Newspaper of Evening Star, September 29, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 29, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TI'ESDAY September 29, 1S3T. SPIRIT OE THE MORNING PRESS The Union publish** tbe recent able and in teresting proclamation of Governor Walker m 4TUMSO We also find in the Union, this morning, (copied from a Galveston paper) the following brief letter, which doea infinite credit to the head and heart of the Postmaster Gen eral : Po*t Ornri DsrAirxm. > ArroijTxaxT Orrica, Aug 19, 1S37 ( St?: I am instructed by the Po*tmaster Qen era1 to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 30tti of -uly- announcing the death of the distinguished Senator Texas, the Hon. I boi. J. Ku>k. I his p&inful event will cqusi t Lie nation !? mourn the loss of one of its purest patriot* and most enlightened statesmen, and so ciety one of tin brightest ornaiicnts, a kind hearted, benevolent, and honest inan Hi* pub lie career was without blemish, and in all the re lations of private life he was esteemed and be loved by all wbo knew him. Ilia public acts were part of his country's history; Lis private virtue* are enshrined in the hearts of those who knew him best His los* will be severely felt in tbe councils of the nation while to his familv and intimate friends it will be Irreparable As chairman of the Senate Committee on Post was closely identified wtth this Department, and bis long experience in matters connected the ewith. rendered him an important adviser of its head, by whom his ln? w ill be severely felt, and r.akes tlis tribut^o his memory not inappropriate. Tbe Postmaster General deeply svmnathi*** wl.Slb, fa?,ily and fti.nd, oALZZ'Im? Eii ikj'kk '? 'bi* their ((real affliction, and de ire* that bin sentiments may he communicated to the family and friends of tb'e deceased \ ery respectfully. St* Jphi B. T,. Skixxkr To A*s 1 r?*t,naster General. lo f KKDIIICK V Oil. H T . Postmtnrter. Nacogdoches. The Intelligencer says of the proclamation of Governor Walker, which, by-the-by, must satisfy even the moat exoitcd at the South in all its positions : '4 It Will be seen that, while disclaiming as is FonTh*if. "** * '? *lirta,e to thejudges of elec t.on tbe line of conduct they shall pursue in de !iov \vi5k Qualifications of voters in Kansas, Ser.gMre" 11 M?hi" ?Pinion ?*?at the pre-' SES&IS**?****'a statute for,nt"iy or rorce in that Territory, can no longer be held uier^nl!^ <Plali|u':,tio,,!* of voters as tfefined by a later and general enactment passed by the Legis lature of Kansas for the regulation of'the right of suffrage It wdl also be remarked that the opin ions and conclusions of tbe Governor, as an nounced in this Proclamation, have the entire of ,h* Executive tSl wh K the L nited States?a conaidera 1 , consp.res to give the greater weight 2. uitthmp01,Knt ?n,T*?tn- Notwithstanding IW *f jg.tb' therefore spread it In fall beforr the' r?2T?' (.K WellKthe Port5on" " hich review the past M those that point to the future.) and bespeak for it at their hands that careful and can thfhTi A? " ,s rntWed, not less for I? ^'iill *nfbority to which it may lay claim as an official paper than for Its immediate bearln-s on the question at i?siK< in Kanaa-s." The Fair of the Maryland Institute opens o clock to-uight, aud will continue four weeks ID" The tinted Slates Grand Louge of Odd Fellows adjourned their meeting In Baltimore Saturday evening last, after a session of six days. IL7" From J.Hhilliagton, Odeonlanding, we have Mr*. Stephens' MagazinefjrOctober, beaa tifuiljr illustrated ; and also the Knickerbocker Magazine for October, with iLs usual choice bud get of literary matter. A fA",lT or T"* Persoms Poiso.vcd ?The family of Mrs. Cohoon. residing at No. 4/4 Sixth street, Cincinnati, amounting to ten persons, in cluding servants, were poisoned, on Thursday last. by taking coffee, with which arsenic bad been mixed. Suspicion attache* to a hostler re cently in their employ, who has disappeared from the premises. All parties are thought to be on, of danger. 1 DaraLcaTios -The Columbia South Carolin ST" J*" learned tbat Mr MiUer' ? UTif*11, .0! ' at Ch*"-9"?> was a de faulter to the amount of ?0,ikx> and made It up by ?becks on the Bank of Charleston, which he re deemed by checks on the Bank of the *tate Bank "having no funds to draw upon. The Tellers of tbe Bank of Charleston will be the losers. He" ?aldfo have made 3n ineffectual attempt to de stroy himself by poison. The Monetary Crisis. The money panic continues to be the absorbing topie On yesterday the piincipal suspensions wete rhof the Delaware and Bbode Lsiand banks The New Knglar.d banks continue firm Tbe Boston Jour?at iearns from an authentic route- that the net gam of coin in the Boston k* for the week ending Saturday morning Was 9375.9IW. The Philadelphia paper* of yesterday all com ment upon the took suspension in that city and ?r. ? effect it is likely to have upon business They *.-e, however, at variance as to the propriety of *ii -xtra session of the Legislature. The Richmond Dtspattk of yesterday says: w^iTh** n*w* of bank suspension* at tbe North, c a?tri 'y telegraph last Saturday, created quit a stir in our city, and caused th? price of ttf fates, some of tue bro i-'u ."K'"1" wu" On Friday last, a run was commenced on the Farmer*' Bauk, of Lancaster, Pa , aud wa* only stopped on Saturday by the suspension of all th?* banks there. papers of Friday annonnce that the Bank of Missouri had commenced discount ing ?Krfin, to a large extent, much to the relief of mercantile businen*. A despatch from NVw York city yesterday says J?r7 ?T ";,rd "P?n ,,lf- excbanje"llis, ai.d the whole list vr^.t down fromo,,. .7* P"- "lnt m??t extravagant and Tnow^i hIT?r" houses known to be beyoud casually .k ' 7n" P;<,"ld"u!s of t^e c ity banks have issued the following circular: 7 wu,u Lavin>? called upon to f f nC Dion a* t? "ar?ls the ettv-ct likely to be produced upon the ltank*of this eity by'the suspension of i,?.tltuti.^s i? nei-h??,inJ - iti.". reply it |? tlieir decided opinion that th?