Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. URI LI.I AN T*. RUSE:*. Hani.J on n summer dar. tiavo nip ros?s for my bur? Hcif" r??d.a*id wln'e. At if p*i? with love'a despair. Whit* udm for my brow, lie said ; Ked to blush S<?siile mjr check ; And a bud to whisper m? Something that lie oould not speak. All. that summer day is o'er. And its brightness comes not hack; Harold's rosea aouiething held, othar ruiM seemed to lack. B'eeeoms bloom along my path. Ked and white a* those were then, But the vow* that Harold spoke I can never hear again. l?y Louis* Chandler Mou1 ton. WAV>.8 OF SONG. A oataract from the clefts descending. It oonies with thunder's mighty force, Kuda mountain-wrecks its rush attenumg, Ard oak* uprooted tra.-k itsoourse. r.iitranoiM in soft voluptuous dread, The travoU*rhears, in si.ei.oo heading; He hears the roaring Hood o'er head. \ et knows not whence the sound prooeeditif. So stream the waves of song, out pouring rkiough the lousiain. hid from man's exploring. I From th$ German of Hthilltr. SMII.KS. As a beam o'er the fkue <>/ the water may glow. While the tide runs in darkness a: d coldness bo - low. *o the cheek m?> be tin^'J with a w&im sunny smne, Tho' trie o*?id heart to ruin runs darkly the whi.'e. _ [T. Moot*. WiiatThkv Eat at Ket West ?Key West Island is about the sue of the new Great East ern steamer. but more thinly populated The means ot supporting huuiiu life on the inland ruuy be guessed at I rem the following series of conundrums propounded by tho ship steward to "an important personage'' in the crowd on shore Steward. '? Have you got any beef" Answer. 'Xo." " Kgg- r* "No " ?? Milk ?" " No." " Any chickens ashore "Xo " " Veal r* ? Xo." '? Mutton' "No " Steward, (in despair and a clean ?hirt ) ' Have you got anything toenton thu Isiand "Oh. yes: turtle?lots of it ' fio sundry green turtles word brought on board, and for three days we have been turtle ired iu every conceivable form in which turtle ever has been co<>ked. and what new forms tho imagination of the cook oould invent. The dinner bill* of fare discourse somewhat in this sole Soup, turtle: tish. turtle; boiled turtle; roast turtl<. S:de ditbea?tui t'e steak. turtle pate', turtle augratin. stewed turtle, turtle on the half shell, itc tiaino?turtle dovee, (allu ding, no doubt, to one that dove overborn!,) and *?. ??? ""eluding turtle at discretion, (and a slight discount i PomeHnies. I hear, the inhab itants of Key est get a littlo bocf from Tampa Bay. but not often, turtle being the roal staiid by, and the people, politically, hard sheils. P Bom Liberia ?Rev. Sey* writes from Ca reyabiiiy. in Liberia, that Hie rrisj, 0f s.-arcify is over :n that locality, but that the ordeal has been irariu!, and ha* amounted nImost to a famine l;i other part-*, many have actually been starvin". . Ther have ?? Whig*" in Liberia A letter in the Colonization Journal mention* the election to the LeRiaJatnre. of Mr W S. Anderson, a \Vhi*. ?k ^ ^ !,f eVt'r-v other candidate, although the '? *\ hi* ticket- in bis town beaten. CT'Two man named Treadareit and Swiml.r r'id/??nrd :aHt we"k'iu a ^i,d Mas>. bv their ho^t up^eitin^ CETA convict nan-d Robinson. years of diV nf'i f1 M tht S,U:e Fri*?u al Boston on .Mon of Asiatic cholera. i London Tinea derl&-?t Mar, June, ivel e*n*M?n -? ?h* hottest months ever experienced in England. P" The polsonincca?e in Aialwma resulted in onI7 four deatn* The ne^ro woman was not burned, but ia in jail. k*" n"m"d Char lee Tudv, wa. ^>n Friday, killed by str^mptin^ to jnrnp upoi; a train of tars on the Railro?ul near Trenton. N^ J B'od,,rick> of Braintr?e, L[ f ,d-y. a^:.arcld,uu!1v Wl from a ip" There has a -r^a; revival ?f relii/ion among th- negroes at Lynchburg, Va, and a 7e/ n,rv[inK?r for their i^neiit, hjs been established. ' '"nn?*.li,,? machine is about to lie fhe JHL T"r d' -?t out the waole area of a citcie, ei^Lt fe-t in dianie A"f^ Ptll!iP? of Preacott. Ca , was last In^ln^lInY a ?i * fife* "f h,ir^lj"> COIliniltt-d t"a! feC"t ,Kitk l? for CT All unknown man was. a few d?va a?o f.>ond drowned in TumI*-, k. N J \ hind' ken hi-f, with two brickbats tied in itwaiaround Li* iit-ok. tZT" A man nam<*d Benjamin S erxa.a fewdavs ago, -topp.,1 in H.i.ton on his war to the \V?-?'t and getting in with a couple of thiev. s. was la ken to a house or ill fun* and there rohhr-d of j?| . 6W1 in money. The money was subsequently re covered by the police. di?P?^ tier wen a man named Banghtoui and another n:m??d I.eaeh. one day last w?.k. at New Falrfleld. Ct . r^p^ting the Iw? ershio tfiomc'graijea. when I.earh fabbed Mr afTer with a knife, causing his death soon YD" A ten mile race, over the Cold Sprint ^ ???>? -tnce J^ven IndUna ?fartrd bat th? nr~ was won bv AUwrt Smith, an Indian of Tonawauda who made the distant In 56 minutes, ii seconds. ITT A British offl-er. writing from Allahabad vv 1 ?llp \ *2 n#? ,d"? the awf.ll weather and of our sufferings from the heat; we sir with w.-t e othsover oir tead, but the d-aths from sun ?troke continue lar^e '' A lawver having occasion to draw no a f^dcU^:'-,d ,0 "I. ? neither married nor llkeiv to l?> nt b*praUM 1nT b,> 1n?,dte mercy ) have he/eunto set my band aad seal on this," It was th*r?for* no reroMM v * 44 ARRIVALS AT TIIH 1IOTETJS BR OWN!.- HOTR-. _j 8 Davenport, Texas 1 *W II Taylor and lady O ?I P**t**'?oo and lady, do; K? Mall Md j h?.m!1!tBum?,, Petrrshnr^;' W ? V," . Val- V H 9 Ritter Pa, u W Tiibmau. A,d: iV T'BrlV hmlfv'Fli TrnJ!\ K U w??'?m.and I I V . v' iL R?b?n^on, Indr J w llayes N * ^ Johniton and lsrlv do ? (j V ni,?r/ l.wa. G B Wcrfelud, j s 'l< ujl w ,' tjoldint: and lady. r j i? j. .. Jia: AttolsUn Va, W K c^rlatriond. Va A II?e^ W Gf\v?i ta t lr*";kj,jn" ?> Tho* J Oast. Va i ri.dw^i Yrld?^.V,,,iF:cok" u?- J B Fish v!?' W m I ,,F 1^*ton *'"1 ?n- '-a: C W iie. Md P r P *'U A F do; J Te* B buSit'11? liTirV P* ; M r t'juts. do MeCasle, ?C |'a >|c. WILLARDB' 1IOTKL-J \V Atcl r v, I Murphy. J A V\ estrrvelt. J l.amot, and ladv- J MeeLan and ladv. Work; Mr Vates do i i- .' Sr.k-S5sl,-*1 B "TrSS,4^. ui ^ Llliott. jr , do; J II Powell, IV S Dabnev J j Lander. H M IMIIlard. Kv: Capt <J H \ j Mr Ivea do. 1, lhwmn. Ky; Miss Wilson. Ohio'. Misa A E Butler, l.a K G Butler. La. II A IV* e UHV A?: V0,.U' R ,,allfU- d?i c hiKxes.R U H..?ke. \\ Anderson. Tho - I'ear. #. Md: lir Lm !i T'vi ' V' ut Cravru U?N; C?m >trlng do. L W ai d A M How land Mas, * KIRK WOOD llOtUK-JC Mr Coy Tex C i^Tvr! iny- y-'?v a,h A k i?. 1*4" kw.Mxl, O; K u t'ia'k?- Ot'* -i:ih-?vi. ?3Sv? m,," V, n"r"hrrS \\ Mt'l.irv, I >\ i .B Coah-n, Cl; R WT, u Tte, IV, moimmmm or ocma* hrnou run La it an Btstbs St.amir,. /.tare. j.?r ' Kangaroo New Vork..Liverpool AfaKO New York..Havre "* ? ?*rolM Boston LiVeri>ooi""hr? U Ad.iatle New York..LiverC|;~ Fe.sia ..........X?"W % ork..LIverpool.., JVrii'Si City Baltimore. .New Yoik..Liverpool.".* .oil j Hammoaia New York. .Hambutjr... .Oct 1 Ariel............New York..Bremen Orl 3 Finn Fraof*. Liverpool Boat on *eitl2 ?rn. 4 Liverpool....New York..9eptiw r ui ton...... nmrampton. .New York Septal City W ash ton..Liverpool ...New York..Sepi? Liverpool ... Boston Sept** A,iaal,f Liverpool... .New York..