Newspaper of Evening Star, September 26, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 26, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. RxarxcT to tbk Bravi ?At ?lx o'clock Iaat nitfht, * 1st* number of officers of the Nary ?ad Marine corps met at the Washington Club Rooms to take measure* to pay a fitting trlbuff of respect toCapt. Hermlon. The rh-iirvrat occupied by C om mod ore Shii brick. and Captain.* Rogers and Page were ap pointed secretaries. Commodore S.,on taking the cbalr. announced the purpose of the meeting in some touching re marks They had beer, called together, be said, to express to the country, and particularly to Ibe bereaved family of the deceased, our heartfelt sympathy for the loss of a valuable officer, the lamented Herndon The public papers have already given us an account of the clrcumstanc<*s of this great calamity. We know that Captain Jlerndon left Havana on the sth of the present month with about six hundred passengers on board t>n tl^e 11th he encountered one of those jj ile* which are frequent at this season.and which, on this occasion. Wcame a hurricane, against ?which he contended, usin^ all the resources of our profession When he saw that tbe fatal ?vent wa* inevitable, he met it with lirmness, his first care being for the helpless women and chil dren. Having accomplished this, and when other "wave men felt that they could now make provision for their own escape, he. like Paliiiurti*, with unaltered mood, chose rather certain death than abniidoume it of his post. No human eye witnessed how hefeced the king or terrors The hand of the Aim ghtv has drawn a veil over the Anal scene; but we who knew him know as well a* if we Imd *een It that he met his death with manly Ifrin ami humbl" submission. It is not far me to pronounce his eulogy?that will be d'-ne by tbe pen of talent and the tongue of elo ?iM-nce. The gifted historian, some future oupef, will write his name on the brightest pasp of our naval history It only remain* for us to psy our tribute ot friendship to the memory of the noltlf brave. Captain Jeukins moved that a committee appoiuted by tIk; Chair to draft resolutions ex ? pressive of the sense of the meeting?agreed to; and tbe Chair appointed Captain Attains, Co!. Harris, Purser IVBree. Dr. Clymer, Commander Jenkins, and l.ieut Woodhnll. The committee, after retiring for a few mo menta, retuniflffc with the following resolution*, which woe daammouslr adopted : ' The officers of the navy and marine corps, brought together at the seat of government by va Tious duties, have felt themselves impelled by a ?eomrnou impulse to give some public expression to th? deep and sincere feelings of grief, of sym pathy, and of piofe**ionnl pride, with which they have received the intelligence of the untime ly fate of their late brother officer, Commander \V illiam la wis Herndon. ??In this they arc far from being actuated by the mere sense 01 proprieties or conventional usage. They feel, one and all, the grief and the sympathy which belong to so sad an occasion; bi 11 > them?to those who were bound to him by ties of bloi'd and nature, and to the country, whose faithful soldier and servant he was?there i* a noble and sublime consolation, ar.d an exam pic worthy of all emulation, in the picture of bis btojc descent into hi* ocean grave, in the con acloMsne a '.hat his last duty as a sailor, a, and a Christian had been performed: therefore, 4 Resolvtd, That we, the officers here present, otter to the memory of our late brother the heart felt tribute of our highest approbation, our un feigned sorrow, and the hope that any of us, placed in tbe same trying circumstance*, may be readv to follow so noble an example of fortitude and humanity. " Resolrtd, That a monument be erected at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, commemorative of the circumstances of his death, not only as due to his memory, but to incite to imitation o'f bis noble conduct, and that a committee of seven be ap pointed by the chairman to carry the resolution lato prompt effect. 44 Ktsol. That, whilewe proff-r to tbe widow and daughter our heartfeIt condolence and the as surance of our readiness to maintain in deed the sympathy which we have endeavored to express in 1eord*. we indulge tbe hope that the wives and daughters of all of our professional brethren will co-operate with us in contributing to tbeiu that material aid of which they have been bereft in the Kms of onr lamented brother officer. ?? . Thstacopy of the p'oceedings and of the resolve* of this meeting be transmitted by the chairman to tbe ttereaved family.'* Captaia Adams moved that tbe Chair appoint a committee of seven to carry the second resolution Into p-oper effect, and that the president of this meeting be chairman of that committee ; agreed t<>, ard the Chair appointed Capt . Adams, Col Harris. Purser Lie Bree. Dr. Clymer, Commander Jenkins. Lt. Woodhull. and Commander Steed man And 011 motion the meeting adjourned. Thi River ?The excitement about tbe mys terioaR batteauman and his box. of which men tion was made In onr columns yesterd iy. con tinues on the increase About dark the ai^bt before last. Mr C., tbe wharf keeper at Pace's wharf, saw from that point a man In a batteau leave the ship-yard and proceed across the river iu a mysterious manner. He could not see from the distance at which be stotid. what was in tbe boat; and after our article of yesterday appeared he proceeded to consult with .Mr. B , and last night they proceeded, In company with several gentlemea who were interested in the matter, to cross the liver. Mr. B. being certain that be could point out the spot where the man had laid by on the night of the removal of the article Anslostnn l*land After crossing the river to ?'Gravelly Run,they instituted a strict search for any indications which would ue likely to lead to a discovery ; but after a long search they were obliged togive it up. feeling very much chagrined at their disappointment, not, however, l?efore they found in the long grass 011 the shore of the creek the prints where a lioat bad landed among the thick bushes, but nothing far I he. could lie ascertained with regard to this uha<;romit;tble affair. This morning Mr. II. called at the house of the batteaumaii ami inquired for him, but re ceived the answer from bis wife, who is a very e*t.iiiabJe woman, that her hustuind had gone d wn lite river for a wet k She see mi d very much excited when questioned a* to what busi ness had led to his going away, a* lie is a man w ho L* to lie fonnd at his home when hot em ployed at the wharf, and gave eva*ive auswers to all such interneratorie* as to the cause for bis a invitee. He is believed by many peisous tu lie ? ooceaied somewhere about his premises. Tbe r onjectures aw to what was in the much-talked-of box are a* various as the changes in the wind N'lrip persons believe that it contained a portion ? >f the jewelry stolen from Mr. Adam, ol Alex andria. recently; while others think it contained portions of dead Indies from some dissecliug r?om in Georgetown, and which the man has been employed to convey away. Arrived at Harvey A Co.'s wharf, *cb Mary Pa"erson. Capt Vannentan, from Philadelphia, with M tons of coal for Harvey & Co. This morning, the steamer Baltimore, in com ing op tbe river, when ju?t this Hide of Glyiaont. rame very near running foul of a schooner, and 01 aped fne catastrophe by almost a miracle. The Morgan Continental Guards, of Alexan dria, paiadtd yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, ai.d afterwaids embarked on board the barge < us!!