Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1857 Page 3
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LO V AjL INT JRL LMJfeNCK. The Tka. iikbs' Associttios held l(? regular mrftia^ on Saturday at th.j Smithsonian Institu tion. A special eomaittff, wbb h had been ap pointed to consult on the propriety and practica bility of calling i cvnvrnlioa of IfacLi rt la this and surroamling cities, ?:? b* held ?tf the Smilh sonian Institution some lime this Fall, reported resolutions favorable to su.h a convention ^ The resolution* were discussed bv Messrs. Young, L'joiuU, A. C and Z IIichards. Thompson, and other*. a:id finally the subject was laid over to be resumed at a special meeting of the Associa tion, to be held this day two weeks, at the same place. A volunteer committee, consisting of Messrs. Young, S L. Loom is, and A C. Kich s;d-, was raised to canvass the citv. with a view to ascertaining a* nearly as possible how many children between the a?es of Ave, and twenty tear*, there a-e in the cftv. for whom no provis ion has been made by tLe schools department with respect to their being provided with places in the public schools. Mr. J. E. Thompson was appointed a committee to ascertain what number of children who bad made application for admis si,?n to the public schools since the commence in-nt of the scholastic year, and have been reject ed for want of sufficient school accommodations. An invitation to Miss Johnston to give examples In reading, which had iieen extended and ac cepted just previous to the close of the last terra, was renewed, and the executive committee were Instructed to coafer with .Miss J. In relation to the matter. Tl*e meting was well attended by male and female tea* hers of our own city and Georgetown. Wi?mssToji B'Llsof MohtaIitt.?The an nual report of the Commissioner of Health, Dr. C. F. Force, for the year ending 30th June, contains iom-.' items of statistical interest. The deaths for the year were WG, arising as follows : Accidents, 14, apoplexy. 13; diseases of the brain, 33; bron chitis, 11; consumption, 132; cholera infantum, 82; convulsions. -J5; croup, 32; decline, 14; delirium tiemens, IV; diabeles. I; dropsy. Id; dysentery, 33, erysipelas. )u; tvpboid fever, ii; disease of heart, II; hydrocephalus, li-; iutempcraiice, 9; mania-a p>?tu. 7; marasmus. ?>, old age, S3; pertussis, pneumonia, 5- not reportnL jo. They are dis tflbulol through the several wauls thus: First Ward. 133; Second, 15U; Third 122; Fourth, 213; Fifth,M; Sixth, ??; Seventh. 5'2; Washington Asy lum, (alms-no> 37; location not stated, 57. The nativities of 'lie deceased are thus stated : l ulled States. C57; Kngland, 9; Germany, '>?; Ire land. 61; Italy. I; Nova Scotia, I; Poland. 1; Por tugal. I; Prussia,Scotland. 4; not reported, 108. By coiuparisou with the past nine years it ap pears that was Ihe least productive of mo'r talitv, the following being ti?e figures given: For the year ending June. 1-49, the numl>er of Inter ments was -e-; in 1-30, 866; in 1.S3I, 914; in 1AV?, 1 MX. in IH53, 1,423; in ISil, 1,2(<9; in 1835,.1,1-$; in l?56. 1,1*1; and. with a population never be fore so large, in IK>7. IJj. The Coiiitiiissioner estimates that, under the reformed regulations for keeping clean the streets and alleys, tnere hive Ijeen during the year about sixtv-flve thousan d lKirrc-1* of garbage removed bv tbe contractors. The prevention of this mass ??f tilth remaining and decomposing in our midst has not only addt d u.aterially to our comfort, but also to our health The Commissioner suggests that it be m:ide unlawful for dairies t.*> beTsept within the bounds of Ihe city, (not applying to persons keeping a cow for the use of their fami lies.) as it won id suppress oue of the great sour ces of tilth and annoyance. Wat* WasHtsarox was a Fabm ?Thedoe ument copied below was found yesterday at the City Hall during an exanrination of ell papers, :mm1 now Langs in a f ame in tbe office of the Mayor's clerk It Is still in good condition not withstanding its age. ~ ? It appear* to be the Surveyors certificate, and is thus introduced: 4*Valuable & antient Document?in relation to taking up of the Tract of land called Rome?on tbe site of which now stands the citv of Wash ington. resp'y prcseuted to the Mayor & Councils of the Citv?Hy K*. Y. Bbknt. "Ap. il atf, 1&37." ?'June the 5th. 1G63. *'Lavd nut for Fiancis Pope of this province, OcMlemu, a parcell of land in Charles County, called Rome, ly'.ng on the east side of the Aua ? ostia River, beginning at a maiked oak standing bvthe River side, tbe bounded tree of Capt Root Troop, and running north by the River for breadth the length of 000 ps to a bounded oak standing at the mouth of a bav or inlett called Tiber, bounding ou the North by the *d lelt and line drawn Kast for the length of 320 ps to a Ixiuuded oak standing in the woods on the Kast with a line drawn south from the end of the for ni^r line nntil you meet with the Extension founded tree of Rol>t Tioop called Scotland yard on the south with the sd land on the west with the said River Containing and now laid out for 400 acres more or less." "June 5th. 1GT>3. *? l.ayd out for Capt Robt Troop of this prov ing a parrell of land in Charles county, called Scotland Yard, lying ou the east side of tbe Ana costia River, beginning at a bounded Hickory standing by the water side and running North by the River for breadth tbe leugtb of *230 ps to a Itoiinded oak bounding on the North with a line d'awn Kast info the wood for the length of 3*20 ps to a bounded oak on the Kast with a line drawn south from the end of the former line until you Intersect a parallel liue drawn from the hist bounded Hickory on tbe south with the said par allel on the west with tbe ?d River Containing aud now laid out for 5f*? a. more or less." Tub Washington Fibkiskk.?Since the de parture of the Franklin Fire Company for Phila delphia, on Saturday morning, three other com panies of the Wxshington fire department?the Northern Liberties, the Metropolitan Hook and l.adder. and tbe Perseverance?have left for the same citv. The NorAern Liberties. Major Winn marshal, accompanied by Withers*s Brass Rand, made quite a handsome appearance in Ibeir new equip ments. tbeir uniform consisting of a blue fire hat and red shirt, with a neat waist l?elt. They have with them their handsome engine, recently fitted up for the purpose. This company left on Satur day afternoon with about thirty-eight members. The Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company, numbering aitout thirty men in uniform, (which Is red shirt, black pant* with glazed leggings, and lire hat.) andaccoiii|>anied by Ksputa's Rand, staited yeste'day morning. Their apparatus was ?ent to Philadelphia last week. II. Oayne mar shal. H. Purdy assistant. The Perseverance Fire Co . about thirty mem bers, equipped with deep blue capes and bars, with waist belt, liearing the name of the compa ny. Started also yesterday morning, taking with tLem their handsome suction engine receutly re fitted lor service. OiG<er?? J. Thompson, presi dent; R. Grymes, vice president, aud R. G. She kr 11, marshal^e inn.: iters of persons, not attached to these organizations, have also