Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1857 Page 1
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I * VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C.A THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1857. NO. 1,467. THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ctrn+r of Pa. avenue and h levet th street, By W. D. WALLACH, and is served to iu beer Vra by earriersat 5*1 X AND A gl'ARTKK CENTS, paywWe weekly to the Aetata; pa pert aerved in pvka*ea at 37S centa per month. To mail aabacriliera the saheaription price ia THREE DOLLAR"* AND FIFTY CENTS year ??? ademnct, TWO DOLLARS for aix month!. and O.N E DOLLAR for three montha; for iesa than three montha at the rate of 12S oenta a week. ILTHINGLK COPIES ONE CENT. WHEN THAT NOTE WAS DUE. A man in Boeton (of course) was sorely per secuted by an avaracious business acquaintance, to pacify whom be was oblige. 1 to *' settle and not wishing to par over a few hundred in cash, ha drew up a note obligating himself to discharge tbe account after a specified date of time The creditor, who was noted for his fjLi njr principle, wtu not, in justice, really entitled to the money, but when thirty days after date were expired, he anxiously presented the note for payment. The debtor, instead of meeting it. replied : ?? The note ia not yet due. sir.7' "But it ia. though It reads ' thirty days aftor data. I promise to pay' so and so. and thirty-one day* have elapsed since the date thereof ; and so" ? '? Idon'tcare if thirty-one years haro elapsed aince the date of the note, 1 shall conten t for Its Immaturity." auswered tbe debtor, inter rupting the not very go.?l-humored note-holder, who su?>n mad? his exit, flamming the street' door alter him. muttering inoohurently about law, judgrueut, executions. .1 <*. In a few day* both parties were before a ma gistrate. who. on concluding the investigation, proclaimed that he must certainly award ? jadgment" against the debtor for tho lull amount of the note, and the cost of the prosecu tion besides. ?4 And what then ?" inquired tho defendant of tbe judge. 441 shall issue an ' execution,' if the plaintiff desires it," returned his hoaor. ?4 To be sure?I want one immediately." bawled the plaintiff, whose countenance reveal ed his determination to allow d<> mercy, as he urged his way a* near tbe judge a* possible. ?' To* are resolved upon judgment and ex ecution demanded tbe defendant. 441 am." replied the judge, taking up his pen to record the same 44 To be sure we are.'' coincided the plaintiff with a chuckle. ?41 prosumeyourhonor can fjre//correctly V ?aid Uie defendant, he picked up his hat and sent it further upon the table before hiin. "Insolent!" exclaimed the judgu, choking with rage. 4* Will you oblige me by carefully spoiling and reading the first line in that valuable doc- i ment." ur^el tho defendant, disregarding tiie anger of the magistrate, and dirocting bis at tention to the note that lay before bun. The judge looked at the note and then at the defen dant, but probably thinking it was best to take it coolly, proceeded to do as requested, aud read aloud, in a very lucid style : " Thirty days after date I prom " '? Stop!"' shouted the defendant, ' you don't rand it ri^ht " 44 I do. ' was the judged resj?>nse. 4' You don't!" returned tho defendant; *' I thought you couldn't spell." The judge was now failing over with rage, and smote the desk before him so violently with his clenohed hand as to cause those who stood about him. including tbe expectaat plaintiff to retreat a few paces in double quick time " Keep your temper, judge, or we shall be obliged to have the case transferred to unvtber court, where tbe magistrate understands the art and mystery of spelling words of on? sylla ble. and don't make a tool of himself by kick ing up a row and smashing office furniture. There, you may keep your seat, and Veil those present what the first line of that note says," said the defendant with a coolness that sur prised the audience and puzzled tbe judge. Having again glanced at the document, and appearing to detect something that had until that moment escaped his perception, the judge proceeded to read : ? Thirty 'lays after tenth I promise to pay?" ' Right'" exclaimed the defendant; **you can spell, I see ' 4- Tnis note is not due. gentlemen, until thir ty days after death" proclaimed the magis trate . 41 the case is accordingly dismissed^ and the court adjourned uutri to-nior row morning. "What"' exclaimed the plaintiff, 44 am I tfcus fxded * Villain The unexpected and ludicrous conclusion of the suit threw the whole assembly, save the un lucky plaintiff, into an uumerious fiiof merri ment, which having subsided, they separated and dispersed The note is not duo yet. BROIGHAM AND UIKK. Lord Brougham, iu his address the other day before the Mechanic* Institute at Manchester used the following languago . " Tbe first duty of a man is to provide forhis own indepeudeuce by his own werk, and not either to amuse himself or indulge in any gratification?not even in that m >re than inno cent, most sacml gratification,of assuaging his tl^rst fir knowledge?until be has done hu* day's Work, and done that wbi<*h it is his boun deu duty as well as bis highest interest to do, work with his own hands far the prevision <n himself and his family. And when I talk of working men. I am myself, and have boon all tuy life, a working man?and as long as I am blessed with health enough to continue, even at my advanced tune ot life, 1 shall coutinue to labor; and I shall never henceforth, ?by more than I have hitherto done, partake of any relaxation, not even in gratifying my thirst for knowledge, until I have earned the riirht to do it by having done iny day's work. There are other rules as to whi-'h I would allow no com promise, no middle course nuatever. and they are the maxim* which ought to preside over a man s whole employment of his time. The one is, to do one thing at a timo only ; the aw xt. is never to pa* '?# nit tomorrow what yOTTCan do to-day and the third, ft' ways to finish one thing before you beglu another. A very great and most eelebratedmau in Holland?De Witt ?was once asked h<?w it happened that he got through -o much business and of such varied kind, for he wx* not only a great states man and e minister, but also a most eminent mathematician and a literary man; and his an swer was that it was by two rales which he always observed?to do one thing only at a time and never to put off till to-morrow what he could do to-day, These were his golden rales I knew a great statesman, nout hu mutt, uf another country, who used to say, on the other band, bis principle was 4 Never to do fa day what you could put off till to-morrow.' And when I cried oat against this as a most J hereto fox political doctrine, be gave me hah'-a- t dozen instances in which much advantage had occurred from his continual procrastination of measures that were pressed upon Liui These were e?rtaiuly the exceptions to the rale. I admit that be urged his perverse maxim rather by way <>f pio&aantry than anything else, and I think it was ao rw?mmen lation of it that he could produce ?