*, in tyw of the James Guy. for Mount Ver n?>n, where they passed a ino?t delightful day. Afier they returned to Alexandria, they were en tertained at American Hall by tbe Mount Vernon liuald* The nav.gation of the caual has lie^n resumed, and IkmIs are expected to arrive at Alexandria shortly from Ike coal region. The steamer St Nicholas has been placed on the route iietween Port Tobacco and Baltimore; ?h?- made her Hist trip from the latter place oa the leth inst The directors of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Companv have ordered tbe regular an nual tneeting of the stockholders for the vHd of I v tolier. The robbe.s of lite jewelry of \V. IV. Adams, at Aiciandria,Lave not yet been arrested, nor are tbev known. Mr Van kiswick Is engaged in re-constrncting bis wharf adjoining tbe property of the steam boat company. A negro yesterday, on Isiard the ste.iTner Paj;e, when she landed at tbe wbarf at tbe foot af Sixth atreet, endeavored to see, a* the carriages were pa*?iag from the boat to tbe shore, bow near he could place hi* feet to the wheels without being damaged thereby ; be missed tbe figure by about one inch, and came olt with the loss 01 one or more of his toes A veiy large-sixed dark-col ored toe was this morning discovered lying on lb" guards of the boat, and the etiony miscalcu late of distances can have it by claiming and proving property. Riotots ?Last night a disturbance occurred at Allea;s Restaurant, oa Seventh street, which caused some excitement in that vicinity. It origi nated in a misunderstanding between Mess is \V J Martin and S. Strong, and had been tempo rarily quieted by the proprietor, and one of the parties hsd started away. The remaining one made use of some remarks not very complimen tary to the one who had left, and an officious |?er seu went after and told bim, and he returned. I poo which the p'in? i(*l disturbance occurred, which resulted in the arrest of Mr. Martin, who was laken to the guard-house by Officer Mc lleory Justice H<>tiiug?bead went to the guard h> use and released bim on hi* owu security to uppear at 7 o'clock this morning for trial. (COaXlMICATID. EUiU r qf Star : Be pl>-ased to mentiou in your next issue that the aiuotiol stated in the Balti more Sun of this ino.'uiag, in connection with the affairs of Messrs. Palro k .Vmrse. as a pre. Je red tUbl due me Was to my credit a* a public < 0i er. for the prompt payment whereof 1 h?ki their l??Md lor Not one doihf dee on my p' 1 vale account paid, or is considered as a ftxfmtd debt. M't H4KL Nockii. Sej-tember "?t. ? Goixc Dows ?Ilojs* holders will b# glad lo Leai that Su^ar of all descilptiona took a fall of cite cut per pound in this city yesteiday evening A f jalter lec.iine is expected. C**? Dismissbd.?Yesterdsy, a wariMt wi" issued by Justice W. A Mulloy against H. R Mnryman on the oath of Mary F. Hooke, who charged him with an attempt to commit a rape opon her on tUr 15th luat. The cane waa up for trial at 10 o'clock to-day. The prosecuting witness vild that at II) o'clock last Tuesday week Maryman came to her ho??e, no one was at home; her little sister was sitting on the door step; he nude certain propositions to her which she declined; he took hold of her by the unm and attempted to forre her on the floor; she naid to him "don't," he got angry and said he would have revenge; she told him If he didn't behave she would call for assistance; he then stopped: mv sister came In, and he went out; told her sister about it fifteen minute* after. Helen J. Hook sworn?On the 15th instant was sitting on the door step; beard iny sister say don't: went in and asked her what h>* was doing; she wouldn't tell me. In the cross-examination she said that her sister did not tell her If happened In the evening, a little after 12 o'clock, "She never told ine about It." The defence produced evidence to prove that on that day he was no where in the vicinity of the house of his accuser, he being a county constable bad a warrant for the ^uest of u colored man naimd William Scott, Mhrged with bastardy, and waa in search of hiin throughout the day. aud was not there at all. Justice Mulloy after hearing all the evidence dtided it insufficient, and immediately dismissed the case. Prices is Washington. We have obtained from reliable -sources the following llat of prices of such provisions as are in general use by house keeper* in this city. They are the retail prices, best understood by housekeepers : Flour?Supertine. per bbl., SO ?25a**; 50; bag, Si..5; extra, per bbl . *7aS; 50; bag. family, perbi?'.. if- 3N; l(ag,*.!2S Corn meal, perbushel, ilia*!. Itice, per pound, Tc. Bacon?Hums, per lb, 17c; side*. 16c.. shoulders, 15c, Cheese, per lb., lie. Coffee?Mocha, per lb., 20c; Java, 13c; Marncaibo, 15c; Rio, 12)?al4c. Tea?Green, per lb , 5tm?l; Mark, 50a75c Sugar?Hrown. per lb., I*ial2){c; clarified, lTallc; crushed, pulverized, and grannlated, 1.5c. Molasses, per gallon, 60a 75c; syrup. #1. Vinegar, per gallon, 25c. Prime lard, per lb., 17c. Candles?Tallujv. Isc; ada mantine, 3??r; sperm,50 Soap, Safe Salt?Fine, Eer bushel, 62){c; sack, *1 75; ground aluin, per nshel, 50c; sack, Sl,37)g. Herring, per bbl, f5 25a*5 .50; per ltX); SI 25; Coal?Red ash, per ton, S6.25; white ash, S6. Wood?Hickory, per cord. *7 50; oak, ffi;i?fi 50; pine, SI 50. The average pay of good mechanics in Wash ington, ia ?3 pe? dav. Day laborers from SI to #150 Centre Mmiket?The market was crowded this morning, there being scarce room to pass through the gangways under the sheds from an early hour until ten o'clock. The supply in the various branches was unusually large, and the provisions of very good quality." The hay stands were all occupied, and hay was selling at F7>^c. aSl per twt. The prices in the market were? Beef, per lb 12jShorts '20 Pork 12{Shlpstuffs 30*50 Mutton 12 Eggs, per doz.... 18*20 Lamb.prqr 75al (*? Ron butter 25&31 Sausage, pr lb.... 12 Lard 10 Veal 12a 15 Beef tongues 75aSl Calves heads,e#ch 25"Onions, per pk... 37a50 Bacon IRalS Tomatoes, pk.... 20a25 Shoulders llalo Breast pieces .... 16 Dried beef 1? Chickens, pr pair. 50afe? Turtles, each... I2a&l 25 l'hil'a print 37 Honey, per lb.... 25 Green corn....... 12 Egg plants 4 Grapes, per pk... SI Cabbage, pr Lead. 6 Dainsons, per pfc. SI Butter beans, qt.. 10 ?w?- Quinces, per p k. 50a*l Corned salmon... 15jApple?, pk 25?37 Herring, p*r doz.. 20a3l Peaches, per pk... 25a$l Terrapins, each... 37aSl Irish potatoes,pk. 25 Sweet potatoes, pk 25a37 Corn, pr bush S5a'? Corn, ear, pr bush. 60 Beans, or oush.... S2 Rye, pr bush 90 Oats. 40a45 Meal 87alH Beets, per bunch. 