Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. VESPERS. A row of little f*ce? by the bed? A row of little hands upon the spread ? A row of little rocnish eves nil o o*ed? A row of little naked fevt exposed. A ferule mother leads them in their prune. Teaofciag their feet to tread in heavenly ways, ?ad tu?i this lull in childhood's tiny tide. he little errors of the day to ohide. No lovelier sight this side of heaven is seen And sn<eis hover o'er the group serene. Instead of odor in a oensor swung. There floats the fragrance of an infant's tongue. h^}?n' lnto wait in* beds, ?*???" they Did their timid heads; ? steals away their idl? f*ars. And like a peeping bud eacn faoe app?ars. TKe?rwV^LftkH W" '2 th#,r |?wns of white. AnS bil^S Si*kle* ,n aream?,ol night; a Hi} wul sparkle in their eves at morn, ?toleu^g races all their way a adorn. ., POME. ? * oare.ets potato and heed not a pin, , Mow into exiatenoe I came; P'fnted ine drill-ways or dibbled me m, to me tis exactly the same. The peas and beans may more loftily tower, _?et whs should I beud me to them.' Den&noe I nod witn my beautiful dower W hen the earth is hoed up to my (team. A New Metlied of Li(hteaiiif a Ship. It blew a hard storm, and in utmost oonfusion. The sailors all hurried to get absolution; wtiioh done, and the weight of the sins they oon tossed Traasterred, as they thought, from themselves to the priest ; To lighten the snip, and conclude the devotion. They tossed the ?,oor parson sr.use into the ooean. School Girl Valoi ?'The following, from the Boston Post, Is a fair commentary upon the Imaginary omnipotence of numsroua misses of the boarding school: Queenly Miss Qnaint, the aim of whose life Is to die an old tiiaid or a minister's wife -n hVlr h^T.w ba?r,a* 5sProud, 1 Valk on fx air' "Mni di !'r l,Vnk,w'th * 00 mi on I smi.e, alale^ '' '* * 1 ??,ue "P tUo brolld _]',,T,*,9T,*oCA?Kor I^ocbtvcl Id**titt.? There is grrat exeitemeut in Canada West re 8 .1 *rJal of, "n* Mc Henry alias William rownsend, Wore the Haldimand Assize at Ca yuga. \> in Townsend is a notorious robber and murderer whom the Canadian police have lon^ .U,? fur?Tbe Pfl^ouer lia? Wen arrested ?h?. k^i *%> m *'own?end. but he alleges that h? is not Townsend?that he is a native of ? h- ifIU!in:il,Ve^ VcH'>nrX l,e Put on tflal f"r Jolin f- Nelles, on the inch of Oc Tv5H- ?-^t ?r ,uany crimes imputed to rownsend. The testimony as to the identity of the prisoner is extraordinarily conflicting. The f*on- Judge Burns is the presiding Jud -e In J??ry. in alluding to the rdlnari excitement that prevailed throuiib out thecounty. he remarked that be understood SUNLIT Wen on the result of the in m.i* , e?pressed a strong hope that the gentlemen of the jury wer# f ee from th^t taint A reporter for one of tbe Toronto papers, in speak ing of the second d&v's proceedings. savs that -it le known that one of the Jurors had a larire bet on '""?"J," Tb, .-1.1 .J?.nln..?d on ?SdJJ TowL-Z. U"ry d,**Kr*"d- *>?? the supposed Townaead was immediately arrested for a mur der committed in \\ elland Township alwut the tried 116 " ? ?n<> f?r whicb he ha<l J'lst beeu Aior-r Kosscth ax* thk Moxkt II* Got ? lFT w<?der, say* the Richmond Dis pMoh, how Kossuth supports himself in thee*. Pensive capital of London. This is nobody's ?. J?1,1 il ,s none 'he le?> a fact, that K.?s uLS r.e7t,inQi,ed m8!l,< '? ,l1" l'"l tad States, and that IiIm mission to this country izr;z< ^ra or poli,irai ?-??. ??? P?'of *ie\r.eminently sueuesKfnl. Ninety thousand doj.arx was the amount <.f thit d!?tin' Dabl^nfh^ - IeV>* i0 ,b* A!,"-r'can Ue n^riv 1- 1 *??rt "P*" of ni"" "^"tbs. being ?ZH Zr!?llC\ 1 I rMid"nt of the United aula* receives >n four years This sum Ko^uth d^o?w??* r u devoted to the political re dempt.on of Knngary. a courageous as w* ll f declaration, when we consider th? im mense disproportion of the means to tho object to be accomplish^ it I. probaMe that on ?^W ^econd thought, the Hungarian ha. Judicious investment of the ?? material aid " the ci^r?on0^W?icL' th?J<h l-^l?te totheemin clfwtion of Hungary, j, .nfflcient for thecomfort abie support of a mingle patriot. ^? f'if'' * sculptor of some merit arid Psm^ rf Il "7\k',OW" O,>,ieo'?r* of curiosities in Paris died at the age of G7 His death was caus dUe^rEl'Jh.S th" 8r,'f b< on n k if k i1*1 ,lr*n of a n,0,t ?*!uable medal, which be had t>een Ion"' seek ins: for arid r,*^ntlT Purchaaed at a very hi^h price'was ?fter all only, wel I-executed ^imitatU^of^tul genoine one pllfml ,iad rt.duc#<1 economy or ff!Tb23,rd-rA*!,ta1' t0 ? to Which t^niK cwo?,,,"n?y through life. In bis H2fSSL'Xpn*lta!?' apart from "-"'t was threepence halfpenny per diem; but In later ya"? tin WJy tP id^xs. and artttally ex pended sixpence daily AU his money went in oflnvLe^l^"''0"1'k**' Which ln the absence ^an> belrs, becomes the property of the govern "y"" <>? ?rici??.-W e are informed an old gentleman by the nam?? of Jacob Howard living satjrtjft-in.tLu coun,y- ^ cmaimri ,Wda>" ,'ttCe'wUh his throat ?hLwT^ v- }? T!,cr? no one hu Ji! ',L0r St w? tjmenf tLfl occurrence,but d'n. if 1 e bis son and severalchll ra'.'K'* manner in which the liistru tQ haVt* l^n "??* was concealed nvolvea tLe matter in considerably mystery The ","VVe "1,T'dM an old ralror it wa* found lyln^ under the b?*d bloody and wrap^d up carefully in a checked ap?on W> of an>" ?"*P?c1ons rest in- up..,i r^^lln,Vgh{jOTt r; Llv" *??rd anything "",,d pri" - trP^pJ^Tf tLlrly thous#nd pianoforte teach* In^irdlnVtw'' r1"^7 ,',ution" fh* P"h!1c smr^rLn^i! fr*'VnK "tock with the Cbin?e er5^IlT5! f?JL?J',Bg W" haaded br a broth Ki2. ? ' ?* taken from an obituary notlee sent i^r,rU'c*t,on Speaking of the^l^LTSf ,he wrlt^r savs : y- r,/<W,d "ontyV (Typhoid e?Tper^n!,h^ n0tb,ng to drt wi,h ^ Pres. m?nfy market.? ^atkvtlle ot Rtw**a has presented)to tUU Seymour, the American Miuls ter at his Court, a beautiful table, made fiom* CT^.?'-to^ o'^rble taken torn thn Hi'^rla The entire cos: of the artlrle seven c??sUnf h hu,,d/*4 do"?" The Grand Duke h. ordered a va*e for Gov a;kl wi"w e" ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTRI.?Tbos Smith and fam. Pa, C E Potter. NH: D l>sy and ludv. Va; W Kan.sua. MY; J W Kpp?a, Vs; Miss tt ?*b.uula do. MraPaxe. do; Mrs F.llls, do; 9 Brtckerton. >ld; R O Cbiaolm. J*C ; W A (j'uny. NC; II Potts and lady. Pa; K 0 I.orinn, Ma>a; G W Gaai-Ji, NY; L J Goode. do; R Kdrnond and famllr, Va; R H I,ee. \ Y; J Cammel and fain, t?a, F. M Jonea, Pa; Mgijoues Pa: Thos Jonas, do; W Hyatt, do: M Strickland, Va; P Urnwrie . kid; W Ctillom, T?-nn; T G Gerdls, NY; W W Alien Ala; L A Pratt, M*??, M is? % \V Cum ?ling, Ga; T W Cuimiiin^. do; J J Uppett and lad*. NC; P Van Hchaacb. J*C; T J ?, Va. A II Wllltan. Md, J Ga-diner and family, Ga. Mrs G H Jordan, do; Mrs B Jordan, do, Mrs Beell. do, J H Chancellor, Md; J G KfUnper. Va; J W Duvall. MJ; J B Roane, USA; M Cburch f.tau, H K Barton. Md. WIU.ARDS' HOTKI..?A Walker. Ohio; J H Bryce, jr., N Car; A H Smith, Pa; S O^erao. Parle: C A i>a Vloua, C J Stewart, K R Jewett. K Hutberiand. J W Bloodgood. and Hon II K Clark and lady. New York, Dr William*, L'SN, Ur S Sharp. TJ Carson. Va. I. Stoltzman. Mexi co: G A Stevens. Ma?