<? few instances in its favor." We were at first disposed to thiuk that the statesman of an-.ther c >untry was Aaron Burr, who is tho author of an aphorism of which the one qa>'ted by Brougham reminds us Buir used to say, 4* I never put off till to-morrow what I can do to-day. and I never come to a conclusion upon anything to-day. which I can pot ?fl till to-morrow '' It is difficult to say which of these rules of action betray most sa gacity., j | A Bit or Koua-iifc-?Ten years ago a yoong Englishman ran away from London where he was highly connected carne down to Liverpool, took a ship that was up for New Orleans, and in due course of time landed in this city with a light heart in his breas*. and between or two hundred pounds id Bank of England notes in his pvket He had becu a m ntras snjet at home. and. what between wine and women, had managed to squander a large fortune, besides involving himself seriously in debt. He had taken the precaution to provide himself with letter^ of introduction to respectable parties in this city, aud by this means he soon formed tbe acquaintance of a young lady, who, by the death of her father, had iust been left sole heiress tr> a large estate. A warm attachment soon snrung up betweeu tbe two. and oar young Englishman. one fine day. made tbe lady a formal tender of bis band and heart. The an swer be received was tbe fallowing: " I love y?u end will marry you, bat only ou these dri^nT' 9^ ?eW ?Dly ? Ut Y?? mUgt 3t?P drinking. 2d. \oumust pay your debts: 3d. \oni have squandered one fortuno. you must f *? an<1 niake another." The lover en treated, but the lady wai inexorable. Just then the gold fever broke out, and our hero de termined, without loss of time, to try hi* for tune on the shores of the Pacific ocean II* sat down, wrote a letter to the lady, in which no announced his determination, assured ber of his unalterable affection, and begged her to be tait..tul to him, and without further adieu, started for Now York, and took ship for San * rM1c'?o via the Cape In California, he led for soma time a wandering, dissolute life, and finally joined the unfortunate expedition whioh Ka.usset de Buulbon fitted out for the conquest of Sonora It was known that he was among the few who escaped to tell the fate of their he roic leader, but nothing further was hoard of kirn or his whereabouts until last Saturday, when aAtriend ot hi* in this city received a tel grapio dispatch from him, stating that he was among the fifty persons saved from the Central America, and brought into Norfolk bv the barque Ellen. The dispatch further stated that the writer had lost $150,000 in g-?ld. wh ch was in the hands of the purser, but that it was luckily inured for it? full value in a London office. Y\ e learn that tho ladv to whom he was engaged is Mill unmarried, and it would not be strango if, in the course of human events, we should bo called upon to indite a paragraph with that fashionable heading " Marriage in high Life."?O. Her. WALL STREET. Tho New York Tribune thus graphically de scribes Wall street: Wall street is ??? ^enrrix. Ne other thorough fare is like it. Its features are peculiar. No Change Alley is like it; no other Bourse?110 Rial to. Trinity Church looks down upon it. hko a su^rv.sor but Trinity Church cannot tbrtf.ianiie it. Like a molon growing next to a pumpkin, the Church may have a savor of its neighbor, but Wall street will neror obtain any flavor lroin the Church. The name of Downing street in London is irrevocably associated with diplomacy : so is \V all street with stock-jobbing; but as Downing street is not full of foreign ministers, with faces I aimers ton-ward, neither is Wall street occu pied solely by the members of the Brokers Board. ? Wall street is Cot a long street, though it is ,.a 'on,? A man. without corns. e-?n walk the length of if in fire minutes. Another it lie should keep on, would find him iu the bast Kiver. It is not a wide street. Bid* have been made from curb to curb. Wheels get'lock ed there daily, eepecially near the head of it, and a vast deal of highly ornamentr.1 profanity is done by ?weet-t*mpcred carmen, who. havr? wedged themselves in. seeui to think that. like the poor debtor, they can tirenr themselves out. It is not a handsome street, still there is no thing wooden in it. except, perhaps, the heads of some of the stock-buyers White marble, brown freestone, terra cotta and substantial granite bespeak iu wealth. Here is that wonderfullv intricate building, the Merchants' Excban-o, full of lawyer, insurance and other office? us u dog is of fleas. Near by is the tocu.i in y?oof the ?brokers Board, where many millions of dollars daily "change hands and cross over." while the members cheerfully (speaking in metaphor) balance to their partners." In the rotunda of the ediiice real estate auctioneers are crying as siduously. yet without shedding a tear, over sacrifices or property to an almaa fabulous amount. On the other side of Wall, at the corncr of N assau, and facing Broad street, stand*--na v. it don t stand, but <yt"iM-the Custom-Housc, where there has been so much hard swearing over fraudulent invoices* and political assessments. I that the white marble columns have turned gray as an old man s hair, or as Chelmsford granite. which thuv much resemble On either side of the street ij an illustrious row of banks and insurance offices with foreign insurance ageufc, laud agents, coal agentii railroad agents. steamship agents, and m?ny other sorts of agents (Satan's too, perhaps.) in cluding some lawyers on the second and higher Uoors. The basements swarm with brokers Every nook and cranny in ail the* buildings command high rents Add to this picture in numerable groups of earnest talking scoldii>2 chathng. gesticulating men. dividing the rapid currents ot mer.