Newspaper of Evening Star, September 22, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASH ikOTON Cl'lY: TI KKMY fceplrmher 1SJ7. SPIRIT OF THE MO RISING PRESS The IutrlUgenctr deprecates the prevalent sickly philanthropy which results in a fail ire to enforce penal statutes in many States. The existence of this sentiment is. by the by, by no means as prevalent at the South, we are glad to be able to say, as at the North All remember the inflexibility with which the law was not long since enforced against the treasurer of the Petersburg and Roanoke Railroad in Virginia for a dishonest defalcation to the extent of a few hundred dollars. We may mention, too. that in ^owtfc Carolina penal law is everywhere ex ecuted with rigor and justice that are not sur passed by the execution of similar law in Old England, tho brightest feature of wbosa gov ernment certainly is the inflexibility and purity of her courts of justice. The Union replies to the Baltimore Ameri can. Patriot and Clipper, which journals deny th? truth of its statements concerning the efiect on the business of their city of the impunity with which her jewels?her precious bands of Plug-l'glies. Blood-Tubs.aRip-R?ps. Ac.,?are permitted by the authorities to work their wilj on the persons of peaceable people there. The Virion again insists that the effect has already been to injure the commerce of Baltimore, and greatly to depreciate tho value of property in that city. JET" The Boston Traveller has the following from Kansas: 44 Young Bailey, stabbed bv Mr. Urwkell. is *lowly recovering from the wounds lie nrflvid at Lecompton. Several of the crowd which sur TMHlded hl:n when ihe stub* were intlicti'd. have been arrested, and are now in custody. An ex amination has Iteen held before a Justice, but, as yet. the crime has been fastened to uo individual specifically/* Brockett. i: will be remembered, is from Alex andria, Va. iLT The case for'the prosecution in the trial of James P. Donnelly for the murder of Alfred S Moses, at the Sea View House, is not yet closed Peter F. Sehenrk. Alderman Wilson. Muuter the barber, who dres>ed the wound of the deceased, Mr. Smith, the proprietor of the Sea View House, (recalled.,) Peter Staeden and Dr. Taylor, were examined on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Their testimony is very much against the prisoner. IHr- Dr. Isaac B Scott, residing near the nrw river White Sulphur Springs, Va., has beeu ar rested, aud with his wife and two daughters, lodged in jail on the charge of counterfeiting money. On Scott's premises were found large quanti ties of newly coined half dollars, in an an finished state, with the dies, moulds, electee battery for plating. &r . Ac. fersonalT .... Hon. Jumes Hail. of Ohio, is at Browns'. Dr. J M Fotzand Dr. Shippen. C S. X., are at Willards*. Major II J Hunt. I*. S. A ; Dr. Sharp. I". S. N., and Hon D. K. Sickles. N. V., are at Wil lards. .... Bnrtou. the com dian, haR engaged the Front street theatre. Baltimore, Md., for a sea son. .... Gen. T J. Green. Texas; Mr. Buret. II. B M "s I'onsulat Charleston. S. C.; and Hon Kidwell, Va., are at Browns'. .... Geueral Hitrhcock, Acting Inspector Gen eral of the American Army in Mexico, and late Brevet Brigadier General, has written a sharp re ply to General Pillow's recent letter on General Scott. ?... The Democratic Convention. In session recently,at St. Paul. Minn, nominated H II SiMey for governor. W. Holcouib for lieutenant governor; George I,. Becker, W. W. Phelps, and J M Cavanangh for representatives, and IV. W . Kingsbury for delegate to Congress. .... At a sale of stereotype plates in New York, on Saturday. "A History of the Struggle for Sla very Fxtension,'* by Horace Greeley, cost *177. including probably the payment to the author, brooyht Ofilv S15. "Uncle Tom** literature is on the retrograde. An exchange, on what authority it is not stated. says tLat .Miss Heron, the actress, who has achieved brilliant success, always sj*-nds a few moments in prayer before going on the stage to act This ar t of devotion, which may Ik* called set 1,scene 1 is probably in compliment to Rev Mr Hellows .... Superintendent Tallmadge, of N?w York, en Saturday last received the following despatch : Pitt'II'ko. Pa . Sept 1!? ?There is a man ex hibiting Mr^ Cunningham's baby here; answer quickly if it is not a fraud. " H A. Wfa vkr . Mayor" Mr. Tallmadge replied that the baby at Har mon's Museum was the genuine Ijotrus, and all others must lie doubly, or bogn*-bogus. ....Lieut, Iferndon on leaving home for hN last outward voyage parted from his wife and daughter in high spirits, in anticipation of a siic ce?*f'il trip and sj^edy return. Ilis daugliti-r bade him such a farewell as she knew a sailor woo Id appreciate, by following him to the door, and in a merry whim throwing after him an old slipper?according to the tradition that an old siioe is good luck to a parting friend ' He turned and smiled at her, anu waving his hand pleasaut ty left his home?never to return to it again. Lieut H wa* for some time connected with the National Ol?servnfory at Washington, and was the brother-in-law of Lieut. Maury. ITT The Portland Advertiser inform* us tha' J the summit of Mount Washington wan covered with snow on Thursday last. (?/? James Henry Robinson, a son of William Robinson. Esq , of the Goid?b<>ro: Tribune,com mitted suicide on Saturday last, by shooting bin - self through the head wtth a pistol. He wa?but 17 years of a^e. \f7~ An Englishman recently from Manchester was robbed on Wednesday of $44) in money, while ^oing from Jersey City to Newark, by four men, who were his companion*. JO-Mr. John %l Shoe-n.ger, of Pittsburg. Pa . was instantly killed on Wednesday evening whilst at work with others diirging a well One of the other men w-?s mi badiy injured that Le will not probably recover |[T The R'-v Wesley Brook of Salina. Ohio, an old minister, and ret .