*; G W Dennlaton. l'8X,\V I. Tanner and Udy. Va, H P Reid. Iowa; J Bar ker, Ln; Captain Cnlltim. CfA; W S Bryan and Is4t. Md: l)r Hartwltg; U ^.N; Miss fla^ar, Vt; K Otbbs. Cube; J % Sebastian. N Y; 11 R Storrg, Ara; Wm ?ietty and son Pa: W HGunt.NH. KIRK WOOD MOL'SC -H L Gallaber and family . Va: Cam Jones, I S.N; Hon W A*be, NC; M P Joaea. Maaa; H M Andernon. Ky; J M uigston, N\ ; W G Myers aid lody. Va; Miss Watkiaa, do; Mtea Mvers. do, Miss F, C Mver?, W B; W II f?elj*?, |m': Ned Davis, do, J Ssnd?. Mass: A G Allen, Md; Ktt BalU V, Eng, Mr B)Tn. NV " MO WE MR NTS OF OCEAN STEAMS Kg' F HUM in UatTiD St a t is. 5tia?^a Ltmn For. Day*. 4CHyBaltlS?or*..New York..Llverpool....Ocl 1 Haminonla New Yorktf.lJambuig....Oct 1 A rial. New Y orl^ ? BfMMa...... Oet 9 FaoM Kraof*. Arabia Liverpool. ...Nrw York. *#ptl? Pol ton Sou'amptoa. .New York .ReptJB City Wuli ton..Liverpool.... New York. .SepnO Nta0tra Liverpool Boeton Sept* AtiaaUe Liv*rpaal....N?wTork..#ep?tu Beraaaia Haji<bMrg....Ntw York..Oat 1 Tba Oailiorala maU laart Mmr TMk MuoeUanoooA. Kv THE PREHlljKNT^ip THE UNITED STATES i ^J" pH.r"?f '*". I. JamBi'Brrtf A!?A*. Presi dent of the I mted States of America. do hereby de 0 *'e *nd m*ke known thut public salss will be held *t tho undermentioned mod offices in the H'ate of t-alifornia. at lite periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the laodoffioeat Los Axosloc, oommenoing ou Monday, M< ttntk day of May next, for tbe dis posal of ilia public lands w.thin the following-named townships, via : SoMtk of the base line and wagt of the San Ber nardino meridian. Sections one to twelve, inclusive; the north half of section thirteen: the north half and the southwest quarteref section fourteen: seotions fifteen to twon ty-one, inclusive; the north half of scotior. twenty two: the northwest quarter of seotion twenty-three section twenty fi ve; the south ha f of section tweu ty-six, the southeast quarter of section twenty seven; Motionsi twwtj-mne to thirty-two. inclu sive; tbe sou'h half of section thirty-three- tne northeat quarter aud the south half of Motion 'thir tLirtVSv#' "t'^n'kip thrie: sections three to nine, inclusive; the north half am) ontA'ir ? (Vk <'uar,"r ?f section ten; the southeast tn^orth!i?-f .n?rhwe,.t qnarter ?^seotion eleven; ? Vt *r.and U? wiilli half of section fourt^n"^?' lh,rte#n! the **?t half of section X -the n.Tfth hn."ir6ruU#n lo ?w?"t?-four. inolu :IA^' y** north half of seotion twenty ive; and tee i*7.VJL'rnt?f ,,X to th'rt?-five. inclusive, of ??** '**'/???%?> ranft three. Township three, of range four. JW2sato Lw,ours th# n?rth STr1 twenty-five: and seotions twenty-six to thirty, inclusive,of township one; and sections ofraaf^r?iT""*r"11* lno,u"I,r*? ot lotenthip three, Sections one, two, and three; the east half of seo tion four; the east half and the southwest quarter of Motion Line; iectioQ? ten to fifteen, molusiTe; tbe southeast quarter of seotion twenty; sections twen ty-one to twenty eigbt, inclusive; the east bail and i??,?'k?!i!M^*r8tMU.nrUr.?f "cliou twenty nine; the sooth halt of section thirty: sections thirty-one to thirty-four, inclusive; and the northwest quarter of section thirty-five, 01 township one, of ranft six. North of the base lint and w,st of the San Ber nardino mtrtdtan. Sections one to seventeen, inolusive; the north ball of eection eighteen; the sonth half of sootiun nineteen; sections twenty to twenty three, inoiu sive;1he northwest quarter of seotion twenty-four; the northwest quarter of section twenty-six; sec tions twonty-aeven to thirty, inclusive; the oast hftlf of section thirtv-two; the north hJf of the northeast quarter aid the northwest quarter of seo tion thirty three, ot township three, township* four, anrffivt; seotion* one to eight, inclusive; the north half of seotion nine; sections ten to thirteen, inclusive; the eest half of ?eetion fourteen; the west half ol seotion seventeen; sections eighteen and nineteen; .the west halfofsection twenty; the sonth tWentJ ?n*'> and seotions twen y two to thirty-fivo, ino uaive, of township sir, and toirnxhtp seven, of rang? four. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive:' the east half of section seventeen; the east half of seotion twenty; sections twenty on* to twenty-seven, inclusive: the north half of section twenty-eight; the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine: the northeast quar fer or section thirty-lour; end the northwest quar ter of seotion thirty-five, of township thrte, and townships four, Art, Jisr.and seven, of range fire. thE"iV? on,ek ?n^.-lba n?rth h?lf of Motion three, the north halt of section four: the northoaat .1U?<ln,er.h f? !fr Vt"1 firovth? *?l halfof section aix; the north half, the southeast quarter, and the north half ol the southwest quarter of section seven; the west half of the northwest quarter and the south half of section eight; the northeast quarter olsoc tion eleven; section twelve; tho northeast quarter and the east ha.fof the soutneast quarter of section inHe"h?tii:.in8 1 ?r rh* ",,rtheast quarter and .he southeast quarter of seetion twenty; the west halfof the northwest quarter and the south west qnarter of seotion twenty-one: the soul- west quarter of Motion twenty-six; and the northeast quarter of section thirty -live, of township thr,e a:id townships four and fire, of range sir. Sections one to eighteen, inclusive; the north half of section nineteen; sections twenty to twenty-five inclusive; the northeisr quarter of section twenty SiX; the northwest quarter of section twenty -sev??n and the northeast quarter of section twenty-eight: oftownshtpfournnd township fir,,of rangt secen. tjycr l"u*.one to MX,moliisive;tho northwest quar ter of seotion seven: the northeast quarter of s*ohon ?ine; the north half of section ten: section, el?ven twelve,and thirteen; the northeast quartor of sec tion fourteen: and the northeaat quarter of section or^V^s^'t0"*??"ur,2ml fXh^" northwest quarter of anction three; seotions f> ur, five, and six: the north half <if section seven: sections eight and nine; and the northeast quarter of l?e kZ^n!7y'UoWn^,pfoU,; and townships j*i$ ana jit, ot rangr nine. Sections one and two; the northeast quarter of section three; the west hail of s-ction eieven; the rortheast quarter of section tweive; section f,ur *outn^*"t quarter of section fifteen, of township four; sections one to twenty -ei'ht. luciu sivs: the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine the northeast quarter of section thirty-three- and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township fire; and township sir, of rangt ten. ^ . cotioss one 'oeighteen, inclusive; the northwest quarter of aeotiou nineteen; the noriheast quarter of seo. ion twenty-one; the northwest quarter of aeo- ' tion twenty-two; aud the northeast quarter of aeo ?,ie: twn'*ni1 ,hr-; the northeast quar ter of section ten; sections eieven, twelve, thirteen and fourtMu; the soutjiea?t quarter of section fif teen; tbe southwest quarter of section ei.hteen- i t^?eiu-DiLet?n-:tthtlfOUrtilW"t qlMrtvr of section twenty, the cast haif of section twenty-two; the northwest quarter of seotion tweu:v-three; seotions ? ^?k ?"