-bauts. brokers, clerks, fore.en consuls, financiers and commercial editors who are continually passing, and you, who have never seen this notorious thoroughfare, will have a tolerably graphic idea of Wall street ATTEMI-T of A Hl'SBAXp TO Kepidiate a ike WITH wuoa Ha had Lived Twenty i kah.v-A aingularcase of bigamy, desertion (9A7S the Cincinnati Gaxette.) before Esquuro Bray, yesterday after noon A man, Charles Fox. who was an old resident here until four or five years pa,t brought suit against a woman residing on the side of Aft. Adams near the termination of bixth street, for detention of property-a house and lot?which he claimed to be his. Pox had a wife with him and two small children, all of whom wore in court; and it appeared during the trial that the woman, against whom he had brought suit, was also his wife; he hav ,,&?U""r2tl VrV1SeVrk- iu this State, in ! ?nd having had offspring by her. one of whom, a daughter, is now the Lead of a family and the mother of two children A number of witnesses were produced to prove the tact of his marriage to the first wife, and among them a physician present at the birth of two of his daughters, who w?re also present. The assurance ..f the man ? attempt to prove her who was the faithful partner of his bosom for twenty years, merely a rejected mistress, and his endeavor to dishonor not onlv her hut his own daughters, and the children of one of them seem to evince a condition of mind, not ianftv ,U> wlcke(in?M' bordering upon in All the parties are highly respectable in an pearauce, and are said to have occupied an honorable position in society. Fox is a man seemingly aW fifty years of age and conduct* ** '/ "ere really defrauded of prop family 3 7 g* X? him and hi;,ne" The decision of the jury, which had been em paii.eled. was in favor of the first wife, thereby preventing the husband from dispossessiu* her of her property. As she eould not. however produce her marriage certificate, she could not it is sail, arraign lox upon a charge of bigamy. About twenty of the moat incorrigible tlneves in Kan Francisco ware rocentjy exhib ited on the Flaza by the police. The exhibi tion was free, and was well attended by us many as three thousand citizens. The rogues were fastened, two by two, to? rope, which extended *b"ut thirty yards. Tho victims of much scru tiny and curiosity by the citizens exhibited va rious phages of character and disposition ; some were immensely savage and threatening; others were amiable, aud inclined to Us sociable; and 'Vre no1 inclined to be recognised, keeping therr faces concealed as much upossi "I"" WM tUt ^opl. fhu ? ? oli.r?t?r? utnl be able to recognise them on future occasions Mr. James Curtis, chief of police, being called to account for this, what the Herald te?ms a, unlawful and despotic act, and to remove the aspersions cast upon him, says: -They were Mien who live by robbery and stealth-burglars and house-thieves, pickp<?ket? and receivers who have been arrested time and again ? some times oou> icted, and serving their Sentence? in jail ; more frequently paying their fines from tberr stolen money, to be again at liberty to dupe some unsuspecting stranger, or force an insecure honse. Time and again I have cau tioned. warned and threatened those men, but to no avail. The system of showing up had its origin in Hoglaud, and hae since been found beneficial by the police authorities of New York, Boston, and other large cities of the Union no i Ot Eurojx. FOR SENT AND SALE. FARM FOR SALE.?a piece of fine LAND on Ruck Creek, in Montgomery county, lUd., six nines from the heights of Georgetown. adjoining the land* of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, .{WWles, Bohrer, and Hawkins. mfcaores. A beautiful lo<* tion; psrtially unproved; new house; 13 acres rich oreek oottom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi se* those who desire to purchase. je FP?OR RENT.-A nnxfwrn built HOUSE, contain ing !2 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy locution, front in*: one of the public res ervations. and oemmandinf an extenstveview of the 011v, tbe river, and Georgetown. It ha? gas througb out; water and With room. To a careful tenant t be rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4Wl street, sec ond door from 12th street. i* 2*-tf ARMY'S CONFECTIONERV POK Sa7.E. 'f liia well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu nity for a good Confeotiouer to enter into a sale and profitable business. Possession can lie had 1st No vember. The three-storv Brick House, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as may be desired. For particulars inquire on the premises. No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, U. C., or to \V M. 1!RIDGES,313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf ___ FiOR SA L E. ? An old established DRUG STORE, in the central part ol 'he city, doiu* an excellent retail and prescription busiucss. Au dress Chemist, through the fost Olhce. au ZV2aW6w _ PM)K RENT.?The STORK-ROOM No.6*8 7th street, immediately opposite the olbcw ol the National Iutolluenoer. and now occupied by W . Clendenin as a Boot and Shoe Store. Possession given the t<?th Ootober. For terms, Ac.. apply te GEO. W. COCHRAN, next door. se 21 -t f I.^OR SALE?Handsome residence on tbe Heights r of Georgetown. The sul>scriher. as Trustee,oi lers for sale that spacious and handsome residence in Georgetown, at present occupied by Charles W. Pairo, Esq. The property compriseswnentirenqiiare of ground, beautifully improved With walks, trees, *hrubl>ery. flowers. Ac.; a large and well built green house, with plauts in great variety. There are al?o. on the premises, Stables, Carruue house, and other convenient out houses. The Dwelling-House i? large and roomy, bavin*, with the wings, a front of ninety five <t>o) feet and commands one of the finest views of the I'otomao river and country around. It is heated by a furnace, lighted with gas, and contains bull fixtures for hot and cold water; a large cistern, kitchen range: and almost everr a>nv*n ence for a first class residence. If desired the Furniture will be sold with the house. Possession can be given immediately. For further particulars. terms of sale, A,o., apply to SAM. C. KDE?, Trustee Ajt Pairo & Nourae'a Banking House, se ?l-dtw>vwtw oppo?ite the Tre**iirv. FM?K KENT?Tbe two enmlorrabie and eonveni ?ut BRICK HOUSES on Farette street, ad joining the Convent^vre now undergoing complete re pair, and will be for rent ??u the 4Th ol Aueust. The Houses are verr desirable, particularly to parents having children to educate. Apply to JOHN L KI l?w ELL. Ilish street. Georgetown. jy 27 I L C L O f H S A CARD. IRT7RB A LOSANO have the pleasure to an noiinoe to thnr friends and tl?s public, that^e* inev have just rocoived fresh from ?he im^-feS forters a full and beautiful assortment of (li\ M.OTHS.CASSI MKR ES. VESTINGS.'of all varieties,and GENTS' FI RMSHINtiS? all of the latest and most approved styles, which will bd disposed of at prices that cannot (ail to A>1 orders intrusted to us promptly and faithfully filled. GRUBB * LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, seS-lm *<3Rth street, near Penn aveone. 