Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS 111NCiTON C1T Y : THI RSU.tV September 21, 1?J. SPIRIT Of THE MORNING PRESS. The ImUlhgenctr is again, to-day, devoted to news. literature, ecicnce. Ac. The Union quotes the Buffalo Republic to show that the radical Democrats belonging to the Republican party organisation in New Y'ork unanimously condemn the acts of their party in the late New York Legislature, as being designed to build up fortunes for a band of speculators, rather than to subserve the pub lic interest.] The Vnion also rejoices over the fact that Messrs Henry O'Kielly, John J. Speed and John Butterford have initiated an electric tele graph enterprise to connect the Mi^isiippi val ley with the Pacific aide, which, it thinks, bids fair *oen to be consummated JC7" Thf Grand Jury of the Criminal Court of Baltimore on Tnnday, Indicted George Gamble, liror^f Potee and Jobn Quinn, tl?e tbr?-e lad* tliat are charged with the njx- on tbe young girl out the Washington road a short time wince. []JT From 9billiagt*n, Odeon Building, we have tbe consolidated " Emerson'* Magazine and Putnam s Monthly," retaining tbe general fea ture* of the former, and taking tbe pea-green cover of tbe latter. The leading article, (lllus. trated.)44 l*p the Mississippi," attords a perfect panorama of tbe '4 Father of Waters." Hoppin furnishes some grotesque sketches for the ?' Tale of Imager Bier.'* |]"7* We have received the tirst number of the "Semi-weekly ltepublic," an Abolition journal hereafter to lie published in this city, by George M Weston, editor and proprietor, and Daniel R. Goodloe, assistant editor. Both rank high as writers among those sympathising with tbein In politics, having had much newspaper experi ence. The paper is printed, we hcTieve, by Bli cit ft Blanchard. Tbe number before us is dis tinguished only by a manifestation of intense en mity to the Democratic party. The case for the prosecution in the trial of James P. Donnelly, for the murder of Albert S. Mooes, was closed on Monday afternoon. Coro ner Connery testified to the declaration of Moses on his death-bed and the character of tbe wound. His testimony was more favorable to the prisoner than that of 3ny of ihe preceding witnesses. The case for the defence was opened Tuesday morn ing. Mrs. Andrew W. Bradford was examined Her testimony differed verv little from that of other witnesses who were present in Moses' room before he died R. W Gaasn Lodgs of thk Usitrd States. The third day's session In Baltimore, of the Grand I.odge I. O. O. F.. was opened at D o'clock yesterday morning The committee on new Lodges reported in fa vor of granting charters to the following Subor dinate Lodges and Encampments : Shawnee Lodge, No. 1. to be located at Tecum seh, Kansas Territory; Leavenworth Lodge,No. 2, to be located at Leavenworth, Kansas Territo ?v; Wyandotte Lodtfe, No. '2, to be located at Wyandotte Kansas Territory; Lawrence Ludge No 4. to be located at Lawrence. Kansas Terri tory ; Bellvue Lodge. No. 4. to be located at Bellevue, Nebraska Territory; Excelsior En campment, No 4. to be located at Bennington, Vermont; a Lodge to l>e located at Atchison. Kansas Territory ; and a Lodge at Brownsville, Nebraska Territory. Hojc. C. J. Jssaias.?The letter of the Hon. C. J. Jenkins of Georgia, to the Augusta Consti tutionalist, in reference to late letter of General Wm. Walker, concludes thus: 41 He has driven me to tbe alternative of sub mitting to Inevitable misconstruction of making unfavorable comments upon a letter addressed to myself, I choose the latter, declaring unequivo cally?first, that I wholly disapprove Gen. Win. Walker's contemplated invasion and conquest of Nicaragua; secondly, that the proposed revival of the African slave trade is abhoreut to me. I will add that Gen. Walker has tak?n a very un warrantable liberty with me?a liberty incon sistent with the sense of propriety which should regulate Intercourse between strangers?a liberty expressly interdicted by my plain declaration, that, its publication as a letter addressed to me. must depei.d upon my concurrence in his views." Giiat Mcsical Festival?It istruethat tbe great wizard of the violin, Vieuxtemps. js to give a concert here next Tuesday. We are pleased to hear it, for among the many European musical geniuses none has a greater name and fame, both as composer and musician, than Henri Vieux temps. He has won his way to the highest pin nacle in musical science and art, and has stamped his name indelibly on our musical eia. He will be accompanied by another great per former, already known to us?Thalberg. as re. nowned ou tbe piano as Vieuxtemps is upon the Violin. Madaine D'Angri, the renowned contralto, will take part in tbe approaching concert, which pro mises to excite unusual interest. Kocco. tbe famous basso, will also make his reappearance here since his return from Europe. A combination of such talent never apfteared toeether on one evening, either in this country- or perhaps in Europe. LT The tb'.riieth anniversary of tbe birthday of tbe Grand Duke Conslantine was signalized in New York on Monday, by the raising of the ?tern po?tof anew flag-ship of the Russian Navy, to be built at the yard of Wm H Webb. There Were present to witness the interesting ceremo nies peculiar to the Russian custom, the follow ing distinguished gentlemen: Baroa deStoeckl, Russian Minister at Wash ington; Capt SbestakotT. who Is to be command er of the new frigate; Captain Schwartz, Captain Wastzheako. Captain Crown, Capt. Trolenfeldt. Lieut Mazavake, Lt. SeliuekotJ'. Lt. Beiavenetz. and Lt Koloblin, of the Russian .Navy : Captain Charles I) Marshall. Henry <? iiuiell, Esq . Mr Parrot, of the West Point foundry; Mr. William Lobarb. Russian Agent; Mr D< NoUbarb. Run-1 ?iau Consul, and his Secretary, Mr. Cokelsky; Samuel Pook. I'nited States Naval Contractor; Hon Mayor Wood. Hon Jobn McKeon. Hon Edward C'rosw?*ll and other gentlemen of like note. Mme Shestakoif and .Vine. Lieteufeldt Were also preseut At the conclusion of the ceremonies tbe guests adjourned to the Clarendon and partook of an el egant entertainment The health of "His Excellency the Russian Minister'' was drank, but Mr. Stoeckl said that diplomacy and publie speaking did not go well together So h?