Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Eylül 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Eylül 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY 1?, 1MT. SPIRIT Of THE MORNING PRESS. The Union moralises over the gradual dis appearance of the North American Indian race and argues to dhow that those who are wasting their tears over the blacks of the land might turn the current of their philanthropy in that direction to great advantage TbeIntelligencer, stirred up by the demurer ot the Alexandria Gazette to its persistent ef forts to lull the South into a dream of the en tire security of its institutions, reiterates its doctrine that abolitionism is but a bagatelle after all. and again classes those at the South who most earnestly counsel Southern unity against the step by step encroachments of the spirit of anti-slavery, with the ultra abolition ' agitators" of tho land. With the Intelligent err we deplore the existence of a spirit of un easiness under the Union, at tho South. The remedy we recommend for that state of things is earnest efforts on the part of journals posses fling the influence of the Intelligencer, to weed out of the North tbe state of things producing it?the persistent determination of a moiety of the voters of the latter to destroy the main fea tures of the Constitution of the United States, by precedent, for the aggrandisement of their own section. Our respected friends share "no panic fears" concerning the march of Abolitionism Yet they must know that in more than half the non-slaveholding States of tbe Union, tbe step ping stone to popular favor is. now. to be confi ded in as being most bitterly hostile to the South and least willing to accord to that section the rights guaranteed to it in the Constitution of the Confederacy. They must know, too. that in more than half the non-slaveholding States tbe obligations of the Constitution relative to slavery and the laws enacted to carry out those obligations, are already dead 1 etters?yet' they share no such panic." Kansas ?A dispatch received here from Le compton says that tbe Constitutional Convention had adjourned to the third Monday of October. The free State delegates were refused seats in the convention. Lr The Democratic State Convention, which met at Boston, nominated for Secretary of State. Jonathan E. Field, of Stockbridge; for Treasur er, Charles Thompson, of Charlestown ; for Au ditor, 9. L. Mead, of Nantucket, and for Attorney General, Ezra Wilkinson, of Dedham. La toe Fiie.?A Are occurred at St Louis on Wednesday, which destroyed an entire block of buildings on Eleventh street, near Market, in cluding the extensive lumber vards of Morrison, Wright & Co., containing 3.000.000 feet of lum ber. Loss estimated at 100,000. The total loss of nil the sufferers is set'down at f 150,000. The in surance is doubtless small. Dilkoatk Elkctio* is Nxbbaska. TLe board of canvassers of the Territory of Nebraska, which met at Omaha City on the 5th. decided on the election of a delegate to Congress. After de nying that they bad authority to investigate the triegal returns or correct the frauds in certain Mormon precincts, they gave Mr. Ferguson a certificate as being elected over Mr. Chapman by 47 votes. Mr. Chapman will contest. Asothu of tbe Pkeachxxs ?Tbe Inde pendence (Iowa) Civilian states that tbe Rev. J. L Keliey, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of that village, was brought up before Justice Chandler, on Saturday last, on a charge of ''assault with intent to commit a rape " On Sunday evening, a number of the citizens, considering that Mr. Keliey was not at all inno cent of the charge, resolved to tar and feather him. and proceeded to the house of Mr. Jones, where he was stopping, provided with masks, Ac. Mr. Jones presented himself with a g?n, and said he would shoot any man that rame into his house with that purposs. Through the interposition of Justice Chandler, Keliey escaped the tarring, and early Mjnday morning he left town, making the best time on record. F?on dates of the nth Inst, state that the new Captain-General, Lersundi. wa? expected to arrive from Madrid early in Oc tober. and preparations were being made for his reception ^ ellow fever raged on shiplxiard and amongst the Spanish troops on the Island A Spanish line of battle ship bad lost over one half cf her crew of six hundred men. ItVa* calculated that forty Cer cent of the newly arrived soldte.sand sailors ad died of tbe d "1 here was not much sickness on shore There were aiiout two hundred thousand bnjes of sugar in the hands of speculators. There were rto local sales, but some was bein? sent to Europe A brig arrived at Havana on the 6th. having on boa.d a negro cook, a Frenchman and an Irish bov. who were picked up by the crew of the brig tossing at sea m an open boat off the Bahama Banks During the passage to Havana the bov tix?k an opportunity to inform the captain that himself and his companions >?elonged to the American bnjj Albion Cooper, of Potiand, Me , H timphrey* captain, from which port sbe sai led, ladened with lumber, for Ca denas, on the 23d of June That the cook and Frenchman had mur dered Captain Humphreys, the commander of tbe Albion Cooper, bis tlrst officer and three men of his crew, and then Hied the brig and deserted her. On this statement the above mentioned parties, who were rescued, weie all placed in confinement in iron. The United States Consul had charge of them when the Empire City left PERSONAL. The Russian Minister, M de Stoeckel, Is at the Clarendon. General Quitman Is on a visit to the Hot fprings of Alabama. John 5 Phelps fM C ) of Missouri, is at the Astor House, New York. ? .Hon John M Bernhisel was re-elected del egate to Congress from Utah, on the 3d ult. .... Mrs. Cora Hatch, tbe trance medium, is in Rochester, giving public deatonstrations .... Alfred Jaell, the pianist, contemplates an other visit to the Cuilr<l States. .... Hon John Kelly, of New York, is lying seriously ill, at his residence in that city .... Hon. Jobu II Wheeler, late United States Minister to Nicaragua, will soon issue a history s?t that country The Hon. Caleb Cushing. es-U. S Attor ney General, is in Washington at his old quar ters on Fourteenth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and F street .... Mr \Vm Hunt, of this city, long connect ed with tbe public press, arid held >n the highest estimation by hs friends, died on the 15th inst., In tbe 57th year of his age Weston's free-soil paper?' The Repub lic"?is to be issued in this city next week. So says tbe Washington correspondent of the New York Tribune It is to be published sem!