0 Having effected an arrangement bjr which we will now be enabled to store a much larger and more varied stock of OILCLOTHS than hitherto, we now have the pleasure of announcing that we are supplied with an Assortment ?.f Oilcloths, from which the most fastidious taste may be suited. We nave in store, which have iu?t been received, 20sheets, in widths from 12 to 24 f??t wide,ail the designs nnd colors in the latest productions and highest style of art, to wit: In elegant designs, representing rich velvet Car pet.ngs In elegant designs, representing oak and maple panels Do. do. antique and Italian fresco Do. do. enoaustictileing Du, do. mosaic pave Do. do. flowered face, called [chintz colors. From all of which we are prepared to furnish for any sized room, hall, or passage. To save trouble, we have a man who will be *ent ?t su< fiOorinthe City or Georgetown and take accurate diagrams, l>> which the oi:cloths sold will fit. Also. ?tu ex iMiisivM and ?iege.nt stock of Table and Stair Oilcloths, and Oilcloth Table Covers, in cen tres and borders; the colors of which arc entirely new and in great variety, all at unusually low prices. . Also, an extensivo stock of elegant Transparent Snades. for wirsiows, some m green and got#?, enru s<>n and gold, bine and sold, and ruby and gold. The eolorsjn th-^se represent velvet accurately. Also", a great \mriety in all silt borders, and some in dark tints and pretty mellow colors, for darkening the light in chambers. With all the nocessnry fix T'l^fh'rr" bodsijn. 1 /ALL STVLE FOR U57. Now ready at STIN KM ETZ'S, 23B Pennsylvania avenne. n?>ar the eornwr of Thir teenth the most popular Fall stiles of i>ress. or Moleskin HATS, to which he invites partioularattention. Having established the cash sys tem, and finding it to work we'l, he will continue to make a discount of< 12*? per cent, noon the actual market price, making tne hat sold for -S4 iand ^ not unfreqtiect:y for $5) fa the low pnoj; oT a slight variation in quality for 9$, ano for a superior quality for the A good assortment of FELT HA rS^CAlP, Ac. a!war? or. hind, B. H. ?TINl-.MKTZ. aug21-tf g!6 Penn. ave. near 13th street. CMIDKY'S L *> DY'S HOOK FOR OCTOMKR 1 Received aril for sale atSlIILLING I'ON S, Odeon Building, cor. 4)? *1. and Pa. avenue. tJraham's Magazine, for October. Lndies' Nntiona' Magnzme. for October. Arthur's Home Magazine, do. New York Journal. do. Moss-Side; by Marion Har'and: antlior of Alone. Bella Trelajrney, a Se<|iiel to Harold Tracy. All the new Books. Magnzines. and .Newbpapers, rco?-ive<l immediately alter publication. Also, a choice assortment oi Stationery.constant ly on hand, aiid lor sale bv JOS. 8II1LLINGTON, ?e 10 Qdoow Bui'.ding, cor. 4'j st. and Pa. ave. ^JI"APLE FALL UODDs" JOHN H. S.MOOT, No. 113 5. *irt*, ?r., r?Verge/etca, Z>. C., has received and offers to customers, an assortment of goods adapted to tbe early Fall demands, consist ing of the following, viz : Plain Black Silks, of the best makes Plain M'sles and bright colored Muslin Delaines Rich Fail styles Muslin Delaines, at 25 cents Ricii English nnd American Prints, in great varioty, (fast colors) New York, English, Bates' Mills, all Wool,and other heavier make* Shirting Cottons Richardson'* and Chaine"* celebrated iiiaket .Of Irish Linens _ ^ Black and white Check Cashmeres, f ?r Dusters Single and double width Lupin's Black Mouslui De lainws White. Red. and Yellow Flannels CasHiineres, Sattmets. and Kentucky Jearn Shirtiug Prints, striped and dotted Ladioe and Misses Cotton Hose, ail kinds (jents.aiid Boys half do. Ladies and Gerits Linen Cambric HanUk'lS Rich. new style Bonnet Ril>bons White Bril'iants. Cambrics and Muslins Table Cloths, Damasks and Napkins Liuen and Cotlou Sheetings and Towellmga Osuaburg Calious and Piaid Cottons Henw Brown Sheetings, Drills, and fine brown Shillings With other seasonable Goods, whiob will be fold low to onsli or prompt customers. au2? tf J. H. 9. |\l PON I 'SGI N POWDER. Mr | hmi all tunes supplied with all the various kindi of Dl' PONT'S M N'POWDER. and *rtt prepared to supply tbe same many quantity to parties waatkig, on tins most favorable terms. W. At,BERT KINGs Agent for the District of Cotamhia, No. as High street, ?nav 12 rf r Intnl.* States Kunrfntnwn. I>. fi. 1 R KK N oTn ti E R ? OR EE N GINGER . M UREEN GINGER received, snd for sale by KIN(i A BI RCH ELL, ir W Vnrmont *v?iiii? aiwl IMh itrost. THE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to dimmish Losses, avoid Lawsuits, and save Time, Trou ble, and Money, by conducting business according to law, as expounded by the best and latest Author ities; by Edwin T. Freedlev, author of a Practical Treatise on Business; Jj'l.Si Information about Texas, carefully prepared by l> E. K. Bnuiwn. of Matagorda, Texas: Tic. Modern Reform Examined; or the union of North and South on tho subjeot of Slavery; b? Joseph C ?l. Ju.t g?3R. Booksellers. n?ar 9th street. (Intel , Union. States <n aTOTOU (.RATES!! RANGEts!!! The largest stock of Stoves, Gratea, R aagea, aui H<?t? A if Vurntotii ever ottered in the l)ii- ? rict of Columbia, and at the lowest market prioes, can he found at the ITsMisglos' Sloes, Tih, and Shrrt Iron Af'iaWirtern.j S. E onrner Pennsylvania avenue and lltn street. Study your intereat and oall and ex mine at No. 267. se in-eolm _ l^OCR PRINCE'S MEI.ODEONS. a Six Mason A Hamlin's Melodeotut. Just received at our Piauo su>re. ,NM JOHN F. JdLLfly ( Pianos, &c. (^ULU MEDAL PREMIUM I 1'IANO FVHTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (S?mor partner in the late firm of KnABI. OaiTHi.b ft Co., Continues the itaanofactore and wile of rnr.d arid ssuare PIANO FORTES, undcrM-e of William Knabe & Co.. at the old stsrd, Not. I. S, 5 and 7 North Hutaw street op-III %? * posite the Kut.iw House, Raltinsure. Thoy have alio just opened a new Salt*a Room at No anrf Baltimore atreet, between Charles *nd Light afreets. on tha premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCaffery as a music store. where they wiil keep oonntantly on hand a lr.rn? assortment of p ain and highly-finished fraud niui square Piano Fortes aidt>, Melodeons, from tha neat maker*, from 4 to 5 ootave. some with double key-hoards, double reed*, and atopa to suit small churches, Betng extensively engaged in the manufacture o ?ianos. we will sell wholesale and retail, on the moa beral term*. Our rw?non ware awarded the highest premium (gold medal! at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two suooftsaive years?OctoSer, \K*&. and IHSR?-m <*> position to fourtosr. and eighteen pianos from some of the liest makers from New York, Boston nr.d Btl timore. We were nlsoawarded the first the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1456 and 1853, They have also l*>on awarded the highest premium (silver mvd&l) at the Metro politan Mechanic*' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession ofteatimo amis from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which osn be seen at out Ware rooms, speaking for themselves and others of | the high appreciation in which our instruments are ?very where held. All instruments are gnnranteed for five years, ai d a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six j m ?nths from the day of aale if the inatrumentado uot give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thair advantage to rive us a aall before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-Lr WM. KNABE A CO. ? > A CARD-A CHANCE RARELY MET WITH MY THOSE WHO WISH-jw-^ A PIANO FORTE.?I have now inatoreW jryTf the following great liargams : " ? ' ' Two superb Pianos. four round corners, rosewood oesea. seven eotaves. used only a few months. I

