Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1857 Page 1
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(ffbtnwa Star. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G, 1857. NO. 1,463. THE EVENING STAR IB PVBUSHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUI LDUG*, Corner of Pa. avmu* and hlevmtk strut, By W. D. WALLACE, and it served to subscribers by owners at SIX AND A (IDAim cram, payable weekly to the Areata; papers nerved in packaces at S7H oents per inonth. To iiuul subscribers the subscription pnoe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS year ?e arfrimct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, aiid ON K DOLLAR for three months; for less than three mouths at the rate o| 12* oents a week. IETSINGLB copies one cknt. THE GRAVES OF THOSE WE LOVE. The grave is the ordinal of true affection It is therw the d vine passion of the soul manifests its superiority to the instinctive impulses ?f mere animal attaohtnent. The latter must be continually refreshed and kept alive by the presence of the ohjeet. but the love that if) seated on the soul can lire on long remembrance. The mere inclinations of sense, languishing and de clining with the charms that excite them, turn with shuddering and disgust from the precinct of the toinh: but it is thence that trub spiritual affection rises, purified from every sensual de sire, aud turns like a holy flume to illuminate and sanctify the hoart of the survivor. The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be relieved Every other wound we seek to heal?evory other af fliction to forget; but this wound we think it a duty keep open?this affliction wo cherish and brood over in solitude. Where is the mo ther who would willingly forget the infant that perished like a blossom from her arin. though every recollection is a P?ng' Where is the daughter whe would forget the most tender of parents, though the thought is but to lament' Who, even in the hour of agony, would forget the friend over whom he mourns ? Who, when the toiub is closing upon the remains of her he iu"jt loved?when he ft els his heart, as it were. crn*hed in the closing of its portal?would ac? cept consolation that must be brought by for getfulness? No; the love which survives the tomb is one of the most noble attributes of the soal. If it has its woes it has also its delights ; and when the overwhelming burst of grief is calmed into the gontle tear of recollection? when the sadden and convulsive agony is over ?the present ruin of all that is most loved is (?>fU?nud away into pensive meditation on all that it was in the days of its lovelineas. Who : would root out such a sorrow from the heart ? Though it may sometimes throw a passingcloud over the bright hour of gaiety or spread a deep er -a lacss over the dtrk hour of gloom, yet who would exchange it for the song of pleasure or the burst of ievelrv ? No; thero is a voice from the tomb sweeter iKan song. There is a remembrance of the dead to which we turn even from the charm? of the living. Oh. the grave!?the grave! It buries every error?covers every defect?extinguishes every resentment. From its peaceful bosom springs n-?ne bat fond regret and tender recollection ! Who can look upon the gravo even of an enemy; and not feel a compunctive throb that he had ?ver warred against the poor handful of dust that lies mouldering before him ? But the grave of those we loved?what a place of meditation ! There it is that we call up in long review the whole history of virtue and happiness, and the thousand ondenrmunts lavished upon us almost unheeded in the daily intercourse of intimacy ; the tenderness of the parting scene?the bed of death with all its ?titled griefs, its noiseless attendance, its watch ful assiduities?the last testimonials of love? the feeble, fluttering, thrilling'?oh, how thril ling!?pressure of the hand?the faint, falter i.ig accents, struggling in death to give one m>re assurance of afieution ! Aye, go to the grave of buried love and med itate ' There settle the account with thy cm science for every past benefit unrequired, of every past endearment unregarded, of that de Earted being who can never, never re^Urn to e s?>othed by thy contrition. If thou art a child, and hist ever added a sorrow bo the soul or a furrow to tho silver brow of an affectionate parent?if thou art a hus band, and hast ever caused the fond bosom that has eenturod its whole happiness in thy arm4, to d?'ubt a moment of thy kindness and truth?if thou art a friend, who has ever wronged, in th<>u^ht. word or deed, the spirit I that generously confided in thee?if thou art a . lover, and hast ever given one uumerciful pang to that heart that now lies cold and stiff be neath thy feet?then be sure that every unkind look, every ungracious word, every ungentle action, will come thronging buck upon thy memory, and kuock dolefully upon thy soul ; then bo sure thou wilt lie down sorrowing and repenting upon thy grave, and utter the un heard gr >an and pour the unavailing tear, the more deep, more bitter, because unheard and unavailing. Then weave the chaplet of flowors and strew the beauties of nature about the gravo?eon Mle thy broken spirit if thou can-?t, with those tender yet fertile tributes of regret, and take wirniug by the bitterness of this thy contrite affliction over the dead, and heneefurtn be more f<ithfu! and affectionate in the discharge of thy duties to tue living. ? Nrw FlRK 1-Roor I* AKMKNT3 FoR FlREME!*. . Poine euri obs experiments have just taken place | at Pari* to les a new contrivance f>r prote -ting j hr-Miien from the action of the flames and en abling them to resist a strong heat. Iteonsists ?>f gloves made of amianthus, a kind of tll:\men tous mineral, a helmet of the same material fitting into another of wire-gauze, and a shield one metre [h'Jf in ] long and H<> centimetres broad, besides other garm.