* hauka of the city of .New Vork ire m a safe and 'I'11 ,'W - an not only susta!,! nataral but. fro,,, the na ural flow of coin and produce to this point as f^t^.COn,,n!i,, r*u,r** **>?' be enabled to furnish aid <be mercantile comilPinitv Signed by the pres dents of the qui? ?'ILeCi^r,n* hau*> lo da>' wnrthiB* was PERSONAL. .... Hon. '/. K.dwell, of Virginia. Is now at Browns'. Commander Boggs, I'nitedStates Navy, is at Wlllarda'. .... Capt K J. Delloven, United States Navy, Is at Kirkwroods' ft' General Daniel Pratt, of Boston, the great American traveler and editor of tbe Gridiron, ar rived in town this morning, aud is stoppiug at Browns' Hotel. .... John Wilson, Ivsq . formerly Commission er of the General Land OCb e.uow the Land Com missioner of th*-Illinois Central Railroad, is at Wlllarda', in this c?ty. accompanied by a portion of his family. Jnd^e Peaifodv granted the application of Mrs Cunningham's counsel on Saturday to re. move the ease of the U>gus baby Tom the Oyer and Terminer to the civil side of the Supreme Court of ,N?-w York. .... Com I* T Piatt, I". S. N ; Captain Gar land. I 9 N t." . II'.I, r.driitirid Burke, N II ; Hon R K Cuvler, (>a ; Col W. M Morton and faniily, Ga ; General A. J. (ionzales. General llerran, Minister from New (irauada, arc at Wil lards'. .... The Dubuque Republican states that there Was a personal encounter, a few dn s * n e, !?? tWeen Senator Jones, of Iowa, and Jud^e Wil liams. who is staled to be a candidate for the Sen atorship flllid by Mr. Jones The present Commercial s:o-m was the subject of the Rev Henry Ward Bee< h-r's ser luou, both morning and evening, in Biooklyu on Sunday last. Denouncing, in language almost unmeasured, tbe stock gambling and other dis honesties of the day, as the piiine cause of the present revulsion in mercantileafiairs. he yet con tended tbat the great ship of stale is pe fe ily sound; that there is money enough, means enough; prosjierity euougb ; and that nothing is wantiug save tbetrustof man in man?public cor fidence?to lestore all things to rights, and make the way once more smooth. jry- Some of tbe New York papers proposeau j?tLei Bankrupt Law ' Washington news and gossip. : President Buchanan duly returned to Wash ington by the noon tram to-day tn excellent health. ? ? WASQ15GT0!* Ba*k NotES.-t-Tho merobnntt of the District are of courserwceiving our Dis trict currency as usual. x We are also glad to be r.ble to state that the recent suspension of our c ty note-issuing banks will in no way in juriously affect those in trade hero On the contrary, the result must be an immediate re lief to the money market of the District of Co lumbia. and a consequent rise in the value of city property. Our firm belief is?and no other person has had a better opportunity of kuowing the condi tion of the banks of this locality.?that with the exception of the house of Pairo & Nourse, which still refrains from so arranging its affairs (after having voluntarily gone into liquidation) as to satisfy the minds of its creditors, that every other District banking institution is perfectly solvent?as much so as any bank in New York. Those of them suspending were driven to that step for the security of our business men. Had tLey continued to pay out specie in the present state of the monetary affairs around us, and with their depositors nearly all affected by the current panic, the en I would have soon been a draft on them for the total amount of their lia bilities. which would have left them with simply their accruing assets. Or, in other words, without the means of accommodating a single business customer. In the meannhile, those whom it is their duty to accommodate?those in trade here?would have found collections im possible: because, in snch times, too many debtors will not pay. if they can postpone so doing We know from conversation with some of the heaviest men in trade in Washington, of the existence of this difficulty. The suspension of our banks, however, is the remedy for this evil, becauso it enables them to accommodate their regular customers, as we explain above. The Pkoposed N ew Fii.ibcsteiuko Expe dition.?The following brief extract from the Washington correspondence of the Richmond E/uj/tirer (dated the 2r?d instant) explains the measures taken here by the representatives of the Governments most immediately interested in the preservation of *he integrity of the neu trality law of the United States : " The new movement of the Central America States, through their representatives near this Government, on the subject of filibustering, is attracting attention, and is the theme of eeneral conversation amon^ all classes ?rf politician* here. It appears that these Southern Republics have their spies through our country, to watch Gen. Walker and his associates, and they have report ed that an armed expedition is nearly ready to I make a descent on Nicaragua On this informa tion these States have instructed their Minister here to make the demand for protection which thev did several da\ s a^o This document was drawn up by Seuor Don Antonio Jose deYrisarri, Minister Plenipotentiary from Guatemala, and Sresented at the State Department by Don l.uis Iolina, the Charge d'Affaires from Costa Kica " We may add that it is generally understood that every necessary and proper assurance of the determination of tho Administration to pre vent a recurrence of the filibustering acts which disgraced the United States a ye ?r or two ago. was given. And. further, that it is also be lieved in well informed quarters that, taking warning by the failure of proclamations and criminal prosecutions to accomplish the end de signed, the Navy of the United States will be promptly used in this connection whenever that step may be necessary. The At.EXANDr.iA Basks yesterday paid out specie, for change only. We hear that they do not call the refusal to pay the drafts of their depositors, and the holders of considerable sums in their notes, in specie, a suspension. The business community, however, comprehend well that their explanation amounts to but " a dis tinction without a difference." The Alexandria Gazette of this morning says I of that city's monetary affairs yesterday, and kindred matters: '?At o'clock, a meeting of the directors of the I Farmers', Exchange, and Old Dominion banks I was held, but no definite a< tion wa.