3 Carrots 2 Turnips, per b'ch. 4a8 Cantcloiif>e* 6a i2 Cucumbers, pr 100 50 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 Served Right.?Yesterday afternocn a gen teelly d'essed man approached a highly respect able young lady of this city who was seated in the Capitol Grounds, arid taking a seat by her, insulted her by making a most infamous propo sition. The ladv promptly moved away from bim and making complaint to the officer on duty In that part of the grounds, the fellow wjs promptly arrested and taken to the Capitol Guaid lloi se. Justice McKenna w;i* then called in and tais person, who gave his name as Michael Kel ley (probably a fictitious name) was fined *5 and costs. The officers of the Capitol are always on the watch to protect ladies from annoyance, and they have only to make complaint in such case to en sure prompt piiuisbiueiit to the offender. The Rrcoveeeti Jewelry.?As there have been many inquiiies as to the way in which the jewelry stolen fiom Mr W. W Adam of this city, was recovered withou^the detection of the rol?l>ers. W. D Massey. Ksq .of thiscity.. while in Philadelphia, a day or two since, railed on the Mayor of that city, and was Informed by him, ana by the chief of police, that the jewelry had been recovered in New York, but that rhere was no: sntil leut piiof to warrant the arrest of any pellicular p-rsou. The police are still actively engaged in ferreting out the robliers, and hope tl?ey may yet be able to recover more of the stolrii pioperty The story about th?* parties being known, and that they could not be arrested, like many other exaggerated reports connected with the alf tir, is without foundatiou ?Atts<iii Irta UaZ'tlr. ?? IIi.niing Park ?The trot for the $-25 silver cup at the above course, yesterday afternoon, was a lively and interesting one. Soni<* two thousand people were present. The horses entered were : Sea Breeze, bv J. Cook; N''d Hunter, by Thomp son Nay lor: Roan Doctor, by B. Hchofl- Id. The cup was won by Sea Breeze, In three straight heats. Time : 1st heat 2 '>U\ 2d heat ... 3.Mi\ 3d heat 2 57 \ Ned Hunter behav^-d l?adly, and made a poor show; Doctor did nothing to speak of, and was not counted at all by the judges. At the meeting la>t night of the Metropolitan Literary Association the following officer* were elected : President, N. Wilson; Vice Pre* , Dr. R B Donaldson: Secretary, I.. B. Dixon; Assistant Secretary, C. W. Uttermehle; Treasurer, G. W. Hill. The following question was discussed: "Are d'.ff tences iu chaiac.terattributable more to phys ical than to moral causes " The meeting night was changed from Friday to Saturday night at o'clock A Rare Chance fob the Pig Catchers is offered in the Seventh Ward, in the vicinity of P street south. Several dozen well developed pork ers roam undisturbed through that neighborhood to the great annoyance of the people owning flower gardens, and making themselves gener ally obnoxious to the Seventli Warders. The Auctions.?The auction stands were all c-owded this morning, and the salesmen were k^pt very bti^y till near noon. Quite a nuinl>er of horses were sold at the stand opposite the cen tre market, and at prices that were considered moderate by judges of such sales. The last nioht of the agreeable Fair of the Assembly's Church. Of course, everybody will b - at Odd Fellows' Hall this afternoon and evr ning. At 9 o'clock the great auction sale of unj disposed of articles will come off. Watch Returns?Flora Ann Campbell, a colored dame, who but recently served out a term at the city farm?alias workhouse?under superintendence of J. R. Queen. Esq., met with a white lady, M rs. Bridget Curtis, and committed a violent assault and battery upon her. Watch man Ward arrested her, and this morning she wa<> sent to the county jail for trial at Court. M i rgaret K Brow n. anoiuer colored f* m de, was tik? n np for grossly ind?eent conduct and lan guage in tb* pnblle'streets. She was sent to the workhouse for flit days. Several lodgers were ac c >mmodated. Mr. Foitor : One Thomas C. Donn, Justice of tii? Peace. in his very elecant defence of the Ma gistracy of this city, published in your paper of yes l- rday, has seen fit to allude to the two establish ments on Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, with ? hivh 1 aiu connected, as grogxeiies. Tliis commu nication, Mr. Kdilor, hso beuu iuiiuced t>? no faar vitalever of injury !>> reason of the Squire's "in fluence as one of the Masistracy;" hut it is merely lor th? purpose of corrcetinK an impreisiou whicn tlif S<|iiirehaii doubtless derived from hia earlier,or f rtiafs l*ter, practice &nd assooistion, and to re n.ark that, every place where one xets a drink, is not a ?rosrery. Iliere are iiroKiceries, however, wke?e people do get drinks. The 3^ uire has u^t ft vored us with adehnitioa ?f bat, if disor> fler, fi:thiocss. and dis?ii*tirK asseiuOlacas consti tute sutdta plaoc. surely Um quire's own sanctum, wker? he holds forth aa "one of the Magistracy" or this city, mi*ht not inappropriately he mistaken for a grocery. The Squire being "on* of tlin Msgi?. t racy' ;-h"ukl not let Ins "angry pas?ions rise," aud then it is probable that, with the geutlemen of the city, he would Hunk our establishment quite dec.-m ^d?.p.ou..!.rk-ec:ft-.ijll.NRY c ust 1 fepteinher *, TWT. ^ . U# Das. Hoxtkr *. Wii.liaJIs, Pkyiirta**J*r Dtstam #/ Tkr0mt isrf Lu*ft, ? North Charles street, B^timore. Dr Tinuter m Williams iriW visit Washington on tiue iita si.4 jitii of each isoutli, The next visit will l?s on Tuesday, the 29; h ijist. ? , 1 Otbo* j*i Pennayivaniftavenoe, over .Mrs. Voss a Jewelry Store. ?e 2^5t Morcmikt Board.?During the late g iber natorlal can vim to Virginia, which resulted *o dlustrously to those who Invested fund* In Mr. Ellis'* assurances of victory, a paper in that State alluded torertaln fiscal transactions simultaneous with that geutleman gexodn* from the Old Do minion. 51 r. Ellis, then editor of the '? Organ.'* was so indignant thereat, that be regaled hissub *cril>?r* with two or three col urn nn of editorial matter, complaining of the disingenuous attack. Had Mr. Ellis recollected this incident in his pe snnal biography, he would not have written the letter which was printer! in Mr. Fen ton's pa per last Wednesday. Tbe remembrance of the pain he felt, until that misconstruction had been rectified, would have withdrawn him from a sition which, in the first interval of reflection. he will regret having assumed If his purpose was to propitiate a certain class c?f clients by dis playing, in that communication, his adroitness in suppressing or perverting facts, it is the best rrofessional advertisement be could have issued pity his condition; fo? he seems to have reached that deplorable climacteric, when the mind has lost either the desire or the ability to discrimi nate between truth nnd error. The facts, in relation to the draft from Ala bama, are simply as follow; On or about the 'Jtitb of last August, a draft 011 New \ ork, drawn payable to my order at agent. Ac,, was rereived by me in a letter. I endorsed it as agent. Ac., and it was cashed by the Rank of Washington. Now, what else ought I to have done? It was drawn to my order as agent, and my signature alone could give it negotiable value. Had I |>aid the proceeds to the Boaid after the Hank had cashed it, they would not have telegraphed to New York to protest the draft, but it would have been sucked up. quietly, into tbat vortex whence there is no regurgitation Hut. suppose 1 had taken that course! Even while 1 record the fancy my goose quill gapes wider with merriment, and a beautiful emeraidine hue seeins to suffuse my eye. I affected no concealment of what 1 had done, and without delay mailed the letter, which hid contained the draft, to Vespasian Ellis, Esq , the 1st Vice President of the Hoard, with the fol lowing note: Mr. Ellis?Dear Sir: The annexed communi cation, enclosing a sight check for *40, was re ceived yesterday. 