will sell them at 9125 leaa than their price aevea months sinoe. A l>eautiftil aeven octave Roaowood Piano, iron frame, round oorners, for 32r*V The above Piasoa are sold for Bo fati't, but be longed to families who have removed to the west, and left them wilfi us to he told They are real!* and truly great iiargaiua. We are prepared to give a written guarantee with them, and will, a' any I'd ture day, exchange, if parties are not satiahcd. Also, a fine second'hanH Piano of Hallet A Davis' make, for ueed but eighteen months, and cost | ?9325. Also, two seomd-hand Chickermg's for -9175 each, at the Great Piano Ware rooms of JOHN F. ELLIS, au 1*> 305 renn. avo.. bet. !>th and loth streets. SEVENTH STREET. rsf ? v JL t TOBIAS, 1 n p r r c i a x. Office Second Storv. three dour* from Onr? F?,i.b?*' Hmt.. Spectacles and Glasses suited to ever* sight? ' Opera, Readme, and Watchin ike 'a Glasses; Tele- j scopes, Microsoopos m great variefj ; (,'o*m<"nmie r<tereo.-,oopes with views of superior am! eh?ic. pictures ou band. Soe adverlupineut in National Intelligences . TcstiXosials. a c Norfolk. Septnmlier 7. J&W. ?*!R: rhe Spec-'acles you maao for ino suit ine very well, and seem to brve improved my *ii;kr more th?u any other I have late!) tried. I.ITT. \V. TAZEWELL. , have tried a pair of Spectahle& obtained from Mr. Tobias, and hud them of great assistance to my sight,and oorresponding with his d<?scriptionof their focus. 1 recommend huu aa ?< skillful optician. II EN K Y A. WISE. PKTKR"?Bt*Rrt. October 21. last. Aljont five year* ago, I ol?tain?<! from Mr. Tobias, in \\ ashinsfon, a pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used, ami found thein of great assistance to m> UtHftyuijf vision; ami my opinion of him is, tna* he is skillful in the prepaiation of Glares for e>os not too iar gone to be benefitted by such aid. J. F. MAY. I.TNrirtrftc;. November 1?5I. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, ami from his observations and reiuaiks, am convinced that he is a skillful optician. J.J. HI*ACKFORD,M. D. Ltschbifu, November 10. 1K?4. Mr. John Tobias. having furnished me with Glas ses. by which I have been greatly aided, < my \ laion having sutffred treatly from reading a( night in inv earlier lite, > it aff ords me lh? highest pleasure to sav that I oonsid^r hmi a skillful practioaJ optician, and well prepared to aid thost* who raav need hi? prufessional *<*rvices. WM. B. R??t"ZII<% Elder of the Methodist Conference. Wu,MiNGToji, N, C? June 27, IHSi. Mr. J. Tobias ? htar Sir : I am hr.ppv to say that tho Spectacles which I olrtained from you Inst week ari- eiitir- ly satisfactory. From an inequality in the visnal ran^eof my eyes, I have heretofore found sreat difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It afford* mo pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difficult* has been happily obviated, so that the (iiasses you furnished me are decidedly the host adapted to mj eyes of anv i have ever yet used. . . Very respectfully yours, R. B. DR ANE. Hector of st. James' Parish. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tolxa* |or the purpose of trying hie e'asses f was furnished with a pair slightlv color'd hlue,.w hice have aiiorde<l mo more reiioi aud gratiti cation than an* 1 liave ever tried. My sight, origin ally verr good, was injured by writiaij and ruling at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as ,'af. as fver. and tnat loo without the pain I have previ<?i.s ly JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioneer <jeiri Land Offioe. Dee. 11,1?M. I have used Mr. Tobiaa'a Spectaeloa for three or four months, and take urent pleasure in saving that I am much pleased with them. 11?*ve i.een miioh U'liehteil by tiieiu. l>EO. P. SGAR BL KLH. May 5th. 1RW. I was reoommended to Mr. John TobiasasaaVilfui optician ; and as I have e?>-s of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to fir d that Mr. Tobias s?eem.- I to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, uiid lie has made mo a pair of Sp~<*t.'i cles that suits mo adniirabl). A. P. HL'TLER. July II, 1U66. ? . . , Washington, Aug.?, >855. Having neon for years under the necessity of hav t wo Mhts of classes -otjo for use in ilaylirlil, anil one for lamp-light?I procured one set from Mr.Tobias which an* werod l?oth pnrp<ises. I have used his for several mouths, and find them excellent. EDWAk I) STI'RBS, Of Departrnenf <?f State. Mr. J. T OBIAS. Sir: The piK of Spectacles yon I furnished me yesterday are particularly sitisfactorS to me. They are verv dtsoKfedly the tiest I posses*, a>ii I am ttie.owner of eight or nue pans, cart-fully selected m diflerent plaees and {from f>ptiemns ree ommendi'd to me ou account ot their professional standing in France, England, and the I'nited States. I have been nlao pleased with your remarks and di lections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the Mtrht Respectfully vours, CHS. CALDWELL, Profe*sor of M. C., Louisville, Ivy. Brooklyn ORTirop.?Knic Institution, April, IH54. After most oareful examination oi Mr. J. Tobias's <>lasses. I am enabled to testify that their hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly renommendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyea are in want of such auxiliaries. I consider, moreover. Mr. Tobias full? qualified to determine the focus ot the eye,both by hi* optiool knowledge and expencuoe, and by means oihis optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. I'obias has supplied some of my pa tients wilh (>Lasses- to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAFER. M. D.. Physician and Surgeon. Berlin; Member of the If oval College of Surgeons, Lnrland; Memlier of the Medical Society of London, and of tlie Pathological Society of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution^)! Manchester, England, and Surgeon of theB. O. Institution. Norfolk, Va.. July ?7, lW4. In the experience of even two years. I have found great difficulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex aetly adapted to the weakness of my si^ht. This in oonv?iuene? Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for ttie present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Olasse*. They are clear, chrystaf-like and comfortable to m> eyes. 1 would commend turn to those who from age or othor infirmity require ar tificial aid in this way. J. J. SI M KfNS, AL D. WILMlJiOToN, N. C? June 16, IV54. T?