Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASH JLN It TON CITY: THURSDAY OeUbfr ft, 1S*T. SPIRIT Of T1IR MORNING PKtiSS The ImuUigeuetr discusses the current panic. taking occasion to ."how very clearly, we think, that it is utterly unfounded in*any just causr Or. in other word*, that it is merely the result of over-speculation on the part of traders in money, and a sudden unnecessary fear that has struck the hearts of the people. In the course of his article the editor says : " The great revulsions which periodically over take in in our haste to accumulate wealth have their origin doubtless in that passion for rapid ac cumulation and consequent ocer-trmiimg which ne, uaiid al 1 ? K? ? ? ????????~t?? ? ? * ? - ? * | P - - ?VH pe?va4o aii classes of the commiyiity and infect nearly everv specie* of business artivity. The consciousness of this !.t is which renders each in dividual so susceptible to a panic that a single disaster in a remote quarter of the country is found enough to raise and propagate through all ranks of society the craven ana selfish cry of saure qui The Union's editorial columns are again de voted, to-day, to 14 Banks and Banking,'' the article being directed tor the most part to an exposure of what the editor evidently regards as the evils dosing from the course pursued by the note-issuing banks of the District of Colum bia. lie presents his readers with a history? an incorrect one in many point*. wc appre hend?of the banks and banking in this District fur the last forty yc-nrs ; and also contends, with no little force, that the present note-issuing banks exist illegally, are not responsible for their obligations, and cannot collect by law a dollar duo to tLcui. >uch is the line of his ar gument. In the course of bis remarks, the editor clasps the Bank of Commerce, in Georgetown. with those he names?the Bank of Columbia, the Baokof the Kepublic. the Merchants' and Far mers' Bank of Statham, bmithson A Co., Ac., Ac.?as having bursted up, defrauding their creditors. This, we are very sure, must have been but a slip of the pen , for he must know that the Bank of Commerce paid its notes longer than any other existing note-issuing District bank, and that all the property of its well known wealthy stockholders is publicly pledged fur the fulfi'mcnt of its every obligation ?o far as security is concerned, its creditors are. much better off than those of any other District note-issuing bank. There is no uncertainty, whatever, as to the character and extent of its stockholders' obligations, nor have tho>-e who manage it conducted its affairs in the present crisis so as to forfeit, in any degree, the public Occfidence in their desire and determination to resume specie payments at the earliest moment possible. The course of this bank, throughout all the current financial troubles, hn? been so specially fair and "above-board ? towards the public, as that wc feel it our duty to express that opinion in tbo Star. Unlike the other District of Columbia note-issuing banks, it claims no chartered privileges whatever, being a private bank, far whose transactions all its stockholders?partners?are liable in all their property. Foa Eraors?The steamer Canada sailed from Boston yesterday for Kurope. J*he took no spe cie. F Havaxa ?The steamer Black Warrior, from Havana, with date* to the 1th, has arrived at New Orleans. Sugar has declined. Holders Will .ose heavily. The barque Mazoppa had been brought into Havana Bxmcxst to Hakvakd Collkuk?Among the beq jests of the late John E Thayer was .?.jO.UW) to the Harvard College, the income of which is to be applied to the aid of the best undergraduate* who may b? in n?*ed of pecuniary assistance Dos t BelixvbIt.?The London Times says that although the frigate N iagara may outrun the Agamemnon by her steaming qualities, still the the latter vessel would b? more than a match for a ship of her c'as* in at close quarter*. Camargo (Mexico) papers of the 15th tilt, announce that ecirsiastical difficulties, the same as recorded in other States, luul occurrtdat Monterey . where the bi>hop and Ave priests were under arrest for resistance to the powers that be The l nited States steam frigate ^aranac under command of Capt. Kelly, will sail from the Philadelphia navy yard to-day for the Mediterra nean. Her officers and crew, ail told, number 614 men. The Saranac has undergone considerable alterations and repairs. A Chcbch I rk.ikd into a Political Cltb Hocpe ?The Republicans advertise a meeting in the " Mount Te.iion Church." Boston ; so we learn from the Courier of that city If the Gospel is ever preached there, it would be worth while travelling all the way from New Vork to hear the pastor preach a sermon front Luke 10th, v. 4*i "My house is the hou>e of prayer, but ye have turned it into a den of thieves ?* The R.chmoMd Enquirer is requested to ?ay that any person having notes on the " Bank of Rockbridge. ? can obtain specie for them by calling at the Bank of Virginia, in Richmond. The bank has also resumed the pavment of specie at iU own counter. The Bank of Kanawha has. up to this date, redeemed more than one-half circulation, and coutlnites redeeming its papei at it* counter, as fast as presented by hold ers. Irs assets are said to be amply sufficient to naeef ail its liabilities VTF There will be no Collins steamer from New York on Saturday, for Liverpool. Tb* A? lantic was to leave Liverpool, for New York on the rth ult .and Will protiahfy arrive thereon Sjnday next, i? which case she will be dKpatrh ed on Tuesday next, with the mails and passen -ers for Liverpool This will cause a delay for a few days in ?he ,,*u The Adriatic, it is under *?ood, is not yet re.idv for sea, or probably she would sail on Saturday Mout MsTTta- is Bosros - A di,natch f-e*m Boston on the Kth. states that the financial pi?n?e has about disappeared and business In te street logins to a^ume a, usual qui-t rhar a.ter Money, however, continues ti-ht, and there are few transactions in sto. k* of any kind No failures are reported to day The reported suspension of John A Lowell isautho.itativ. lv confadicted. 7 The following are the footings up of the bank statement for the pas, week u COIIjpart.d wilh those of the week previous 8ep? -jfi (),.? f apital *tock *.j| u</ ^ Loans and discounts S?? >pecie 2,'J71,m4i ?> w ia<l A?l due from other banks KITM ? 11->V- it A rut due to ? 3,HI,Iu () 1.LI73.7UU 1*2,??:?