*-pt30 Boruseia Hamburg....New S'ork..Oct 1 The California mall steamers lea*? New Ynrk en the 4tk and mk t nek noutt. Miscellaneous. i THK PR KSIim'n I'?ur THK UNITED . STATKS: In ptirsuaupeo( I, Jimes Bit-hasan. Promi nent of trie I'oited ?.'t*le? ol Amorio*. do hereby de and m*ke known that public sales will be held trio undermentioned land offices in the S'ate of California, at the periods hereinafter dcsun.itcd, to w it: At the land office at f.oj A sablos, oommeiioiiij; on Monday, the tenth day of May ntxt, for the dis po?al of (he public lands within the following named on lint and unit oj nardino meridian. townships, viz . South of the ba*e line and mttst of the San Ber n/ir/iMn t/i#r 1//1/1 ? /lUMjini/ /ficr iu tun, Sections on? to twelve, inclusive; the north ha.1T v f sjction thirteen; thu north half and the south west quartcrofuruiion f<?u 1 teen: sections hftcon to twen ty one. inclusive: Ihe nortli hill of section twenty two: the northwest quarter of section twenty -three section twenty five; the south huf of section twen tt-six; the southeast quarter of section twenty seron; sections twenty nine tw thirty-two, inclu sive; the s.u.'h half of section thirty-three; the northcat quarter a- d tho south half of section thir tT four; and section thirty-live, of tote nship thru: to nine- ?'?clu?sive; tho north half an?J the southwest quarter of section ton; the southeast ?t??r .? northwest quarter of section eleven; the northeast quarter and the south half ol section twelve; eecHon thirteen; the e*st half of section fourteen; sections seventeen to t weuty four, inclu ?iv. ; the north half of section twenty hve; and s o tions twenty-six to tmrty-five, uiolusive, of town *\y f"*r, of rung* three. 1 owuship three, of rang* four. . actions1 one t* twenty four, inolusivo; the north naif of section twenty hve; and sections twenty-six 10 thirty, inclusive, of township out, ami sections one to twenty -seven, inclusive, of township thrti, of range Jioe. Sections one. two, and throe; the east half of sec tion lour; the enst halt and the southwest quirter of section Mne; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; the southeast quarter of section twenty; sections twen ty-one to twenty eight, inclusive; the east half and the southwest quarter of section twenty nine: the south hnlfuf section'tarty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclu^iv^; and tli<* northwest quarter of section thirty-five, of totvnsh ip one,oi runge six. borth of the bate hue and trr?f of the San Ber nardino me*iilian. Sections one to seventeen. inc:usive: the north lia.f of section eighteen: the south half of section nin?-t?-fn; sections twenty to twenty three, inclu sive: the northwest quartern!' section twenty - four: ? lie noithwest quarter of see-.ion twenty-nix: see-' tioris twenty seven to thirty, inclusive: the enst hall of scolion fluity-two; the north hill ol the north* -ist quarter ar.d the northwest quarter of Men tion ir.i'ly three, of tow.ieh 1 p thiee, town viti ps fow. auffiv. sections oti.? to eight, inclusive; ttie norm hall o| section nine; sect urns fen to thirteen,; 1 he east half of section fourteen; the west h.-ill of s -ction seveute**!.; sections eighteen and nineteen: 1 he west hs'fof section'wenty: I he south *ast quarter of section twenty one; and Mentions 'wen y two to thirty five, .nc usive, of tciwmhip six? and township seven. of range four. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive; the east half of section seventeen: the east liaif of nettnet twenty; sections twiMity-one to t-* enty-sevnn, inclusive; tlie 1:01th half of section twentv-eigtit: the northeast quarter of section twoi,ty -iui.e; tin* northeast quar ter of section thirty-foui; aud the northwest quar ter ol section thirty-five, of ttwn*hip three. and townships four,five. n r.snd 4it'?n,ol' rang* Art. Sections 011 a and two; the north half of section three; the north halt of section four: thw north ess t iiuarter of section live; the west half of section six; the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of the southwest quarttir of seoliou Stiver-; the west halfof the northwest qnlrteraml the south half of soction ei,;ht; th? northeast quar ter of see tiou eleven: section twelve: the northeast quarter ami the east halfof the southeast quarter cf section seventeen: the enst half of the northeast quarter and the southeast quarter of section twenty; the west halfof the northwest quarter and the south west qua.ter of section twenty-one: the southwest quarter of section twent* six; and the northeast quarter of section thirtv five, of tovnship thr,e ai.if foirrt ip% four and .a e?. of rant' Sjo!ii??? o-.c to eishteeti. tiieiusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty hve, inclusive: tio* northeast quarter of section twenty six; the northwest quarter of section tweuty g< v?n; aii'l the northeast quarter of section tWruiy einh?, ?>f to f n*U ip four aud toirn* :i ip.A 1 e.i.f range \rvn. Sect ions one to nx. inclu-iv?: the northwest qnnr ter oi ^ect ion seven; the northeast qiiarterof se<-iioii mue: the north half of section ton: sections eleven, tti'i V'-, ami tlnrteci:; the qnurlcr of sec t: ! ?urte??ii; umI tin. northeast quarter of section t wt'i.t* -thre?. of;, w 11 ship four, and toirn^/np /i re, of ran if ti ;h t. The northwest i|iiarter "I mrfi'in three; sections four, five, ami six: the borth hail of section s^veu; sections eiijhi aud nine: and the northeast quarter of s?ct :on sf \ tuti en. of tci":i s.'i ipfour; tuid township* fit'* hiiiI >1/, of ra>;gn sin?. ?^??atioiis on. and two: tiia rvir!h-ast quarter of section three; the we??. l.nif of s-cte-n e.. v??r : the northeast quarter of sect: .n tw?!ve; section four teen: anil 'he southeast quarter of sect i?m fifteen, of township four; section!* one to twenty eight, inclu sive: ttie ljorttie.'iKt q.iHrt?r of section twenty-nins; tlie northeast quarter of sectioi- tlartv ttiree; ai d secti ins tlarty-four and thirty-fire, of township hv?. and totensh'p *1 r, of rangs ttn. Sections one 'oei/hteen, inoluMve; the northwest quarter of section nineteen; the north-asl quarter of section twenty -one; th? northwest quarter of sec tion twenty-two; and tlie north""st quarter of sec tion twenty-four, u/ township Av?, auu iou-nshtp Sir, of range eleven. J<ectioiis one. two.and three; the northeast quar ter of section t^n; sections o'even,twelve, thirteen, and fourteen: tlie southeast quarter of seotion fif teen; the southwest quarter of ?oetion en hte**n; section nineteen; the southwest quart?r of section twenty; ttie east half of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter ol section twent* throe;seofions twenty-seven to thirty three, inclusive; and the north halfof section thirty-four, of ioukjAip Kit, and tou-nsh ip? six arid stvtn. of range twtlv*. Section one: th>? northeast quarter of ae ?tii?n two: the southeast quarter ol section ten: the south tinli" of seotion eleven; section twelve; the oast naif ol section thirteen; the northwest quarter ol seotion fourteen; the north halfof section fifteen, of township few; the southwest quarter of section seven; the south halfof section eight; the southwest quarter of sr.ct ion nine- the west hall of section fif teen; tho north half of section seventeen; section eighteen; the northeast quartei of section twenty two; and sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twen ty-five, twenty-six. and thirty -five, of tuwn.ihtp hit; sections <<no to seventeen, inclusive; tho north na.f of section eighteen: ttie northeast quarter of section twc-nty; sections twenty-one to twenty five, inclusive; the northeast uuart* r of section tw?ntv six. of town th ip six; anil township seven, ol range, tin, Section thirteen: tho southeast euarter of section fourteen; the souttieast quarter of section twenty two; the east naif and th? southwest qunrLer of scu tion twenty-three; th?