> persons who have had the sight oftheireyes *o impaired as to require the use ofUlaasea, I would reooiiimeud Mr. John Tobias a* a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as the* nuiy re quire. as he haa suited me with a pair of Speclaelo* tor a far and near sight. My sight nas t>e>Mi impaired very much by a service of years in the Piait Otfioe Department, which berth required me to I to on duty from 11 o clock at nitbt till after day, during which time I used but one light. W. A. WALKER. Department of Interior, Maj 8,llitt. From natural dcfect* and the unequal range of my eyes. I have been compelled to use glasaea for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glaese* perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, whioh I hav?i found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he i* enabled to adapt glasses most minutely to the eve. 1 most cheerful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and l?ear my tentmiony as to his skill as an HF.NRV E. BALDWIN, se ?5 Ass't Scc'y to sign Land Warrants. C*UBA HONE\\ > The subscriber has Just reoeived. and for aale, ten tieroea of chilled CUBA HONEY, at his On> oery and Provision Store, No. 5M ink street and Louisiana avenue. I* '? tf JONAS P. LKVY. QCHOOL BOOKS? Of the latest editions and bound. Such as are usedlij the City ?nd Dlstriot. For sale, at the lowest ??5 FRANCK TAViOR, 1 511 EDUCATIONAL. JJROOKEVILLE AUADKMY. ,l Mo*toom**y rop?rrTvMp. The oonrse or Study ruitxaoes Ancieut and Mod ern Languages. Sciences. Mathematics. and ordina ry h'.lie 11nil Urnnches. Ter?,sfr?r Hoard ami Tuition 818' p?r annum. Catalogues may ha obtained at a'lantyne's Seventh street, or by adfliessing the Punaipalat Brookeville. E. B. PRETTYMAN. I. M. seSS-lm Principal. \1 RS. BELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOU NO ifl LADIES, Corn*r of L nndWtk ttrtfts. The ne*tse?sionot this Institution will commence on the 1st of September, IB57. Competent and efhcient Professor* will, &? hereto fore, be engaged in every department. Furtner particulars can tie obtained by applying at ?ht*- min??nr. an ?1-dt Jtecflw ^ELF.CT SCHOOL FOR BO\S. GEO. W. DORRANCE. formerly one of the Principal* of the central Academy, has opened a Select Schools tor Boys, on C street, between 6th and 4)6. No. 3BI. Number limited to twentr-five. For terms inquire at the School Room. tie *- eotm Dancing Schools. ANCINO A C A D E M V 1) Mr. C. C. rON\OLl,\ , whose reputation as a Lancer is well krowu throughout \\ ashing- e\ tou and elsewhere, will, in compliance vr th JH the request of many, op-?n on the 1st of Octo fM ber, a DANCING ACADEMY at 6<? ?>thUtl&* street, for which purpose he lias l>een to the North, mastering all the latest Fancy Dunces, wMh which lie combines a new, picturesque, and graceful style of Dancing with all the old one*. l.ndirtH. Mi*?ea. and Masters' Cia*s meets on Mondays ami Thursdays from 2 until 5 o'clock p m. Gentlemen's Class from 7 until* 10, on the came evenings. For particulars inquire af <7fi 12th street. 501 7th street, or at tne Saloon, two doors t?eiew Odd Fel lows' Hall. N. B.?Private lessons (riven to 60it the eonvem enceof persons requiring such. se 29 4t* pASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUMDKR takes zrest pleasure in announcing to his frieiHls. former patrons, p\ and the publi<* generally, that be will resume fjtjl (tie duties of his School, at his H?ll. orner#3* Stli and 1) streets, on Thursday Afternoon, Octol er 1st. laVT, at 4 o'clock. Prof. M. will introduce giving instruction by flic Piano snd Violin, having ascertained that the pro pressor the pnpil is much more rapid with the ac conip 'nimcnt of the above inst rumen's. He has ' he finest collection oT New llancea that has ever been Introduced into this or anv ot ner city, and hopes, by the Mattering reputation which he already eii)ors and the extensive prepsia'ion for a brill-Ant season, to merit a lil>eial share of tue i?est patronage. N. II.?Personj wishing to ooi.f>r with Piof. M will plea*? leave theiraddtessat Mr. J no. F. Ell s' Mitsic Store. .'EH I'eimsy? vaiua svenue. se 19-tf jj A N C I N <i A C A D E M V7~ Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAFGHTER lure the honor to announce to the Ladies ami Gen tlemenof Washington and Georgetown that aSI ho will re open iti* Classes for Dancing in*^> Washington on Friday, the 9th of Oeiol>er. a' LJV. Mr. Crouch's Hall, oxrner of 1!th *t. and Pa. av., over Farnhain's Bookstore, for Missesand Masters, from ?$ o'clock p. m.; Tot Ladies and lien tie men, from 7 o'clock P.m. Oeorfetown?on Wednesday. the 7th of October, at Miss iiarrover's Ladies Sein irmry. Irom 3o'clock p. m. For terms a/id particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s residence, 4H7 E street, between 9th and 10th streets. se 12-6m Stoves, &c. I I HER TV !*T A R COHKlNti STOVE.-Per j sops ;u want of a superior Cooking Stove should b\ ail im?ans examine the above. The unusal thick ness of pkt:?-8 and perlect arrsng?*ment for sll cock ing purposes make it the very liest Cooking Stove in the market. If not found tol-e nil that is represent ed, it will l?e exchanged immediateb. For vue by W. H. HARROVKK. 7th street opposite Patriotic Bunk, so 25-lw Five doors north of Pa. ar. stoves: stoves:: stoves::: ? The attention of tnose in wsnt r>fST<"?\'FS is invited to my large and w?-ll selected assortment. liavMig gnen great attention t? their selectum, I i.m confident 1 can suit ail who may favor me with a call. Amoiut ati numerous collection | will name? T^ie Untou Con>pieie, Maria i'a in. Mode Parlor Cook, Valley Cook. Virginia Cook, Ten flate,Evening Star, Liberty Stnr, Baltimore CoH.plete, Virginia Air-Tight, Ac., A c. Together'Wtth I'sr. or Stoves, of jr-at variety and pattern Radiators, Air Tight. The Oval Franklin, Little Dorrit.Ac. With !<eu room and dining room Sioves, of various patterns, and all sizes. I am also prepared to put on, in the mo?t approved style, KisterUick's Oelelirat>'d wrought iron wana> Air Furnaces, fer heating LlweMuie Houses, L'hurolies, Assembly Rooms. Ac., wh en from the siuip.icit) of its oonstruction and easy inanaienient ha? never failed to give entiie sai.siaction. Call and examine for yourself, at W. D. \\ WILL'S, Store Msnnfactner and Copper. Tin, and Slioet-lron Worker, ttl I'enn. avenue, l>e: ?een Third and 4K str- ets, se2S-lw* Sooth naa. Mr. . W O O f) \V A R L> ' * ETROPOLITA\ STOVE AND GRATK t ACTOR V. Thf Greatest Cookm* fitoi-rs tn the VnttfJ Utatff. I have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising St\K, or double Oven Cooking Stove; ft dec id-d improvement on the old Mornrig Star: patented M.57. I had them tot tip in I'hiledel phia tins last summer, exclusively for this market. They are very heavy and strong, and cast of the very l?est Pennsylvania Malleable Iron. All the Cooking Utensils are made extra heavy. F. H. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I havealao. I'llr Libkbtt Star, mnde by Messrf. AbtMitt Sc I.surenc-1 of the name place. The Licht SrtKRT Dot'Bt.K OVKN Cook, made by Messrs. Haivan Hartieti A Co.. Haltimore. tocet her with the very l*est AirTioiit Flat-Top Cookiko Stovks that C.1U be found in this or a>iy other market, some of which are the celebrated SctiatsK. iMraovKii (koB*, Ftom Coo*. Nof' e Cook, and the Bli k RlDOl Am-Tir.Hr CoOC. If any man can produoe a l?etter Cookmc Stove, to excel the atwive Stoves, for roasting, leaking. A o., I will give him .?Won each ?me. I'lMiise ca-l and examine tliem. it will cost y??u noflrng. ar.d tou will see all kinds and torts of Stoves, Ac. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S. Metropolitan Stove and (irate Factory, No. 318 and322 Pa.ave.. bet. ?ti, an I 1 ith s*s. Balcony in Front full of Stoves. N. B. As to the Sf* Siifi.t. flat top Cooking Stove I have examined it thoroughly, and think it Iih< a \ ery appropriate name?Shem.. Ye*, she'ls will burn out in a few fires. It is h good name lor the in?good for the makers. And as to the oid Morn mg Star. I sold them last fall, but will not sell litem a>.ain. They are as thin as pistelioaid. I oau prove that the junker's a^ent urged me, for almost a day, last Miuimer in my counting room to sell them this Fall; najing that if I would take fwentv-five of them he would give me thecxclusiveacenoy ofth<-m for hve years. I told him I would not nave them at any price, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed ovet town by oneth"t said last fall thai they were not worth having. All the at>ove 1 can prove, se 17 tf E L E G A N T C A R P E T I N 0 S We have the pleasure of annonnein? to the citizens of Washington, Georgetown. Alexandria, and envi runs, who are housekeeping, and who intend to fur^ ni.-h. that we have just received,diiect from Europe. . the most extensive variety of superb good* in tl*> ( al>?>ve line ever seen in this part of thecountry. At tention is particularly invited to the following : Elegant French Moquet heavy Velvet, in medal I ons ofvxquiKite designs and colors,alter the style of Louis XIV. Elegant Fng.ish Tonrney heavy Velvet, in me<lal lioiis, rul>y, gruuud, centre medai'ion. and Itor ders white ground, stip^rhiy decorated m tiowers. Do in white ground, uiedainon and border lu rich, deep bright colors 111 ooutrast. Do. crimson gronisl. inedallum ami U-rdcr in wlnte ground, green and bright liowers :n contrast. Also, same quality in double breadths, medallion), el egantly figured in Crimson and lioid (tutors rre doi.i.nant on white ground, with others, winch must lie seen to be appreciated. Also, pieoes rich and sup-nor Velvet Carpettngs wloch we purchased at the late auctions so low that we are now enabled to sell them for the same prices with oumiuon Tapestry Brussels. The goods are warranted, in new st\ les, and of supe rior quality In these bargains may t>e had. Also, elegant Tapestry Brussels Carpeting* in the same patterns and colors with the above, and same lutnufactory. Also, rich Medallion Rujs. Oriental ditto. This is an etitiro new article from Smyrna, composed en tirely of skins in various ooluis. They are curi ous and elegant. Also. Moquet Rugs tn new designs, elegsat enough to be hung on t he walls of Jit win* rooms, 'lu?S for Tapestrv, and BnisseN. Three p.v. and In grain ( arpetints, lu great variety. Also, Mats to match. ^ . . . , 50 I isles heavy Three piv Csrpetings, in rich colors and eutirely new designs. 90 bales beavy double Ingrain dittc. ail ent.reij new designs, rich colors and very dieep. 6 I wiles heavy Wool Dutch Carpeting, a superior ar ticle for offices, dtmng-rooms. Ac. Extra hrsvy aud noh Twilbtd and Plain \ enetian Csrpetmgs for passages aud steps all widths. Flegant Crumb-?'loths in medallions and borders. D:u*xttts >lJ widths, from H'id a yard wide, for ster?. to 6-4. I" 4, 12-4, and 16 4 for floors, very Also, t eavy Felt Carpetings, for chamliers, dining rooms, halls, Ac. in elecant Persian colors. In ???t all the latest uoreitias which are desira ' Me in th* r?fpjt will Ik* found at our rooma No. 4 Market Space, and will be sold at less fecures than in any other oitv, ?e 14 Hraa CLAGETT k DODSON, THE WEEKLY STAR. Tiua ex orient Family aod Mm jomraa,??oo tainicg a greater variety nf interesting inu can he found ta ur other?ta published on t%fvr<:?y ?mum. TIIH*. Sin* ie O'pj, per umm - #1 *? rtveaopiea . , S w Ten mum .. . I ? Twenty copies LS 00 f"aj 4, m rat tab lv t? advm tt. By mber^'ing m Ctato niMd ?i?'W W.tftowt IM i&twvintiuQuf ? nvu. m?H,m wul ?? perceived.5' per cent, of TH? Wxbsly Sta* wi* be eared. It invariable contains the ** Wmtktmtion rti?e*" that ha* made The br?UN Sta* euw late ?<> generally throughout the country. ^ IC^Single copiea (tr wrappers) can t?e^k>eured at tne counter,.immediately aH er to* lean* M the paper. Price?THREE CENTS. f^T"" Post rnai!<-n w ho &rrt as agents will bealW?we4 a oouimissiu: of *> cent. Dentiitry, *o. I\ENTISTRY. U 1>M. STEPHEN BAJLY, Ovricl No. iM Fa?JMIbVaJltA AVEXVB. TKttt dcort from Htk StTtt t. Dm. BAILY bora ieeveto inform the p?bu? that he can !?e ?efr. a:al! his office, located aa above. Hp fee Is assured that ail experienceof tiftern * oars' practice. with the large camh*r??( patNwit*. and great variety o( difficult oases Uiai he has ireaieu ?eooa*? fall), will enaltie him to surmount aio <i ffioqlty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the TWifc. Hia kvo experience ootibrning the opinion <>t n an* men eminent in the profeaaion. and especially ilia. Par- a ar.d J. and E. F*rm! y, haa ioii him. long atme, tnd.i card all mercurial preparations for filling T. rth.a ao ail Enaiuaia, Gut in Peroha, India Re)<b*r, and Ce for the construction <>( Continuous Cum Teeth, and that Poreetiaa. moented <m Gold Plate, is iJtecn.j rtuiaUe substanoe that ean be worn in tha mouth, a* wa? moat conclusively tL>-wn by tha iaat American 1'eijtnl Convention. Although he flattera himaeif from hia long resi dence and practice in Waahiugton, fce la favoiauy known to hia numeroua frienda and patrces, he beg a leave to refer them te tha following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Churoh of FfThrar thia citr Dr. STifHFN Bailt: DearHir?1 deairetoezpre mr eat win for you peraoaaij, and m< ounfidanoa ta *ou aa a anperior d^nfiat. The operationa executed f<?. me have been highly aati*faetory. I hope that yo? mar receive tne p*trouafe from mv Ttieada aaa tha public that your skill aowell deaerv-ec. Yonra very truly. Waamngton, A nr. 3B, 184a. J. w. FRENCH. From one of theoldeat firma ir. timore. Ml Bof?, Cotmari A C?. Havinr employed Dr.i^teptien, Hiir*aon Det tiat.of Waahuicton city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work.ahioh he did to tny entire satisfaction, and in \iew of the fact that one of the moat die'.inKuishedmemberaof the Dentat College of Baltiin*re.