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. Apn! 19, IttSS. we. the undersigned, having had occasion to ami', ourselves of the professional akill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or paving l?een cogniz ant of hia operations on our families or fnenda. tfcke pleasure in expressing our Maaiatana of hia artiatia skill. na well aa of the ntiiforml) aatiafnctory manner in wliicti lie perforins the moat d? icate and difheelt opcratioiiH in lJen'al Surr^r*.and wc respectfully re Oominend him to the confidence and patronage of the pub to. of which we consider hna eimnentiv worthy. Thomas I'. Waltfe. Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Mii.lcb, M. D.,of Washington. I). C. B. S. Boiieer. M. D. of Georgetown. D.C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington. D. C. Jo*. II. BtiDLtT, of Washington. D, C. Georgk Walton, I'.x-Governorof Florida. Waltik Lenox. Ex-Mayor of Wa*hiugtou, Henrt Baldwin,!.*. S I'atent Office, O.C. WiaHT, I'rineipai R:ttci.bouse Academy. febao tf DR. VILLARD, dentist, LATE OF CHI CASo, wou.J reapectlu.i) iiil<*rin thecil izena of the District and vioinitj, thr?l hav ] lug located himaelf in Waahington, he ta now prepared to perform all operationa iu L a profes aion, in the moat approved style. Office. No. 250, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a jan IP It IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. D. tne inventor and p? tec tee of "l.oomi*' Mt*'rnl Piatt lertlt" aucceasfuiiy introduced hia improvement ii various cities, has now permanently eatah 11 r liahed himaelf in Washington. This improvement for SetaofTeeth ooneiatachief lv in making a set of but vne piece of material, and tnat tndestri;cti!.> nii'iemi. No metal ib uaed in their construction, and they ere therefore free from (talvanic action aiid metalic laate. 1 here are no jointa to leaime filled with moisture or particiea of food, hence they are rur* and rlran. Tliey ere lighter, at rotifer, less oiomsy. Ii- more duralile. and natural in their appearance. I will rive a reward o One Thousand IMIara to any one who will produce a similar work of ;irt to equnj mine m punty, tieauty. durability, artistic exoeiivnce or an) other ra^uiaita quality. All work reaponaibly warranted. 71K Perua. avenue, between 11th and 12th atreeta. ap 15-lx Watches, Jewelry, &c. rM.OCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!! A s<x?d BRASS CLOCK for I have ii at re cpiv ,1 nnd t'pened all the near style ? from 41 up to |1S. Ttie trade aiir usual) at wholesale pricca. Also,Clock Ma t< rifils. su'm aa Cords. Kev-, |;<..'?. l!-> l? j \Vires, Oils, Ac., at the ar?d >^'-?teil' Store of ?. ROBINSON. 849,opjpr>6ite Browns' hotel, an 21-2m SignJ^arre Gilt Watch. f'OLD AND SILVER \VATCIIKsTjT.WF.L tl RV. AND FANCY ARTICLES. Ihaveiuat received ?r??ther addition to mv larra atock of Gold and Silver WATCHES, of the best makers in Kurope. Also. Gold Chain a of CyM every style and price. Jewclnr in aeta and air AhE *le pieces. Perfumery and lancT Articles, Silver plated Baskets, Sp?H>na. Castor* A <?.. at J. ROBINSON'S. 549. opposite Br?>wiia' lotH. Sigu l^rge Gi.t Watch. N. B.?WATCH REPAIKING done n the lest manner hy a skilful Watchmaker, and wr-.rrauted. a ii 21 -2ni W D. EICHLER, . So.Sm SFVKtfTH SThEET. between I) and F afreets west aide, PR AC ifv THAI. WATCHMAKER, keep- c mat ant U #9A on ^>^nd a fine aaaortment of WATCHK?< ai* CLjbK JF.WK| R V. an m <ln,' WATCHES, jewelry, ? AND SILVER WARE. I have jnat received a new supply of FINE WATCH F.S, GOLD CH AINS, and a large assort ineist of UlCil JEWELRY of everv description, which makes my atock at the present tune one of the moat complete in the citv. 1 havejuat nnish-d ion the premiseska very large assortment of Pl'RI' SILVER WARE, anion* which may befonnd a SOLI I)S| LVER TEA KF.T TLK superior toanything leforeexhibited in this c.ty,?the weight of which ta 125 ouncea, oafaoity * aaarta. Both citixena and Btrangera are invited to call and examine. H. O. HOOD, i* 2N- *W Pa.ave.. near ath street. N EW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. H. O. HOOD haa jnat returned from the North. ?tfi haa hs.oi.W# -v.. A C I . / ?- , ' ? ?,VMa^ asm wi bj t AIVUT.^. HUllld very auperiortime keepers for ladies and ger' etnena uae. He has alao on band a ereat variety ?fJ?TAN D ARD SILVERWARE of hia ? wn iriake, war ran ted the best quality and will be eo!d verv low. Pieaae call and examiue gooda and prices at No. :du Penn. Av? aign??fthe Large Spread Carle. jv l?? ICE | J. M1DDLET6N, Li? ICE DEALER Offioe and Depot-Soathweat oorner of F and lith streets. Waahington. ap 11 tf QH1NA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. R. H. MILLER. SOjT* CO.. IMPORTERS. Alexandria. Va., ^P5T\llave received two instalments of theirf^ fall supplies from the Engliah P?"ttanea,w and will oontuiue to receive accessions to f WW their atock till the business season aet? in.4* RT H. Miller. So* A Co. can a*?ure their fnenda and customers that their atork shall lie of the moat deatrahle deaenption. and that their prions will com pare favorably with those of ant dealers in their '.ma in anv other market in the I'nited States. R.H. Mii.leb. Son k Co. have prepared them selves to offer to mrrchanta every induoeinenT to make their purchases in their line. WINDOW GLASS. They have jnat received via Antwerp and New York, from rue great manufactory of " Roux." \ <*v Brusae!ls,114?lioxes French \\ indow Glass of supe rior qualitv and of different thicknesses, which tl ev have import ad under auch circumstances aa toeuai.i* them to offer a aupcrior article at very moderate prioea a?21 tf QUALITY ITALI AN OUIJ\l MARBLE SI ABS F()R SALE.-Wili be manufactured into Tabie S.aba, Wa.n?tard Top* and Coiriier Maba. at New York pnueti,?' pereeal. Imik.w former prioea. Cab net Mnkera, Plunr.bera, ar.d others please call before a*rdinc ord?r? to the no^b. ALEX RITIIERIORD, Marble Yard oppo. the I'nion Oflioe, Penn ave. _au28-lm (|-.tAS?ate? > SPECIAL NOTICE TO SPORTSMEN. I Would call vonr rariicularat'ention fo Pa PonCa No. 4 GUN PO vVDER. whieh for strength, clean linesa, ordor. glaxing. ai.d evenness of^ grain is un surpassed by any Powder ever introduce*1. W. ALBERT KING, *ol* Agent for the Diatriet of Columbia, au ZS tf No. Si High street. Georgetown, D. C. R-GREEN GINGER.^ GREEN GINGER received, and f< r sale by mr KING k BI'RCHELL, It ^ ' e>a?,?T,t and I Wk Paper, ink, pens, knives, scissors. and Tuyt, at ~ ??7 McLAlOULlN^