!?Vfn l?. th,rtlf three, inclusive; aiid tne north halfof section thirty-four, of township fire and townehips six and of rartse twelve. 1,1 w ?orfh*Mt quarter of section two; the southea.-.t quarter ol sectiou ten: the aouth half "'?TaD;'"*0t|o|1 twelve; the east haif of acotion thirteen: the burthwest quarter of section Aed ,he. "ortl1 haif of section fifteen, of township four, the southwest quarter of seotion seven; the south half of section oi*ht; the southwest *test half of section hf tatii, tho nortu haif of sc-ction suventceu* section eighteen; the northeast quarter of seotion'twenty V t'r? ,'J? ,u"* twenty-tliree, twenty -four, twen t>-h\o. tw-nty-six. and thirty hve, of township fire, sections one to seveueon, molusivc; the nortS ha.f ot iidc.iou eighteen: the n<>rtitea^t uuarter of section twenty; sections twenty-one to twenty-five inoiuaiye: the northeast auarter of se -tion twenty thirteen*"' township seven.ol range SMotioiI thirteen; the southeast uuxrter of seotion fourteen; the southeast quarter of section twenty two, the east half and the southwest quarter of seo tion twenty-three; the northwest quarter of section ? ?VL' north half of section twenty-Mix and the east halfof section twenty-seven, of town 221? ? sections one, two. and three; the north east quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter of section four; tho northeast quarter ef section e even; seetion tw?lve; and the north halfof section thirteen, of township err: S'etion* onn to lnc'u*,*'??IJhe north haif of seotion ",ne toeu, the north ha^f of spcti^n twent? ? rhciiomh V1011. went,-nine; the south?^uit quarter of sec'ion thirty; the north half of the northeast 2nrf?hZ ? *t4>KClJ"iIrtfVrti?"?n',: ,he northeast quarter ana the north haif of the northwest quarter of ???. tion thirty two; and Motions thirty three, thirty! fourteen. J ' **vn, of range onAjl!,pfi ""r^K ISorth of the bast line and *ist oj tht Moueil 4 Diaklo meridian. r raotiona, township thrte, of rangt ont. North of the bast line nnd west of tht Mount ? . . l>tnblo meridian, rraetionel townships four nnd fire, of range ont. Bouih of th.% line and ?a$i tk$ Mount m Diablo meridian. ?-on* .to e1**11?*". ??d twenty-two to tune inclusive, of township tan, of range r''^n"h'P ttni *nd sections one to six. inelusive eight to fafieen. inclusive; and twenty-two to twe,.' ty-six.ine.usive.of township tleren, of mnae en ten and eleven: secrioic one to iiJ' inclusive; eight to fifteen, twenty-nnefo twenty-eight, inclusive; and thirty four au<l tlurtv five, of township twe Ira; section, one. t wo.thrcV snd nine to fifteen, inoiua>ve; and twenty-two to ?*"""???' <?-.?*.> .1, '?? ; townships eleven .1?'.' thirteen; sectionsorie to five, inelusive eirfht to SMveiiteer, inolusive: twenty to twentv nine, inclusive; aud tbirty-thiee. thirty-fonr and thirty five, of township fourteen; sectio'?. on#*o four, mo.utjvo, tea to thirteen, inclusive; and twen ficVeni townships twelve, thirteen, fourteen, ffaJ towiuihtb fiftk^n a/?>i .'."on tktrty one; and seu.oui one. t'wo and twelve, or towuthip tixtetn, of rang. thirTeVn Townshjps thirteen, fourfn and fif teen; sections one to seventeen, inclusi ve' I wanly one to twenty-seveu, uiolusive; and thirt?-f<jur aTd thirty five, of township sixteen, ofrange foy/tetn^ t* n I If",fourteen, fifteen, and sis / . f s->uth half of scctiou four; the south half of section five; sections seveu, at* hi, and n ine- thi i tl^rtr c section let-; an<] seotions thirteen tu fifteen ',ne u,,ve' ^'"wuship tw.nty, of range ' ,/rrV,?T',T'"" ? .?^t^nriiOWn'h" ?nd ??wnshiBc*^ selent'een. ' twenty, ofPra^g, isrri .z.'XriT tod* a.?? s/ a. ?. ! teen, of range two. tnteen, and uuic ""MX * ?? ???? Townships eleven aud twtlv, ??. 1 ??*, . township thirteen of rangeont' d A Townclwpc twelve, thirteen, fourteen or teen, of range two. /"?"??*, aud fif Townchipc fourteen, fifteen, ami tirteen; frnc tio?al townships seventeen, eighteen, ami nim,. t**n; and township* twenty and twenty-?nw of range threg. ' ' 01 Sections one, two, three, ami ten to fourteen in elusive; the cut half of section fifteen: the eaat'half i,i.^?L,'on twenty -two; sectioria twenty-three to twenth-six, inclusive; and Motion thirty five, of thri!i-?Pf/r"r,Uem' section* one. two. aad three; Vseetion four; the east Imifol seotinti oftl*!*.10?* t*> fiftMe. inclusive; the east hair twen^ i twenty one; sections twenty two to CMt?^ ln?*usive: the northeast quarter of thirty-fivr"of kZ'K k' thirty-four and lnclusivc- dm!. ? ? SMtieus onetoCour, ter of section twenty; sections twenty one to twenty-eight, inolusive; the west half of section thirty; Mid seotions thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five, of township seventeen; seotions one to nineteen, inclusive; the west half of section twenty; the east half of section twenty-one; sections tw<>n ty two to twenty aeven, inolusive: the east half of section tweaty-eight; the west hall of section twen ty-nine; seotions thirty and thirty-one: the west half <>f seotion thirty-two; the east half of section thirty tftree; and sections thirty four and thirty hve, of township exgkteen; and townships *M?lees, tweatv, and twenty one, of range four. Sections one, two, three, an<1 ten to fifteen, inclu sive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty two; sections twenty three to twenty-six, inolusive; the southeast quarter of section tnirty-four; and see tion thirty-five, of towuship seventeen; sections one, two, and three; the southeast quarter of sec tion nine; seotions ten to fifteen, inclusive; the northeast quarter of seotion twenty-one; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, inolusive; and seotions thirty-four and thirty-five, of township eigkteen; sections one, two. and three; the northeast auarter ol section four; seetioas ten to fifteen, inclusive; sections twenty-two to twenty-seven, ino ustve; and seotions thirty-four and thirty-five, of township nineteen; and townships lu>snlyaud livtnty-une, of TOJit* five. I Anus appropriated hy law for the use of school, military, and other purposes, together with those "swamp and overflowed lands, mads thereby unfit for ouitivation," if any. granted to tho State hy the aot entitled "An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reolaimthe swamp lands within their limits," approved September 38, 1850, will be ?xoluded from the No"mi??ra/ lands" or tracts containing mineral deposits arc to be offered at the public sales, snob mineral lands being expressly excepted and ex eluded from sale or otker disposal by the reqnire inents of the aot of Congrees approved 3d March. 