- avoided speech making. PERSONAL. .... Dr Li^btenstein. the celebrated Professor of Natural History. Is d**ad. Mrs Partington, <B P Sbillaber.) is ?bout to deliver a series oi lectures in the west ern cities .... M r. Stoekel. the M i nl?ter from R ussia. has returned to the Federal Metropolis from his sum mer sojourn at Newport. The Hon. Je-se D Bright. I*. S Senate, is again In Washington, looking much improved in health, his many friends will be glad to learn. ....Prof Sanford. of Keokuk, it is reported, has received a letter from Equador, which war rants him in saying that Dr. Francis is not dead. .... lt is proposed to erect a suitable monument to Capt. Ilt-ritdun, on Ocean Hill. Greenwood Cemetery, w'here a lot is reserved for such heroes as he The New york Mirror says that the name of the steamer ?? George Law"* was changed to "Central America.'' on account of a quarrel be tween Mr George Law and .Marshall O Roberts. ....Mrs Catharine Sinclair made a successful drKut at tbe Hayinarket Theatre, London. The critic ??f the l.oudr.n Dr. iy News describes het as the Widow of the late Mr. Forrest. .... A letter front lt*-rliii says that Chevalier Buns?-n is al<c;ut to publish a new translation of the Mitae, with explanatory notes, arid that the first volume of it will appear at the end of the year. Col. Mansfield, t\ ** \ . Col ^ nerrera llavana; ex- .ov IrR Porter, Pa ; Captain R h! Tilgbman, I . S. N ; Hon Allison White Pa ? Hob J B Bak' r, Collector of the port of Phila delphia. and Hon J L Ward, Ga , are at \\ 11 lard*'. .... As an instance of tbe coolness with which the passengers on tbe Central America generally awaited their fate, It is stated that Captaiu llem don. Mr Chllils aud others, went to their rooms and changed tneir clothes completely, within a lew hours of the sinking of the vessel. .... Mr Edward Mark, 11. B M. Consul for the port of Baltiuio e. M Cavalcanle d Albuquerque. Envoy Extraordinary arid Minister Plenipoten tiary from the Empire of Brazil to the United Slate*, and Slgnor A. J. de IrUarri. Minister Plenipotentiary from Guatemala and Sen Salva dor to tbe luited States, have arrived In Balti pjore, WASHINGTON NBWJS AND OOBBIP. The Presipext or the United Stateb is now absent from Washington on a flying visit to Lancaster, we bear. The Viroixia Railboadi.?The Richmond Examiner believes that the \ irginia Legisla ture at its approaching wiion will refuse to appropriate for the completion of the partly constructed railroads on which she has already expended on aggregate 6f. we faney, near twenty millions of dollars. If it is to be so, better would it have been for her finances if she had never expended a dollar in that way. We. however, cannot realise that the Examiner can be correct in its impression, because it involves a policy far more suicidal than any that can possibly be adopted by 10 enlightened a body aa the Virginia Legislature. To stop the construc tion of the progressing roads of the State, will be to prostrate the energies and repress the en terprise of all interests and classes within her boundaries, depreciating the aggregate value of Virginia property one hundred times as much as the cost of the completion of the works in question can possibly be to her treasury. It is just in such times of commercial revul sions and decreasing prices of produce and prop erty that it behooves her State authorities to strain every nerve to ward off as much of the tendency of the times, from Virginia, as can be so warded off. It is their duty to see that her citizens have, us soon as possible, every feasible means at hand for prospering, despite the tendency ofthe times explained above. The fact that through mismanagement, ex travagance, and. indued, a general want of integrity in connection with the affairs of Northern railroads, the value of the stocks of all of them have run down recently to very low figures, is no, rcasonjwhy, properly conducted, most of them would not prove profitable invest ments. They charge notoriously too little for freight and travel, which the Virginia railroad companies do not do. They also pay too much in the way of salaries and squander money 011 unnecessary employees, neither of which things is done by Virginia railroad companion. The system of railroad management at the North is as different as can be from that in Virginia, and the^sult of investments in Northern roads, as managed, is by no mean3 a fair criterion from which to draw conclusions as to the proba ble result of investments in Virginia railroads. Even if the Examiner* conclusion that State subscriptions to railroads are invariably gifts rather than loans to be repaid in time, (as is not the ease in Virginia.) the State would be greatly the gainer, by steadily completing the system of public works on which she has al ready expended twenty millions of dollars. Who does not remember the throes of debt, temporary repudiation, bankruptcy, Ac., into which Pennsylvania was plunged through the connection of her finances with an extensive system of internal improvement ? Yet no one can fail to realize that she did well to go through all, financially, that befel her on that account; for thereby has every acre of her soil advanced incalculably in value. It will not be striking far above the mark to say that for every dollar expended by Pennsylvania in it. ternal improvements she is?her people are? at this moment one hundred dollars richer than she would otherwise have been Unlike Penn sylvania. the funds of Virginia raised for inter nal improvements have not been plundered? every dollar having been honestly disbursed for the purpose designed?nor is there the least reason to fear that any of her appropriations for internal'improvements yet to be made, will be misapplied. She has csoaped, and bids fair to escape the rocks on which Pennsylvania's internal improvement system struck, and stuck fi.r some time. To hesitate now, when near the end of her expenditures lor internal improve ments, would be about as wise as for a man to burn down bis ten thousand dollar house, fin ished all to hanging the doors and windows and painting, to get rid of the expense of thus com pleting the edifice. Surely the approaching Virginia Legislature are not quite so daft as such a course would prove them to be ' The Hotse or Pair?