* northwest quarter of section twenty-four; theuorth half of section twenty sn; and t ne half of section twenty seven, of toirn ihip A'-e; nccfions one, t wi, and tlireo; the north east quarter are! the north half of the iiorfhwsr quarter of section four; the northeast qua-ter of section eleven; section twelve; and tne north half of section thirteen, of tawmhip u/. sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section cine teen; the north half of section twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-eight, inclusive; the south liaif of section twenty niic ; the southeast quarter of section thirty; the north half of tho northeast quarter of section thirty one; the northeast quarter ami the north naif of the northwest quarter of (sec tion thirty-two; and sections thirty three, tmrtv fjur, arid thirty hve, of lownsh ip seven, of rami fourteen. At the land office at San Fr a sciscj,oomtnenouix on ifloniiay, third t/iv of iXicy next* for iht) ui?po?n. 01 tho public Wiida Withiu liiu ioIiowioM nain??l towiinhivia ; North a f the hn<$ I tne and east of the Mount Lt tahla mtrillean. r ractiorial township three, of ran ft one. .Worth of the bate line and 101st of the Mount l'iat>fo Meridian I- ract:onal townships four andjlr-s, of range one. South of the basn line and east of the Mount Diablo mtridntn. Sections ono to eighteen, and twnty-two to twenty hvt, uiolusive, of township ten. of range Mme. Township ten: and sections one ?o six, inclusive eight to hfteen, inclusive; (ind twer ty-two to tweu ty-six, inc! usi ve, of town *it 1 p ete 1 ??. of ran g ? fn. f ownsiups ten aud eleven; sections one to mix inc isire: eight to hftscn, inclusive: twenty-one to twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty lour and thirty five, of township ti 'lt-e; "regions one. two. three, and nine to hlteen, melus ve; nut twenty two to twenty seven, inclusive, of towmhip thirteen of rnuge eleven. Fractional township ten ; townsliips eleven ttn* t 4, %ii(i /hirle f n; joi.t <?f?? to live, incliiiive' eight to seventeen, inclusive: twenty to twenty nine, hmmi si ve; and thirty-ttnee. thirty fimr, ai.?1 tnirtv five.ol township fourteen: sections one to four, inu usive; ten to tfiuteeu, inclusive; aud twen ty-four and twenty five, of toil nth ip fifteen, of range twelve. !? fuct;oii?l township; townships tlv-lve, lairtt'H, fourteen, and township fifteen, txcept strtiou thirty on?; ai.d sections one, two, uud Of township sixteen, of run,, that.,,,. row ns.nps tiveice, thi/tae/4, fourteen, anil Jif hen; sections one to seventeen, inclusive; twenty one to twenty seven, inclusive; and Marty four aud thirty hve, of township sixU,n, of tame fourteen lownships thirt'en. fourteen, hlteeu. and six teen the south half of section four; the south half ol emotion five: sections seven, euht, and nine; the west half of section ten; and sictions thirteen t? '"rt> hve, inclusive, ol township tioenty. of range / f'll. Fractional township sixteen, and township twen ty,yl range sixteen. Fractional township > 1 rteen; and townships ??r enteen. tigutttn, nineteen, aud twenty, r l range leventeeu. Krscti.n.a' townships seventeen and eighteen,?iid townships nineteen and twenty, of range eigkte-n. r"1 t,,w"?'"P? t'lhtten, nineteen, and ""?'V.or range nineteen. M A k vsviLLr.ootnrnrnoing on dVsLo^i . , >J "J *?" for the JXTiowV.^:;^ Wlll"u following Aorth of the base line and eatt of Ihe Mount . thnblo meridian. Fractional towi.smp /,.Ul. township five- frac .onal township* , thi.n. J nri? anl townships ?ecnte,n and tighUen, of iange Fractional townships twelve, thirteen,?I four teen Mid townships, tighteen, ?nd iniic teuu, vl range tiro. ' \orth of the Last line and w.-st of the Mount Ihablo Meridian. Townships sieven and twelve, B,l(J fraction*] owi,?liip tiiirteeii ol rn/tice on*. Townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fif teen, of range two. Townships fourtetn, fifteen, and sixteen; frac tional towr ships seventeen, eighteen, arid nine. teen, ar.d townships twenty and twenty-one, of range three. Sections one, two, three, and fen to fourteen, in iusi ve; tho vhil halfof section fifteen: the east half ol section twenty-two; soctu ns twenty-three to wenth-six, inclusive; and scolion thirty-hve, of township fourteen; sections ow, two, and three; ,;a,! halfof section four; the east haifol section ?If *"ctl0il* ,e" to fifteen,inclusive; the east half , w "'1'" ." tweuty-one; sections twenty-two to sect.'on loc'"*'ve; the northeast quarter of thfrti hiT ,TiM.1 *hi; ?"d seolions thirty-four and inclusive a[ie tO four, fouV atKJ 1 h'ln',"l,Cv1111 vi *lVr"'y 1 Kf. ixsxi rssrav M?tiOM euhtsen and u,Mt0w tlj# uortkwJS?SSr tor of seotion twenty; sections twenty 0119 to twenty-eight, inclusive; the west half of section thirty; and sections thirty-three, thirty-four, and f hi rty-to vp, <?l township s+vnttcn; Horijons omh lo nineteen. inclusive; the went half ofneetion twenty; the fist half of section tv?ntir-oiw; amotions fwen ty two to twentyiev?n, inclusive: the east half of section tweii'y-eight, the vest half of section twen ty-iuno; sect ions thirty hii< I thirty-one: the west ha'l of section thirty-two; tho fast half of section thirty thru*; and sections thirty-four and ihirtv hve, of towuship ei%htfn: and township* nineteen, tw?ntv,aud twentv-ono. of range/our. Sections one, two, three, and ten to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter ol section twenty two; sections twenty three to twenty-six, uiolusiv#: the southeast quarter o! section tintt> lour; and sec tiou thirty-five, of township stetnlttn: sections one, two, and three; the southeast quarter nl sec tion nine; sections ten to fifteen. inclusive; the northeast quarter of section twenty-one; sections twenty _twoto twenty-seven, inc'usive; and sections thirty four and thirty-hve, of township tightten; sections oiit), two, and three; the northeast quarter ot section four; sections ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, ine usive; and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township ninttetn; and townships iu-?;ity and t H'?nli/-<>nt. <>t rcmm fx re. 1.1 litis appropriated by law for the use of schoo's, military, and other purpose*, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, made thereb? unfit for cultivation," if any. granted to tho Stale bv the act entitled "An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other ntxt-s to reclaim the swamp lands within their limits," approved September 2H, IU5*>, will he excluded from the sates. No "mintral lands" or tracts containing mineral deposits are to he ottered at the public sales, such vitntral lands being tsprtstli/ ejrr'pttd and tj el ndtd from salt or other disposal by the require ments of the act of Congress approved 3d !V;arch, lu6S. entitled "An act to provide for tho survey of the public lands iu California, the granting ol pre emption rights therein, and for other purposes. Tho ollering of the aliovo lands will oe commenced on the d i) s appointed, and will proceed 111 the order in which the) are advertised, until the whole shall have been ottered. and the sales thus closed; hut no sale shtll be kept open longer than two weeks, and no pri\ato entry of any of the lands will be admitted until filter tiie expiration of the two we?-ks. Given under mv hand, at the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred und hfty seven. JAMES 1U Cll A NAN. IL the President: Tllos. A. IlKMiRtCKs Commissioner 0I1I1G General (.and Oifico. notice to pre-emption claim wts. Every person entitled to the light of pre-empt on to any of the lands within the townships andpai'.s o( townships above enumerated is required toestab lish the same toihe satisfaction of th? Register and Receiver of the proper land ??llie.e. mid molt' t'ny m 'Mt therefor tno/i us pritr t i r nhle' nf.e r s.eutg this notice, and Ixforo the day appointed for the commencement off he public sale of the lands em bracing l he t ract claimed: o her wise such claim will bifoi felted. 