-ntly presiding eld-r of the district, has bet a guilty of thecr>meofseduc tion. and the lady whom he t-rduced has com menced legal proceedings against him. Jl_f The Virginia Sentinel has lieen informed "by two gentlemen, one from Fauquier -nd the other of Fai'fux, Va.. that the rot has appeared in a portion of thc.r potatoes in a very destructive degree. S teely a potato in tbe infected plant ings seemed to have escaped the taint. \[ r~ Two forged checks were presented at one of the banks in New Orleans l?v young girls. ag?d twelve artid sixteen years, a few days since. Both checks were written by the same hand, and it I* supposed that the eldest of the girls wrote them both. A man walking on the track of tbe New York Central Railroad, near Man 11us. en Thurs day ni^ht, wa* stnx k by the < ow catcher, and hurled from tbe track The train was stopped, md search made for the body, but owina to the dense fog and the darkness of the night, it cSuld not be found. }^T In the Howard County (Md ) Circuit Comt Ji.d^e Brewer has sentenced Ryder and Bode ? convicted of aa attempt to procure an abortion? as follows: Kdward Itvder to three years im prisonment and to |>ay $l,UUO hue, arid Dr. Bode to imprisonment for one year. |p* Rarlyon Thursday morning. an unfortu nate woman was taken by a man into the^fcird story of a building on Fourth street. Philadel phia. <m?upird by Mr. Colbert ar.d others; not I ?aH afterwards, the man was se. u to kick her out into the street, and when found, several stabs ?were inliictrd on her and the sidewalk was cov ered with blood. Her wounds were d ressed .but she w*W not probably recover. The inauVa caped. liy The following are among the paintings of the Paris Louvre : ??The Marriage 1'east of Cana,'" by Paul Veron ese. and valued at two bundled thousand dol lars : ??The Immaeulate Conception,*' bv Murillo, valued at one hundred and flfty thousand dol- I lars ??The Sleep of Antiope." by Correggio, valutd at one hundred thousand dollar*. "The Virgin among the Kocks,'* by Vinci, and Talued at eighty thousand dollars. IU~ The following simple mode of examining a w>-ll, to ascertain whether It contains any oflen ? ive sulsitanees, has lieen recommended useQl- I cifyit: " Place a common mirror over the wall in such a position as to catch and throw Ihe rays of the snn to the bottom of the well, which wUl be immediately illuminated in such a manner that the smallest pebbles, eic? at the bottom, may '?e cleartf *e?-n. .is if In the band. The aua is is the best situation to be reflected in the moroitg or l^lcinooii of lh?4ay,'' j WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Sectional Misrepresentation. ?Three fourths of the circulation of the New York Tri bune ia attributable to the soal and (steadiness with which it haa pandered to tho insane sec tional hatred of th* Sooth that exists in* the breasts of hundreds of thousands of ignorant, prejudiced and otherwije short-sighted people of the North; multitudes of whom, however, do not really know that they are afflicted with such a phobia, and are highly indignant under the soft impeachment. The Tribune, as a matter of business speculation, has steadily cultivated (nursed) thi3 state of sectional senti ment among its readers, and literally never appears without containing articles (he design of which is neither more nor less than to make it apparent that nearly all the vice, poverty, crime and ignorance that curse the land, exist in the God-forsaken slaveholding States. To be sure, day by day whole pages of that elabo rate journal are devoted to the record of crimes committed, and the exposure of other things militating against the well-being of society in the non-slaveholding section of the country, which tell of a truly fearful state of things there, so far as the future as well as the pres ent of Northern morals is concerned. The phil osophers of the Tribune, however, have an easy way of getting around the dilemma in which more modest folks would find themselves in the matter of reconciling their theory of the so much-worse South, with the practical proof they daily present of the actual state of things moral, in their own section of tho Union. It is, simply, boldly to demand that the truth of their views of the relative condition of the two sections, in dustrial, moral, Ac., shall bo taken for granted. mafgre the palpable facts they publish concern ing their own section, and their utter inability to find facts concerning ours on which to hinge their persistent slanders of it. WVaever fail to bo struck with the mendacity of the Tri hnne'it war on the South, when reading its own news columns, which day after day thus refute its arguments referred to above, But a very few days ago, whon inveigh ing against the God-forsaking character of the South, as illustrated by the course of the oppo nents of the abolition party in Kansas, it pa raded tho names of hundreds of the ten thousand patrons of its very last New York "wrinkle"? The I enus Miscellany?a libidinous publica tion recently broken up by tho police. Among the whole ten thousand, it teems that two only disgrace the slaveholding States by being In habitants or citizens of the South?two only. So, too, do we fiud it publishing Column after column, embracing practical warnings of the impropriety and danger of dabbling in Western lands at ruling prices. The theory of most it has published of late on that subject is. that the dishonesty and recklessness of speculation in Western non-slaveholding Mate lands, rail roads. Ac., a* now practiced, is at the bottom of all tho financial trouble that has recently come upon the North. At the same time it '?out Herahls the lit ratU ' in misrepresenting the true condition of the South concerning the value of property and the safe returns for labor of every description there. The Herald, it | will be recollccted, maintains in effect that the South, and especially Virginia, ia but the land of tho Hottentot at this time, as it were. Aceo hm especially?her alleged darkness, indo lence. vieiousness, Ac., Ac.,?has been the theme of the llerattT* ridicule for perhaps ten years pa-t, until hundreds of thousands of really igoo. rant newspaper readers at the North have como to believe that of all parts of the l/nited States, none other approaches the Kastem Shore of Vir ginia in tbriftlessness; and that consequently one is better off in a Northern poor-house, than as the owner of thousands of acres in that be. righted region. The following brief letter, which wo take from a late number of the Kichmond South, however, tells the truth, and only the truth, of that sec tion of the Old l)ouiibioD'i industrial statu*: Tj thr Editor of th' South ?In the month of July, tbcre appeared io The Sontlt a notice of vark.ii* salr* of lar?d in Accomac. at piieea ran ' ing from S4o to per acre. Since the date of that publication, aa unusual number or sales have been mnde, and for the most part at very bii'h prues Two of th*iu I will mention, for the lurtber info, ma I ion of Mr. Thayer, a* wHI a* for the Waolit of those of )our leaders in Vir ginia who imagine the Kjstern Shore to be a pov erty-stricken Kandlteach, productive only or lish oyster* and sweet potatoes. Mr <>arri?ou*? farm of 171 acres of bii'h land (wuU some marsh,) sold for H^tMio?twin ? about *70 per acre of high land. M r Thomas Floyd's farm of 100 acres, sold for or s!*l jn-r acre. Both of theso t,:irts are situated In " Bradford'!