> Jt Not rse ?We ac knowledge the receipt of the following note from Messrs. Pairo Jt : Washisgtox, Sept. 23, 1^57. W. D Walla CM, Kmj ?D*nr Sir : The edito rial in lb*' Star of to-day. we think, dors u* in jnxtice; and feeling contident that yon have no desire to injure us, we respectfully invite you to call at our utlice at your ea lies! convenience, and afford oh an opportunity of exhibiting to you a statement of our affairs, with surh explanations an, we think, will give you a more just Apprecia tion of our true position. Very truly and respectfully yours, 1'airo A. Nocrxk. As the object of the editorial to which Messrs. P. A N. refer, was not to obtain information concerning their affairs for our own satisfaction, we do not perceive any good end to be accom plished by the devotion of a few minutes or hours of our time to such an investigation as they propose. Our purpose was to enforce the necessity for the amplest security that in their liquidation every dollar of their property shall be devoted to the end of paying off their liabilities at par. with as little delay as possible. If the public can be satisfied that their affairs are in such a train of settlement, the sacrifices of their de positors will be much lighter than under the impressions which now prevail in the public mind- Their deed of assignment was not on record yesterday morning, and the fact that it is not yet recorded serves to prolong the public uneasiness in the matter. No individual in spection of their books and statements can j.os sibly serve to satisfy their injured debitors. They should promptly call a meeting of their depositors to the end that the latter may agree on a resident trustee to be associated with the non-resident gentleman selected by themselves to liquidate their affairs. Nothing short of such a step will restore public confidence in their case. As the matter stands the depositors regard their own affairs (money) as being still wholly out of their control, direct or indirect, and are by no means satisfied with that state of things. They believe that simple justice to them requires that they shall have at least as much influence in directing the manner of the liquidation, as the failing house. We will gladly publish any detailed state ment of their affairs with which Pairo Nourse may favor us. A Vert Imhoutaxt Land Orrir* Decisiox. A recent decision of the General Land Office concerning the right of railroad companies, under certain circumstances, to lands donated by Congress, greatly affects the public interest. The case may be stated as follows : The State of Michigan appropriated to the '? Amboy, Lansing and Traverse Bay Railroad Company'' certain lands accorded to her for railroad pur]>oses by the act of June 3, IHifi That is to say, so much of the lands then dona ted to her as ap]?ertain to the construction of a proposed railroad from Amboy, by liillsdale and Lansing, to some point on or near Traverse Bay. The company very recently filed at the Gen eral Land Office the map and location of a route designed to secure them the land* in question The map, however, waa found to describe a zig zag route some 345 miles long, instead of nearly a straight route 260 miles long?the actual dis tance between the Axed termini. The General Land Office is also in the receipt of a protest from the authorities of the Grand Rapids and Indian Railroad tympany, submitting that the nominal route of the petitioning company ha?t in part, never been surveyed by them, and is lo cated where the actual surveys of the objecting company prove that the construction of a rail road is next to impossible. Tho Commissioner of the General Land Office decides that he cannot set apart the lands as re quested, unless the demand be founded upon actual location, survey and staking off on tbe ground; and that without a map founded ob such a basis, it is not within the legal compe tence of his office to act favorably on the appli cation. The deflection of the route, too, is held to be so great as not fairly to bring the application within the iutent of the law. Advices rfco* Superwtexdixt McGraw's Party.?The Interior Department have advices from Mr. McGraw, the Superintendent of the expedition constructing the Fort Kearney, South Pass and Iioney Lake wagon road, dated at Scott's Bluffs, Nebraska Territory, (about fifty miles east of Fort Laramie,) on the 22d August ultimo. His party were getting on well. They had spent some time in making repairs of the road at Ash Hollow and Scott's Bluffs, both of which are perhaps the worst portion of the wholo line. These repairs are likely greatly to facilitate the progress of the 2,000 wagons said to be on the road (going west) behind the constructing party. All were well. List op Patents.?The following is tho list of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending Sept. 22, 1357?cach bearing that date: John W Baltzly and Wm. Hobson, of I'ana, 111 ?For Improved cutting apparatus lor grain and grans harvesters. Win. W. Batchelor, of New York, N. Y.?l'or improvement in gas burners. ? Joseph F. Black, of Lancaster, HI.?For im proved machine for binding grain. Geo. E. Burt, Abram Wright and George F. Wright, of Harvard, Mass.?For improvement in horse powers. Mortimer M. Camp, of New Haven, Conn ?For improvement in life-boats. Edwin Claik.of l?ancaster, Pa.?For improve ment in bearings for millstone drivers. Patrick Clark, of Rahway. N. J.?For im provement in metallic packing rings for steam engines. Simeon Coon, of Ithaca, N. Y.?For improve ment in burglars' alarms Isane A. Dunham, of North Bridgewater, Mass For Improved edge plane for trimming boot and shoe soles. " John G. Dunham, of Raritan, N. J ?For im provement in reaping and mowing machines. Augustus Eliaers, of Boston, Mass ?For im provement in portfolio or music stands. And'w B.J Flowers, of Greenfield, Ind.?For improvement in harvesters. Edmund Gibbs, of Madison, Wis.?For im provement in steam heating apparatus. Philander Gilbert, of Alexandria. O.?For Im proved apparatus for loading logs on wagons. Jos. I, Hall, of Cincinnati, O.?For improve ment in locks. Henry Hanuen, of Dubuque, Iowa?For im provement in the process ot making white lead. Isaac Hermann, of New York, N. Y ?For safe ty clasp for bracelets, Ac. James Neil, of Yorkviile, N. Y ?For improve inent in stirrups for riding saddles. David C. Peacock, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For sleeve fastener. Geo. A. Prentiss, of Cambridge, Mass.? For improvement in journals of axles with friction rollers. T. J. W. Robeitson, of New York, N. Y.?For hand stamp. A lisle y C. Smith arid Jos. K. Creighton. of East Birmingham. Pa.?For improved machine for ti ling and setting saws Barzillai C. Smith, of Burlington. N. J ?For Improvement in the mode of connecting and dis connecting the blocks of iron or other pavements. J H Swan, of New York, N. Y.?For improve uicnt in railroad car seats. Abram S Swartz, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For im provement in the trussed bridge. Chauncey Thomas, of West Newbury, Mass.? For improved carriage prop. D. C. Turner, of Azatlan, Wis.?For improve ment in rotary steam engines. Isaac Van Doren, of Someiville, N. J.?For Im provement in rakes for harvesters. Wm. H. Walton, of Brooklyn, N. Y., Jc Geo M. Phinuey. of New York, N. \ .?For improve ment in caiding engines. Norman W. Wheeler, of New York. N Y.? For Improvement in valve gear for oscillating steam engines. Samuel H. Whitaker, of Cincinnati, O.?For improved nnt m#?