<? Circulation ...... t>,0l?,UU> PERSONAL. ? Hon J T Martin and Hon. Lewis H:eln T'jO \ a . are at Browns , . . Tlir Vw York papers announce the death , t irTJ1*1 "'!7,0,, for y?-ar* the publisher of the Knickerbocker Magazine t?*2*",.AU"",g tbe distinguished strangers now in .'.??? r'""* "senator t'oole of Mis sissippi. now of California ? Lieut Col B't* I* s a pir,i JMarslon, I" s* > Gen \viin?\ j ' .,P' andC K Oainson, ?*q f New York*anc^S'wBi Oen T J Green. Texas. ?? at Ki kwoods'. ....Mr. Geo Pa'ker, saiin,aL_r . u, , 41 l""lnu^ ?gain erday'weeVTse'att<-'nict^Mo'^'ne J A1 Fleming, Lsq editor of Kuoxvllle Register, but failed from the interference of f.iei.,1, whereupon Mr. Fleming armed himself and -allied out to seek him again Shortly aft. r Ward the paities met when Fleming denounced Lim as ai ruffian, scoundrel, poltroon, assassin, c ? '"d dar?d hi in tu shoot. No shooting tran s.! ?*? 'iV*0' V"' " '* ""PF0"*^ S4KM may follow Mitchell is als4, having a tilt with Parson Brown , ?.r *" ""KM as 41 yellow |i' [f'm arrive ,n ;?Wn and tn ie? ? . * ' ,tialf !?r >K,y* '?*n will be throw '-p WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. \ Resumption.?It can hardly be that the hoar of a general resumption of specie payments wilj be long delayed, because in the present busi ness condition of the oouotry there can be no earthly excuse for the existence of the present stato of things after the panio that produced it blows over. Unlike every other bank itwpen sion era. the present was brought about by no derangement at the foundation of American c>mmcrcc. That of 1814 to 1819 wu the result of the entire failure of markets for the agricul tural products of the country, brought about by the war of 1812 and its concomitants. The farmer could not sell the proceeds of his labor, and therefore could not pay the country mer chant; who, in turn, failed to pay the importer; who, in turn, failed to pay the banks and hia for eign correspondent*. The susj>ension of 1826 was but a prolongation of that above described ?a sort of relapie. The suspension of 1837 was in great part the result of the failure of crops of 1838, that made us heavy importers rather than exporters of the common necessaries of life produced by the farm er s toil. The present suspension has occurred in the inidst of high prices for agricultural pro ducts and heavy crops, at a time when tho great mass of the people are freer from debt, too, than ever before; and when gold is more abund ant among us than the most visionary could have dreamed ten years ago. It is simply the result of theoraziness produced by our over prosperity. The result of gambliug specula tions in wild lands, railroads, Ac., entered into by financial dealers infatuated with their suc cess. Under such circumstances, that its evil con sequences can much longer hang like a black pall over the interests of the community, wo do not'<believe. In a very few weeks the cotton cro? will be mDvirg forward, bearing an almost unexampled price on account of the necessary almost total failure of the supply from India, to result from the political state of that quar ter of the globe. The Indian war must also quicken the foreign demand for our breadatufls other provisions, Ac., so as to make England a much larger customer of ours than she would have been had it not occurred. Already, ex change on England finds no purchasers at the North, a condition of things almost unknown up to this time. In sixty days the gold will be flowing back upon us from Europe in millions; and with such a state of things at home as we describe above, it is utterly impossible that the American people will continue tu }fat up with the pretence of the existence of non-specic paying banks re pressing every public and private interest, and standing?nuisances in the eyesight and stumb ling-blocks in the way of everybody. We are no believer that the banks will continue ?? sus pended sixty days longer. Those that are not paying specie long before that time will be so universally voted bogus business concerns, as that public opiuion will hoot them out of the pretence of existence. Candidates Admitted into the Naval Academy.?The following candidates have passed the preliminary examinations for ad mission into the Naval Academy at Annaj>olis, and have received appointments as Acting Mid shipmen in the Navy : Maine?Roswell Evamler Morey. Geo. Albert Sleej>er. New Hninp>Lire?Odillon Barret Hobbs. Vermont?Frank Augustus Piatt, Jamn Edgar Fisk Massachusetts?Francis J. II igvjinson. Orhran Harry Howard, George Parker Ryan, Alfred Titus Snell, John Franklin Churchill, George Henry Conklin, Nathaniel W inflow Thomas Connecticut?Lyman feck Hempstead. New York?Kd^ar Clarence Merriatn, William Piercy Lee. Morgan Lewis Ogden. Douglass Lodge, William Thomas Sampson, Henry Cur tis Mailman. Thomas Putnam Farrington, Charles Edmund McKay, W'm. Parker Gushing, Llojd Phtenix. New Jersey?Patton Jones Vorke. Robt. Bo^gs, CLarles Polheuins. itutus King l)uer. Pennsylvania?Kug?-ue B Sturgeon, William i ran ;is Stewart, Charles Gordon Foster, John McFariand. Charles J. Smyser. John Weidman. John Franklin McMensey. Henry Farry Picking Samuel Swift. Francis Smith, John Wilson II* verstick. James Patterson Robertson. Delaware?fieo'ge Paine Lord. Maryland?Frederick Rodger*. Frank Munroe. District of Coli.mbia?Robert L. Meade. Virginia?AI?H*rt (ialitau Hudgins Carolina?John Kerr Connally, Thomas Long worth Moore, Theodore Sturdiva'nt. South Carolina?Benjamin Franklin Perry. G^oryia?Thorns Hancock Frierson, Thomas Wm Hooper, Richard Fielder Armstrong, Clif fo'd Boone Waiker Florida?Joseph I>av:d Wll-on. Alabama?Andrew Jefferson Clark, Napoleon Jeflerson Smith. Sardine Graham Strong, Craw ford .Motley Jackson. .Mississippi?Chas. S. Keeney. Thos. Quitman Munce, \\ m Anderson Hicks Louisiana?Wm. Van Comsto' k. Tennessee?John Feeney ilolden, Chas Dun lap Coonev. Kentucky?James Fullerton Fuller, Henry Withers, John Henry Rowland, Daniel Talbot, Ohio?G<*?rge Stidger Lester, Howard Grimes, Adolphus Dexter, Tecumseh Steece, Emery Ma lm. Thomas Corwin Bo wen, Christopher Henry Oith, Rol?e!t Lang McKinley. .>une. Illinois?Win. Henry Marsh, Louis Kempff, Jas. Duncan Graham. Mi-souri? McVeigh. Michigan?Sylvanus Ba< kus Wm. Brewster M art i n IV iscoii-,in?Geo Washington Hayward. Kan?a.s?Horace Edward Mullen. Nebraska?Bartlett Jett'erson Cromwell. The Defaulting Banking Hois*.?We continue daily to receive communications from depositors with the house of Pairo A Nourse, all of which evince the anxiety of the writers to save if poasiMc, the rc.