* Nerk," one of the thriving aud beautiful agricultural districts in Virginia. Neither, if I am ri"htlv informed, has improvement* of such a costly character as to act ouut for the high price obtained. It was for the inn.l that the price wan paid?an adventitious value being imparted to it, hoi*ever, by its advantageous situation with ref erence to the water. Yours, Jkc., j We have merely to add that there was no speculation in tbece prices; for land sales in Eastern Virginia are invariably honu Jtile busi ness transactions?the figures involved in them representing money actually paid, and to be paid in -ix, twelve and eighteen months, with out de]?ending on any contingency of a rise I of prices. Lands bought in that section of the State are invariably purchased for imme diate use, (cultivation,)and not on speculation. We submit to the reader of common-sense, that facts such as are found above, show, as clear as light, the entiro groundlessness of the persistent efforts of the Tribune, Herald, et i,l omur genu ? in the newspaper line, to misrep resent the condition ot tho South to the tteople of tho North. The Cox vextion to kh.wie a Coxstititiox roR KAX8as.?On taking his neat as President of this convention, Mr. Calhoun delivered an address from which wo make tho following brief extract by way of shewing bis views upon tho line of the convention's duty, the latter being at this time the most interesting political ques tion in issue before the people : "A constitution wisely framed and properly fairly, aud honestly app.oved by the true citizeus of Kansas. will nettle ail the diihculties that sur round un, and that have been surrounding us. and will at once restore harmony to the union i ^?re wiihouti Perhaps. doing Injus tice to the feelings of any honest and true lover of his country, that the formation of such a consti tution prostrates and crushes to earth a party that is seeking by every means in its power to obtain ascendancy, even at the cost of the sacriflceof the I nion itself. It is not merely Kansas, it is the Lnion, that is Interested. The action of this con vention involve* not merely the interest of the people here, but of the people throughout the Kepublic. One of the greatest issue* to be re !!? .,, ?ytltv < onvntion I* whether the people of this territory shall have power to control it* government Uiake a co?moflon bwLlfn it * * Priu< ?Pfc will be em braced in the constitution to be fiamed during this Minion, that has not been already implanted in other constitutions. 1 M,,P,OBiru V'Ti1**.old- const!lotions of the Ainerl can tates contained some eriors, which Ua\e ?"JjC CuffLCted hV lhe popular sealln*n? and whenever old Constitution.! have been rel vised and altered or new Constitutions framed, tbey have had eipressed on them, the principle that the people have the right to rule, ??d shall rule in all matters: that tbey .ball elect not merely governors and presidents and the various olhceis that are usually elected by the people but also judges. These improvements have teen made within the last quarter of a century, and are eiDressed not only in the Constitutions of sueh old ftates as have held Conventions within that time, but also in those of the new States that have aiace come into the ITnlou There are, there fore, no new principles to be decided iu these Conventions to frame Constituiious. 'i^ie jxniple of Kansas assume the right to settle all questions for theiiMeivrs, and it is that which produce* the ditfb ulty, not merely here in Kansas, out through out the 1 iiion. That dilltciilty must be settled by your deliberation. 1 think the character of the members of thia convention over which 1 have the honor to preside, ought togivotothe world tbe assurance that their deliberations will J'K ^y ,M settlenient of dHlcultles i L settlement of the question aa to Whether that party which is employing iu trea. ?urea, its iMu, and }(? resource* to keep this an * '. t I . v / ->fl ji . >r ?% . ^ ^ open question till the next prudential content will stand or fall. If the Union stand, that party froe* by the hoard. If that party triumph*, this Union cannot live. 44 The high and responsible duty, therefore, de volve* upon u.s to tale in our hands the organic act of this Territory, and acting upon its princ.i plea, to present to the Congress of the 1'uited States a Constitutioa framed in ouch i niaaier, and having atttk an endorarment as that we may not merely petition for admission to the Uaion, but demand that we shall be admitted." The Lessor to ee Drawn from It.?Th3 New York Jonr/ial of Commttrct, in ite com ment? on the loss of the Central America, says ? 4i The steamer was provided with six life boats.! Two were Francis's metalic boats, and the re maining four were fitted up with air tanks on the end ana sides, and each of the six was capable of holding from M to 75 persona. She waa also eqipped with 600 of 7WJ life preservers, hat had no bulkhead partitions. We have here another terrible lesson respecting the necessity of having all sea going steamers furnished with water-tight compartments ; for it is reasonable to assume that had the Central Aineiica been thus provided the lamentable loss of life now chronicled Blight have been greatly diminished, If not wholly averted." In this brief paragraph is conveyed tbe les son of the inefficiency of the present mode of insuring life at sea npon those ships which the public regard os being most safe, owing to the nominal precautions taken to that end. Tbe qaestion is, will that terrible disaster superin duce better preparation on other American steamships for such a storm as that in which this ship went down ? Preparations to Receive the Filibus ters.?The Central American Governments are energetically moving in the matter of defend ing themselves against the new ft I ibn storing expedition being prepared to sail from tbe Uni ted States. A congress of ull tho Spanish American Republics has been oalled to devise an extensive plan of Mutual defence against them. To-morrow, we will explain what they proposo to do in the premises, in detail. In the meanwhile wo publish below a very recent pro clamation of the Costa Rican Government on the subject, which shows how keenly alive .they are to tho necessity of being much better pre pared to check tbe first efforts of tho filibusters to get a foothold in Central America, than when Walker first landed on Nicaraguan soil. Had such a spirit then actuated the Central Ameri can Governments as now actuates them,Walker and bis men would have been driven out in thirty days, if one of them could have got off" alive. Experience, after all, is indeed a very sure teacher. The Crotiica ot August 8 pub lishes the following decree: Juan Rafael Moha, President of the Republic of Costa Rica. Considering that in the United States recruit ing is going on for the purpose of invading Cen tral America a;%tin; that \V. Walker being the proiuotor of the recruiting, and that he do?