1IIOS. A. IlKNDIIIt'KS. se lit CommissrotiiT of the <>encral l.and Olhce. Int irance, Crc. W B JASlilNGTONi INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS Capital. $3*1,our. Tins Company is now prepared to reooive applioa tions for INSURANCE ON HI* I LDI NGS, M ER CHAN DISK, &o.. at tho usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Office, comer of Touth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Hank. DiEKCTORs. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Haoon. Joseph Hryan, James F. Halidfty, Win. Onne, Hudson Tay.or, Francis Mohun, M. W, Gait. Bery. Heali. JAMES C. MoGUIRE, President. Graeton I). Hanson. Secretary. ?p ll-ly ANK1NG HOUSE OF CIIUHH BROTHERS. D 'posir*.?Dsposits received and Checks paid without charge. Draft* on the n<?rthc-n seatmnrd Cities received on Deposit at par, ai.d Exchange 011 sa.d Cities furnished to depositors w ithout cliar-.'e. Intkkk*ton Drposiis.?Interest will l>e allowed 0:1 Deposits at such rntes as mar be agreed upon. DkiosITSIN VlKUINIA AND I MTHBKXT MoNKT. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or 111 specie, we charging the regular F.x -uroipe. Discocnts.?Note*, Drafts,and Hiilsof Kxehanrt wd!! a disc >u lit ed, and I .< >aiis made on Stocks. IS< >1111 s, taid thernnrket rate. 1.i:ttkks of Ckkbit.? I .otters of Credit wi 'l be furnished, n. goiiahle in the different Cities of the United States, on Depos:t of Money <>r Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, ana charged if Collateral*, on uueh terms as may be agreed upon. Travklinq of KxrHAXfta.?'Travelers will be furnished with drafts in s.ich sum- a. may !?? de sired negotiable in the diUerer.t Cities of the Union. Bills a*h I,ktts.u? us Ckkditon Knala vd, Ikk laud and Ki'ttopv.--Bills of>,'" and Letters of Credit on F.ngland, Ireland and Kuiope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sunis to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.? Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to l-'jpr. cent., always for saifl, or bought in the different Cities at a cotmnnsion n % pr. oeu?. Where Stocks are Isiught upon orders, we reservo the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the oost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Kai:.road, Cttt. and Stat* B^nm.?Railroad, City, and Stat* Honda can be p;aced in our l.ands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. Ail Warrants told by us are issrts 1 ttd in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regciarly if re quested. \\ arra.itc will l?e fcrvr&a'.lad to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on oon.nii/ision to responsible parti*!. Real Estate and Insurances.? Roal Estate bought and soht, and Insurances effected. Claims on I nitsd States, Court or Claims, CoNoRksa.?Claims on the United States, before tne Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will !#? prosecuted by piuinpt and able attorne> s. CHUBB BROTHERS, 27 Opposite the Treasury, JiNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. 'EE 27?tf Opposite, tnr Trr.isvry, I>ROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. PHOTOORAP hT(C PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, ?? Miniatcke ok Size us Lies. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall, cornerst.and Pennsyl vamaavenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the alMtve spacious apartments at a ver* great out lay of capital, t hereby rendering his establishment one of the most oorn plete aiKi handsome in the whole country. He a large (?aliery lorfret exhibition of upward of tfo hue Oil Paintings, by some of the best ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also fitted up a com plete suit of raxtms. with private robing apartments Tor ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, ami engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in trie department for taking all kinds of PHOTOi.KAPHIC, AMBROTYPE AND DA G U F. R R EOT Y PE P O RTRAITH. from the imallttt miniature to size of life. S. Walker, by combining tne Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting. of which ho has had 25 years' experience, and whose specimens of life sire portraits may l?e seen in some of the first (ami lies of the oity. as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will be atilo. by the combination of tlia two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-hkeexpresston. Can vas and Utards prepared by himself expiessly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of por traits. Miniature orlif?-Bize, from small pictures of derense,/ frit nds. Photograph* taken from oorpses, or sick persons takt:ti at their own residences, on immediate rotioe. Committees and classes taken 111 any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits carefully liack lined and restored to their original freshness. Lathes and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shilling ton's book store? entranodO^ street, two doors from Pennsylvania avsnua. iv 11 Hunting park trotting course. A' tht to 11 in tnd of tht Long Bridge. Tne Proprietors of this new,complete and elegant Course take pleasure iu being able to ^ say that their arrangements are all com plete, and that then track is novr open' to the public. In all its arrangemoots it1 is unsurpassed in the I nited States, offering as many advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in cir cumference. fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with care and judgment, and is iu perfect order. The House connected with it, t<?o, is unsurpassed in its comforts and accommodations, and for the lux uries always to lie obtained there. The public may rely on it that, under any and all circumstances, good order will be inaiutainod and enforced upon the premises. an 12 2m MY STOCK OF MOOTS AND SHOES about the largest in this ctty at thUaAk time, and having lieen purchased before the WW ? rise 111 Leather, etui lie sold at al*out 15 to afBl per oent. less than goods purchased at this' time. Call and examine for yourselves, at , .. S. P. HOOVER'S, le M Iron Hall. Pa. ave Itet. ftrh and inrh ats. II AMS, SIDES. SHOULDERS, AND LARD. Just received, llama. Sides, and Shoulders, and Lard and fresh Butter; extra sui>e,hue Flour: brown and white Sugars ; Coffee, Kice. Soap, and Candles, and Syrup; and a general assortment ol Family Groceries, Wines, and Liquors by JONAS P. LEVY W 2t-tf No. V4 12th street, corner of H street. UE MO V A L. WM. PETERSON Having moved into thu new Store, <?<?>? penn. avenue, north s>de, between 3d and 4>* sts., has just received ari extensive assortment of' CLOTHS.CASIMERFS,and VESTINGS or the latest patterns, any of which will l?e lufjle up in his usual fashionable style, t-! l-V. I'J''1 assortment of GE,N - M EN S A I I A lt Kl, of every (Jescription, FAN( \ A R riCLES, Ac.* all of which he oilers on accommodating terms to Ins old oustomers, and others who mat favor him with audi, au 'fl-wilm ti^RKNCH DRAWING BOOKS " Ol Flowsrs. Of Landscape Drawing. Of Animals. Of the Human Figure, ? renn. f'noe Six Mr-two Cents each, m ported from Paris, by se B FRA? KW JCItgOR?, Razors, ?? M It . * MCLAUGHLIN'B< ?RANCK TAYLOR. TRAPtl, Medicine*. i ^ H K Kl-ATEST MEDICAL H1SCOThRf OK TilK AGE. Mr. &g.*ui*cr. of Roxbuir, has discurerad in one ct our oun:mon pasture weeds a remedy that ouree KVkUV Iirtl) OT UCMOl, from Tkt worst Scrofula down to a common Ftmplt. He has tried it in over eleven hundred oners, and never failed except in two oases, both Thunder Hu

