Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1857 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 18f>7. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDI!fGS, Comtr ?/ Pa. atTitit and Eltwi-th strntt, By W. D. WALLACH, anj ts ??rvc! totubecriKers by aimersat SI X AND A QUARTER CENTS. payable week;* to the Aeents: papers served in packages at cents per nxiplh. To mstf sti!?*oril>ers the suhceription prioe n THJtEK DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ?<?*; m a>/r??(f, TWO DOLLARS for s,x moo^hi, an?i ON E DOLLA K fur three months : (or ?'ess than ttwM modf.'ie at U.e rat* of 12H cents a week. IL7"?>GI.H COPIES ONE CENT. BLKMV; A> D BIRYIV). In tho reports of the Medical Officers of Health for Lon<lon. weresd that in the Victoria Park Cemetery. last year. ererr Sunday. one hundred und thirty bodies were interred; which fact ?>ne of the medical journals expressed hy saying that there wore sixteen thousand pound* of mortal matter added on that day alono to the already decomposing raw A uieaibor of the London Koyal Coilegn of Surgeons has recently issued a sensible pamphlet entitled ?' Burning the Dead. *r I rn Sepulture." aud we consider the subject ot sufficient interest to our reader* to present the following brief statement of his ar^iiment : I"he soul of a man is indestructible, and at death parts from the b*>dy. Of matter only the elements are. humanly speaking, indestructible. The body of man is made up of oxygen, hydro gen nitrogen, and carbon, vrith small quantities of phoephorus. sulphur, calcium, irou. and some other metals. By the law to which all matter is subject, man's body when done with, dcoom p"*cs into these elements, that they may be used for other purp?*ses in nature Can it matter to him whetner the process be effected rapidly or slowly' Tpon the douht a.* to the possibility of the re surrection when our bodies nave beeu burnt in stead of rotted, the snrgeon lay* the ha?m of texts ?? That which thou lowest, thou sowest not the body that shall be;" and ?* we shall he changed. But he adds: those who claim to have hereafter the whole identical body baclt again, must remember that in life it wastes and w renewed, so that if erery pnrticle that ever belonged to tha frame of an old man were re turne<l to him. he would get matter enough to make twelve or twenty b?Alies. It is just possi ble that somebody may bo comforted with a theory which the surgeon quotes in a note, that the soul carrie* away with it out of the world one atom of matter which is the seed of the fu ture body, and that these seminal atoms not be ing here, need not be included in our calcula tions abont things muterial. If could, by embalming, keep the form of the departed upon earth, that would be much; but for any such purpose, embalming fails. I'e'ay will n?e i's effacing fingers. " In the mu?eum of the College of Surgeons in London, may be reeu the first wifa of one Martin Van Butchell. who. at her husband's request, was embalmed by Dr \\ illiam Hunter and Mrs. t arpvnter. in the year seventeen hundred and seventy-fire. No doubt extraordinary pains were taken to preserve both form and feature; and yet what a wretched mockery of a once lovely woman it now appears, with its shrunken and rotten looking bust, its hideous, mahoganr colored face, mud its remarkably fine set of teeth Between the feet are the remains of a Sreen parrot?whether immolated or not at the eath of its mistress is uncertain; but as it still retain? in plumage, it is a far less repulsive ob ject than tiie larger biped.'" There was a law suit one* to try the right of a dead man to an iron coffin. when Lord Stowell decided that, -All contrivances that, whether iutentionally or not. prolong the time of dissolution beyond the period at which the common local under standing and u* ige have fixed it, form an act of injustice, unless compensated in soma way or other ' And when an iron coffin has been i opened after the lapse of years, what has been foun l ' Chi-dv dry grui* of worms and other [ insects that have fed upon the fleih. Socrates : exhorted his friends. ?? Let it not be said that F >crates is carried to the grave and buried; su?h an expression were an injury done t? my immortal part. Not very long ago. a hard ened murderer being told by the judge that his body, after hanging would be given lor dissec tion. said. " Thank you, my lord; it is well you cannot dii"??et my soul." Wo should look up ward. and not downward, when we stand beside the grave. The surgeon replies to (hoN who regard cre mation as a heathen custom, it is not more heathen than Jurying in bole*. Sprinkling J earth on the coffin is a heathen custom based upon a heathen atinersMfion. but converted to a Christian use lie gives interesting illustra tions of the use of urn-burial by many nations, bat reminds us that the cost of fuel was one ob stacle to i;? general adoption in old times. Oround was to be had more cheaply than the material* necessary for the humblest burnings, when it was requisite to burn on largo piles in tb*- open air "fiie Christians, however." says Sir Thomns Browne. ?' abhorred this way of ob sequies, and though they stick t not to give their b?*ties to ?hj burnt in their lives, detested that in >de af or death " But whatever reason Christians had in the first days of Christianity the burning of their bodies, they have left behind them no objection founded on a per manent religi'.u* Principle. We, now, bury in graves and build funeral urns in stone and emblems. f he report of the French Academy of Medi cine upon the effect of cemetries on the health of Paris, has led in France to the bestowiug of much serious attention on the subject of crema tion; and there is sober discussion of the plan j of M. Bonneau, who prop<>acs to replace ail j cemeteries near great eitie.,, by a buildingcalled the Sarcophagus ?' Thither the corpses of both rich an 1 p<ior should be convoyed, and laid out on a me'allic tablet, which, sliding by an instantaneous movement into a ooncealoo furnace, wouid csu'u the h?>dy to bo consumed in the space of a few minutes." Like a true Frenchman he urge, tne bearing of his plan on the interests of art. " for who would not wi h to preserve the ashes of his ancestor * The fu i neral urn may soon replace on our consoles and ! mantelpieces the ornaments of bronze clucks and china vases now found there." -Thismay ceem a misplaced pleaaintry," siys the Edin burgh Me<ii<-al Journal.'