-s it without a legal mission, without a Hag, and with out justice, and only for the purpose of convuls ing Central America, and planting on its soil the slavery of man by man, which the religion and the civilization of the age Is opposed to, and which our laws expressly forbid, that for such acts he and those who accompany him place themselves iu the position of pirates : DKCKSKS. Article I. If in an unexpected manner an<l by avoiding the vigilance of the authorities of the Union any party of aiiifd men present themselves, whether commanded by William Walker or any of his agents, and invade any j>ort of Costa Rica or any of the allied States of Central America! with the intention of possessing themselves of all or any pad of them, in the said act of landing on tbe shore they will l?e considered as piiates, "and as such remain beyond the protection of the laws. Art. *2. All tho?e who have served in the ranks of Walker cannot return to the Repnblic for any purpose without the previous permission of the Government; and those who at present reside in the State shall leave it within thirty days, reck oning from the date of this decree; but those who exercise any honest profession and conduct them s Ives properly, proving the same to the Chief of Police, can remain In the State, with the previous written [>ermit which shall be given to them Art. :i. The present decreeshall be made known to me Government of the other American States, in case they should think proper to adopt It It shall aKo be mad* known to all the Span ish American Governments, to the representative* of the Republic abroad, aitd to the dlpioti.aitc corps. Giveil in the National Palace, in the otfirp of the Secretary or War, In the city of San Jose, An gust 7th, 1?57 Juan Rafael Mora. Rafali. G. Uscalantk*, Minister of War. Naval Courts of I.Ngwiur.?Before Court No. 1, the case of Lieut. James M. Watson was concluded to-day. (His defence will probably he read to-morrow.) The caso of Lieut Peter Turner was then taken up. and Capt Buchanan was being examined for the Government in it as the Stjr went to press. Messrs. Blount and Phillip., are his counsel?the former attending to the case. Before Court No. 2, tbe ea?e of Lt. Parker (furloughedj was on trial to-day, the testimony in it being so far documeutary. Lt. P. cou ducts his own defence. Before Court No. 3, to-day, the case of Com mander Jarvis (furloughcd) is on trial, and Lt. Brashear, Captain McCluncy, and Commodore Storer were examined in it for the Government. A Chance to send Letters to Persons in U. S. Squadron* auhoad.?Tho U. S. Naval Lyceum at Brooklyn is about to despatch mails for the squadrons on the following foreign sta tions. Vix: tho coasts of Brazil, Africa and tho East Indies. All letters and packages for eitbor squadron, if left at tho Lyceum Rooms, Navy Yard. Brooklyn, by the 2oth instant, wiTl be promptly forwarded. Ho also will those be that are enclosed by mail (post paid) to 44 tbe Naval Lyecuin, Navy Yard. Brooklyn, N. Y.," in time to roach there by the night of the 24th instant. Surveys or Public Lands in Kansas.? Additional surveys of township 17, south of ranges one to six, east of the sixth principal meridian, have been returned to the General Land Office by tho Surveyor General of Kan sas and Nebraska, embracing about 130,000 acres. Also, iu township south of ranges two to seven inclusive, east of the meridian, contaiuing about 136,000 acres ; 'lhe latter sit uated in part on the Big Blue and Republican rivers, all of which fall within the Western Land District. The Decisions or the Naval CorRTS?We feel very sure that the impression originated by Washington letters for the press that the Pres. ideut designs promulging any of the decisions of the current Naval Courts of Inquiry is ut> terly unfounded. Our belief is that they will all be made public at tbe same time, and not until after all the cases shall have been dis posed of, otherwise the clamor over them?be they as they may?must seriously obstract tbe action of the Court* in the cases remaining f? be tried. ? The WBATHEH.?The following report of tbe weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is aboat 7 o'clock a. m.: SrrTRMBER 22, 1857. New York, N. Y cloudy, unpleasant. Philadelphia, Pa..,?, cloudy, cool. Baltimore, Md raining. Washington, 1>. C rainy, cool. Richmond, Va cloudy, cool. Petersburg, Va ...cloudy, cool. Wilmington. N. C... cloudy. Columbia, ?. C ???.cloudy, cold. ? Charleston, S. O..........eloudy, warm. Augusta, Ga cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga. ...cloudy, Macon, Ga................cloudy. Colnmous, Ga.........#..c'ear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. I*ower Peach Tise, Ala. ..clear. Mobile, Ala ..............clear, cool. Gainesville, Miss clear. New Orleans, La clear. At WejhWton, yesterday, 0 p. m.. the barom- ? eter was 30^5), thermometer ?K Thin morning, ? ? 'lh" bttXonW?r was30.134, ihermomer ter ^ 5. POELIC SlRVETH ? Wl?CO*8I*,?The T9 tarns of the establishment of tbe fourth correc tion parallel have bees made to tfa* General Land Office, extending from tbe fourth principal meridian east to the Brule rim or tbe eastern boundary of the State, the distance of 100 miles and 13 chain*. Naval Court No. 3.?Capt. Louis M Golds horough has boon ordered to duty as a member of the Naval Court of Inquiry No. 3, in session in this city, vice Captain Striugham relieved. Capt. 8. continues In command of the Boston Navy Yard. . RbsionxD ?Judge Furgerson, Chi?f Jus tice of the U S.' Court for the Territory of Nebraska, has resigned J*v Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows. ' Correspondence of The Star. Baltimore, Sept. 21,1867. The Right Worthy Grand Lodge of the United State# assembled this morning at 9 o'clock in regular Auuiial po*inyi?icitkn|. , i All the principal officers w?*r* present, and a very large number of the Ueut?MuUtivo* wefe in attendance. The following officers were Installed to serve for two years, vlx; George W. Race, of La , M. W. G. S : T. G. Senter, of N. HI E. W. D 0.9; Jas L. Rklge \y O T^' ^ i Jo*hua Vannant, of Ala., The following otllcer* were appointed, vig: M O ^ rn?i of J*'*"-. R G. jvi ; J D. McCabe, of Mfl, R. VV.C.C: j.K. ChamWr W G?G ? ' I Lewyt, ef Md., The regular standing committees were then ap pointed. y The Grand Sire and Grand Secretary presented their annual reports. After the introduction of new business and It* reference totlieappropriatecommittees, the Grand Lodge adjourned uutil y o'clock to-morrow Yours, Ac., *? The Great Calamity. The Central America foundered upon the east ern edge of the Gulf Stream. Theaccident, so ar a* made known appears to have arisen from i',?i !J. . * 01 ??>" hinery of tlie vessel. It is the genera! opinion the violent laboring of the ship during the Kale iauscd such exces Hive leakage that the chief engineer, Mr. Ash he became dismayed nt a coin|KirMi vely early hour! and deserted ins post, thus surreiiding all control over his department, and cutting off the most valuable auxilia. ie.s of hafety. This opinion has ??xtensively prevailed among those reined, and *',.ar*'.d by Capt. McGowan, of the Empire City, who has had excellent opportunities to be come acquainted with all the farts of the ca*e and. knowing these facts, he indignantly refused the chief engineer a passage to New York in his steamer. a.|9^*-,Tho?f" W Dad^,f ?? "tated to have left pi /,3*10 in yold in his stateroom. The specie on board the steamer remained entirely undisturbed, |n*n i;o"1^r provided for its reception in the hold of the ship. Frcm its position, this locker must have been submerged at the outset A passenger on the Central Anieri<? savs: 5uu men with death yawning before them at

