Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. fFrom Alexander Smith's New Book of Poema.l BARBARA. On the Sabbnth-dar. Through thochurchrard old and fray. Over the crisp and yehow leaves. I neld my rust And arnwMhV words of merer, falling on my soal hketm'ms. 'Mid t h*- gorge.>ua storms o( musio?m the mellow organ calms, 'Mid the upward streaming prayers, and the rich and solemn pmlmi, I stood careless, Barbara. My heart was otherwhere, \\ bile the organ shook the air. And the priest, with outspread hands. Messed the people with a pray er ; But, when rising to go homeward, with a mild and saint-like shine Gleamed a faceofairy beauty with its heavenly eyes tin mine? G.earned and vanished in a niumet?O that lace was surely thine Out of heaven. Barbara. 0 pallid, pallid fac? ! 4} earnest eyes of grace ! When iast 1 saw thee dearest, it was in another place. You oame running firth to meet me with my lore t,ft on your wrist; The flutter of a long white dress, then all was lost in mist? A pnrp> wain of agonr was on the mouth I kissed ; That wild morning. Barbara. 1 searched, in iny despair. Sunns noon an.t midnight air; 1 oourd not driv? away the thought that you were lingering there, 0 man* ai.d iuu>y a winter night 1 sat when you were gone. My W'>rnlace buried in my hands, betide the fire alone? Within the dripping churchyard, the rain plashing on your stone. You were sleeping, Barbara. Wlong angels, do you think Ot tiio precious golden lmk 1 ciajp"d around your happy arm, while sitting by yon brink? Or wiien that night of gliding dance, of laughterand guitars, "Was emptied of its music, aiid we watched through lattice tars. The si'ent imduuht heaven creeping o'er us with its stars. Till the day broke. Barbara? I n t he years I've changed. Wild and far my heart hath ranged. And many sir.s and errors now nave l?een on me avenged; But toTnu I hare been faithful, whatsoever good lacked; 1 loved ?ou.ard above my life still hangs that love intact? Your love the trembling rainbow, I the reckless cataract ? Htjll I love you. Barbara. Yet. love, I am nnbiest; With many doubts oppresf. 1 wander like a desert wind, without a p'aee of rest Could I but win you for an hour from off that starry ?horn, Tne hunger of my soul were stilled, for Death hath tola you mure Than the ine'ancholy world doth know; thingsdeepe than al! lor* You could teach me, Bartara. In vain, in vain, in vain. You will never oome again. There droops upon the dreary hills a mournful fringe of rain: The gloaming closes s'owly round, loud winds are in the tree. Round s' fish shores for ever tn^ans the hurt and wounded sea. There is no rest upon the earth, peace is with Dea'h and thee, Barbara Sixgclar Cas? or lNFA5TtciT>ii?The Evans ?ille Journal thus speak* of the crime of a wo man. Sarah Berlwell. now on trial In Sullivan county, for infanticide: It will be recollected that, on the a-rest of the prisoner, it was chared that the crime had been committed wrb the complicity of her own bro ther. who was arrested with her. but was subse quently released on hail. Thev were both to be tried at the present term. The girl, on her exam 1 nation before t!\e magistrate made a confession She was living at the time in her brother's fatn ily. consisting of tlve or six persons?the child was t?orn during the absence of the family to a neigbor's. when there was only a small girl in the hoi;?*. Iininediatelv after its birth, she took it into the field one hundred and fifty vards from the house. and placed it in a sunn ami covered it ore: with baik and leaves; she returned to her b*-d and the next morning rose and performed her duties, concealing all trace* of what bid hap|?eii ed from the family. She did not know wiiether the child was born dead or alive; it did not cry. and she did not wish it to live It wis ?ul?se quently taken from the stump and buried by a man. "Who the man was she refused to tell, or make any jo knowledgments of the paternity of the child, and in this she persists up to the pres ent date. After her committal to prison she at tempted suicide by starvation, and for the spa^-e of twentv-one davs refrained entirely, as the she riff sa:d. from taking any food. Finding it In a ?low process of dyint;. she repented and gave It up, and is now on trial. The St Dokisgo Rkvolctios?The revolu tion in Sin Domingo apjH*ars to oe a movement directed against President Baez, who has )e*eu detected bv the citizens in a tobacco speculation, toetfect which he has debased the urrency of the country by an illegitimate issueof a large amount of paper money The revolutionist* have pro claimed a provisional Government and invited San'ana. the former President, back again to as ?umc the head of affairs. The city of Sin Do mingo appears to have Wn the only place in the republic which sustained Baez. The insurgents ?Assembled t.UN) troops before the city, and Baez. it Is said, has l>een obliged to leave it. Fdiistlu 1st. who is Emperor of the Haytien, or western portions of the ("land, had lieen applied to by the insurgents for his aid. and. it is ?aid. he was assembling his forces, either to lend them as sistance or to recover possession of San Domin go. which was f Kinerly under Haytien Govern ment, but declared its indspendeuce in l~t-', and Las since maintained it in several well-fought battles Faustin. we believe, has never recog nized lt? independence U7" Among tne Items of expenditure* of the citv of Boston, for the year ending April H<?. 1-17 is the following ??? Food for squirrel*, S3-.27."' Squirrels aie encouraged on Boston Common, and their lives protected by the police and by munic ipal laws JUT" A fl?herman at Cincinnati, a few days ?lace, named .Mark, fell Into the river from a raft and was rescued drowning by a dumb lad The ungrateful scamp, as soon as lie regained the raft, se.zed the pro. mute, ami beat him severely. Several persons near bv. seeing the aflair, gave the wretch such a ducking that he liegged for mercv, but was only released after being nearly drowned. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTF.L.?T 11 Slmins. I .a; C II Pye, Md; Win Person, do; John Robrrtson. Scotland; W .M lV?d?on and two ladies, Wis; W fi Terry. Va; A li Arthnr, do; F Needles. Mo; l>ouis do; T H Clagett. Va ; J S Wal ter, do. S D Butt and lidv. Ha: PMcKinley. S C, A G ?i.ahain and children, Tenn; T Harris. Ky, ST Campt?ell; Mr Piuminer, Md: A C Na fees and lady, do, K A M Kenney, Va; II W Brodnax and ladv. Ala; M s Merrington, do; J J Rollln and niece; N Chasjsault. Fng; J 1' Cald well and son. Va; V C P'-ers, Mo; T W Cavid son. Cai. J 1, Maguire. Md; James W Tree, Kv, W J? Roberts. DC ; W V. Wilcox, Tenn ; A C Pmall, Fla; Willie R-odlp, do; W A Daniel, do; 1. C Belt. Ga. 11 Frank. NY ; (j W Ross, Tenn; J D Arne*t. Pa, J W Mitchell, Md. W1U.ARDS- HOTEL?D Buggies. I'SN; J as Hi'tv. N (1; R M .Magruder, Md; J |* Poster, L r1 N. W (i?ld?i?oroiwh and sons, Md; Mrs Barker nn,l daughter. Md; ("apt A Gailand, I S M C; W W Crump Va: P S Harris, Pa, Miss F V Haller, 11 B tt'i'hrie. I'a, Mist K Hasty. NC; K Andrews, Ohio; J Woods. Va; A M F Watson, Pa; W B Kea.itev, do; .Mr Hart, NYo k; II R Gamble, Mo: Com'r Price, L'SN. J Suthciand. London; J Doyle. New York; R Kage. Glasgow; A Leggett; W II Mill?r.h.i; B F Moan, s C; Jno Wcidman, J Wilson, Pa, M G Delany. Nil. WASHINGTON HOU.