-nts of the above-men tioned materials Three firemen, having put on the gloves, were enabled to earry iron bars at a white beat f- r three minnte* without being obliged to let go their hdd. Straw was after ward* -et on tire iu a largo oa.?t-ir>n caldron, and continually kept uj? while a firemen, wear ing the double helmet above mentioned, stood above the flames, which he warded off with tho rbield Although they roee at times above his head, he was enabled to keep his p?et for a min ute and a-half, at the end of which time his i>u'?e which wv at 72 before the experiments, r.i l risen to 152. Another fireman followed, who, having covered his forehead with a piece of aiman'hus. was enabled to resist the flames for three minutes and forty eeoonds. Two longitn heaps of chips, splinters, and straw had been prepared about five feet asunder. and thirty feet in length, two lateral openings being left to enable the firemen to get out in case of necessity. Four men were now equipped in eoiuplei* suits of wire-gaase. with lioot* of amianthus; two of them wore, besides, a dress of amianthus, ever another suit of clothes rendered incombustible by mean* uftmrax, alum, and phosphate of animoaia ; the two others wore a double dress of prepared cloth ; one man. moreover, win intrusted with a ba?ket of wire gnus*: on his back, containing a boy ten years old. protected by a helmet of amianthus. The hea|* bwing set tire to. these men went into the fl.ime# together. and. walking at a very moderate pace, performed the distance several times. At the end of 6" se-onds the boy shrieked out, and the fireman who carried him stepped out of the flames. The bo^r was examined. but wis found per fectly uninjured ; his skin was cool, an l his ulse. which was at h4 before tho experiment, ad only risen to 9A ; he might, therefore, have resisted longer had he not been frightened at 'peeing the flames meet over his head, while, at at t e s?ine time, one of the ropes which held the musket had slid down the fireman'ssholnder a little, with a slight *h??ck A few minute* after, he was as g*y as ever, and betrayed no signs of indisposition 'lhe fireman s pulse which was 1*2 before, was III after the experi ment The olher three men remained 2 miu u e and II Meeonds in tlie flames, and .-tated, in iu n^ out. that the* had ex erieuced lio par ticularly painful sensation, except that ??!" ex cessive heat. 'Iheir pulses, whicli were Si, !>l and 72 before, wero resjajcti*ely 152, LW and 121 after A eir-le of fire, about 10 metres l*b-jut ;>.i feetj iu diameter, was now formed around them, end they withstood the effect ex tremely well, with their fireproof covering, al though, at a distance of 5 metres, the heat was ? . intense t .at none of the numerous bystanders Could resist it. 1^^ Belinda 5 Leftenant, a servant ??trl In New Yo k ritv. committed suicide l?v dfownhij; her self ??n Friday last, because her love; having se diired her hid deserted her. 1^7" Ta:ee voubl' n*ea, n;im'il llale, Hyde and and Davis, a few days since at Caledonia, C?n., inMie t their erupt yoer of all tliey could lav lli?u I. on, and then took to the highway, to com mit fiutUr; depredations, when they were arrest A Central National Coitrsr and a Cen tral National Jockey Cub?We observe, with pleasure. that the desire of haying * Cen tral National Race Course, where the lovers and patrons of the Turf from all section? of the country can meet with facility on a common neutral ground, is being exhibited through va rious communications to the press, both North and South. Some of these communication* are very elegantly written; one or two come from the graceful hands of ladies; and thosefroin the neighborhood of Richmond urge with extraor dinary force, the claims of that locality, above all others, for tho grand arena, which, on the bright days of the year, shall have the honor of gathering together the t/ua of the intellect and beauty ot the land. The largest amount of fa vor. however, inclines to Washington city; ami we coufess that, after looking on the subject on all sides, that location seems to have the great est nutubtrof advantages for theobject in view Washington city is becoming a great favorite with the American people. Its very name teems with reminiscences of overwhelming im port Its beautiful location, selected by Wash ington himself, and appropriately designated by his name, suggests itself at once as the most intensely national locality for an institution that is contemplated to be of a purely nnd broadly national character. That city, however, become* still more at tractive to the end iu view, from other and more practical considerations. In the way of resident population, it has the advantage over the other places named. If a bell were tolled on the Capitol, whose boom could pertorbate the atmosphere for six miles round, tne ring would reach a hundred thousand ears We need not say that this population, in moral cultivation, p-pular intelligence and social refinement, is c^iial to that of any other community, while its thousands of temporary residents are but so many representatives of the wisdom, taste, and general accomplishments of the world. It seems to us, therefore, that Washington is the true ami appropriate middle ground, where breeders, owners, and trainerscan conveniently take their racing stock, in all seasons of tho year, from all sections of the Union. They would all leel at home in the District of Colum bia, and from the great facilities afforded by the railroads which concentrate upon that cen tre. they would easily get there. It should also be remembered, in this connec tion, that tho pending enterprise of Mr. Ten Iiroek. whatever may oe its immediate results iu England, has only laid the foundation of an intense and most congenial rivalry between two great nations for many years to come ; and that the contests, in this way. which opened at (iood wood in the presence of a (^ueen and lords, both temporal and spiritural, might most ap propriately bo continued, when the British in terchange compliments ou our soil, in presence of our President, his cabinet, and the peerless beauties of the Republican Court. Is it too much to expect, that such racing contests at Washington, graced as they would be by the attendance of resident representatives of near ly all the nations of the civilized world, would attract as many respectable strangers as ever attended the inauguration of a President ? The parties who should take the most interest, in the establishment of a National JoekeyClub and Race Course at the National Metropolis, are manifestly the citizens of Washington uietn selves. The race meeting, if conducted as pro posed, would fill the city with affluent and lib eral strangers; while from the rural districts, there would bo an inpouring of tho country families, who would not only enliven, but eit rioh the city by their profuse little purchases. The question then is, will tho citizens of the National Metropolis avail themselves) of these suggestions, and turn them to a good account. SmUjc one or two gentlemen of means and en ergy. backed and aided by a well-organised lo cal Jockey Club, could soon select a suitable site for the Course, and make such improve ments upon it as good taste and experience would readily suggest. Then we would, in deed. have a National Institution worthy of the Capitol City, and equal to the "Spiritot the Times. '?Purler's nj the Times. An Kpisooe in Citv Life.?Passing through Avenue B a few days ago, our attention was attracted to a crowd in front of a carpenter's shop. The object of interest was a poor fellow wb i had tallcri in a flr. From his apron, rule and other indications, we inferred, rightly, tht?t he belonged to the s-hop. Irom which, we after ward learned he had been borne for the benefit of the air. lie