* ? but wc cannot help b?ii.g st.irtltd at reading the canitary report lea-ling to it." 1 he surgeon then dwells briefly on the one valid objection to tbe burning of the dead It destroys evidence in case of secret murdor Now. the dead speak under tbe spells of the chemist. If cremation be adopted, greater ac curacy in tbe registration and closer scrutinv in'o each doubtful case of d<*ath will b? imper atively called f >r. While we write this (says the surgeon.) a man lies sentenced to death againat w|. m the condemning wiluasa was the disinterred corpse of hi# mother fhe surgeon in his next chapter shows what tbe pollution of a grave yard it. Over this fa miliar gnun 1 we do not follow him, excent to take up the testimony of tbe French Academy ot Medicine that" no matter from what quitter ! the wind blows, it must bring orer Paris the putrid emanations of Pt-re la Chaise, Montmur tre. or Moatparnaaso, and the very water which we drink, being impregnate.l with the same poisonous matter, we b^como the prey of new and frightful di**a?e? of the throat and lungs, to which thousands of both sexes full victims every year Thus a dre idful throat disease, whi'-h baffles the 'kill of our most experienced medical men. and which carries ofl its victims iu a lew hours, is traced to the absorption of vi tiate i air into the wiudpipe. and has been ob served to ragc> wirh the grentest violence in those quarters situated nearest to cemeteries '' There nee 1 not be foul "null in poisoned air. The deadly malaria of the Pontine marshes, near Koine, wi: are reminded, blows soft atui b i'.uay as the air of a highland summer. In bis l**t chapter, the surgeon shows how oreiu iti -n of tbe d? ad would give even increased solemni ty to the funeral service, and increased truth to the words, " ashes to ashe?. dust to dust."' In the centre of the char>e| u?ed for burials, he w >ol 1 erect a shrine ot inarbio, at tbe d->or of which the coffin should be laid?so eonstructe 1 and arranged that at tke proper time, by un even agency, tbe body should oe drawn from it unseen, into an inner shrine, where it wo lid eroes a sheet of firnace flame, by whi-b it would be instantly reduced to ashes. Within the cbaj'el nothing would be seen; outside, there would be seen only a quivering tra-:s|C_ reat ether, floating iway from tr.e chapel epire. At the eooelnsioa of the serrit^e. the ashes uf the dead would be reverently brought, enclo sed in a glass vase, whi *h might he a^aiu en cb?sed iu a m re oo?tly urn for hurial. for de posit in a vault, or in a consecrated niche pre pared for it after the manner of tboee nkhef for the urns of the departed which were called. fr?>m their appearance, columhinria? dove cote*?by the Romans. The ashes of those who lored each other tenderly might mingle in oue urn. if we would iav : " Let not their dust be 1>8rted. for their two hearts in life were single leartod.'' There is nothing irreverent to the dead in cremation. Sou they expressed very emphati cally why a man might desire it for his friend* : 4'The nasty custom of Interment," he says, '?makes the idea of a dead friend more un pleasant We think of the grave, corruption, and worms. Burning would he much bettor."' The true feeling is that with which the sur geon ends his pamphlet, using the words of Sir Thomas Browne " 'Tis all one where we lye. or what becomes of our bodies nftor we are dead, ready to bo anything in the extasie of being ever.'" ' Nkw Mods or Trassi'Obtixo Promtr.? 1 For some months past, considerable quantities t of farm produce and other perishable substances ; h:iy9 been brought to the city from remote points, through the instrumentality of a now description of rail-car. fitted up on the "re frigerator" principle; and though delayed on the road by adverse circumstances, and notwith ! bonding the prevalence of hot weather, the , transportation was effected without injury to the contentsofthe car. Sosuccessful have been these efforts, and so favorably, in a pecuniary point of view, can the work be performed, that it is probable the business may become ono of mu^h importance. If choice articles lor house hold consumption?such as beef, garao. Ac.?can bo brought to the city from tho M estern country in prime order and at a reduced cost to con sumers, the success of the plants established. It is claimed by those personally coucerned that the*# ends have already been realized. Only a few cars have thus far been employed, and an effort is makiag, by stock subscriptions among privato families, to so increase the number that , tho "Market Car Company"' (already incorpor | ated under the laws of this State) can havo at ! least one car daily dohvered in the city, ladon i with meats, batter, eggs, Ac. The Refrigerator Cars are the inventions of ; Atsl 5. Lyman, and tho principle involved in their construction is applied with great facility to houses, boxes, or other receptacles designed for cooling and preserving perishable articles, j By this invention an artificial atmosphere is < ; created?pure, dry and cold. We arc told that fresh meats and poultry have been brought from the Western States to the city of New York, during the extreme heat of the summer months? a se??on when the value and utility of the inren | tion would be subjected te a severe test?with , complete success. By ore arrival, fifteen hun ! dred turkeys, chickens, geese. Ac., and one hun dred and eighty carcases of mutton, wore de livered in this eity in as good condition as when first placed in the car. in which they remained nineteen day*?.\. \ . Jour. of' Commerce. I A SlNQtLAR Ex eci'tiov?\\ e published a I , few days ago an account of the execution, under I Lynch law. in Pontotoc. Mississippi, of one ' <*ray, for the murderof Ahernethy. The scene ! seems to hare l>een one of those curious blend | ings of the terrible and absurd, tho savage and benevolent, which our highly original western population ha\e no difficulty in extemporizing at the shortest notice. The populace, being themselves judge, jury, an l executioner, ser^ I teneed the prisoner todenth. and lead bimforth, with a noose around his neck, to * convenient tree. Being requested to confess his guilt, not <>f course for the satisfaction of the wi?? tribu nal. which would not have sentenced him to die without proof uf his guilt or criminality, he de nies that heeommitted the murder; whereupon, shocked at the depravity of a wretch whocould lie in sight of his coffin. Judge Lynch orders him to be immediately hung i'his prompt pro ceeding appears to have at once aroused the ' torpid conscience of the criminal, and he in stantly made a clean breast of it. giving all the particulars ot the murder, and declaring that, at that moment, he saw bell burning beneath him liks straw. At his ie'jufc-t, the brothers of the deceased were then brought to him. assured him of forgiveness, and both parties cxchaB>'ed sentiments of a very gratifying and creditable character. After this, a military* man present, j one Major Steele, was called ujm.h to nutke a prayer, to which call he responded with much effect, and greatly to the edification of the as ?emblcd. company. The prayer being ended, a collection was taken up for the benefit of tho wife and children of the unfortunate gentleman ab .ut to suffer the last penalties, and the sum of $250 was raised. Thes? pious and benevolent duiie* having been performed, the prisoner was attached to the limn of a tree, and his anima tion at once suspen led The whole affair ap pears to b'tve passed -If in the most humane and even agreeable manner; and the assembly having devoutly fiiii?hed their prayers and alms-giving, separated without the slightest suspicion that, in the eye of law, they had just committed as clear a deed of murder as that of (ithj U|?m Abernethy.?111 ch mun <1 1) t * patch. Rbportrr Diem* AT Wbst Poist.?The editor of tho Rochester Democrat bus seen a statement from a pretty relit bio source, to the etiect that a duel was recently fought between two officers at West Point, in which one was rather severely wounded. The other one. who had dono gallant "ervicc in Mexico, was atoncc ordered ojjf to Utah, and the a&air was not made public. 