gon? to Philadelphia to witness the of the firemen in that city. A Convict's Fakewkll Addikm?W. W. Cliue, of Wheeling, recently sentenced to the District Penitentiary for passing counterfeit monsv, addre??ed r? farewell card through the Argus to the Wheeling peuple. lie is both cool ana spunky He commences thus: "Mr. Kuif'jr 1 expert soon to take my depar ture to t lie District of Columbia. Let me take thin method to say to those reiders of the Argus whom I cau recognize as my friends, 1 will bid vou good bye for a while; and to those not n?y friends, let me say to you, you are breaking the euuiiaaads of God. for it is written, You must love them that hate you; therefore I have a claim on vour love " \\ e tope our police will keep a vigilant eye on Mr Cline. should he favor ourci^y with his pres ence We have quite enough jail importations f.oiu neighboring cities already among us. Tabgkt Piacttc* ?At ten o'clock to-day the Montgomery Guards paraded in new fatigue unl form?white jacket with brass buttons, blue pants with yellow stripe, and black glazed caps, and repaired to Berry's wocd* for tbe purpose of drill and target przctice. Three handsome prizes, presented by oAceis of the corps, <nre to I* aw-r.fded tbe best maiksmen The first a handsome silver cup. valued at ?16. presented by Lieut. Oldfield. Second. a gold locket valued at $10, presented bv Lieut Keleher. Tund. a handsome gold cross valued at SI0, p eseated by (Quarter Master .M tber. The premiums were prepared at tbe manufar tory of Gait A Brother. Fjlhi Kkfobts?The police officers of the variuu? districts reported "*9 cases to tbe Chief of Pottcs for the week ending Saturday last. The ??< e;s reporting weekly to the Chief of Police are 15 In number, divided Iretween the Wards, two to each of tbe First. Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Waids. aud three to the Fourth Tlie* do th-b isiness of the Co pora tion and such l'nit?d States bmluess as is direct ? 1 lo tueni Tbe county constables do nocity buftlues*, ami are not under the orders of the l itirf of P??liee. ?? At th> B*iX4(is there are now stationed some sixty marines, who are daily drilled by the oflUers of tbr corps. Fridayevening the ^o'clock d'ill was atteud?sl with much that was luterest ? to the spectator; the men all appearing In complete uniform and fwrforming the evolutions to the music of Ihe full hand, led br Prof Srala. nt of the force now at the Barracks are men who were dis?burged from the '? Roanoke," which was recently hauled up at the Cbarlestown diy dock for repairs. Wan. till ci wHtfx, oh, Street Commii ?iooer, is that dangerous uuisauce. tbe Seseaib* street sidewalk (west side) alongside the Smith* Ionian ground* to be seen to? TheR:vek ?On Saturday evening. two sports men from the Long Bridge went down to Hog Inland, where, in one hour and a half, they shot fifty-one ortolan. Three other men. at the same place, sbM fort nine bird.* in I he same time. At the Long Bridge, the w oi ktn'n are replacing the old and worn-out planking with new plank lately received from North Carolina. Arrived?at Harvey t Co.'i wharf, schooners Washington. Camp, and G<*-g?* Warren, Lozier. from Philadelphia, with coal for Harvey A Co ; at Gait & Yonng's wharf, schooner Roxana, from Philadelphia, with coal for L. Thomas. The steamer Columbia, trom Baltimore, thin morning discharged, at the above wharf, mdze for M* Kaafnian. II. E. Batetfian, Campbell A Coyle, Muriay A Serames, Richardson, Kills A brother, Clagett. Newtou May A Co., Barbour A Semines. B J. Neale, P. Thyaon, XV. House, Jackson, Brother A Co., P. Fegan, C. C.Turner, F. Laiub. Means A Co., White A Co , R. C. Ste vens. At Ma<*ruder A Stone's whvf arrived schr. Mott Beaell, Capt. Isaac G. Newton, from New York. She brings consignments of merchandize, asfollows: For Geo. A Thoa. Parker A Co., Capt. M. C. Meigs, J. \V. Tnompson, J. P Jliess, W. McL. Cripps. Samuel Kirby, A. Green, Robt. Dorsey, Camplurlk A Coyle, M. Ward. 8. F. Baird, Howell A Morsell, C. IV. Boteler, Thomp son A Hamilton, J no. H. Buthman, Wm Bryan. At the same wharf, schr. Kmma, Capt. Vent, from Philadelphia, with *203 tons of coal, con signed to the Insane Asylum. Also, schr. Mary Anna. Capt. Gibbs, fion'i Philadelphia, with SOI ton# of coal for Geo. A Thoa. Parker A Co. The steamer George Page inflow running regu lar hours between Washington and Alexandria. She will continue to do so unless the Collyer, which is expected to be put on the other line in a day or two, breaks in upon the arrangement. It is to be hoped that the regular hours will be strictlv adhered to, as the voice of the whole tiaveling community of the two cities is unani mous on that point, and the two lines will ex perience many advantages from such an arrange ment if the public once is brought to understand that they can pass between the Uvocities at stated times. 1'ainfcl Accident.?Saturday, a voting man named John Boswell, employed in Draper A Truman's planing and saw mill, on Twelfth St., near the bridge, had his hand cut through, sev ering the bones and tL-sh to the iiiin lea on the bark. He was pushiifg a piece of board about fourteen inrhes in length to the suw, and it slipped baric and his hand came in contact with the saw while in motion. A physician was im mediately sent for, and all that could be done for his relief was done, and he was removed to his home on Seventh street, near ??. The physician is of opinlou that the hand may be saved. Sic no R Blitz, "the happy man," and wl.o makes every body else happy within his influ ence. has arrived in town and will appear at Odd Fellows" Hall to-night and open his rich budget of fun and ?'diablerie." The Signor has grown somewhat older since his last anp^arance here, and his down-the-middle-parted uair has a tinge of gray ; but he is as active and light-hearUd as ever, as well he mav be in view of having con tributed so successfully to the world's enjoyment, and. we trust, with satisfactory pecuniary results to himself. But whether rich or poor. Signor Blitz is certain to tin always cheerful and enter taining. Be sure aud visit him. Focrth District Polick?The only case dis posed of by Justice Donn, this mornirg was Hen ry Fuuk, vagrant, who was sent to the workhouse for sixty days. The Justice was very busily engaged in Usuin? warrants upon complaints made under the ha>-k law. and the act against keepm" b us open on the Sabba'h day. Seron'l District.?R. Brown and D. Drisrol were arrested this morning for being drunk and disordeily in the street. Justice Clark released them on paying costs and giving security, in this case. R . Brown was then ordered to give security for further in the charge of assault and battery on Barron. Appointment?Thomas II Robinson, late police officer in the Sixth district, was on Satur day appointed a guard at the county jail in place of James Ward, resigned. He entered upon the discharge of his duties this morning. Mr. Rob inson is the officer who was shot by Robert Cross (now in jail) while Robinson was arresting him on charge of participating in the election riots. Order Reigns. ? The city was remarkably quiet yesterday. The police returned no cases for trial at the Central