-bine. George Williamson, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in diving apparatus. Samuel R. Wilmot, of U'atertown, Conn ?For By trap. Henry I.oewenberg, of New York, N. Y.?For fire e.?a;?e ladder. W. F. Messenger and Henry Rehahn, of New York, N. Y.?For improved cooler. Wm. H Mitchel,of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For ma chine for distributing type. Jas W Strauge and s>aml Darling, of Bangor. Me ?For improvement in pencil *harj>eners Henry D Blake, of New Hartford. Conn , as signor to Wyllys H Warner, of New Britain, Conn.?For improved wrench. Samuel Pennock, of Kennett's Square, Pa., as signor to himself and Morton Pernio* k. of same place ?For improvement in harvesters. John Humphrey, of Keene, N. II , assignor to Amos E. Perry, of Harrisville, N. H.. and John Humphrey aforesaid?For improvement in lathes for manufacture of clothes pins, etc. Rfix.iuts.?Anson Atwood, of Troy, N Y ? For improvement in cast iron car wheels. Pat ented May 15, If 17. Solomon T. Holly, of Roc.kford, 111.?For Im provement in seed planters. Patented June 16, 1%>7. Edward Howell, of Ashtabula, Ohio.?For process for removing photographs from glass to paper. Patented May I!), 1H57. D*stgn.?George B Foster, of Boston, Mass.? For design for gas burner shades. Tub Shipwreck.?Our exchanges come to us full of nothing but accounts of the ship wreck of the Central America. The indefatig able newspaper men of New York, not content with publishing a dozen or two doten versions of the affair, must need spread before their readers fifty or a hundred such accounts, as though the world thinks of nothing just now but that subject. The moral of the manner in which the New York papers seem to gloat over the affair appears to us to be. that its newspa per readers arc constitutionally devoted to the horrible in literary matters?a state of uiind into which they have been duly inducted by tho style of newspaper men they have bad among them for some years past. Promoted?Wo hear, on the Avenue, of the following promotions in tho General Land Office recently made. Yiz : Mr. Thompson Allen; to be head of a division (fourth class clerkship, $1,800 per annum.) vice Mr. H. P Cousin, resigned. Mr. Wm. Hall, to a third class ($1,600 per an num clerkship, vice Allen, promoted. Mr C. H Loving, to a second class ($1,400 per annum) olerkship, vice Hall, promoted. Dead.?A large number of fellow citizens will grieve to learn that Cornelius 6. Bogardus, E.Bq., long a deputy collector of the port of New York, and formerly Naval Officer at that port, died a few days since in New York city. He was a man of generous impulses and fiue abili ties, and in life enjoyed the warm regard of a large circle of friends in all quarters of the country. His age was near forty-six. The Naval Coirt Martial that assembled yesterday at tbe Washington Navy Yard for the trial of Lieut. Lyne, re-assembled this morning at Winder's building, by directum of the Secretary. Mr Davidge, of this city, aj - pears as counsel on behalf of Lieut. L. This morning, Mr. Moran, a Clerk in the Navy De partment, was examined on the Government's behalf before this Court. Naval Courts op Ixqdiry.?To-day, before Court No. 1, the case of Lieut. Turner being still on trial, Commanders Tilton and Price were examined on the Government's behalf, and Commander Joseph Jarvia, Lieut. Robert Handy and Capt. Carpenter in tho applicant's behalf. Before Court No. 2 the case of Lt. S. B. Bis sell (furloughed) was taken up to-day, and Commodore Auliek waa examined for the Gov* ernment. Capt. Bailey is serving on this Court in place of Capt. Van Brunt. Bafort Court No. 8 tb? cam of^ Commander Benham (retired on foil Inra pay) is on trial to-day, and Commodores Kearney and Aulick, Capt. Ingraham, and Commander Shaw have been examined en behalf of the applicant. At his request a medical board; consisting of Sur geon Maxwell and Passed Assistant Surgeon Lansdale, have been ordered to make an ex amination as to his physical capacity for sea service. Ac. ? - The Sloop-of War Vhcotii-'This v? ?el. now at the New York Nary Yard, has been ordered to be prepared for sea It is under stood that she is destined to join the squadron on the coast of Africa. Appointed.?Augustus D. Bonesteel has been appointed by the Secretary of the Interior U. 8. Sub-Agent for the Menominees, Stock bridge and Oneida Indians, in the vicinity of Green Bay, Wisconsin, vice Muscowich, resigned. ? Appointed.?The Postmaster General has appointed Charles H. McMaster, of Auburn, N. Y., to be the route Mail Agent on the Railroad between Syracuse and Rochester and Roches ter and Niagara Falls. Obdered.?Capt. Theodoras Bailey has been ordered to duty in the Naval Court of Inquiry No. 2, viee Capt. Van Brunt temporarily de tached. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a in.: Srptkmber 24. 1857. New York, N. V cool. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant Washington, 1>. C clear, cool Richmond, Va clear, cool. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. V\ ilmington, N. C clear, cool Columbia, S. C clear, cool. Charleston. J*. C..........clear, cool. Augusta, Ga.,,M, clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear. cool. Macon. Ga................clear, cool. Columbus, lia............clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...elt-ar. Mobile, Ala ..............clear, cold Gainesville, Mis* clear. New Orleans, La clear. From the West. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line: Frederick, Md clear, cool. Cumberland, Md clear, cool Hagerstown, Md clear, cool. Harper'* Ferry. clear, cool. H lnchester clear, cool. Martinsbur? clear, cool. Wheeling, Va clear, eool. At Washington. yesterday, 8 p.m., the barom etej was 30.W2, thermometer 57?. This morning, at 7 o'clock, the barometer was30.150, thermomtr The Debut of Mint Julia May. The New York Evening Post says of the debut of Miss May, on Tuesday night, in New York city: "Among the large and interested audience that greeted Miss May's appearance last evening at Mblo'n Saloon, we noticed several literary and musical celebrities? Bancroft. Fry. R S. Willis,