1 he same authority is given for the statement that recently, while a corpi of cadcts were ordered on some spe - in 1 duty, the young men took cffonce at the orders of persons in command of the squad, and one of them rushed at the officer with his sword drawn, and at once commenced a furious attack. The officer stood upon his defence, and finally suc ceeded in disarming his opponent, who was all the while becoming more hot and rash. In dis po?sessing him of his wa[?on the cadet's sword arm was wounded. He retired to have his wound bound up. and while absent one of his comrade* aseuiued his place in the combat. The wounded man returned and again took his sword, and with increased violence attacked tho officer, who found it necessary to use all his skill and vigor in parrying the blows of his antagonist. \\ hen the attair had Income ap parently one of life and death between the combatants, a senior officer came upon the ground and put an end to it. Tho cadets who participated in the combat were arrested, and it was supposed would be dismissed. Ono of them it is stated is a son of Gen. Jesup. Tub KvANor.LirAt. Am.iante ?The Evan gelical Alliance commenced its sitting at Berlin on the 9th of September Mr. Wright, the American ambassador, addressed the meeting in an eloquent speech. Bishop Simpson spoke briefly in the name of the Methodists of Amer- i K-a. and Rev. Dr. Baird read an address from i the Protestant Christians of America to the con ference. which, he stated, had received the sig natures of the urmt distinguished Protestant Christians in the I nited States, and had also been adopted by several religious bodies, such as the syn'ulof the Associated Reformed Church, the General Assembly of the New School Pres byterian t.hurch, and also had received the sig natures of many prominent members of the Old S-h?iol Presbyterian Church, the Associate ' hurch, the Reformed Dutch Church, the S.uthcrn Church, the Haprist. Methodist, Epis copal, Moravian, and other churches. Able addresses nere delivered by Dr. Jacobi and the celebrated l?r. Merle d'Aubigne, of Genera. so well known by his history of the reformation in tho sixteenth century. The convention, amount ing to about nine hundred members, paid a visit to Potsdam, where they were hospitably received and entertained by the kin* and royal fiini'y. His Majesty made a brief but appro priate speech upon tho occasion. There were p e*ent at the conference between thirty and loily clergymen from the United States. irr The K mperor of Kits?)a and Col Sam j Colt having a misunderstanding In rega~d to the i?e'foiuunce of a contract, like sensible men, ? Lave agreed to submit all the matters In eontro | ver?v to three American gentlemen, who will act as r?f?rew? OFFICIAL. TRKASrRY PnrAXTMEST. f September S3,18.57. S NOTICH IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of 6??*cVs of the Umtcd State* that this Department will purchase such cei tilicates tm shill be received here, duly assigned to the United States, previous to the let day of November next, at the rates here tofore otlered nnd paid, viz : lo per cent, premium on the loan of 1842; It', per aent. premium on loans of 1847and I'ttH : and 6 per cent, premium on Texas indemnify 5 per cent, stock, together with the interest accrued in each case from 1st July. Certificates of stock received here on or after the 1st da) of Novemlier. until further notice shall be given, will he purchased at the following rates. Viz : it per oent. premium on the loan of 1812; It per cent, premium on the loans of 1A47 aud 1843; nnd 5 per cent, premium on Texas indemnity 5 per cent, stork, with the accrued intercut payable there on, respectively. Where certificate!! of gto"k inscribed and trans ferable on the books of the Treasury shall l>e re ceived here, assigned to the United States, between ike 1st December, when the transfer books will be closed, and the 1st Janinry. when the Iialf-je&rlj interest is payable, the accrued interest for the half year must h? ex pres'.'y assigned to the United States by the stockh"ider. as no interest for t:ie current half y?ar ean be included in the settlement, hut the same wijl be payable by the Assistant Treasurer on the intereif schedules as heretofore. In all cases the purehasc sums will l-e settled in favor of the lawful holder of the stock, who shall assign it to the United States in the mode prescrilied by the regulations of assignments of stock : and re mittance will be made of the amount by draft on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, Now York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the party in whose favor the settlement shall be made. Onedny's addi tional interest will be added from the day of receipt here for the draft to be sent by mail. HOWELL COBB, se 2Vdtf Secretary of the Treasury. FOE KENT AND SALE. 17 ARM FOR SALR.-A piece of fine LAND OB Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Goorzetown, adjoining the iands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles. Bohrer. and Hawkins. 112>*acres. A beaut;fu; loca tion : t>arfia!iy improved: now house - 13acres rich creek bottom, ard snme fine yellorv-pine timber. Tt can be divided, if desired. Call and sea the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4tf LMiK RI'.NT.?A modern kult HOUSE, contain r ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy !o<3ation, fronting on" of the pubhcres ervations, and comma ndinc an extensive view of the cifv, the river, and Georgetown. It has eaa throiirh out; wafer and bath-room. Toacarefui tenant the rent will I e m<iderate. In<iuireat 4*4 1 sfree?. sec ond door from 12th afreet. je 24-tI \r ny'S co\i'rc rio\T.RV for sau:. TMs well known and popular establishment is now offered for Sale, thus presenting a rare opportu ne for a good Confectioner to enter into a safe and nri 'if-!'>.e business. Possession can Ikj had ist No vember. The three-story Brick Hours, now occu pied as above, is offered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as may l?? de?iri*d. For particn'ars inquire on the premises, N?v r<4 Bridge street, Georgetown, I). C., or to WM. BR II)GF.S.3I8 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf rOR RENT.?The 8TORF.