Guard-house, and in the outside localities where rowdyism is the com mon Sunday diversion, a very hopeful change for the better was noticeable. Is rowdyism ''played out,'* or is the rowdy element absent from the city' ' "tiiE Arsenal Extension.?Should the pres ent penitentiary building be converted into an arsenal foundery as contemplated, it seems to be understood that the aite for the new penitentiary will be selected either in the neighborhood of the almshouse or on the east side of the Ana coatla. A Handsome Co.tTRimcTioN.?The Rev. Mr. Holmead. rector of Grace church, Island, yester day announced that the contributions raised in church on the previous Sabbath, for the ex tinction of the church debt, amount, d to the (un der the circumstances) unprecedented Mini of For Mount Vernon?On to-morrow the Coll yer, Captain Baker, resumes her semi-weekly (Tuesday and Friday) trips to Mount Vernon, and will continue them as the season permits. Watch Reiurns.?Oct. 3d?John Ogden,col ored, D. C., larceny; jail for eourt. John John son, Pa., firing a pistol in the street; fine and costs, ?1 19. Robert Potts. Pa . drunk and disor derly; security 810, aud costs $1-19. Five lodg ers. only one from the District of Columbia. 4th?Last night no cases fortrial. Nine lodg ers were accommodated, two from the District of Columbia. Wedding Cakes, of every kind, at very low pri ces, mails to order, at tho Philadelphia Ire Crtam D'pot, oomer ?2th and F streets. so 17 lin* Coats, Pants, and Vests. Lrett Slid, Business Suits. Noah Walker & Co., Marble Hall Clothint Store, Bivwyi' Hotel Building. respeotfully an nounce! that their annual display of Fall and Winter Clothing is now ready for inspection, eompriionr an assortment of <trntl'tnrn's ana Youths' ( lothint of the newest ami richest desisn in material, trimming, and workmanship. Tothoto who study excellence, with ecouomv, in fashionable articles of dress, an opportunity is now offered for selecting from isy of the most attractive stocks of Clothing iti this city, at very reduced prices. s?l5-lm DIED, Onthelthinstar.t. MARY ANN CLARK,dauKh ter of Thomas and Margaret Clark, in the 33th ) car oi her a?e liar funeral will take placc on Tuesday. the 6th nut., at ii-i o'clock, from the ruaidunce of her pa rents, *>5 ?i str jet, between tith and 7th streets. * Onthe4th instant, MICH A E L HIGGINS, aged 43 vea-s. His funeral will place on To morrow After noon, at S o'clock, from the residence of his ?isfer, on D street, between 1st and 2d. Island. On the 3d instant, Mrs. MARTHA CATA LANA M\ . STOCK OF BOOTS AND SliOfcS being 1M al>out the largest in this city at this^i^? time, and having been purchased before the BIB I rise in l.eathsr, oan l?e sold nt about 15 to 'AW HI par ceat. less than goods purchased at Una* time. Caii and examine for yourselves, at ft. P. HOOVKRfl, I?11 lenw Hall. Pa. **? l*t. OtH *n#l 1??W ???. M ANY OF MY OLD FRIENDS AN U AU __ qu*.i tit laces being under the impression that 1 have latelj d scontwued business. I take this oppor tunity of informing tbem, that I have engaged an ex perieueed W ATC H M A K EK. and amlCTy pre psred to repair all kinds of line W at jhes at the shortest nonce, and in the best manner, a..d war ranted to give sstisfarUun. The latest style of JEWELRY and ail kinds of FANCY ARTICLES constantly on baud. Also, all kinds or HairwoTk. such as Hraoelets. Neck aoes. Breastpins, Kama**. elo., done in the nestest atyle and h-st workmanship. As this is attended toby myself. I aarryit to give entire satis faction. M RH. L- J. > S1. oc St-eu6t Pa. ave..Ixt 12th ami 13t li s?s. west. SFISHMAN, ? DEALER ? DRY GOODS A .> L> MILLINF.R V, informs his fnendsai.d the public that he has just oponrd a new store of all k<nds of DRY GOOI/S, MILLINER Y, Ac.,assuring the public every arti cle to be as represented. and to aell with a vers small advance. Come and examine my stock, ami juJ^e for yourself. S'ore?No. HBI 7th st , lietween H and I, next door to Mr. Toiu'i hardware sti re. oq?-e?ilin* II. MAR LOW'S . CHEAP BOOT AND SHOE STORE. Ptumyivumia avtnu*. I take this opportunity of informing uiy customers and the puMic in ?eneral that I have on a lot of hist rate Calf skin J.alters at 2?d a French Calf-skm Patent IfatherfW <inter at #3J?.aa good aaar# usually sold * at 95 and a food Calf-aViu Root at I'JO. Ladies ?? alters at fine Morocoo Busku s at?*l i f other sJi^.uch a- Bo,, an/ Chil riraBB cheap in proportion. Call aud see lor your selves. Don't forget tha pl*"- No. W Penusylva nia avente. lastweeu 3d atul 4>s streets. au 25 2?w3m ? \irOOLF.N GOODS fifty f* c??1 leM than any A^'KlSr'"kSIVm. ?? ?ul1 cu?. ? . hw ,N t oo., pc 1 No.30 Peon, avenue, bet. 9tb awl IMh G EORG E to WN 'A F FA IK S. Correiptn lentt ?/ Tkt Star. Gioigiiows, Oct. 5, 1867. Things and matters generally in and about our ccul docks this morning presents quite a lively appearance. Coal boats from Cumberland con tinue steadily to arrive. We learn from a captain just ariived, that there Is, in the neighborhood of dam number fire, a very large number of boats, probably one hundred, duwnward bound. Their progress is very slow owing to the continued de ficiency of water At the present time, there is about fonr feet on the Wiiliaiusnnrt and dam number four levels. Consequently all boats draw ing over that amount are unable to move, and those drawing that amount pet along very slowly, and only by attaching three or four team* to one boat. Every captain we have conversed with upon the snbjeet. are lond in their com plaints against the superintendents upon the ca nal lying between Harper'* Ferry and Williams port. Since our last the following vessels have been loaded with coal for eastern ports : At Ray's Dock. schr Wm L. Marev, Buck, ?1 tons, to Providence; do Brave, Marshall, 'J41 tons, toN. l oik. At the Borden Mining Company's Dock, schooner Mary Patterson, with 3tU tons, for Bos ton. The same gentleman who was knocked down and robbed near the Roundtops. as noticed in the Star one day last week, was assailed again on Saturday night, near the Bridge street bridge, doubtless by the same gang of villains who com mitted the foul deed i#?fore mentioned. After some effort he escaped from his assailants and nea over into our city, hallooing for help, whith er the ruffians pursued. Fortunately for him. however, his cries attracted a portion of the night watch, who hastened to his assistance, and suc ceeded in one of the parties, named John Carr. He was taken to the wateb house, and yesterday morning before Justice R White, ?who held him to bail for his appearance before the Criminal Court. The railroad question which i? to be determined by a vole of our citizens on th?? 13th inst . doe* not as yet seem to attract the first particle of attention No one st ems to take any interest in the matter W e would again suggest the propriety of a public meeting of nurcltizens, and that the movers in the matter enlighten us npon the subject, that all mav vofe understandiugly. It is certainly a matter of too much impor :e to acted upon hastily or in a careless manner. Give us lijrht upon the subject. 