\ e.^tvali and others. The good-nature which promises to reign this season in all our musical circles was abundantly testified. Miss May was warmly applauded, arid the gratifying'but bur densome honor of the encoreonly omitted in def ence to the embarrassment and apparent fatigue of the n'tbulantt. Miss May is quite young, tall and slender in person. Willi features rather pleasing than hand some ; her manner, naturallv enough, was deci dedly embarassed. Her voice is a pure and me tallic soprano, of warm tone. deficient in the ex treme upper register, but with some very sweet ringing notes in the middle and lower range though even here they are not quite equable in power." n The Herald says. ''Miss May possesses a soprano voice of mtich richness; her notes are clear and bell-toned: her intonation pure and delicate; but her efforts last night did not afford a fair opportunity of judging of her full power. With more cultivation, and a little practice in the peculiar methods of the stare we think she will make her inaik in opera Her voice has a fine compass, capable of dolnc for more than she attempted last night. She%anj? with remarkable ease, bringing out the highest notes without strain or apparent effort." The Tribune says : '? The success of Mi-s May last night was llat fiattering. She was called back after her pieces and wtiat the Italians denominate irj parts out of HW in a sin?er, namely, the voice, much admired Now, let her toil until she gets thoroughly to the satisfaction of people the hardest to please the 100th part " F ' llie B I'lie Impress says : "Miss Mays first piece was the aria ' Frnani lnvola nna, and she did not appear to be alto gether self-possessed Some hesitation and cold ness marred the delivery o' the prelude, with which she b.'San ; it was given without expres sion, but With pet feet precision. The sound of her voice, however, seemed to have an admirable effect upon her nerves, and as she came to the melody she sang with spirit and style_<loin.' full justice in execution to her voice which is certainly a remarkable one. ft appeari to be an oryau of almost unlimited capacity?full pure tone to the highest note. fa the second piece K i gold to sang with Sigrior TaffaneJlo?her voice appeared to ^reai advantage, making execution easy in the sudden transitions. In this piece there appeared more of cnideness, however?as ir the organ had not yet attained the cultivation ?i< ? 11 "u*cep?>ble. In the other pieces Miss May achieved a decided triumph, and the audience warmed to enthusiasm?paying the ?ady the awkward and equivocal compliment of 'calling her out.' The ? first appearance' was successful in every way, and was before a full house, Jupiter Pluvius to the contrary notwith standing. ' The Mirror says: " When she appeared she was received with long continued applause, acknowledging it in a quiet and elegant manner, free from every thin ' like attectailon. She was beautifully dressed ami her whole air was fresh and charming. She had not sung more than a few lines of the opening cavatina, when every doubt as to her musical at tainments vanished. and as she proceeded through her pieces, it itecame evident that we had before us an artiste of great abilities. # # # One thing is certain, we have no other American songstress like Miss May. with so beautiful cor rect and classical a style; so flue and perfect a voice; and we do not wonder that with Rossini Auber Halvey and other friends said, that she had all the >? ifts that Heaven could give a sin-er The rest remained with herself alone " B " ID*The surviving officers of the Central Amer ica have published in the New York papers the usual form of "protest," in proof of the loss of the steamer and the property on board for the benefit of all those having insurance on the spe cie on board. This will lead to the promot pay ment by the Insurance Companies of all amounts of loss which have been proved. Bloody Tragkd* iji Texas.?We find the following in the Dallas Herald of the 29th ult.: "It becomes our duty to record one of the most desperate and heart-rending tragedies that have ever been enacted in this region of the country John Rfb'n-on. living some four or five miles from Birdville. Tarrant county, on Friday morn ing of last week, without previous provocation as we are Informed, almost without an intimal tion of his fiendish intentions, shot and killed George and James Anderson, brothers of his wife, then attempted the life of his wife. and. failing in that, proceeded deliberately to his neighbor's, old man Sublett, a distance of nearlv two miles, and while the old man was beg^n* for mercy, shot him dead. ? ** " Returning to within a short distance of his home Robinson finished this horrid and unnatu ral tragedy by placing the muzzle of his gun against his own forehead, and pushing the trig ger with his rain-rod, put an end to his own life instantly. The whole afi'alr occurred in less than an hour. "Robinson previously had a difficulty with his wife, and had agreed to a separation. Her bro thers were assisting to remove her things when he ?hot them both with a rife and a mu*kct Sometime ago Robinson committed a brutal as sault upon old nun Sublett, and was punished with several months' imprisonment, wiiich was probable the cause of his animcaity against that individual." * * (T MEETING.?Elder John U3 O Kane^ol Indiana, will preach THIS EVE NI NO, at.7, ?o clock, in the old Trinity Church, on 5th street. Subject, from tfth chapter Romans? Eleotiou.' The public are nvited. Seats free. 11* [Y a-*MR. KL>lTOR.?Your paper of laat eveiune ?k_5 oon'ains an article relative to au assault and hsttery by Joshua Lloyd, upon the undersigned, in Mr. Ktrbv's restaurant. We had no asenoy what ever in the quarrel whioh occurred?-or aid we med dle with it; and we do hereby atate that it waa not at our instanoe that a warrant was tasued acamst Mr. Lloyd on aooount o7 this affray. R. M. A. F FN WICK ?* - JAMES tsTKELK ' rr"^A CARD-Tha undersigned having beau LL? aceused of reporting eertain Tavern Keep irTfrr aeiling liquor on Sunday, takes this metn^l of isformiug them tuat it ulklae, and I am readr to prove it at any time. JOHN GETTIEIl m *- At Mrs. Bates's, oSr. ^ ?TJi!