^failed, after repeated triala. lo parform tha aniae work aatisfaoloriiy, it rives n.e rreat plenaure to expr?m my eutire mCmhand high est million uf hia profoasiuna. akiil. Ba:tiinore,Jau.U. i&57. U A K MANN BOGG9. Kxtract from a note reeeived from the late Hea. Jcha M. Clayton. V. Six a TW, Aug. 19, 1866. The te?th vou made for me work admirably; uoth toc oou.U ba Letter. Very gratefully, JOHN rf. CLAYTON. To thoae that eeak relief from the tea of the teMh. 1 aan cheerfully recommend Dr. 8. Baily aa a superior Dentiat: he made a eet of pwee'ian teeth tor one of my familv.aod piugge*! aeveral teath for inraelf, and the work has a!I stood we 1 f< r more than tenyear*. POPKRT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of Uie M. t. Charah ttoeia. April IS, 1R5*. We. the undersigned, having ha/ occasion toavai! ouraelvea of the profeasK<aa! skill nf Dr. t*. Ba. y, burgeon Dentist of this city, or naving been oognn ant of his ope-arions on onr families or friends, take pnsaure in ex pressing our ?ilmi -atn?r of hia artiatio well as of the uniformly *aii?faclory inani <*r in a-'nch be perforins tne most delicate and ililficuit openitu'ns in [lentil Surgery, a rid we reepeetfully re ???inmend hini to the oinfe'lcncenrd pitr< r,?ge of the public, of wtin h ??? consider him enunectly worthy. Tuosa? I'. Walter, Architect L'. f. Capitol. Tro%ia? Nf't.i-KF. M. D..of Washington, D.C. B. !*. boHKKK, M. D. of Georgotowa, D. C. N. t?. T.i^coi.k. >1. I).- of Washington, D. C. J.?a. H. Bkaolkt, of Wnahmgton. D. C. Gkokgk W alton. Fx-Governorof Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Major of Wachincton. Bf.nkt Baldwin, L'. !*. Patent Office, (>.C. WianT. Principal Rittenhouee Academy, feb a? tf R. VILLARD, DBNTIST, LATK OF CHI D tAGo.wojjiil respeoUuo) infwrmthecil isentor the District and vicinity, that hav-j lug located himself in W*atritigton. he ?a now prepared to perform *U vperaiHtta ia tua profes sion. in the moat approved atyle. Offioe, No. 25", penr. avenue, adjoining Bantier a jan g' ly IMPROVED ?ET8UF TEETH. M. I.OOM IS, M. I) .the inventor aad patentee of **L9om??' V'M'rai plat* hevtar^v^^ aucceasfuily mtroduceil hia lmprovair^aiii. various cities, haa uow-parauMi?i.i!y aetab lish?nl himself in Waahin^Wu. Th:a iiuprovemer.t for Sets of Teeth oonaiata chief ly in making a aet of hut one pieca of matenaf. and tnat ludeatructihle mineral. No (r.eta, ia uaed ia their construction, and they are therefore free front galvanic action and iro-talie ta?t?. There are no joint* to koome filial with in^ietun* or partiolei of md, heuee tliev MMk a*4 rl'?n. They l'? lighter, afroneer. leaa clnn'a? . far more durable, ai d natum! in tneir appea.acoe. I will give nrewardo One i'hotisaud Do tara to any one who will produoe a similar a~ork of .irt to equal mine in purity, beamy, lurability, artist.c exoe. ence or any other re*uiaiie euality. j All work reaponaibly warranted. 276 Penna. avenue, betweec Utb and ltlk i M 1*-1t Watches, Jewelry. &c. Finf. watch ks. RICH JEWFLRT, *n4 STANDARD 91 LVr.R WaRK. II. O. HOOD keeps constantly oa hand, an*4 ia daily receiving. a!l of the richeat and moat tv eho ce atyles wf h?st qaa'ity GOLD JKW Kl.KV. Alao, the most celet?rate?l 'I one 'jT keeping WATCHFS, (in Go d and Suver canuk.1 nud u manufacturins on his own premier*. every description of STANDARD SII.VKK WARF. (warranted c^in.iand I am se' in' el! tha above, and every variety of otherFlNF G<KM)S in otirline. at the very lowest New Vork City pricea. Those who are alsiut to make their purchasea would do Weil to call al Penns? ivania avenue. Sun of the LARGE SPREAD EAGLE, se i8-tf [States] ^ LOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS:!' A good BRASS CLOCK for Si. I have iuxt re reived and opened all tho new afyle ri^ckr, from #l np to ??.V The trade suppiied ?*? utiinilat whoie?H> prices. A lao. Clock Ma toriala. aitci. as Cords, Ke?s, Balls. Hands Wires, t>ila, 4c., at ihe C,.?ck sod Watcb' Store of J. ROBINSON, S49, opposite Brow i s' hotel. _au ?l -2m >igu Jjir^e GiU Watcfc. ^OLD AND SILVKR WATCIIFS. JhWkil. ? BY. AND FANCY ARTICLES. I havi'jnst rec<- ?? <! another siMi!k* to my iar/e stock of loi il *nd Silver WATCHES, ul the best makers in Furore. Also. G<?ld Chains of | H?n at) .e nud price. Jev? .i v u s?ets nnd sin 4 gle piec^x. Perfumery ami Fancy Articiea, Silvai - plated Baskets, Sp.H?ns>, Castor* Sr.. ?t J. ROBINSON'S. opposite Broa'r*' hotel. Sign^re <It!t Watch. N. B.-WATf'F RV.PaI'HING done n the l^st mMiner l y r. skilful Watchuu;k<<r. and wainui'.tKi. au 11 2in WD. eichler7 No. S7 SFVE XTH STh F FT, lietween U and K stroeta wfst side. PRAC- Ifv T1CAL WATCHMAKER. keep?- oooatantiy gW or hand i fine assortment of WATCHES ?ni'a|K J KWKI.RV. an in Am* ( New grocery, wink, and I IQl l>R STORE. The sulwrriher l.esa to inform lua frienJs and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, oo'nar of 12th alrtttst and l.ouiaiaua avenue, whore Le it: tends tokoep const-nitty on hand t .argf and van ad assortment of Foreim ami Donae*t?c \v IN ES | I Ql'ORS, CIGAKS. and FINF. GROCKKIfc*. Consist.i:.: of Fi:?e Tt?as, Snjjar.Coffee, Flour.Sonp, Olives. Rntuins, Figs. Sinlniei?. Aicfrovies, Oiird. Marrett ic Co., Piuet A Co.. and Col. Chabare'a Brandius m CJues, deir .jotii.a. a:iU casks. Oid ia ma;oe Rum. Pherriea. Madeira. Port of var ?us de acnptions. St. Juliet, Claret, Chs'^aux Margaux m capes. Chan.ia^n* C.der. Bmndv Fruits, lleiau^l * Edinburgh Ale, Anmactte, Marasohino, Curacoa. A(?ynthe,C.MHinpagne, and a lar^e and vanod de aoription of Hnrana Cigars. Alan, Stoughton Biltera. and Fever and Ague Hitter*. Porter. Air,and Cider. Katuiliea aic particularly invited tocallar.d ''am ine the afook before purchi?ing elnewhere. .aL*m l?ora of Coiureaa arealoo informed that their ordera will l<? promptly attended to, am) delivered at their raaidencea at the skxH-ieat notice. A geiieral assortment of fiue Ha var* Cigars, lm ported direct by the aul*oril>cr. at wholeaa.e and re tail tmil U<>aTs snpplied on reasonable tenns, at<1 produce tak r. i:i exchaiite. . Levy's <?:d Whiskey, <?onstnct;y on hard, ofl8ii?. Country orderaannctuiltv attended to. and cann rr* a rod use of al: d?a -jiptio - '-^v<*d o?lO-'tjaign #OIN A9 ? ? JsfcV f a .egltf No.Twelfth atreet. \? I. *M? WINTIlR GOODS. Nowinatore? n cet r cu iinrE Calicoet. 50 do. il ue Orange IIca\y Calicoes, tr servants, jno do. MsiK'iieairr atid Pacific V ills DeLaines. Rich a*4 hand?ome atyles MeriiK and Vaieneia Plaids, Atwood, Arkwright, Lanmii. e, end New York Mill* Shirting*, Brown and Bitaciicd Slicetmirs, of al! widths. Cn?t'?m*ra may tely on ratting gi?od <iooda, and at the loa-ewt priooa. \VM. R. K1LEY. se is Gn Oirnaritth at., oppo. Ceutre Market. , "I STILL LIVE,'*_ ' ? N D will not l*e ouiooue ny au? in the I aintinc Line. Having scoured the eessiee* of an expe riunoed Si^u a>id Ornamnntal fainter. [ M WHrsd to do Sl&NS. BANNERS. TRAN'SPAKEN CIFS. 4o.. in the lateat sty!**- _ -.,VTIVfl Also, eontinue to do HOI SK PAINTING. Gl.AZING. and GRAIXI N?i in hsuperior maanar, at No. Loaiaiaoa aveuui*. I>?tweeu t?th aad ?ifc streets. anleotf M. T. PARKER. 1 TREMOLO ACCORUEONS. a new mvaatioa eall aud mam. at the M usic iMpoi nf W . G. MFTZEROTT, ? ll^f Mfb ?*??#! ^ er?, R^YE AND BARLEY MALT, for ao4e ? CITY ^TALT BOF9E, ooraer of Warn aren..; ^ Bbot Street. H^timnra. Mc, at tka rati*