<K ? II <;ikk1. Va; P A and J Mood. SC. .- D 1'renchard, L'S.N; R Ward. J Cjuigly, NY; J and G Mrun?-tte, A and K Whit ney. Hudson and Furgison, Stm Bunnell, Sands, Nathans A Co s Circus; J P Smith. Kv; M Ru t?-r, Vs. J Haynea. Mo; J W McCormlck. Va; M Harris. Mo; J W Granger, NY; B P Shifllett, Va; J P Smith, NY. KIRKWOOD HOI'SK ?W O Nlion. Ala: J 5hendon. Iowa; A W Foster, Pa; C" G Foster,do; M M son. NY: T F Johnston. Md; W R |)ea'bon. Ill; A J Marshal. Va; W M Harrison; F. Haitiuan. Fla: K Knot Va; V St Clair, l.a; M Sandfo <1. Ky: J Danfoith, O; MOW EM K HTM Of OCKAM MTKAMMMM. Flo* tmk la it id Stat ks. Srtoift?? i I.tare. for. Days Vanderbiit N?-w York . .Havre.......Sept 12 As:a New Vwk..I.iverjH?ol... .Septhi llratsfton Ww York .. Kangaroo \?-w \ ork.. Liverpool....Sept17 Arago New York. Havre Sep 111* Kuro|a Boston n Jk i -' "f ?" uosion l.tver|>ool....r-ep'^iJ Ad.l-tlc N?-w ^ ork. .l.iverp?K>l....S- pt<lrt !'? - S ork .. Liverpool... .Scptjli City Baltimore..New York..Liverpool....Oct 1 llammonla New York..Hambuig....<>rt 1 A New York .11.emeu Oct *J Fa?m Kriopi _ ? ? ??r*. Persia l.?ver;>ool....New York..S?-pt 8 Antelope Liverpool Portland Sept 5 Glasgow Glasgow New Yoik..Sept 5 City Baltimore.. I.ivei pool New York . .Sej* ? Ariel Sou 'a mpt on. .New York..S*-pt (? Canada Liverpool... - Boston S plli Arabia.... Liverpool....New York..Sept 1? Fulton aou'amptoii. .New York .Septal City Wuli ton..Liverpool....New York. SeptZl .N^igara Liverjwcil Boston Sepf.Ht Atlantic Liverpool....New York..Septyt? Hmiiwia Ilaiiit/uig.... New York .Oct 1 i he California mail steaurers leave New Yoik on tt)? ?th ?iid 3*>th of ench tnoqtji. _____JElsceiianeeiie. ?JARD ENQRAVINO. rIb'iII'pn^rW1 AOK. AND BUSINESS Si.i- r J'N 6 R A v*' D and P RINTE D in the fi rst ? ?rt,at our F'ancy Store, No. 31" Penn sy^ania avenue, between 9th and 1'Hh sts. _ae 9-eolm HUTCHINSON A NUNRO. ?wh 7lli :1 \TEW FALL AND WINTER GOODS FOR ?V, OK.NTLKMKM. ALSO, S O MET HI XG FOH THE LADIES. P. J. STKER, MkkchANT Tailor, No. 488 7th street, W ashington, im now read/ to exhibit his new Fall and Winter Hoods. ' Gentlemen will please oall early and sslect | choice styles. In the making up and the trimming of all' work sold at my store. 1 suaranty a superior style and ample satisfaction to the purchaser \vi^udvXrtvH' h*v",,c t*H* ?<ency for the sale of W heeler A \V ilsou s inimitable Family Sewins Machines, would confidently recommend them "5 the find to ft others eniraifpti m m?u,. ladies' and children's Cloth,nfT.3h, Shut as Iwyond all controversy superior to an* nih.r.l' existence. Full instruc'^a e r veu ^nd ent.rS .TpS.-0'" i? .if ~ir.r^ wiWi'liu tT, m'lI ?f,'f ""Kl Maehin,, * we" lo 0,111 st ?>y ?tore and sen for them * ___ seH-SawJw QPfcNING NO NEW ACCOUNTS. on^ouM??^'. to open no more new aeoounts all persons fh?? i. date, and earnestly request dear n^*rwl. to o*H and close thein without de^^or their aco.juuts must bo discontinued. to imp m?.f. . hu OCtV?si<m tw retui n our thanks us I.?r to !! customers who make their purchaaesof us and^i.. I ^11 ? wl'" have kept bills with ?nnii them promptly when presented. All h">De l?? We . Ikj Plea!,?'1 ?o continue ; and keeni'n/.l .11 . I. HttHntlon to business and nftEX LV, J. tlmf a wellassortedstock ofdry goods and ment their increased confidence tim r iu i i' believing that the change in our svs hefLrti^. Vs n, Purc,'??o stock on much!"' *,il1 W"1 p,Vne Kr,'Rtly tot lie advantage a'i customers as well as to ourselves. We invite the?Ti?l.?M to give us a rail before making ?mAn! ,V?CV ".*? V we 9*n ',how atnll tim-s one am..n? the beat selected and assorted siocks ofgoods lo round in this city. se 9-eo6t 528 ?th ?U UiVee^do.naJromJ'*.'av. 4?h ? "J STILL LIVE," lm? ul..11 outdone liy any in the Painting Line. Having secured the service- of an expe rienced >:gni and Ornamental Painter, I am prepared to do SloNS BANNERS, TRANSPArtEN L Ir.>, 4c., in the latest sty leg. Also, continue to do HOUSE PAI\TI\r G1.AZING. and GRAINING in a superior manner! streets LouiM,Iia aveme? between 6th and 7th se 4-eotl M. T. PA RKER. UE M O V A L. . W M. PETERSON Having moved into the new Store, 4R?')< Penn. a\enue, north side, between Sti and 4>? sts., rVlWu*^'*< J.VSV^81? *""<?rtment of%?| CLOTHS, CAMMERES.and NESTINGS If\ m.i. l%te?* Patterns, any of which will l>e if# maj.e up in his usual fashionable style. '?*? T J \l^\NrTnVi'.n/B^rg* assortment of GEN F\Ni'V AR'nr 15 i' l,f?"7rT1 description, i V LES. Ac.: all of which he offers on accommodating terms to his old customers, and others^who may favor him wjth a call, au 27-eol m A ^ COST. Having determined to confine our k?Js r?k" th? coach and cabinet branch of the trade (including War Ironan.1 Meel) \Y i &S ? "/? k ' BUILDING hard r\ wm!si ir CLKH^ ' AORlCfLTL'RAL 4 n \ M . ntco^t to close out. All fuch ro^mIs must positively be sold,and if n?t entirely closed out by the IMh December will bedis ?f"Src'h,*,!,u""""" 'or another class th?.n^X.'lm!nMK!r price's will oonynce purchasers th^t on such goods there is chance [if a good invest ment. ?il!ljneTeV?;'f/*c',,,,,e8 ?n the branch of the trade to % hich weshan hereafierdevoteourattention,l>o!h as to qiialitv and quantity, we s?.licit the increased I^fronage of consumers in full confidence that prices wili be satisfactory. v ELVANSA THOMPSON, KP Penn. ave., bet.9thand l?th ?t?. c American J ntel A Marlboro Gazette) ?e 2-eol m p LT M PS- P F MPS-PFMPS. " The subscriber gives notice that he contimieB to minu^acture his larze Iron Pumps. They are stronK and substantial. a?5 will raise water one hu,HlV"5 fh! Pr:r.n'J,.C,,!V- .h,,r >nf??rmat.on I refer the mtiatiitants who have used them^nd two ofthem inn* be seen on I- street, between 12th and !Sth on? m a d%Ce';rw r,.off H M"' Vth- "?e the old rapl," I ? sl ^ well, two on \irginia avenue, bet ween 2d and 4th streets, si! put m operation by order or the wte'hlo. !U ??",n*V,n- Wl" dl?f deepen wel.s, bi'nd cistern, f.-rran. water put m operation Jl tt t'IM anJ rep ur old pumps of every description. I hose desiring his services will lie ac ?'ii!"."',*! ?t the shortest notioe b? caliirte on the subscriber iu Washington. D. C? No. 4<jJ Vireinia avenue, near the Carroll p!ac-. Virginia w2-eo2in FOSTER HENS|| ^ w. rP?.. furnaces. " wr,Ki,;i"pl'11VK' !a:":' p""?:,6<1'? "? Ail persons intere*te<l are s<i!icite<l to call at our s ore and uti.fy themselves of the superiority of this Heater over all others in use. So successful'* have the pnncip es of combustion been applied in its ??rf,,",0V"n' 7't'V".St. it presents a radiating of e??? nun lr'ri an 1 fifty ?/u'ir< f*tt ,t re quires thirty p*r r?nt. I'stcoal than any furnace heretofore manufacture<l. 7 ,'!iPr,veIne,1i.,hat an e*P"rience of thirty Tea s iri the xurnaco hiisiue^s cou'ij suzspHf hna XZSrTV\ m t,U* ^ej.tonJ proprietors feel asuured that flir elTi cieucj and ec*>uomy of use. it is un**urpa^^e<l v SIHLEV A GUY, No.aan Pa. a v., bet. mth and II sts., ... i clu"lve A*e"py for the sale of the aul-h??*2in Kevston HnnlAr i Intel.MA W2m:Fnion.TA V'*m" ]\J, ? I No. 5K4 J ^ F TIIK REMOVAL f>F THF W->,U itJtV ^* FROM O j I H VV a T( i (?TTK R InNNESOTVV,N T,,K TKRKIT()RV OF In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress entitled "An aet authorising changes in iwm "tKau",nol 1 "n'1 Otfioes," approved 3<l March ""d iiih-Io known th.