mor. He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of its value,ail within twenty nines of Bom ton. Two bottlee are warranted to oure a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Faeo. Two or three bottles will clear the system of Uiiea. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to hve bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to oureall Hu mor in the hyes. Two bottles are warranted to oure Running of the r.ars and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six: iMittles are warranted to cure corrupt iijd running I;leers. One l>ottle will cure Soaly Kruptions of the Skin. 1 *w.or jth;Pf 'M?ttles are warranted to oure the Worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to oure the most mostTjcsperate oase of Rheumatism. rheum* bottlee are warranted to oure Salt Bcrofulsu W*ht bott,ei wili oure th# worst oaee of A benefit is always experienced from the first bot t.e, ami a period cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in vain tried an the wonderful niediciues of the day, as that a common weed growing ..n the pastures, and along inj stone walls, shouldoureevery hurnorinthe n\ stein ; > et it is a hxed fact. II you nave a Iniino-, it has to start. I here are no 1 Fs nor A N DS, tiumi i"r I'Ji'i* ,il 11 *u,t'nK some buiinot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Host on. I know the eilects o| it iu every aim*. It ?a* already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 Kuve it to ehililren a *e-ir oid, to oid peopieol sixty, | have seen poor, pun?, worrm Mokin* children, wlione Hesti whs soft iind U?tHe,r8'Sl?r ? H por,ecl ftUae u| by una i T.V subject to a sick headache, one bottle wiI! jii w:c, s cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh ami dizziness. Siiiw w no have taken it had beeti costive lor years, and hnvo lieen regulate.! by it. \\ lu re tiie h?.c}y is round it works quite easy. Where tnoie is r.ny deiangcinent o| t tie function* Ol nature, it will cause very singular I'. cliius. lint yon must not Ite alarmed; they always disappear in Ironi four days to a week. Ttiere is never a bid re sult irom it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourself '.Ir.** new person. I heard some of the most extravagant en< oimums of it that ever man listened lo. In n.? own pi.te.tioe I always kep? it strict:* for hn niois but since if* introdnc'ion a* a i^ndiai family medicine, great mid wonderful virtues have been ioiiiiu in ?! mat I never suspected. Several casesof epileptic tits?adiRease which was always considered incurable, have been on red by a lew bottles. O, what a meioy if it will prove effec tual in aii crises ol that awful malady-there are but lew wiio hr;ve seen more of it man 1 have. I know ofseveral cjisrsof Dropsy, all of them aged people cured l.y it. For the various diseases ofthe Liver. Sick Ifendaohe. Dvsuepsia, Asthma, Fever ?iiiu Ac up, I inn in t ite Siil*t IhfceaM** of the Spine 't' Particularly in Diseases of the Kiduevs, Ac., the discovery has doue more good than any medicine evy known. No chnng'i of diet ever nooessary?eat the best you oar ifet t?inl enough of it. Direction* /or t'*-.?Adults one table-spoanful per . ay-ciuldreiiovei ten y?,ar* dessert-spoonful? children from hve lo eight years, tea-spoonful. As no direct ions can la? appiicabis to all constitutions, take sull.oient to operate on the bowels twioe a day, MANUrACTCKKt! BV DONALD K K NN'EDV. i?o. 1/" Warren atrtel, Koxbury, Massackusttts. A rents for Washington.-Ciiae. Stott A Co., Z. Gil man. Kid wo. I A Lawrence. J. |{. Gardner, Hurry m L U i!^h " i 's J. IV SlonZ ftlarfii; King, Nairn ?V r.ilmer. Scl.wart* A Co.. O .oswe" l?a?j. ! P.. Clark. J I'. MiM-urn. DunUr Dyfcon, I o.d A Hro. Agents for lieorgetown.? R r.sKell, O .M l.entham, J. L. Kidwoll. tu> a-ly pKIVATE MKDrCAf. TRKATISE rHTSl(JL(HilCAL \ IEW OF MAKHIAHK Hy M. II. I<a CROIX, M. D? Allmnv, N. V. ^:w;os and 13H fine Plain and Colored I.itiiotraDhi and l'latos. ID-PKICK ON I. V i". CF.\TS.??If 11^"StHt/ren of poitatt to all yartt of tne Union. Dr. M. B. I.a Cro:x's Physiological View of Mar riai'e. A new t;id rev.?ed edition of ?o paies and 180 plates. Price 26 cents a oi.p>. A popular and com prehensive treatise ou the du'iea jual casualties id sn.ijle and ruarned life -happy and fruitful aliianccs. n.ode .if securing them-iufehcitous and infertile ones?their obviation and removal-nervous delnlitv, its wiuhcs and oure, ty a process at onoe so simple, sale, and etleotual, that failure is impossible?roles for daily management?anesx.-.y on Sper nistorrmra with pracical observations on a sa^and moro suoeessfui mode of treatm?iit? preoHiitmnary bints on the evil results from empirical praqtice ; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe mR.e-,?friun infancy to old age?eacli oase graphical ly illustrated t?> beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies lor those nelf iaflicted miseries and disa^ p<i:ile.l hopis so linfortunately prevalent in tl.e young. 11 is a truthf?il adviser to the married, ar?d those oontemp atiug marriage. Its perusal is partic ular,y recommended to petK<u,s entertaining tecret doubtf of their physical condition,and who are con scious of having hazarded the health, happinesi and ptivi.eges to which every hutnau benig is entitle.! to. I nee cents per copy, or hve copies lor 8r\, mail ed fr* e id pelage to hi * pnrt of the I nited States, U addressing Dr. I.A CROIX, ipoct paid.) Allsmy, iS?w i ork, ei.oloftiug ^ criits. o^;.?vT,,?"e wno P'^ir consult Doctor II,A J.K? ?l\ .upon any of ?hc diseases upon which his t*ioK Ueats, either personally or by mail. His medi cnuss olt"n our* in the short *pace o| mx days, and OoMi-'cteiy am entirely eintbcate all traces of those disorders which oopruva and onbebs have so long been thought aiiaritultde. to the ruin cd the health of the patient. His " French Secret" is the er-?af eoU i mental rcmeoy for that class ofdisorders which un lorttinately, vnysiciar.s trp?t witti mercury, to tie irretrievable den ruction to the paiient ? oorsiitn tion. ai d which all the sars.ipanlla in the world can not cure. IVr,0!?0? No*3! Maiden Lane, Albany, N. V. fer? 14?IT *1 VVE havk ji st rkckived thk fol * ? owing i.oods whioh we are prepared to sell at pi siiifi! I advance uf cost for uanii : A very large variety of Turner Broe. celebrated Liquors,vix: Turner's Cinger Wine, an excellent remedy for Diapepsia B.aekburry iiiandy.a oerta>n cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira. Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines. all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all or hue flavors, prepared lrom the pure juice of the Iruit Iloae, Cinnamon. A:mis,and Peppennont Cordials I uraooft, Absinthe, Kno/ioe of 1 epporm^ut Kxt.aet of Sarsapar.lla, Stoughton Bitters borest \V ine Bitters. rOuni!?!-?ul"??"ti*"'1'* ,uPP'y of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry \\ me Bitters, a spiondid article. In addition to the alsive, we have at all times s large supp.y of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquorsof the kind in the District, and which cannot fan in giving satisfaction X X\W|*al?"\i? iMnt: .VtoM&hMXX, Barton ai.d A A.\ aie Ale,I hiladelsh 1a Brown Stout,X X Por ter. aud a hue article of Lager Beer. r A* usual,a supply uf Mineral U'ater, Cider.Ao 1- a'' ' - A R \ V A SHIN N." _J*' " "'?reen street. (Jeorgetown. |\M> FICK.?R. L. CROWN it CO. are re o u- ,n* daiiy ,ome ()f the hnest Fl'KNI fTV Ii u .,i,e.TW.!'ir,'red ln M',1" market, wind, we" invite int Hfteiifioii of m wnnt. a* we Namely ?,n tll0V bAveat ,eMt 10 P^r cent. Hand some carved marine tup Bureaus aud TabU Rpsewoo.1 and tralnut Tete a Tetes, Solas \\ ardrottes, ('hairs of nil Cherry and poplar Tai.les. Matt reses. hair, corn top, and husk; ComforU. Blankets, Be.isteads, high and low-post. Kockmg Clia;i s, cane and wood-seats. Cushioii# for Chairs. Settees, Clncks of all kinds, Lxttmsjon rabies, SideU^trds, What- not. Ofavses of all kinds, some extra hue Carpets. Cotta* . Sets, Rugs, Waiters. Ij ^ are. Crockery Wuie of all kinds. i ,<','r.,tnd ! a,'<Jy Oie.ds of HO kMills. ^?wod? loo numerous to mention to which we invite the attention ol iiouseUet'Lers and others Sus^iuer.