1*33. entitled "An act to provide for the survey ol the public lands in Califoruia, the granting of pre emption rights therein, and for other purposes. The offering of the altove lands will be oommenced on toe days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whioh ihey are advertised, uutil the whole shall have been onered, and the sales thus oiosetl; but no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of tlie lai.ds will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one thousand tflght hundred and fifty seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thos. A. Hrndrioks, Commissiunor of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-F.MPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-empt.on to any of the lands within the townships and parts of t.iwnahips above enumerated is required to estab lish the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land otfioe, and make pay ment there/or as toon as practicable of er seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public salo of the lands em bracing the tract olanned: o'herwise sueh claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. se 18 Commissioner of the General I .and Office. x Insurance, &o. WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS Capital f?o,ooo IX This Company la now prepared to receive applioa tiona lor INSL'KANCK ON lit*11.Dl N?S, M P.R CHAN DISK, Ac., at the u*ual City rales, without any oharge for Policy, at their Office, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Saving* Hank. 1MKECTOIS. Wm. F. Hayly, Sainue! Bacon, Joseph Hryan, James F., Win. Orme, Hudson Tayior, Francis Mohum, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beall. JAMES C. McGUIRE, President. Gr_a7ton P. Hansioi. Secretary. ap 11-lv AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. li Dxposit*.?Deposits reoeived and Cheoks paid without charge. Draits on the northern scaltoard cities reoeived on Deposit at par, and Exohango on said Cities furnished to depositors without oharge. Intbrkst on Dxposits.?Interest will l>e allowed on Deposits at suoh rates as may be agreed upon. Dipuiits ty Virgini. ami I nccrrznt Mokiy. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in speoie, we charring the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts,and Hillsof Exchange will l? discounted, and Lo:ins miuiu ou Stocks, Bonus, and Securities, at the market rate. Lkttkrs or Ckkuit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the l<mted States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Morey is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on suoh terms as i;iay be agreed ?BOB. Tra vkling Bills of Exchangk.?Travelers will be furnished witn drafts in such sums as may be de sited negotiable in the ditlereut Cities of the Union. Bills and Lkttkrs of Ckkdit on England, Ikk Land and Ecropk.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ao.? Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 jpr. oent.. always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commsision of aAf pr. oent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to oall for a deposit of in pr. cent on tho oust. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and Stats Bokm.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds oan be placed in oar hauds for negotiation, either in this oountry or Earope. Rail read Iron parohased fbr cash or with Bouds. Land Warrants.?l,and Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by tis are tuaran teed in every respect. Land Warrants located on oommisrloti. I And Warrant quotations regularly furniahad if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent lor sale on oouimission to responsible part fas. Kial Fstat* and Insurances.?Real Estate bought and sola, and Insuranoes effected. Claims on Lnitkd Statrs, Court or Claims, Congrkss.?Claims on the United States, beforethe Court of Claims cr Congress, intrusted to us, will be proseouted by prompt and able attorneva. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES." MONEY to LOAN o^STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. jan 77?tf Opposite tke Treasury. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photograi-ut Coxbinkd. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Sizk or Lirs. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall, oorner4>* at. and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above spaoious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most oom pleteand handsome in the whole oountry. He has a largo Gallery for free exkibition of upward of 20n fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best anoient and modern masters, to which he intends to tdd fresh importations. S. WaLIU has also fitted up a oom piete suit of reoins. with private robing apartments lor ladies, and purchased the finest possible lnstru manta. and engaged a first olasa operative artist to -insist him in the department (or taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, from the tmallest miniature to site of life. S. VVai.hi. by combining tne Photographio Pro oess with the art of Painting, ef whioh he has hnd 2S years' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits ma* be seen in some of the first fami lies of the citT, as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will l?e able, by the combination of the twe, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas ana boards prepared Ljr himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the paintiryc of Por traits. Miniature or lifs-size, from small pioturas of debased friends. Photographs taken from oorpses, or sick pcrsoss taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and dashes taken lu a:>v nuinl>er in groups, and an* quantity of oopies from tne same sold at reasonable charges. Likenessos painted on Copper for Tomb Stonee. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarefully back lined and restored to their original freehneas. Indies and gentlemen are respeotfully solioited to oall at the Gallery, ever Shillington's book store? entranoeOf street, two doors froui Pennsylvania avenue. _ irlMm Hunting park trotting course. At tke soutk end of the Long Bridge. The Proprietors of this now.oomplete and elegant Course take pleasure in being able to ^ ^ say that their arrangements are all plete, and that their track is now open"^**!a^ to the public. Jn all its arrangements it^ is unsurpassed in the Cmted States, offering as many advantages for the trial ol speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in cir ouinferenoe, fifty feet wide, graded-and prepared with oare and judgment, ami is in perfect order. The Houae oonnected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its oomfortsRiid acoommodations,and for thelux uries always to be obtained thsre. The public may rely ea it that, under any and all oiroumstances, good order will t>e maintained and enforced upon the premises. su 12-2m THE LEGAL ADVISER, or how to diminish Losses.avoid l awsuits,and save Time, Trou ??.! *.1 I - ? ? ? ? . ...? -uur, ssiiu ?o*o i una, I rnu ble, and Money, by oonduoting business aocording to law, as expounded by the best hnd latest Author ities; Iti Kdein T. Kree.lley, author of a Practical Treatise on Business; $1.25 Informal urn at>out Texas, carefully prepared by