< taken, and at U o'clock the doors of the banks were opened. I and business went on as usual It was, however, I determined, that should there be a * run' upon the I banks, they would at once suspend specie pay I nient, the (lirectors deeming it more advisable to I suspend than have their vaults drained of all the I specie, (which must have been the case, this I beino the most accessible point ou which brokers ] could make immediate demands) and thereby I make resumption more d (limit There w is, I however, no ?run* made on any of the hanks, and I five's and ten's were cashed at the counters, and I there was more quiet in th? afternoon. In I Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, | then* was a general suspension among the banks. [See telegraphic despatches for particular* ] The t-'aruieis* and Exchange banks at Richmond and Norfolk continued to pay out specif, but it was thought that they could hot sustain ibe run that will inevitably lie made upon them, and their suspension is looked for. Exchange on \ew"> ork and gold are very scarce, aud the rates are ex ceedingly high. " P S Since the above was in type, a despatch Winchester has been received, which states that the Bank of Winchester, Hank of the Valley, a id the Branch of the farmers' Bank at that place, have all suspended." In another article it also says: " The banks (of Alexandria) have not suspended though they determined not to allow any run to b~ made on them, whU'h, however, was not at tempted. The community have full confidence in the banks, and there was a desire on the part of the business men yesterday that they should I suspend, thereby protecting themselves, l?enetlt I ing community, and rendering resumption easier. ??1'. S Hinee tl?e above, we have sun a peti I tion, numerously signed by the business rneu ot the city, and which will be presented to the Di | rectors this morning, aiskiug the Banks to suspend I sjiecie payment for the present.'' Our friend of the Gazrttr has queer notion? ol' what a bank suspension is, evidently. How ever. we must attribute them to an honest pridf of locality. Nothing more. Sii AsrEn TitAs the Sharp Practice.?Pout or five citizens of Washington, debitors with the House of Pairo A Nourse, getting wind o! their alignment earliest, instantly caused the proper papers to be made out. and one of then I traveled day and night to St. Paul, Minnesota, 1 arriving there a few hours in advance of the per' son traveling a little more leisurely, who wai intrusted with the deed of trust for record in that city ; where, il will be remembered, is sit uated some $76,000 worth of their assigned pro perty. The deed of trust is said to have been presented for record ere the ir.k used in record I ing the attachment was dry. The amount the | attachment represented was some $12,000 in all i The race was a hard one as well as a very Ionj one, and the winners deser\e credit lor theii sagacity, energy and perseverance. We hear that other Washington depositors despatched attachments to be laid upon tht j property in and near Leavenworth city, Kau ! sa* Territory, conveyed in tho deed of trust ol I the sume house. We have not yet heard the result of their effort. Ea-Pbesii>e>t Tyler writes to tho Rich I motid south that his Administration did not expend $600,000, us alleged byUen. Pillow, foi the (luil?ery) of newspapers in Maine, to bring about the acceptance of the settlement of the Northeastern boundary question, nor any other amount, lie reminds the public tha $:i0.000 is the highest sum ever yet appropri ated in a session of Congress for the secret ser vice fuiid. aud takes occasion to explain the manner of its use, as follows: " I will take occasion to add that the fund, al | tho'ij^h called secret, Is as public in most of its outlays as any other fund belonging to the gov ernment. li in applicable to the many Items growing out of the necessities of foreign mis sions and the consular establishment of the Uni ted States, which no specific appropriation could well cover. They aie contingent, the very term implying their uncertainty. The expenditures for these contingencies enter into the general ac counts of the government, and are annually pub lished. and absorb a Urg? portion of the fund. It often happen* that not ? dollar in withdrawn from the fund for any confidential object of the Rovernrnent. Such confidential objects some men intervene In our intercon'se with foreign eonntrle*. and sometimes have their origin with. In our own llmlta-oontingencie* whiAi it may 11 tll?<ime to disclose, but which ?re ia^rntelv connected with the preservation of peace md quietude ." , Financial Matters at IIoue.?Everything w quiet in the way of money matters in Washf ington city to-day, there being no run whatever ^>n any of the banVs, public or private. The community are evidently already reconciled to make the be9t of the condition of the financial affaire of nearly the whole country. We are informed that specie is obtainable on the street for the notes of the District of Columbia banks at from 2 to 2J per centum discount, only. We mentioned yesterday that the Bank of Wash ington was redeeming its 5's in specie, and should have added (though not then knowing the fact) that it was so redeeming them only when presented singly and evidently to obtain change for the parties holding thetQ. Apropos : To-morrow and next day the army of Government employees here will be paid their month's pay in specie. The Union very properly suggests that they be paid in dollar ?nd two-and-a-half pieces. Such a course will prove great relief, indeed, to the business com munity here, for we are vsry sure that the gold thus obtained will not be sold out of the Dis trict by its recipients, as seems to be antici pated by more or less nervous and suspicious persons. Even if disposed to speculate after that fashion, the popular odium which will fall on any person disposed to venture on such a course, will surely prove a check upon it. In one day the naino of every such Government employe would necesfarily be in everybody's mouth; for all in trade in Washington know who are invariably paid off in specic, and who arc not so paid oft. To-day, all the District banks have deter mined not to redeem their issue (of any size) in specic, at