-it ?be office f?' the Northwestern District." in the Ter ntory of Minnesota, will be removed from the town of Ojibu-a to Ottek I sil Citv. hi aaid Territory at as early n period m vrartirnhle. F urther not ice as to the precise tune of removal dlstnct"*0 t>10 r<i?l8ter receiver tor said "1^*77 hnn'1- V f.hw r,tr of Washington, this IKth day of Auiiist.A. I>. IP?57. Dy order of the Prescient: ,, TH08. A. HENDRICKS, an 20 lawTw'*,10ner th? ,'cneral , Office. A H. MARLOW'S CHEAP HOOT AND SHOE STORF: Ao.4W Fenmylrania avtnue. 'i',, th|* opportunity of informing my customers and the public 111 general that I have on sale? a lot 01 first rate Calf skin Cailers at IH | fi ,* ,r<kncl! Calf-skin Patent Leather^ 291 Gaiter at ^.i.V.aa nMxf assre usually sold* VSL at ?5. and 3 good Ca.f skin Doot at $ '."jo. Indies '?iiter? at.?: z.-?, fine Morocco lioskiua atfl.and aw other Shoes, sucn as B?,'s, Misses, and Chil drens. cheap in1 proportion. Call and see for your se.ves. Don t forget the place. No.4^ Pcnnsylva ma avenue, between ad and 4), streets. au V> 2avr lrri UA new' ARTMJLkT? "<>D fuiif.I \G?A Great Improvement?for ?. !<a,n I Uinps, eonveT,nf wster. draining and, and Other most 11 sifn! purposes : decidedly tlie n-e^st, 'Hl eheapest article for brlnelnt drinking * a er to adwel;,ng. F arrners and citizens are invited to examine it at iheold stand. National Agricultural W arehonse, M9 Seventh street, where it can be had in quantities and prices to suit. . EDWARD F. SIMPSON, se vzawlw Successor of Fitzhcgh Coyl*. Marion harland's new rook - a','' -\Iarion Harland, author of a one. The H iduen Path." A c. Price 1> 1.25. a..?I U*i nT^ ^'l", to awaken an interest in a new txw.k by this charming authoress. Forty seven thousand copies of her "Alone" and "Hidden lath hare r,ee? soljby her American publishers, and the demand at present as constant and regular r.r?r- Europe they have met with still greater s.icr.ess No other American authoress nas ?et l?een honored bv republication mine Leipsic edition of s audi.r.l American authors. Those who have seen the advance sheets of " Moss Side" unite in th? opinion that it is superior to both of Marion Har lands former Drc^luetions m interest, style, and poDn ar taa-t. It is full of incident ofan exciting nature, whi e the j??ot is better aud more systeiuati OH'iy arrariced. Just received, and for s?le at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. ,ei near 9th street. |\EW FALL GOODS. I am now receiving a very full and beautiful stock of I a 1 and W inter G)hmIs. Gentlemen wishing to have the advantage of an ear:* seleclion of choice patterns will call early. I he new fashions are received and I am full* ready for the fall trade. lu,iy m7o? A- H V'rNG, Merchant Tailor, _se7 ?w Hrowns Hotel Penn.avenue. f:a n i ts. p * bushels PEA NUTS for sale by . JONAS P. LEVY, W4 12th street, corner of II. R *SWW A ''T- f,,r St* at the tver iii Mh ui I HOUSE, corner of West Falls mai!? 1, street. Baltimore. Md. Jhi' ' ' l1*1'"* for BELTS. JOINTEDCHIN J Dolls, Arijtetesia Hair Pi..s, Tuck Comle.Ac.. V __ise2l LAMMOND'S. V\r A G N E R Pk.xnuti.vanu A VPVVT V l.outmuei to maoufuture IsOOKINl? lil ah 1 I It h r KAMh. , opposite Kirkwood HouMe ne4 Im p 1ANOS.?Six very g<N>d second hand Pianos for sale or rent verv low, at our Piano Warero. ms ,e7. JOHN F. ELLIS. * (J LITE AN EXCITEMENT AT McLAI Gil LI N A C*?.'S. They are selling out,and find their store crowded Go anil set I terrains. Me t IPLACKBKRRY BRANDY.-We h&vethisday * ?t'PP'f of Turner Brother's II LACK 'F.RR\ BR A.N I)Y, which is a fine article, and guarantee it to cure the Diarrhea in its worst form. For sale wholesale or retail by ARNYASHINN, " *7 (ireen st. fJeorretown. I I 14 !~.H AIMS !!? We have a choice lot of our tuck. / .*"!* : al,?- Hams of f)hio and Ken nr. sooli1""/ w',l0h are very superior. The sizes su a 1 f"r ,,lrKe ??"?'! families. For sale by ?V KING A HITWrMKI.L. l tAW' KNIYE8, SCISSORS, M7 ' McLAUGilLIN'S, frauranoft, Ike. PB0K&T,A0NNDl)UiSgWF,YEfR0M THt ""W?* FARMERS AND MECHANICI? INSURANCE COMPART. OF PHILADELPHIA. Fin, Marine, and Inland Insurance. Autkorixtd Capital 91,250,00ft!!! Orvici, NoETHWEST corner or Pennsylvania Avenue and 17tu Street, Washington, DIRECTORS. Hon. Thoa. B. Florenoe, Charles Dingee, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Mauderfield. Charles A. Rulncain, F.dwafid R. Heimboia, Sieorge He!mtx>id, P. Carroll Brewster, ames E. Neall. Isaac Leeeii. Jr. THOMAS B. FLO It ENCE, President. EDWARD R. II ELM BOLD. Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 3tn D street, oppoaite City Hall. John M. Thornton, oorner lat street and Virginia avenue. Island. James Williams, No. 22 4K street. John Rigglea, No. 501 13th atreet, below Penniyl vania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levy, No. 3b7 Pennsylvania avenne, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomaaon. Authorized Capital and Atltti 91.4*73.097 07 Asteit .. m Invebted in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibits the businessand condition ol the Company to Novemlwr I, 1&56: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No vember 1, I85t. 9214,684 60 Fire proniiuin ..?.? 176,796 61 Interest on loan..?. ~ 8,7?>4 47 Total reoeipta ? ? $400,185 68 Paul marine losses .Sf>4,427 04 Paid lire losses 33,7SI 39 Expenses, salaries,and commis sions. - 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiuma, and agency charges...? _?. 27,474 68 9177,128 61 Baianoe remaining with the Company ..9'^23."97 07 \\ B B The Ans'ts of th? Company art at follovri : Philadelphia city and oounty bonds 916,848 18 Railroad mil . U.onn 00 First mortgages, real estate..?.143,500 W Stocks, collaterals, on call.. ...? 32,400 no Girard and consolidation bunk stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Dunoan, Sherman & Co., Nsw York.... 80,000 00 Delerred payment on stock not yet due 97,7<?i no Notes for marine premiums ?_ 108,nan 5& Due from agents, secured l?y bonds 35.J76 18 Premiums on policies reoeutly issued, and debts due the oompany~._. 26,470 38 Baianoe in bank 16,456 74 9523,OCT 07 The business of this Company will eompare favor ably with the inoat auoocssful similar institutions in the United States. F roin the 1st day of August. 1855, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November- IW, the premiums and interest roceived amounted to the large suin of four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-live dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these evidences of suocesa and good man agement, the Directors feel justified in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the security offered is ample, and that all fair claims will he ad justed more according to equity than legal technical ities. The Company is prepared to isaue policies againat lose or damage ny fire on DWELLINGS, FURNITURE. MTI.I.S, MAN IS FA ('TO HIE S. MM HE HOUSE S, All descriptions of BUI 1.1)1 \GS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Ve?*ej.s.Steamboats, Canal Boats, Railroads, and the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AM) AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low aa other com panies. and in fixing them ever* improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into con aiderat ion. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, northwest comer Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. /siKfisri may also b* effected al the Hornt OJict, H*rthic*st corner Walnut and Second ttretts, Ph iladelphta. And in other principal cities of the United States by authorized officers of the Company. ap 3 TASH1NUTt>N INs7 KANCE C<i.MI'ANY. CHARTERED IS Y CONGRESS. Capital 9200,000:?! This Company is now prepared to receive applica tions for INSURANCE UN BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, & c.. at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Office, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Dikbctors. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon. Joseph Bryan, Jarnca F. IlaJiday, Win. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohun, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beall. JAMES C. McGl'IRE, President. Grafton D. Hanson. Secretary. apll-ly ANK1NG HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits. ? Deposits received and Cheoka paid without charge. Drafts on the aorthern sealniard cities received on Deposit at par, and Exchange 011 aa.d Cities furnixhed to depositor* without charge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will i>e allowed on Deposits at such rates r.s may l?e agreed upi-n. Deposit* in ViaaiaiA and l scmuT Horit. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re oeived to lie checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Dim oints.?Notes, Drafts,and Billsof Exchange will bedisoounted.and Loans made on Stocks, Bonda, and Securities, at the market rate. Lktters or Ckkimt.? Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in ttie different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on audi terms as ih&t l>e agreed upon. Traveling Bills or Exchange.?Travelers will be furniahed with drafts in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the ditferent Cities of the Union. Bills and Letter" of Or km ton Engi.and.1re land and Europe.? Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe.furnished at the market rats for Exchange, in sums to suit. Boiw,Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 pr. oent..always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a coinmHsion of a3< pr. oent. Where > lock* are t-ought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of W pr. oent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will Do ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and Stat* Bond*.?Railroad, City, and State Bonda can t>e placed in our hands for negotiation, either iu this country or Europe, hail road Iron purchased for oash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought At the market rates. All Warrants told by us are f aarois Ittd 111 every resp?ot. Land Warrants located on oommission. 1 And Warrant quotations regularly furniahed If re quested. Warranta will he forwarded to Weatern Honaeaon orders, or sent for sale on oommiaaion to responaible partfca. Real Estate and Insurances.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances eff ected. Claims on United States, Corrt or Claims, Congress.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. ANKING HOUSE OFPAIRO ANOURSE. Keokuk City 8 per cent. Bonds. Keokuk City 10 per oent. Bonds?short. Davenport, Iowa, 10 per cent. Bonds. St. Louis Count? 7 per cent. Bonds?short. Lee County, Iowa, 8 per cent. Bonds. City of Evansville 7 per rent. Bonds?short. The alnive and other Bonds for sale i\t such rates as will pay the purcliaser at least in or 12 per cent, per annum interebt. A I kinds of State. City, Railroad,and other Stocks and Bonds Ixuight or sola. Also, Notes secured by Real Estate, negotiated or purchased. PA I BO A NOURSE. IP?"Interest allowed on depomts at ths rnte of six percent, per nnuuin when left fur thirty days or longer. jy 25-*-m |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on^TOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. ;an 27?tf Opposite the Treasury. PROORESS IN THE FINE ARTS. PaINTINO AND PHOTOOH APH T COMBINED. PHOTOGRAP iTTc PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniatcrs or Stzi or Life, S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND P1CTU R E G ALL E RY. Odeou Hall, corner 4>s st.aud Pennsylvania avenne. S.WALKER has fitted up the aU>ve spacious apartments at a vert great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He has a large (jallery for frr* trhtbttion of upward of 2"0 line Oil Paintings, bv some of the t>est ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. WalkkR has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible nmtru ments, and engaged a first class operative artist to asHist him in tlin department for taking all kinds of PIJOTOiiKAPIIIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE P OR T R A I T S, from the tmalltal r/nniatmre to site of lift. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting. of which he haa had 2% yeais' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may l>e seen 111 soine of the first fatni lien of the city, as well as those exhibited 111 hia (Jallery, he will Ik- able, by the combination of the two, to prod uce port rait a that have never been ex celled for their fidelity ami life-likeexnression. Can vas and boards prepared hi himself expreasly fur the purpose. Particular attention paid to the paintin; of Por traits. Miniature or lifa-sixe, from small pictures of defeased frunds. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons takmi at thmr own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in an* number in groups, and an* quantity of owpiss from tne same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil PaiDtuigs, and Old Family Po.traits, carefully hack lined and restored to their original freshness. Ladies and gentlemen are respeotfully solicited to aiil at the Gallery, over Shilling ton's book store? entrsnoe 4ft street, two doors from Pennsylvania avenne, Jy 11-6 m Xtdifti&M. THE greatest Mf. IimtiBTt of Roxbarr, hat diioovtrad la om of oar oommoD pasture weeds a remedy that oaras XVSBY Illft) Of HVMoa, from Tht wortt Scrofula down to a common Pimplt. He has tried it in over eleven hundred oases. and never foiled except in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He haa now in his possession over one hundred oertifioates of its value, all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing Sor# One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pmipies on the Faoe. Two or three bottles will olear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth snd Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worat kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to oure all Hu mor in the hyea. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the