-weekly. .... Rev. J C. Fletcher, lately of Brazil, has been appointed provisional professor of modern languages at Bowdoin College He delivered a brilliant lecture at the Smithsonian la-st season, it will be remembered The Cincinnati Commercial says: "We Lave a special telegraphic despatch f'oin Saint Louis, information that Col Titus, late */( N icaiagua, now claiming to be of Kansas, was calaboosed on Tue?day. tor shootiag at the porter of tbe Planters' House.1' .... Cant T Ci Corbin, Capt. J. N. Mafflr, Coin A L Case, and Dr T L. Smith, L . S. N , Ssmuel F Butterwoitb. N. Y.; Hon. A. Kenne dy and lady. Md ; Capt None,. LV H K ; Capt J. T Magrnder, L:. S. A ; Hon Owen Jones. Hon Arnold Plumer, Hnu p J iVellet. Penn : a ? at Wi llards". Harper s Weekly has portraits, side by Hide, of the Pennsylvania Gubernatorial candi dates, General Packer and Hon David Wilnut. Tbev are good likeness**, and well engraved, but Lv a droll error in the "making up" the name of Gmeial Packer is placed under Judge Y\ ilm>>t s {tortrait, and tin rtrta. The consequence is that he Pennsylvania politicians have become cross eyed in trying to get the bang of tbe thing Macau lay, the historian, who is about to be elevated to the peerage, is now in his fifty eigbtti year, and a bachelor. His may be created a life peerage, and Is certainly a graceful compli ment to Literature There is some doubt whether Lord John Russell will accept the peerage, which, it is iindefMtood. has been offered him. At the age of sixty-live, and w ith all his cards played out, it was believ. d that he would have been happy to have "bid bis head in a coronet," (to use Sheridan's words,) but he probably cher ishes a hope of again entering tue Cabinet?a hope not likely to be realized during the doininaney of Lord Palmers ton, WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. This " Central Averica" Foundered at Sea ?The terrible news reached this city last evening of the total loss of the California steamer Central America, whose prolonged ab sence has caused such anxiety. By telegraph from Charleston we learn that the steamer Thomas Swann. armed at that port, spoke on the 15th, off Cape Hatteras, the bark Eloise, which had on board forty of the Central Amer fern's passengers. They report that the steamer foundered on Saturday, the 12th, and that of her passengers but sixty were saved. The ac count is very meagre, and we may hope that further advices will mitigate the terrible fea tures of the sad calamity. The Central America left the harbor of Ha vana at nine o'clock on Tuesday morning, the 8th inst., under command of Lieut Hernden, of the United States Navy. She had on board five hundred and twenty-five passengers, with one million six hundred thousand dollars in ?pecie from California for New York, and the California mails of the 20th of August. She left Havana in excellent time, with all well on board and in good spirits. A passenger by the Empire City which steamed out from Havana on her passage to New York at 10 o'clock on the morning of the 8th instant, but one hour after the Central America, says 44 We had the Central American in sitfht and kept after her until the afternoon of that day (the Sth inst ) when she outran us so fur that we lost sight of her. On the morning of the 9th instant (Wednesday) the wind was from the northwest, and as the dav advanced it increased to a very severe gale, obliging us to lay to and endeavor to hold the steamer in dining a storm During the days of Thursday, 10th, Friday, 11th. and Satur day, 12th instant, the storm increased very for cibly, and blew a perfect hurricane."' The Empire City, seriously damaged and short of coal, managed to get into Norfolk by burn ing her furniture and portions of the vessel. The gale appears to have been severely felt by all tho steamers that encountered it. The steamer Norfolk was sunk in the Chesapeake; the propeller Caledonia was run down and dis abled ; the Jamestown was blown out to sea, as far south as Hatteras, and shipped a great deal of water, doing considerable damago to her cargo; the Southerner reached Charleston almost a complete wreck, with six feet of water in her hold ; the Empire City put into Norfolk in dis tress. having exhausted her coal, and the new steamer Columbia arrived at Charleston on Monday, having had both her wheel-houses carried away by the force of the sea which broke over her during the gale. The Central America was formerly known as the George Law. She was provided with hori zontal double engines, and being an excellent and staunch sea boa', but a dull sailer, which, in this instance, was a point in her favor, it was hoped that she would be able to weather the storm. Tho Central America's treasure, amounting to about $1,600,000, is insured prin pally in London. Tho vessel is insured in New York. The New York papers state that the steamer Daniel Webster, which sailed yesterday from that port for Havana, and the Empire City which left Norfolk on Wednesday for New York, received orders to deviate from their course in search of the Central America, but it now appears that nothing remains of her within the scope of human aid. We hope to be able to announce, before going to press, that the loss of human life has not been so deplorable as the first reports indicate. The news of the loss of the Central America has created the profonndest sensation in this city. P. S.?We refer our readers to the telegraphic head for further intelligence in relation to the disaster, atiording the gratifying information that others have been saved. A Speech.?The speech upon the issues involved in the current Pennsylvania State canvas recently delivered by Senator Bigler, the appearance of which in the Union wo mentioned a day or two since, is haviug a great run. Our Democratic exchanges from all parts of the country, are coming to us graced with it. During the last presidential canvas, we were a personal wituess not only to the effectiveness of Senator B.'s popular orato ry. but to the remarkable personal influence he enjoys among the men of substance of all I ?rties in Lis State, as enviable as the influence of any other gentleman in the I'nited States, wo caro not who that other may be Thero is a directness and simplicity in his manner upon the stump, which, combinod with the strong and yot carefully balanced thought which dis tinguishes his speeches to a remakable degree, that makes him one of the most effective orators we ever listened to. He has the knack of being able to say only just enough on any subject; an oratorical qualification exceedingly rare in these days of verbosity, which keeps its pos sessor out of many political scrapes, iudeed. It struck us, during the late presidential can vas, that bis hearers were in the habit of re garding all falling from his lips on the stump, as so much testimony from one in the witness stand in whom all confided; a reputation and influence rarely possessed in these days of the prevalence of vehement denunciation, it* eal of well tem]>ered argument, from the hustings. A Theatre for Waehixgton is really one of the greatost needs of the times. That a well arranged and fitted theatre of moderate size, well conducted in all respects, will pay well here is past all question; for every year the transient play-house going population of the Federal Metropolis increases enormously. Even in the midst of this comparatively dull season of the year there are twice as many such persons among us as are in any other American city of the population of Waehington, and when Congress is in session we are rarely without ten times us many hero. The National Theatre failed to be good proj>erty, only because of its immensity. In size it was a theatre for a city of a million of souls. There were, therefore, certain unnecessary contingent expenses of lights, fuel, attendance, labor, Ac., connccted with it, which bad they not been incidents of I keeping it open, it would have at all times been a paying concern?as, otherwise, the saving of expenses would have covered a fair margin of profits There are three or four halls in this city capitally suited for being converted into a good theatre at very little expense, and wc trust that the next month will not pass over without enabling us to announce that some en terprising manager has made arrangements to convert one of them immediately into such a theatre as will pay handsomely in Washington city. A* ISTERESTIHO Pt BMC LANDS' QtESTION Settled.?A correspondent of the General Land Office recently wrote the Commissioner as follows: 44 Will final proof of four years actual residence and cultivation be deemed sufficient to secure a patent (land,) or must the proof *how that the settler resided upon and cultivated for four full Ymm from tk' date ?