-ROOM No.5l?7th ? street, immediately opposite the ..ftjee of the National Intelligencer, a in I now occupied by \V. Clendenin as a Boot anil Shoe Store. Possession ?iven the ifith October. For terms, A.C., apply te iEO. W. COCHRAN', next door. se 2; tf I^OK It K\T-The two comfortable and conveni ent BRICK HOI'SKS on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent .are now undergoing complete re pair, and will be for rent on the 4th o! August. The Mou<<e? are very desirable, particularly to parents having ohildren to educate. Apply to JOHN L. KII>W* F.I.I.. Hich street. Oeorzatown. iv 2V Stoves, &c. M C . WOO i) WARD'S KTROPOI.ITAN STOVE AND URATE h ACTOKV. The Greatest Cooking Stores in the United State*. I have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Risin.j Star, or double Oven Conking Stove; a decided improvement on the old .Morning S'.ai ; patent?.-d ln37. I had ttiein ^ot up in Philadel phia tin* last summer, exclusively for this market The> are very heavy and strong, and cast of the very beet Pennsylvania Melleable Iron. All the Cooking are made extra heavy. F. 11. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also, Tmk I.ibkrty St ar, made by Messrs. A Id silt Ac I.aurenoe of t he same plaee. Tiik I.iout Strkkt Dot bi.k Ovkn Cook, made b) .Messrs. ilaivan Rartletf A Co.. Baltimore, together with the very t?st A:r Tight i' Coorim* Stovrs that cen t>e found in this or aav o?h*r market, some of which are the celebrated Sr*ai?R, Improvkd lij.opk, Fi.oit k Cook. Noblr Cook, and the Bi.u* Ridok Air-Tioiit Cook. If any man onn produea a better Cooking Stove, to excel ihe above Stoves, for roasting, baking, 1 c., I wiil give hmi .?y>on each one. ? Please oad and *x?mine tliem. it will cost you nothing, and you will se? all kinds and torts of Stoves, A o. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S. Metropolitan Siove nnd Giate Factory. No. 318 and322 Pa.ave., bet lot 1 and ll'h sts. Balcony in Front full of Stovce. N. B. As to the Ska Shki.i. top Copkixo Stovk i have examine*! it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate name?Shki.i.. Yea. sheila will burn out in a v.w tires. It m a good name for them?good for the makers. And a* to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them last fall, hut will not se I them dcain. The> are as thin as pastelioard. I cau prove that the maker's agent urged me, for almost a day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this Fall: sayine that if I would take fwenty-five of them he would <ire me the exclusive agenov ofihern for hve years. I told him I would not have them at any price, they are so thinly made. They are hand billed over town by one tn-t xaid last fall that they were not worth having. All the above I can prove. se '7 tf Stoves : crates:: ranges::: * Is ? The largest stock of Stoves, Grates. Ranges, and Hot-Air Furnaces ever offered in the Dis nct of Columbia, and at the loweat market priecs, can he found at the IVashinttnn Stove, Tin, and Sh"t Iron tetrv S. F. corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street. Study your interest and call and ex*mineat N<v 2fl7. ae in-eo'm I R O 8 T KING. C. WOODWARD'S METROPOLITAN STOVE ANT bRATK FACTORY. No. 318 Pa. avenue, between 10<A andf&1 ae?J eo3m 11 th streets. j^OTICE TO SPORTSMEN. Juat received, and keeps constantly on tiand, a largw supply of the liest quality of (j L N PO \V DER, bHOT .and CAPS. Cheap for cash only. JONAS P. LEVY, ae 22 tl No. .VM 12th atreet. corner of B. JVOTICK.?The following Money will be taken at i a these ratea for Groceries, Wines, and Liquors: City at Par Baltimore at b per cent, discount Virginia at 5 per oent. discount Philadelphiaat 10 per cent, discount State Banks of New York a? ? per eent. discount Fastern Banks at 10 par eent. disaount At No. #4 12th street, oxrner of B. se*>-11 JONAS P. LETT. pUMPS?PUMPS-PUMPS. The subscriber gives nofire that he oontinuea to manufacture his large Iron Pumps. They are string and lutistantial. and will raise water one hundred feet perpendicular. For information I refer you to the inhabitants who have used them^ind two ofthem ina> be seen ou F strent. between i^th and :3th, ono at the corner of 11 and '3th. one near the old Capitol in a deep well, two on Virginia avenue, between 2d and 4th streets, all put in operation by order of the Mayor of Washington. He will dig ami deepen welis, build cistern* for ram water, put in operation Hydraulian Rams, and reptir old pumps of every descript.ou. Those desiring his services will be :lo oomiiiodated at the shortest notiee bv calim* on the subscriber in Washington, D. C., No. 46S Virginia avenue, near the Carroll Place. se 2-eo2m FOSTKR IIENSH\W. tl'lIKN I WAS IN BOSTON LAST W l,KI( y ? I purchased very low for cash, twelve very good aecond-liard I'l ANOS. ranging lapnoe from 0 to ?2"", which I offer very low for ia e or rent, at our Ex tensive Piano Wareiooini, Penn. avenue, lietween Blh and 10th atreets, J\i. oel JOHN F. KI.f.TS, 1 ^Al.l. AND WINTER GOODS. NowinatorO? 2nn pieces ncii Dark Caliooei. 60 do. Blue and Orange Heavy Caltooci, fcr iw> do. Manchester and Pacific Milla DeLames, Rich anil handsome styles .Merino ar.d Valenoia Plaids, Atwieid. arkwrigTit, Lansdale, and N'cw York Mills Shirtiij?s, Brown and Bleached Sheetings, of ail widths. Customers may teiy onrettiiii: g?'od Go<?d<, "ndnt the lowest pnoes. WM. R. RILEY. _se!5 tin oorner 9th St., iigjpo. Centre Market. j J. MIDDLETON, , . ICE DEALWK, m Omos and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and 12th Streets. Washington. ap 11 -tf yocal and Instrumental Music. MUSICAL c A II 1). Prof. A. F. LITTER take* pleasure in annonno mg lo Ins friends an! to the citizsns W a hington, Al ixandna, and vicitui t, ihuRajtgRpJ he i? rr^par^d lo receiva pupils foi tliu? ? * *" ' Pianoforte, Guitar. Flute, an l other instruments. Order* left h' th? Music Store ot Mr. Metxcroft, Washington, I>. C., and the Music Store of Air. Parrot, Alexaodria, Va*., wll m?et with prompt at tention. Residence. Dr. Hunt's, 3L'l Pcrii. avenue, ?o 3tawlm j\fRS. CECILIA YOI'NO will retumn her le* 1" I nuns in Vocal Music eit her in classes or private pupils, iiu Thnradajr next. Oalolter tst. For terras, tee., appiy ut No. 46U Tenth street. I>? tween D and K streets. se2U-?iaw4w J.N ST MICTION IN VpdlL Mlf8IC. C. IRVING'S Voeel Mu?-io <"ins*e* m>'et for in struction hiid pmctice at Temperance Hall, on E street .above 9th, onMonday, Wedno^day ami ovemngs. Afternoon oiassos at 4>? o'oiock, and nulit classat7>i. Terms. (in either class.) 22 lessons, $5. Private instruction, vocal or piano per quarter, ?.2 Ladies and g?ntlein?n desiious of receiving a thorough knowledge of musio will be gratified by nnitiny with either ofthe?eclass?s. Application c\n be made to Mi. Ihc Hal! or through the post Office. so tf \|R.W. HF.VRY PAI.MF.lf9 PIANOFORTE i * I CLAS>F.S are daily adding new member* P?r sons desirous of availing themselves of Mr. Pst.M kti's services a'e requested to enroll their names as earlv as possibla. This Class sjstem is more advantageous for th?* adk aneers'-nt of Children, than any other system of iiiatrueti >?. If is equsl y advantageous forthe perfectingnffhe most hriilisr.f performets. Tfrms W Advance. Primary Class ??.? per quarter. Advance Classes .*10 Atf applications to l?c made to Mr. W. H. I' his residence. I' strtef, he'ween Thirteenth and Fourteenth. IL7" Georgetown Classes mret every Mondsyand Tnursdsy at I- o'clock, at Miss Harrover's George town Female Seminary. sei4 tf Dancing.