presented a pitiable sight, and, leaving the spot the more hastily because of the heartless witticisms which two or three brutes in human form were venting at every contortion of the unfortunate carpenter. we entered the shop to in<{uiro of one of his fellow-workmen who remained in it the cause oi the fit. The place seemed to be a coffin factory, rather than an ordinary carpenter ? shop, and on every side were scores of those ominous looking cases for the inciosure of human bodies. They wore all of pine material, cheaply made, and as yet uncolored. We put the intended inquiry, and wai answered by tho man as civily as was c^nsistant with his uninterrupted continuance of nailing together the sides and ends of a coffin. "l>idn?t know kind of a fit it was?didn't know tho cause?couldn't leave go his work to find out?ask the boss." We complimented him npon the faithful use which he made ofhis employer's tiiue, at which be grinned, and, with a hard lick at a nail with his hammer, th- joiner rejoined that he worked Ky t/ir piece. 4*So did A/?t," he added, with a hasty gesture with his hammerover his shoulder, t >war?is thesidcwalk. 4,Thero's acofiin heje?t done. Lucky for him, he'd jest druv the last nail when he droped down into the fix you we him in. and all he's got to d^ when ho comes to agin is to take his pay for it. If he kicks the bucket this time, it's all ready, yer know, for bis own use !"' The mm chuckled cheerfully as he said this, and only a few moments had clajtsed when his unfortunate fellow-workman was brought into the shop lifeless, and laid 011 a box which his own hands had made ! He had died of apoplexy.?Tribaut. Romantic Finkiial.?A funeral cortege of unusual proportions named through the streets of the Second I'iatti^f one ?vcoiiig last week. The hearse was drawn by four white horses, anil fifty carriages followed. Ry the hearse, one man walked, with his hat in his hand, while the remainder of the followers were in the carriages. The peculiar circumstances of the funeral were these. Abont three months ago, two (ierniau citizens, well circumstanced in life, wure on a drinking frolie together. During their conviviality, they discovered that thty were both from a particular part of tierinany. They thereupon ratified a perpetual friendship, and under the enthusiasm of the oocasion, went s 1 far as to make a funeral compact, the pro vision* of which were, that the first one to die should be buried by the other, the survivor to riay all tho expense*, to have the hearse drawn >y four white horses, and followed by fitly car riage*, and t<> walk himself by the side of the hearse, as chief mourner. One of the parties h*|>peiiiug to die last week, the other fulfilled bis <?oin|>a<'t. as above described?N. O CVm cent, Aug. HI. irr The -'Fakir of Ava,'' and three other*, nro under arreat in PitUknrg, far exhibiting a bogus baby. representing It to be the Itogti* iwbv of Mrs Cunningham The Importer* of the Dis patch ami Journal paid teu eriita each, *.vw the baity, and lircaiue witiieseea against the accused party. IIJ" The first certain information of the exist eiH-e of a passage was brought bv a whale, who. having carried ofl a harpo m. with Hie mtiue of the vessel it belonged to, from one nd'- of North America, wa* captured on the oth er tide of Mi- cjnlliwnt the next spring, with the weapon deeply buried in bis flenh 117" The l.oadon Time*, formerly *0 tierce a;.1*1 ?ist the Chinese, treats that matter jmt now in a very reasonable way Instead of breathing destitution against Canton and Commissioner Vrk. it h <* come to the eoneliMion that it iswhol Iv le-neath the dignity of the British nation, if so lie ttjere inu*t be war at all, to make It against any body else but the Emperor hiin*?lL FOB RENT AND SALE. tfOR RE NT.?The three-story BRICK HOUSE situated <>n '5th street, opposite the new exten aion of the Treasury department. and within * step of Penn. avenue ;ind \\ illards' Hotel. The house contains in good rooms, l>esides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the Iwst in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply on the premises, No. 474. an 17-tOot: * H1 A KM FOR SALE.-A piece of fiue LANDon Rock ereek. in Montgomery county, Md., six inilea from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Ferry, Wood, Bestor, N'owl?s, Bohrer, and Hawkins. II2S acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house; 13acres rich tnd bottom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired, fail and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. j? 4-tf I^OR PKNT.-A modern built HOUSE, contain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and iiry location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view af the oitv, the river, and Georgetown, it has gas through out ; water and liath room. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, sec ond door Iroui l?:th street. je 24-tf ARNY'S confectionery for sale. This well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu mty for a good Confectioner to enter into a nit and profitable nusiness. Possession <*an be had 1st No vember. The three-story Brick House, row occu pied as aliove. is offered at private saio, or will be rented or leased as may bo desired. For particulars inquire on the premises, No. m Bridge street, Georgetown, D. O., or to \VM. BRIDGES,313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au ?7-tf Drug store for sa le.?Tn* m'ock and FIXTIJRES of a well established stand, ??'or full particulars address, with real uaine, O. L). T..City Post Office. au 3l-2awlm I7? ?> R S A l,E.?An old established DRUG STORE, in tl?e central part of the city, doing an excellent retail and prescription business. Ad dress Chemist, through the' I'ost Office. au 25-2*iw6w C*6k SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner o! I New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 2**ifectll inches,and oontainmg nearly S4,nu? square feet. may s-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. I?OR R ENT?The two comfortable and convent I ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing complete re pair, and will be for rent on the 4th of August. The House* are very desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KI DWELL. High street. Georgetown. jy 27 A CARD. IRl'RR ft LOSANO have the pleasure to an nounce to their friends and the_ public, that_ they have just received fresh from the nn-^?3 ^>rters__a_ fu ll _nnd_ bea^utifuI assortment of C L< )TIIS,C ASSI M F R ES. V ESTI N GS.Iof all varieties,and GENTS' FURNISHINGS" all of the litest and most approved styles, which will I>e disposed of at prices that cannot fail to please. All orders intrusted to us promptly and faithfully filled. GRUMB A LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, se 8-1 in 4ft3flth street, near Penn avenue. I L C L O T H S. Having effected an arrangement bv whioh we will now be enabled to store a much larger and more varied stock of OILCLOTHS than hitherto, we now have the pleasure o( announcing that ware supplied with an assort ment of < tilcloths, from which the most fastidious taste may !