1 have placed the proceeds of the draft of forty dollars to tne credit of the Board on account of the balance due to me for salary un paid. Very respectfully, 8. Y. AtLki. August *21, 1H57. Mr. Ellis never answered this note; and I sup posed, of course, that my proceeding met with the approbation of the Boaid. Mr. Ellis, in his late letter in the American, dame* that anv bal ance was due to me. Such special pleading or quibbling for the purpose of suggesting odium on a fellow-citizen is as ''ungenerous" as the al legations against himself by the Virginia editor, and shows the desperate strait to which he is re duced in his vindication of the Hoard. He heard the report frequently read, In which the balance due to me was stated by a committee specially appointed lo examine my accounts. Hut he is technical enough to deny anything, eveu that Flournov is Governor of V irginia If the Board were displeased, why was 1 not ad vised of their objection ? Why have they allowed a whole month to pass away, and then', without the slightest premonition to me, make it a topic for the newspapers ? If, as one of the surviving quorum, open and decorous dealing was not al lowable, why for the sake of lang svne, and in accordance with his duty towardsa Knight Com fianion of the valiant and magnanimous order of he Unfinished Monument, did he not give me timely warning of tbe approaching danger? Verily St Paul well taught the Corinthians that "evil communications corrupt good manners," and the majority of the Monument Board of 1855 have, by a seasonable withdrawal from contaminating in fluences. manifested a saving faith in the oracle of Tarsus. My resignation as Secretary of the Society was sent to the second Vice President of the Board on the 30th of May, and I have reason to believe that it wits duly referred to the Boa-d: but, up to the present moment, I have received no official no tice that it was accepted. How can the delay be justified? When 1 was elected to inv predeces sor's vacancy 1 was duly made acquainted with the order of the Board, and the piiblic were ad vised thereof through the Organ, edited by the flr-Jt Vice President. The country was thus, at least semi-officially, informed that communica tion to the Board was to be m id", thereafter, through a Dew channel, and this fact was more pirticularly inculcated In numerous subsequent publications. If similar precautions were neglected by the Board after m<j resignation had been transmuted, t iev in ust abide by tbe consequences of their own and they cannot now claim advantage of their own wrong. 1 have never been absent from the city since the first of June, so that there can be no excuse for not serving due notice upon ine Neither has tl ? public been notified by tbe Board of my resigna tion, and of the name of mv successor Howean tbe Hoard explain such remissness? I did not. however, forget their interests, and was. for two or three weeks in June, industriously engaged in discharging certain duties imposed upon me by that body. At the adjourned regular meeting of Tuesday, May 12th las:, the following resolution was adopted: '? H- <olvtd, That the Secretary make out in writing anycharges he may have to make against the Board,'" and, at the ensuing .special meeting of the 21st; my prompt compliance with said res olution was demanded " I lost no time in preparing for my task : but circumstances forred ni*-into resignation before I could lay the result of my labors before the Boaid. I, nevertheless, fulfilled the obligations imposed upon me, and my report was published lo the Stalest and consisted of five charges, viz : that ? 1. Tbe Board bnd perverted the organization whose a flairs they had l?eeii administering to partisan and sectarian purpose*. 15. That they have grossly neglected the inter ests of the Society. 3. That Jhey bavo not kept a fair record of their proceedings. 4. That they have permitted tbe T eisurer to dime^aid, without reproof, his official duty, as set forth in the Constitution of the Society. !i. That they have, niter ascertaining a discrep ancy in tbe flsc'il transactions of au employee or employees of the Society, suspended final pro ceedings; and thus connived at irregularities involving tbe loss of funds, intrusted with |k cullar solemnity, to the enstod/of the Bo nd. I sustained these charges, a* well as I could, from official records; and. as the Board listened t and uttered no sign of dissent, I congratulated I myself that I had, for once, given that querulous quorum unanimous satisfaction. Hut, since Mr. Ellis has entered his appearance as a;torney u for self and associates," soin-: of my late specifica tions may be controverted. It ought to b*i an easy thing for him to do so, for as he wields a quintuple weapon he can spare a pen a piece for the. several charges I see, by Mr. Ellis's letter in the American?a title, by tne way, " eontainine ?? atrocious and nn vnmittgntid ntlMmny"?that said draft has been, by order of the Hoard, protested, and may probably be put in suit! The threat does not in the feast startle me. although four-fifths of the '? sur viving quorum" are at'orueys and couu.sellers at law. In conclusion, I would recommend Mr. Ellis to cease vexing tbe public ear with his cracked "Organ." and, in conjunction with his associates, go to work and finish the Monument by the 22d day of February, l&V. It Samprl Yorke AtLkk. MARRIED. At St. John's Church, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Thomas G. Achlis<>n HENKY 1). J. PRATT to I.OIJ ISA, daughter of D-uiel 1). of this city. ? DIED. On the 25th instant, Mr. THOMAS MULVA NE Y, in the 67th year of his a re. Ilis friends are requested to nttend the funeral at 4!fi 9th street. ( Baltimore and Philadelphia papnrg please ooyy .)* On the 2Mb insta if. ELIZABETH FRANCIS daughter ol l*?rr? and Mary E. Knight, a^eil se.sii months and 25 days. The Iriemls of ti.e family are requested to attend her fuueral at 3 o'clock p. in., from her father's resi dence, on E street, between 4}i and 6tli streets. Dearest Lizzy, ttiou hast left us. Here thy loss we deeply feel. But 'tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heat. * On the21st instant, CATHARINE DALY, axed 22 years, daughter of Daniel and Mary Daly, a native of Ireland, oountv of Kerry. Her faneral will lake p'aoeon Sunday, at 3K o'olk, fro'ii the vault of St. Patnck Church. tNew Yord papers please copy.) ? J^ASfllONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDER takes great pleasure 111 announcing to his fnends. former patrons, I and the public %eneraMy, that he will resume the duties of his Soiiool. at his 11*11, comer 9th and D streets, on Thursday Afternoon, Octoiier 1st, IK57, at 4 o'clock. Prof. M. will introduce diving instruction by the Piano and Violin, haviu? ascertained that the pro gress of the puoil is much more rapid with tbeac ? oiiipsniment of the above instruments. He has the collection of New Dances that has ever boen introduced into this or any other city. and hopes, by the Mattering reputation which lie already enjojui, and the extensive preparation for a brilliant season, to merit a liberal share of the best patronage. N.B.?Persons wishing to confer with Prof. M. will please leave their address at Mr. Jno. F. Ellis' Music Store,3Wj Pennsylvania avenue. se M tt |) A N C 1 N G A OA DEMY. Mr. T F. gaszynski and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Lad>e* and GeaK?& tleinen of Washington and Georgotown that JS he will re open his Classes for Dancing itMR Washington on Friday, the 9th of October. atUUO* Mr. Ci*>uch's Hall, corner of Utb st. and Pa. av? over Karnham's Bookstore, for Missesard Master*, from 3 o'clock p. in.; lor Ladios and Gentlemen, from7o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, ?h?;7th of October, at Miss Harrovcr'* Ladies Sem inary, Irom 3 o'clock p. n?. r'or tenns and particulars application can be made at Mr. ti.'s reeidsuoe, MJ7 E street, between Mb and l"th streets. g* 12-ftm I?UK A FEW DAYS LONGER.-Great Bar gains.?Closing out at H. J. Mclaughlin & co's, se 28 between ?tk and 9tn at*. ATOTIOT I1T.1 Br E. S. WEIGHT j (ieorjetowa. P?4X&HSg.W?" AT AUCTION.?On ? i u V, tlM* 3Wh ?a?t?nt, at 12 0 clock on F. A A. H. DodieV wharf, the cargo of the schooner Ten, consisting of? I'M hhds. Suear, greater part ofchoice quality. EDWAKl) S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, 2K-qtdi* <?#orgeto?n.