1 Our river wharves this morning presented quite an animated appearance. The following vessels have arrived since our report of Saturday : Packet schr. Arctic, Crut. hett. Hew York, to F & A 11 Dodge; do. Wm S. T'^dale, Hawkins, New * ork, to same; do. King Dove, Dandho, Phila delphia, to 11v?l?? A l>nvid<on ; schr. Congress, Crouch, Salisbury, lAMM/O feet of lumber to Jos. Libby A Son; do. Joseph Rainsev, Alexander, Norfolk. lftSi.MJU shingles to K. Piekrell Ao ; do. Statesman, Huark, 40 cords of wood to master parket Mill Boy, tlour lo Peter Berry. We have no changM j0 note in the "flour or grain market since our report of Saturday. S. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEM'TS ||*OR RIN P.?The DWIvI.LING pnrt of House 1 No. 16 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. in quire at the Confectionery next door. oo s-2v ] BOSTON.?The superior packet schooner Helen Marr, Nickerson. has arrived, and will he receiving freight on Monday. Fnr/^>-. (reuht or passage apply to IIA RTLKV A JoBSt BRO., H?| Water street, Georgetown, D. C. . ocS-lw pROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Mayor's Oppick. Geoigrtowx, D. C.,f Septerr,l>er .?Jth. IA57. f 1 he subscriber will receive sealed written propo sals until Friday, the loth day of October next, for furnishing about sixty cords of prune Oak Wood, in suoh quantities as may be required from tune to tunc, during the ensuing winter, for the use oi the destitute residents of the town. I'pon approved security, the money will >?advan ced as soon as the contract is executed. The price per cord, to be stated in the proposals. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD, Mayor. se3ft-dtd j^TAPLE FALL GOODS. .JOHN hTs.MOOT, Ao. 119 S.side Bridge St., (ieorgetoien, I). C., hfts received and offers to customers, an assortment of goods adapted to the eariy Fall demands, consist ing of the following, viz : Plain Black Silks, of the best makes Plain Modes nnd bright colored Muslin Delaines Rica Fall styles Muslin Delaines,at 45 cants Rich English and American Prints, in great variety, (fast colors) New York. Kngiish, Baths' Mills, all Wool,and other heavier makes Shirting Cottons Richard son's and Chuine's celebrated makes Lof Irish Linens Black and white Check Cashmeres, for Dusters Sing It and double width Lupin's Black Mouslin De laines White. Red. and Yellow Flannels Casstmeres, Saltinets, and Kentucky Jeans Shifting Prints, striped and dotted Ladies and Misses Cotton Hose, till kinds Gents.and Boyshalfdo. Ladiesand Gents Linen Cambric Haudk'ls Rich, uew style Bonnet Ribb.>us White Brilliauts. Cambrics and Muslins Table Cloths, Damasks and Nankins Linen and Cotton Sheetings and Towellings Osuaburg Calicos and I\aid Cottons Hoavr Brows Sheetings, Drills, and fine brown Shirtings With other seasonable Goods, whioh Will be sold low to cash or prompt customers. ao?-tf J. H. S. T^r"NOTICK.-Having l>een informed that oer tarn persons are in tiie habit of collecting and gathering to<ether the Bottles whicli contain or have Contained our ?>cvera;es, an<l putting therein an arti cic made by others than ourselves, an?t th'-n dispos ing of such article on the faith and credit ofour name stamped on said Bottles, ail persons are hereby notified that such Bottles arc our own property, and not subject to Kale, and that they are delivered toour customers only to be returned, ai d that it is our firm intention to piosecute to the utmost extent of the taw, any infriiigment of our rights on the premises. ARNY A SHIN'N, Union Bottling Depot, 67 Greerr street. ?? II Georgetown. D. C. 200 i'?nedDa WOOLLEN Y A R N just White. Gray, Black, and Fancy-eolored Knitting Woollen Yarn. White and Blue mixed Knitting Cotton. Also in store,a full stock of Damask Table Linen, Napkins, Huckaback,and Russian Crash Toweling. WM. R. H ILKY. se 15 1m corner 8th st., opposite Centre Market. Bank s(TsPK\sio.\s-itankf a ilvres. Virginia Money Rretired nt t'nr. Twenty boxes Fall and Winter Bonnet Ribbons from auction, selling off at 25 cts. per yard, worth 37Hcts. Fresh Embroideries, from arrotion. very cheap. New st) le Cloth Dusters, cheaper th?n ever. New and seasonable Shawls at lia'l price. All other goods in our line unsually low. MAXWELL A BRO., se 30-eo3t S2H Penn. avenue. L K G A N T C A R P E T I N G S. E We have the pleasure of announcing to thecitizen* of Wnshin^ton, Georgetown. A lexaudria, and envi rons, who are housekeeping, arid who intend to fur nish. that we havnjust from Kurope, the most extensive variety of superb goods iu the aliove line ever seen in this part of thecountry. At tention is particularly invited to the followun.' : Elegant French .\foi|UCt heavy Velvet, in modal! ons ofexquisite designs and colors,after the style of Louis XIV. Elfzant English Tourney heavy Velvet, in medal lions, ru!>y, ground, ce?tre medallion, and bor ders white ground, superbly decorated in flowers. Do in white prour medallion and border in rich, deep bright colors in oontrast. Do. crimson ground, medallion and border in white grount*. gre??n a-irt bright flowers in contrast. Also, same quality in douMo breadths, medallions el egantly figured in Crimson and Gold Colors pre dominant on white ground, with others, which must bo seen to bo appreciated. Also, ifri pieces rich anu superior Velvet Carpetinirs which we purchased at the la:e auctions so low that we arc now enabled to sell them for the same prices with oommtva Tapestry Brussels. The goods are warranted, in new styles, and of supe rior quality In these bargains may be had. Also, elegant Tapesm Brussels Carpetings in the same patterns ana colors with tne above, and same manufactory. Also, rich Me-dalhon Rugs, Oriental ditto. This is an entire new article from Smyrna, composed en tirely of skins in various colors. They are curi ous and elegant. Also, Moquet Rugs in new designs, elegant enough to be hung on the walls of drawing rooms, Rufcj for Tapest?V, and Brussels, Three-ply, and in grain Carpetings, in great variety. Also, Mats to matoh. 40 Itales heavy Three-ply Carpeting!, in rich colors and entirely new designs. 50 bales heavy double Ingrain ditto, all entirely new designs, rioh colors uud very cheap. 6 bales heavy Wooi Dutch Carpeting, a superior ar ticle for offices, dining-rooms, Ac, F.xtra heavy aud rich Twilled aud Plain Venetian Carpeting* fwr passages aud steps all widths. Elegant Crumb-f'loth* in medallions and borders. Druggets in all widths, from X of a yard wide, for steps, to 6 4, >0 4, 12-4, and iC-4 for Moors, very oheap. Also, neavy Felt Carpetings, for chambers, dining rooms, balls, Ac. in olegant Persian colors. In fact, all the latest novelties which are desira ble in the Carpet business will be found at our rooms No. 4 Market Space, aud will be sold at less figures than iu auy other city. seU-Jweo CLAGETT A DODSON. WHEN 1 WAS IN BOSTON LAST WEEK tt I purchased very low for cash, twelve very good second-hand PI\N03, ranging in pnoe from to |UM>, which I offer very low for sale or reut, at our Extensive Piano Warerooms, Pcnn. avenue, bet ween 9th aud loth stroets, SW. oo I JOHN F. ELMS. A CAR D? James Lackey. Merchant Tailor, 444 7th street, opposite the Patent Office, respect fully informs his frunds and the publio that he is now supplied with Fall and Winter Goods, which he wilt make up cheap for cash, and not interior te any in the city, u out lumen will find it to their nd ? antace to have their olotbes made to fit aud to a durable manner for a trifle more than ihey will pay in sioo shaps. N. B.? Geutlemeu wishing a neat fit and fashion able pants are requested to call, as 1 feel confident of giving satisfaction. se IB-gw* HORBK and CARRIAGE FOR BALE.?The Horse is a large dark bay, fast, and offlv _ Kind disposition. The Carruue is square and in good order. They will fwsold sepa ratelv or together, W. A. H A B RIP, ?eSO eoJt 610 L, street, ma( loth. joa &EJTT AHZ) bale. "ijijriwmi wwt ais " iid^';" anaMwnE?* LIN. cornnr of 4thand I ^roe!?._ oo 3^t. F^ffl^?T:ru01A5<isco,nforU^e roomToh