D. K. E. Bramnii. of Mutagorda, Texas; 7.mj. Modern Reform Kxammetl; or the union of North aud Sonth on the subject of Slavery; by Joseph C Stiles; #1. Just publishnd.amJ for sale by TAYLOR A MAt'RY, ae2(S- Booksellers, near fcth street. (Intel.JJnion, States 4tJ ORPHAN'S COURT,September li?,1857. District of Columbia, Wasktngtnn ''ovnty, to ten.?In the oase of ANN WOLLABD, administrafrix of JOANNA LANE, deoeased, the administratrix aforesaid, lias, with the approba tion of the Orphan's Court of Washiugto.n County, a'oresaid, appointed Tuesday, the 13th of Oot. next, for the final settlement and distribution oftheperso nn! estate of said deoeased ,of the assets i* hand so far as the same have lieen collected and turned into money .when and where all fhe creditors and heirs of said deoeaaed, are notified toattsnd.iat the Orphan's Conrt of Washington County,) with their siatms properly vouehe<l. or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all beu?hl of said decnased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published onoe a week for three weeks io the "Evening Star," pre vious to the said 13th day wf Ootober next. Test: ED. N. ROACII, Reg. Willa. True sop*.?Test: se JM-lawilw* RD. N. ROACH. Rec. WMI?. rhU PONT'S GUN P<Jw DKR,^ ~ f to ssppiy the same in aay quantity to parties wanting,

MlU.BO.tI.vonU. w,? T? . . L'WIM* I K1.1U . Aft t? UN Dueno. j/aBk MUcellaneotu. Dy THK PREBi/iENT^Af the umted STATED* In purstianoe of law, I, J AMES BUCHANAN, President of the United states of Amsnn, Ho hereto declare and make known that public sale* will be held at the undermentioned land office* in tne Stilt* of Missouri, at the periods hereinafter aesig nated. to wit: At the land office at Platsbcso, oommenoing on Monday, the let day of March next, for the disposal of the put>tio lauds within the following-named townships, Til: North of tht bast lint and vest of tht tht fifth principal meridian. Fractional townships sixty-seven, of ranges twenty-four to forty-three, inclusive. At the land office at Milan, commencinr on Mon day, the 8th day of Maroh next, for the disposal of the publio lands within the following named town ships, viz: North of tht bast lint and wtst of tht fifth principal meridian. Kraotioual townships sixty-seven, of ranges eighteen to twenty-three, inclusive. At the land office at Palxyba, oommenci"g on Monday, the first day of March next, for the dispo sal of the public land* within the following-named townshipe. vix: North of tht bast lint mnd west of the fifth prin tipal meridian. Fraotional township sixty-seven, of range ten. The islands in the Mississippi river, numbered one. two, and three, in fraotioual townsip sixty four, of ranze five. The island m the Des Moines river, in sections four and tune, of fractional township sixty-four, of ranee five. The island in the Des Moines river, in sections nine, ten, eleven, and hfteen, of fractional township sixty five, of range six. At the land offioe at St. Loris, commencing on Mouday, the first day of Maroh next, for thedisposal of the public lands within tha following-named townships, viz: North of tht base lint and tast sf tht fifth prin cipal meridian. Fractional township thirty-eight, of range nine, except the portions oovered by private claims. At the land offioe at Jackson, oommenoing on Momlay, the 8th da* of March next, for the disposal of the public lands within the folluwing-named townships, viz: North of tht bast line and east of tht fifth prin cipal tntridian. 1- motional township twenty-one, and towaship twenty-two, of range one. Fraotiona! township twenty-one, of range tiro. Township twenty-seven, of range Fractional township sixteen,and townahip twen ty eight,of range nine. Township twenty-nine, of range ten. Fmotional towushissixteen. of ra -ge thirteen. Townalup twenty four, of range aixteen. North of the base line and west of tht fifth prin cipal meridian. Fractional township twenty-one, of ranges ono to oight, inclusive. Fractional township twenty-one, and townships twenty-five and twenty-six, ?f rang* nine. At tho land oflioo at SrRtMOFtiin, commencing Monday, the fifteenth day of March next, for the disposal of the public lands within the followiug named townships, viz: North of tht bast Itnt and wist of tht Afth tntw eipal meridian. Township thirty, of range twtnty-nine. Township* thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty three, and thirty-lour, ? franee thirty. 1 .anda appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with those " swamp and overflowed lands, made thereby unfit for cultivation," it auy. granted to the State by the act entitled " An act to enable the Stateof Arkansas ?n ?d other States to reolaim tho'swamp lands' within their limits," approved September 2H, I83<i, will t* excluded from the sales. The off ering of the above lands will be oommeneed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in whioh thev are advnrnsod. until the whole shall have been offered, and the sales thus closed: but no sale shall bs kept <y?en longer than two weeks, and no private entry or any of the lauds will be admitted until after the ex piration of the two w-eeka. Given under my hand, at tho city of Washington, this sixteenth day of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fiftv-seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thomas A. IIknokicks, Commissioner of the General I.and Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the riklit of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated is requirtd to es tablish t 1m same to the mmti*Net on of th? register and receiver of the proper land office, and mak' payment thtrefur at as practicable after string this notice, and before the day appointed for tho commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise suoh claim will be forfeited. TIIOS. A.HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Laud Office. as 19-law3m Proposals for furnishixo thf pa PER FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. Omen St ririxTKXDKNT o? Prai.ic Prutino,/ ?\ AS HI NO ION, October 1st, Jan. ( ?i!i1Pr 7UAnc* ?J the Provisions of the "Aot to pro Yicl* for executing tu6 pubtio printing " A n as proved August X, 18?, swled PpVo^ls w',11 L MowSfy iVth davWlU" C,p,to1' 111,1,1 th? .Momlay (7th day)of December next, at 12 o'clock ? h- l. Jf g the paper that may \>e required for onKSmlm.MWT "" ?r ?DdjngOD tL* l8t da' Ths sub.oine?l list nearly aa oau be as 2S k^?*quan.tity' L,ty* and description of each kiud of p&per ths t will he required. ,Pn?ot,nr ^par' "n?'?ndared. to measure 24 by .?? inohes. and to wsigh forty-five pound* to th? ream of yheeti, A * C la t ? II. mrtil,ir?9aLmfv pr,.nt",< PfP#r. calendered, to measure M by % inohes, and to weigh fifty-sn pounds to the ream of 4?u sheets. Class III. ,uper?n? ?l2t*d and calendered printing pap r, t*> incvsnre 24 by & niches, and to woi<b fift? t wo pounds to the reain of 48" sheets. w Class IV. reams superhue hard-sized and oalsndored wiuhforTv^'l1,0 m#Vur? ?4 by a incties, and to weigh fort> eikht pounds to the ream of 4*;sheet* , , Class V. n, rr?a'"B ??Pcrfinesized and calendered map pa Ptr, of suoh sizes as may be required, o?.rre - Donilinir weTsilmi tl!t',/,:iper '"^"nng 19 bv 1'4 .rio:ies,and w eighing twenty pounds per ream or4#<? sheets. Class VI. nil ..?