any moment, stood solid as a rock, nor made a moyemen for the boats until the'women and childitn had all been safely transported to the brig, after which about 4u of the crew and male passengers, in a few trip*, reached the latter ves sel iiefore the strainer went down " Some of the ladies behaved most genefbusly and nobly, several of them volunteering to lake their places at the buckets ; but the men^ired as I they were, had too much gallantry to allow this. ? *5!* the passengeis, whose position and intelligence, and withal, the trying circumstance, iu u inch the ship was placed, ought to have re strained from deporting themselves other tlian properly, drank excessively of liquors on board the ship probably from their own private sto es aud made themselves very noisy and troubled .Two of tL*' passengers of high social and political associations refused to work, but rot alarmiugly drunk, so much so that thHr more so ber companions had to pur them in their berths In that condition they lav when the steamer sank The singular incident that a bird flew across the deck of the Ellen on the night of th" disa-^er striking her Captain in the f??, Uuttering tJ tbe deck, and a/lerwards Hying toward* his ?ace, is con tinned. ' ?uher?a.t>tain.S3ii1: lMra,f?*d by the wind to sail a little ont of my course Iiefore I catne no with you, and on altering it a small bird flew a cross the ship once or twice, and then darted into my face. I however took no notice of this circumstance, ami the same thing occur red a?aiti whichi causcd me to regard the circumstance as something extraordinary, and while thinking on it in this way the mysterious bird for the third time appeared and went through the very same extraoidiuary mauu.uvres. Upon this I was in duced to,caller my course into the origi#ul one which I had been steering, aud in a short time I heard noises, and on trying to discover what tbev proceeded from, discovered that 1 was in the midst of people who had been shipwrecked In transfer!,,g the ladies from toe steamer to the br'g Marine, it was my lot ,say. .\jr* |*Mr Mc Kim liowley iu her statement) to go with (he thud boat 1 he sea w s very viol-nt. and the pros|te<-t of outriding it in snch a little frail craft was terrible llefore going off, | put on a life pi?v,erver, which was the only preparation I could make for my escape, but neither the lite-boat nor the llfe.p,e*erver seemed like Safety, for it is iDi .le to describe the roughness of the waves and the brig w;is a great way oil". The rope-noose was tied around me, arid I was swung out over the water into the boat The ice boat co.ild not comecloscto the side of the steam er, and we :,|| had to take our chance to jnmn it it Some of thelites, in Icpmg. fell water, and-oine into Tjnt they we-e either hauled up aL'ain by the rope-noose, which was still around them, or were caught by the sailors that manned the boats, and pulled in over tue slnt's. ? Many of the ladies (says Mrs. McNeill's st ate, ment; had a great di al of money that they did uot L'i ve to the purser of the steamer Two of ih?se went into their state-moms and took out ba-'iofl gold (f*t, s, S|1,ijui in an) aiMl ,hrrW )h ,m down in the cabin, so t hat any persons who want- I ed money could take what they pleaded The two ladies had just returned fro,,, California, aj.d said, weeping, "that that money was all thvv had mode theie, and.they were returning h..?,e to enjoy it. None of the ladles could take more than two WO gold pieces with them We h.ol to strip oti all our clothes and skirts, except our out side dress in order to keep from sinking on our passage to the brig. " Mr. Win. E. Ede. a passenger, gives a verv in te renting account of his descent into the " waters below" with the sinking ship Not beiugaware that the ship was making her last plunge he i,eld on tightly to one of the* ropes and wis carried down to a great depth, under the impression that it was merely a sea sweeping over her. In this state of things his mind bad become somewhat bewildered, and it was not until the resistiu-r force of a larye cork life-preserver which he ha<l on bioke away his hold upon the vessel that he was again in possession of his reasoning facul ties and began to realize the fact of the ship haying really sunk and carried him down He quickly, however, reached the surface, and was cauitd far up aud sustained to a considerable height above water amidst a surrounding ma*, or human beino* stiuggling on all sides for as sistance ami for life. At this moment the scene he says, was most harrowing, and as different person# caught at him for assistance he wascoin jiellcd to throw them ott as best he could, or else be hopelessly engulphed himself. As he rose to ,lh,; there was a wild and powerful screaming amongst the mass of lungs who were eddy lug round and round in the whirlpool caused by the descent of the engulphed shin His tlrst purpose was to extricate himself from the confused and struggling crowd, which he succeeded in doing by swimming outward at Intervals, as he from time to time freed himself from groups that he encountered. The result in his own case, and as conllnned by observation of those who surrounded him, establishes /as he considers) the great value of the cork life-pre servers, and the utter worthlessness, or at lSast insecurity and unreliableness, of the tin-preserv ers, which are generally so much more abundant than any others on all sea-going steamers Captain Herndon, of the Central America, has his life insured at the New England Mutual In surance Company for 95.0UU. Of the twenty-eight children that were saved the greater narf were small?babies. One, a boy' was left on board with the mother in the Hist boat, but was taken into another, and saved. The stewardess of the lo*t steamer was a stout negro woman. She had collected the money thrown awav by the passengers, it wt$ supposed, and buckled it arouud the body. The weight of this money was the cause of her death when she was hoisted into the Marine, where she died from having too much gold about her loins. ^???> nrp-RESOLUTIONS PLEDGING THE Cor I p? >rat ion of Georgetown to make a sulworm tion to the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hauitsluie llsilroad Company, upon certain conditions. Muted ZJdAnsust.IK.57: ' ^ lit sot rrd by ike Board of Aider* e i and Board o/Common rountil of the Corporal,on ofGeortt imrn, I hat, in tne event of an appropriation of mo- ' ney by Congress to build a bridge over the Potomac at the Aquednet.or near said Auneduot. and vest | thereof, this Corporation by itaeir. and the eititaaa ot Georgetown, pledges itself to subscribe. ?