present. The Bank of Commerce, Georgetown?which has never stopped rcdcemtng its issue in specie without a limit up to this morning?will come into tho same arrangement, and aet in concert with all the banks here. The Wau in India.?As absorbed as we all are iti the condition of affairs at home just now, the East Indian war continues to attraot its share of public attention, because in it is wrapped up much of the futuro of American commerce. End as that war may, its result must be tho extension of our trade rn the East far pa^t the anticipation of the most sanguine among us six months ago. Should Britain's authority Be prostrated there (of which wo entertain no an ticipation. however.) India would become to the Initcd States a second California, and almost in as short a period of time as the commerce of tho Pacific coast became a leading feature in the trade of the Atlantic United States End as it may, the war must loosen in some measure England s grasp on tho commerce of India; and that cannot be loosened without measura bly admitting us to a share in it. The Sai.e of Prk-emptionx under the Act of 1641.?The thirteenth section of the pre-emption law of 1841 prohibits the sale of pre-emptions, its design being to prevent the presentation of fraudulent pro-emption claims. An inquiry has been made at tho General Land Office, whether sales of lands entered under that law, made before the patent may issue, will invalidate the entry and lead to its cancel lation. It has been held, that if a party has complied with all the requisites of the law, and proved up and made an actual entry, the Gen eral Land Office will take no cognizance of any such sale, nor regard it as an impediment to the pre-emptor, unless fraud be imputed ; in which case, upon its being reopened, the fact of the sale would bo regarded as a legitimate element of investigation. The City's Acckiiso Interest.?We have every reason to know that the interest to be due on the stocks of Washington city on the 1st October proximo, will be promptly paid at the Bank of \\ ash ington. in specie, on demand This is as it should be ; there being Corpora tion funds more than sufficient in the custody of that Bank, and their payment in spccie be ing neeessary to sustain the credit of tho city, which at this moment is as prosy>erons (finan cially) as any in the Union. Fn k Na\ al Courts of Inqimrt.? Court No. 1 were to-day engaged in reviewing the record of the testimony taken in the case of Lieut, lurner, (which has been long on trial.) To-morrow, his defence is to be read. Before Court No. 2, the case of Lieut. Bis sell being still before them, Capt. Adams, Com modore Perry and Engineer-in-Chief Martin were examined in the applicant's behalf, ere the fitar went to press. Before Court No. 3, the case of Lieut. Reill being still on trial, the cross-examination of Capt. Rodgers was completed, and Lieuts Cooper and Cowes were examined on tho Gov ernipent'i behalf. The Mexican Boundary Scrvet.?This morning, Col. Lniory. the U. S. Commissioner for running the Mexican boundary, formally turned over to the Interior Department the official maps and papers connected with thai work. The commission adjourns to-morrow, and the Mexican Commissioner and his corps ol engineer assistants, we hear, leave Washington on the day after, for their own country. The Corporation Salaries.?We hear thai the Bank of Washington will pay on demand the salaries of the cily officials, due on the lsl proximo, in city currency, which will be avail able in all ordinary business transactions. Appointed.?Mr. Wm. H. Hope, of Pa., ha* been appointed to prepare the descriptions tc accompany the drawings in the mechanical por tion of the Patent Office Report?salary $1,800 per annum. The Naval Coi rt-Martial, now in session here, will close its labors to-morrow, when th? defence of the accused, Lieut. Lyue, is ex pected to be read by his counscl. The Weather.?The following report of th? weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: September 20, 1857 New York, N. V pliant Philadelphia. l?a clear, cool. Baltimore, Md............clear, pleasant Washington, D. C clear,cool. Richmond clear, cool. P tershurK, Va clear, tine. 11 1," * *; clear, pleasant. Wilmington. N. C clear, cool. Columbia, S. C clear, fine. Charleston. S. C..........clear, pleasant. Auguiita, (>a..............clear,cool. Savannah, Ga cloudy, cool. Macon, Ga . clear, pleasant. Colombo*, Ga............clear, pleasant Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant' Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, cool. Mobile, Ala .............. clear. Gainesville, Miss clear, pleasant. New Orleans, LE..,#,i##,clpar, pleasant. Fro* the West. Tha following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line: Frederick, Md clear, cool. Cumberland, Md .........ciouciy, cool. Hager?town, Md clear, warm. H,*.rpet KerrJr clear, coot. W1 ncheater...............clear, cool. ?Jr8irt"if clear cool. Wheeling, va clear, cooi. Grafton .cloudy, cold At Washington yesterday, p. m , the barome ter was 30 188, thermometer 635 Thu mornin at 7 o'clock, the barometer was 3o t*>, t her mom The Ntrailik Tragedy. Co*ricTioH or James P. Don.ielly for the Mdidii. The trial at Doofcelly, which hu been In pro. If re.* for eleven day* In (he Court of Oyer and Terminer i a freehold, N. J , was cloned oil Sat urday, the jary returning a verdict of ?'guilty of 1 murder In the llr?t degree." The New Tort Time* my* : "No perceptible change w,f*appareet on the countenance of the prisoner when the verdict was pronounced He raid before It was known that the jnry had agreed that they could not help ren dering a speedy judgment after the one-sided charge of the Judve. After the Court adjourned. ?' Go," he said to his brother-in-law, '"and break this sad news to my sinter before any one else teTla her ofli."' But it was too late; the moment the verdict was promulgated people rushed out of the Court House, crying ''Wilful uiuiderl" The family of the prisoner heard the news; it came with crushing weight upon them The gray-haired father of Donnelly sat by hi* side when the verdict was pronounced. It had no viable effect upon him then, but he lies at this moment moaning upon his bed, permitting no one to enter his room. He has expected hi* son's acquittal all through the trial, and the filial de noum'Ht has coiue upon him with a terrible shock. The Jnry tb?m*elve? were affected ; the fbreman with difficulty gave utterance to the verdlnt, and it was only after the Judge had said " Louder,'' and it was repeated, that It was un derstood. ' " Thus this lengthy trial is finally brought to a close What will lie the future disposition of Donnelly it i*, of course, impossible to say. A great deal of sympathy exists for him here: he is a young man of tine appeaiance. Tbe evidence against him was crushing, and tbe opiuion is general that the verdict wa* a righteous one. HI* counsel express a determination to carry the case befote the Supreme Court. If they obtain a writ from the Chancellor, they will present it, with their bill of exceptions, to the Court ou the see. oud Tuesday ill October, and have the record of