~~ rORREHT ASP BALK. For otktr" For Kent and Salt" ntlittt .??? \*t pugs. LM)R RENT.-The STORK No .2*13 Penn.av7 r nue,south side. Iwtween 9th an.I loth street*. If desired, the dwelling part of the House will tie rental with the Store. Possession given October Int. Inquire at the passage d<^or. Hear, 3t* MRS. S. HAMILTON^ |?OR RFNT.?The HOUSE adjoining theKirk 1 wo d House, on Penn. avenue. Possession given 1 tit October. ?e '.'V3t* FOR R KNT.-Vert desirable seonnd story ROOMS, furnished ami untarnished, at No. 4^0 13th street, between F and G. Gentlemen pre fered. Also, a well furnished and centrally located Honse for rent. A pply as above. m 25 3t* FOR SALE.?A ooinfortabletwo-storjr PRAMK HOUSE,on 6th street, lietweenMand N. A bargain may l?e had if applied for immediate!?. H. N. LANSDAI.E. Agent, ae 23-lm* No. 564 M street.^ l^OK R F.N T.?1 have for rent two sinnli FRAME F HOUSES on Square 121, little east of the De pot, one fronting F and the other 2d street, with gardens and front fences attached. For terms. ten.. Inquire or ALKX. H. YOUNG.City Post Office. llfcNRV COST, se2T2w* Jefferson. Md. Ij^OR RENT.?The STORE-ROOM No. 516 7th street, immediately opposite the oflice of ih?r National Intelligencer, aim now occupied by W. Clendemn as a Boot and Shoe Store. Po?session given the ifith Ootolier. For terma, &c..apply te (?F< >. W. COCH RAN, next door. se2i-tf 1r*OK SAI.K.? Two oomfortable F R A M K DWKI.I.INGS, N'oa. 116 and MR. situated on north aide Kaat Capitol at'eet, bet ween 4th aud 5th atreets east. Terms: in cash; balance in 1,2. and 3 years for either houae. Apply at No. 612 (2d atorv > 7th street. ae 15 POLLA R I) WK.BB, Agent. F^ARM FOR RENT FOR A TKRM OF YKARS?A Farm of fid acres; one half cleared aud under cultivation, aituatcd in Alexandria coun ty. Va., adioiniug and north of the Farm of G. W. P. Custis, and about a quarter of a mile from the Georgetown Aqueduct. The land is of excellent quality. It is well enclosed, with good dwelling, stables, and other houses. For particulars inquire onthe premises,or to IIKNR V Ml RCII, 19th street, between M and N, Washington city, D. C. au 2?-S6w* I^ARM FOR SAM..?A small FARM, contain ing IS acre* of l.and, will be sold in lota to suit purchasers, or the whole of it disposed of to any one wishing to purchase. It is within two miles or the Centre Market. For information inquire of CEO. E. M<?ORE,east of tne Park Hotel, 7tti street. sol9-w3w* ? OFFICIAL. treasury Department, , Septeml>? 2S. 1857 { NOTICE IS HKRKBY GIVEN tT. the holders of atockaof the Un.ted States (hit tins Department will purchase such certificates as shall be received here, duly assigned to the United States, previous to the 1st day of November next, at the ratea here tofore offered and paid, vix: 10 per cent, premium on the loan of 1842; 16 per cent, premium on loans of 1847and 1848; and fi per cent, premmmon Texas indemnity 5 per cent, stock, together with the interest accrued :n each case fiom 1st July. Certihcates of stock reoeived here on or after the 1st day of November, until further notice shall be given, will be purchaaed at the following rates, viz; P per cent, premium on the loan of 1842; It per ccnt. premium on the loans of 1847 and 1R48; and 5 per cent, premium on Texas indemnity 5 per cent, stock, with the accrued interest payable there ou, respectively. Where certificates of stock inscribed and traua f rable on the books of the Treasury shall l>e re ceived here, assigned to the United States, between the 1st December, when the transfer books will !>e closed, ami the 1st January, when the half-yearly interest is payable, the accrued interest for the hnif year must be expressly assigned to the United States by the stockholder, as no interest for the current half year can bo included in the settlement. Uut the same will be payable by the Assistant Treasurer on the interest schedules as heretofore. In all cases the purchase sums will be settled in lavorof the lawful holder of the stock, who shall assign it to the United States in the mode prescribed by the regulations of assignments of stock; and re mittance will l?e made of the amount by draft on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, .New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the party in whose favor the settlement shall b* made. One day's addi tional interest will be added Irom the day o| receipt here for the draft to bo sent by mail. HOWKLI. COBB, te21-dff Secretary of the Treasury. C'OMK AT I.AST.?Another lot of those infallt ' hie SKLF-SRALINO CA.NS-screw tnps the lies! Can in use. Also, a fresh supply of Housekeeping Articles always selling at the lowest pries. G. FRANCIS, se2.?r?r* 4f>> Seven1 ii street. OTOVE8I STOVES' STOVES !S ^ ? The attention of those in m-ant ol STOVES is invited to iny large and well selected assortment. Having given great attention tn their solootmn. 1 am confident I can suit a'l who may favor ine wiih a mil. Amour my numerous ?"'lection I will name? The Union Complete, Maria Pe .n. M xlei Parlor Cook, ValU) Cook, Virginia Cook, Ten 1'late, Evening Star, Liliert) Star, Baltimore Complete. Virginia Air-Tight, A c , Ae. Together with Parlor Stoves, of great variety aud pattern? Radiators. Air Tight. The Oval Franklin, Little Dorrit, A c. With bed-room and dining-room Stoves, of various patterns, and all sizes. I am also prepared to nut up, in the most app-oved style. Kistervock's celebrated wrought-iron VVairo Air l'umaces, for heating Dweiing Houses, Churches, Assembly Rooms. A e., wh ch from the simplicity of its construction ami easy management has never failed to give entire satisfaction. Call and examine for yourself, at WD. D. W YVII.I.'S, Stove Manufactuer ana Copper,'1 in, and Sheet-Iron Worker. 4.V> Penn. avenue, lietweeu Third and 4*4 streets. se25-lw* South side. I VOCAL MUSIC. nstruction IN WASHINGTON AND G KOR O KTO W N. C. IRVING'S Vocal Music Classes meet for in strnction and practice at Temperance Hall, on K street, above I), oil Monday,Wednesday. ami Friday evenings. Afternoon classes at 4>i o'clock, and night class at 7fc: and hia class for Georgetown meets at Mr. Arnold's School-room, on West street, ad joining the residence of Rev. Ur. Hooosk.ou Tues day and Thursday evenings, at 1% o'clock . Terms, (in either class,) 22 lessons, $5. Indies and gentlemen desirous of reoeiving a thorough knowledge of musio will be gratified by uniting with either of these classes. Application can l>e made to Mr. I. at the Hall or through the Post Office. se 21-tf MR.W. HENRY PALMER'S pianoforte CLASSES are daily adding new members Per sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Palm er's services are requested to enroll their names as early as possible. This Class system is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system of instruct! in. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Terms is Advance. Primary Class per quarter. Advance Classes 8All applications to be made to Mr. W. H. PALMER, at his residence,260 F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. Georgetown Classes meet every Monday and Tiiursdsy at P' o'clock, at Miss H&rrover's George town Female Seminary. se 24 tf N KW STOCK OF FALL DRY GOODS. I return sincere thanks to my friends, and the pub lic generally, for their kind and liberal patronage bestowed on me, since my commencement in busi ness, and would respectfully inform them that I have just received a large, well-selected, and entirely NEW STOCK OF KALL DRY GOODS; there fore would ask from them an examination of the same before purchasing elsewhere. I feel oontident I cm give .perfect satisfaction, both in price and quality, as I am selling exclusively for CASH, therefore can offer greater inducements to purcha sers than those who do a credit business. C. P. PERRIF., se 22-fit 375 Seventh street near I. DRESS HATS! Fail Sttlk 1857; Wehavejnst reoeived 2 oases more of new and beautiful stylo* of GENTS HATS, which f'Trf uniqueness of pattern, quality, and oomfort. can - ljl not be surpassed. Call at GEO. II. B. WHITE A CO.'S, Hat and Cap Stere, 352 Pa av., between 9th and loth sts, P.S.?Also, a superior assortment of Men's and Boy's FELT and CASHMERE HATS, ail oolors, tizes. qualities and prices. Cheap for ca?h. se 16-eo6t ' fcj JAMES SKIRV1NG, southeast corner of penn. ave nue AND ELEVENTH STREET. Naac, Has Just received a ftiII supply ol those celebrated IMPROVED MORNING-STAR OOOK STOVKS, which have I wen well tested for the past four f?ars, and have proved themselves to be un equa.|e?d by any other Star Stove extaat. Caliat tne Washington Stove, Grate, Range, and Hot-Air Furnace Manufactory, southeast cornet of Penn. avenue and llth street. se l<t-eo2w Souvenirs of t r av el, by Madam i.e Vert, t vols.; pnoe $2. Astronomioi-Tlieological Lectures,by Rev. Rob ert fa?lor: price 81.38, The Operatic Album, by E. Ivea, Jr.; 75 cents. Harper's Magazine for October; 2^ cents. Tne Five Gateways ?sf Knowledge, by George Wilson, M. D.;50 cents. se ^4 FRANCK TAYLOR A M Si H A M S!! ~~H A M SJ1! We have a choice lot of Fami'y.oured HAMS, which are unsurpassed in excellence. KING A HUKCHELL, ?e 24 Corner of Vermont avenue and 15th street. H AUCTIOV TO-DAY ? TO-MOKROW MORIfllfO. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AN EXTENSIVE i ATO SCPIRIO* a?*ORT*R*T or StLRt, Cloaks, Mantillas, Drt Good*. Hosiiit, kts., rt cat ALoor^-On MONDAY, the 2lst instant. I than ?ell, commenci nc at 1* o'clock a. m.. by r*talo*pe.At the extensive ljJMlte*' FurnitbiniMil No. Mi Pennsy Ivania avenue. t?etween Twelfth w>d Thirteenth streets, by virtue of a deed of trust to the *nb?crit>er. dutT recorded, all the stock ol goods in the establishment. W e enumerate in part Fine Dress ami Fr.ncy Silks The richest Silk Velvet Cloaks and Mantillaa A large lot of Cloth Clonk* and .Mantilla? A large assortment of Brosha and Estelle Shawls and Scnris Worsted ladies' and lient's Long Shawl* A large assortment of Paraaols, Bereges, Robe*, Capca. Shawls, am) Veda A large lot of Kmbroidered Svmi Canilmcaiid Plaid Muslins A large lot of Irish and otber Linens Talmas and Head Dresses l<adies' and Gent's Hemstiched Handkerchiefs A large assortment of Indies' and ticnt's Vesta and Shirts Mousselines. Kereces Lawns, and Ginghams, French Calico, Ac. A lance lot of Wear hed Shirt in* Cottons tuid Cam brics Fancy and other Fana A large ami very superior assortment of Indies' and (ient's Gloves Verv extensive assortment of Frenoh, English, and German Hosiery A large assortment of Indies' and Children's H?h>p Skirts With a large lot of other articles winch we deem un necessary to enumerate. ID" This Sale will t>e continued daily until all ta aold. Terms: Of and under $.?>. cash : over $50. a credit of 60 ami 9n days, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. JOHN B. KIR BEY, Trustee. a* 18?d A. liRKEN, Aeotioneer. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. Auction sale of boots and shoks. On MONDAY ne*t, 28th inst., at ten o'clock a. in., on the second door ef I. N. Faaraon'a Ware house on Cougre:s street, I shall sell in lots, 777 pairs Boots and Shoe;, consisting of men's fiu? and coarse foots of superior quality, in casea. Also, women's and misses high and low quarter Shoes and Boots. Also, coarce and fiae Shoes of various cut and atvle, *o. 'Forms liberal and at sale. Sale positive and with out reserve so 24-d E. S. WRIGHT, Auolioneer. FUTURE DAYS. F, 1VDTICE.? Bt order of a writ of distrain from 1 VJohn Waters, against the goods and chaite'aof the late James Cook, and to ine directed, 1 have seized and taken the following property, to sttisfv rent due in arrears, to wit: Six Bednteads, two Feather Beds, ten Shuck Mattresses, one Cooking Stove, one office Stove, one dozen wood Chair*, three office Chair*, unc Couuter. one Oyster Box, one large maboganv Kxtension Table, three I."Mik ing Glasses, two Clocks, one lot of Bed Clothing. A 0.. together with a general assortment of house hold and kitchen requisites. And I heretiy give no tice that I will expose the above-named good* aid chattels at politic auction to the highest muder. for cash, on TUESDAY M< >R NING next, at 8 o'clock, September ??th, 1857, in front of the Bank ot Wash ington. ae ;5 3t J AMES GINNATV. Bailiff. Hr A. GRF.EN. Auctioneer. INE N F. W THRt- H-SHHtT BRICK |hocsR, with Back B iLn-su. on L*treet SOKTH, tKTWKKM 4TH ASD OTH STREETS WEST. AT Avctiuk.?On 1- KIDAY. the iHth instant, 1 svall sell, in lr< it o| the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., a ha id tome three-stor* and nearly new Brick House, containing eictit conveniently arranged rooms. Pas sage, and oisterr in the yard, wnh all the modern conveniences. This property is handsomely located on the north side of L street, between 4tn and 5th streets. Terms: One-th'rd cash : lialance in 6, 12, 1R. and 24 months, for notes (tearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaaer. Tilie indisputable. a* U-d A. GREEN. Auct. !:~r I\ CONSEQUENCE OF THE HOUSE not i>eir.g completed, the sale is Postponed until WEDNESDAY, the 23d instant. se 18-d A. GREEN. Auct. ID" THE A ROVE SALE IS FURTHER Postponed until TUESDAY, the 23th instant, game hour. ae24-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, iaetiaassr. U)Ol) TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE. T WITH ItASiCMKIT AM) Ut. AT Aictiom.? On MONDA V, the 28th instant, I shall soil, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. in., part of original Lot Afo.tfi, in Square No. VN, with Hie improvement wliicli i?- n ciKxl two-story frame house with Ua?e ?neut. Tlu? property fronts <?n the south siJe ot south F, bet w een 3d and streets west. Terms : One-half cash ; Imiaace in six and twelve months, tor notes bearing interest from day ot sale, A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ae 23 A. GR KEN. Auctio ooeer. Bv BARNARD & BUCKEY: Georgetown. 