-pective sums they entrusted to those parties. Already we have said all. at present, it behooves us to say. edi torially, upon tho subject. Nevertheless, it is our duty to keep it before the public, to the end of inducing the publication of a full state ment of the condition of their aflairs. and such a change in the deed of trust a* the depositors defire, injustice to themselves. We, therefore, t?>-day publish the two following communica tions : Mr. Editor. The surprise and discontent sterns not to be at ail allay* d by the caid in your puper of the -.iKt ulto , signed Pairo A Nourse. The llrst step towards allaying it should I*- a state ment of the tauMf, or cau?es, which led them to close their doors with ?'?.1W.0UU of depositors' money in their hands. To say nothing of the secret manner In which a conveyance of assets was made, without a con sultation with those who aie as interested as Pairo A Nourse themselves, and have, it is pre sumed. as just a claim to legal pn.tection of their property, let the following questions be answ? red, to counteract "erroneous and malicious reports." Was any run made on your house by deposit ors* Were you unexpectedly called npon to pay any larj,;e sum that you were not prepared for; and, if so. did you make any effort, by loan or otherwise, to meet the pavment and sustain your credit, re lying upon you; solvency which you say is un impaired? If you were not forced to close doors by the de mand of depositors or your inability to meet any large claim, what was the cause of your suspen sion ? * r Till these questions are answered the deposit ors cannot 1* ?ati*tt<d that their property (which, iu many instances, is their all. the earnings of years of severe labor and rigid economy) be transferred to foreign hands, of whose responsi bility they know nothing, and whose relations to one of the Arm of Pairo A Nourse is at least not favorable to his disinterestedness. The moderation and |?alieiice of this commu- J nitv have l**en strikingly illustrated by their calmness while awaiting a statement of which t tnt'tkme is now promised Let thone who re Cognise no rights of others, and feel secure in whatever they may chose to do, remember that forbearance may cease to be a virtue, and justice has claims that cannr-t be di?reg?'ded with Im punity A PaiEXD TO THK DceoSiTORS, AND TO ALL WHO EAKN AN MoSK*T LIVfNC. September ?1, lhi7. F.Uttor of iht Star: Von were right In stating in your Piper, ?ome time since, that there was no run on the Bank of M<8?r?. Pairo A Nourse to cauae their ?ii?|?eiistou. It seems that they have received from drpo?jtora about Sttiu.liuo This sum, then, is sufficient for a moderate and legiti mate banking purpose, without a dollar of their ov?* eapltSVffc t*>r h>Mm*te ttart It font fn1 speculation in Western lands, together with their capital, which is said to have been of no incon siderable amount. Depositor* are anxiou* to know wherfUkia monev went to, the purposes it was used w, and whether there is anv truth in a current repo:t that they had determined upon closing business r.s early as last Spring? Let us have the fkcts of the case. A Sufferer. I __ P. S.?Since the above was n print wc have obtained a oopy of the following circular, yes* terday addressed by Pairo and Nourse to their creditors: to otr* CREDITORS. The undersigned respectfully submit the fol lowing statement of their affairs, which, owing to the amount of labor required, and the many in terruptions experienced, they have been unable to do at an earlier moment. The assets have been examined carefully, in detail, and conscientiously valued at amounts which they ought to realize under ordinary circumstances, and which it is believed that they will ultimately yield. The Item of interest on the bills receivable charged up to maturity, is reduced by such an amount as would be an eqnivalent allowance for the unex pired time at d;ite of suspension. Their liabilities are made up with interest added to same date, so that the statement is Intended to show the stateof affairs ou the Uth September, lfc>57. It has been made up carefully, and is believed to be entirely correct; and if any errors eiist, they are of a tri fling nature, and insignificant as regards the gen eral result. The creditors may rest assured that every effort will be used to realize and distribute the assets as fast as the deranged state of the fi nances of the country will admit. In regard to the many vague reports circulated to their prejudice, and |>articulai ly in respect to their having received deposits on the day l?efore their suspension, they interpose a general denial; and if any of their creditors d*slre further inform ation upon these subjects, and will apply to them, they pledge themselves to give full explanations whenever required. Pairo & iNoi'ksk. Statement of Assets Liabilities of Pairo $* S'curse, S-ptetnber 14, 1857. Amount. Valuation. Kills receivable, per sched ule, complete ?65,411 7^ S58,3^l 41? Interest on ditto C,H21 11 5.000 t.O Bonds, Stocks, Script, Cou pons, Ac 75.0W 5S 43,270 00 Land warrants, unlocated.. 1,3*23 10 1,5*23 10 Do , located on time.. 27,630 75 '27,050 75 Ledger balances,sundry ac counts 15.124 SB 13.475 44 Claims in suit 11,214 9*2 3,(000 Suspended debt 17,620 41 3,000 00 5222.46m 93 !? 155.1-3 7S Cash items 3,070 03 3,970 03 Real and personal estate in the District 29,000 00 29,000 00 C. W. Pairo's interest in estate of T. W. Pairo 7,000 00 7,000 (X) *262,433 13 $195,453 81 Real estate in the West, val ued at 108,000 00 108,000 CO Do., with others?P. &. N.'s interest 110.000 (JO 110,000 00 &180,43"? 