<r have subscribed, to the stock of the Alexandria. Lou doun, and Ilarnpsluro Raiiroad, a sum not exceed tug two huudred thousand dollars, suthoient u. con struct a hrauch of said road from the hridgs herein tielore relerred to, to the main line of said road, sjy, to intersect the same at suoh point as mav he agreed upon by tiie Directors of said road and this Corpo ration: Provided, however. That this resolution shall have no force whatever, or be ui ai.v maimer binding on this Corporation until it shall have been submitted to the oooaideratiou of the legal voters of this town, acoordinx to the provisions hereinbefore thepoUs ***otu><>*d ? n?jorit?of votes J ? Matob's Omci, GsoRorrowM, D. 0. By virtue ot the al><>ve resolutions, on Tueadtov the thirteenth day of Oetober next, betweeTtkL' hoars ot V o'etock a. m. and saneet, " the m*Ti. be opened at the Town Hall, that the senEofTh,' legal voters of the town may be taken esoJtlia SSsrSSl ty-^NOTlCE.-TJie members of tha Northern >k_? l iberty Philadelphia as?ooiation are hereto notified that the Dress parade which vu to have ' taken place to night. la unavoidably p<s>i>"n-o until 1 TUESDAY. th?<9th which time it isextac !? d 'hat every metnbei wiiu designs visiting Phila delphia will be proecLt. ^ f WM L. WAI.KKR, ! _lt* . Secretary pru-tenn fTs* MONTttOMKRY GUAR DS,~ATTEN^ lk_?f TION.?Tm are hereby notified to meet at your Armory an THURSDAY EVENING, 24th iuat., in fatigua uniform for drill. By order ofCapt. Kky? ae 28 It THOMAS McENR^.O.S. nT5=? {iOTIC E -Messrs. PARKHURST, 15 RIGG?,aud GLEN BOY willorganize their Vocal Mnsic Classes at the Sixth Street Presbyte rian Church. (Mr. NoNe's,) on TUESDAY EVEN ING next, at 7& o ol>?ck a?td at the Tenth Str?rt <*>'? Hiirt.) on THURSDAY EVENING,at the am* hour. All deairiug to learn are cordially invited to attend. ae J!-4| rr3=- WASHINGTON HORTICU LTV R AL L? SOCIETY.?The Committeeon F.Ihibitmn will meet nt Mr. Corcoran'a new Huilding. on H, TO-MORJLO W ? lata and UU streets, Sept. a, at 7 o'elodr. By onier of the Chairman: JOHN WATT. John Saul, T. W. Spence, Jaiuea K. WalUAlsx. McKerichar, E. Cammack, John K. VernoSTjoim Crocker, Hear? Casstdy, E. K. O'Brien. John H. Turion. Geo. Raub, Charies G. Page, Juan Houlet, Michael Griffith, A. J*rdu e, Jerome Duces, Win. Bughes, John Cammack, John H. Small, Samuel D. ?fly, Joe. Perrie. Patrick Corbet, Wm. L. Bay lie, A. MoKerioliar 2d, F. D. Stewart. M?2i-2t J<>11M WATT. Chairman. Notice to the pi film of Mr. \v. hen ry PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASS ES.?The Toadies whose names are already regis tered. are requested to attend at Mr. Palmer's resi dence, 2B>? F street, between loth and Uth atreeta, on TL ESDA Y next, Sept. ?ki, 18.37, at Two o uock. ae 18-1 w COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CiTtr Mali.,{ September IB, 1857. { ry-=p? NOTICE TO TAX PAYFRS.-Notice fa IJ<_? hereby given that the Taxes for the year IKj7 are due, ami payable at this otfcce, and that a deduction of 6 per cent. is allowed lit law for the current year paid on or before the 15th dav of Octo l>er next. J AS. F. HAl.lDAY. He 17-SawtOctlS Collector. ry^=?NOTIC8.?Having been informed that oer tain pe rsons are in the tmbit <?( collecting and gafliertny together the Bottles which oon'ainornave contained our leverages, and putting therein an arti cle made by othera Iiian ourselves, an<i then dinpos me of such article on tiia faith and credit of our name stamped ou said Bottles, ail persons are hereby notified that such Jtotf Irs are our owr. property and not subject to tale.and that they are delivered to our customer* onl* to !>e ref urned. and tluvt it is our firm intention to proseeute to the utmost extent of the law, any ini'riugmcnt of oar rights on the premises. ARNY * SIIINN, Union Bottling Depot. ^7 (?reen street, sell Georgetown, D. C. iV^=?TKE REV. W M. PINKNEY.D.D.. having 1L < accepted the call of the \ estry <>fttie Church of the Ascension, will enter upon the duties of his rectorship on SUNDAY. October 11th. Persons desiring Pews in the Church w it please apply to C. F. HURLBURT, Register. Room No. II \\ est Wine Patent Office. eeS-eotf_ rv-??I'HlLADKLFHlA ICE CREAM at #i.*> L? per gallon; PillI.ADFLPIIIA CAKES ?f event stylear,d variety. at the P HILA D F.LPHI A J^E CREAM DEPOT, corner of 12th and F streets. se 12-1 m * Every thing suitable for pres entaat se 22 LAMMONO'S. ?th street. JET CLASPS FOR BELTS, MOROCCO Belts, Combs, Hair Pins, Portemonaies. etc.. at se 2? LAM MOND'S. FOR SALE.?A pair of well matched ROAN PONIES, four vears old. sound and rv *cn?le, an l work well in double or sine'e harness. They can be seen WRIGHT'S^*^* I.iverv stable, in Georgetown. se22 3t* jVOTICE?LICENSES.?All persons whose 71^ censes from the Corporation of Ge*?reetown ex pire on the 3-tth mat . are hereby notified promptly to renew the same, and pny the amounr to the Clerk <>f tho Corporation, otherwise they may subieot ihein selves to a fine. WM. LAIRD, Clerk, so 2J-3tawtlOO schawls: shawls:! shaw*lst! A larpe and well selected stnelrof Fall and Win ter SUA WLS just received, and will l>a sol,I low for cash, at C. F. PERRIE'S Cheap Csuli S.ore, *e 2?-St T~> SevL-ntn street, near I. A BARGAIN.-"FOR SALE."?A Gray Mare, l('.,lg liinds hifh, K year* o'd, weiehing r\ 1.175 pounds, yeiy fast and stylish in kHMN j_ .A or uodsr the mddle. Also, a two sont root^ ? away. built liy Weedeo. and a set oi harness, sep erate or together, to suit purohasera. Applv to JAMES RUNNING. ?*?-?* First Ward. CE TO SPORTSM8N. jyOTI Just reoeive<l. and keeps constant!/ on hand, a large supply of the l>e*t quality of GUN POW DER, SHOT, and CAPS. Cheap for only. JONAS P. LEVY, se 22 tl No .rSt 12th street, corner %f*B. PRESERVING SUGARS. C?ushed, Powdered, and Clarified Sncars. Supenor White Brandv for Peaches. Pure Spices of every description. Green Ginger. Pure Cider Vine-ar, procured expressly for 1'iok iin^. For saie low by WM. BRYAN, No. 44. opposite Centre Market, EC 22 3t ljetween 7th and ath streets. /VpI:NING Tnis "day?SILKS, LACES, * ' SHAWLS, AND EMBROIDERIES. HARPER A M ITCH I.LI. will open this <*ar, ip their new store, a oapeand dehirable stsaortmeiit of the s'm.vo S"ods.all of the newest design.satxl latest iini'or taf ions. Tho atteritiofi of our f. teals and purchasers gener ally is solicited. sslHI J^EW STOCK OF FALL DRY GOOl>S. I returu fcinoere thauks to rai fueut!*.ai^l the pub lic gfiiMtAily, for their kind and li'-eial p'iitona^e liestowedon me, since my comncneemeiit in busi ness, and would respectfully inform them that 1 ha\e mat received a lurrc, well-?e!euted, aisl entirely NEW STOCK OF FALL DRY ?iOODS; there fore v''.iilil ask from th'-m an examination of tl,e same ber<?r* pureluuone elsewhere. I feel conl.dent 1 C-tn give petlwl Mtafaehos, t-otlj III prioe hi id quality, as I am telling exclusively lor CASH, therefore c"?n offer greater inducements to purcha sers than t.'iwse u ho do a credit Imtiness. C. F. PERK IE, se 22-6t 375 Seventh street near I. BKITIMI ARMY LIST, lor Angust. 