4 DESIRABLE MARKET FARM NEAR a v turCitt at Pcbi.ic Auctio*.?On WKDN KS DAY AFTER \OuN. September :?> 2 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell a very valuable Market Ffirui,aliout '*o miles from Georgetown, lying l>e tween Rock Creek and Tenally 'lown. halt a mile from Tenall> Town. It contains about ninety acres of gi??l land, pait hi wood and part cleared. The improvements consist ot a small Dwelling-House, Stable, and younir orchard. Persons desirous of examining the farm can tie Jirecled by inquiring of Mr. James Scott, No. Uir, H street, Washington, or of Mr. Win. Kramer!. Terms: One-bait, castr Ihe residue in ti and 12 months, with interest, secured b> deed of trust on the premises. Deeds at purchaser's cost. If the terms of sal^are not oomplied with withiu three days, the property will be resold at the pur chaser's risk, after giving ten days' notice of the sale. BARNARD A BUCKEY. se 7 dtj Auctioneers. By A. (JREEN, Auctioneer. (CARRIAGES, BIGGIES, CARRYALLS, j Harms**, Hoksk*. Ac. at Abctiox.?Oa THURSDAY, the lat day of Octolier next, at 12 o'clock in., I shall sell at the Livery Stables of Messrs. Webber A Blake, on tftli street, near the Navy Yard sate, the following articles, vix : 2 Carriages, one nearly new S k o'si Hu*gy Wagons 1 Carryall, for one or two horses 5 good Carriage Horses, young gentle, and sound 3 sets Double Harness 3 do. Single do. And mam otherartides lielongingtoa livery stable w hich we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: All sums of and under ?}'IU'\ cash; over that sum, a credit if tin and 90 days, tor satisfactori ly endorsed notes, bearing interest from day of sale. _sel5-d A. GREEN, Anctioiieer. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BUILDING LOTS im Umox Town.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the llth day ol March, lx.57, and re corded in Liber J. A. S., No. 129, folias 36M, et seq., the subscriber will sell, at public sale, on TUES DAY, the i9th day ot Septemlwr, !So7, at 6 o'clock p. m.. at t uctioii Store of Jamos C. McGuire. on the corner of lutli street west and I'ennsy Ivauiaave iiu^, Lots Nos.9.10.13,14,15, and Union Town with the appurtcnances. The ats>vc Lots are beau tifully located, and desirable for a country resi de nee. Terms: One-third cash; and the lmiance in four, six. and nine months, for notes tearing interest from day of sale, secured upon the property ; am! if not complied with within tive days aHer the sale, the property will be re-sold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS.S. WAI.LACII, Trustee. ae22-eoA.I* JAMES C. McGLlRE. Auct. By J. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRCHTF.K'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM trovrd Real Estate sear tmCextkkMar kkt.?By virtue of a deed in trust, oearing date on the 38th day of March. IMS. and recorded in Liber J. A.S., No94. folio 4"4, et seq., the subscriber will sell, on WEDNESDAY, the Sithday of Septem ber. 1H.Y7, at 5.^ o'clock p. m., on the premises, one undivided moiety or half part or portion of l.ots N'os 1 and 2, in Square No. 3SI, fronting 4? feet on the public square opposite Centre Market. IjHfeet on nortii C street, and 141 feet 1 inch on Louisiana ave nue, and 90 feet 9 inches on Lot No. 3. in said square, with the ouiidirss and improvements, which oonsist of a large and well-built tnree-story Brick Budding, covering nearly the ei'tire grounds.and containing several atorcs. halls and other rooms. The above property is well known as Ha.siiipA Weeden'a, and local ed in one of the inost valuah c business portiona or the city, and will produce a rent of .?3,'?? per an num, and otters to capitalists a rare opportunity for investment.. Terms of aale: f-V**) cash : and theilelanoe in 6, 12,18, and24 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured upon the property by deed of trust; and, if not complied wth in nve days from the day of sale, the trusfee reserves the right to resell the property, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. se9?StawAds J AS.C. McGl'lRE, Auct. o. 7tn all-1* New fall and winter goods for GENTLEMEN. ALSO. SOMETHING >Y>R THE LADIES. P. J. STEER, Merchant Tailor, No. 438 7th atreet, Washington, la now ready to exhibit his new Fall and Winter Goods. ' Gentlemen will pleave cell early and select ehoioe stylos. In the making up and the trimming of l.. work sold at my store. I guaranty a snpenor style and ample satisfaction to the purchaser. The ?dverti?er. having the agencv for the aale of Whee'er A Wilson's illimitable Family Sewmg Machines, would confidently recommend them to the ladies, and to all others engaged in making up Irdies' and children's Clothing, and in Shirt-making, as beyond all controversy superior to any other in existence. Full instructions are given, and entire compeiency ia guarantied, in al: oases, to tne operator. Ijuties in want of a really good Sewing Machine, will do w ell to c9tl at my store and see for them selves. ?eS-2awSw IiM>K SALE.?A very hue laity a riding HORSE ; &U?? wo#*kh well ih sinf Icm ikI dtiuUe Iwir iress. Sold without fault. " be aegn at SMITH'S Livery and Sale StsMef,^^ ae 24 31* latii street. F OUR PRINCE'S MEI.ODEONS, Six Mnson A Hamlin's Melodcona. Jnat received at our Piano ttore. se24 JOHN F. Ef.LT*. TWO BEAUTIFUL BOSTON PIaNcim opened this day at ELI IS'S Piano St??w. |>EA NUTS. " ? 1 A) tiushels PKA N UTS for aale by ?? -B t.-apRVKS, PICKLES. AC--AU *"r,e |F ties of ^Kl ^ ef1 A By \^hh;VrUt. ?e 24 ?CoT*Verroont ?ven,e TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. nOMTBE ASSOCIATED FKEU The PInmUI trialsla Philadelphia. PniLADELraiA. Sept 96?The comer ef Third and ChMiiul itrwt U apiii tbe scene of twilf wvnt ihis morning. Cio*d? of alarmed and in terested person* *urrounded the Saving* Institn tmas tfci* morning befo e 9 nVloek- These de clined pnvtng out their deposits, reuulriag two w.eks i.otine to be given. The Banks were besieged before 10 o'clock by nnxioas and excited crowd* The Bank of Penn sylvania re-opened, doing It* ordinary busiaess, Out paying w?t no specie The Mechanic' Hank paid ?pecie for It* "Ill's .*? The Oirard Hank re fused lo do any business, and gave no satisfaction to its note holder* and depositor*. I.atrr?1 Lf (timid liank baaromp to terms, and i? redeeming it* 5 V' with *pecte, hat re fuel, ijr to honor check*. M??t of the other hank* ,'.te taking che, k.?. AxoTHIR l?i?r*TrH ?An additional excite ment ha* l??-en produced by tb?- new* of tbe sus pension of tbe B iltimare Banks The Trade*. man - pa\? cb~i k? and all Additional.?There I* no concert of action anions the Banks. em h apparently taking a dif ferent course. The North American is paying spn-ic for it* teu'*. hut is iswinit no not** on chocks. The Bank of Ctunmerce in refusing specie, hut is paying note*on checks. Still I.ater ?Td' Bank of North America ia raying all iu note*, having reoetved specie from New York last evening, and ia now represented to have more in ita vaults than the amount ?f its I i U in circulation, hut is certifying its checks. Tbe following Bank* are redeeming its fives: The Commercial,-the Philadelphia, and tbe Man - uf.icturers and Mechanic* Tbe Farmers' and Mechanics* Bank are paying specie for ??ten's." Ttie Northern l.ibeitie*.' and Western, Banks are redeeming its fives In rases of necessity. Tbs Hitiik of pmn Township, tbe City, and Consoli dation K.tnks r>av nothing. Alljthe Banks, how eve.