*? suited. We nave ill store, which have just been received, Jusheets, hi widths from 12 to ?4 feet wide, ail the designs and colors in th? latest productions and Inchest at) lt> of art,to wit: Iu elegant designs, representing rich velvet Car petines In elegant designs, representing oak and oiaple panels Do. do. antique and Italian fresco Do. do. enoansfictileing Do. do. mosaic pave Do. do. llowcrvd face, called Jchintz colors. From all of which we are prepared to furnish for any sized room. hall, or passage. To save trouble, we have a man who will be sent at any hour in the City or Georgetewn and take accurate diagrams, U which the oilcloths sold will fit. Also, an extensive and elegant stock of Table anil Stair Oilcloths, and Oilcloth Table Covers, in ceo tres and i>orders; the oolxrs of wluch are entirely nfw and iu great variety, all nt auusualiy low prices. , Also, an extensive stock of elegant Transparent Shades, for windows, smiw in green and gold, orim son and gold, blue and gold, and ruby and gold. The colorsjn these represent velvet most accurately. Also, a great variety hi all gilt borders, and some in dark tints and pretty mellow colors, for darkening the lit ht in chambers. With all the decenary fix tures lor hangnii aud working shades. hc 14 ^w CLAGETT A- l)OJ>S(?N. f'RHEN GIN G E R-GREEN GINGER. " ? GREEN GINGER reoeiveil.and for sale by KING Jfc JJURCHELL. i? 9* V#nnnnt stwiim and istli ?freet. fiURA HONEY. v; The subscriber has just reoeived.and for sale, ten tierces of chilled CUBA HONEY. at hi? Gro cery and Provision Store, No. i54 12th street and Louisiana avenue. iel?'f JONAS P. LEVY. pREPARE FOR COLD WEATHER ! Ribbed and Plain Woollen Shirts and Drawers; Merino and Cotton Half Hose, plain and ribbed; Buck Gloves and Buck Gauntlets; Suspenders, Black Sdk Cravats, and Silk and Lmen Cambric Pocket Handkerchiefs. Cu?toiners inav rely on getting giwxt Goods,and at the lowest prices. WM. R. HI LEV, ?olS lm nornrr Ith St.. npon. ('onlrn Mirbrt, HRlTl^ll ARM V l.tST, l?r August, i <*.??.?,nu rell's Essentials of Grammar; London, I*77. Ackland's Notes on Drainage; London, 1?57. Baron M uncliausen. a fac sitrule reprint of the ori ginal edition and plates; London, 1857. Rousseau's Confessions, translated into English; 1 vol. LondtHi, law. Camerim's Practical Guide to Italian Conversa tion; London, 1857. The Poultry Book; Ijondon, 1&57. One Hundred Songs of Sootland. with Music; one volume; London, IH57; price 37 oents. Chapman's lllnds of Homer.2 vols ; London, 1R57. Whewcll's History of the Iiidnctivu Sen-noes, 3 vo's.; London, 18.57. Pcttigrew's Seleot Collection of Epitaphs; Ijiin d"n, la57. The Metaphysics of Aristotle, literally translated; London, 1K57. ? It FRANCE TAYLOR. THE COMET of |:?? J. Russell Hind, Royal Astronomical Society, London, ia57;lTcts. Sir John llerschol's Essays, 1 vol., London, 1*77; $5 .V>. Arago's Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men; translated by Admiral Smyth, and others; 1 vol., 1857; ^S.Vi. The I sefu! Metals, and their Alloys; by Scoffern, Fair>?arn, and others; 1 vol., London, 1857; How to Work with the Microscopo; by L. S. Bealc; London. 1V?7. Si.37. Lives of British Physicians; 1 vol., London, 1357; .31.10. Manual for Naval Cadets; by Capt. Boyd, Royal Navy; London, 1tfV7; ?3.6i>. Deichmann's New Tables for Great Circle Sail ing; London, 1857; ?1.75. Hardwieh's Photographic Chemistry; London, 1857; I .H7t Hunt's Manual of Photography; London, 1357; ?! 75 cents. Aeklaud's How to take Stereoscopic Pictures; London, lt<57; 17 cents. ?19 FRANCK TAYl.OR. ^LOTUS, CASS1.MERES. AND VEST1NGS. In store, a full stock of Black, Brown, Blue and Green Cloth, Black Doe skin and Fancy oolored Cassimers, Velvet. Silk and Satin Vesting# Customers may rely on retting good Goods, and at the lowost prices. WM. R. RILEY, se 15-lwi corner ?th ?t., opr><? CVntrf Mirk?t. I D. HAM MACK'S RESTAURANT, No.2ui Pennsvlvania avenue, under Wiliards' Hotel I his establishment is one of the inost conveniently loaated houses in Washington, and the public may rely on the undivided attention of the proprietors at all timea. Meals served up at all hours during the da> and night. Game of all kinds; Oysters 111 all their various styles; and a stock ol Liquors and Se garK that cannot be surpassed. Also, fine draught Ale. Marker price paid for all kinds of Game. se24-3t* JJOT-Altf'FURNACES. 1 would beg leave to inform builders and others ?,*? fHU? most approved aud econouii cal r I KNACKS, portable and stationary, that ca 11 Im'Ioijiki in the I nion. I would namr ? Chiis^rs llot-Air and \ imtiUtuiK Coue Furnnce, world renowned for it a excellence in ail re a 11 ire me ut. Cox. Richardson, k Boynton's Cone Furnace. Jas. Mo<>rigor's well-tried Portable Furnace. Stanford's One Thousand Dollar Challenge Portable Heater. Fox's Portable Pot Furnaces. Hay ward. Bartlett ic Co.'s Improved Portable Furnace. Togetiier with ft full supply of those admired reinour Heaters, which have surpassed all other Stoves for heating the room in which it is set, aud the rooms above. Registers and Ventilators, all sizes, and at the lowest market prices. A call is all that is nooessarjr to satisfy the most eoononuoal. ?r ^ A JA*. SKIRVINO. W ashington Stove,Grate, Ranee,aud Hot-Air r urnaot* Manufactory, S. E. corner Penn. _ avenue aud lUb street. No. 2fl7. ae )8-eo2w WAGNER, rni ^ P"^*STLTANtA AVENCB, l.H??ii?K,n*Lnu0M,tu,ra looking Tl B& i'B i Mwikind,0f PORTRAIT and P1C 4 Ira RAMi:}8' Ktrkwood House, Pianoi, Ac. r^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM _ WILI.IAM K/,'?r roxT" (senior partner id the late firm of ~ . Knabk. Garble ic Co., Mn2 piA\n^nRTP,aur,lnd ?"? of grand and nf Vvju. A5? f ?.RXE8' under Mie _ ?^ v?. "(J'n Knjbe A Co., at the old stand, feSfel nlv?t'J?h u-*? North Viutaw street op-U^I^ Pf?'te the Eutaw House. Baltimore. x. ? j"st ?P?ned a new Sale? Room at itreehi ^"thl^n "<,t* k?1*?" Cbarlea and Light Henri VaP.I^ Premiso? partly occupied by Mr Ilenry MeCaffery as a musio store. where the* will hand a large nmiortment of p|a.n a i.l high y-finiahed grand and square Piano Fortea also, Melodeona. from the best makers, from 4 to "> octave, some with double key-lsiards, double reeds and stop, to suit small churchea. *' Being extensively engaged In the manufacture o fcl\em.W,l! 8611 ^^enJannd retail, EtREi ,}. i!ir |,,Ia,1"*.w?r?'^warded the highest premium (gold inedal) at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two sucoesaive years-October. 18AV ind lf^m "d of tha'il ?? r""rt?7: and eighteen pianos from B<>me of the best makers from .New York, Boston end Bal timore. \\ e were also awarded the Gmt nrf-tniiim si the Industrial Exhibition he'd in Richmond V ? gin.a, 1R? and urn. They haVe' also'u? ^ ^ h,is Stesw&'.yr"'ai,ke M""? a" fitrr^'r'C-Ms'Tnd wnrirur?m country, which can be seen at our M o f 1 "Peaking for themselves and others of ?venr yr he re heidf' ?U W"ldl ?astrumeuU J Aii instruments are guaranteed for five yesra and

