Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1857. NO. 1,474. THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOOff, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner of Pa. avenue and hlevei tk ftrtot, By W. D. WALL ACH. end is Mrr?J to subeorihert by earners at 91X AN D A MlARTKR CKNTS. parable weeki/ to tha Assets ; papers served in packa?es at 97X aants par Bwotti. To mail subeorbere tha subscription priae u THRUM DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS year t? aJt-aair, TWO DOLLARS for six ?tonka*, vnd ON fci DOLLAR for three months; for teas thu three months at the rata of L2*4oentse ETWNGLH COPIES ONE CENT. oommend to those of oar readers who hare enjoyed the rich treat of seeing John "wens. Barton, or the lamented Charley Burke, in tha part of 41 John Pater,'' tha following version of? POOR PI LLICODDY. fFoanded on the popnlar theatrical play of that name J John Pater Pillicoddy was a seedsman and florist in Southampton. England Within the sh^p where be transacted his business were ??eus. and rooU. and dowers, without number: over which Sarah, the smarte-tof shop girls, presided with much dignity Behind the shop was a garden, with no end of plants and dower trumP*>7 Within this garden. Mr Pillicoddy. watering-pot in hand, presented hiiu*<-lf one fine morning. -Past si j o'clock. I declare!" he exclaimed, looking at the clock through theopen shop-dooi'; "I d no idea it was so late; I may say I thought it was earlier I'pou my life I don't know how it in >>ut time passes so agreeably when one happen* to be married. I don't know whether that s the general opinion; but my experience, and I hare been married six months, warrants mc?I might say authorise* me?publiely to repeat my observation, that time passes so agreeably when one happens to be married.'' " I'm glad to see you watering the plants. ?r; it begtus to look like old time* again. 'said ^arah. the shop-girl, earning to the door, ai d smoothing down her apron with both hands as shop-girls will. I certainly went ont into the grounds for that P<>rp<M?. >arah,' returned Mr. Pillicoddy, but by the time I had half finished the job. I suddenly discovered, upon looking into the watering-pot. that I had entirely forgotten the water, which water is, I believe, generally^if not universally, acknowledged to bo an imno7 taut auxiliary in the operation of watering.'' " Ah, st," sighed Sarah, with a despooling shake of the head, --that shows you were think ing ol something else. I d give a whole year's wages to see you standing behind that counter ?gaia. with your apron on, serving oat seed* " Pm'h-Vi0B 7'"'J;"rah in ^. replied Mr. Pillicoddy. briskly. ?^ou wouldn t grudee yoar master, your indulgent master, a little occasional relaxation ?" No; bat the little occasional relaxation you speak of has been going on for the last six **"? " I'm aware of it, Sarah. When I married 1 put this question to myself?and I pat it se riously, t>arah?? Shall I attend to my busi ness, or to my pleasureAnd I unhesitat inglydecided in favor of the latter, anl I felt taat I could devote myself to my present career or innocent dissipation for the remainder of tnv existence without a murmur." 4?v Ywf'11 eir' Sarah. but I m at raid you indulge missus a leetle too much Perhaps I do. t?d Mr. Pilliooddy. with the air of one perfectly content to let thine* remain as they were whether right or wrong I erhaps I do, but I can't help it; Mrs Pilli coddy has such a winning way with her. I as sure you that her playful manner of directing my attention to a new shawl or a new dress in a shop window, must be seen to be appreciated And then when I purchase the article in que*, tion her style of saying ? thank ye'a ? she says ai I ? M ,f ,ba rw*,,3r meant thank >u. A j, sarah. you don t know what it is to have a younj wi&?!" '^^7-?nd what's more. I'm sure I never returned Sarah, triumphantly, evi dently much satisfied with the reflection that it was morally and physically impossible for her ever to know anything of the sort. - Don t be sure of anything, Sarah; there s no knowing what may happen Look at me; wasn t I notorious f..r my any antipatbv to the matrimonial state "* \ cn, but that was before you saw Mrs. Pil lioodly. Ah, she certainly was a bloomin* young widow?" " Sarah' ejaculated Mr Pillicoddy. with a ?tart, and considerable elongation of counte have 1 10,(1 you never to allude to Mrs Pillicoddy's former state. It's paiutul to me?distressing to me; the Very word ? widow' puts my flesh nil of a creep, just a* if tnere were several rakes being ilrawn backwards and forwards over my body?up and down my back, especially " i-i m 8ure- *ir. if I had known you didn t lika her to be called a widow, I would nt have called her a widow. And yet, if she had nt been a widow you could'nt have married ^*jowT?7 l,rother Tom marriod a widow, poor / _ mean by 'poorfellow ?' " aak ?d Mr. Pillicody. sharplv " ^by. because he turned up azain " " * our brother Tom ?" No; t other chap." ^O, t'other chap "[said Mr Pillicoddy. pain 10rested ? May I inquire how this hi- ! dividual you designate as 41 other chap was" " ?Hhy, the first husband. He was a sa,lor. and everybody, brother Tom included, thought him sate and snug at the bottom of the sea ?But as I said bet .re. up he turned, for all that. i>y thc-by. misaus s first husbajid. Capt. 0'Seat tie. WAS Supp,?ed to be drowned, wasn the?" u U> k* Jru*n?d !"' exclaimed Mr. Pillicoddy. ?? \V hat do you mean by tupuvsed t"> je drowned ' Ho nun drowned?very much drowned; the shi,. went to piece* in the chops at the channel, and .so did be " But they n*v*r found him asked Sarah with much affected mnj.licity No he wassocointortable and entirely lost, that they never coutrived to fish up the small est particle of him. ' T fhey sail about brother : Tom ? wife s first husband ; but, nevertheless, I as I said n?fore? ' pni,4>K 7?Ur *on^ue Sarah"' shouted Mr. Pillicoddy. pushing Ler into the shop and clo sing the door ?? He turned up ?g.?'n !" he eja._ulated, tramping afiout the garden in a Li'ii state of excueneut 41 A man universally 1 believed to have l.?atod himself for the remain , Lh among the ca;kles and r>erri wmklcs at the bottom of the sea. that man furnei up again Totally regardless of the inconvenience that beiuust'have known would *'|?. fe^ppearance. that man calmly and deliberately turne-l up again' Supp,se mv ' wife s first husband should take it Into his head to follow the aoaurd example set by Tom s wite s first It won t bear thinking about? and yet the thing s impossible * I appeal to any one. Fifteen months at the bottom of the sea, and then turn up again; heeoutd nt do it! Then, on the ofber hand, it's just pinsible that he may be floating about still, clinjrinz