SS^ ?<* o? 3 3t * TI}StFiFc ?)l Ii^,KG I*2ts for *ale. 0v:^~jn;n^vs;!;^P^3-r^ ci y,about three squares norifi of I nfamtt* ?nH one square north />fF?kl?f?u#e. Tette' and se3-*? v? ?*? JAMES DALV, - - 388. corrrr Vermont av. and j. ?f. FSt NOTJ'?u?A.5iK ?HANCK.-DOUBT foi* ?!.? jHi! I T'l?, "?"? lf '^mediately applied Sra of a ?"ker?. Confec new For fnrthil? ?re doin,f a *ood ar"' wwli l>uai oc 2 St* furth#r information inquire at this ofhce. R?OMS ,n ,he ??<*?nd story * " K idw i ll 4 l^aurenoe ? new Drue Store for many year. tin office of Dr. Thos. Miller Alw? three Lodging Komns in the third -story aod 'n lir^e h?? "*?'* S,at,!e ?? tl,n a I ley in t li e* ea r of t ne the mr ThlTnn' L l>e fur"'8hed ?f rented by me year. rhe house is hext to the corner of Pn n avenue mid 14th streets nmr Willards' Hot?-l * r?* pltS?}: **'? * kidw ell alSlkenc e.p W&XFSS?' HO?^? F *tTeet7between *o90 tr W. P. PUTT,I.IPS. rpO LET.?Four large ROOMS, north side~of l.qu^eoV HV<rUsTP\Vv'i !'v u",h "'reefs. 'm?'? ?nrt?ih ?V. ? ?13 F' i' iargaiii may be ha<l it applied for immediately. se 23-lm* LANSgAliKrAiffiit, - ?' 23 Ini No. ?<?? M street. P?ni?r2?J~U,avelorrent ,wo",nall FRAME . "u\!7','s "n Nuare 72l,littb? eiHtofthe I'e pot. one fronting F mid the other 2d street, W!th garden* and front fences attached. For term* A c inquire of ALEX. H. \ OUNO, City Post Oirfoe. " op o?* HfcNR V COST, se 23-2w* Jefferson. Md. F1d'VnN.!/\HROOMS FOR R ENT.-A very n?. ?P r 3tt"tuP?rlor *Ild Charnltor a<|joinme, and from the'si'.le i??12? V'? firSt 1,000 ,elevated 5 ieet irorn ttie s.<!e x* a. k. Location very desirable beinir 'vf? Vnrlt'?'e aiU' 'I'rCH*Ur' i^p-vrtinen'i. No. 4811 oc2eo3t * second door Irom 15th street. I F?R f.K-Threo three-story BRICK HOU u?n within a qiiarter of n mile of the Pity Hall, one two story BKICK, with Ktk Uuldin., nisar the Circle, nnd orie FRAME COTTAGE, on Capitol Flill withi smaller Houses,arid vacunt Lo's, uilferent portions of the City. Inquire ovur \\ ashimcton City Savings Banlc.of 1,iqu,re tnor se IQ-eotf , GRAFTON D. HANSON. K V'WIrif 'pVw^ wHL (urnished three ston ? . i V "OUSK. With Ifi' k bui'diu^. on 12th t,f Ktrta?". No. 444, with all the continence* of wafer, uas, and heaters in Ih pin". Appivto JOIIN ALEkANDEK. No.24ft Pen", avnup. se ?>. ?aw3w CIVFF.RKV FOR PRIVATE SALE,and ifnot , 'or'' -*>'h oi (Ictohrr next, wid ( e sold on that diiy (the 2Cth of Octoberi at 3 o'clock p. m 1 l?y a pnolle sale or auction, to Im? made on the prern U^'r! V'...n.l,f.!^"lcol,n,r> residenea crilled "Sl'M : *, which is situated in Virginia, on the turnpike road lejuiing from NVashinxton city, D. C. to Alexandria, three miles an?i a'hrif from e>t'hert;ty i consistiag of a new comfortable dwellinz house, eel nrs, and out-buildimrs, with l.V? acres of very rich land, of which over I I'tacres nre under cultivntion. ./<? i. hard wood lan<!. K?<>d spring water, Rw>d hshine, ro^mJ water-power for millm? or facto ry purposes. The land may be purchased in two par cols, aiiout loo acres with the residence and over 50 acres with a house, of winch overlo acrcsare the oest in the neichluiurhood for eari* fardenin?. City property in Washington for a part'of the considera tion would h#iacceptal?le. For further inforrnati?.n apply to JOHN F. CA I,LA \, at ti.e Hrus Store etirner of , t ,i and K streets, in W'ashincton, or at t lie Law Office of BR ENT & HI N'/ER, in Alexlndri^ se 17-eotif V^A'/'A"':V; J(A NO IN ALEXANDRIA . COLNT\ FOR SALE.? MLp. undersncned ha vine 9?> acres of Land in his farW will dispose of from J On to an acres, in lots to suit purchasers. Said ? if.'? ? niiles fr^>m the Bridce, r?i the Columbia Turnpike, and about tne same distance from A lexandria and Georxetown. Those wist,it* to purchase I .and, near the three eities. will do well to call on the subscriber, as I deem it unnecessary to desontie the l.aud or neirhl>orho<Hl. as it is presumed that those wishinc to purciiase will examine the property before purchasing. ^ B- CORBETT. se i .-eolin ( \lex.Gax.2awtf) h''I?Kw?^'ifvT?wk- oo;vf,'rt*1h|e frame OW ELMNGS, Nos. lib and IIP, situated on north side E?*t Capitoi street, Iwt ween 4th and 5th streets east. Terms: #200 in o':sh: Iwilance in 1,2. and 3 years for either house. Apply at No. 612 (?l story) 7th street. a<>'5 PO|,LARD WEBB. Agent. I~~ VOCAL MI 'SIC. NSTRUCTION IN WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. C. IRVING'S Vocal Mumo Classes meetforin struction and practice at Temperance Hall, on E at reef. aoove??tii, on Monday, Wtxinesdny and Friday evenings. Afternoon classes at 4>? o'clock, and uulit c.ass at7>?. Terms, (in either class.) 22 lessons, J?5. #rolV^0 instrnotiou, v<>cal or pmno, per quarter, c Jj2 JiHdhM RnJ K?ntlomPn donirouji of receiving a tiiorough knowledge of music wnl be gratified by uniting with either of these class-s. Application can U made to Mr. I. at the Hall or through the Post Office. no 21 tf I^HE SECRET INFIKMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURIT, , Juit Publishfd, G rat it. tfir 2Sik Thousnntl. A few of the Katioual Trentrneut, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local _ _rr? i. Weakness, Nooturna! Emissions, ^?!g/JQ Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre if " mature Decay of lite System. I in do-, H" W mr tency.and Impediments to Marnnge^^^^^^^ icenerally, by B. UK LA NEY.. M. D. I he important fact that the many alarming oom~ p.anit8, iMiginatinc in the imprudence and solitude of youtn. niiiv t>e easily removed without Mediome is in this small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, ss adopted by the author, fully explained, b* means of which everyone is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding ufl the advertiied rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a j sealed envelope, by remitting two postage sramus to ./? DR. DE LANEY. ?? 2ft-d&wtf 17 f.ispenard street, Ww Vnrlr. MR.W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSESared".:ly hddiriK new members Per soni desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Paj.m rr's services ate requested to enroll their names as early as possible. This Class system is more advantageous for the advancement of Ciiildien, than an) other s>stem of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Terms is Advasciu Primary Class .*'5 p?r quarter. Anvanee Classes in. All applications to bo made to Mr W. H. . ALMER.