96 *113,153 si Total liabilities of every kind, including interest, to this date 195,833 3f? Surplus 8*217,6*20 43 Modern Financiering.?A gentleman put us up to the last Baltimore bank '? wrinkle'' of the times, aa follows. Viz : A customer of a bank has a draft from Ne* York to pay. lie draws ''current funds"?Baltimore bank paper ?from the bank, that being all they will pay, and gets it shaved at 5 per ccntum by a broker. An agent of the bank buys it back again of the broker in an hour afterwards at 4 per centum discount. With such operations in their reach, it is not to be cxpected that banks that have so cramped thcmeelvc? by speculation as that they refuse to pay specie for all demands against them, will "resume" until public opin ion forces that course upon them, or compels them to close entirely their at present but half open doors. The Naval CorRTS of Inqpirt.?Before Court No. I. to-day, the case of ex-Passed Mid shipman Hall still pending. Capt. John Rudd and Commander Geo. F. Emmons were exam ined on the Government's behalf. The case of ex-Passed Midshipman Bohrer (dropped) is to be takeu up next in this Court. Before Court No. 2, the defence in the cases of Li. Bis-ell and ex-Passed Midshipman Gray were rend to-day. When the reading of the latter is concluded, they expect again to take up the case of Lieut. Fitzgerald. Before Court No. 3, the case of ex-Pa sued Midshipman E. A. Seldcn being still before them, Capt. Marston and Purser Wafmough were examined to-day for the defence, and Com mander A. II. JI ar wood and Assistant Surgeon P. Lansdale for the Government. Pre-emption of Town Lots.?Application having been made to the General Land Office to enter certain town lots in Burlington, Irwa. by pre-emption, under the acts of Congress of July 2, ]836, and March 3, 1837, it has been decided, that, as the functions of the board of commissions appointed under the latter law to adjust such claims have ceased, no prc-cmp tion claims to any of the lots in question can be entertained without further legislative ac tion by Congress. U. S Vessels or War heaud from.?The Navy Department have advices from the U. S. steamship Mississippi, Capt. Nicholson, on her way to join the East India squadron She ar rived at the Island of Madeira on the 4th ult., and sailed on the 10th. Also, from the U. S. (ordnance practice) ehip Plymouth, Commander Dahlgreen, at Amster dam on the 9th ultimo. All well on both ships. Lic.BT-norsE Keepers Appointed.?The Secretary of the Treasury has appointed Wm Shaw keeper of the Round Island light-house, Mich , vice Placidus Ord, removed?$3j0 per annum. A1 so. Jas. W Woodland keeper of the light house at Amelia Island, Fla , vice Horace Vaughn, resigned?$100 per annum. Appointed.?J Madison Cutts, Esq , long a clerk in that bureau, has been appointed to be the Second Comptroller of the Treasury, vice J Mr Broadhead, Esq., removed. Mr. Cutts is an old resilient of Washington, where he possesses lota of friends who will rejoice in his promotion. The Commissioner op Indian Affair*? General Denver?reached St. Louis yesterday, according to a dispatch from him received this morning, on his return to his post in this city. Appointed.?Mr. Edward Shaw, of Connec ticut, has beep appointed to be an assistant examiner in the Patent Office; salary $1,600 per annum. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smiihsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a m : October a, 1857. New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C cool, foggy. Richmond cool. Petersburg, Ya clear, cool. Raleigh clearj cool. Wilmington, N . C clear. c< o'. Columbia. H. C ...cloudy. Charleston, S. C cloudy, cool. Augusta, Ga...... cloudy, cool. Savanuah, Ga..... rainy, cool. Macon. Ga clojdy, pleasant. Columbus, Ga.... ..cloudy, cool. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. I.ower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy, cool. Mobile, Ala dandy, cool. At VV asntngton yesterday. 0 p. si., the barome ter was 30.150, thermometer 55*. This morning, at 7 o'clock, the barometer was 90.142, thermom eter 46". The Navesinx Murder ?Since the adjourn ment of the couit we understand that new ev - den e against Donnelly has coma to light. it is said that a clue has been found to the discovery of the dagger, and also to a suit of elothing belong ing to Donnelly covered with blood. The theory is that as soon as he had struck the blow he ran fi st to his 100m, where divested himself of the bloody, which, together with the dagger were thrust into a carpet bag, and the Img and Its contents were then conveyed awav by a friwid he had In the house ?Mo>?moHt/i (N. J.) Dimo unt. By the Niagara at Halifax. The telegraphic a;ent of the associated pre** furnishes the following additional foreign intel ligence by the Niagara: Great Britain.?The Paris Pays says there bas beeu received a privaM letter from London, which slate* that Lord Elgin will soon be ap> pointed Governor General of India, and Lord Canning 1* nominated to another office. The otter of a commission in tkc army to anf qualified parly raiding one hundred recruits, has been withdrawn. An express train from Manchester to London , on the Great Northern Railway, ran off the track and over the viaduct; four |>ersons were killed, Including Hon. Windsor Clive, and a large num ber Injured. The subject of creating an army brigade from the middle class of Englishmen was daily at tracting more attention, and it was supposed that the pressure of public opinion would induce the Government to take the matter np. Messrs. Harrison, Watson &. Co., bankers, in Hull, hare failed?liabilities supposed to be large: A collision occurred between the police and the militia at Limerick on Sunday, the 20th. Some persons were injured, but no lives were lost. Advices frotn Palermo state that the telegraph between Malta and Sicily will be ready by the middle of October, and toe British Government will then only have to lay a cable between Alex andria and Malta to bring Bombay within 15 days of London. The Globe says that the Privy Council have fixed Sunday, the 4th October, as a day for national humiliation and prayer on account of the Indian troubles. The Sultan of Turkey has contributed ?1,000 to the Indian relief fund. Considerable political importance is attached to this act of the head ol the Mohammedan religion. The cattle disease had made its appearance on Kerry Island. Tiik Latest. London, Saturday ?There was a further In crease in the demand for money, both in the Stock Exchange and at the Bank, but not beyond what was to have been anticipated from the near ap proach of the end of the quarter and the largeness of the Government balance. It U stated that within the last few days a large quantity cf maize has lweu sold to be shipped to the 1'nfted Kingdom in the course of the war, in Greek vessels, the price mentioned per quarter, cost and freight, being a considerable reduction f om the price now nominally current in London. In Paris on Friday the funds closed at 67f. 70c. and 6?f. 75c. France ?Napoleon left th** capital, Chalons, on the 'Zfcl; wa* at Strasbourg on the next day, and at Stuttgardt on the '25th. A telegraphic despatch from Stuttgardt gives the foll<?wiug programme of the imperial meet ing: The Kinperors meet on Sunday the 25th. They will give a jrrand banquet on that <lar,nnd an evening party at the Piincess Royal's country seat. On Saturday they will pay a visit to the Hoyal breeding stud at flohenheim. and attend an even ing party at Willhelmschloss. the garden to which renal palace will be illuminated. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will have an assem