the trial plat ed before the Court of last resoit. They claim that their exceptions to the Judge's charge were well taken, and that it wan a very unfair one towards tbe prisoner. The Supreme Court. (Jeneral Term, meets on the first Tuesday in November, when. If the case is carried up, it will be argued. Unless a stay of proceedings is obtained, Donnelly will be sentenced on the re assembling of the Court in October." Rather Cool?A Mr Taylor, of Cohoes, N. V. one of the Central America's passengers. saved, was in the water ten hoot*. He was floating about, on a plank with anotherman, a New York er. and states that after having been in the water five hours, with scarcely a hope remaining of lie lug picked up, bis companion addressed to him the following qnery in the most nonrkalnnt tone :?u Well, Taylor, where are you going to put up to-night ?" i i' . Political.~-A new organization under the mme of ?? the Knickerl>o<iker Society," ban start ed intoexistence, its object being, it is said, to operate as a balance of power party It will not, uj it is represented, make distinct nominatKonsot Its own. but seleot from the candidates placed in Domination by other parties, such as it may con sider most worthy of its support. JCT Virginia sixee sold in New York on Sat* urday at ^1 cents. IC7" Crowlev ha* been convicted of tbe mur der of young Hneston, in Caroline county, Va., and sentenced to be hun^ on the Oth of Novem ber next. mr* At a meeting held at New Hope Meeting house, in Orange rminty, in this month, w'nien lasted six days, 3D converts were baptised and joined the clnirch. -U iT ^A1?-?The Ladies of Hunter Chapel, on . the Columbia 1 uinpike, Alexandria county, Virjnmv about two and a hall milesalsrve the l.orlg linage, design holding a PA IK, in their new Chare . commencing on Monday, October 5th, aud ooi,turn ing throughout each dnj and evening of the week. i ersous desirm* to contribute articles, will please send tiiem to Mrs. . Gei.eraJ Hunter, near the Ciapel. or ,?ve l"*5'1* the Confectionery of Mr. Weaver on t ennay Ivan la avenue, Washington or at the Alexandria"* ? ' JJrodbcck un King street, The Ladies have mule ample arrangements in the eating line-all aorta of g.?e.?l tliirgs will t?e found ou the tables, at all tunes, including Ice Cream, Lemon ade. Ac., on the moat reasonable terms. it is intended to have Music ever* evening. A Concert will be given on the Thursday foMow ing the week of 'lie Pair, IStn October, for the l*n nrrl^irLli U u 25 ?'nt" MCh? nU,5' '?? Procured at the Book and Stat onery Stores of Messrs. Bnyly. Bnllaniyne, and De Camp, Wash ington, and at the door. r u TT".T ^ is 11 ,N H O RTIC!' I -T IRA 7, L-2, *nd Moral Kx hi bit ion will be held at the Hall ^ ? Corconu, Ksq.. on II street. U'tWftrii 13th and 14th streets, ou \ V K l?\ KSD/Ty iwxt'sep" tember Jnth. and oontinue three days, (music in at tendance.) The room will be opened to viaitors on the first one o clock p. m., the following daya at eight in the morning, and kept open each day uutil tea at night. A great variety of beautiful articles, designed as r L1?6 p?st *niJ "?min? fair, hav* been purchased of Mr. Semken Jeweler, ac<i will be on exhibition at the fair room. N. B. All plants must lie in the Hall and staged by anth ? edneaday morning, September _?e 2S-6t WM. HUGHES. Sec'y._ BANK OF COMMERCE. I V T'.'EiV M' C" Seemlier 19,1857.< "y^=? A Mhh 1IM. Ol the Stockholders of this 1 ki< Bank was held at the Ranking House on Fri day evening, I8rh inst. The President of the Bank explained to the Stockholders the reasons which iu auced him, on the morning of the 15th instant, to temporaril* suspend the payment of deposites. and nude a full exnihit of the atiairs and condition of the U'triK. After a full investigation, it wa* k'solve ft. That the President of the Bank !?e and he is hereby directed to Day on demand its issueand all deposited oTone hundred dollars and under thai amount, and to pay the residue of the dcpogites < with interest thereon ?as promptly as th" resources of the hank can be madea\ ailabie. (which can be but for a snort space of time.) Resolved, Tha t the course pursued by the Presi dent of the Bank on the 15th instant meets our ap proval. r Resolved, Tint the Stockholders of this Bank herein acknowledge their individual responsibility for all the liabilities of the hank, and guaranty all claimants from anv loss thereon. se 23-diw C. K. R1TTKNHOUSE. President. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE.City HallT" nfy-N?TICE TO TA X^FM^RS.^otici ,s 1 V J?, hereby given that the Taxes for the j tnr IB57 are due. and payable at this office, and that a deduction of 6 per cent, is allowed by law for the current year paid on or before the I5ih day of Octo beri'**L llr JAS. F. HA LI DAY, se 17-3a* tOct!5 Collector. Ylr" TH K"K Y- WM PIN K N K Y, D. IX. havmjr I V-l *cc,,Pte<' the call of the Vestry ofthe Ctiiircl! of the A-oension, wnl enter upon the duties of his rectorship on SI (MJ)AV. October 11th. I eisons ?Jesirinr I'ews in the Church w II please nP\v>. ? \v i? . . /li'11. Register, Room No. II West W uiz Patent Otiioe. s?5-cotf nrr s Tm. kdu i \7r-ni e cj^ '1^? poration i.f Georgetown to make a subsoi ir. tion to the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hsmpshir" "d AugfistW|f!