/ kit ongtnul notification, lets three months only ?'* To this query, the Commissioner replied as follows. Vii: 4- ily the 6ih section of the act of September 27, 1W50, granting donations, settlers are required U> give notice of their claims withlng three months after the survey has been made ; or where the Unds bad been surveyed before settlement, then withing three months from the commencement of settlements la either case, the final proof must show fonr years continuous residence end cultivation Jrom the commencement of the settle ment Naval CoirmTs or Ixqi'ikt.?Before Court No. 1, since the last issue of the Star, the fol lowing gentlemen have been examined in the Government'! behalf in the case of Lieut. Jas. M Wation, rii: Commanders W. W. Hunter, Godon, Marchand and Whittle, and Lieut*' Watson bmith and A. F V. Graj ; and Com. Sloat on Lieut. W.'g behalf. Before Court No. 2, tho case of Ex-Paesed Midshipman Charles Graj was being tried to day, and Commanders Glisson and Goldsbo rough and Lieuts. Tranoharde and Boudinot were examined in it on the Government's be half. To-day, befort Court No. 3, the aa?e of Lieut. Glasson was closed by the presentation of docu mentary testimony. To-morrow morning his counsel, Mr. Phillips, will probably read his defence. The case of Commander Calhoun was about being taken up as the Star went to press. A Fracas at tbk Courts.?We hear that a fracas occurred this morning in the house occu pied by the Naral Courts of Inquiry, between Capt. triah P. Levy, lato of the Navy, and Commander Chas. Kennedy. Tho former sa luted the latter, who refused to recognise him, which led to an effort on the part of Capt. L. to strike him with a cane, and, in fact, to a scuffle between them which was speedily stopped by the interference of by-standers. Of course the?e " proceedings" did not take place in either court room. The New Marine Barracks at Pkxsaco The Navy Department have lithographs of the new Marine Barrack about to be built at Pensacola. Fla. Tbos. U. Walter, architect, of this city, is the designer. His designs were ac cepted on the 17th July last. The buildings and appurtenances will be more complete in all the details of their arrangements than any others for a similar purpose so far constructed in this country. TnE Susqi khakxa.?The steam frigate Sus quehanna, Capt. J. It. Sands, of the Mediter ranean squadron, but lately on duty in connec tion with laying the telegraphic cable, has been ordered to Key West, to form a part of the Home squadron. A new Commander for the U. S. East India Squadron.?Capt. Josiah Tattnall has been ordered to relieve Commodore James Ann strong now in command of the East India squad, ron. Ihe Powhatan has been designated as his flag ship, on reaching that station. Capt. T. will go out overland. The Powhatan.?The steam-frigate Pow uatan, at Norfolk, \a., will soon be put in commission, to relievo the San Jacinto, as the flagship of the East India Squadron. Oi&ered Home.?The flag officer, S. L. Brecse, commanding the Mediterranean squad ron, has been ordered home with his flag-ship, the frigate Congress. The Levawt.?The sloop-of-war Levant, Commander Wm. Smith, of the East India squadron, has been ordered home. Thb Niagara.?The steam frigate Niagara, Captain W m. L. Hudson, has been ordered to New York. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning i* made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m : September 19, 1857. New ^ Ork, N. V......... .plossnt, Philadelphia. Pa clear, very warm. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C ..clear, warm. Richmond, Va .......clear, warm. Petersburg, Va ... clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C clear, warm. Columbia, S. C .....clear, pleasant. Charleston. 8. C..........clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga...... clear, warm. Savannah, Ga............. clear, warm. Macon. Ga clear, warm. (olumbus, Ga............clear, hot. Montgomery, Ala dear. warm. Ljower I'each Tree, Ala...clear. Mobile, Ala clear, pleasant. Gainesville, Miss clear, pleasant. New Orleans, I.a clear, warm. At W ashington, yesterday, 9 p. m., the barom eter was 2JM*4, thermometer 7'J \ This morning, at , o clock, the barometer was3u 0G1, thermomer ter 75J. Maine Election.? The returns from twenty six additional towns are more favorable for the Republican*. In one hundred and one towns Worrell's majority amounts to 9,240. The same towns last year returned a Republican majority of 12,672. IE7" Over nine thousand locomotives are now running on railroads in the l'nited States. ID" The potato rot in the vicinity of New Bed ioid is mostly confined to one variety?the Che nan^oes ' A promising young lady died In Provi donee last week from no diwa^p but rrligioufi ex citement and intense conviction of vin. ID" M[; Griffiths, editor of the United States Nautical Magazine, was a few days since, robbed of seven hundred dollars, on his passage from Boston to New York. ID" "A conservative," says Douglas Jerold, i* a man who will not look at the new moon, out of r spect for that ancient institution?the old '?one." IDT A* ? Pte-Ble party at Orchard Lake Mich , on I-rlday fast, Mr. John Owens, Mrs. Eliza beth Newell. Miss Calvin, and Miss Harrington, took a skitt and paddled out into the Lake? and while amusing themselves, the boat was upset and all four of them were dro wned. 1C7" A Springfield (111 ) journal states that south of that place, on the railroads, some of the farmers are ottering their corn at 15 cents per bushel, in the field; others at S5 per acre. The indications are, unless the frost sets in early that the corn crop will be enormously large. I[7* An Illinois correspondent writing from Calhoun county, says that there had been out there a mammoth tree which made 5,(MM) staves, that sold for *11 per thousand?total #55: and the top made six cords and a half of wood, sold at per cord-total 819.50. Total product of the tree, 871,50. TT*iV.iLL:CK ?N * NOl'RSE will \ i he taken in payment for two Houses. For se n"!"" ,nqu're nt u,e offlce of th0 Kvemng Star. Notice to the prpii.soFMr w iiV\f Kn J'|,';NlKR's PIANO FORTE I'l.ASS ? i I*adie? wiioiie namc.s are already regis tered, are requeued to attend at Mr. Palmer's reiii nnDrr?!K?vreet',b?JW?'