bly on the same evening of all the members of the diplomatic cot ps. The festivities will terminate on Sunday by a great banquet at the court and a gala spectacle at thetheatre. The Emperor* will take their departure on Monday morning. The Paris Patrie says the furthering of a com mon spirit of amity and good intelligence between the courts of France ana Russia is the only object of the interview. Inundations in the south of France have been very disastrous The destruction of property un i mmense, and seveial lives were lost, The Em peror contributed 10,000 francs from his private purse for the lelief of the sufferers. The grape harvest was progiessing in the south. The v nt ge was most abundant. The trial of those charged with the committal of frauds on the French railroad had terminated. Parot was acquitted. Grelet was found gnilty, and sentenced to eight years' impiisonment Carpentier and Gueiiu were also found guilty and sentenced to five years" imprisonment. Further more, Carpentier. Grelet, and Parot are reqnired to restore 1.332 shares, and Guerin 1.100. The funeral of M. Mauin was attended by 1,300 |>ersons, of whom mauy were refugees. No fu neral oration was permitted Police precautions were taken, but no trouble occurred Stain ?Mexico has accepted the mediation of England and France in her quarrel with Spain. The conference will be held in London. Notwithstanding the Madrid journals say the ministerial crisis is over, it was rumored that Gen Figuetas was to resign the Ministry of War, and be succeeded by Sesundi; and that several hiuh functionaries at the palace were to be dis missed A royal decree convokes the Cortes for th1* -loth October. Portugal.?Lisbon d.itesare to the21>th. Great excitement existed at the supposed outbreak of yellow fever, although it was asserted that it was only typhoid A \ iciina despatch says that the Emperors of Austria and Russia will have an Interview at Weimar on thv 1st of October. Dknmark?A Berlin despatch says that the separate negotiations between Prussia* and Den mark had been broken off, and that Prussia and Austria had determined for the present not to cirry the attairs of th?- Duchies l>efore the Diet, but to await the repi rental ions of Holstein. The rumors of a French note in favor of Den mark are contradicted. Sweden ?A Sto< kholm despatch of the 21th says that the four e.statcs which form the Swedish Parliament have accepted the King's proposal that tlie Crown Prince should be legent during his illness The proposal met with opposition only from the citizens and peasants. Russia.?A lire at St. Petersburg is reported to have consumed 170 vessels and lighters It is stated that the Kusoiau Government is constructing a large fortren* at Kertch, to com mand the Straits of Yenikale A Berlin letter says the Czar, before leaving St Petersburg, approved the draft of a project for the partial abolition of serfdom, and on his return the project will become a law, and a pro clamation be issued inviting owners to arrange for the liberation of their serfs Letters from St. Petersburg report the reduc tion to a peace footing of the three divisions of cavalry of the Imperial Guard had been accom plished * Turkey ?Omar Pacha is nominated Governor General of Bagdad, a very lucrative post He is charged with the duty of establishing a line of steamers upon the Tigris and the Lower Eu phrates, and with the protection of commerce against the Arabs. Three Russian corvettes were in the Dardan elles. waiting for a firman to enter the Black S?a. These vessels, it |* understood, are intended for aguaid for the ships iu port* designated by the treaty of Paris. It is stated that the Porte, under the pressnTe of events, has come to the resolution of taking the initiative on the question of the Principali ties, and is about to propose an administrative union, extending even to the army. India ?Nothing later has been received f*om India, but the Government dispatches are mo menta! ily expected. The Indian mail steamer Colombo has arrived at Southampton with numerous fugitives from mutinous districts in India. They give a fright ful account of the htate of Calcutta and the upi*r provinces of India. The East India Company announce that they have taken measures to render prompt assistance to all sufferers in India. Five hundred French troops had arrived at Cal i utta from <"hifca to defend French interests at Chandernagore. A doubt Lad been thrown upon the reported mutinies among the Bombay troops iu Dharwar A balailion of French marines would piobably be bent to ieinf??rceth? garrison at Pondicherry. China.?A letter from Hong Kong, received at Paris, says that the U. S. corvette Levant, in order to avenge the pillage by a gang of pirates of an American merchant ship had burned down a village on the Island of Formosa, which the pirates occupied. The Niagara sailed at 12 m ; light north wind and clear; tine at Boston Thursday night. London Money Market. Messrs. Baring Brothers quote money active and rates generally unchanged. The bullion iu the Bank of England had de creased ?30.000. Bar silver 5s 1 '{d; dollars 5s l\d; eagles 76s 3d. Consols closed on Friday at 90 if for money and 90^ for account. American Stocks.?Messrs. Baring Brothers re port sales of American securities unimpoi tant. Bell & Co report the market quiet, with little inquiry and prices very weak, the only change, however, being in Illinois Centrals, which had slightly delined. (.