in* np & y ASH ION A B LE DAN CI N G. PROF. H. \V. Ml NDER most respectful!* an nonnoes to his frim.ds. former patrons, and public generally, that his School, oorner9th and Dstreel, is now open for instruction in. the above beautiful aud necessary accomplish-L-i>* merit, every Tuesd^vand Thursda* afternoon froin 4 until 7 o'clock, for rounr ladies Misses, and Ma ters.and on tne saiiio evei int;s from un'u o'ei.'cV. <V>r Gentlemen. Prof. M. is prepared to introduce eurne of the fin est new Dances that has ever been introduced in th;s orany other City in the conitrr. All those who wisn to prepare for th? spproi?hmg Kay season, would do well to join the above c!a?s-s as cnr.y as possible. N. B.?Ladies and Gentlemen who desire to form priva'e ('!?<.>>??, er fo receive instruction Mr)?!*. enn do so oh Tiimwlnv. Wednesday, or Thursday man ias from 9 until ii#'i o'clock. t oc5-eo?f UANOINO ACADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKf and DAFGHTER hsve ttie honor t.i-aiinounco to t he Ladies sad G"n f'X tleinen of Washington ana Georgetown that ^4 iie will re opon his Classes for L)"?neir^ inA \\'ashinztt<n on Friday, the 9th of ( ?eiober, at Mr. Crouch's Hall, corner of lflh st. nrd Pa. -it., ?iver Farnham's Bookstore, fur Mi'nos *ti.<i Mast- rs, froin 3 o'clock p. in.; for I.adics and Gent!eni~n, from7o'oiock p.m. Georretowa?on \\'ednesja>, the "th of October, at Miss Harrover ? Ladies St-ui inary. from 3 o'clock p. in. For terms and partioulsrs applica' ion can be made at Mr. G.'s re?idenoo, *7 E street, lietween 9th ard Wth streets. se 12-6m Dentistry, &o. i)1 !*????< ,R. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHT" cago, would respeotfuliy inform tlie cit izens of the District and vicinity, that htv lni; locate<t himself in Washington, he is -?-? n<>w prepared to perlorm all operations in his profes mni in the most approved style. Office, No. 2W, Peun. avenue, adjoiniug Gactier'a jan 5ah I t E IMPROVED SETS OF TEETII. M. LOO.MJS, M. [) , the inventor aa<1 patentee ol "l.ootnt.s' Mtnftal Platr TrrtK" having suuu<'?sfu!Iy intrrxluced his improvement :n| various oities. fiaa now pcrmKi:eutly eatah-' iished iiiiiiself in Washington. Tins improvement for Sets ofTeelh consist* chief ly in making a s*t ol liut one pic^ of m-iieriHi, ?n0 tiiat ii'.'lestructiMe mineral. No ine'a! is used in their con?i!riict;on, ai.d they are therefore free from galvanic action ai.d inetaiic t.Hste. There :i;e uo joints lo hccome tilled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are rvrt nml rUnn. They a^e lighier. stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I wili give a reward o One Thousand Hollars toaiivone wii* will pr<xlu<:ea work of nrt to euuaj mine in purity, beauty, d?r.i!.i'ity, artistic excellence or ai.y other requisite quality. All work responsiliir warranted. 27S I'enna. avenue, be' ween ilth and 12th street*, ap 13-1 y Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN HAII.Y, Omcr No. 1*>R pK^!t?Tf,TASt* AvKMr*, TKf*t doors from Uf4 Slrttl. D*. B AILY be(ts leave to inform the publiothat he wn be seen at ail hours, at his office, located as alfove. He feels assnre-J that an exper;;*nceof fifteen Tears' practice, with the large nnmberof (treat variety of diflifiilt onses that he has treated success fully, will enable l::m tt> surmount an\ difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience oonhriiuiig the opinion of many met eminent in the profession, unci especiall> Drs. H'.rris and J. and E. Parmly. has led him, lung since, todu caru nil merouris! wreparstions I t tilling Teetli.s ft) all Enamels, (iutta Percha. India Ruhber, and Ce ?iicnts for the construction of Continuous Guns Teeth, and thit I'eroelian, mounted on Cold Plate, is the only reliable substance that oan he worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the laaf American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his Ion* resi dence and practicc in Washington, he is favorably known lo his numerous friends and patrons, he best leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of tne Churoh of Epiphany this city Dr. Stbphrn Baii.t : DcarSir? I desiretoexpres* my esteam for you personally, and my confidence it t?u as a superior dentist. The open! ions ex?euted for me have been higlilj satisfactory. I hope that jon mav receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very trnlv. Washington, An*. 36, J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs Bocgs, Cotman A Co. Havint employed Dr. Stephen Buiiy,Snrgoon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did tf mi entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that otie of the most distinguished membersof the Dentn Collceeof Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, tc perform the same work satisfnctorily, it^ jives mf fi rest pleasure to express my entire confirfenee anil gh estimation id' his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1K57. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract fromanotereoeived from the late Hon. Johe M. Clayton. I*. S. SkNATK, A Up. 19, IW. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing could be better. Very gratefully. JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that ee?k relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can oheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily ns e superior Dentist: he made a set of poroelinn teeth for one of mv famils.and plugged several teetii for myself, nnd the work has all stood well for more ti-ar ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churoh South. Apnl 19.1M6. We. the undersigned, having ha<1 occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Bajly, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having neen cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well aa of the uniformly satisfactory mannei in whioh he performs the most delicate and d:/fi juit operations ui Dental Surgery,and we respectful!