1857.?Mo rell's Essentials o| liraiutiiar: l.cud.Mi. IKS7. Acklaiid'* Notes on Uratnagc; LouJou. l&Vi. Baron M unctiausen, a (no simile reprint of the ori ginal edition and plates; l.ondon. 1857. RuUHsoitii's Confessions, tnuislated into English; 1 vol. London, 1&57. Camerini's Practical Guide to Italian Conversa tion; l.ondon, IS57. The Ponltry Book; London. 1*57. One Hundred ?on*s of S^otland, with Music; one Volume; London, IW; price a7 cents. Chapman's llliads of Homer. 2 vols ; London. Whewell's History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vols.: London, 18OT. Pettig(ew's Select Collection of Epitaphs; Lon don, 1#77. The Mernphfsics of Aristotle, literally trans'ated; London, IH57. seja FRANCK TAYLOR. T\TEW AGRICULTURAL AND MACHINE 1^1 WAREHOUSE. 558 Seventk sti, S. of Fa. ar? op. Centre Market. AaUtCl'LTUS 11 1MPLKMRKTS, MAC HIMERT, ITICLD AM) UAIiUt.H S Ktl>>, KtKTlLIZEKt, it". The undersigned is now pn-pured to furnish the aliovo mentioned aud all articles pertunine to the aericultural business, at tho hiwvst xiarkof rates. Having just returned irmu a toiirlkrougli the North ern and New England Stales, where he has visited a large nuinl?er or the principal Agricultural Manufac turing EstaMishmnnts, from which lie has taken great pains in selecting a ohoioe nssortmeut of I in pleuieuts and Machiuery of all descriptions. He has also made arrangements to l>eat all times in teceipt of any important improvements that may tak* plaoe in the a^ricuUural line. Another very important feature m this new establishment the propri etor is a pnieti.-il agricultuia! nuichinist, a-ith an ex perience of twelve y ears. He his thereby acquired a thorough knowledgeof this business mall Us various branches. He thurelore feels justified in sayiug that he can obtain and furnish all articles iu his line oa as reasonable terms as any house in this ooutitry. |r? Machinery of all descriptions repa4rcd at the ataortest notice and on t|i? most reasonable terms. With the above experience and facilities for con ducting this busiuuss.t which is all important.) he re spectfully solicits the patronage of the farming coin unity and public generally. It shall always be his otyect to please. Yours, very respectfully. J. I*. BARTHOLOXV, 5&o7th st., six doors south of Perm, ave., ae 22-Jt opposite Centre Market. A CARD.?James lAckey. Merchant Tailor, 444 7th street, opposite the Patent Ortioe. respect fully informs hu fnrnds aud the pubiio that he is now supplied witfi Fall and Winter Goods, whioh he will make np oheap for oash. and not inferior to any in the eity. Gentlemen will find it to their ad vantage to have their clothea made to fit and in a durable manner for a trifle more than they will pay Hi slop aha pa. N. B.?Gentlemen wishing a neat fit and fashion abie pants art* requested to call, as I feel confident ofgivuu satisfaction. se 19 2w* New supplies of gkmts* furai&iT lNG GOODS Just received, by whioh we are prepared to pre sent to onr friends and the public, a complete and superior assortiueiit, comprising ererythuig ta the way of? Dress Shirts of Linen and Cotton, (White and Fancy.> Under Shirts and Drawers of Silk, L. Wool, Merino, Sliaker Flannel, aud Net Cotton. Half Hose do. do. do. Scarfs Cravats, Stocks. Ties. Pocket Hand'fs, Silk and Linen. Glovee, Suspenders. Dressing Robes. Caues, Umbrellas. Totlet Articles.ftc.,Ac. All of whioh we will sell at tfce lowest prists, for tf.-No indisposition to show oar good*. Oar e#art will be to plnae all, and self as many as we ?> Pall m* / 6EO aeW-taSt 3Sl Penn. ave.. bet.fth aafl let? sis. s? ^?5issr.lsr-?i,."arc'3; se.5i..r r**Ncg t?vm ?sr^i ^^JlaushlISS'co, o?? .urn's SALOON. . WBFcifrtrmr nfitawes ISabenlxn are informal t hut t He t.--1 s e ? ill Uke p'ace <>n FRIDAN 1 VkXLNu, S?pt. iilh. 1K>7. IVioni ?ho vitk b> a u ascribe will hirls l.i.i at .Mr. J. Richard l'r?di?-i', a, adjoining '.he Kirk N. H.?L. CeranV l)mns i?? Afdrjng will In opened at hu Saloon for the ie?ef*fc>n af Pup>'s (k tnler M, UST. Applicatioa can he made at ' i?e Music Storea of Davis or Metacrott, aiaoat the Sa loon, , -T a* 2i ? . 2 1> 11 (JO.VI- K 1. HA I.!.. AN1> UAROBM WWC IIA R M (> c Vvk Og; at Humphrey & Jeanne THURMDAV f u. '? PlK*. Of Sr WAHT8. WANTFD TO PURCHASE ? tar ?r ais FARM BcAS.UtweeaiAeaaee* 12?ad ??. Does not wish to purchase from traders. AppU by (attar to J. W. \\ ALLACb.tjirHilttl?at| ???? ? se 22 ^t* . A GENTLEMAN living on a Fawn ia omul lit? Potoraaocountiesof Virginia, w! shesto e?n?;?? a HOUSE KEEPER. A lid; d<> me*tie aormoiny and dairy mat.ncrr iciit will bavr an easy and ooaifortatde plaoe. The family being an* i duties light. and plaoe healthful. Address can he had at the deefr of the Star Office. ' if tM w WANTED TO HIRE OR PIRTHASE-A I? Colored Wnmnn to Cook. Wash. ain free lor a ?mall family iu Um'tttnvi. D. C. AmIi u> R. s. T. CiSPEL, corner of Congress ami Bridie atreet s. Georgetown. D. C. sezl-St' WANTED, at hn.orama? A ('laclnnan and Din inr rooai Servant, (CaloreJ.) .No rnarri?J men r.eed apply. if?l ?* _ \Tk7 ANTED?In a reaprctaliia pi i vale faiui!/. an " (Jnnrrniitted Parlor and i'haml>er. wita H?iar<l for a Soathevn family, consist m? of fhmr. laelfcding thur servant. AuJress l>.. Box ?57,City Pos: tM _____ a.> 21 2t ' YVANTKD.-A OdLUKBDMAN to w.-rk about " the kitchen and to make himself uacfui. Ap ply at D'l VER NOIS". V>. 159 Penn. avenue. >-? tsreen 17th and 18th streets. He : GOOD Al.Tt* SINGLR IS WANTED.aiiTl |'iiay oiitain a libera! eompmiaation t>T her aen-i cea in a march in tiua city. I>? lorwanluig an api>lt cbiion to Box )K<i I'oat CiLoe, Washington. a# 19-lW MIILI.IiVLKi* WA NTEi).?Three or four h r*f rate MI LI.IN ERS w.nted. To those wwrw t?*irt rood wage* will l>e paid, at C?. It. CAM*I A ?'<>?S.3I4 PennayirauJi avenue, l?tv?aa loth ai..l Uth atraeta. Alao, two or three Apprentice*. ae 19-St * CLERK OK COP V lt*T.-Acant?aun *#?. wntea a piaui an 1 r&pid baud, and ia ti>orou?hlf ac^nainted with bookkeeping, denrrea a aitaation. Wouid awnme the r-< r? m and ravimoi of vorka for the preaa. Public doouaneuta copiad in th? aeat e?t inaouer and villi diayatoh. Addraaa B C.. U>x 5tt. aap !7 eoSw * WANTED-B> a M A R RIKD M AN,a aitttation tt in any respectable Mercantile Buaineae aa Saleamai or Aaaiatflnt Rook-keeper. He has ooi. aideralile exp?rieaoe in the variona branches ot atcr cant ile buameaa The l>est ol rcfercr^xia oaa l*e given. Address W. J., care of Noel A Boyd. \Va*h mfton eity. ae 14 AVOI'NG I.ADV. who has been* ledaons from the best taachera in thecitv.and who fee ? herself oompatant to teach Musto and Sinrtaa. is da iri>aa of ohtaininc a fow pnm e Scholars, or a Claas ia a school or family. llo.a no olijec'ion to go to the eonntry. Terma per uiiarter. Apply at 4% H street, or addraaa a note to MisaL.. P., Utrmigh the Poat Office. ae 1 -eo3? * WANTED?In the family of a geatieman residing two iniles from tne eity. a good plain COOK. One who can bring recommendations for aki I. hor. eatj. and c!ean!inesa will find a rood aitunfionand regular wagea. Apply to J. P. CRL'TC'HETT, oor ner of 6th and D atreeta. jy !S-tf LOST AND roum. CI AMIS TO THE SI' BSC RI HERS, on the ro*<1 I naar Anacosta Bridge, on tiw: iiih Au-, *uat. lR*?r.a black and wnite STEER, with n brand on the lett buttock. The owner olj the above Steer is requested to corae forward, prove proporty, pay chaiges, and tnke hiiaawx*. s?g/?t? J^?IN PAYNE I^IIREE CENT*? K E V\ AUD.