{notations?Illinois Centrals 7's, IHfiO (Free lands) 91a93 ; do. 6's, 1975, tsiaKl ; do. 7's 90Va 91 K. The London Times reports the following bus iness on the 24th: Illinois Central Freelands, 1960,90; do. shares % per cent, disc't; do. 7's, 1775, 90)$; Michigan Central 9's, 1969, bl ; New York Central shaies 71. A Cask or Probabi.k Subtended Animation. On the 2d of October, we published the death of a married lady of this city, which occurred a id denly on Thursday, the 1st In t. The friends of the family assembled on Satur day, the yd. to attend the funeral, but it been discovered etrlyrn that day that the l>odv still preserved its natural appearance, Ifwia ie cided to peiform the services In the house, defe> ling trie burial for the present. The body was aero d ngly removed from th^cofliu to the bed, and now continues in a state or perfer t preserva tion and natural condition, on this the seventh d ly < nc its supposed dreense. The utmost solicitude exist*, of oourse, in t> e family, and every effort is t? in,' ni: de to i?bt natuie '.n the restoration of h? r functions, al though as yet no symptoms of active life have ap peared II would seem to 1* a case for the mo-t extrerre measures to be adopted, lest the pro longed suspension of life may of Itself prove fatal; and yet instances of a pause of weeks in the natu ral powers are said to have been recorded in Eu rope.? Ntyt York Hvtning Pott. _ !1?* following card, which Is responsibly nijrned bf many of the well known ladies of .New York? whose names we omit bv request?that the wives and daughter* city intend to respond to the call frdV Washington, and to create a mr mcHto in htfnor of the gallant conduct of Captain Ilcrndcn, Who preferred to sacrifice his own life, and those of his clBiers and sailors, as well as of his male p?nsrn^i?i?, in order to ie*cue the wo men and children on board th# Central America. N. Y. Erfttn. Mad;un : In answer to the appeal of Mrs. Sarah Magruder. wife of the Mayor of W asliinjilon Citv. the ladies of New YorKlSrill hold a meeting at Niblo's Saloon on Fridav, Octol?er Oth. at one o'clock p. m ., to express th'-ir svmpathv with the widow and daughter of the late gallant Com iiKHloce Herndon But for the brave self-sacri flpe and devotion of that noble oflloer, everv wo man and child must have perished 011 l>oard the ill-fated ship Central America The women and children of New York desire, as a tribute of gratitude. respect and admiration, of conduct so brave and humane, to take meas ures to ra!?e fnnds for the widow and daughter thus bereaved of a husband and falher. Mr. Evarts and others will address the meet ing. You are earnestly and respectfully solicited to attend, and also to extend this invitation to the ladies of vour acquaintance % Signed by ??. Post the Boois.?The condition of the busi ness eommnnity is not unlike that of an individ ual, merchant,' who has invested hl? means in su^ar at fourt?*en cents a pound, nnd is obliged to sell at tea. If his capital will not allow him to sustain theloss, he must fail of course.???tto* Post. ICT Dr. Willam Young, of Dearlleld. N. H , ha* been arrested at Westbrook. Maine, and sent to Exeter jail. He Is charged with committing a rape upou Miss Emerson, daughter of Charles Emerson, of Candia, a lady in feeble health, who was his patient. The circumstance* are said to be of an aggravated character. ?V~=?ACADEMY OF MUSIC.?MR. CROUCH ?L will (ivc another of his interesting Musical Lectures, at thin institution, THIS EVENING. Subject?The History of Mu?ic,and during the eve nine, soma illustrations from his American National Wotk. entitled "Lite in the West." it v^THE CREDITORS of Messrs. Pairo and I Nourse are requested to meet at Mr. Rich arcls's Academy, corner 14th street and New York avenue, on FR1 DAY, 9th inst., at 4 p. ni. no7 21* MANY CREDITORS. -T5=?IiADIES' FAIR IN EAST WASHING TON.?The Ladies of the Khenezer Metho dist Episoopal obarge, ( Rev. William H. Chapman, pastor,) willopen a r AIR at Oild Fellows Hall in Eitfhth street ea*t on Monday eveninr. the 12th in utant, for the hen?6t of their n*w Church. The Hall will t?e handsomely festooned. and an at tractive variety of articles be exhibited for Mle. Withers' Ban<t has been emtaged for the addition al entertainment of visitors each eveningdurin* the t he Ladies respectfully invite their friends and the public generally io favor th>m with a ca.l. Doors will op**n at o'clock in the evening. ami also, after a? a p. m., for the acoommodation ol those who may nnd it uiounvement to be present at night. ? _ , . . Single admission, \1% cents. Season Tickets, ad mitting the purcnaser one week, (if the Fair oontm ues?two works,) W cents. An Omnibus will lew the Ha!! each night at ^ to in o'clock, to convey visitors as far as Sixth street weat and Pennsvlvamaavenue. ocfi-eo COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. Citv Hall,t September IS. 1857. \ ry^paNOTICE TO TAX PA VKRS.-Notiee is L3 hereby given that the Taxes for the year l?J7 are due, and payable at tins ofiiee, and that a deduction of 6 per cent, is allowed hv Inm* for the current year paid on or before the 15th day of Octo ber next. JAS. F, HALIUAL so 17-SawtOcti.S Co.tee'or. v%=?'fH h REV. WM. PI NKNEY.D.D.. having |L "J accepted the call of the \ estry oftbe Church oi 'he Ascension, wu! ejiter upon the duties of his rectorship ?>n SI'N DAY. Octooer llth. Persons desiring Pews in the Church w>II p ease ipply to C. F. HI RLBUR I', Register, Room No. lf\Ve*t Wmt Patent Ofhee. #>????f Y3?'PH1LA D E L P HIA ICE CREAM nlSlJ* r ? per gal! on; PHI I-A DELPHI A CAKES of every wr!??and varietr, at the P HI L AD E LP HI A ir E CHE AM UEPoT. oomer of 12th and F streets. *? 12-1 to he CLOTH H AT iust out and universally ad mired as a Gent's fine dress Hat requires nor-m c unmei.ts, but an examination will guaranty tne^J^ SH10 Also, a new invoice of FRENCH SOFT HATS p*r last steamer. At the Bazaar, corner of 6th street aid Penn.avenue. ur?nifiai? oe 8-eo2w HOI hl"S. FJLEGA \T AND CHEAP RIBBONS. j FROM NEW YORK Al CTIONS. OrKJSEH To Day. 20 boxes beautiful Bonnet Ribiions, to sell from 12Sc to i|1 per yard. in lioxes Black Velvet Ribbons, from 3#'ic to 9* P*r piece. MAXWELL A BRO, ocR 328 Pa. aveni??. I? O K ll"0U N T YE R N O N . Tf" The Steamboat TtlOMAS COLLYER, having heen thorouehly repaired, wnl make regular trips to Mount Vernon, l?nv-, t her wharf, m this ci'v, ?ve^jr* I'ESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING, at 9o'c!k. Durint; the intervening time she will run regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. oc 8 i f IHOMAS B A K F R, C -ptain. \\J M. A. RICHARDSON. If CARD WHITE K AM) SCKIVEXER. KlRKWOOlt lIot'SE. Wonld inform rituens and stranvers, that he con tinues to Write Visiting, Weddiug, Invitation, and at Home Cards. Also, execute Testimonials, Resolutions, Ac., in Ornainenfa' Penmanship. Merchants and others wislun: their B<?oks Posted or Balsneed, Acounts h xaniined. Ac., will find it to their interest to emp o> him. as the requirements of hit family will, in nrmt <^s?