convulsively to the main top jib. or the jib main top. waving his handkerchief, end frantically shoutiug for, on the very summit of one of the masts Sometimes I tancy be may h?ve been washed ashore on some desert ialand, where, at this very moment, he may be wander ing about like Kobinson Cru*>e, with his um i>ivlla, and his parrot, and his man Friday tiy-the-by, wouldn't Mrs Crusoe have been wan anted in marrying again '?wouldn't she ,lia,c be.n pertc^tly j istificd in setting her el."' d<>wn as the disconsolate widow ot the late Kob Esquire ' Of course, and so was riilic^djy perfectly justified in Consider ing that she h^d loet her Scuttle And yet that wietched mariner haunts me ln-rpetually I oreamed about him last night. I thought he eiuae to my bed-side, stuck all over with sea weed ar.d barnacles, with Neptune's pitch'oik in one hand and his marriage certificate iu the other, anl demanded his wife. O, murder it w .n't bear thinking of > I'll go and aee ahi.nt tUei! lifV UiUliOt Lr IDJ bcluYtfd 91 And he rushed hurriedly out of the rarden ? Mr Pilliseddy' Mr Pillie^ldy* j exclaimed that gentleman s spouse, hastily eutering the fwu-* i*" closed the gute behind him ' why, I thought he was berf, I u sure I njaid a voice,' she continued looking about her in surprise -Who can that lady be. oominjr down the road ' As I live, it's my sister Julia.' , '" Anas tana Piilieuddy !" ejacnlated sister J uue, in a tone of voice that showed oat of the common was to pay. aa with acarpet bag in on? hand and a big green umbrella in the other, she charged into the garden and at her sister. i% Au&stasia Pillicoddy, look m% io the face and tell me if I don't look the picture ol misery ?" VV by. Julia, what can be the matter ?" said Mrs. Pillicoddy, anxiously. "Sit down and ex plain." 111 Witt," returned sister Julia, seating her self on a bench by the sida of jMrs. Pillicoddy. ''It's just lour years ago. Anastnsia Pillicoddy, since you and I got up one cold ?*rosty morning and walked to Gosport church, where wo were severally united in the bonds of matrimony to the men of our hearts ; you to Captain Fitzpat riok O Scuttle. and I to his second cousin. Cap tain Fitzgerald O'Scuttie. At tho end of three years your husband disappeared in a gale of wind. and left you a widow. I wish I could say the same of mine " Mrs. Pillicoddy intimated that sue was shocked. 44 You tbiuk tho expression too energetic; wait till you have heard tho atrocious particu lars. When my husband sailed on hi* last voyage, a year ago. I requested. as a particu lar favor. to bo allowed to accompany him. He ' objoetod; the Lively Polly sailed without me, and my husband said he should return in six mouths ; at the end of that time. I got a letter from him. saying he shouldn't ba ba.-k Quito so soon Three mouths more passed, ami I got another letter, saying that he had been de tained by contrary winds and strong currents ?very convenient things. these contrary winds and strong currents. A whole year passed, and I was gradually becoming tolerably com fortable in my indicted state, when, yesterday morning at breakfast, news was brought me that tho 'Lively Polly had been signalled ofl tho port. Of course 1 went into extaoies, but they didu t last long; I had no sooner heard of the Lively Polly's safe arrival, thau in.came tho mate of vessel, whom u?y husband had sent on shore. He had two letters in his hand, one for me. and the other for an intimate friend of my husband's. I offered to deliver it; I took it and?" 44 Opened it interrupted Mrs Pillicoddy. "Decidedly opened it: The eontenta para lysed mo ! ihtrre s tho letter?devour its con tents!" ?'Dear Tom,'" began Mrs. Pillicoddy, taking the letter from her sister, and reading aloucT "\es, tho letters addressed to Captain ThoniaaTrumpct?sorno marine monster 1 never heard of. Hut never mind the first part; come down to the P. 8." " Postscript," continued Mrs. Pillicoddy, reading. ?? [ forgot to mention that I have brought Jenny with me?the dear little crea ture 1 told you about. Now, my dear Tom, you must take charge of her for the present, aa my wife iam( be kept entirely in the dark, yon understand7" '? ell, Julia. I must confess that your hus band's conduct is suspicious, and I should advise you to return to Portsmouth immedi ately and demand an explanation." " \ ou advise mo to see the wretch again !" eicla;med Julia, vehemeutly. k*iIow, I should like to inquire, do you suppose bo can satisfac torily explain such a thing a3 this? No, I'll not go back !" ? l>ut I am afraid you cannot remain hero. Mr. Pillicoddy s notionsof femalo propriety aro so scrupulous, that I in suro he woula severely blame your conduct in leaving homo. I think, however. 1 can find tho accommodation you re quire at the bouse of a friond of uiina." u0 thank you !" returned Julia, embraoing her sister. 44 Ha ' some one is coming." 44 Then step into this room, and I'll rejoin you immediately, saidMrs. Pillicoddy, showing her sister in at one door and herself out at another, about h%!f a second before the somebody that was coming actually did come. [to bu co.xTiMuitn.] is the time when gold dol lars are hid in old stockiugv Now is the time when sixpences are tuckcd away in snub nosed teapots. Now mont-v is laid away in cup boards?for mice to nibble; thrust iuto corners? for thieves to rummage ; carried in wallets for pickpockets to grab at; hid behind tho wood work?for the next generation to find; und bu Tied in the ground to bo l?>st ami forgotten. Now men rusb frantic to draw cash out of safe places and put it into unsafe ones. Now poor tamilies lose five per cent, for the purpose of having their saving* where they will keep them awake of nights. Now farmers hang updo posits in tho pouch behind the door ; house wives sew up gold pieccs in tho skirts, and travelers weigh themselves down with body bells ol coin. Now the unprofitable servant who had his talent in a napkin is canonized into a bright and shining scriptural example, while those who 44 put their money to the ex changes' are looked suspiciously uj>on. as rash speculators iu Jewish fancy stocks. Now all money i? distrusted but such as can be heard to chink Now men privily put all their cash under lock and key. and then publicly lament that it has ceased to circulate. Now men with Well fillef pockets refuse either to pay their debts or U> forgive their debtors. Now the butcher must wait aud tho baker must go un paid, and the printer must be put off for the nineteenth time. The era of hoarding has come round again with all iu> blind, unreasoning fears, and all its solf-imposed curses of poverty, idleness, distrust anddecuy.?Atfmny Journal. Carf. or the Kves ?So many women com plain of weak eyes, that we have thought it wise