^;t,5r' Up?" ccrUtln oonditioas, passed KesnlcrJ by the Board of Al ltrmtn and Board of l. ommoH / ounnl of the Corporation o/(ieortr .fL'l 'i' ll1.8 "( nn ?i'propriation of mo , Ii yA to b"?'?l ? bridge over the Potomac at the Aqueduct, or near eaid Aqueduct,and wot thereof, tin* Corporation by itself, aud the citizens of Georgetown, pledges itself to snbserilw. or have subscribed, to the stock of the Alexandria. I.ou doun.aiiU Hampshire Railroad, a sum riot exceed ing two huudred thousand dollars, sufficient to con strijct a branch of kaid roail I ruin tlie bridge herein before referred to. to the main line of said road, and to intersect t he saine at such point as may lie agreed upon by the Directors of said road and this Cori>o rat'on; P. ovid'd. however. That this resolution shall have no fierce wliatever, or he in anv manner binding on this Corporation until it shall have been submitted to tho consideration ofthe legal voters of this town, acoording to the provisions herf lubefore made, and be sanctioned by a majority of votes at the polls. ?? Mayoh s OtricK. Okor>:ktowx. D. C. It'1. u? "J j 1e resolutions, on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of Ootolwr next, between the hours of 9 o clock a. m. and sunset. " the polls will be opened at the Town Hall, that the sense ofthe legal voters of the town may l>e taken upon the pro priety of the subscription a. aforesaid, with the lnn irations therein, and those in favor of such sub scription, shall vote Aye. and thoae opposed shall "????.,d c"awfor'A M.,.r (V~|=?NOTICE.?Having been informed that cer ' K-? tain Pflr?ons are in I he habit of colleoting and gathering together the Bottles which contain or have contained our beverages, and putting therein an arti cle maiie by others than oiirsolves, ami then dispos ing of such article on the faith and credit of our name ,',n, ?WI'J ail persons are hereby notihed that such Bottles are our own property and not suluect to tale, and that they are delivered to our customers onlv to be returned, and that it is our firm intention to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any infringmeiit of our n on ^thp^ premises. Union Bottling Depot. 57 (ireen street. w 11 Oeorgefown. D. C. rr"5=? PHI LA DELPHI A ICE CR K A M at *7 40 IL? per gallon; PHII.ADELPHlA CAKES of e/rCJ7 V-y?ev']dari,eiVli.hft ^HILADKLPHIA If h i KkAAl DhPuT, corner ol 12th and F se 12-1 m* ^HINA ORNAMENTS, for tno parlor and toi Vy let, very low, at _ ? ?-at f.AMM()ND'S,-th street. CABAS LEATHER RETICULES, WORK Boxes, Papier At ache Desks, eto. at "e ? -tt I, AM MOW D'S. QOODSFOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES^ j R. H. MILLER. SON A CO., will B?|i -i. descriptions of (1 HINA, GLAS?. sn<l^^M-\ QUEENS WARE, GAS FIXTURES.jBO Ae , Ao .at their usual regular low prices.CST with a disoonnt of five per cent, for cash as heretofore, aud receive in payments notes of any of the Virgioia Banks (except the Bank of Kanahwai at per. Any and all debts duo them, can be MmTfn the same currency, with thanks to such orthe ? delators a. Ohoose to avail them.elres of th?. pror Alexandria, Sept.g), 1837. S#?-tr CELLING OFF at ' * ^ ?f* % M?LAUGHL1N'?, B ANKING HOl'SK . or SWEENY, RITTTNHOU8E. FANT4CO. We ?ei?< opt* (told.rurrtm*tnmmi f otmtt for depositors, end <*edit tb? tw? ?n enrrene* nnd told. Those dr ?r <-nrroi>ev will niarr their aheoka * ThoM deMtiting rpeue will be We will opt* Gold, rurrtmtyimmii Virgimim me ted it t>e diffa.enoa be drnwm* Vtrjuiia _ I accordingly. debiting rpetie will b? paid in ?aM or Silver.* T 1 , We hope in n few days quota J*Kular rates f<?r TOvaifS Bank Botaa.aa well Oa oorJome currencies %WRKff1\ KITTEN HOWE, F ANT k. CO. ?<?g?-dTtn "Bankers. A NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC _ vnTHOSE THAT HAVfc FUNDS IN THE DIFFERENT BANKS OF THE MSTRICT. I offer for k?l? 46 very eligible I<ot* in the <Mtv. un im Droved, nnd thirteen houses and lots, at fair ca*h valuation; for which I wilt take in payment any ar d all the shacks or note*, marked good #n eilhar of t .a following banks. viz : Hanki Mettvpolis, Washing - ton, Commerco, and Sweeny, Kitlenhouse Faiit k Co. Those wishing to purchase will call on me at my residence, couth F straet, Island, or at tha Steam boat wharf a??-3t GEORGE MATTINOLY. Particular notice. We would respectlulij announce to the citizens of Washington. Georgetown, Alexandria, and environs that our Fail supplies of CARPETING#. CI'K TAIN MATKKIALS. and FURNITURE LIN ENS are now perfectly oomplete in all their varied departments and analittea : and thai bank notes. t*e issue of any or all of ti o?e iu our immediate aeigh lorhood, wi<I|be taken m wales at our usual prices, or in liquidation of debt* due us. at par. We coal ml iv invite all in want of good Goods in the most. aoleot aim! elegant designs to our rooms, promising thai no pains snail be spared to please. ' CLAGETT* DOUSON. Dealers in all kinds Furniture Dry Goods, so 29-eo3w No. 4. Market ppaoe. D ANCING ACADEMY DHnoe^i.C?C|?^NOLLY, whose rotation as a Uaneer is weN known thr*urhout Washing therVonM^T *'Wl"' In com>liaM'' w *h jfm. me request or manv, open on the Im niOntu r* l*>r, a DANCING AC A DKVV it M~?h?jS> pirfix asre&iZsfX SM ladies. Misses, and Masters' Cia-a meets on Telo'lfhwrs'lars from 2until 5 o'o ock p m. JVenius"? 8 ** 1 7 Un"1 ,#' on lhe Street baieth?r5flinquir,"at ^' l2th ?^?et. SOI 7th lows* Half Sa (H,n'twa aoors below Odd Fel ^ .'V"IPrivate lM,on> Kiven tft suit tha owimi anew of persons requiring such. ae a 4t* fJOAL AT 9539 PER TON. COaT " "?Penor ^iele of free-bnrning seM i? J' ?? MYERS k CO., J? ?y T- eorner 0 and a?l ats.. Firat Ward. f|1(' !|VJ^'tiLLJ?,f,0'~H?n'1 of Washington paper _r _ h* taken at par, at my store, lor STOVES SLf'i pt,on' V"""?-Furnishing Articles,and debta due me, equal to gold nr Silver. \f ? I . . C. WOoOWARD'rf Metropolitan Stovo and tJrate Factor?. ? ?p a* *^OB- tfi8 Penn. avenue, * t.etweaa irthand Mth sta. lN8TRUCT^^^k|T^0TON and C.IRVING'S Vo<5l MuTo CtaJsea meat for in ?traction and pmciioe at Tempeninoe Hail on F e?rMin?WVla ft'00 Wednesday, arul Friday evenings. Afternoon washes at 4o'clock ?n,1 ?lM* for ^eorg'town meets nt ,>ir. Arnold ? >cbool-room. on WoKt street ad Rev- Hr Bo^ckfon T.2 dav and Thiiriwlar evenhirs. at 7X o'clock. iher ciass.) 