* re commend him to the confidence and patronage of the publio, of whioh we oonsider him eminently worthy. Thomas l". WaI.tbr, Arclnteot lT. S. Capitol. Tho?48 MiLLRR, M. D.,of Washington. D. C. B. S. Botirkr, M. D. of Georgetown, I). C. N. S. Lixi ols, M. D.. of Washington. D. C. Jos. H., of Washingt<?ii, D. C. I* kori* k Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. Waltcb Lknox, Ex-Maiorof Washington, Hknry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, <>. C. WifiiiT, Principal Rutenhousc AoaHemr. feb20 tf H UNT1NG PARK TROTTING COl'RSR. At tkt south entl of the Long Bri-lg?. The Proprietors of this new,corni?lete and elegant Course talie pleasure in l>eing able to ? . say that their arrangements are ail com-j^wJVrjV* plete, and that their track is now open to the publio. In all iu arrangements it?""?" * is unsurpaesed in the I nited States, offering as many advantages for the trial of speed ns any otliT Amer ican Trotting Course. It is prscisely a mile in cir cumference, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with care and judgment, and is in perfect order. The House oonnected with it, ti?o, is unsurpassed in its oomforUand accommodations, and for the lux urtes always te be obtained there. The public may rely un it thflt, under any and all circumstances, good order will In* maintained and enforced ui>on the premises. ?? aw 1?-2na C'llFA HONEY. " ~7 , / 1 h ? subscriber has iust reoeived. and for sala? ten tieices of chilled CITJA HONEY, at his Gro oery and Provision Store, No. 5A4 12tt street and Louisiana avenue. ? . ?.rv je 19 tf JONAS P. LEVY. Watches, Jewelry, &c. K AL TIMoHl , V\ A^HlNU T( ) \ AND VI K nch^i SnS1 ,aiVod;;f utber choice good?, f >r a few days. ' " I nave just received a fine assortment of pruMN* W "m Pr*T?red to sell At very low HprwiTV^jie1 ^ 1>e,"K *va,me- *'?" of ">? '"""Ife - il*^? H. O. HOOD. (tU,'Up &N ,}} ATCI I KS. J i;\\ F,I. ??. ? ANf> FANCY ARTICLE*. I mvMiut reoetved -mother addition to my large ?took ofGold an I *.;Ver WATCHES, of the jK ?ker? "? Europ*. ai*o, ?o:,j ChMn?of#W| every st) n hml pricf, Jewelry insets and sin Alx :rfli',orv n::,i *-""<* Articles, Sm?T p.ated (iKukets, ^p<h?iis. (/AitorR. \c? at J. ROBINSON'S, St9, opposite Browns* hotel, v n .Large Giit Watch. R* . ^ ATrfj REPAIR I\it done m the Kent manner !>v a skiifui Watchmakar. and warranted, ftu 21 -2ni 1<MNE WATCHbS, H O uTh,WR ? V' i *'? GOOD k^e;s constantly on hand. and is ?Iti t receding. a'l of th- rie;ir?r *-,) ,r.-sf V-v at hft"t <?OI.D JEW 1 I I? \* 1 , ' " ,l' "vl'l' .? i J - ?< 1?I? i . A;III.' ai.iri CMle'ra'fd T m?* kf??p!r,T ^ A rCHF.S. (in lio'd ami Silver c a >??".*> ann i* mar ufactiirin,; no his own premises. "very description ol STANDARD MI.VKK \V \ R " (warranted coin land I am filing all the shove and CfV7kVariet,T of othSr ri,NK GOO US in ofrlire. i- the i eri' lovn?t New \ ork (..'iIt rr.ce*. who f?rm ab at to make their purcha??o would Jo wo.. to cjt ' nl o-vl I ouu5v i\-hvenue. ?*.2 ?rth0 ,= ?-AK?E SPREAD EAGLE, ae '8-If ^States] ^?LOCKS! CLOCksT! CLOCKS A good BRAS? CLOCK for *1. I have just re coivid and cpened ail ?he n?w 6tvl?> rrom .*1 rp t.> The frart* piippli^l < u?uat) at wholef.i e prices. A i i,( | .fk M i | such n? Corda. Kevs. |fa?d^ \\ ir<-s, ?Ji,k, Ac., at the Ci<>ck and U r.tch Store of j. ROHI.XSON, _ S4?,opnoait? Browns' h'?f?>!, au 2^-?m sun Larre ijilt Watch. W i>. eichler, ? . * SE VEXTH STKEET, r>??vrcn! I. street*. w??at tide. PR AC- <v ncAL A rciiMAK jtll. k?ep? ooiu>r.*vntiy ,H?V- ?"l*<?rt?nentof W ATCIlKS mi-\c3sL JF.\\ Kf.R\. KT>\t\ *Z* Pianos, Ac. ( ^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM WILLIAM KN^'bVT0 FORTES (Savior t^irj .'t in th?* late hrin of ,, KSABB. fiAFHLE A Co., ? .rntipijftg the maimiacfiirr and sale of ?rand art) KORTKS, under!?he r.m^_n. "j Ui: isni Knabe A Co.. at rold s*nr.d.|t?^ .No*. 1, 3. 7 and 7 V'irth Hutj?w street op- ? ? I t'' O'^ife trie Kutnw H< nsft. Baltimore. rtier Vive, n so jur' upcupil ,i new ?iaie8 Room at J", LJMllimore sTreor, f-etwern a; d LltNl *tree?B on the p.ei.i:*es partly occupied hy 5lr t?s^;j McC anoryaa a music store. w.V-o tj(py wiil KP-f> <v instant It on h^nd a large arsortrc-" !it of plate and highly-hrushed grand and square Pmbo K?>rte?, .\ieIodeona. from the l.-e?t makers, fron, 4 tn 5. ?ctrtve. aom< with double k^y-U>ard?, douUe reedn, anti Bl'ipg to suit small churehea. B.^nt cxtenMvely enjaccd in the manufartn^e o I laiifs, w<- will sell whoies&.eaxid relail, on the moi ll! oral terms. Our Pianos were awarded the hichest premium <?" <? mc?la! 1 at the Fairs of the Maryland Inatitute two Pii'%oen?ivo years?()otot?er, 185V and l?-V?? :n op position to fourteen and eisrhleen pi*n?>i from ??me 01 the (.est! makers from York, Bosior. and B .. tmiore. \\ e wereakoawarded the first premium .f tke Industriali Exhibition hold in R:-hmord, Vir (CiKia, 1055 aiul lSjfi. Trie* have also been awarded 'he hiRhest premnim 'silver medal) at the Metro po'itar Mechnnics F ur for IP.57. In addition t?? tins we are n porsession of testimc nia.s from the most disioirmshed professors anfl amateur* in the country, which can' s^en at out wnrero -ms, sper.kut? for themselves and o'hersof the hi;rh nppreentiou in which our instruments are every where held. A!! instruments are cuaranttwd for five Tears, and a privilege of exchante is rranted within the first ?'X mcn?ha from the day of sa.e if the instruments do u?t give entire satisfaction. Wholesale find it to their advartaxe to <;ve us a oa.i before purchasine. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. - TT"rl*~lT W.\t. kna hk * CO^ \CARD-A CHANCE RAKELV MET U I I'll 15Y THOSE WHO lJi||_e?e*^ A P! A NO KOR T K.?1 have now insto ttie followmit itreat I'lr^ains : 1 I ? J f ' Two superb Pianos, four round oorntrs. rosewoe?d e :: i-s. seven octaves, used only a f.-w i.ionUs. I wii.s.v! t o-m at j less than their price seven Illontl'S Slue*. A beaiitiiii! seven octave Rojewood Pisno. iron rrame, r--und corners, for r'"*1 above fiaiof nre sold fur no fr-n'*. bnf he loiiced to Mmi'ies who have removed to the west and ieft tlicm w ith ua to l e rold i liey are res'iy and trulj treat l^rrait's. We ere prepared to give a writ;, n ^tiarartee with thein, and will, at ani fu ture ill) , e*chiiii*e, if parties are not fat'sified. A iao. a hue secoiid-hand Piano of Hallet A i>avis* make, for $2IW, used hut eighteen months, and cost Also two second-hand Cliickerinif's for $:75eech. at the fir#at Piano \V areri/omsof ?v- o . JOHN F. El.LIS. an 19 tr<h Penr. avr-.. bet. ?>th and loth ptreets. 111NA, GLASS, AND EAKTllEN WARE. K. II. MILLER. S(?N A CO.. 1MPOHTVRS, ALU1IMI4, Ya., Ulsve receiv . d two instalment* of their^t* 'f?ll supplies from the Kt.^lish Potteries.^ ami will oontinue to reoeive accessions to T _ their stock till the businesi> be*sunsets m.*- ' 1.. II. Mii.I.kk. A Co. can assuretlieir friend* and customers that their stock shall t<e of the most ites:rnb!e dcscrip'ion. and that iheir pries will coin pare tavoralily u it h tho?o of an> dealers in their line maiiy otli r market in the Fnitcd S'ut?s. K. 11. M it.!, kb , Sus A Co. Iiave prepared tliem S".VCS to otter to mernhant. every indueciuciit to m.?ke tlisir purchases iu :hnr line. WIN DOW GLASS. t- ,*> have Just rec-ived via Antwerp and New \ 01 a. irom the (rear {Manufactory of"R?rx " fIius-? Is.!!