*s,enabie hun to lavor them with the trading principle. Orders left at t!??* kirkwo<?l House, or 435 M st., betw ^Mi 13th and 14th ttreets. promptly attended to. _OCH-2t^ A" I BER'S BRITISH POWER IN INDIA, 2 vols , Bvo., I.ondon. Political and Military Events in India, by Major Hounh, Bengal Army, i vo 6.; I^indon. Japoa-Indo-Chme, par M. Duboies de Janciguy, 1 vol.: Pans. Martin's Statistics of the British Colonies, 1 vol., Rvo.; London. The Private Life of an Eastern King, by W illiam Kmzhton. 1 vol.; I ondmi. The Kingdom and People of Siam, hy Sir John Browning. 2 vols.; Lor don. Our Anglo Indian Army, by Capt. Rafter, I vol.; L?>den Memoir of the Bengsl XrtiHery. by Capt. Buckle. Bensal Artillerr, I vol. *vo : l.< ndon. Memoirs and Correspond"nee of the Marquis Wellcsley, succesoively ???r.ernr>r tten^ial and Captain-Genera! of India. 3 vols., Rvo., London. Military 1'perations at t'abul, and the retreat and destruction of the British Army in 18AJ, by Lieut. Eyre Bengal Artillery, I vol. net FRANCK TAYLOR. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. Notice is hereby riven, that the partnership latelv existing l<etwe?n David 1,. Morrison and John H. Freeman, i-roprietors of the " KLIutt House," under the firm of ?? I). L. Morrison A Co.," has been this dar dissolvetW'T muMial oons*ut. All debts owing to the said partnership are to l>e received by the said Freeman and all ?ieiiiaiids on the said partnership are to te presented to him for payment. D.L.MORRISON, J H I HF.E.MAN. Washington, Ortoi>?r 7th, 1W7. Th? undersigned, having rnfeha?e<l the entire in ter- st of h's i*tr partner. D L. Morns'on. in the " Fbbitt House," in- will hereafter conduct it as sole proprietor: nnd he takes th'S occasion to ack?owl edne the liberal encouragement f xtend< d s:nee its opening, and to a<Mire tiie pub'ic ihat through the coining wmtf-r !i? will make incfea.?e?l effort to ren der the Ebbitt House m every ?ay worth* of pat ronage. <;t* ) JOHN II. FREEMA.\. (pLINTO.VS ALCOHOL COOK, for (XK'k'ng ' and heatirg irt?ns, at oc"?-at LAMMON D'S, 7th street. OYS,TOYS, TOYS, of ever\ description, at oc 7 St LAMMON D'S. 7th at ? net. EW JEWELRY. WATCHES. Ac . JUST OPENED. T N WATCHES and Jr.WKl.RY recently lected. we open this day a very larg?'assort ?:M |n addition^to our unu.Miar.^large stock of elegant ^ I ?? large ment of FAS'CY SILVER WARE, suitable for wedding and other presents. We invite particular attention to our present stock, embracing as it does every thing new and elegant in our line. M. W. GAI.T A RRO., oc 7-3t 32t Penn. ave.. bet. 9th and l??th sis. WE HAVK NOW ON HAND AT OUR Warorooms. corner of ltli street and_^n Penn. avenue, and under Caru?i's Saloon t he largest as?ortment of PI ANOFORTES'Ti 1 and MELODEONS, of all description, from the flain"st to the mo>t n agnilicent. Louis XIV. style, rom the celebrated factory of Erard, Rusenkranz. ard Bacon A Raven, which we osn aell at tne most reasonable terms. We lx?ing the only practical Pianoforte Makers in the District, can give satisfaetion in every respect. Persons wishing to purchase a good aiticle are re quested to give us a call We have alsu, on hand, seven second hand Pianos, wlueh we will sell very cheap, to make room for others. NT W. G. METZEROTT. CAST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND SOLD. LADIES AND GENTS' APPAREL. HIGHEST PRICE PAID. Call or address MELICK. 7ti Louisiana ar.. opposite Hay Mmket. N. R.?Waxtkh. a Hand at Repairing, oc viw* JD. HAMMOCK'S RESTAURANT, ? No. Pa. av.. under Willards' hotel. ^ The proprietor i? uow fu ly ^ _ prepared to supply the pub JKrJ / lie with everytlung that the VECQl t various markets will afford,^^2^5 and foro?ustant supplies hia hou?a shall Iw second io none. By giving it his un^ divided attention, he hopes to merit the patronage nf th* Oil bile nt Ur??. ^ * lnl E>SKNGEK. MAKE FOR SALE.-a brown Mare about 15 bands high, veir stylish, flV?^ and a l?ft trotter. Works in single or dou- JqJ* hie harness. Will be sold at a bargain if ?irlf ap^lioatjou n inad^s Irniuira of the uiMiec "SSt*?2i'1 *Uett,^ ^AMta HENNIN?. J^OOK.OTJT FOR THE fflTCVKJtsT" FIRST GRAND COTILLON or TltE Wafhinpton Butcher Club, Ho. 1. The members of the Washington P'tteher?" Club take pl?aaare la imnMBt to they M friends and the public general<y. thst their Hirut Gba^D Cotii.lo* P??TT wt!! tsfceJ^? Car* at Northern 1 |)?rtie? Ua,..oc THURS-L??&% AY, October IS. 1137. Waal er'* Cotillon Band has t.een engaged for the oeeesion. Tioxeta FIFTY CENTS? arimittingaOenUeinar and l.vjy?to l?? had from any member of the Club, oral the door on the eveuinf of the Party. By order of tin octt-V COM. OF AWRAXKKMEVTO Q D D FKLLO WS* HALL. s i (? n oiThli tz. CROWDED HOICKS. IN PARALLELED SUCCESS. Performs i>o*s F.VF.KY E VKNINfe. at * ?nart*r toeight. and <?a WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at taalf-paat three o'dock. en. bracing THE LEARNED CANARY BIRDS. VENTRILOQUISM. SPIRIT RAPPING, ANDNATURAL MAGIC. Admisoion45 cents ; Children 13 cents. <x 7 ? A R U ? I ' S SALOON. The subscribers are informed that the oast Soirea will take place on FR) DAY EVENING next, the loth instant. Persons wishing to subsorihe will had aliat at Metxerott's Music Store, corner of lith atreet aud Penn. avenue. L. Caarsi's Dancing Academy la now open for pupils. J, ? wet COIKEE DANS ANTE. PROF. H. W. Ml NilKK takes great pleasure in announcing to his fr:enda and natrons. that ffX the first Soiree of theseaaon will take p arent iaHf his Hall, oorner 9th and D streets, on WKD-/^? NE?DA^ EVENING, Octol?er 7tl?. iktt, at LiJSk * o'clock precisely, and continue every Wednetdav throughout the season. 'I'heae Soirees nave always entovedthe repataiion of heme the moat social and agreeable entertain meuts of the kind ever Riven in W ashington citjr. ano Prof. 1W. will ende?ror to render them do4My attractive by the introduction* f msnf new and twnii rilu1 Dances, which will pr.n e very instructive to those who favor in is* w 'h th"ir rm.ste. <?cwtl?men can obtsi/i season tickets, upon verr reasonable terms. oy making application a' the Mali on Ti*nday and Thursday evening from 7>* until S'? o'c'oek. nc 5-tf WANTS. 4 nrspPCTABLE YOUNG WOM AN \ f^HM.^ToCook. ar.1 Iron for .iWM familr and ran come well recommend^!. Apr '? SoitS hStweer. 