U> give some directions as to reading and writ ing. by which the sight may be preserved unin jured Observe, then, that the light should nevar bo allowed to fall full on tho paper, or on tho eyes of the reader or writer, but to tho left side; for thou the eyes are not annoyed with tho shadow of the pen. as will be the case when the lijjbt comes from the right side. That writ 1 g tries the eyos more than reading, is a p >pu iar error ; an I, in writing bluish paper is better fc>r the eyes then *>ure white. When the eyes feel fatigued, buthing them in cold watT will b^th strengthen uud revi\e them In reading great reliet will be found if the eyes are turuol from the book to some soft and harmonious eol ora Brilliant colors, therefore, iu paper or paint should not be chosen tor a librarv or sitting r>oin. whether either reading, writingorsewing isgoiogon. For sewing, that peculiarly femi nine employment, is quite as trying to the eyos as study; and fine sewing at nighrt is really very injurious, and should always be avoided impossi ble Generally, the eyes i-hould be used, in all theso occupations as much as can bo, in the morning. Ground glass shades, at night are bad. as they deaden the light too much; tho c .iiim -n papor shades, which concentrates the light downwards, is better?l)r Dafttr. Kissiso akd Be%*k ix Khtvu?[Exhort from a J*ovr LrU*r\?I'm tbiukiug of tho time. Kate, wbeu sitting by thy bide. and. shelling boaua, I gazed on thee, and felt a wondrous pride. In silence leaned we o'er the pan, and neither spoke a woid , but the rattling of tho boaiii Kate, was all the sound I heurd Thy *1 u n curls hung down, Kate, and kissed the my cheek , azure evej half tilled with tears be S|*'ke a spirit meek, io be ao charmed as I was then had ne'er before occurred. wLen the ratthn/ of tho beans. Kate, was all the sound I heard. I thought it aas not wrong. Kate; s??. leaning o'er the dish, aa y..u snatched up a lot of b -an* I snatched a nectared kisa. And a sudden shower made my eyes blind, and I neither saw nor stirred ; but the rattling of the beans, Kate was all the sound I heard. The Gisri i* Fkanit.?t'uder the perse vering use of sulphur on tho vines for several 1 years in succession, the grape disease in France seems to have bocomo extinct. The Paris cor- | respondent of the New York Journal of Com merce, under date of September 10, says: ? Throughout the vinegrowing departments tho main difficulty is an adequate supply of easks and bottUa, of which the prices are consequently i too high Wo cannot remember a year in which oar froit market exhibited greater plen ty variety or superior quality." . 4 OFFICIAL. Trkascry Dkpantmkxt, I September 28,1837. S NOTICK 19 JIRREBY GIVEN to the holders of stocks of the Un led State* that tin j Department will purchase auoh certificates ae shall be received here, duly assignod to the United States, previous to the 1st day of November next, at the rates here tofore offered and paid, viz: 10 per oent. premium on the loan of 1812; 16 per cent, premium on loan* of 1847 and 1848 ; and C per cent, premium on Texas indemnity 5 per cent, stock, together with the interest aocrued in each oftse 1st July. Certificates of stock reoei vod here on or after the 1st day ol November, until further notice shall be given, will be purchased at the following rates, viz: 8 per oent. premium on the loan of 1842; 14 per cent, premium on the loans of 1847 and 1848; and 5 per cent, premium on Texas indemnity 5 per cent, stock, with the accrued interest payable there in. respectively. Where certificates of stock inscribod and trans ferable on the books of the Treasury shall be ro ceived here. Assigned to the United Stat03, between the 1st Docdmber, wnen the transfer books will be cosed. end the 1st January, when the half yearly interenf is pa> able, tho accrued interest for the half year must bo expressly assigned to tho Uluted States by I ho stockholder, as uo interest for toe currcnt half year can bo included in the settlement, but the same * ill bo payable by the Assistant Treasurer on the interest schedules as heretofore. In all eases the purchase sums will be settled in favor of the lawful la lder of the stock, who shall assign it to the United States in tho mode prescribed by the regulations of assignments of stock ; and re mittance will l?e uuule of the amount by draft on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New York, or Phi'adolphia, at the option of the party iu whose favor tho settlement shall be made. One day 's addi tional interest will bo added from tho dry of roceipt here for the draft to be sent bv mail. HOWELL COBB, so 25-dtf Secretary of the Treasury. FOR RENT AND SALE. A RM FOR SAI.E.-A pier, of fine I.AND on Hook Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Be?tor, Nowlee, Hohrer, and Hawkins, U2)*aores. A lieautifu) looa tion ; partially improved; new house; 13 acres rich oresk bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It oan be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those whodesireto ptirohase. je 4-tf F^OR BENT.?A modern built HOUSE, cowain mg 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, iu a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view ofthe citv, the river, and Georgetown. It ha* sag through out ; wafer and bath-room. Toaoaroful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4<M 1 street, sec ond door from Urh street. i* 24-tf A KNV'S CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE. V Tli'U well known and establishment is now offered lor Sale, thus presenting ? rare opportu nity for a good Coufeotioner to enter luto a sale and portable business. Possession can l>e had 1st No veiuber. The three-story Brick House, now occu pied as atiove. is ottered at private sale, or will be rented or leased as may l>e desired. For particulars inquire on the premises, No. P.4 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C., or to WM. BR II)GES, 313 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, au 27-tf FM)R RENT.?The STORK-LOOM No. 516 7th street, immediately opposite the office of the National Intelligencer, ami now occupied by W. Clendemn at a Boot and Shoe Store. Possession given the itith Ootober. For terms, Ac., apply to 7iKO. w. CDOHR A N. n?x t door. s? 21 -tf I.MJR R KNT?The two comfortable and oonveni r ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent.are now undergoing complete re pair, and will b? for rent on the 4tli of Auzuft. Tho Mouse* are Very desirable, particularly to rijcnts haviug children to educate. Apply to JOHN L. Kl DWELL. Hish street. Usorwlnwn. j* 27 Stoves, <kc. MC . WOODWARD'S ETROPOLITAN STOVE AND GRATE FACTORY. The Greatest Cooking atoves in the Untied States. I have just received from Philadelphia a few of the new Rising Star, or double Oven Cooking Stove; a decided improvement on tho old Morning Star ; patented 1857. I had them got up in Philadel phia this last summer, exclusively for this market. They are very heavy and strong, and east ofthe vory best Pennsylvania Malleable Irou. All the Cooking Ctei.siis are made extra heavy. F. II. Church, Esq., manufacturer. I have also, The Liuxrtt Star, made by Messrs. Abltott A l.aiireno?