*> Krer ch Wii'.f..w?;.as? ?>'f sin * rior 'iiialilr ;m<l ol diifcreiil thicknesses, w ti oh ti <?? have imported under suchcircumst tnces as oenanle them to oiler a superior article a; very moderate PJic^" acjl if PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. photo a rat iTTr Portraits, In (In Colors, on Canvas, MlNIATCKK ?:R Size OF 1.IFK, 8. WALKER'S PORTRAIT A M> PICTURE GALLERY. Ouoori Ha. I,corner fct.and P(nij> )rnnu avenue? S. WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a v.?rT great outlay rf capital.thereby renderim; Ins establishment one of the moot com plete and handsome in the whole countr*. fie has a larg^ t-iallcry for Jrtt 'xkib>ti<m of upwnrd of fine Oi! Paintings, by some of the best ancient acd modern masters, to which he intends to Joid fresh iidportai ions. S. Wai.kkr has also fitttd 11 pa com plete suit of rooms, with private robin* apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible msiru meiils. aiid eiuaged a first c!a?-s operative artist to a?sif t Unn tn the department lor ail kind^of PIIOTCKJR A PIUcT AM BROTYPlf AND |>\ GFER REOTYPE Vo R TR A ITS, from the smallfft minifttHTt to site of hft. S. Walkkr. by combining the Photographio Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has had 25 years' experience and whose sp-n.irieus of life size portraits may l>e seen 111 some of the first fami lies of the city, as well as tiio^e exhibited in his Gal'iyr, he will !>e able, by tlie combination of the two, to prmluee portraits that havo never been ??'x oelled for t heir fidelity and life-likeexr>resaior. Can vas and l>oerds prepared lor himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life size, from small p otures of dt rented, frttnds. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice Committees and classes taken in anT nmnber in groups, and anv quantity of copies from tlie san-e sold at reasonable charges. L'kenesfces painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, eerefillIv !xick lirnvi and restored to their orir'na freshness. Ladies and gentleman are respectfully soiioited to cfi,i at the Gailery, ?iver Sl.illington's ls>ok store? entranoeiS street, two d.nirs from Pouiisvivar.ia avenue. 1. 11 cm QI ITS: a new novel; hv the author of the "Ini tials.' J ust published, and tor sale at Sli I LI,IN1 ? Tt>N"S Bi^tk ^tore, Odeon Binidii g, cor. 4>t ? and Penn. avenue ICmerson's Ma^uxine and Putnam's Month!r..for October; those two Aiagazmes are now united into oue, Hfrf tliiis mnkin; a most valuable Magazine. K*?r|&>rl>oeker Magasir.e for I tctobct. Il'^f??'l 's Magazine fin Ootol??r. M'r. Stephens' Ma*azine for (totober. All the uew^papers, and cheap publicaiions receiv ed and for sale at JOS. SHILLIN'fiTON'S. Odeon Bu:ldir.g. ne C?>r. 4s ftn<i ?nn. nue. A^LOTHS, CASSIMERES, AND VLST1NGP. In store, a full stock of Bl&ck, Browc, Blue and Green Cloth, Rlaok l>oe-skm and Fancy colored Cassimers. Vrlvet. Silk and Satin Yrstings t'ustoiners may rely r.n getting good at the lowest prioes. W.\I, R. RILEY. _?e ia-l?? ?yner ?rl, St.. ,iPtw> Ciw.tre Maiket (IR ivAJ 2?'2CIL0?/^^OS to ,41 at * 1 our Store. No. ait, between 8th and 9?h ats. ,#1* Vel.Ai;GUI.?%' A CO. TWO BEAUTIFUL BOSTON VIA NOB opened this day at ELLIS'S #e P;w.o gtere. THE WEEKLY STAR. This eioellett ramify aad 1-eon tuning ? f reator nnttr of iBteraaua* Mm ana ha found ut acy other?it pub.isnefl on t*atarday mortung. TIMf. ?-nrle ?opt. per winum. . ?' * Jf ive . ? 2 Ten ? * ? Twh.It copies le ? Caik. tat-ai lai.'s '* arfrmre. By satiaoribinc tn Cluba raised mhnu DeichNTS Without the intervention of * rtw-'! aeer*. as will t*e perceived, ?? per cent, of Tan fthSLY Sta? wilt be*ave<i. It invariably contains the "Tmkm'n* iV*?pi" that h-.s made Tji* Kvvvxn StARcire?? lata to generally uj?u,Ii.<ui tbeoouutn. copies (in wrappeis; oau I* procured at tue cou&ter. immediate'* after Uie itiue of me paper. Price-THRKE CfcNTS. CJ* postmasters who ftctaa axer.tswil! be allowed ft ooir.m.a?i??n of J>< (wm. EDUCATIONAL. "?ITT A C A I) ?: M Y . I'KOF. J._ III.!., who ha* t>een ft successful t'-ncher in Wa?. bins ton for twetti five vrsrs, *nj for the l??t seven *?-?r* prinetpa, of -Me of ihe Pnb I e G ? am mar ttanoola ofthnCi'T, *?;il <'Pfu, OetolfT ' -tu, mi Aouletii*, at ma vc Ivti atre t, for a ignited nnmt?er of yonnr c?-nt'etiien. I'fie course ol study owlirawoa I tie > rtiinary Knt lib.. Kriii rl.i ?, .'.l.itbfiMiioa, Ardent and Modern I anr?ia?es. .Ni<-ht School. "*?*? 'w* BROUkKViLLK At AliKMV. Mi?5t?o*i.kt Curm.Mt. Th*oour*eof atii'lt rmlirt!?? AnrwRt *iid eru l.anKiis?e*. Sciau<<es. Mathematics, and ord.ra rv Kn<lish Hraiicht*. I'eri. a for UonrJ ?m! Tnt'i? w >l#> per annum. Cata.oc ues inn* t>e olta.uml at Ilallatityi.e's Seventh ?tr-'"t. or by add eisn.f. :hs Principal at Biookeviile, Md. K. U. PHKTTVMAN. *. *J. Pn-.cip*'' ^Ks.ECT SCHOOL Kir H(t\3. ItS'.O. W. DORR AXCE. formerly one of iti* Prineipa's ?f the C'-iitra! >er.demy. h*? or>-ned a ort for P.-ija. <>;. C it.eet, betn ecu Mn u.ail lit. N<?. ?i!. Nttm(wliii!t?l to tarenty-fi ve. For terms inquire a' tt.e ielioul Room. re s <N?'m ,")] 1 PKVKNTR PTRKBT. T O 111 A ?. a p TIC I A X. Cfficc ""cord . three dooia from <'ttd IrrT.LOTra' Hall. Srectaelea an?J OU>aaa mj'? ^J to evrrv auht; Opera, Rcadi:u.ftnd W atetaii: k-> '? U.aoaoa, Ic e ?.ri poS, \J irrObC r^a JU erei? va-i?fy ; ("o?n:o?<*t^i3 !*Tereo?o*'pea with view* of wur'Mior aixt c!>oi ? p:otureaon haul. i*?9 adver:ia?!n?ut iu Natioia'. Intel lis eur<w. TasTiMoMALa. Norfo! ft, September 7, "W(. ? Tne rr^-'Mlec yon idum f?r n* auit n* very wtlt. ?i?*i aeeti to isava improved my auUl tuore ar> other 1 have lat^iv t ied I ITT. \\ . TAZEWKLL I have tried a pair of *pect*l. ea ot.tai^ Irum Mr., anr hiil tti^ni "f trrnt a*?i;.t8iioe to my aielit, and correspond tue with ht? d<*?eripi.ori of their foour. 1 reccidineud hail aa a t.k i Iful optic<an. HKNRV A. WISE. P*T*1taxr*?. i>c*vb+r 2!. 1*V. About five >earanfto. .? named from Mr. Tol>??a. in \N &feii?ii|Ctc>r). * pair of g f??r the ?pect^c'?*? which I utfj. and found them of grte? toirunw to my detay inK viemn ; ami my "ptn'oa of hin. la, he if kkill'ul in the preparation of nlatiftea for pft not too far <ose to U; ben-fetted by auch eid. J. F. MAT. I.TSr???c?G November T,Tf5?. From an exariination o] Mr. Tciiia*' U'asaea.and from lua ol>a?rva<i<.-iis and femcika, am *x aviuOvd thit ho is a okil'fui op'ician. J. J. JiLACKFORD, M. D. Lr iCHurEi, \oven l>er lfl. lav;. Mr. John T'-bnh. havnu Ibrri^hed ti e with ?ea. bv wfiich I liave t>een tro.''tiy vioo n hiviu? .-utfend i:reat!( fmn rnuian at i:ii;lit in iny ??arlier !i.e.? it affords me 'li* (?!th*?f p.?aanr? to ?a* thir 1 (y-nsiil^-r h.m ? rkiiifui hkc'icw. optic?an, intfwell pr^psnd t*) aid lt-?