^^'"""^ l? lur ^ or u> puiiciual C. R. L. CROWN A CO., ??r- *>? ?>th street and Penn. ave. Tl, ?'sall "t'll oontmue our rerular sales on a,K, ^"rda*. laith morning and evening, in front ol our store. Consignments soli cited, and m all cases advance, made wYenrequ'red. H _ or . f I , C. R. L. C. A Ct),, ap 25-tf (Intel) Auotioaeere. fl CM E M A D F.C A R RIA <i ES. c a . * have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment ol all icinds of CARRI ??n ^ , ,h? v*rylatest, and most&?BM&' approved styles.aird warranted in point of H?^Be? workmanship and material, to be equal to \nr made n the city of Washington or any mher cit/in thS tLe'co* ? i , " r0?P?'0'fu"y solicit a mil lrom ?ri t i Strangers to examine our work ; as We are determined to let none surpass useithsnn quality of work or in low prices. \\ eaUodoei-ery kind ofR K PA (RING inawork WJal' f['! 'nanner, and at reasonable puces. Ola (. arri.iges taken in part pa\ ment I or new and may L'81 Mt1 V A N Ku Magnolia . CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS ^earejust opening, and we guarantee them un equalled by any flams in thir citV ' Un ?afe',, y Wt,ro cur?d in Mary lttiiu expressly for our ID*No authorized acenta. :w o- n ? KING A BURCHELL, - t'Orner \ erniont avenue aud I.Vh street. Ci Sn A iNr * KEN , G INGE rT unhhiS GINGER received, and for sale b* lw%, ? KING A BL'RCHELL. " " Vermont avMiiiiaanil t.Mii street. (?UBA HONBT. The subscriber'has Just received, and for sale ten tieices of chilled ClilA HONEY, at his Gro oery and Provision Store, No. .V>4 12tli street and I^ouisiana avenue. ?,'a JONAS P. LRVV. pHKPARE F(yR COLD WEATHER^! Ribbed and Plain Woollen Shirts and nM... Merino and Cott.Ki Half Hiie plwn^L^,^.' Buck Gloves ami Ruck Gftmt&tr ! Buspcnders. Black S Jk Cravats' ?r,j u.n. j Linen Cainbrie Pocket Han.lkerchiefs Customers may rely on retting rood ri.trvV . the lowest prioes. 7 WM V ?It wv"'*nH * ?">'? at .1., "^'dilii'iLiw, Traveler!' Directory. THE PACIFIC MAII, STEAMSHIP COM I , I'ANY. On* <>f the St?*m?Sips of tins Compauy, cwrm!'* the I ntted States Mtili for A CA FL'liO, pf CALIFORNIA,and OREGON. Panama twtee each month, on the arri 1 *?" valol tlic Fmted States Mail S. S. Company's steam ers, which leave New Orleans and New York regu larly On 5th and 20th of each mouth with the mails, and passengers oonneotmg via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have boen inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty spt*d and safety. The Panama Railroad (47 miles long) is nnwcom p!et?d from <?cean tunemn. and is crossed m ."tor 4 hours. The Initga^e of passengers is checked in New York through to San Francisco, and passengers are eminrked at Panama bv steamer at the company's expense. Tne money paid in New York oovers all exb-.mses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and San Francisco to prevent detention in case of acci dent, s<> that tlie route is entirely relxabl*? no fail ure having oocurred in uicht > ears. Passenger* leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinwa.l. Conductor* go through by eaoh steamer, and take charge of women and children without other protec tors. For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at theagonoy, 177 West street, New I. \V. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS A CO., Now Oi leans.- or jy 24-tf C. L. BA RT1 , F'J'T. Kiiston. DAILY LINK FOR EDWARDS' FKKKY AND LKESBl R(i, Va.. via ? ties&peake and Ohio Cann.'.?The Packet Bonis AR GO and M. C. MF.IGS, will cnmme.nco makit * daily trips to the above points. ou March 21, leavinr the wharf of W. H. ami 11. G. Ritter, Georgetown, D. C. every 1'iorniiig at 7 o'clock, Sundnvs excepted ; thromrta in eight hours; leaving Georgetown at (sever, o'clock .n the morning, the Boats will arrive at the Gicat Falls.or Washington Atiueduct, at l?? a. in., Svncoa at um.. Edwards' Ferry at 3 p. in., where h stage will he in readiness to oouvc* passengers to l.tfcsl'iirs, Va. Returning, leave Edward*' I erry ever, my at nire o'clock hi the morning, and arriving ip Georsetowi, at sunset. Through Tickets. $1.75 Intermediate points as follows: (i reat Falls or Wnslmit ton A <iii2.(iKt, 50 cents, Sen'ca, 75 cents; Kdwuru** Feir?. i|l,l^; Leesburg. Virginia, including o.?u;h. ?? 1 7a. \i?wils served on Hio booU at moderate prices. mmtSS 6m U . II .V RlTTKE. I,V\ LL ST\ LK FOR W.V7. Now ready at STIN KM KTZ'*. Pennsylvania avenue, near the cornet ol 'I Inr tceutit. the limit popular Fa I allies of Dress. or Mo|c.->kni IIA'I'S, l > w ineii he invites particularattention. Hiving eH iblis lied tic <a?h s*s tem. and Li.ding it to work wed. lie wlil continue lo mnko r. oisoottiii ofi US per ????lit. "ip in I lie actual market pne^, ruaktrir t he l-af sold for ^t (at d not unfre<|itently for fur the low price of %3>i; a slight variation hi quality lor {3. end tor a superior quality lor the money. A good assortment of FELT II ATM, CAPS. Ac. always on hand. B. H. r?TIN KM KTZ. aug -'l-tf 238 Pcnn. ave. near h street j^TAPLE FALL GOODS. joiin H.sMoor, No. 119 S. ii'I' Bridge ft.,tifarurtoien. D.C., has received and oiTers to customers, an assortment ol goods adspted to the early Fall demands. Consist ing of the following,vir : P ain riUek Silks, of the l>est makes Plain Modes and bright ?olored M uVm Delainea R ieli Fa;l styles Mns'in Delaines,at .5 cents Rich English and American Prints, in great variety, (fast colors > Now York. F.nglish, Bales' Mills, a'! Wool,and other heavier make* Slii'tinr Cottons Kic liar.loon's and Chaine'a celebrated makes of Irish Linens Black and white Che<?k Cashmeres, f >r Dusters Single and double width Lupin's Bisck Mouslin De laines Whit.-. Red. and Yellow Flannels Cassimeies, Siittinets, and Knntncky St.ii ting Prin's, striped and dotted Ladies and M isses (.o'ton Host-, ail ainds tients. and ISojm hnlf ilo. I.adiesand tienta I,men Cimliria llatnik'is R ieli, new s'> le li'M.utt KiMmnii \\'tnte Biil lants. Camhrics and Muslins Talile Cloths, Damasks and Nnpkins l.inen ai d (\?tton Stieetiu^s ami Towellings OsiiTili'jrg Call "oh and Paid f.'ottous Heavj Sheetings, Drills, nnd fine brown Siiotiiigs \Yithothe: aonsonahle Goods, wuich will La sold low to cash or prompt customers, au ? M J. n. S. rJ'HK DK lll'Rli KXOKLSIOR. The sa' scriher. for th e f.rst tm.e, would effor this favorldy ki own fertilizer as a desideiatum to the Fanners.and is able to supply the present damand with a stipen >r article, prepared especially for the wheat crop. This in Mr. Do Burg's liesr. and can he relied op ns possessine all the merits claimed for it. Farmers who have not Uh <1 it are invited to tiiaks a*as also of Gilmau's Ainmonitted (iuano, which I sell at ni? p'ioe at mj Central Guano Dtpot, 51H7th street, Washington. EDWARD F. SIMPSON. ?e lft-?w Successor of Fitzhugh Coyle. iJRKAT INDUCKMKNTS OFFKR1;D FOK CASH! H. S K M K E N ,, oflers at greatly reduced prices, for cash, tks fol lowinr articles: Gold Hunting English Patent Levers, full joweled, from $5<> up. Goid limiting Detach do., fu ! iewelcd. from <35 up. Ijold Ladies' \Vatciies, full jeweled, in variety, up. Ad Watches are guaranteed for 12 months. <?".d Guard. Feh anJ \'est t'liiins, :.t wludesale ?rices: all kinds ol Fino Jewelry, such ?s Bracelets, 'ins, Kar Kiu^s, li itigs.