Kara and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six. Uittles are warrantod to cure corrupt and running Uloera. One bottle will oure Soaly Eruptions of the Skin. '".'V'j'J1!? Iwttles are warranted to cure the Worat kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottlea are warranted to oure tba most moat desperate caae of Rheumatiam. Three to four bottles are warranted to cure Salt rheum. F o'Kht bottles will oure the worst oasa of 9crotuia. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect oure u warranted when the above quantity i* taken. Nothing l?M>ks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure every humor in the system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you nave a humor, it has to start. There are no IFSnor ANDS, hums nor ha s almut it suiting some oases, builnot youra. I Diddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the eflects of it in every case. It kas already done aoine of the greatest ourea ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to ciuldren a year oid, to oid peopie of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and bottle' reatoretl to * P?rf?ot state of health by one To those who are subjeot to a siok headache, one bottle will always oure it. It rives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had heen ooative for years, and have lieen regulated by it. W here the body la sound it worka quite eaay, hut where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will oause very singular feelings, but you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a rind re suit from it; on the oontrary, when that feeling ia gone, you will feel yourself like a new peraon. I heard some of the most extravagant enooiniuma of it that eT^r man listened to. I n mr own practice I always kept it strictly for hu mors? but since its introduction as a goneral family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several case* of epileptic fits-ta disease whioh was always considered incurable, have been oured by a few bottles. O, what a merer if it will prove effec tual mail oases of that awful malady?there are but lew who have soen mora of it than 1 "have. I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged peop.o cured t>T it. For the various diseases of the Slck., H^ache, Dyspepsia, Asthma. Fever and Ague, I ain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys. Ac., the discovery has done more good than any medicine ever Known. No change of diet ever neoessary?eat the beat you can get and enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adults one table-spoonful P^r,d*y?children over ten yeara dessert-spoonful? ctyldren from hve to eight yeara, tea-spoonful. As no directions can lie applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twice a day. ? MAXl'FACTl'RKD BY ? DO NALD K K \ N E DY. No. 120 Warren Street. Koxbury, Massaekuttttt. Agents for Waahington.-Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Gil man, Kidwell A l.awrenoe, J. B. Gardner, Hurry * C<;- \> Walsh A Co F. S. Walsh. J. P.'stone. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co., O Hoswe" Daniel B. Clark. J. P. M.lburn, DunUr Dyson, Ford ABro Agents for Georgetown.?R S. Cissell, O M Lent ham, J. L. Kidwell. my 5-ly PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE *- O.l THE PHISIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Albany, N. Y. pages and 13i fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. !H^PRICE ONLY 25 CENTS.-HI fCT Sent free of pottage to all partt of the Union. M;B- I'* Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of .A" pages and 18" plates. Price 25 cenls a oopy. A popular and com prehensive treatise on the dutiea and casualties of single and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelicitous ami infertile ones?their obviation and reinova1?nervous debility, its causca and cure, by a process at onoeao simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible?rules for daily management?en essay on Spcr ?-? m"?torrhtt*a. with practical observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful platea. It >011118 out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the yourig. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret uoubts of their physical oondition. and whoareoou acioua of having hazarded the health, happineaa and privileges to which every humau being is entitled to. I rice cents p?>r copy, or hve copies for $ I, mail ed free Of postage to any part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, New York, enclosing 25 cents. wno PJe,er may oonsult Doctor |LA J.KOIX .upon any of the diseases upon which his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi oi'ies often cure in the short space ol aix days, and oompiately and entirely eradicate all tracea of thoae disorders which oonpiva and culiebs have so long been thought an antidote, to the rum of the health of the patient. Hia " French Secret" 1a the great con tinental remedy for that olass of disorders which un fortunately, phy treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the aarsaparilla in the world can not cure. irr Office No. 81 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. fel? 14?If - . Z'Jfl \\K HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL Vwjn* ,,ood" which we are prepared to aell at a amaM advance of coat for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquora.via: Turner'a Ginger Wine, an exoellent remedy for Dispepaia Blackberry iirandy.a eertain oure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspijerry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit. Roae, Cinnamon, Annis.and Peprerment Cordials Curaooa, Absinthe, Essence of Peppermeut Extract of Sarsaparilla. Stoughton Bitters 1* orcst W me Bitters. We have also on hand, a aupply of Dr. W'heeler's Celebrated Mierry Wine Bittera, a spiendid artiole. In addition to the al*>ve, we have atalltimeaa large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the District, and which cannot fail in giving satisfaction YY YWp.?i Philadelphia X X, Burton and A XX I aie Ale.Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a fine article of Later Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water. Cider, Ao.. OILh?nd- ? ? A R N V A SHIN N, ? Green atreet. Georgetown. ILST R ECEI VEIL kJAL,ANu4^ marble SLABS, vi'-r V 1 V\thte trade in suit, he a 1 H!? f *or Hal I i mora prions. Also, Kmo feet ofS TATUAR V MARBLE SLABS at a great red notion. at. k, v ^ AI'KX. RUTHERFORD. Marble ^ ard oppo. the I nion Office, Penn ave. au 22-Im (Intestates) NOTICE.?C. R. L. CROWN A CO. are ra oeiving daily some of the finest FURNI #7\ TI KE ever offered in this market, whioh invite the attention of those 111 want, as Wo assure thein they aan save at least 10 per oent. Namely? Handsome carred marble-top Bureaus and Tablos Rosewood and walnut Tote-a-Tetea, Sofas W, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and popJar Tables. S,attu?,e8l/"\ir' o?rn-top. snd husk; Comforta. B.ankets, Hedstea^ls, hig/i and low-post. Rocking Chairs, cane and wood seats. Cushions fnr Chairs. Settees. Clocks of all kinds, Extension Tables. Sideboarda, What-not. Glasses of all kinds, some extra fine Carpets, Cottage Sets. Rugs, W aiters. Glass \\ are Crockery Ware of all kinds. Feat her and Fancy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to whioh we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, as we aro determined to sell for cash or to puuotua customers. K C. R. L. CROWN A CO., oor. of 6th street and Penn. ava. P. S?We shall still continue our regular sales on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, both mornuigand eveinnct m front c># our store. Conmrnrnantt soli cited, and in all oases advances made when required . .