a prmlecc ofexchange is granted within the fi7s't s7i 1 ?anos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mflr 1<Mir WM. KNABE & CO. AC A H f) ?A CHANCE RARIiT \f7"r ..WITH RV THOSE WHO ?hi ?^i F()RT^-?' have now luatorepr^^fl the folio* mg great bargains : ?TTT?? mollt'hssmoemat 9** U>M th?" P"ce ???? r^Jr1"'"'^ '"v'n ?Sf*v* Rosewood Piano, iron 'rame, round corners, for ?2nn. ' . Th?. al^ve Pianos are sold for no fault, but be ?i?m ^vl'? h*ve remove*! to the west and left them With IIS to be ?,ld. Thnr are resllV and truly great bargains. We are prepared toTiv! ft written guaranteo with them, and wiM. at anr fu tur? day exchange,,f parties are not satisfied ' rv>? J r Piano of ilalipf & Divia' ' 5J00'U8c<1 hut eighteen months, and cost nt^rr^tSnC?nd\lPrd chickermS's for ?; 75 each, tnc Oroat 1 i?ino \\ &r6roomtior au 19 306 Penn. ave.. bet*. 9rh and H'tli'st reet's. 514 ^KVK^rn_sTREET. ^77 TOBIAS, nfr J*pAlCljCx% nflice Second story, thre^ doors from Oi>o Fki. lows' Ham,. Spectacles find Glasses suited to every light Opera, Reading,and Watchmaker's Masses: Tele 111 variety ; CoHmorniiiin . te.eovcopes with views of superior H'id cliorn flaHhrencer'1'1 S"? ?u Nitjoim: Tp^TIMO!IC1AI.S. <t?. Ti? a - . , Norfolk, September? 1S54. verl wTll ?Pi for me suit me \ er> ^re"? Kfem fo hav^ improvx! my 1 more than anj other 1 ha*e Intel* tried , , I'l TI'. U. TA'/EWELL. T i ?* r'^.a P/"r of sPe?,alJes obtained from Mr. 10 ia?. and hud tliem ?.f treat assistance to mv s glit, and correspondiiiK witli his description of their locus. I recommend bun as a xktilful optician HENRY A. WISE. ? i . . c PiTTSBl'Bo, Octoiler 21. 1854. Aljont five yenrs ago, I obtained from Mr. Tobias in \\ nsdiiigioii, a pair of filnss.-H for the ><pectTe!es wbmh I used, and fouSd then, of 5reat ?*n,luu?u, my decaYiui; \ isiou : and my <>p>monitf lorn is. that lie is skilllul in the preparati..,, of lilass ?|br ei?? not uh> f:ir gone fo be benefitted by sudi aid. J. F. MAY. ., I.TxrmrSfi. \ovemf?er7.1854 I- rom an examination ?l Mr. Tobias' filasse?. and from hit. observatioiiM and remarks, am convinced tnat he is a skilitnl optician, J. J. HLACK FOR I). M. L). i i ? ?f. i l<TNriiBCftn, November !??. 1R54. .Vr. John Tobias, liavu.g lurnisli*-.! trie with ?;ins ses. Iiy M liieh I have lieeri gr. atl> aided.Ooy vision ha\ in< suffered greatly from reading :ti nitlit "i mi earlier life,) it nffords me ihe In ;!iest pleasure to say that I consider h,m -k, t.,1 practiA: opt,can and well prepared to aid Hi u-tio irm> c^ d his prolt-ssional services. WM. Is. R<?1'/IK Eider ol the ??leibodi^t Conference. Mn IT, WUMISUTOJI, N.t'.. June27. UAt. ;BIAv^'?r;v'r '"?'''?w town*! >poct.-u !es winch I oblamed from \..u .a t week are entirely hat,sfactory. From a.i ,iicqiiibi> tl, t yisiCTlran-eoli"* ,-yes. | liavoheret.,f,.ie -r.^U aio.cult) hi ueitin:: guisse- of th-? nropr?r f, dn tamvs. It atlords mn pleesitro to state, that t.\ the aid of your optometer tlllsdirticnltv benri hrin.m m' ,'Ht '''"'''assea ?oii (l:rr.,tl,e,| rJv.o, !l r V 'l51" adujilwl to eye*.,I u,v 1 navo I V \ el Very respectfiiMv yorjrs, R. |{. DRa\E Rectorof J?,nes' |?ar:sh. Having been induce, 1 |(> a friend to visit the il"hni<tnt **f ^'r. 1'obias for the purpose (>f try ii<g I"s *as furnished wit h s pairs>itl,th co^r'^1 lilue, \y hioo .iii\ e .itlorile.l me mors relief ninl tni'iti catiou than any I have over tried. My suht, ?>rien ally very k?khI. was injureUby writing and reading nt nuht. frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid ..f th^se glares | can study almost as late ?ver, and that too without the pain I have previous ly suffered. JOHN Wlf.SON l<ateCommiasioneer (Jen'l l.and Otlice. Deo. II, I;i65a I have used Mr. Tobias's Spootacies lor three or four months, and take great pleasure in sa^ii,,; that 221 P"?','"*,, with them. I have bee,, much uKo I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilfui optician ; and a* (have even of remarkable pecihari t>. I was gratified to fi,?f mat Mr. Tobias seemed to eoii'prelieud tbem by inspection and some slight meKtourrimeiit. and he has made me a pair of Specta July II "myT ",8 aJllliraLI>- A. v. HL'TLEK. it i , Wa?hijictox, Aug. 8. tass. Hay ing been for years under the necessity of hav Tr'!a"m?" blf ""0 f,n> ''Khr. and o-,e bir lamp-light?I procured one set from Mr. Tobias whichanswored both purposes. | have used his lor scy oral months, aud hud them excellent. EDWAKU STI BBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles y ou f",m? Ti"e ^ft#'cr,'ay are particularly MtisfactorT inH l i.n .K J nre v"rj 'he best 1 possess, i . ? 'he owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selected in different places and ?from opticians rec onttnended to me on account of their professional standing in 1- ranee, England, aud the l'nite<l Mates, fhayo been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eves, forthopur p>?se of preserving and improving th? sight Respectlully vonrs, CHS. CALDWELE, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. IlROOKLTH OkTMoPABOIC I NSTlTt TiON, ao m . r , April, 1854. Alter most careful examination oi Mr. J. Tobias's ftrV ??'ahled to test.fy that the.r hardness, clearness, polishing, ami exact optical shape render them parttcu arly re^omuiendabfe to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want of sne.i auxtliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to detennino the focus of the e> e,t>oth nL-.! ? *iP^oai knowledge end experieuce, and t>> .h?, MrtT0'6/- ln a,|d,t'on- I can further t,e.,?? w.M ri r?bl" '??.? supplied some of my pa tients with Glasses to their arid iny satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D., n.ysicmn and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of the fV, t-ollege of S>urgeons, England; Memlmr if Jk I 'edlval, Society of London, and of tuo I athologioal Society of New York; late Sur i ISJ"0/'1'" Royal (Jrthopaedic Institution of 0.1nat?tution. ' a,,d S,,r?e"n of th? ?? t? .?,? NoHfot.K, Va., July ?7. lRM. ?rrlit IiTikJ o n0<l? evP" ,Wo J?"' 1 have found o-fTr i T "'''ainiiig Spectacles that wereex aUiy iwlapted to the weakness of my sight. Thism tbe nr'.TVt'i ?k f" have renHived for the preaent by the substitution for m? of better and 25rlW,lS5J0l!"e8. h(', Bre ,*l''nr, chrrslal-like ? iS?