22 lessons, #5. i J u ?n *fnJ'^men desirous ??( reoaivin* a thorough know>edge of music wuj be crati&elbt uniting with either of these class's. *rwiI>oa Of lugrCmir' '? ?'? i ? Koad'the uuderVi?ncd^rlJS?^ofle?"haV?h"r?ftS f IBERTY STAR COOKING STOVR.-pw ..VIIIs ln wnntofa - uperior Cooking Stove should l>> all m^atis examine the attove. The unaal thick ness ol ?iates and pcrlect arrangement for all oook ing purposes inake it the veri l???it Cooking Stove in t.?e iiiaiket. If m?t found toLo all tliat i? reareaent ed, it will be c*xchan<ed iinmediateN . Kor sale I<t ... , W. H. HAP.ROVKR. ,th 'troct opposite Patnotio Rank. ,ez>1.w _ Five doors north of Pa. av. Opening this day-su k??_ nm XRptW'Srrr? ^BRO! DE'riEsL ?h... r * Ml rCBF.M, vi;i omr thu dty. in fh? ?K^eW *torf^? a desirable assortment of ?""e ?? -J???; .liy".'. ZWflS0'"' Mrel?r. C'OR BOSTON.?The superior fast rail>n? o'id r per achooner Sylranus Allen. S?ara HL?kLer' if a1rlved' *nd will have uuick dia-^^? patch for tha po,t. For fr.-.At or wi, sageap^/v to H Vlx rLEY k BROTHhl 101 Wa ter street, tieorgeiowu. D. C. J?-lw <^to v es ! sto v ksT? stovksTT: I he attention of those m want of STnvrs ,_ mv.ted to niy large and well Tested assort men. H.ivuig iiven ereat attention t? their selection I ain conlident I can suit a , who miv lavor me witn'a %1L' T.Arn'"J? mv numerous collection 1 will name? The Ln.-n Complex, Mani p.W'" Dame M"da' Parlor Cook, VallevCook. Virginia Cook Baltimore Complete, V irginia Air-Tight, Ae ko ?* pauern? Par'?r Wov<8' uf ^??*2id RtdliDorrritAicTi<ht. The ?Tal P?r.klin, Little S!""' <* .. jufss Air I-iirriaces. for hen ting Us^-Ime Hoi??e? Churches, Aas.?mhJy Rooms. Ac., wh cli from tl.e simplicity of its construction and e.i?y in-inaterrert r.^.vx: f"-led to K've entire aatisb.r'tio^6"5"'1 C. a.l and examine for ? onrjiel ff ?yt Stove JJJ"?u^*cf n?r) ami3Copper.'I' n. and Sheet-Iron V\ orker. 4V1 P^nn. avenue, se 2S-lw* between 1'hinl and 4W utreefa. ? South side. Ranking house CHI BB BROTHERS. Depositor depositing Bank Noltx will r,ian mark their Checks pi\ali!ein currencv Dep<.sites of Gold will he paid m ?Tol,| Accounts will l?e opened * depositors allowinr ?hetn to deposit (Jold and Cneck f.r rurrei!ov tK ? depositor iKing credited wi?h the ditl.?renee ** A ??! JIHI HH hrothers. se J8-3td " ' BU r,bLfcR-? ? Iron Ilal'. rIMIK L NDERSIli \ KU HAVfc THI* niv . entered into a co-partnership, and will yj r;n inne the 1)11 l'(j and A P(l I'H KCA K \ business, nnder the firm of B(ls"vFLI 2 K ho., at tne old stand of o. , < f Maryland avenue and 7th street O, BOSWELL. k,K.,n uo4?.^'s. i i"i> iiiforrnii liiM fn? ndt and the public t! at he m now kupp.i^d with K\ll *rwi Wi??i r . J s . R Utt V !ioVIDS't()WA/;PK\N u Iolfi'?.To;SWT,ld U,V,t6 atlentl,>,? to the fol D0 La"",Very 5sCis? |,R00y Colored Wno1 m'xef fcla'd. ?nd striped y*Ms Hoyle s English Prints, at la, usual prioe 8.0W ,?,or ,l?d D. Bwm JOj> ^'r?cklV^rS&U D< >?. IS" ''VJloS j'lji* ?u:?reU Co""'.? ?1. m?l * '*''*!%.".r?!i'rJJs,cun* U??" H?1k-r..u I<adies good Kid Gloves from 37J* eta u? 1 baj}in,C,0lh*' Napkins, and Towila; Kraat l-jr*?i'?t rw'!*CamtMnc'roUars. cheap.**1 ahu aw,M Flowwinc., unuaually Handsome Sleevea and Col'ars in aets S'ifgu; ?""v jno. iui ?in, hr bo doin,, thei ?? ** 1 T??i?S*ja t^S'V.r lties; by Kdw,,. T Kr^llutU*t V* Author Treatiaeou Busiaass; |f' aut^ of a Practical .v!a^oVd^,rTeUilZ.T7r^fcr#d ^ and SouTk on^the"$\ f,!V?t''"r ViVr the UB.,onI?f North Stiles; 9? ?jX?S&ISr ZSXJO?e,h ? a. 26 nTVLOR * MACRY. / tnf-i 1.Book?i"',*"'?. near t>th street. (Intel.. Union. States ?) 1JA ? SOUVENIRS OF TRAVEL, by MadamLa S3 Vert, 2 vols.: price ^2. ^ _ Aatrononaieo-Theological Rev. Rob art Tat Inn priee 91.38. The Operatic Album, by E. Ivea, Jr^75 oanta. Iiarper'a Magazine lorOctWbar; 2* cents. The Five Gateways of Knowledce, by George Wilaon, M. D.; SO oenta. ae24 FRANCE TAYLOR. f^REAT STOCK OF GOODB to be foroed of at U S.o^, No.?. 'tVltH S'co, " AMUSEMMTT8. J^ATIK ESTELLE'S_VA*lETUti THIf POPULAR SOUTHERN THoupk N#v antenna upon their third week "a enga.,,^.., in Alexatidrt* and p?T*owjlrit t?? ' FASBIONAMLE A CROWDED A L DIENCF.a, coiiitfo'Mrcw s CITY. M?v JJLNT1NG PARI^TRUTTIN* ASSOClA A match foe ???. to iriie l?t?. l*a? three in five, will oome off or. Tliur?d*y afternoon, at 3* o'clock, twtvwn the following cel?a*%ted Horse i: Jta. Morrow. Mines Ore* gel. Burgunda, psoer. Q.*, do. ..... Br. gel. Marvlaaid. trotter. SCHOFIKLD A CLKAYK*. _i? 2?-2t Proprietors. T** "Wr? u . take frwt eleaewre hi announcing to their trieaoa ' the pnbtio ewnerallj, that tbey will give than FIRST GRAND BALL. at l*U!(D H?U.o? MdVDAt , Nornnh*r#J.W. Tiofcet* ONK l>OLLA R ?admittir f a ttentWnai and ladies. , _ - Parti:ulan in future advertisement. By orver ?f.c?St*/ COM.OF ARRANGEMENTS. () DR FELLOWS' HALL. once more with you again. The Ethiopian Serenade!* Will have the honor of appearing before the Citi lens of Washington, Oti MONDAY EVENING, Sept,88th. And continue the whole Week. mi which they will introduce NEW SONGS. NEW DANCES. NEW ItlK LKSlj I ES. Ac. For particular* see email programmes. l>oor open at 1. to commence et t o'clock preoiselv . Card* of admission Twenty-bye Cents. se SS tf ( |K AND REGATTA The fotlewtasg Boat* have eatered lor a Sda-er Goolet valued at fU To cumc otl tri(U).r^ Oct. 2d. To remain open until Sunday fvtn-Wv 22 V inc at 6 o'clock. Free for all Sail Dcata under if* VoaiA Fridiey Out era ?? ...Oneda. J. 1.-Fowler do. Mil.arl Filn ore. t). Semple do Jai.A nr. Vm. Stewart da lAdr C?v Sharker. J. Lovelasa do Katy Darling. SCHOF1ED A CLEAVER. _ *e 26 * Proprietor*. Vlhl'XTEMH? AND THALBERG'S CONCERT. M'ME FLKNA 1) ANGRI. The puUic are respnotfu if informed that HENRY VIEUXTI.MPS, in conjunction with S. T II A L B E R G . M'ME ELENA ITANGRI AND SIG. ROCCO, Will give tn thia City positively otdp one GRAND CON'CKRT, On TUESDAY EVENING. September ?, TflJT, AT CARU SI'S SALOON. Conduotor Sio. Amu. Admiaaion?Reserved Seat* f l jn. Not reserved ?l. Seat* will be aeoured at Richard.0avis*a and tano and Music Stores. Concert Cotnmmoes at 3 o'clock. tCity papers plaaaoopv.i ae ?4t WAITS. ANTED-A WAITER MAN.