.ILj3th 1X11,1 ><"' streets, se 18-1w ' Pt' ' Rt 'Vwu ?'?'wck! rr^^PNU grand exhibition of Rai S^ riFTVS'i>'N^TON. "ORT1CULTU KAh SOCIETY.?The Second Exhibition of the above S<?ciety will take place on the 28tn, 29th. and 3t'th of the present month, at Coroomn's now Build ing. H street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. Great preparations have been made by the Committee of Arrangements to make the coming Exk l.rt.on interesting and pleasant to all. so io lf^TiH.? FAIR.-The Fa.r of the rf? i b wLturoh- und,er l''? ?"P?"ntendenoy of 2 n* J- ?? ??JI.g held at Temperance H*II on K street, between Ninth and Tenth streets, will be open every evening this week. Withers' Band will he present each evening to enliven the scene As this tains to aid iu paying oil the debt of the Cfcurch property , an appeal is made to the Iwnevo leut to assist. 1 he cause is one of deserved merit, and we shall hope to see the Hall crowded nightly. There is much to interest and gratify. Interesting Ladies! Interesting EdiblesInteresting Music* and lots of fancy fixings. I- ollow the " Star light" and all will l>e right. se U-it M WTh4 F nr^PLE ABA NT EVEN INtjS.-The Ladies of lk_? the AsseniMy s Church (ltev. A. G. Carol h "'.Pastor) will ?p?n a FAIR at Odd tellovs' Hall, on MONDAY EVENING. Sept. 21 stf for the extinguishment of the debt of their Church 1 he Hall will lie beautifully fitted up and adorned* a great variety of articles of tastoauJ utility will h# exposed for sale; the music of Withers' band will he provided; special entertainments will be gotten up on each evening; and every thing, in fine, sball be a ell attended to that can insure success. I he Indies will I* glad to weloome their friends ami the public to the pleasant scene prepared for their reception. r Doors open at o'clock in the evening. Single admission, Twelve Cents; Season tickets, r lily C0ntl. 14 i w PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM at *1.30 L.-* W .PHILADELPHIA CAKKSof lrl PHILADELPHIA DkPuT, oorner of 12th and F Streets. se 12-lm *_ T S*"NpTICB.?Haying l*en informed that oer ' ***? tain persons are in the habit of oollecting and gathering together the Bottles which contain or aava ?uni?i!Ii? ,nd p,ottln* therein an arti cle made by others than ourselves, and then dtaaoe of y?11 ?Sth."? fiuth ftn11 er*d't our nam* stamped on said Bottles, all persons are hereby notified that snob Bottles are oar own property, and not subject to .ale.and that they are deliveredtioS? euitomers only te be returned, ami that it is oar firm Btention to prosecute to the utmost extent oftha w, any infringment of oar n|hu on t^he premises. Union Bottlin* Depot, n Green straat. M U Georfitown, D, C, rv-3sa? F A I R.?The Ladies of the Lewinsvilia [T 3 p(ent)*i^ri*n Churoh will hold a Fair on the 17th and 18th inst.. at Lewinsvilje, SK miIm above I ancler. for the purpose of paying the debt due on the personage of said Churoh. A l)inner and R** freshments will I* provided eech day, and a coll*o leotion of useful end Fancy Article* odered for sal*, purfliiiiit 10 o'dook v _ ?? Lewinsville is ta Fairfax oounti. Va., * mile* ^Georgetown, D. C., via Little Palls Bridge and Lancley, and 12 milea from Alexandria, Va. ae 12 6t* 2 AAA BUSHELS HAIR -I have reoeived an ,lH)U other lot of prime Plaaterera Hair: pnoe ai??^v" I Hou'5eiuildera end Plaaterera to examine thi? article of Hair, aa I aaaure the trade it ia a firat rate art,0j?HN c SHAFLR, Leather Dealer, ae 18-St * Pa. ave. hftwwn IS and 18)6 streeta. pVERY "THING THAT'S NICE! I am now receiving freah Smyrna Fig*. Citron, Curranta, Datea, Raiains, Prunea. Guava Jelly, Ju iube Paste, Almonda, Filtjerta, Walnut*, Nuts, Palm Nuta, and all other kinda of t oreignand Domestic Fruits and Nuts. Alao, Sweet Oil, Sardines. Preaervea, Pickles. Wines. Liquora, Cordials, and many other luxuries ? th. low... m.rk.t P'^UEL T DR t,? Yi is gt ?H>r. Pa. avenue and 14th atreet. "PINE "ATCHES. R,c? jbWELRY..* STANDARD SILVfcR WARE. H. O. HOOD keepa constantly on hand, andia daily reoeiving, all of the richest and moat choice styles of beat quality GOLD JhW ELRY. Also, the moat celebrated Time-efctia keeping WATCHES, (in Gold and Silver caaea.) and is manufacturing on his own premises, every description of STANDARD. SILVER WARK. (warranted I am sellin* all the above, and every variety of other FINK GOODS in our line, at the very lowest New York City prices. Those who are anout to make their purchaaea wonld do well to call at 338 Penns? Ivan ia avenue. Sign of the LARGE SPREAD EAGLE, ae 18-tf [StatesJ rpHE EMPORIUM OF FASHION. OPENING OF FALL 4' WINTER GOODS. The undersigned would call the attention of citi zens, and strangers visiting the Metropolian toth??ir extensive assortment of Good a tor con.|<nK-n'a waar?via: Krench and Knglish CLOTHS and CAS- .. SlMERESof the finest grades and textures; superb Velvet VEST1NGS; Cashmere do.; Silk, Pfer:d.^.&. Of BASKET CAS91MERE. for Pants, very elastic and pleasant to the wearer, with Cashmere Vesting of tfie name make to match: winch, together with n splendid as?ortnient of Gen tlonien's FURNISHING GOODS, such as Siik and Woollen Undergarments. fine Shirts. Stocks. Handkerchiefs. Suspenders, Cravats, Scarfs, and Glovaa, of every description, with every article ne eessarT to a complete outfit, which will be Bold cheap for cash. P HTNTON tc TEEL, Merchant Tailors, No. 406 Pa. av? bp 18-eotw l>etween and fith sta. JJOT-AIR FURNACES. I would beg leave to inform builders and others that I have in store the most approved and economi cal FURNACES, portable and stationary, tLat oen be found in the Union- I woo d name? Chilson's Hot-Air and Ventilating Cone Furnace, world renowned for its excellence in all re quirement. Cox, Richardson, k Boynton's Cone Furnaoe. Jas. Mc'iresor's well-tried Portable Furnaoe. Sanford's One Thousand Dollar Challenge Portable Heater. Fox's Portage Pot Furnaces. Hay ward, liartlott & Co.'s Improved Portable Furnace. _ Together with a full supply of those admired Feinour Heaters, which have surpassed a!l other Stoves for heating the room in winch it is set, and th* rooms above. Registers and Ventilitors, all sixes, and at the lowe?t market prices. A call is all that is necessary to satisfy the most economical. JAS. SKIRVING, Washington Stove.Grate, Range.and Hot-Air Furnace Manufactory, S. E. corner Penn. avenue and llth street. No. afi7. se !8-eo2w 1 PROPOSALS FOR SUPPLIES. QrARTERMASTEK's OFFICE MaFTXK CoBPS,/ Washixgtox, Sept. 17,1837. \ Sealed Proposals will be received at this office un til 3 o'clock, p. in., on Thursday, the 22d October,