-, r"10"1' e>"K\ 1 wou'?l?ommend hin, t fiei^j r.7.n f k1"" B<" or ot.her u'hrm,ty require ar tibciai aid in this way. J. J. SI M KINS, M. I?. T . Wir \trxuToa. N. C.. June 16, 1?54. ro persons who t,?Ve l.a. I the sight of their eyes so 1,1 paired a? to require the us? of Ulnssos, I Would fmii'i wht.'m? i. rr>^ n" 11 """'able persou ^l,c,, Classes as tt.ex may re ? J. . " su,tp,, with n pair of Spectacles or a far and near sight. My si?ht l.a-been impatrod nJ,m,? ia *e";vlc<J ol years in the l??.st Otlioo fronM Vl i T '",?h herth me to be on duty ti ..^iTn, r"fht, 1,11 :,ft?r day, during which linio 1 usmi hut one light. \V. A. WAI.KKU. Pr..... ?o^KF*RiT?ll!XT uF. 'ntkriob. May ?, lavs. even' I oU ,V?t'.the unequal raiige of my r-il , ?urJ ? I":1 compelled to use glasses for seve ral years. i have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to mv eves Four for'ine wh'^l |r'l., 0,,,t' two ?'specially Hr the' m!li ?.VK. li.' s?'fve me e.Tleetlv, ?>y toe use of his optonioter be is onabie.i t.> iwlunt glasses most minutely to the eye iWstehe^rfn^ h rcoommend Mr. Tobias to afl han^mMon to use glasses, and bear mr testimony as to his ski1! as an opj^an. H^N RV E.^ALinVIN ' " A,? 1 9*rj to aign f .and Warrants. " S _KR AN4^K TAVI.OR. EL. assortment of CLOTHING of the finest Fashion, No. educational. |?ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. T,.? r Moxt??*hkt Cotitt Vn Tl* oourse of study emhraoes Ancient arid Mo',1 ?rni Langu?e?. Scene**. MaiVmaucV." ord.s" Bmnohoe. Terms for Hoard a?d Tmtmn AIW per annum. ( at.tiogues may be oi'tan>>x' at Bnllantyne's Seventh street. ?r h, xd.e.*n7\h* Principal at Brookeville, Md. "n< lM .? ? 1 u* I'KKTTVMAN- a. m. PrUiO, (JEOR GKTO W N COL I .KG K. Studiea will be resumed in this Institution on Monday the 7th of September next. 0 _au*5 Im B. A. MAGUIRE, Pre.. jllRS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG I'ADlhSf Corner of L nnti 10th itreett. nj,?*?*.xtf!L""l?n ?fth'? Institution will commenoe on the 1st i?f Septemlrer, IPo7. Competent and efficient Professors will, as hereto fore. be engaged in every department. particulars can he obtained by applying at the Seminary. an 21 d l i eoSw L'KMALK KNGI^H .AND FRENCH COL {? .^o F lkgiate institute. A 0. I.T2 I *tT"t. (tlrfihy'x lioir. ti'fir rorm'r ii _ar'7*' a *ii": """? i#. cf . CtaSXfnepl/tme,^: Ch8rR" 01 M in. C. Roll x Corson. Teacher of Frenoh. ayirp?.",sh' *r'" ,,.er,"*n. Drawing and Painting. '? E*ilik Rolli.I, Assistant Teach e- of t roncli. \fT^.dn,ve",?r * r'S ,n"tifnfe will lie resumed on *i \\f ^Pteralier, 1RV?. The court* ..f h i-r,nlT"^ a" ,h* ''ranches of a literal English and I renoh Education. In the English Department.which is under the im mediate direction of the Principal, special attention 1 * <>v?n to the Mathematics, English Grammar, ?"?'?'cnt ion.and the critical reading ofci.-issioal authors in English Literature. ?r^?Li?ruT,ONiir t!UIzhj 'x?th ?? a science and an art. I he I nncipal having devoted a number ot Tears to a earelui study ol the philosophy of the voiee'and its physical mechanism, is enabled to imparl dchniteand intelligible instruction upon the subject. kn f"r 8<y>u?nu* a praotical knowledge of the I- reneh languagear* not surpassed by those of any other Institution in the enuntrr. M me. Corson and her sister. M'lie. Kollin, are I arisians by birth, and their instructions and general tr T"h the ^'P'1'A1-" carried on exclusive ly through the medium of French. There are also oonneotea with the Institution a large number of ladtes who speak the language with fluency, t- or I erins, Heferences. .V o.. see circulars. winch car. be obtained at the Book and Music Stores, and of the Principal. A ciass of littlo girls will lie formed, who will re ?LVni0ar<*u,jf,nlc",,n "> -English Reading and Spelling, and the elemcntsof Fre-ich. Terms, per session of 5 months .*15. \y ithont !? reneh in au3fi-lm * i ^EuECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS. (ihO. W. IHlRRA.VCE, formerly one of the Principals of the Central Academy, his opened a ! 5?.i?r. ^5h"2!? for u">?. <?n C itroet, between 6!h | 111 I S t. >0. .Jhl. Number limited to twenty-five. r or terms ikqune at the School Room. ?e " oolin | ^JCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY. MNf'HI.LAN EOI'S HOOKS, CHEAP PFR pLV? '?S1 FER IODIC A LS, and NKtVSI'A I uv l". tlklJ'.'T?.*! 05Pt ces. st il,f NORTH ER N I IK> CHEAP BOOKSTORE,3CT Seventh street, above the Northern Maiket. aug 29 1m* ICE. I J. M1DDLETON, I i. ICE DEALER Office aad Depot?Southwest oorner of F and !2tt streets. \\ ashington. aptl-tf pUM PS-PI MPS-PUM PS. 1 he subscriber gives notice that he ooutinues to uniiuiat.ure his Irtrge Iron Pumps. They are strong and substantial and will raise water (iti? hundred 'f' Perpendicular. For information I refer v>u t.. th- inhabitants who have use?| them.and two t.'fth^m may bo seen on F street. I#tween 12th and iSih. one (it the corner ol H ainl istii. one u -ar the old Capitol tw" "" ^ 'tftiiita avenue, t>etweeii 2d nnd 4th streets, all put in operalton by order of the Mayor of H .ishinKton. fie will di; and deepen well*, l.ttiU eisterns lor ram water, put in operation t1><lr;iu.i?iii Kiiih, ?n?f Ppiir ?>l<| ptimpj of #*very ?leaeriptiou. Ttiose desiring his services w ill lie se ooniiiKMlated at the shortest notice bt o? ling on the siib.ieribT 111 \\ ashing 1 on, D. C., So. 4?3 Virginia avenue, near the Carroll I'iaee. etuni FOSTKK HF.\S||\\V. MC. Woo D W A R D' s I.TROPOLl PAN STOVE AND GRATE ? FACTORY. Tat (ireat?<t Csuiuig Xtuvs in 1h* Ctiittil I hive just reccired from Philadelphia a f??w ,.f tj!.? :i. w K1 s? \i; Stat, or double Ov n t'ookmg ?.oto: a de?'id-<l improveinem on the old Moruii.g . tar: patented 1K57. I hid tliein got up m l'hil*dsl p.|111 this last summer, exclusive1* for this tiinrk^t they are very heavy and strong, and <vi*t oftlio very l?*st Pennsylvania ValleuVo Ir-.n. tl I.ookmg I tens'U sre inadeextra lieavv. F. II Cbtjtith, |-,?(| , manufacturer. I have also, I'fik !.thvitv Star, made by A.ils'ttiV l.aure.'ice of the same pia<ae. Tmk I.'.i.HT Stkebt..Doiblk Ovk\ Cook, im,!* by \f, KMK. llaivan HartlettA t'o.. Ma'ti>nore, fo^ef'i??r wit h the verj l??st Aik I I-'lat Tor Cooking Siovks tlint ea'i be found in this or a-?y oil er market. so>no or winch are the cele! rated Si srisk. Imi rovrii tti.oFR, |- i.ora i ooj. N. r:.t Cooh. an.i the Bm*k KIDi.k A,K IIUHT Cook. I f r.nv mail oan priw'tice a better Cooking Move, toexeol the above Stoves, for roasting, baking. \ c.. I wi.l Ci\,. i,ni, .*iiion each otic. ? lease ca , and exsmme th-m. it will cost vou 15 "flung, ami you will see ail kn:-'s and ?orts of Stoves. Ac. for sale at *. . 1 0C- WOODWARD S. Metropolitan Stove and Giate Factory. No- 31K anaS22 1'n.nvk., Ix-t. imi. and lith sts. V. ?> . . .. Balcony 'u Front full of Stoves. .N. B. As to the Ski Shell fi.