|5.V. WASHINGTON GUARDS. ATTEN IL? TION.?The reguler Compmy Drill will talfe place At the Armor*, at 7o'clock THIS F.VK Nt.Mi. the 24th m>t. Punctual attendance is re quested. By order: LEM. TOWERS. CsptAin. P. EAGAN.OB. BANK OF COMMERCE,* Gkoioetowj, D. C.. Soptcmlwr 19, 1857. < rv-^A MEETING of the Stockholder* of this llof Bank was held at the Hanking Houae on Fri nay evening. 18th inst. The President ot the Bank explained to|ihe Stockholder! the reaaona which in duced him, on the morning of the 15th tensporanl* suspend the payment ol deposites, and made a full exhirnt of the affairs and condition of th? hank. After * full investigation, it *ni Retolved. That the President of the Bank be and he is hereb* directed to pa* on demand ita issue and all deposites of one hundred dollars and under that amount, and to pay the residue of the dcp<>sites (with interest thereon)as promptly as the resource# of the bank can be made available, (which can be but for a short space of time. > Hetolred, That the cour*? pursued by the Presi dent of the Bank on the 15th instant meets our ap proval. Knolred, That the Stockholders of this Rank hereb* acknowledge their individual responsibility for all tha liabilities of the l*uk, and guaranty all claimants from an* loss thereon. settdlw C. E. RITTEN HOUSE, President rr*?- MONTGOMERY GUARDS. ATTEN TION.?\iiu are hereb* notified to meet at your Armory on THURSDAY EVENING, 24th inst., in fatigue uniform for drill. By order of Capt. Kkt : aeg 3t THOMAS McF.NR V. O. S. N O T I C E.-Messrs. PARKHLRST. RIGGt?,and GLEN ROY will organize their Vocal M usic Classes at the Sixth Street Presbyte rian Church.* Mr. Noble's.) on TUESl?A Y fc.V EN - ING next, at 7>? o clock. and at the Tenth Street Baptist Church. (Dr. Hill's,; on THURSDAY EVENING.irt the same liour. All (fctinng to learn are cordially invited to attend. ae 21-4t Notice to the pi pilsof Mr. w?hen~ RY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASS ES.?The 1 .edies whose names ara already regia tered, are requested to attend at Mr. Palmer's resi dence. 26?i F street, between 13th and Mth streets, on Tl ESDAY next, Sept.SOd, 1817, at Two o'clock. *? 18-1 w rV^f=?THE KEY. WW. PINKNKY,!?.!?.. hav ng II < accepted the oall of the Vestry ofthe t'hnrrh of the Ascension, will entT upon tho duties of Uia rectorship on SUNDAY, October litli. Persons desiring Pewn in the Church w II please y toC. F. HURLBIJKT, Regist. >r, Room No. eat Wing Patent Otho*. se5-eoif rv^=?RES0LUT10NS PLEDGING THE Cor f. < porntion of Georgetown to mnke a subscrip tion to the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hampshire Kailroad Company, upon certain conditions, passed 22d August. 1H.77: Ketolrtd by tie Board of Aldermtn and Board of C ommon i outfit of the Corporation of George town, That, in tne event of an appropriation of mo ney by Congress to build a bridge over the Potomac at the Aqueduct, or near said Aqueduct, and west thereof, ibis Corporation by itself. and tha citizens of Georgetown, pledges itself to subscribe. ??r have subscribed, to the stock of the Alexandria. Lou doun. anu Hampshire Railroad, a sum not exceed nig two hundred thousand dollars, sufficient tooor struot a (.ranch of said road from the bridge herein before referred to. to the main line of said road. And to intersect the same at such point as ma* be Agreed upon by the Diroctorsof said road and this Corpo rst on: Provided, hotvtrer. That this reaolution shall have no foroe whatever, or tie in any manner binding on this Corporation until it shall have been submitted to the consideration of the legal voters of this town,according to the provisions hemtiWfore made, and be sanctioned by a majority of votes at the polls. Mayor's Ovp;< k. Gkoksitown, D. C. By virtue of the atiove resolutions, on Tuesday, the thirteenth dav of October next, Ixrtween the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and sunset. " the polls will be opsned at the Town Hall, ttat the sense ofthe legal voters ofthe town may betaken upon the pro priety of the subscription a* aforcsa.d, with ?he lim ltxtions therein, and those in favor of such sub s> riptioii, shall vote Aye. and those oppowd sliall Vote No.'1 R. C. CRAWFORD, Mayor, se 22-3tawtd COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. City HaLL.( Septenilier 16,1857. { NOTICE TO TAX PA VERS.?Notice is ' hereby given that the Taxes for the year iK57 are due, and pa>able at this off ce, and that a deduction of 6 per cent, is allowed by law for the current year paid on or before the 15th day of Octo ber next. J AS. F. HALIDAY, se 17-3awtOct!5 Collector. Y3=?NOTICE.-Havmg |*en informed t!iat ?*r L? tain persons are in the habit of collecting nnd gathering together the Bottles whioh con'smor nave contained our beverages, and put tin/ therein an arti cle made by others than ourselves, and then dispos ing of such Article on the laith and credit ofouri.ame stamped on said Bottles, All persons Are hereby notified that such Bottles are our own property, ami not subject to sa'e, and that they are delivered toour customers oni* to Oe returned.and that it is our brm inteution to prosecute to the utmost extent of tha Iaw, Any infringineut of our rights on the premises. ARN\ A SHlNN, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green street, ?e II Georgetown. D. C. ?Ti" PHILADELPHIA ICE CREaM At Mji p.-r gallon; PHILADELPHIA CAKES of every style and variety. At the PHU.A D ELP HI A ICE CREAM DEPuT, corner of 12th and F streets. me 12-lin* 17*017K PRINCE'S MELODEONS. Six MAson A Hamlin's Melodeons. Just received at our P?ano ptore. se54 JOHN F. ELLIS. '|i\VO BEAUTIFUL BOSTON PIANOS 1 opened this day at ELLIS'S se 24 1'iano Store. 170R SALE.?Avery fine lad)'s riding HORSE; also works well in singlaa ml double har- rv ness. Sold without fault, 'lobe seen at j ^ SMITH'S Livery and Sale Stables. se 24-ftt* 19th street. POR PRESERVES, PICKLES, A a-A11 wit r tissof PPICES, Ae., guaranteed pure. King A BL'HCHELL. se24 Cor. Vermont avenue and 15th street. H A MS! IIAMS!! HAMS' We have a choice lot of Family-cured HAMS, irhich are unsurpassed in excellence. KING A Bl RCHELL, ?e24 Corner of Vermont avenue and 15th street. SOI* VENIKS OF T RAVE I., by Madam 1* Vert. 2 vols.: price 9?? Astronomic^ Theological Lectures, by Rev. Rob ert ra*lor: prioe if LSI, The Operatic Album, b* E. Ives, Jr.;75oents. Harper's Magazine for October; isceuts. The Five Gatewajs of Knowledge, by George Wilson, M. D.: 5^ cents, s* 24 FRANCK TAYLOR. JD. II AM MACK'S RESTAURANT, No.2n6 ? PeunsyIvAnia Ave?e. under Willsrds' Hote'. This establishment is one of the m,?