13th and lath stre*.s. It amy ANTED?A GERMAN t, IR L to do ?enena W HoK?ork. APP f .1 No. X * s rMj. near the Capitol. Noue naed apply un ess * e l.rfc SMALL HOUSE WANTED?In a central loot tion, conveniently arranged, oor.tvno.g R or '0 rmpiDK. and supplied with gas. Address H.Temnt. Box t>. Star Office, immediately, statin* rent aixi all particulars. It* WANTED.??3"?> lu Washing <>n Ci'y or Vir ginia Currency, which will be returned by in stalments of S.vtper month, in go!'4. Address Box 531. City Post Office. oe B-3t Uf ANTED?Ry a respectable WOMAN.* sit ua tion as first rate Cook. One who understands her business perfect!*. Best of City references given. Address *? M. K." at this office. oc 7 WAFgf W A N I E D immediately.?Twenty S\o ? ? GIRLS to do Embroidery on linen and ojttoa. The best of prices paid. None but good hand* need apply. Samples of w->rk required. Apply at 2?i lr Mr?w?*. between 17th and lath >ts. ??c 7-1 w \\JANTED.?Two fo,?d SHOW CASES ?A*.? wf one having them for sa e will find an immedi ate purchasers by leaving word at this office. oc *-a* WANTED ?A good Dining-room SERVANT. (Colore!' and two Female Servants. Inquire of S. PR ENT1SS, Columbia College, Uth street. oC7-2t* ll'ANTPD.?One or two unfurnished ROOMS, " near Penn. avenue, wh*re there nrs n?> hoaiil ?rs and lu other lodgers. Address Box IS, Star Of fice. ? e * 1\7 ANTED? In the lamily ofa gentleman rescUiu/t two miles from the city. a good plain COOK. Ore wh?> can bring rec?mmendat'on? for skill, hon esty, and clean.iness will find ag<>od situation and regular wages. Appiy to J. P. CRL TCHETT. c?r ner of 6th and D streets. jj 15 tf LOST AND FOUJTdT 0,)A REWAR I>.?Lost, iest evening, near Ten a^ytown. on th* pike, a POCKET BOOK, 'tontaining ?1W? in bilie, om the Bank of the Val ley, Winchester pa?abie in Chnstiausl-urg, Vs. The above reward will he given to the finder if he hand it to the owner, or leaves it at T?nal|? town Gate. Address J. S. NELSON, oc 8-^t Rockviile, Md. O 1 f| REWARD.?Stra>ed away, on Tu^srtsy '* IU lakt, three COWS. One a !*rre^*??|? d*-k co'ored ISufTalo. and one at lack Cf.w, with a white face and lielly, and the other red and white speckled Cow. The at?>ve reward will l<e paid for their delivery to me ou G street, be tween ?d and 3d sts. oc8 2t* TERENCE O'BRIEN. f OST.?Either on I .ouisiana aveime or 7'h street, Im pair of GOLD SPECTACLES. The finder will be suitably rewarded if left at this office. oc7 St 0,> R EW A R D.? (.out, this morning on E street, O ? or ?long Twelfth street, a BILL on t: e Lank of tlieValley, Virgil n. The finder will re c> ive the above reward l>* returning It a* Mr*. Leu ox's on E stre? t, lietwcn Tenth ai.d Eleventh. oc7-3t _ _ _ I OST?Some It wo weeks aco, in the street?a j >nrge old-lasTiioned GOLD SEAL, with a p aia gold face?no st??n? :n it. Being n fainil* rel?c. it is of it-eat value to th? owner, tli??Bgh of littl* intrin sic Worth. The finder will confer a great obligation k) npp'ying to the S'ar ofh for a<ldre?s < f the owner, who will pay a reasonable reward for its re ?urn. oc7-3t peech. c^nt ar.d low crowned lur hat. I will give the ab?>v? reward if taken in a free '?'tate. giro if taken in the District of Colum* ia. |.yi if taken in Princ* tieorse ?.r Charles Cvuuties, and securfd iniail so that I get him again David Vol NO. oe 7-it* Prince Oeorre Coutity. Md. e>(} R KWAR D ?Stolen, on last Saturday night, during market h<Htri< from the Northern Market,* small. r.? s tpnn; WAGON, paint?M g?cii. Tt? a|y>ve reward will oe given if left at my residene*. No 9th Btreet, Iwtween H and I streets. oe3-Si" CH \Rt.KS ULLRICH tjTRAVED OR STOI.E~N-FIYE~lMH.LARS ? ?KWARD?Frun the subscrilier, on^rj^-H* Sunday, Sept ??ih, a *pott#?u white andxfa^r^ ^ark red COW.wnh wht'e face, while b*l AbJLm ly. white hips, and the shell of the right horn off. Has a mark ir one or both ears. The abeve reward will he paid if returned ?o me on Mil street ea?t, near corner of south B street oc*-3t* leonidas SCOTT BOAKDINO, ( GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES and I single Gentlemen citi be acw^modated with Bit A K D and pleasant ROOMS, on the s-ecor.d fl >or. bv ap?>l? ing at No.C5 Missouri avenue, i*tweee 5d and 4K street!. oc?6t"_ HOARDING.?Two large f: OO.MS for rent.?Oa? furnished as a sitting r< om. Also, two large-" S'ged single Rotuns, in suit?^ or separate. l?i?AKI> it df sired. Situation ceniial and denrab'.c. App v at No 4)iR lhth ureot, Mw*en D arvi fc.. ocS-lw QYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS V! one price to Regular customers. I would respectfully inform my custotnera of la>t winter a .d the publi", tb^t I have com menecd opening <?t?'rs for ttie sra?oti (J BUY YOUR OYSTERS OF MP., and ) ou *r" certain to g.-t th-* b???t that - the waters afford, for they are n??t cuHed over for cooking and th?? box, as I do not krep an eatisg hwUke.Diit sell to private families r!, i.e. REMEMBER LAST SEASON! I was the onlr dealer who had a surely of Oysters e?ry Hay of the great Irp-n-. Sli? ild navigntion olose this vear, I nave mad? srrai.gen.i nts to supplv those wlm deal from the beginning, without any ad vance in price. Oysters in the shell, or opened as ordered, and sent to am part of theoity. SAM'L. T.DRURY. oc7-2t* corner Pa. ave end 14th street. yyATER-COLOR DRAWINGS. TAYLOY k MAUR'S l>eg to nj"onnM, tl at, in xccoruapce with the wishe* of niim* rous persons inlerestetl m the l ine Arts, they intend rafflinc a portion of the exquuite Water color Drawings now in their possession. Yalm* Aster's Cove near 'l'orguai, Devonshire Coast, England -...... ?? #I7S "0 An English Farm - ? Sinn North Coast o'" Cornwall. ??. 4> d Dismantled Mups no Holy Isle from the Is e of Man 25 t*> Total ? ?s? ?? Fire pnxes?Six tf-three chanoea, at f > eaoli. Chanoes to l>? paid for wnon taken The Pictures on view at TavlorA Maury's Book it ore. and Messrs. Gait A Brother'* Jewelry Estab lishment. j'iM? raffle to tike plaee Oet??l^r 31st. oc 7 at HEAP EMBROIDERIES FROM AlC TIONS. #L . Just reoer'ed from auctions, a Urge l??f of mm, iorne Eotbroideriea, wb ch we shall offer at reduced ?rices. In the lot we name? k*> yard* rich Cambric Flour-cine*, with stripae four yards long, for lad es' skirts. Rich Collars, sleeves, with sets to match. A Lao, tt picoes white figured Pi*ue Cloth. i do with Canto:. I Ir.anel backs, veiy deairaaje for Chrdren's C'oeka and Capes. ?0 Worked Di i.ity Bands, one yanrl lor*. ^ Weack the special attrntM>n of the ladieeteMie tbo*e k<M>d?,aa taey sre 't'Cided f>argaiiis. COLLh\ A SfcAKff. ACS Seventh street, third dow ewtfi oe S eolw feaa.areaa#.