1&57, for supplying the Marine Corps with the fol ow ing articles during the fiscal year ending 30th June, 185!), viz: Son to bftO uniform caps, complete. 1 to 2,nui marine pompoons. l.o?0 to 2/00 patent-leather stocks. 500 to 800 privates' uniform coats, complete, of navy blue cloth, indigo dye?to be chemically tested. 50 to 100 sergeants' uniform coats, (same as above.) 50 to 100 musicians' coats.scarlet cloth,oochiaeal dye?to be chemically tested. 100 to 200 pairs non-oommissioued officers' epau lettes. 500 to boo pairs brass centre straps. 3n to 50 red worsted sashes. 1,000 to 2.000 pairs linen overalls. 1 ,<*m to 2,oon linen shirts. 2.5<*> to 3,<?<? pairs brogans, Nos. 5 to 11. 500 to 800 marine blankets, (gray.) .r?m to 8cn knapsacks. 2&D to3,i??? pairs woollen socks. 50U to two marine fatigiw caps, the cloth to bo navy blue.indigod)e.aud chemically tested. 500 to fiOO fatigue frocks. l.uxi to l,5t*> tlannel shirts ?fw to 1,000 pairs woollen overalls, blue kersey. ??M to l.OSi woollen jackets. do. 3iio to 500 w*t tclt or gn at coats, do. 5<vi to l,ono pairs Canton llannel drawers. 35 to 6o illusion us' jackets, scarlet cloth, cochi neal dj e?to l>? chemically tested. Samples of the above articles may lie seen onappli cation at this odice. or at the olfice of the assistant qu.n termaster marine corps, lay Spruce street, Phil adelphia. It is to be understood that the aeoepted bidder is to take all material used for manufacturing coats, ovoralls, Ac., on tiand nt the tune of entering into ot'fitract, at the contract prices thereof. bid* will lie received for the ? hide or in parts for thenrticles required.anil it must Iteexplicitly under stood that a critical inspection will be given all arti cles furnished aa to ht and quality, and that articles which do not coinc lip to the sample will be rejected and thrown upon the hands of the contractor The quartermaster reserves to himself therightto increase or diminish the quantity named alsive, aa the exigoncius or interests of the service may de mand. I'ropoaals to be addressed to tho " Quartermaster " ~ i, D. of the Marine Corps," Washington, I). C. and en dorsed '* Proposals for Supplies." ae Ifi-eotZJ'iOc BLNo. 585. J Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In pursuanoe of law. I, J amf.s'Bcciianc*. Presi dent of the United States of Ameria*. do hereby do c!are and in?ke known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of California, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the land office at Los Axoklos, oommeneing on Monday, the tmth day of May next, forthe dis posal of the public lands Within the followiug-named townships, viz : South of the baseline and icest of the San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of section thirteen: the north half and the suuthweat quarter of aection fourteen: sections fifteen to twen ty-one, inclusive; tho north hall of section twenty two: the northwest quarter of section tweiity-three; section twenty five; the south ha'f of section twen tf-six; the southeast quarter of section twenty seven; soctions twenty-nine to thirty-two, uiclu s ve; the aou'h half of section thirty-three; tne northeat quarter and the south half ot section thir ty-four; and section thirty-five, of township three; sections three to nine, inclusive; the north half and the southwest quarter of section ten: the southeast quarter and the northwest quarter of section eleven; the northeast quarter and the south half of sec'ion twelve; section thirteen; the east half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to twenty four, inclu sive; the north half of section twenty five; and sec tions twenty-six to thirty-five, inclusive, of totcn sii iP four, of rant? three. Township three, of ranee four. Soot ions one t* twenty-lour, ii.clusive: the north hall of section twenty-five: and soctioua twenty-six to thirty, inclusive, of township one: and sections one to twenty seven, inclusive, of township three, of runte five. Sections one, two, and three; the east half of sec tion four; the east halfand the southwest quarter of section nine; sectiona ten to fifteen, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty: sections twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and tno southwest quarter of section twenty-nine; the south halfof aeotion thirty: aeotiona thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section thirty-five, of township one, of range six. North of the base lint and ictst of the San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to seventeen, inoluaive; the north halfof aeotion eighteen; the aouth half of aection nineteen; aectiona twenty to twenty three, moiu aive; the northweat quarter of aeotion twenty-four; the northweat quarter of aeotion twenty -aix; sec tions twenty-seven to thirty, inclusive; the east half of seotion thirty-two; the north hall* of the northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of sec tion thirty three, of township three, townships four, and five; sections one to eight, inclusive; the north half of seotion nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the east halfof section fourteen; the west half of seotion seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; .the west halfofsection twenty; the south east quarter of aection twentv one; and seotions twen y-two to thirty-five, inclusive, of township six, and township seren, of range four. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive: the east halfof aection aeventoen; the east half of aeotion twenty; aeotiona twenty-one to twenty-aeven, inoluaive; the north half of section twenty-eight; the northeast quaiter of section twenty-nine; the northeast quar ter of seotion thirty-four; and tho northwest quar ter of seotion thirty-five, of totra'/iip three, and townships four,fire, ii t, and jerea.of range five. Sections one and two; the north half of aectiou three; the north halfof aeotion four: the northeast Suarter of section five; the west halfof aection aix; ie north half, the anutheaat quarter, aud the north half of the aouthweat quarter of aeotion aeven; the weat half of the northweat quarter and the aouth half of seotion eight; the northeast quarter of aec tion eleven; aeotion twelve; the noriheaat quarter and the eaat half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen; the east half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twonty; the went halfof the northwest quarter and the south west quarter of section twenty-one: the aouthweet quarter of seotion twenty-six; and the northeast quarter of section thirtjr-nve, of township thrtt and townships four and five,of range six. Sections oi.e to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of seotion nineteen; seotions twenty to twenty five, inclusive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty six; th# northwest quarter of seotion twenty-aeven; and th* northeast quarter of section twenty-eight, of township four totrnshtpfive,of run ft seren. Sections on* to six, iuoluairc;tbe northweat quar ter of seotion seven; the northeast quarter of seotion nine; the north halfof seotion ten; sections eleven, twelve, and thirteen; the northeast quarter ofaae tien fourteen: and the northeast quarter of sootioa twenty-three, of township ftttr.inA township fir t, of range eight....... The northwest quarter af aeotion thr*e; section* four, five, aix; the north hair of aectiop eeyen; sections eight and nine; and fhe northeast quarter of I <ct ion seventeen, of tumskipfour; and totems/kin .Ave and stjr, of rang* nine. Sections oae and two: Ihe northeast quarter of aectiou three; tlie west half of auction p even, the northeast a Barter of soetion twelve; aeetion four teen: and the southeast quarter of aeotion fifteen.of tnwnsh ip four; sections oae to twenty-eight, inclu sive: the northeast quarter of seetKui twenty-am.; the northeast quarter of eectioa thirtv-three; and