* of f he same place. Tim I.IOHT Stkrkt Doiui.k Oven Cook, made by Messrs. Haivan Bartlert A Co.. Baltimore, together with the ver> best Air Tight Flat-Top Cooking Stoves that can bo found iu this oraqy other market, some ofwhichare the celebrated SrNfcTRF., Improvrp ? >lobk, Flora Cook, Noblh Coot.anu the Blck Rirx5k Air.-Tiuhc Cook. If any man can produce a better Cooking Stove, to excel the a!>ovo Stoves, for roasting, baking, Ac., I will give him Jf "Xion each one. Piease oa<l and examine them, it will eost you nothing. and \mi will see all kinds and lorts of Stoves, 4 c. For sale at C. WOODWARD'S, Metropolitan Stove and Grate Factory, No 318 and 322 Pa.ave., I?et. lftti, anH 11th sts. Balcony in Frout full of Stoves. N. B. As to the Sfa Shell put top Cooio*o Stove I'have examined it thoroughly, and think it has a very appropriate nime?Shkll. Yes, shells will burnout in a lew fires. It is a good name for them -good for the makers. And as to the old Morn ing Star. I sold them Isst ftll, but will not sell them asain. They are as thin as pasteboard. 1 oan prove that tho maker's agent urged me, for almost s day, last summer in my counting room to sell them this Fall; saying that if i would take twenty-five of them he would five me the exclusive agency ofthem for fi v years. I told him f would not have them at any price, they are so thinly made. Thev are hand billed over town tiy one th"t said last fall that they were not worth having. All tiie above 1 oan prove. so 17 tf J__ __ j^TOVES! GRATES'! RANGES!!! The largest stock of Stoves, Grates, Ranges, and Hot-Air Furnace* ever offered m the Dis rict of Columbia, and at the lowest market prions, can b? found at the Washinrton Store, Tin, and Sheet Iron Mannlurinri/.f S. E. corner Per.nsyIvanu avenue and llth street. Study your interest and oall and ex?mineat No. 3i7. seW-?>oltn P K O I T K I N~gT C. WOODWARD'S M ET R opol IT A N M'< (VE AND GRATE FACTORV, jVo.318 Pa, avenue, between log A and se3-eo3m UfA streets. ^oods for Virginia bank notes. n*?ii nu & ( R. 11. MILLER. son A CO.. will sell all descriptions of ft ll I N A , GLASS, andl Ol EENS WAKE. GAS FIXTURES,i Ac., 4 c , at their u*aal regular low prices.S with a discount of five per cent, for rash as heretofore, and receive in payments notes of any of the Virginia Banks (except the Bank of Kanahwa) at par. Any and all debts due them, can be paid in the same currency, with thanks to such of iheu debtors as choose to avail themselves of this prop osition. Alexandria, Sept.29,1R57. 80 jyoTlCE TO SPORTSMEN. Just reocived, and keeps: o.mstantly on band, a large supply of tnel>est quality of GtN POWDER, SHOT, and CAPS. Cheap for oash only. JONAS P. LEVY, se 52 Jj No. 354 IVth strnet. corner of B. TVTOTICE.?The following Money will be taken at these rates for Groceries, Wines, and Liquors : CitT at Par Baltimore at 5 per cent, disoount Virginia at 6 per oent. discount Philadelphia at 10 per cent, disoouut State Hanks of Nov York at e per oent. disoount Eastern Banks at 10 per oent. discount At No. 5&4 12th street, corner ol B. so .10 tf JONAS P. LEW. WHEN I WAS IN BOSTON IMS1 \\ EEH I purchased very low for cash, twelve very good second-hand PI \NOS. ranging iu price from Son to ?'2"*', * hich I i.ffer very low for sale or rent, at our Estensive Piano Warerooms, Peitn. avenue, between 9Lh and lUtb streets, o#t F. ELUS. Bka m i s. 1 60 bushels PEA N UTS for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, se 1 If V4 12th street, oorner of n J J A M^! II A M S !I HAMS 1!! We have a chciee lot of Family-cured HAMS, Whiohare unsurpassed in excellence. K I N<i A BI RCH ELL, _*aj4 Inwisr of Vermont avenue and 1.5th street. LJ. midulkton, ICE DEALEF, Office and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and 12th Streets. Waahinston. ap li-tf ^?LOTHB, CASS1MERE3, AND VEs*TINGS. In store, a full stock of Black. Broirn, Blue and Green Cloth, Rlaok Doe-akin and Fancy oolored Cassimors, Velvet, Silk and Satin Vestinge Customers may rel| coi getting good Goods,and al the lowest pnees. >VM. R. RlLF.Y, ?e 15 lm eorner 8ib at,, opto. Qen?re Market, Vocal and Instrumental Music. MUSICAL CARD. Prof. A. F. J.ITTLE takes pleasure in announc ing to his friend* and to the oitirans of \\a hington, Alexandria, and viounty, th<*il ho is prepared to reoeiva pupils for the' - Pianoforte, Guitar, Flute, and other instruments. Orders left at the Muaio Store ol Mr. Metzerott, Washington, D. C., nnd the Music Store of Mr. Parrot, Alexandria, Va., will meet with prompt at tention. Residence, Dr. Hunt's, 301 Ponn. avenue. *a a atawlm MRS. CECILIA YOl NG will resume h^r leu sons 10 Vocal Music eitherin classcs or private pupils, oj Thursday next, October 1st. For terms, Ac., appiy at No. 46C Tenth street, be tween D aiid K streets. *e 2h- jtaw4w I N ST R UCTI ON IN VOCAL MLSld C. 1R VINO'S Vooal Mu^ia Classes meet for in struction and practice at Temperance II&ll. on K stroet,above 9th, on Monday, Wedncsda? and Fridav evenings. Afternoon olassea at 45* o'clock, ai;d night o.asf Terms (in either class.>22 lessons. $?>. Private instruction, vocal or piano, per quarter, i $.2 Ladies and gentleman desirous of receiving a thorough knowledge of music will be * rut i tied f .y nnitniK with en her of ihose olassea. Application can b-? made to Mr. I. at the Hsl! or through the Post Office. go 21 tf MR.W. Hl'NRV PALMF. R' SPIANOFORTE C LASSF.Sare dsi!v adding new members Per son* desirous ol avniline themselves <>f Mr. I'u.m kr's services a^e requested to euioll their nai.ies as earlr as possible. Tfiia Cli*s system is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system of instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Tfrms in Advaxcr. Prinianr C'.xss $i per quarter. Advance Clr.saes Sift. All applications to be made to Mr. XV. II. 1 \LMKH|at his residence. 26u F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. fT7" Georgetown O.assf s mf et every Monday and Thursday si i/ o'clock, at Aiiss lieu rover's George town Feinals Seminary. so >4 tf Dancing. Hi) an ? A 'd |^ASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDER most respectfully nn noiinces to his friends, former patrons, and ~ puhlio generally, that his School, corner ii'h