# /i ? ii C. A CO., ap~5-tf (Intel) Auotioaeers. UOME-MADE CARRIAGES. M W e have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of all kinds of CARRI .ma AGES of the very liest, latest, and ii1ostWK2?s?' approved styles, and warranted in point of workmanship and material, to be equal to any made U ??bingtou or any other city in the nited Mates. W e respectfully solicit a call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none surpass us either iu quality of work or in low prioes. Wealso do every kind ofR EPAIRING in a work manli ke manner, and at reasonable puces. Old Carriages taken in part payment (or new and at a fair price. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12-6in Magnolia hams^ ?o CIIOICF. MAGNOLIA HAMS. u 0P.Pn1"*. *"d we guarantee them un equalled by any Hants in thie city. ' hey were cured in Maryland expressly for our Ml ^. K7-No authorised agents. KING A BI7RCHELL, jy 2S Corner Vermout avenue and 15th at reet. ?JHEAP FAMILY GROCERIES. The subscriber ?iffers SUGAR COPPPi.' HAMS, SI DPS and SHOULDERS FlOuliJj MEAL, BUTTER and tGGS at Ko. ^mh street, oorner of B. JONAS P. LEVY. TOV VND FANCY TraTtltrt' Dirtetory. yHE PACIFIC MAJj^ST E A MS Hi P COM One of the Steamships <>f tikia Company, oarryiaf the United States Mailt for ACArl LO, CALIFORNIA, and OREGON, leave. Panama twice each month. on the arri ?? vaJol the United States Mail S. S. Company '??team ere, which leave New Orleans and New ^ ork regu larly on 5th and 2"th of each month with the mails, and pa?sengers oonneoticg via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships hare been rnapeoted and ap proved by the Navy Department, and Kuarauty speed and safety. The Panama Railroad (47 milea long > ia now oom pleted from ocean to ocean, and ia oroeaed in 3 or 4 hours. The Isiggace of passengers is checked in New York throuch to San Francisco. and pasaengera are einliarkedat Panama by ateamer at the oompany's """"" m The money paid m New York oovers ail r el--. ? r ?? expense. expenses of the trip. .teserve atoamera are kept in port in Panama and San Fraacisco, to prevent detention in caae of acci dent. a<> that the route ia entirely reliable?no fail ure having occurred m eight year a. Passenger* leave Panama the aame day they ar rive at AspinwaJ. Conductors go through by each ateamer, and take charge of women and ohiidreu without other proteo tora. For through ticketa at the loweat ratea appljat the agency, 177 West street. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,-or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO., New Orleana,- or jy M-lf C. L. BARTI.F.TT. Boston. J^OR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the ?th of July, oommenoe running regularly to k the above places, leaving Washington P (Eleventh at. wharf) every W E NESDA Y and SATURDAY at 9o'clock a m. Re turning, will leave Norfolk every MONDAY and THI'RSWAY at 4 o'clock p. m. She will touch, going and returning, at OLD POINT. PINKY POINT, BLACKlSTONE'S ISLAND, and the uaual landings on the Potomac. Passage, including innaia, to Old Point and Nor folk. FIVE DOLLARS. jean tf WM. MITCHELL. Daily line for edwards* ferry AND LEESBURG, Va., via Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?The Packet Koata AR sfc??j. GO and M.C. M F.Il?S. will commence^^gfiiPflH making daily trips to the al>nve points, on Monday, March 23. leaving the wliarf of W. H. and H. G. Hitter. Georgetown, I). C. ever* morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted; through in eight hours; leaving Georgetown at tseven o'clock in the morning, the Boats will arrive at the Great Falla.or Washington Aqueduct, at l? a. m., Seneca at 12m., Edwards' Ferry at 3 p. m., where a stage wilj lie in readiness to convey pass-nfers to l^eeahnrg, Va. Returning, leave Edwards' Ferry every day at nine o'clock in the morning, and arriving in Georgetown at sunset. Through Tieketa. f 1.7.5. Intermediate pointa aa follows: Great Falls or Washington Aqueduct. 50 cents; Seneoa, 75 cents; Edwards' Ferry, #1.12; Leesburg. Virginia, including ooaoh. #1.75. Meals aerved on the Boata at moderate priara. mar 25 W. H. A H~i. RITTER. J/ALL STYLE FOR 1857. Now ready at STINEMETZ'S, 238 Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of Thir teenth, the most popular Fall atrlee of Dress, or Moleskin HATS, to which he invites particular attention. Having established the cash aya tem, and fiudiug it to work well, he will continue to make a discount of< I2>* per cent, upon the artuai market priee, making the hat sold tor *4 (and ' not (infrequently for $S) for the low price of #3-5ft; a slight variation in quality for #3, and for a superior quality for the m?>ne?. A good assortment of FELT HATS. CAPS, Ac. always on hand, B. H. STINEMETZ, aug21-tf 2W Penn. ave. near 13th street. A~NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARK INTER EST ED.?We have now on hand a sup ply of our celebrated Burton and XXX Alea. which were brewed to our own order, expressly for the aonthern trade" and which, we will guarantee to keep any length of time, even in the warmest of weather. All lovers of good Ale can the aliove at town, D. C. i* 2V our Depot, 57 be accommodated with Green street. Georga ARNY ASHINN. JELLING OFF !!?SELLING OFF!!! Havrng determined to make a change in our preaent firm it becomes necessary to close out our present atock eutirelv. we ahall therefore commence from this day toofier our stock at prioea utterly regard less of cost. Our assortment ia complete, constating of Per fumery, Toilet Gooda.Chiuaand Bronze Ornamenta, Ki/rtemonnaies, Card Case*. Books. Dusters. Bas kets, F.ngravmgs. Deaka. Work Boxea. Door Mata, and an endless variety ?to all of which we invite the attention of the public. ITT" No Humbug. Person* indebted will pleaae settle np at onoe, aa the preaent arrangements rnuat l>e closed. h.j. Mclaughlin & co.. au 23- 21*. bet. Rth and 9th ata. ^TAPLE FALL GOODS. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 5. sift' Fridge St.. Georgetown, D. C., has received and offer* to customers, an assortment of good* adapted to the early Fall demand*, consist ing of the following, viz : Plain Rlack Silks, of the beat makea Plain Modes and bright colored Muslin DelainM Rich Fall styles Mushu l)e aines. at .5 cents Rich English and American Prints, in great variety, (fast colors) New York. English, Bate*' Milla. all Wool,and other heavier make* Shirting Cottona Richardson's and Chaine'a celebrated makea of Irish Linens Rlack a..d white Check Cashmeres, for Dustera Single and double width Lupin'a Black Moualin De laine* White. Red. and Ye'.low Flannels Caaaimeres, Sat t met s. and Kentucky Jeaaa Shirting Prints, striped and dotted l.adies ami Misses < otton Hose, all Kinds Gents, and Hoy s half do. (?adiesand (ients Cambric Handk'fa Rich, new style Bonne* Ribbon* White liril lants, Cambrics and Muslins ? _ 1 - <'i ?? ?? ? " ~ Table Cloth*, Damasks and Napkins Sheetings and Towel.ingi ? a * ? - - Linen and Cotton. IX < . 1110,0 (II1U ? t'W Osnaburg Calicos and P aid Cottons Heavy Brown Sheetings, Drills, and Shirtings With other seasonable Oooda, which low to cash or prompt customers, au ?