sections thirty-four and thirty-fve. of township five; aod township s\x, of range ten. Sections one toei^hteen, incloeive; the northwest quarter ofaection nineteen; the northeast quarter of section twemy-ore: the aorthwest quarter of aee tion twenty-two; and the northeast quarter of sec tion twenty-four, of township five; and township vx, of ran ft eleven. Sections one, two.and three; the noatheaat quar Tjt "e5tlon '*n< sections eleven, twffve, thirteen, and fourteen; the southeast quarter of aeetion fif teen; the southwest quarter of ssetion euhteea; aeenon nineteen; the aouthweat quarter ofaection twenty; the eaat half of aeotion twenty-two; the northwest quarter of section twenty-three; seotions twertv-saven to thirty three, inclusive; and the north hall of aeetion thirty-four, of township Jive; ajid townships sit and seven. of range twelve. Sectwn one; the northo&at quarter of aeetion two; the tontheast quarter of aeetion ten; the soath half of aeotion eleven; aeetion twelve: the eaat half of aeetion thirteen: the northweat qnarter of aeetion fourteen; and tho north half of aeotion fcfteen of towmhip four; the aouthweat quarter of aeetion ?even; the aouth half of aeetion eight; the aouthweat quarter of aeetion nine- the weat half ofaection fif teen; Ihe north half of aeotion aeventeen; aeetion eighteen; tho northeaat quarter of section twenty two; and aectiona twenty-three, twenty-four, twen tj-hve, twenty-six. and thirty five, of township ?tr?i ??ct,on" ?"? to aeventeen. ineluaive; the north half of aeetion eighteen: the northeast quarter of aeetion twenty; aectiona twenty-one to twenty-five, inclusive: the northeast quarter of aeetion twenty six, of township six; ana townahip aeren. of rant* thirteen. Section thirteen; the southeast quarter of aeetion fourteen; the aoutheaat quarter or section twenty two; the eaat half and the aouthweat quarter of aee tion twenty-three; the northweat quarter of aeotion twenty-four: the north half of section twenty-six; and the east half of aeetion twenty-seven. of town ship five; sections oue, two, end three; the north eaat quarter ami the north haif of tha northweat quarter of aeetion four; the northeaat ?ua ter of aeetion eleven; aeetion twelve; and the north half of aeetion thirteen, of township sir: sections one to eighteen, ineluaive; the north half of aeetion nine t#*en; the north linlj of section twenty ; sections twonty one to twenty-eight, inclusive; the south hail of aeotion twenty-nine; the aoutheaat quarter ol aeetion tmrty; the north hail of the northeast ,'u*^'er SMtion thirty-one: the northeast quarter iind the north half of the northwest quarter oi aeo tion thirty-two; and aectiona thirty three, thirty four. and thirty-five, of township seven, of range fourteen. 'and office at Sax Fbanciscs, commencing on A.onday, the third day of May next, for the d.sposal ot the publio landa within the following iiamej townships, viz: North of the base line and east of the Mount ? Diablo meridian. r ractmnal township three, of range one. North of the base line and west of the Mount _ I'ioblo meridian. r ractmnal townships four and. h ve, of range one. South of tht base line and east of the Mount ? Dlablo meridian. ?c.;,?na one to eighteen, ami twenty-two to aTaf ineluaive, of township ten, of range .. JhiTn*f!yp ten' Motions to aix, ineluaive; eight to fifteen, inclusive; and twenty-two to twen inclusive, of ^ eleven, of range ten. lownsnipe ten and eleven; sections one to six. ineluaive: eight to fifteen, ineluaive; twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty four and thirty five. of township twelve; afctions one. two, three, and nine to hfteen, inclusive; and twentv-two to twenty-seven, ineluaive, of township thirteen,of \ range eleven. 1-rnctional townahip ten : townships eleven, twelve, and thirteen; aectiona one to five, ineluaive; e;j;lit to seventeen, ineluaive; twenty to twenty nine, inclusive; and thirty-thiee. thirty-four, aod thirty-five,of township fourteen; sections one to lour, tnausive; ten to thirteen, inclusive; and twen ty-four and twenty five, of township fifteen, of range twelve. Fractional township eleven; townshipa twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and townahip fifteen, except S'rtiun thirty-one.; aud aectiona one, two, and twelve, of township sixt>rn, of range thirteen. I ownahipa twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen; aectiona one to aeventeen. inclusive; twenty o"e to twenty-seven, ineluaive; ai.d thirty-four and thirty live, of township sixteen. of rang' fourteen. lps lkr'"nJ fourteen, fifteen, and sir teen; the south half of section four; the aouth half or section hve; sections seven, euht, and i.ine; the weat half of aectiou ten; and sections thirteen to thirty-five, inclusive, of township twenty, of range JSJ lee 91 ? Fractional'n; and township firrn ty. of sixteen. Fractional township sixteen; end townshipa sev enteen. eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of range seventeen. FraetioL*! townships seventeen and cigAt'ea.and townships nineteen and twenty, of range eighteen. fractional townships eighteen, nineteen, aod twenty,ol range nineteen. At the land cftice at MARTsvtLLK.oommeneing on Monday, the seventeenth day of May next, for the disposal ot the public landa within the following named townships, vix: North of the base line and east of the Mount _ , Diablo meridian. Fractional townahip four; townahip Jive; frac tional townships twelve, thirteen, nod fourteen; ani townshipa seventem and eighteen, of range one? Fractional townships twelve, thirteen, and four Y/n' *1- townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen, ol range tiro. North of the baseline and west of the Mount _, Diablo meridian. /lfVf*r kml aiul fractional townahip thirteen of range one. Townships t we Ire, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, c f rang- two. Townships fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen; frac tional townships seventeen, eighteen, and nine teen; and townships twenty and twenty-one. of ranee three. Sections one, two, three, aud ten to fourteen, in cliisi\e; t he ea&t hall of section fifteen; the east tatlf ol section twenty-two; sections twentv-three to iwenth-six. inclusive; and section thirty five, ol township Jvurttzn; sections one. two, and three; tho east half of section four; the east halfol section i nine: aections ten to fifteen,luolusive; the east half ot section twenty-one; aections twenty-two to twenty -seven, inclusive; the northeast quarter of fhfvV.'fci*6'!1/ ei*hi? a'''1 sections thirty-four and tnirty-hve, ol townfihip.ft/'fn. sections one to four, inclusive; nine to fifteen, inclusive; twenty-one to twouty-eight, inclusive; and thirty-three, thirty lour, ami thinyfne.ol township sixteen; aections one to seven, inclusive; the north half and the south west quarter of section eight; sections nine to fif toeii, inclusive; the west hail ol section seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; the northweat quar ter of section twenty; sections tw-Milv out, to twenty-eight, inclusive; the west half of section thirty; and seotions thirty-three, thirty-four, and tnirt>-hvc, ol township seventeen; sec ioas one to nineteen, inclusive; the west half of aectiou twenty; the eaat half of aeetion twenty-one; sections twen ty-two to twenty-aev?n, inclusive: the eaat half of aeetion twenty -eight; the west half of section twen ty-nme; aectiona thirty and thirty-one; the weat ha.f ?f aeenon thirty-two; tho east half of section thirty three; and aectiona thirty lour and thirty .Z''n?r towi'?hlP ??'