anl Dstreet, is now open for instruction in* the above beautiful and seoe?aary accomplish-* ment, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 4 until 7 o'clock, for young Ladies, Misses, and .Mas ters, and on tue same evenings from 7J* until i*,'? o'clock, for Gentlemen. Prof. M. is prepared to introduce some of the fin est new Dances that has over been introduced in th's orany other City ih the ecuntry. All those ?hs wixn to prepare for the approaching gay season, would do well to join the ahevo classes as oariy as possible. .N. B.? Ladiesand Gentlemen who desire to form private Classes, or to receive instruct ion singly. ran do so on Tuesday. We lnesdar, or Tiiursdsy rnorn ing from 9 until lij^i o'clock. oc5-eotf I) A N C I S G ACADEMY. .Mr. T F. GA?ZYNSKI ar.d DAUGHTKR have the honor to announce to I he Ladiet and Gen- ftH tit-men of Wasliiij^t<>d and Georgetown that he will re open his Classes for Dancing in*" Washington en Friday, the i*lh of October, at L Mr. Crouch's Hal I, corner of 1Ttli ?!. and P.i.av., over Farnhain's Hook?toru, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. in.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'o'oek p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss liar rover's Ladies Sem inary , from 3 o'clock p. ni. For terms aud particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s residenoo, 4tf7 K street, between 9th and l"th streets. se 12-flna Dentistry, &c. DR. VILLA KI), DENTIST, LATE OF CHI t Aen, would respectfully inform the oit iceriK of the Distriot and vicinity, that kav-| ing locAtod himself in Washington, he is n<.w prepared to perform all operations ia ftis profes sion, in ?<e m??t approved style. Otnoe, No. zsn, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gantier'g jsn S? it rjpilE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOMT8, M. D . the uu'entor and patentee of "loowi'l' Mineral P/ar? havttig^-*K^ successful', jr introduced his improvement; various oities, has now permanently estab-. Iishod himself in Washington. Tin# improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsistaohief I* in making a set of but one pieoe of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from gal vaaic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to l>eooiric filled with immature or particles of food, henee they are pure MS rltm. They a?e lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and nitnral in their appearanoe. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who wiii produce a 3miliar woik of art to e<iual mine in purity, beauty, urnlulity, artistic exoelleuoe or auy other requisite quality. A? ? work responsibly warranted. 27* Fouaa. avenue, batweou Uth and 13th streets. ap 13-1 j OKNTISTRV. DR. STEPHEN DAILY, On UK No. 190 Pennsylvania Aveiivv, Tkrte dours from 14(4 Street. Dr. B AILY her* iwive to inform the puhliothat he can be seen at all hours, at hisottioe, 'oeated as above. He f.-els assured that an experience of fifteen jrears' practice, with the large namber of patierits.anJgreat variety of difficult oases thai he has treated success ful!*, will enable him to surmount anv difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience oonfirinuig the opinion of inanv men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Family, has led him, long since, todis card all mercurial preparations for fillimr Teeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Feroha, India Rubber, anil Ce ments for the construction ol Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Pernelian, mounted on (told Plate, ia the only reliable bubstanoe that ona l>e worn in tha mouth, as was most conclusively showu by the laat American Denial Convention. Although ha flatters himself from his long resi dence and practioe in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer tbam to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Chiiroh of Epiphany this oily Dr. Stkfhe* Bailt; Dear Sir?I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my eonfidence in ?ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for ine have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug.26. IW. J. \V . FKENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messra llo*g?, Cotmnn &. Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Daily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to exeouto for me an im portant and difficult pieee of work, he did to my entire satislhction.'and in view of the fact that one of the most distin^ui^hou members of the D.'ulal College of Baltimore, fail?d, after repeated trials, to perforin the same work satisfactorily, it eives ma ?;real pleasure to express my an I ire confidence and ugh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. U, i*>7. HARM ANN BOGGS, Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John >1. Clay ton. U. S. Skmat*. Aur. 19,183fi. Tho teeth yon mado for me work aduui?^iy ; Both m COM to taller. ^rLAVT0N. To those that seek relief from the maladies ol the teeth, I can cheerfully reeommend Dr. S. Bmiy as a superior i>entist; lie uuule a set ot porceiiar. teeth for one of m? farnilv.aud plugge?l several teeth for myself, and the work has all stow I well for more that, ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Con& of the M. E. Church South. Apnl 19. IBM. We. the undersigned, having had ocoaaion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baity, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having >??en oognn ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our adi.uration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in which he perforins the most dolioate and diAicuit operations in Dental Sorcery,and we respectfully re Ooinmend him to the confidence and patronage ol the public, of which we outsider lam eminently worthy. fnoMAS U. Waltkk, Architect U. S. Capitol. homa? Millkr, M. D..of Washington, D. C, B. S. F.okkkr, M. D. of fJeorgetown, D. C. . S. Lincoln, M. D., of Washington, D. C. Jos. II. BtiADLKY.of Washington, l?.C. OkdKuK Walton. Ex Governor of Florida. Waltkr Lrnox, Fx Mayor of Washington. Hknkv Bai.hwin, U.S. Patent Office, O. C. Wish r, Principal Rittcnhonse Aoadomr. feb 'Ju tf II UNTING PARK TROTTING CO I RSE. At tA< south mJ of Ikr Lorn Bridgt. The Proprietora of this new,com plot e and elegant Course take pleasure in being able to say that their arrangements are all com-. flete, and that their truck is now open o the public. In .ill its arraaccuientr. it' is unsurpassed inthe United States,orf'ouugas many advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotluig Course. It ia precisely a mile in cir cumferencd, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with care and judgment, and is in perfect order. The House connected with it, too, is iniNurpftsaod in its oomfortsand accommodation* and for the lux uries always to be obtained th**re. The puUic may rely ou it that, under auy and oil circumstances, good order will be maintained and auforoed upon the premises. mi !2-2m (^UJBA HONEY. i > Th ) auhaoril>er has Jnit reeeired.and for nala, ten tierces of ehillad CUBA HONEY, at hia G*o oery and Provision Store* No. 6M l?n slreet and Louisiana avenue, ....... JONAS J?4LBVY, Watchei, Jewelry, Ac. N G TKW JEWELRY. WATCHES, 4o ., JUST OPENED. In addition to our unusually iarge stock of elfgar.t WATCHES am' iKWKLRY reoently se lected. we open inn day a ver* large assort- i ment or FANCY SILVER WAKE, *?..