&t his residence,F street, between Thirtecuth and Fourteenth. ITJ" Georgetown Classes mret every Monday and Thursday at lv o'clock, at Miss Hat rover's George town Fema!e Semu;?n'. se 24 If OFFICE OF TRANSPORTATION BALTI MORE A WASHINGTON RAILROA D.? By direction of tho President and Directors of the Road, the undersigned gives notic-9 that hereafter only such money as is Bankable in thin city will be received in payment of Freight Hiils due to the Companf. T. H. PARSONS. A*ent. \\ ashington, Sept. VI. 1:^7.?2w ?OAL AT 15.25 PER TON. Now on hand, a superior article of free-burnm* COA L, aut size, which we are selling at the above named price, for cash. J. W. P. MYERS A CO., ?e 28-1w corner G and 22d sts.. First Ward. F'OR SALE.-A SERVANT WOMAN, slave for life, about forty-five years old; can lie reoom mended as a good plain cook. She has been in the employment of Mr. Winder, First Ward, for the las; two years. For particulars inquire No.614 Sev enth street. Island^ opt 2-3t* RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for"sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of West Falls avenue and Blook street. Baltimore. Md. rtt-l* FRENCH WORKING COTTON.-Moravian Cotton and Flourishing Thread, just received, at LAMMUND'S, oc8-3t 434 Seventh street. C'HINA MARBLES, wholesale and retail,at ' PC8 at. LAMMOND'S.7thstreet. pREFARE FOR COLD WEATHER ! Ribbed and Plain Woollen Shirts and Drawers; Merino and Cotton Half Hose, plain aud ribbed; Buck Gloves aud Buck Gauntlets; Suspenders, Black S lk Cravats, and Silk and Linen Cambrm Pocket Handkerchiefs. Customers may rely on settinggood Goods, and at the lowest prices. AVM. R. RILEY, 15 1m corner ath ?t... oppo. (Centre Market. SCHOOL B?M?KS?Of the latest editions and ^ Sfronrly bound. 8nch as are used in the City and DietrkK. For sale, a; the lowest prices, by PR 4NCK TAYLOR. PEA NUTS. So bushels PEA NUTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY. ae S-tf 554 12th street, nor?>??r of R CiSMit ^n,U t- K ? 0RKEN li!NOt.K.? _'T ^ V?rn>n?tsv?ini?siMl IVh ifrM>t. I^oil A PEW DAYS LONGER^?Great Bar K *???.?Closing out at ^ H, j, Mclaughlin * co*s. Mil *), between ath and 9th iU, APCTIOJ BALES. TO-DAY \ TO MORROW MORNING. Bv JAMES C. MoGCIRE. Aue'iuoetr. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE im proved RrtL Estate n*?k the Cextbe Makit.-Bt virtoe in trust. Iiwnn* data on the *vd tin* of Septemiter. 1357,and duly recorded, made for the purpose oPthe settlement of the busi ness ot Haslup A Weed en. the subecribers wtfl sell at public sale, on M ON L?AV, the 5th day of Octo ber, 18.57, at 5 o'clock p. ni., on the premises. l?ota Nos. 1 and 2. iu Square No. SKI, and the improve ments; l.ot No. 1 fronting 4? feet on the public square opposite Centre .Market, l?' feet on north c street, ana iM feet I inch on Louisiana avenue. and unproved with a large ami sulistantially-built three story brick building covering the entire lot. and con - Laininr several stores, halls. and other roomf. Lot No. i fronting ?"<' feet on north C street and <7 feet on I.on is: unaavenue, and unproved with small brick and frame tenements. The above property m located in one of the most valuable businets portions of the city, awl produces a rent ol per. annum, and is well known as Hnslup A Weeden's: and l.ot >o. I. with the building thereon, will tie sold as a whole, and l/>t No.2 divided into two building iots. fronting each feet on nortii C street and ?3 feet 6 inches on Louis iana avenue. The sale otters a rare opportunity to capitalists and persons wishing to invest or build. Terms of sale : One-third cash : and the hulanee l> 6,12. IU, 24. and J> months, lor notes l>eariiig inte rest from day of sale, neoured by deed in trust npon the property ; and if uot oomphed with in stx aavs alter the sale, the property will l>e resold, upon on* weeks' notioe, at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser. All conveyaucing at the ex pense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH. JOS. H, BRADLKY.jr. 'P f y n | m se24-eoAds J. C. McGUI KK. Auct. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. Furniture at auction.-on ties da v, thefcth of October, at ie o'clock a. m.. I shall sell, without reserve, at the residence of the late John Mounts, deceased, on*Bridge street, the entire Furniture, Ac.: , Consisting of Piano F<?rte. Mahorany Siael*">ard, do. dining, mid, pier, and breakfast Tables;, Secretary and pookiase. eight-day Clock, Carpets. Feather Bfds. Mattresses, Bedsteads ana Bedding, Crockery, and Glassware. Silver Spoons, Books, Kitchen !? urniture. Ac. Terms cosh. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, oct 2 dtd" Georgetown. FUTURE DAYS. MARSHAL'S SAI.E.?In virtue ot three writs of Fieri Facias, issued from the Cleric's Ofliot* of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia tor the County of Washington, and to tne d'reoted. I will expose to public sale for CASH, in front of the Court house di?or of said county, on EDNES DAY, tln.2!)lli i!ay of 12 o'clock ni, tlie following described property, to wit: all defendant's right, title, clnim, ard interest in and to that part of LotjSo. 17, in Square No. 3?t, commencing 22 fent 3 inches from the northeast corner of saul lot, front inr IK feet R inches on I street North, between^th siid leth streets Went, and l?ack that width t!ie whole depth of the lot, together with all and sin gular the improvements thereon, seized and levif>*1 upon as the property ot Wil 1am D. Acken, and will tie sold to satisfy Judicial* Nog. 361.373. and S79, to Obtober term, 1K57, in favor of Charles Koones. o>:e of Pnrker P. Clnrk, Peter J. Steer, and Fielder M. Magtnder, r.?. W illiatn D. Acken. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia. oc3-dtds By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. I? XTENS1VE SA LE OF EXCELLENT A N' I) J XKARI.T NFW FCKNITrRF, THK VOST or IT MADK TO ORDFR, AT A I'CTlO*.?On WEDNES DAY,the7th instant, I snail sell,at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, at In o'clock a. in.. No. 331 Penn. avenue, south side, between 4>. and 6th streets,a fine assortment of Household and K itchen Furniture. viz: One fine Mahogany red plush-covered Parlor Set, consisting of iarge French Sofa,-'Tete a-tetes Castors, and Parlor Chairs, style Louis XII One fine Gothic gilt-frame French plate Mirror, ft' by 24 inches Marble-top Centre. Pier, and Side Tables Fine walnut Ltegere, corner Bedsteads, and Bo<4 Rack Mahogany Sprinz Sofas, Rocking and other Chairs. Fine Gift and Bmiized Mantel Clock ar.d Orna ments Fine Urocatelle ar.d I.ace Window Curtains and Ornaments Fine mahogany French Bedsteads, Dressing and other Hurra,is Fine Mahogany tnarble top WashstanJs, Dressing and other Tal> es Fine bird-eye Maple Chamber Set. Car.3 an dottier Chairs Chins. Glass, and Crockery Ware,among which are fine white French China Dinner Set, aud French Out-glass Fme French Velvet, three-ply and other Carpets Large lot Passage and other Oilcloth \\ ardrolies. A c. Feather Beds. Bidding, Hair and other Mattressee Fine frill Toilet Sets Every vafletjr of Stoves, Refrigerators With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: ?3i cosh, in bankable funds; over *3' a credit of Go and !