-Krn a wat from the snliecrilier, on Friday lAst. JOHN indentwred apprentice to tha aaddling buainesa. He isalittle lair.r. All persons are Here warned not to harbor, truat, or employ said boy un der peralty of the law. i>ar H. S. JOHNSON. O ^ REWARD.?Strayed from the nenbborhoo.1 ?3>?Jof tbe RAt'road Depot, on las* Sat ar- g S* i Ja day,aVELLOW BI FFALOCt?IV.hav-ULir IAN JfM full 0W ea in ft A h,nt?L. ing n white l>elly. and a white atar in ??*rd forehead; Iter tail was aiao wLite. The above in ward will be given to any one bringimc raid Tow to ae, or such infoi mafion as I ran gat h?,at No. 67.' O atreet. THUM AS DA R N A R H A R . sa 22-St* [I OST.?On Penn. avenue, bet ween IKh and l?th j afreets, aonth aide, a pair of GOLD SPECTA CLES, enclosed in a red care A li- eral reward wnl be paid the hader uixm leaving them at RARNtS A MITCHEt.l.'S S-ore. ?e g>-at' 6QAA REWARD.?Ran aw?) on Frnlnj i**;. September la, a NEoRO MAN named Lewia. He ia \ery stoat andM faced, of light color, about 5 feet A inch he ght, and rather slow in cpeeeb. Cloth not recollected. ?? I will give the aliove reward ?l taken in a fre* State, % iw if taken in the District of Columbia, ar.d J?V? if taken m Prmce tieorgeor Charles eoantu?. ? ml secured in Jail so that I get him arain. 1>A Y1D \ OUNG. ae?l-1w* Pnnce George County. Md._ ^,l/wi KEW ARD -Ranawvs from uie au> 8j - 'J i?Uvr ber, living near L"i-per Ai?trll>orni:gh, Prince George'* counrt. Ma . on the v**h of BT April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. sliout ?7 yeark of ago, '> feet. 6 inobes i.fh-a Jl dark mulatto? hns a lar^e busli> head, with,*jL? whiskers ionnd bis fie*, medium sige and flown look. He tru* hire lumaelf m tLa District, where he iia? re'ativea, or make hia way to ir me free State, aa he left without r.n? provocttioa. I wi!! give T* f? Hundred i>ol.ara, if taken out of the State?jftirni (f taken in the District,or an? other part of Maryland, and l.^iil takeu iu thiueouaty. In aitiier uaae na must l>e secured mo thai I grtiuin. ie?? tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. FOR REHT AMD SALE. For otktr" For Krnt n+d SmU" motiret *?? l.?r p*?t? FMiK R K>T.? D ?>ral>le and well t- unosi ?-.t IJOOM5, at 47o l.tiistreet,betveca F aud t>. re 21 A FURNISHED HOlTlftfc FOR RRNT-No. 447. on 13th atreet,second door uorthof F stre<*', or weit side. re 11 FOR SAI.E ?An interest in a House w.lh Rat room and Kixtures. Also, Fnrniture awl b??l ding. suitat4e for a Boarding-b<mse. WiH he sold on Till RSDAY, Sept. 24th, at .'o' ancto-n. if not disposed of b>-fore, at No. au: E?tieet.t.e tween lltli arxi l?th etreetw. s* ' TO LET.?The two-atory BRICK IIOOE, corner of 14th atreet and Penn. nvenne, south aide, now ooeupicd aa aHefccr?n\. Inquire of Mr. W M. OHM K, Grocer, near lue corner td lllh street ard Penn. avenue. *c 21 t i I^OR RENT.?TheWTORE-ROOM N.i.'.tn street, immediateiy opposite the otfcoe of the National Ititelligericcr, ami i.ow occupied by W . Clendetun as a P<n?t and Shoe Store. Poaaeasion given the lfith t)ctol>er. For terms, Ac., apply te GEO. W. COCIl R AN. next drw. ae tl tl SPLENDID HOTEL LOT FOR SALE, in the oity ??ir Washington, D.C..and trontirc oil Penn ay Ivania avenue. Tin! Lot u hundred we I seventy feet by one hnndredand sixty feet. Items the ground partly Oocnpted by the l'nn?n newnnaperprinMiig office Aud partly b>' the rums of tlie late Natioi>Ml Theatre. There u ao plaee in the country where a farat-cla*s hotel is more imperatively reeuircd, nor where such a one Would so surely prove profctable. The terms will t?e made very favorable .and. if needed, facilities will It* adorded in the arectiou ol a auittble hotel. Apply, iu Washington, to C. H WINDER: or, in Philadelphia, toW.TL WINDER,No.7G*. Walnat atreet. And, if notaold. tha Union Buildings will be (or rent.aul poaaesaioo given on the 1st of Seutemti^r, IHS7. jv 2T 2aw^'in F'OR SALE.?Three three story BRICK M<?1 SES, within a quarter of a mile of the t Vy Halt, oue two etory BKICK, with back Uuiidmr, near tha Circle,and one FKAME COTTA<?E,on Capitol Hill, with smaller Houses, and vacaiit Lots, in different portions of the City. Inquire over WashinatoaCity Savings Bank, of aelo^otf GRAFTON D. HANSON. fj'OR SALE?Handsome residence on the Heights of Georgetown. The Trustee.ol lera lor Bale that apacious and handsome residence in G^ofl^tovn, at present ooonpiod by W. Pairo, Esq. The property oonipnses an entire square ol ground, beautifully improved with walk*. tree>, shrubbery, flowera. Ac.; a large and aefl built green house, with plants iu great variety. There are also on the premises, Stablae,Carriage hoii?e, aaJ other oonveaient out houses. The Dwelling-House is large and roomy, having, with the wings, a front of ninety live ist5l feet and eoiumabda ?Mie ol the hnest views of the Potomac river aud oouutry arouud. It is heated hy a furnane, hrhted with gas, and oontams bah hxtares for hot and cotd water; a large eistern. kitohen range; and aJwokt evert eoaveu ence for a hrst-claHs residcnoe. If desired the I- urniture will lie nold villi the house. Po?.-e*?ion can be civen uamediately. For farther parli -nlare, terms of sale, Ac.,apply to SAM. C. EDES, Trustee At Pairo A Nourse ? Baukiua House, ee 2l-dSw3?w?w opposite the Treasury. OK RKNT.-0?? of the best BL'SINKs" STAN DS on the Navy Yard, which has been ased fl?r the last 15 years as a Shoe Store. Posses siou given immediately. Apply to J AS. CULL, on the premises. se l*-t? fJ*OR SALE?Two comfort a Me F R A M K DWELLINGS, Noe. Il?< and lit. aitaated on north side East Capitol street, I>etween ?th and Mh streets east. Terms: in cash: tntanee ta I. 2, aad 3 years for either house. Apply at No. story >71 h street. so IS POLLARD WFRR Agpwt. L'UH MALE.?tMte BLILDINU LOT.sitaaieJ r on the ooraer of 1st and K streets north, imme diately in the raar of Judge Douglas's hue mansion. 15 feet froat by au feet d-< r If not e? Id by the KWh will thaatoa eapoeod at ptibiio sale. Oall on ?4. H. VARNELL. No. M Loaauaaa arease or IIlS. C. MogT'IRE, Auct.oaeer. Aba.a small FRAME HOI'S*! aad three goo! LUTtswhioh will be sold oheap aitaated ea 1st street, between O aad P. aa IS tttt h BUY YOU* NOTIONS, Ibcpresents, at MM LAMMO.NI>'?,