-tf fine brown rill be aold J. H. S. JUST RECEIVED ATTHE MUSIC DEPOT, corncr< filth street and Penn. avenue,a large assortment of Accrdeona, Flutiuoa.f Treinoloa. Violin*, Viohncelloa, Guitars. Flutus. Clarionetta, Fiageoleta, Banjos. TamlMt r.nes. Drums, Fifes, and Bras* Instruments of all description,and warranted to l?e the Mat articles imported direct by us, and sold wholeaale and retail at the lowest terms. Also, a lot of fine Strings, au 28 W. O. M ETZF.ROTT. HIPSLEY ON INTEREST. ANNUITIES, and Life Insurance, J7c Hcather'a Descriptive Geometry, with Atlaa, 75o. Hnddon'a Algebra for self instruction, 75o. Electricity . I>y Sir W. S. Harris, 56c. Galvanism, by Sir W. N. Harris, 56c. Halleur's Art of Photograph) . 37c. Geology, by Lieut. Col. Portlock, 56c. Mineralogy, by D. Varley, ^^c. Main's Rudimentary Astronomy,S7o. B>and on Ship and Boat Building. S7c. K'pping on Masting *ud Kigging Ships, 56c. HaspaiUin Domestic Medicine. 56o. Spcncer'a Art of Playing the Piaao Forta,97c Donaldson on Clay I.*nds.37o. Imported from London, each volume ous engravings. *e 1 . numer I- RANCH TAYLOR. G'REAT INDUCEMENTS OFFERED FOR I CASH! H. 8EMKEN, Jewfliii, offers at greatly reduced prices, roi cash, th# fol lowing article*: Gold Hunting English Pateut Levers, full jeweled, from up. Gold Hunting Detach do., full >eweled, from #35 no. Gold Ladies' Watchea, full jeweled, in variety, Sz3 up. All Watches are gtiaran'eed for 12 months. Gold (iuard. Fob and \ est Chains, at wholeaale prices; all kinds of Fine Jewelry, such as Bracelets, Pins, Ear Kings, Kings.Shirt Buttons, Seals. Lock ets. Pencils,etc .embracing Diamond. Pearl.Corals, Cam?*os. Mosaics, etc., at astonishing low prices. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of fancy Silver Ware? /ctc*r than ever oflered liefore. Silver plated Ware?auch as Spoons, Forka, Caa tors. Cake and Card Basketa, Butter Coolara, etc., will lie sold at manufacturers prite?. JP7* Our tnainobject in offering auch inducements ia: to rtdurt our prtsmt large stork for ready rash, contemplating some alteration ia our busi ness. Persons in want of anything in our line are invited to call: we shall take p.ensure in convincing them that sucu opportunities of purchasing hnc goods at such reductions are seldom otlered. All good* war runt Ail mm H. SEMKEN, ranted aa repreaented. aug 15 ti< cn.*! i\ i 330 Pennay Ivania avenue. EW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. N 1 i MSm ^ v_? I\ a3 A \J I\ r<. The autiaoriber bega to inform hia friends and the public, that he has opened a N E W STOKE, oorner of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a iarte and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, conaiating of Fine Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Flour.Smp, Olives, Kaisiiis, Figa. Sardinea, Anchoviea. Otard, Marrett A Co,, Pinet A Co.. and Col. Chahard'a Brandies in oases, demuohna, and oaaka. Old Ja maioa Rum, Shernea, Madeira, Port of varioua de acriptiona, St. Jullen Claret, Chateaux Margaux in cases, Champague Cider, Brandy Fruita, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, .Maraschino, Curacoa. Absynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied de acription of Havana Cigara. Alao, Stoughton Litters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to nail and exam ine the stoek before purchasing elsewhere. Mem l>ers of Congress are alao informed that their ordera will l>e promptly attended to, and delivered at their resnlencea at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fane Havana Cigara, im ported direct by the wholeaale and re Canal Uoata supplied on reasonable tenne, and produce taken in exohange. Levy's Old Whiskey, oonatantly on hand, of IM?. Country orders punctualli attended to, and coun try produoe of all deaoriptiona received on oonaign ment. JONAS P. LEVY. ie 3-tf No. Vtt Twelfth rtreet. I IFF. IN CHIN A. by Rev. William C.Mtlue, M. i A., 1 vol., London; 91-50. Land* of the Slave and the Frae, by Captain, the Hon. Henry A. Murray, R. N-, 1 vol., London; ?1.25. The Poetical Worka of Robert Bloomfiald, London, JH57; 62 cents. . ? The Lawa of Contrast of Colours, by M. E Chev reul. London, IR57; oents. ? ..?uuwii, "V'l L. n I Common Objects of the Sea J'hore, by Kev. J.U. W?kk1, M. A , London. la'H; f L Unprotected Femalea in Norway, London, 1WT, ? I 25. Deeds N<?t Worda, bv M. Hell ; 5* Peregrine Bunoe, by Theodore Hook; 31 *t?. '? VsANC* TAT1 tatlos. TrsTslsri' Directory. sT^5 symsm.. Aiex*ndn?at4H,7V,9."?%^ ^^av?Wa**iaftoai *t?,?, ?*. 11H. IK,4.5*. T ap .* d EliLl? uJ^Km F? (t^ttu ^y'A?HIN6TON HHAM'M TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS From WASHINGTON at * a. m.. oonn^ctms M Relay with trains for the West, and at Baltimore with those fur Philadelplwa and New York;at a,1* a. m.. for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia, ai d New York ; at 5 p. rn. for Ba.timore and Norfolk, and at Rmi with Frederick train. EXPRKM at 4jn p. m. at Relay fur the W?L and for Annapolia, Ba.tintor*, Philadelphia, aad New York. On Sunday at 7 a. m., and 4 Jo p. m. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON al 4.15 and 9.ISa. m., Sand 5.15 p. m. Oo Sunday at 4.15 a. m. ami 5.15 p. m. Je U-tf T. H. I'ARSON?. Aient. QRANGEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINK Twioe Daily. (Sunday nighta excepted/ betwc WASH INGTON ClTV end H>? HO UTH. via ALEXANDRIA, GORDONSVILLE ash RICH MOND Leave* Washington at 6 o'olock a. m. " Wa*hington at 7 o'ciook p m. Far* from Washington to Richmond, $5 8R. For LYNCHBURG aiidT the SOUTHWEST. L*ave Washington st 6 o'clock a. *??.. amn in L 1 NCHUI RO next morning at 4 s. m.. connect mg With the trains on ths \ irginia and Tennessee Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesville to l?jr nehburg a distance of ?> miles. Far? froin \\ ashington to Lynchburg, *7.75. ~ " Memphis, S4.25. The moat expediting rout* to the Virginia Springs?on'j six hours' stag* travel to th* Green brier White Sulphur. Leave Washington at 6 a. m? arrive at WHITE SULPHUR the aame night. Far* from Alexandria to Whit* Sulphur, f 12.30. Th* ataamer GEORGE PAGF.. foot of Seventh street. tieing owned by the Railroad Company, run* in connection with the trains. Tickets for Richmond aud Lynoh!>urg procured on the Boat. JD"Omnibna??and Baggage Wagona will heat tk* Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pa? aengera and baggage to the Steaaibnat. for A exaa dria, a distance of six miles, a. owing amp.* tima for metis. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria. July, 1857. jy ? -tf N JEW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoent extension and improvement of ita lead ing connecting linea at the \\>?t has required an en tire revision of the running arrangements ofthia road bv which highly important advantages to the trav eler are seour?*l. On and after MONDAY, Jun* 15. 