*,"!?? *w*er^ne P'?te paper, (calendered or un of Mi. i "* ,nay be required.) 19 by 24 inches, and i . per rea"?as may l>e required. *,.tZ,l>rV! p*p0rof eaei of the aliove elas finni lkMr.bnenautootton. free from ail adultera Less inH or w ,?r?"^sr.'Mioes.ofs fair white u?ss, ann put up in quires oi twenty-four sheati each, and in bundles of two reams each eash ream o contain 4?0 perfect shests. Uniformily m thickness and weight will 1*? required; and no bun tv?Mr0MniV8f ?f W,rk*pper*,.va.f?|ng over or under live per cent, from the standard weight will Im r? ? v?nous thioknesses in the same wi"u ? v. , , ^ Class VII. k I reams quarto post writing paper: No. J?2,is>jt reams nntcap writing paper: N?- S? SCO reams demi writing paper; No' 2s? r**ni" '"i'0 po,t anting paper; ^ r?-n>* medium writing paper; 7~ ream' rojral ; a >! reams super-royal writing paper i ' C? 2~ r**"18 imperial writing paper; No. 9? 100 reams oolored medium (assorted ) m, . Class VIIL ?" *,noh"- ?? l . reams writing paper, is bv 21 mnhea Si . S!!f,'<"" p'r'eim. ' *" -Saj^sar^saiissa;"" - "b' <? Of tilp8per designated iu olasses 7 and 8 are to bo ?* ,l' " 1^?l materia!!, free from adulteration and finished in the best manner. Th? un?r. 2 ofl lii' nS-'. vt'i'isa'usin.""' ?.r. gbvjarxatfsSftWKS muat aooompany eaoh bid;and in olasses7a^l a"^ numbered to correspond with tho numtlr nf?hf "Ji* per proposed for inP that scheduliTtod in thi ,n th? clM Proposed fo?T ' P*" classes, or a failure to supply the nliinfii? M .n, .Ml h, co?.,/?il , riVffigl, t.f " Un*UU"lMp,ll'"'d If ,,lCl ? videnoo Will HA*": HAM8!!- ? hTmT^T #Bieh are uasurpa^lj^) um*h?J{L.MMd BA w?? se? toracr mf Yvuumt ' Traylfi' Directory. QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOVTHE RN MAIL LINE ALKXANDRfA, GORDONS VILLE aac RlCH^ Leaves Waahmgton at ? o'?*looJr a. m. Washing ton at 7 o'clock p m. For LYNCHBURG wid~the SOUTHWEST, i W3r.?*? 6 o'olook a.'m., arrive m k'.f'CHBl RG next morning at 4 a. in.,oonneoting dUT-i tr?lD,.oll **>? Virginia ai d Tennessee Rai -ST- fY.r MEMPHIS. Mail Statu from Char ottesvilU to Lynohburgadistanoe of?0 miles. r are irom W asnwgton to Lynotiburg, $7.75. VJ!V"*r QKORgFpaGE. foot of Seventh street, being owned by the Railroad Company, run* 1,1 ?ponaotion *"th the trains. ir>iw, k Lynehburg procured <w. the Boat. dK or^w^isi'sttisarr? ?^iS? EffTJrt t*fgaa. U, the Su5S^.f*Z?flE formsaJs.' 57 ^owii*' ample IE. lift11" A? EV^8? i'Th ^TASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. 77IAJJVS R?7AT AS WUOITJ: _From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m., oonutatiu at Rplay with tiains for the West, anil at Baltuiiort with thoae for Philadelphia and New York:at 8.* a.m..for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelplflk, and New York ? at 3p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk with Frederick tram. EXPRESS at 4JO p. m. at Relay for the Weat, &r Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, a*< ix ew i ork. On Sunday at 7 a. hl, and 4.30 p. m. . Jfro" BALTIMORE f?w WASHINGTON at *.15 and 9.14a. m.. Sand 5.15p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. ni. and 5.15 p. m. J?'?-tf T. H. PARSONS, Arent. CTBAMER GEORGE PAGE. O HOURS OF DEPARTURE.^ Leave Alexandria at 4J4,7fc, 9. Leave Washington au,8 apart-d vixkV: pjftcfcjjStak J^EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. ran BALTIMORE ASD OHIO RAILROAD The recpnt extension and improvement of ite lead irk connecting lines at the Went nan required aa en tire revision of the running arrangements of Una road bv which highly important advantacs* to the Hav e(er are aociir<<d. On tuul alter NIOMDAT Jm? !?. IMr. THRF.E DAILY TRAINS will i>e run in both directions for through pasteeiers. First-fi.aACCOMMODATION TRAIN starts from Camden Station, Baltimore, at 7 A.M.,(exeept Sunday,) stopa at way stations and arrives at Caia (??rland at 4 P. M. TRAIN etirts (Sunday ex cepted) at 89> A. M.. aad arrives at Wheeling at 4 ? A. M., sosMo'mi at Benwrwd with Oortrai Ohio trama for Unumbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, l,oB iivilla, Chiowo.St. Louis. Acq., and at Mime plaoc with trains for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit. As , by Cleveland Road, and also at I'arksrsburg with Ma riftiui Koflu. 1/TPnr J? 7i J.'OU"nd CINCINNATI EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.<i5 P. Si., oon neotmgat Benwood at 9 A. M.with express trains Irom Bel Aire to Cincinnati, iicitkout change ( ars at ( olumbut,) and reaching there in but 26 hours from Baltimore and S6 hours from Washing .'i". I! al*? c?'??ects direotly, in both directions, at OraJtonwith cars bv Parkeraburg and Marietta roada r<?r Chillicothe. Cincinnati, etc. Theae train ooi'.nect at Xenia lor Indianapolis, Chicago end St. Corns, Mild at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio ap<i Mississippi Express lor Louisville Cairo and St. -ouis through to St. Louis in less than 42hoUrsfrom k ? .timore. By this tram the f?m? to all the certra^ and southern piaces in the West ia much less, while the dtitanr* is rroin 40 to 1(H) miles shorter than by the shortest of other routea. From the Weat these Oonneotiona are equally close and aa'iafactory. ar Baltimore at 8.3n A. M. ti-^ Ba*gafe cheeked through to all t nnt?. THROUGH TICKETS aok] ru lowest rates ai Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. Passenxers from Baltimore or Wash ins to* may ?t?IP tkt *nt\y rotd by dayhtht. by taking nvwn ing trains, and Ijme over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming next morning by Wheelins Ao Oak land at 10 J?i ***D' ;"V1D* Cumbanand xt a and x. r FOR WAY PASSKXGKRS. ?,/i , -1 I1! u1d AaoommodatitHiTnun at 7 A.M.. Will stop at nil Stations east of Cumberland, and the P./mKn'r?.1 a oooramodation at all Stations l^tond Cumberland gonig W est. Eastward;*, the Mail ^-"-7 h^l,nF A- M .ani Aco-mmo i30 P M berland at 9, react:in* Baltimore BR AU ^JLORT^H KiiT? R N VIRGINIA KK AivCH. ?>etween Graf^n and Parkersburs, way Lh*^?.f'l!JKR.,9K TRAIN starts at 4 P. Jl.^ A M O ??????? I RAIN leaves at 5.45 A. >1., and 5J5 P. M. I .eaves Fllioott'a Millsat7 at way stations? "TohvesTr'ederiok ^t Vu Baltimore 12 n???c. .The EU.ICOTT'S MILLT f ??? V?r. !?. I.eaves Fl A. .tl.and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH A^ MVSiSs?I?r,Mr Washinstou at 4.15 and 9.14 4dii5 l' M o?;y:M- 0n Sun5a>? at 415 A" *rljMYo W>iini;'? for Baltimore at 6 and 8JO A 4*? P. M%m*y ?n Hunda5'* at 7 A- M ??? fourth trains from Baltimore, and the ses'>R<l and fourth trains Irom Washington, will be !^a,n,? *tnPPInC only at Washingtoc Junction ana Annapolis Junction. , J, j J? '5 Kntl V5 'rfV"s from Baltimore and the 8.3 and 4 31 trains from \\ ashing ton connect with the trains limn Annapolis. Wtin lue i.'vV'ritlflvi?,lI1,orm'ltlon- fare- ko ' apply to J. T. D* A*eul'V; i?e Camdet u ar . UM. S. WOODSIDE. " Master of I ransi>ortation. Baltimore. ^he pacific mail steamship com * V ? fj1* Steamships of this Company, oarrrinr the Lrated States Mails for ACA PUl.n VVTTm* CALIFORNIA, and OR EGON, leaves ^7!"