< suitable for wedding nod other present*. We invite particular attention to our present ?took, emlirn^'n^ as it does every thin* now and elegant iu our line. M. W. GALT A RRO.. 00 7-St 384 Penn. ave^. bet. h aud loth an. BALTIMORE, WASHINGTON, AND VIR gir.ia Hank Notas tsfcen at par u>r a l*ifidsof rich and fashionable GOLD JKWKI.RT. tin? G O I- D and SILVER WATCHES. GOLD CHAINS, SEALS. KEYS. LOCKETS, and all other choice good?, for a few days. 1 have ju*t received a tone assortment of new Goods, which 1 am prepared to sell at very low prices. I'loaap ca!! at 338 Penn. avonae, si^n of the larje Spread Eagle. 1 " <e ?.tf H. O. HOOD. OLD AND SILVER WATCHES. JEWEL 1 RY, AND FANCY ARTICLES. 1 have just received another addition to ?ny lante stock of ijoid an I Silver WATCHES, of the he-<f makers in Europe. A'"?<?, <io!d Chains ofj every *i?leKnd prieu. Jewelry in sets in 1 Mr. eln pi toes. Perfumery and Vancy Arti-ies, Siivei plated Baskets, Spoons, t'nstor*. Ac.. it J. ROBINSON'S. 349, opposite Browns' hotel. Sign Large Gilt Watch. N. B.?WATCH R EPAIRINC done in the best manner by a skilful Watchmaker, and warranted, an 21-2iii Fine watches. i RICH JFWFI.fiY,oaf STAN DA R D SI LVt R W AI? E. IT. O. HOOD keeps constantly ?>u hand, and^is daily receiving, a'l of the ricnost and most choice styles of best quality GOLD JEW ELRY. A the most celebrated Time<_ keeping Wa'IVHES, (in Cold and Silver cases.t and is manufacturing on his cwn premises, every description of STANDARD SILVER WARE, (warranted coin.'and I am seilmz all the above. and every variet* of other FINE GOODS in our !ine, at tiie very lowest New York City pficcs. Those who are about to make their purchases would do well to call at SJ8 Pennsylvania avenue. Sun of the LARGE SPREAD EAGLE, se 18-tf (**>*??) Many of my old friends and ac . quaintsnces l?oiug under the impresaiou that 1 have lately d seon4i?:tied business. 1 tskothis oppor tunity of informing them, that I have enraged an .?xperienccd WATCHMAKER,and am fully pre pared to repair all kinds of fine Watohes at the shortest notice, and in the best mannei, and war ranted to rive oat is (act: on. The latf-st style of JEWELRY Gold and Silver WATCHES, and all kinds of FANCY ARTI CLES constantly on hand. Also, all kinds of Hairwork, such as Bracelet*. Necklaces, Breastpins, Fannies, etc., done iathe neiti'it style and njst workmanship. As this is attended to by mjself, I warrant to give entire sat in fection. MRS. I. J. VOSS. oc 2 eoct Pa. 12th and lith sts. west._ ^JLOCKS! CLOCKS11 CLOCKS!!! A zood BRASS CLOCK for 91. I hnve just ro ceived and ?pened ail the new st\'e C!ockS| from ?1 up to $2.*>. The trade mroliedtsi usual) ?t wholesaleprice*. Also.C'ock ,M* lerial-:. such as Cords, Keys. Bills. Hands, Wires, Oils, Ao., at the Clock ?nd Watch' Storo of J. ROBINSON, , 343,opposite Browns' hotel, au 21-2m Sign Larue Gilt Watch. W.fc?KaUJ%I?.?r1rSrH street. between D and E streets, west tide, PR AC- Jfcs TICAL WATCHMAKEF. keeps <K?nnantly ffM on h??r.d a fine assortment of W ATCHES anr^i?B JEWELRY. Pianos, &o. Gold medal premium _ PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior i><?rtrer iu tne late t.rm of K*abk, Gakhlk A Co., CoDtinuet the manuueture and sale of (rand and ?ouare PlANO FORTES, underlie nanle We3S& III I" \ of William Kwilio A Co.. at the old otand,. N>??. 1, 3, 5 acd 7 Norta Kut.nw street op ' pos te the Eutaw House, Baltimore. Tli6y have also just opened a new Salea Room at No 2U7 Baltimore street, l?otween Charles and Llcht streets, on the promi?ea partly oooupied l?y Mr Henry AloCatfery as a musio store, where they will keep constantly on kind a larice assortment ?f plain and hizht*-hni-he<t crmnd and square Piano Fortes* also, Molodeous, from tho l?est makers, from 4 to 5 octave. somo with double key-t?o?irds, double reeds, uul stops to suit small churches. Rung extensively engaged in the manufacture O Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the mcs li'.ieral terms. Oar Piuuos were awnrdr-d the hirhest oremiuni (gold medal >rt the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?October, 1&5S, aiid IS5t??;n op position to loaiteer and ?Mght??en pianos l>o?n son e ot tiie tiest makers from New York, Boston ai.d Bal timore. We w<?ie also awarded the first premiuraat the Iialastrial F.xhiuitioii held in Richmond, Vir ginia. litis and 1^. They have a'so been cwardrd the highest premium (ailvt-r rneda!) at the Metro politan Mechanias' Fair (<>r 1S57. In addition to th:* we are in posse*si?*i of testimo nials from the ir.ogt d^tintuiniied professors and amateurs in the country, which can l?e ?een at our ware rooms, speaking for themselves sr.d others of tne hich appreciation in whiah our instrument* are every where held. All instruments are ruarar.teed for five rears, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of eals if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their ad vac tage to give us a c.-ill before purciiasing. Pmnos exchanged, hired. ar?d tnre^. mar lfr-11 W M .KNAR E A CO. AC A R D.-A CHANCE RARELY MET WFl'H BY THOSE \V HO Wl<Hzue=tea A PIANO FORTE.?I have now mstoreFyy'Fy^ the following <rrat harenais : i I ? ? f Two eupel u Piamis, ft?ur round c<?rrier?, rosewood onsec, seven octeves. used only a few months. I will sell them at $126 less thau their pr.oe seven months " A l-osut'tul seven octave Rosewood Piano, iron fnim*<, round ooruers, for S*?'!. The above Pianos ere sold form fault, but Ke longed to lamtiies who have removed to the west, and left them vith ua to be jold The> nrere-lly and truly great t ar^ainF. We nre prepnred to give a written with tlu-m, auJ win, at any lu ture d*}. exchange, if parties nre not satisfied. Also, a line second-hand Piano of & Davis' mnke, for ustnl Lut eighteen months, and oost jgr^-s. Also, two second-hand rhiekenng's for $175 each, M the tireat Piano Wareroomsof JOHN P. F.I.LIS. au 19 3h6 Penn. are., bet. 9th and 10th streets. ? ???? m m m I ?????. I ??H!NA. GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE. K. H. MILLER, SON k CO., IMPORTERS, A I. E X A N tl ?< IA, VA., fr\ll*va.receiv?