>- ? vrlio ira? i/< d lua profeanuiial at-rvicea. \Y M R. RntZiK. K!d*ro| the Metbodiet Coriferene?. \VtL*t*??TO!?, N. C.. JuneS7, Ikm. Me. J. Ti'Bi*a-/i"ii .V?r ? < am iiappy towij that the Sp? et?el^? * hien I obtained fr> ni aoii '.n*t wt-'k ar<? ?i:tir.l> safafaeinry. I'rom an in^ualilt uith<a vi*u?' ran*(?ofmy eye?. I hare heretofore f. n: d<reat (liffiouItT in ratt'iiK arlanae* of t?i? p. oper fieel dis tance*. It nil.'pl* me (memr-io atnlc, tha: l?r ti ? aid of your optoiii'-ter r It i? diiTiculfr ha* t?er t>appi!f obnato<t. ao tliat the (ilasseft\oa Mirmahcd me iit? deojdedly th" l?e?t adapted to n:y ryeaof any I liare ever vet iin.-d. Very renpectfuily yotira, R. R. ORAN'E. Hee'orof M. Janes' Pansh. Harm* been in'!ue??d bv a f'ioii-1 to visit th? etrt^! li*lmient of Mr. T?>l w* for the purpose o| try inc iite z a^aca I waa furtiisiiKl ft p?ir ?l!j;htb <r d blue, whire have aflord^d m* mor? relief and -ra'S eetion than anv I have ever tr:ed. My a ehr. oricin alh very Kood. was injureil bv writina'and reftd.'nt at mjht. frequently to a very IhteV.inr: bnt w;th 'he aid of !hc?e R:?a?.e* I can ?tucl* o.most aa .are ?<? m-?-r. ar^d tlir.t too without the ra 'r I ba*-e previous ly suffered. JOI1N W11.HON. I .ate Commissioner: Oen'I Lsnd Ofiics. Dee. 11.1HSV I havens^d Mr. Tobies'* Ppee*ae;e? for three or four month*,and lake great po-aaare in m>un? that I ain ituicli p.eased ?ilhtljeia. I have Iwen mu- h l>eiiehted by them. oKt?. I'. ScARbl K?iH. Aiay 5th. IH>j. 1 whs recommended ?o Mr. John T?>bis*e? a <ln!f'if opriemn t arde* I hare etf * of remarkable pecn'ian - t?. I was )?ra;<lied to tinii tnat Mr. iObiao aeeme?l to comprehend thi-in 1>> ir.Np<'etioa end a<'iri? f-licht mMtiiwni'n' and he hat made m? a nair of <*pn/?i*. cie* r J i -?r mii? me ailnurftbiy. A. V. Li I i'Li.h July II, l&%. ? , # Wa?bixotok. Aoft.8. h?. Ilivini; Ikv n l-iryea'-e uuder the tiecereitjr of liev ?\ro sots of clutfi-nne b>r use in dsvlirht, and ore for ian p-lulit?I procured on? act from Air. 1 ot ia* witich aiisw. red Uitti purposes. I have u?e?l In., jvr atrornl months, and find Uiem excellent. f.DWAw nsrt ltns. Of Uvpiirtni*riit of StNte. Mr. .T.Touta*. Sir: T^p p*ir of ^peetaole* %t n fiirnKlie't me j-e?terd?; are i.?u!lo'tiei.? fn'isftciurv tome. Tii. j are vrn derididly tbe ;."st | p ? a"'' Um the owner ?'f eight <?r rine pair*. ,? (rrf.( v a< it-eted in difieraiit p.aca'S end 'four, oj: ici^b-?t_e otmn^nded to me on account ? f their prof r *1 f ?'?irdi-c in I'rai *e. f"ri'~rid e.nd ?b f t'r o,^. I have lieoii a so p e*sr i with vour rem>'ks ami ?ii ? rectiim* on the tioafrn^et ?.f tha eves, for tUe j ui pose of prenf rvirp und imp mi c tlie nj.-.t Rerpee'fuiiy four*. ( IIK CAl?I?\VKI.T . Professor ol M.C.. Louisville, Brooklyn OnTUorAanir Institt Apni, :ms*. APor most earefit' examination ui *Tr. J. I >i*> ? f?la?rea, I amenabied to ieeHI> tha' their i.atrii *?*. cb'Hine**. pol'shuic. and exact optical simp* i. no^r them particti'ariy reooinntcdable to th(.s? merely optieel impairment of the e\?** er? v. weni i f *ucaeuxriartef. I e<>iMidrr. mor?over, Mr. I ..ii:** fu'Iy ^ualifed :o detrrnuiie the foniiaof tlie ;h hy hi* ro.ticr.l ki:owb*dre arul exportenee. at.H t-r mean* ofbia optometer, la addition. I on lortii^r ?trite thrt Mr. rolu i lift) Mip|>)ieil some <.f nij (vi tieut* with ti l.isres to thefr ai d m* heti*fwrt:o"n I.i:\VlS HAI'KR. M. I>. PIm aicifta and Hnrpei-M. ftethr; V-,iirr ,9 Knv?| t'ollefr- ui ?nit?Mn. | n ? M*r of 1 he Medio, St-eHi <?f l?opd?iti.aid ol tne I'.-iTli<-lofleiil S?w*oT\ of New ^ ..rV: l^ie y-?r ?'?onolilie it oval () tiiopaedic I nst :t vn ?n ? t Maee!?e>ter. KVe'and, a. <1 burseou..f i||? a. O, !nstitu?ir>n. N??arot a. V a.. Jn'v 27. t<?%4 In the ?xpeeie:ie? of even 'wo > ears. I have f urd cre?t diffixiilty in obtain 1 inHpeo'arle* that ? >r??x acti? adapted to t h" ? ?-aitne?? of mr sis 'it. 'I i"? emiveiuence Mr. Tobias seem* to have rerro-e,) |i>r the pr?Krnt I'T fii" substitution for itie of better ?? 1 ttnire >-u:table G!a?*e*. They a rr ? re r. ehrt ??a! bl a anil e?>mf ?rtab,e to m* e*es. I would n?l l ira to those who from axeor other infirmitv require ar> tificia; a.J in thif-wav. J. J. Sl.MKINS, M I?. Wilmington. N. p.. J nee la ir\: To p?r*on* who have I *<l' he sic lit oftheir e? ^ impaired as to requ r< lli-- u?e .?{ *?..??. | ' recommend Mr. John I'ol ias a* a ru:tab> per* ?n from whom to obtain snoh a??e? a* the* rr.-v ??' n'lire. as he has suited me w oh :? eair of Sp eSe'?, for a fur and near mchL ,Mv hi*. :?? iin* te*?-n in pai.ed v?a iniich by * m rvi"-- ol yeare in the Post <)fnc ? IVpartinert. w-Jneh l^erth required intl'die on r1o*\ from II o'clock at nieb' till after ?<ax . durtec iue 1 timo 1 used but one linht. W. A. \\ A I.K I J. I?KPAf;TllENT of Intf.bioh. May a. 1. S Fri?tn natnml defects and the uneq ;ai at m\ e* <?*. I have ba 1: c?>inpe!>>l tt> u<e ?? as*e* for *? ve ral years. I have tim dlffffnt 1 plllUM wr . ?. obtamiiift itiasKi-a perfeetly fitted to my o*e?. Four mouths since Mr. Tobias made two p*l ?- espeeie It for me. wluch I have found to w. ve me ???rf:,cti?. Ky the uae of In* ostomet?-r lie 1* eur?bled to classes most nnrut?l* t? t!>c e*e. I ns?t eheerfu! ly rec. mtticnd Mr. Totna> to a!! havine occasion use plasse*, fti.d l?ear n;\ test itnonv us to his sk ui t% an optician. II)".\R V F.. BAI-btV IX. ss 25 Asa't ^e?'y to sign Land \*? arran**. TVOTICK.-C. R. L. CROWN fc CQ .ara re 1* eeivme daily some of the finest Fl "NI-#?* Tl'RK ever offered m this n.arAet. whiec we^L invite ttie attention of those m want, as we a*anre them thev can save at least I1 per cent. 1^1 Handsome ?rved mer"N- top aUireess and Tabia* Rosewood a. <i waiiust Trte a Tetee, ec?a Wanl.ohe*. <^air? of ali kinds. Cherry and poplar TaHet. Mattreaes. hair, ooni-top and task; Ccmforta. Biankets, lie Uletds. huh and low poftt. Koekm? Chairs, enneanil wo?xl seat*. Cushion* for Chair*. Settees, Clocks of all kinds, Fxtenesm Tables. Sideboards, Whet-not. O'a.-^es of at" krids. *ome extra bne Carpeta, CiUtase Sets, Rux*, Waiters. Glass, Crockery Ware of ftll kinds. Feather aid Fan-y Goods of all kind*. And otherGo<wls too numerous to mention to which we uivi'i the attention of hoiisekeep'-rs ?ik1 others, a* we are aeieruiined to *e!i f,?r oar L or to punctual customers. C. R. L.CROWN A CO.. Oor. of 6th street and 1'enn. ava. P. S.? We shall still oortirne our recn'ar sa'e* ? a Tueadny,Thursday.and Saturdat.tioth raoriiin*and evcninx, in front of our store. Consisnn.euta soli cited. ;jid in all oases advances made waen resuired. C. R. L. C. A CO., ae?-tf r Intel > a B^ir,e>er?. HP KX l LRAic< ur ??: l iiiiinee. A Arnim;?Cciitcs H-xarrea. Autran:? I J* Vie iturSi'* FliuSert:? Ma lum* i(.^-*ry. I>et as- I a Pa-neenx Camelias. C.?n*?o'eo?:?l-e demon d? I'A'rent. 5ada/:?<ju*r.d J'etais etudiant. ITe* l??d:?Jeronse Paturot. 1 ?e lUur -si;?l.e Chevalier de Nsint Georfes. iwisb; Lea Ha'.s Masque*. Ciism A venture* de Mftnetta. Way;?Les Anflais chea eux. ti'ixia;?l.e* Kmoti^vn* de Polydore Marfts^uui. Meurioe?l.e* Tyrans de Villaaa. F.ach in one volume twelvemo; pnoe S? cents; just impo'-fsd, wilh many ethers, from P*rie. b? octl FRANCK TAT LOR