*? days, for notes satisfactorily ea dorsid, beating interest. A. GREEN, oc2-ts (IntolA Union) Auctioneer. By J AS. C. MeGl.'IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BRICK HOUSE AND LOTON SOITH C STRtIT, BETWKKX 12TH AND 13th "THKFT*.? Oil TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Octol?er 13th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell, bv virtue of a dee?t of trust, duly recorded. A a., part of Lot No. 2 in Square No.29G. with the improve ments, consisting of a two story Brick House and lieck building (slate roof,) situated on north C street, between 12th and 13th streets west. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in six, twelve, and 1R months, with interest secure"! by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the oost of the purchaser. oc2-eodAds J AS. C. McGI'l RE. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. \rALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR THE Cikci.kat Acction.?On TUESDAY,the fith day of ()ctol>er next, I shall sell, in front nfthe prem 5o'clock p. ni., I ot No.3, in Square \o. :J7. hiving a front im north L street of St feet 9 inches, running Isiek MO feet to n wide alley, I>elwcen2?,da!id ?Mtli streets, contairiug 5,475 square feet. Terms : One-third cash ; Iciauee in 6 and 12 months for notes bearing loterest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. AM con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. s'e "? d A. G H KEN. Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtueof two writs of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk's oftice of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. 1 shall exp<?se to public sale for CASH in front of the Court-house door of said County, on SATIJ RDA Y, the24'h of October next, 16^7, at 1?o'clock, m., the following property, to wit: all defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to one undivided half pari of lot Vo. 1 in Square No. 5i3 in the City of Washington. D. C.. together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon us the property of David A. Hall, and will be sold to sat isfy Judicials Nos.33 and 34. to March term, 1857, iu favor of William W. Corcoran. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal for the District ol Colombia. ?e 30-dts VriRGIN'IA AND DISTRICT MONEY TAKEN AT PAR for BOOTS, SHOES, AXD TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRON HALL BOOT. SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania avenue, betwetn 9th and lutA id. I have just returned from the North< Stf I with a splendid assortment of all, V sLl kinds of Ladies, (ientiemens. Mis l*%e-st?s. Boys', Childrens', and Servants' Bf)O I S and SHOES. Also, a large stock of TRUNKS, CARPET BA<?S. VAI.ICES. ar.d SATCHELS, all of which I will sell lor the above money. Calf early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, Iron Hall._ MRS. CECILIA YOUNGLw-ill resume her les sons iu Vocal Music, either in classes or private pupils, ou Thursday next, (tctober 1st. For terms, Ac., appiy at No.468 Tenth street, be tween D and E streets. se28-3taw4w A "I STILL LIVK," ND wi!l not be outdone by anr in the Painting Line. Hnving secured the services of an expe rienced Sign and Ornanier'al Painter, I am prepared to do SIGNS, BANNERS, TRANSPAREN CIES, Ac., in the latest styles. Also, continue to do HOUSE PAINTING, GLAZING, ar.d GRAINING in a superior manner, at No. 53 Louisiana aveuue, between 6th and 7tb streets. se4-eotf M. T. PARKER. r io an a (i A t?ARD. TRUBK ft LOS A NO have the pleasure to an nounce to their friends and the puhhe, that they have just received tresh from the im-' porters a full ar.d beautiful assortment of C LC >TH S,C ASSIM E R ES. V EST I < i S'of alI varieties,and G EN TS' FURNISHINGS' all of the latest and most approved styies. which will be disposed of at prioes that eannot fail to please. All orders intrusted to us promptly and faithfully |IUJ( GRUBB A LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, Be8-1 in 4038th street, near Penn avenue. Q^a UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. OlU Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer READY-MADE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 370 Browns' Hotel, next to private entninoe. inn* I*1 lliitsl^ftwtsiii VriRGINIA MONEY TAKEN AT pAR.-We will oonttnue to receive all kinds of Virginia ami City paper at par for all kinds of Clothing, which we are selling at the lowest prices. WALL 4 STEPHENS. D street, between Ninthand Tenth. seat dlt't rear of our otd stand. FOR PRESERVES,, ac.-All varie ties of SPICES, Ac., guaranteed pure. KlSG A BURCHELL. seJ4 Cor. Vermont avenue srd t5tli street. ^JOODS FOR VIRGINIA BANK NOTES. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO... will.sell al! descriptions of CHINA, OI.AS?*. QUEENS WARE. GAS FlXTI RE>#W Ac., Ao., at their usual regular low pncoa.^^V with a disoount of live per cent, tor cash as heretofore, receivein p?vments i.otesof any of the Virniua Bawks (except th? Bank of Kanahwa) at oar. Any and all debts due tiiem, can be paid in the same currency, with thanks to such of their delitore aa oh?xise to avail themselves of this prop ?*Aieiai?drift, Sept. 29.J*97- se 25?-tl Wm. McLka-x. Gin. A. Uinuo P McI.EAN A MUNRO. LANING MILL AND LUMBER YARD, Cmrner IStA and B */j.. near tkt Canal, have constantly on hand a genera; assortment of 4 4 tSi4.*4 ^re,sr? FU'iV'J* ; *-*' ? ?-* Pressed M nii* r?e. Drssisd Boeing and Weatlier Boanl ing. Rough Lumber, lathes, Ac., which we now oiler fur sale ax low prices. ae 12-eolm TKLKliRAi'HIC NEWS. WON THE ASSOCIATED PKBSa. The Financial Crista. t-c. far feT? ??EK'iCJrt 3 ?Tl"'dar ha? with iw'ed w"b>rf?-?nt than wssantlci Ih-nriaTv T *^Vjr,!r,li,ure* r'PoT*d other C? ' ba,,kp~?' Elf, B'wrn BolbV^rri -J dr^ K?Hl> Arm oo Bmndway. bilities ' "rT over their lia na^rTai?rruurr s * Thom^JhT^'iSF n' W ,D D' }ip,n -i | . ? ft)*, chant* tilVI* ^ft>f ra]iy been Irs. d.0?wlnibof1rfmlTfW*a*y- a*d^rp ti?"1 to-feiher tbi Wl itL Li d? t,0m b*nk" A1 ? T be W v nd har .brow,, ... by ih. brwkrra ??SKSSSS."" mrii wiTb*1i u <ke V* " bfi,7>'< ?"!' aff-iioon ,^hA~Vrt.h"iJb,'" lefrtjvnre to the action of the iXuu?!!!' u " pa*^d. In subs!^ t>iatthe?' Pension of our banks wt. .aus^d w,t#iv wl . "i* cial (li,a?e.', i? other part. du tat. d by a sense dntrto our business O ir banks being solvent. and man?? wiS^u dou.ited prudence and forethought. they rirom mend the remission of penalties, and that the pe riod be fixed by the f*egls)ature for a mump'lun a* soon as possible It was also recommended that bank dividends be limited to? percent prr annum; that the contingent fund be not over ju percent, of the capital stock, and that Uiesu plus inure to the State ditnrtUV**1' ^cl 3 ?Tbi" <?av was very rrnrh ?Tr^ re' 4041 " w* to*rrd several failures would occur A good deal of third and fourth rtl3! ?p?pr.r Tent toJ>r?tMf< bnl none of th- sec ^Hd SLi^rh?lIieW; v boeeee lrr 411 *tirpr.sed and delighted with the result. VaiTe snVrli. >5^11: 3?cbontean, Harrison A Xht h!TnlrS^' re-frrdtr Over eUjht hund.ed persons are thereby thrown oat of employment. This firm own the Iroe Mountain New (Jkleax*. Oct 1 ?T!i? _ ,kl. city of the Northern Bank of Mississippi wt/," unable to redeem it. Mien to-day PP The money maiket is feverish Mobil* Oct 3 ?There is a severe pre?