? wtch months o?i th? I^0ih !kLiB,ted 2ta'*f Ma,i S- S. Company's steam UriV ^ .?k^VfoiuWr<)r'eLlI1, a"d New York regu 1 rly on 5th and 20th of each month with the mails RO\iS?f,!*er* 0(34in<>ct",? Vl& PANAMA RAIL These steamships have been inspected and ap Mrf ?//f? 1 DePartm?,lt. ?ndf uarauty tpttd ? J?!i5 VWma R^.lro,u3 (47 mllV long) is now 00m p<eted from ooaan to ooean. and is crossed in S or 4 PP11"- passengers is checked in New emLsixked'at*piLm f ra,!c,,0?' passdnxersare Vk?wlina by ,JeJUn*r the company's T,?r "*,j '? 'w v,"k ?" Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and S*n Fraaoisoo. to prevent detention in oase of acci dent. so that the route is entirely reltabli?uo Ihii ure having oocurred in eight > ears. n^antJmwTT* lb# ^ tl,e' Conductors go throurh by each steamer, and take tonf** women and ohildrea without other prtHec fk-?r thron?h tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agenoy, 177 West pt?***? N?v York, to Is M a R * T/Aa? r\ ARMS jT 24-tf to USA CO., C. L. BARTI.ETTN'.*.V?i""'- " The ATLANT1 JSJD LIVFR POOL united statesMAILSTEAMERS Tkt Skips rotnposin* tkit Ltat ars: AflT'C ?. .Capt. Oliver Eldridga, 1 A" ..Capt. Joseph Comstock I *- .Capt. James West. f?hlP? having been bailt by oontraot expressly Tor the Governmeiit ssrviee.ever) care has Iven taker Lnr'J1 .?r con^tTU?t;or!' 88 also in their ensmes, to in f ?*r*cKth and speed, and their aooommo<iationt Jorpaaseager, are unequalled for elegaaoe and Prioe of pasaar.e from New York to Liverpool t. first cabin, 81 *>; inssoonddo., ; exolustvo aseol New York 'SllPX?*' S'to taoL'iiJ t cfeach sh 1 pf1 N o ber t^'^M be sm u re< ^ier^Uht ^bulk hUdi^' ?f t,,,? hD* have ""ProvS PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. ;?X", 5?.wl ?? turday, July JWTt Wednesday; Ju"y 8 IS 'iw'?K9*ee^*y' '"'y-'w ^Mneaday, Aug. A IW ifS S*jD#a<3a'r' Sept.S0.ia5J .1857 W ednesday. Oct. 14. 1855 jy?dn?^?y.<?ct.ieR 185J \Vedueeday, Nov. II 185! \\ ednaeday, Noy. X5.185J \\ ednesday, Deo. 9 TS57 Wadaosday, Dec. M 185) Fnars, London. * jB. U. WAIN WRIGHT A CO, The owners of tliase cln^ Wl[] .w?.v.caj , ? U1J 1... sturday, July 18... Saturday, Ang. 1 Saturday, " Saturday, r.. Saturday, Sapt. . Saturday, Oct. 10..., r, Aug. 15 F, Sept IK Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, )ct.S4 1807 *<ov. 7 1857 Jfov. H 1857 )aa,5 185: The owners of tliase whips for gold, silver, bail*>u, aps AaatU . Paris. not be acooantahU ?tones or inetalVmireaa bills"of JJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE *I?t) WITHOUT PA.M.CIK TOK SIGHT TKABS Voa VUp!mrnia ANW OREGON* VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. .. Etgultr Sailing Days, &<* 4- >if \ ^f tae? ??-vr}ou-~** ">UT frands and ireaosi ?erDetr*t^r??kl u hfv* ,'**n V(YH\ia ,?K bound to C AIA r UK.MlA. that the subscriber, the onJy authonsed Un'sTviT PS nil. 01 ' ?' New Vork. feeis it his 4aty la >ion all persons seeking passage to Caidbrma, a""i'iJ?.AV0IS.,ll',0;,T'<?'?' t,IB7 must be oareAii 10 vl.ity? rue u^?e td Lha Sieaiesfcipe tti (W U. M. ? via Panama Railrond, as no other oftoe inNew Yosk ia Mthomed to eapwg? passaae. _JMt P0??"?!?? *?v* ?ol* 000 o?*" ?? Naw \ ark. caution that MtdlClQM. Tuk M JC D I <TaX Ulttcormmw of thkakp. *If Mf. InniOTiOf Roll Iirt, hu ijiMofn^ [? n. . of oar oomiuon ra?t.M* w**da a "*** ?vma* kibd nt from Tkt wprtt Scrt/ul* do tern to ? comma* He has tried it m ever eleven hundred ?-tl ?..', never tailed exoept in twocases. both Thunder Ha mor. He bosnow m his po**ds<iioti overooelund-J certificates of itc value. a!i within twenty miles of Mouth *** wai?t#d to oore a nanus* Sore One to three bottla* will care the worst kind of Fimpie* oil the Feoe. " Two or three bottles will oleu toe s? *teiu of Biiee. Two bott.esi ire warranted to cure tbe worst Canker in the Month led Stomach. _ f T* bott1** *re warranted to oars tite Woret kind ofErynp?iu. Ons or two hottiee ere warranted to eere aL H u mor in tbe Eyes. Two hottbi are warranted to ear* R ucrung of tbe Mn and Blotches &m<>n< the Hair. *,oar to ?'*. **?"i?* ere warranted to oar* corrupt and running Llocr*. One bottle wil, cure Seal? Eruptions of tbe 8ktn. Two or three bottlee are warranted to im the Worst kind of Kuxworm. Two or three bottle* are warranted to care the ?oet aoet desperate aaee of K heu mat ism. r^Thrte to foar bottle* are warranted to oere 8a.t Five to eifht bottle* will care the woret oane ef Scrofula. A benefit ia> always experienced from the firet bot ii'fT * P+rf"* o*r? is warranted when tbe above ?naiitity te taken. Nothin* look* so improbable to thone who bare >a ??? J *** wonderful of tbe day. a* weed * rowing on tbe pastures, and aioac otd stone wails, should cure even humor in tbe eyitem ; y#t it ia a fixed fact. If ?ou have a humor, ^,.Th*r* *re no IF8 i?.r A N 1*. huo.s ??r 75,"?bo*t it batting iumf oases, butiiiot jour*. I/eddied over a thouasnd bottleiofit in the vicinity of Uoeton. I know the etteets of it ia every oae?. It baa already done *ome of tbe greatest oares ever done m Mno*aoi.u*eit*. 1 gave it to children a year Old, to oid neop.e of sixty. I have eeen poor, puny. Wormy-loatini children, who?e (leah wa* soft ai.d flabby, restored to a perfect atate of h??Jth by one botti0? To those who are *ut>j*ct to a sick headache. one bottle will always oere it. It fives treat relief m catarrh and dizziness. f<->rne wn?> have taken it had been o>*tive for yeara, and have been rcgu.ated l>y it. >\ here the Irfwly is sound it work* <|iii;e easy, bub whore there ia any derangement of the functions of will muse very singu'ar fee!mgs. but ?ou must not be alarmed: thev always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a nrui re sult from it; oa the eontran. when tftat feeling is tone, yon will feel yourself like a new p-rsoi,. 1 exfd some of the inoci eitraviu.vr.t eu*oiniaius of it that ever man listened to. In mv own praetiee I always kept it strict iy for ho anor*?bg[ since it* introduction as a gei,?ra fkmiiy modieine, creat and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. ^ey*rai caaea of epileptic hta?a disease whioh was aiwaya oonsioered ^nouraiile. have Una oared by a few bottles. O. what a meroj if it wil! piove effe? tnai inalloaaeaof thatawful malady? there are bet few who have eeen nsoes of it thsn I have. I know of several oases of Dropvy, ail of themacod People cured U it. For the varioas di*eae?s of tbe Liver, Sick tfeedaehe, l>yspep*ia, Aetheia, Fever and Agae, Fain in the Sidr, lMseeees of the 9pia?, and particularly in f>i*ea*e*oftbe Kidneys. Jte . the disoovery has done nxrre geod than tut eviy known. No change of diet ever neoeesary ?eat tbe beet yoe ean get and enough of it. Dtfcttont fer P??.?Adult* one t&h'e-erooafal per-day?children over ten year* deaaert ?p-'oaful? ohildren fn?m five to eight yeara, tea-spoonrulT As no directions can be applieahls to all oonatitutiou*. take saSaieBt to operate on the bowels twiee a day. _ WAJirrACTCBrr it ? DONALD KKN NKDY. ff?. 1? learr#* btrtet. Kerb v*t, ManarksHIU, Agents for \VaehiBf toa.