-J two instalments of theirf^ k/f^lI supplies froiii the English Potteries.Tj/ F and will continue to receive accessions ?o f their stock till the t>ustu?ss season sets in.* II. JVIillkh, Sox A Co. can ussure their friends and customers that their s'ock shall be of the most desuabio description, and that their prices u iH ooui pnre favorabU mth iliose of ar>> dealers in their itue in any other tnarket <u the I'uited S'atcs. R. H. Miti kR. Son a. Co.have prepared them selves looiler to merchants ?vem inducement to make their purchases in liicir hue. WINDOW GLASS, Thev haveju*t received via Antwerp and New York, from tne ^rcat n.airjlact. ry of "Roux," New Brii?sr Is,II4Uboxes Freiwh Wtndow<iIa-sof supe rior quality and of dilferent thieknekoes, winch t;.cy have imported ui.dei guchcireuniitaiioes a? toenabls them to otler a superior article at very moderate prices _ ag 21 tf_ DROUR ESS IN THE FINE ARTS. L Painting ami Photookapht Combined. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, or Canvas, Miniature ok Size o? Ltrs. p WAl KFIR'S PORTRAIT AS l> P /< TV R E G ALL E RY, Odcon Hall, corner4>? st.and Peunsylvaniaavcuue, S.WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most oom plete aim liaudsome in the whole country. He has a large Gallery tor free tshibttiuH of upward of fine Oil Paintings, by some of the best anoi<-uC and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also htted up a oom plete suit of rooms, with pnvato robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru merits, and enraged a first class operative artist to nssist Uiui ,11 the d. j aitinfill for taking all kinds ol PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTYPE AND DA Gl/EKREOTYPE PoR TRAITS, fross lUJ smalltit miniature to size of lift* . S. Walkkr. by c<?n!bining the Photofrraphie I iro ce*R with the art of Painting, of *hich he has had 2S years' e3per;en."e. and whus* sue portraits uuiy be seen in some oi the nrsi laini lies ol the city, as well as those exhibited in ii.s Gallery, hew.ft lv> able, by V ^-e'ne^rV^n ei two to produce poi traits that ha\e never i?e i ex oeileil for their fidelity and ' j/Vaowsl*^Sr vms and boards prepares bi himself oxprossly lor thpartIouUw attention pa.d to the paint.n* of Por traits. Miniature or lifr-sixe. from small pictures of dertCited frimits- _ . , photreraphs taken from oorpses. or sick persons tnken at'their own residences, on immediate notioe. Committees and ola?ses taken in an* numuor in rroups.and an* quantity ot oo;ies from the same sold at reasonable charges. t , _ likenesses painted on Cr-pper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, (vcrefnlly back lined aud restored to their original frLadies"and gentlemen are respeotfully solio:ted to call at the ttallsry, ovar Shilling ton's book store? entranee 4>4 slreot, two doors fr%? Peoa?^vaiua THE WEEKLY STAR. This ? x?el!mit rimilr ud tatcing * greyer variety of iBtornetin* rendtng than ou be found in toy other-is pabUabBd on tetudfcr ?MOttat* TDKI. Su-*1* ocm. P*f utirn - ?1 2 fiee oopi? 5 ? Tan cx>pie? _ ? ?? oopitf Jldt Catk, WMruUlf m sds?c?. Br sshsanbtug in Clabe rtiMd udom neighbors without the uulsrveution of a miu. Maui, as will be perceived.* per oer.t.of Thi wiiht Atit will be MvaL It inE*m.L.y ooniaias the " S*tet that has mad* TxBFvBXiie Stab circa - l?W io throughout the oouutry. ITT"Single eopies (in wrapper*) oaa be procured Bt the oounter.imni.>d;at??)? iifter tue issue of ite paper. Prrce-THR EE CENTS. Postmasters w ho aet aa agents wul be allowed t oommusion of 2" o?nt. EDUCATIONAL. PRIMARY SCHOOL.?Terms fl par Musio i:.olud?d. (taught t.? arr??d tatiher.i por month. Apply at 4Jb 11 street, l*tween soth e?id llthats. oo7 ar? p IT Y A C A 0 K M Y . PROP. J. FILL, wfco b<u been a sneeeesful teacher in Washington for tweati lira loars.arid far tha tiut seven )?ar? principal ol one of ibe Pub lic Gramnnr School* of this Ci'y. will open, Octobr r t?th.nn his rss?denee.?*S IOt? street, for a limited nnm?*?r of y nunc gentlemen. 1 he oour?e of stud? amUaoa* : H?* ordinary Kng list Blanchea, Mathematics, Scieuoee, Auoouit and Modern Uniu?fci. Night Scli ?ol. ocA 1 w* BKOOKfcYlLLL AC A UK MY, Mo\toom<iKy Cocbtt.Mb. I he course of study embraces Anemia and .Mvd eru I Jntuwet. Scieuces, Mathem%tici, and online 't Kngiish Branches. 'lern* for Hoar J ud Tuition li3' per r.r.num. Catalogues nrmy he ottawed at Ballantyre'* Seventh street, or bf add ess ng the Pimcipalat Brookeville. Md. E. B. PRKTTYMAN. A. M. 23-1m Priaoi pnl. ^Et.KCT SCHOOL FOR BOV*. r,KO. W. HORRANOK. former]* ona of tta Pni?cip>l* of the Central Aandeiny, hi* opened a Select Schools for Boys. on C itiect, bet ween uiu and 4*k, No. *i. Number limited to f.v*. For terms iiojuire a: the School Rrxim. ae ? ?olm .">14 SEVENTH STREET. 514 TO bTa s, ^ o p t i r r a x. Othco Socoiwt Stonr, *hr*? doors from Onp Fellows* Hall. Sp"ct*c.,es and G'*??.t*? suited ?o every sizhf; Opera, H o wlin^, ami W atch.u* k*. 'a G.aa<M?; i?.a scop.-s, ,M icioscope-1 III ?i?*l varii-tj ; Cotu.oiKn l(j Stereoscopes wrh vi?w<* of superior ar-1 choice Pictures oh t*aiid. beo (ulvortisututfnt in Natioui Int*liiK?uoer. TK*Tl*oJlt*La. o , Nor roLK. SeptasDhor 7,1?M. "m ?' r 1,9 Spec-*ac.efc >< u ;i ade for ine suit n.a verj wf!f, and to have imjroTed my at?ht n?>ie thaii&tij other I t.'.vr iat^lr tried. 1 ITT. \\ . TA7FWRLL. I have tried a yatr ef Sp? oteb>? r.btaieed fWim Mr. Tobiaw, and Und tii?ju <>f rinat assistance to my s'tht, and corresponding with hot <!?*acrtption of their f ?cus. I reoonimend him aa a kkillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PtrrtsarKa. October tl. 1IIM. Al?ut five years a<o. I ohtaiRed from Mr. To:?as, in ^'aah:iiKtnn, a pair of Glasses for the speotaele* which I u*ed. and found thorn of great assiatacoe to my demrmt vision ; and my opinion of him is, that lie is *kiliful in the preparation of Gfa****? for eyes not too lar *one to be benefitted by sneh aid. J. F. MAY. f.TKriTBrno. NovemSerl, 1854. Prom an exr.minatton of Mr. Tobias' b asse*, and front tils cbst*r\atiors and rema; ks, am oonvntoci tii^t lie is a skillful op'tc.ati. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Lrxciwrio, Noveml>er 10. \ j*. Mr. John Tol iir. tsavin? Itirrmlied tne with Gins ses, t,v wh'ch I have t^n pr?-*t!y aule<'.(my visin* havin* s.uft;r?d rrenti* from rendins a: htjnt tti ui> earlier lilc.l it aflonle me the highest pUuriire t.i say tiiat I consider fcun a skillful practical opiioiVi, siid well pr?-p?rtdto aid tho>? who mar nr*ed ms services. \VM. B. ROUZIE, Eider ot Ike Metcodut Couiference. WlLMIMGTOX, N. C.. June 27, lkj?. Mr. J. Tobta??f?>or Sir : | nrr. happy to?ay that the Spectncles whicn 1 ob'amed from you last wei-k are entirely satiefactorv. Krom an inequality in the vima. ratiosofmy eyes. I have h? retolore tound <reat ditiictilty in retting glasses of the proper ricaldis tances. Ft atlords ine pl?