*?ro in T' ^"7 ,nar*rt- and ?r**' ?n a krest mea-?i? has bwn brought to a stand Thofe are no fixed quotation* either forertton or sterling; both rnuv therefore be quoted nominal Nevi* Orleass, Oct. 4.?The decline in cotton fnl1 r,? P-' P<**md. but thedfpr^Mon appears for the molimt to 1* ai tested. Exchange and money matters continue very unsettled, and scarcely one-third of the pi PTr offered at the liai.ks is accepted Our nK chants, nevertheless, stand up bravely under their troubles, and not even a rumor of failure Is heard F.eiirhts remain steady at *d for cotton to Liv erpool . [?*co*n dispatch ] New \ osx, Oct. 5.?Financial affairs are dr cidodly better. There are no failures, end con fidence is being restored. Stocks have improved ?> a 8 per cent. Money is more freely offered Rates.^however, are hardly quotable, they axe so Three More Persons Kescaed from tkelen tral A"ierlc?, tec. New ^ ork. Oct 5.?TLe Bremen berk Bremen arrlvi-d here this morning, with J Tice, the sei - ond enfciue^r, Alexander Grant, tire id in, and (j \V . Dawson, a passenger of the Central America who were rescued by the British brig Mary, fr0fU' Cardenas, bound for Queenstown, u<d were transferred therefrom to the Bremen. Mr. Tice states that he drifted on a plank 72 hours On the fourth uiorniug after the disaster he drifted up to a boat, and succeeded in vetting iuto it. On the fifth day he picked up Gran'. who had > ecn five days on a naM of the hurricane d ek Tli- two then pulled fjr the hnrrlcane d?tk. and took from it Dawson. There bad b?-eu ten other men on this part of the wreck, vii ? George Huddington. thiid engineer; John Rank coal h?aver; Patrick Card, do.; Ever*, tireniau , -?d six pas^en^ers. whose names were unknown, all of whom had died. Tice, t;ra:?t and Dawson wereeight days with out water or provision*, with the sea making a breach over thein On the second day after the steamer w.*nt down they saw a number of the passengeis oo pieces of the wreck, but could not assist them. The rescued are in a sad condition, badlr bruised, covered with boils, etc. The Firemen's Parade at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Oct. 4 ? Great preparations are making here for the firemen's parade t< .morrow A large number of firemen from other cities, and from the interior of the State arrived here yesie-r. day, and more are expected this evening. Thr weather is fine, with indications of favorable weather to morrow [SECOXD dijpatchl Philadelphia, Oct 5.?The Firemen s trien nial parade passed off very pleasantly. Theie were niuety-three companies in the line, lnclod ing twenty-four not belonging to the city organ! - ration, together with a large uumber of pieces ot new apparatus, and all repainted and adorned The procession caused a general holiday. Much indignation was excited anion; the bahd* of mnsic by several colored bands hetn? ad mitt*?d Into the line of the procession Sbelton's band, accompanying th? New York firemen fol lowed by Beck's, of Philadelphia, and other* left the line. Indictment for Peisoains. Rochester. N Y . Oct. 3 ?John B Rebe-t son, cashier of the Eagle Bank, has been indicted by the grand jury for attempting to destroy tbe life of his wife by poison. Rumor says that of twenty-throe jurors only two were opposed to a bilj. Robertbdh gave bailtbis morning. Sporting Intelligence. Sprtkgfield. Mass . Oct. 2 ?The trot which caine off between Flora Temple and l,an<-et to dar was witnessed by ten thousand persons Flora was in harness and Lancet under saddle. Floia won three straight heats. The last mile was made in 2m 32s. Death of two Firemen Pittsburg. Oct 3 ?Two firemen named B M. Knead and Wm Maxwell, who were injured at a fire yesterday, by the falling of a wall, died to day. !Von>Arrivnl of the Anglo Saxon. Riviebb Dv I.oxjp, Oct. 5. 6 a m -The An^Io Saxon, from Liverpool on the 2uth Sepiember. h^s not yet been signalled. The Ohio Hirer. Wheeling, Va.. Oct 6 ?The river here Is un changed . ?? Hew York Markets. New Yore. Oct. 5 ?Flonr closed with an ad vancing tendency; ?s!es ofl7,WN)bbU ?all quali ties have advanced?State *4 23a?4 50; Ohio *4 ao a#5 :i5; Southern #5 if5 25 Wheat closed buoyant at an advance; sales of bushels; red SI 17a?l 23 Corn is firm sales of HMMKJ bushels; mixed 70a7lc. Provisions are dull. Pork has decliued: mess S23 0 >a*23.'>5. Beef is qui?t; Chicago reitd-k<xl fH ?.'>a?l5 50. L&id is lov/er at 14 fcalijfc. Whisky is buo)-ant; Ohio2Ua21c. Financial. New Yore. Oct. 5?Stocks are higher. Chi cagoand Rock Island (Wj*; Cumberland Coal 0; Illinois Central Railroad shares 01; do bonds 5e, Michigan Southern 11; N. York CenUal 57, Penn sylvania Coal Co. Go; Reading 25?; Canton 14 Virginia 6"sS0; MissouriC*s, 72^. Sterling exchange fiat. Money market easier and active. WA CARD. K have r.ow on hand a * ru^>|f of \V()?)|t ai.dCOAl.; the extended credit c?sta<.i. thoma-i, lofres we have met with, and tlie gr^at tltthouU* sro Imve in inrlrtng e?llectior.s, have miliioed us tocWv* our liusmese at as early a dny as possib'.v. We have tnerelore concluded t?? sell tmr stock now on hand for ensh. We have some customers who ha\e p> d their tn Is regularly; to socti *e would be pleased to seil a* usual. We would take this opportiimt* of sa>ui|!to those who have not c.>Rip<i*>d with the terms of the credit srreed on, please come lon^ari and settle your accounts. We are anxious to have our business closed l>fth? first of January next. oct-' dlw BARRON A 9TOVKB. RANKING HOL'SE CHUBB BVROTHF.KS. Depositois dcpositinc Bank Notes will please mark their Checks p*yal?ieio currency. Depositcs of Gold will l?e paid in Gold. Accounts will be opened with depositors ailowm; tiiem to deposit Gold and fneck for carrenoy, the '"jSglc *?"" c"j'"d ?hVb'||''hkT.?h>?9. AN KING HOV8K cr D SWEENY, RITTENHOVSE. FANT 4 CO. W> will ort* Gold, CMTrrnrv, and K?rrtaia ?r e?mmts for depositors, and credit the dilTereuiM be tween currency and ro!d. Those drawia? Virginia or currency will mark their chocks aceordm?ly. 'Chose depositing specie will be paid tu told or nifer. We hope in a few days to qaote reraUr rates I r foreixn Bank notes, as well as our home tirrauc) ,hs ?tails SWEKNY. R ITTF.N HOUSE, FANT A CO. se 29d 1 ia ?' Baukecs/' ^iHEAP EM BROIDFK I ES FROM Al*C TlONS. Just received from auctiona. a large lot of hai>d some Embroideries, which we shall oifer at reduovd 5noes. In the lot we name ? a* yards rich Cambric Flouaoings, a ?th strifes f. ur ytrds long, lor lad e?' skirts. Rich Collars, Sleeves, with sets to maicfe. 1? pieces white figured"^mue Cloth. 5 do with Canton Flannel Ufks. vety desirable for Children's Cloaks and Caees. 10n worked Dimity Bands.owe yard long. We ask the special aiUjalMMii of tha ladies toll,a altove coods as they are d*?!*ded h\rir2tins. aitore sooas,as ii COLLKY A SKABS, v> S25Seventh street,third 4o<?r north oeSeoiw * P?>na.wa?a?. kBL"LtBt TjWsv?. Have removed tamr office to the northeast earner or I^ouisiana avenue and Seventh airsti. wke ^ they will continue to attend to the Bank Not* H clianse and Collection, and a]! busiucas vfa tsue si character geuerai ), o? 1