*t top Cooki\g Stovk 1 have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a vers appropriate name-Shkll. Yes, shells will huriiout in a few- fires. It :s a good name for them -good for the makers. And a? to the old Morn ing <tar. f sold them Inst f?ll, but will not sell them nraui. They are as thin as pastels?ard. I can prove thnf Ih^ maker's agent urg^d ine, for almost a day, last snmm-r 111 my counting r?N?m to sell them this Fall; say 1 lie that if I would take twentv-tive of them he would give me the exclusiveageiicv olthem for five years. 1 told him I would n?t have them at any price, they are so thmiy made. They are hand billed over town ??j one th't said last fall that th?y wer? not worth hav?ig. All the alsjre I can prove so 17 tf 200 o?iedDS UUULLEN YARN just hite.t.ray. Blank, and Fancy-colored Knitting \\ < o en \ em. White and Blue mixed Knitting Cotton. ..Also in store,a full stm-k of l>uiiask Table I.inen, lluckaUaok, and Crush To we line. WM. K. RILEV. se lo I in oorner 8th St., opposite Centre Market. ORPHAN'S COI'KT. September l ?. 1857. District of CoLC-WBtA. IVisiiuietoH County, to int.? In the eas- of ANN WtH.I.ARD. administratrix of JOANNA LANE, deceased, the administratrix aforesaid. Ims, with the ai<prol>a tion or the Orphan's Court of Washington County, a'oresaul. appointed Tuesdaj. the 13th of Oct. nex t, for the It rial settlement and distribution ofthepereo nal estate of said deoeased.ot the assets 111 hand so |Hr as the same have been collected and turned into 1 money .when and where all the creditors and of said deceased, are notified toattend.i at the Orpuan's Court ol Washington County,I with their claims pronerly vouched, or they may ot herwiso by law iic excluded froiuail l>eiiefit of said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the "Evening Star," pre vious to the said 13th day of October next. T'st: ED. N. ROACH, Rrg. Wills, rrue copy.? Test : so 2l-lawSw* ED. N. ROACH, Reg. Wills. T FURNACES. IIE attention ol tne community generally .and of Srpi".v,r u,v"^! u\ th? FEY All persons interested are solicited to call at our store and satisfy themselves of the superiority of this Heater over all others 111 use. So successfully have the principles of oombustion been applied nuts must ruction, that all hough it presents a radiating surface of oh, humdtr,l an.lji/ty fr,t, n re jin'rw'Airfir f-rcrHtl,,* l0al ityin iu,?aee heretof* ?re inaun fact u re?l. *^".7 tmprovenient that an experience of thirty yea ? 111 the luisiaiv Itusmess ootid suggest, hts EL". ??P,,rl. ,B U,e ^"^uetion of the Ke>st?.ne lienier. and us proprietors ftel assured Ihiit loretli oieucy and ee<iuoiiiy <tf use, it is unsurpassed. v SIBLEY 1 GUY. >0. 33n Pa. av.. lift, mth ami 11 sr?., , Exolusive Agency for tr?e sale of the an I-|4S2m Kevston Heater, t Intel. MA WJm; Union,TA 'I'h^in? HOME MADE CARRIAGES^ B|vVe have now on hand, of our own manufacture, a no assortment ot I, I U 11 T C A K ? R| \OF.S of latest and most approvcdrJgC^JVg^ Styles, autl warranted, in point of work msnshipand material, to be equal toanv made m the United States. We repeetfully solicit a call from citixeu* aud stranger* 10 examine our work, as we are determined to let none surpess us. either in quality of our work nr m lnw prices. We alM. do every kmd of KhrAIRliyli in a workman-ltka manner and at reasonable prices. A whic ner and at reasonatile Prices. r<o4 assorfrnsnt ?l seoond-hantl Carriages .-ii will be sold Utw f>r cash. ' GARDNER A PI.ACF Im l> h St., south Ol Fa. ave., umr the ?,*l. ?? 3 3w . EXCELLENT ROSEWOOD AM) A Mahogany Case Pianos, seoond hand iii&t opened on Saiurda?, act! for sale at great !*rgaoi?. he#1 JOHN F. ELLIS, THE WEEKLY STAR. Tbii ?smUui Puuir V??i jwtmi-tcm* wain? ?imiir variety of int?reet;nf r?dia? thaa o*n be foQiui in %af oth#r-;? ptUuhad oa Bfttirdar ?oniai, a . TIE Mi. tire o<'piM *j no tw1f?',e" I?? Twenty o..ptes ..... ,5 Cm>k. tnvmriabln tm adrama. w^r? M.?^o?ri^'.n* in Clihs f*n?d among ntitkhitri an10 V*al40B * ro*1 WIll.UVll! t/? K^JiS4' u of T?? u m?T "., , S SWS^itaf ?1*^7 ?,nlv "?? ?**??*????*? i.te .o ?S^tB^S&K:rn*"oir~ ..'RT'SiSMixsT'S'.r ,t: .syrysi paper. Price-'THREE CENT*. !I7*P''?t"M'Wi*lK>iMMi|iil?wi|J be allowed a cv.niins6Ji?h of J?? of nt. ^ Deatiitry, Ac. DENTISTRY. DR. STEPHEN BA1LY, Orriri .No. l? Pi??Tm!iu Avkmvb, Turn doors from 14(4 1>? BAILV hni iMvf to inform the paNiotbat he can tie seen stall hoors,at hii office,located as above. He feeia assured that an experience of bfteec iMn' practice, with the large numlxtr of patient*, and great variety ol dirfi.uii asses that he haa treated success fully. will enable l>mi to ourmouu! any difficulty, sciertihe or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hia own experience cor firming the ini*?i. of many ine? eminent in the profession. and especially Drs. llama iUi<l J. *jid t. Parmlv. haa ted him. lone ainci, tnaw* card ail mercurial preparations for (t ime Teeth,a so all Enamels, tiutta I'ercha. India R lbl-er. and Ce ments for the obstruction ol Continuous (rum I eeth. and that f'orcelian. mounted on Gold Plate, 1a the only reliaMe that oar be worn in the mouth, an was most conclusively ah an i?y the last A merman Dental Convention. Although he flattera himself from hia long real - ??rice and practice in \\ ash.nglon, he la favorably an<>wn to In* numerou* friend* and patrona. he bee a teave to refer them to following . . TESTIMONIALS: r roin the ,&?e Reetor of the Churoti of Epiphany of tbta city Dr. Stefhk* Batlt: D**rSir-| desire to ex preee in* esteem fory ?u personal It. and mv confident la Ton as it superior dentist. Theeperatioos executed fo.- me haveU*nhighi* aaii^factot 3. | hope that yoa nw* -eceive ih?? pair >nace from in* frienda md the public that your skill to veil deaervea. ... . Yours verj trnlv, Washington, Aug.*, I Sac. J. Wj'IENCI. FroinoneoJ theoldeat firms to Baltimore, Messrs. Boers, Cotman k Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baity, Surgeon Den tut, of \\ .lahmgton citT. to execute for me an im portant and ditfiouit piece of work, wmch he did to my entire samiaction, and 111 view of the fact that one of the in<>?t diatingiitvhed members of ihe Dental College of Baltimore, fa.led. after repeated tnai*. to perforin the same work aatiafactorily, n gives me feat plea mire to exprass m* entire confidence and Ltjfh estimation of hia profc?a;ona aki'l. B.v: unore, Jaa. 12, :&S7. HA KM ANN BUGGS. Extract fromanotareoeived fmm the late Hoc. Joh? M. Clay too. _ . ^ . U.S. Ssxats, Aag. 19.1HJR. The teeth too made for m? work admirably ; noth ing cou'd i* better. Very rratefully. JOHN M.CLAYTON. To thoae that aeek relief from the maladiee of tb? teetti. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Bai'y aa a superior Dcntiat: he made a aet of poroelian teeth for one of myftmilv.and plurged aeveral teeth for my aelf, acd the work haa all atood w?il for morethaa tenyeara. ROHKHT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Ccuroh South. Apr.! to, ia?. We. the undersigned, having had oceaaion to avail our?e!vea of the profcaaional aki'l of Dr. S. Baj.?, Sorgeon Dentiat of this city: or naving l*en cognix an; of h:a oper.