*?shipsH.iu*?a, twent*, and twenty-one. of range four. Sections one, two. three, an.l ten to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of section twenty two: sections twenty throe to twenty-six, inoiusirt; the southeast quarter ol section thirty-four; and sec tion thirty-five, of township seventeen; sections one, two. and three; the southeast quarter ol sec tion nine; sections ten to fifteen, luciusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, mc uaive;and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township eighteen; sections one, two, and three; th? northeast quarter ol section four; sections ten to fifteeu, inclusive sections twenty-two to twenrv-aeven, inc usive; i and sections thirty-fonrand thirty-five, of townahip nineteen; and towusaips turr/i,'* and of range Ave. ,w Linda appropriated by law for the use of school, military, and other purposes, together with those swamp and overflowed lands, mado thereb* unfit , cultivation, if any. granted to tho State I.t th? act entitled "An act to enable the State of Arkansas ami other > >s to reclaim the swamp lands within their limits, approved September 2A, l?o0, will be excluded from tiie sa'es. ^o "mineral lands" or tract a containing mineral deposits are to be odered at the public aale*. such mineral lands being expressly excepted and ex cluded from sale or other disposal by the reuuire I2S? "I .! ? "f Con*re8? approved 3d March. 1HM, entitled An act to provide for tho survey of the public lands in California, the granting oi tre etoption rights therein, and for other purposes.'' The ottering of the almve lands will be commenced on the d tys appointed, and will proceed id tlie order in whioh they are advertised, until the whole shall have been onored, and the sales thus olosed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Giveu under my hand, at the city of Washington. Bytlie Pr..,d.?1; JAMKS <--"ANAN. Thos. A. Hxndxicks. Commissioner ol the Genera! Land Ofliee. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. tn ?n5r?rp.ek*?n ^int,t'e^ fo t'l# n*ht of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts <* townships above enumerated is required to estab lish the sarne to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land otfioe. and makt pmy ment therefor as soon as practicable ajter seeing this notice, And liefore the day appointed for the oommencsnient of the public sale of the lands em pracing the tract claimed; o:herwise such claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HENiJKICKS. se 18 commissioner of the General I^and Office. ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE W ashikoton. September 17,*U57 On the petition of Jonathan Ball, of Elmira, N?w York, praying for the extension of a patent srant^l to him on the 15th day ol Ueoember, im3, for an im provement in "coating water pipes," for ,ei?n pfac" on the f"SliTof DeLmfe?.Wh,ch Ukt" P?It.nt? OffiS* on'M^^he next, at 12 o'clock m ;3 il Derson.Vrl ^ r appear ami show causer anrhe?hava^h^.d pehtiou ought not to I* grantL. ' Why "AJd in the* Patent1 fh"x 1 e 181''n are required to file forth Wwrftm. ol??ct">ns. specially set o7hai?i.!7f 3f'?516"1 ^'wr? ,h? used at tlfn'u. i i mun)' ^ either party to be todinV^uf.^j hearing must he taken and transmit ^1 W,th l.he role* of the ??ce-wh,oh will be lurnwhed on application. nr S?, ?ti'non)l1"> the pase will be olosod on the 2>th oveniber; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must Iw filed in the Office on or ?eiore the morning of that day; theargumeats^faay, Within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, ? ? ? -? I nion, National ton, Pennsylvaniaa, riuiMBipiiM^ ?ij mvi^sw Yofk; Post, Boston. Mass.: and lixiOirer, Cincin nati. Ohio; onoe a week for tnree successive weeks, previous to the 90th of November next, the day of hearing. ? . J.HOLT. f r Commissioner of PatVata. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please oam and send their bills to tha Patent Offioe, with a paaer eontawung Uus nottoe, se m iay3w amusements. __ EXCELSIOR. pening BALL OF 1 BT TBI Ugly Club. Grand openYngKbm!lof th season, TU? Ublt Cin hag leave to announce to their ^ tha public Nimtil. that their ?l Ksasksis^nwA n J?" * tthar'B I nrivallad Hniiud Striaf Hand has h??ii (i (tied for th? i??ui<*. JSshaffleid, th* experiencd will hsvs chargs of tha Map,** Kn<1 Refreshments. Plo uu or o*m a: owed ib tha hall-room exospt ?5?*tT?ni?/. tf* r**Fect IV* CI ul??. Ticket. ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladibb?to ha had of the members of tha Club, or *t ''?a door of(ba avaaiac of tha Ba.l. .PS&VJ?6 arrangements. ?a* WERNER'S VARIETIES. 6tA itrtet naif Pa. arm*'. T?a proprietor faele pieaaura in announcing to kit patrons, that,in conjunction with tha t?iant?d Cast pany engaged, ha has made an engagement, lor thraa nights. with the justly popular comedian Bad VoCtllBt, DICK WATKINS. assisted bv H E R R KRt'EGF.R. Without exception tha beat Taoor in this ray. Admission free. selT-Si* WAHT8. SITUATION WANTED?Bye respectable mid C5 die-aged Woman, aa Child's Nurse. or to dot! a housework of a small family. Apply at 35Sth straet, between L and M streets. p* WANTED TO KF.\T-By the 1st Of Ootobar. or sooner if possible, a neat, oomfo t ble, small BRICK HOl'St, any where between the Capitol and 8th straat, not far from Hann. avenue Add ret i to D. R. House, Post Office. aeit-St* ? WANTED.?Two BROWN STONE CUT TERS. Apply to H. PARRY.Penn. avenue, between igthand '!>?n ats. se 17 it* 1|/A>TEU.?A itood Woman Cook and a Her - " vant Man. Apply at the Keyatone Hotel. se U ST CLERK OR CUPVI8T.-A gent'emaa who writes B plain and rapid hand, and is thoroughly acquainted with bookkeeping. desires a situation. Would assume the copying and revision of works for the press. Publio documents coptau in the neat est manner and with dispatch. Address II C.. box 832. 10f 17 eo3w* TO MEDICAL MEN.?A Voani Gei.t enar, about to commence a course of medical stadias at Wa?hiugton. would be pleased to devote his apart* tune, for the first year, to the eervioes of an estafr lished practitioneer, for the accommodations of lioarding, lodging. and the eomf< rts of a home. Ad dress Kaopa. Star Office. an >C-St* WANTED.?A neatly t~UR NisilED OWKU DING, situated l?etween I'enn avenue end H and 10th and 6th streets. One with wst?r #0 tha pramiaes. and yard of convenient sixe, pre* ., red, and will be taken on rent or lease. Address B. Star office. se 14 1 w* \VANTED-By R MARRIED MAN. a situation in any respectaHe Mercantile Business as Saleaman or Assistant Book-keeper. He has con siderable experience in the various branches of ner cantila business The best of referenoes can ha given. Address W. J., ears of Noal A. Boyd. Wash ington oity. a* 14 wtfw A YOUNG LA DY, who hs* been taking lessons from the best teachers in the city, and who feels herself competent to teach Music and Sinciug. is de irous of obtaining a few i-nvn a Scholars, or a Class in a school or family. His no objection to go 'o tha country. Terms ?8 per uuarter. Apply at 43g H street, or address a note to Miss L. P., through the Post Office. se 1 -eoSw * WANTED?In the family of a gentleman two miles from the city, a good plain COOK. One who can brine recommendations for skill, hon esty. and cleanliness will fend a rood ait oat ton and ran ular wages. Apply to J. P. CRLTCHETT, cor ner of 6th and D streets. jy 15-tf LOST AHD FOUHD. CAME ON THE PREMISES of Georra R. Moore, north of the Park Hotai,7th^^^KV> street, on the 8th of Septeialar, as anrjLJ^1^ astray, a white SOW. with a small slit inaajaJU*la the right ear, crop on the left ear. with b ack spots. She has two black spots on the two fore legs. The owner of the above cescnbed Sow is hereby notifi?