^liirt Buttons, Seals, Look ers, pencils, otc .euibrac.iig Dtnu.ond. Pearl.Corals, Catneos, Monfiics, etc., at a?tonishmg low prices. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of fancy Silver Ware? loirtr than ever otl. red I,, fore. Silver plated W:ire -such as Spoons. Forks, Cas tors. Cake ami Cttrd Baskets. Butter Cooler*, etc., 11Msold at manvlur:wrr$ prict*. 5L/" Onr iiiatriobject inodering such niduoAineiita is: to ridurt our prrSiHt lur*' stork far rm/tj C'i*h, r on! t nip tut t h * i??i< ult> iuIiuh in uui busi ness. Persons in want of any thing in our line :no invited to <all; we snail tike pirxsure in oonvmoiug tliem that such opportunities ol pioehasiug >?? goads ht such reductions are \tLtum olleted. All foods war ranted as rupre^ei.ted. % H.SKMKF.N, mi* bS- S4^t Pennsvlvaii'a avenue, ^ I L O L O T H S . Having effected an arrangement br winch we will now Ihj ensblwd to store a much larger and more varied stock of OILCLOTHS than hitherto, we row have the pleasure ofanuou'cing that weare supplied with an assortment ?.f flilolotlis. from which the most fastidious taste may suited. We have in store, which have mat t?een leceived, Jtstieets, in widtlis fn>in !j to fe?t wide, ail the desuns and colors in the latest productions and highest ?tyle of art, to wit: In elegant designs, representing rich velvet Car pet ItlK s In elegint designs, ropresentinz oak and maple panels 1, <to. antique and Italian ircsco >o. do. enaaustictileing )o. do. mosaic pave K). do. flowered face, called I chintz colors. From all of which we are prepar-jd to furnish for any sixed room, hall, or pnssuge. To save trouble, ww have a man who will be sent at any hour ia tho City or UeorgetHwn and tnke accurate diagrams, l>y which the oilcloths sold will ht. Also, an extensive and elegant stock of Tab'.s and Stair Oilclot ha, and Oilcliit h Talile Covers, in oen tres and borders; the colors of winch aie entirel* new and in great vai.ely, all at unusually l<*w prices. Also, an extensive stock of elegant Tinnsparent Shades, for windows, some in green ami gold, orim soii and gold, blue and itnld. and ruby and sold. The colorsjn these represent velvet most ic^utately. Also, a great v aricty mail silt Isirders, and some itid'itk tints ami pr?tty mellow colors, fi*r datkemng the light in ohamnrrs. With all the uecessaiy hx tnres for hanging and w irknu shades. S? 14 ^w CI.AGETT & DODSON. Nk w g r ock r y, WINeTa n d LIQUOR STORE. The subsoriber liegs to inform Ins friends and the public, tt,.tt he has opened a NEW STORK, comer of 121 ii street ami Louisiana avenue, where he iu tendo to keep coiuthittly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic W I \ KS, I I HlOKS, CD1ARS, sud FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fiue. Tea*.Sugar,Coffee, Flour,Soap, Olives. Raiains, I i^s. S.irdiues, Anchovies, Otard, Marrett A Co., Pmet A Co., and t^ol.'s Brandin onses, dcmiiohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Rum, Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julicn Claret, Chateaux Mnrgaux in oases, Charnna^ne Cider, BrunU) Fruits, Reyuold's Kdinhurgh Ale, Amusette, Maraschino, Curacoa. Absylithe. Champagne, and a large and varied de scription ol Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Acue Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders will l>e promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of tine Havana Cigars, lm ported direot by the wholesale and re tail Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, aad produce ti}ken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 1840. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produoe of all descriptions received on con?iKU. ment. JONAS P. LEVY. Jef tf No. SM TwelHh street. ^HINA, (iLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. K. II. MILLER. SON A CO.. fMPOKTKRS. Al.KXANDRtA.VA., wefNHnve received two instalments of their^ ^?%/fall supplies the English Pott?ries.\S/ nnd will continue to receive accessions toT T^ii ' til! the business sea sou sets m.*" K. II. Mili.kb, Son A Co. can assure their frit uds and customers that their stock shall I* of the most desirable description, and that their prices will com pare favorably with those of any d- ulers in ihsir line in amnother market in the I'm ted S?atss. It. H. Mif LsK, Sox A Co. have prepared them 11 l ,i ? er merchants every inducement to make their purchases in their line. _u u . WINDOW GLASS. v. I her have just received via Antwerp and New ? oik. Irom tne gieat maun factory of "Rubi." New Brussels, 114't Isixes French Window GlMMof supe rior quality and of different thicknesses, which they have imported under such circumstances as to enable them to oiler a superior article at very moderate prices agtl if ?>7f| L'NDKR BROWNS' HOTEL. *Jf*l Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R F.A DY-M ADE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the bnest ?leaml make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. Browns' Hotel, next to^nvate entraaoe. matr ri-lf TrtTalcn' Directory. STFAMFK SHlRiiK PMiK. ho urs oy iuta h m k k. s I.^vf A exvuii it?? 4j?. TV*. -V.? Ufc,? 4X>>* Lnve VN aarons'-on ai*. S. %. l!s, W. 4t5fc. 7. apl^d LLL1-4 L. PRIcE.Ca?Uu Vy A-HLN4iTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS KUX A> FO 11 U VT& : From WASHINtJTON at 6 a. m . connecting M Kf:?v Willi train* lor tue West, and at Ki'inm>rt with thoee for Philadelptwa and New York; at P.3# a. m.. for Annapoii*, Baltimore. Philadelphia. and New York ; at s p. in. lor llaltin ore and Norfolk and at Relay with I- redenck train. KXPRKSS at tJii p. n . at Kmj for the WmL and tor Annapolis, mote.>a, a&J New York. On Sunday at 7 a. in., and ?.*? r it. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.15 ami 9.15a. m.. Sand 5.15 e. in. On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. a-.d 5.15 p. in. J? 12 tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent. QUMKAN94LKX4NDI1A RAILROAD UREATSOUTHERN M A J L L IN K Twice Daily. iSnndat nights excepted.) Mwn? WASHINGTON ClTY and the #?l TH, rta ALEXANDRIA. GOR DON'S VILLE ami< RICH MOND Leaves Washington at ? o'clock a m. " Washington at 1o'e:wk p m. Fare from Washington to Kioiiinond. }S 9\ For LYNCHBURG and"th?5()l'TBU K?T. tj<enve Wastmictor at ?> ?.'c ck a."in., arrive ta LYNCH Ut' KG ?Mt morning a? 4 a. m.. conn- rl'n* With (he tram* on the Yiigiu'a a> d 'fenncssee Nat' Roitd lor M KM PHIS. >1 a11 S(:km fioin i h>r ottesville to (j noiitiuir a disian. <>ii14> miine. Fare from \\ ashiagtou to L* nenhuu, j;7.7>. " *' " Memphis, m.j ?. The most expeditious r<??'a to the Yirtima Springs?only six Imtri' ktai* travel to the t*reen> brier \Vh:t?: Suiphur. Leave Washington at ta. in., artiveat WUI I E SI I.Pill R tTle l ime ii.rlil. Faie from Alexandria t? White Sulphar, 51.' V. Tii? ttfani'T liKliRM". PA'IK. (???! of Seveath street. t?eiiig o.vim*! ii? t:??? Khilimi 4%>nrui?.r?*M III connection Willi thetiatn-. Ticket* lor Richmond and Lynchburg pruouifrl oil the Boat. IL imnit tik.sniid Ha^gaee Wagon* wiT I?eat ti e Depot o! t'ie Washington Kulroid. to nonvey p?? H>ii<frn twl hargage to the Steamiioa*. |or A .-\ir: ilria. a distance of six m:let. allowing mnplf im e lor n.uai*. J AMIS A. EVANS. A?*nt. Alexandria. Ju!v. 13^7. nett. NKW AN1) IMPORTANT SCHLDl'LE. FOR ALL PAHTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AXO OHIO A A It.HO A I). The recent ex tensions fid inipri>i'Hiu>nl of it* ImuI ins oouneotmic (met at th* Went iiae r*qu -e?' an en tire ruTiiion of tlie rutininc arrant??nienta ' I tt.i* road by which hickly im^ortaat advantage* to the trav eler are aeuuroi. On and a(l?