1IW7. THREE DAILY TRAINS will b* ran in both directions for ttirough r>a**??ngers. Firsr-The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN start* from Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(except Sunday,! stops at way stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex - oepted 1 at 8 an A. M.. and arrives at W heeling at 4 25 A. M., connecting at Benwood with Central Ohio trains for Coiumbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, I ou lsville. Chicago. St. Loin*. Ac., and at aame place with train* for Cleveland. To'edo. |?etroit. Ac., by Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersburg with Ma rietta Road. Third?The ST. LOUW and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TRAIN leaves dany at 5.15 P. M., oon neoting at Kenwood at 9 A. express train* Irom He1 aire to Cincinnati, <?r?r^ovf rkamtr of Cart at Colt/nth**,) and reaching there in but ? hours from Baltimore and 25 hour* from Wa?hi** ton. It also connect* directly, in both direction*, at Grafton with cars by Parkersburg and Marietta roada for Clullicothe. Cincinnati, etc. These trains connect at Xenia for Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louia, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Misftiasippi Express for Louisville Cairo and St. Louis through to St. I,ouis in less than 42 hours from Baltimore. It v this train th* n mt to all the central and southern place* in the Went ta much less, whil* the dittamrr. is (roni 4" to l<v no es shorter than l?y the shortest of other route*. From the West these oo::nec'iona are equal.v c'ose and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at A. M. fTT" Bargase checked through to all pointa. THROUGH TICKETS sold at lowest rate* at Camden Station and at Waahington. D. C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington may rietr lk? enlirt rotJ hy dnylitKi, by taking mivs ing trains, and Iving over at Cumt>erl*nd or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ac ' i 'it I commodntion train, ieavn.g Cumberland at Oakland at lojo. FOR.WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumtieriand Acoomuiodation Train st 7 A.M., will stop at all Station* eaat of Cumberland, and the Wheeling Accommodation at a.I Station* beyond Cumberland going West. Eastw&rdiy, th* Nl*il Train leaves Wheeling at 8.9' A. M..and Accommo dation leaves Cumlierland at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 3" P. M. UN THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH. Iietween Grafton and Parkersburg. way Rtsengers will take the Express westwardly and e Mail eastwards. The FREDERICK TRAIN atarta at 4 P. |f.. ?topping at way stations. Leaves Frederick *t 9.1s A.M.. arriving at Baltimore 12 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.45 A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott'a Mills at V A. M.and7 P. M.. except Sunday. F?>R WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. L*ave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15 and 9.15 A. M..8and5.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M., and 5.15 P. M. only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 8JSP A. M.and Sand 4Ji> P. M. OnSunda>aat 7 A.M., and 4 2" P. M. ouly. The first and fourth trams from Baltimore, and th* second and fourth trains froin Washington. will b* expreas mail trains, stopping only at Washington Junction and A nna polls J unction. The 9.15 and 5.15 trains from Baltimore and the 8JD and 4 2" trains from Washington oonnect with the trains froin AunapoliH. For tickcts, inb?riiiation. fare. Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, a' the Ticket office, CaiuUen Station. WM.S. WOODSIDE. jy IS-tf Master of Tran*?ortation. Baltimore. T^HE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS, Tkt Skirt rumratnt tkit Ltne art: The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldridg*. The BA f .TlC Capt. Joaeph Comatook The ADRIATIC..... Capt. Jame* Weat. These ahips having been ouilt by contract *xpre*aly for the Government aervice.every care haa been tak .*n in their oonatrucnon, aa also in their *ngin*a. to in aure strength and speed, and the.r aco'mmodat.on* for paasangers are unequa.ied for alsgaiice and com fort. Prio* of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, % !#?: in s*oon<1 dc? ^75 ; *xo usive use of extra size state room*. fSfS. Krom l.iverpool to New York. ?' and 2"1 guineas. An experienced Sur geon attarhed to each snip. No berths can be aecorad until paid for. The ah:ps of this line have improved water-tight bulk heads. PROPOSED DaTeS OF SAILINO. VaoM JIW toll. I FROM LI V KB POOL. Saturday, June 20....I&57 Wednes<lay, June U 1897 Saturdaj. July 4.....1857, Wednesday, July 8.. 1&9T Saturday, July 18 1857 Wednesday. July 22 .1857 Saturday, Aug. 1 1857 Wednesday, Aug. 5 185? Saturday. Aug. 15 IM7 Wednesday, Aug. 19 1M? Saturday, Sept. li ...mvj Wednesday, Sept. t ln*7 Saturdav, Sept. #8 1857 Wednesday, Sept. Sf 1R57 i~i - - ^~ - ? ? m ? * 1 /N _ ? ? . 9 Saturday,' Dec.5.1857 Wednesday , Deo. ? 1SS? ! W ed nesday. Dm. ?3. \Ut ivfotbvssasBS: ^o.?, wau atr**t, N*w Y org. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. 77, AaaUn Fnara, l^?ndon. B G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO.. Pan*. The ownera of these ahips will not be acoonntaM* for gold, ailver, bnllion, speoie, jewelry, preoio** atones or n etala, nrlesa bills of lading are aign*d therefor and the value therei'f *xpressed therein. i* is U N1TED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE AND WITBOCT ralLCRK FOB KI?HT Tilt*, 10* CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Ritular Sailimg Dayt.&tk t of tat4 meal4. Carnow.?So man' frauds and imposi tions of various kinds have t?een lately<' perpetrated on travellers bound toC A LI 1 FOR NI A. that the auliacrilier. the only authorised Agent for passage by the U. S. Mail Lu *, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feeia it his duty to caution *11 persona aeeking passage to California, that, to avoid imposition, thev must be oareful U? find the true office of the Steamships of the U- S. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, as r.o other oAo* in N*w York ta *uthorixed to engage passage. The Companies have only one office in New York, which is at 177 West ?t reel, oorner of Warren atre*C, fronting on the North River, at the head of th* Com pany's Wharf. IL7" Ob**rve my sign over the door. I. W. RAYMOND. A**nt. J* 19- N*w \ or*. i HPer m |NTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York cannot fa/ to l>e In referring to. the receipt a of Tea* in thia country far onel Bir up to 9'th ultimo, it says the> will t>e 12. ,i*s< pounds short of the imports of the year end ing June SO, 1*56, and that '? The advauc*- in Uack teas. Ooionga, sine* last Deoeml>er, has l>een fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hyson T*as. of low and medium grades, have expeneuoed an advano* of one hundred per oent. over last season's closing prices. "It will thus l? seen that the at rong and rapid advance in the tea market haa lieen the result of a abort supply and aotive demand ; bat when it isooa aidered (hat we may hear at any moment of th* en tire suspension of shipmenta at Shanghai, and. in fact, that, aa aoon as a sufficient foroe from England arrives at the a< at of war. all hve ports of entry i* China, will probably b* p aced under strict blockade, tt won Id not be surprising to see Tea* at* muck higher figure titan thev hav* ret attained. In new of tbeae facta, we hold sst very great m dnoement* for families to toy in their aapolie* or Tea note. KING ft Bl RCIfELL. I*ll-tf Corner V*rmont *ve.and 15th atreet. TTREMOLO ACCOR DEONS,a newinv*nt?oo MiS. comer 1U4 and Pa.av?.