^s?re to state, that by the aid of your optometer this d.Aoult> has been happily obviated, so that the Glasses >ou furnished ine hie decidcdly the best adaptod ?o my eyes of any I hsv? ever yet used. Very respectfully yours. R. R. DRANE. Keotorof St. James' Panah. !la\ ins been induced bj a friend to v:?.t thecstab lisiiiaeut ?f Mr. Tobias for the purpose of tr?inr his slarses I was fum<ehed with a t air alighliy colorwd blun^whioe liave afiorded ms inore rti.ef anid *muA cat:>ai than any I have ever tried. My sight, or i?1n aiir very good, wa* imure<l hy writing ana reeding ar night, frequently to a very late hour: but wtth tbe aid of thexe glasses I onn study a.mont as late as svor. r.nd :hat too without the pai'n I have pr*vt<.as lysufiered. JOHN Wiuklh, I i'.o Commissioaeor Gen'I Land O&ce. Dec. II, 1SS&. I have Lsed Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for thr^? or four months, and take gr^-nt pleasure in aayins that 1 am much pleased with l.'iem. I have oeeti mutA l>enefited by them. uEO. P. ScaRbC'RGH. May 5th. I&95. I was rrcommend*<l to Mr. John Tobiasasa sk.lftil optician : and as I li*v? eves "1 remarkaM? pecuuari tj, I was giatified to fina that Mr. Tobias r-eetned to comprehend tnem ??t inspection and a< me tlikht inoasuretncnt and he has made men piiir of Sp*-Ua c.estlii? stirs tt.e adu.iri.1 .>. A. P. BL'i'LLR. July 11, 135G. Washixbio*. Au*. #. ita6. Having l>een for years uuder th?- ueoeeaity of nav two ?ets of glasses?one b?r use ir: ciaj U#rht, an.1 one l..r lamp !irht?I procured one set from Mr T?4)ias wluoh answered both purposes. I have used hi? lor seventl luonths, bi.d hud th*ru ??xcviient. EDWAf l? STl HPS. Ol Depertxient of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: Tl.e of Speotacles yes furnished me yesterday ai?* psrticii ar<> satisfactoii to rue. Thpy are v?rv decid.-v!:^ the best I pmiM ??. an?< I am the owner ef eieht or rin? pairs, carefu ? *<?1 *ete?l in d fioient places and 'In in optioissn rec omm* iid? d to me on aeoonnt of tlisir prote?aio?el standing in Franee. Knuland ami the Laited MatfR. I liave beoti a so plensf-d rour remxik? an l di rections on tho treatment of the eyes, fur the pur pose of preh??rvinr and improvn.r the strlit 1?e?peetfuiiy yours, CHS. CALDWELL, ProfosBor of M. C., I?ouisv;!'e, Ky. Hbookltx Osihoeasdic IxsTTTmox, April, MM. After most oareful oxxirur.<U;oti o, A*r. J. l oUa?'s Glasses, 1 nm? iir.blcd to testify that th<*tr hhrdnesr. cie.iinevs. polishing. Kiwi exact optical shspw render them particuiaily r,'o<*ndabie to thoa? whos > merely optiaa!>iont of the eyes arc in wniit i-f such anxiMar'es. I o nsider. moreover. Mr.Toh sg fullt qua'ified to determine the fi.cusof the ey eAatth by Ins optioal knowi*>dgd at.d exrerienoe, and l?y ? mea i* ol his optometer. In a<Mitv>n, I can farther state th'it Mr. Pobiss has suppliol some of my pa tients with Glasses, to th<-ir ai<d ir.\ Hatiaiactioii LEWIS BAFERTM. 5.. PLystciar. and Sur/eon, Berlin: Mrmbsr of tbs Hoval College of Surreons. Er. lnnd; Member of the Muln'd Soeioiy of London. ar:d ot the Pathological Societ* of New York: late Sur rwn olthe Koral Oith?'i?aedic Institution sf Ala? chaster. Kr giai.d, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. NoEFotx, Va.. Ju'y Tl. ?M(. In the exnerit'ncc el even two y??rs, I have found great difiioulty i;i ng Sp.-v*ta< !?? that wrt .*x a< 11 v adapted to t h* w#?akn?s<? of my rirhr. Thts in convenience Mr. Toinas seems to havt- retnov?<l l?>r tlu pioscnt !?> the subs' H iition for tno rt !w?'t?-r nod more ?'ittnb'e Glasses. Th??y ar? c!?>ar. chry ?t?!-lile ni.d oomfortable t<? my eres. I w->nld ennim*i>H him to tlniae who fr<?in a,;e or other ii fimut\ r- ^u.raar UhciaT&id in this wsy. J. J. SIMKfN?, M. I?. Wit viraTox. N.June 10. n.M. To persons who have had the sight oftnetreyea ?o impaired aa to re^Uir,- the u?o of Glasavs, I would recommend Mr. Johu Tobias aa s suitable person liom tv horn to obtain such (ilas. os as thev mij re ?iui e, as hf hRj suitrd ine witii a (>air of Spectacles for a far and ne*r sight. \b s.*ht nas l>cen impaired v?ry lour* i by "i sen-ioe <dy earc in the Poet (iftee |ir,.8rtm^-iit. which berth rMjiu: -d m<' tot><r oc Jutv liom It o'clock at r.irht tili after day,during mt.ich t?n.^ I used but one lirht. W. A. \\ Al.KFR. Dkeaktmcxt or I?itxriok. Me* h. irA r .om oaturai defects r.nd t J.o uu?qu>.! rue e o< a.> cyt-a, I have been c tnpcli^d to use ^lasae* for ^ve raljears. i have tri"d dtfTerei.t optic^ns without obtaining rlas^s perlwctly Ltted to mi eyes. K??? rrionths siiiq'": Mr. Tobias mid*- two pairs e?pe^is:.> fur fie, which I have found to serve me p*rf-e?l*. H) the use of his optometer he is osuiblea toaJapi f lasses most imiiutvly to tbe e*e. I inosl ehei-iiui y rerHimmeii.* Mr.Tobias to all having oerwsin* uik' (Iihsm, uud liceir iny tesliaiooy ns to his ?kiU aa an lli-l.Mv\ E. BAI.D\\IN, (. ^ Ass't Sec'v to si;n Land " ananih. _ ? ? 1VJOTICE.?C. R. L. CROWN 1* eeivmg dr.i'y some ol 'hetnost Tl R E ever offered in this market, invite the atteution of thoee iti wtiu^ S^sr.ri- them they oexi save at Irsifct 1<> Hft-ijV.'me cerved marble top Bureans and Tables Rosewo?xl and walner Terew f e'ee, iof?s Wardroiies. Chairs of all kind*. Cherry xnJ Poplar T aWes. Mat treses, hair, ooin top, and huskr; i i>u,rurts Bli'il-ets. Hedfc'oads, high nnd }ow-? R.>okiiu Chairs, auieand w?K>d ?'eata. Cushions for Ciours. Setters, Cn<ks ol all Icinie. Ksteoswm Tables, Si lel**jds, Wuht itol <;iaH*es of all k.:. Is, some *x!rx bn^ Carpcln, Cottage Sets. R nrs, Wxiteia. OIsm Ware, t.'rookery Ware of fcll kinds. Feather and Fnoey Go-^lm f all k.wts. Aud otbf r Goods too tium ?r. us t.. mention to w his"! we mvite the u'tention oj house'..f*-p*-r~ ai.J other-, as ?? Hr* d' tericius^ to s?H f..- .<!,( nr topwnotu^l oostjmers. C. R. L.CROWN t CO. cor. of 6th street and f'enn. ?> \r. P. S.?Wa sh.s'1 atill ooT.ttnne r ur reguier h hs n Tuesday,Tuursdr.y.tuid Satard.vr,both aioruiagari evening, in front ot our store. Corsir :imet.ts ?n|i oitsd, kiid ixxli oases aJvaxioesma<ie when r^ouired. C. R. L. tt, A v ti.^ as ? tf I Intel > _ A sr'.'-wwrs QUITS: a new novel: by the author of the "Im tuds" Just pnWished.and for sale at sMlLLIN'iTON S B?.k Store. Odeon BmUlieg. eor.4>fc st.and Fen . avenue Emerson's Macssijif and Pukiain s Monthl* for Ootober: those two Magazines are uow united lulo one. aud thus making a most valuable MxgaEuse. Knickerbocker Magaxir.e l<>r < ictob?i. Harper's Maranne for October. M's. *ttsph*n*' Maga*ine for Oetoher. All rh? newspapers, aud eheap pnblionttOBs reeetr #d and for sA!e at ? 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