-W*nt?d. a good Waiter to attend in a Restaurant. A WANTED? By a respectable WOlUN.aata m t ion to do tiie Hoasework of a ae all family. Good reference* riven. Apply at No. 3H] 8th street, b"w?.^n I. utt* M streets. It* WANTED.?An nnfurniahe<1 ROOM, of food * v size ami mod?>rat<? rent, any wht-re l??t wernMh aiffl 14ta street*. On first floor preferred. Address Box iso. I?. St%r Othoe. It* WANTED.?A GIRt. about 1* oris years old. either a hue or colored, to take care of a Child and make herse f useful m a *n:.v fami y. Apply at No. 13 street .between C and^U atreeta. 't * COOK WANTED.?A Woman wanted to C<*>k. W'a-h, aii'l Iron, at 237 H street. .No Irish need apply. It* O JOURNEYMEN TAILORS.-P. f. STEER. No. 4U 7tn street, wishes to employ a first>-ate Workman by the week. No one who is not known in Washington to be such, needapp'y. ae a-??o3t W ANTED.-A first rate WASHER aed I RON EH. None other need apply. Good wages will be given. Apply at LLOYD * I'wui Hotel. *? 3* 31 wTTZTIBl single man preferred, and good wages given. Apply at 2W I'enn avenue, bet ween 10th and IIth street*. A good ChAtnbermaid also wanted to assist with wa*hing and ironing. ae a 2t* rM'RNISHEP ROOM* W ANTED.? Thiva r Fnrnisbed Rooana. on the aame floor, wanted tiy a aiaali family. Address "Neptune," at this oftce. ? 39 St _ WANTED IMN1 EDI ATELY. by an elierly lady and son. BO AH D in a private family, or two or thr?*rt nn'nrr.ished Rnom* ir. the vicinity of a boarding-hooae, from which meals could be ootmnrd. Address E. V the Star t?th?'f, siat'nc terms. locn'ton. Ac. An. ae 28 it* [M'RNISHKD H<H SE WANTED-A STrr?il and neat y furn ?iied Ho?w>. in a pi .-vaaat local ity. la wanted for ihe neat six or eirht moctha. by a *rnall fam ly. \ddress, stating terms and locnrion, '?Vindeg" at this oth?v?. bp J6-6t WANTED.?A re*j>eotal>le WOMAN to Narre Children and do Chantl>^rwork. Apply to Mrs. PEn It V, F street, south ?'de, i.etwoenStk aid 7ui atreet*. adjoining 1 mo.i R?.w. ie ac-^ %%rANTED? A Salearnan in a l.wre Clothing vv Store. A competent ><?urg Man tua: can oome well r?-c >iiiinerdcd can hearol a g< ud situation by addreasinr J. S.. at the Star Oflio*. sey-M IV' ANTED.-A GAR L>FNER, to take charge ol vv a Ver?-tal? e and Fruit <?:.rd<?n in e?.nnection withaaniall Farm <>f thirty acres. On* who i,as the ine.>ns of oultivnting ths place on sliarns, would I* preferred. Apply at 441 I strett. ItetwecM th<> lioui* of i" a m ar.d 3 p m. ??? M * \\f ANTED.?One or two lodging ROOMS, un vv famished, in a hruae occupied t?y a German family preferred, where there are no txtardcra. or other lodger*. i.ooMion to lie ;uiy where U>tween Pt-nn. avenue and I street, and 7tI: ai.d l.sth s*reels. A note left at the Star Office for S , a ating the loca tioa. will he promptIv *tt<*nd*d to ?e ?* tt SERVANT ANTED.?A Fema'e Save, t.. Cook ami aid la Washing. One coming w-lt reoommended will meet wiMi a *o??d pi'.e. a>d wa<?a paid punctually every mouth. Appl* at tins office. ae 34 7t* CLERK OR COP V I ST.-A cent eniag who writes a plain and rapid liand. and is thoroughly acquainted with lx>?>kk^eping. d**tr?? a ai'uatiofi. Would assume th* oopj itu and reviai.** ?>( work* for the preaa. Public documents c??r ieu in the nrat e?t manner and with ditpatch. Addres* U C..t?>x SHi- ser <7* WANTED-Bj a M AH RIED MAN,a sitaaiion in any resp^ctaM* Mtrcantile Hnsines* as Salesman or Aasistant Hook-ke?-p?r. H>* has eoe siderhbleexperience in the various branches ?? f nt?-r cantile bnsmess. The l?>at r?*t<*rencea caa t.e given. Addreaa W. J., care of Noel A Bovd. Wash ington citjN ae 14-roJw VirANTED ?A Farmer and Gardener, alio un " v d^rstands his bunne*s, t?? taVe cliai^e of a small Fami and Market Harde?i. One wi.o oan linns good references, and wouhl be m illing to *l>are the pixfits and exp- .ikes, can find a sood situstiou by applying at this office. se e<Ca * \\T ANTED?In the family of a gensleman residirg vv two miles from the city. a good plain COOK. One a*hn can bring recommeii'lations for skill, hon esty, and cleanliness will find neood siluat ton and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRL'TCHETT. cor ner of 6th and D streets. jy 15 tf LOST AHD FOUKD. REWARD.?I.??t about two weeka since a smail PACKAGE of STEEl- PLATES. The hnder will receive the above reward by apvly in? at this office. se 29 St REWARD.?Stmyed awa> from the aubscri ber, Jas. R. Moor, of ??e?'ri;et<i*-i .a/-nM on the SB: h instant, a BED II El t-I K.H montha old. in good conditioa. wiih a siialiJUka piece of rope on her horns, marked with a hole m her left ear. a slit in the right, and i fee white hairs in the tip of her tail. J AS. R. MOOR. It* 'Jeor*??*oww. A CANaL BO\T by the name of 'toneless, built hv Miller ft. Barrett, of New Yo.k, was found a drift, and is now lying at Jackson City. The owner will oome forward, prove property and pay the expenaca, or she will be soldaccoiding to Is* . WM. CI.EAVER. ae 28 St lo-k*?si Ci y. REWARD wi'l be paid for the recovery of $>??7 adovble case liold HI NTINti W ATtH, stolen from the sut(scriUer's store on Friday mght last and (25 for the detection of the thief, or return of |S atolenat the same time. The watch is num bered ft 6HS. London. The money omais'edof two #<0 notes and two of $.i. tine of the Biswas on a Virginia bank. Jewelers in Washington city will please be on the lookout for the Watch, as it was no doubt M*.k, 4 ???'.?- GFO w WU WN ae 26-3t* L?Epr Marlboro% August S. Iu37 CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, living on Bridge street, above the Market tn giTiJI Gf-orfet?>wn. on Thuraday last, a speckled 1?*-^ BI FFAI.O COW and a small red heifer^^aks CAI.F The Cow has a piece cut fr?>ra each ol her ears. The owner will please oome forward, prove property, pay ohargea, and take them away. ae ?-ar J AM t- S BROWN. BOARDIKQ. A gentlkhan ani> HIS wikk. or two ,,4*jr obtain ROOM ia front "??ARD. in a private family.a here there ?'V1?.'".1?' *l No 43b la at., f *?d II th. Refsrenoes required. ?? ?" I W CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON SIX Per Cent. Stock, Interest pa>able quarterly, for aeai-3t? RIGGS A CO. POR SALE.?Several good wart HORSES, A^yto l. j. MIDDLETON. _ae*-_eotf Coraaer F aad l?th ata.^" WOOLEN GOODS at MH McLAUGHUN A CO'i.