*r MONDAY, June 15. laJT. THKKK DAILY TRAINS will be run hi l?oth d'-eotMtie fur throuch peenvitrere. Fire??Tne ACCOM MODATION TR AlN eterte from Oamdeii Station, P* tiillur*, at 7 A.M.,iexcept SuiuIk*,! ettip* at wny ttationa and arrivee at C?m 1 eriimd at 4 P. M. Second?The MAIL TRAIN et<r?? (Sunday e* oept?l> at fiji A. M-. and arrive* ut \\ h?eiin< at 4 Jf? A. M., connecti:i< at Henw<K>d with Central Ohio train* for Coiuinl-uk. Cincinnati. li,>!;ai.ap<diB. l.<>u leviile, Chio?Ko. St. l<ouia. A r... ami at *xuie net with train* fnr Clmliwl, Toledo. Detroit. Ac . 1>y Clcve!-iiid and also at Park?r*l>urK with Ma rietta Road. Third?Tli* ST. I.OI'IS and CINCINNATI KX PR F.SS TR AIN :mi>i dsi y at P. M., o.^. r.ectinrnt RcuwinmI at 9 A. M exi>re>?p train! Iron: Kelleir^ to Cincinnati, (tfitkovt rhanfr %t Can 'it ful k tubu O *--d ".i^liit't there in l>u* til hour* from laltiai <re *i.d -> bnan frwai W nahn r ton. It nlfco Matl ct* imclly. Ill lio'ti <lirect:t.|.a, at On. (ton w.l :i cara lii Puk^rtauri aid M'iri?-tta roads for Chul.o ti.e. CinoiUiiaii, eio. T'ie*e fr*iri* ooi neot at XeriH l*?r IndmiiXpo'ia, Ch.vato -ii.d St. Loulk, Hiid lit Cincinnati with the f?i??t Ohio *nd M is*m"ippi Kxj-res* for LouiftVille Cajrw arid St. Louia through to St. Louie in lesath tn -U hours troni Baltimore. Mr th;i tiam the time to , the oeiitral and koulhern p a- e? in the \Yect i* much ieaa. win e the distance is from 4" to !?*> m. es st.ort?r tuan l-y the aliortcst of other routes. From the \Yest ttiese connections xre equally c'ose and aatiafactory, ar riving at Baltimore at ?.?' A. M. 117" Hagti^e ciu-cked throug.''! to all pointa. TllRoriiH TICKLTS s?>*d at lowest rate* at Cnniden Station and at \Ya?uii.<tont D. C. Pass^iiKers froiu I'aitimorv or **li'r:|toa max ritir the rate* roiJ by jtht, }?> tf-k'i t ui'-ftt inx trams, ami Kmr over at Cun 'ierlRiid or Oak land. and resumtiif aext morninc l>y Wheclin* Ac commodation train, leaving Cumtierland at ? acd Oakland at ln.5o. FO K WAY PASSE \G E R S. The Cum!*er'a:>.d Acootiiiiiodxtiuc Tra.n at 7 A.M., will atop at all Stations ea*t of Cuint erlnnd. and t.'<e Wheeling Aooommodation nt a I Station* t>eyoi.d Cum1?erlBn<l * >u;g Went. Kaetwartl *. the "Slail Train'eaves Wheeling a' A. M..anfl Accommo dation leavea Cuiul?eriarid at 9, reaching Ita.timor* at 5 Si P. M. ON TUF. NORTH WK9TKHN VJRtJINI A BRANCH. I?e?weeii Gmnon and Parker?!?nr*, war passengera will take tha Kxprosa meatwHrifiy ai d the Mail eaatWRnllr. The FKLDKRICR TR MN atnrta at 4 P M. a'oppirn; at way at itioe*. I.cnvee Frederick at 5.1a A. XL. arm uik at K ' tuiiore u ??><?n. The KLLICOTT'S Mll.l.TK MN' ,'?reaatA.45 A. M.. ar.d 5.'.5 P. M. I.tav^i. I". .icott'a Mills at 1 A. M. and 7 P. M.. except Smiday. FOR WASHINGTON' AND THF. SnI'TH. Leave Haitrni'-re for Washington at 4.l5ar.d^lS A. M.. iai.ds.15 P. M. On Sundays ai 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.ou'y. Irfivf Waxhu.^ton for Baltimore at fi and 8-f A. M.and 3and t.jt' P. M. On Sunda>s at 7 A. M-. and 4?' P. M. onl*. The tir<it ar.d fourth trv?? f*.>m Bn't:more,and the aeeond and fourth i raina (rot* \Va?ihing*on, will t? ext?re*s mail tiains. stonpmg only at WasluiiKton Junction and Aiiuapoli* Iiincti >i<. TIms 9.15 nnd 5.15 trams Iom.i Billitoore and tlie S J1 an.l I traiue from Washington iv in neat With ti.e tiains from Antiapoite. For tich^i*. itiforHiation. fnre. A o.. p'y to J T. KNtil.AND, Ane*i.r.' the ortii**-. Cnmden S'ation. WM.S. WtlOlrSIDL. jy 13-tf Maa'erof l iaiiMH-rtation. Balumore. THE NKW Y41RK ANI> LI V F R POOL I UMTEl) STATES 31 AIL STEAMERS, Tkt Skip* t*?? Lime : The ATLANTIC Capt. O i\er FidrnLe. The BALTIC Capt. loiM*pli t'omstock The ADRIATIC... ,C*pt. Jame* West. Tlieae ships baring heeu t.uilt 1m contract ex preaalf for the Governmen* aervice.evrr\ unrc ha* t?een taken in their construction, a* also in their entiiiea. to m auro strength and a|>e?>d. ai.d their aco**iuniodationa for paskKiigera are uuequalied lor eiegaiioe and com fort. Prtce of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first aat>in,fl9i; mseoouddo., ^7H: exclusive useof extra sue *t*te rooms, tg&5. From Liverpool to New York, S" and guinea*. An exaencnoed Sur geon nt'ached to each aliip. No Ix-rtfta oan lie secured until paid for. The ships of this atid '?ave unpiored water-tight hulk heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. IIOH SKK' Toll. | PKOM llVrKM?OT. Saturday, June 2?. ..1H57 Weduettlay. l ine ?4 IRT Saturday, July 4 1^57 Wedne?il?y, Jn!> ? IW Saturday, July I# t&S?; Wedneadny. Jul) 22 .liiVt Saturday. Aug. I 1K57 Wedueadav, Aug. 5 1k.?J Sat urd;< >. A ng. I.i. . . 1457 Weilnesdn*. A ig. 1;>-H7 ^attirdny, Sept. 12 .. IK57 We?lne??1ay , Sept. i. IR-Ht Saturday, Sept. S?. .. ,l?57 \N ?di;em!ay, Sr-pt. V Ptf>7 Saturday , 4let l'i 1R57 Wedneadat, Oc!. 14 1 .*T Sal urda>, 4 >cl. 2i 1*57 Welofmlw^lrt. <S 'K. 7 Saturday, Nov. 7 1x57 V\ edn.**?la>, V<v. II Ii4n7 Saturday, Nrv. 21... .IHH71 Wc?ji.e?d ?y , Nov. 2?.|K?7 Saturday, Dec.5..?.. 1<157 Wednesdaj , |>ec. 9 .IJj7 ' WedacaiUy , Dec. 23.1K57 For fretrht or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. 86, Wall atraet, Nea- Yora. BROWN, SHIPLE\ A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A Co.,^. Aastia Fnars, Lc-idon. B. 4>. WAINWRKiHTft C<?.. Pane. The owners of tii??e siupa will uot t>e aooountal^a for gold, silver, bullion. fcpe(5ie, jewelry, precious stones or inetaia. unless IhIIs of lading are aimed therefor and the value thereof ex preyed ihe?eiu. )? 15 U NITED STATES M AIL LINE O SI. Y HEUVLAH I IS E AXD WITUot r PaiLUHK POK IT16HT TKA*S, VOB CALIFORNIA AN'D OREGON VIA PANAMA K AILR(IAI). Rigmlar Sat; tag Dayt, Sth t 3hrk a/ sack *nontk. CatJTlo*.?So mans fraudaand imposi tion* of various kinda have t?>en at?l?< rirpeira'ed on i raveiiers Urn ml toC K I I 4>RNIA.that the sul.aoritier. the oi l? authoriaed Agent for pa*aaf e try the I'. S. Mail Lh e. via Pana ma, in the oity f New York, feels it his duty to oaution all pers? is seeking paaaage to California, that, to avoid IMPOSITION, thev irn*t 1>e earafu! t? find the trueodice of the St<?am*hipa of the I' 8. Mail Line, via Panama Railroad, as i o in New York is authori* -d to en^:?'*;? pn*?.<ae. The Companiea have oal> erne odii?? >n New t ??rk, whioh is at 177 West street, ooruer of Warr?n atr??t, fronting on tha Nortk River, at tbe head of tha Cum pany'a AYharf. If jT Observe my P'Cr over the ooor. l. W. RAYMOND. Arant, je 19- New York. PERUVIAN Gl'ANO. TIMELY N4HICE TO FARMERS. I am now prepare! to m.'ike eugagenienia (>.r a strictly prim* article of A No. 1 PtRLYIAN ft l< A NO. Haltunore inspection, a'. Ita timore rates, freight added. Havrg but a limited supply, tarm era will consult their interest b> engaging Itore any advance in price. I have it in store a: my National Agricultural and 4iuano Depot. 519 7th street. < r o*n deliver it froiu other points, as max be ariaugad. T*ta ft tiano can he relied upon as superior In quality and condition. ? EDWARD P. SIMPSON. (Siieoaeaor of Filzhu^h Co? la.) ae 10 2w Sign of the (i<<;d?>u Plo.igh and Lasle. DU PONTt* GUNPOWDEIL I am all timea supplied withall thevarons ktnda of DC P4)N'|"S 4if\ pow DER.aod am pre|M?red to auppiy the same tniuiy quantity to parties wantiac, on tha moat favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, ?faat for the Uistnct of Coiun.Ma. No. Hi High street, sar 11-tf fTntal.A States* fi#?rre'M*n!lMj. 300 H1?d?^KS SU'K VELVKr Hoop Sk irta. white and slate <M*U?rad. Also in store, a full stock of N eb and Glossy Blaak Silk. WM R HII.FY. M lA-lat oorust Mk at., oppv. CeaUe Markat,