-, certify checks escept tbe Uirard. wiilcb is suspending business entirely tHimeof the Banks wiu receive no deposits. 06'b p m ?Piiv ile advice* say that the Banks of Reading ? nd P.ltsburg have suspended. Tite Southwaik Bank pays all it* bills. The Kensington Bank pays its fives ouly The Crisis ia Baltimore. Baltimore. Sept. Jft?All Is quiet about the Bank*. A large numl>er of brokers from the North arrived he t this mora'a^. The Bank* arc paving check* ann ledremtag note* A meet in? at tbe President* of the Banks is to be held at ten. and it is thsught they will recotanr nd a suspension on nil sums over' Sin. There is little or no excitemrnt. Later ?The presidents heve held thei' meet in?, and resolved to recommend a total suepen *i -n of specie payments (?EtOM> tlEsfATCB ] Baltimore. Sept 96 ?Lsfrr.?There has been a total suspension since ten. with the exception of supplying their customers with a small supply of change There is no ruu on the Savings Bank-, there are hut three of them, and even the mo*I ignorant know thctri to lie as strong a* the mint The merchants seein to be yiatified with the sus pension Money on the street, which yesterday was held at per cent . ha* falleu to-day to 1 per cent. Tue Baltiraoie and Ohio Railroad stock has advanced *5 per share. _ Effects! the Philadelphia laak Ssiprssioas in New Ysrk?t onditisn si the Pennsylva uia Bank*, Arc. Nkw Yi Bi. Sept. 25?The bank failures in Philadelphia caused a gr> at excitement here, and the improved fueling of a few davs past is lost The Metropolitan Bank be e ha* refused all Phil adelphia money, but the broker* are buying it at five percent discount. The tsoibles of the Bank of Pennsylvania ars said to be ca;i*ed bv la-ge loan* to irr**pon*ible parties. The president resigned oi Wedn-sday The bank is over fifty year* oi<t It went down iu the crash of 1^37, but recovered. a*id hns sin^e been regarded as strong Its capital is #1 .?75 b *? At the date of its last repot t iu N overuber the total liabilities were nearly five million* ; tbe circula tion $s>.UU?. and the loans 9-.TUU.tMl; the specie ?214,IM). The capital of the Girard Bank is one million two hundred and fifty thousand. In November it*circulation w<u<S1.1.(KM; Hie deposite* S1.27T? UW?total liabilities S3,>*J.IWU It had bills dis counted to the amount of SI ;GU?,tW0 and spec ie to th** amount of Stf J-s <**'. Th*- aggregate li:uik capital of Philadelphia is now little over thirteen million in November the whole liabilities were Sil,6Ut,479, with a specie lice aninuntin x to &Y?nM37. The l>anks of Pennsylvania are required to make only aunt al rep iristothe legislature. They have no clearing house to limit transaction* or exer ciso 'a re?tifining iufiueuce over weaker iostitu t'ons. TLe suspensions to-day fully explain the trouble of the mercantile classes in Philadel phia. A Suspension Dec ided I pan. Philamlpnia, Sep'.25?Evening?.% gene-al conference of tne presidents of all thecitv b.inks field this afternoon, arid afrer r ate"fallv < -1 vasMugalt th< (ircna*Uii(?* of the pressure and their resources, they resolved on a temporary e us pension of specie payments on check* and also on all bills exceeding tendolla to go into e fleet to* morrow There was a heavy run ou all the tanks to-day but the Giraid and others shielded themselves iu the above manner The brokers and others are highly excited and are calculating monstrous re|?otts. which Will ac touut for various exagge-ated miners *et afloat. So far none of our tank* have failed, and it is be lieved tiiis partial u pension will be ouly tempc ran'. Ax oidingto the law of I?C this action of our banks will entail the forfeiture of the charters of those incorporated or extended since that time. Firemen's Celt hratisn in Hartford, tins. Hart For d. Conn., >>?nt it.?The firemen bive bad a gr? at time t< ?Jav in this citv. The wathtr has brai very fine, and llie gathering tbe latirrt eve ? got togethor ou any such occasion in lira city. Over fifty fire compiuies and .'i.tMl fi.enten Wrue jn the procession. Thiity-nu'ie companies t jok part in playing for 'which were eiaht in uum'oer. The following con pinies took tbe prizes: The Pacific, of Chicopee. Mass., playing ie*> feet 9 inches: the Mayflower, of No:th Bridgewater, Mass , playing 1-0 feet 4 inches; tbe Neptune, of New Haven, playing 175 feet ! Inches ; the Ga*p>-, of Providence, playing 10" feet 4 inches; the Cataract, of Poughkeepsie, playing U'dl feet; the Collrn-ville. of Ccllensville, playing li!o feet; tue llolvoke, of Holvoke Mass.. playing Mil feet; the Barnicoat. cf Boston, 160 feet 4 inches. >lnriitp ?ws. Norfolk, Sept *Jft?Th ? brig Starlight, from JacHkel. M Domingo, bound for New York, ai rived here la-t night with a loss of both masts and leaking liadlv. On tbe 21st, she spoke lb? brig McN'rar, of Belfast, Maine, which had been dismasted. New York Bank* Firm. New Ye**, Sept 96.?It is not true, as h?* been reported by private dispatches, that the New York bank* talk of a suspension, nor is there any signs of such a course Outward Bsnad. v N'eu* York, Sept J6.?The reamer Bal"c sailed at noon, with Beverly Tucker and faoo lr among the pa^rigtrs. The Baltic took out uo spice. Cut hern feynsd. Carlisle. Pa , Sept 25?The West Pennsyl vania synod of the Lutbern Church commenced its annual session in the Knglish L'lthern CI a ? h of this place, last evening Kev. Dr. Lochman, of York, preached the opening sermon Faiiare in Ma*sachasetta. PosTOjr.Sept 25?Brett A Brothers, drvgoods dealers, and A S. Kelly, shoe dealers, at Haver Hill, have suspended. Highway Kebhery. Richmond. Ya.. Sept 25?A D. Morrison, of Rockbridge county, was knocked djwo in the street last night and nearly murdered He wa? rootied of about *3,000 The perpetrators are uu km?wn. Tke Ohis River. \Vheiltsg, Sept. :? -The river here ts-day is falling. ? New Tsrk narketa. Naw York. Sept ?# ?Flour declined:*sle*of 6,t?0 bbls ; State #5.35a#S TO; Ohio #5*0iS8 93; {?outhern 95.655?h?. Wheat is unsettled ; sales of l?,000 bushels ; weftern white St 27aSI 4?, red *1 28 Com la qniet; sales are unirnporUnt; price* a?e anset Pork is firm: mess nominally at 9>24 0f<a925 Beef is quiet at 911.75a9<0 uu. Lard is fl m at 15c Whisky ia steady at 94 14a 5c for Oh:e Financial. Naw Yea*. Sep4. 26 ?Stocks are lower gea esallr Cl lc igo and Rock Island ?'?&; rCnnikierUad Cwa! 7 Illinois Central Railroad shar 1 ->7^; d>. bond' e2; Michigan Southern HVt New V<vk Central 65. Pennsylvania Cnal t%? tr.; Kesdtng Riilrond 36W: Cantons 15W; Virginia6's ?l Mis souri 6 s, . . A NKW ARTICLE. OOD TUBE1NG?A Grsai 1 n^roesaseat?far ICham Puinp?, oosceyinK water, drainiuc iaad.aod otlier most useful parfosas ; decidsdly the aiceai, healthiest, asd ch?s?eat srtinte for brincinc dnnkine araiar to adwelluift. Fanner* sari citizens ars invited t ? exsiiic* it st ikaukl ttaitd. Nation W Afrioattaml Warehouse,519 Seventh *'rcet, where it aaa be had ia qusntitie* and prices to suit. KDWARD F. SIMPSON. ?e5-a?w3w Saooessor of Fitxmpsw Cotlr. THREAT STOCK OF GOODS to be foroeu oi at II our Store. No. 90, Itetwssa Mb and <*k sta. se IA Mel.AIIGHI.lrc A CO tSRI.MXG OFF M Z ^ ??* M?LA^RLIN'S?