#t coiiveuiAntly located houses in Waxhinttou, And the put.lic may rely on the undivided attention of the proprietors at all tiinea. Meals served up At all hours during the day and night. liAme of all kinds: Oyatera in all their various styles; aud a stock <<l Liquors aim Se gars that cannot t?o surpassed. Also, fine draught Ale. Marker price paid for all kinds of Game. ce 24 St * UNTING PARK TROTTING ASSOCIA TION. H The proprietors offer a Silver Goblet, valued at ;25, f?r a test of speed between the following lorses: Naylor enters l*y gelding N?d Hunter. Willia n WaII " gray do Sea Breeze. John Cudney " roan do Doctor. The raretoc<?meofron Fit I L?aY AFTERNOON at three o'clock. SCII OF I ELD A CLEAVER, __U Proprietor!. MK.W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSES are daily addiug new meml>ers Per sons desirous of availinr themselves of Mr. Palm Kk's services s>e requested to enroll their iaiuos as eurh as possible. This Class system is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the must brilliaut p?'formers. Tkrms i* Acvsxct. Primary Class p?r quarter. Advance Classes ?I0. All applications to be made to Mr. W. H. his residence. 26o F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. ID" Georgetown Classes mset every Monday and Thursday at lv o'clock. At Miss H*rrov?r's George town F em Ale Seminary. se 24 tf PROPOSALS FOR ERECTING MARINE BARRACKS AT PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Navy Department. WAshington,Sept.21.1?57. Seeled Propotals. endorsed "Proposals for build lug MArine Har racks at PensaoulA. Florida," vill be received At tnis department until the tilli day of November, IK57. at S o'clock p. in., for the construc tion of the Marine Barracks authorized to beerectel At PensAooln, FioridA. Aocording to the plAns aud speoihsations prepared by tne direction of the Nsvy Department, copics of which may be seen st the otfioesofthe oommsndants of the Navy Yards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Boston. New York, PhiladelphiA, Norfolk, And PensncolA, Ami At the NAvy Department. The proposals must be for furnishing All the niAte riAls and completing the work iu a manner sAlisf'ac tory to the person who ma* be appointed by the Navy Department to superintend the same ; and the De partment reserves the right to reiect or Acoept any of the proposals heiein invited, when it deems tne in terest of ihe United States requires it. Ninety per oent. of ihe amount of work done tnd the materials delivered will t>e paid lor from time to time, as the work progresses, upon estimates iitade And certified to by the superintendent on the part <>f the United State-, and ten per cent, retained until the completion of the o ?ntrac and AOoeptAnoe of t! ? work bv the said supvriutendeut And department, aud be forfeited in the event ol uon-fulfil ment ofthe contract; provided thstnobill shall be made for an amount less thAii hvo thousand dollArs. Each proposal must be accompanied for a written guarantee, signed by two responsible persons,(cer tified to be so by a nav* Agent, postmaster, district judge, or some other oflioer of the United States,) in the sum of five thousand dollars, that the bidder will, wheu rrquire I, if his proposnl be Accepted, enter in to a contract aud bona with proper And suthcieut se ouut* for its faithful performance. Bidders Are invited to examine the plans and speeitioatious at the offices herein-before mentioned. The proposals must l?e sealod aud addressed to this department, and plAinly endorsed " Proposals for build lug Merine Bar recks at Pensaoola, Flori V' The bidder only whose offer me* be aoo^ted will be notified, And the oontraeg will be forwardad as soon thereafter as practioabla, whichha willbeire quired to execute within tan days After its reoeipt At the post otfioe named by him. , . .. All the Above work la tone completed laall re spects according to the pleas ms spaoitiaatriona within twelve months from sqdIsIter the date of the AYrmaran. GtAND ? JOHN il. MYEI8, On SATURDAY F.VF.MNG.Sept ?ih. \m. AT COOMB'S HALL. Sonik side.e' Peaa. t*t. St* aa<* l?rh ???. Tickets Twenty-five Cents. _ se 2? 3i* ^OOK OUT FOR PI'S! FIRST GRAND CONCERT OF T*F. United States How Company, AT TNI ASSEMBLY KOOMti. Oa THURSDAY EVENING. Oetuber 1. IK7. N. B.-()n ihia ocouk* a large Stiver GoNet will be givea to ih*t Company that sella the m<?i tick eta. Alto, a Rim to the member of thai C?iiuut that eel la the moit ticket*. Particular* in fature advertisement?. Companies wishing to eater Tor the prize, will oaU on 'he President. It* R. P. F. BF.VER1DOE. VIEUXTEMPS AND THALBKRG'fi CONCERT. M ME ELENA DANGRI. The pohlio are respectfully informed that HENRY VIEUXTEMPS, in conjunction with 9. THALRERG. M'MP. F.LENA D'ANGRI AND S1G. ROCCO. Will five tn this City positively only one grand concmrt, On TUESDAY EVENING, September ir, AT CARUSf'S SALOON. Conductor Sio. Abkli s. Admission- Reaerrad Heat* R1.M. Not re*?rve<i Ji. Seats will be secured at Richard Davis's, and W. G. Metzerott s Piano Stores, beginning on Set urrity. Sept. *. C ?noert ?ifnm?n?ei at ? o'clock. (City papers pleas oopy.t se 23 St CAR181*S SALOON. SlB^CKIPTrOX SO IH FES. Subscribers are iuf"rmed that the first ><nr?re will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, Sept. 2"?th, 1857. Persons who wish to auhscrili* will find a List at Mr. J. Richard Crockwell's. adjoining the Kirk wood House. N. H.?L. C<in?r? Dnmrin* Ar*J*my will I# opened at liis Saloon for the reception ol Pupils Or toi-er 1st, 1857. Application can lie ntftd<- at the Music Stores of Dtvis or Metaorott, also at the Sa loon. ae 22 CONCERT. BALI., AND GARDEN MISIC W ill t>e riven by the HARMONIC VIC <1*1*OS, at Humphrey A Jeunneman's PlaAe, ou next THI RsDAY.Sept >?th. Cuaninencu.g at I o'clock p. m. Admisnou for each Geutleinau 25 cents, I-sdiea free. __ _ ae22-St*_ G EXCELSIOR. RAND OPENING BALL OF TH SEASON, ?T THI Ugly Club. ^ The Uolt Clcb bee leave to annonnoe to their friends and the public in general. that their Thirb Gk*md Ball will take also*-at Odd Fellows' Halt, Nary Yard, on THURSDAY, EVENING. Sept.84th. 1857. Prof. Wm. Wither'a I nrivelled Brass and String Band has been e<,*ag ed for tk? occasion. Schalfield. the experienced caterer, Will have charge of the Sapper and Refreshments. No hats or caps allowed in the ball-room exeept those worn Iw the respective Clubs. Tickets 0\E DOIJ.AK?admitting a gentleman and ladies?to lie hftd of the tnen>l<ers of the Clnb, or at the door of the evening of the Mall. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. se 18,21,23.2?* o their % Striae WAHTS. vv w TANTt-'lV-A * f->d OVSTKK SHrCI EH Apply at the corner ofWh and D streets. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A ?'amstress. App'v, witn recommendations, at 421 Hth street, i,ear H. It* WANTED.?One or two loiicint ROOMS, un lu'iii-_li?*U in a house oocut i *d b? a German funiljr preferred, where there are as hoarders, or other lodgers. Ixtcation to be *niw(-pr? V**tween Peon.avenue and I street, ami 7'n and IVh streets. A note lelt at the Mar Oihce Tor S , stating tlte loca lion, will be prompts ?(!??> d?-d?? 24-H W'ANTKL?A German Womiii, wi.o can wash, " i.on, a d uo p am cooking. Alao. a Girl (white or colored; between t^n and ion.-teen > ears of -igc. to do light work and go errands. Good situation* may be secured by traking early application at No. 573. corner of E and Seventeenth stree.s west, ae 24 6t* SERVANT WANTED.-A Female Slave, to ^ Cook and aid m Washing. One c >n,ing well recommended will meet witn a roo.l place, and wagea paid punotuatiy every month. Apply at this oftoe. ae34 7t* WANTED.-A CHAMBERMAID.-lneuire at the Washington House. se 23-2t* WANTED TO HIRE-B? the mouth or year a " Colored Manor Hot, (slave preferred i capable of taking otre of. and driviug a horse, and waiting in the home. Good referen ces will lie required. Ap ply at Mo. 129 1st street, Georgetown. _seJ3 3t D. ENGLISH. WANTED.?A Farmer an<l gardener, who un Cerstanda his business, to take charge of a small Farm and Market Garden. Dm who onn bring good references, and wonid be w.lliug |o share rbe profits and exeetiees. oan find a ?<?od situation by apply ing at this ofiiee. se 23 eo?w * WANTFD TO PURCHASE ?Fow or six v? FARM BOYS, between the aees of 12 and 2". Does not wish t - purchase from traders. Apply r>y letter to J. W. W ALLACE. through the city post, ae 22-St * A GENTLEMAN living on a Farm in one of the Potomac count lep of Virginia, wishes to employ a IIOl'SE KEEPER. A l>dy understanding do mestic eonnomy and dairy m\n?gement will have an ea*\ And comlortable place. Tue familir t^emf small dutiea lieht, and piace heal'hful. Address can be had at the desk of the Star Office. se22-lw A GOOD ALTO SINGER IS~WANTF.D.lind |may obtain a lii?eral compenaatior for her servi oea in a cnurch in this cit?. tn forwanling anappli cction to Br.x 866 Post Otfioe. Washington. ee 19-lw CLERK UK COPS 1ST. ? A reuticman who writes a plain and rapid hand, and u thoroughly acquainted with bookkeeping, desires a situation. Would assume the copying and revision of worka for the press. Public d >cum*ut* copmu in the neat eat manner and with disp.itoh. Address B C.. l<oa 582. aep I7 en3w' WANTED-By a MARRIED MAN',a situation "? in any respectable Mercantile Hu-ineas as or Assistant Bi>ok-keeper. II* has con siderate experience in the varioua branches of mei cautile business The Itest ol refereno*-s (An l?e given. Address \V. J., care of Noel A Boyd. Wash ington city. ae 14-eo2w ANTED? lu the family of a gentleman residing ww two miles from the city. a good p'ain COOK. One who can taring reoommemlationa for skill, hon esty, and oleani mess will hud aiiHsl situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRL'TCKETT. cor ner of 6th and D streets. jy 15 tf LOST AHD FOUND. THREE CENT* RKWARn.-|anawa? from the subscnl>er, on Friday morning last. JOHN BERRY, ail indentured apprentice to the saddling business. He is a litile lame. All persona are fore warned not to barter, trust, or employ said boy uti dei penalty of the law. se 22 St* H. S. JOHNSON. ^ " REWAR D.?Strayed from the ne;nbborh<*>d of the Rai road I>ep<?t. on Inst Satur-, day.a YELLOW UlT'r AhUCoVY. bav in,, a w lute belly, and a white star in ncrj forehead: her tail was also white. The?is?vete ward will be given to any one bringing ?aid Cow to me, or such luiormation as I can get her. at No. 67. G street THOMAS DARNARHAR ae ?-St^_ OOiUk REWARD.?Ran away on Friday last. <!VMFU September 18. a NEGRO MAN AA named Lewis. He is ?ery stout and full laced, of light color, about -S fei t 5 Miches lu In he ght. and ratbor slow in speech. Clothing not reoollected- x * - I will give the above reward il taken in a free State, tKAMftakeu in the District of Columbia, and tS*> if taken in Pnnce George or Charles oounties. and aeoured in Jail so that I get him again. DAVID YOUNG. se2l-lw* Prinoe George County. Md. i' . h ol f-JT srith fjf and down OQAA REWARD.?R ana way from the salao -I ber, living near Upper Marlborough, Prinoe George's county. Md., on the u I April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREF. about 27 years of age, 5 feet. 6 inches< dark mulatto? has a large bushy head, wit I whiskers round his face, medium sixe and u?wn look. He may hire hiinaelf in the District, where he has relativea. or make his way ;o some free State, as he left without any prov??oation. I will give Two Hundred Dollars, if takeu out of the State?#ino if taken in the District, or any other part of Maryland, and fSnif taken m this county. In either aaee he must be aeoured ao that I get turn. Je9-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. BOABDIKG. BOARD IN 1 HECOIJNTRY.-Good BOARD in a beautiful and he\ltliv location in the coun try, juat north of Georgetown, ana within a few minutes Walk of the Omnibuses, and eonvvioent to Wasuinston. oan lie obtained on spplication to R . W WaiA B.-irnard's, corner 9th street and Peen. avenne. _ se'a-lw BO A K Dl N G.-Ot?e large PARLOR, wuhabirle t'han:l?er attached, for rent on very moderate terms. Ther are hanJsome'y furnished and lighted With gas; lane front Chamtier and one larte sized single Room, together or separately. suilaMe for a tkmitT or a siugle gentleman. No. 4b8 luth si., between D and E. ee u-2w ?LOTHS, CASSIMERES, AND VESTING:4. lu store, a fuN stock of Black. Brown, Blue and Green Cloth. ?laok Doe-stinand Fancy eolored Caasimera, el vet. Silk and Satin Vestings Customers may rely oa getting good Goods, end at the lowest pnoes. WM. R. RILEY, se 14-lm oorner 8th St.. oppo Centre Market. tjCHOOL BOOKS?Of the latest editions and strongly uouud. Such a? are esed in the City and District. For aale, at the loweat prices, h* ee * FRANCK TaVI.OR. DEA NUTS. 1 00 bushel. PEA N UTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, ?e S- tf IU 12th street, eorner of it. JELLING OFF at McLAUGHU.VS,