-d to come forward, prove property, and pay charges, and take her away. se 16-31* GEORGE E. MOORE. ^inn REWARD.-I will give one hundred OlUv dollars for the apprehension of A? NEGRO OfcCA R who went offon Saturday Ca mornii g, 12* h instant, if taken beyond the ^ limits of Char e< county, and %5"i if uken in Charles county?in either cass to be brought home and sacurad so that| gat him. He navm black Negro. 5 feet IB or II laches high, rathar spruce. Ashe went oft for a slight provocation ha will no doubt try to make his esoap?. W. MITCHELL, Be 15-tf near Port Tobacco, Maryland. IOST.?As I have been legally notified I>t the i Commissioner of Pensions that a BOUNTY LAND WARRANT for one hundred and twenty acres. No.fki.u3l a as laaued on the l?Hhof January, 1857. in the name of Jamea Griffin aa Private tn Cap tain Pieroa'a company, Viretina Militia, Wir 111.', and sent to my address of Berlin. Viriina. As no auoh Land Wa?j&iit*hti? never coin*? to my hande.nor to the owner, aud as every reason exist that ssid warrant has been lost, missent. or stolan from the mail on transient from Washington city, I). C., to Berlin. Virginia : and the object of this advert tea m*nt iBto give due notice that I khall make applica tion at the Pension Office of the I'nited S'ates for a duplicate after given the notice required by law. au 13-wSw EDWIN BH A DSHA W. Attorney. AOAA R EWA R D.? K ana way from the so s j - bar. bvinf near I'pper Marlliorouxh. H Prince George's county, kid., on the jmh o| April, NEtfRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. aKout 27 years of age, 5 feet. 6 inches fo?h?? dark mulatto? has a raree bushy head. whiskers round his face, mediam aite and down liMtk. He may hire himself it: the District, where be has relatives, or make his wi* to some free State, as ne led without any provocation. I will kivc Two Hundred Doiiars, if taken out of the State??!?*? if taken in the District.or any other i?ert of MarylanJ, and 9Vu if taken in this county. In either case ha must he secured so that I set him. in9-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. BOARDING. BOARD IN THE COUNTRY ?Good BOARD ina beautiful and healthv location in the coun try, just north of Georgetown, ano within a few minutes walk of the Omnibuses, and oouvsniem to Washington, can be obtained on application tu k. W. BA ll N AH I), at Wa I A Barnard's, corner fth s reetand I'enn. avenae. sc 8 Iw BOAR DIN<i.?One lartB PARl.OR. w;th a larca Chamber attached, for rent on very mode-ate terms. They are handsome y furnished and lielit ed with gas; al* large front Chan.tier and one 1 i'ga sixed sintle Room, together or separately, suitah e for a family or a single gBntlemau. No. 468 loth at., between D and E. se tg-lw MC . WOODWARD'^ ETROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking Morn ta tKt Vnit*d H taut. 1 have just reoeived from Pinlade'phia a few of the nBW Rising Stak, or double Ovea Co?iking Stove; a decided improvement on the old Mormtig Star ; patented \t&l. I had then t?' np tn Phi!?de! phia this last summer, exclusively for this marget. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of U?e very best Pennsylvania Malleable Irou. All the Cooking Utensila are made extra heavy. F. H. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also. The Lirkktt Stab, made by Me?sr*? Abbott A Laurence ol the m?me place. Tmk I.ioht Stbkkt Docblk Oven Cook, m?<l? by M?-s*r?. H hi van Bartiett A Co.. Baitititors, together with the very ?>est Air TiaHT Flat-Top C<h?bi?? Siovbs that can be found in this or any othor market, some of which are the oelebrated SrKBtsK. IrrgoviD Globe, Floba Cooe, Nobs e C?m>k, anu the Btt k Kin-iF. Air Tight Coos. If any man can produce a better Cooking Stove, to excel the aU>ve Stoves, for r<*ating, Iwkinc, Ac., I will give him fVon each <hib. Please cail an<i examine th<*m. it will oost yon and vou will aaa all kinds and sorts of Stoves, A 0. For sole at C. WOODWARDS. Metropolitan Stove and Gra.s Factory. No. SlU anaSQ I'a.ava., bet. .Ot^ane 11 th sts. Balcony in Frontfuil ? f Stoves. N. B. At to the Sea Smell flat top Coohjio Stove It have examined it thoroughly, and think it ba? a very appropriate name?Smell. Yes. sheila will burn out in a few lirea. It ib a good name lor them?good for the makers. And aa to the old Morn ing Star. 1 sold them last fill, but will not sell them again. They are aa thin as pas tab.* rd. I can p.o*a that ths maker's ageut urged me, lor almost a day, last summer in my counting room to aail them this Fall; saying that if I would take twents-fi%'e of them he would give me the exclusive agency of tbem for five years. 1 told him 1 would not have tbem at any prioe, they are so thinly made. Thev are hand billed over town by one th?t said last fall thntth?y were not worth having. All the above 1 can pruvs. se 17 tf ?4 AAA CORPORATION OF WASHING C*"* ton Qaarterly Si* Per Cant Stock for sals in sums to suit. JAS. C. MoGUlRF., SB 17-St Auet'r. and Com. Merchant. l\TOTICE -DR BROTHERS bai re tamed from 11 his visit North, and now can ??e eon?ulted. aa usual, on all diseases which the human family arc subject at his office, 417 Penn. avenue, where be in tends shortly to opera family Medical Depot for tb% sale of all Patent Medicines throughout the cnan try. se 17 at* QYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS'!! The undersigned most respcclfully informs his customers awl the public, that he has rc opened his Oyiter business for the season. The finest Oysters o->ming to market will ba kspt. and lovera of Uiom are invited to call at No. UB. at the comer of IVtb and E streets, nearly opposite the new Union Build ing, where they will find always a supply of Oysters, and see them opened. Oysters by the paok or bushel, sold at a ama.l ad vance. as 17-St* J. R. B SCHWAP7E. Wk. McLeax. Geo. A. Mcaao P . McLEAN A Ml'NRO. LANING MILL AND LUMBER YARD. C'ara?r ISiA and B St** near the Cmnml, havs constantly 011 hand a general assortment of 4-4 and 5-4 Dressed Flooring ; 4-4, 6 4, and 14 DrBased Whits Pina, Dreased Sep ping and Weather Board ing, Rough Lumbar, I .atfees. As., which ws now offar for sals at low prices. as 12-eolni LC L O T H I K O. ?DIES AND GENTLEMEN having Bay to dispose of caa raoeiva a (air cash prios lor tka samsTW aendtng or addressiag H. MK1.A, No. M Louisaaa avenue, batwean Kh and link streets, wast '111My LA