-ChM. Stott A Co.. Z. Oilman, Kidwell A 1 Jkwrenoe. J. R. Gardner, hurry A Co., b. Walsh A Co. F. ?. Walsh. J P.Vt"L7. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, *chw.irti & Co., O o*welI, Daniel B. Clark. J. P. Milburn, DanUr yiMin, r ord c Bro. A^er^t for (icorretovn.^Ke 8. Ciaeell, O M Lentham, J. L. Kid well. my 5-ljr Private medical treatise OS THE . PHISIOLOU1CAL VIEW OF MAKH1AOK. Bv M. B. La CROIX. M. D-, AlUny. N. V. 2*' page* and i? boe Piain and Colored l.itbograr f a and Plate*. fCTPRICE ONLY23CENT8.^1? irr Stnifrtt of ptfiatc to mil partt *f tkt Vmitm. Dr. M. B. I-a Croix's Physiolojrioal View of Mai riace. A new aod revised edition of &) pages and IK p ate*. Price 26 centa a copjr. A popular anj com prehensive treatise on the dutiea and casualties of sinf ie aod in*rri?d life?hsppy and fruitful allinncea, mode of secanng them?mfelicitoas and infertile ones?their obvtattoo and remova.?aervoos debility, its cause* and cure, by a proees* at onceeo airuple. safe, aud etlectuai, that failure is impossib'o?rules for daily nian^eniiDt?on Sp?r mator rh<ra with praotioal observations on a safer and mors seooessfnl mod* of treatment?precautionary hint* on the evil reeulta from empirical praotioe ; to which i* added eommentaue* on lb* dtaeaece of |? inlaucy to oid age?each oa?e grapbioa. - ly Illustrated by beautiful y atee. It'po.nta <>ut tlte remedies for those self isflicted niis.^rie* aud ? pointed hopes so arifortunate.y prevalent m the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those oontemp.ating marriage. Its ^runai is partie ?Inrly recommended to persons entertaiuing secret doubts of their physical oonditieti, and who are oon scions of having hazarded the health, ba#pinea* and privilege* to which every huiaai. oeing i* er:tiU*dto. Prioe ? cent* per oopy, or hve copie* for A|. mail ed free of postage to anj part of the L'nited "*ufes, bjaddreswnf Dr. LACKOIX, ip.^t paii.i Albany, New l ork, enclosing & cents. N-B. Thoee wi<o prefer inay oonsuit Doctor |LA CKOIX .upon any of toe d.ceaees upon a hioh his book treats, either person&^y or l>y mail. Hi* mod; oitie* often cure in the sht.rt space of six day*, an 1 oomplete.'y and entindy erad.cateall trane* of tln>*e disorder* which ooaaiva arid cubeba have av i<?iw lieen thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. Hts " French Secret" is the graat con tinental rem*dr for that ojuis of disorders which un fortunatelv, piiy*iciau treat with mercury, to the irretrievablede?tmotion to the patient's oonatite tiou. and which all the aarsapanUa in the World can not cure. 117" Office No. SI Maiden lace. Albany. N. Y. feo 14?It B 117, HAVE Jt'PT RECEIVED THE FOL tt lowing Go<ids a nich we are prepared to aeli at a small advanoe of oost for ca? t: A very large variety of Turcer Broe. oeiebrated Liquors.viz: Tomer's Gmrer Wine, an exoe!leut remedy for l>ispef*ia Blackberry Brandy, a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Civet, Madeira, ftherry, and 9weet Malaga Wiuee, all of superior qnality Raspt>erry, Strawberry, flinger, and Cherrv Br*n die*. all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juioe of the frait Rom, Cinnamon, Anm*,aad Pep&erment Cordials Curaooa, Abainthe, E**enoe of Pepeerraeat Extract of Sar*aparina, Stougbton Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on band, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, n splendid artiols. la addition to the above, we have at all times a large supply of the following nam*d it,-ok of Malt kifuors, tieing the only Li<|Doraef tbe kind in the istrict. ami wtuch oa^.not fni: :n giving ent sfaction to all who use them: I'iuladel ;>hta X X. Burton and XXX P^le Ale.Philadeltibia Brown Stout,XX For ter. and a fiae articie of I .ager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water. Cider, Ac., on band. ARNYA SHlNN, ieS . 9t Green street. Georgetown. TVIOTICE.-C. R. L. CROWN A CO are I? ceivtr ceiving daily some of the ft ^*t Pl'RM TIKE ever offered in liiis market, wbioh invite the attention of those in want, assure them they can save at least 10 per oent. Namely? Handeome carved marUe top Bureaus and Tabiaa Rosewood and walnut Tete-a 1 etea, 8olae Wardrot>ee. Chairs ?>( all kinds. Cherry and eoplar Tablee. Matt rases, hair, o Lo....eorn-top and haslt; Comforta. kankets, Bedsteads, biga and low-poet. ockiiig Chairs, oaneand wood-seat*. uahiuua for Chairs. Settees. Cloek* of all kiada, xteasw^o Tabiea. Sideboards. What-not. lasaea of all kinds, some extra fiue Carpets. ottaee Seta, Rugs. Waiters. HassWare, Cr?K;kery Ware of a|! k'r.Js. Feather and I* aney Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too nomerou to meation to which we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, aa we are determined to aell for aakL or to punctual oosvotneu. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., oor. of 6tb street and Peaa. eve. P. S.?Ws shall still eonunoe our regular se es on Tnesday, Thnrs4ay, and Saturday th morning and evening, in front of oar store. Consignments eoH oite<L and m all oases advaaoes nted* when teanired. C. R. L. C. A CO., apS6-:f (Intai) AaeUoaa TTOME MADE CARRIAGES. 11. We have on hand, ef our own manufacture, a fine aaaortineut of all kinds ofCARKl t AGES of the very best, latest, aiul inost\ approved sty lee, and warranted in p >?t of^^B m workmanship and material, to be Qqaal to any ma4e in the city or Waahmrton or any other o,i? iu the vnited States. We respectful^ s*>Ii.ut a aallfroiu the??t:sens and strnr^erato examine our work , aa wa^e determined to (at none aurpasa ua either in suahii of work or in low prieee WeLso do every kindoi K I* PAIRING mat manU k* maiuter, aud at rea*i>oah e puoe*. Old Carriage* Ukeo in part pajni'pt iI'W;new aud at a fair prioe. tsMON Fl.\ NN & CO. ?saylS-tai GLA^S, AND EARTHEN WAKE. R. H. MILLER. SON~ft CO., IMPOKTFRS. Al.IltHMlA, V*., wpMOIIave reoeived two iiieUsiiiient* of therrQ m^^Vfall aapplica fro.u tbe Eu^.iah Potteries. and win ooi.t.uue to receive acoeaaioea to f their stock tifl the basiiicss seas<>n set* h*. R. H. MUABB, SOK A Co. asii uasure their friend* and customers that their stock shall be^tf the most desirable deenriptioo.aad that their arioes will coui pare favorably with those of auy dealers in Iheirlina in ajijruthei market ia the l'nited 8>aie*. R. H. Millkb. Sob A Co. have prepared I hem eel re* to offer to merchant* every induoeiueut to make tbetr parche*** ia their liae. ^ . WINDOW GLASS. ..They hare joat reeeived via Antwerp and New York. fVona tbe freat manufactory of ' Rum. New WMMtl?,lt40boSe* French Window Glass of aueo faur aaaiUf and of different thicknesses, which tney bavs imported aadereaoheirceinstaneesastoenal>>e them to otter a superior article at very moderate m?a agzi tf 300 VStiS* sil kL VKtjVfc:T Ho*f Rktrts.'wbiteand slate oolnred. a Mil Gloear W Be 11 ?OHMt IU ?tMepVo. 6*au* Market,