-vtif>ns on our famiiiea or frienda. take p.ensure in expressing our adiiiiration of hia artiatio skill, as weil as of the uniformly aatiafaetory manner in wl.ieh he perf< rm? the most He'icate and difficult op?nitiona in Dental Surcerv.and wereapeetfulij re oomrnend him to the ounfidenee and patror age m 'lie pubi'c. of winch we consider him eminentl* worthy. Thoma* I". Waltkk. Architect I'.S. Capitol. Thomas Millkk, M. D..of Washington, I). C. I?. S. Boiiker, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. l.ixroL*, M. I)., of Washington. I). C. Jo*. H. Hr am.kt. of W ashington, I). C. Keorgr Wai.Tom. Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter I.esox. Ex-Ma* or of Waahington, Henry Bai.swiX, 1".^. iStent f?ffi."#, O.C. Wis HI, 1'nucipa; Kitte:ihouae Aoadem?. fel 2t> tf DR. VILLARD. DENTIST, I.ATE OF CH1 caeo, would respectful.* !?il.>rm tlieeit izeris of ! !? e District and v.;init>, ti.:.! hav | trig located b.iuseil in \\ ri' (it .?f ? .. ue is r?w p'cpnrej t?? perform ."1' :'pera':oiia ;n b a prolea ????ii. it. :be most approved ?'> ie. Office. No. 25", Peon, avenue, adjoining (Jautier'a jan >' It ^HK IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM18, M. p., the inventor and patentee of "Liin'r Wiairil Plate Tettk" havint. MMeeaafkllji iutri?luce?l m? improvement iiij v .r:.? i v ??,es. !,-i- i. -w p*?rri?!,r , eatfib liahed tuinself in Waahinaton. Thia improvement for Seta of Teeth eonaiats ehief It in aaaking a set ??f but ? ne pi-oe of material, a?>?1 tnat indeatructible miner*]. No metal la used in 'heir construction. r?r,d they are therefore free from jraivamc action and metaiio taste. There are Mt joints to l>ecoirie iilietl with moisture or particles of food, hence the(f ?rr p?v ami rl.aa. Th^y a-e lighter, strori*?>r. loss c u hi ay. tar more durable, and natural in their nppearance. I will gire a reward o (ti.? rtiousand Dollars to any one who willproduoea similar work >?f art to equrU mine in p<uit*( lieauty, duralnlity, artialio exoeilence or an) other requisite quality. All work re^ponaibly warranted. 27? Prima, avenge. l<etwcec lltb and 12th g'.reeU, ap !S-It Watches, Jewelry, Ac. EMNE \\ ATCME8, T RirH JFWFl.RT.et4 S I"AN|).\R p Sll.Vt^ R WARE. I*. O. HOOP It cops constant!*- on hand. an4 ig <lnlj receiving, a'l of the rieto-a' and moat Jt\ choice sty lea of l^at <|iia it* <><I|.D J K W - EI.R N . .Mso, the rr;.ist o: ie;-r^ted Tim ' K" watches, mi t??id ami Siiv.-r <*oe. i nnd is m*iniifacii:rn:c on Ins own p.-enii?e?. er.rt description <?? STANDARD SI I \ f.K WAP I-', (warrante*' I am ?? ,inz all :heaU?. ?? ar-1 every va'M tT of other FINE ttOO^S m imr Iiic, at the very lowest New York Cit? price*. '|'t>.>s? wh ? sre about to make their pur *hases w.>uid do well to ea'! xi JSt Pa.nisv I va ma avt-nue. Sun of the I.ARtiE SPREAD EA'il.E. ?"3 iJi-tf | States | PIACU! CLOCKK!! Cl<OCKS A s<nh1 BRASS CI.OCR for I have niat re ceived and opened all *he ne* et*|e Cb?cks^_, from % I i>p to Thrt trale Kiipp:i*<l usiialiat wti<>iose.;e prices. Alao.? lock Ma el teriala. mic.i a* Cords. Ive<?, Italia. Hamfa.lfjrl \N ires. Otis, Ac., at the Clock and Watch Storeof J. ROBINSON, &49,opposite Browns' hotel, 21 2m Sign l.arge Gilt Wati h. ? M>LD AND SII.VER W ATCII ES. J E WEl. * BY, AND FANCY ARTICLES. ( Ihavcjua't received another addi'l. II to Nil larr atoch of <1 >'d tttd Silver WATCIILS.of the MS la-st mikeis iu Europe. Also. Gold Cbaira of f.^} ever) style and pri?*e. Jewelry in aets and sui-AUk s.c pieces. r?*fiimert ?nd Finer Artie ea, Silvei piatod iia&kcti, Spoons, Ot*ft.r#. \ a., nt J. ROBINSON'S. 8?9, opposite Browns* liote!. Sign Large Gtlt Watch. N. B.?W ATCH R EPAIRI NG done in the leit m.-umcr b* a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted. an 2m w D. EICHLER, ? iVc.flor SKVFXTH STfiKET, (?etween Dand E street a west a .Or-. PR *r ~ TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps oonatantiy i a hae assortment of W ATCHES an>!<_ ??V. ai. hi "ii eanu a imwV:! |V EW GROCERY, WlN E, A N l? Ligr<?R STORK. The aubaoriber bega to inform bis frienda and tha public, that tie baa opened a NEW STOR E. corner of l?th a'reot and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand e iarce nnd \an--d r.ssor'nicn! of Foreign and iMinestic \V| NES I I tyl (IKS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, conaistiiie o| h mc Teas, Sugar,CoffW, Kiour, S>aa, Olives. Raison, Fiu*. Sardmea, Ai..,bovios, OtarJ, Marr^ft tc Co,, ^ ' jj,, ath| Col, Cii^hftvti*! Uniidies m nasea. demiiohns. and otsks. Old Ja msioa R urn, Sncrriea. Madeira. Port .if various de sonpttons, M. J ii! ten Ciaret, Chateaux Margsux in cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits. Reynold's Edinburgh A!e, Anmaette. Marasciono, ?"urcc.3, At>s\lithe.Champagne, and a large ti. i v;iried de ?cr.ption Havana Cigars. Also, Slough ton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cuter. I- amines are particularly invited to on!! and exam ine the stock Itefore pnrcnasing elsewhere. Mem l?erB of Congress are al*o informed that their orders will l>e promptly attendeil to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest ootioe. A cenerai assortment of 6'ie Havana Cigars, tm ported direct l*r the stibaorit> wholesale and re Canal Boats supplied on raaaonablo terms, and proOucc ti\k.*n in exol:an*e. Levy's Old Wh.ske*, c.>usfantly or. iir.nd. of trgn. Country orders punctually| to, aiid o<<an trv i.r.'duco ol ail descriptions received on mnaign J<?NAS P. LEVY, je 8 tf No.454 Twelfth street. I"7\|.L and winter goods. Now in store? 3*> pi,-ceK rich L'ark Calicoes. bti do. Bine and Orauge ll^avy Calicoes. I r servants, l*i d-. Ma. oliesterand Pacific Mills Delj*ines, R.c.l ao t at? lea Merino a-.d Valencia Piaids, AtW"^'J\rkwri*1,t- 1^'isdale, and New York Milla Shir:iiie?, Brown ar.d II I? ac!<*ei1 She* tings, of all widths. L ii itoniers mr v rely on getting tood Go. :l*, and at the lowest price*. WM. R. RII.EY. _se 1 in corner 8th at., oppo. Centre Msrltef. A" I STILL LIVE. N D will not be outdone by an* in the Painting Line. Having secured tbe scrviee? of sn rienoed Siguand Ornamental Painter. I am prepared to do SIGNS. BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, & c., in the lateat styles. Also, (vintieiie to do HOI'SF, PAINTING. Gl^AZING,and ftRAININ'Jittasuperior manner, at No. 5J Louisiana avenue, between Cth and 7th streets. ae 4-eotf M T. PARK F.W. 'I^REMOLtl ACCORHEON'S.auew invention 1 call an?l see them, at the Music Deeot of W. ti. METZEROTT. suit tirnor Dili a~t Ms ,?# RYE AND BARI.EY MALT, for sai* at tae CITY MALT HOUSE, corner oMVe* avenue and Blook gtreet, Baitufiure. Ma. ?Mf t-ly